Day One Highlights Golf: The Masters

Day One Highlights

Hazel Irvine introduces highlights from Augusta of the opening day's play at the Masters with commentary from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Andrew Cotter and Paul Azinger.

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Maybe... Yes, sir! Got a chance. Yes!


Their riches, can you believe it? What a shot. Incredible. Danny


Willett is the Masters champion. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me


in welcoming and expressing our love and affection to Mrs Arnold Palmer.


APPLAUSE STUDIO: A poignant moment to start


the Masters as Billy Payne accompanied by Arnold Palmer's


widow, Kate, placed his jacket on the chair at the 1st tee. Welcome to


the 2017 Masters. It is a wonderful, but in one respect difficult, day.


For the first time in many, many decades, someone is obviously


missing from the first tee here at Augusta National and the Masters.


The almost unbearable sadness we all feel at the passing of Arnold Palmer


is surpassed only by the love and affection for him, which will for


reside in our hearts I am so happy that this honorary start of ceremony


continues today, as it always will, in the good hands of an old's great


friends, themselves legendary golfers. First on the tee, please




Next on the tee we welcome back our six time, yes, six time Masters


champion. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back Mr Jack


Nicholas. APPLAUSE Well done, well done! Ladies and


gentlemen, the 2017 Masters is now officially begun. Have fun. A very


moving occasion with his great friends Jack and Gary, the remaining


members of golf's big three visibly affected, boasted Arnie's memory


proud today. It's been an emotional and dramatic start. Even as the


ceremony was taking place we still didn't know if the world number one


Dustin Johnson would be fit to play. Because Dustin fell downstairs at


his rental home last night, injured his lower back. The man who's been


on such a hot street of form with three wins in a row this season came


to because early this morning, warmed up rather gingerly, it has to


be said, and indicated he would try to play. He'd been on


anti-inflammatories, ice, had a heat Pack on the back but as the minutes


ticked down to his tea-time, it became clear he was not going to


make that date. The world number one and pretournament favourite walked


away and out of the Masters. Only the second world number one missed


tournament after Tiger Woods in 2014. With Johnson out the


bookmakers quickly installed Jordan Spieth as the new favourite and Rory


McIlroy just behind. Johnson apart everyone else in this field seem to


fit and ready and raring to go it in the first men's major of 2017.


There are a few motions riding, it'll be an amazing experience being


defending champion. Then hopefully we can play some nice golf and be


around all week and enjoy what is going to be a very special occasion.


A massive shot. Fantastic result. I just want to try and do the best job


I can. You've got to make sure you always stay focused, you always


mentally grinding until it's done. I believe I'm at my a game, I feel


that win is anywhere. It's been an up-and-down, mainly up right, at


Augusta National. The idea is to get yourself into contention and be


mentally strong enough to pull through. Jordan Spieth, Masters


champion. 2015. I want to win a green jacket. That would be the same


whether I'm going for a slam, my first major or my temps, I just want


to win the Masters. It would put me in a place in golf history that very


few people have gone for. Rory again attempting to complete the fabled


career grand slam, the green jacket the only price to have eluded him so


far. He had an afternoon appointment at Augusta National, these were some


of the key times on the opening day. 2015 champion and new favourite


Jordan Spieth with Martin Kaymer and Martin Fitzpatrick of England.


Justin Rose had a morning tee time with Jason Day and Brandt Snedeker.


Danny Willett beginning his defence in the company of amiable Matt


Kuchar and new Aussie star Curtis Luck. Henrik Stenson accompanying


2009 green jacket winner Angel Cabrera and English new boy Tyrrell


Hatton. For time major winner Rory McIlroy out with fancied first time


at John Ryan of Spain. That last tee time... Bubba Watson and Jimmy


Walker. After the thunderstorms and torrential rain in the build-up we


had a challenging start. 25 mph winds. Swirling through the pines at


Augusta National. Highs of only 62 degrees. Sandy Lyle is a man for all


seasons, the player with the most Masters starts in this field. 36-1


for the 1998 champion. He was making his experience count at the 3rd to


go 1-under. A lovely start. Andy Sullivan from Nuneaton is one of a


record 11 Englishmen. Missed the cut on his debut last year. A lovely


start to his second campaign. This was his third at the long par-5


second, it would be good enough to take him into red numbers. Scott


Piercy from Las Vegas bogeyed the first. At seven he'd picked up two


shots. Here is another one to go 2-under and into an early lead.


Straight as a dive. Joined quickly by Thomas Pieters. A Ryder Cup star


last year at Hazeltine. Not fazed then and not now. 2-under through


four holes. The ever sharp Rickie Fowler is quietly fancied for major


success by many here. At the 3rd hole, Flowering Peach, the


Californian would slot this one to join the leaders at 2-under par.


Here is where it stands. Scott Piercy, Thomas Pieters and Rickie


Fowler sharing the early limelight. Fred Couples on the 25th anniversary


of his memorable victory here in 1992. The 81st Masters under way and


it's time to say hello to Andrew Cotter, Paul Brown, Paul Azinger and


Peter Alice. COMMENTATOR: Thank you. Martin Kaymer at the 2nd. The long


downhill par-5. Laid up short. Long pitch and run. Firm shot. She goes.


Looks good, looks tidy, looks OK. That's the way to do it. From 1-over


to 1-under. In one fell swoop. Such an easy game. Andy Sullivan for his


birdie on seven. Into red figures. Grobler debut in the Masters last


year, 81-81. Much better here today. Quite tidy card. Back to the second


green, Phil Mickelson, a putt you wouldn't wish on your old granny.


Eight foot of Burrow, got to go over the edge, over the top, down and


round and in. Get out of the way, is on. I don't believe it, I do not


believe it! He's holed it from eagle three and goes 2-under. 47 years of


age and not a Zimmer frame insight! Thomas Pieters, powerful player from


Belgium. First time here at the Masters. Second to the fifth. Fiddly


green, this. They all are. Kindly pin position today, a few kindly pin


positions with the wind up. Beautiful shot from


Pieters. Gently, gently... Tiptoe, tiptoe... In she goes. Justin Rose,


home favourite. 1-under par. He birdied the second, birdied the


fourth, now Thomas Pieters for birdie number three. Just touched it


into the middle and Pieters 3-under par on his Masters debut.


STUDIO: Thomas Pieters at six feet five. The Antwerp man one ahead


playing only his third major tournament. If field of 93 under way


but sadly left behind at the clubhouse, reigning US Open champion


Dustin Johnson. This morning, you know, as you could see, I went out


and tried to hit balls. I can swing may be 70%, was about Macs. It still


hurt. It wasn't the problem, it didn't hurt. The backswing was fine,


I could take it back, it was impact and through impact is where it would


catch. I just felt like I'm not going to be able to compete. What


was the expectation as you walked towards the tee? My heart is in it


and wants to play. The more I thought about it, the more I


literally... I just wasn't going to have any chance. What was it like to


have to make the decision, number one player in the world, you know


how hard you've worked, you've trained the right way to make this


decision? It's unbelievably difficult. This is one of my


favourite tournaments of the year, I feel I'm playing the best golf of my


career right now. For me to pull-out is, I mean, it sucks really bad. I'm


very sad I have to do it, but it's a freak accident. I feel like, you


know, I wanted to play, wanted to try and play, just I'm not going to


be able to compete like this. Very sad he's had to withdraw, but here


we are at the 16th. Russell Henley going along nicely, 2-under par.


This for a birdie. Should come a little bit down to the left.


Everything sort of drops down towards the water. This is to go to


3-under. Keep up, keep up. That was a really durably messy one. But he


stays 2-under par. Just a little tap in. Meticulously. This is why the


game takes five hours. The we are. Another story, that, for another


day. 2-under, Henley. Three-time champion, Mickelson. Eagle on the


second. Chance for birdie on the fourth. Get in, Christ somebody.


Mickelson moves 3-under, how about that for a start? 3-under after


four. A pretty tidy start. Pieters at the 8th, long par-5, all uphill.


Third shot. Pitches it up boldly. How do they do that? Beautiful shot.


Brandt Snedeker, quickfire putter, long way across the long par-3 4th


hole. Tidy enough. A roar from the crowd and salute from Snedeker. But


they shot at the 3rd but get it back in some style at before. Still


whooping and hollering for Snedeker. He does love this place. Back to the


tranquillity of the eighth. Pieters, this to go to 4-under par. Rattled


that one in. 4-under he goes after eight. Leaders this final event in


grand style. -- he leads this final event. Can he keep it going? This is


the Korean born American, James Hahn. He won at Riviera and Quail


Hollow. Not a bad place to Mr down the right-hand side. That is stone


dead, it'll be a birdie - birdie start for James Hahn. Pretty steady


stuff from Paul Casey so far. Dropped a shot at the 1st. Par all


the way since then. Look at that. One for the galleries. Can't believe


his own brilliance. "I Am awesome". That'll be birdie. Back to level


par. Do that again... To the sixth. Mickelson. He missed a putt half


this length on the last. It is a par putt. 2-under at the moment. Hello,


hello, hello. He holes that. 1-under. Big tee shot on the tenth


four Pieters. Such an impressive performance so far in his first trip


to Augusta. Another arrow flies from Pieters. Birdie opportunity coming


up. The defending champion, Danny Willett, coming out from a shady


spot. Moves it through the trees. Looks as though it could be a very


good result. We will eventually find it. Squirted it through. Looks as if


it clipped the trees and stopped. Still in trouble. Short putt, fairly


quick one left for Pieters on the tenth. Fearless on his first


appearance. 5-under after ten holes at Augusta.


Pieters well clear as it stands. More than three shots ahead of


American Billy Hurley III Russell Henley with a very good score today.


Danny Willett defending champion at the 1st hole for a double bogey.


Come on... It's a six. Not the way to start your day. Disses a horrible


hole. Beautiful but horrible, with the wind howling around. Not so


horrible for Andy Sullivan. Flag hanging around there. Should be a


tap in two. The eighth green. Fitzpatrick. 1-over par but this for


birdie. To get back to level. And he does. Well done. Smooth touch on the


greens. One bogey, one birdie, level par.


Perhaps a first little mistake from Thomas Pieters. It is par-4 one


half, this. To save his four. So, first shot dropped for Pieters. To


12, Andy Sullivan, after that beautiful tee shot. Pop sitting,


2-under. Well done, Young sailor. -- well done, young sir. McIlroy


getting ready for his afternoon tee time. One of the very last starters.


Cold out there. Michael Byrne one, his coach, wrapped up warm. It'll be


tough conditions for McIlroy later on. The wind getting up. 12 feet,


Pieters, 4-under, this is the most difficult part of the course to


judge the distance. Over the water. Only 150 yards today. He didn't make


it. 20, 20 five yards short. It must have ballooned into the wind.


Something happened, you can't make a mistake like that, huge mistake. It


was not wind assisted. All greens in regulation so far. Second birdie of


the day for Justin Rose. He really does like this place. A good record


at the Masters. Pieters at 12. This is for five. In she goes with two


shots gone. Back to 2-under par. First taste of Amen Corner for


Thomas Pieters. A rather bitter one. Having had the outright lead, Golden


Bell has bitten him at the infamous 12. As it has done so many other


players in the past. Andy Sullivan alongside Thomas Pieters and Rickie


Fowler, three way leaders on 2-under par. Kevin Chappell. New name. Here


at the 16th. It's on the way. In two and off the left here. Getting


better all the time. Danny Willett at the 3rd, 3-over


par. Little up the hill. He could do with a birdie. He's done it. Double


bogey, bogey, birdie start. 2-over for the defending champion. You'll


be pleased with that. Kevin Chappell here. Follows up that terrific tee


shot with a nice putt, now Kevin Chappell gets 2-under par. Such


tricky conditions on nine, Justin Rose going along nicely. A pretty


rare birdie at nine. He goes out in 34. His preparation for this week


has been absolutely perfect. 2-under after nine. Rory McIlroy here at the


1st. Getting underway. Look at the flags on the scoreboard you can see


the windows into and off his left. -- see the wind is into and off his


left. He's one of few to the bunker here at the 1st. Not a great place


to be. Glorious looking 15th, Rickie Fowler


having a shot at the par-5 two. Among the azaleas. He needs his


fingers crossed or he's in a very awkward spot. Plenty to contemplate.


Jordan Spieth at 12. You wonder what's running through his mind


right now. Had a real disaster here last year. The media will never let


him forget that. A pretty good shot for Jordan. Kind of a mock cheer


from the crowd. Kevin Chappell, slightly disappointing bogey to


finish. But round in 71. There will be many players breaking par today,


so he'll be delighted with that. With his card. 35, 36 for the man


from California. Jordan now for his birdie here at 12. I think last year


Jordan probably reminded a couple of generations of players how dangerous


this 12th hole can be especially on a Sunday. Certainly this hole has


had its toll on a few players today. Pretty nicely judged for Jordan,


it'll be a tap in par. He'll stay level par. At the moment. Pretty


good score through 12 holes. Quite a blustery wind. After finding a


bunker off the tee, Rory has this for his par at the 1st. Despite all


the heavy rain we had last night, the green is pretty quick. Like


many, he's going to start with a bogey. Rickie Fowler, we saw his


second shot go over the green. Probably a pretty good break that he


ended up here. This delicate shot. To a flat. Then down the hill. He is


judged it nicely. Yes. Look at it go. That is a pretty good shot


there, I think, for Rickie Fowler. He'll be happy. I believe he thought


he was in the azaleas after he hit his second shot. Now he's got a


great opportunity at birdie. Sullivan for his par. The 15th.


Par-5. We've seen plenty of drop strokes. Another one going for Andy


Sullivan. Free holes left to play. After playing two terrific shots


here at the 11th, Justin Rose up the hill for birdie. The 11th has taken


its toll on a lot of players today. Justin will be happy to settle for


par here and make his way to that 12th hole. Paul Casey. A delicate


shot required. He jolly well has. What a delightful shot. 36. Couple


of birdies at 13 and 14 move him 1-under par. 11 English players in


the Masters this year. Rickie now for birdie. Yes. He hits those putts


firmly. Going like a rabbit looking for his hole.


Let's look at the old scoreboard, three players tied at the top.


Russell Henley in with 71, as was Kevin Chappell. Not many scores in


the red. A tough day on the links. Andy Sullivan now for par up the


hill at 16. Nothing easy about 16, that's


probably the easiest place to hole can be on this 16th. Spieth, 13th.


Little bit of movement from left to right, this is for his birdie. A


good angle to putt from as well. Marge Nelly up the hill. Back to


business as usual. Nice par at the last. Second, first, second in his


only three Masters. Unbelievably impressive. To the 16th. Thomas


Pieters. -5 through ten. Slipped up a bit. It did in the water at 12. He


fares quite a bit better here. Come that going actually? Not quite, but


a terrific shot. For Thomas Pieters. Never much brake on this 12th green,


the flatter stomach of course. Rose has this to save his par. That pays


can he couldn't leave the hole. -- at that pace. Not a bad miss, beyond


the flag at the 14th. We saw Casey chipping in earlier from here. He's


done it again. The little Englishman with a tidy game. How about that?


2-under, tied for the lead. Seems to be getting stronger. The flag


rattling around. Justin Rose Amber Hill here at 13. Unbelievably fast


putt. Just barely touched it. Yes. Perfect speed from Justin Rose. Nice


birdie here at 13. Little bounce back after the missed short putt at


12. Well done. Chance to get to 1-under. What a delightful way to


finish. Three up the 18th Andy Sullivan. He's been struggling for


form, working so hard and he's been rewarded with an opening round in


the red. Well done. 71. Now the Irishman, Shane Lowry, for


birdie. Up the hill and back down. He has


got it. The fifth is one of the more difficult holes on the course. No


cars yet. Jordan Spieth at the 15th with his third shot. Difficult with


a downhill lie. Look at that! Is it fair? He is not best pleased at this


moment. Playing up for five. This is Fitzpatrick's bird to the 15th,


playing alongside Jordan Spieth. -- third. That does not look too good.


He has got away with it nicely. Chance for a birdie. He did not like


it but he escaped. William McGirt with a long putt.


Very good. Boom, fist pump! Co-leader now. Jordan Spieth having


another go to get over the water. Number five coming up. Is that a bit


heavy? Oh, my good God! On the back and shot over. Well, now. That is


five. He could save himself double figures. Pieters for Park on the


18th. -- par. Yikes! Went off in his hand. A birdie putt for young


Matthew Fitzpatrick. A particular from right to left. Coming down,


well done! And old head on young shoulders. 3-under par. He leads the


tournament. He will want to be doing that Sunday night. Peter is coming


to finish off at the 18th. -- Pieters. Take your time. A very


exposed part of the course. That is a double bogey to finish. A real


shame. A great round going for so long. Jordan Spieth, here he is at


the 15th. Over the back of the green for the bliss for a triple bogey.


That will not make it. That will not be back on your heels. Wow!


Wow, indeed. The neutron and favourite, Spieth, had threatened to


tear it up this year. -- new tournament favourite. That has


dropped in way back to four over-par. Fitzpatrick is one shot


ahead of Justin Rose and William McGirt.


Andy, 71 to start off this year's tournament. How good was that? Just


went round the corner and tried to pick a few off. Anything around


level par and under-par is a hell of a school today. How much did


conditions change? Not too much. It was gusting pretty good on the first


day. I do not think I had hit that far into the first. It has not


changed too much to the have probably got stronger. To get off


there in 1-under was awesome, to be fair. After last year and will debut


at the Masters, how pleased with you to show your true colours? It is


nice to step onto the first Ticos to just hit my shots and play golf full


it is most get over the rookie mentality. Having a bit more


experience, it went well today. I look forward to seeing that


tomorrow. Shane Lowry, a lovely sound. He is it that one. You little


beauty! That is just exquisite. It drifted around. He is a delightful


picture and chipper. A nice one. At the 16th, Mickelson for douce. That


was a brave man's putt. 1-under. Nice birdie at the 13th and another


at the 16th. This looks like Garcia in a very natty top. Finds the


bottom of the Cup. Maybe it is his turn. A neat, tidy card. One after


eight. McGirt at the 16th. Willie McGirt. 6-iron. The pin in a


pleasant spot, just to the right. Comes of the bank. We'll down? Yes.


Back would be very nice. Look out coal! -- hole.


The third shot of Jason Dufner. Not trying to spin it too much. Just a


bit of grab and he does it just right. The third at the 13th.


McGirt, whose tee shot very nearly found the bottom of the Cup. This


bought a two at the 16th, to shared the lead. He has nudged it into the


centre of the Cup very confidently. He hit a terrible tee shot. Lucky to


get it here in two. That could go back all the way.


He is making a Horlicks of this, Mr Fitzpatrick, on the final hole.


Caused by a dreadful tee shot. Scuttling into the trees on the


left. It will cost him dear. Dufner for a birdie at the 13th. Nicely,


nicely. Two under. Fitzpatrick at the 18th. Fourth shot, a long putt


up the hill. Got to hit it hard. Up she comes. That was a good effort.


Tales of the way four feet, 4.5 feet. Don't waste all that good


stuff with one hole! Rarm at the 8th. A man in top form on his rookie


season. A nice angle for that putt. Not too much slope. This bought a


five. Six. It will be a six. Be careful how you put that back. He


marks it with a dustbin lid beside of it but that is OK. Six at the


last. All caused by a very poor drive. A pity. A very good round.


Just dented by a six at the last. What is shameful Matthew


Fitzpatrick! Still only 22. His third appearance in Augusta. He is a


World Tour champion. That has put him into the pack at 1-under par.


William McGirt, this is the journeymen who is making good on his


Augusta debut. Phil Mickelson also lurking. Just above him is


Fitzpatrick. I wonder what his thoughts will be after that rather


awkward finish. Walking off with a double bogey,


what were the emotions like? Not how you would like to win the round.


Just one of those things. I will try to make up tomorrow.


Justin Rose for a par at the 17th. He is on the high side for of it is


one of those days when you think you can get a four. Every hole is


possible trouble. You have got to keep a clear head and play very


conservatively. Attack and defend. It is a defensive day.


Will he continue or will he spoil it with a birdie, Jon Rahm? Towards the


hole and he has done it. Jason Dufner, second to the really long


14th hole will stop the hole has cut all the way in the back left portion


of the green. That is a nice shot. Defending champion Danny Willett at


the 13th, two over-par. This could even things up if it goes in. That


is a three on the par well done! -- on the par-5. The goal is to get it


on the right level. A semi-blind shot.


Oh, yeah. One of the best of the day.


Jason Dufner at the 14th. A beautiful second. This bought a


three. Short, quick and in. Birdie, bogey. Bogey, birdie. The


list goes on and on. He is doing well. Up to the 18th. Justin Rose


finishing off after that beautiful second shot. A fine drive. A good


second. Keep it within the boundaries of the hole. Nice and


firm. Head still. In she goes. 1-under. One of the best schools so


far today. Henley, Sullivan, Fitzpatrick and now Justin Rose.


Well played! What a lovely view from this camera! It looks so simple.


Nudge one into the air. That is exactly what Charlie has done. Just


tee it up and knock it on. McGirt missed badly to the left here at 18.


He is on 3-under par at the moment. Straight downwind. That is


beautifully played. Just goes that extra couple of feet. To be the


clubhouse leader at 3-under par. Everyone is talking about how


difficult the weather is for the players. As you approach it? You


have to accept it first and foremost was we did know it was coming. It is


nice to know there is some respite this weekend. It is about getting to


the weekend in a decent position. All I really worked on today was


commitment. Playing with a lot of heart and committing to every shot.


William McGirt would be the only player to break 70 so far today if


he can make this. Dead centre. Well done! What a start for William


McGirt! Back to 15 and Jason Dufner for par.


We have seen some train wrecks here today. Jordan Spieth made nine at


the 15th early. That will be a drop for Dufner. Go back to two


under-par. We wondered if anybody would break 70 today. Charley


Hoffman still out on the course doing well. That may well be a


leading school come the end of the day. Your first competitive round at


Augusta and you other first man to break into this year. How good does


that feel? Very. The only time you break 70 is great and in these


conditions it is really good. Charlie Hoffman on the 12th. A


beautiful to shot. A chance for him to join McGirt at the top of the


board. That was judged absolutely perfectly. Not much noise will stop


the crowd realises they are a distant way. The joint lead will


Charlie Hoffman alongside William McGirt. Rory McIlroy's bird. This is


absolutely magnificent this shot. I cannot imagine how good that is


unless you have been here. -- you cannot imagine. At the 14th, tapped


in the back left corner. An awkward spot for Charlie Hoffman. Not the


greatest of lies. That really is marvellous. You get that grip on it


in the breeze. It is one of the best. If it trickled down, it should


not go all the way down the green. Stop.


Another birdie opportunity for Ernie Els here at 17. That will be two in


a row. All of a sudden, Ernie else in the mix with three straight


bogeys. What the beautiful scorecard here!


Hoffman and a birdie four Hoffman on the 14th. Hoffman now leads the


Masters on his own. A great save on the 13th and wonderful second on the


14th. Spun away a bit and he is out in front. Shane Lowry and the chance


to join the leaders here. Not to be with eagle but he will


move to two under-par. Find boundaries he is putting together.


He has moved to some errant foliage. Birdied the second, the fourth, the


fifth, the eighth, and the 13th now. Just one behind the leaders. Hoffman


at the top of the hill with his third shot a long way back. Our


leader stays. Very low with a lot of backspin. He is on dry land. Down


the little slope for Lee Westwood. It is quick. Will it get there? It


is with ease. It is such a pleasure to see it trickled down in the


centre of the Cup. Two over four Westwood. A little uphill, a little


bit of movement from right to left for Charlie Hoffman.


He is looking very good. Absolutely in the heart of the Cup. This is an


exceptional round under very tricky conditions. We are starting to see


one or two more birdies in the last five minutes or so. Here is Rory


McIlroy with a tickle down the hill. It drops will stop he has had about


four, five of those, just to keep him in the hunt. A great round so


far from Charlie Hoffman. He has had birdies at the 6th, ninth, eighth,


12th, 14th and 15th. We have seen him at Augusta before. He was tied


ninth overall and he showed his mettle on the closing weekend. He


leads by two on day one of the Masters. Charlie Hoffman, 5-under,


our leader. And another cracking shot from


Charles. Remember when he used to wear his hair long like Marilyn


Monroe. You quite fancied him. In a certain light, yes. After two


splendid shots, found the 15th green. He has done it. It was a


well-deserved birdie. Get his head still long enough. Our leader at the


16th after that superb tee shot. Just give it a little nudge and in


she goes. Charley Hoffman striding away with it. Rory McIlroy and his


third shot here at 15. This is a small target. That is a fantastic


shot. Here is Lee Westwood, having moved


to the 16th tee. Three pars for 72. He has played some very good rounds


on this course. How about that for eight cracking shot ex-commission


might you do not see many coming from that side. Our leader at the


17th. -- a cracking shot! He is making a mockery of the cause under


these treacherous conditions. Rory McIlroy at the 15th and along,


downhill putt at four. It is good. Would you believe it? His parting


has been a one OK today. He has been wild and wayward and a bit unhappy


chimes. -- times. Come along, Lee Westwood. You can do it and he has.


Well done indeed. That is a great run.


Our leader, Charley Hoffman, for yet another birdie. It is a birdie


first. Five in a row. Look at that! Four in a row and five in this nine.


Quite extraordinary. Rory McIlroy at the 16th, 7-iron. Not a big one, I


don't think. A punchy one. And it is a gem. I thought it was a


hole-in-one. They don't give such vulgar things as prizes for holes in


one. A nice tee shot. He has got it nicely. Putting uphill. Hoffman from


the light rough here at the 18th. What a terrific bounce! Like he was


in the sand and another birdie opportunity for Charley Hoffman.


Here we are on the 17th hole and Lee Westwood for his 15th straight


birdie. A really slow at. Has he hit it? Yes. Westwood making a move.


Now, Rory McIlroy, that was a dribbler from his partner. This is a


little firm one inside the left lip. Yes. This has been an extraordinary


one from Marco Reus. He has played some very untidy stuff. -- Rory


McIlroy. If he keeps it going he will get down in under-par. Charley


Hoffman, can he do it? This to go 8-under par. Come along, come along,


come along. Oh, Charlie! You were robbed. You were robbed, Charlie.


What a great round! Fantastic. Fantastic round of golf.


A couple of bogeys going out. 34. Look at that inward nine. Four in a


row. Five in all. Happy days are here again. Charley Hoffman, what


the show he has put on today! Eats his career-best by two shots. Now a


four shot lead at the top of the board. How did you feel walking off


18 having shot 65 to start this year's masters? Excited. Any time


you need a Masters is unbelievable. I got three rounds of play. And


number label feeling going up the 18th hole. Pretty happy with the way


I played and it is a good feeling. It has been a late show from Lee


Westwood. Look at that! He secured par for a round of 72 under-par. A


100-1 shot and he looks very good value. I said on the range to


somebody that 1-under par would be a fantastic score. Just waiting for


something to happen. If I had got in 3-over par and so making five


birdies in a row has been marvellous. Bubba Watson handed up


some magic with a pink version. This is what you call a par save.


And a biting finish from the world number two. Rory McIlroy, having


been 3-under par, that is a level par start. The four time major


winner seeking a first green jacket and with it a career grand slam. He


is not out of it. You have spoken in the past about stress levels. You


have used one or two choice words. Is it fair to say you are less


stressed this time around and more relaxed? A little bit. I will have


to realise I have so many chances at this tournament. It is the one I


need. Everyone keeps reminding me. The more I can come into this event


relaxed, and in a better frame of mind, I know that I will play better


out there. That showed a little bit today. Stay relaxed. I will try.


Thank you. A wild day the weather and storylines amidst 40 mph gusts.


It is the toughest Augusta has played in a decade. Charley Hoffman


is only the third player in history to birdie all four par threes. He


has a four shot lead. Since 2005, no one has come from outside the top


ten after round one to win. Rory McIlroy amongst those hoping to


change all of that. Radio five Live are up and running this evening with


coverage of round to. We will have highlights on BBC Two at 1pm. No


distractions because we have live coverage for the whole of the


weekend was my day. Uninterrupted coverage starting at 7:30 p.m..


So, we began the day talking about the world number one. We ended


incomplete admiration for the man ranked 51 places below him. Charley


Hoffman owns the largest first round lead in over 60 years. What a day!


See you soon. Hello! And a very warm welcome to


the 2017 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. With performances from Ry Cooder,


Al Stewart,


Hazel Irvine introduces highlights from Augusta of the opening day's play at the Masters. Englishman Danny Willett claimed the coveted green jacket in 2016, becoming the first Briton to do so since Sir Nick Faldo in 1996. Yet it was Jordan Spieth - the 2015 champion - who took an early lead 12 months ago, carding a six-under-par round of 66 to lead by two shots. However, the American was eventually overhauled on the final day.

Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Andrew Cotter and Paul Azinger.

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