Final Day Live Golf: The Masters

Final Day Live

Live, uninterrupted coverage of the final day's play at the Masters at Augusta. Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Andrew Cotter and Paul Azinger.

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This is it. This reminds me of the BBC music you get.


What a way to finish. There it is! Can you believe it?


A victory for the ages. In your life have you ever seen anything like


that? At long last! Bubba Watson is wearing the green jacket. A life


changer. One of the epic performances. Danny Willett is the


Masters champion. Joy unbounded. Good evening from Augusta National


in Georgia, we waited 20 years for another British winner of the green


jacket at the Masters tournament, and last year Danny Willett at


Bligh, he slipped on the coveted jacket. The trend and taste for the


spokes tailoring continues amongst his fellow countrymen, because


Justin Rose 's co-leader into this final round, he shares the lead with


the much loved Spaniard Sergio Garcia. For so long golf's nearly


man. There are no guarantees on Masters Sunday, anything can happen,


and it usually does. Who is in it to win it tonight?


This was the picture heading into the final 18 holes. Justin Rose


aiming to add to his major collection, Sergio Garcia aiming to


start his. Rickie Fowler has performed better than anyone here


this week on the greens. Looking at 4-under, Jordan Spieth, the Masters


machine. He has either finished first or second every time he has


come here, this is the first time he has had to chase the lead on the


final day. 16 players are within six shots, including Adam Scott and


Charl Schwartzel, both former winners.


The players on even with half to have the round of their lives today.


We are five hours behind you. If you would like to head straight out to


the course, there are options to see action around on the red button or


via the website. Full coverage from our American host begins in half an


hour, just after 7pm. But this is shaping up as a classic Masters


Sunday. On the scale of one to ten, how excited are you? It has got to


be a temp, it has been set up, the conditions are perfect, a bit of a


breeze, it is all there of a Sunday. How do you like the leaderboard? It


looks like a Ryder Cup. I imagine Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose


against Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth. It is about who wanted the


most. Controlling the controllable is. There is nobody that is afraid


of anybody else, everybody knows everybody quite well. It is like a


pack of lions almost. They all get along until the food shows up, then


it is a fight. Somebody will end up feeling it at some point, their body


will relax and they will feel it. Nerves will not be a big factor


until the end of the day, because they are so comfortable with each


other. They will be playing against themselves to begin with, then they


play against the course. The holes are cut in places on the second


nine, you can see balls feeding in, and it should be exciting. Let the


fireworks begin. It is a fantastic second shot day. The course is set


up with the usual Sunday pin positions, but set up to receive


something like a 66. Somebody can Go Local today. The early holes are


still quite tricky. The back nine is really set up, because it's perfect.


Still a bit of yield from the rain, they will be altogether the ball


just right. There will be bogeys -- birdies and eagles. They will be


making lifeline -- life changing decisions. You have set it up to


deflate! -- beautifully! Was they get going, the nerves will go away,


and we will see some great golf. This is the first time at Augusta


that to Europeans have made up the final pairing. Justin Rose and


Sergio Garcia will be going out at 7:45pm your time.


Rory McIlroy paired again with Matt Kuchar. Paul Casey hopes to fly


under the radar en route to at least a third top-10 finish in a row at


Augusta. Two former champions, Adam Scott and


Charl Schwartzel, they have quietly crept into contention. Ryan Moore


and Charley Hoffman made all the running in the first two days. Great


friends, Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth. If they get on a roll, watch


out. The first all European final pairing in Masters history. The


Ryder Cup team-mate. We have got a spectacular Sunday for weather.


Hardly a puff of wind, the war Mr Bridges of the week, touching 80


degrees, it could be a breathtaking day, in so many respects. Our


colleague James pointed out that green and gold are usually the


colour combinations reserved for Australian sportsmen, but it could


be that for Justin Rose today, a green jacket to go with his


gold-medal from the Olympics? Some talents burned so brightly,


there is no way to hide them. Raking 70 at 11, a handicap of plus three


at 14. Stepping into the fears spotlight on the biggest stage of


all, Birkdale, the open. Get in, they cry. And they were


right! Every inch a teenager, but the


smiling one next door. The name made for headlines. Great things were not


too far away. No journeys are smooth, nobody that perfect. Real


life arrived like jolting awake, 21 missed cuts in a row, all done in


that very public glare. The cries about overhyped, the questions and


the sense of turning pro so quickly. But the work continued and


improvements followed, small steps, then victories and titles. There was


still upset and unhappiness, these were victories for an ailing father,


a man who had been a friend and early code and guide, and who was


gone too soon. So to Augusta. Love from early sightings, though not


immediately requested. He led after the opening two rounds in 2004


before faltering. It was still all part of the growing, more experience


had been filed away. The passing years brought a family of his own,


life changing off because, on it he continued to improve. But the time


of the US Open in 2013 he was different, a better player. He took


his first major. Justin Rose has won the US Open, the first English


winner in 43 years. South African born, now living in America, but


there has never been doubt about where Frome is and for whom he


plays. Justin Rose has got it! That was something special. Four times at


the heart of Europe's Ryder Cup team, a key role in the miracle of a


diner. What a finish. He takes out Phil Mickelson. Incredible. Nobody


seemed to enjoy the Olympic experience more than him. On the


cause, unbeatable, a golfing gold medallist. It is gold. Justin Rose


of Great Britain takes Olympic gold. But there remains something


unfinished at Augusta. He has been runner-up, one of those left


trailing by Jordan Spieth two years ago. He is the dream of headline


writers, a rose among the azaleas and Dogwood. He stands so close,


playing golf with the precision he always has, showing the talent we


could always see, and the early hype seems a lifetime ago. Oh, yes. Just


like that. But as everybody knows, it can take a long time to become a


master. Justin walks onto the practice


ground ahead of his tee time at a few moments ago. He understands the


significance of cementing his legacy as a multiple major winner, and this


is the first time he has led or co-lead going into the last round of


any major. He is a great strategist, you admire his thinking? At this


point, feel transport. I can remember what I felt at every


tournament, sorry, what I thought at every tournament, but I cannot


remember what I felt. You have to manage your nerves, you have to


manage your yardage book and your strategy and philosophy. But in the


end, it is about who has the best touch on the greens. And who is the


most in control of their nerve. You can help yourself along by


controlling your breathing, being conscious of your walking pace.


Concentration is a beautiful thing to watch, but it is a learned


behaviour. One of the guys on the top of learned it the best. It is on


the greens that there have been some interesting notes where Justin is


concerned. He has been planning since the start of the year.


He has been working on his grip, he has used the claw grip, which is


where the right-hander sits at an odd angle. Notably done by Chris


DiMarco. He has brought a heavier putter. They plan for coming here in


April, a work on their game to get it just right, and this is the key


to their success. Also the fact that Danny Willett won last year, another


Englishman, in your mind you say, I am better than Danny Willett. But


this is the key. He has a beautiful iron and driving game, he needs to


make some putts. He has won a major Championship, it would not surprise


me if he wins are. If yesterday was a dress rehearsal for the back nine,


what they rehearsal it was. He was 5-under for the last seven holes, if


he does that again, he will be the champion, and it will be interesting


to see if he can win and join this list. Sandy Lyle kick-started a


bread run. Will the floodgates open again, as


they did in the late 80s? On this date, in 1989, Nick Faldo won the


first of his three green jacket. It could be a sign. There are so many


possibilities. Ken has been looking at the leaderboard.


A sunny day on Masters Sunday does not get much better than this. I am


by the pond on the 11th, which guards the left edge of the green.


It is where the big leaderboard is. It is not easy to open up. At the


top of the leaderboard at the moment is Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia,


but who will be there later when they march through? We saw say. A


great view. We needed a cherry picker to get him


back down again! A lovely view. We will discuss Sergio Garcia. Unlike


Justin Rose, he knows exactly what the feeling is like to lead going


into the last day, he did so at the Open Championship in 2007, and he


lost in a play-off to Padraig Harrington. Many of you will


remember. He has had four runners-up spots in Majors, this could finally


be his turn. It was not easy, but I played hard,


I thought as much as I could with what I had. I stayed patient. I


waited for my time to make a couple of good things. I got a great break


on 13. When things are going well,


everything seems to line up easier. There is nothing wrong with that. It


does not mean it will be easy. I have to believe in myself again and


be patient. Do not freak out even if things go wrong. Seve Ballesteros's


50th birthday, how much inspiration are you drawing from him? Hopefully


it'll help me. Help is always wanted and welcome. It will be nice if he


helps from up there. Hopefully we can get it done and celebrate.


It would have been his 60th birthday today, he passed away in 2011. There


is Sergio Garcia, walking onto the practice ground ahead of his


tea-time. Yesterday there was a shot which I described as his Freddie


couples moment. 25 years ago, he left the ball at the 12th, hanging


on the bank, and one hole later, he did the same thing.


It was a beauty. I went to the 13th, the bank on the left, the grass is


long. It looked as if it went into the water. But it smacked on the


bank, which was a huge break. Your momentum would go if it goes in the


water. Then this delightful chip. He made it look so easy. It was hard,


because of the amount of upslope. A key moment. You are good


strategists, great psychologists. I wonder how USS Sergio Garcia's


approach on these key days and key moment. He has got to wanted the


most. He has got to wanted the most, be the most determined. When Charley


Hoffman headed in the water yesterday on 16, he could go either


way. He could lose his confidence or he could be more determined. When


Jack missed it, it made him more determined. Sergio Garcia must be


the most determined. He has the most demons and the biggest cross to


bear. I feel like it is a mental battle for him. For him, it is the


mental side. 2012 he had a bad round. He said, I can't get around


Augusta. He has had a few close finishes. It is going out there and


being in control of his mental game. He looks a lot calmer. He looks to


be within himself. 37 years old, perhaps the maturity is kicking in.


Many would love to see him win. He has already won here at Augusta, in


the year that Jose-Maria Olazabal won the second of his jackets, 1999.


Rossi claimed the silver cup, as the leading amateur. Jose-Maria sent him


a note of inspiration on the eve of this year's masters. Hoping he could


do it. Very nice. There would be no more appropriate winner on what


would have been Seve Ballesteros's 60th birthday than Sergio Garcia. It


was here in 1980 that he had a massive breakthrough for European


golf, becoming the first European to win the green jacket. He did it


again three years ago, -- three years later, but a whole generation


grew up wanting to play like him. To become the first European to win


the Masters for special. Today his son tweeted, he said,


happy birthday, dad, happy 60th birthday. I am sure you go wishing


for Sergio today. It can not be easy, being Sergio and having to


follow in the wake of these wonderful champions. A large weight


to carry around. It is. When Sergio came through in 1999, he nearly won


his second or third major Championship, we thought it would be


inevitable that he would win four or five, says he has had the pressure


all of that time. He has a chance today to put a tick in a box.


Anniversaries aplenty today. It was 20 years ago that Tiger Woods won a


landmark treachery for himself and for golf, running rings, 12 shots,


around everyone else to win here. But 20 years on, in terms of the


American influence, I wonder whether the red shirted influence of Tiger


Woods will transfer into the orange shirted influence of Rickie Fowler.


I cannot go out and make two mini mistakes, I need a solid round of


golf. When it comes to the back nine, there are opportunities, where


if we are behind, there are some great possibilities on 13 and 15.


And some areas where you can make up some ground. It will be fun, but the


biggest thing will be to get out of the great -- out of the gate good.


Will you allow your mind to wander off and think what it might be like


to win this event? I have thought about it before! There is no denying


that. There have already been thought. As a kid you are thinking


about walking up a team with a five shot lead. If anybody tells you they


have a thought about winning the Masters... It will be a special day,


I am looking forward to hanging with family and friends tonight, getting


some rest. It is a tough week, a good walk, a little up and down. I


am looking forward to it. Google Play well tomorrow.


He has gone with the orange pants, not the orange shirt! It would look


good with the green jacket! He has been superb with his touch on the


greens this week, superb putting stats. He has had 79 putts so far,


30 out of 30 from five feet. He is the best putter on the board


now. Charley Hoffman is putting well as well, Sergio might be the worst.


It always comes down to a putt. Unless Sergio can lap the field with


his ball striking, it will be a harder challenge for him. Rickie


Fowler is the best brand builder since Greg Norman off the course. He


has had a top five in all Majors, he does not back off. He's putts go in


with authority and conviction. Bubba Watson has inspired him, he has won


two Greenjackets, and Rickie Fowler wants to follow him. You like his


stroke. You can see a natural feel and flair. Putting is at least 50%


touch and feel. He has a beautiful way of running them into the front


edge, a loose group. If you can hole from that range consistently, you


have got to be in the hunt, and he has put a delightfully. This was 15


yesterday. It just flops in, magnificent. Good putting breeds


confidence. You think Tom if I make an error, you can catch up. His


average, he is picking up three strokes a round on the field. This


is his 29th major start, at his plane partner is Jordan Spieth, the


most ominous presence on that leaderboard. This man is a master 's


machine. You have led going into the final


round in every masters you have played so far, will it be a


different strategy? To win this tournament, you have to play to win.


Other places, you can back off a bit. You can cruise. Here, if you


have a chance to go for it, you have a decent number, you have to pull


off the shot. In 2015, I have that situation on 13, I chose to go for


it, and pulled off the shot and it led to a birdie that kept the lead


strong. Those are the moments that people who win this tournament have


on Sunday. Tomorrow, it is about when those moments present


themselves, being patient, pulling off the shot and recognising that I


would know better than anybody that anything can happen on a Sunday.


Patients is key. There he is, warming up. For the


first time ever he will not be in the final pairing. The last three


years he has been a co-leader at least after 54 holes. An astonishing


record. He has told himself to seize the moment, Arnold Palmer style.


There was a moment yesterday at the 13th.


Astonishingly, he went for it, Arnold Palmer style, Phil Mickelson


style, and he would have a success at the 13th. Incredible to think


about that mindset, to talk yourself into that. It was an interesting


thing. The caddies will play a major part today. Saying the right thing


at the right time, encouraging your mind to have a go for one. They will


have a major influence on the tactics. The leaders have got very


experienced caddies. How much do you sense the bones to right the wrong


from last year? In his mind he has passed that. He has won twice since


then, he has gone past the 12th hole a few times. What a key has the lead


on the 12th today? What will run through his mind? There is a lot to


look forward to, I forgot about him on the board when I said that Rickie


Fowler was the best putter. Everybody on the board is a terrific


ball striker, they all have a great game. This should be one heck of a


shoot out. The fireworks on the second nine, it could be


magnificent. It is the greatest second shot cause, today will be the


greatest second shot day in golf. Another interesting fact, we have


Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia, then the Americans. The crowd noise could


make a difference. If you could get the crowd moving with your group,


like the Ryder Cup. It feels like 100% of the fans will be pulling for


Rickie Fowler, and for Jordan Spieth as well. It is hard to say that, but


the truth be told, they do not favour 1-over the other, but they


favour both of them over the Europeans. This is a good three or


four times we have mentioned the Ryder Cup, it has that feel, these


last two pairings. You might hear some dumb USA, USA chants! I did not


want to say it, because once it sticks in my head, I cannot get it


out. I always remember that 16th come it


is a cauldron of pressure, the noise ricochets around. There is a bit of


movement out on the course. We can show you some of the birdies that


have been achieved. This is Marc Leishman at the 7th. And this is


going to give us an idea. This is what we love about the Sunday at the


Masters. Really starting at about Ram Slam, that's when it's going to


start to open up for the players. The players will have to be really


sensible for the first few holes, not to be too aggressive too early


and shoot themselves out of it. They will have all studied the hole


locations today, they will know where they're going to attack.


Russell Henley, who of course last week won in Houston, to make it to


the Masters. And look at that! That is a very, very rare birdie. Paul,


what do you make of this man Freddie Couples, 57 years young? It's


Freddie Couples, it's really amazing, all the while with a quote


bad back! He has so much shoulder turn still for a guy that age,


strong chest and strong legs, he still bombs it. Well, this is the


leaderboard, Freddie Couples making his move, he's -2, five shots off


the pace. We have seen Jimmy Walker, US PGA champion, -1 for today. And


Jon Rahm, we like the look of Jon Rahm. He's got fantastic presence.


This has been a great learning experience for him. But right on the


front page of that, we've been looking at Charley Hoffman and Ryan


Moore, both of these fellows in the hunt for their first major.


Gentleman, Charley Hoffman, that could double bogey yesterday at the


16th but he showed so much nerve in those first couple of days? There


has been a lot of pressure on him, he's going to be the most determined


guy in the field I think. We'll see what happens. But at this point, it


really boils down to, you have to want to win more than you're afraid


to fail, it comes down to that. His compatriot Ryan Moore, the two of


them are playing together, how much confidence do you think Ryan Moore


has been gaining not just from his season last year but also from his


Ryder Cup experiences? A could Ryder Cup, you're right at the front. Then


you think, I can play golf at the very sharp end. In some ways, the


Ryder Cup is even more pressurised. In other tournaments, you can only


let yourself down. Anyone who does that in your first Ryder Cup, you've


got to say well done. Paul Casey, a man who was in the top four last


year. He was a trying to post a good score. I think these early pins,


although they're tough, they are much easier than they can be. You


can get off to a fast start on that back nine. There's some dangerous


hole locations on the front, that one is not one of them. You've just


got to be smart and patient and wait, take advantage when you can.


To me, it is always about who feels the best at the right moment.


Controlling your heart rate. If you can feel your pulse in your


fingertips, you've probably what a problem! Who is going to win today?


My heart says Sergio, my gut says Justin Rose and Ken? I am a good


buddy with Rose, but also Sergio is a firm favourite of mine. It could


be any of those four, or someone could come from behind, like Fred


Couples. There are two gentlemen waiting on the first tee. Lee


Westwood is due off very, very shortly, in the company of Thomas


Pieters. And we can join Andrew Cotter and Peter Ellis.


PETER ALLISS: Thank you, Hazel. Here he goes, Lee Westwood, in very good


shape, played some beautiful golf over the last three days. Needs


something in the mid-60s, that could well do it. It's hard work from the


very first shot. Sailing away, and... Up the left


side, will it hold the fairway? Just off it, should be OK.


Thomas Pieters come now driving! Thomas Pieters of Belgium. He can


give it a fair old tonk, I can tell you. Recovered very well yesterday,


he looked at one stage as though he was heading for 80 but fought back


brilliantly towards the end of his round. And here he is. Fifth troop


from the end. Oh, I don't know quite what


happened, but he's OK, Andrew? Yes, a 3-wood was the choice for Pieters


there. He's OK, anyway. Jimmy Walker, this is the Sunday pin


position. Just down on the left corner of this green, it is a very


small part of the green. That was for a par four. Now, Mickelson,


eagle three at Looking back at the 5th. This is a


very underrated hole. It looks fairly benign but the greens are


very difficult. The greens are very big here, big, long slopes, not all


that many places on the green where you get a good area of flat putting


surface. Here's Couples... ANDREW COTTER: Not too shabby. The


pin is all the way up at the back today. He's gone for the green


shirt, eternal optimism. Rory at the second. Unlucky, one bounce forward


and that could have gone right down to the hole. Disappointing. Back to


Paul Casey on the first for his birdie. He had a terrible putting


stance the first two rounds. There we are, final group - friends!


Sergio Garcia and his father there. Fowler, warming up. Wonderful


practice facilities here. Your field village, Jack Nicklaus's course,


also has a wonderful practice area. But here I think beats them all.


Butch is close at hand, Fowler's coach. And that is when he will tee


off, UK time. Obviously, otherwise he's out very early! As we go to


Ross Fisher. A twirl of the club from Fisher. Oh, what a shot! He is


+9 so he can afford to go for it. So little between the pin and the front


of the green. I'm not sure many of the leaders will be pulling off


shots like that. Back to the first, Thomas Pieters, second shot. He


won't see much of the green from here.


High hands on the putter, Freddie Couples, always been his way. You


can see a bit of damage around the hole there, that was Russell Henley,


who went straight in. Now, how about this for a putt? This is McIlroy at


the second. Got to aim for the top side of the green. Very difficult to


get the speed right, but that looks pretty good. Oh, that's brilliant.


Brilliant judgment of pace. Westwood on the first.


He, too, with a green shirt. Oh, just hit a little bit of an upslope


there. That's OK. Another look at Russell Henley.


Let's see if we can see the ball actually pitch. Oh, they're not


showing that. This is the next hole. He might do it again...! Willet...?


Off it goes. He couldn't do it twice in a row...? That's pretty good.


He's not quite sure where that's ended up.


Curtis Luck, good round he's putting together today. US amateur champion.


Big, big talent. Spieth on the practice ground. I find him a very


interesting player to watch. In his early early 20s, and he's not an


elegant player. At times he looks a bit clumsy. They talk about his


magical putting, he does two or three things which are not the


accepted rule for people who putt very well. He doesn't look at the


ball, looks at the hole, does certain things his own way. Not very


balanced, but by God, he gets the job done. Fisher, for eagle on the


15th. These players not in contention, but well worth their


while to have a look at the holes to see what will be facing the leaders.


I did not think there was much reached today, but there's a bit of


life in that water. Who yeah, there is a touch of life about. You see


that one, you think it must go right, but no, straight as a die.


Nice birdie. So nearly an eagle three. +8.


Now, Garcia on the range. As ball strikers go, he has always been


right up there with the very, very best. Heading off in that final


group with Justin Rose. Question, just a question, around


his putting. And also, does he have the mentality - which he has


questioned himself in the past? And we shall see today whether he does


have it. He says he's changed as a person. Up ahead, Lee Westwood for a


three... That's a nice start terms for


Westwood. Just a bit short with his second shot, nice long opening putt,


just settles you down. You get the feeling there are just too many


players ahead of Westwood and McIlroy. But one of them could well


challenge, Peter. There we are, the damage done by Henley, painted


again. And this was heavily's second shot, this is how it happened. In it


went for a two! There we are, you see! I don't know whether they're


actually cutting a new hole in close ox, with? Yes, brand new hole. -- in


close proximity. That's interesting, they're cutting a brand-new hole, so


the players still to come are not playing exactly the same course.


Well, that's what it looks like. 18 inches away. These are Masters of


their craft. A little bit of this, a touch of paprika... Little bit of


that. Stick it in for 20 minutes... It's gone, it was never there! Never


happened! In goes the white liner. And you didn't see us, we were never


hear! Players just waiting behind. As we


leave the gardening and take a look at Pieters at the first. He would


have followed the line of Westwood's putt to the hole. It's going left...


Oh, it came back. Two beautiful long putts, two tidy fours.


This is going right at it, is it? No. But this might come down, Peter.


Yes, it's got a bit of movement in it. That's a great result, going


straight back up the hill. Fisher at the 16th, familiar Sunday


pin position. Let's see how Fisher handles it. As we think of the drama


to come here in four or five hours' time. That needs to hop up. That's


pretty good. Earned his place here with his performance at the World


Matchplay a couple of weeks ago. Broomstick Roy, third hole, second


shot. That needs to come back... Hit it a little bit too hard and now,


he's left himself a very difficult third shot. Henley, gets a birdie.


The hole-damager gets back to level par. Charge Swart saw, former


winner, just in an awkward spot here. Careful you don't slip.


Has he got it online? Just caught the sound I think.


Green is certainly the go to colour today. He had that wonderful finish


in 2007, clergy in the last four holes. Of course we sent out Ken


Brown earlier today to have a look at the course. You can get some


adventurous putts here at Augusta National. Some huge breaks, and just


have a look at this one. With a putt like this, you've got to pick the


high point, where you're going to aim it. I'm going to start it just


about there, that's about 12ft left, so let's have a go and see if we can


do it. It's all about reading the greens, the feel, the touch. That's


almost 15ft left. So we'll start it on that line and see if it'll break.


Look at it, it just keeps running round and round. Let's have another


go. This putt could easily get away from you. Look at that, it just


keeps going. It's like it's sliding down a sheet of lino. These greens


are slick! You talk about master potters, Ken Brown would be in my


top ten of all time! This is for another one, and he rattles it in,


well done! Well done indeed! Four over par. Back to Adam Scott.


Beautiful tee-shot. Just needed to come down. Paul Casey, after that


superb second at the second hole. Oh, that just got away. Only a


birdie. I fancied him to get that one.


He'll have a lot of sentimental support, Couples.


Westwood, looking down the hill, right into the heart of the second


green. The flag away on the right corner, behind that bunker. If this


land is in the gap, it can turn right and wonder all the way down to


the hole. That's not hard enough. A whisker short. Interesting, the


breeze has just picked up a little bit. I think that foxed Westwood.


Broomstick Roy, third hole, huge drive, simple little pitch, hit it


too hard, leaving him this treacherous putt. It was a question


of trying to get down in two. Justin Rose, the man in Black today. Played


in the final group in 2015, when Spieth ran away with it. -14, he


finished. He has become a beautiful goal for now. -- beautiful all for.


Northants golf club, I will be there in a few weeks' time. Just watch the


rhythm here. He's a tall fella. Look at that, isn't that lovely? That's


the way you do it. And you compare that with Spieth, who looks jerky


and out-of-control. But my word... Daniel Berger at the 12th chef would


you believe it?! Hallelujah! Come on! Give me some skin! They do talk


funny over here. Playing alongside Hagestad steely amateur champion. He


is having a bit of a tussle with Curtis Luck for leading to. -- for


leading amateur. This looks like McGirt, on the


fourth. 233 yards today. A not unpleasant start for McGirt. 69 in


the first-round, but dropping out of things thereafter. Now, Jordan


Spieth, just having a few little putts. Just a little bit closer than


this, he lines it up and then turns his head to the left and looks at


the hole. He's not doing it at the moment. Cross handed, as you can


see. Three in a row - like shelling peas!


Not too shabby, is it? Only been here three times, this is his fourth


appearance. This is Curtis Luck. +1 for his round today. This, for par.


This might be good enough, but it's going to be close for leading


amateur. That's a bit of a sad finish, but +9


might still be good enough. Asia-Pacific amateur champion as


well - he qualified twice for the Masters.


Hole The mid amateur champion, a few of those do well at the Masters.


That could be very good. It stopped, how can that do that? It has left


him a treacherous left to right. Paul Casey hitting the ball


beautifully so far, and iron off the tee at the 3rd, to leave himself a


full wage in, get some control. A shallow green, where the pain is.


We have seen one or two stick. You normally think it would ramble down.


A good Taioseach for Ryan Moore. The flag is middle right. In a bit of a


hollow, at the bottom of the slope. He has left a long putt across the


green. To say the least. A vision of balance, until he let


the club go. Still balance, mind you. Looks very colourful today,


like an ice cream sundae. He looked a bit autumnal the other days. ,


speakers has done it. Nicely, nicely.


A couple of Fairway woods for Justin Rose. Then he will head across to


the fairly new practice ground. And then pass the clubhouse, over to the


practice putting green, behind the first tee. Teeing off in the final


group. It is hard to believe this facility


is only used for this one week, apart from members, of course. The


club is open for six months of the year. You will not believe the size


of the press room. It looks like a hundred bedroom hotel. There must be


plans to do other things with it. But I know not what.


Ken Brown and Paul Azinger back with us, and raring to go.


Thank you, Peter. Jordan Spieth walks through to hit


the first tee shot. It is to be a much longer walk to get from the


putting green to the first tee. They have moved the first tee back 70


yards in the last ten years or so. A good tee shot from Charley Hoffman.


The gathering valley here. A bit more accessible. A nice start.


Important times. A deep breath there as he plots down into the car.


He misses a lot of those. He has missed a couple on Friday.


He has got an adventure here. My goodness.


Not bad, really. If you let it go to the right, it would have run to the


edge of the bunker. There is a ridge where he is now. If he had missed to


be right, it would have fed down to the collar. He erred on the safe


side. Look at the patrons gathered to watch this showcase.


You cannot see it, but the lip is higher than it looks. You get the


feeling this to ball will pull most of the local crowd around with them.


The patrons, of course. Going with a 3-wood. To take the bunker out of


play. A slight breeze behind the players'


back. So much for taking the bunker out of


play. I do not believe he thought he could reach, but he did.


He is going to make a charge, he cannot afford to miss too many of


these. He started at level par, and he is back there, if he pops that


in. A slightly crock iron off the tee.


He has the flame-throwers on today, the red trousers, and what a putt.


Treacherously fast. A good three feet of break. A fairly short par-4


on the course. A dandy of a start, he moved to a couple under.


All of these guys on one or 2-under feel as though they are in


contention at the moment. In the last 27 Masters, the


champions have always emerged from inside the top five on the


leaderboard going into round four. It means that Adam Scott downwards


will have to defy those statistics. History says it will be behind --


between the top six. Never ruled Jordan Spieth out. Paul Casey on a


roll. Great play from him. And Thomas Pieters. We saw Fred Couples


with that early birdie. That is so good, I cannot tell you.


That is nerveless. Such a difficult speed to be comfortable with. It is


not natural for a ball to roll Buckfast on grass. This grass is so


tight. The leading amateur at the moment, a two shot cushion on the


other player, who has finished his round. Almost. It looks like he is


having a great time and he should be.


The breeze by the green. A little left to right, slightly helping.


There is a tree that hangs over. It will all depend on the light. You


see the grooves in the sand. Sometimes the ball sits heavy in the


sand. You have to make a clean strike. If you miss short, it is a


treacherous up and down. He have to try to cut it in from the


middle of the green. The sand is so white, it is like a mirror


sometimes, it reflects back at you. Some players will put sunglasses on


to play out of these bunkers. Let's see if he can make good contact.


That is what he will face. Into the valley. The hole is in a spot, he


may not have enough of a backstop to roll in the past and bring it back.


We will see what is in store. The way Rickie Fowler is looking, the


flag is under the Masters logo, he was looking to the left, he did not


think he could get it over the lip. We first saw him at the Walker cup


matches in 2007. He looked a scrap of a lad. He was a small fella with


a lot of pop. He has 140 yards here. This is all carried to the hole. The


green should hold nicely. It is only 122 the front. It is wedge all day


long, but he has to go further than the front. It looks like he is


hitting some sort of specialty shot. He will try to cut it. A stronger


club. Over the point of the bunker. Never much discussion about the


bunkers here. But he did not want to play from any of them if you can


help it. You do not see this every day.


Has he pulled it off? It was a spectacular effort. Not bad from


where he was. A little unlucky. If you get tight to the lip, it is


difficult to make progress. He is in a better shot than -- better spot


than Jordan Spieth. This is really fast. I do not think he can land it


on. I was wrong about that. Look at the pace they are walking


at. You have to do everything I'm horrid. -- unhurried. Very conscious


of their walking pace already. A good line. It just drift away. A


lost opportunity. Not a bad spot. Slightly more up the


hill from this angle. It ran out of pace. He misjudged it.


Who can forget Charl Schwartzel's four birdie finish to win here in a


few years back. All great all strikers at the top of


the board. Quality players here. The Queen has risen to the top once


again. I love the announcement. Good luck


to both of you. A 3-wood. The bunker is 278 yards. A


bit down when today. He can probably reach with that club but might not


know it. That is pretty steady. You wait 23


hours, you hit a pearl. Sergio Garcia now driving.


310 yards to carry the bunker. A slightly helping breeze. I am sure


he wants to go slightly left of it, play a cut of the pine trees.


Looks like a sprinter, ready to step off the blocks. He needs a fast but


smooth start. That looks like cracker Jack, a


lovely flight on it. He could not have placed it in a better spot,


that is a gem. That is about as good as you could


hope for. I do not think he intended to use the backstop, and I wondered


if they could get it far enough back and if the backstop was close


enough. It appears to be. That is a pretty good shot. A lovely tight


lie. A good to put the Paul Casey. Par is


a marvellous score. If you wanted to leave yourself a


more nasty, tricky putt from four and a half feet, there is hardly any


more. I think it was a misread, to hit it


that firmly. He still has the good two feet left.


The first green is always the toughest. Once you get past this


hole, the nerves will settle down to everybody. Scary tee shot, scary


green. He did not look at the hole on either of the putts. It started


with the tee shot into the sand. Onto the reachable second now for


these two players. The wafer Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia to play their


second shot into the first. I thought that would run out a bit


more. It is like going down a funfair


slide, it keeps true Klingon. Of the greens fast at Augusta? Is


Norfolk flat? Justin Rose is ready. He may have is


well go right at it. Just a 9-iron or a wedge. No further left than the


pine tree you see. It will feed into the right, he has a backstop behind


the pin. Do not be short. The flag looked like it was slightly


helping early on, but it was straight across for his second shot.


If you had given him a ball... This is the awkwardness of the chip. He


will have to use the slope beyond the flag. You see where Justin


Rose's ball is, how could he have done that? You only have to miss by


a small margin to pay a heavy price. Taking another big deep breath. This


is a really green light flag. An amazing start for Sergio.


Beautiful pressure packed tee shot. A nice wage.


We saw his bump and run run six feet past the hole.


Caught a little off-guard by the pace of his bunker shot. What a


putt. He has got a lot of pedigree. He won the United States amateur. He


has had some injuries. A great Ryder Cup.


Going with a driver at the short par-4 3rd. He has driven it, this


will feed in. Can you believe it? Have you seen one up there before?


Never. I have never seen anybody reach. That is a mile away, 350


yards. That was nothing but centre cut. He


had the big mishap on 16 yesterday, a horrible shot. It does not seem to


have affected his confidence at all. Such a delicate touch required here.


Played it nicely, just like Lee Westwood, it keeps turning. But at


least you are putting back up the hill. Pretty good. Justin Rose has


got a decision to make. It will depend on his line and nerve, how he


feels. Will he bump this past and try to bring it back like Rickie


Fowler? Slightly lower. It just tipped over. On a run of


birdies. He has not got the greatest record here.


He is starting to make the amateur Silver Medal look more and more his.


The hole is in the back right portion of the green. He has got the


firepower to land it in the gap. And let it feed in. It is too far left.


That will be a fast one. It is like a green Axminster carpet,


it is magnificent, the grass. The cup looks to be slipping from


right to left, left to right for him. He is aiming well left. Never


easy to pick the line when you are putting between two mounts.


Beautifully done. First question answered on the exam


paper. Quite a bit downhill. The breeze is


slightly against. It is a long way away, but it is not


that hard a shot. Sergio for birdie. There we go,


Sergio! What a start for Justin and Sergio. Great par Justin Rose and an


even better birdie the Sergio. You can see Sergio moving along at a


nice steady pace. Ryan Moore, second shot at number three, up the hill.


You have to be so precise here, not a lot of room. Anything short will


be 30 yards off the green. Oh, and hit up a break into that bunker. At


it is doable. Birdie chance for Fred Couples from


short range. Moves to -2. Hoffman to the third. Leaning... Lovely.


KEN BROWN: Just a sliver of putting surface on the third, only ten yards


wide. ANDREW COTTER: That bunker on the


right-hand focuses the mind, Ken? Yes, looks like he's setting up to


go over it - it's a big hit to do that. And the flight he gets, if he


gets it right... And that... Ideal. It's 308 to get past that bunker


that you saw. Huge hit from Garcia. If your tee-shot drifts, it goes


left into that dried up stream. Sit down... Just caught it out of


the heel of the club. There is a big, steep lip on that bunker. Now,


Jordan Spieth. Wide stance. He's going to flies this...


One he has done there is to leave himself back up the hill. And


slightly from the left. Interesting way he played it. Yes, it was the


wise option, I think. Rory McIlory to save par on the par three 6th. It


HAD to drop. He can't afford any more dropped shots. And he needs a


good many more birdies. He's got nothing to lose, he doesn't care


whether he's 25th Ray fifth. This will take all of Rickie


Fowler's skill. Must have been trying to land it a little bit


shorter. Martin Kaymer, going for five in a


row. And he has it! He has never finished in the top 30 before at the


Masters. He's a fader, which does not really suit Augusta National,


for the right-hander. You take your relief, and you have


got to drop the ball within one club length. We saw the little bracelet,


the wristband that Jordan Spieth is wearing, that says WWAD, What Would


Arnie Do?. Arnie, like Seve, used to get after


the course, if there was a chance of an attacking shot, he would


generally have a go at it. It's a relatively easy hole if you


just play for a par. But it's relatively tricky if you play for a


birdie. Has he got his eye back in? He has. In 15 rounds here at Augusta


National, his average score is 70. Pretty amazing. Not too bad!


Founder, then, to save his par. -- Fowler.


I don't know how he gets his feet through those little holes in his


trousers! Charley Hoffman, down the slope, left to right.


It's a nasty little pin position, that. Great view of what Garcia has


left. Remember, Louis Oosthuizen, 2012, hit it right in the front


there. And it went all the way round to the pin. That's what I think


Garcia will be hoping to do, feed it round the contours of the green.


But depending on trajectory, if you hit it a little bit higher, you can


do a fraction further right. You can go almost straight at it but you


can't really bounce it up there. On a slight downslope as well, it is


hard to really get it up in the air and get it to stop.


Feet open, he's setting up for something other fade. -- something


of a fade... He WAS going right at it! Well, he did, he wasn't


intending to! Double bogey for Moore. Two shots


gone at the third, like Mickelson an hour or so ago. One of England's's


hopes, Paul Casey, at the 6th, this little table top... Please keep


going... If that had been a yard short, it would have been back to


his feet. Matthew Fitzpatrick second to the second last.


Down it goes. -2 for his round today, started +6. Tied for 30th as


it stands. This, to save his par at the par


three 6th, Casey. Oh, that's so sweet, that is just magnificent.


Good putt holed at the 3rd, and a couple of beauties since then.


HAZEL IRVINE: There's the situation, and Sergio Garcia has started off


beautifully. Justin Rose hanging onto his coat-tails at the moment.


Charley Hoffman has made some ground, this is the man who led by


four after the first round, the largest first-round lead for more


than 60 years, and he's not going away, the man from California. And


another Californian right next to him, Rickie Fowler. Jordan Spieth,


who dropped that shot at the first. Some very big names in there. Great


progress for Fred Couples and Paul Casey. Remember, the top 12 receive


an automatic invitation to come back next year. Martin Kaymer, on that


run of five birdies in a row. The record is seven, and it has been


done twice, Steve Pete in 1999, and, inevitably, Tiger Woods. Thomas


Pieters, in his first Masters, the man who was such a strong presence


for the European Ryder Cup team last year in Hazeltine. He's -1 for the


tournament. And the hopes of these men have all but gone. Brendan


Steele him with a very good round today. So much to come.


ANDREW COTTER: Fitzpatrick on the 17th. He was going along so well


until the 9th in the second round. He's worked hard to keep going since


then. As we go to Rose. KEN BROWN: Certainly a good angle to


get to the flag. That should gather up a bit more... That's an absolute


gemstone! Spieth, looking for... Oh, really?!


That is a huge slice of Fortune. Sergio has got to play to the left


and hope he gets far enough up the back bank that it will come back. I


think it might... It's dot to keep running. A really creative shot.


Now, Westwood from the elevated 16th tee.


Such a difficult pin position. Westwood, with one of the finest


shots of the day so far. It really is a tiny landing area to stay up


the maul if you want to go at the flag, you've got to be just right


for stop anything short comes back to you. That's the shot, folks! A


little bit more margin of error if you hit it to the right of that pin.


Kaymer, on a run of five birdies, this is his third, though, on the


14th. Wants that to come back... Oh, that's cruelty.


Very quick down the slope, this is for THE perfect start...


And look where Jordan Spieth finished. Down, he says. Even with


all that spin, it has left him of one, half fairway, half green, to


come. Rose, for his birdie. Oh, I don't believe it. His was


substantially easier than Sergio's. I wonder what those two misses will


do, will it start to nibble away at their minds? But they're is to in a


good position. Back to Spieth shortly. First, we go ahead to


McIlroy. Very awkward spot number made it look easy. He needs one or


two red figures. So, Spieth, wide stance. He probably meant to carry


it another eight inches. Hoffman, long, long birdie putt.


He's done it very well. KEN BROWN: Adam Scott. At the 5th,


playing it pretty well. But he's left himself another one of those.


Spieth is in a bit of bother here. Well, he's got one of these putts...


Sergio is having a go with the driver.


Just goes to show how far Adam Scott's tee-shot was. Caddie number


89, that was the same number that Danny Willett had last year. So,


Spieth now for his par. Moving already, telling it to slow down as


well. That's not in yet for bogey. Early days, but he's some distance


back at the moment. Justin Rose going with the big stick as well.


Yes, that was a huge drive from Adam Scott, because both these players


can shift it. We know it's quick, it looks quick,


and by golly, it is quick down this slope.


Superb, for Rickie Fowler! -6, one stroke behind Garcia. That's a


confidence booster, those ones down the hill. Right on the front bottom


level here, Schwartzel, up the hill. Two from here would be very pleasant


indeed. It's a big putt, this. If he were to


miss, double bogey, he would be five behind Garcia, four behind his


playing partner. It's not quite a putter length, so, not quite 3ft.


Doesn't look comfortable. It's easy to see it is right-to-left and


slightly uphill, it's just about pace.


What would Arnie do? Well, heed probably do that!


Lee Westwood, lovely tee-shot on the sixth.


We were talking about it earlier, the back nine is where the real


birdie opportunities come. At the moment, the leaders are having a few


struggles on the opening holes. As we move to the 12th, and Phil


Mickelson. The pin in its usual Sunday position, on the right side.


Phil Mickelson getting a rousing reception, as he always does.


Three-time winner. Paul Casey, short of the 7th.


That has got to come down. He's watching it. It's very steep, that


slope. It might even go past the cup. Only at Augusta!


Mickelson, among the also-rans. After the first couple of rounds,


you felt sure that he was going to push on. But he has looked a bit


weary this week. He's going with a five iron. This


has copped to be knotted. It was a massive 5-iron. That was a big ask.


-- got to be nutted. Now, this is as uninviting as it looks. The only


advantage you've got, you're playing slightly up the slope of the green.


Got to land this on a frying pan. Yes, it's an interesting choice to


go with driver. Unless you have the absolute power to get there, you do


leave yourself with an awkward estimates. Spieth going with the


4-iron, that makes a little bit more sense. That's a good tee-shot. Just


stays. It hasn't stopped yet. Now, Sergio. He has played someone the


full little pitches, but this has got to be spot on. And it was nearly


brilliant. When you're pitching up those banks, it's like hitting onto


some polished lino. You get some crystal when you make


an eagle any time during the Masters. If crystal goblets, rather


nice. Fitzpatrick finishes with... Oh! Tiptoed tantalisingly over the


right edge of the cup. Started the day on +6. What a start he had,


birdies on the first three holes. And it was a mixed bag after that.


Went round in 70 in the end. +4 for the man from Sheffield - big talent.


Not much bounce on his sand wedge, the ball just nestling a little bit.


Pretty darn good. Just having to flip it up over that little bank,


it's so tricky. Charley Hoffman, the pin all the way up the back of this


fifth green. He might drop from there. He'll need a free THROW, I


think! That is in Alcatraz! So, Garcia, remains in this slow


motion mode here. Your body and your mind will be telling you to have the


urgency, everything will be hurried. Telling himself to calm things down.


This is across the slope and a little bit down the hill.


Has he...? Oh, you beauty! Right in the centre of the cup. Splendid,


splendid start for Garcia. You just know that his mind is going Myler


minute. He's padding around, but he's boiling inside.


Garcia MIGHT stand on that tea with a three-shot lead. Now, Rose. He's


two behind his playing partner. I think you're right, Andrew, I


think Sergio's mind is just running a mile a minute. But if you look at


the body, it looks calm, he's walking at such a leisurely pace.


PETER ALLISS: Now, Spieth. Long birdie putt. Just a touch more and


it was there. Not the best of starts for the young fella. So much


expectation surrounding this Sunday play, but it hasn't happened yet.


Plenty of time. He thought he had got this.


Adam Scott at the 6th for birdie. A mile a minute been there. Don't


count Adam Scott out just yet. Now, Fowler for his par at the 4th.


He is putted magnificently from this distance so far. Time after time, he


has holed these, mostly it must be said, for par.


A shot dropped on this Super Sunday, Seve 's Sunday. Westwood on seven.


He's got a backstop, with the bunkers. That will come back. There


it goes, does it have the pace to reach? It is on a good line. Oh...


He knows how to play here. McIlroy, for a birdie at the 8th. Well done,


but he's running out of holes. Sergio at the 4th. 233 yards today.


Pretty well the furthest back tee, the back of the back tee. A little


help here, Peter. It is a full 222 to the bunker, 233 to the hole. He


likes the look of it. Safely on. Sergio playing with Justin Rose, the


last pair out. Now to Hoffman, a drop away from the grandstand on the


left, third shot to the fifth. It's a big green, but it's a small


target. The yardage doesn't fit, it can be a tough spot here. He won't


want to take anything off a long iron. It is a 5-iron.


Safely on, but you can see it is getting further and further away


from the hole. Treacherous for about 20 yards, very difficult to get it


stone dead. So easy to drop a shot. Hoffman, par putt on the way. Oh...


It looked good! He thought he had it. A dropped shot here at five,


moving Hoffman back to for Rhondda now. Four shots off of Sergio's


lead. HAZEL IRVINE: You remember the


exploits of Matthew Fitzpatrick here last year in his first professional


start, he was tied for seventh. What a start it was. He will have two


settle for a 4-over total today after a nice round today of 70.


Let's hear his thoughts. Two under today, what was it like


out there? It was better today. Obviously, the flags are pretty


traditional on a Sunday. Everyone knows where they are, I have learned


a lot from last year. So you know where to hit it on the fairways and


on the greens. That experience helps.


This is your third appearance at the Masters, and it is a cliche people


use, learning from every experience, so is there anything in particular


from these four rounds that you will take away with you? The big thing


around here, you have got to chip the ball incredibly well, it is


really important that you have fresh groups before you play here, because


once the greens dry out, it becomes really tough. I think it is really


important to get your pitching numbers really good, and you're


chipping in general. A word on what might happen at the


top of the leaderboard later today, any idea of how low the guys at the


top could go? Definitely low. The pins out there are there to go out.


There are some nice ones to make birdies, don't get me wrong, there


are tricky once, but if you play smart to them, you take par and push


on from there. Thanks for coming in. Well done


today. Thank you. COMMENTATOR: Martin Kaymer at the


15th, straight up the hill, a great run by and he has done it again. He


has been a birdie machine for the last hour, our and a half. But he


started too far back. Eagle putt on the way for Phil


Mickelson on 13. Not going to happen this year for


Phil. He has three jackets in his locker at the moment. Out in 38, he


dropped a shot, one birdie on the way home "Not my day..."


I tell you what, if Justin Rose gets down in two from here, a chance at


the 2nd missed from less than a yard. A monster putt, speed is


important. So important. We talk about Seve 's birthday, it


is my daughter and her son's birthday, too. I wonder if they will


stay up and listen to grampa. Not too hard to four putt from this


range if you just get it a bit wrong, get a bit too excited.


Turning a bit early. Not high enough, not quite hard enough. 7-8


feet away. 5th hole, Rickie Fowler, second


shot. Big difference. The first cut on the shorter grass. He's let go of


it. Write down there where Charley


Hoffman was, he hit his free drop and had at ethical little pitch back


up that hill. A pretty high slope, a good five feet above him. Spieth


now. Plenty of room past the flag here at


seven. That will follow in. Oh... Settle. APPLAUSE


Sergio, keep it up, left. A bit high, a bit hard. Tailed away and


coming down. That's nicely done. You don't really hold many putts at that


length on these greens at Augusta. On the sick, all the way on the far


right side, 187 yards. No room for error here. It has to be perfect.


Will it stay? Yes, and that's a terrific shot!


Charley's not done yet. You never know. Now, this is, you feel this


has to go in for Justin. You can't miss these. That's a bit of a daft


thing to say, really, because you never know what will happen, someone


could do what ever, whatever. But you really don't want to be dropping


shots are necessary, a bit of a white tee shot here at a fourth,


which is a difficult par-3. A great sigh of relief as that goes


in. A good putt, well struck. Four pars for Rose.


Paul Casey, third shot at the 8th. Right on the front of the green. It


might come back. I'm not sure if he planned that. He'll take it.


APPLAUSE You have got to control the


controllable is at Augusta National, the bounce of the ball is not always


something you can control. Back to McIlroy at nine. Hole sitting on


that middle tier. That will be a tough putt. He will probably have to


played at eight feet out on the left. Now, Casey after that, well, a


good result on that chip, which was wide and came off the slope. Going


along nicely, 3-under. You never know.


Justin Rose will be the third engagement to win the Masters, we


know the other two. Sergio would be the third Spaniard, we certainly


remember Seve Ballesteros and Jose-Maria. Jordan Spieth would be


the youngest to win two Masters. Rickie Fowler in search of his first


major. If my We don't often get to see this hole


from behind off the tee. That is Sergio's tee shot going with a


3-wood. He has got to avoid the big bunkers on the left. A very


difficult second shot to an unforgiving green. Rickie now trying


to pick it back up the slope from where Charley Hoffman was a minute


ago. Can he do it better than Charley? It looks like he has. He


has. Great touch. That's about all he could hope for from down there.


Justin Rose, tee shot at the 5th. Swinging dogleg from right-to-left.


Very underestimated hole. Casey now. Tapping this in for his


birdie at the 8th. In she goes. One, two, three birdies and 3-under par.


Spieth up the hill on five. This would be a great birdie. Look at it


though. Settle. Those will give you grey hairs at an early age,


especially round here. Now, Charley Hoffman, the forgotten man. Nobody


has mentioned him on their local TV this morning. They thought he


wouldn't figure. So far, nothing happening for Charley. But he is not


1 million miles behind. Oh, Adam Scott, he has hit some


great putts in the last couple of days that haven't gone in. He has


holed plenty. He has hit some beautiful putts just like that.


Might have the power to hit this next par 50. Fowler for par at the


5th. No, stayed left. Shot dropped. Two


bogeys in a row for Rickie. Now then, here's our amateur.


Stewart Hagestad is doing very well, this to finish at 5-over.


Come on, come on, com on... They don't get much closer than that. A


good four days for the amateur. Steady stuff, a couple of 73s, two


74s. And he wins the amateur prize, which is always something nice to


have on your mantelpiece. "I Was the leading amateur at the Masters".


Spieth to clean this up for par at five.


Let's see if he looks at the hole. He is looking at the hole. And it


just comes around and goes in. Now, Fowler. You all see how


carefully, they take a lot of time on these 20 inches. So easy to miss


and slip them by. Two bogeys, one birdie, 4-under. Work to do.


Rory McIlroy at nine, look how much break he's playing here. This is


really, really fast. It will swing almost a 90 degrees angle to his


right. Not quite 90 degrees, but always on the fence on a putts like


that here, four feet past the hole, it can race 40 yards past the green.


He will have two works in real magic on this second nine, Rory will, post


a score. He needs to get back in 30, doesn't he. It has been done before


a number of times. Bobby Jones, what would he think of speeds of the


greens now? I think he'd have something to say. Not all that sure


he would be in favour of them being quite so fast and quite so slow.


Quite a hard speed to get comfortable on and get used to.


Perfect tee shot here at the 5th for Sergio, laying up with 3-wood off


the tee. Two shots ahead at the moment.


You don't want to miss right here or less, it is one of those ones where


you have to go right at it. You have got to fly the right distance.


Go! Go! Go! Is it over the ledge? No, it's going


to go away, and it's going to roll back 35-40 feet from there. Maybe


not. It is going sideways. It could stick. That is a great break, Peter.


Another foot and it is down to the front of the green. He will be happy


when he sees where that ended up. Justin Rose. Two behind Sergio. 185


to go. It doesn't look that far, does it, it looks a little bit


further from here Mac. UCB humps and bonds at the front of


the green. This is a dangerous hole, it is one where you tell yourself


that there is no rule where you have two BP in high. Just get over the


ridge that Sergio ran along. He needs a good shot here.


A seven? A six? 185. He has 7-iron, but the number he wants is 170 to


carry that full is front that Sergio ran along. Just carry that. If used


if it, that's a bonus. You just want to get out of here with a good,


solid par. A good rhythm. A good-looking swing. Has he got the


result it deserved? He hasn't. Bit short. He will go back, then. A


devilishly difficult putt from there.


Nope. There are all finding it difficult, they're all making


mistakes, striking the ball well, Mr had in the distance, taking the


wrong club. It is making it very, very difficult. -- misjudging the


distance. Hoffman from a long way back. He wants to take the fund


bunkers out of play here. -- the front bunkers.


That will stick up the top. That leaves him an awkward one from


there. Oh, Charley, it's not, my darling. Westwood for par at the


8th. Where have you been, Westy? You don't want 15 or 16 for it putts.


All is forgiven. Saved the day. Oh, yes. He's still in the fight,


you know, the old fella. A big 7-iron for Rickie Fowler here


at six. We just saw his playing partner come up short and roll all


the way back off the green. If he hits this short, he is begging for


it to go, and that has no chance. Another misjudgement. Whatever you


want to call it, but they are 25 yards short of the flag. I know it


is difficult, but we keep hearing how special they are these days. All


the distances, yardages, everything you can think of. Here's Casey, can


he do it at the 9th? Second shot, beautiful drive. Nipped it up,


hardly touched the grass, skimmed it. It should bite, it does. And


sits down. That could have spun back off the green and didn't. Chance for


a three. You have got to believe Thomas


Pieters is going to get in contention here at Augusta National.


Some great experiences. He was under the pressure right out of the gate


this week. Terrific golf in windy conditions, a couple of miscues,


couple of double bogeys on day one. All the leaders have tricky putts.


Ken knows a thing or two about tricky putts.


Here he is. Let's look at this putt. Up the slope, pop one up the hill.


If you don't quite hit it firm enough, you think, that's not too


bad. In, or watch. Slight misjudgement, and you think, someone


is taking the Mickey here. My boomerang won't come back... They


are so tricky, these greens. And they can make you look a right fool.


They certainly can. Justin Rose will be delighted to get down in two from


here. We have seen longer ones holed.


A bit pacey. Oh, my good God. That is what good, old Henry Cooper used


to say. He's knocked it off the green. Perfect position here: Ryan


Moore. A couple of stumbles in the last few holes. Six shots off the


pace. The ball will follow here. No need to funnel when you land it


there. Easy birdie Ryan Moore. Back to Sergio at five, up the hill. He's


just watched Justin Rose's Paul Bracewell I. I wouldn't be surprised


if this comes up 3-4 foot short. -- watched Justin Rose's ball race by.


It is faster than you think. A good teacher from Justin Rose. What a


good effort from Sergio. Perfect. Two really good long putts in a row.


Sergio's touch on the greens will maybe be the difference maker today


for him. Every hole that ticks by, Sergio's just going along nicely.


He's had those two birdies. Justin Rose misses a little putt. He's


struggling here. Spieth, second shot at six. A skid, but that's got away


from him. Spieth's struggling. He'll have to make that to remain


3-under par, five back. Charley Hoffman now. Look at this. Putting


along the edge of the green. No, no, no, no... So stupid. Ken said


moments ago and you can have shot around the greens that make you look


silly. Well, that's the sort of thing he meant. This would be a


magnificent par save from Justin Rose. He's holed some beautiful


putts already today. A fantastic putt at one for par.


Not this one. All really set up by the miscued second shot, the mist


club with the 7-iron, or slightly mis-hit it, but that was a tough


2-putt for Justin. Rickie Fowler from the front of the sixth. Spieth


has almost gone to the back of the green. Still leaving an awkward one.


Rose finishing off. In she goes a shot dropped.


He meant business on that. No doubt. What a beautiful outward half, very


clean. Four birdies, no bogeys. Paul Casey now just four back, a position


to post. A look at Jordan Spieth for his par


on the sixth. Not even close. Surprised by Spieth


so far. Adam Scott at eight. Lots of choices here, takes the high route.


Not great. But a birdie chance, nonetheless. Adam Scott sitting


nicely at 3-under par. He would be entirely unhappy beating Paul Casey


at the moment. Fowler rolls it in. He's hanging on at the moment. A


couple of shots gone in the last three holes, though. Well,


inexcusable for Charley Hoffman not to get his ball to that position in


three. That's going to be a double bogey. Really, it may just end


Charley's chances now as he drops back to 2-under par, six shots off


the pace. Still a long way to go, but the American challenge has not


started well on this final day. Spieth to drop just one.


Spieth back to two, alongside Hoffman.


Not even close. He has hit some great putts that have not gone in


and the occasional poor one. You get the feeling Phil Mickelson


came out with both barrels blazing, got aggressive on the first nine and


made some bogeys. The first six holes here pretty punishing today.


What a shot. That might be a sign of what is to come, certainly possible


here at 15. See how the leaders handle that in


an hour. Westwood's second, up to the ninth. 139 and the pin today, it


is front right. What a shot from Westwood. Above the hole but if he


rolls that in he will get to 2-under. There is no hiding at


Augusta National. Sergio knows he is three shots here. Massive scoreboard


is all over the golf course. A really difficult shot to get


close. Some access of all -- accessible hole locations. Will it


stay? You can watch with us or with the featured groups on the red


button. You can watch the 15th, 16th, you can watch Amen Corner. A


lot of ways to watch the final round.


I remember when he won in 2004, Paul Casey on his debut tied six and


waited for Phil Mickelson to congratulate Tim. Rose on the sixth.


Can he find a corner? He certainly can. What a shot from Justin Rose.


He has been a bit loose, a bit wayward so far.


Rickie, 3-wood. The tightest hole on the course. Almost impossible to get


it on the green from there. Down into the shadows. Stops behind


JP. Three bogeys already today on his


card, Jordan Spieth. Must be a strange feeling. Every hole has a


bit of movement. This is the only dead straight one.


He gets that away well as we go to Schwartzel.


This is from the side of the hill. A long way back, as well.


That is pretty well done. Vacated the green for the group behind him.


He can certainly post a target. Well, are there enough holes? They


still have a chance. Come up a bit further. That will be


good, but a little bit shy. I say good, it is better than that.


Some of the notable names a bit further down the leaderboard. We


have seen McIlroy. Matsuyama. Jason Day.


We can look at the tee shot on the 11th.


Pretty straight. Just blasted. Carries the 300 yard mark no


problem, down towards the 350 mark. Rickie Fowler, virtually in jail.


Looking as if to hoist it over the pine trees. He certainly got it up


sharply. Oh, that was a wonderful shot from Rickie Fowler and it will


come back. It really is a miracle to get a shot from over there to go


through the gap and over. It is just fabulous. Look how far back he was


compared to where Jordan Spieth drove it. Now, Sergio. This will


require great touch. He has hit two terrific long putts in a row and


that is pretty good. Good leave, straight up the hill. Spieth, dead


centre. Ideally go beyond the flag and comeback. Or, do that. Jordan


clearly not feeling it today. That is a mis-hit. I don't believe he


makes bad decisions, but we do not always hit the sweet spot. You've


got to believe that was a little thin. Jordan now in big trouble. We


saw the schools, the final pairings. Rose to get one back. He creeps


closer to Sergio Garcia. Garcia with a four foot to come.


For yet another birdie. That is a terrific par at the 10th, a scary


hole, the tenth. You think with his distance and the


par-5s, as well... Well, most of the players have the distance, that he


will be going in with shortish irons. Garcia, not quite into Match


Play situation yet, but this final pairing could get very interesting.


I think Justin Rose is just the guys Sergio does not want to have to to


stare down. If this were Match Play, you know Sergio Woodberry this putt.


-- he would That is pretty impressive. Garcia


trying to follow these greats of the game. Seve, the first European to


win it in 1980. McIlroy to the heart of the 11th


green. Quick screens and quick fairways, as Ken Browne has been


discovering. A quirk at Augusta is how they cut


the fairway. They cut back to the tee because it makes the course play


longer. The grasses combed. This way it looks a little dark and this way


with a bit of luck it looks shiny. It makes the course play longer, the


ball does not run out so much. I have invented this to measure the


speed of the fairways. First of all you have to find a flattish bit of


fairway, which is not easy here. I will roll a couple of balls to make


sure it is in consistent position. It is going down, so it should be


quicker this way. I will mark where we started this from. That is going


down the shiny cut. Let's try this way. Consistently start the ball is


at the top. See what I mean? That way, the fairways are not as quick.


It is a sneaky thing they do. Very few players drive over 300 yards


average for the week because of the way they cut the fairways. A little


bit of masters magic. I remember when they changed the cut of the


fairways. What a shot. What a shot. Justin Rose off the back of that


birdie. Par on this every day so far. Beauty, they say, and he


agrees. It is not Match Play yet but I feel the advantage for Justin Rose


to tee off first now and continue to apply pressure on Sergio. Jordan


Spieth, an unforced error at seven. No excuse to come up short with the


backstop behind the flag. Struggling for par again. Definitely a birdie


hole from where he drove it. He will be kicking himself. That was a few


moments ago and this from Rickie Fowler. He just has too sent it out


and hope he finds the breaking point. He came up a little bit shy.


I'm not shy. -- a lot shy. Shaping up into a


two-man battle now, not to minimise the guys back, you know if you draw


it back, and missed the fairway wide, you are likely not going to


get it on the green. It is not coming back. He needs a break and he


does not get one. It goes the opposite direction. He will struggle


for par at seven. Just little momentum shifts in this


final round. Slipping for the moment away from Sergio Garcia. Garcia


closing in on Monte and Westwood, most major starts without a win. --


Monty. Spieth now, to save par. He has it. He stays to -- two under.


Six behind Garcia, but so much can happen.


Rickie, this is just... He is the one guy who hits those putts with


such an aggressive attitude. Not that he is hitting too hard, but the


confidence with which he strikes the putt is something to behold. He is


leading the American challenge. Martin Kaymer to finish.


That is a shame. He has never, until this year, fared well at the


Masters. But a decent final round will give him his first top 20,


probably top 15. Look at the run that ended on the 14th.


See if Schwartzel campaign it off at nine. -- can pay.


McIlroy, a long birdie attempt on the 11th.


HAZEL IRVINE: Fascinating, isn't it, this last night of the Masters?


Rose, with a birdie on the sixth, putting the squeeze on Garcia. Paul


Casey has leapt up the leaderboard into a tie for third with Rickie


Fowler. The vaunted all-American pairing of Fowler and Spieth has


made a stuttering start with Jordan Spieth dropping out of the picture


here. Meanwhile, Adam Scott, steady, level. Charl Schwartzel also on the


boot. Russell Henley on the move, the man who won in Houston last week


to guarantee himself a spot in the fields.


Lee Westwood, 1-under for his round, but he made five birdies on the


bounce on day one. Anything can still happen.


A nice bounce back for Hoffman at eight. Tough front nine today. A lot


of players are struggling. Nobody really putting the pressure on


Garcia. Fowler strikes one on the eighth. I think he was anxious.


Getting close to the bunkers, but that is a big hit. That is enormous.


Sergio jailed here at seven. You have to decide if the front bunker


is the place to be. Maybe the right is better than the front. The same


shot yesterday and he came up short of the bunkers, hoping for an


upslope, in a similar position. Hoping to get it chasing up to the


bunkers. Sergio is a great bunker player.


Needs to get the ball that least passed the Shadow in the distance.


That was good contact. Yes. I think he has done that on purpose. That is


the right decision. Those bunkers are difficult. He is a fabulous sand


player. Westwood to save his par on the


tenth. Back to even par today. Lee Westwood


misses left and right. Justin Rose could not have put it in a better


spot. Just hoist it up, at least passed the hole.


That is just what you want to do. This has a really good chance.


Steady now. OK. The pressure continues to build on Garcia, coming


from his player partner. Casey, standing in the pine needles. Over


the water. You cannot turn it around too much from right to left because


it will take the contours and head to the water, but that is a very


good shot from Paul Casey. That is not too bad. Heading towards the


water, which will test your nerve, but that could have been worse. He


had a narrow channel. Something special must happen here.


That is pretty clever. McIlroy, 155 yards to this famous


pin position. An easy nine for McIlroy.


A bit of an upslope. Options. He does have options. You can try to


fit it between the hole and the flag all run it up to the back of the


greens. Experience pays dividends here. Going long right, it looks


like. Not too far because it could come back well past the hole. That's


about right. Gather speed now, go on. Not there. No. Oh, that is a


devilishly fast putt. Wanted it to go further up the slope to gather


momentum back down. Garcia yesterday. This was a par on


the ninth. He had a few putting problems. A good one on six today,


which should give him confidence. This is more difficult. He cannot


hit it hard. It goes down with such little pace, it wanders around.


Charley Hoffman, Wayne left on nine. -- way left. Managed to miss the


tree. Oh, my goodness, right on nine. That will run back.


Garcia studying this putt. Six feet. Two shots clear. Rose two clear of


Fowler. The final group just separating themselves a little bit.


Rose in so close. McIlroy needs to find a couple of birdies on the back


nine, and then a couple more, and a couple more after that.


You know it is not going to be for McIlroy.


Charley Hoffman's playing partner Ryan Moore. Some great shots into


the ninth green already today. That will go all the way off the green,


I'm afraid. Garcia, just a light touch and he


has it. So Garcia, a clenched of the fist, catches the right edge. Keeps


a bogey off the card and keeps himself two clear. Rose with the


short birdie putt to come. He was trying to avoid the two shot swing.


That putt was huge. He was at the mercy of all the footprints. Look at


it, just wiggling around. My goodness. Huge that went in.


Justin Rose breathing down Sergio's neck and the chance to get within


one. He has played this hole perfectly.


Has it. Rose closing in again on his playing partner. To within one.


Europeans first and second and three clear of the rest, now. They are


friends, they are, today, though, fierce rivals. It is becoming like


the Ryder Cup, like Match Play. You see how determined Sergio is. The


walks between tees and greens. Excruciating. Casey has to play this


just right. You know they aren't going to be out


here for and a half hours or so, but a minute and a half of emotion.


These guys have been talking to each other? Are they in a world of their


own? They are such good friends, it is hard to know but I personally


would not be talking much. Casey for par.


Such a good position going into the back nine, but the shot goes on the


11th. Back to 3-under. That is pure magic by Rickie Fowler.


You can't teach that. You learn that one on your own.


Side-by-side, but... Going through their own things, their own emotions


in their head. Both can beach here if they hit good tee shots. Anything


in the sand will eliminate your chances of getting there in two.


We will go to Adam Scott, trying to save par on the tenth. Not a


convincing putt. He will slip back to two.


Three par-5s left and the tee shots are critical. There is pine straw


over there. That is OK. He will be able to reach but I doubt he will


get on the green from there. Spieth, who is fast running out of


contention, but can he find birdie here? Again, that was not close on


the eighth. There was a loud roar from


somewhere. Oh, absolutely bombed it. Look at it


run away. Sort of uphill for the second half of that drive. He will


have no trouble in getting home in two from there. Peter Alliss is


back. Exciting stuff, even though it is untidy at times. Nine holes


coming up and it all starts on the tenth tee on Sunday afternoon, they


said. What about this one,? These little


hollows were cut out by Jack Nicholas, who had a hand in


designing this part of the golf course. Jon Rahm, it just to give


you an idea of how slick it is, it will accelerate as it comes off the


bottom of the slope. Has he? Oh, my goodness! Give him another 50 balls


and he wouldn't do that! One minute, players are in the heights of gloom,


the next minute, total ecstasy. That's like having Christmas on


fourth July. You don't expect, you hope to get down in two, please


don't take four, and it goes in. Going through 84 different emotions,


there. Look at him. Oh! 22-year-old young Spaniard. We go to the ninth,


Charley Hoffman. He will be delighted to have made a


par. Casey at the 12th. Looks like a


9-iron. He does strike the ball beautifully when he is in full flow.


Good one. Dropped a shot at the last hole, but a couple of par fives


coming up. Setting up for a little drawer shot down the ninth, Rickie.


A lot of hang time, and also gives the ball a run out a little bit.


Landing on the little plateau, not scooping down as far as it often


does, but OK. McGirt playing with Rahm. This was


his fourth shot. That is not far away.


What did I tell you?! They're making a mockery of the game, deciding not


to putt at the 13th, and why not?! HAZEL IRVINE: Martin Kaymer gloves


the Masters today after a round of 68, and he is heading for his best


finish ever here, never cracking the top 30, currently in a tie the 16.


Look at his run from nine to 13. That is how you face down Amen


Corner, let's here from him. The tenth appearance at Augusta, and


the first time you have broken 70, any particular reason why you have


got the hang of it now? The second round, I played really, really well.


And today was one of those things, the front nine didn't go my way. I


needed to stay patient. Some shots were a tiny bit of, and it was


difficult to make up and downs on the back nine. It went my way and,


all of a sudden, you collect birdies. The back nine is the golf


course where you can get it and score.


Give us an idea of what you think might happen with the guys at the


top of the leaderboard on the back nine today, and how aggressive they


can be. The pins are very approachable. They are in decent


positions. The only tough one is 14. Even their Mac, you can use the back


stock, everything funnels down. You can shoot 4-under or 5-under par, it


is just a matter of how brave you are mentally. If you are leading, or


if you are a few shots behind in a major Championship, it's always the


nerves that play a big role. If you want to win it, you have to be brave


enough to go for it. A European winner, perhaps? We hope


so, yes. Thank you for your time.


COMMENTATOR: Two time major winner, Martin Kaymer. This could finish


close. You are unsupported. Banks left and right. A little unlucky,


but not a bad leave. Wanted to chase, really. He took anion.


Landing soft. Chipping up the slope of the green,


it is an inviting little chip. Casey has hardly missed a shot, holing


some delicious putts on the front nine. Element you saw what happened


with Kaymer, he had 4-5 birdies in a row, a round of 68. This is a fairly


straight putt. So much depends on the speed of the putt. Casey's going


to pop this in, and with a birdie at the next, he could frighten them a


bit. Never running at it, always a little


tentative, but that's a three. He's got to squeeze an eagle from


somewhere. Fowler, you can see what faces Rickie Fowler, pinned on the


front, a 3-step green. Come up short and the ball comes back to you.


Oh... The margins are small, but that was


6-7 yards shorter than it ought to have been. Big Augusta wind. The


Augusta wind, oh! No one said it would be easy.


I'm waiting for it to Hubble and bubble and start really boiling like


a golfing cauldron. Do you think it is going to happen? I hope so.


Perfect angle to get to the flag today for Ryan Moore, 162 yards


left. You have got to feed it in from the


right. Justin Rose, a little pitch up at


the 8th. The flag is ten paces on and five


from the right. Not an awful lot of room. Just float it up. A hard


bounce and no check. Funny bounce there. A little high


point there. You have two flip it up and get it to stop quickly. Howells


Rickie going to play this? Let it chase up the little slope, you must


not leave it short again. Just far enough. Just like Charley Hoffman. A


straight putt for his par. Westwood at the 11th. This for a three.


Looking good. Oh... So near, so near. This is


interesting. I thought he would chip this. A 3-wood runner, aiming down


the right. Maybe didn't have a very good lie.


Sometimes it can settle down, otherwise he would definitely have


chipped it. By his standards, that was very clumsy, very heavy-handed.


Can't afford mistakes. But a good putt. Look at Spieth, I think he hit


it with the shadow of the putter. It is getting closer, getting closer,


getting closer... Would you believe it? Great putt there. Great judgment


down the hill. Remember, Tiger opened up here, 40.


So much can happen. Schwartzel, second to the 11th. If


his tee shot was down there, it was a massive tee shot. A good angle,


this, if you drive down the left side, because you hit across the


water, parallel with it. Fowler up and in. A battling four at the 9th,


out in 36. Now, Justin Rose after that heavy


sanded pitch up. This four. Yes. Now, have at Westy, Sergio. Birdies


at six, seven and eight four Rose. Only just made it. It looked like it


would tail off to the right and just fell in. As long as it reaches the


bottom. That was a very, very good four. Sergio putting along a similar


line. He had a sneak preview. A little more across the slope than


down it. The left edge with a bit of authority, or just outside the left


edge if you are going to go for the tickler.


We will have two weight until the end of the row to see what he played


the 3-wood shot from there. What the gallery, tiptoeing, in she


goes. Is that the shot that wins the day, Ken? We will have to wait a


couple of hours to see. Rose and Garcia now three ahead of the pack.


Rory McIlroy pitches it onto the plateau, his third at the 13th.


Beautifully judged. He must be disappointed, Peter. Yeah, another


year has gone by and he's not done it. Casey drives, could go straight


on into the woods. He's turned the corner, with a nice bounce. Just off


the fairway. Tricky one. Westwood, 12th tee.


That could be awkward. He might just get away with it.


Casey, big tee-shot, coming out of the light cut of rough, they call it


here the second cut of rough. You have got to favour the left of


the pin. Well done, Paul. For where the flag was yesterday, it


wouldn't take much more, no. Rose at the 9th, drifting off to the


right a bit. OK. Popular putters at the moment, the


spider putter. Into the cup. He has birdied the last few holes.


He's picked his tee up pretty quick, like most of his tee shots, Peter.


Yeah, good drive, straight down the hill.


Perfect angle to get at this tenth pin. Charley, oh...


A couple of feet ago, you might have thought that would catch the left


edge. To over for his round, minus two. Six behind. Mickelson. APPLAUSE


Winding up with a 72, steady but nothing sensational.


You can see how far left he is aiming, just over a yard left. Is it


enough? I'm sure it is. This to go to 3-under. And he does.


Having a very good masters. He can certainly do it on the par


fives relatively easily. They do offer chances. Rickie Fowler on the


tenth tee. Every draw shot, he has gone with a 3-wood. Little easier to


shake the ball from right to left with a 3-wood. And that is perfect.


-- shape the ball from right to left.


HAZEL IRVINE: The first European pairing to lead the Masters into the


final round, Ryder Cup team-mate, Rose and Garcia locked at 6-under


par two hours ago. And it was Sergio that struck first and fast. His iron


play sharp from the off as it has been so often. This is his second


from the first. From there, and opening birdie. 7-under. The


37-year-old Spaniard in his 74th career major over the last 21 years


put further daylight between himself and the Olympic champion, Rose.


Another short picked up. He was three in front when Rose made a


bogey. Rose struck back at the 6th, and with Sergio Brock in the trees


at the 7th, Rose took his chance. This is his second to the green.


Justin came so close to winning the green jacket two years ago applying


the pressure on the Spaniard, because that would be back-to-back


birdies, to get back within one shot of Sergio at 7-under par. Such a


strong mindset. And 36-year-old Rose would make it three in a row, birdie


at the long par-5, 8-under. Sergio missed his birdie at ten, again


locked together, just as they started two hours ago.


COMMENTATOR: Terrific stuff. Ricky with a perfect tee-shot. He has hung


it right a idyll. That is a great position, it will gather right up to


the hole side. Go on. -- hung it right a little.


He's left himself a curly putt, but a decent chance.


Justin Rose at the 9th, second shot. Flat lie.


Dangerous second shot. Looks easy enough, flag on the front of the


ring, but if you are short, they come back down the hill. If you are


too file, they stay. A monstrously difficult putt to judge. It has


stuck. A huge tee shot from Garcia, nearly


down on the flat. Putting the pressure on Justin Rose. You have


got to pitch this at least by the flag. Anything short of that and it


digs in, you can see the bluff at the front of the green and it will


come back to you. Not spinning too much, a slightly lower flight. 118


left. That's it. That's magic. So I'm


lucky it doesn't come back more than that. A little bit unlucky, Ken.


Westwood at the 12th. Remember, he was on the edge of the


bunker at the back of the green. Too heavy-handed, but in she goes. Saves


the day. The wide fairway, will it hold on?


It probably will. Driving down the left is slightly easier than driving


down the right to that left pin. Schwartzel's tee shot at the 12th.


He is 4-under now. That's good. Casey to get to 5-under. This for


illegal. It will tiptoe down the slope. I think he kind of likes


this. I don't think he could have hit that


any softer, do you? 5-6 yards past, a shake of the head.


This takes a bit of pitching. He's got it, you know... How did that


stay out? Jeepers! It just seemed to be curling


perfectly. Look where it has finished, to the right of the hole


way he was putting from. Casey on the fifth. This for a birdie.


On the 13th, and he has parted so beautifully from that range. Two


shots onto the green, and three more to get down. Only a par. What about


this one, Ken? Watch the line. 25 feet long, but putting it to the


left. Nicely judged. Just tiptoes along, doesn't make any


silly errors, Justin Rose. He gives nothing away. A pro-'s pro. It looks


like Matt Kuchar, to wander, second shot to the 14th.


He's like a cash machine, old Matt Kuchar. Every week, gets a nice fat


cheque with shots like this. This is why he gets a good paycheque every


week. Goes to 3-under. Now a chance format or here. Sorry,


Garcia. This would make a statement. Too


wide. You can have an excuse for missing


that, devilishly difficult down there. It really is. Two fours.


It looks like they are both going to have the same score on the front


nine, but you feel like Rose is slightly more on the up. Sergio and


edging to keep on an even keel. He's obviously a little concerned


about this putt. It's a bit further than I thought. It's maybe a good


yard, may be a bit less. Well done. Interesting grip. You


could play the flute with that, put your fingers on, blow and you have


got a June. -- a tune. Two fours and on they go. 8-under par. Both out in


34, but Sergio got the fast start. Rose got the fast finish on the back


nine. Very nice. One or two decent walks,


the tenth to the 11th just gives you a bit of thinking time.


Bit of a walk to the tenth. It used to be the first. Drive over the top


of the hill into the wide, blue yonder. Ken's been out and about,


showing us how he leave this course is. You would be surprised.


I can't the number of times I have been asked about the slopes at


Augusta. Number nine, it is a 100 foot drop to the putting surface. I


am in the driving area, and I hope this demonstration will give you an


idea how steep the slopes. One, two, three electors will they run down?,


on, boys. I hope this gives you an idea of the steepness of the slopes.


Some are really deep. Come on, boys. Keep coming. Some really steep


gradients, not only on the fairways, but on the greens. Well done. That's


absolutely spot on. Some of them are mighty steep, viz slopes. -- these


slopes. Ken, Ken, you weave your magic


words. Justin Rose, can he weave a magic drive? To the right. Can he


get a bit of draw? 3-wood. Has he got it to turn? Anxious, anxious,


anxious... Off the fairway, sticking there. Leaving him a long second.


Sergio also with a 3-wood. A little bit of twist and turn. Twist and


shout, turn it and chase it down that hill.


He has pushed it, has he? If you push it, you miss the downslope.


This is completely the wrong angle to get to the flag from. On top of


the hill, miles away. That is a massive comparison as to


how they played this second nine. Welcome back, Paul Azinger. Thank


you, Peter. Matt Kuchar. It is a gimme. No other place in the world


when that walk can affect you from nine green to Twenty20. I wish we


had heart monitors on the player. -- to tee ten. That is in the lap of


the gods. Still charging down the hill, through the spectators. I


think it has come to rest by the fellow with the red shirt.


He can drum up magic with his power, Thomas Pieters. Hundred and 78 yard


second shot. It is a real beauty. That to get to 5-under. A big


difference in the feeling the chaser has versus the guys out front. They


have to control their nerves and mind. You have chances, particularly


the two par-5s, but they are not the easiest. They are spectacular holes.


They are not without risk. You've got to get by ten, 11 and 12 and


then the scoring can begin. He has been enormously lucky, Fowler. He


has gone right through the crowd. I don't know how he found this spot.


There must be some relatives in the crowd, it is amazing. Look at this.


Oh, well, I suppose it would have been asking too much if it had


stopped and he putted it. Got to fly through otherwise the


ball will come back off the green. Get it to feed. Careful now. That is


a big mistake, big mistake by Paul Casey. So nearly a super shot and


now you are faced with... So difficult to get down in two from


there. That is the view from behind the tenth green. Final per stuck on


the top of the hill. They did not get the bounce down the hill Ken


Brown were showing earlier. A long way back. It looks a relatively


small target from here. A long iron. Certainly taking time. A lot of


concentration. Sergio is giving it his maximum effort in all


departments. 225 to the front of the green. 251


total. It's all right, got your name on your bag, you are allowed to back


off. Poor tee shot now makes par more difficult for Sergio useful --


Sergio. Rose has the momentum. Got to hit this just right to carry


it as far as he needs to. Likely a 4-iron, maybe a five. 251 to the


hole. This is two shots in a row he has


let go off will stop this is where he hit it the other day. That could


be fatal right there. I don't think he is in the bushes. He is stuck in


the pine needles, I think. Thomas Pieters after that great shot. This


to go to 5-under. Just to hide. -- too high. You think you're green


s are fast? Well, it will depend on the lie. I


bet he would not trade with Sergio for anything. He has a lot of


options. A simple pitch back up the hill. I say simple, but in these


situations, really, nothing is simple. Sergio, you are right, in


the straw, but isn't that a well-placed tree? Good grief. Almost


right behind it. Pieters' ball, it has gone ten feet past. Oh, well


holed. That is a very good putt. My word. Old stone face. Or, young


stone face. Just over the green at 11, Rickie


Fowler's third. It goes and goes. I believe he made


the wrong choice for shot selection. He probably needed to one hop that.


A little bit too high and hard. I do not think it will come round. No,


that has left him a putt and a half. Wonders why it has not moved. Here


is Rory. Boy, that was a long way down. Just


an 8-iron. Sergio, I say it is a well-placed tree because it will


break a great deal to his left. At this point he does not want to make


double bogey. If he makes par, it will feel like birdie.


I thought he was going to capitalise on the lie. He didn't.


He has to make sure he misses the tree, but if he misses it on the low


side, the ball can easily run off the front of the green. Second


round, remember what he did, he was better placed. The wind was against


him and he blasted it with a fair way wood, pushed it right, into the


trees, and it suddenly emerged. There is the tree, on the left. That


he is behind today. If he gets it as decent as this, he will be


delighted, but I don't think he can. I think he will be hard pressed to


get it on the green. Will it hold? It is about as good as he could do


from there, I feel. Encouragement for Justin Rose.


Normally, this is a simple pitch up. He has everything going pretty well


in his favour. Could get a bit of check on it, aim it at the


right-hand side, get it within five, feet. He says he has struggled


around the greens this week. That is not great, but, in an OK spot. You


are a hard task master. That was not too bad, surely. You are a hard man.


Schwartzel, for eagle, two putts for a birdie, more like. 25 yards away.


Get to the top of the hill and you can bet your bottom dollar it goes


past. Well judged. He is a beautiful player. He and


Oosthuizen. South Africa have some fine players. Beautiful swingers of


the club at the moment, compared to some of the ones who are more


consistent, Spieth for an example. More elegant looking players.


It is not as easy as all that, I can assure you.


Peter, I feel like this is a point in time. You can tell Sergio is


leaking oil. B has a long putt for par. This is where the player and


caddy relationship pays dividends. It is asking a lot to hole this. It


is a long putt. Three, four feet of swing from the left. Good effort.


Dropped shot. It was a poor second and he has done well really, to drop


one shot. A chance for Justin Rose. First


bogey in 19 holes. That is saying something around here.


Justin Rose has left himself in the perfect spot to clean up and make


par. This would be to take the lead, if he can hole this.


He has been rock-steady all day on these. He made that look easy.


They both struggled, neither hit very good tee shots. Rose gets his


four and is now one ahead. Playing 155 yards, 12th hole.


Bunker. Spieth started out with high hopes.


Now one under. Has he done better than last year? I inky hows, oh,


only just... No, he has not. This is his bete noire, whatever that means.


Dear, oh dear. Look what he did last year. Sun was


shining, everything going beautifully, shots ahead. He hit it


a bit heavy. Not a particularly good strike. Almost identical shot. For


some reason, he had his caddy march back 50, 60 yards, thinking they


were going to play it from a better position and, by golly, he did it


again. Worse, he took a huge did it. Hardly reached halfway across the


pond. That was the next one. He put one in the water and up here. He


made a right Horlicks of it. He did fight back well. It is confusing


where we look at yesteryear, yesterday, for no particular reason.


That is in. Schwartzel gets four. He is creeping along nicely.


As I alluded to on ten green, I feel it is important now for the player


and caddy relationship to develop now with Sergio. Let's watched this


first, Thomas Pieters. -- watch. Just off the fairway. He


has done it absolutely perfectly. That is a great shot. He is some


kind of player. He made double bogeys in that heavy wind.


Now, Sergio. Justin Rose, he has hit a good tee shot. Sergio has just


dropped a shot. Nothing too untoward happening. He needs a good tee shot.


Needs to get a four here at worse. I mean great players do not need


lessons, often times they just need reminders. That has gone off into


the trees and Sergio in trouble again at he level. Needs to settle


down. He likes it. That is why. Friendly


position, and that can go in. He has got it! LAUGHTER.


Well, well. Well, well, well. The first bit of excitement they


have had for a while. Watch this. It would not have happened with a flat


green. He missed the hole by a few yards on the right, but it was a


good strike. He knew the ridge ran through the middle of the green and


if he got the right spot he could end up close. It was never nearer


than that and suddenly, it looked odds here. It just kept going


beautifully and in. Moments like that are few and far


between and to be cherished. Matt Kuchar enjoying it immensely. The


putter is betraying Rickie, the last couple of holes. Back-to-back bogeys


for Rickie. I wonder how many ones he has had. I


don't think any has been sweeter than this.


He is going to sign the golf ball. He is not going to give it away, is


he, Peter? He is going to give it to someone. Yes. That is fabulous.


You know before you hit it, if you can get it up on the right side. He


got it just right. What a glorious moment. He is only three back.


Remember Schwartzel, finished with four birdies. You never know. You


never ever really know. HAZEL IRVINE: You don't. Suddenly


Matt Kuchar it is in contention. 5-under for bidet, three behind.


There he is in a tie with Pieters. Schwartzel is making his move. It is


hotting up around Amen Corner, as it always does.


Thomas Pieters, also to get to 5-under and a good, aggressive


stroke. Dead centre. Still has 15 to play and 16, where the ball funnels


and the ball will funnel close to the hole at 18. A lot of chances


left for these guys to make a move. Where has he gone? Short, left?


Obviously not need the hole. That is not good. I don't know what happened


there. Sergio is in trouble at the top of


the hill. They are in the trees. What do you do hear? He has room to


squirt it around. Has he? Yes, he has. The best he could do, if he


pulls off a small miracle, is to get it in the front right corner towards


the green. Maybe 20, 30 yards short. Or if lucky to run it close to the


front. But not the place to be. This is a big decision he is making. He


has to decide whatever he does is worth the risk. There are mounts to


the right and short of the green and if he can get the ball to run along


the left side of those, but he cannot put it in the water. You


cannot miss left. Get it passed the tree. Keep it out of the water and


you can still make par. He has to make sure he keeps the


face open. If it turns over, he could play at left into the water.


The problem with the water, if you put it in, you have to go to the


drop area and pitch back over the top of it. He has to get it past the


tree to the right of the pond. There are the mounds we were talking


about. Yes, very well played. About all he could hope for.


Justin has got to stop thinking, you lucky rascal. They met at the


bunker. Right-hand edge of the bunker behind the green on the


right, if I can hit it straight there... The flag on the 12th is not


a bad line. Need good nerves. On line. Beautiful shot. Absolute


gem. That is like a stamp right on


Sergio's head. I am not going away. Rory for birdie at 16. Oh, two in a


row. Not bad. And there is a happy lad.


Oh, finishes in style, well done, Fred. Very nice playing.


This is blazing fast. Might go down all the way across the green. It is


gone. Nothing more than a wedge. It will cost him big time. Expensive.


Can he do it again? Once you get the flavour, you know... Softly. Softly.


He likes it. The magic's gone. Flash in the pan. How do you fancy that


chilli back. You got carried away by the ad you Laois and of the


multitude. -- -- you got carried away with the


adulation. This is a hard shot. Then make it


look so easy but it is a hard shot. Sergio leaving the flag. Two putts


from here would be... Would he feel relieved to get down in two from


here. Steady, steady. Slowly it is starting to come undone


for Sergio and you have to believe a couple of missed short putts on the


first line may be shook him up a little bit. -- first nine.


Sergio jumped up to a quick lead. Justin caught him with three birdies


in a row on the front. ANDREW COTTER: Casey's third shot.


Back up the slope. And across. That is pretty well done. A birdie to get


to 3-under. The 18th and Kevin Chappell. A nice


finishing 68 for 3-under. Just sneaks inside the top ten. Very


nice. Just heard a clip ASBO it caught a


tree. And into the water it goes. -- as though it caught a tree. Elegant,


perfect posture from Thomas Pieters. Massive tee-shot down the 15th.


Absolutely huge drive. They are buzzing in the stands. Some grip on


that. A middle to short iron, par-5, the breeze helping. His first outing


at Augusta. Scott with a beautiful second shot on the 14th.


Garcia for his par. There will be a big roar if this goes in. No.


To be fair, that wasn't even close. Maybe the shadows catching him out.


Just beginning to get away from him. He went so long without a bogey, 19


holes, then two in a row. Suddenly, Ken, this for a three shot


lead. The brakes are easy to see, but it


is tricky on the back of the 11th to see how much they are going to


break. A little isolated on this green, the


crowds are a long way away, they can't see the hole. They are waiting


for the ball to drop. The patrons behind the 12th.


You always take a four at the 10th and 11th. Back to Kutcher, needs a


miracle shot here on the 17th. Onto the putting surface. Beautiful


contact. Had to get there. Trying to set a target.


Pieters, this would put the cat amongst the pigeons. It is not going


to turn that much, is it? He will try.


Pieters has birdied the 12th, 13th, 14th, and this looks like a birdie


at the 15th. Let's have a look at Garcia, then, for his bogey on the


11th. In it goes. He's down to 6-under,


suddenly. Two behind his playing partner. Then of course, there's


Thomas Pieters, a new player in the mix.


That was a fantastic tee shot again at the 15th. Getting the ball to


grip. There it is, the balcony stalls are full. Magnificent.


Lifting a little right. Plenty of oomph on it. On the 15th, going over


the water, ideally you want to get onto the fairway. 155 yards to that


right pin position. We know there is hardly any wind, but you can just


see the flag moving a little bit. Trust that there is not too much up


there. 9-iron for Rose, the leader of the Masters.


It goes. Aiming over the bunker there, aiming away from the flag. If


you go short, you are in the sand. Feeling a little bit cagey. Kutcher


to save par. A birdie at the last would be


interesting -- Kuchar. Not as interesting as the 16th, mind. What


a run. The thing about the 12 is, you


either find the green, or you are in some sort of trouble. There's not


much in between. Is he bowled or does he take the


cautionary route over the centre of that bunker? Fabulous, isn't it,


absolutely stunning. Right, it is time to take a deep


breath, Sergio. Play your best hand. Creeps over the bunker, safe. Not


chasing the pins yet. Two behind. A dangerous game to play at Augusta,


as we go to Fowler for his four on the 13th.


That stops the rot. He will hope for more further down the back nine.


Pieters a contender now. He's a little anxious. He's pulled


it a little. Oh... 107 to nine yards, and about eight yards right


up flag. It just depends how it lies in the bunker. Over the Hogan Bridge


they go to this way sis of calm away from all the spectators. The final


group on the final day and Garcia two behind Rose. -- this always is.


I am not sure if his mum is here or at home watching.


He has got to get the right trajectory to get it to land. Oh...


And he was gone. Just coming out of rough comedy had to do something


special with it he took the risk and it didn't pay off. Kuchar, a flat


swing to the last hole. Suddenly the American flag bearer,


Kuchar. They applaud, you thought it was good. And by a couple of yards,


it is. First to putt, Garcia. A sliver --


sliver of green. Particularly well judged. He knew as


he struck it that it wasn't quite firm enough. A mystical silence on


this green. No patrons around you. Schwartzel, drop shot on the 14th.


Beautiful drive here. A bit tight to the trees down the left. You can


take aim at the right half of the green. Two puts -- putts for birdie.


I thought that was going to hold its line. Not much break on this, the


12th. And he thought he had a chance.


If you come up short, you trickle down the bank to the water. Pieters


is aiming up the slope here. He will want this to finish just about where


Tiger Woods chipped up to in 2005. Is it plugged down there?


A good leave. Virtually straight from there. You don't want to miss


it on the right. Straight up the hill.


You can't afford a dropped shot on this marvellous run. Back to the


12th and Garcia, just a tap in. Kuchar come off the upside, hung


back on his back foot. Didn't quite get through it.


HAZEL IRVINE: Justin Rose, a two shot lead. Thomas Pieters is making


up good ground, isn't he. Sergio Garcia there. Adam Scott in the


drink at the 15th. And Paul Casey, 3-under through 16. But missing from


that first page of the leaderboard is Jon Rahm. And this is why.


This is for double bogey at the 18th for the debited from Spain, only 22


years of age. And he's pretty upset by that.


We will see an awful lot more of this fella. He is a brilliant


talent. He's actually managed by Phil Mickelson's brother, Tim, he


will be back and winning big things in years to come.


COMMENTATOR: Tee shot of Justin Rose on the 13th. Look at that, birdie,


birdie, birdie. Hung it out. He has, but he has missed the tongue


of rough that comes up, which makes a huge difference on the fairway


coming off that pin. Rickie Fowler second shot to the 14th. Further it


in from the left. Garcia, beautiful driver. Where is


he aiming? I think he is going to try to take it over the trees. He is


not a high ball hitter, either. Oh, Sergio.


He's going to need a lot of luck here. He said, "Get right a little".


He could be in the Queen. No one seems to know where it went. That


was a risky shot. Oh, Sergio. Down among the route. He's not in the


water, but he's in just as bad a place. That was a risky, risky play.


He didn't chase the pin abattoir, but he was chasing ideal position


from the tee, didn't make the distance and he has paid the price.


Schwartzel if this keeps running down the slope, sit down. Just


bumped into a piece of chewing gum. Pretty good. Quiet man, but classy.


Pieters for his par. No, no, no. So his run comes to a


juddering halt. Rose is getting stronger and stronger. Garcia in


trouble. Pieters slipping back. His tee shot makes you so cross,


because he has such a margin of error down the right. He wanted to


turn it into the back left pin on the 16th. Six holes to go, two shots


clear and that lead will shortly grow, you fancy.


He seems in comptroller at the moment, Rose. There, the ball of


Sergio Garcia. Not too many alternatives to drop. Probably with


a two club length get out of the bush, but not an inviting place to


drop it. There we are. On that line, he can go back as far as he likes.


Not too inviting either. Clearly, three options. As Ken says,


you can have two club lengths, no nearer the hole. Back, keeping the


position in line with the hole, or back to the tee.


He thought it might just clunk into the centre of the flag and find the


bottom of the cup. A pretty good week for Rory.


So Garcia in all sorts of difficulty on the 13th. Rose in a pretty good


position from the tee and two shots clear. Kuchar coming to the end of


his run. Thomas Pieters dropping that shot on the 16th. And here we


are, the deliberations, the options for Garcia.


One option has gone, he can't. I think it is the two club lengths.


He will look at that first of all. One, too, so he wants to make sure


that if he drops it there, he has a backswing. He will drop it within


the two club lengths, and it can roll another two club lengths.


Oh, this is such an awful spot. All the time he waits, Justin does a


couple of sketches. A bold decision made, you might say, from the tee.


Pat a little bit foolish, risky. Looking for a decent lie. If it


crosses the hazard line, he can have another go. If he does the same


again, he will place it. The grid line marks the length of


the natural water hazard. He is there in two. Very dangerous now,


picking up loose impediments. It is easy to make the ball roll. He could


still escape with a five. Schwartzel for a birdie on the 15th.


A few people have chipped from there. Calcavecchia on the final


hole. Very nicely judged. Always has a ready smile, Kuchar.


Rickie Fowler, quick birdie putt. Maybe an understatement.


Kuchar finishes out, 67, joint low round of the day, 5-under par for


the tournament. The target is set. It probably won't be enough, but you


never know. And a hole-in-one. Looks like he is going to sign the


golf ball. Plenty of loft on the club. He will


have two it about a corner as best he can. See if he can leave himself


a nice little yardage. This is his third.


That's pretty good. He's had adventurous times on the 13th that


this Masters. That second yesterday just coming up short but staying


dry. He's fine, good. Well done, Sergio.


He's hit a five, a six and a four on it, which isn't particularly good.


Justin Rose has birdied it every day so far.


Good looking swing. Well, it's safe and dry, but from bus wail of the


back, chipping down towards that pin. Slippery fast -- but from the


Swale of the back. Rolls it in. It's probably going to


be a top ten finish in the end for Rory McIlroy, but a tale of what


might have been at Augusta. No Masters, no Grand Slam completed


this year. 72, 73, is the one, 60 nine. -- 60 one, 60 nine.


You have got to believe he is going to win the grand Slam one of these


years. It is the last little piece of the jigsaw, the Masters. Rose


just peering through the sinking sun. Garcia will have a little


pitch. His fourth shot shortly. HAZEL IRVINE: Here's how it stands.


It looks good for Justin Rose, two shots ahead of Sergio Garcia. Matt


Kuchar has posted the best round in the clubhouse over. He is the


clubhouse lead after that hole-in-one on the 16th. This is his


fourth top eight since 2012. In fact, he is getting much closer. He


was tied third as well a couple of years ago when Louis and Barbour


played the play-off in 2012. Yet to win a major but always there or


thereabouts. -- Bubba. Charl Schwartzel the winner here in 2011.


Playing 179 yards. He will know where to aim it. Aiming right of the


flag. OK. We haven't seen any people hole it


from back there for a two. So, Garcia, his fourth shot.


You have got to be careful. If you go straight at the flag, you haven't


got to be far wrong to find your ball in the creek. You can use the


left slope to work the ball in. Right at it with the floater.


Nice shot. He's got that for a par. A bit of break on it from the left.


You need such mental strength at this time. Pieters's second. The


17th. He's flicked it left. Not by too much.


Recorded a few months ago, so his birdie attempt here. -- a few


moments ago. It looks, when you look at the


screen, as visible pin position. It is on a Christian high spot on the


green. Awkward from every angle to putt from, virtually.


Charles -- Charl, 15 feet left, he's aiming.


This is where it is all happening on the 13th, Rose through the back.


Putter the option. Has it? It has. And if it has, it's


perfect. It's absolutely perfect, I'm telling


you, boys and girls. What touch. Coming out of the little


hollow is so difficult. Up the little upslope onto an ice rink.


There are times when Augusta punishes mental daisy picking.


Walking it down, steering it down, deep breaths. It was a beautiful


shot. -- staring it down. Again, he will shuffle aside and watch Garcia.


The patrons, the pin on the front of the week, they put it there because


it gives the best view for the spectators around the parting green.


The largest number can see the pin. Soren Kjeldsen struggles up front


slope -- around the putting green. For his par on the 16th. OK, not to


be the four birdie finish as he found in 2011, but a birdie on the


last two. Garcia for his par. He's got it. He's got it. A terrific


par. Keeps himself in the race. A Seve par.


From this angle, this putt, there isn't much in it. It is easy to over


borrow. Left, left... A glass from Rose and


the crowd. That was for a three shot lead. So he pars it. Garcia pars it.


Still interesting, heading to the 14th. A real opportunity, there,


Ken, to stamp on Garcia. It is a tricky one, because he has a big


slope of the green. You can see how fast it was from where he played the


original one. You sort of feel it has turned up the slope. APPLAUSE


Well, that was a turn up. Par from fives. Garcia might kick him too


much blame on. Rose still playing very tidy, solid golf, but a two


shot lead might have been four. Paul Azinger coming back in, giddy with


excitement. I wonder if we can hear from Rory


McIlroy. Getting his thoughts in a few moments. We will head back to


the 14th tee. A great view, how beautiful this swing years, Justin


Rose. Dogleg left, par-4. That is perfect.


Thomas Pieters has not enjoyed this hole so far.


He will be thinking, only birdie. Try to get to 6-under.


We talked about decision-making at the beginning of the day and I feel


like Sergio, for whatever reason felt he needed to take a chance on


13. To escape with par, giving him momentum, a psychological boost.


They seem suitably impressed. Just heading off the fairway.


He might be a man reborn. That is the kind of thing that can turn


around, getting away with something on the 13th, when your opponent


could not find a birdie. Paul Casey made a run. He stalled a bit. And a


good finish. 4-under, tied for six. With Rickie Fowler.


Hazel: Rory McIlroy, a failed attempt to tie up the career grand


slam. Unlucky, I am afraid. Let's hear Rory's thoughts. How good was


your round of 69 today? It was pretty good, it was solid, I did not


get off to the start I wanted. It was playing tricky. I thought the


course was getable. Filed under was a good score. I took advantage of


most of the par-5s. I did not put myself in trouble but did not get


the momentum I wanted early and it was a battle for 69 and ultimately


not give up. On course for your fourth consecutive finish in the top


ten. A lot of golfers would be happy with that. It was nice, a good


finish. I was proud of how I handled the conditions the first two days.


Yesterday I had an opportunity to shoot something in the mid-60s and


it left me too far behind when I did not do that. Thanks. Thank you.


HAZEL IRVINE: Sergio Garcia has had tree trouble and on the 13th, a wild


one. Trying to carve an advantage. It dropped short anti-would have to


take a drop out of there. In typical Seve swashbuckling style, unfazed.


Wriggle room at the big par-5. Some great short play skills from Sergio.


He is renowned for bows. He is fighting hard, the 37-year-old


Spaniard, in his 74th major. Running this one down the slope. With Rose


threatening a birdie, he knew he had to make this for par. A clutch putt


if ever there was one. His chances of a first Masters title and major.


He is still fighting and, as Andrew Cotter said, that is a Seve par.


ANDREW COTTER: Thomas Pieters needs a birdie.


You never know, Andrew. You just never know. A couple of scary holes


left for Justin Rose. Rickie Fowler, has got to make some magic happen


right now. You can see the slope of the fairway


on the 14th. See the trunk of the pine left of


the flag, that is the aim. The key here, you have to get the ball deep


into this green. There is a false front that runs across almost dead


centre of the screen. If you come up short, it comes way back.


It is a 9-iron. Anything past the hole is OK. You cannot be short.


Cannot get there with that, he said. He felt a little breeze.


There is hardly anything out there at all. Five miles per hour at most.


But he just felt something. When a good caddy earns his corn,


steps in, reassures. Justin Rose ready to go again.


Disbelief again from Rose. It was doing it's best for him, though.


No real damage done. If that was at the flag it would have been all the


way down off the front. Sergio with an opportunity. That is no easy


2-putt for Justin Rose. One of the best iron players in the game today.


If ever you need a good one, now is the time.


It is good. It is very, very good from Sergio Garcia. Getting better


and better. Sergio strikes back. Perhaps the escape, on the 13th, was


the lift he needed. They must make for Thomas Pieters. No.


Misread, too hard. Got nothing right.


Nothing going right for Jordan today. He has not hit the ball well.


Mis-hits earlier the round really cost him.


5-over for the round. And a smile. The smile of a beaten man. Come on,


Thomas. There you go. Quite a tournament, quite a first Masters.


This guy right here, he will be around a long time. Fantastic swing,


great demeanour. Putts nicely. Birdie birdie finish would be huge.


It had the line. Rose from 30 feet or more. The


left-to-right. The marker of Garcia glinting near the hole. A little bit


high. Something left there. Westwood to finish. Playing


alongside Thomas Pieters. 74. Still a top 20 finish. As if that would


matter to him. He has flitted in and out of contention in this Masters.


On the final day needed far, far better. Great consistency, but not


to be this year at the Masters for Westwood. We head back to the 14th.


There is a chance here for a two shot swing. Oh, it is a big putt for


Sergio Garcia. The fist pump. The determination. At an all-time high


for Sergio. He has applied the pressure now to Justin Rose.


This is a Garcia -esque reaction. If you said he would be a shot better


off after the penalty shot he took in the trees, he would have wondered


about your sanity. Justin missed a short one on 13 and


this is more tricky than the one he had on 13.


This grip is fairly new to him. A confident stroke for Justin Rose. US


Open champion, Gold Medal winner, taking a one shot lead to the 15th.


A reachable par-5. Within the way, Schwartzel at the


18th. -- wiggling. It is not going to be Schwartzel and


certainly not speed. Let's seem if he can find a birdie on the 16th.


Hurray. Five on the 12th. The Glorious 12th for Spieth. Tee shot


on the 15th, Garcia. Not too far down on the left, those trees you


can see blocking out, they can block out a second shot. Down the right


half, get it to trundle down there. That is pretty good and he has put


the pressure on Justin Rose, Sergio. He will reach easily here. Mid iron,


maybe even a short iron from down there. That is miles down there.


Justin Rose got BT box -- the tee box. Now Sergio's turn to put


pressure on Justin Rose. Almost a fade. He browses head and


looks not pleased. The driver is fine. Felt some discomfort there. A


long way behind Garcia. Just did not look happy after the drive. Garcia


chatting to him. I think he is fine. Now Garcia wants a chat. Look at


this. An interesting reaction. You get the feeling he may be hit it on


the heel a little bit. Maybe scored off to the right. When he went down


to get his tee he looked a little tender. It might have been reaction


to not quite puring it. He seems OK. Deep breath. Pressure is on. The


palms are sweating. HAZEL IRVINE: The relief felt by Matt Kuchar. He


is in the clubhouse in a tie with Thomas Pieters. The best final-round


score in a major of his career. The highlight, the ace at 16. The 19th


at that hole in Masters history. You are heading for your best finish


since 2012. How much fun did you have today? I love being here, the


course brings back great memories, of playing well and being in


contention. To put a run on the back nine is so much fun and see my name


on the leaderboard. To have a hole-in-one on 16 and get the


amazing roar my kids probably heard at daycare down the street, it was a


thrill. And you made the day of a young golf fan? One of the parts of


the job is to bring a smile to a kid's phase and it is easy to do


with a golf ball as we go from green to tee. That ball is not a keepsake


for me. I thought this kid, it could brighten up his day and have


something to remember and maybe he will fall in love with golf and we


see him here in a couple of years. Well played today. Thanks a lot.


ANDREW COTTER: And he has, at the moment, the clubhouse lead alongside


Thomas Pieters. Justin Rose will be the first to play his second. Garcia


is a long way past him. Garcia, the fire has been lit. Another look at


the tee shot of Justin Rose. Just a little reaction after he hits


it. I am not sure he is hurt, I think he


is just thinking about the strike, because he moved off comfortably. He


did and from experience, you can dehydrate quickly here. A little


calf cramp, something simple. Justin Rose, he has to make a decision


here. Sergio miles down there. He has to hit a great shot if he is


going to go for this. We will see if we can hear the chat. The likelihood


that he would lay up would be slim. You want to get the ball over the


water as quickly as you can. Long right is OK. We can hear the bird


chat. Schwartzel in the giant bunker on the left-hand side of the 18th.


Should not be a problem. Sending it over the pin, Sandy Lyle style, or


just right of it, but a good one and a chance to move to 6-under.


Some decision to be made. Not going to chip. Looks like a longer iron.


He pretty much has to go. Just right of the flag. Catch it clean. Down!


Looks more like a middle iron. That is a good shot, a very good shot. He


will be putting back up the hill. That is a pressure shot for Justin


Rose, and now the pressure is on Sergio. A wonderful scene it is.


Seve, when he felt that pressure in 1986 and found the water, but


Garcia, now, just one shot behind and in prime position of the tee on


the 15th. Be good, he says. Oh, and it's


great. The trees of Augusta Sheikh with the noise. It almost went in on


the fly. Garcia will have a straight uphill putt for eagle. What a shot.


What a noise. Garcia right back in this. One of the great shots of the


Masters here on the 15th. That was something very, very special.


Arguably the biggest shot of Sergio's career. Before he hit it.


And then he executes like that. Good stuff.


That pitch Mark is right behind the hole. It glanced off the pin. Well,


there we are. Well spotted. That could have gone in the water. It is


not often a ball will hit a flagstick and stay within 30 feet of


the hole. This is as good as you get here.


Look at the pitch mark. It could have been closer than this. They


have seen a beautiful shot. He still has to take advantage.


Well, we are in a Match Play situation now. Two Ryder Cup heroes.


Partners, team-mates. Can he convert it? Rose still has a


couple of putts for birdie and he still has the lead.


I know the Americans would have loved Fowler or Spieth to feature,


but they are seeing a great battle developing. It does not get much


better than this. An accomplished player in Justice -- in Justin Rose.


And Sergio Garcia. The prospect of slipping on the green jacket on


Seve's birthday. That was well judged. It is no gimme, but that is


a good putt. A great crucible of golf. Here and


on the 16th. The giant leaderboard. Sergio made a beautiful birdie on


14. Hit his putt with a lot of conviction and has to do the same


here. You cannot wish these in. You have to be completely committed to


your line, get the right speed. It is almost certain the speed will be


good. It was a very special second shot on the 15th. Can he finish it


out? Hit it, hit it. As it! Eagle for


Sergio Garcia! And a roar to be heard around the golfing world. He


leaps into the lead at the Masters. He is flying. You have to have guts


to eagle that hole in that situation and Sergio proving to himself he has


the courage. He leads for now, because Rose still has this birdie


putt to draw level at 9-under. Adrenaline coursing through the


veins of Garcia. Rose has two remain the steadiest


hand of all. If it goes. They are joined at the


top. 9-under. Three clear. Three holes to go at the Masters. Nothing


between them. Even in the heat of battle, a little pat from Garcia to


Rose. What a final three holes we have in store. Here we have another


look at this shot on 15 and there is no way you can do it better.


Just... Now he somehow has to bring his heart rate down from the high


200s, if that is possible. We are seeing it from every angle and it is


worth it. A shake of the head from his caddy. Those last three holes


from Garcia, from where he was on the 13th, he seemed as if it was


dead and buried, it was over. He made such a poor decision on 13


trying to go over the trees but what a par and birdie, eagle. Take a deep


breath. Do what you always do. One of the


best iron players in the game today. Here we go.


Peter Alliss: An anxious look, but no need. That is going to be a


little cracker. He has come alive. The five o'clock shadow is there.


Indeed of cold steel and the badger. Oh, what joy.


Followed him in. It looks good. Oh, yes. A hop forward there, a bit


fortunate. But what two good cracking shots. Look at that, look


at that, look at that... And suddenly, all was still. Never


ceases to amaze me. But up to the 18th. Schwartzel for birdie. Can he


get to 6-under? He can, he can! It may well not be


enough, but a 68 for the 2011 champion. And he now leads in the


clubhouse, three behind Rose and Garcia, it surely will not be


enough, but a fine, fine finish. Of the two putts remaining, Justin Rose


has a far simpler putt, even though it is a little bit longer. This is


pretty straight, Peter, and Sergio has two player at least a couple


more outside the live. You often hear people say, in this situation,


would you like to putt first or second? A lot of people say they


would putt first, and that is OK if you hole it. But if you putt and


miss, you give the other fella a chance. If he holds this putt, it


would be a mighty blow. A mighty blow if he can get this in. There is


a little bit of movement there, but speed is so important. If you hit it


too hard, it will miss on the right. Not quite enough, it could dribble


away to the left. What a putt that was. Nerveless,


that was. Read terrific. What about the speed, to? It had to be right.


It had to be right, turning there. Sergio struggles a little bit with


his left-to-right putts. No doubt what he needs to do here.


He dribbled it, dribble it, dribbled it... Not a confident putt.


Justin steps into the lead, two to go.


Three, three, three, and he'll be disappointed. Justin already on the


17th tee. Ready to go. Well, a big spike marks in his line


there, it could have anatomy bit. If he made it, he would have to go


directly over that. A poor putt for Sergio, by anybody's standard will.


It really is a battle now between these two, first on the tee, you


need a good drive, get it away, don't get into trouble. All these


things play on your mind at key moments like this. "If I'm going


first, please let me hit a good one".


Dead silence. It's gone right, I fancy. Clipped the tree and came


back out. Not too bad. Garcia just picking his target line.


This fairway is less than 30 now in places.


Setting up for a fake. Everything pointing a little down the left


side. -- setting up for a fade. A low slider.


4-under for his round, Garcia 300. So a very high standard of play. --


Garcia, 3-under. And this was a medical little putt.


Died into the heart of the cup. Little fist pump.


HAZEL IRVINE: We thought Stinson against because was dry at Troon


last year at the Open Championship, this is true sporting theatre on the


greatest stage of them all, Augusta National. It's Rose with that 1-shot


lead, two to play. Featuring prominently on the leaderboard,


Thomas Pieters with his first time here, a closing 68. I wonder how he


will reflect on his opening adventure in this wonderful place.


Inside top ten on your first effort here, how proud are you of that


achievement? It is nice to finish top five, which would be nice. I am


disappointed with the way I finished, I could have had one or


two better, and put more pressure on the leaders. It looks like Sergio


Justin will get it. A lot of people talk about lessons


learned at Augusta every time you play, what will be the things that


you take away from this first experience? The cars definitely


plays a lot different on a Sunday to a Thursday. Of course, we had a lot


of rain -- the course. Some putts were lightning quick, and I will


remember that for next year. How does this effort compared to the


heat of battle in a Ryder Cup? It doesn't compare, but it's still


great. It's really nice to feel those juices on a Sunday, hit shots


like on 15. It is always a tough shot to hit it on the green. To do


that, it's always a nice little accomplishment in the run. Well


played this week. Thank you. COMMENTATOR: Still the drama


continues. Justin Rose just on the fairway on the right-hand side. We


do not know as yet how it's lying or what club you pick. Sergio come on


the other hand, hit a magnificent tee shot. Justin's ball looks like


it might have nestled down a little bit. Might squirt away on them a


shed. He needs to be careful. The pin guarded by the bunker. The


ball is a little bit below his feet. Quite a long way back is Justin.


He's looking for an official. Is he standing in a sprint ahead? Or is


his ball in a sprinkler head? -- is he standing in a sprinkler head?


Here comes the cameraman. It might be in his swing path.


Quite a generous offering, I would say, that, but hard to tell from


just this camera angle. Also, Ken, he is a long way back. He


has got 175 yards to the front from that sprinkler.


The pin is on 23, the best part of 200 yards.


What sort of club do you think he will hit from here? What distance


has a good? I think it is 154. Yeah, 154, there you go. Eight? 175 total


here. You have got to make a decision here, is this going to jump


at all? If it is going to jump, you might want to jump it straight up


and not out. You cannot go up and over this green. We saw what


happened when Kuchar hit over here. It's spelt disaster. He made par but


made a nice putt to get it. Over the green is no good. Left gives him a


bit more depth of putting surface. He has got a 1-stroke lead as well.


177 yards in total. And coming out the rough, he won't be able to grip


it. The ball will come out with a firm bounce and run a little bit.


One and a half holes to play. And that is right at... Oh, landed in


the bunker, short. Short is vast lead better than long. I agree. I


agree, it's not an overly difficult bunker shot, except for the


situation. And now Sergio, it's not plugged, sitting OK. Time for Sergio


to take dead aim. He's got the little plateau that you have to get


up onto to have a good look at birdie. Very difficult to get close


here. Sergio cannot go long. I'm lucky it didn't get one hop


forward. But that's pretty good. Bit of a sliding putt. A little bit


unlucky. Yes, not a bad angle to putt from. A lot worse angles than


that. You have got to believe he took into consideration that Justin


was in the bunker and took the back edge of the green completely out of


play. Even if you do have a perfect number, it is very difficult to get


close on that tiny plateau, Ken. Even if you do, it's so difficult to


hole a putt. Five birdies today. Most of these bunker shots are


pretty straightforward, but in this situation, Justin Rose is going to


have to make a decision here. Not again. We don't need another one of


these. Questioning whether the ball moved. It didn't move its position.


It certainly didn't move. Always dangerous, tangling with the


pine straw. I think, with all the pressure of


the moment, some kind of little chunk and run here is an order. I


don't see any need to try to hit a spinner to this pin.


Even if you love your lie, the smart play is to get some kind of runner


up the hill here. You need to play up the left-hand side, use the


slope. If you are just fooling around, you'd get it up and down in


two, seven times out of ten. But the situation is different. But they are


magical bunker players now, all of them. So I'm expecting a good shot.


It stuck a little bit. Left to right, not the easiest of putts


left. Just an update on the ball possibly moving, it has been


reviewed, moving a 13th in the pine needles, when he pulled more


needles, and they determined no penalty. No penalty as Fowler misses


on the 18th. Giving it a bit of a go. Jordan Spieth at the 18th. And


he finishes well. He will live to fight another day.


38 out, getting off to an untidy stock. Finishing in a blaze of glory


in the last four holes. It wasn't his day.


In it goes from Fowler, 76. Both he and Spieth tumbling back. We thought


that group might be the real challenge to these two, but it


simply didn't materialise. Sergio's giving this the fall


business, looking at it from every angle. It's a slider, a tester. He


dribbled the last one from about five feet horribly.


Didn't look the most convincing stroke. We will have another look at


it. A little bit of bounce on the ball, but it was never getting them


out. The backswing looked all right, and he tried to do it all with the


follow-through, and it decent read it and he pushed it on as best he


could. -- and it do decelerated. This would be a gutsy one if he


could get this one in. No, dribbled away. A chance for


Sergio. Just not strong enough. Didn't knock it into the hole,


dribbled it. Miss judged second, that began the problems.


It only looks dated look, doesn't it, but it is a little bit longer


than it looks. Just left of centre. A bit of pace, Sergio. Keep your


head still. Try to keep your head still. Slowly back, and well done.


And onto the 72nd hole level. One hole to go.


Will it be won with a three, a mistake by somebody, or will it be a


play-off? The bunkers are in play here at 18.


We have seen several players drive it in today. Just under 300 yards to


the first one both of these players have the power. Sergio, the bunkers


are in play with the driver. He likes to hit that slider. You have


to believe this is the biggest tee shot of his long, fairly illustrious


career. He's had a terrific career. He needs a major Championship to cap


it off. Maybe if you get one, you can get more. You can see him taking


a deep breath here. He gets to apply the pressure first. I like the idea


that he is going with driver because he forces Justin Rose's hand if he


hits a good one. I fancy he is going to aim at the


bunker on the left and slide it left to right if he can. I'm sure that's


the thought going through his mind. And they love it. He loves it. And


that's why, that's a rip-off. -- rip-off.


That is probably the hardest he has swung all day. What a clutch shot.


Now it's all on Justin Rose. -- that's a ripper.


It's good. Two wonderful drives settle down there. That's fine. Two


beautiful drives under all that pressure. Yeah, they don't come much


better than those two. The excitement, they say it starts


on a Sunday afternoon, the final nine. They are right. It was getting


dull until that point, then it suddenly came alive. It's become one


of the great Masters jewel. This is the spectators watching the


leaderboard change. There we are. No doubt that Sergio Garcia's the


sentimental favourite at the moment. I fancy there will be a wonderful


ovation when they come up onto the green.


HAZEL IRVINE: We might have several because we might have a play-off


situation. If it is, it is the 18th and tenth recurring until we get a


champion. Just as this is coming to a dramatic conclusion, let's reflect


on the round played by Charles Warsaw, lying in third at the


moment. A 68, a best finish since he left out of the pack since closing


birdies to win in 2011. Let's hear from him.


Your best effort at Augusta since you won did. Some up your week. It


was a great week. I have come back every time, not finding my feet


quite after that one. This week has been eighth tough first two days, I


battled through that and did well at the weekend.


You know what it is like to come down the stretch with a sniff of


winning, can you give us any idea of what Justin and Sergio are going


through now? All the bodies are standing up on


16, I am sure about it. There is no golf course we plate where there's a


war on 16, it's loud and it's exciting. They will have a great


time. Thank you for your time this week. Thanks.


COMMENTATOR: Thanks indeed. South Africa are well off in good players.


A whole crop of them coming up. I wonder who is to play first. Could


be Justin. I don't know, nip and tuck.


The flag is in the favourite position for us. The final day. But


you can play one a bit wide here on the 18th and end up very close to


the pin. If you go over the top and too far, you can go 6-7 yards or


more passed the hole if you get the right sort of pitch, it will come


back to the hole. One with a bit of right to left, coming up the greens


can turn towards the flag. What do you think they will be


hitting from here, Paul? It is going to be a middle iron, I think, for


Justin Rose. Maybe a six or seven up the hill, possibly and eight. It is


advantage to Sergio Right now. It looks like Sergio is holding a


witch, so Justin Rose probably just a couple clubs longer than that, may


be an 8-iron. -- holding a wedge. The biggest mistake would be to head


left. Especially if you are Rose. He has the advantage of going first and


applying pressure to Sergio. But Sergio has a wedge, and no matter


what, he is going right at the flag. Justin can put some pressure here on


Sergio. He has picked out a round ended club, so they start at eights


and nines, so it's a pretty short club he's got here. He can mosey up


into the second bunker which is miles off the tee will stop maybe a


9-iron or a wedge for Justin as well. He cannot miss left.


The crowd will tell us where it is. Softly, softly...


That's a fortunate bounce. Exactly as we said. That wasn't a very good


shot, but a hell of a good result. The patrons left no doubt that


that's close. Takes a steady and walking off it.


Garcia again inside Rose! Blow for blow!


Now, the same situation they were in on 16. Rose will go first. It has


developed into one of the great finishes at the Masters.


Rose went first, and in all truth, it didn't hit a great shot. Well


wide of the target. Hits the corner of the bunker and ends up 10-12 feet


away. And everyone goes bananas. And then along comes Sergio. Kate on the


right, wife. Look at that, look at that... He's mine. There we go. And


now Sergio thumps one up. And just wait for the raw. CHEERING


Won't be too long when somebody will be ecstatically happy... Justin Rose


first. This is the same situation as we had


on 16. Rose with a little bit easier putt than Sergio. Justin gets to go


first. This is it. Justin is reading this one on his


own. It is his particular method. His wife looks on. A silent prayer,


come on, hubby, you can do it. Here we go.


I thought it was in all the way. Bob Blade, Justin.


Rather like Carnoustie, he had a putt perhaps a little longer than


this to win the Championship at Carnoustie and in the end, victory


went to Padraig Harrington. He needs to strike one more good putt. This


is wiggly. Pace is important. It can wander off. Here we go.


No. No, no. That was always down the right.


If this goes in, they will have to do more work.


It is a bit of an anti-climax after those two spectacular second shots.


So, a play-off. Sudden death. Over the 18th and the tenth, recurring


until we have a winner, or until the light runs out. ANDREW COTTER: A


shake of the head from Garcia. He will replay that putt in his head in


years to come. Rose is. A reminder that we will be slightly delayed at


Augusta, but I am sure you are enjoying it. Going up to sign their


scores before heading down to the 18th. It is sudden death here, the


only major that remains sudden death. His fiancee, encouraging


Garcia. You mentioned the putt at Carnoustie that he had to win, that


was a more convincing strike them that one, because that was never...


He hardly took the putter back. I thought it was in. Absolutely in the


middle and somehow he missed. Watch this, he hardly takes it back.


Always down the right, never running at the hole. More work to be done.


They stayed the play-off format in 2004 and the first time it came into


play was 2005, when it was Tiger Woods and Chris DiMarco. Nick Faldo


won on the 11th. They kept going from the tenth. I do not know why. I


think they wanted to try to finish in front of the galleries on the


18th. They used to head off down the tenth and finish, as Fowler did, on


the 11th. With Floyd. -- Faldo. A reminder of some of the play-offs


in recent Masters memory. Mike Weir, winning on the old tenth. Tiger


Woods beat Chris DiMarco in the new format. Cabrera, 2009. That play-off


went on longer. Bubba Watson. He beat Louis Oosthuizen on the tenth


in 2012. And Scott and Cabrera involved, but Scott the winner, this


time. HAZEL IRVINE: We have seen amazing


golf today, some of the most sensational and supreme


sportsmanship on display and after 72 holes deregulation both of them


in effect had a putt for it. And we will have to do this again, the 18th


and the tenth recurring until we have a winner. Will it be Rose? Will


it be Garcia? And the fiance and Justin's wife, Kate. That is Angela,


Sergio's fiance. We understand they are marrying later this year. She


has been with him since last year and is something of a talisman


winning his first PGA event in four years and first in Europe for three


years, as well, with Angela by his side. She is something of a good


luck charm. The crowd, all of us, way past midnight now and I am sure


you are as enthralled by events here as we are. Ken Brown is with you. We


saw last year at Troon, a final day we thought would never be beaten but


this is alongside that. It is marvellous in sport when you see two


of the best players go head-to-head at the top of their games. It was


set up perfectly for exciting golf, the course. Still more to come.


Play-offs are not satisfactory because somebody goes away with the


glory, and the person tied, can just drift into the byways of golf. A


massive moment. Probably less pressure on Justin. We can see the


putts at the 18th. Justin had the longer of the two. Just squeezes by.


One of those that we have seen many times. He turns from right to left.


Everything says it on the green. Like a Sandy Lyle putt. Similar


angle. Difficult to read. I do not know if he convinced himself he knew


the line. It was tough. I vividly remember the ten footer he had at


Carnoustie in 2007, having started the day with a three shot lead.


Sergio have the putt at the end and did not make it. Ten years later, he


is still waiting. He has been competing in Majors 21 years. This


is his 74th. You sense there is a real feeling for Sergio among the


crowd. They believe it could be his day and many would love it to be his


day. He has certainly done his time. This is his 74th major. I go back to


the PGA Championship in 99 when he had a chance to win. He was still in


his teens. He was 19. Harrington at Carnoustie, the man raking the


bunker took longer and slightly put him off his approach to the 18th and


he took three more from where he was. He deserves a major. Golf in


sport does not work like that. He has to earn it now and focus. He is


hitting the ball slightly better but not making the putts. Justin, he has


holed the vital putts. He has had a good day on the greens. Who will


come out on top? They both shunted it out to the right on the tenth


last time. Not a hole they feel comfortable with. Sergio was three


shots ahead and then found himself two behind. Trouble with the trees.


Weathering the storm around Amen Corner and this out the 15.


Extraordinary from him. He had not made an eagle for more than six


years. A huge tee shot. Still a demanding shot. This was unlucky in


some ways. The natural thing, it would be closer. Many times people


have gone into the flagstick and he could have come back into the water.


Up the slope you have the perfect angle. Seve said, getting there. He


blew it in from the heavens. Two putts. Justin unlucky with the


second. When left. More often than not you scoot over the green. This


is a beautiful shot. The tricky thing he had, he left himself the


downhill left to right. They are always tricky. Rose, a brilliant


reply, but very lucky. The pitch a foot further left, it probably


finishes in the water. Watch his reaction. He knows he was lucky.


Justin, of course, would make the putt to go 10-under. We began to see


the putting frailty that has been a feature of Sergio's play in Majors.


He was one behind. At the 17th, Rose, he had gone into a bunker and


dropped a shot. Suddenly, all square, because it was pure Match


Play by this point. The bunker shot is easy at 17. Wherever you putt


from it is tricky. Cracking drives. Absolutely ideal. Rose had fortune.


Danny Willett landed his second there and it kicked across the


green. This he hit exactly. He knows it is a pin seeker. That was a


beauty. Unlucky it did not stop quicker. Thumbs up from Justin. Here


we are again. Justin. Did not go in. As we know, Sergio had a similar


putt from the other side. This is tricky to read. He was trying to dab


it. Sandy Lyle had that putt and it went dead straight. Unlucky on 16


and 17, leaving himself with horrible putts. We are getting set


for the first ever Masters play-off between two European players and the


11th since we went to sudden death in 1979. We have had some drama. The


last one was 2013. Bubba Watson. Louis Oosthuizen. We have had four


years to wait for similar drama and it is Match Play situation and we


have two of the best Ryder Cup players we have seen in that


situation. They are going to a tough par four. Interesting to see their


strategy of the tee. The sun is setting but it is brighter. We have


probably got 40 minutes of playable right and left. We have seen that


the Tempest will follow this programme but there is a tempest


here. A competitive storm brewing. I'm sure you will stay with us. I


know you have worked in the morning, but, come on, this is history in the


making. Will it be Danny Willett who passes the green jacket to a fellow


English man? Will it be the first Spanish victory since Olazabal in


1999. I know he's sent Sergio a note, an inspirational note, I am


told, giving him a fillip. He is one of the most inspirational people I


know. And what better fillip what would have been the birthday of


Ballesteros? They were inspired by the memory of Seve Ballesteros. I


remember him speaking to Justin Rose and pointing to his sleeve with


Seve's logo on it, saying we are doing it for him. The standards set


by Seve. Everyone's hero, coming through. The Spanish players,


European players. Justin is trying to become a multiple major winner.


And says if he can become winner of two Majors. He is a US Open champion


and gold medallists, it would cement his legacy. Sergio Garcia trying to


make a breakthrough after all these years in Majors. Always useful to


have the honour of the first. They were just roaring lots. I'm sure


they aren't ready for some more action.


ANDREW COTTER: Rose first. He played this hole in regulation play so


beautifully. The shoe is on the other foot because Justin Rose gets


to go first. 45 minutes of light left to decide this. The


all-important tee shot. Both bunkers in play.


Silence. Fading into the middle of the trees. Drops out and tries to


get back. A stroke of good fortune. He has some sort of shot. He has no


idea where that is. Looks like a long jumper getting


ready to take off. Rather muted. That is a crackerjack.


A super drive. Rolls down in the pine needles. He


will have to move that a lot from left to right. Up at the green they


wait. All the drama of Augusta. Late on a Sunday evening.


It all depends on a number of things as far as Rose is concerned. The


lie. He will have to cut it around the trees that there is a way of


getting the job done if he has a decent slip macro. Down there on the


corner where the tree stick out, the smaller pines. There are no phones


inside Augusta, you have no access to monitors. We will see Garcia


appearing eventually on the fairway. It has nestled. There it is. He has


to squirted out with a long chip and run with a two iron. He might take a


3-wood and scuttle it along the ground. You do not have to get the


ball in the air. Not a bad shot for a chip with a driver.


Justin has to decide what to do here and where to put it. No trouble


getting it under the tree and reaching the green. It is where do


you want to have it end up? He could get it on the green from


here. Actually, it looks more blocked out now.


Oh, he half shanked it. He would have done better with a wooden club.


A fairway club. It is rather old-fashioned to use those shots.


They just don't see them these days. Lee Trevino would have taken a


driver, down the shaft, and played a slicer. Never got the ball off the


ground. Sergio, just alongside you for two. Find the green. One good


clean straight iron. It looks good. CHEERING.


It is a beautiful shot. Sergio's fiance is eagerly clapping


her chap, and why not? He is very much in the driving seat.


He needs something special. Garcia among the millions watching.


He needs a big bounce off the edge. Not too bad. Not as bad as he


thought. He has a chance, still. A similar putt to the one he had a


regulation play, just a little bit longer. But he is still alive.


The noise will slowly grow for these two.


Justin will be the first putt if he misses, Sergio.


Justin had a putt on almost the identical line, about 15 minutes


ago. He knows now that it does not go left. I would be surprised if he


did not hit a great putt. Sergio better be bracing himself that this


does not go in. Almost the putt Mark O'Meara had when he won a


tournament. He made 20, 20 five foot putt. Justin closer but on the same


line. Look at the Galleries. Nobody has


gone home yet. Justin's mother and wife. Hoping and


praying. That this little white ball is going to disappear.


It looks like a knobbly knees competition. Perhaps not. Here we


go. Two for it, Sergio. Great effort,


Justin. It was not to be. When Sergio hit that while tee shot at


the 13th it looked all over. Now he has two putts and what, 18 feet. Two


putts. For his first major. Saying don't do anything stupid.


When you have two for it, just tickle it down the right-hand side.


Well, one will do. Well done, Sergio. You have done it at last.


They are great pals. On and off the course. Well done. Great stuff. On


Seve's birthday. What a day to do it.


He has waited a long, long time. And now it is finally happening. Finest


hour. There will be some fun in the old


town tonight. Come on! 74 Majors. And, finally, he is the


nearly man no more. A smile I have not seen too often in major


champions at the end. Commiserations to that man. He has had his moments.


The US Open and the Olympic medal. Rafael Cabrera-Bello waiting to


offer his congratulations. He will be quickly ushered to the cabin for


that famous presentation, which he will have creamed off. -- creamed


off. Dreamed of.. It sounds as popular a


win we have seen. He has been challenged so hard. He is the PGA


champion. The players champion a fuel years ago. He has won big


events here. He has had ups and downs and a few crazy things. Today


it has come to fruition. He has won one of the four Majors and done it


in some style. Justin Rose contributed, playing magnificent


golf today. Sergio earned this. It was not handed to him. And he


deserved it. A lot of hard work finally pays off. He had two, but to


do it in one. He won it. That is how it should be. Up they come and in


she goes. Whoopee. Great stuff. Emotion, pure joy.


So many others thought this day would not come. Garcia always seem


to be... It seemed like he would never win a major. Some many great


players have never won a major. All around the world. And other quite


modest players who have done it. It is one of those weird and wonderful


things. I am not sure we have seen displays of emotion as overt as


that. A release of tension over all the years.


What a Championship, what a champion we have in Sergio Garcia. He joins


our famous trio of Spanish champions here.


COMMENTATOR: And there it is. Seve Ballesteros.


CHEERING. Yes, well done. HAZEL IRVINE: Seve, Jose Maria and Sergio.


74th time lucky. At last. Finally, joyously, the stars have aligned. I


think one of the most popular wins we have ever seen here. So many


people willing him on. Even Rory McIlroy on Twitter said, let him


have one. Vamos! Well said. You have to feel for Justin Rose. Runner-up a


second time as he greets his wife Kate. It was a sterling effort. He


will be back. He has never missed a cut here. Runner-up twice in 12


appearances. He loves this place. I am sure not even Justin would


begrudge Sergio his victory today. The two of them great friends. A


wonderful evening will stop I am sure you are with us at 1:40am. I'd


known it is a weekday but I am sure you have enjoyed it. How would you


describe the last hours here? It has been electrifying. It was a


ding-dong battle. Justin Rose getting a couple ahead and then it


got close around the turn and Sergio, a couple of loose tea shots.


You thought perhaps his day is not going to be there. A brilliant tee


shot at the 15th. It has been a duel of the highest quality. Top


sportsmanship. I think the golfing world thinks that Justin already has


a major and it is nice for Sergio to have one. He deserves it. He has


been in the top 20 in the world virtually 20 years. At last, at


last, look. It wriggles in. He had two for it. Get in there, baby. 12


top fives, four runners up in Majors. At the time of his first


major victory, 22 top tens. He alternates caddies but that will


have been a marvellous moment. Seve, looking down today. Happy birthday.


And Oli, one of the great champions. Congratulations to him. He has been


a beautiful striker of the ball and sometimes vulnerable on the greens,


but at last. And the expectation of Spain, having to follow these


amazing champions from Spain. From a very young age he was going to be


the next Seve, the next Oli and, at last, he has got what he deserves.


What will Justin Rose take? It will be it a disappointment but the


quality of his play will stay longer in the memory. He will be thinking,


what more can I have done? I have played a lovely round of golf. He is


a champion professional golfer, the way he handles himself, the way he


plays. Exquisite. Today he came up against a slightly better man. If


you give your best shot and get beaten, you put your hand out and


say well done. This is truly one of the greatest stages in sport. It


does this every time. Today they set the course up, particularly the back


nine, to give the fellows a chance. Most of them took their chances. It


can give and take away just as brutally if you miss a shot


marginally. From the European standpoint we had Danny Willett last


year and Sergio this time. You look back to the period from 1980, when


Seve was the first European to win here. The 11 wins in a 20 year


period. A golden age. Are we returning to that status, European


golf? Thomas Pieters is a fantastic player. Matt Fitzpatrick has a good


game. We have a lot of good youngsters, as America have. A


slight changing of the guard. Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth. There will be


a battle between the young guns who have fought in the Ryder Cup


matches. Sergio has been a Ryder Cup stalwart. We have talked about the


spirit and those qualities brought to bear. When you are playing


against... If you play in a European Ryder Cup team you have 12 friends


for life. It would have been quite difficult to take. Ultimately you


have to get out there and do what is best for you. Sergio was absolutely


amazing today. There were plenty of Craxi could have fallen through. His


window of opportunity may have been broken but he's stuck in and credit


to him. Danny Willett knew he would present the green jacket to one have


his Ryder Cup colleagues, he just did not know which one. Amazing that


five years after Sergio Garcia said in this very place, I cannot win a


major, I will always only be playing for second and third. I wonder what


has turned his mindset around. I would say his relationship with his


girlfriend has been enormous. He has had different girlfriends and never


really got settled but this time he is at peace with himself. OK, time


to present the green jacket at last. Jim, another exciting job. It was a


great tournament. Jim and I will soon repeat the tradition of the


award of the Masters green jacket. I would like to take this opportunity


to thank TV viewers across America and in over 200 countries around the


world for your long-term and loyal support of the Masters. And now


welcomed three special gentleman. This year's amateur, Stewart


Hagestad. Last year's champion, Danny Willett. Danny,


congratulations, I am very proud of you. And our 2017 champion, Sergio


Garcia. Sergio, very very proud. Thank you very much. Please have a


seat. Jim has a few questions. The amateur participation here is a part


of their heritage. To be below amateur, I saw you before the


tournament and we had a discussion that you would be here on Sunday. I


got the feeling you were going to be. As we discussed, we will talk


about that on Sunday, but it is a blessing to represent amateurs


around the country and be sitting here with a worthy champion and last


year's champion and yourselves is a dream come true. How did you play


such good golf? I played within myself, I made committed golf


swings. I didn't make a double all week. That was critical to keeping


me in it. Bogeys will not kill you, but doubles will. I stuck to my game


plan and played great. You made a lot of folks at USC proud. Now you


are a financial analyst in New York will stop will this change the


course of your life? I will have to think about a lot of things but I


have no plans to turn pro. And to test my game against the world's


best, that was the goal this week. I know where I stand and these guys


are awfully good. I think I will continue doing what I am doing but


it was a dream come true this week. Congratulations. Sergio, this is the


moment you have waited for. I'm sorry, I don't know how... It has


been such a long time coming. I thought I had it on 18. I hit the


putt where I wanted and had practised that putt. It breaks left


and for some reason it didn't. I knew I was playing well. I felt


today the calmest I have never felt on a major Sunday. Even after making


a couple of bogeys, I was still very positive. I still believed that


there were a lot of holes I could get to. I hit really good shots


coming in. I am sorry. And you've got reminded of it so many times,


for this moment of a lifetime to happen on Seve's birthday. It is


amazing. To do it on his 60th birthday and to join him and


Olazabal, my idols in golf, my whole life. It is something amazing. Jose


sent me a text on Wednesday telling me how much he believed in me and


what I needed to do. I pretty much believed in myself. Being calm, not


letting things get to me I have done in the past. Everybody has been


great. The whole family, my fiancee, my parents, her parents, all the


friends here, such great support. You had a couple of moments. The par


at 13. The par of a lifetime because at that point you are in danger of


falling perhaps four behind Justin and somehow you faced the adversity


and made par. I did not feel I hit a bad drive. Unfortunately I did not


cut it enough and hit the tree. It went on playable. Hit a good third


and fourth shot. I knew I needed to make the putt to stay with it. I


knew I could do what I did on 14 and 15. I knew I was playing well enough


to make something happen. That part turned the clock a little bit for me


-- that putt. It got me more confident. I was able to make two


great holes. The last player to eagle the 15th in the final round on


his way to winning was Jose. I probably hit one of the best eight


irons I have ever hit. From the fairway we did not know if it hit


the hole all the flag. I think it bounced and ricocheted off the flag


and went to probably about 12 feet. I hit probably one of the best putts


I have hit all week. I will comment about the back and forth with you


and Justin. Showing sportsmanship out there when it was so intense. At


the end of the day, we are all trying to win. But we are all


people. We have to represent our game and raise the way we should. We


are good friends, so we were very respectful to one another. We were


cheering each other on. We wanted to beat the other guy, not the guy to


lose it. How long has this moment played in your head? This time to be


a major champion? It is funny, I have seen it several times. When I


came here in 99 as an amateur. I felt like this course was probably


going to give be at one Major. I am not going to live, that thought


changed over the years because I started feeling uncomfortable on the


course. I only came at peace with it. I accepted what Augusta gives


and takes. Because of that I am able to be here today. Like Seve and Jose


Maria, you have a green jacket. Are you ready to put it on? Danny,


please do the honour. Wonderful. Congratulations, Sergio. Thanks so


much. It is a pleasure. APPLAUSE


. HAZEL IRVINE: He has been


made-to-measure for that jacket such a long time. Watched by his fiancee


Angela at the back of the green. The reaction the same. Syncing to their


knees. Sergio a major winner. Rory tweeted two unbelievable players and


two great friends. He says to Sergio, you deserve it, amigo. A


wonderful victory. And, Ken Brown, summing up, where does Sergio go


from here? Is this the start for him, or will he be happy to settle


as a Masters champion here the rest of his life? He will be happy to


have a green jacket and will return for the champions dinner every year.


When you look at his play from the 15th to the 18th, he did not miss a


shot. He missed a couple of putts but the tee to green game was


imperious. That is what got him to victory. Justin Rose found himself


three shots behind. And then two in front. Showed composure and mental


strength. Touch and control all day. That could have won it for him and


it didn't. He came back in the play-off. Again at the 18th. The


mistake of the tee. He was under pressure. Eadie did this and it slip


by. We can get Justin's thoughts. An amazing day of golf. What is going


through your mind right now? You know, disappointed. I do not know


how I feel about it at the moment. It happens fast when you lose the


play-off. Sudden death. You are in it and suddenly it is over. It was a


great day, it really was. Sergio and I separated ourselves from the field


and he had a great comeback. From the 13th. That was the turning point


for him. At that point I felt in control and continue to be in


control till the end. Sometimes it is the rub of the green for you and


sometimes not. I hit a good putt on 18 of regulation. I think I under


read my second one in the play-off and because of that it goes low. You


cannot second-guess yourself. I felt in control all day. I am happy for


Sergio. I would love to be wearing the green jacket, but it was not me,


then for him. Did you stay calm? Did the butterflies kicking? I am


surprised how cool I was. I did feel in control till the end. I think


that is a sign of me maturing as a player. I feel it is a tournament I


will do well in in the future. As Fred Couples and many have proved if


it is of course you get to know you can be relevant and competitive here


a long time. I see many more chances to come. You talked about the merit


of Sergio's win, what about the, Raja read between you in the intense


heat of battle? We have been friends a long time and being playing golf


against each other since we were 14. Our careers will go on. He will be


happy for a month and then golf will take over. I will be disappointed a


month and then golf will take over and we will carry on. There are more


goals and objectives. I look forward to the US Open and Birkdale. I was


disappointed to come so close that the year is only getting going now.


I have enjoyed watching you play all week. Great effort. Tank you very


much. He is such an impressive man and golfer, Justin Rose. He will be


back, he will have other chances. But Sergio Garcia has taken his, as


indeed he took his chance winning as amateur. Seve, the first ever


European champion. He played a practice round here the first time


with Seve. In his first major in 1976 at Royal Lytham. He has been in


the shadow of these great men such a long time. Seve and Jose Maria, but


no longer. It goes to prove that good things come to those who wait


and wait and wait. He has bridged an 18 year gap back to the last Spanish


success. That was the putt that did it. Ah!. And what a pleasure to be


part of it. Such a delight to see him. So happy and all the history of


Sergio Garcia, a young prodigy and he has come through and won his


masters. A terrific week of golf. I am hoping everybody enjoyed it at


home as we enjoyed it bringing to you. On Wednesday it is the world


track cycling Championships on the BBC. Starts on Wednesday at midday.


And more heart thumping, slow burning drama to come over the next


17 days at the Crucible when the World Snooker Championship gets


under way next Saturday. I am looking forward to being there. It


has been another amazing night at the Masters. One of the very best I


think we have ever seen. Thank you for sharing it with us and thank you


for allowing me to share this with you. Over the last 25 years we have


seen fantastic golf together. Wonderful to be with you and thank


you to the team for putting up with me the last 25 years. It has been a


joy. On behalf of the team I would like to say thank you very much and


on behalf of the viewers, I am sure everybody has enjoyed Hazel the


golf. Have memories and friends to last a lifetime. The last word is


with Sergio Garcia. He is no longer Spain's nearly man. He is the master


at last. Goodbye.


# I keep losing sight of you. # One day I will dress you in a


green jacket. You are the cream


of the French aristocracy. I built these walls


to protect myself. Now I find the greater danger


lies within them. MUSIC: Spirit in the Sky


by Norman Greenbaum but we're not going to stand by


as evil wipes out the galaxy. MUSIC: Hooked On A Feeling


by Blue Swede They call themselves


the Guardians of the Galaxy. Take in the topsail!


Tend to the master's whistle. Good boatswain, have care!


Where's the master? Do you not hear him?


You mar our labour! Keep your cabins!


You do assist the storm!


Hazel Irvine presents live and uninterrupted coverage of the final day's play at the Masters at Augusta, where the world's best golfers are battling it out to claim the coveted green jacket.

The winner follows in the footsteps of some of the most illustrious names in golf - including legendary figures such as Seve Ballesteros, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods. While 59 of the previous 80 Masters titles have been won by golfers from the USA, there have been plenty of overseas winners in recent years, such as Australian Adam Scott in 2013 and Englishman Danny Willett in 2016.

Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Andrew Cotter and Paul Azinger.

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