Third Round Highlights Golf: Scottish Open

Third Round Highlights

Highlights of the third round of the Scottish Open. Rory McIlroy is the headline act in a stellar field in Dundonald which also includes Henrik Stenson and Adam Scott.

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Hello from a Dundonald on the Ayrshire coast, where the Scottish


summer has really kicked into gear. It is a darker day for the third day


of the competition at the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open. The


strongest field of the season so far in Europe has gathered here this


week all with hopes of adding their names to an illustrious list of past


champions and set down a marker ahead of next week's Open


Championship. Before we join Saturday's action, let's look back


at what happened over the first two days of competition.


Rory McIlroy, it seems, is always the story. He searched for solace in


a season of struggles here, but form and fairways proved hard to find in


a two over par grind. Californian Rickie?Fowler looked


more at home on the links, 67 setting the pace. The same score too


for Ian Poulter, still riding the breeze of a recent revival and


Padraig Harrington teamed the afternoon winds. But a Finn was


visible above all the rest, Mikko Ilonen above at the end of Day one.


The next day, Saint Patrick Harrington was leading after Mikko


Ilonen slept. Thoughts of Birkdale perhaps inspiring the Irishman. If I


think good and my mind is on the right place, you know, it is a


mental battle now at this stage, but my head is in the right place, and I


will be there, or thereabouts, at the end of the stretch and who knows


what can happen? By the end of the day he would be joined by surprise


contenders in the form of Germany's Alexander Knappe and Callum Shinkwin


of England. Golf is never dull when it is played by Ian Poulter. Shots


like this left him only one back. It is nice playing on links golf, we


don't get a lot of opportunities to play it and especially with the Open


Championship next week, we will get used to tough conditions. Tricky


chip shots and a bit of imagination. That's exactly what you want. Former


winner Fowler lurks close behind. There was a Rory revival but back


nine struggles left him needing this putt to make the cut. He moves on to


Birkdale earlier than expected. On not getting to play the weekend but


again, it is not like I could be much more worried if I went out and


shot a couple of 76s, nowhere near. The difference between shooting


1-under par and four or five is not that much of a difference. I got


3-under par today and felt pretty good but yeah, it is what it is.


I've got to get ready for next week. So, with 36 holes to play, this is


the top of the leaderboard. Callum Shinkwin, Padraig Harrington and


Alexander Knappe at the top, with Fowler, Nicolas Colsaerts and Kuchar


fancy their chances of a move. Adam Scott, the open champion Henrik


Stenson, they will both need to make a big move in tricky conditions to


be in with the chance of silverware this weekend. The Claret Jug is


indicate those players who have already qualified for next week's


open, it is a last cost situation for some players who aren't already


at Royal Birkdale. Rory McIlroy heads the list of big names who did


not make it to the weekend but he has notable company in the form of


champions Martin Kaymer and Jason Dufner, as well as Matthew


Fitzpatrick of England. As they head off for early Open practice, for the


remaining 65 it is all about the fourth event in the Rolex series.


Testing conditions at the moment but the forecast is for it to get worse


as the day goes on. Strong winds and rain expected this afternoon. As a


result, the tee times are moved forward too early in the day so


let's have a look at some of the pairings today. Frenchman Alexander


Levy alongside 2015 runner-up Matt Kuchar, followed by another


Frenchman, Gregory Havret alongside the man who edged out Martin Kuchar,


Rickie?Fowler. Belgian Nicolas Colsaerts alongside Australian


Andrew Dodt. A pair of Englishmen in the poll ultimate group, Ian Poulter


and Callum Shinkwin. The final pairing is six German Alexander


Knappe and the two time Open champion Padraig Harrington. Despite


the conditions, some managed to make an early move, Andrew 'Beef'


Johnston always enjoys a battle, his birdie at five moved him to 6-under


par. England's Andy Sullivan is putting together a somewhat


miraculous round so far, 6-under for the day after this eagle putt at 14


set up another birdie. The weather is following forecaster's


predictions. It is getting worse out here, the final pairing are just


about to head to the first tee, one of them is a multiple major champion


with bags of experience and the other is looking for his maiden


European Tour win. On a day like this, anything can happen. So, as


they make last-minute adjustments, let's look at the leaderboard as it


stands... Alexander Knappe, Padraig Harrington and Callum Shinkwin


sharing the lead, Sullivan and Johnston the best of the early


starters alongside Carlsson of Sweden, three back and 3-under for


the day. Let's go over to our commentary team starting with Dennis


Hutchinson and Mark James. COMMENTATOR: On the tee, from


Germany, Alexander Knappe. The last few holes yesterday when he appeared


on the board, he started spraying it around a bit. Let's hope he has


refocused this morning. He did a fair job hitting it up and down most


of the time, but you cannot keep playing like that. A nice job down


the breeze. Nothing wrong with that one! An


encouraging start for Alexander Knappe. On the tee from Ireland,


Padraig Harrington! CLAPPING I wonder if he will start with the


foot in the air, stepping through, that stroll. It's amazing watching


him practice. Right, here we go. Watch his left foot... Only a tiny


step. A small rise, that is all! A pretty good opening tee shot for


Padraig Harrington, just in the right, no bother at all for him. He


is a master tactician and a brilliant links player. A real


chance he for Martin Levy to find a birdie at the 2nd hole. Come on...


Nicely done. A birdie to start with, you could not ask for more than that


-- Alexander Levy. In Poulter, this is for a birdie. It would have been


the perfect start... Right in the middle. He pours it in. He looked


good on the greens yesterday, didn't he? He certainly did. Alexander Levy


on the 30, a par-5. Back into the wind. The bunker left at 270 odd,


left of those, somewhere near the bushes... Oh dear oh dear... That is


not good. Sullivan... How did that get itself out? Unfortunate. Yeah,


what a great try. Tear up today on 16, still a massive hole. You are


going to have to choose your picture points and club carefully with a lot


of thought, he will want to land this 20 yards short of the flag.


Expect a big bounce... That is a wonderful shot. Not quite getting


over, I've never seen such an intense game. In his eyes...


I thought it was a rather nice looking swing, when he comes to it,


two good shots. A decent strike. Beefy, for a birdie at the 9th. Now


within two of the lead. CHUCKLES With a 32 today.


Some golf. Padraig Harrington's ball came back down the slope. He is to


climb the step, going right to left and once it reaches the top level,


you want to go right to left, the wind is behind him... Good from


where he was, a huge swing. At 17, he has just bogeyed 16, he wants to


get this up and down... A bit obvious, I suppose. Sickening, when


you make such a move and begin to let it drift away.


Downhill left to right, and into the winter... But have played this hole


very well, they could have easily started with birdies. That biggest


putt was fractionally short but a good four. That's for Alexander


Knappe. This is for his... Ooh, a double at 17. He slips back to five.


Hard, three shots going in a flash. 6-under par. Par-5 3rd, which has


caused all sorts of problems today. This is Rickie?Fowler. I should say


all sorts of problems for some... The leaders for par, Padraig


Harrington... That is not like him at all... He


has parted really well for a couple of days, going brilliantly. --


putted. For a birdie at 17, it's Carlsson. Five or 6-under par, it


won't be far away at the end of the day. On the third green,


Rickie?Fowler... That is remarkably accurate.


Nico, playing a lot of good golf so far this year. Third in the PGA


earlier in the season. That was his big finish this year... Ooh, that


was beautifully done! Rickie Fowler with a birdie at the 3rd combat a


tee shot at the par-3, 199 today. Fore! I think it hit the youngster


there... He is grimacing, and holding his leg. Hopefully not too


serious... A lovely birdie from Nicolas Colsaerts. Rickie Fowler is


doing the right thing... There is the youngster. Well done, Rickie


that's all very well, but it still hurts! What a way to finish, after


the previous two holes. From around the bunker, I assume that is for a


birdie four. An eagle? What a way to finish! That is a round of 67.


Absolutely brilliant from Andy Sullivan. This is improving


steadily, as we watch Rickie Fowler, it would be a heck of a save after a


hideous tee shot. Well done. He is putting the ball in his pocket, I


suppose it is a pretty windy day. You never know when you may not have


enough ammunition. Hanging on by the fingernails to the


top tier... Callum Shinkwin... Ooh... That is a cracking shot from


Callum Shinkwin. Andrew Dodt has this for a par... Struck firmly and


confidently to the back of the cup. The great thing about Hawk-Eye is


that that was a good putt, it wasn't bad, but you could tell early on it


was never quite on the right path. Might be wondering why we are not


seeing an awful lot of the likes of Adam Scott or Stephen Gallacher,


they are both having a pretty torrid time. Scott is four over, Stephen


Gallacher is 5-over. The wind is straight in the player's face here.


A really strong wind. Just want to drive this one though, don't get it


to balloon, you don't want to spin it. The quickest thing there, did


not really complete the backswing. Is it out of bounds? I suspect it


might be, I did not see any white stakes but it looks like it is over


a fence. A little bit of right-to-left... A triple break. It


was indeed! Definitely a boundary fence, isn't it? It will be out of


bounds. There is no ruling required or anything for that. It is straight


back to the tee, and play another. Back at 14, Andrew Johnston making


his birdie... So it is a good day so far for B. Only four to go, a tough


stretch of closing holes -- it is a tough day for Beef. That one started


high and left... This could really be a bad one. And surprising, he


played the first three holes extremely well. And all of a sudden,


going sideways. Callum Shinkwin on the fifth, this is for a par. Both


of these players in danger of making a bogey here. Well, we found Alex's


birdshot, it is left of left, so to speak! -- third shot. Ian Gould's


birdshot at the 5th, the best putt of 40 yards away. He has done pretty


well to stay there. This lie is not great, the ball is sat way off the


ground in some very long grass. You have two really launch it high right


away, to get it over the top of the course, he's about 50 yards from the


hole. Gripping well down on it. That's a great result. Looking like


he was going to be there all day! Make a par here at five... ?


Hawk-Eye, on the green... No, robbery!


This is for five... Hold hold-up! Well, a double three. Beef... Hmm...


Boy, what a fan club! CHUCKLES No, that is the second time Padraig


Harrington has missed a putt this afternoon, after one at the 1st.


He knew it straightaway, a little bit of a flinch. A bit of a change


at the top there, Rickie Fowler, Callum Shinkwin and Ian Poulter, all


three leaders have dropped out the top spot overnight. How is he


looking there? Very good. He's played extremely well, those boys


out in wicked weather today. Those boys doing extremely well. A


pitching wedge, 179 yards from Callum Shinkwin. CHUCKLES


A great shot! Now, Rickie Fowler. That isn't like him, he has been


putting quite beautifully. But when the wind is blowing this hard, it


isn't easy, it is easy to get buffered. He cannot believe it. That


one is blowing very firmly. And he deserved it, he had a copy of -- a


couple of putt Boyle that could have done well earlier. Now he is leading


at 9-under. Taking the putter from a long way off the green. Would have


thought that a nice little pitch would not be difficult but he has


handled it well, he made the right decision. He certainly did, he


surely could have got a pitch that close... A beautiful judgment.


Gregory Havret with a chance. Left-handed putting style. Nicely


done. Andrew Dodt for his par, a lovely approach putt, a couple of


paces short of the green. No! No! A perfect little shot here for Ian


Poulter, able to hold it up, the breeze is quite strong. Ware the


hole cut towards the end of the green, if you paces there. A really


good shot. Andrew Dodt took a putter from a if you paces inside of this.


Callum Shinkwin, playing a pitch and run -- took a part from a few paces.


He found a poor lie. Perfect tee shot, Andrew Dodt.


Taking a bit of spin, the perfect second shot. A great opportunity to


get that shot back that he dropped at the last. Ian Poulter, for a


birdie here at seven. Get there... Yes! 9-under par for


Ian Poulter. The Championship leader. Taking a lot of time here,


Andrew Dodt, after seeing that short one back at seven... The first bogey


of the day. It would be great to get it straight back.


Well done, back to 8-under par. Callum Shinkwin for par, this is to


stay in the lead with Ian Poulter. So, we've had a swap at the top. Ian


Poulter now leads on his own. Note... Yes, that is right, sorry,


Callum Shinkwin is back to 8-under, Poulter nine.


Andrew Dodt took a horrible triple at the previous par-3, of course.


Come on, look for the hole. Yes! Well done. Well, I suppose in these


conditions, that is not all that bad...


Leads to go three yards left of the tee. And slide back into the pin...


You would expect a bit of release... Nice rhythm in that swing, a


beautiful shot, pitching three yards left. Every chance of another birdie


for Ian Poulter, well done! He's done pretty well too.


Brilliant, actually. Henrik Stenson for a birdie here.


Thank you. Back to even par for the big Swede. And a par, down the


breeze, to come. Ian Poulter leading the way at


9-under, Callum Shinkwin and Andrew Dodt one shot back, Padraig


Harrington, Alexander Knappe and others just behind. Thank you.


Straight back to 9-under par. Momentarily tied again with Ian


Poulter. The trouble is, if you try and hit


it too firmly, it's easy to get a par lip out. The only player in the


last 14 groups and a par. Back at 14. A second shot at 94 Andrew Dodt.


The difficulty here is that the pin is ten on -- a second shot at nine,


for Andrew Dodt. On the fairway, left of the mound that guards the


pin position. Not a bad result. Padraig Harrington on an upset here,


he has no choice but to fly it up the green, with the wind in his


face, he should be able to lofty top there. -- loft it up there. That was


weird... An odd shot he played, you would have thought he would throw it


into the air more, Mark. It looked like he slipped the club into the


ball there. Andrew Dodt for a birdie, an outside chance to get


within one. A good effort, that will be par, remaining 8-under, half of


36. Callum Shinkwin hits the ball so hard, he will get plenty of spin


here. That time, he didn't. A birdie putt for Ian Poulter, should move


right-to-left... Yes, we have seen some beauties from Ian Poulter over


the last 2.5 days. It was close. Patrick


-- Kuchar for a birdie. That is the way, fill it up! I wonder if he is


tired of that, yet... Callum Shinkwin with a good birdie chance


after his nice preparation to the ninth, gently downhill all the way.


I could not have a good look at it but I did not see much break there.


A little right-to-left, but lacking in pace. It has been five years


since Ian Poulter was last in the winner 's circle but it has been


somewhat of a revival of late from the Englishman already, notching up


a second-place finish at the Players Championship this season. He's


already got his place at the Open next week secured and isn't it


something to build up to that with more silverware here this week? He


is being chased all the way by his playing partner, Callum Shinkwin,


one shot back at 9-under par as the players make their way to the


tenth... Has only missed two fairways. I


think I have seen him swinging better. Always a brisk swinger. Good


release, freewheeling through the ball. Really, really good. Fowler


but the next hole. 120 yards. Into the wind. Anywhere within 25 feet is


not too bad. Those front bunkers are evil little things. Pretty


straightforward putt downhill, right to left.


What a great putt. Can probably try and keep this one reasonably low,


just cut it into the flag. Wind against him on the right.


Pretty good shot from Ian Poulter. Playing very steadily.


Great shot. Very good shot, the quickest way to catch the group of


front, hit them close and start tapping them in. Worst of the


downslope. What a lovely shot. Great shot from a less than satisfactory


lie. Well done, Harrington. Finally. First thing of any length that's


gone into Padraig today. Looks vaguely surprised. Doesn't look as


if he's aiming for very much. Depends on the pace.


Just hit it right through any break. Third shot, Rickie Fowler. Here at


12. Good putt. Just to keep the momentum


going. Alexander Knappe's attempt for birdie. After the triple on the


fourth, it is a sterling effort. Well done. Showing a bit of


resilience. Fowler for his par. Just on the left edge. Bogey, that will


drop him back to 6-under par. Andrew Dodt at 11 across this wide but


short green. Bit of right to left on it. Not far off is it? Right in the


middle, Andrew Dodt. Absolute corker, he moves to minus nine. This


difficult tenth, second toughest hole. Alexander Knappe.


Who knows? No 1-over there because there's no crowd.


Challenging putt for Ian Poulter. Right-to-left at the end. Did we


stop early to avoid the weather? That was the theory. Alex Levy putts


the birdie. That gets him back to level for the round. Currently -6,


tied seventh. Pulled up very quickly. Certainly


did. This would be a top, top, top par the Padraig, if he can make this


one. He knows it goes left to right. The wins will have an impact as


well. -- window. That was a wonderful putt for Ian Poulter. It


is raining pretty hard as well as the wind. This'll be a good par for


the Aussie. Past. This is his fourth at the 10th.


Could drop just the single shot. Just needed to be a little more bold


and he would have made it. This is Mat Kuchar of a birdie. At the


par-5/14. Several chances, just can't quite make a putt today. This


one might be a little bit right to left. He knows it is going to slow


down. He will do well to get it there.


Hundred and 20 into a stiff breeze. He knows those evil bunkers are


guarding the front. Brilliant absolutely brilliant. Now, Fowler.


Long iron, down the breeze. 546 yards to go on this par-5. He has


done well to find the green. Stay there. After that superb tee shots,


Padraig Harrington, birdie. Oh! The putter certainly has misbehaved.


Back to the 13th, long birdie chance for Andrew Dodt, the Australian.


Go on... It is the hole that has caused havoc all week. Mat Kuchar at


the par-3 15th. Ian Poulter, just 12 paces into this


13th green. Grand. Padraig Harrington, second


shot. Good shot. Still seeing some very good golf and some very good


scoring. Ian Poulter is a couple under for the round and Andy


Sullivan in with a splendid 67. His normal sweet stroke. Fowler,


from up on the slope at 15. Little downhill lie, the ball is sitting


nicely but everything will kick in from the right. Too much. It is a


nasty one for his par. Wouldn't like to go any further back. Probably


because of Ian Poulter, just borrowed a little bit too much. He


has been a little stiff with the putter today, Shinkwin. Played some


splendid stuff. Comes from Hertfordshire, just north


of London, from a boxing family. Tried a bit himself but then he


discovered the golf ball doesn't hit back. It has a bit today though.


Fowler, for his par at 15. That was a beautiful stroke. Couple of putts


haven't been as fluent as that and he has missed a couple, but that was


more like him. Fine and dandy. The view from above.


Not quite as many spectators as you would expect at Dundonald.


Well done. There are no easy putts on a day like today.


Good lie here, bit of a downslope, ball below his feet. Straight into


the wind. You need to drive it low into the wind and rain. Moving it


from right to left with a real solid strike. Good shot. Massive drive


from Shinkwin. Looked like one of his wages. Probably is. That is


something. Easy P easy. Eagle three coming up.


Looking good. Pretty good shot from there. Could still make a birdie.


He's going to loft this up with a low trajectory and get it to run up


to the hole. Not much break. Cupped his left hand to the hitting area


and added loft. That was a terrible effort. Very tough putt to make.


Obviously, very difficult to read these greens. Hawk-Eye is having


problems. Fowler for par at 16. Shot from just off the front. That is a


waste of a shot. Where you any good at these? One of the secrets to that


is get your hands up higher because your tendency is let your hands drop


and then catch the ground, just like he did there.


Par for Ian Poulter. Tied at the top. Matt Kuchar on 17.


Holy cow. Oh my god. I have an hit one of those whatever. You won't be


able to say that next week. Probably try and play this with left to right


spin. It is going big time left to right. Pretty good shot. Anywhere


around the green is not bad. Shinkwin and Ian Poulter minus ten.


Dodt, hanging in there. Sullivan, tucked up in his hotel room drinking


a cup of tea. Some trouble here for Shinkwin. Don't get ambitious, don't


try and shove it right, just get it out. He that gives, take us away.


Back to 5-under. He has got to hit it hard and get it straight up in


the air. Taking the putter, we saw him do this back at seven, 20 yards


off the green. He made a good effort, but that not so good. Must


be slow from there because Fowler left it short as well. Look at that,


I cannot believe they built that railway line right to the middle of


the golf courses. Dodt, currently third on his own. Good putt, good


save. Reasonably daunting birdie putt on the 15th. Got to run it


along the edge of the ridge and across the green.


He's not bad, is he? His stroke looks good, reminiscent of Fowler's.


Shinkwin makes a great shot, only dropped one. Stretched out a little


at the top. Ian Poulter's short game has been in


great shape. This will test and because it is settled into a


difficult lie on the upslope. Genius. It is amazing to get that


much spin on it out that lie. He has groups than me. -- sharper groups.


Anja Knapp, birdie putt at 14. Yes. Good work.


-- Alexander Knappe. Shinkwin playing some real links golf here


with the putter from way. They will be pairing in the


clubhouse. Andrew Dodt, shouldn't be too difficult, plenty of grass under


the ball. Come on, turn. Great shot. Shinkwin has been consulting the


Green book and then doing what Ian Poulter does, walking all around it.


We have seen a double break around Hawk-Eye. Just about right. What a


great save. Good up and down there from Matt


Kuchar. A round of 73. Played quite consistently most of the day. Just


didn't get anything going on the greens. Can't believe Ian Poulter


has left it this far short of the hole. This is a tricky one. Is there


a hint of left or right? I am not sure. Yes, and he didn't see it. We


are tied at the top, Ian Poulter and Shinkwin. Now at 9-under par. It is


a bogey putt the Padraig. So his poor day is getting worse for one of


our overnight leaders. Rickie Fowler continues to struggle.


Rickie Fowler round in 74, at 5-under and he's going to be four


behind, at least, you would think. Look at Graeme McDowell and Richard


Bland. They are both in the picture now.


Gorgeous. Great play from Ian Poulter what a good break and he's


made the most of it. Couple of times this week, credit to


those Scottish golf fans, not been a pleasant day for watching or playing


golf, but they have stuck it out to the end. Rock-solid.


His short game has looked good, he's rolled the ball well. One more in


him. What a good performance by Andrew Dodt.


Lovely flight. Just no way it can... Fine. Ian Poulter had abuse of the


lie, the grass was lying in the right direction. Much better than


the one Shinkwin has got. It is OK, but it is much more podgy grass


here. That was a wonderful shot. Absolutely wonderful shot. Final


pair on the 17th. Alexander Knappe. That came out soft. Almost went


underneath it. Is this going to do much? I don't think so, it is uphill


and then over the ridge. Slightly disappointing five at the


last but overall, good from Ian Poulter. Total of -9, tied for the


lead right now with Andrew Dodt. This for the lead. He pushed it


right, didn't he? I don't know. He didn't seem to stand up knowing he


pushed it. He kept his position. I get the feeling he missed Reddit


completely. Difficult to know, but at the performance. Disappointing he


didn't make the birdie to lead on his own. We will have three players


on 9-under par. Two fine rounds of golf from Shinkwin and Ian Poulter.


But there were problems behind. Struggles of the tee for Alexander


Knappe. Of the German battled to stay in touch. Heading into Sunday's


final round, here is how things stand. The three tied up the top


surviving brutal conditions to stay ahead of the field. But how good did


the rounds of Andy Sullivan, eight and Johan Carlsson Lucknow? Andy


Sullivan, the lowest of the day. Ryan Fox and Paul Dunne are three


back and there are 13 plays within four shots of the lead including


major champion, Graeme McDowell. Brutal conditions, it must feel like


a good score today? Yes, I am glad to be finished, it was brutal. Windy


early arm with a bit of rain, but as he made the turn on the tenth, 11th,


the rain came back and it blew a gale and it was hold onto your hats


weather. I think I did a pretty good job. Tight leaderboard and the


weather is supposed to ease tomorrow, how aggressive do you have


to be in the final day? I need to finish one in front of everyone


else. I will watch the leaderboard and go out there and do the best I


can. I will be aggressive to the pin locations I feel are accessible and


go and have some fun. I am in a good mental state, a few months back,


things were pretty difficult, but obviously life is a little bit


easier right now and I am enjoying my goal. I feel good, feel great and


feel excited to be in this position and I relish the opportunity


tomorrow to try and put my hands on that trophy. I am going to have to


play well, there are great plays behind me, a lot at stake tomorrow.


I will do my best. Great prize fund on offer, will be your first if you


it tomorrow, the Open Championship qualification at stake. Is this week


like changing in a way? It can be, but I am focusing on one shot at the


time. I am focusing on getting in, getting dry, keeping warm and


getting some food. Tomorrow it kicks off again. Do you think you will


sleep come to be tonight? I hope so. You don't get nervous? Normally, but


there was a lot of noise from the hotel last night. It is all set up


from an exciting final day and you can see how it all unfolds on BBC


Two tomorrow. It is all part of a huge sporting Sunday with the


British Grand Prix on radio five Live and of course the Wimbledon


men's final from the All-England Club.


The main event starts at Royal but they'll on Thursday. Plenty to look


forward to, particularly here at Dundonald where despite the best


weather airship could throw at us, we still saw some impressive golf


out on the course. Thankfully this wind and rain is due to ease


tomorrow so we are in for a tasty shoot out to seek you can count the


silverware the week before the Open Championship. But for me, it is time


for dry clothes and a cup of tea. I will see tomorrow. Goodbye for now.


When I think of the world we inhabit, everyone will think,


Yeah. And it wasn't, it was done by hand


over days and weeks and months and years.


Eilidh Barbour presents highlights of the third round of the Scottish Open.

Rory McIlroy is the headline act in a stellar field in Dundonald which also includes Open champion Henrik Stenson and 2013 Masters champion Adam Scott.

McIlroy has endured an injury-disrupted season due to a rib problem and the four-time major winner is keen to find some form in a Dundonald field which also includes 2016 champion Alex Noren.

The Swede beat England's Tyrrell Hatton by one stroke at Castle Stuart - ending the tournament on 14 under after a two-under-par 70 in his final round.

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