Day 2, Part 1 Golf: The Open

Day 2, Part 1

Hazel Irvine and Dan Walker introduce coverage from Royal St George's, as those in action on the Kent links course hope the wind doesn't affect their efforts to make the cut.

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Welcome to Royal St George's. It is day two of the 140 if Open


Championship. Conditions are perfect, in contrast to yesterday


when it was cold and windy and wet around this time. This is the 18th


green. The R&A committee are deciding where to put the pin for


Sunday. We should in these conditions, with Hartley Wintney --


a wind, we should have some good scores. Yesterday was a tale of two


Toms. One of those was searching for redemption and the other


for redemption and the other announcing himself on the golfing


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


That was a belter. He has it! Tom That was a belter. He has it! Tom


Lewis. He is tied with Thomas Bjorn, leader of the Open.


What a day it for the two Toms, especially Tom Lewis, who was named


after Tom Watson, who was playing. There's two word two of 18 players


who managed to get under-par yesterday. What about the other


yesterday. What about the other 154? He is an update.


There was not to be any glory of four Rory. It was not a grandstand


start, but it is only day one. And Garcia has his brink and a love of


my game back, but he was usurped by this hairy genius. No trouble at


all. Marvellous. The lots of people were getting peckish at Sandwich,


particularly Rickie Fowler. We have already found the trousers


of the week. Talking about trousers, things have been tame today, but


the golf has been tidy. He was happy with his work. Look, he can


jump! And another! Ian Poulter was looking very nice. Simon Dyson was


a home-grown golfer with a reliable putting stroke, but a dodgy neck.


The number one finished number 1- over par.


John Daly on the first... LAUGHTER It is not going


particularly well for the home- grown hero. Lee Westwood had a


close relationship with the fans, but not in the way he wanted. There


was too much of that... After a slow start it is time for him to


attack. And he did. 3-over became 2-under. He was joined by fellow


travelling to 4-under. In the afternoon, conditions were almost


perfect, but the links course proved it was a tough old beast.


This is confirmation of the overnight leaderboard. Webb Simpson


finished yesterday with a birdie- birdie. You might be interested to


know that in 13 of the last 19 Opens the winner has come from the


Opens the winner has come from the top 10 at the end of day one. We


are joined by Ken Brown. I want to talk about Tom Lewis. I was at the


14th. He had just had a bogey. They said he has gone from the back page


of the paper to a paragraph inside. Now I can shade the back page of


every paper. Major Tom. He is playing with Tom Watson, who he was


named after. It is amazing. He has been a wonderful player. His father


was a professional. He has been moving through his status of


playing in recent years. To see him playing well was superb. He was


under control. He could have got nervous, but he seemed to have it


in order all the way around. It was a delight. His father must be


pleased. Many people say what is more impressive, the way he played


or the way he conducted himself in the media centre? He will have to


learn these things. As a young player, there is expectation on him.


We can see him on the range this morning, warming up. He has had a


lot of experience in the amateur game. I think he will be feeling


quite confident. Particularly playing with Tom Watson. I was


impressed Harry close at yesterday. He was 5-under alongside Thomas


Bjorn. We remember 2003. He was very emotional when asked about the


death of his father eight weeks ago. Well... He meant... He meant a lot


to me. He... Would you like to take another question? Let me just...


Two seconds. He would have been very proud today. That is all I


have got to say. It was difficult to watch, but real


courage and character in there and on the course. It has been an


amazing story. In 2003 he had every chance of winning. The mishap at


the 16th getting out of the bunker. His father died. He had a great


start to the season and then had two months off. To come back here


as a late entry, after Vijay Singh withdrew, it is a Cinderella story.


No wonder he is emotional, thinking about his father as well. He played


in the morning, which was tough. I did not think anybody would be to


that round but the wind died down. We will keep an eye out on him


throughout the day. We can bring you up to date with some of the


featured groups we will be following today. The Graeme


McDowell is out there already. Bubba Watson was 1-under after the


first day. Lee Westwood tees off at Louis Oosthuizen is the reigning


And there is Tom Lewis. He goes at 9:31am. The best of conditions


today. Rory McIlroy goes off at 2:10pm. Luke Donald, the world


number one, at 2:20pm. Now we can go to the first tee. This is game


number 15. On the tee for England, applause for Lee Westwood. I was


pleased with the way he finished his round yesterday. He made a poor


start. He looked out of sorts. But, he played himself back in. 71


around here is a good score, particularly in yesterday's


conditions. A nice, smooth round with conditions perfect for golf.


was amazed there were only three this match. Charl Schwartzel is


making up the third member of the team and Maureen will follow their


progress. Yes, I followed this green yesterday. They all struggled.


They did so well to come in with scores 1-under and 1-over. They


could not make the most of conditions. There is a sense of


purpose about all of them today. They are very talented players.


These conditions are now perfect. WAYNE GRADY: When the sun comes out,


especially Lee Westwood. The home- grown hero. Everybody is hoping he


can win his first Major Championship. Steve Stricker is the


can bring you an update. Lucas Glover had a tidy 66 yesterday and


a birdie on the second to get a share of the lead. But now he is


back to 4-under. Kyle Stanley got the last place in the John Daly


Classic last week. A very nice night in sparkling form. He started


well to get to 3-under. But a double-bogey for Darren Clarke at


the 4th hole. He is 1-under. This is how it looks in the current


leaderboard. Lucas Glover picked up prepared to go out there and do


something special. Keep an eye on him. Ken Brown is with me. They


should be some scores out there. People are picking up shots and


giving them back. It is that type of golf course. You do not have to


do too much wrong to fritter at them away. -- fritter them. The


late finishes yesterday, there was no wind. There is always a bit of


luck on this course. But, despite no wind, you have to work hard.


fascinating statistic yesterday. The last seven open champions, a


combined total of 29-over par. Even experienced are struggling.


have to play well. Anybody who started in the morning and broke


72... You can never tell at the seaside. It is a delight today.


is beautiful. There is hardly any wind. The R&A are still on the 18th


green. We have to be careful. is where the flag was yesterday, on


the left side. It is going to be over this side. I am not sure. It


is a front right, they say. If we look around, that bunker, it is a


tough spot to get at. There is the front bunker, which is a mean one.


Driving down the left side will be important. There is a nasty contour.


If you do not get it right, the ball will come off that and she is


off and running. The greens are firmer and a little faster. But


they are beautiful, true surfaces. These are relatively easy greens to


read. They have subtle slopes. seems what Tom Watson said is true.


These are the best and the hardest and the firmest and the toughest


greens. Which is why there are not many birdies out there. You do not


hold many it from 30 feet away. -- PETER ALLISS: Steve Stricker and a


shot to the first. Light rough. He putt from there. I watched him


hitting balls on the range this morning. A good flight for these


conditions. Lee Westwood is just into the opening green and that


sounded like a crisp contact. Westwood. Down the right-hand side.


This is something we did not contend with yesterday, a few


little flies around. May be summer is here. And 9-iron for Lee


Westwood. 1-over in his round yesterday. An early chance to get


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Playing around the 200 yards mark. their own thoughts about how the


day will work out. Despite the weather, only three scores in the


Eighties yesterday. -- 80s. Named after his father's golfing idol,


This is something way you have to pace yourself. Going to the first


tee. Do I sign everybody? Do I offend anyone? He is on a steep


learning curve, especially if he keeps playing like yesterday with


seven birdies. Game number 16. From South Africa, the defending


beautiful swings had balance and good rhythm. -- with balance a good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


the good conditions. He struggled in the practice rounds with the


strong crosswinds. He kept it going wonder how anything can go wrong.


time the last players will strike off the tee. -- 11 minutes past


do not birdie the first. I think Arnold Palmer said that. A lovely


start. A beautifully controlled putting action. Just watching him


throughout the day. 5-under overnight, Tom Lewis. The 20-year-


old who lived up Royal St George's yesterday. We have a collection of


his friends and family. We have... Tom's grandmother. Tom's friend.


Mother. Friend. You seem crucial to this. He seemed very relaxed


yesterday. What was it like for mother? I felt nervous, but, fine.


We know Tom's father is a professional golfer. Is he here?


is at home. He will be watching on the television and later, hopefully,


he will come down tonight. How my friends and family have been here?


Quite a few. About 30 or 40. Some people think he is going to win it!


Well, it is golf's. You do not know what happens. -- it is golfer. --


they are talking about. He is going to the first tee area. It is a


delight to see the crowds in shirt sleeves today. They were wrapped up


yesterday. Today, the sun is when the sun is out. We can see


Duncan, his faithful caddy, in shorts. We wait as his playing


partner, the great Tom Watson, makes his way to the tee. Each


caddy wears a different colour. Red, white, yellow. It is easier for the


spectators to recognise the competitors as they go around. A


shot of Martin Kaymer to the first. There is a downslope in the first


five yards of the green and he caught that.


PETER ALLISS: He is suddenly 30 yards from a whole, from what he


thought was an OK second shot. -- from the hole. Tom Watson, seeing


some of his friends and fans. was his wife Hillary. Hidden away,


hit two Hillary. The man with the time the swing. He has just


produced a book which is beautifully illustrated. Those of


you who have watched him since the early seventies, the swing is just


players do not realise the power of having the crowd with you. A match


and the warmth of everybody watching, hoping he will do well.


Throwing themselves in the wake of the ball if it looks like it is


going out of bounce instead of stepping away like a matador.


did not do a good job on 14 yesterday because he hit it out of


bounds! It is hard on the side of the fairway where spectators are


I saw the ball run back from the front edge of the green. That was a


disappointing bogey from what looked like a good shot in the air.


He is either very good, or quite little bit of wind has picked up


and the tee shot is now a lot rough and that is well back. This


hole last time the Championship was here, it was played as a par five.


Now it is a four and it has brought the par of the course down to 70.


And let's have a quick look at this first hole. And it is no piece of


cake. In the centre of the fairway, you will see a lot of players kick-


off into the rough. It turns slightly and that difficult second


shot to a green that is well raised above the fairway. The landing area


is all on the downslope, so it is difficult to get the ball close to


everyone! And this slow-motion camera is magnificent. 1,400 frames


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


from Sweden, Henrik Stenson. Cheermac.


putts. Phil Parkin has the honour of following this group around.


PHILIP PARKIN: I cannot wait. Tom Watson was my favourite golfer of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


all time. And this young Tom as a timeless swing. Just trundles off,


but that should be OK. The old ball and the young ball stride away. --


bull. It will be very exciting for Jump Tom Lewis. -- young Tom Lewis.


Sorry we don't know much more about him, we don't have a huge dossier


of information, but he looks to be a wonderful prospect. We have seen


a few of them in the past and they fade away, let's hope in his case


would have been disappointed to make a bogey on the first after


what was not a terrible shot, just Lively hands. A lively bounce as


well. Using the contours. Steady. Very well played, considering they


are only -- or were only hitting earlier this year in America, the


32-year-old. We get lots of letters from people saying we cannot see


the hole, but every one of the holes are painted white and you get


a good view of it there. You can't there, up with the wind right to


left, the flag just on the left- hand side of the green, it is not


easy to get near. Here is Charl breezes said there at the moment is


back to the prevailing wind. -- whatever breeze is out there.


shot. I forgot how quickly he plays. That was rather unfortunate, but


that is links golf at its best. For its worst. He did say an earlier in


the week he doesn't mess around too much. It is yardage, club, target.


leader. PHILIP PARKIN: only 124 yards remaining. There is hardly


any breeze right now. It is the arm. Turns away. Left shoulder


behind the ball, braced on that right knee. Left shoulder under the


chin, just past parallel. That is all right as long as it is in


control. Clear that left hip. Oh, to be young! And great balance.


Every good player finishes balanced caddy, the cut back. -- a slow


didn't to chip it. It looks as if there is room to flowed one down


there gently, but obviously he sand wedge for these players in


there on the second, so that is a five. See how quickly the golfing


gods take that little advantage away. A birdie at the first, drops


a touch faster. Not that they are ever fast on links courses. Fast


enough. It is a nice pace. If the wind really gets up and the greens


are dry, the ball could be blown The pace was good. Just off a


little bit. If you cannot putt at often than not, they go around it


Martians, we have a number of little flies and midges, and you


can see them on the camera when we get some spray. They won't be here


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Washington State. Finished second they can make you look foolish.


There are certain parts. Tom Watson pretty well knows what he is doing,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


those and other times he struggles the commentary box is the nice easy


Ken Brown. KEN BROWN: Nice to see a young Hertfordshire boy playing so


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


back tee today. Playing 196. Come heart of the cup! Baron, you don't


go that far on your holidays. -- Darren. I spoke to him yesterday,


he said he was played some marvellous golfer. That is the way


to keep your smile on your face. -- marvellous golfer. He says he is


enjoying himself more because he is playing more links golf. He kind of


lost that field for this aspect of the game, where he is so so good. -


The second has gradually been extended down the years. The key


bunkers are on the left. So easy to drive through the corner of the dog


leg. The second will be playing much longer with the breeze in the


players' faces. If you drift off to the left, the ball will get kicked


off the green. Never an easy off the green. Never an easy


fairway to find. PHILIP PARKIN: absolutely. You certainly want to


be able to play from the fairway the corner. Just give us an idea of


the conditions out there this morning. PHILIP PARKIN: it is just


magnificent. Until half-an-hour ago, there wasn't a breath of wind but


there is now a slight breeze, which you almost need because it is so


warm. Absolutely ideal. The crowd are already out on the course. And


Tom Lewis has certainly got a lot of people supporting him, and why


back -- unlucky that it didn't kick able to watch Tom Watson. Probably


the best links player of our generation, he will learn so much


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


has pulled out of the Open Championship. He signed for a 76


yesterday and he is suffering with a bad back. He said this week that


his putting was back on song but his back has let him down, so the


Goose is out of the 140 Open Championship. And we have been


joined here by the one and only joined here by the one and only


golf fan, dancing man, Len Goodman. Not a bad introduction. I bent my


putter once, never putted so well. I don't know why they won't let me


take over from Retief Goosen. It what do you playoff? 13! -- what do


you play-off. I would like it to be 7. We know you are a Strictly Come


Dancing legend but you have been to every Open at Royal St George's


since 1981, is that right? I it's going to come in 1948, but I was


only four years old -- I was going to. There is something magical


about this place. This place is my favourite, I think. I love it here.


I love the traditions of the place. I love the course. It is such a


difficult course. That bump and run, it has got more Rolls than a


baker's. Who are you looking forward to watching and could you


think will get there until Sunday? I like Darren Clarke, for some


reason. I don't mean I like him like I like you, I like his golf. I


have a feeling he is going to do all right. He is dog-eared and he


wants to win. It would be great to see lest was -- Lee Westwood up


there. Darren Clarke went to see two psychologists. He saw one for


an hour on Wednesday and a different what an hour later,


trying to sort his head out. It seems to be working force up it


probably does. I would tell Darren Clarke that every you word of a


sentence is only two letters, if it is to be it is up to me. And that


his golf. If you get to double, you have to come back and get an eagle.


That is a great quote, but there is something you want to read to us


which you think sums up the game of golf. I was having a cup of tee


waiting for the taxi this morning, and I was reading a magazine. It is


an American magazine and it is quotes from a guy who has died, it


is an obituary, but he is actually a baseball fan he did a quote on


golf. Golf is the cruellest of sport, like like it is unfair, a


harlot, a Trollope. It lead you won, it never lets up to its promise, it


is not a sport, it is a bondage. An obsession. Up by the FA of broken


dreams. It plays with men. -- A bomb the Bard of broken dreams.


know you want to get Ken Brown on to the course. He will be wearing


that silly woman hat he used to wear all those years ago. -- wooly


hat. I am not sure that is going to truly into the centre of the cup.


That little quiet that Len Goodman read out was by Jim Murray, the


late and great Jim Murray -- quote. Tour with him? Yes, a Hertfordshire


man, professional. We used to go for a few pints. I think he is a


little bit nervous watching his son. right of that green were an edition


for this Open Championship. It used possible. Gets the grab, a lovely


for Henrik Stenson. Looks to be back to nearly his best. We saw it


at the US Open and then he hit that shot and broke his club and had his


finger. There is fires still burning in there and such a huge


match has taken with it. Henrik Stenson and Tom Watson and Tom


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


best finish was 27th at Carnoustie. get there, but good pace. He looks


like a young professional rather than a young amateur, if that makes


issue that hasn't been on links courses. That is where so much


amateur golf is played -- one tournament this year. So he is used


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


a very good job of it. -- and to a tidy start. If you can get a


bit of momentum going, there is a low score today. The greens are


perfect, the lightest of breezes. Just the old cabbage white floating


a bit of pressure, because they know they have a chance to go low.


Desperate to get some birdies. In a long way today because the tee is


up. Turning right. Usually, they would go left. Playing 196 today.


It is the only par three in the open rota without a bunker. That is


good knowledge. I might be making past the edge. Offering a few


birdies playing with the front pin pink, but would he be sitting


Graeme McDowell. He will be loving this. If you like links golf, you


will not get a nicer day to take the challenge on. Absolute magic.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Darren Clarke. Another make able par. We have seen that so many


times from him. In particular, on Darren Clarke. Making giant leaps


up the leaderboard. One behind. His early practice round this week with


Rory McIlroy, Tuesday, eight o'clock, maybe he will be the star


big group on that number. The can make a hole by it moving the


tee by 30 yards and putting the level at the bottom instead of the


six-iron. He can fly to it miles into the air and bring it in from


slopes up to the green. He would have thought that is very good. Why


have they not applauded? That shopped, he held it up into a


little breeze. It was coming down incredibly softly. It will be


interesting to see what Tom Lewis decides to play. He is going with a


5-iron. I imagine he will have to try to hold it up against the


breeze. If he gets it going the And it comes back. The one, keep


Congressional for Rory McIlroy, but as though it is trying to change


like it. -- like to it. The tale of Youngsters will copy your swing and


follow your example. Tom Watson is a great example. Everything he has


He was slightly impaired with his line of sight. He has done it well.


He has to bring it into the left of all. The flag not moving. Yesterday,


different. We will remember this around the hall. -- dancing around


players? It is the only time they probably use a putter from this


distance of links golf. It is every year that they have to learn this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


at the Open Championship. I guess fairways. When they talk about this


design compared to Birkdale, they go over the dunes here, whereas at


Birkdale they go through them. It is a massive piece of land. You


could fit two courses in here. When you see Princes to the north, it is


fitted into a smaller piece of land. This is fairly fast. It looked as


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


greens look faster. It is easy to leave it short. They look shiny and


Charl Schwartzel. We are beginning to see quality shots from the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Masters champion. This is for his cutting a frustrated figure.


this goes in, the crowd will go crazy. Oh, Tom. Oh, Tom. You sound


like Felicity Kendal! That was a chance to lead on his own. He is


doing the right thing, hitting it nicely. He does not look to be


the company of Ken Brown. The 4th tee shot into the breeze is a


spooky one. Down the right there is a bunker. A it is a big bunker.


Look at the size of that. Let me drop a couple of balls in. With the


breeze behind, you can knock it over, but into the breeze, look at


it. I dare not drop it into there. Unbelievable. A scary tee shot. On


the left side of the fairway, there is something else. You endeavour to


miss the right hand bunker, you then trickle down the left side and


there is another one that is completely unseen from tee. Right,


terrible. Left, a sneaky bunker. Not a lot of trouble to carry the


bunkers but you have to carry it 260 to get over the mound. If you


go left, you go to the bunker that you pointed out, Ken. It is easy to


drift in there if you are not careful. Another important putt for


Graeme McDowell and this one he missed. He had a slight misjudgment


line but it came up short. He had an eagle at seven, birdie at eight.


Big support the Darren Clarke. He came very close in true there. --


Jonathan Byrd in a playoff, it has been a hard year. A tough time off


the course for Lucas Glover, as well, but playing well on the


course. The first fairway and Webb waiting five minutes. Throughout,


the wind has tried to increase. The forecast is that the wind will get


stronger as the day goes on. it is into the face. We may see people in


And there is the evil bunker. not just the bunker. It gathers it


so well, if it goes anywhere near his tee-shot into. If the wind


picks up any more, it will be a look. It has gone. It has a


gravitational pull, this bunker. He thought that was good and so did


seen one or two players misread the will go off much later. Darren


Clarke moved in the right direction. We just saw Webb Simpson getting


under way. The yellow numbers are and when the pressure comes down on


this young man's shoulders. He is coping well so far. Although, the


4th hole may prove to be a course. But, one thing the are in


daylight to do is to make sure there is plenty to do off the


course. People are having a go at the golf simulator. You can pretend


to be some of the world's best golfers. This lady is playing in


Donald and the other Tiger Woods. You can try your driving. You can


see why you hit it wide. Hello, everybody. This is a remake of a


bunker. Gavin Hastings's is preparing. You are a golfer. I know


you have done it on the big stage. But I want you to get out of the


bunker live on television. A OK, I Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest


ever golfing experience for Dan This is nice. You are much taller


than me. Everybody, Gavin Hastings. Let's get back to the live golf.


ANDREW COTTER: He was trying with a beautiful ball striker. He has a


wonderful swing. He qualified in Texas. And it is a beauty. It is


fantastic! We thought we had another hole in one to go with


Dustin Johnson's yesterday. He loves the Open. Playing his 25th


those are the two horrible bunkers have is the distance of the others.


He has a long way here on a blind second shot. You can see the length


has to get it up quickly because there is a bank in front of him. If


he gets extra height into the wind, maybe the front edge, if he


completely pures this one... He hit that as sweet as he could.


thought he could not get the driver middle of the fairway and not


of Tom Lewis. It is quite close to difficult hole, this was the one.


Tom Lewis is even more underneath the bank than Henryk Stenson. He


managed to get 120 yards at of his shot, but Tom Lewis has no chance


of getting that distance. There is a ridge that is about 100 yards in


front of him. If he can get it over there, it will make the next shot


easier. If not, he will spin back and he will lose another 20 yards.


He does not want to be greedy, so he can get a shorter iron and


better view of the green, and he clipped the top of the lip. It was


not the steepest, but easily done He found a decent lie, but club up.


A three-quarter nudge and excellent. He fancies he can get there with an


will have to land it at the front and hope it releases up that back


level. -- to the back level. needed a bounce and he did not get


one. That was unlucky. The rise in the green is about eight feet. It


is a big slope to come up. We talk about his great amateur career, but


he has made professional tournaments. He finished 12th in


breeze picking up from behind. Charl Schwartzel has to gather from


there, as well. Gathering up very nicely. It is a good start to his


he is out of the rough, he cannot really fly it all the way. It is


amazing how quickly this can turn into a horror, this hole, because


he thought his drive was down the middle and it went into that nasty


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


and now the 5th. He moves to 2- action, but he gets the ball in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Good morning. MARK JAMES: Good morning. People


have been asking me if I would like to be playing. Yesterday it was a


no, to date it is a yes. -- today. It was not really grabbing there.


Looking down on the 4th green. It will be a tough hole today. Philip


Parkin is down there. What is occurring? PHILIP PARKIN: a


difficult tee shot, but the further The players tried to get through


these first five holes steadily and then the course gradually off issue


a few more chances of birdies. -- offers you. I am joined by Wayne


Grady. Good morning. WAYNE GRADY: Good morning. The big-


hitting American. An unusual action. He won his US Open at back page,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


one of the Monster golf courses of circling the golf course, bring in


those pictures from above. What a great day to be up there. The best


will feel really good. Even though of steel. He will not have been


used to the publicity last night, but he has come out very solid be.


hitting some wonderful iron shot at the moment. -- shots. The good,


sensible shot. Somewhere in the middle of the green, it gives you


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


start. He showed what he was made as Tom Watson, with his familiar


swing... Just a lofted wood on to It is downwind today, some of the


players are getting quite aggressive with this tee shot.


There is all sorts of trouble to smile you up if you just over reach.


Young Tom is following the lead of who teaches Tom Lewis, do you? -- I


don't know. I don't. But he is not in the mould of the new kit that


are coming up, that are very tall are coming up, that are very tall


Then he is in tremendously good hands. Good coaches are like the


good horse breeders, they tend to get the best stock. He says he is


the best professional amateur he has ever coached. We are getting


this information from a golf addict this week. Henrik Stenson now


Walker to do interviews, Justin comes in. There is a lot of


aggressive with this hole. Interesting play. What is the


benefit of doing this? He cannot finish on any fairway, can he? With


a driver, he will finish up in the rough up through the end of the


fairway. But carry to the fairway is around 335 yards. He is a strong


lad and he can get very close to carrying it that far with a helping


wind. But to actually get over the humps, it may be as little as 227.


the rhythm. It was a pretty good swing. -- big one. We will find


out... He has made it. Right over the lot. An enormous blow. And a


little chip to the green, brilliant. 340 to the fairway on that side.


That this remarkable. -- that is for players of Bubba Watson's


stuff this morning. Three birdies already. He is right in there and


will be looking to shoot very low today. Obviously, all the players


are, but he knows he is capable of it and the courses there for the


taking. He certainly has the pedigree to do so. You would be


chomping at the bit to get out in such great conditions in links


the wind. We will see holes like the eight and the 17th today really


bare their teeth. You can see the flag at the back there, the 7th


flag fluttering. That is the help for heroes flag on the UK Border


Agency boat. Are they trying to keep people in or stop them getting


in? Well and ancient will go to any lengths to make sure people don't


speak in for nothing -- the Royal yesterday in the opening round. I


would suggest today that at number should be smashed. Yes, Friday is


two bogeys cent. He has the par five 7th coming up and if he can


hit a purple patch, he can make up ground very quickly. He is


certainly not world number 2 for nothing. The beaches nice today.


Lots of pebbles, but... That is the 5th on the left of your screen. And


and Henrik Stenson's. Guys like Henrik Stenson make people look


like -- like Tom Watson look short, Tom Watson. Perfect judgment of


bounds. -- bounce. You play your shot and wait for the response from


the crowd, the gallery around the green. Hoping you will hear some


up the fairway from where those two players were. But as Mark said,


they only hit an iron off the tee. Henrik Stenson has a little bump


and run from no further than 35 and it is playing long. Not too bad.


It will leave him a reasonable chip, but not a very good shot. It looked


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


boat or if they have a flotilla out there. I wonder if they are


actually doing anything or just try to look busy. When I got to the


course this morning, it was already 21 degrees. Beautiful day. The sea


is relatively shallow quite a long DAN WALKER: It is beautiful out at


sea. We are on the 16th tee at the moment. The 163 yard par three. The


last group to go through a poaching the green. It looks a daunting shot


from here. -- approaching. We show due the view from the 16th green


yesterday. Thomas Bjorn, a birdie two yesterday. But Dustin Johnson


two yesterday. But Dustin Johnson went one better. He hit his tee


shot at around 1pm yesterday and this is what happened. The big


American, not feeling particularly well, he took the heart of the


green, jumped left and it was a very tidy eagle. He tees off his


second round at 1:43pm. That is the 22nd hole in what we have had it


the Open Championship over the last 30 years, and the first ever


televised hole in one was bizarrely enough on this hole, in the Dunlop


Masters in 1967 from a fresh-faced the whole! -- hole! At that this


the first time it has ever happened on live television. Two years after


that, 1969, Tony Jacklin went on to win the Open and he is the last


Englishman to do it on home soil. I wonder if we could have their


English winner this week. Let's good result. There are a few holes


out here that are a little easier. just short. 1-over for his round,


for this group. Henrik Stenson, 2- over. Tom Lewis 1-over. And Tom


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


it. -- dragged it. Six consecutive a totally different proposition tee


not taking on the lip and going for the green. From one to another, I


think. It is hard to tell from that angle. Nothing worse than laying up


and then laying it up into more trouble, or worse trouble. He will


be cross with that, a definite looks so good this week. Playing


250 yards, the par-three 11th today. No more Mr Nice Guy from the are in


day on this hole. -- from the Royal of the screen. Good tee is off to


right tattered. Lovely shot. He will have that to go 3-under. --


today. The greens have only been a single cut today. So the


anticipated speed was just under 10. But as the day goes on and the sun


dries things out a little, they This 6th hole, playing just over


160 yards today with the pin on the front right hand side. Very well


bunkered and guarded by the deep bunkered and guarded by the deep


bunker on the right-hand side. Just into the centre of the green, no


centre of the green. Tom Watson! CHEERING.


The crowd going wild. There is life in the old dog yet. Brilliant from


One bounce and gobbled up, sweet as you like. And one very happy Tom.


They are starting to pop that in from everywhere. Dustin Johnson


yesterday, Tom Watson today. Wonderful stuff. That was worth the


this may, that is really wild. I don't think he got his


concentration back after the hole in one. Yes, that was that the back


in the euphoria of Tom Watson's moment. Now you have got to get


and regular caddy here at the Open for Tom. How good was that? A few


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


with a putter. It is even better easing himself through the field.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


note. Not quite like winning a Championship, but always a great


never get tired of watching these sorts of shots. Just a beautiful


swing, balanced. It looked good all Tom Watson here in the UK? And half


of these people out here to support Tom Lewis after his performance


yesterday, but a difficult shot here. Plenty of green to work with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


under. Nicely played. It was not picked him to go low today. Not


doing anything so far. He is feeding low instead! -- feeling.


Chad Campbell at 17, second shot. Lovely shot. When this guy gets


going, he really flushes it. That was a lovely strike off very short


turf. Ricky Barnes, the last man into the field. That was yesterday


after last what -- late withdrawal. This will probably be the most


difficult hole of the day. Still a large her and this six green. --


couple over for the day. Long way to play yet. He has got the down


steep slopes. You can usually get out of them. That is the 14th hole


in one of Tom's career. There do not know if they were all in


tournaments. Tom Lewis, his first bogey in the Open. -- taps in for


his bogey. That was for a birdie at Darren Clarke. -- beautifully


struck. Phil Mickelson at seven. Second shot. 1-over on his round


that for eagle. Brilliant iron shot. here at Sandwich. -- back to the


tee. The 7th hole. 564 yards. Par four. Bunker on the right. Should


not bother most of the players. If you get in trouble, there are all


sorts of bunkers to trap you. Relatively large flat green.


Nothing too dangerous. Every player should be able to reach the green


in two shots on this hole today. That got a great kick. Do not run


into the bunker. It round like a bag snatcher. -- it round. He


drives the ball better today than Stenson. That was a little unlucky.


It just died and went left. It needed to be 12 feet to the right.


Big test for this young guy. A couple of bogeys to start. Without


any doubt. We knew it would be a big test. He seems to be composed.


Looks a pretty fine tee shot. He did not hold back on that. That was


a better swing. He lost concentration on the 7th tee. That


was much better. Campbell on the 17th for a birdie. Yes. He has not


want since 2007 in America, which is quite surprising. -- won. A look


at the 7th. Sharp dog leg to the left. Martin Kaymer is on the green.


He has an eagle opportunity. We saw that beautiful shot of Phil


from Martin Kaymer. He probably had Ken Brown laughing in the


background. I do not know what has tickled his fancy so much. I am


sure you that you know later. -- he will let you know. Thomas Bjorn


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


about? Maybe Carnoustie. The bunkers there are vicious. That


will hurt. It is a birdie. And a birdie will not ruin his score card.


this group. -- Gallery. Three players all hitting poor Pops. --


putts. He was fooled by Phil Since then for a bogey. -- Simpson.


That is Essex. -- that is 6. Robert Rock in the foreground, even par


That is an outward half of 40. has got some work to do. 3-over par


for the Championship. Currently 2- over is tied for 7th it. -- For 70


up. Not where he thought he was going to be on such a perfect


morning. Tom Watson, 221 yards remaining. Going with a 5-iron.


good high strike. It is inside the little mound. Edging its way back.


Very well played. Good chance of a birdie. After a hole in one it is


easy to get an huge adrenalin Sher -- surge. Stenson, second shot.


Trying to give it as much height as possible. He cannot stop it with a


spin. Good looking shot. Very well done out of there. Beautiful.


hole is in danger of yielding an albatross today. We have already


seen a couple of holes in one this week. An albatross would not to


anybody any harm. An albatross is 3-under par. For our American


friends, that would be a double eagle. A big drive. That is OK. It


will hang around the back fringe. It is not far from the pin. He will


be very pleased with that. If you timing problems right in there.


Using the Cink between the harms and the body. He will know what he


is doing. He needs Duncan to talk to him and calm him down. Get him


to think about what is going on. Focus. Thomas Bjorn are yet to go


under. Thomas Bjorn will be getting to the course round about now. He


will have been watching it to try to learn what these players are


doing. That was not a bad chip. Probably harder than it looked.


Pretty well played. Shows skill. A lot of Americans not great at that


sort of shot. Quite often they do not use enough loft. Schwartzel has


found a very awkward lie. Getting his weight on to his left side,


trying to keep the club working a break. You are in the capable


that delightful little chip shot. 9th. He rolls it in. He is on a


roll. We have found ourselves on the course once again. We are on


the 17th. We have just seen Chad Campbell going through. He has had


three birdies in his last five holes. If he makes it to the 18th,


he will be the new leader in the clubhouse. He has joined a couple


of people on 4-under. This is the part of the course yesterday were


Tom Lewis was burning up up. -- Bjorn. He is on the practice course.


He is out at 12:26pm. This is how things stand. Bubba Watson has just


joined those at 4-under. Ricky Barnes only found out yesterday he


was playing. A host of players at birdies in his first few holes.


Let's get back out to the live golf. Things are warming up nicely. It is


not going for Tom Lewis so far today. He has got that awkward


into this green. A bogey putt for Lee Westwood at the 8. -- at the


8th. Lee Westwood steps back to 3- over. He has holed absolutely


nothing so far today. This is where Tom Watson played his second shot


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


today., on Tom, you need this one. -- come on, Tom. A little bit too


short in the backswing. It is apart. of run. Trickling, trickling,


trickling. Very nicely judged. He loves these links golf, Darren. --


links golf. Yes, well Dawn. -- well like snakes and ladders. Westwood


needs to find some magic. It might not be too bad in the


corner. I was mentioning the scoreboard operators yesterday.


Campbell finishing off on the 18th. That was for par. We have seen a


few short putt missed today. -- putts. At that pace you can afford


to hit them straight. This is for a bogey. That is in safely. Just


takes a little bit of gloss of the day when you finish with a missed


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


wind today. That was an absolute cracker. Perfect spot. Talking


about the scoring system here, which has been operated for many


years by children from local schools, it is their 25th year. It


is the 500 year the school has been operating. -- 500. I love, into the


Open Championship. Charterhouse have been doing it even longer. Edu


a super job. So many volunteers, quote to this event. Unheralded


mostly. They love the game. Without the end it would not work. --


without them. Rather like Justices of the piece. Westwood has found a


scruffy lie. It is not too bad. He has been struggling recently.


Double bogey on the last. Just almost pressing too hard. It is not


quite happening sometimes. A little bit out of position. Life becomes


very tricky. He has got a very is tantalisingly close to the right.


Not bad from where he was. Amazing comeback when he slipped to 266 in


the world. That was an amazing comeback. We talk of Steve Stricker,


who virtually disappeared for a couple of years, now he's back.


This is for a par. The first dropped shot of the day. Every hole


in part so far. That shot gone. -- angle. Not on the fairway. Not easy


to control. He needs to land it a the pin is probably 11 yards by 20.


-- they can cut the pin. Martin Kaymer letting his stroke go at


number eight. -- letting a stroke go. All the scoring computers


around the side have gone down at the moment. That is some sky.


I have not heard any skylarks this didn't have far to go.


mentioned skylarks. They seem to be more shrill! I hardly ever see them.


I was doing a programme a few years ago and the sound man was very keen


on getting everything right and one of them was going berserk because


of the skylarks, singing away, and I tried to convince them they were


well known in this neck of the woods but they will ruining his


sound and he waited three hours for them to go away. He wouldn't


believe that they lived here! There is quite a lot of wildlife on the


course. Not many butterflies, this year. We have been asked to do them.


The big butterfly count, 16-31 July. See how many you can see in your


garden. Tom Watson's second shot through to the front of the green.


Left an awkward putt. He loves to play golf, Tom. He has had a few


injuries, Ken. He hits it just as far. Titanium heads now. Modern


equipment. The balls go straighter and further. Modern equipment helps


hard to get close to the pin there when you don't see anything. You


have to trust the distance and whacked it over the hill. What were


we saying about counting butterflies? Butterfly Conservation,


that is what it is. Marks and Spencers are sponsoring it. There


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


is a butterfly count. 16-31 July. Tiger-esque. It is fantastic around


the green, the little options you can play everywhere. The greens are


just about as subtle as you can get in the world of golf. It all


happened years and years ago, Ken, that they didn't have bulldozers,


they used hand tools and a horse Madeley, I was listening to him on


the radio, he was doing his best to put everyone off coming, saying it


would nearly be the end of the world. I hope you are wrong,


Richard. He was a bit bold about the weather. It wouldn't have


these players have faced this course in the prevailing wind and


it is researching them out. -- inches. You love seaside golf, Ken.


Yes. I think it has all the variables, a bit of breeze,


shooter's bounce, it asks a lot more questions. Particularly when


it is like this. The sun is shining, a bit of breeze, at a nice pace.


After St Andrew's, this is my favourite on the Open rota, Royal


popular now. I suppose it is the fashion. I was brought up so you


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


went to work with a shave and clean hole but it is playing difficult


no. He is struggling. Something quite dramatic has got to happen


for him. He will be here for the weekend. That was not in the


was. He took it back a nice distance. Good pace. He always has


that gentle, cheeky smile as if he has got some secrets. Hasn't he got


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Lewis fast of good. -- on the changing position. And be greens


firm up. I am very impressed with Tom Lewis. A very professional


approach. Absolutely. We're talking about him as if he has come out of


the same mould as Luke Donald. Not A big fellow but easy swing. Darren


Bjorn had the 65 of yesterday, still tops the leaderboard. He goes


out in just under an hour. Lucas Glover, US Open champion a few


years ago, is still at 4-under and we caught up with him on the range


earlier this week talking about an interesting implement he has got in


the back. Every time we come to an Open


Championship, we learn something new. Ordinarily we would ask you


about your clubs, the torts of the I know you don't hit balls with


this but I want you to demonstrate. It is a stretcher Paul. My train


invented it. All of the guys have one in their bag... It looks a


little dangerous. You can be extended to whatever length and do


some stretches, I have a 15 minute open body routine I do. Can you


show me a golfing stretch. short. I used either arm and then


both arms. And did genuinely helps? Absolutely. -- and it genuinely


helps? There is so much you can do with it. And if you get really


desperate, you can hit it off the tee. I can say it is my club back


home and it gives me an extra couple of inches! I just got this


one for the US Open 2009, so it has a bit of a good luck charm to it as


well. It has been used to death. It is good. 60 guys here use them and


have one. I am sure there is 1 in the physiotherapy trailer. It has


been good for me because before play in the locker Room, it is


something to use and get into a routine with foster of thank you


for the unusual stretching in sight. I hope you have a good weekend.


12:30pm. Darren Clarke got the Campbell, three birdies in his last


five holes. Tom Lewis and Ricky Barnes, who only knew he was


playing yesterday, are in 3-under as well. We rejoin the commentary


with Darren Clarke, the on-course This is giving him lots of trouble,


Ken. He tried a higher terror shot one of the more narrow fairways.


The wind is off the left. 412 yards, not long, but certainly important


to hit this fairway because the second shot can be very testing


do from the right flank. -- you because of the two bunker --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


bunkers that were there before but Darren Clarke. -- a very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


disappointing six for Darren but when you have had a wet spell,


it can take the best part of the three from inside four feet. He is


hanging in there. He needs to find a bit of magic on the greens. 39


time winner on the US PGA Tour. old days you did it by a iron, and


held up a wet finger to see which way the wind was blowing. Now you


have your yardage books. 117 yards left for Tom Lewis. The key thing


is to be on the fairways. It is a tough pin on the right hand side.


It slopes to the right. And the little mound on the front left


this hole position. I think he caught that a little bit on the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


all really. The wind off to the TV but you rarely get a flat lie.


It gives you something to think came to Providence... Prominence a


couple of years ago when he won the French Open at the classic course


where the Ryder Cup will be played. He is Friary. He is either 64 or


National was unbelievable. It was very exciting to watch. He won this


see at the BMW International. the paraphernalia that goes with


the Championship now. The three bunkers in the middle, that is the


putting green, and the first few little buildings is our studio,


right next to the little stream by the three bunkers, and then pass


the hospitality rooms, and then there is a restaurant, where the


tables and chairs are, and then down we go and we come to the car-


park and the television studios, where all the television equipment


is underneath you. Below us. Our friends from ESPN are here and here


very unusual yardage, a very difficult shot indeed. Somehow he


makes golf looks very difficult. There is no real elegance and


rhythm and poise about Bubba Watson but he gets the job done on


occasions very well. The wind is freshening. There was hardly a


seven today. Ricky Barnes there, 4- Tom Watson. Look at that!


Extraordinary. He was going along so nicely. If simple looking shot


into the green. A short iron. Now he is struggling not to take six.


It is a wicked two putt from there Steve Stricker is the best putter


from the United States. He really holds some yardage and that was a


Thomas escapes, only dropping one bit. He had a hole-in-one and a


birdie, that is the first dropped under. Both making birdies at


number 10. This is Schwartzel's fourth birdie of the day. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


started 1-over and he is now a It needed to stop, yes. He might


Hazel Irvine and Dan Walker introduce early action from Royal St George's, where those involved in morning action on the Kent links course will be hoping the wind does not become a factor as they try to achieve goal one of making the cut.

American Ben Curtis did exactly that the last time the Open was played at the course in 2003 and eventually walked away with the Claret Jug. He fired one-over-par rounds of 72 in each of his opening two rounds to stay in the hunt, before shooting under par rounds over the final two days.

Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Andrew Cotter, Wayne Grady, Mark James, Philip Parkin and Maureen Madill. Mark Pougatch and Russell Fuller report from the course.

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