Day Three Live Golf: The Masters

Day Three Live

Hazel Irvine presents live and uninterrupted coverage of day three of the Masters at Augusta. Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Andrew Cotter and Paul Azinger.

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Hazel Irvine: Hello. Stand-by for the magic Masters weekend. This


bridge crosses the creek at Amen Corner at the 12th, and it is named


after Ben Hogan, who won an event record scorer in 1953. There are


other bridges across other stretches of water. The Nelson Bridge just


round the corner, Sarazen at the 15th. There are plucks commemorating


the feats of players. When you win on this amazing course, you become a


part of the property. -- there are plaques. COMMENTATOR: Yes, sir! Oh,


wow! There it is! Oh, what a shock. Absolutely incredible. Danny Willett


is the Masters champion. When Danny Willett slips the green jacket on


the shoulders of the new champion tomorrow night, they will have


earned the hard way. Whilst it is warm, calm and serene today, Augusta


National has played tougher than it has for a decade. Since Thursday, we


have had high winds and high drama. And look at this cinema coming into


round three, we have the largest logjam at halfway in the Masters for


44 years. Sergio Garcia and his 74th major. Fearless Belgian debutant


Tommy Pieters. Olympic champion Justin Rose. 15 players are within


five shots, including four Masters champions, 57-year-old Couples, and


that 1-over par, Rory McIlroy, who needs a low round today to maintain


his herbs are becoming only the sixth man to complete a career grand


slam. What a shoot out we have in stock. We will have coverage within


the half-hour, when we get the green light. There are live streams


available from the red button and via the BBC sport website. Rory


McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Spieth, already out there. Or you


could just hang around with us, I suppose, in the company of two of


the game's greatest players. Gary Player, welcome. And former US PGA


champion, Paul Azinger. When Dustin Johnson poll that, I have expected


you to come sprinting onto that first tee to take his place. Thank


you for the welcome. When you can be 81 and as busy as you were at 25, it


is something to be thankful for. Paul, are we in for a cavalry charge


this weekend? You would think so. This is a dangerous course, so the


players that are behind need to be sensible today. You cannot go out


there and play aggressively. Every hole has the potential to take a


bite out of you. There will be moving, and we're looking forward to


sharing it with you at home. This places, as you know, the only men's


major that is played at the same venue every year. It is a chance to


see familiar sights and sounds and to catch up with old friends. This


year, one of our great old was missing.


There have been golfers with a more elegant swing, golfers have won more


than seven Majors, but there was only one Arnold Palmer. He took golf


to places and people as never before. He had a presence,


especially at Augusta, where he won the Masters four times. He was one


of the big three, together with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. They


pushed the boundaries of golf beyond belief. He remained, till his dying


day, one of the golfing fraternity, respected by players of today, and a


dear, dear friend to all from yesteryear.


And on Thursday morning, a poignant moment to start the Masters as


Arnold Palmer's green jacket was placed on the chair at the 1st tee.


Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus, visibly affected. Both men did his


memory proud from the tee, as always. Gary, you have hit hundreds


of tee shots here over the years, but that must have been one of the


toughest, to strike the ball on such a morning as that. Without a doubt,


the saddest moment of my golfing career. Billy Payne was eloquent in


the way he spoke about Arnold. The public loved him, and he loved the


public. My great hero was Sir Winston Churchill, and he had a


great saying that man is make the man, which applied to Arnold Palmer.


It was never noted by anybody, but he was sitting down, needed help to


get to the first tee. Billy Noun said this -- Billy Payne said this,


and Arnold Palmer got up. And when I saw him put the jacket on the chair,


even right now, I am battling not to choke. Everything shall pass, and he


had an amazing life. He liked to smoke and pH junk. I said, you, if I


had to live like you, I would be dead at 69. -- and he ate junk. It


was a heartfelt moment. Billy Payne was attached to that moment as well,


and I thought it was handled beautifully. You struck it down the


middle, didn't you? I didn't quite catch it. It wasn't important at


that stage. But I know I can outdrive you! Mr Palmer, so deeply


associated with this place, but so too is Gary, because as a three-time


winner, and that win in 1961 really was the benchmark for worldwide


golfers, the first time that a non-American had won the Masters.


What a lifetime career this fellow has had at this wonderful venue. --


what a life and a career this fellow has had.


What a career. And there is the roll of honour at Augusta. Gary with


three wins. Alongside Phil Mickelson, Sam Snead, Sir Nick


Faldo. Of course, Gary, you won all four Majors. Where did the Masters


rank in terms of the degree of difficulty in acquiring the first of


those titles? The first was the US Open, and I always rated the British


Open number one in the world because you have to use instinct and accept


adversity, and the game started there. Here, we play in the same


place every year, so we know what to cater for. This is a paradise and


the best organised tournament in the world. I had to win the US Open to


close the grand slam. There were a host of them who never did the final


one, so that obviously is where there is the most pressure. I did


many mind setting exercises, and I went almost threw a torture cell,


which I've never really discussed with many people. Being small in


stature, I had had something different, the power of the mind,


and I had to be the fittest. These are to make things I applied


diligently as a young man, and still do. When you talk about the mind, I


think that great players seem to have the ability to redirect. I


asked Tiger what he was thinking of that putt? And he said, do you know


what I was thinking? My mum could make this pot-mac. -- this putt. I


wondered if you had redirected your way in your mind, what was required


for you to play so well. Good question. We come back to the mind.


You have seen a lot of players who are champions today and could not


play tomorrow. There is a reason. In my opinion, you either have it or


you haven't. Can you describe it? No. Everybody thinks they can. To


me, what I did, there is a fine line between arrogance and humility. I


said, I am the best full stop I believe I can make it. I have


practised like a dog. I am going to make it. You felt you deserved it? I


convinced myself, brainwash myself, that I deserved it. These fellows


today, there are four of them who have never gone this far in a major.


How do you deal with teeing off at three o'clock? The press asked me


what I did before teeing off. I said I got up at midday. I am a great


sleeper and so is my wife. I got in a tai chi position, sat in front of


the mirror like this. I said you will be waiting and it will be good


for you. You will have patients, you will never be rude. These were the


sort of things I did that were a little out of whack, if you want to


put it that way. But if you're successful, it is not out of whack.


I prepared myself. The public were screaming, kill that little South


African runner. I was ready for that. I wonder if we can transfer


some of this advice to Sergio Garcia, who has been waiting a long


time to win a major. It is always fascinating to assess the mindset of


players like this. I wonder how you assess this, what has been missing


for Sergio, and whether you feel this could be his moment. First, his


putting. There is a reason why he changed to the claw. The power of


the mind is what wins tournaments, and the putter. Not this long


driving I keep hearing about. When will people realise? Tiger Woods and


Phil Mickelson were two of the worst drivers I saw, and yet they were


welcomed by one time. If Sergio won, Latin America and the rest of the


world would benefit greatly, which we need, a shot in the arm for golf.


Rory McIlroy winning the grand slam - what a great thing that would be


for God. And I think he's destined to win that. I believe that. Jordan


Spieth, this man, this young man, who has suffered... -- that would be


a great thing for golf. Watch out for Jordan Spieth. He will never


grow to six foot, because he's always bending down. He has a


fantastic Brexiteer. He has been second before. Where is the best


viewing position on this course? Ken was out early -- he has a fantastic


record here. If you have one of these chairs and


placed it in position, it is reserved for the day. I have had


some tweets about where is the best place to sit. I would sit right


here, right in front of B12 tee. Look at that. What have you you've


got. You can look at the 11th, lovely view of that. But here, you


will see action after action. You can also see across to the 13th tee.


If I was arriving, first thing, eight o'clock, I would walk quickly


to this point here. You cannot run. It is gorgeous. HRA is, and the


patrons could be in for a treat. We have had a treat having you in the


studio today. Thank you, Gary, for dropping by. -- it really is. There


were some great names who missed the cut. Amongst them, last year's


champion, Danny Willett. He came to grief. Danny is the first defending


champion not to be with us at the weekend since my clear in 2004. He


is in good company with former champions Zac Johnson, Bubba Watson,


and the reigning European champion Henrik Stenson also missing. Seven


UK players will be with us. Justin Rose and McIlroy are the best placed


of those. In that four way tie, there will be a lot of you at home


I'm sure hoping that Sergio Garcia can finally break his duck in a


major. Will it be different for him this time? A longish putt... Four


under, a great start. Jo the course, the wait 's been playing, it is


challenging. You have to get lucky, and I have been managing to get


lucky two or three times on the right moment.


I got going again, which was nice. Garcia has found the front bunker at


the 12th. Sit, sit! What a cracking effort. It is very difficult outlier


mag. How much of a challenge is it, and how much do you enjoy that? --


it is very difficult out there. You have to hit the ball the right way.


That is a fantastic shot. Down the breeze, landing on the slope. Five


star from Garcia there. Is the intensity of the hunger to win a


major still the same as it was although she is a go? It is. There


is no doubt that I do want to get my first major. But I do have to say


that I try not to make it a problem or an issue. I am out there giving


it everything I have, giving it my best, and that is all I can really


ask myself for. Sergio Garcia. And Ken Brown has joined us. Thank you


very much. Sergio has 12 top fives. What do you like about his demeanour


and his form this time, and why might it be different for him? He is


starting to hole some putts. He is in a calm place in his life, getting


married in July, feeling good about himself. There is no doubt, everyone


has been saying it for years and years that Sergio has got to win a


major. Paul, a lot of people are hoping he can finally get over the


line. I liked his chances early in the week, for some reason. He can


ball strike with anyone, and it comes down to the putt full stop


Gary confirmed it. I look at Sergio and I think, either you learn from


your experiences or you never recover from them. As he has matured


and gotten into a better place in his luck, I think he has recovered


nicely and blood from his experiences. He has just got to get


it done. He knows he can do it. He has beaten everybody in this field


before, but you have to do it in the right spot. I hate to be a harbinger


of doom, but he has the worst round three average. Of the men in the


leaderboard, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth, all


averaging sub par rounds in the third round. It doesn't look good


and you wonder if there is a mental block about Moving Day. Perhaps that


creates its own pressure. I don't think you'll be aware of that. On a


day like today, there is not a breath of wind, the sun is shining,


and you know there is a score to be had but you have to be absolutely on


your game. If Sergio were to pull it off, he would join his illustrious


Spanish compatriots. Sunday it would have been Seve's 60th birthday, and


what they moment it would be all putt if Sergio could pull it off


them. The power pairings for this third round at Augusta look like


this: Four-time champion Rory and Matt Kuchar teamed up. Speeds and


Mickelson teed off at 7:10pm. And what a composed and brilliant ball


striking partnership this is. 22-year-old Spanish new boy Jon Rahm


is playing with Fred Couples. North Carolina's 37-year-old first-time


Willie McGirt is out with Ryan Moore. An exciting combination of


Thomas Pieters Rickie Fowler, both in search of their first major


title. Charley Hoffman and Sergio Garcia will tee off at 8pm your


time. Now, there is a bit of movement out on the course. This is


Kevin Chappell, runner-up at the Tour Championship in the PGA Tour


last year. This is him at the 2nd. In fact, this is at the 8th. Seven,


I beg your pardon. That was for an eagle chance, which he would take,


and he followed up with a birdie at the 8th. He is level overall. Phil


Mickelson, this is the first. He said he needs a very hot day with a


putter. He has proven he can make things happen so often on a


Saturday. A little bit of fatigue yesterday, but in it goes to go


1-under. He would follow this, unfortunately, at the 3rd with a


double bogey. A bit of progress, only to fall straight behind. This


is Rory McIlroy, birdieing the second. He must have taken a driver


of the tee. Aggressive play, a great chance of a birdie at the 3rd. He


took it, and that put him 1-under. Makar right on the charge, it would


appear. -- McIlroy. Rory making progress, 2-under for the day.


Willie McGirt, steady through the first. All of our co-leaders are


just about to tee off in the next few moments. Let's talk about Rory


McIlroy. He has made a fast and Paul, he said he needs to be used


what he's capable of. 2011, a 65 here in the first run, and he has


produced a 66 since then. We talk about Saturday being Moving Day. For


the four guys in front, it is Proving Day. I can't imagine the


burden on the pressure he feels if he is in contention to close out a


grand slam. Gary Player went through it and describe it. It is difficult,


all in their head in the end. You have to be mentally strong. Watch


out for Rory McIlroy if he can put it together. He was going through


his clubs slowly, and he finished off by hitting some really hard


drives. I have a feeling he is going to go after the course today. He's


taking a chance, but if he plays as well as he can... He is a confidence


player. He might shoot a real low one. He was on record yesterday


saying he needs to go alone. Just going into Sunday, I know more than


most what can happen on Sunday, good and bad. I have shot 66 and 80 in


the last round, so you know, it is all about getting yourself in


position, as you said. But I feel like I need something in the 60s


tomorrow at least to get myself in there. What about Jordan Spieth? He


has been smarting after events here last year, but his record is


exceptional. Second, first, second. If it hadn't been for that quadruple


bogey on the first day, he would be a co-leaders as well. It is the


fourth year that he comes into day three in the top ten. He's an


amazing player. You can apply to him what we say about Sergio. You learn


from your experiences and you recover. He had a Masters pick-up


last year and has dealt with it face on, I feel. Jordan Spieth is a


phenomenal player. It is interesting how, at such early ages, we think


that golf is a little bit of an older man's game, but in the end, if


you really reflect back, it is the great players who learned how to


think at an early age. Jack won and open a 21, Gary Player won at an


early stage. Now Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy are doing it. It is


interesting, because we never know what a player is necessarily


thinking, but these guys who have figured out how to think are playing


great. They have a strategy. Jordan knows how to think, and so does


Rory. For whatever reason, there are horses for courses too. This would


be a perfect causeway. You knows the importance of putting. He has been


talking about that. I think it will play similar to last year. Augusta


is more of a premium on being below the hole and first putt speed.


Having less than three feet as you hit your second putt is good to be


important because they are going to get very quick. It will speed up


probably a full foot. I am looking forward to it, a fun challenge.


Especially if you can putt lichen! You have had a look at pin


positions. -- if you can putt like him. He always gives himself the


best angle to putt to. The players have this pin position sheet. They


pick these up on the first tee. It shows you where the flag positions


are. If we look at number three mac, you can see it is on the front


right, four on, free from the right. Rory has just played it. Your


strategy is dictated by the pin position, where they are on the


green. You think what angle will give me the best shot? Particularly


at Augusta, it is crucial. Ideally, you can break the greens into four


quadrants, try to learn where straight is on each of the four


quadrants. Once you figure out where straight is, deep thinkers will


think the way you say, Ken, and put the ball in positions where they


have a putt up the hill. It is almost time for the last of the


pairings to go out. Sergio Garcia has only ever lead after one round


here at Augusta, and that was after the first round a good few years ago


now, so this is a new experience for him. Ironically, his playing


partner, Charley Hoffman, is in the last group for the second time in


three years, and he is the more experienced of the two. Rory, having


four Majors, he is in a good position today. He has never birdied


this 1st hole and it is one of the hardest on the course. It is the


hardest one this week, number one. A tricky tee shot. Charley Hoffman, 40


years old, how might Kiko today? I remember a couple of years back, he


was in the thick of it and did not back down. And he does not back down


when he sniffs the lead. He usually pulls a dog. He has the same amount


of wins 's Rickie Fowler on the PGA Tour. -- the same number of wins as


Rickie Fowler. Maybe Charley Hoffman is in the middle of one of those


runs. He has had a great deal of form coming, tied second at Arnold


Palmer's Invitational a couple of weeks ago, and such a well


respective ball striker. I like how compact his swing is.


I do not know how anyone handles the wind much better than that. He


follows in more of the journeyman category, you never know when a guy


gets hot like this, he's certainly capable. Here we go, the last two


out on the course, moving day, Charley Hoffman. All of the anxiety


builds up to this moment, by the time he gets to the first green, he


will probably be all right. That is not where you would like to


be at all on the outgoing nine here. Sergio Garcia. A fairway bunker on


one, two, three, you do not want to be in there, the bunkers on five, it


is hard to make par. Sergio might be able to get this out with his power.


The opening tee shot is always a settler for the day, or it will


unsettle you. It is late in the day here. Your mind does not stop. Now


you are doing what you do best. Setting up for a little phase, going


to try and started down the left and move it from left to right.


So Sergio is often running, Jason Day has come in with a good day, he


has said, there is not one hole out there in which you can relax. That


is his message today. You are quite right, there are quite a few


pitfalls awaiting these players as they head off at the start of the


third round. And there has been a little bit of movement to update you


on. And to do so, we will welcome Andrew Cotter and beat Alice. Hello,


Hazel, and lucky to be here again, on this sparkly day. Couple of days


of dodgy weather. Today it is but a good, after at cool start. The


course is in the magnificent condition. Early spring, they have


lost all of the azaleas because they all floured in February. We are


looking at Rahm at the second hole, he is a rising star, 22, he looks


older. He is one for the future. Indeed, he is from the Basque


country, Nicholson started birdie, birdie, iron birdie, took an iron


off the tee at the short par-4, for safety. This is two on the fourth.


He hardly touched that, but it is getting closer, look at that! Just


moved to the right at the last 18 inches, he must have thought he had


got it. He did. Fred Couples, 57 years old, playing with a


22-year-old, Jon Rahm. Again, just lightly touched, in it goes. He will


have a huge amount of support today and tomorrow, 1992 champion,


astonishing record around this course over the years.


McIlroy had a sparkling start. This is the 5th hole. That is a bit wide,


very wide. Nearly drove the third, chipped up, he has had a couple of


birdies already. Jordan Spieth, going alongside Phil Mickelson. And


he finds out, I think it is a birdie, no, just the par.


Paul Casey, 2-over. This is the path.


That rattled into the hole. Tiptoeing towards 40 years of age


now, Paul Casey. What a good striker of the ball over the years. Matt


Fitzpatrick. He is on the 16th. Just give you an idea where the holes


are, back right. He patted off the green yesterday, took a double


bogey. He was on the first page of the leaderboard until then.


Nicely done, hanging around, he remains 5-over. Tied for 30 Sixth


Place at the moment. A good little run. Rory McIlroy. He is at the 6th.


This is a split screen. A low-level and top-level. Ashwell Prince split


green. We have seen better ones than that.


It is in the easiest position, in the middle of the green. Very close


to the hole. It cost him a dropped shot at the 5th, back to level par.


That is one of the more difficult positions at the 5th. This is Thomas


Pieters. This is to save his par on the 1st hole.


Beautifully read but short for the Belgian on the opening hole. It has


paid far more easily than it has done on the first two days, but it


is still a tough opener. It really is not an easy green here


at Augusta, maybe the 12th, they have lots of lumps and bumps and


hollows, they jump have lots of lumps and bumps and


hollows, they and spin and go all over the place. You sometimes


wonder, is this right, it is really OK? That is the examination paper


for the week, get on with it! So to Fred Couples, on the third. Looking


for a bit of speed. That is the pin that we were pointing out was


tricky, right on the corner. Couples getting further away. A few players


taking it on with the driver, McIlroy drove to the edge of the


green. McGirt at the 2nd. The good striker. Yes, he got a good strike


on that, he struck it well. This is a tough pin, it is in a little


promontory that sticks out. He will go back down. That is fortunate, if


it sticks. It was judged pretty well. Not a lot of room to land,


though, Andrew, on so many of these greens. A foot or two away and you


can end up 40 feet away. Confirmation of how things are


going, early on in this third round. All of the players are out. You have


seen Thomas Pieters out of the form way tie after a bogey, and William


McGirt has picked one up. He is a first timer, he is placed the first


time at Augusta. Jon Rahm, the well fancied Spaniard, 1-under. Three


rookies have the chance to have a win on their first attempt. Fred


Couples, the 57-year-old has had more top tens than anyone else. Six


and counting. Extraordinary on the 25th anniversary of his win. Further


down, Soren Kjeldsen, a wonderful day. Rory McIlroy is four shots


behind, Phil Mickelson throttled -- threatened early on but he will have


to settle for level par. Paul Casey has picked up two shots so far. He


finished well outside the top ten last year. Stewart Hagestad, the


financier from New York is leading the way to restore cup.


-- the silver cup for best amateur. That was all of the balance and


cough strength in the world but just splashing out. That was unlucky to


find that stance. Let's see fearless Fred.


He pushes it through, I bent over the top, -- up and over the top. One


of them left. Fred does not really care for them. Not many do. So, to


Charley Hoffman. Garcia is waiting at the green, it is Hoffman's third.


You can see that slope that really lifts up to that first green. Garcia


has come all the way back off that. That is pretty good. Second hole.


Rickie Fowler. I do not know whether he miscued his tee shots, and the


wind has dropped, but that is a lot shorter. A lot shorter than


yesterday. That is a way to the right and short. It is on the


fairway, not a bad spot. Garcia. If I tell you that the pin on the first


is 28 yards on, he is just on the putting surface. About 88 feet.


Settle down. A nice touch, but a nice test for his putting skills on


the opening hole. A long birdie putt, relative, in fact, if there is


such a thing at Augusta. Come on, Rory, you do not want to leave any


nine footer pars. Just pot out, a bit of luck there.


-- it was just popping out, it came off the cheddar cheese sandwich!


This is to go 3-under. Hardly moved the putter back at all. Online and


in, beautifully judged. Two birdies in the opening three holes. Spieth


is on the fifth. Past the hole. He gave it a good chance. It is


going to be all par to start with. Rory McIlroy gets it in, and it is


hard work but he will walk off trying to look casual. That is a


good save. Having three patted the previous green. Nice start. Hoffman,


for his part par on the first. -- for his par on the first. I do not


like to see that, that is rude, showing no courtesy. Pay your other


man attention. I do not like the way he wondered up onto the green


either. Show your partner a bit of courtesy. So wrapped up in their own


game. Now, Rahm, two had 30 yards, this 4th hole today. -- 230 yards. A


very good start that Rahm has made. Dropped, dropped! He is asking it to


turn over. He asked if it was in the bunker, but no. That is a pretty


speedy putt from there. And here is Mickelson. A birdie at the 5th. Just


a little tickle, it needs to turn and run. Once you become a little


bit afraid, it is difficult to putt on these greens. Garcia to save par


on the first. That will settle him, right in the


middle from Garcia. He will remain in a tie for the lead.


230 yards today, this par-3. I said beauty before the ball left the club


head, was it right? They were right for line.


McIlroy, through the heat haze. A few casts, but they died away. --


some gasping. The ball is out of bounds. Rickie Fowler, after that


long second downhill, pitches up, looks good and it is good. Well


done. The stats for you, there, Nicholson


is -- Mickelson a three-time champion. He finally got that win in


2004. There we have Jon Rahm born in 1984, Freddie couples won inability


to. William McGirt led the putting stats after the first two rounds.


Pieters 's third shot of the second. Ricocheted off of the crowd. The cut


this run. -- look at this run. Look at that. Sweet, sweet, sweet shot.


Took five at the 1st, could get it back here at the 2nd. The tee shot


on the second, bunker down the right. 295 today. Avoid that and you


get a kick forward. Down the hill at it.


Fowler further birdie, to go to 5-under.


A confident, firms/ from the young man. Par birdie, 5-under. Garcia,


one has got away from him. Should be okayed there, if they are OK. I


think Azalea has been spilled, very accurate with the driver this


tournament. Pieters at the 2nd takes it for four.


One or two people have picked out as a possible winner. But not if he


does that. He's a good driver of the ball. You will see the brake on this


1's a Jon Rahm, this is one he was hoping could kick to the left and


get down to the hole, it is way out to the right. Par, birdie, birdie


start. This must be ten, 12 seats to the right and hardly touched it. He


has not played it up high, it looks like it is going right, no, it is


going right! That fooled everyone. Rickie Fowler has taken the driver


out on the third, not the biggest hitter. He shortened his driver


earlier in the year to get some accuracy and lost a bit of distance.


That is all right with a front right pin position, that is not a bad miss


at all. A birdie, no, a little on the high


side. Couples is to under at the moment. He, like so many, on the


par-5 2nd. He got a birdie. He is got a chance to get to three.


Oh, Freddie! I always think Freddie has the best cut trousers. They have


all got millions, but some of them have trousers which do not feel


well, his trousers have always fitted nicely. McIlroy from the


trees, asking it to go. He knew, he knew. It must have clipped a branch


or something. Now, Sergio Garcia hit his second shot short and right at


the 2nd hole. He is on the flat but he must be 40 or 50 yards behind


here. This is going to take a great sum but he might get it down, 20 or


30 yards short of the green. He has fired it down the right side. He hit


something very hard and kicked it on, he is going to be out to the


right. Not a bad spot to be. The bank behind the flag, he can get


close. It might have bounced in office friendly patron, because it


was outside the ropes. A couple of years ago, 2012, he said he feel


like he could never win here, he did not have what it took. He has shown


to good stuff this year. Rory McIlroy having found the front


bunker at the 7th, hello! I do not know what happened there. That could


have been a Lucy locket, a septic tank, something happened, and that


would have been a very good shot. I am sure he did not hit a stone or


other tweak or something. But that was a very serious miscue. Space,


along birdie attempt, on the 81 yard par 36. All the way, Jordan Spieth!


First birdie of the day, all pars to this point. Moved him to 1-under.


What a putter he is. He said he was still thinking about the quadruple


bogey nine on the 15th on the first round, could not get it out of his


head. But he's getting close to the lead. Rahm for par domino, no. That


first putt down and across the health fooled him and everyone else.


1-under for the round so far, not bad. Hoffman, hitting down towards


the second. It is leaking of it. -- it is leaking a lot.


Justin Rose has got to the fifth, this is his second shot. He has been


playing some beautiful iron shots. Another good shot, it moves away. A


treacherous flag position. Rory McIlroy, miles away at the 7th.


Oh, dear. Oh, dear, that is not finished. That is for bogey. Paul


Casey at the 13th. This is for a birdie four. Well, level par. Play


nicely. A similar pattern to Jordan Spieth,


but this is the part at the 6th. -- this is a four par the sixth. Such a


good start for him, double bogey at the 3rd, though. And another one


gone at the six, back to 1-over par. McIlroy putting at the 7th for a


bogey. It was a comparatively straightforward hole, and he has


made a dreadful hash of it. I do not know what happened to the third


shot, he probably shanked it, and then 3-putts. The last three holes,


he had not been happy. Way left of the said but he has got a bit of


green to play with, nice angle to this pin.


Seats together, stabbed it low. That should appear in a minute. It seemed


to be lying OK, the angle was good but he was trying to visit a bit too


much. -- trying to move it. The second shot, it will pitch up to


this very small area, it needs to stop and spin back. Sometimes they


do and sometimes they do not. Garcia's third on the par-5. Should


not present too many problems. He has left it above the hole, it does


not go back. Charley Hoffman, third shot, that


could be good. Oh, it slowed. Oh, dear oh dear extract 350 yards,


this par-4 3rd. This is a classic case of how this course can make the


best players look foolish. You try to be too fancy, he did not hit a


bad tee shot, left himself an awkward one, tried to be too fancy


and now he is really struggling. Justin Rose with a birdie attempt on


the fifth. Close but not quite, you have all of


the options down the bottom of your screen, you can watch from various


places on the course, you can even go to the range and watch nobody


playing there at the moment! Garcia hardly moved it, out to the


right. It is the par. He has played the


best goal so far. He has only dropped one shot. Fowler is the


leader but not for long. So, they're in four, one shot dropped. Paul in


the studio was saying that far more than nine conditions today, some of


the pin positions are nasty". -- there are far more benign conditions


today. Some of the print pin positions are very cruel. That is a


nice little putt. Par birdie. Come on, Charley Hoffman!


Justin Rose's tee shot on the sixth, down to this back left pin position.


Just left. Spectators coiled, ready to get out the way. Thomas Pieters


now at the 3rd. One of the overnight leaders. This putt for a birdie.


Quite a break on this. That is a need to putt. -- a more


neat putt. Let's see what he can fashion here. He's trying to get it


to the front bunker, but those branches are in front. He will chop


it and hope for a miracle. He gets it. Say, that shouldn't happen, but


it happens to some people. Right on the face of the bunker and for some


reason, it popped up on the edge of the green. And welcome to the Paul


Azinger, who joins me here. What you think of a shot like that? That


didn't happen around here much ever. He will take it. What a putt for


Rickie Fowler. He made a total mess of the 3rd hole. He only drops one


shot. The old putter is a great equaliser, isn't it? He really


played that hole poorly but got away with it. Come on, just a little.


McGirt, just to collect. It is in. Well done. -- just tickle it. He has


been around a long time, quietly making a decent living. Let's see if


Pieters can clean up this putt at the 3rd. Well holed. He has the


firepower to go around this golf course. He can dominate the par-5s.


He has that steady demeanour, seems unflappable. Over to Mickelson at


the 7th. Raised green, shallow, narrow green. Long but narrow. That


pitch spins back of the green. No, it stops. Lucky, lucky. 20 yards


short of the green. McIlroy at the 8th. A big par-5, up


the hill. That is a big boomer. That is massive. Justin Rose with this


delicate pitch, just back up the hill. He will probably try to land


this on the green. He started that right at the hole... A bit of a


misread there. Casey, at the 14th for a birdie. Long putt, though.


Well, beautifully struck, and he's on a great run at the moment, Casey.


He is creeping up through the field. Paul has got a good record here at


Augusta here over the last few years, but Jason Day almost won this


on his debut in 2011. He was out first day and has come home with a


round of 69. In the middle, look at that, towards the back end a


fantastic run of four birdies. Let's get Jason's thoughts on what is


possible out there today. Everyone is expecting low scores on


the weekend because of that conditions on the first two days.


How hard was it to get your 69 today? I had a nice stretch from 12


through to 15, so that definitely helps. I was playing some solid golf


but not really capitalising on the opportunities I was giving myself


out there, but once again, it was difficult. As the day goes on, it is


starting to get a bit warmer. It will get to just over 70 C putt


degrees today. Things are starting to run a bit more -- to just over 70


degrees today. The greens were really receptive this morning and a


little slower than what the guys will have this afternoon. Hazel


Irvine: Let's factor all of that into the mix. We see that Charley


Hoffman, having been in a four way lead at the start of the day, is now


one ahead of the pack after that early birdie. Thomas Pieters has


steadied himself to recover his ground at 4-under. The last Belgian


to lead a major did it in the 1948 Open Championship. Paul Casey is


4-under for his run today. This is the man who was tied six and tied


fourth on the last two occasions here in Augusta. He is trending in


the right direction. He was Charley Hoffman at the 3rd. -- here is


Charley Hoffman at the 3rd. No stopping... That is a fair result


from where he was. A very small area to pitch on. Thomas Pieters' tee


shot away here at the 4th, and he doesn't like it. Oh, that will be...


Actually, it is doable. It is on a slight upslope. Sergio Garcia.


Second shot, he is 4-under. He flips it up high, and it needs to stop


now. It doesn't. Again, it rolls on right past the hole. A chance for a


birdie. Justin Rose, to save par era six. I


thought he had it. Needed a nudge just a little harder. -- to save par


here at six. He has been worried about his ability to get up and down


around the greens here this week. Fowler at the 4th. 230 yards, it is


plain today. It needs a good whack with a long iron Ouray Littlewood.


-- or a little wood. Down the hill... Oh, and he gets a great


bounce, and I believe he probably played for that balance. Will it


stop? A good shot the Lee Westwood. Mickelson for a birdie at the 7th.


It is not 1 million miles away. Phil is never dull. A safe par.


Birdie, birdie, double bogey... Yes, can he do it? What a shot by Thomas


Pieters, that little bit of upslope making all the difference there.


Hoffman for three at the 3rd. Just touched it down and across the slug,


staying out left. Sergio might have been watching that one closely.


Look at the crowd, all sitting quietly. Huge crowds here again


today, as they always are. Almost a miracle that Jordan Spieth's ball


ended up here. Just the par for Jordan here at the seven. After that


tee shot, I'm sure he's happy with par. Soren Kjeldsen at the 8th. He


has done it. He is going along very nicely, 1-under par. Even reminds me


a bit of Maurice Bembridge, for the older viewers. Let's see if westward


can pay off the birdie year after that good shot at 11. In the back


door? No! How does it end up there? It is defying gravity, isn't it? It


is not moving. They only have ten seconds to watch it. But a good par


for westward from that first cut of rough over there. A scary spot to be


in at the 11. He needs to make a move, and quickly. -- at the 11th.


Back to Sergio. Who has only dropped one shot so far. Pretty remarkable


in the conditions on Thursday and Friday. One bogey. The most


consistent. This is just down the left side. Hardly touched it. That


one stayed straight. Rickie Fowler put his tee shot in


the bunker here at the 4th. Blasted out to here. What a putter years. A


birdie machine, Rickie Fowler is. -- what a putter he is. You have got to


hole putts. William McGirt at the 5th. Second shot again, and the flag


is in a flattish area. That is a good one. Unlucky that it didn't


perhaps get a little bit more spent and sit down right by the hole. The


wind is freshening. After a massive tee shot on eight, when for Green,


it left. That is a wonderful shot. -- went for the green, pulled it


left. Casey at the 15th. Having a great run. Very difficult to hold


this green. Does that mean it is good or that it is drifting? Oh, no,


what will he do now? Where is my money? -- mummy. North Carolina


native William McGirt. A good colour and aggressive putt there. He locks


it in. Suddenly, McGirt is now tied for second. Anyone who can win at


Jack's places a good player. Now, Couples. The hero of the anvil


chompers. Oh, Freddie! Charley Hoffman, 230 yards down the


hill, going with a hybrid. There is no bailout here at the 4th day.


Right at the flag is your only choice. And he has done just that.


What a magnificent shot! By the leader, Charley Hoffman. That is the


best we have seen, by a long way. A good putt. When the camera goes in


close, look at the quality of grass on the green. Superb. Sergio now.


230, probably playing closer to 225, maybe a little less than that. It is


all carried to the front of the green.


Still a mighty blow with a four iron. Great shot. A beauty. It might


feedback now. There it goes. Two of the best of the day.


Westward, two over. -- Lee Westwood. He has struck some beautiful shots


today. Just watch how he settles. He takes his time. Slowly, deliberate


backswing, and then right through the ball.


Making it look easy. And the wonderful swing of Adam Scott,


trying to foist this in the air. -- hoist.


Rory McIlroy, for birdie at the 8th, after a very fine pitch. And he just


gets it in. Beautifully done. Jordan Spieth's second shot here at


eight. He will avoid the left side here if he can. Look at that. That


might come right back onto the green. What a shock for Jordan


Spieth. He will have no idea how close that is or how it got there.


Totally blind second. Justin Rose at the seven. This is a tester, down


and across the slope. Wide and past and going. This two putting,


sometimes, if you are 10-12 yards away, it is quite an effort, quite a


feat. Westwood, after that magnificent


T-shirt, a huge bonus if he can pop this in. You don't see too many twos


at the 12th. No, no, no. You could get a three in a quite ordinary


fashion, that is a missed opportunity. He is playing so


beautifully. Paul Casey knew when he saw where this ended up what he is


faced with. Let's see how brave he can be. They are always bailing to


the right, which is smart, because about four feet past that fly, the


ball will go all the way down into the pond, then he would be forced to


drop on the other side of that pond. It is still going. Wonderful crowd,


so colourful, with the sun out. The speed of the greens is one thing


here that makes this course. Ken has been having a look. No man better!


It is the weekend, and I am on a green at Augusta again. Today, they


are quicker, certainly than the first two backgrounds. They have had


the most just sucked out. I will hit a couple of putts. Let's see where


they end up. One up there, one at a slightly different angle. Let's just


see where they go. They keep running, running, running. It is


almost going like a 90 degrees curve. The balls just hug along. You


think they will stop, but trickle on and on. With this speed up and the


greens a little firmer, you can get some adventurous putts. It is


heaven. A strange idea of heaven! Depending on your attitude! Justin


Rose, to save par here at the 7th. Not a lot in this. Confidently


holed. Casey now at the 15th. He will


settle for five. If it falls in, that's a huge bonus, but don't try


and be too fancy. The flag is way over on the far side of your screen


on the left. Quite a bit of swing from the left, but it is this speed.


-- the speed. That looks a good speed. Beautifully done. Once he had


gone through the green, you are happy with a five, which is a par.


McIlroy's second shot at nine. The hole is at the back left of the


green, sitting at a 45 degrees angle to the players. He has to carry the


bunkers if he is going to go right at it. He has played a little safe,


going for the middle tier, giving him an uphill putt. Mickelson, one


of his master chip shots, though that has got away from him. He would


have been expecting better than that. An artist's paradise. Here is


Beith. -- here is Jordan Spieth. He has tweaked it left. It squirted up


and off the bank. Hit well, good result. Great result.


APPLAUSE Finally, we get to Charley Hoffman,


on this birdie opportunity on the fourth after a wonderful hybrid to


hear. Oh, yes! A lot of conversation about Hoffman, tied for the lead


after two backgrounds. But he's not scared, and he has been here before.


Just two years ago, he played in the last group. Rickie Fowler, on the


fifth. Look at this. Another one rights to the holeside. Beautifully


judged. Sergio now, to cover up his playing partner. A weak effort by


Sergio. And that is three shortage birdie putts in a row that have


gotten away from Sergio Garcia at the start of this Saturday. Pieters


at the 5th. -- three kind of short. Very underrated hole, the fifth, I


think. This is really fast. Just touches it. It's not going to break.


It never breaks. It is one of the strait is putts on the golf course.


You cannot believe it. Wow, he says. -- one of the straightest putts on


the golf course. Paul Casey at the 16th, 1-under par. The flag today,


17 on, four in on the right on that top shelf. Not easy to get to.


Some may settle for the middle of the green and cut back up the hill


... It could have come another seven or eight yards towards us, but it


rolls back down. That has left in a treacherous left-to-right putt. It


is difficult to get close. They are way from pay dirt here. Rory


McIlroy, up the hill. One of those left back down the hill. There is


nothing easy out here. Conditions are perfect, but the course still


has teeth. You cannot relax for a minute out here. You will pay a


heavy price. It always intrigues me with McIlroy, I don't think I have


ever seen him take a practice putting stroke. Whatever the putt,


he steps up and knocks it. If he hits one of his usual ones, a bit


sharp, and catches the edge of the hole, he could be off the front of


the green. He tiptoed it in. A good save par-4. A bit of an up and down


nine holes. Level par. McGirt for par here at six. Made a


putt about this length on for birdie. Oh, and he tried to walk it


in. Phil Mickelson... That's not a hole


you want to be dropping strokes on. He missed FPU short ones on the back


nine yesterday. A momentum buster. -- he missed a few short ones. A


mere formality here for McGirt at the 6th. Lost a shot here and drops


back to 3-under par. He was Hoffman at the 5th. You want to go right at


the flag. There's no bailout. He's leaning... And it's OK. Yeah, it's


all right. It's just, you don't want to be short there at the 5th. You


almost have no chance of getting up and down. Par is a good score on


that hole. Further down the course with a


beautiful looking parsecs. Pin on the back of the green at the left.


Very hard to get it to bounce forward. -- ... Sergio has driven it


up the left-hand side on five. There is a little peer that sticks out. If


you missed the left or right, you cannot make the carry. It is a very


small they are, almost impossible to get. There was almost a peninsular


within the green. You can see the flag there at the base of that pine


tree. This is a high launch. That's OK. If it carried another


three yards, on the down slope, often it pings into the magnolia


bushes. A massive fairway here at the 9th.


For the players, a Bland blinding areas -- plan. A second shot up the


hill. The perfect spot to come in from. -- blind landing area. The top


of Justin Rose's hit. This could be, just a chip to the left, slightly


catching the wrong side. Six feet up the green and it wouldn't have


rolled back. A good spot for the par-5. Westwood, the hole is all the


way in the back left corner of the green. This is a brave effort,


2-over par, now is the time. And he just missed it. Just missed.


It's likely in the water. Casey with a tasty putt. Quite a


decent tear, a gradual tear, halfway along the length of the putt as a


turtle dives in the water. Slow. -- tier. Slower than you think. He has


judged it pretty well. Not bad. That will test his nerve. Rickie


Fowler up the hill here at six. It looked like his ball settled in 20


feet or so from the hole. It cut away, and the next thing you know, a


45 footer up the hill. A good putt for Rickie Fowler. He is looking


good on the greens. Very aggressive with the putter. Spieth, can he get


it on the edge of the ninth? Perfect tee shot. So difficult to do just


that. That is a magnificent iron shot. Write down the throat of the


flag. That pin gives very few birdies away. Suddenly, Jordan


Spieth right in the mix. Let's see if Sergio can nuzzle this


up close. He has missed three in a row, make able birdie putts. It is


like a comfortable duvet, very difficult to hold a long putt on.


How do you do! ?! The unexpected pleasure pays Sergio a visit. He


could just as easily be four circles in a row. Well done, Sergio. What


will it take the Sergio Garcia to come through? It is going to take


putts like that, I feel. You cannot win Championships with your ball


striking, you have got to hole putts. Pieters hitting this one on


the sick. Needs a bit of beef. -- the sixth. You don't want to hit it


a yard by because it is such a smelly return.


Adam Scott from miles away here for eagle.


Up the hill, downhill, across the hill a little bit.


The flag a little parcel shelf on the back of the green, a narrow


ledge. Sergio showed Charley Hoffman the


way. Good effort. Steady even Mac for Hofmann on the difficult fifth.


One clear of Sergio at the moment. Two clear of Rickie Fowler, and a


host of players on 3-under par. -- steady par for Hofmann.


On the tenth hole, McIlroy. Coming out of the right pine


needles, tricky to the right pin. He will take that. The pin on the


bright side, you have got to flirt with the right bunker to get close


to it, but OK. Justin Rose up the hill. This for


eagle. Has he? Know, but a great putt. A good two putt for Justin


Rose. He will be back in red figures.


One of those putts, you know it's left edge or just outside the left


edge. It is about picking the pace. You just feel like you have to pick


the speed you want it to go in, the angle may be even on a clock, that's


the way you want to come in, 7pm or maybe 8pm, really fast.


What a two putt for Paul Casey. Pure as the driven snow, that one. What a


beauty. I gave him this a second ago. He


doesn't prove me wrong. A good bogey for Justin.


Missed one from this sort of distance on the 12th, a testy one


through the shadows on the shelf on the 13th.


Westwood must have stopped on the bank of blasted this from the Palm,


this foreboding. Oh, yes. A bit more grass on that green this morning,


particularly on the bank on the green side than their normally is.


It is a bit briskly. Lee got a massive break there.


Just trying to chop a 7-iron, can he get his ball back to the pin? He is


admiring it. Write down the throat, good line. As you say, it is right


where you want to be, but actually, it is going to trickle away. Missing


by a foot or two of having that Ball stay there. That will be tough. So


slow back up that hill. Scott, eighth green. 1-under, this


is to move to 2-under. A past champion here. We are


starting to see a few red figures, mainly on the par fives, but


occasionally on the others. Hofmann down the hill here at six.


Another punchy looking follow through. Will that state? -- stay.


No, that is going to funnel back down. Understandable, though. You


just don't want to be passed but hole here.


HAZEL IRVINE: A reminder of how things stand. Charley Hoffman has


been leading this tournament since day one after an opening 65, and he


doesn't look like budging so far with a 1-shot advantage over Sergio


Garcia. Rickie Fowler as you were the level. The best progress amongst


those who are chasing is from Jordan Spieth. Look at that, 3-under for


today. A man that has a real point to prove after a collapse coming


home when it was in his grasp last year is right in the thick of it.


William McGirt, not going anywhere, 1-under for his round. Thomas


Pieters, great to see the Belgian up there, too.


Plus four. A bit up and down but making some birdies and some bogeys.


What an experience for the amateur. Staying up in the Crowsnest, the


little area where there are a few basic facilities.


William McGirt ran into a little trouble here at the 7th, this


downhill for a par. What a putt! What a putt.


I believe that feels every good as -- every bit as good as a birdie.


Looking from the left side of the sixth green, it gives you a sort of


feel of an uphill incline. He has got to go up. About as good an angle


to cut from, but it is a distance away. Not too much break in it.


I always feel it is a real indicator of how a player feels on the greens


as to how his speed is on putts like that. Woefully short. Let's go over


to the tenth now, Jordan Spieth. He does not like this tee shot. He


has never liked it. Sit down, ball. Sit down.


In Bubba country. He will have to get lucky. The hole is back right


will stop Jordan wants to get that on the green and out of there.


Perfect conditions here for the Masters, the sun is out, hardly a


cloud in the sky, nice temperatures, not too much breeze about.


Delightful. Hofmann's ball has the brakes on,


too. If you have a three footer down the hill, it is pretty smelly. I


liked that description. From the left-hand rough on seven, almost no


chance to put this on the putting surface.


That has shot off to the right. The patrons have been walking. He is at


the mercy now of the bounce of the ball and the kind of lie he will


get. I feel this is an important putt for


Sergio. He made the long, unexpected bomb on the last, but this will be


important for his psyche. He does die the putts in. He has got to make


sure he is firm. If he misses it, it is a putt that should go a foot past


the cut, otherwise it will dribble off hole side.


A good, aggressive putt by Sergio, a one-handed fist pump.


McIlroy down the hill at ten. That's a nice putt. Nice one at the 9th,


good one at the 10th, ten, 11th, 12, over the years, they haven't been


terribly kind to Rory. Casey... A little high point in the


green, uphill and down the other side. Not too bad. Casey plays most


of his golf on the PGA Tour these days, hardly ever comes back to


Europe. We will see what Thomas Pieters can do. Anything left of the


flag goes left. Anything right of the flag goes right. Off the green


in most cases. We'll see if it stays. Right along the collar there.


That is a very, very difficult putt. I'm sure it's been done before, but


Charley Hoffman, making a two at all the par fours, doesn't happen often.


Around in 65. That putt, you have got to be


authoritative. If you Dolly it... McIlroy at 11. He will give this a


mighty lash. A massive fairway. Wow McIlroy making his way to Amen


Corner, let's have a look. There's no nicer place to be than on Amen


Corner when the sun is out. It's just useful. It doesn't need


words. No, it doesn't, Ken. No words at


all. Rickie Fowler. A little more check than he legislated for.


Pieters and Rickie Fowler putting from opposite directions, both have


the same dilemma, uphill and downhill. If they were both walked


off the green with two putts, babe would be very pleased. -- they would


be very pleased. The seventh, one of the more difficult tee shot, if not


the most difficulty shot here at Augusta. Extremely tight.


Needs to be a 3-iron and a sand wedge to the seventh. Driver,


9-iron, or driver, wedge. Trying to peel it from left to right. Almost


impossible to get it on the green if you miss this fairway.


Rickie Fowler uphill, most of the way, and then it flattens out to the


cut. Well done. A bit orbit stronger and


you go to feet past, it goes down the hill. Well judged. Spieth's


second at ten. He must have hit a dictator. 196 yards. Easy, settle.


-- hit a spectator. There you see what he is dealing


with now. Here we go, Ken. I don't know if he


can spin this and get it close, or not. You can't see the green, it's


about eight feet above you. You can only see the surface.


Such a sensational shot. Ten out of 13 up and downs when he has missed


the greens this week, it says everything. I always found it


difficult to hit a short -- to hit 80 shot after missing a short putt.


He does it really nicely. -- to hit a tee shot after missing a short


putt. A good angle to putt from at the


night for Justin Rose. Straight up the slope.


Fiddling about with his putting grip, the way he holds the putter.


McIlroy bombed it here at the 11th. This hole is only seven from the


left, 17 on. Got to be out to write a little. He goes right at it. A


terrific shot for McIlroy. That has got to be the best of the day.


Amazing, this one uphill, too. A bit steep at up the hill. Pieters at the


7th. Good effort. Freddie does it with confidence.


Nice little birdie at the 8th, right, said Fred.


Justin with this tickler down the hill at nine.


I think it's just too far away from him when he is looking at the hole


for the putt. I have never heard about how Jordan struggles on putts


of this length, but he doesn't miss many. When a player is looking at


the hole, you figure something is going on in his head. See if he look


sad hole here. -- if he looks at the hole here. Yes, he did. It is


interesting, you take a peek at the hole, then look down. His last peak


stayed locked on the hole. Now Maggert, excuse me, Hofmann. --


Will it stay? Another foot or so and it would have been 25 or more feet


away. Instead, a good birdie opportunity. Freddie's 57 but he


still gets it out there. Second to the ninth, up the hill. I wish we


could all have as bad a back as Freddie, huh? Unlucky, that was


close to being great. Here is so Jeb's dilemma. It was where Rickie


Fowler was a member, losing it to the right to hook it. -- Sergio's


dilemma. Best miss front bunker? I think the front bunker is the best


miss, Ken. That is what he is going for and he didn't reach. Got hung up


in the first cut. That is exactly where he was trying to go.


We can still see his ball. Didn't quite see the ball. He will be


praying he has an upside there. An enormous tee shot. A bit of spin


on this. If you much, it even hole side, it will come back to you. You


need a softer three quarters shot. Middle terrace if it stops. Well,


McIlroy blasted his tee shot down the 11th with a wonderful second


here. A delicate downhill, left to right putt. Barely touched it. Oh...


He just caught the high side. Even when used if it at Augusta


National, you still have a difficult effort, a difficult putt. Spieth at


11. -- even when you stiff it at Augusta


National. Some of his players have been


answered, not all of them. He has found a bit of an upslope. He needs


eight those of Seve here. If he has a good lie, he can clip this. The


green is facing him. Looking into an upslope, not terribly inviting. You


need a good nerve. There is nothing easy about it, but it could be done.


The grass has a bit of a sheen to it. It makes it even more do able.


He has two double up and go hands back, face open. He went for a


little trick shot. I guarantee he didn't like his lie.


That has been the problem there. Ryan Moore, the green looking a bit


more burnished than earlier in the day, a few more Brown patches. We


first saw Bryan in 2003. -- Ryan. Anyone who has played this has left


himself with this one. William McGirt, long birdie putt at


eight. Beautiful. Just trickling on. Going


through the stubbly fringe, you know you must make it onto the short


stuff. It is so easy to give it just a fraction more.


Here we are on the 12th hole, and Rory McIlroy trying to decide what


he has to do. Earlier, Kevin Brown looked at the pin position on the


12th. Looking across the water is the 12th


tee back, playing 142 yards today. The pin is cut on the left side, a


small piece of parting surface. One, two, three, four, five small paces


from the front of the green, about eight behind, room behind. If you


come up short at all, if it hit the bank with a slight Mr John, a


downslope can run back into the water. It depends how much spin you


have on it. Miss the green on the left and it pitches here. It is in


with the turtles. So what are the tactics today? 142 yards, not much


more than a pitching wedge, you feel like a coward playing away from the


flag, but the percentage play is to play to the right of the flag, five


yards. If you play short, rather than in the water, you are in the


bunker. You have a chance of getting down in two from there. The widest


point of the green, not that wide, 13 or 14 paces deep, but that is the


percentage play. White of the flag, long and there is room to work with.


If you take the flag on, the possibility is therefore a


misjudgement. Argue going to be a coward, or are you going to be


brave? -- are you going to be a coward.


Well, not bad. Didn't quite get it right. Taking the flag on, but he is


making a charge. Over to seven now, Sergio Fitt par. -- Sergio for par.


To the ninth. Jon Rahm. He leads to give it a good hit up the slope.


You get so scared of quick putts for so longer then you get an uphill and


cannot believe sometimes how hard you have to hit it.


The co-leader, Charley Hoffman. The chance of a three.


He is looking pretty steady at the moment. Peter Alliss is back with


us. I find it fascinating watching them jockeying for position. Holding


ground, rattles one in. Tomorrow, I fancy, is going to be... It usually


is a fantastic day, because so many things can happen. This is one of


the most treacherous holes. It used to be a driver, 6-iron, something


like that, now it is a monster drive. Very treacherous, very


difficult. The flag is in a fairly generous position. You can see from


middle. Where has that gone? He looks anxious and he should be.


Lucky boy. The golfing gods are with speed. They must smile down on his


cherub face. He has it! The crowd way away on the


12th. Cut off from the noise a bit. McIlroy back to level par. Casey.


Oh, Paul, what are you doing back their? Come on, a nice pitch and a


putt. All your friends in Surrey. It will go back. Look at that.


You have no idea how difficult these greens are. He was away four, five


yards short but does not deserve to be cricket pitch length away.


It is not a bad bogey. Slips back to four.


Rickie Fowler at the 8th. Third shot, way back.


The flag is at the back. He has a nice one. Could have done with a


bounce forward. Jason Dufner. Long putt for birdie


on the 14th. Playing alongside Ernie Els today. Has it, has it! Look at


that back nine. Three birdies in five holes. 1-under. Justin Rose at


the 10th and a good second shot. Big swinging left-to-right here. If you


go a bit hard, it can chase on down the hill. That'll be a little bit


too bold. Westwood sizing up the second on the 15th. 215 yards. The


first couple of days straight into the wind but today, players able to


get them reasonably comfortably in two. It is a big, long iron. Not a


lot of room. Downhill a little bit. Watch the slow deliberate backswing


and then right through the ball if he gets a good one. Not sure. Not


sure. Safe. There are worse places to be down there. -- a there.


Solid enough par to start the back nine.


Casey's ball went way back down the hill, but this is for a four. Fourth


shot at the final hole. He is 1-under. He is going to have more


than one of those. A 12 footer. Jordan Spieth between the flag and


the water. Can he take advantage of that fortune?


Hoffman. Drive on the eighth. The bunker down the right.


He is hitting the ball beautifully. He has been around a few years. He


used to have long blonde hair. Many of you may remember that. Spieth for


par. It is a great walk from the 11th up


to the 12th. It is when there are people here. When you come and there


is nobody here, you wonder what the fuss is about because it is just a


huge expanse of mown grass. Almost like a playing field with a pond and


bit of water and a couple of bunkers. It does not look exciting.


When the human herbaceous borders are there, it looks different.


Spieth last year. Hitting the tee shot. Looks a little bit


disappointed, but even more disappointed when he sees it go into


the water. And then mishaps and miscalculations, mis-hits. Very


expensive learning curve. He took it back beyond the official drop zone


to get a good yardage. That was it. Done and dusted. You always do


things that you think are right at the time. It looks so simple. It


really looks so simple. You just knock it on the green. A good grip.


He wants a good grip. He is obviously twitchy, remembering last


year. But it looks the simplest thing in the world. A little bit of


wind against and a cross from the right. Sit down!


It was a bold shot. Really, really easy shot. I just said that! He


thought it was easy, too. Fowler for his four on eight. The camera


shutters go off, the ball drops. Fowler, to 4-under. Just one behind


Hoffman now. Bouncing about in those high tops. He says he tries to drop


his pace at the weekend at the Masters because then he will just go


into fast forward mode, gets a little bit excited. You do not see


many tennis players doing that at the cross over boy. Laughing and


saying, where are you going for supper tonight? I don't know. That


little Italian plays? Now, Peters for par. Got it.


A very droll fellow is Mr Peters. The driest of the dry, he is.


Deadpan. Very funny. Moore up the hill and in. A few putts starting to


drop. Isn't that a wonderful setting? The


majestic pines. Second shot to the tenth. Blue sky. Not a cloud to be


seen. The ball tip toes... No, it doesn't. It is a beautiful second


shot. William McGirt.


Moving quickly. As soon as he hit it. Still a good front nine when he


taps that in. Sergio up the hill at the 8th. Second shot. That is


flirting with the trees on the left. As he cut it, gone straight? Here it


comes. Found its way through the pine needles and onto the green. He


does not know that. Casey, can he finish by dropping just one shot?


Well done. A good five in the end for Casey and a good round. Taking


him back to level par. An outside chance. 13th tee, Rory.


Over the corner of the trees. An atomic charge, that one. Is it over


the top? Is it over the top? Just beyond the shadows. Nearly in the


next county. McGirt. A tap-in for his par. Memorial


champion last year. What interests me is how wide his


stance is for these little shots. Not just for that one on the slight


downhill, but normally very wide. He doesn't look comfortable. Fowler


does that preset, settles in. Good drive. Astonishing position he


gets into at the top of his swing, Fowler.


This was the third, that was for bogey. He has been stroking it quite


nicely with the putter. That is what you have to do around Augusta, as


Spieth did last year, until his horrors, he was hitting it ropily


but finding the cup. He certainly putted remarkably well.


Charlie Hoffman. Steady, steady, steady. Never quite sure when they


stop. It did eventually. Couples. Fighting for his party on


the tenth. And a woodpecker there. He slips back to one. Still just


inside the top ten. Spieth. This putt for three. Through the green.


Not a great chip back but all will be forgiven if this disappears.


Never looked like anything else. I tell you, if they could not putt,


they would hurdle the 70s and go straight into the 80s. Phil


Mickelson, he is back to 3-over. Westwood, up and down for birdie. So


quick away from him. That is a beautiful shot.


Sergio at the 8th. A slowish putt. Right-to-left, Marc Pugh come. He


has left it short. -- up you come. He is honing in. Fowler.


All the way back today. Very difficult to get it back to that


flag, the pin all the way back. These greens used to be Bermuda.


They changed them in 1981. Slower grass. I think the course was


designed for slower greens in all truth, but do not tell them.


Westwood for birdie. That was very well done. Conjured up a magical


shot from the sand. Happy days. Thomas Pieters, big


drive. Can he get it back to this pin? Yes, good shot. They sit around


this green and they know, they have seen it before. That was a good


shot. Pretty much pin high. I think that is bordering on unfair. I don't


see the point in that, but there we are. A lot of good fortune you have


to have to win around here. This is the chance to break away


from a tie with Garcia. Jon Rahm at the 10th, just touched it down the


hill. Did not touch it enough. Rather gave the game away because


this was to get into a tie for the lead with Hoffman. Garcia. Alongside


his playing partner at the top of the board. It is a good-looking


leaderboard, as well. It is beginning to look nice and tidy and


tight for tomorrow. Jordan Spieth is going well, congratulations to him


for recovering from a couple of golfing disasters. He always looks a


bit worried, as if he is not quite sure where it has gone. It might be


all right. Justin Rose from the front of the 11th. 500 yard par


four. It bobbled on him. Stevie Williams, the caddy for Adam


Scott. Westwood at 16. This very slow putt up the slope. He volleyed


that up there. Perfect conditions for scoring today


but the greens are starting to get a bit more fire in them. This to save


par. Well done, you have to do that. Around here you have to hole some


ten footers for par. Westwood, having come off the slope with his


tee shot and finishing at the bottom of the green has this almost


6-foot... What a good review. Look at the quality of the grass. Doesn't


that look beautiful? Wouldn't you like a lawn like that at home? All


the way. Lovely touch, well done, good save. U2- part a green and you


walk off with a sigh of relief. A nice inward nine he is putting


together. BT says somebody. -- beauty. Cantering down there.


Watch this drop inside. A user football striker. An anxious stare


but he knows. The fans were not sure because it was tight down the left,


but he knew, so he told them. Rickie. Ninth hole, Fowler. Uphill.


Slope. Goodspeed for two pars. McIlroy,


second, enormous drive, like Bubba Watson, over the trees.


He would have been thinking about the eagle and now it is a tricky one


for birdie from our and down from there. Peters, playing with Rickie


Fowler. Similar putts. They looked magnificent. The quality of the


turf, the putting and reading of the green is so difficult.


Out in 37. Won over. -- one over. This is a tester. Watch where he


aims this. Ryan Moore, just dab it down.


Halfway between him and the edge of the green.


LAUGHTER. He just didn't get it quite right.


It is only fractions and now you are made to look silly. Someone in the


crowd would say, that is the sort of thing I do.


McIlroy, a lofted club. It sounded clean but just died on


the first bounce into that slight upslope.


A magnificent tee shot, good-looking second which just goes the wrong way


and he will probably take five. Justin Rose, two short holes on the


inward nine. Flag today on the left-hand side. Murmuring in the


crowd. Online. Beautiful shot from Justin Rose.


Sit down, ball. Softly, softly. That is a stunning shot from Jordan


Spieth. One of the best. We saw Phil Mickelson do it in 2010. Rory


McIlroy can only make his five and remains level par and Spieth, that


was a beauty. This for par, no. A few cracks


appearing, but he is still near the head of affairs.


From here it is difficult to pick out the flag sometimes with the


crowd behind and the red and blue and yellow shirts and other bits of


apparel. 124 yards. You cannot spin it too


much, you have to try to take some off it. Otherwise you cannot get


close to the flag. Because that will go as Peters' did. --


almost identical to Thomas Pieters'. Can Charley Hoffman do better?


Second shot at the 9th. Co-leader. That was a good prod. A jolly good


prod. That is the way to do it. Nice tee shot but he will stay to


wonder. -- two under. Not ruling himself out of anything


today. He has hardly played this year.


For birdie at the 11th. It looks good. Oh, yes. He really has come


out of the backwards, Jon Rahm, and is taking the golfing world by


storm. 22 years old. He looks a little older than that.


Here is Fowler. Fairway wood. Justin Rose, after that beautiful


tee shot. Yes, well done, good two. A bit of a mixed bag from Justin


today but still in the hunt. Westwood, second to the 17th.


Stay, stay, stay. Welcome back, Ken Browne, who is in sparkling form.


Peter, you wake me up. Superb tee shot here. Just feeding


slightly left of the flag. Stop. Well done. Good angle.


ANDREW COTTER: Garcia. We saw this putt for Thomas Pieters. Dies away


quickly that one. Deep breathing. Every shot you play,


walking a tightrope here. Oh, my. Left. That was a wild one.


If it skids into the pine straw, it is a tough shot, anyway. Straight up


the hill for Charley Hoffman. The final group and the joint leaders.


This to take the outright lead. Sweetly done. 6-under par for


Charley Hoffman, out in 34, tidy looking card.


His fourth appearance here, the man from Vegas. Peter is -- Pieters on


the tenth. The green used to be where that big


bunker was, but they moved it all the way back as we go up to the


12th, and Rahm. A young, confident man, from 142 yards. Be careful.


Oh... Just about short enough for a


pitching wedge, but you have to get all of it, and Rahm in trouble. His


fellow countrymen also in a bit of bother. The first putt for a while


from Garcia that hasn't looked pretty.


It's like he didn't commit to it. Marginal deceleration.


That was a very unpleasant ten seconds for Spain.


Spieth up the slope at the 13th. Such a beautiful putter. Marvellous,


marvellous effort. Hunting a hole, hole path.


Phil Mickelson supporting cast member today, 3-over par. Westwood


now for his birdie on the 17th. And he has it! All the way. That was


judged into perfectly by Lee Westwood.


Westwood to 1-under par. Look at that back nine.


We saw Jon Rahm a moment ago finding the water, so options for dropping


it, and Ken had a look at them. There's a look at where the 12th pin


is cut today, front left of the putting surface. A number of players


over the years have hit the ball into the water. The flag today is


cut in that portion of the green. This is the water hazard at the


front. If you miss anywhere on the front of the green, it runs back


into the water. What are your optionss if you're ball pitches


there? Option one is you try to play it. Most often, you can't. Option


two is you can go all the way back to the tee and drop the ball there.


You can do that, because you know the sort of shot you have to play.


You just misjudged that one. Option three is where the ball last crossed


the margin of the hazard, you can go back in a straight line as far as


you would like, which is what Jordan Spieth did last. How far do you go?


You don't want to be too close to the green because you can't put any


spin on it. 75, 80 yards, and you drop your ball. This is about 80


yards, say there. Look at the lie to start with. Quite a nice lie, but


generally when you drop back here, it is on a downslope. What you don't


need to stop the ball quickly. Look what is facing you. You have the


water in front, the bank, six yards of putting service. It is eyelevel,


it is an inviting. If you miss the green, you have options. But


whatever one you take, they are not very friendly. -- it is an inviting.


Jon Rahm has gone back to a comfortable yardage. This is his


third shot. Now, now, now, shot forward off the back of the green.


Coming down over the pine needles, the Pine straw.


This looks a tight lie, the green sits above you. This will curve to


the right, almost coming back to him. Not bad. Stop will.


It was like it was slipping down a place, wasn't it.


Let's have another look at Jon Rahm's shot. This is what happens to


tee shots. You think it has gone. It sticks there and he is in horrible


trouble. A horrible shot back towards the water, but at least he


has the and down for a bogey. This for a double bogey.


The quirky swing of Ryan Moore. He's got it... Oh. I thought he was going


to do a KJ Choi and not it in the cup. Just watching the name of


Jordan Spieth creep up the leaderboard. Sergio Garcia, the


ninth. Two behind Hofmann now. This is where he hit a loose one


yesterday. All sorts of confusion. 3-wood down the left today. 1.3 but


the pain is on the right. Thomas Pieters.


Slow, slow, slow. An ounce more pace and it would have held its line. So,


Charley Hoffman, 3-wood for Charlie. Going anxiously left. It's OK. Up on


the green, Rickie Fowler. From the left little to the right


lip in about 15 inches. -- the left lip.


Rahm with his fourth shot. He's played it nicely. He's walking. Two


shots gone at the 12th Jon Rahm. It claims another victim.


Down the right. The fairway sloping from left to watch, you often find


the right rough. Not too bad. Quite often wayward from the tee, Jordan.


Little bit loose sometimes. McGirt down towards the 11th. You can see


the flag fluttering. Hold that pose. That's why. Two wonderful shots in


there from Ryan Moore and William McGirt. McIlroy at the 14th, uphill,


come on, Rory. Must be. Not quite enough pace. He said he just needed


to get within three or four today. He would be happy going in tomorrow


within three or four. At the moment, he's not quite there. It is quite


difficult to force birdies out of Augusta, because sometimes you have


to take on risks that you don't need to. Where the flag is cut on 15 it


is a sucker 's pin. Adam Scott and Justin Rose playing together.


Difficult again, Ken. Grab the grass, playing a bit lower. Sit. Oh,


please. Stop. Stop there now. Lucky, Lucky, lucky.


Pretty good. A brave one to go for the flag, you can get so close to


the right bunker, and if you pop it in there, you can get down the two.


A moment ago, Garcia with a similar shot, but from the shortest off,


174. -- the shorter stuff. Safe, but an unlikely putt Tahoma.


Like all his long putts today, he has left them short.


He will remain where he started, 2-under par.


37 years old, his first Masters. Doing very nicely. Justin Rose,


Butch holding a flag. He just stayed on the green.


Come on, come on, come on. Nice birdie at the 12th, and that to back


it up with another. Ryan Moore, sweetly into the centre


of the cup. Generally very hardest par-4 on the course, the 11th.


Slightly easier pin today than normal. An outstanding amateur


champion. Leading amateur back in 2005. Here is the 2011 champion. An


eagle for Charl Schwartzel. He is suddenly to 2-under par. Where has


that come from? He has come via a birdie and an eagle on the last two


holes. A cathedral of pines on the 11th


tee. Looking a little anxious. He has


done all right. Not the perfect spot, but you can certainly get a


swing at it. Always has something to say to his


golf ball, Spieth. Right over the flag. He asked it to go, but didn't


need to. He has left himself with a swing on that one from right to


left. Scott playing alongside Justin Rose.


This for 3-under. 215 yards, pin front right. To chase


this flag, you have got to take a risk. Bunker right. Sit! Sit! Sit!


Sit! Oh, Rory. Sit down. Sit down. Lucky. There is a pond just beyond


there. Rose has left himself this five


footer or so for his birdie. He has changed and has worked hard at which


grip to use. He uses this claw grip with a slightly heavier putter.


Usual putting grip. Such a satisfying than to become a horrible


sliding left to right putt. This is a good group, tidy players, Justin


Rose and Adam Scott. Both are 3-under now. That will do nicely


round Amen Corner. Westwood on the final hole. In the left-hand sand.


That's done well. That's done very well. A lot of sand and a fairly


square clubface, getting it to scoot up the slope. He is on a fast


finish, Westy. Garcia, a lot of left to right. In the trunk shadows.


All the uphill putts are left and short. A chance...


That back right of the tenth green, available it out 6-7 years ago. The


ability to put a flag on there, but only just.


A tricky one here for Fowler, just a few branches creeping out to


negotiate. Everything to avoid it going left.


That's a very, very good shot from Fowler, pretty much where he would


have been aiming. Two shot leave at the moment for


Hoffman -- lead. The 11th is 505, two very long holes


in a row. To the 12th, and Ryan Moore.


Leave for his par. Lee Westwood, oh... A little bit left of centre


but a brilliant up and down at a loss. 70, 77 and a gorgeous 68, he


is in with a chance tomorrow. A fabulous record here at Augusta.


Lowest round of the day so far as we go back to Garcia. This is a knee


This is going to be a skid, this one. That was superb. Playing back


to the water, you don't want much too much over the other side, and


that was classy. Trusts in his abilities. Jordan Spieth.


We said there would be a bit of movement on this one, Ken.


Sit down. Now, that is a horrible, little left to right move.


Not too many people have coped well with the birdie putts from that side


of the hole at the 12th. The third shot of Thomas Pieters,


look how much purpose he can get. This is about 35 yards.


Slides the club underneath it, looks like it is going to go too far. A


bit of fees on it -- fizz. Spieth, is this close enough for his


there at the ball while hitting it? -- for his stare.


It is unsettling, but it works for him.


I am sure lots of people have tried it at home.


After a great escape from the left trees, Rickie down the slope at the


11th. This is a Wonderbra. Sit down. -- wonder rather.


He comes here with a lot of confidence. Hoffman down the


corridor on the 11th. Just turned it left towards the


trees. That's all right. Only one top ten


in the Majors, that was his ninth here a couple of years ago. Jon


Rahm, uphill all the way at the 13th.


Fowler rolls it in on the 11th. And remains 3-under.


Gorgeous driver of the ball, Sergio Garcia. The lowest penetrating


flight. Do lofts the driver as he comes into it.


Just magnificent, a bullet. Talking about heavy putters, heavy woods as


well. He is so accurate with them. A low launch, high spin driver. He


launches low, but the spin takes it up. Jordan Spieth.


A couple of people applauding that quickly stopped.


Because he is entirely blocked out by the trees down the left-hand


side. It looks OK there, but from where the camera is filming this,


some big come the big trees. McIlroy, a little movement to his


right, but not as much as that. Nothing from the par fives on the


back nine, Ken. It is very hard to press birdies on this course.


Something has caught fire in the background. That is a big, old


cigar. A bit of breeze helping out of 14.


If you can't find the you can't get at the flag. Round it goes.


But from here at the 14th, you can take that flag on. The sound is very


sweet. Pretty good. Steve Williams back on


Adam Scott's bag. Both of them left with three putts


from no distance, for Pieters, a mix. Looking silly, and very cross.


You have to put that behind you. It is so easy for that thing to stick


with you around Augusta. Jon Rahm, boldly holed. Nice bounce back from


the double bogey on the 12th. Hazel eye from a 20-year-old, to a


43 rod, at Lee Westwood, five top top tens in his last seven


appearances at Augusta, including two runner ups. Heading for another


top ten at least, with the best round of the day, 68 with birdies at


13, 15 and 17 coming home. Just an done by a second-round 70s ever


yesterday. Still, he will take it, 1-under. Let's get a word from Lee


on that. 68 today, how well do you think you


played in these conditions? Pretty well. I did most things good. Played


a couple of exceptional bunker shots, but I am quite pleased. It is


like a traditional at Augusta on a Sunday, Lee Westwood will be


involved at the top of the leaderboard. How close do you think


you can get? It depends what the lead is at the end of the day.


Someone can go silly around the back nine and gets to eight, nine,


10-under, I will be a long way behind. But it is not easy, 16 and


17, even 18, they are all difficult holes. Even the easy ones where you


can pick up shots, you can drop shots around Augusta. The flags were


harder today. Who knows, 5-under or 6-under might lead by the end of the


day, you never know. Thank you for your time. Good luck tomorrow. Thank


you. Lee will be hosting the British


Masters later in the year. That doesn't sound good. I think he


was worried it wasn't going to carry the water. 16th, 183. Now, Hoffman.


Standing on the corner of the water here at the 11th.


You have just got to play this cagey. And it was very cagey.


An excellent shot. Exactly where he would have been aiming.


142 yards, the shortest it plays, the 12th. The flag hanging limp.


This gives you a good look of the green, water left.


Asking it to draw. It's sort of does. A bit of help from his playing


partner, which is always handy. A bird has found the microphone and is


going through his greatest hits. Now, Rose, he saw his ball wondering


all the way down there. Forced to go over those pine trees


laying up. There are a hard to follow the ball when the ball goes


over some trees. This will test his nerve after the awfulness of the


first round quadruple birdie, McGirt on the 13th.


Spieth, 28 holes now without a bogey.


Fowler, just off the back of the 12th.


That looks pretty good. That's got to hit it, go on.


5:30 over here and it is time for Paul Azinger and the voice of golf,


Peter Alice. How kind you. A lovely evening in


Augusta. The sun so high in the sky. Ryan Moore, 13th, 3-under par, third


shot. Edging up to a devilishly high, small plateau. It is a


heartbreaking position. Has he done it? Has he done it? He's done it OK.


Well, now, Rory McIlroy, you were with us on Thursday. Let's listen.


We are fine right now. OK. Hit a pretty good shot here on the


first day and it spun back in the water. Here we go again. Big divot.


Big enough for the harvest festival. A good shot. It could go in this


time. No. He really is a remarkable young man


and an amazing golfer. He took a couple of body blows in


the first two rounds. And he has come roaring back. Well done, him.


It will be a certain birdie and the crowd go ape. He is proving his


resilience, Peter. He is 22, 23 years of age now. They love it. But


keep calm, he is saying, keep calm, keep steady. I think he might walk


across the water. He was 4-over when he walked off this green on


Thursday. He is playing with Phil Mickelson, who is one of the


also-rans today. A remarkable ovation. That is


usually for a last day winner walking up the 18th hole ovation.


Out in 33. The couple of birdies coming home.


Justin Rose, he certainly has the firepower to reach in two. A much


tighter tee shot that in years past, they have added trees to the right


and left. Split the fairway. That is perfect.


He will give it a go from there, I am sure.


Got it. Very much a crowd favourite. Started beautifully and then


dribbled a few away. Huge crowd here. Around the 16th


tee. McIlroy. Has to go up the hill and


across the ridge. Oh, no. He has left himself a devilish second putt.


He will be on defence there. Birdie, birdie, birdie. Short again.


I think that is an indicator of how he feels on the inside. That is as


much as it used as it is the way he actually stroked the putt. There is


definitely a tentative spirit. Lack of confidence. He is a suspect


putter. He has been for a number of years, sadly. He has weeks when he


putts magnificently, but he is tentative.


For birdie. He had a fabulous shot in there and look at it go. So fast.


This putt for par for McIlroy. That is beautifully holed. One of the


best shots he has played today. He did not want to drop a shot there.


He has two hang on. Be in touching distance. Ryan Moore. Down and in.


Went in like a rabbit looking for his hole.


4-under par, a dark horse. Look at the crowd. Look about you, look at


the right and left. Back looking at the 15th, 16th, 17th tee.


You liked this shot, go ahead and smash it. That's why it takes five


or six hours to go around, they have a conversation on every hole, player


and caddy, every shot. Two birdies, so far, on this hole. He is after


another. Go! He has the McIlroy putt. A little


bit nearer. That is a scary shot. There is not a lot of room. If you


go along to the right, you have no chance. Speaking of scary shots.


Charley Hoffman. 142 yards. That is OK.


He is tight alongside the stream. On the 13th you have to manoeuvre one


up and onto the green. That is a very fine results. Steady, steady,


steady. Good effort. Really good effort.


Looking anxiously. Oh, he loves it. My shot. Another good chance for


Sergio. Fred Couples, 14th. But a long putt


for par. Freddie, look out. LAUGHTER,.


Oh, Freddie, you old crowd pleaser, you.


Needs to be a good drive and just a wedge if he hits it nice. Lost it to


the right. Anything is possible down there.


Poor old Ernie, he has had a dreadful day.


Long, long putt up the hill. Finishing in a blaze of glory...


Ernie, Ernie, Ernie, what a way to finish 14-over. 83. Maybe Ernie's


last one. Maybe his last hurrah. After a terrific tee shot at 15,


Justin Rose. That is nicely done. That is OK.


Hanging in there, Justin Rose. A slowish putt from the back of this


green. That is a safe three. Where is he going with this? Squirt


it through the tree and try and get it in the front bunker I fancy. Down


on the right-hand side and a pitch and a putt. Front bunker if he is


lucky. Garcia to go to 5-under. By such


margins Championships and tournaments are won and loss. I


thought that was bound to drop. But no. No, no, but OK, 4-under. He has


had a few chances today. Spieth up the hill at 16.


Rickie electing to hit a little pitch and run. A sand wedge. Way


overplayed the break but perfect touch. Easy birdie for Rickie


Fowler. Back to 4-under.


It is a good one. Adam Scott trundles it down virtually stone


dead. If these players can hold it


together for the final few holes, there will be ten, 12 or more


players tomorrow with a shout at victory.


Not a very good shot after a massive tee shot.


You get an idea of the crowds around the 16th green. It is like a giant


horseshoe. A couple of hundred feet or so lower than the clubhouse. A


testing course to walk around and this is a testing putt, but well


done, good nerve. It is becoming quite compelling now.


Bunching up. Spieth for par at 16. Oh. He looked at the hole. Mis-hit


the tee shot, which cost him. Adam Scott, that is his birdie.


Par. I thought it was a birdie. No shots dropped, still in the hunt.


Pitching it back up the hill. Careful. One of those. Struggling


for par. An important he shot for Charley Hoffman. Going with 3-wood.


They looked like he bailed to the right. Just lay up. There are all


kinds of ways to make birdie here. Just off the fairway into the loose


pine needles. Rory pops it away. You didn't see what happened with


Rory so we are not sure of his score.


We know Ken gets out and about early. He was looking at the pin


position at the 13th. Just wandering onto the 13th green and the flag is


at the back left-hand corner on a ledge, like an upturned wok. Imagine


coming to this area with a 3-iron, even a wedge. Miss it on the left,


the ball trickles off the green leaving an awkward chip. If you come


up short, on the right, there is a steep bank. You have gone six inches


off and watch where it goes, it keeps trickling, trickling,


trickling. These greens are fast this morning. It keeps going. To the


right, a tributary, you do not want to miss left, short, long, it is so


easy to drift into this right-hand stream and if you go there, you


could find anything. Daffy duck down there. Thomas


Pieters, Igor putt. Up the hill and needs to go left and no. -- eagle


stop that should be one retrieved after the poor showing at 12.


Not a lot of room. You really have to go directly at this flag.


We have seen a lot of balls down there. Frightfully difficult to


judge the speed up that hill. We have seen some massive drives at


the 13th today. Over the corner of the Pines, leaving a short iron.


Amazing to think he can hit the ball so far. Leaves him on the slope. Not


an easy second to a small target. Adam Scott is quietly sneaking into


town. Moved right up the leaderboard today. Look at that divot,


beautifully square. You could lay a dollar bill in that. Is it enough?


No. He will be down there with Justin Rose.


No bunkers at all on this hole. Green difficult enough. Long and


wide with humps and bumps, severe slopes. Look at that. Almost very


good and now it is off down the hill. It will finish I know not


where. As a player you know you don't want to make that mistake ever


on 14. They worse than a four. It looks


like a cracking drive. And it is. He has had a funny round with some


wonderful holes and a couple of lips. -- blips. On the way at 17.


Not much more than a 9-iron. This is tricky. Just lying on the pine


straw, as they call it here. You get it a bit heavy... He has pushed it


out safely to be wide part of the fairway. It came off that Lady's


need. No harm done. They used to be a flat spot, I am not sure it is


still there. That will be tricky off a slight downslope. Spieth might as


well go right at it. Nothing near the flag that can cause trouble. He


does it. Here's the bunker. Another good look for Jordan.


Never made a birdie at the 17th hole, that is interesting. Sergio is


playing with, you know that fellow he is playing with. A little bit


above his feet. Though, he does not like it. It has


gone away, has it? Water? In the creek. Charley Hoffman is away up in


the crowd. Oh, it is stuck on the bank. Maybe he can play that. He is


lucky. Years ago they did not do that. He does not know he has had a


stroke of good fortune. I don't know how that happened. You saw him pitch


and it stuck in the grass. You would not think it is longer. To stop the


ball going back in the water, but it did, and he is left... Not the


easiest of places to be, but certainly able to get a par-5 at


worst. See how Adam Scott handles this.


Easy. It is pretty good. You can spot the difference between


those two. Fowler, having drifted back. At


least 30 odd yards from the flag and big humps in the way and he has gone


the high rate, lofting it. It could come back nicely for him. He has


worked that out very well indeed. That is well thought out. Very


imaginative. How hard do you want to hit this,


Adam? About that hard. Good putt. Let's see if Justin can clean this


up. Watch out for these two tomorrow. Justin Rose is more than


capable, two shots off Charley Hoffman's lead, currently. And there


is Hoffman right here. Third shot. At the 13th. Steady, stop. And it


has. He made that look easy. Nothing easy about that shot. Dutiful, low.


-- you to fall. -- beautiful. About six yards up the hill. Playing close


to 165 yards. He does not like it. Not too bad. He was hoping for


movement to the left. Rory got unlucky here yesterday, hitting the


flag on the fly. Jordan for birdie at 17. Oh, no. You don't often see a


misread like that from Jordan. Well wide from the get go.


For eagle. Wow, he will take advantage of the great break. Tap-in


birdie for Sergio, which will get him to one shot behind Charley


Hoffman. Fowler, for par and he has done it


again. Boy, has he strangled some today. Holed certainly five, six


really good putts. The shortest probably 12 feet. And Sergio taps


in. At the end of the day a good birdie four.


Well, if that putter was running red hot, Sergio would have a nice


cushion, instead he is trailing. McIlroy to get to 1-under. Well he


shaved the whole -- hole. He has played one or two racket


shots. Rory has missed a lot of opportunities. He hated close on 11.


Did not birdie 13. He reached easily in two. He missed a short one on 15.


Six behind this man. Hoffman, a chance to get to 7-under.


Dead centre. He made that look easy. I think that would have gone in a


thimble. Suddenly, Charley Hoffman, two shots clear.


The beautiful tee shot. Beautiful tee shot.


HAZEL IRVINE: The birdie has put Charley Hoffman exactly where he was


after day one, 7-under. Sergio Garcia, perhaps the ball staying on


the bank at the 13th will be his Freddie Couples moment. Still


intact. Jordan Spieth, an incredible run from the champion of two years


ago. No champion has trailed by more than seven after 18 and he is


certainly within touch. Could have been better early on. Justin Rose is


not out of it. And Rickie Fowler, his scrambling skills have been put


to great use. There are former champions. Adam Scott, Charl


Schwartzel, who, since 2011, has only had a type for 25th, his best


progress since winning. Jon Rahm came to grief at the 12th. Freddie


Couples hanging in. 32 episodes, adventures, if you like, around


Augusta. Lee Westwood is under par. Thomas Pieters has had a torrid


round. Paul Casey a good round of 69 today. Soren Kjeldsen is trying to


become the top Dane here. Rory McIlroy will have to settle for that


1-under par round of 71 today. Seven shots behind. Brandt Snedeker, a


very good round of 69. He has challenged several times at Augusta.


Phil Mickelson has been upstaged by his 23-year-old colleague Jordan


Spieth today. He is too over with just the 18th to play. Jason Day was


the first out and a great round. The former world number one and US PGA


champion of a couple of years ago. Martin Kaymer, this place is etched


into his soul. He tried to change his swing to win here and it blew


him off course for a few years but today, a 74. Branden Grace, surely


his time to win a major will come sooner or later. There has not been


a South African winner of a major for five years, not since Ernie Els


in 2012. Back out we go to the back nine at Augusta National.


COMMENTATOR: A mighty lash from Sergio. And that's right down the


middle there at 14. So important with the front pinned to find the


fairway, and he has a long way up there. Welcome back, Ken.


With that finish where it looked like? Dead behind it. Spieth through


the shoot here at 18. Can he reach the bunkers today?


A twirl, bend over, pick up the tee. Loves it.


Second to the 15th. He is watching it with interest. Pretty good. The


further left you hit the approach, the longer the carry is over the


water. A chance of an eagle, outside chance.


This hole cut right in the middle of the green, but it sits on a bit of a


hump. We haven't seen a lot of birdies here. That's OK, but just a


little off, maybe half a club, a little less, maybe.


Most under par at the Masters, 2014, Jordan Spieth has a commanding lead.


McIlroy hasn't done too badly either.


Sneaky long is little Rickie. Weird to see a club go around the body


like that. Getting into that laid off position. It has been that way


for a long, long time. I'm sure that is a layup now. That Paul has


settled in. Sometimes important tee shots at 15 is a favour, you don't


have to take the risk playing over the water. -- that ball has settled


in. Trying to suss the wind out, I


think. It's not the easiest shot to figure,


it's blind to the player. You cannot see the bottom of the flagstick.


Uphill, just trying to get it up on the right tier. Two tiered green.


Hitting the ball right on the button all day. Sitting on 4-under par for


the round, one of the best rounds of the day. Hoffman at 14. Oh...


A bit of stick to hit a tree. That is OK. He has done well to squeeze


it between the uprights. Rose for birdie. Has he done it?


Good line. Dead centre. APPLAUSE A fantastic back nine, only one


person in front of him, that's Charley Hoffman. Only the fifth


birdie at number 17 today. I believe Sergio will be licking his chops


here. Just a short iron. Ideally landing a foot or two left of the


flag. Interesting, trying to draw it to the pin. Nothing wrong with that.


A little uphill. Some break in it. Roaring into the slope of the


fairway to hole it, so it doesn't release to the right.


A couple of those today, clingfilm over the hole.


Now, Ryan Moore, a wonderful second shot to hear. Faced with a difficult


putt down the hill, big break, left to right.


Swinging to the right. Just... Oh. It's not, is it? Oh... It's gone.


Occasionally, you can look a fool, can't you? I think that's in


experience, plain and simple. In fairness to Rahm and the rookies


this week, they weren't able to get really great practice rounds in.


HAZEL IRVINE: Rory McIlroy, his third attempt to land the green


jacket at, and with it, a career Grand Slam. A very tantalising


position for the world under two, the four time major winner. Let's


get boring's thoughts on what he needs to do to get this jacket.


What's the overriding emotion as you walked off 18? A little frustrated.


I had enough chances on the back nine and didn't quite convert. I set


myself up for a few birdies. I was in between clubs all day. When I


have hit those drives, I need to get birdies, I had chances on 11 and 14


as well. I could have been a few better, and that puts me a few shots


behind going into tomorrow. I need to get off to a fast start and keep


it going. You need to know where the leaders


finished tonight, but is it possible to make a prediction on where you


could get tomorrow? I mean, I have shot low ones here before. My lowest


round here, I'm not sure if it is going to be low enough depending on


the conditions. It depends what the leaders do. Charley has the seven


there. If he stays at that, it will be tough. But if he drops a couple


coming in, I will feel better about my chances.


One or two players have come in and said it is difficult to attack the


cause, the pin positions, the greens quickening up. Is it a difficult


balance when you consider attacking tomorrow? It is. Especially with the


conditions, there was a light breeze, but nothing to trouble us


too much. As I said before, if you can take advantage of the par fives,


you are 4-under from the first tee. I will need to play the round of my


life tomorrow to have a chance. We appreciate you coming in and good


luck tomorrow. Thank you. COMMENTATOR: Always speaks so


sincerely and nicely, Rory. He says what he thinks.


Good two putt, 4-under for Ryan Moore. His grandma died on Friday,


so I think he's been slightly inspired. I'm not sure Charley


Hoffman is pleased to be right about here after that tee. He has way over


hit that. Not a good effort at all. Settle. A total mis-hit there. 18th


green, Jordan Spieth. Not an easy one to read across the


slope. Has he managed it? Wanted to bullet it in. Just watching that


ball run out. Mickelson is another one, as it goes past the hole, it


gives you a clue as to how it will break on the way back.


Only one place for it, a magnificent scene. Look at the spectators. How


do you get that many people to be quiet at the same time, I don't


know. Hoffman now. It would be one heck of


a recovery if he could make this. Really slow. A dropped shot for


Charley Hoffman. Just one shot ahead.


Sergio with a great opportunity, too.


And a super putt, and a good round for Jordan Spieth. Steady as she


goes, 68 today, Jordan. Made a real move. Look at that clean card on the


front, three birdies, no bogeys. A 3-putt at 16, but other than that,


fabulous golf today. He did what he had to do on moving day. Proving


day. A good night 's sleep can change a lot of things in the minds


of the players. This was Mickelson finishing.


Three-time champion, finding the bottom of the cup, 71, 73, 74. He


was hoping for a bit better today. Sergio, oh. A little bit like Rory,


that one slipping past the edge. It is hard to watch Sergio shrugging


like this on the greens. It has been tough to watch. He has hit it great


today. -- struggling like this on the greens.


Oh. I think he caught it off the bottom of the club and wasn't going


to make the carry. But it was perfect.


Rickie Fowler, third shot. This is dangerous. Got to fly this at least


to the hole, maybe beyond. What it, what it. Yes. Not great,


but OK. -- watch it. A little bit left of the flag, a bit more depth


of putting surface. Backswing like he is staring


custard. Cut it on the ledge at the back, it doesn't quite make it.


There has only been one birdie at number 16 today. But not a bad spot.


From that angle, you are putting straight uphill. A relatively easy


putt from there if you finish on the bottom plateau. Now, the lovely


swing of Adam Scott. And he hates it. Very


uncharacteristic. Just a short iron in there for Adam.


Can Rickie tickle one into the cup. A few goodies when he has missed


them close. This for birdie. Right into the heart. What a player,


what a putter. Maybe the best offer course brand.


Only winning four times on the course, the same as Charley Hoffman.


But Rickie is of fine pedigree. It just seems as if it is a matter of


time before he breaks through and win is one of the big ones. He has


been top five in all four Majors in the past. Sergio at 15. Slightly


open stance, playing slightly down the left.


A good, hard bounce, but not to the left. Not too much to the left. It's


hard to tell, but you can see he is in the shadows of the pines. The


shot that brings you into trouble, gets you out, if he can draw the


next shot, you can get out. The left arm, but he still might be able to


take a crack at 15 here. Hoffman makes Fred Funk look


cricket. He drives it pretty straight. -- makes Fred Funk look


crooked. 18th, the third shot of Adelaide's


Adam Scott. A real crowd pleaser. When he looks


like he is going to far, it grabs at the right moment. Let's see if Ryan


Moore can judge this. They used to say, Ken, they pipe the


sound of the birds chirping in the trees, but I was out there the other


day and I spotted a Bluebird making that, I don't know what kind of boat


it was, other than blue. They have real birds, not speakers in the


trees. This is glorious. We have moved to


another place. Just as glorious, the 18th.


It looks like he was giving someone out in cricket there.


It's called aim point. I can't quite fathom it out, but one or two


players use it. I can't figure it out. Ryan Moore back down the hill


at 16. That either goes in or goes down


where it came from. Justin Rose now. For birdie here at 18.


Oh, yes. And a fist pump for Justin Rose. Just like that. Rose and


Hoffman tied. Round of the day over there. Look at that scorecard.


12 in. Making the most of those holes, 67 for Justin Rose.


They will be singing in the Northants clubhouse.


13th fairway, Charley Hoffman. -- 15th fairway.


Look what he has left himself there. Alcatraz. That's an horrendous place


to be. He will try to pitch that next one into the bunker.


The ever popular Adam Scott, 3-under. 2013 champion, what a


pairing that was. It's been a long time since we have


seen a player on the right part of the screen. -- the right part of the


green. It is tricky to get down in two. Sergio is OK here. A no-brainer


now, 198 yards to the hole. It is all carry. His natural shot will


draw. A lot worse places to be than that.


Lucky that he had one bounce on the green. If it carried another yacht


and hit the downside, he would be near the water.


HAZEL IRVINE: We will hear from Jordan Spieth in a little while. He


is live on the US networks at the moment. There is the situation. What


a finish from Justin Rose, former US Open champion and reigning Olympic


champion, of course. He says he wants to be a multiple major winner


to cement his legacy. He is going about it the right way. The 12th


occasion for Justin that he has contended. And very, very firmly at


the weekend. I am sure you will remember, it is a couple of years


ago, he was in the last group with Jordan Spieth, getting to 14-under


that year. That score would have won him 70 of the previous 78 Masters.


He has been very, very close, and he is right at the top now. Charley


Hoffman making his way home at the 15th. Rickie Fowler has made some


forward momentum. He has gained it in the last hole also. Five


underdog. Sergio Garcia one better than when he started out. But the


putts are not dropping for surgery, are they. Jordan Spieth making a


claim for a second green jacket. Remember his incredible record in


this place of runner-up, first, runner-up, and who knows what in


2017? He's at 4-under with Ryan Moore. Adam Scott home with 69


blows. Charl Schwartzel making a good run today. You remember his win


in 2011 where he birdied the last four holes in that incredible


Haverhill recharge the year that Rory McIlroy perhaps could and


should have won the Masters. That was some six years ago. Jon Rahm,


his challenge has faded a little. 1-under now. But he will be here for


many years to come, you sense. An incredible talent, but ready


to-year-old Spaniard. Speaking of Jon Rahm, here he is. -- an


incredible talent, the 22-year-old. COMMENTATOR: Rahm for birdie at 17.


He is an emotional feller. He blasted that. Not a very good putt.


Sometimes you want it too much. This will be for par now. Still


hanging in there. Charley Hoffman finally has some company on top of


that leaderboard with Justin Rose, 6-under par. Rahm trying to remain


1-under. Within touch, within sight of the lead.


Oh, boy. Like he was going to buy that putter in half. A little


upslope, a of landing area, Sergio Garcia generally, with his pitching


and chipping, is an absolute artiste. Let's see what he comes up


with here. As a golfer, that is something so


special. It's a terrifying shot if you are not confident. Sergio is


just a genius around the greens. He made that look a lot easier than it


was. Think of all the putts that Sergio


has let get away to this point, only one shot off the pace. Likely to tie


the lead if he can clean that up on 15. Largest comebacks in history,


coming from seven straight behind, Nick Faldo in 1990 against Greg


Norman. I talked to Faldo on the driving range this morning, he said


he was five back on the 11th hole the first year he won. Six back


during the final round the year he did win. Now, Fowler.


A very natural, self-taught parting stroke with a lot of feel in it,


Fowler. -- putting stroke. He's in a real pickle here, Hoffman


is. I don't know if there is any lie good enough, Ken, that can fly over


the bunker. He is going to try to chip it onto the back of the green.


I can't quite see the angle. That is not quite so easy either. You are


right, though, if he pitches it out to the right over the bunker, he


will give himself a two putt par, maybe. He will not go for that,


because if Heath flicks it over the green, it will run away from him.


Maybe not. I will tell you what, he is way better off than I thought he


was. I thought he was in the patrons, but he is sitting on stop


decent green grass. Will he take a chance here? -- on top of decent


green grass. It looks like he is going to have a


go, face wide open. Two waste to open the face, you can lay your


hands back or Labour face open. He is doing a bit of both. Double open.


A tricky shot. Let see if he has done it. Yeah, that's really


magnificent, isn't it. With a face that wide open, you can go


underneath it, not just in front of it. Cut it clean and it skitters


across. A huge break for Charley not to be to the right of the gallery.


All of a sudden now, he has a chance, a good chance, for birdie.


Sergio mooching around, a little bit like a caged lion. He is ready to


pounce on something. Exactly where Rickie Fowler made it from a couple


of moments ago. Charley has come a long way. He


first turned pro in 2000. He played, it is called the now. Not


sure what it was called then. Nothing to sneeze at there. The


experience of the last group he had a couple of years ago. He seems


pretty comfortable in his skin these days. He has come a long way from


that big blonde mullet. No, never had a chance. Low and too


hard. Not a good combination. A tight lipped response. Looks like


Ryan Moore may have clipped the trees. He has gone a long way back


with his second to 17. He has to go under that branch or go around it.


Big, open-mouthed bunker guarding the 17th.


Hoffman at the 15th. Bit of a wild second, very good pitch. This four a


par. This to be OK. Well done. There are moments when you are delighted


not to drop a stroke, having done so on the previous hole. If he can


finish with three pars at worst, he will have had a very good day.


Beautiful chip shot of Sergio Garcia from behind the green. It is a


little further away than it looks. Knock a hole in 4-5 feet. Just maybe


a touch of movement of the very little if it's got a bit of pace on


it. A little bit of pace. Well done.


Very good for Sergio. He has had a lot of chances today. 6-under. Going


well. Go, Richard, says somebody very


formally. Just on the very edge of the second cut. HAZEL IRVINE:


Verities, Justin Rose bidding to be the second English man in succession


to win the green jacket. This is Justin's card. What a storming


second nine. 1-under for the tournament going to the 12th and he


made birdies. A round of 67. Great playing. Rose in full bloom. Justin,


best round of the day, give us your perspective on how well you think


you played. Yes, the key was staying patient early in the round. I felt I


was playing fine. I had a poor tee shot on two which resulted in the


bogey. I felt I had to remain patient. The test was around six


when I made bogey and seven, eight, nine, just stayed with it and played


really well on the back nine, everything clicked into gear. The


par putt need 11 was the catalyst to a great run in. Patients, is that


the key on Sunday? I think so, you have to be aggressive at times. Pins


you have to take advantage of. This is a course where you pick your


moments and it worked well for me today and will be the game tomorrow.


Putting will be key and people said the greens get quicker on Sunday.


They were great today. It was a relief not having to factor in the


wind. Today, with a smaller field, they were running perfectly and I


had more confidence in the greens today. We wish you luck on Sunday.


Cheers. I am sure a lot of people at home will do that. Garcia is right


up there, leading the way. Where is it?


Well, it is a tickler. Talking about his average in the


third round that Hazel highlighted. The highest average of Saturday's


scoring. Not too shabby at the moment. As we watch Hoffman. It is a


tough pin to get close to. If you turn it over a fraction it tumbles


down to the lower half. Oh, Charley, worse than that. Wow, he says. Wet


it is. That was a while shot. It was, 25, 30 yard mistake with a


five, six, seven iron. A dreadful shot.


These swings. They tell us nothing. Everybody tried to find out why he


has gone to the left. He just caught the water and that was it.


You might see those shots when the pin is down the left half but


Charley Hoffman going to a right-hand pin, in the water and in


trouble. HAZEL IRVINE: Meanwhile Jordan Spieth is safely in the


clubhouse after an excellent 68 today. No champion has trailed by


more than seven after 18 and what a charge. Did you have a target at the


start of the day? We wanted to shoot four under and get out there and we


thought if we shot four under the lead with move to six, seven and I


would creep in and bid on it, knowing that on Sunday you can take


chances. I thought the golf course would be difficult today and it


certainly was. We had tough pins but it was nice to get it out to 5-under


out one point and we hit our goal early in the round. You have led


going into the final round of every masters you have played in. How do


you go about attacking, will there be a different strategy? I don't


think so. You have to play to win. Other places you can back off and


kind of crews, out here, if you have a chance to go for it, you have to


pull off the shot. In 2015I have that situation on 13 and I chose to


go for it versus laying up. Those are the kinds of moments that people


that win this tournament have on Sunday. For me tomorrow it is about


when those moments present themselves. Being patient, pulling


off the shot, recognising that I would know better than anybody what


can happen on a Sunday and patience is key. Charley Hoffman from the


water taking a drop. That was poor, as well. Interesting


listening to Jordan Spieth and the difference this year, if you look at


the stats last year, 145th in greens in regulation and this year fifth,


so it is clear he has improved. Keep the momentum going.


It will be a fine day tomorrow. Not only the weather, but we could well


be in for some sparkling golf. Freddie at the 18th.


Still a very decent effort. Playing alongside Jon Rahm.


Not a bad leaderboard, is it? It is leading up to a very good day


tomorrow. The weather is set fair. Coming up to 20 minutes to seven in


Augusta. They keep it tight. If this was tomorrow and it was the


situation and there could be a play-off, they run the risk of


running out of light, which I can never understand when you have a


whole day to play with. These things that could have a little bit of


padding. Here we go the 18th. Ryan Moore picks up that club. A little


bit left. There is space out there, short of the bunkers. I noticed poor


old Ernie Els had an 83 today. Early in the week he looked witty good. --


he looked pretty good. Sergio looks as if he is going to


putt this. There you get the view from the other side. Yes, he has his


three wood out. What is he going to do with this. He has got his little


baffler out. He has worked it out very well indeed. That shot has


appeared in the players' repertoire in the last ten years. When it was


first done, I know not by whom, we thought they were weird and crazy


but it came off for Sergio. Playing fairway wood or metal, whatever you


want to call it. He is urging it on, playing


alongside Thomas Pieters, who is back to 1-under. Pieters has


recovered well. He is keeping himself in with an outside chance as


we go to Charley Hoffman, who is struggling against the tide.


Suddenly with one shot, perhaps his chances of winning the green jacket


are gone. Tomorrow is another day, but he has held it together so well.


He is not inexperienced. He has won three or four big events. But that


was a poor shot and could be costly. I suppose it is experience in the


Majors. You mention just one top ten in the Majors, here, finishing


ninth. Never really been in contention.


When you play a lot of professional golf and they play for $1 billion


every week, it is not such a huge difference. He has played for ten,


15 years. It is not as if you are playing here for the first time. It


is not as if it is the heat of the Sunday afternoon.


A strange tee shot. He has got it. Well done. A couple


of shots gone to par. Now he happens to make certain he does not finish


worse than four, four. Rose and Garcia out in front. Fowler trying


to stay within one and he has putted well.


He has putted the best of everyone today. He has holed seven, eight


very good putts. This is a testing one for Sergio and well done. A


little chip down the green. The start of the third round, where


they were, and watch them move. Charley Hoffman got to 6-under.


Hoffman was out in front. And Hoffman then departed. HAZEL IRVINE:


Several former champions in the mix. What about Adam Scott, winner in


2013. Has not been in the top ten since but in touch after a round of


69 today. Yesterday you said you felt you played well, how well did


you play today? I played really well today. I hate to say it was easy


today compare to the first two but the wind was not a factor and to


stand on the 12th tee and not worry about it was nice. I wish I


converted more chances. I played solid but not all putts were


makeable. I did make a few good ones, I did not quite finish it off,


the last four holes. I would have liked to have been that bit closer.


I can sneak up on them tomorrow hopefully. If I play may be the


round of the year for me I could be in with a chance. You have been


there before. How much will that experience count? It counts for a


little bit. I know I can do it. When you have to stand up and hit shots


when there is no other option. I love that feeling and hopefully I


will get myself to that position tomorrow. We have seen so many crazy


things happen here on Sunday and hopefully it is crazy good for me.


Best of luck tomorrow. ANDREW COTTER: He has only played four


tournaments this year. He decided to play the week before the Masters and


missed the cut last week in Houston. This man will be a bit frazzled,


Peter. That was a serious mistake at the


16th. Still smiling away. Beautiful second from Thomas


Pieters. Well done. That is a good putt. He has come back well. He had


an unhappy time in the middle of the round.


An astonishing climb up the 18th. We'd talk about it. It is a good old


clamber up there. Takes it out of you at the end of the day.


Fine silks and dam from the Orient. And having a fag at the same time.


-- damask. 151 yards. Big front bunker. Sloping


green, left to right. It is so delicate. Another day it might


wander down to the right. Talking about how quickly the light fades


here. See almost a full moon copperhead. It does get gloomy quite


quickly. 150 yards, Hoffman. -- the full moon up ahead. That looked to


be straight at it. Let's remind ourselves of highlights


from Justin Rose. That would go in for a birdie and


this was the 13th. Two putts for a birdie. What a back nine. Talk about


taking advantage of the par-5s at Augusta. Birdie on 13 and here at


the 15th. What a touch from behind the green. Walking it down. And then


finding the centre of the hole once more. Another birdie, three on the


back nine. 17. One of the best second shots we had seen in here and


again dead centre. Birdie number four. His six of the day. And then


the final hole. You dream about a 3-3 finish at Augusta. It looks like


he did not like it but it was because he knew it was good. He did


not need to keep looking at it. With par at the 16th and birdie at the


17th and this birdie at the 18th, it was a 3-3- three finish for Justin


Rose. 67. Equalling his lowest round. He has done that, a couple of


times. That gave him a share of the lead.


This ball pitched well short, but did not stop, it kept going,


climbing up the hill, leaving him this six, seven yards for birdie.


Good strike. Nice four to finish. Not a bad day's work.


34 out. One dropped shot at the 3rd. 35 home. 69. Good score.


The shadows stretch out on the 17th green. Possibly the most exposed


part of the course. Not a breath of wind today. Long green, wide green.


You get the impression, how it runs through the middle. We were talking


earlier with Paul Azinger, there is not really a green on this course


you can say is easy. To William McGirt. Oohs from the crowd as it


circles and drops. 74 today. Heading in the wrong direction.


Now then, will it come round? No, it is too low. Left him one of those


awkward ones. Looking at the leaderboard there is a hint of the


Ryder Cup about it. Rose and Garcia, Fowler and Spieth just behind. A


slightly different atmosphere. Beautiful position, right in the


middle of the fairway. Go, go, he is saying. That is a club short. With


the toing and froing and reading, you can still make mistakes and that


was a club short. Blame the caddy. Ah, blame the wind. Rose and Garcia


leading. Sergio may still creep ahead.


Sliding across the crown of the green, over the top and down and if


it is too fast, too heavy, it can go four, five, six feet past so easily.


Good pace. Gosh, he has putted well. He has holed very little.


They say four for Sergio. -- it is a safe four.


He talked about how happy he is off the course at the moment and how


that puts him in good stead on the course. So many times, Garcia has


been rather woe is mean. He seems to be in a different place, as they


say. Hoffman to save par. Well done. Two shots dropped at the


short 16th. One hole left. Jordan Spieth, this was at the 6th.


Where so many players had found themselves but he found the hole.


First birdie of the day stop also birdie on the par-5 8th. And on the


ninth. The best of the day, the second to


the ninth. A tap-in birdie. 3-under par and 3-under for the tournament.


Safely through Amen Corner and to the 13th green.


That was for eagle. Fourth birdie of the day. Third shot to the 15th. You


think of that in the first round that found the water. Exactly the


same yardage, he said subsequently. Very different result and another


birdie. Bogey on the 16th, his first drop shot after 13 holes.


Fowler, a huge putt up the 18. Ernie Els, who had an unhappy day, he


holed out. Finished with a three, did big Ernie. Fowler still has work


to do. Garcia on the right-hand side. A nice angle to hit that the


bunkers and perhaps slide a little bit of them. Beautiful. A fade to


the right half of the fairway. He has sort of steady things,


Charley Hoffman. He has not let the 16th and his adventures there really


get to him. Putted on the 17th. He needs a true drive.


That is OK. Pieters at the final hole. Recovered well. If he can get


down in a couple of putts from here, or even one. Well judged. He has


fought back well. Some rather untidy holes in the middle of the round,


but in with a shout tomorrow. I was wondering how far away you can


be too realistically have a chance. McIlroy will need something


miraculous. Westwood is 1-under. Schwartzel, two. Adam Scott, three.


Rickie Fowler. He is looking to finish on five. He has holed so many


putts today. This would be the grand finale if you can pop this in. This


is a short one. He has rattled them in from everywhere. He has done it


again. He has putted magnificently. A long walk up to the scoring room.


Hoffman is second to the 18th. Back on the green. Do not go down


the hill. Can it? It mustn't. Charley does not deserve this. You


see what I mean? You have no idea. Look at that. I should write to the


Times. A little bit of evening moisture. Temperature dropping a


bit. He has thrown it to the heavens. Has


he let it slip bright? The final walk up. Sergio is still


working out what he did wrong. HAZEL IRVINE: Round three, Justin


Rose with the best of the day. His record equalling round at Augusta.


He had tied second finish to Jordan Spieth.


Sergio Garcia desperate to try to break his duck in Majors. What a


picture this is and what a prospect for tomorrow. Peter Alliss: Up onto


the green the gladiators fought. -- gladiators. They both have a lot of


work to do to get down in two. They come in all shapes and sizes. Would


you bet on them both getting down in two? Will they struggle. What would


you think? I would take one of them to get down in two. I was thinking


if Justin Rose were to win tomorrow and to go around with his Olympic


medal over his green jacket. You wouldn't have an inferiority


complex! Charley Hoffman. An awful time for him at the 16th. Of his own


making. A lot of these putts wander off to the right near the hole. If


he can get down in two, it is a job not too badly done, bearing in mind


what happened to him at the 16th. But he is still in with a chance.


Very much so. It is speed and line. Four feet left, or more coming up


the hill. It has kept going. It started to


move to the right. Five feet short. Television colleagues getting ready


for a chat. Sergio, I do not know whether he has enough club from down


there. We were talking earlier. Sergio's respotting in general --


putting in general. Struggles in terms of getting the weight right.


He has a very heavy putter. Which he likes to rock like a pendulum over


the shorter putts. Let's see if he can find the distance on this. I am


surprised so many use the claw putt from long range when they chip with


an ordinary grip. He obviously feels comfortable doing it that way. But


an ordinary grip for long putts would seem to be the answer, if you


are having difficulty judging the distance. This is long, uphill, at


halfway between him and the hole is the rise, up it comes, over the top.


And it drifts away to the right and looks perfectly flat. And they are


both faced with five, six footers. Come on, one of you, please. The


reason he went to the claw grip in 2011 was because he felt the right


hand was too dominant. He wanted to take that out of things. He


practices with a conventional grip. You seem go to it and switch to the


claw at the last minute. It has served him not to badly, but Hoffman


is first to try. There would be a big cheer if this


went in. Charley is the underdog. They like supporting the underdog.


Come on, Charley. All the way. Well done, sir.


Not a bad finish after the double bogey on the 15th. Four under. He


led after the first round, he led for a spell during this round as


well. The man from San Diego, Las Vegas now. He will be well pleased


with that. He would certainly have taken that on Wednesday night if he


had been offered that position. Now, Sergio for his four.


A little bit of movement from this one, Andrew. We have seen the


putting across the top of the green so many times. It depends on the


speed. Sometimes its wings to the left. Sometimes it's OK.


It's OK, Sergio. Well done. Well done indeed.


Get him into the final group for tomorrow as well. It will be Garcia


and Rose in the final group, chased down by Fowler and Spieth.


HAZEL IRVINE: What a prospect, matching his best ever, Sergio.


Great friends and colleagues from the Ryder Cup, up against each other


in the final grouping out tomorrow. The final pairing. Last year, Danny


Willett won Britain's first green jacket, could there be another?


Rickie Fowler just one shot behind and he will accompany Jordan Spieth.


As Andrew says, what a fantastic prospect it is for the Crown. And


indeed the patrons at Augusta National. Ryan Moore so on that


number. Adam Scott is lurking. He says he might sneak up on the


leaders. Charl Schwartzel, too, in red numbers. Paul Casey after his


round of 69 is some six shots behind now, as is Grand Slam chasing Rory


McIlroy after a 1-under par round of 71. Jon Rahm, it wasn't a Saturday


he will like to remember in a hurry, but he will learn. Phil Mickelson


started off with great intentions, a 2-over par round of 74 today has put


him in the group at 2-over. Branden Grace in the group at 5-under.


Matthew Fitzpatrick as well, tied seventh here last year. Currently


6-over, 12 shots off the pace. Some big numbers, because as we told you


at the beginning of the broadcast, the first couple of days at Augusta


were very, very challenging. 35-40 mph gusts. Marc Leishman has


challenged here before, plus nine. There is Sergio Garcia after that


round of 70 today. And a very brave putt to remain in pole position,


joint pole position with Justin Rose today. In it goes. Who knows, he


might have another go like that for a green jacket tomorrow. 37 years of


age now, Sergio. He will be married later in the year. He is in a better


space in his personal life than he has possibly been before. He has an


aura about him this year that we haven't seen before I think it is


ten years since his play-off at the Open Championship when he missed


from, oh, five feet to win the Open Championship there, and he has been


trying since to land one of these things. Four times he has been a


runner-up in Majors, more top tens and anyone in history without


winning one. Could this be the Spaniard's year? We shall see,


because your head says Rose, your heart says Garcia. Your gut tells


you that Jordan Spieth and many others may well have a say. And we


will be back at 6:30 on BBC Two right here for live and


uninterrupted coverage tomorrow of the final round. Don't fall get,


digital feeds, live features around Amen Corner, and featured groups


from 3:15. That is it, day three is over. Roll on day four. The green


jacket will be won, but who will be wearing it come the Knights


tomorrow? See you soon. -- come the night.


You are the cream of the French aristocracy.


Hazel Irvine presents live and uninterrupted coverage of day three of the Masters at Augusta.

At this stage last year, 2015 winner Jordan Spieth surged four shots clear at the top of the leaderboard, carding a six-under-par round of 66. However, the American could not capitalise on that commanding advantage and was eventually overhauled on the final day by Englishman Danny Willett.

Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Andrew Cotter and Paul Azinger.

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