Final Round Highlights Golf: Scottish Open

Final Round Highlights

Highlights of the final round of the Scottish Open from Dundonald. This time last year, Sweden's Alex Noren was celebrating on the final day, beating Tyrrell Hatton by one stroke.

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# Hey, world. # Here I am.


# Don't tell me not to fly, I've simply got to.


# If somebody takes a spill, it is me, not you.


# Don't rain on my parade. # Don't tell me not to live.


# Life is candy and the sun is a ball of


butter. # Nobody had better rain on my


Parade. It is the final day of competition


at Dundonald. And we have blue skies in Ayrshire. It was more survival


Saturday yesterday in howling wind and rain at the Scottish Open, but


despite the conditions, we saw some pretty impressive golf and, as a


result, we have 16 players separated by just four shots going into the


final day, and this is what they are playing for, and this is how they


stand heading into today's play. England's Ian Poulter in search of


his first European Tour win in five years. Sharing the lead with Callum


Shinkwin and Andrew Dodt. They know that a big finish today could secure


their place at next week's Open Championship. Andy Sullivan is right


in contention. There are sure to be a few Browns around the course.


Andrew Johnson is It is all going to be about golf


management today. Go aggressive at the right time, and a low score is


certainly possible. Rafa Cabrera-Bello has back-to-back


birdies on two and free. Matt Kuchar stalled yesterday, but


he is moving in the right direction today. This approach setting up


birdie on the third to take him to 6-under. And this is Beef making


birdies already. And how does that leave things? Three tied at the top.


But they are lining up behind. Nicolas Colsaerts looking likely to


set the clubhouse target. And Rickie Fowler in red figures for the day.


Let's get out with the commentary team.


On the tee from England, Ian Poulter.


APPLAUSE A win today would get him back into


the top 50 in the world rankings, which seemed a remote possibility


only three months ago. A strong left crosswind at the 1st. Ten months off


after foot surgery last year, so very much a comeback.


That is OK. On the tee from Australia, Andrew Dodt.


The two time winner on the European Tour. Quite a mechanical looking


player, but, technically, not a whole heap to go wrong and he played


well yesterday. A round of 71 in that wind was pretty impressive.


Sliding away too far right. All 66 players have started. Some of them


have finished. The final round of the Aberdeen Asset Management


Scottish Open in the sunshine, I am delighted to say, of the Dundonald


Links in Scotland. A little bit of work to do for a


bogey, for Sullivan. He tugged it a bit. A lot of


runaways off the greens. Andrew Dodt has a good Larroyer. The ball is


sitting a little too high off the ground and above his feet -- he has


a good lie. He has 165 and this could be a flyer. It could be tough


to judge the distance. It sounded a clean enough strike. He played a


marvellous shot. That is awesome, as good as we have seen their today.


Carlson. This for par. Ian Poulter has to go up a huge bank. Probably a


60 degrees bank. He has the putter out. This is likely to go well past


the hole. It was just a terrible miss from the fairway.


Matthieu Pavon, this is to get to 8-under. And nicely done.


This is downwind. It should have left to right to it but it is a


fairly flat part of the green. I would not play a lot of break. A


touch more, he would have made it. Playing into the wind. What a


cracking shot. Big eagle opportunity. That was a little


unlucky. Great birdie for Andrew Dodt, who


moves into the lead on his own. Good round of 71 yesterday with a birdie


on the last. Soren Kjeldsen needs to get within three. A great putt.


Really well done. Andrew Dodt from Australia looking


for his third European Tour win holes a one shot lead over Callum


Shinkwin, who is looking for his first. A lot of good scoring today.


With an iron shot of such quality, he deserves an eagle. Go! Just a


fraction more would have held it on the line. Still, an excellent


birdie. Looking dangerous. Underneath the


bridge. That is a bad break. That is a bogey for Graeme McDowell.


It just seemed to be backing up from the moment he struck the ball.


You have to take it on. You cannot lay up when everybody can get it on


in two. Oh. Lucky, lucky Jim. One guy is


unplayable and the other guy is perfect. Ryan Fox left one in the


bunker so this is a putt for bogey. Good putt. A good save in the end.


Andrew Dodt is dropping the ball essentially equity distant to where


it came to rest. I am not sure if that is where it hit the hazards.


Just short of the bridge. I thought it might have run up to the


finishing position. It just slipped in. I think he takes it right at the


flag. If he pulls it left, it runs up the green.


It is soft right in front of the green, but every chance of getting


up and down for his par. Callum Shinkwin. Birdie putt at four. We


are told it was a six iron. Three there is always a good score


at the 4th. A very good approach. Well done. To


salvage par. 405 yards. The hole eight paces in


today. Terrific. He could have been so good on this front nine. Ryan Fox


at six playing three of the tee, at least provisionally. The first found


the middle of the course. Can you believe that? I do not think I have


seen that before. Holing out with a provisional ball. It is not


provisional any more. Don't go looking for the other ball! How good


is that? This is a slow putt up the hill,


especially the first third, breaking left-to-right.


Good putt. Andrew Dodt. The 31-year-old from Queens land. Now


leading by two. Oh!. Not the start pool to wanted.


Birdie at the 1st, he got his birdie at the par-5 3rd. This for a bogey


at four. So Paul drops back into a group of five players now at


8-under, three behind Andrew Dodt -- Poulter drops back. Another fine


iron shot, this form birdie and a half, with beef. Yes, well done.


Took us a while to find Andrew Dodt's ball, it's since a long


rough. Had to really chopped down and make contact, he's on a big


upslope into the wind. He'll be lucky to get this more than 130-140


yards. Just barely got it back out the fairway. I'd be happy with that.


He was lucky to find it. You'll Babin Andrew Dodt leads by two from


Cabrera-Bello and Callum Shinkwin. An uphill right to left for the


birdie. Didn't want to come. Very difficult


fifth green. Lots of undulations. This was a putt for par for the


leader. So first bogey on the card for the Aussie and his leaders back,


to just one. Birdie putt to get 8-under. Well, it


is very bunched, isn't it? There is any number of 14 players could still


win, with a bit of a run. I good birdie from Ryan Fox. Moves


to 8-under, two back. Shinkwin, for his first birdie of the day. Get


himself to 10-under and a tie for the lead. There's the leaderboard


final round of the Aberdeen asset final-round -- of the Aberdeen asset


Scottish Open. Callum Shinkwin and Andrew Dodt leading from


Cabrera-Bello by one. Shinkwin in a great position to attack. The pin at


the front. Not too much spin on it, with a bunker at the front. It's


just playing darts, isn't it. The golf course has been softened by the


reins. This is Matthieu Pavon, the young Frenchman.


Lying exactly 100th in the race to Dubai, it's the bottom place that


will retain the card for next year. Callum Shinkwin, birdie to go to


11-under and he now leads the Championship, by one, from Andrew


Dodt. Wrapping up for par. Big lipped out. It's a tough break for


the young German. No danger today of Shinkwin running


out of fairway, the wind more left than behind on the ninth where it


has been. Moving left to right. A glorious drive. He's finding his


feet here. I was unimpressed early on, he was attacking a bit too much.


Cabrera-Bello, snagged up in a bit of rough. But no problem. Makes no


difference to him, does it? The swings early on looked tight and


quick. He's the only player amongst the leaders not yet to have dropped


a shot. Is quite a gold way of playing it, because you can't go for


the back here using this downslope at the back of the green.


Cabrera-Bello looking for another birdie. He is on the 12th. What a


great effort. Look out, here we come. Mr tee on the front line but


coming back very nicely now. Just one back from Shinkwin. That's a


simple tap in, very slightly right of centre I'd say, to get to 12 and


a. An old head on young shoulders, he doesn't look fazed at all by


being at the top of the leaderboard. The 24-year-old just knocking in a


third birdie already today, and he is on course for a maiden European


Tour title, not to mention a place at Royal Birkdale next week, and a


very healthy prize fund. He did say this week could be life changing.


Keep playing like this on the back nine and it just might be. Padraig


Harrington is putting a lovely round together after the rather tough day


yesterday. He's played quite beautifully. Another lovely shot


from him. That will be for a 66, that would move him to tied fourth,


at eight, so finishing on a much higher note than yesterday, Padraig.


Dropped one a couple of holes ago. He is steadied the ship with a


couple of pars. Back towards Shinkwin.


Yes, well done. You hate to see putts, well-deserved, well played.


Sharon is a lot of stuff this afternoon. Good man. Let's get back


to Harrington. 67 and 68, the wind and rain got him yesterday. Just a


tiddler on the first green, took 79, and he's come back with a fantastic


round of 66. There we are. 138 window, straight across from the


left, this is a flight or lie. It's going to be a tough one to keep on


the green, I would think. Not for him. Beautiful shot.


OK, Cabrera Bello hasn't got the shot yet today. A couple behind the


leader. Well done, because he missed a few going out and that was nicely


holed, and he's really putting together a very special round.


I think this one just needs to be left edge. It's where you hit it and


didn't turn. A very good try. I think the reason it feels a bit


chilly is because the leaders teed off at 335. Poulter to save par.


This will just give him a little bit of a sudden adrenaline boost --


adrenaline boost or something, because he's not firing right now.


APPLAUSE That was a very good four in the


end, the chip inside, a marvellous pitch. He still thinks he can do it.


Is a big electronic leaderboard just the left of the 11so Shinkwin can


make note of the position. He knows he's in front on his own, so added


pressures there. As Mark said, he's played a very sensible shot here,


given himself a chance of a birdie. There's a little bit of right to


left to start with but that may not have much impact when it's left to


right. I've never seen so many double breakers on a course as this


one. Again, he's left a lot of putts just that little bit short. Just


hasn't quite, otherwise he'd have been a good deal better than he is


and he's leading the pack. The actual landing area is over a


hill and to one side of the players, but they have a pretty good line


with fairway that they can see before it goes over the hill.


He threw that so high, right off the clubface. It moves a little from


right to left. That's in the bunker. That will almost certainly be just a


little flip out. Another excellent effort.


APPLAUSE Fox ahead at the 12 for a birdie.


This would get him out of the big tie for fourth, and yes, into force,


on his own. He moves to 9-under. -- into fourth place.


He's done really well. It looks like he's going to salvage par. Well


done, Andrew. That's brilliant stuff.


At last. At last he is but one in. A very interesting step, the first


time in a sweep that it stayed on par. Four and on the back nine.


Birdie putt for Rafah. To get to 11-under and one back. That


scorecard is starting to look a bit tidy. This for his par. This is


going to slide from the right. He's going to have to start with the ball


outside the right edge, unless he's going to hit it in with a lot of


speed. Well, outside right, did you say? Yes, it's outside right, if


you're going to die it in there, almost double. He didn't see that,


that's why I checked with you. It's very difficult to see much of his


birdie putt on the 12th. Maybe a case of a little bit left to right


at the end. Something about this hole, was it


Cabrera-Bello who hit it some one ear? Someone did, but not many. --


who hit it somewhere near. That's more like it! That's as good as


we've seen. Says goodbye to the blues boss, gives new meaning to the


blues boss, the tee there. A good look here from the aircraft circling


the golf course, Andrew Dodt. He's got back to get the shot that he'd


dropped at ten. A bit of work for Shinkwin, this for par, the first


test and he's passed it. From over the back of 13, it didn't


sound like he got all that but he hit it perfectly. Goodness me, look


how quick that is downhill. It's brilliant, isn't it?


And not that firm. 17th, Matthieu Pavon.


Minus nine. Six birdies. Just the one drop shot.


This would get Andrew Dodt within one of Shinkwin, along with


Cabrera-Bello. No problem. These three players at the top are two


clear of Matthieu Pavon and Ryan Fox.


Shinkwin, second shot. Spin. Great shot. He has played so


well today. Very impressive. It is hard to believe he has not done


something else earlier. For par, Cabrera-Bello.


Another one goes in for par. He has certainly got his touch, this back


and nine. Two big ones and a ten footer at 13.


Shinkwin leads, one ahead of Cabrera-Bello. And Andrew Dodt. Look


at the scoring. Brilliant, 66 from Padraig Harrington, moving him up


the field. Mac Kuchar and Andy Sullivan not making a heap of


progress. A few parfum, his second at the 18th. A lot of club. To have


any chance he will need an eagle, which would get him to eat 11-under.


-- Matthieu Pavon. What a beautiful shot. No nerves. He ripped it.


Matthieu Pavon, eagle putt. This to get to 11-under and post a score.


For a round of 6-under, 66 today. A good day at the office and more than


likely a spot in the Open Championship next week. Andrew Dodt


for birdie. 11 holes, 26 putts? That can't be


right, can it? 18, Matthieu Pavon, his first year on Tour. Was 100th on


the list. That will change his life. He will probably get in the Open.


And a decent check for him. That was played with a lot of feel.


He gently slid the club under the ball. It was beautiful.


Could not put it in a better spot. Up the hill for Ian Poulter.


An iron from 250 yards. It shot on and a bit right, but not enough to


get up the bank. Stopping short of the bunker. That is not too bad.


Two putts here would be a good result for Andrew Dodt.


Go, get up the hill. Very slow. It is such a steep tier on the 13th.


He has swung the club beautifully all afternoon, Rafa Cabrera-Bello.


He had three opportunities the front nine. He has started to make putts.


Big putt for Andrew Dodt, who has played well, but just beginning to


wobble with two bogeys in the last three. He has not hit it. Just


tightening up a little bit. Three bogeys in four holes. Now four


behind Callum Shinkwin. Ian Poulter's chances are beginning


to slip away. He has to hole this. And he does. 9-under, five to play.


Four behind Shinkwin. Positive stroke. Just slipping by,


but a good effort. A pity the chip just got away from him. We should


not get ahead of ourselves and I hope he is not, but if he wins, he


will earn more than double his career earnings so far. In one week.


The 17th, Rafa, glorious second shot.


Yes. Marvellous. He has played wonderfully well this afternoon.


Another splendid birdie. True that quite low, it should sit


down pretty softly. -- he drew it. Well done, a marvellous effort.


He had to find the fairway. He has played beautifully. Can he find the


final green in two? STUDIO: What around the Spaniard is


putting together. It has been over five years since Rafa last tasted


victory but if you believe in omens, on both occasions he has won he has


beaten an English man by a single shot. Look out, Callum Shinkwin.


Callum Shinkwin with the two shot lead over Cabrera-Bello.


You can see the flag atop the grandstand. It gives you an


indication of what the wind is doing and it seems to have picked up a


little. It is not in the burn. He is going


to have a shot. He can still get up and down for birdie. It will not be


easy. He got very lucky. He would take par again, you can bet


your life, 24-year-old Callum Shinkwin. That is fabulous. They


have taken 30 yards off this hole today. It has been a devil of a


hole. Andrew Dodt. No birdie. Things have gone awry for Andrew on the


back nine. Playing with Ian Poulter in the last pairing. Ian Poulter


with a putt for par. Make sure of the birdie. Well done Rafa


Cabrera-Bello. It is going to be a round of 64. 275


yards. A great position. Just hitting straight down the green.


Talking to his girlfriend, Stephen Sackur void, a lady pro herself. She


said he is naturally a laid-back character. -- Steph McAvoy.


What about this for a closing birdie for Cabrera-Bello.


Brilliant. Well done, Rafa Cabrera-Bello, who has become one of


the best players in the world, but he has not managed a tournament win.


Five years since he last won, but he has done everything you could want


him to do today. A terrific round of golf. Will it be enough to make him


Scottish Open champion? The voice of the former Scottish


rugby captain Andy Nicol, who has been doing the introductions all


week. The challengers are falling away. Ryan Fox would do well to stay


at 9-under. Matthieu Pavon has certainly done


enough to win a place at the Open Championship.


438 yards. He wants to hang him. No, no. -- he wants to hang in.


A similar putt to the previous hole. Just a little bit right to left.


Turn. The only mistake he has made with the putter. He has left a lot


of putts slightly short. Just a tap-in.


Can Andrew Dodt squeeze a par out of this?


A very expensive back nine. Drop shot at ten and birdie on 11th.


He wants to make sure he is left of the bunkers on the far side of the


dogleg. The biggest tee shot of his career. Going left. Get lucky. It


did. It is fine. Fox for bogey. Two lost balls in his


total of 1-over. He could have been in trouble off the tee. He has been


fortunate, take advantage of it. APPLAUSE


Played it nice and safe, made sure it got over the bunker. Stopped


before the back of the green. Graeme McDowell. Hopefully final shot of


the day, 1-over for his round. That's a nice way to finish.


APPLAUSE Even par, 5-under for the


tournament, for the former US open champion. How much Shinkwin would


love to see this one drop. The good putt, perfect pace. So close. Just


doesn't really seem to be affected by the situation at all. Par at the


last. To win. What a performance this would be.


Well, that's a round of 74 Ryan Fox, 8-under par. Another good week. This


is a driver, I'd have thought some sort of iron and a wedge. But he


looks as though he's really confident and comfortable with his


swing. The I certainly hope he is. It's not time to blast one miles


right. Superb. There's your answer, mate! Yeah.


Andrew Dodt, is this for a par? Well done. Who knows how very important


that is. Four four finish will get one of the. He'll be very happy to


find the green today. That's going to be nice and


difficult, Dougie Donnelly, how would you play that? Yeah, with Mike


a shot, probably! -- with my A shot, probably! Shinkwin, it's all his. If


he gets this wrong, it's so easy to put it in the hazards, over the


other side. He's going to try it. Fingers crossed. Stay there, stay.


OK, well... Up and down for the win. It's no Andy Sullivan.


Shinkwin is leaving the flag in, so if it is a bit hot coming up there


and hits the flag the chance of Holding it, trying to get it within


two feet, or so. Go, oh, goodness me, go.


APPLAUSE OK. He's got about eight feet left,


now. I haven't been able to get close, I


think it's on the left side. Said Callum Shinkwin for a fairy tale


victory. Oh, no! No! Oh, the only mistake all day! The


only bogey on the card. And it drops him into a play-off.


STUDIO: So a sudden-death play-off required


at that links. Shinkwin and Rafa Cabrera-Bello had at the final 18.


The final group of Ian Poulter and Andrew Dodt struggled to get going


in a final round, pulled her carding a two of the par 74, he finished


tied for ninth and Australia Andrew Dodt required this putt to make it


to the Open Championship. Andrew Dodt just pipped Anthony Wall to a


place at Royal Birkdale faxed to his higher ranking and will be joined by


Callum Shinkwin and Matthieu Pavon, whose round of 66 saw him finish


three back. But there were more pressing matters at hand for


Shinkwin, before he could think of Birkdale. First, on the tee, Rafa.


A perfect tee shot under pressure, as the Spaniard looks to secure his


third European Tour title. Shinkwin had to put any thoughts of his


regulation 18 hole behind him. And the 24-year-old finds the middle


of the fairway. Shinkwin then to play first, as we join the action.


COMMENTATOR: He'll be looking for height. Needs


to move along way left-to-right. Oh, no, same place again. Or


virtually. He's on the down slope. He's got to get over the bunker to a


tight pin. Oh, I don't believe it! Seriously, well, I know he'll be


going at it this time. This is a good-looking shot, right


at the pin. APPLAUSE


That's a wonderful shot. That's right down the flag by Rafa


Cabrera-Bello. Advantage Spain. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


That was brilliant, wonderful shot. That was just all over it, wasn't


it? I think to get it close he has to


bump it into the bank. It's almost impossible to play it. He's playing


with a pretty lofty club, but to land it at the top of upslope, down


to the hole. Hasn't given it quite enough.


APPLAUSE Is it my imagination or did that


look a little bit quick? Yes, it was a little bit anxious there, a little


bit unlucky as well. Just stuck into the bank, didn't bounce forward.


This, to win the title. Oh, and he's left it short!


APPLAUSE In for a birdie four but he had the


chance to close the door there. He spotted for par for the most part


pretty well today. The birdie putts in this sort of arrangement dropped.


Is to keep the play-off alive. Oh, and he's left it short again! You


can only feel for Callum Shinkwin, but after five years, Rafa


Cabrera-Bello is a winner again, and he's done it in a Rolex series event


at one of the most prestigious tournaments in the European Tour.


Rafa Cabrera-Bello is the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open




Two Spanish winners in a row on the Rolex series. Rafa Cabrera-Bello


bellow in Scotland. STUDIO:


So Shinkwin coming up just short but it was the week for the English man,


who was ranked 405th in the world. We had to Birkdale next week knowing


his Tour card will be safe for the foreseeable future, but for the


second week in a row on the European Tour its Spanish celebrations. Rafa


Cabrera-Bello's final-round 64 is the best of the week and he triumphs


over the strongest field in Europe so far this season to take the


trophy. Ewan-macro congratulations. U2 played superb golf today but to


go out with the pressure of the play off holed you must be delighted with


how you did? In a play-off anything can happen. Regardless of the


outcome or the players, at the end of the day they go 50-50. I was


happy to be there, really enjoying that situation and I hit two great


shots and the birdie was enough. So I'm very happy to have got in win,


finally. I'm gutted, obviously. Fair play to Rafa, he won it, so fair


play to him. We're standing on the 18th tee come you have a one shot


lead, decide to go for the green. Would you change that if you could


go back? No, never, I hit it exactly where I wanted to hit it, but the


finish wasn't where I wanted to be. It's been a huge week this week.


What do you take from here to Royal Birkdale next week? Playing what I'm


doing, what I'm doing is working. Keep doing that and hopefully the


results will come next week. Golf is a funny game, last year so


consistent but without the silverware. This season, up and


down, but you have your hands on silverware. How do you sum it up? I


do feel like I've played good this year. It's been a new experience


playing in America cargo coming back and forth -- going back and forth.


But overall, I've been pleased with the way I've performed. Winning


again, it's unbelievable. I was overdue.


STUDIO: There's more sensational sport to


come on the BBC starting on Monday. Tune into five live sports extra for


Test match special's coverage of the fourth day of the second Test


between England and South Africa. There's highlights from the


hamburger leg of triathlon's World Series on BBC Two. -- the Hamburg


leg. A special treat from the Chronicles of the champion golfers


sees some of the greatest players of all time look back Open triumphs.


The main event gets under way at Royal Birkdale on Thursday. BBC Two,


8pm each day, for two hours of highlights, with live coverage on


five live and the BBC Sport website. Look out for a special Facebook


live, defending open champion Henrik Stenson takes over the BBC sports


Facebook page, just after 2pm on Monday. A huge week in the golfing


calendar to come. As Rafa Cabrera-Bello heads to Royal


Birkdale clutching the Scottish Open Trophy, a massive final day effort


from the Spaniard, who lists silverware for the first time since


2012. The perfect build-up to the biggest week on the links. It's


goodbye from Don wobbled and roll on Thursday at the Open Championship.


-- goodbye from Dundonald. We'll see you there. Goodbye.


Your baby has been loved by me very much.


Eilidh Barbour presents highlights of the fourth and final round of the Scottish Open from Dundonald.

This time 12 months ago, Sweden's Alex Noren was celebrating on the final day - beating England's Tyrrell Hatton by one stroke at Castle Stuart.

Noren ended the tournament on 14 under after a two-under-par 70 final round and is joined in Scotland this year by four-time major winner Rory McIlroy and Open champion Henrik Stenson.

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