Day 3, Part 2 Golf: The Open

Day 3, Part 2

Hazel Irvine presents continued live third-round action from Royal St George's, as golfers take risks to establish themselves among the higher echelons of the leaderboard.

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Hello again, welcome back to Royal St George's on the third day of


this 140th open championship, a day that he did that will provide a


thorough examination of both golf and temperament, because we have


lashing wind and rain, very tricky conditions indeed. It is shaping up


as one of the most challenging days in recent Open championship history.


We have a storm overhead at the moment, and winds of 30 mph, and we


have rain, lots of it. Up to two centimetres is forecast to fall


between now and 4pm. So it really is going to level this field. 71


players in all have qualified to be with us for the weekend, before a


ball was struck this morning, everyone will have felt that with a


levelling playing field, they have a legitimate shot at winning the


claret jug. They have been going out since 8:55am this morning, and


warming up on the range right now, Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland,


the reigning US Open champion, and in the white water proofs is Rickie


Fowler, one of the Stella lights in golf right now. The two of then,


for the third day in a row, will be playing together. Let's just remind


A little bit later on, Miguel Angel Jimenez and Thomas Bjorn, who have


captured everybody's hearts and imagination. Martin Kaymer is


certainly a brooding force on this Darren Clarke is bidding for a


third championship in three months. But it is one of the veterans, Tom


Watson, one of only two main under par on the course at the moment.


Only five shots off the lead. With the wind gusting, many of these


players come most of them, will be looking at what the weather will do


of the early starters. Hardly surprising. It could be that ground


will be made up today with a pars, rather than birdies or eagles. It


takes a long time until we get down to the men currently out on the


course, making any impression at all. Tom Watson is all wrapped up


against the wind and rain. Gary Woodland is the other, he is two


under. A mighty, powerful long hitter from the US. Louis


Oosthuizen is plus two it, and plus four for the championship. The


numbers really are racking up now. Many of these men appear to be


struggling. We have had a flurry of double bogeys, and even a trouble,


from Paul Lawrie. A mixed bag from him. Two triples, I am hearing. So


conditions, it is the old maestro, it is Tom. Let's hand you over to


it is not very pleasant out there. That is not bad, that will give him


a good chance of an up and down. Although no one is appearing on the


front page of the leader board, they are effective position is


improving a lot. -- very effective position. Gary Woodland, a couple


under plus 1, if he stays there, he will not be far off leading.


think that I would agree. If he can come up with a 68 in these


conditions, he will lap so many players. He only barely made the


cut. We are looking at Ricky Barnes. Officially the last man into the


with Watson. This 80th hole has not birdie. But Sinnatt a couple of


overs, that is not bad. Now, Jim few problems this year. A big time.


But you wouldn't know it with that struck. -- stroke. It has been the


I think it must be a bit more into the wind today. He gives it a


mighty wallop. Going in with an awful lot of club there. Over to


Tom Watson at the 8th. That birdie you saw a moment ago at the 7th, he


has got a clean scorecard going on now. Very difficult just to make a


par today. It'll be a hard earned the fact that he didn't quite


finish it, lost in that play-off to Stewart Cink, it bounded through


-- whipping. He has got a woolly hat and a cap on, he is not taking


made birdie at the 7th. This 8th hole, which on Thursday was


fiercely down wind off the English Channel, a lot of players are just


hitting a little iron off the tee. have seen Jim Furyk ever hit. --


widest. He is not one to be too far off the map. It is one of those


days when it is hard to hold on to the club. Absolutely, it is going


horizontally, it is fine rain, umbrellas get a stern test of their


own. You see so many of them inside out before it is all over, in these


gustys that are almost gale-force the trips -- keep the grips Drive


today, so enjoy them when you see them. That was at 11 for Gregory


he seems to manoeuvre everything. He could have a shot at a good


performance today and tomorrow. Back over to Watson. Power putt at


yesterday round the course, as a commentator, and he was in all last


night, talking about his golf. I well Tom is still playing. His ball


striking hasn't changed, it really hasn't. Just remarkable. He just


speeds off this. He has been a tremendous Open champion, the love,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Edoardo Molinari, bearing his arms it has been a rough ride for him in


recent years. He is showing some recent signs of the form that had


him playing some really good golf for a couple of years. Starting to


come back. Would you make of this 9th hole? Not easy. At all. Bunkers


on the right, if you leak it with the wind, left to right, it is


downwind, you can't - it's because of those two, then you have a


narrow green. So you hit the fairway, then you try and draw your


shot to hold it up against this left to right wind. But the first


with that. I it expected has leaked right a little. It is not too


serious on the right if you don't Coming in here with some heavy


for everyone in the field today. Levine, about be set off here.


Levin! JIM NANTZ: A scrappy little player.


He made the headlines when he finished 13th at a competition as


an amateur. Still only 27. He is up weather might be alien to him. It


year. I was struck by his consistency. He has finished in the


top 25 in many events, which shows he is a steady player. Now, the


great Spanish hope. One of the two. Garcia and Jimenez. It must be time


for Garcia to win a Major. Maybe this will be the week. The smiles


have started to return. Maybe that is part of his plan. To look like


he is enjoying it. He took a sabbatical at the end of last year.


And he comes back more appreciative of the game. It is starting to show


in his results. I think he will play well today. This first hole,


today. Most of them only have two! It is a very difficult job. Howls.


No and umbrellas. -- they need to maybe. But the gloves on. Keep the


hands warm and news. -- warm and loose. And here is the man who has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


That was his first mistake of the much do you relish that challenge?


I quite like playing in the wind because you have to use your


imagination. But the two together is a bad combination for golf. I


was listening to others saying that is -- it is all about survival. If


you shoot 75, 74, you will not do yourself any harm. How excited are


you by the scoreboard, that the winner could come from anywhere?


Especially if both days are like this. You saw last week in Scotland.


Fred Couples shot a good last round. He just made the cut and finished


second. You have Gary Woodland. He has a fantastic score in these


conditions. They could find Simon Dyson who played alongside


Thomas Bjorn in the first two days. Andrew Cotter is joining us now.


ANDREW COTTER: Problems again for Tom Watson, but how he has coped


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Watson. Even better than that. This round is 1-under at the moment. He


has seen this before. WAYNE GRADY: He has, and he has


just won a senior Championship in Kentucky in terrible conditions


just a few weeks ago. He has a nice, slow walk. He is not rushing, not


getting ahead of himself. We can Was it like this when you're here


before? Today will be a test for everybody. People have been saying


maybe 75 would leave you in contention. Exactly. You have to


hit one shot at a time and hit as low a score as possible. Gary


Woodland and Tom Watson are under- par. You can play it, but you have


to hit great shots and be patient. It must be exciting to be in this


position at the halfway stage. is excellent. Yesterday was not my


best day. I am happy to beware I am and hopefully I can stay in that


position going into tomorrow. -- to be where I am. He will be playing


with Phil Mickelson. What a draw that is. But we have Rickie Fowler


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


and this man, wrapped up, Rory the rain that has fallen. Gloves


all over the place. Only in a British summer. Rickie Fowler's do


not match his outfit, but he will not care. It will be fascinating to


see these two. They played together in the first rounds along with


Ernie Els. Rory McIlroy trying to escape, but he has been dragged


crowd is building out there, as you would expect. The car park is


filling up. They are hardy. Many of them had a tough time getting down


here. They are queuing for a long time to get out in the evening.


Peter Uihlein. US amateur champion. got Lewis said you have got Peter


Uihlein. Get ready. Tom Lewis might be decent in these conditions. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Championship. He tied up 14th last shot from Rickie Fowler. On the tee


from Northern Ireland, Rory rough. Maybe a nervous tee shot,


he finds a decent lie, it is not too damaging down there. This is a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


great match for the galleries who waterproofs today. He has a good


man with him, as they all have to 34 and Gary Woodland is 33. Henryk


Stenson has got even par on the front nine. Everybody else has


conditions are dreadful. Heavier rain is coming in. At the moment,


it is light rain but it is coming things stand as we head into the


afternoon. All of these men are still to go


out. There is a mixture of stories. We have veterans and old time Major


winners and part of the new breed. Many of these men will be hoping to


score a round at par. We have been talking about what scoring could


put them in contention and it will not be low. These are the people


already tackling of the course. Gary Woodland is level par. At one


point he was at 2-under. It is biting everyone. Stewart Cink said


the most important weapon in the kit bag this week was attitude,


being prepared to tackle and to deal with anything. Paul Lawrie is


having a horrible time. He is 9- over today. We can head back out


and Rory McIlroy it is in trouble green to play with coming from that


possible. It gets more difficult as the day goes on and more moisture


builds up. How many would you take out on a day like today? Gloves,


you would have maybe five clubs in the bag. And extra towels. -- five


gloves. The caddy has a nightmare today. The golf bag normally always


�40, it might be even heavier. -- shot. It will taking a few holes to


get a feel for just how far the together again. Experiencing each


other's company in the first couple of you Matts. Some of the parents


today, Charl Schwartzel and also Maria Olazabal, the same age,


Jiminez and Thomas Bjorn, Martin Kaymer, Campbell, Glover and Clarke,


and then these two. Two young players playing together, so lots


group of the day is at three or 5:00pm. Something like 2.5 per us


of tee times left. -- 2.5 hours. McIlroy to the flag today, 31 back.


If anything it will be an easier shot, with the sand being a touch


wet. Gary Woodlands round is starting to stutter a little bit.


Two bogeys in the last couple of moment, three birdies, two bogeys,


and level par today would be an enormous achievement. It is scary


today that 14th hole, with the wind in their face so they up the


bounced down the left and side. McIlroy, with his start short on


hill. -- his third shot on one. Japanese. He has a very young


record, but a good record, in the Open Championship, having made his


debut last year, and he tied at 14. He knows how to choke it down and


prove the ball around. -- move the end. You can see the flag moving.


When it gets to that level of wind, you have to take it into


consideration on the greens, even though they are reasonably slow-


paced. Yes, you are right. We will not be having any aerial shots


today. Phil Mickelson just behind us there, practising his bunker


shots before heading out to the course. Looking forward to a tough


today's golf. He said, bring on the bad weather. It will be interesting


to see how he goes. He has been struggling, at touch, and today


will test them out. Now, Rory McIlroy, this for par, on the


giving us lovely pictures, is selling somewhere over Scandinavia


at the moment! It will be tied down at the airport, and that is where


it will stay. That is a four, even par, for Rickie Fowler. Interesting


to see how Phil Mickelson guest on, he says he is looking forward to it,


but I think that is a little bit of fluff, and he also says he has not


got a great record in the wind, and because see that Dennis history in


this Championship. Unlike this man, second shot-ten, above the level of


the fairway, wind, heart of the right. I hope that has come back


out of the bunker, closer to the centre of the bunker. A lot of


bunkers around St George's have steps into the back of them.


Looking down on the defending champion, destroys and --


Oosthuizen. The length of club that Watson was hitting it to the tenth,


that a little hybrid club, when everyone else is playing so long


today. This will be an adjustment by all the players. The ball going


nowhere, cold conditions. Keep a ball in your pocket all the time


and swap them, get the caddy to older couple, if you got the caddy.


-- to hold a couple. Long walk back to the second tee, this hole


doglegs from left to right, bunkers at about 255 yards. They had been


flying it up towards those bunkers to 50 yards off the green. The


leaders now on the bottom of your screen. KJ Choi, he's 8-over.


bunkers down the left-hand side of the second, the wind will be


Barnes, wrapped up well. -- tee shots to come. Playing alongside


Tom Watson. And that is a very good effort from there. 4-over par for


the Championship at the moment, the left-hand side, Rickie Fowler,


Gary Woodland, keeping the rain off his visor. And that double bogey


putt. A very good round comes to something of a halt. And Rory


McIlroy at the second - is this going left, as well? Both of those


heading towards the sand. McIlroy I saw him own that 14, Peter can


watch, on 14, so he has blown a up to 6-over par. So Tom Watson is the


only player in the field to his under-par, and he is having some


stalls of his own on ten. -- some struggles. Richard McEvoy, there,


3-over par. His attempts to get into the Open Championship finally


coming through at Sunningdale. he got out far enough to be able to


get a swing? He is cramped, but not too bad - beautiful, wonderful!


That is to stay 1-over par. The only man in the field so far who is


under-par, for the round. Could he do it again? Could he get our holds


up again? Here is another look at that. Full swing, splashes that


ball out with the sand, a little spin, he knew where the old laws. -


- where the hole was. He has hit some crowd-pleasing shots this week,


with that hole in one, at the sixth. That was a lesson for all due to


get out of the bunker and then traipsing the sand across the


greens, for everyone else to tangle with. One-over, for the


find out what unpleasant notes awaits them. -- unpleasantness.


think he has caught one of those bunkers there, Andrew. And Tom


shots dropped. -- isn't that left of the fairway, trying to get


the galleries back. Not an easy job. Further back was Rickie Fowler in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


the bunker. Still got to move back. chipped back down the green.


HAZEL IRVINE: Said Tom Watson is the only man who has not yet made a


bogey. Matthew Millar was the first to sample the delights of the third


day at Royal Saint George's. He came through international


qualifying and this is his first Major Championship. Welcome to the


Major Championship, Matthew! Let's get his thoughts on how tough it is


out there. Every picture tells a story, we can


see you are wet. This cannot be the way it -- the weather you


anticipated in Melbourne at few months ago? No, you never know here,


as everyone knows, it could be anything. But, yes, it was pretty


tough out there, very wet, very cool, very windy, so pretty much


the worst of everything. What was the hardest element to deal with?


found it hard to keep dry, just to keep your hands tried, that was


probably the hardest thing. Everything became difficult.


the wind is making the scoring very difficult, it is not just you that


has been struggling this morning. Every hole play so much longer in


the breeze, and with the rain and the wind it today will beast.


it matter you were playing alone today? It was not one of those days


where you could strike up conversation as he wandered down


the fairway. It was pretty good, I had a chat with the referee. On a


day like today, if it had been a nice day I would have said yes, but


not today. I will let you go and get warm and dry. Thank you.


Matthew comes from Canberra, so he is used to do some called and nasty


weather. He had a haunted look about him. Rickie Fowler now,


Pretty good for distance, those. It is a beast, as Matthew Millar said,


they are all at wrestling with the for a while, someone removing some


clothing! Some players do not feel comfortable swinging with a top on.


Sandy Lyle used to play with his jacket swinging open in the breeze,


but some are quite comfortable with it. It is a tight squeeze, a tight


fit. I hate wearing jackets, rain jackets or rained hands. Garcia on


amazing how some of these flags are hanging limp because the breeze is


very, very strong indeed. Looked like Simon Dyson there. He is level


par, just setting out, Dyson, on Wright, straight down the green, a


good lie. Just in nicked it too well -- not a difficult shot for


McIlroy. He got off to a poor start on Thursday, in danger of dropping


down wind. Beautiful shot again from Tom Watson. A bit of an


exhibition from what some. -- from bogeys on three and four. No drop


shots from anyone at the 7th so far. They will need a more steady


start, saves his par here at the second. You need a few of those


today. There will be a lot of people with a lot of good rounds.


These two will be playing Ryder Cup against each other for many years


to come. A good four there from a from Fowler. -- a poor tee shot.


Now the top holes are coming up. -- the toughest holes are coming up.


Beautifully judged, right in the middle. A huge well of support for


An adventurous US Open after winning the Italian Open and


playing well here, a good opening tee shot.


HAZEL IRVINE: We really are in the teeth of this weather. I have been


given the latest forecast from the organisers. We will get this


persistent, heavy rain until around 3pm, they are predicting, and then


it make clear to the east at about 4pm, but it is of no consolation to


the man currently out on the course. Umbrella sales rocketing in the


tented village. These are some of the hardiest sports fans anywhere


in the world. It is amazing. They are coming in droves to Royal St


George's today, a hardy breed of sports watchers. But conditions, I


think, as bad as we saw on the opening day in 2008 and getting up


to as bad as they were on the third day, the infamous day, at Muirfield


in 2002, so a testing day for spectators and the players out


because the leaders, Darren Clarke and Lucas Glover, are going off


just after 3pm in the weather with it clear rink perhaps at 4pm. --


following, younger Rory McIlroy. 216 yards, the wind off to the


as Michael Wright hits his shot at 3. -- as Rory McIlroy hits his shot.


He has not managed it, that is a horrible shot left., it is pretty


unusual, all of this noise that we are hearing from the British


galleries. The third hole today, up on the forward tee, playing 216


yards, and the breeze is hard off the right hand side. The tee runs


through the centre of the green. 31 on and five off the left-hand side.


Try and start down the right hand edge of the green, let the breeze


shift the ball back towards the flag. McIlroy has missed it on that


hill, so a difficult pitch coming up. I like the way you said breeze.


I don't think anyone out here thinks it is a breeze! It is a wet,


horrible, quite strong wind, to say to play this kind of golf, only


Louis Oosthuizen has beaten him over the last three. So nearly


fantastic. Down it goes to the front level. Trevor Immelman has


gone out in even par 35. Only the The players get the umbrellas,


generally, and the poor old caddy has to wander along on his own. No


guessing who is boss. Back to what son. This for another par. -- Tom


heel. As soon as we went to that camera angle, I knew it was a


recipe for April stroke. Too much scrutiny on the stroke. -- for a


poor stroke. First dropped shot for Tom Watson. And that was after a


winning the Italian Open. Scampering for the umbrella! He was


a late qualifier for the US Open, had to spend thousands getting a


visa sorted out. It was a $1,000 taxi ride from New York to the


congressional. If you get your umbrella the wrong direction today


I think you will be flying over a few sand dunes! McIlroy has plenty


of rough down there, but it is not too bad, and he is playing back


into the wind. If you get some height, the first bounce will not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


lengthy par coming up for Rory well today. Some of them will be


frantically wiping their lens. That might have been at reporter out of


bounds. Who is that waiting at the 18th? Wearing a crash helmet?


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Mork from Ork! He's from Le Pais position to protect the ball from


the green for as much as possible. When he putts, he has to take that


edge. A touch more pace, and it could have held its line, but


that's two dropped shots in the about par, and anything else is a


bonus. Like the US Open on steroids, anything around par is absolutely


GA's reaction because they are so intent on having par, won the


Championship. They wouldn't have liked that at all, but what a


brilliant golf it was. Louis Oosthuizen for a birdie on 11. If


it were drier, the ball would be Sir -- threatening to move on the


greens, but the rain has just dampen things, made things more


solid on the greens. Playing alongside Jim Furyk, Oosthuizen,


five or a, Jim Furyk, 6-over. -- 5- his warm up with two clubs. --


gloves. They look like some wet weather of clubs, too. -- wet


weather gloves. I used to have some of those, too, for playing in


Scotland! It is difficult for the players, caddies, and camera men


out there, the cameraman struggling to keep that shot still. These big


bunkers on the right hand side, players having to go down the left,


275 to carry you onto the fairway, turning onto a green that is a par


five green. That is a big falls front, the first half of the green.


-- false front. We have seen the scoring, it is averaging 4.9 at the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


alongside Simon Dyson, both level it has rolled on a little, but it


Andrew. Best not putting it fully up today. They have got spoke


problems. I hate that. I would give up on it. Only about �2 today,


these days! -- �2.50. Gregory Havret. That is a poor round.


Ken Brown is with me. Just can't believe it. I was looking at the


stroke average on that 14th hole, 6.67. There is very rarely a par


five averaging over-par. It is horrendously difficult. A few


horrible scuddy clouds out there. Hold on to your hat, make a few


pars, and keep concentrating. It is end of the day, and with what?


think plus 12! If you shoot anywhere around 70 today, it is


absolute genius, the way the weather is. If any of the leaders


can shoot 73, 74, it is a very good round. Tom Watson has moved up a


lot. All of the players ahead of him have got to play, yet. And they


will not find it easy. That is Tom Watson, I recognise that stroke. I


saw him hacking out of the bunker, this must be for par, on number 12,


Looking at the weather radar on the computer, it is not looking


brilliant. Maybe some of the heaviest staff might just miss us,


to the north, but it is forming and reforming, it is very volatile.


There is the possibility of an inch of rain falling between 12 o'clock


and four o'clock. It depends whether it goes round us, or


whether it dumps the lot on top of us. I recognise that action from my


younger days! I seem to remember you were unbelievably good at it.


But that is what you cannot afford to do, get frustrated, before you


know it, you have got what Jo on your card. -- eight on your card.


Cameras on every hole, on every course, virtually. That is another


shot gone, 1-over for the day. you lose the freedom of the muscles,


golf becomes a much tougher game. The grass can seem flat and damp on


a day like today, and harder to chip from. Those guys will be glad


to get in. KJ Choi, 5-over for the day, that is not too bad at all.


McIlroy is playing through the group ahead, witches Spencer live


been, who has lost his ball, -- which is Spencer Levein. The wind


hard of the right, go on, keep going. Just climb on to the top of


the little bank minus two wonderful shots. He has a driving line in his


bag, at 19 degrees, one of those help will driving irons. He can hit


it well, but these new utility clubs belt, to get the ball up.


Certainly, today you want to keep it as low as possible. Rickie


Fowler as a bag full of utility clubs. When they first came out


they changed them slightly and they fly more like I ams now, and they


are easier to hit. -- like irons. The longest iron he has in his bag


is a four-iron, and I guess that is what he has got right now. Is that


and all without tight love he's using? It would make sense. The


players that have got leather gloves, those are not going to last


much more than two or three shots, almost better not to have a go of


battle. He has been so creative, Trying To hit it go and chase it up


there. -- not to have a glove at all. It has got to be a strange


bluff, because it would not match the it! -- strange glove because it


would not match the outfit. Tommy Watson, a 61 euros favourite,


played all pars until this birdie at the seven, 1-under through nine


in an amazing out would have, but he slipped back with bogeys at 11,


and that the 12th as well. Trevor Immelman, former Masters winner, is


another old head. This approach would yield the second of two


birdies, going out for the South African. He is 2-over for the


Championship. He is six behind the leaders right now. And there is a


spring in the step of some younger players, this is Peter Uihlein, the


US amateur champion, back-to-back birdies pop in on his card at the


tenth, he is currently 4-over. Tom Lewis, another Major rival in the


battle for the silver medal, out in half an hour's time. Driving rain


and gusting wind, it really is a very difficult picture. Graeme


McDowell has just pleaded that he is watching the golf with a cup of


tea and chocolate hobnob back home. He missed all the bad weather at


Castle Stuart last week, I think he can sense the bad weather! Graham


and many others will have their fingers firmly crossed for Rory


McIlroy and Darren Clarke over the Good save. Most of the players not


opting to use an umbrella, just too playing with Jim Furyk. A grim,


grim day. Nobody has yet birdied the first, fourth or eight. -- or 8.


Easy to use your focus today. -- to been good with his long putts.


Certainly not bad. Came up a fair conditions out there? For anything


just happened, McIlroy bought past Sergio Garcia, and they are just


laughing because it is so difficult. It is almost so difficult that it


first birdie of the day at the 4th. A reasonable start for McIlroy,


anyway. A couple over. I remember when I was a kid, 14, 15, days like


this I would get my handkerchief out and rapid around the grip of


the club and play in the rain like that, and it was brilliant. One day


someone told me it was illegal and I have not played a good round in


a sweet looking stroke. He really does middle his putts. 1-over after


the opening four holes. Watering down his beer. I think his left


hand is losing focus. His right hand is doing the big stuff! It is


hard to concentrate on two things might be quite tricky. It looks


like the heavy stuff is not going is windy. --, too putt went it is


tactics they play here today. In normal conditions you are trying to


drive into this area here, gives you a view through the mounds.


Bunkers left, the ball kicks off to the right. Down the right, you have


completely obliterated your view. But today, the longer hitters might


try to carry the mounds. Those are good graphics, very, very realistic


is on the right. It is 300 yards to clear the bunker. About another 25


earlier. He bogeyed 13, tripled 14, bogeyed 15, 16 and 17. He has come


to a bit of a sticky end on the back nine. But par for 74 is still


KJ Choi on 75. He made eight pars and a bogey. Score cards littered


with bogeys and double bogeys on and wetter, your pockets get full


of water, your clubs are soggy -- your gloves are soggy. The trouble


is, you take one club off to put on screen there, coming down. That was


pretty well judged. A few tees a little forward today on that of


holes like four and eight. I don't think they are being overly


generous. These guys are the best flight his ball. You would think


his game would suit the conditions, give him the best opportunities.


Still smiling. You have got to keep a smile on your face today


otherwise you get down in the dumps. This course is absolutely merciless.


It certainly is. 7th is about the only hole where a birdie is


possible today. Fowler did not lie up there. He can see everything


he needs to see. The only thing he needs to be careful of is to land


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


it short of the green, and if it something that can change your day,


a nice, neat picture nuzzling near opportunities both inside 15 feet,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


from the third green. A big day for the caddies. Somehow you have to


try to keep the grips drive. -- because the rain has just started


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


start for him. Rory a couple over, In the last five minutes, it is


complete his warm up and keep the cigar a light. -- alight. He would


not have liked the senior event in Holland the other week - walking


was banned on the course! -- smoking was banned. Here he goes,


I'm a little teapot! It just shows, at least come in at the most


surprising shapes. -- athletes. Meanwhile, his clubs are getting


soaking wet. That is a lazy one, pulling up the Tour you're sure -


that is a cop-out! He is soaked to the skin now. He could have done it


in any of the bass. He is always as a Goose, but he is incapable of


hitting a shot now! Come on, Robert, yes! He came very close in the


Irish Open a couple of years ago. That was a final day not unlike


this one, chucking it down with off, after four o'clock, it is


going to be a long wait. Rickie Fowler out again with the longest


iron he has in his bag. It is so difficult to get the ball all the


way back, into this wind. This hole, playing today, 176 yards. Normally


you would hit that at about 205, but there is a good 30 yards of


a little hole in the middle of the green, and four deep, treacherous


suffice. McIlroy also going with a today like today the middle of the


easy to clap when you are holding Tom Watson over the first couple of


days, then Henrik Stenson - what a story he's won to have at the end


of the week. -- he's going to have. I don't know what's under that


Ken, as you know. We sort almost walking out on to the first tee,


but an Englishman already in the clubhouse, Paul Casey - this has


been a tale of war, as it has been for so many this morning. In with


an 8-under par round of 78. It is hard to get the scoring into any


kind of context until we see how the leaders fair when they hit out


at five past three. Let's get Paul Casey's assessment of the difficult


You came in dripping, like everyone else - how was it out there? That


was comparable to broke they'll a few years ago with some of the


worst conditions I have played in and I am very happy now to be


sitting in the clubhouse. I am going to go and get a cup of tea


and the cake, and enjoy the rest of the golf, because that was trying,


and not that enjoyable, but we're here to play in any conditions to


win the Open Championship. The 14th seems particularly brutal, clean at


6.5, so you only dropped have a shot to the field. Brilliant, yes.


I made double bogey and went out of bounds with the tee shot. The


problem is, there is so much what predicting between the golf ball


and the face of the club, that any angle the club face is at, it is


accentuated. Any grip that you get the ball slides off the pace, and


that is what happened to me at the 14th. I am not the only one it is


going to happen to today, KJ Choi had it as well. That is what has


happened. It is very difficult to control it out there. You need good


control of the golf ball. It is a very difficult golf course even in


benign conditions. Enjoy your cup Watson. He has got it over the Suez


Canal, which is normally a piece of cake, but today not so much.


Something like a 6-iron or seven- iron to the green and. -- to the


green. Garcia, shunting one forward, with his second. Pretty well done -


and out side birdie chance though stopped -- an outside birdie chance.


This, for an excellent par. He knows that par there would have


This is Rory McIlroy, putting for a little hollow. Will Rickie Fowler


have learned anything from that? Terrific start to his round, level


par, this, to go 1-under. He did, didn't he? He got the pace and


pretty much the line. A little firmer, if it had held its line a


bit better... Wonderful touch, hasn't he? It is the putting stroke


of a young fellow, soft and squashy, first. And a little bit of check


coming off the fairway. Nobody has difficult hole. Now, that down wind


yesterday, 139. Tom Lewis, from Welwyn Garden City, his opening tee


top and some of his swings yesterday. Phil Mickelson! I was


looking at full Mickelson's statistics, 62 putts for his


opening two grounds, and he is 1- over par, so that is pretty neat


and tidy golf. Interestingly enough, Phil Mickelson has two gloves on


today. He is desperate to keep his -- hit of his life. You feel that


if he can make a few putts, he can still be a contender. The leader


and putts after two rounds was much Stricker and Ogilvy. What with of


the two putts after three rounds. The leader of greens in regulation,


was Lee Westwood. And he missed the cut. 29 greens out of 36, no wonder


he was disappointed in his performance having played so well


from tee to green. Tom Lewis is under way, 1-under par. In his


opening two rounds. He played with Tom Watson. He was named Tom, after


this long 14th. It has been causing havoc today. Already at ten, two or


his sandals on, bear for it! -- barefoot. This is Jeff Overton on


the first. Bo Van Pelt is doing pretty well, only a couple over


with four to play, just four for the Championship, making a good Lee


head of the Championship to tee off, over the next hour or so. And one


of those will be Martin Kaymer, USPGA champion, who says that he is


prepared to do what it takes to win this Championship, even if it is


not pretty golf. He underwent swing changes just before the Masters,


did not yield any dividends 4-under, but a recent faultless finish at


the French Open says that this man is on the way back. He is the


European No. One. He's down on the European No. One. He's down on the


range with Mark Pougatch. Paul Casey said that it was as bad a day


as he had at Birkdale in 2,000 indeed. You just have to deal with


what is out there will stock it is going to be a battle, that is for


sure, if you shoot two of 3-over par you have played a fantastic


round. You have to be patient and wait for your chances. It is about


avoiding their numbers. Just staying in contention for tomorrow,


that is as much as anyone can do on a day like today. Yes, not losing


too much ground, try to ride it out. If you shoot par on every hole


you're more than happy. But we saw some big numbers today already. It


is about being patient and putting yourself in a good position for


tomorrow. A we wish you all the there. Now Tom Watson at the 15th


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


ground. Birdie at the second for YE like it is going little left.


don't know if you have ever played with two clubs on, but it is a very,


very different feeling. -- two wet hands out of vacation. It does


not take wet gloves out of the gloves, I think we need some e-


under-par, it has given away 20 birdies, more than the rest of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


course put together. The only easy so he let a group through. That was


for par, I am told. A heck of they leaderboard at the end of the day


will be the ones who putt really little bit of pace out of it. In


the amateur game he played plenty of links golf so he is used to that.


He won the boys' Championship here. But we say amateur, in our dess we


were amateurs, he is a sort of tentative, he just managed -- just


misjudged it. I have seen him miss three or four times within a few


feet. It will be a critical one. will set the tone of the day,


there. Has he got it back into early in the day, it will settle


your nerves. Tom is looking for this to go in to settle his nerves.


Well done, well done indeed! What a putting with two clubs. They are


staying on for the day. -- with two start for these two, a couple of


pars, already ahead of the game. Ken Brown has gone to buy some all


wear the gloves, and Andrew Cotter is with me. -- all weather. Thank


you very much. He may have given up a chance here. The 7th is


comfortably the easiest hole on the course at the moment. Just one


dropped shot on seven from Jason Day, 5-over for his round, 6-over


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


is because they do not have to play taken to this weather. When I heard


Jason Day talking at the practice ground, I thought he might have a


struggle, he looked fearful of what with every par he makes, knows he


course on the way here, and the members were heading out,


Remains level par, but this is one 1-over for the day and the


Championship. Right in there. But now the top holes start -- the


does not give the much help, to hit it into that back corner.


what is to come shortly. We will see these leaders go out but no one,


as yet, making an impression, as we thought they may struggle to do.


These players will have watched the progress of those out there for


them and wondered how they will feature. Confirmation of the last


three groups who are teeing off today. Miguel Angel Jimenez, we saw


him stretching, what a routine that is, and Thomas Bjorn, the joint


first round leader. 10 minutes later, Martin Kaymer, Op for the


fight, and he is off with Chad Campbell. After that, Lucas Glover,


former US Open winner a couple of years ago, and Darren Clarke, in


his 20th Open appearance, 10 years since his last serious challenge.


He is on the range with Mark. The weather is awful, but you must


be full of anticipation and excitement about the position you


are in? I am looking forward to it, I said yesterday I like a bit of


bad weather, bow that does not mean I will play well in it! As you can


expect, the guys are struggling. lot of people have said your game


is suited to this weather, does that give you confident? I have


played a lot in this sort of weather, but it is a very, very


tough golf course. I will play my best and see what happens. We have


heard words like survival. You cannot aim for more on a day like


this? Most definitely, no. Pars are a good score, it is making pars and


making bogeys. Double-bogeys are the ones that really hurt. Try to


be patient and get it right. a great statesman in the world of


great man from South Africa, done a lot for the South African


competition in the last serious. -- in the last few years. A brave,


brave man. Two of them. Shorts are not a bad idea in this weather,


legs tried better than trousers. I got sent to primary school for


seven years everyday in shorts, every day of the year. After the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


friendly 7th, they head back into was told that you could not Rappe a


handkerchief round the grip of the club and the rain. Apparently it is


legal after all. You can also use any drying or moisturising agents


on the grip. You were told me that has got a lot to answer for. Just


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


an opponent! -- whoever told me it old school. They have got all


weather gloves on as well. You get some that are robbery in texture,


and the wetter it gets, the better his progress after he beat me in


shot, right into the heart of the Catching glimpses of him. He is 9-


Woodland, 74. The man from Kansas. A couple of rounds over 80. And


Rory McIlroy's ball is down there. Just 220 from the tee, but a


monster second shot down into the wind, and that is before we even


talk about the lie. Yes, the lie from McIlroy is not ideal. He has


229 into the wind. As long as he gets a good contact he should be


able to knock it on to the green, but I am only saying that because


of his power, because any average player would release trouble. --


really struggle. 220 into the pin in the wind from that, that is a


psychedelic he's. Did it not look clear to you, that picture? --


psychedelic haze. Steady as she and the green, and he is wondering


if it is worth the risk of a big club to get over it. The stuff Ms a


30 yards short of the green, about a 170-180 carry, I guess. -- the


stuff ends. Back to the first, Adam Beauty. On the tee, from South


Africa, George Coetzee. These are two make the hitters of a golf ball,


two of the biggest in the game. could see George coming through


water rails but, he has had good finishes in South Africa. -- with a


real spurt. He has had other big finishes. He could be a real talent.


Never heard of him, before this year. Simple swing, looks like it


He is not feeling well this week. - over par for the Championship. That


was a mighty fine round. The five- as the rain continues to beat down


on him. Playing alongside Ricky Barnes. He is trailing in the wake


of Tom Watson, 9-over par, Ricky Darren. Chad Campbell at the far


end. Good to see Clarke and Thomas Bjorn in there, players who might


have thought their best todays were behind them, good friends. And


right in the mix, here. I could say that it looks like Rickie Fowler is


enjoying the challenge he has today. He has a 5-iron from 179. McIlroy


is short of the green and in deep rough, after his second. It is a


perfect lie, down hill, you could not have asked or more, from the


tee. He has stayed right on top - smiling. He is munching up the par


absolute monster. A little bit of trouble trying to find Rory


McIlroy's second shot. He tried to play a 4-iron, I thought he should


do play the utility wood, when he pulled out a 4-iron, I thought, my


goodness, he has got to be so precise, and of course he wasn't,


too much moisture between the ball and the club phase. We could see


him standing there, being tempted. Now he needs to get lucky. You can


get some shockers in there. Rickie Fowler has not yet won, on Tour,


whereas Rory McIlroy has, he has to bring it in from the right, a


bit, it was only eight or ten feet too far right. Giving him a tricky


shot back from just off the green. Still quite some way to go for


McIlroy's third. 85 yards remaining. That grabbed it, didn't it? The


contours have helped him about, and that three, for his par. A


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


forecast four days like today, and amateur, 21 years old. Looking to


set a target for the silver medal as the rain continues to head down


sideways. The fans, as they always weather. He is quite comfortable in


for par, for overdone. -- Overton. Playing alongside Rhine Palmer,


both level par for the Championship. -- Ryan Palmer. It is growing a


little bit, but I think it will be on the green. Very front edge,


eighth. Close. Birdie at seven, bogey at eight. And he slips back


over par. Rickie Fowler, looking at the green, it is unusual for a ball


to bounce off. Bo Van Pelt is powering his way towards the end,


plus two today, plus four for the Championship, so he is making a big


move, and by the time he gets to the end of the day, plus three,


plus four, he is going to be in pretty good shape. Tom Lewis. The


third hole today Tostock 216 is the actual yardage. The arm stretches


out left, and the cry comes. That is wide. That is nasty, what he has


left himself. Quite often there is a rule that says you can get a drop


it there is unusual crowd damage but that did not look all that


unusual. Playing with Phil good. Not the greatest of shots,


most. That will test even his marvellous shot game. Garcia having


his club dried. You can add an extra half-an-hour to the rounds


That is a bogey. A double bogey, in fact, to finish for Peter Uihlein.


75, a very, very decent round in these conditions, seven-over for


waiting. A difficult fairway here to hit today. Here is the 9th.


Fairway angle, bunkers up the right at about 270, 280. They are out of


reach today and then a narrow, long green. 32 on six from the left


today, exactly where you see it on the graphic. A difficult hole. Even


with a good drive, you had a six or 7-iron to a narrow green. We know


that this fairway is narrowed. I pasted out yesterday, 19 yards in


bit? -- Phillip? When the rain dies down, the wind does not feel so


strong, but I would say it is pretty much the same, strong left


third. He has to go over the mounds. He slid the club under the ball


nicely. Well played. Back to Tom will be. Just one hole from home


and just 3-over for the Championship, which at the moment


is tied for 31st, but that will later in the day, 4:30pm, 5pm, with


the rain perhaps stopping. clouds look a bit less Nimbus like


now, don't they? Gary Evans is out there. Tom has got off to a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


particularly well at the moment. of the day so far 75s posted by KJ


Choi. You will not see anybody dashing of the leaderboard and


still -- because we still have all of these to get out. Right now,


Anders Hansen and jaws Coetzee are going steadily. -- George Coetzee.


Tom Lewis dropped his opening shot at the first, so he, too, is very


much in contention. Such a narrow spread between the whole field.


That is obviously widening significantly now. Tom Watson one-


over through 17, a pleasure to see him picking his way around this


course, it has been a masterful display from the 61-year-old. Louis


Oosthuizen is 3-over today, Firebird up for the Championship,


but contrasting preparations for the last pairing on the course.


That is right, Lucas Glover has just appeared in the last 90


seconds, I was starting to think he was not going to come to the


practise ground at all. Sergio Garcia the only one of the players


who we did not spot at all on the practice ground. You can see Darren


Clarke who I spoke to earlier, he has been here for 15 minutes or so.


We thought that Lucas Glover would not be here but he has just


appeared in the last two minutes with half-an-hour before he tees


off. Sergio Garcia had a round of the US Open where he just wandered


on to the cab, did not go on to the practise round -- on to the tee.


Getting a feel for the sand as well, it will have dampened down in the


rain. The difficulty with that, the ball tends to come out a little


lower when the sand is wet. Some of these reasonably high lips would be


a little harder to carry. Having said that, these guys are pretty


Rickie Fowler not quite revelling in the conditions but not quite


certainly looks more promising. Let's see what McIlroy can do at


it was going right over it, but too much. Difficult to know if you have


got a flier or just misjudged the is the average at the moment, which


putts Tom Watson's right into perspective, six shots better than


mention the names. They will be drinking tea, having cakes. Trying


it was reduced to just one round. He dropped something back there.


Finished very well here in the last Ryder Cup captain. They had a big


get together recently, all of the getting better and better the last


couple of years. He said the other day he loves playing in the wind


the camera tower so he can go to a drop zone, making this so much


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


touch. Very quick down there off off the 4th tee. It is hard enough,


a tee shot like that. Dave Fish -- Davis Love let's shot go at the


spectacular goal from Rickey found it today. Disappointing finish.


That was a curious putt, Mark. the wind suddenly drops, it can


in par. -- Fowler. The wind is coming from the left, so it helps a


little bit. Out of bounds is not a It scuttled up there. Bo Van Pelt


ended up with a 73. He dropped one of the last. That is the new Best


Of the Day from him. He was playing with Jun-Gon Hwang, who scored 83.


He had five bogeys and fell to bits. all of these players. Charl


Schwartzel, perhaps dreaming of the sunshine in Augusta. Any one of


these players so close to the lead, around level par, if they can stay


there, will put them to the top of the leaderboard.


HAZEL IRVINE: Jimenez is aiming to become the oldest man ever to win


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


still buffeting the umbrellas. -- good drive. If he gets a par here


he will jump a few people. That will be a fiendishly difficult putt.


It goes up that slope and quite a bit down the other side. Phil


Mickelson has chopped it from the thick stuff. What has he got left,


Gary? He has about 160 yards. Back down she goes. It is not


straight into the wind, it is coming off the writer bit. -- the


right a bit. Bjorn, Jimenez, ready to go. This is game number 34. From


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


well. And from Denmark, Thomas look.


Jimenez's cigars for warmth. This will take a bit of judging. That is


just brilliant. Getting! Well judged, though. -- get in! He is


smiling. I think he was visualising that diving in. Two soggy


youngsters, Fowler and McIlroy. Still level par for the


Championship, Fowler. Let us go pact to -- back to the first and


Pablo laugh half-volley -- bluff finish this off. An ugly one to


finish with, but it was still our round of some beauty in this


weather. Our round of 72 in these conditions is something. Rickie


Barnes leads the approval. 4-over for the Championship. That will be


a very decent position at the end of the day. One of the greatest


bad-weather players in the history of the game. 151 yards remaining


four McIlroy's second to the 10th. A great ball there. A wonderful


shot from McIlroy. The green is some 25 feet above the fairway. The


wind is howling from the right. the challenge of today. There is a


good look from behind. This 10th fairway is quite nice. You can


hardly feel any wind right now. good break. Could have even been


better. Thomas Bjorn, sentimental favourite. He and Darren Clarke, I


think, would be the two sentimental favourite. I am joined by Ken Brown.


It is great to be inside. It is. Everyone is enjoying watching at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


under difficult finish. Lewis for par. -- a stiff start. He played


with Watson for the first two rounds, and now with Mickelson.


last man to the range. It is a funny feeling to be the last one to


the range. A good one, though. He will go to the putting green and


then quickly on to the first tee. Lewis has tapped in for his bogey.


He is up to 1-over par. Rickie Fowler has this one for a birdie.


It can definitely be made. It has got to go. The wind is blowing from


the wrong direction. He has a reasonable amount of time to get


there. On the putting green you have a reasonable amount of time


and then 10 seconds, but what about when you are chipping? It is the


same. He gets the 10 seconds after he gets to the ball. You learn


something every day. You are not allowed to jump around and try to


shake it in. One of my old mates back at the Virginia golf club


would have done that. You have to put your shadow over the hole, the


grass moves and the ball goes in. Rickie Fowler could have birdied


the last four holes. I do not know Martin Kaymer.


Two sub-par rounds for Martin Kaymer. Currently holds the US PGA


title. He is the bookies' favourite, American Tour. He is a great iron


player, a prerequisite for low- scoring today. Lowball flight, as


well. It is always handy on a is our leaders, Lucas Glover and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


he hurt himself? He has got to be a finish his 77. That is how tough it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Angel Jimenez. He is a great putter angle to the flag. Chad Campbell is


still OK. He does not have to negotiate the three bunkers. We


have had 66 players so far, 67 players, through this first hole,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


of the green. The middle of the tiptoed past the second of the two


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


official following this final pairing. A very popular man. He


looks like the type of guy you would have a beer with and a good


wrong side of the ridge. A cracking opening two shots from Martin


landed on what the down slopes, and he shot through the back. -- one of


the down slopes. I think Rory McIlroy has gone through this group.


Yes, on the fourth. I must have few and far between for Lucas


Glover since 2009, but he is a force to be reckoned with this week,


as is Darren Clarke's, there is so much to cheer for him of late, and


its huge amount of goodwill towards a Ryder Cup hero, and a standard-


bearer for the country. We wish Darren Clarke has only hit 10 of 20


it fairways. Finding the fairway today is even more important, with


in the first cut. It is easy to run the ball off the fairways. It has


been a long time since Lucas Glover -- Singh somebody won the Open


see tomorrow afternoon, at Darren game this afternoon. On the tee


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


illusions as to who the favourite is. Not that they have anything


against him. But this 41-year-old Northern Irishman is one of the


Poppy Appeal -- one of the most leaders under par. It will be


interesting to see how many are You can play, and I can do your


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


it remains that day for -- that way its that are under par, but we have


seen all of them out, and some of them are thank for their art in


again, including Tom Watson, his fifth outing in an Open here. He


tied for 18th in 2003. He could be heading for a better finish this


time, after a level-headed round of 72, the best of the day. He is the


clubhouse leader. It is great to You have experienced tougher


conditions in your previous 33 Open Championships, but that was some


performance, a round that will take some beating. It was a good round,


my putting was superb, I made a lot of putts, might touch was very good,


and the main thing, to not get into too much trouble, do not put it


into the bunkers or the heavy rough. I managed to carry on. I did that


well today, and the putter reacted well. I made a 12 footer for par


for the first hole, and I was at level par. I could easily have been


a couple over early. What is the secret to playing so well, so


consistently, in this weather? do not try to force it. People try


to hit it too hard in the wind. I was guilty of that when I was a


youngster. I cannot hit it hard any more, I and 61! I wonder how you


read your position on the leader board, you have jumped a few places,


Hazel Irvine presents continued live third-round action from Royal St George's. Known as 'moving day', the third round is often one of the most dramatic rounds in major championships, as the world's elite golfers take risks to establish themselves among the higher echelons of the leaderboard. With the shackles of the cut now removed, those left in the field will be pushing hard to fire low scores.

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