Day Two Highlights Golf: The Masters

Day Two Highlights

Hazel Irvine presents highlights from Augusta of the second day's play at the Masters. Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Andrew Cotter and Paul Azinger.

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Hello, the Masters may be the only men's major played on the same


course every year, but the story here is ever-changing and always


surprising. The opening day of the 81st tournament put conditions more


reminiscent of an Open Championship with swirling winds that scatter to


the four winds the chances of many of the world's top professionals.


Indeed, not a single member of the world top ten broke par, one a day


when Augusta played tougher than it had for a decade. It was a day when


the world number one was beaten, conceding defeat just before the


first tee. Jordan Spieth had his troubles with water again. And the


man who overtook him last year started clumsily, but the champion


recovered well. Three times a winner Phil Mickelson showed all his


experience and found his putter working well. An eagle on the second


just one of his highlights. Justin Rose has come close at Augusta


before I put himself in a strong position. Once again, Peter green,


as good as any in the field. For other home hopes it was a case of


the comebacks. Lee Westwood out in 3-over but the five Brodie once on


the 13th and sitting high on the leaderboard. Likewise, Rory McIlroy,


struggling to the turn and recovering on the homeward run. Two


Americans would finish out in front, one, William McGirt, last year's


tomorrow champion, looking steady in the swirling wind, and for a long


time his 69 threatened to be the only sub 70 round, until Charley


Hoffman did his thing. It seem feasibly could not miss. A 65, one


of the great rounds of the Masters. A long way clear, but still a long


way to go. It was a day initially dominated by the patrol of Dustin


Johnson and it became the story of the over 50s. 53, 52 and 54 occupy


the top three spots on the leaderboard. The impressive Hoffman,


who four shot lead is the largest around round his 1955, debutant


William McGirt, and Lee Westwood, whose remarkable charge raised hopes


of a breakthrough at last in what is his 76th major. Only 11 men broke


par, amongst them Fitzpatrick, Mickelson and Garcia. No player has


ever won by more than seven shots behind after round one, Rory McIlroy


is right number after an opening 72. No lead is safe at Augusta. See


Rory, Jordan Spieth and Greg Norman for details. A fascinating


second-round layer. Charley Hoffman was well aware that only two men


since 1985 upheld the first-round lead and gone on to win, but there


was no time to ponder on that for the 40-year-old, who was one of the


early starters. Out in the first pairing, William McGirt, and the


veteran Australian, Rod Pampling. Charley Hoffman but that four shot


lead in the company of Chris Wood and Ikeda. Rory McIlroy had a


mid-morning start with Hideto Tanihara and the impressive Spanish


newcomer, Jon Rahm. And handily placed Matt Fitzpatrick copies


Martin Kaymer and champion Jordan Spieth who showed his worst ever


score here, a 75, on Thursday. It is certainly not getting much easier


for this 93- strong field. It is fractionally warmer, but as Arnold


Palmer himself said, golf is deceptively simple and endlessly


complicated. Especially at Augusta where we have blustery, breezy and


tricky conditions with gusts of 25 miles an hour, testing both club


selection and nerve, on the super slick greens. A fast start for


William McGirt of North Carolina, an amiable personality. He won the


Memorial tomb at last year. The 4th hole is known as the Flowering Crab


Apple, but this is less apple and more peachy. He moves the forerunner


in slow but spectacular style. -- emus to 4-under. Danny Willett, the


defending champion, had another crack can round two. This is his


fifth shot. He signed for and eight, 5-over, and his defence could yet be


cut short. Sergio Garcia, at the same hole, enjoyed a rather


different experience than Danny. He has been pin sharp and pin high from


the middle of the fairway and this beautiful shot would be good enough


for birdie. Two under in this, his 74th major tournament. Could it


finally be the one? Here comes Charley Hoffman, began at 7-under


and muscled in on an opening birdie at the 2nd. Two putts would deliver


a first birdie of the day, 8-under, now. Garcia at the same hole, a


second. And the iron is working magnificently, carving this one down


the big hill and onto the green. His putter would do the rest. He has


picked up two shots in his first two halls and he charges to 3-under. His


playing partner Lee Westwood having dropped a shot at the 1st Peak


District back up again to go two under. The 43-year-old has two


runners-up spots at Augusta. He would love to go one better. Here is


how it looks. Hoffman preserving his four shot lead for now. Surgery on


the march. Those at five have still to get underway, and the only other


man making progress at the moment, Ryan Moore, so it is time to welcome


Andrew Cotter, Paul Azinger, Ken Brown and Peter Alliss. Thank you,


Hazel. Sergio Garcia after a beautiful tee shot. 3rd hole,


pitching up to the green. He is 3-under par. Zips it up. He usually


plays these quite beautifully. Steady, steady, steady. Going


further away. A nice shot, nearly, not bad. Bit of a cruel bounce. Tee


shot for Charley Hoffman. A great start on a cold, blustery day. And


that is an amazing shot. That is so difficult today. Although the flag


is not moving, that is right into the wind. Another chance for


Hoffman. That would be to get a 9-under. What a start from Hoffman.


It would go back to Garcia, putting on the third. A longish putt, nicely


struck, it is running nicely and that is 4-under, Sergio Garcia


4-under. After three calls on the second round. What a start, birdie,


birdie, birdie. -- three holes. A manatee shot here, McIlroy with his


second shot at the 2nd hole. -- a mammoth tee shot. That is good. Go


on. Yes, that will be for eagle. APPLAUSE


Lee Westwood at the 3rd. Two under par. This putt for par. He drops a


shot and goes back to 1-under par. That slid away to the right. An


unforced error. APPLAUSE


A wonderful chance for birdie at the 4th of Charley Hoffman. Straight in.


Oh, no, it has gone left. The first real mishap for Hoffman. After a


terrific second shot from Rory McIlroy at the 2nd, this is an eagle


putt, a whisker from left to right. It looks good. It looks very good,


no, it just slid away, that was for a three. It should be OK for a


birdie. He will have to wait and tap it in. Cleaning up after a short


missed birdie, he handles that nicely. Hoffman, through a difficult


stretch on the golf course, five, six, seven, eight and nine.


Hopefully tidying up at the 2nd, this worry birdie putt, he has now


gone to level par. -- this for a birdie putt. Drop one at the 1st and


picked it up again at the 2nd, level par. He shot for Charley into a


ferry bumper, and these bunkers are hard to play from, difficult to get


the ball in the greenhouse of any fairway bunker at Augusta. That is


an amazing shot. He will be really happy with that. Jumping up at the


14th and William McGirt. He is 4-under, but this long putt for a


par. Oh, put it away. He will knock that in and go back to 3-under par.


Just a spectacular shot from the fairway bunker at five. And he had


it, he had it, he knows it. But he remains at 8-under par. That's the


situation early on on the second day. Garcia with a bogey, par for


Westwood, but it is early days, but the conditions are rather tricky.


Hoffman at the moment five ahead. But this is a place where there are


lots of pitfalls. This is a par putt for Rory. Oh, boy. Almost as if he


was frightened by the Augusta wins. He just seemed as if someone let off


a firework in his trousers as he was about to putt. Something of an


untidy start, but still hanging on. Hoffman now at the 6th. Tricky pitch


onto this sloping green. Very fast, and it runs away. That has left him


with a putt with a 2.55 in three foot swing from left to right.


William McGirt here at 16. Miscued off the tee. But that was pretty


clever. He made that look easy. He will save par, the North Carolina


native. He remains 3-under. Charley Hoffman at the 6th. That never


looked like it, that is a dropped shot, he goes out to 7-under. Those


little putts and wins coming across, you know that everything has to be


struck absolutely 100% in the middle. McIlroy with his second shot


from far right, 455 yards, crosswind. The ball carrying. He has


done it. What are shot, what a player. That is a good look, right


there. He does play some wonderful iron shots, a joy to watch. Westward


from the front of the sixth. -- Lee Westwood.


You see how these greens can make you look foolish? That shouldn't be


happening, should? If that on your home course you would wonder if you


had stayed up and had too many fizzy drinks the night before! Michael


White for birdie at the 5th. This is about as good a place as you would


want to end up on that hole and he has got it! Perfect speed. A little


harder and it would not have gone. Hoffman for a bogey at the 7th. He


bogeyed six to drop a shot. This is to avoid dropping two. He needs to


make this to remain at 6-under par. That was well holed, but another


lost shot for par, and now his five shot lead down to just three. McGirt


has got to the 18th and he has found trouble. The bunker, third shot,


Greenside, flips it up, stop, stop, stop. Sometimes they stop, sometimes


they don't. It is doing its best to come back. Well, very good, just


moving under its body weight. Not bad. Hoffman at the 8th with his


third shot, just lofting it, pushing it through nicely. Oh, hello. A


complete mess it. We have all done that on our home course, haven't we?


Well, some, more than others! Surgery with a difficult par putt at


the 7th. -- Sergio. A fist pump out of surgery, and he is going nicely


at the moment. -- Sergio. The sixth green, McIlroy. Steady, steady,


though, steady! That is what we can -- that is what we call controlling


the spin. He knew exactly what was going to happen. And you can tell


from his demeanour he is not at all surprised. We are, he isn't! Put me


down for a two! This is our first look at Ryan Moore, a birdie putt at


13. And he's got it. Ryan Moore suddenly making a move up the board.


Now 1-under par. Started the day two over. McGirt at the 18th. Got out of


the bunker and bacteria. Finishes at two under par. That is pretty good.


But it is still early days. Charley Hoffman, this for par at the 8th


after a complete... From the middle of the fairway, and that right there


will give him a bit of a jolt to the system. A bogey like that will


certainly fire the nerves back up. He has got to collect himself now as


he heads to nine. This is a situation. And a quick word on the


clubhouse leader William McGirt, only his fourth major Championship,


a tie for tenth in the PGA Championship last year. He has a


taste of the spotlight. Very much in the thick of things today.


Yesterday, the dust in the same, today it is costing and bouncing


around more. The greens have picked up what a good bit of pace


overnight. It was tough. The runner wipes on the putting green so it was


hard to warm up, putting, but I will get some work in this afternoon. It


took me about six, eight holes to get the pace. It seemed like every


putt I thought was fast, I gave it too much respect, so we will get a


little work in on that this Back-to-back birdies now, this might


be very good from McIlroy. Move into the light out of the shadows. He has


left himself a kicker for par. Charley Hoffman at the 10th. Just


manages to scrape one in for another bogey. His fourth bogey of the day.


Very different yesterday when he had ten birdies his card. This is really


moving shadows of the tree. That is a good stroke from McIlroy. Keeps


the momentum of the birdies on the fifth and sixth. His tee shot


clattered about in the trees, so he's a long way back, Garcia at the


10th. What a break. Into the azaleas and popped out. Very fortunate. A


little landing area, too. Jon Rahm to this par-5. The green sits in


that gathering area with mounds to the left and right, and Jon Rahm,


straight down the middle, eight beautiful putt from the 22-year-old


Spaniard. Charley Hoffman and Sergio Garcia tied at the top one 4-under.


William McGirt with a very good round of 73 to follow up is 69. Ryan


Moore, a lone amateur back in 2005, along with Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm,


Soren Kjeldsen and Andy Sullivan, or just beginning their rows.


Fitzpatrick and Mickelson, heading out later. -- just beginning their


rounds. Charley Hoffman is going to hit a big high book, water to the


left. Issy turning it? It is a long way back. Uh-oh. Fortunately there


is a bit of moisture in the service otherwise that would have found the


water. Not a bad spot in the end, although he is looking at it


anxiously. Awkward for Garcia to flip over the bunker. Means the come


on a little bit, a lot of of it. -- needs to come. Well done, little


ball. Hoffman has chipped up to here.


Dropping another stroke. No. What a difference a day makes. He couldn't


miss yesterday. Dropping strokes at the 10th and 11th. The greens not


quite as lethally quick as they have been in the past but they will pick


up over the weekend. Garcia, to save par. That could've been worse, it


was loose off the tee, and he got away with the second shot, a little


bit. I will just about giving that one. -- give him that one. Ryan


Moore with his final hole of the day. 74 yesterday, and what looks


like 69 today. The man spigots. -- from Las Vegas. He played here as an


amateur. Not many players managed to do that.


APPLAUSE 1-under. 35 out. 34 back. Excellent.


A great grant from Ryan Moore. Sergio Garcia has been demoted on


this official leaderboard to wonder because his scorer the tent has been


put down as a seven instead of a five, because there seems to be some


confusion about which ball off the tee he has played, whether it was


his first ball or his provisional. We will keep you updated on that.


The man at the top, Charley Hoffman, needing to try and keep the wheels


on. Hoffman laying up on the 13th. He went for it in two yesterday.


This will test your nerves after duffing at the 8th. That is a nice


way to come back and that will be a birdie four the Hoff. It stops that


horrible run. Garcia has found the front bunker at the 12th. What a


cracking effort. He can't believe it has turned so much as it was slowing


up. Quite a deep bunker. Not much landing area for Rickie Fowler. You


little beauty, an eagle three, moves into red figures. It was travelling


when it struck the pin but it was a beautifully played shot. Lee


Westwood now, for eagle. Up the little ledge on the green, not


particularly fast. But ran on pretty well. The greens seem to be a little


slicker as they are drying up. He should tap in for his birdie to move


back to 1-under par. Casey, down the slippery, slightly sloped from the


left, Paul Casey. -- slidey slope. A beautiful place to watch from a


bank, and a nice start for Paul Casey. -- that bang. -- bank. He


will need this, the defending champion. It was a horrible start to


his round, quadruple bogey at the 1st, double bogey yesterday and


recover, but today, he is out on 41. That is serve another for Danny


Willett 's and he will be here on Sunday to present the green jacket


but I am not sure that he will be playing. McIlroy finding the back


bunker and this, for par. That was never online. Three birdies on his


card, now four bogeys. Assuming he nudges this in. He's hanging in


there at 1-over. It has been a lively start to the second round,


for Rickie Fowler, out of the bunker for an eagle at the 2nd. And the


birdie year, beautifully judged, Rickie Fowler making a move, par,


eagle, birdie start, 3-under. Well, the mystery is solved. Sergio Garcia


did indeed play his original ball at the 10th, not his provisional so the


triple bogey seven was in fact a bogey five. It has been cleared up


by the visuals and Sergio Garcia is back to two under, all is well. He


has made par at the 14th and here he is again at the 15th. Going for it


in two. Into the wind which has perhaps dropped a little bit. That


went off like a tracer, you could see it flying straight and true. It


just crept over the water. As fine a second shot as you will see at the


15th. Wonderful from Garcia with an eagle chance to come. The veteran


Fred Couples. Nice to see him playing after having back trouble


last year. Nice tee shot, just feathering 1-over the little bluff.


That came down like a bag of sugar. What a little beauty. My swan,




-- nice one, Freddie. Down the slope for Garcia, with the claw grip, do


your work. That is good, good, good. That is a birdie. Nice to have that


confusion cleared up about the tent, that will be a birdie to move to


3-under. It was justified, that supposed seven. And a birdie on the


15th. -- it was just a five. Right in the heart of the cup. What a


record he has here, the past champion. They love him here. Phil


Mickelson in trouble at the 3rd. Nice contact. Well, you can't teach


that, can you? That was fantastic. Took all the spin off it, on the


back foot. And up the hill to the final green for Charley Hoffman, 154


yards. You can see the wind through there, from left to right it blows.,


back,, back, will it go back in? Can't believe it. He's on the slope


but the wind is sort of holding it up there. Mickelson at the 3rd to


move to a couple under. It was never in doubt. Going for his fourth green


jacket. And it is looking ominous. Perfectly shot for Garcia with the


pin at the back left of this putting surface. My goodness. It is coming


down like the lunar module! That was a fantastic shot, down the breeze,


landing on the downslope, 5-star Raul Garcia, there. Charley Hoffman


about to show what his second should have done if it had spun back about


one foot or so, more. Well away, and the wind just seemed to be holding


up a little, Andrew. On that exposed part of the course. Back to Garcia


after that beautiful second shot. A little tap infra birdie, and in she


goes, well done. He really is playing quite beautifully. Just one


dropped stroke on the outward nine, none of them coming home, playing


well. 16th and McIlroy, has a testy one.


Going up the length. Beautifully played. Modern equipment and ball


and you can nick them from short range and that was a little honey.


Big putt for Hoffman and so too Danny Willett. In it goes. We


wouldn't wish him ill. 75 for Charlie Hoffman. 8-under at one


stage, slips back to 4. Still leader. Fred Couples, here he is for


a birdie at the 7th. Dropped a couple of strokes at the last hole,


the par-3. There may be snow on the roof, but there is a fire in the


hearth! Rose par-3, 4th. Watch this one go.


He is making it all right... No, good effort. Silky touch. Still it


wanders on. Adam Scott at the 9th for a birdie. Touches it down the


right, swings left and in! Well done. That was really going. Thank


goodness that went in, out in 32. That's quite splendid stuff.


The wind whistling off the left for Garcia. Second shot at the 18th.


Made a lovely sound. Go on! Has to trickle back. Doing nicely. Looking


as if five over will make the cut. This is for a bogey, Mickelson.


Rattles it in. Bogeyed the first and the fifth. A couple of birdies in


between. Slippery slimy putt this one, a


little downhill. If you are brave inside the left edge and firm, but


you have to be brave to do that. Otherwise it's just outside the left


edge which is where he is aiming. Is he aiming far enough to the left?


No. It was tricky. McIlroy at the 17th.


He's got one! Well done. It's been a mixed bag for McIlroy. Some


fantastic shots and a bit of all sorts thrown in. A round of 69, two


superb rounds. 71 yesterday and a strong winds, this morning it was a


bit cold. 69 today for 140. Joint leader with Charlie Hoffman. Could


it be his week? STUDIO: Charley Hoffman ten shots


higher today, 75. However, he is still at the top but he has company


with Sergio Garcia. McGirt tied in third place. Mickelson on the move.


McIlroy steady at level par for the tournament with one hole to play.


Jason Day, former world number one up there, as well. 1-under for his


round today. Let's hear from our co-leaders.


I enjoy when courses play tough and when the Masters plays difficult


because it means that the high quality shots are going to be


rewarded and you have to hit the ball the right way. So, usually if I


am in good form I can do that. So, I have always enjoyed those kind of


challenges. A different day today than yesterday, but how do you feel


about that score of 75? Yeah, I played all right. Began the round


played great, yesterday was going in. Today it seemed I was above the


hole instead of below. Above the hole at Augusta National it's a


struggle. Middle of the round it was tough, made good bogey putts and


finished up with a birdie and a punch of pars which was nice.


Justin Rose for a birdie and sweet as a nut. Playing quite beautifully.


Dropped a stroke at the last hole but recovered at the 5th. Not an


easy hole to birdie, the 5th, I can tell you.


McIlroy's second shot to the 18th. Although the flag is in a quite


comfortable position, we haven't seen all that many threes. Oh! Hit


the flag! Where has it gone? That was desperately unlucky. Off the


flag, 20, 30 yards off the green down the left side. Have it again,


that's not fair! Rickie Fowler now, third shot at the par-5, 8th.


Straightforward, pitch and run. Decides to pitch it all the way.


Doesn't quite get the stop he wanted but not bad.


Now the wind is fairly whistling across this green. All sorts of


things come into your mind but strike it nice and true and firm


and... Oh, my good God! He is as far away again as he started. Too hard


on that line. It was a straight putt if you are going to hit them that


hard. All because he hit the flag stick with his second. Desperately


unlucky really. This is for a bogey five.


Unlucky. Leaves the green with a nasty feeling. 36 out.


And 37 home. 73, one over par. Tricky putt to read this. It's


quicker than it looks. Ricky thinks it's a little left. Oh! He read it


beautifully. Double breaker. Mickelson's second shot at the 7th.


A good strike. Oh! Steady, steady. Go down the


hill. Yes, it's getting closer. Not bad.


STUDIO: Our co-leaders Hoffman and Garcia safely in the clubhouse but


it's Rickie Fowler we are watching and there is action there, 4-under


for the day for the man who made 27 birdies last week in Houston. He has


shown great form coming in here. Could it be Fowler's year?


A chance for a birdie, missed a shortish putt on the last green for


a birdie, Mickelson. But this is a fairly straight putt. Hit it well


and all the way a winner. Beautiful birdie three two bogeys, three


birdies. 2-under. Great work Justin Rose faces here.


Has to land it left of the flag to have a chance of getting it close.


Mind your spin now. Oh, what a shot that is! Beautifully played. Watch


out for Justin Rose this weekend. Thomas Pieters. Risky play from the


Belgian. Oh, what a shot! The equal of


Mickelson's shot. That is shot of the day from Thomas Pieters. Unsure


of what it was going to do, beautiful. Justin Rose hit a


magnificent shot here to the 9th. Played it past the hole with a lot


of spin. Now he has this right-to-left putt. For another


birdie. Yeah, good putt. Justin Rose making a move.


Mickelson, a long way down the 10th. Just 155 yards. Muttering away.


And lovely shot. Below the hole. Pretty much straight up towards it.


Now we will see if Pieters can pay it off after that magnificent shot


from the pine straw. And he has! Well, there won't be many threes at


the 13th today, but boy if ever there was a beautiful one, that


would be it. Wow! Now Mickelson down among the shadows


of the 10th green. This is about as nice a chance as you will get here


at the 10th. Oh, yeah, Phil Mickelson!


It's all starting to come to live here in the second round.


STUDIO: So far only two men have broken 70, Ryan Moore and Sergio


Garcia are co-leaders with Charley Hoffman. Thomas Pieters up there at


3-under par and Phil Mickelson is moving in the right direction. Very


ominous indeed. That gives you answer idea of the


terrain coming over the little brook that guards the right of the 13th, a


little downslope. So sweet. Lovely! Just caressed off


the turf. Not too much spin. Thomas Pieters at 14. You have to fly the


ball all the way to the hole here. He has that false front protecting


that flag. Oh, yes! Hit it right at the top of that was hill and that is


spectacular. As good as you can do without holing


it there at the 14th. Couples after that magnificent pitch into the


13th. In the front edge. He stepped after it as if he thought he hit it


firmly enough and he had. Now Thomas Pieters after a remarkable shot at


14. Oh, yeah! Suddenly Thomas Pieters now is tied


for the lead. Currently the leading amateur, at the final hole. That's


got to go back. This could be... Go on, accelerate down. Go on! It's


going to be close! Oh, no! Straightened out. He thinks it is in


with the roar of the crowd. What a shot. Adam Scott at 15. Third shot.


Another beauty. Lots of green to work with here for Ricky. Lites a


low clipper. All kinds of sauce on it. What a shot!


Adam Scott played a terrific wedge shot to here, let's see if he can


hole this. He has done it nicely. Two beautiful wedges on the par-5s


on the outward half. Look at that score card.


Rickie Fowler now for birdie. Just a formality. What a lovely putter he


has become. Unusual to see Mickelson hit a putt as poorly as that first


at the 11th. Oh, nearly. A dropped shot for Phil. Magnificent birdie


for Phil at the 10th but a three-putt bogey here. Now he will


head up to the dangerous 12th. Justin Rose, this is for a par at


the 12th. Through the green with his tee shot. A clumsy shot back and...


I thought he had done it again. He holed a monster putt for a par on


the previous green. That's a four. A shot dropped. Still going along OK.


Rickup Fowler at the 15th. Second shot. He boldly goes.


A good clean straight hit, bang! Sit, sit, sit. And that's why. Oh,


dear, dear, dear! That's gone right through, 30 yards in the water. So


Phil Mickelson. Skip, skip, skip. Oh! What a shot!


Hey, Phil! That was confidence there. Perhaps he was showing him


where the green was. His eyesight might be getting dodgy. I think he


was looking into the flag and couldn't see the flag, I think that


was the reason, he wasn't that confident. Having gone in the water,


this is Ricky's fourth. That a mighty good effort.


Up the little bank, closed the face because the ball is landing into the


grain, got it to hop forward a couple of times. Won't see many


better than that today. Mickelson with this tap-in here for


a likely birdie. It will have a little movement, though. Oh, it


almost got away! But it's in now. A sigh of relief for Mickelson I am


sure. Fowler faces a par at the 15th.


This will be some par if he can rattle this one in.


Stop, stop, stop! Justin Rose after a blast off the


tee around the corner, second shot here. Oh, what a shot! The best of


the day so far. Fowler, this for a six.


And the 15th. He has got it. Only one shot dropped.


Justin Rose. Just tapped it. That could have gone. Would have been


some kind of eagle there but an easy birdie for Justin Rose. Back on


2-under par. Just two off the pace. Rickie Fowler.


Oh! Just snuck over, but OK. A big putt for Mickelson. Kept his


score going nicely. Don't want to miss one of these. But he has.


He has, he has. Well, three putts at the 11th.


Missed putts and three putts there. Pieters third shot at the 18th.


Drove into the trees and came out to here. Wide of the green to the left.


Down the left side, let the... Go on, swing it. That could come back.


It might. It's happened before. And by golly it's happening again.


Well thought out. Over to the 16th. Rickie Fowler for


birdie. It's a slow putt up that hill.


Beautiful speed. Dead on line. He has got it and Rickie Fowler, a


quick bounceback from the bogey on 15. Back in the lead. Now Pieters.


Final hole. This is for a par-4. This is to stay with a share of the


lead. He has done it. Well done, sir.


35 the first nine, and home in 33. Very nice playing.


STUDIO: Thomas Pieters told us last year that a Ryder Cup experience


would prepare him for life at the Majors. It hasn't half. A star then,


a star now. Let's hear from him after his 4-under par round of 68.


When conditions are as tough and the course is tricky, how drain


something that mentally and physically? I am tired, believe me.


You kind of want to get done after nine, ten, you just want to get to


13 and 15 and have a good birdie opportunity. But I enjoyed it. I


have had a good laugh with Daniel and looking forward to the weekend.


Fred Couples now at 18. Come on, Freddie, one more good swing. Be


right, be right. It is right if it comes back now. It should do. Is it


something remarkable from Freddie Couples? Not his finest pitch on the


16th, this is to save par. These might be costly shots come


Sunday evening. Slipping just a little bit further away from the


lead. Mickelson back to 1-under par. Justin Rose all the way over the


back of the 15th. A couple of times into that slope. Beautiful shot.


Just a stunning shot from Justin Rose. He will leave himself the


uphill, he knows how good that was. Rickie Fowler on the 18th. Get in!


Get in, they cry. Cannot break free, he will not lead on his own. Justin


Rose for birdie. Spectacular shot to get to here.


Oh, yeah! Wonderful birdie there for Justin


Rose, gets back to 2-under par. Now 2 off the pace.


It's been a beautiful round of golf from Rickie Fowler thus far. No


birdie at the final hole. But his final stroke and Rickie Fowler will


sit in a four-way tie at the top of the leaderboard going into the


weekend at the Masters. Missed the cut last year. Right in contention


in 2017. 67, the lowest round of the day.


STUDIO: Yes, that stellar round of 67 from Rickie Fowler equals his


personal best at Augusta. This is the first time he has ever led after


any round of a Major. Front-running is a new feeling even if it is in


company. Let's hear how he would describe it.


How much of a joy is it to be sitting where you are going into the


weekend? It's exactly where we wanted to be. You know, especially


with the conditions the last two days, really just didn't want to


take yourself out of the tournament. Go out there and play solid golf and


make sure you are in the right position for this weekend because


from what I have seen the winds are going to die down, the weather's


going to be good and if they get this golf course continuing to firm


out, there's going to be a lot of birdies, you are going to see eagles


with the wind being down and you don't want to be too far back from


the guys out front. So, in a great position but this tournament's far


from over. A highly motivated Jordan Spieth


smarting all year after events here at Augusta finishing off in the top


ten with a 4th birdie of the day and a round of 69. A stumbling finish


from Mickelson at the 17th, he scrambled a par at the 18th. A round


that promised so much, finishes in 73, but like Spieth he too is within


four shots. Former US Open champion Justin Rose, never missed a cut in


12 appearances, well, a tester for par at the last, goes begging. He


signed for 72 and will chase from three shots behind.


So, it's a four-way tie on 4-under. What a fascinating leaderboard this


is. So many stories waiting to be written perhaps about old-timers


like Couples are or first-timers like Pieters to real ever present


threats like Phil and indeed Spieth. There is something for everyone.


Only nine men under par including Justin Rose and lurking beyond,


Spieth and Scott, former champions, and McIlroy is only five behind in


that group at one over. Defending champion Danny Willett will be


around too but sadly only to present the green jacket to the new champion


on Sunday. His are not the only hopes blown away over the opening


couple of days. Ken Brown has certainly enjoyed the


opening days, especially from a European perspective. Marvellous


stuff played and notably from Sergio Garcia. He seems to be under


control. He is right in it. Wouldn't it be a fairytale story on what


would have been Seve's birthday if he was to win, which is on Sunday.


Most top fives in Major golf without winning those, he has 12 of those,


been so close so often. Yeah, he is there. His 71st consecutive Major


which is amazing and he has had his chances at the Open Championship.


But there's been marvellous shots played by him this week. He birdied


the first and second. This is at the third. This has occasionally been


his Achilles heel. Has a new putter in the bag. This was his second to


the 16th. Wachlt this drill off the clubface. Sorry, the five enth. The


green is flush. Shot high in the air. Gets it to land softly. One of


a number of wonderful iron shots he has played. That was a delight. Set


up the simplest of birdies. A little unlucky, because at the 17th he


played this Floats it miles in the air. He is


looking to the sky. A down breeze and watch how he gets it to grab.


That was one of the shots of the day. Very difficult. The ball


skidding off the downslope. It was a gem of an iron. Rory McIlroy, he


birdied the 17th and came to the 18th and thought he is in the


perfect spot. 140 yards left. Pin front right. Trying to pitch it past


the flag and use the slope behind. Drilled is in low and spun the club.


You are thinking this is on the money. So unlucky. Struck about five


feet up the flag and shot miles and miles away down. Watch where it


hits. If it misses the flag he will finish a yard away. Because it will


come back. Unlucky. A 72, 73 and could have been better. Thomas


Pieters who played so well in the Ryder Cup matches, gained


confidence. This was his marvellous approach at the 13th. Out of the


pine straw. Easy to slip and miscue and he picks it off like Phil


Mickelson did. The pin was on the left of the green and that set up


this eagle chance. Down the slope and left-to-right. A big roar from


the crowd. Lots to think about. This was a beauty. Eagle chance. Right


into the heart of the cup. 72, 68, he has looked to be playing


absolutely at the top of his game and enjoying his first Masters. . .


Composure and confidence at the Ryder Cup he has shown, it promises


so much. The Ryder Cup, you go as a rookie, nervous, can I do it on the


big stage? And he proproved he could. A number of players did that.


Jimenez, you thought, yeah, and from there he grew in strat ture. I think


Thomas Pieters has a good chance to win. -- stature. What a weekend we


will have. I am sure you will share it with us because our coverage is


live, full live coverage begins tonight.


Plenty of other options before that. If you are all ears for news and


live action Radio 5 live will oblige. It will be all change at


Augusta for Saturday. The ferocious winds will give way to flat, calm


conditions. The charge is on and we are back on in about five-and-a-half


hours' time. We will catch you very soon Father a great Saturday night


in at the Masters -- for a great Saturday night in at the Masters.


Hazel Irvine presents highlights from Augusta of the second day's play at the Masters. 2016's winner, Danny Willett, is hoping to become the first Englishman to claim back-to-back Masters victories since Sir Nick Faldo, who did so in 1989 and 1990. At the halfway stage 12 months ago, it was 2015 champion Jordan Spieth who led the way on four under par, with eventual winner Willet four shots off the lead.

Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Andrew Cotter and Paul Azinger.

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