Day 4, Part 2 Golf: The Open

Day 4, Part 2

Hazel Irvine presents live coverage as the 140th Open Championship reaches its climax at Royal St George's, a venue that is hosting the event for the 14th time.

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Good afternoon. Welcome to one of the best days in sport - the fourth


and final round of the Open. This is the 140 of the Championship,


being played in Kent, and that is the leader, coming into the final


day - Darren Clarke has a one-shot Mac advantage as he makes his way


to the clubhouse and begins preparations for his tee time at


ten past two. In the mix to clean the Claret Jug, a fascinating,


interesting combination of young blood and old heads. We will be


here on BBC One and on BBC One HB, until seven o'clock, to seek who


wins the Claret Jug this time though stop it has been a long time


since Darren Clarke found himself in the final pairing of a Major,


some 14 years, and he aims to claim a remarkable triple of Major titles


for Northern Ireland after the successes of Graeme McDowell and


Rory McIlroy in the past the team once. So much to look forward to,


but let's see who is playing in Lucas Glover joins Miguel Angel


Jiminez on the tee at ten-two. Two o'clock is the call time for Thomas


Bjorn and Rickie Fowler, Rickie Fowler aiming to been the youngest


Open champion since Seve Ballesteros in 1979. He, too, was


22, then. Then it is Dustin Johnson and Darren Clarke - 14 years since


Darren Clarke was in the final pairing in a Major. This is the


situation as we head into the last day. No one making an impression


yet. Conditions making things difficult with the wind gusting.


One or two golf balls or so leading on the greens. That is potentially


problematic. Let us hope that the wind has not get up too much and


that there is a poor pass for everyone today. One of the men who


has been going well so far, Sergio Garcia, 2-under after four, out in


the company or Rory McIlroy, but still some seven shots back. Just


to remind you, BBC One, and BBC H D, as we go through to the conclusion


of this Championship. Rory McIlroy, it would appear that is jammed --


challenge of winning the Claret Jug might be at an end, because he has


not made the greatest of starts, 1- over after four. 5-over for the


Championship, but think of Paul Lawrie ensures back in 1991. You


would not have believed he would be the winner of the Open Championship


then. So much drama and excitement to look of what do. And there is


Darren Clarke, proudly on top of the leaderboard, will he be there


innocuous time? We have been watching golf on BBC Two. Dr


getting straight back out there and the company of Andrew Cotter and


Yesterday he said he putted well but he's still left a couple out


there. McIlroy with his second shot to five. I think for Rory McIlroy,


all the expiation -- all the expectation was on them this week


but he has come to the realisation that he is not going to be the Open


champion of 2011. You can see it in his body language. He is slightly


depleted. This is the first time he has played since his US Open


victory. I think he might be more comfortable, once he gets on to the


US PGA in Atlanta or. This week came a little bit too early, and


perhaps a little bit too much pressure upon him. Not really has


conditions. Others can perhaps cope with it slightly better a bus-stop


Sergio Garcia playing alongside, for example, a marvellous shot! Oh,


dear. So, Garcia, a bright start he has made, compared to McIlroy.


Second birdie on the fourth. A birdie coming on five. We talked


about someone who could make a move from far back. Difficult today, but


this will be the third birdie for Sergio Garcia. There is the leader,


Darren Clarke up chubby Chandler, former player and now it manager,


giving him some putting advice. Lewis Martin has more deer on the


side there. He's using one of the stretch sticks that is becoming


popular with the players. We will see Darren going through some


stretching routines with that later. This is something Phil Mickelson


used to do, practice putting first, then go to the range, rather than


the more conventional way. He might be back here on the green after he


has hit a few shots those top we can go back down to the practice


ground where Davis Love is talking Lots of people in the reckoning


here. Yes, you never know with golf, you never know with the weather. We


might get more rain today so you just have to go out there and


survive. See what happens. Do you have a number in mind given that


Darren Clarke has something of a lead? The best thing is not to look


at the leaderboard and just shoot as well as you can. I don't know if


that is possible. Just go out and play golf and enjoy the Open


Championship and if things work out, eight green. -- eighth. Tom Lewis,


good for distance. Flying along, an eagle -- an eagle on seventh,


taking him back to 3-over. Was he wearing open-toed sandals


yesterday? Yes, he has been winning them for a long, long time. Hard to


change old habits. At some point we have to start to consider


hyperthermia! It is bouncy, out there in the Channel. Just par on


from Peter -- Uihlein.And distance, the cooling towers of a


disused power station, standing watch all were this part of the


country, a huge piece of golfing terrain. -- standing watch over.


Bubba Watson, down the hill, it should break a touch from left to


right. A little bit more, and it would have held its line, but par


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


fives are bread-and-butter four the breeze, that is not too bad.


the tee, Raphael Jaquelin! Rounds of 74, 67, 71, for Raphael Jaquelin.


One of three French player still remaining in the field on the


weekend, and if Thomas Levet is listening, who was injured after


celebrating winning the French Open by jumping into the lake beside the


18th green, I am sorry that you are not here, everyone misses you. That


is a good drive there from Raphael Jaquelin. A brief shower. Simon


Dyson remains me off -- of the Energiser bunny. Has some very fast


mannerisms and gets excited. Yes, he is good to watch, just a pace


that he plays up. He probably has to work on slowing himself down,


and keeping an even pace, and walking off the first tee, take


long, slow strides and swing the arms, purposefully. Just to try and


slow everything down. There is Charl Schwartzel, second, to the


that, for his par, good birdie at the first. I don't know if they


have just got the umbrellas up just to keep the wind off but they are


shivering out there. Palmer into the wind, good recovery! -- Turn it


into the wind. Look where Freddie Jackson is beaming here. --


eight hole. -- Tom Lewis. Well done, big putt on seven for eagle, that,


for par, on it. -- eight. I thought that was the longest tee shot of


the day, but that was for par. That was when this is caused when pulled


his driver out and put it on the table. Let me just check on Peter


Uihlein. Take over at the moment. It would be fitting if Tom Lewis


was to win that silver medal. Back to Sergio Garcia on the sixth hole.


into the breeze, left to right, to hold it up into the breeze, but he


just overdid it. You can see the plane flattering there on the right


hand side, the wind into their face. Just at about one o'clock. -- the


birdie, one bogey -- McIlroy. have been very much entertained by


the antics and the golf of Miguel Angel Jimenez this week. Let's hear


from him now. Have you been for a run this


morning to get ready for today? course. I have been to run along


the sea coast, beautiful. It would be very, very special with so many


pictures of Seve Ballesteros for you to win today. That would be


great, you know. Whatever is coming is coming. That is it, you know.


wish you the very best. ANDREW COTTER: his attitude stands


him in good stead for the final day South Africans with a beautiful


same order, isn't it? Routines normally are, and he does it all


soon. He looks like a sumo wrestler when he goes down on his haunches.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


round the six as ever, a natural beat next week, although you have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


watching, that is what you need to describes these as the most


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


difficult greens on the Open the right side there. A great tee


Playing to the galleries. The Jimenez shuffle. This is the


interesting one. If you can do all of the other stuff, just bend down


whether it has gone into one of the bunkers. At least it is the Open so


there are a lot of people around and do have a chance of finding it.


Imagine doing that playing on your own, you would be walking around


who does not wear a hat or cap. Never used to wear a glove either


but suddenly took to it. I didn't wear a glove until I won my first


tournament, then they started giving them to me. And you thought,


why not? I could not afford them crowds than St George's. I know a


lot of them have had a hard time Open after more than 15 attempts.


This is Darren Clarke's 20th tilt at the Claret Jug. Can perseverance


paid? Good things come to those who wait, as they say in parts of


Ireland. Let's get a word with him on the practice range.


There is the applause for you, a lot at stake today. Are you looking


forward to the challenge? Yes, it will be a tough day with the wind,


but it will be fun, I will do my best and see how we get on. If you


strike the ball like yesterday it will give you a good opportunity.


hope I do, I will hit the ball the same way as yesterday and hopefully


give myself some chances. Well the key be to stay with it when you do


not get a break here and there? his golf, you get some good breaks


and bad breaks, on a links course it gets windy, so you have to


accept it and move on and make the best of whatever position you are


in. We wish you the best. ANDREW COTTER: Wishing him well.


Everybody, it seems, supporting Darren Clarke today. Mark James is


guys making birdies. Plenty of stellar groups yet to go out.


you like that? He borrowed that from Ken Brown, I have seen it in


week, I think he is top 10 in greens in regulation so far this


an extreme bounce left, but not too bad there. Rory McIlroy is on the


would set him in the right could not quite make it out. Andrew


Cotter has headed off, Jim Nance is playing companion Sergio is on a


right now. Here is a chance to it high, get over that ridge.


Confidence mounting for Sergio Garcia. Got that putt just inside


20 feet. 5-under for the round, into red figures for the


Championship. That would leapfrog programme. Mark Pougatch is talking


You have played well despite having the worst of the weather all week.


That must give you confidence going into this afternoon. Yes, I am in a


good position coming into Sunday, so I am looking forward to enjoying


a walk around St Georges and just to go out there and see what we can


do. Can you enjoy it? There is a huge amount at stake, an Open


Championship at the end of it. there is a lot of pressure and they


have to make sure that I keep having fun out there and play


grandfather was Japanese and it was him that got him started in the


game of golf. His middle name is Ukata. He has a great chance to put


ounce on his first Major Championship if he can perform like


a round without changing position. If it was to change position after


the put the putter down behind it, it is a one-shot penalty and he


would have to replace the ball. He has grown the that, and it hasn't


moved. Getting. -- get in. Sometimes you concentrate on the


line so much, you forget about the Garcia some idea about the line,


but it came up so short, and not sure that it helped at all. Raphael


Jaquelin, the Frenchman. Second shot onto the second green, he


birdied the first, that, for another one. Crucial putt on the


way for Sergio Garcia. Climbing up the leaderboard for an eagle! Oh!


Couldn't have been much closer. A tap-in birdie, his fourth of the


round. He wanted more. That was certainly a good enough strike.


That putt could have gone. Had he seen a little bit more of the


He grounded his putter and the ball appeared to move. If he has


grounded the putter and taking his stance and the ball has moved, it


is a one-stroke penalty, then he needs to replace the ball where it


putter behind the ball, he has taken his stance. Moved about four


or five inches. That is rotten luck. He is at that point where reality


hits, and it is final, it is not your week. You're absolutely right.


Sometimes it is not your week. At Congressional, it was his week.


This week, he has not played that badly but brings just have not


happen for him. You are putting for a five. And a one-shot penalty. He


could expect nothing more than another lapse of concentration over


that want. That is a six for Championship, but of bounds at 14


yesterday, unplayable at three today and that ball after moving it,


addressing and grounding the putter, done! -- in the hole. We have not


seen much of him this week, but level for the round, plus four for


the Championship. It was a ever. He knew it, too. -- a weak


effort. After a fine round yesterday. And he had to play in


some of the real significance staff. --significant stuff. All eyes on


the 42-year-old from Dungannon. He's using the stretching Paul. We


saw that in Lucas Glover's Bank Elliot in the week. These old


fellows are still pretty supple and pretty mobile and still very much


in this Championship. And the man who has been managing Darren Clarke


is Andrew Chandler. He has been out there today. A real fondness for


one of his oldest lies. And he is there again talking to Mark


Pougatch. -- one of his oldest In an interview you give to a


newspaper this week when pushed about which one of your stable you


would like to win, you said it would be great if Darren Clarke won


the Open. I knew that he sort of crude. There have been a couple of


close. He said to me a few weeks ago, I want to play and prepare


properly because I am not going to have many more chances, so he came


here knowing that he had a good chance. The weather is helping him,


and the draw is helping him. He's really relax. What have you said to


him? Nothing much. We talked normally at breakfast. I will have


a couple of things to say to him before he tees off but he knows


what he is doing. You just reminding him of things, not giving


him advice. Is it because he is in a better place? Everyone knows what


has happened in his private life - is the reason he is playing better


because he is a better place, mentally? He has come back into


play, his fiancee is here, his mum and dad are you, the kids are


watching on TV. But things are better for him. He had a long spell


were things were not right. He gets weeks like this. He just suddenly


will relax for a whole week. And he is the same this week. He has just


got to stay with it when things do not go his way. A pervert there was


an observation in the past is that he would get down with him self and


lose it for three or four holes. People like you keep telling him


that he has got to do it. He knows that it is going to be a battle.


But yesterday, his ball striking was so good, if he can repeat that


he is going to have another good McIlroy. We thought he had made six


a moment ago but they put him up on the computer as seven. Ian Pattison


is consulting his network of spies, to find out what is going on.


Watson. That looked like it was a bit deep. A pretty close to the


could not but helps there are some memories of Jean Sarazin at the


postage Stamp at Troon when he needed a hole-in-one on his last


appearance. He was the oldest ever to make an ace in the Open, at 71.


Someone else had a hole-in-one that someone racing up the field,


antedate it is Sergio Garcia, he seems to be rediscovering his joy


for golf. He's in the company of Rory McIlroy today. And then the


most dirt wages par, if not the most outrageous shot of the week,


this was at the fourth, more than 80 feet from the flag when he set


this one of, with the club that has been his Achilles heel, the putter.


And the Spaniard on a roll now. Runner-up at the Open at Carnoustie,


knows that strange this can happen on the final day of the Open


Championship. This was his approach at the fifth, and that would have


yielded a third birdie of the day. And he was a whisker away from


picking up two. That was for eagle at the long par five seventh,


Sergio Garcia is running up the leaderboard, 4-under for the round,


five shots off the lead, and in a tie for seventh place right now.


That is going to make those fellows who have yet to start set up and


take notice. But good scoring is indeed possible and the Magyar in


on a bit of pressure this afternoon. Sergio Garcia, beloved by many


people in the game and great to see him performing so well. It is


certainly a tough today. Henrik Stenson has just made 11, at the


14th, which I think is the highest of the week at any will -- any war.


-- hole. Here is Sergio Garcia at the eighth. Hit a beautiful iron


I don't think it made it down to the law fairway. -- lower fairway.


McIlroy cut it fine with the the week, the 14th is toughest, the


at the tenth. He made that double at the ninth, but recovered. It's


seventh, this, for eagle. Right in the wall, well done. -- the hole.


Quit change of fortune. There we go. Chad Campbell is out there now. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Germany, Martin Kaymer or a! -- of players moved past him.


Excellent chance to make a run at many more chances he will get to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


dropped one at the first but gets moved some 40 yards for what


yesterday because of the wind. -- certainly is, pin further right


today, harder to get. Lyris currently four ahead of Peter


Uihlein in the battle for silver. - making a total Horlicks of this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


hole. The body language is so down this slope. They have gone on


the computer and changed that 7 back to the six that we thought it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


oldest player to win the Open Championship since 1967. The winner


one at seven, I don't know how either one of them failed to go in.


And that from a couple of feet for par. Phil Mickelson excited about


his position. He has not always been a Championship that has had to


near the top come Sunday -- it has not always been. He is always


excited about something, the conditions, his position. He is in


a permanent state of excitement. Which is great, not a criticism. He


is always upbeat. He has had one top 10 finish in his career at the


Open, a third place finish. If somehow it was to fall his way at


the end of the day, it would give him three off the four Majors. The


only one he would be without would be the US Open, where he has been


runner-up on five occasions. right, plenty of room for the


players to draw this into the pin position. Meandering down towards


the pin with not very much conviction, but not bad, on the


to the range for that stretch and warm-up unlike anyone else. If he


were to win today he would be the oldest ever to win the Open


Championship, are older than Tom Morris in 67 when he won at


Prestwick at the age of 46. That does not sound good, all the bad


old Tom Morris who had a beard down to his ankles! -- older than Auld


is the 9th hole. There is a bunker up the right there. The FA bunkers


played down wind, not today. -- the FA bunkers. Bunkers guarding the


front, but it is the narrowness of the green that is difficult. Not a


pin to attack. It can be the with a fiendishly difficult chip. -- it


looks in fine state mentally, and he will need that today. We leave


you in the capable hands of Andrew Cotter and Wayne Grady.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


along -- George Coetzee alongside Anders Hansen. This will have been


a long wait to get going again. You can hear the wind, and the forecast


is for it to not he's off, it will remain at this 25 mile an hour wind,


gusting 30, 35. Coetzee goes down the first fairway, 24 years old,


turns 25 tomorrow. What a birthday present that would be. He came


through a play-off to get here. Davis Love came through qualifying


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


there on 8. He has to settle it will die down much through the


afternoon, so it might be more about posting the score and then


birdied the second and third, back to level par. Tom Watson on the 7th.


you like a cigar? I like the smell of cigars. Lucas Glover there,


former Open champion. He and Darren Clarke play together yesterday.


They both come along with Davies -- Davis Love, are leading greens in


might be his problem. I spoke, coming into this Championship, if


he could get the putter going he body, it is a bogey. -- it could


have been added day. Peering over the practice greens as from


Mickelson and Jiminez practice. Irishman. He will have almost the


entire crowd out there cheering him on. He arrived at the green, to


practice ground to the practice putting green. Garcia or studying


this one. There is that clock grip in action. -- claw grip. See if he


out many better than that. Phil Mickelson, making his way to the


challenging in the Open since seven years ago, at Troon. Full Mickelson,


if he can get some putts going in, both he and Anthony Kim, level par


to a 20 old Tom Lewis. -- 20-year- old. The Peter, his rival for the


silver medal, is 9-over par - Peter -- Uihlein.He will get a just


reward for a great week. Coetzee, third shot at the first. Quite a


prolific winner on the sunshine per. Just getting his start on the


European Tour. -- the sunshine Tour., Lewis again. -- Tom Lewis


again. So many factors to consider on a day like today when putting,


the ball moves with the breeze, you think about widening at your stands,


and allowing for the wind. -- wind and in -- widening your stance.


Phil Mickelson getting some last- minute directions from his caddy,


Mickelson, five-time runner up at the US Open, which, in itself, his


frustration. And by the time you add -- can he add the Open


Championship to his list of honours? From the USA, Phil


this fairway rebels the ball. Anthony Kim have missed most of the


summer with a ligament tear, in his left palm. He is a big talent.


is at that talent but he has only won a couple of times. This is the


proud that we fall into. We place so much pressure and expectation on


these young players. As soon as they start to show some signs of


good play, all of a sudden they are the next coming. But that is a


great tee shot from Anthony Kim. Another good two-ball is falling


together. They will enjoy each other's companies. As soon as


someone wins a tournament, it is that the match will be the next


great player. When you consider that Rory McIlroy has only one,


three times in his career. Ryan Palmer is down on the second. He


has gone left. Not a bad line into this Ben, back right, today. --


this pin. He has found almost the perfect shot. That will be a birdie.


Who's that? Freddy Yacob Centre. Yes! -- very the Jacobson --


Freddie Jacobson. 1-under for the round. And now Anders Hansen,


finished with a double bogey sports psychologist there, on his


to start with sand wedges or stretching, then building up to


drivers, then back up to the putting green for 20 minutes before


hitting off. Lots of players have their final day covers, and for


Rickie Fowler it is the Orange of Oklahoma State University. Seve


Ballesteros used to be blue green where the balls are going to


move around, that would be a likely in 2003 is following the script.


What has he got left? Phil Mickelson has got a pretty good lie


out of the left rough. Much more accessible flag for an opening hole


its worst, Phil Mickelson said that he challenged - relished the


challenge of the tough conditions. And he did handle it quite well.


Let's see if he is up for the challenge today. You saw the wind


direction there, behind, and from the right. It looks like he is


about to take off. As we head down the first, you can see the wind


direction coming over the shoulders of this left-hander. He has just


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


putting green, to first tee is Big Both men 1-under. Anthony Kim is


just ten yards closer than Phil Mickelson. 146. Just making its way


Clarke tees off, and then who can forget the ovation he got at the K


Club in Ireland, with emotion, empathy and encouragement pouring


out of the crowd all that week, and five years later, Darren Clarke in


a different place in his life and golfing career, but still the same


affection and respect from the crowd and from everyone in the game.


He would be a popular winner, but only he can make it happen and Ken


Brown is on the putting green with Dustin Johnson is going to be


holding out for four or five feet, keeping the balance, just getting


his final touch. As we walk around the putting green, Dustin Johnson's


pack -- caddy and coach. Slipping past here, Rickie Fowler, looking


well. A very smart, you have got to say that. Looking forward to the


challenge of the links, I am sure. Ready to go. And the outright


leader, Darren Clarke, getting his final instructions. The most


important thing in his game, going out there with the right attitude.


I spoke to him at the start of the week and he said he was playing


brilliantly on the putting green, all I need to do is keep my head on.


Just getting the final instructions of how to take these elements on.


So, what the final Gladiators get a good touch. I am sure that Darren


Clarke is going to get an ovation like we have never had before. Back


conference to you that Darren Clarke was inspired by Davis Love


here years ago. Coming down, better and better, a three-putt bogey at


the past, but a birdie coming his way. As Ken said, let your attitude


determine your golf game, not the other way around. McIlroy, at ten,


for par. We are all guilty, when we get on the golf course, of goes


ahead, and on goes the pump. It is almost as difficult to putt, as it


this week, so he is right up there with the putting. He is the one


that might determine -- the putter is the stick that might determine


his outcome. On the tee, Lucas won't be a problem today. There is


no rain. That looks like a good opening tee shot. On the tee from


Spain, Miguel Angel Jimenez. crowd here all have their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


favourites, and Jimenez ranks Jimenez playing in his 18th Open


Championship. Tied for third at putt for birdie. Just being carried


along by the slope and the wind Jimenez was asked, he mentioned, I


hope the wind dies down. Secretly, all of these players don't want the


wind to go away because they know if they can carve out a good round


in these difficult conditions they can leapfrog a lot of people in


maximum today, all the way back, but down into the hurricane. Not


his best strike. The double at eight took the wind out of Garcia's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Bjorn. Some dark moments he has had at this course. Can he change sure


of that today? -- can he change Thomas Bjorn, 65 in some of the


worst conditions -- stunning fairway, Lucas Glover and Miguel


have seen most of the field over at he chopped off the follow-through,


A great attitude, Jimenez. The body of a 47-year-old, but the swing of


somebody much younger. And the would expect from these two on the


opening hole, but the nerves will be tingling. Up to the 15th, Peter


silver medal looks to be heading to attitude will be today. Previously


he has been smiling and chatting with his playing partners, which


has helped him to relax, but the final day is very different, and


you don't want to do anything differently. I wonder if he will


try to chat to Justin -- Dustin Johnson. We saw Paul Casey chatting


go out on the course, and featuring players at opposite ends of their


careers. It is a mixture of old heads and young blood. None of them


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Clarke. A last minute to up. -- he has to aim this down the fairway


in a strong left to right wing on the range and come out on to the


course and it is howling right to left. On the tee, Rickie Fowler.


Rickie Fowler has made a great hit with the crowd here at Royal St


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Thomas Bjorn, 65, 72, 71. Fowler, Jimenez. Not the way he would have


wanted to start his final day campaign. That was a bit of a


land. Plenty of room for wildlife and natural habitats between the


holes, all protected in certain people who run this course. Most


golf courses, contrary to some people's opinions, are havens for


wildlife, it is usually open ground, when bothered except for the


greenkeepers cutting the greens. -- not bothered except for the Green


you, Kenny? I am waiting down on the practise green. Only two


players left here now, don't run to get on the tee to early so they


don't hang around too long, but they will be walking down any time


now. If we look across to Dustin Johnson, he is with his team of


people, his caddy, his coach, his psychologist, getting themselves


organise. The wind is buffeting across the green. The sun is out, I


don't think it will rain for a while. They are just waiting for a


bit of action but don't want to get gets it. Still a few permutations


left, Mark. Certainly is, Peter. A lot of it is up to the last two. If


a falter, it lets a lot of people into the game. Phil Mickelson was


very pleased about, that is what he wanted, a good start, par birdie.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


has led 15 times going into round four. He looks very much in control


goes into red figures. Thomas Bjorn, from light rough, out side of the


first hole, not easy to get close. It has filed away on him, I fancy.


-- fired. Not quite as fiery as it might have been. I think he thought


that might have been in the next parish. Maureen Madill is out there


following this man. This is going to be very interesting. Rickie


Fowler can engineers some shots, and this is one added and 31 yards,


and he is going down with a seven- You could see the force of the wind,


Jiminez, but the idea is still there. Here is a snippet of


information - 100 years ago, Harry Vardon won the Championship, and


the runner-up was Arnaud Masset the Frenchman. One written -- 100 years


ago to this very day. That was quite well played by Peter Uihlein.


The thought hole for full Mickelson. -- the third hole. Have you noticed


that he favours pin stripes? It's that is not enough. Not quite


enough. That information about Harry Vardon came from Tommy Walton,


Jersey Tom. Did he play with him that you? I don't think so. Sorry,


Tom! Anthony Kim with a 4-iron, 220 out. We have seen Phil Mickelson's


ball get caught by the wind, with that tug to the left. The crowd are


applauding, we do not see it, it is becoming almost as famous as the


players -- Ivor Robson. He and his wife used to run the best hotel in


Moffett, years ago. Take it away, Ivor. Ladies and gentlemen, this is


the final game of the 140 Open Championship. From the USA, Dustin


first three rounds, averaging 334 yards. Interesting swing and follow


through. That is over than. Could be all right. -- over them. On the


tee, from Northern Ireland, Darren 69, another one would do the trick,


time again. That is in the thick stuff. Two slightly nervous opening


gambits, I fancy. It Dustin Johnson's simply had told the crowd.


-- hurdled. An enthusiastic crowd, urging Darren Clarke on. It is nice


to have good support as long as the mad do not get carried away. -- as


long as they do not get carried first. He doesn't hang about, this


important on the first green. Just Edward Bryce is a past captain of


Royal St George's. He is Miguel Angel Jiminez at the second. --


here is. And that skips up nicely left. I think they are tangled up


with that fencing. What happens there, Ian? If the ball was on the


outside left of the fencing within four club lengths the player is


entitled to a free drop on the inside of the fencing or he can


play the ball, as it lies. If defence into a fears, he can take


out free drop, from there. -- into open -- draw this at the side of


defence. He's obviously within two club lengths and he has got a fair


enough lie - he is not a million the stroke he dropped at the first.


This would be a good one to hit back with immediately. Good three.


Sliding by. A big bite. -- eight. He is four ahead of Peter Uihlein,


who only has one to play. Four-shot lead. Darren Clarke has left


himself 155 yards, strong wind from the right side. This is what height.


-- with height. That is a good result from there. Good distance


from the flag, but a not very good opening tee shot. But the pain will


go away. Up he has a good big job on his hands today. Excel II.


Wonder what you -- what they about they're doing. Are you an expert on


boats, Peter? Not quite sure about that. This is his third shot. It


looks OK for a birdie. It's going to get some showers this afternoon,


that is the forecast. The Dustin Johnson to go draw on the side of


defence -- took a drop. This is for Tom Watson's birdie, at ten. Couple


over for the Jo, so far, good line, but no pace. -- for the day.


do. It is a monstrous par three. -- today. He is hitting back into the


wind and he only has got a wedge, and we see the wind speed there, 33


miles an hour. That was a wonderful shot. Very well played. From the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Coming round a little bit and club. That is well short. You can


hear the wind and the cameras. -- on the cameras. Rickie Fowler, at


the second. Just keeping to the right side of the flag. He managed


to get some bite on that. Trying its hardest to get back, not bad. I


thought he had fired that right over the green. Simon Dyson, now.


Seventh hole, a couple over today. That was a good bounce. Go on,


hustle, come on, Ben round! That was a magical result. Never


complain until the ball stopped rolling! And Darren Clarke has a


monstrously long putt, here. This is not the kind of putt you want on


that first hole. There is a nasty ridge 20 feet short of the hole,


have to gawp over it, then down the other side, it is very fast, so it


is difficult to get the right pace on that. Once it goes down the


other side, it is a little left to right. And when it was left to


right it will be going almost straight downwind, and that will


he could knock that one in. -- what Rickie Fowler. He played absolutely


brilliantly yesterday. Dyson at the 7th for an eagle after that


the pressure on Darren Clarke. very nervous one there. He has a


reputation for being a very good putter. Obviously thought by the


wind or the slope or something. -- conditions this week and I know we


do not have rain right now, but I don't think the wind has been any


stronger than it is at this present that was really travelling, too.


That really is a settler. That was a great putt. That will make Darren


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


that hole but they got through it 18th. Best round of the day so far,


right hand side, our friends from ESPN, ABC, the BBC equipment, all


there to show you this picture, on the course. Second shot, trying


to draw it to the right, and has made a pretty good job of that.


What a wonderful shot. He deserved a bit better, beautifully played.


Mickelson showing he has got all of shot yesterday, the final pair,


Darren Clarke was one of them. A different partner yesterday, but I


hope they will not be held up too tournament on a three, but he


hasn't. A big weight to see what club Dustin Johnson would hit off


there, but he is down, he his round, be a problem for Darren Clarke. I


think the ground is a bit softer needs the best 4-iron he has ever


hit in his life. Dragged it away down there. Three-quarter 3-iron I


fancy with this shot today. Rickie had a pretty good week but may not


get the medal. A round of 75 today, a total of 292. Great clouds


sweeping across the course. We have a huge amount of people today,


massive car traffic coming in. Many of you will know that Alex Hay


sadly died last month. The funeral arrangements are tomorrow week at


Woburn, 12 noon. That is the best information I can defeat. A dear


friend, I am told it will be a is in the box with me. Thanks,


Peter. Chad Campbell on seven for the players are out on the course


now at the leaderboard. Darren Clarke steady and solid after that


wonderful putt at the first to remain at 5-under, but Phil


Mickelson making good progress. The last American to win a Major title.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


will create a few problems today Very lucky, that was not the shot


he was trying to hit. But it has his trips out on to the course.


Welcome back. Thank you, it is still blowing out there, Peter.


would blow a dog of a chain. It is a bit like that. The temperature is


very good, this fella. I am a bit mixed on this final day. I would


love to see Darren Clarke win, I would love to see Thomas Bjorn win.


I would love to see Rickie Fowler for another young brigade. So many


Dyson. -- birdie on 8. Two-over-par, 1-under for his round. And this is


another story here, Dustin Johnson. He was in the lead, had a chance to


win a couple of Majors last year and didn't, and then you have got


Lucas Glover who won the US Open in 2009, trying to win a second


Championship to prove the first was not a fluke. Everyone has got


suggested studying the videos of Pebble Beach. I would not have


studied them, I would have burnt looks like he is trying to get a


few people cleared out of the way. This is on the 4th. You can see the


flag fluttering. He has to hit it feet here. This is for a two shot


lead. It is straight in. I great putt on the first has to give him


happened at there. -- what happened there. He has played the front nine


quite well. A couple under-par. Two in front. Johnson with a typically


a few of those through the day, aren't you? And with the wind


blowing so hard, you have to be very careful, even on those little


tap-ins. HAZEL IRVINE: That birdie has taken


Darren Clarke two shots clear of Dustin Johnson. Chad Campbell is


making progress, 2-under for his round. Anthony Kim is going well,


but a dropped shot at the 4th means he is level. Simon Dyson is the top


place Englishman. He is 1-under after that lovely birdie, eagle run.


Anders Hansen is 3-over today. A disappointing run from him. He had


been hoping to join Thomas Bjorn at the top of the leaderboard. At the


moment, it is Darren Clarke making the running. He is the man they are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


up from problems -- I had a few they are contemplating changing. I


imagine he has gone to a 4-iron, not a six. Yes, he has. PETER


ALLISS: He needs a big one to reach They are all a club short. The


danger is going too far. He has left himself a long putt. The wind


is coming right across. I think today we're going to see some of


this immense power that Dustin Johnson has. Incredible potential.


This guy has as much potential as more difficult the shot becomes.


Dustin Johnson is probably the best athlete in the field. He has


consistent ball speed of over 200 mph at all the testing centres.


Jimenez is on his fourth shot. It does not look very cosy. Up and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


through seven. a double-bogey on was slightly self-inflicted. He


should have chipped outside. Davis Glover from the hollow at the front


of the four. His fourth shot. This is very tricky. -- the 4th.


Magnificently judged. 9.5 out of 10. He has trimmed his beard, hasn't


he? I think it suits him. Johnson. He has to use a sand wedge and


pitch it over the fringe. Another tricky one for him. He has had


three of these in the first three holes. The average finishing score


today is 73. 412 yards, the 9th it went straight through the green.


Darren Clarke for birdie at No. Open in Troon in 1997. Jimenez for


derailed quite early. This is now for a six. There were massive


queues at around 11am to get into the golf club. There must be around


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


sudden that sleepless night last night and all the expectations


taking effect. Dustin for his par. Darren Clarke's Leeds stretches to


three shots. -- lead. A perfect start for Darren Clarke. A


marvellous two-putt on the first call from about 16 feet. -- on the


first hole. They will be loving this in his hometown. The defending


His 12 months rain as Open champion has come to an end. He will be back


playing this Championship until he Mickelson, trying to keep his


tee. He is trying to carry the bunkers on the right. It is


floating a little. He is over it but he has hung up on the hill. But


he is up 20 yards, but it is still 260 yards to carry the fairway on


the right. -- the tee is up 20 yards. This is where the power from


Dustin Johnson is certainly going to help. It is still a huge carry


Beach with his coach. He noticed that his rhythm speeded up on the


final day. He is very conscious of all today. That gets him back to


level par. He is playing alongside He has been a huge amount of good


will for Darren Clarke as he stepped, but he made a nervous


An important was that! An important will it be? He's shot-making has


been brilliant all week, and this approach would yield his first


third, another testing putt. His putting stroke looking so it's all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


it. He is no were full of belief. A Dustin Johnson dropped a stroke at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


A severe downslope for Darren Clarke. This is going to come out


very low. He has got to chase it, to get it to run as far as possible.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


There was not much of a gap to get Lucas Glover. We have seen a few


players on the fairway just short expected. I would not be surprised


to see Dustin Johnson market on again here today. -- knocked it on


again. It is in his range. got a reasonable lie. It looks like


cut hay. He needs to get a good with interlocking grips. Anthony


Kim, Rickie Fowler. The Tiger Woods influence. Jack Nicklaus was the


most famous, earlier wrong. But not many other people did it. They were


probably too scared to copy him! Looking down on the fourth green,


some lovely houses at the back of He has been hitting the ball so


nicely. He has done pretty well. He has left himself a relatively easy


shot. This is a week to remember from him. Opening round, 65, tied


with Thomas Bjorn. He is plus 9. He has got the silver medal in his


back pocket, and well done to him. I have got Andrew Cotter's �5! But


getting it off a Scotsman, that will be hard! All of those years


that Darren Clarke played links golf will help him here. Just a


nice gentle upslope for the first - - for the first two thirds. That is


shot you learn overnight. It takes the first time he has tasted


success here. He won the boys' Championship two years ago. Now he


has got the big question, 20 y turn He has played some wonderful golf,


that is a belter. He is three behind with a par five to come. The


four-time major winner, he would putting green this morning, he was


like a cat on hot bricks, he was trying to keep himself can't, but


these are nervous times. What the duties that are yourself down? --


what did you do to slow yourself down? Deep breathing was common.


hole. That a wonderful shot. -- is the putting green. This is a bit


easier than the last one. If you want to be the Open champion, you


have got to make a lot of putts from this length. This is to save


par. The atmosphere is incredible, I love it. There is nothing like


links golf and nothing like this eighth hole yesterday. He has


played some sterling golfer in that time. The lead is back to two. Look


Tom Lewis, a terrific performance. He was named after Tom Watson. He


played with him yesterday. Fantastic. A week he will never,


ever forget. Maybe a future major winner. They will be jumping up and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


frustrating. If he could putt, he would be very dangerous. He is


dangerous as it is, but you are long wait. This is straight


downwind, just about. Everybody is 164 today. That is a fine shot, the


exact pin position they had for Thomas Bjorn in 2003. This is


tee shot. No bunkers around the green. It is raised up, it falls


off the edges, it is not easy. He gets back to 2-over. That is a


tied for 12th at the moment. A pretty good position, 1-under for


his round. Garcia's started off so well. This is borrow birdie. He has


done it. Well done. -- This is for today at the dangerous 14th.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Rickie Fowler is waiting. They may be letting the group behind het up.


-- hit up. As Fowler looks at the scoreboard, he sees that he has hit


some wonderful shots. I would not be surprised if the young American


was in the mix at the end of the day. Darren Clarke. He is looking


yards, this 5th hole. Dustin Johnson is going to let fly. I


would not be surprised if he made Right into the middle of the green


and right up the end and just off the corner and down. Wind-assisted,


be too bad. Dustin Johnson carried that about 340 yards. That he shot


that came thundering past as from Dustin Johnson, it actually head of


the antenna of a member of staff who is here for Japanese television


and it gave it a good deflection 5s you will find. Mickelson is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


roaring along. Bat for an eagle. -- move. If in doubt, market. It is


particularly breezy and exposed. He has not yet grounded the putter so


if it doesn't if he cannot be penalised. At deep breath and in


she goes. -- a deep breath. I hope this Championship is not decided by


was not the most simple shot from the side of the green. You can see


the hole across your screen. Dustin Johnson went through the back of


the green. Darren Clarke is in that little saddle where the spectators


from. A tremendous athlete, Dustin Johnson. Not an ugly swing, though.


Clarke's swing is more conventional, just a simple turn and swish. A


great view from up here. Let's go not quite as well off as I thought


he was. It is going to come out of quite come up as I thought it might.


Not bad. Here comes Duston. He is room present Mack with Gary.


ordinary in his previous visits to the open. He believes in the power


of positive thinking and is wiping his links passed from his mind this


week. At the 4th, the smile was beaming. He began to pick up some


pace. He picked up another shot there. He may have lost his hat at


the 6th but not his focus. His ambition of becoming a complete


player by winning on a links course is starting to look like it is not


had a huge advantage over Clarke. Mickelson, he has birdied the


ties Darren Clarke with that eagle. The challenge is on. Mickelson is


Clarke. He has this one to take look up at the board and you can


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


see Mickelson coming. Steady the well for someone who is virtually


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


an experience that this type of I did not think the ball was going


to stop rolling there. It is extraordinary. They are waiting for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


this player to break camp and move Dustin Johnson, and he is going for


a four iron might have taken him to the flag. I fancied this as a


punchy one with a three iron for have got his -- strong as it has


been all week. -- wind they have got is a strong as it has been all


Auster. -- Ulster. They probably came to support Rory McIlroy, but


they are getting behind Darren Clarke. Phil Mickelson, going with


a five-iron. The rain is beginning to fall. Anywhere on the short


Rory McIlroy. Rory McIlroy is just a spectator now. Another beautiful


shot. He will feel that this round could have been so much better. He


dropped a shot at the 17th, three over for the Championship. Rory


McIlroy is two over for the day, six over for the Championship. It


is not his week. He still bouncing along, but Sergio Garcia will set


ground. It is difficult to do, when the wind is whistling across the


course. There is no end to it. That challenge that Phil Mickelson has


set him? This is for a birdie at six. They do not get a lot easier


support, based on good well. He is a dozen shots clear, tied with Phil


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Mickelson. Nothing to trouble him second shot. This for the lead.


executed. -- well executed. front nine is like a back nine at


Augusta. This is obviously very different. He is playing alongside


Anthony Kim. He is far from out of it. It is rare to see Phil


Mickelson doing well in these the spectators have been moving.


And from yesterday's rain. The ground has been churned up. They


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


will be much work for the green will be restored to Rory McIlroy's


life. Another learning phase will have taken place. I am sure he will


comes down the fairway. Into the moving briskly through. No big


very dangerous when he's in this mood. I have not seen him swing


better than this, balance and powerful. He is showing us some


shots. He is manoeuvring the ball is a very poor record. Maybe it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


second hardest hole on the course. Thomas Bjorn has been handing in


divot back. The boys have done a brilliant job on the course. Hardly


a piece of grass out of place. love the way it has been set up. I


hate the thick rough, I like to see the rough just as it is, you have a


chance to recover, it is much more hitting fliers, real confusion


reigning. It is perfect links golf. The most consistent greens we have


had. A lovely surface, there are no hot spots. The players were singing


their praises, off the record as weeks. If you were in outer space,


I wonder what you would make of this game. I did Phil -- I did


think that cricket would be the one are not on the edge you are taking


Hazel Irvine presents live coverage as the 140th Open Championship reaches its climax at Royal St George's, a venue that is hosting the event for the 14th time. Last year's final round at St Andrews saw South Africa's Louis Oosthuizen romp to a seven-stroke victory over Englishman Lee Westwood for his maiden major title.

Commentary comes from Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Andrew Cotter, Wayne Grady, Mark James, Philip Parkin Maureen Madill and Gary Evans.

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