Day 1 Golf: Women's British Open

Day 1

Live and uninterrupted first-round coverage of a star-studded British Open from Woburn. With Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Maureen Madill and Andrew Cotter providing the commentary.

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Hello. We are back at Woburn Golf Club in Bedfordshire and it feels a


bit like we've come home. This may be the 40th anniversary of the Ricoh


Women's British Open Championship but this place on one of its three


places, the Duke's course was so influential on helping to grow this


great Championship in its early years. Thoughtfully nine years in


the 80s and 90s this place was hugely influential and attracted an


evermore international field and producing some wonderful champions,


the likes of America's Patty Sheehan, Swedes Helen Alfredsson and


a feisty fiery Australian Karrie Webb, who won the first of her three


British Open titles right here two decades ago. She, of course, has


gone on to become one of the true greats of the winning's game. So,


Woburn was in effect the launch pad for her career, as indeed it has


been for this great event. Because, it was given major status in 2001,


and has since travelled around the country to some of the most storeyed


courses. The likes of St Andrews and Turnberry, Carnoustie and Royal


Birkdale. And now, after 17 years, we are back. Only this time, we are


going to tackle the newest of Woburn's three courses, the Marquess


Course offer what is the fourth of the world's top 50


players, although our defending champion Inbee Park, is sadly not


amongst them. After completing the career Grand Slam at Turnberry last


year, the South Korean has been troubled by a hand injury for most


of this season and will instead be at a tempting to be ready for the


real Olympics in a couple of weeks' time. So without Inbee the focus of


attention is on golf's new generation. Youth is trending in


women's golf and how. The world number one Lydia Ko is only 19 years


old. The latest teenage major sensation Brooke Henderson of Canada


is only 18, and Brittany Lang, the newly crowned US Open champion is a


relatively ancient 30 years of age. But there is one young woman in this


field who perhaps knows this layout and this place better than anyone. A


lot of attention this week on Woburn's own Charley Hull.


I do feel a lot of pressure, but at the end of the day it's something


you've got to deal with. So, tell us about your so far. You


had a great finish. Does that give you the confidence in Majors to


think you belong here, you can do this? It does, definitely. I've


actually played quite well in a couple of the other Majors,


especially that one, it gives me a good feeling and lets me know how to


do with the pressure coming down the stretch.


You know, I still wake up some mornings and can't believe I'm the


US Open women's champion. It's definitely something all Americans


dream of winning. I know not only Americans but it is a dream come


true to have my family there. It was so special and sometimes I can't


believe it, I have to see the pictures to believe it really


happened. It is a huge turning point in my career. I've always liked


Dunne lacked a bit of confidence and it gives me lots of confidence and I


just have to keep remembering it. Sometimes if you say, I want to win


ten tournaments this season, it can become, I'm realistic. If somebody


plays better it is out of my hands. I like to set minor goals and goals


that I can work on, and eventually because I'm better I've got more


chances of winning Championships. It's amazing here. The landscape is


so beautiful, the old buildings, the churches, the history, it's all


incredible and I love this golf course. It's a little bit more


traditional than growing up in Canada, it's like a lot of the


courses they there so I look forward to the week and having four solid


days. I've never really been a long hitter, I've always had the mindset


that when I do have an irony in my hand, try and go for it, take it as


an advantage -- iron in my hand. And take it from there. It's the club I


feel most comfortable with. The long game is my strength and the short


game I've been working on, so I have to make sure I hit lots of good


shots this week and get on a good place to give myself an opportunity


to hit it into the green. The greens can be tricky, early on you have to


hit some good iron shots and figure out the brakes because the greens


are undulating. Around the greens is where everybody will score, or not


score. Being a good pace putter, hitting it to the right spots, into


the bowls or the slopes to get it closest will be the key. These


greens are sneakily undulating. You can't really see them when you are


far away but when you are close up you are able to see the subtle


slopes. I feel like it breaks a bit more than what it looks like, so the


plotting is going to be the key for this week.


And, guess who is number one in the putting stats on the American Tour


right now? Lydia Ko, the world number one, and she leads the way in


so many respects in this game right now. Now, as you may know, South


Korean golfers have donated the rankings in the upper echelons of


those rankings for the last ten, 15 years, there are five in the top ten


and 30 in the top 50. Leading everyone and flying the flag for New


Zealand is Lydia Ko, the kiwi is the youngest man or woman ever to ascend


to the world number one spot and she is celebrating her 40th week there.


Another teenage phenomenon Brooke Henderson is hot on her heels after


landing the year's second major in Washington in June.


So, this year's conditions are a contrast to the links conditions and


wind and rain that these players experienced at Turnberry and other


causes over the last few years. It is parkland and heathland all the


way over the next four days as we bring you live coverage of this


great event. Let me show you who amongst Dunne where those first out


on the opening morning. Dame Laura Davies, with Norway's Suzann


Pettersen and her Solheim Cup partner Alison Lee. This is the


first time they played together since the controversial incident at


the Ryder Cup last year in Germany which has become a notorious talking


point in the history of the Europe versus America rivalry. Early start


for Canada's Brooke Henderson, making her second appearance in the


event, Anna Nordqvist and Spain's Azahara Munoz. Momoko Ueda for the


seventh time here from Japan, playing with former world number one


Stacy Lewis of America and one of the inform players of the year,


Harrier jet Anna Gunn of Thailand. She made the early running today.


She was already 3-under when she came to the ninth. This is the start


of a great run for the first Thai player ever to win on the LPGA Tour


earlier in the season. Good things come in threes for her right now.


This approach to the 10th enabled her to dive down to 5-under for


around. The 20-year-old won three titles in a row in Alabama, Virginia


and Michigan in May and June earlier this season. That was a stone dead


birdie on the making. And a third would follow in succession at the


11th. The world number six in enjoying a really dominant start to


her round. Just as she is enjoying a quite stunning breakthrough season.


So, it is Jutanugarn, her older sister is also in the field and this


is a look at things on a bright sunny morning 50 miles north of


London at Woburn on the opening day of the women's major Championship.


It is Ariya by a shot from Azahara Munoz and Beatriz Recari, the fellow


Spaniard, in the group on 4-under par. Sei Young Kim having a good


season and Stacy Lewis, a two-time major winner, and another major


winner, So Yeon Ryu, at 4-under as well. It is stacking up quite


nicely. The big names are congregating near the top and Ken


Brown is on the course and in the commentary box we have Andrew


Cotter, Rory Madel and Peter Alice watching it unfold.


COMMENTATOR: Thank you, Hazel, and welcome on this beautiful day to


Woburn Abbey and the Marquess Course. Many years ago the great


Henry Longhurst, who wrote for many years for the Sunday Times, used to


say aren't we lucky? Those of us involved in the game of golf, it


takes us to so many beautiful places. And by Jove he was right,


for this is absolutely magnificent. We're here for four days, and I'm


sure if the weather is kind you are going to enjoy it almost as much as


we are. Azahara Munoz has started with a lot of birdies. 5-under par,


no dropped shots so far today. Sit down, sit down. Speaking to it in


English but it is not obeying. Peter, this is a real feature of


this golf course, which you had more than a small hand in designing. The


greens tend to throw the ball off quite a lot, don't they? They do. It


was Clive Clark and myself. Clive Platt predominantly, who designed


this golf course. And it was an absolute jungle of rhododendrons and


ferns. Seeing him cutting his way through with a machete he found some


wonderful locations. It's a delightful course. Our first look at


Brooke Henderson, the world number two, young 18-year-old Canadian. The


first Canadian player to win a major since Mike Weir won the Masters in


2004. She doesn't usually hold back. Strong, strong swing there. She's


already annexed a major into her CV this year, beating Lydia Ko in a


play-off in the second major of the year. Women's golf is in fine shape.


Here's another young player, one of the Jutanugarn's, this is Ariya,


thankfully she prefers to be known as May. How about that. Into the


13th and that is setting up a really good birdie chance for her.


Recari at the 17th, the last of the short holes. Quite a big green, wide


and narrows. That is a nice, generous flag position today. In the


middle of the new Forest. Absolutely fabulous. Alison Lee, American


Solheim Cup player. There was a little bit of mischief making going


on, I think, in this grouping because it's Alison Lee, Suzann


Pettersen, remember they had a bit of a kerfuffle last year at the


Solheim Cup over whether it was a conceded putt. But they are old pals


again. Recari now, second shot, on the edge of the bunker. Stabs it out


and up. A number of good Spaniards in the field. We have Recari and


Munoz out early doors and Carlota Ciganda coming later. They are all


here with the coach. It must have been fun carving the holes out of


this dense terrain. Clive lost about four inches and three stone! Now,


from one Spaniard to another. We get a good view, she is walking quite


severely downhill here. The greens tend to be on quite a tilt. This


will be a fairly slow chip up the green. Just toppled over the back of


the green. On the bank. It is super loud. I can hear everything. The


days of chipping... Good job you can't see everything.


Interesting, you hardly ever see anyone chipping now with a 7-iron,


it's always a 9-iron or a wage. Interesting change of tactics.


Floaty one coming down the slope from there, Peter. It is pretty


quick if you get above the cup. Nicely played. -- 9-iron or a wedge.


Nice crisp sound there of the chip shot, the course is beautifully


prepared. Stacy Lewis at the 13th. She has allowed a lot of swing on


that. Round she comes. Round, just not quite high enough. Good effort.


Susan Simpson of the LG you was telling us earlier in the week that


the green speeds are running at 11 but with these severe slopes, when


you get a putt like that down the hill it is pretty slippery.


Sei Young Kim, now, one of the very long hitters on the women's Tour.


This is for birdie on 17. She has won twice already in


America. That one's tracking. Downhill, superfast, uphill, you


need a bit of hitting. Now, putt for a birdie. What about


this one, Ken? It's a bit from the right and a little bit slower than


you think. Striking pair of trousers on, aren't they? Recari for a par at


the 17th, in the bunker from the tee shot, and it may be... How could


that Miss? Dropped shot. Yes, and the par threes have not been kind to


her. That's her third dropped shot on the par-3s. Azahara Munoz. Saving


her par-3 on 14, very nice up and down. She keeps the momentum going,


remains at 5-under. And there is a look at the leaderboard. Aintree up


at the front on 6-under par closely followed by Munoz, and then you can


see how good the scoring is, a raft of fours and threes.


Stacy Lewis. Tee shot at the 14th. Across the valley, up the slope, it


kicks away a bit. Not pleased. I bet she can give you a nasty drive --


dry Burnham dot-mac The tee shot across the valley,


quite a long shot. Here is our leader.


The heart of the green, it has gone to the back of it, but OK.


Nordqvist, Anna Nordqvist. The runner-up in the US women's open.


Beaten in the play-off by Brittany Lang. She accidentally grounded her


club and had a two shot penalty. She's played really well this year.


Delightful looking back at the 15th, and on many of these holes you drive


across the little valley. This is a long snaking par-5 of a hole.


Heavily bunkered down here, you have to plot your way. You feel there is


a wee bit more room because the trees are slightly further apart


than they are on the front nine. But you can see the clever bunkering.


Here is a swing you will enjoy, Peter. It is aggressive. It is. It


is a good old welly. She looks like she can play. Quick -ish rhythm.


Boom. I love it. A good old spank. It is skippering away up the


fairway. Well done. -- skipping. Laura Davies, one of


the stalwarts of women's golf, Dame Laura. What a great character and


talent she has been in this game for, well, we won't say how many


years, it is not gallant. She is 1-over par. She still seems to enjoy


the game as much as ever. Perhaps not quite as much when you miss a


few of those dodgy putts. But from long range, here she goes. I say, I


say, Laura, Laura. Well, a little bit on the upslope


for Lewis at 14. She just has to be very careful she doesn't take it a


trifle heavy. Well. A tiny bit heavy. Pretty special that. Great


technique. Sei Young Kim. Putting together a


fine round. Well, that's outside the commentary


box. Fairly wide of the green. Henderson on the left, Munoz Anna


Nordqvist, three good drives. Ken. A lot of debating what to do. Munoz is


going to lay up, 296 yards left, 200 leaves 96 with the breeze in her


face. Will not reach the rather deep left traps. Good swing. Good hit.


Good position. Back to our leader on 14. Birdie


attempt here, rolling, undulating greens, they take a bit of reading.


A little bit of me left on the bone in her. -- on the bone there.


Henderson's second to the 15th. Well down the shaft. The shot is towards


the right-hand bunker. Swinging around a bit, chasing towards the


gap, that's OK, good position. This has certainly got her


attention. I don't think it's outside the hole.


Well, it was. It was a very good putt indeed. Good par saving 34


Jutanugarn. -- three, for Jutanugarn. Ideal playing


conditions, is it a little cool? It is warming up, the sun is coming


out, the sunshine is pleasant, libraries. Couldn't have been a


better layer for Munoz, 104 yards, the green holding. -- layup. Too


much zip on that. Aske Nordqvist to put the divot back in, will you,


Ken? Henderson is the third member of this party. What sort of shot is


it? 80, 90, 70? 75. A good lie. You have to pitch it up to the flag


otherwise it will come trickling back. It will have a little bit of


zip on it. She is thinking birdie. Gripping well down the club. That


could spin. Yes, it does, and stops. Well done, good shot, that's an


excellent result. Well, I really feel these players have to make the


most of good conditions. There is a little bit of rain forecast later in


the day. Up to the 18th for Kim. Third shot, four under. Chip and a


putt here would do her proud. This was the first group out this


morning. At the ungodly hour of 6:30am. Tennis players don't do


that, you know. Cricket players start at 10:30am, 11am, football is


even. But not golfers. Here is our Championship leader on 15 command


despite the length of the hole you can see she is going with a 3-wood.


Placement is everything. Great take away there. Classically


on plain, very strong in the lower body, look at the strength in the


legs. Good wind-up. With most of these modern players, no holding


back. I'm delighted to see the course in


such a wonderful condition. When the camera goes in tight on the green,


you can see the quality of the grass. Its magnificent. From below


the cup this will be one of the slower putts she's had today. She's


holed a couple of nice ones on the back nine to save pars. This is for


a birdie. Good effort.


The final green for Sei Young Kim, final shot, we hope. No, up out of


it. That's annoying, but it's a 69. A couple of dropped shots in there,


but very fine play. The world number five well up on top of the


leaderboard. Might have learned a little bit from


her playing partner. Nordqvist. There is a nice crowd out here,


lovely day for watching golf. Woburn has always been a good place for


spectators and I'm sure they will role in in their thousands over the


weekend. Brooke having a glimpse of this one. She will have learned a


little bit from her playing partners. It's not particularly


fast, it has a little bit of left to right movement. Imagine, 18 years of


age, ranked number two in the world behind Lydia Ko. Pretty impressive


for a short pro career. Lydia Ko is only 19, not even 20. Young


superstars. It is great to see. Just got to keep the pace on this one,


otherwise it will duck to the right. Beatriz Recari. Well played. Really


nice round by the 20-year-old Spaniard.


Laura Davies, another longish putt. Here she is, 2-over par, at the


17th. The last of the short holes. Left she comes, left she comes, and




Well done, Laura, back to 1-over. With Jutanugarn out in front, a


couple of chances of birdies coming in. But there you can see Beatriz


Recari, Sei Young Kim, first in posting scores of 69.


Nordqvist on the 16th. One under par. Don't go over there too far.


She's safe. Anxious moments. 5-under par. A beauty. Side by side.


Henderson safely on the fairway. One of the things I noticed when I walk


the course is there are a lot of holes in the front nine where from


the tee you consider green, but these final holes, you see what is


in front of you, it is scary sometimes. The fairway is generous,


though, there's no crimping on the fairway. You will notice the women


gripped down the shaft abets, whether they feel it gives them a


little bit stronger grip, better leveraged. This is Stacey, Stacy


Lewis. She's had a wonderful career. Still going strong.


AJ, 282 out of reach, must be out of reach. She doesn't hold back,


though, my God, is a big gap the left, is it OK? Through the gap and


nearly on the green, the nearest we've seen today.


Yes, lovely to see people out in shirt sleeves, the opening


Championship is a great Championship, on the last day,


everyone with anoraks and dark clothing, lovely to see


short-sleeved order and lovely to see this, a shot like that blasted


away, good balance. Perfect position for a chip and a putt and a birdie.


Anna Nordqvist, the rough is very light. She's got to get over the


little tree in front, keep it under the bow of the larger oak tree,


which shouldn't be difficult, it's a natural trajectory that any club she


fancies. Would favour a bit right of the flag. Oh, my. That wasn't a very


good, well directed shot, it kicked back into the bunker, may be OK,


maybe we'll either a simple shot. The lie looked good, the shot didn't


look all that difficult, she could get the four. You think she will


head the drop, but she is accurate, perfect shot, 137 yards. The breeze


is slightly against her. Get up. It has done very well indeed, wasn't


the crispest of strikes, but it has got the job done, got a good look at


birdie. Now, Henderson. A nice lie, one or two balls picking up the mud.


Setting up the drawer shot. Lewis's approach into 15. Oh,


excellent shot. Excellent shot indeed by Stacy Lewis. A little


frustrated these days because it is over two years since she has won a


golf tournament, believe it or not. Everything beautifully presented by


Ricoh, since they came into golf, anything oozes class. On a setting


such as this, it all marries in so perfectly. It really is a delight to


come to a tournament like this and see something different. First


round, good so far, early of course, although play started at 6:30am, it


is getting towards 11:30am, so they've been out there for five


hours. The weather forecast is maybe a little bit Shari this afternoon.


There is a better breeze, a bit of wind -- showery. Ideal conditions. A


good score of players in red numbers already. I think a lot of these


players who are coming over to play in a British Open for the first time


were pleasantly surprised to find a course that does much more, it that


I'd better. Van links courses? Yes, van links courses. -- than. I think


the links courses can be too severe. There is our leader, and what a nice


little pitch she played there. Two cracking shots on a good pitch. She


is 6-under par at the moment, leading by one. Quite a fanciable


putt this one uphill, gradually from left to right. Not particularly


quick, this will be a good birdie. Oh, unlucky, what a beautiful


strike. For one so young, she plays


remarkably well, started young, liked the game, enjoyed practising,


a joy to see, Kent. It is lovely to see youth out watching, plenty of


youngsters. It is a fabulous game, there's no doubt about it. This to


join the leader. That turned a lot. It did, it looked pretty good when


it was a few feet short and then really turned very quickly.


And this for birdie. The putting has been the bedrock of Anna Nordqvist's


game for a number of years now. I'm sure she'll be looking forward to


the Olympics. She can't wait, she so excited for it. A lot of the players


are just receiving their kit, makes it a reality. Right age, or just


outside if you are going to dribble it. Good read, Ken. Our leader


pounds one end, another birdie, 7-under. Look at that for a card,


not one drop shot, seven birdies, two shots clear of the field, four


holes to play... Three holes to play, in fact.


Well, after that the light delightful third shot from Lewis,


Bishop be a formality but -- surely this should be a formality. She has


got the first time. Never looked comfortable. No, didn't. If you're


going to hit them that firmly on fast greens, you need to keep it


within the confines of the hole. Here is Katrina Matthews, the pride


of Scotland and Britain, birdie hole, a long way away, but this


doesn't look too bad. What an effort. Well done. Remarkable lady.


She's at the Olympics. She's perked up in the last six


holes, just one drop shot and then bingo, came to live, came alive,


Laura finishing off here at the 18th.


Laura has never had great success on the courses here at Woburn.


APPLAUSE 74. Well, disappointing par-4 Lewis


there are three beautiful third shot. It can only be put down to


lack of concentration. But it is a tidy looking card, nonetheless. I do


like watching this swing, it's brisk, it's a good one goal, it


looks like somebody who's going to give the ball a good tonk. She has


good firm hand on the shaft, quick river, zips it through the ball,


head still. Henderson of Canada, nips one away, just do the right of


the flag. Nicely done. Sweet shot. That is her sister on the bike, she


plays in the United States -- the bag. After much debate with the


caddy, she has decided on the club, she's playing 155.


Heart of the green, but you see the ball easing down on that steep


slope. Always tricky to really commit to your decision when it is


taking you so long to arrive at that decision. But Nordqvist little


brisket to the tee. She might be able to carry it, she's pushed it,


mind. A loose one, to loose ones in a row.


Back to our leader, Jutanugarn, trying to draw it to that fairway,


as she overcooked it eight had? -- a tad. Driving after the 16th, three


holes to negotiate, and Azahara Munoz, three tournaments on the


bounce, the first you have that in a road, as their initial success.


Great stuff from the tie and she is our two shot lead in the early


stages of the women's British Open at Woburn. Katrina Matthews knows


what it takes to win, she did in 2009 and also featuring in the early


part of our transmission. Some of the big names in women's golf are


mustering at the head, with many more to come. Stacy Lewis in debate


with her caddy. Just in the first cut, lose a bit of


control here. 2013 champion, coming into good form, three top tens,


seventh in the US Open, so hitting his stride. Can she control this?


This will run a bit when it lands. The price is paid for missing the


fairway off the tee. Yes, it is a slightly easier shot coming in from


the right-hand side on the 16th because you can come of the axis of


the green, but just missing the fairway cost her DV as we going to


Katrina Matthew -- cost her dearly. Asking the wind to hit it. That has


done well, that is quite a hefty finishing hole, 388 yards, par-4


year. On the top of the tee, there is a


slope and this is going downhill from where she is standing, so quite


a testing putt. It goes over the hill and turns to her left. Once it


gets over the hill, it is quite quick.


It is one of these putts you will be happy to take to from here. She is


taking a long time, went with the six eventually. Came up here, and


there is the slope Ken was talking about. Down it comes. No, something


still left for a par. Back to 16. Just coming out of the


semi-rough but she zips through the ball quickly, so she might get some


action on it. Oh, and that is hit down nicely.


Anna Nordqvist was in the sand. It was a loose tee shot, said this now


to save for par. Nearly, but a shot goes at a gentle


par-3, it was a wild two shot -- tee shot. A couple of bogeys it will be


in a row, after dropping a shot on the 16th as well. Unsettled by


something. Possibly two bogeys in a row.


And now over par for her round, losing a lot of ground. Henderson


has had a good luck while the others were putting, taken too much time,


they were putting the clock on the last hole. It is a little slippery


down there. It is interesting, the clock Court


of, that tee was slow, but also an eye on this pitch for Stacy Lewis.


You can hear the sound of it coming out of there.


Now Azahara Munoz trying to keep her card clear of bogeys. She got there


in the end. A player who thrives very much on confidence, tends to


get good streaks going. Good to see Yani Tseng featuring,


she's had a rough time in the last three years with form. But two shot


clear at the moment for the leader, it is a family business with her


sister, Maria, but their parents travelled with them and handle their


affairs, in charge, so the family trots around the globe with much


success on the golf course. Oh, great camera angle, showed you


how much swing there was on that putt, good pace from May, as she


likes to be called. Heading back to Thailand next week for a week off,


really looking forward to it. There is no spin initially, there you go,


and there it rolls, the idea is to get it rolling forward with topspin


as soon as possible. It lost its true line. Anyway...


Black magic. Stacy Lewis, a former world number one, she's coming back


into a bit of form. She's heading to the Olympics as well. There's only


one, of all the men who pulled out of the Olympics, only the South


African he was pulled out over fears of the virus, so the women seem more


robust than the men. Well, that is a great par. One bad


shot can always be repaired by one good putt. Part of the winning USA


team last week. Katrina Matthew, let's see if she can close with a


birdie. It's been a very good back nine.


It was cracked down there, it was trying for her, but a timid putt for


the 2009 champion, but fall birdies on her back nine. Back on the tee.


That is bound to be blocked out, there's a stand of oak trees down


there halfway down the right side. And I think she's going to be


tangling with them. So, Katrina Matthew to finish out. Lovely back


nine from Katrina Matthew. Out in 38, back in 32, four birdies, no


drop shot, after a round of 70, and nicely placed. A good look at the


17th. A fairly straightforward par 155 for the leader. All the way up


the back. Just pokes that in there. APPLAUSE


Get it all the way back at least, you can see the back level on the


pin there. Well, the three tee-shots straddling


the fairway, and Henderson has definitely got the best angle into


this flag. Just avoided the bunker, 158 yards. The flag is on the right


of the green, otherwise these horsemen at -- horse chestnut trees


would be in the way. Look how far down in the grip she goes. We can


see a few drops of rain, and just thereby Henderson. A beautiful shot,


again just loses a bit of control but birdie opportunity. There is


Brittany's sister on the back, Brooke, Brittany and brolly.


Nordqvist is nearer, she has got 139, she has made a little valley.


She can pitch at five or six yards short.


Great shot by Nordqvist. I walked up this hole with her and practice, and


she was dialled in then as she is today. This is a testing one. Can't


go over the oak, has to go and delivered, it will be a tricky one.


It has made live tricky for himself, you're better missing on the side of


the fairway -- like tricky for herself.


Looking down on the 17th tee, and Stacy Lewis... This rain has come


from nowhere. Looks to be lying, and good distance, what about this for a


shot from Stacy Lewis. That'll do nicely.


Super slow Mo rain, nothing quite like it. Look at the swing of Stacy


Lewis, high hands at the top. Suffered from back problems as a


youngster, perfect impact position. So Having to draw this on the 13th.


Oh, nasty bouncer there, could have carried another yard she wouldn't


have hit it on that slight slope. She has to watch it, because it gets


swept away, but that is OK. Having driven in to the right rough, it is


not too bad, it is lying OK. She just has to get it high in the air.


Could be dandy. Go on, down the slope. Merely very good. -- nearly.


Like Phil Mickelson and Paul Casey, graduate of the same college. Being


on the LPGA Tour for a few years. She is from Malaga, southern Spain


and she will go to the Olympics with Carlota Ciganda, the two Spanish


representatives. A little down the slope for Brooke Henderson. A little


from the right. Bit of moisture on the green. Is it going to run out?


It is trying. Go on, baby. Jutanugarn from the back of 17. Big


slope here now, moving the ball left to right. Good for pace.


Yani Tseng. Her caddy keeping player and ball dry. Until the very last


moment. There we go. Yani Tseng gets to three under par. With all the


problems she's had with her form, five Majors in three years she won


by the age of 22, 23. She's had real problems since.


Now, this would be one of the great escapes if Munoz can get away with a


four at 18. No. That's her first dropped shot of the day. It is a


very fine 68, full of good play. She has been coming into a bit of form,


and the confidence should be seeping back through her.


Jutanugarn, just to tap in for her par on the 17th. Confident strike.


She heads for the file hole still two shots clear.


-- final hole. Two shots clear of Surrey and who, but also perhaps two


shots clear of this young woman, this is for a lovely two on the


17th. Beautiful tee shot and Stacy Lewis rips the reward, moves to five


under par. Now, so you knew, 2011 US Open


champion. So a player with some degree of pedigree. It's not going


to make the crest of the hill. A little shower has slowed things up


fractionally. It's still Ariya Jutanugarn, the


youngest of the Jutanugarns sisters. Leading the way by two shots. Stacy


Lewis, the gritty Texan has had a bit of a drought in terms of


victories over the last couple of years. This is event numbers 56


without a win for a person in Stacy Lewis who love to win. Former world


number one, of course. There is Beth Allen leading the standings now on


the Ladies European Tour. The American leading the way and a good


season. Advocates Madsen, one of several very good games in the hunt


as well. Stacy Lewis on the 18th tee. -- Nanna Koerstz Madsen.


Ideally down the left half of the fairway. Further left than that. A


groan from Lewis. The tree is in the way. Tree's on the way indeed.


It's all about visualisation. See the shot you want to hit.


Now, back to this 407 yard par-4 13th. This is for a four, a bit of


the left. Hurry. Perfect, dead centre for So Yeon Ryu. That keeps


her at 5-under. Very tidy looking card. Just the one blemish on the


fourth. A look at the tee shots on the 18th of the group containing the


leader, Jutanugarn, Stacy Lewis command off to the left, might just


be a little blocked out by the trees. Jutanugarn in fine fettle. On


the right-hand side today, the pin. You want to be on the left-hand


side, it feeds down over the initial reached towards the hole. What do


you think? Just a few places left of the flag and let it come down? Yes


and it can't be much more than an 8-iron for her. The prevailing wind


is a westerly, so they are just checking out that it's coming into


them just a little bit on the left-hand side. So the terrain and


the breeze are possibly helpful for them here.


Just coming up a fraction short. And by her high standards, not good


enough. Stacy Lewis feared the worst on the


tee, she said she'd be blocked out by trees. But she might be able to


sneak it down to the opening of the green.


Sit, sit. Sitcom set. Doing a lot of talking, the ball is not listening.


That is a good result from there. -- sit, sit.


Sharon Woods on 17, Long Cross green putt. Come on, nearly as good as her


uncle, tipping in the last roll. I thought she was going to do a little


bit of her uncle Tiger on the 16th at Augusta back in 2005. She is the


niece of Tiger Woods. Tiger's half brother is her father. She's


beginning to make her own name on the Tour. She's a very talented


player. The world number six has got this putt for an opening round of


64. Quite a slow one up the hill. Aiming well left to allow for that


break. Fine effort, though. Well, it's been a very stress-free


round of golf for her, hasn't it? For Jutanugarn and Stacy Lewis, both


keeping bogeys off their card. Stacy Lewis sizing up her birdie putt now.


A little bit ragged off the tee, but managed to chase it out of the


rough, flirting with the trees down the left-hand side. This will go


down the slope. It is a quick putt. Again, though, the shower that has


come through in the last ten minutes, 15 minutes, might have


taken a little bit of the fire out of the greens. You can't afford to


be too bowled with this one, though. -- bold. That is something of a


miscalculation. Do you know, that was a very similar strike off the


blade to the very short one that she missed two or three holes ago. It


just seemed to decelerate slightly, flirted the Blade open and she sent


it right off the line that she intended to. If you get the wrong


side of one of these slopes it just looks even worse. That is not the


distance you want to leave yourself on the last. This could make or


break her mood for the afternoon. We talked about her coming back to


some form. She was the world number one back in 2013 and 2014. She's


just started to find a few results of late, a few top tens. This is to


close with a par to keep bogey off her card and for a round of 67.


Nicely done by Stacy Lewis. The 2013 win at St Andrews is off to a bright


start at the Marquess Course at Woburn.


And a small one for Jutanugarn to finish off. That's an opening round


of 65 for very much the form horse. And she sits atop the leaderboard at


this moment. So it is the 20-year-old from


Thailand, Jutanugarn, who leads, Ariya Jutanugarn and her sister


going well with 65, never finished better than tied 45th in two British


Women's Open events, so a flying start, two clear of the 2013


champion Stacy Lewis. So Yeon Ryu also out on the course at 5-under


par. So, Let's hear from the leaders with Hazel.


Ariya, super start at the Ricoh British Women's Open champion. Tell


me how much you like this course at Woburn. I think it suits my game, I


like the course so much. Wonderful season for you, not least


three wins in a row. Can you tell me why you have had so much success and


what has been the major spark in your career this season?


I think this year I have so much fun when I play golf and I really want


to have fun with every single round. Rain now I'm really happy, and I


just focused on what is under my control.


You came so close in the first major of the year and I wonder how much


momentum the ANA Inspiration has given you. I'm feeling really


confident after the ANA. You've made a really good start, well done.


Stacy Lewis, the winner of this Championship three years ago, how do


you assess your performance after this round?


It was good, I played a really solid round, I only had one putt for par


and I made it and playing with Ariya was a good motivation, she got off


to such a good start and she was making birdies and firing at flags


and she got me focused on making birdies to keep up. It helps to play


with her today within striking distance for the next few days. I


was going to say, it is a contrast to the conditions you won with at St


Andrews, the rough, the weather, all of these things. Do you prefer this


contrast, or is it something you have to get to grips with at the


British Open Championship? It just doesn't feel like a British


Open at all. It is more like I would say Canadian open than British Open.


It is just different, I prefer the links because I love links style


golf so I look forward to this Championship every year because of


the style of golf, but that's not to say you can't win on this too.


This is quite a summer for you, week eight of nine in a row on the


course. Next week there is the small matter of a


wedding for you and then you go on honeymoon to Rio.


You don't do things by halves, do you? No, it seemed a little better


when we planned it at the time. But it kind of is what it is and I know


next week I will not play much golf anyway so I was like let's just do


the wedding and getting Dunne it over with and do the honeymoon and


go to Rio, that's what I want to do, just go and enjoy Rio, I don't want


to stress about it, I just wanted to go and have fun. It's the most


unusual wedding preparations I've heard of the we wish you the best


for this week and next week, of course. Thank you. Yes, a winner's


cheque would help pay for the fee is. No doubt one of the favourites


for the title is local girl Charley Hull of Kettering. Charley Hull is


one of the latest starters in amongst some very big names in the


women's game. Her fellow Englishwoman Melissa Reid headed out


with the seven time major winner Karrie Webb and Asuka Kashiwabara of


Japan. The newly crowned open champ, Brittany Lang, and Charley Hull is


out at 11:50am with world number one Lydia Ko. Hull finished tied second


to the kiwi in the season's first major in California in April.


Charley Hull, who is from Kettering, knows that a lot is expected of her


this week. In fact, she's been giving a few tips to Naga Munchetty


around these parts. Jelinek I've been here since I was


nine years old. I play the Duke and Duchess. They are much tighter. I


have not played this one in years. It is a good golf course. It is fun.


Right, we are at the 12th, we're going to get going. You've brought


the wind with you. I haven't picked the best of days!


I'm seeing water, should I be scared? Let me try. That was better


than mine. Underworld's worst caddy. -- I'm the world's worst caddy.


Definitely going into the water. Tell me about Woburn and what it


means to you. It's my home course and I've been here since I was nine


years old. It's nice to be home. Does it feel like home? Yes. For the


open to be here it must be an advantage? Yes, I like the home


crowd. Do you feel you will have an advantage? Not necessarily an


advantage, it can be a disadvantage in some ways because of the pressure


but I just have to forget it. Is it stupid to ask if you are going for


the win? Of course I want to win on my home course, that would be


wicked. I'm going to hit a baby wedge. I would go and help you look


for it but... I don't want to get wet. Don't worry! So, you are one up


after one, I didn't give you the most difficult challenge on that


hole but we have a couple more to go. How are you looking forward to


the Olympics? I'm really looking forward to it, it's going to be a


lot of fun, it's going to be a great experience, especially in the


Olympic Village, it will be fun meeting athletes and go and watch


some other sports as well. And the idea of a Gold Medal is something


completely different, isn't it? That would be really cool, wicked,


amazing. To stand on the podium with a Gold Medal, can you imagine the


atmosphere? I think it would be brilliant. I don't want to think too


far ahead but the thought of it is exciting.


It is a fantastically exciting couple of weeks for women's golf,


Rio on the horizon, they play after the men in the second week of the


Olympics in Rio and Charley Hull will be accompanied by Katrina


Matthew in the women's event and the two of them could go very well, you


would imagine. There is a field of 60 in Rio and 41 players contending


for the Gold Medal in Rio are at Woburn this week so it is a stellar


field in preparation not just for that but of course for the great


title itself. And we saw the rain earlier with Charley Hull and Naga


Munchetty and the rain has been falling a little bit. It is pretty


gentle stuff and it's not cold so we are thankful for small mercies. We


were all in Troon where it was cold and wet for much of the time so it


is nothing really. This is the situation as we look down at the


midway point of the opening day of the Ricoh Women's British Open


Championship. It was Ariya Jutanugarn setting the pace and


Shanshan Feng has made inroads into the lead. She is 6-under through 12


holes. The woman who became the first Chinese player in history,


male or female, to win a major title, is very much in the hunt for


this one. Stacy Lewis, never to time major champion, some top names up


there. Also in contention, 5-under par. There is an yours, two-time


winner on the LPGA Tour. Ha Na Jang. And Sarah Jane Smith making inroads


too. Alena Sharp will accompany Brooke Henderson in the Canadian


team at Rio, the two of them representing and flying the Maple


Leaf in Brazil. Looking further down, Sei Young Kim going well.


Teresa Lu had a top ten finish at Turnberry last year. In-Kyung Kim is


in there at 3-under par. Maria Jutanugarn, our leader's older


sister by 18 months -- Moriya Jutanugarn. She's posted 69 today.


Karrie Webb, 3-under for the three-time winner of this great


event after 11 holes. Mirim Lee of Korea. Catriona Matthew. Minjee Lee


has pinched Karrie Webb's place for the Rio Olympics. Karrie Webb mental


Minjee Lee. She will take part for the Aussies in a few weeks' time.


Charley Hull featuring on the fourth page of the leaderboard in the big


group at 1-under par. Charley Hull was two under through three holes


and dropped one at the 8th, 1-under. So, off we go for the afternoon's


play. We see Emily Kristine Pedersen, last year's winner on the


LET. We have 38 players, indeed we have 43 players all under par right


now. So, let's get out onto the golf course, the beautiful Marquess


Course again and return you to the great company of Ken Brown, Andres


-- Andrew Cotter, Peter Alliss and Maureen Milind. COMMENTATOR: Isn't


that a grand view across the dip to the other side. Charley Hull not


quite in full flow, Maureen, but not doing too badly on the opening


round. No, and I'm sure she's glad to get underway because there is


lots of pressure for the home favourite. This is a beautiful golf


course. She has hit it down to the launch pad. The green is sitting way


below her. That plummets to Earth. The caddy's right, pretty good.


Looking into that green, it reminds me of the 3rd hole on the Dukes


course, the way the green sits below you and the beautiful backdrop. Yes,


well, everywhere you look here you get beautiful views, magnificent


trees, a mixture of fine trees, rhododendrons. It's a stunning bit


of ground. Welcome our first look at our world number one, Lydia Ko.


She's got an interesting swing, it's not for the purists, she has a


quirky bit on the back swing but the rhythm is good. She just gets the


job done. I hope she doesn't have too many lessons or try to change


too many things because Dominic and keep Donaghy keeps going the way she


is because she is doing quite nicely. Leave her alone. Making up


the trio is Linda Wessberg, the Swedish player. Currently eighth in


the Ladies European Tour Order of Merit. Lightly raced this year


because she became the man last year so a few other things on her mind.


-- she became a mum last year so a few other things on her mind.


Good shot. The wind has died down. We've had


some light rain, a bit of drizzle, something a little bit harder, a


little bit of sharpish wind blowing through the course, but nothing too


serious. As we seek Thompson at the 8th, 2-over par, long birdie putt,


won't be far away. There you are, I told you so. I thought it was going


to topple in. No, stays two over. The familiar figure of Karrie Webb.


What a good player she's been for 15 years or more, Maureen. She started


very young. And she's kept that rhythm going for umpteen Victor


Ruiz. Seven time major winner. The first time I saw her was here in


1995 when she arrived at the Duke's Course and properly won this title


three times. -- victories. That's the familiar Crouch of Michelle Wie.


As if she is auditioning for the female role of the hunchback of


Notre Dame. I'm sure there is an easier way to do it. But she reckons


that's the way. It don't matter what you do, as long as you get it in the


hole, boy. Very good scoring on this


opening-day. Play started around 6am this morning. It is a long day. The


last game goes off at 4:30pm. It's a long day for the officials, players


and caddies. Mostly the officials and all the ones who busy themselves


with scoring, marshalling and one thing and another. First to putt is


Wessberg. Little movement from the left. They are having to get a


wriggle on. The official out with the old watch.


Well, we've had a little bit of a shower in the last hour, so, Ken,


has that slowed up the cause markedly or not? -- the course.


Karrie Webb pitching over to the 12th green, over the water. This


hole can be played a number of ways depending on which tee is used and


that is a cracking shot. It needed a bit of stop. Still a very nice shot


from Karrie Webb. Well, if anybody should know these


greens, its Charley Hull, Ken. A nice crowd out watching. Absolutely


right, there is a bit of moisture, quite a heavy shower came down about


15 minutes ago. It has stopped. There is a big slap on the greens,


lots of movement from right to left. -- big slope on the green.


That was a beautiful effort. Very nice indeed by Charley Hull. Got off


to a hot start with a couple of birdies on the first three holes,


dropped one at the last. Tidy nine of 36. This is going to be. I was


with Lydia Ko when she heard that she was playing with Charley and she


said "I knew I would get Charley in the draw. She was delighted. These


two had a big tussle for the first major title of the year with Charley


being edged out. Lydia Ko should have got a bit of help from her


playing partner, a bit of movement from the left and a reasonable


amount of pace. Amassed six feet down the slope, into the little


valley. She has a gorgeous touch, she really has. -- the last six


feet. A bit feeble. All that build-up,


Ken, and they let you down. I know the feeling. It's a long race. She


has got a nice touch. Nice, nice touch.


Up ahead to the 13th, Shanshan Feng. I think this woman's one of the most


remarkable players I've ever seen in my life in the world of golf. She


doesn't look very exciting at all. She just quietly plots, keeps the


same rhythm, she's almost relentless in finding the greens, holing the


putts, not making any mistakes. Quite remarkable.


Back to nine for Wessberg. What you would call a little tester. In her


last two tournaments she has been fourth and second. Choosing a good


time to run into form. A little bit of marking going on.


You see Lydia standing astride the putt. Using the aim point method of


having a look at the greens. Using the feet to determine the amount of


slope, and all sorts of wizardry goes on after that. Might be a


little bit of movement in this one. Well done. Outward nine of 37,


1-over par. Charley Hull just a little tap in.


And in she goes, and on they go. This is a look at the 9th from the


air. The following three ball, most players playing a 3-wood or 5-wood


for the longer hitters to the launch pad. Michelle Wie has gone something


longer and has had a mis-judgement because she has gone down into the


valley. You don't want to go down there, you can get some scrappy lies


down there. That tree to the left. They have the tee up so they can


drive to the end of the fairway. 450 yards from the back tee. They are


playing this very short and second shot, which looks inviting across


the valley. This is one of the things I love


about this game. You have Lexi Thompson, almost six feet tall. And


Marie Miyazato, much shorter. But they


both play extraordinarily successfully.


Pushed it. That's not good. Saved by the bunker. Interesting to me to see


how the women's game has changed. A fewer years ago, more of them were


swingers, did it with balance and timing. But over the last ten years


or so a few players waggle it. They are more aggressive with the


clubhead. She has found a good spot. They trimmed all this down. This


used to be rough ground down here. It has all been cleaned up, tidied


up. She could almost throw it on. It doesn't look like quite such a


good decision now. But you weigh up the percentages, and she thought the


possibility of getting a good lie was high. She's found a way of


getting down in two possibly. Charley Hull, watch this for


somebody who actually attacks the ball. Boom. You didn't see many


women play that way years ago. She really gets her hands on the


clubhead, gives it a good old smack. She's fun to watch.


Just a placement tee shot required at the 10th, 344 yards, straight


ahead par-4. 240 might be the widest part of the fairway. Two bunkers up


the right. Certainly a birdie opportunity. This is a real... Some


of these girls are only tiny little tots and they have to swing slowly.


And the slower you swing the more careful you have to be coming you


have to keep the rhythm going. Wide and slow and sweeping the ball away


instead of hitting the ball. Sweeping right through. I always


enjoyed watching... I said to many men, you learn far more watching


good women play golf than you would watching the likes of Tiger Woods,


Spieth and McIlroy, because you'll never play like that. You can get


the art of timing from these women. Feng on 13. Birdie at six of seven


of the last holes. She started off in a rather pedestrian manner with a


handful of pars, after she was very nearly late on to the first tee.


Then she really put the afterburners on. Here is an awkward one. Right


foot up, left foot down. Hand and arm s swing it through. Good result.


Little tiny one for Feng. Nicely done. She remains one behind.


Jutanugarn shooting a very good 65 this morning in ideal conditions.


Michelle Wie. Big, wide stance for long putts. Sniffing at the ball.


Look where she is aiming, up to the bank on the right. A huge swing.


Very low, steady, good pace. STUDIO: That's the scene as we look


over the Bedfordshire countryside. Very close to Milton Keynes, about


50 miles north of London. Jutanugarn safely in the clubhouse, waiting to


see if Shanshan Feng of China can match the 7-under par, going very


well. The woman who will be 27 the day of The Open ceremony next week


in Rio. Very excited, as many of these women are, about going to


represent their country in the Olympic Games. Teresa Lu in that


group at 3-under. Karrie Webb also going very well. Can't believe it's


21 years since she took this place by storm on the Duke's course. This


fearless young woman coming through from Australia. This is the place


that launched her career all those years ago. It seems like yesterday.


Perfect position for Wessberg off the 10th tee. Slap bang in the


middle. Ken, flag pretty central today. Essential at the back, yes.


Played a long way back. -- Central at the back. Hardly a breath of wind


at the moment. Remember watching Vesper gapped the


Championship in Saint Andrews. She finished seventh there. -- watching


Vesper -- Wessberg at. She really is as calm as she looks,


Peter. It's interesting. A fascinating story. Her family taking


the opportunity to have the teaching scholarship in New Zealand. Taking


citizenship, learning to play golf, entering the New Zealand. It's just


a great story. Now Charley Hull. Get inside that one. 114. Good cuff,


coming in high. The line looks not bad. Oh, Kenny. The adrenaline was


flowing there, Kenneth, I think. Yes, over aggressive, I think. Calm


it down a bit. Looking at the contact here. You see the divot fly


after the ball was taken. Quite a lot of turf taken. Green keepers


must cry themselves to sleep at night after preparing it for years


and years, to be ripped to pieces. But they do a great job. Miyazato


with a par putt at the 9th. She remains 1-over.


Always looks busy, like she has somewhere to go, a bus to catch or


something. Karrie Webb. Hardly any divot at all. It clipped


off the top. Might stop a bit too quick. Interesting.


Michelle Wie, Jack Nicklaus style of putting, works. I walked a couple of


holes with her in practice and she was doing the table top ironing


board style. Looking at her today, she's mostly doing this, she seems


to change between the two depending on her mood. If it works, putting is


a game within a game. But we are. -- but there we are. From the back of


the green. A little bit too enthusiastic with the short pitch


in. Just settled down in the grass. It's awkward with the green running


away. It's hard to get the right contact on the ball. Decide what you


want to play and commit to it. You could sort of scuff it out and let


it run. Awkward. The grass is just an inch long but it has settled


down. You don't want to be dropping a shot after a good tee shot like


that, Ken. A shortish iron in. She's opening the face. It's a bold shot,


I fancy. It's looking quite cavalier to me at the moment. Cavalier! Lots


of swishing. This is awkward. Anything within four feet is a


beauty. Quick stab. She's got away with it. APPLAUSE


Very unlucky there. The ball nestling down. A little


break of the wrist and you can see the ball almost going straight up.


Still only level with the club face. Extraordinary that, this very slow


motion. You wonder how the club doesn't hit the ball two or three


times. Just a little film of moisture on


the greens at the moment. It slows it down a fraction meaning the ball


doesn't break as much, but it's actually a little bit easier to get


the ball to roll more smoothly. Should have a little bit of movement


from the right. She has left herself one of those


you really don't like all that much. Karrie Webb after a very nice


approach shot in here at 13. Down the slope. A couple of little


switchbacks. That was a good putt. Left it below the hole.


Isn't that lovely? Magnificent selection of trees, all sorts.


Wildlife, a few brown squirrels about. All sorts of stuff. Lydia Ko.


Birdie putts, this to get back to level par.


Dribbled away. So a chance missed really. I thought she might pot that


one. In search of her third major title.


As won one already this year. As we go quickly to Karrie Webb.


Well holed. Karrie Webb unfortunately has just missed out on


the Olympic trip. Very sad news to a lot of us. It was very much her


dream to be there. But Minjee Lee just edged out Karrie Webb and


Rebecca Artis at the death. This is the tester that Wessberg has left


herself. Putts with the shaft of the putter almost vertical. Dead centre.


Over the years her putter has had some wonderful shapes and sizes. All


sorts of blade putters, lumpy ones, round ones, flat ones. Anything to


try to get the ball in the hole. Long putter, short putter. I


remember a fellow called Eduardo Blasi from Argentina who had a


putter around 14 inches long, a wide stance, putting one-handed. Didn't


last long, ended up quietly in a home somewhere. I don't think any of


these young nerves will be in a home for quite some time. It's a funny


old game. It can strike you down, this dam game of golf. It's so


pedestrian, you get so much time to think. You ponder and wonder, can I


get better? Inevitably you get worse. Charley Hull finishing off


nicely. Good chip and putt from the back of the green. 1-under.


Peter, you must have had some fun when you were building this golf


course. Did you discover anything of interest when you were moving trees


must not a few old Army dug outs. I think I'm correct in saying they


used to store ammunition here. It was absolute dense forest,


rhododendrons, ferns and trees. I still see Clive Clarke hacking his


way through. It was amazing to be asked by the family to come and do


the third course here. Very proud of it. It's lovely. Mind you, you would


have to be a complete fool to make a mess of a course in land like this.


You can just see a couple of amateur names on that scoreboard as the


scores roll through. Seven amateurs playing this week for the Smith


salver. The third of the par threes. Easy to come up short on this one.


It has boxed a few players today. -- it has foxed. It's a big green that


tilts from back to front. You can throw the ball in there like playing


darts, with bunkers on either side. You have to be up. If you go to the


back of the green, when they are running fast, it's not easy to two


putt. We don't know what they all played


off the tee there, but Michelle Wie has a bit of a low rookie one to try


and execute. She hits into the canopy of the tree but gets away


with it. -- low hooking one. Miyazato's ball already on the


green. She was a wunderkinder at 14 or 15 years of age, pushed on by her


parents. A little bit too early really, but settling down into the


world of golf for the last seven or eight years. The caddies in women's


golf, do you think they take more of an interest... Not interest, that's


the wrong word. But do you think they get involved more than the


caddies on the men's Tour? I think they may be do, Peter. Seem to be


more of them lining up the players and being part of it. They seem to


be more actively engaged. Trying to keep the clubface open, keep the


ball on line and she has done it very well indeed. Cracking shot.


APPLAUSE Lexi Thompson is fun to watch. She


really manoeuvres the ball and does stuff you don't see many of them


doing. Lydia Ko, just watch this backswing.


See the little too early bit, pushing it down, and it might go off


the fairway. -- the little too twirly bit. It's mindful of Inbee


Park's swing. She's injured this week. Not textbook stuff from Lydia


Ko, but neither was Lee Trevino and they are both geniuses in their way


in their own life span and area in the world of golf. Don't change it.


Stick with what you do best. Learn how to use it. Some very good


scoring today. Ideal weather. We've had a little drop of rain but it has


been a slight stirring in the trees. Only a light breeze that hasn't


developed into any sort of wind. Charley Hull at the 11th, the par-5.


That is a fizzer, right down the middle. Good job there is some


wetness in the ground otherwise it was in the bunker. Otherwise good.


Back a hole to the 10th. The flag is 25 yards on today.


The greens here on the Marquess course are quite segmented. To get


really close to the flight you have to have pinpoint accuracy with your


irons. Very easy to get on the wrong side of the slope and be swept away


into 3-putt distance. -- to get really close to the flag.


Michelle Wie's putt is on the way. Oh no.


This is awkward. But I think she can get it up and forward OK. A bit


close to the bank. Stamp it out and she has played it well. It's a


runner. Awkward shot. Nice to see a few amateurs playing, Maureen. It


has always been a great tradition in this Championship, but they have


earned their way into it. They are not here just because we like them.


I think there are seven in the field. The Smith salver will be very


keenly contested. Lydia Ko has run behind the trees. She can create a


shot if she has a good lie. She could squirt one round. Looks like


she will play out to the left and then pitch up. She just has to keep


it under the branches. The lie is pretty good considering the poor


lies around. She's 295, so if she moves out 95, she has 200 to the


flight. That's what you want to do. She could shunt it out, and could


get further if she could be ambitious. Looks like she could be


ambitious. Oh no she's not. They punched to the left side. Not too


much! The thing is, the great players seemed to make smallish


errors, misses the fairway, but it's a par-5. It's not always the great


shots that win things. It's those who make the fewest mistakes.


Everybody talks about flamboyant two irons, fizzing to the hole. But it's


the silly mistakes. When you add it up on Sunday night you might have


missed out by two or three. Charley Hull to thump it close. 264. That's


a shame, just clipped a branch. It was motoring, but not a bad layup.


Excellent layup as it happens. We are looking at the course from on


high and it looks like a treat. You are down there walking through the


trees. Wonderful to have character on either side of the fairways. It's


absolutely exquisite. You couldn't find a nicer inland course.


Everything you need. I was about Blairgowrie Rosemont last week. It


was another course like this, oozing class and charm. -- I was up at.


Another good tee shot from Wessberg. Deciding not to go for it. Not the


most accurate of layups. Stayed on the fairway but only just, Ken.


Beautifully presented, the wavy sides of the fairways. At the end


you find a green like this, beautifully prepared. Miyazato for


birdie, long dish and slowish putt. It's got the speed. Oh! Up a drain


pipe, could have gone a few feet past, but it disappeared. The little


totty goes on smiling. Can Karrie Webb rescue a par from


that lie in the bunker? It's downhill. It's got a turn but it's


too high. Slightly mis-hit tee shot, slightly


under club, one or t'other has cost the shot there. Lydia Ko, still a


few yards to go. Not the widest of targets. Going around the oak tree.


These rescues are very handy. Looked good, Ken, looked online. She


doesn't want it again, I can tell you that, Peter. It's a dandy! What


a shot. Wonderful. Go back 100 years and that thing is called a baffy.


The forward, 5-wood, a baffler. Then the rescue clubs that do the job.


Lexi, birdiey, well done, had putting issues over the years and


has done work with Dave Stockton. Meanwhile, at the 11th. See how you


cut fair away, you go into the rough and you come out to give it, it is


so easy to make a straight line, which makes it very boring, make a


little manoeuvre with the tractor and trailers and the cutters and you


can make a dull bit of ground look attractive. Plant a bit of gorse, a


few bumps. You old romantic Peter. It is, I


think, as I said at the beginning Henry Longhurst said aren't we lucky


golf takes us to so many beautiful places? You can have fine stadiums


and arenas and the rest of it, but there is only a limited view here,


everywhere you look there is is a bit of magic, a bit of wildlife,


colour, noise, sounds, birdie, it is glorious.


-- birds. That style. 844 yards left. Bit of a little ridge.


Is that, did that sound OK? Yes, perfect distance.


The flag cut a little cape that comes into the green, a little short


and it will dig in the bank and long and it will skid on, a good break


here for Charlie, having clipped the pine trees it could have gone


anywhere. 80 yards. And a good lay out yard damage. You can get the


grip on the second bounce. Nips it up, she is a great divot


taker. Stop. Oh, it didn't, didn't just, ran on


an extra eight feet. What is that ghen look at the size of the divot.


She crunches down on the back of the club. It looks as if she must


generate spin. You know people talk about controlling the spin, you


can't always, the ball doesn't always do what you hope it is going


to do. Those that pretend, oh great control, the spin. No, you hit it


the best you could and you hope for the best.


Sometimes it spins too much and sometimes it stops beautifully. And


sometimes it doesn't stop at all. Back on the tee, Thompson. Now this


is certainly within her compass to get up here in two.


She didn't look after it. She didn't need to. Big leap forward there,


Maureen that, got a good chase on. Just hurrying the camera crew out of


the way. Carr I Webb at the is ath. -- Carrie Webb at the is ath. --


15th. Big headed driver. Sweeps it off the top of the tee peg. Away it


goes. See that one-stops done dead, the


other went on 40 yards. Luck of the draw.


Karrie Webb at the is ath. -- 15th. Big headed driver. Sweeps it off the


top of the tee peg. Away it goes. See that one-stops done dead, the


other went on 40 yards. Luck of the draw.


Good crowds. Loads of buses and Sharia banks whatever you called


them. We have had the ladies group up from Surrey, bus loads of them


coming up to enjoy this great event. Great view there of the high hands


and the vertical putter shaft. The idea of that is to headache the


putter shaft an extension of your arm, just not quite reading the


break in there, fors we burring, but that will be a safe par O --


Wessberg. One birdie. 12th hole in front of them is clear,


there is known on it, so they will have to get a gallop on. They are


backing up. I can see them waiting to play up. Yes, this group are on


the slow side, they will have to kick on or they might get a nasty


fright at the end of the round. That is the plague of golf these days.


You watch over the next three days it is easy to see why they take so


long. Well, the Championship organisersers


have stated they will be hot on the timings here, and when a group loses


the their starting time difference, which is 11 minute, they lose that,


they will be put on the clock, they will be told, and when they get a


bad time, a second bad time that is it. It is a shot penalty. They have


been saying that for 50 years Maureen. Yes, but... They only been


please the poor young assistant from Rochdale. Not strictly true Peter.


It is totally true. Dear old pernard Langer he should have been penalised


for 25 years, eight shots a round. But no, he puts bums on seats.


-- Bernard. These these yardage charts and


books, they look, they throw bits of stuff in the air strike and they


consult. Do you think it is too much of a a science rather then an art.


Some of the greatest players in the world young by eye and feel and


touch. Touch. Another birdie opportunity for Ko. Ko: A good angle


Peter, up the slope. No.


Not got the range just yet. Well, after the errant tee shot it


would have been a bit of a steal to mark a birdie down, but I suppose


this is what world number ones tend to do more often than anybody else.


Now Karrie, Charlie I should say. Yes. Well done.


So Lexi Thompson has the been waiting behind that group for the


green to clear. That is a huge drive, Maureen isn't it. We saw it


leap down the fairway. Thompson has got the three wood out.


It don't even look like a three wood actually.


Straight at the sign behind the green, just to the right of the


flag. Only what, 15 yards gap? That sort of thing.


So one good clean very straight hit is needed here.


Looked good. Left, was good when it left here, and it is good when it


has arrived. That is a cracking shot.


Oh wunderbar. Superb. Cracking shot from the former US


Open champion, Lexi Thompson, she is making her way not quite on the


front-page of this leaderboard as yet. It is Shanshan Feng that has


been making the best progress, 6-under through 14 and the other


player making progress on the first page, 4-under through seven, Mirim o


Lee of South Korea, one of 30 South Korean players in the top 50.


Extraordinary success over the last 15 years or so since the the amazing


Siri Pak came on the scene, so many have tried to follow and have


succeeded in their following her into professional ranks. There is


mow Martin. Good to see her featuring, she won at royal berk


dale with that stunning eagle at the 72nd hole to nick it.


And there is Melissa Reid. 1-under through 14. Eventual ghul that


group. -- Charley Hull in that group. Leona Maguire one of the


amateur, she is one of the victorious Curtis Cup players from


Great Britain and Ireland. They won the cup back for only the eighth


time since the 1930s, great stuff against the Americans last month. So


that is how it looks on day one. At the moment, 55 women-under par. It


is a leavely setting here, Woburn Abbey.


-- lovely setting here. Fabulous setting.


And so many lovely sights and sounds round this lovely part of the


country. Just north of London. And Peter, I know this is place you know


very well. Our dear old colleague Alex was part and parcel of this


wonderful landscape. It is a lovely setting here, Woburn Abbey.


Fabulous setting. And so many lovely sights and sounds


round, this lovely part of the country. Just north of London. And


Peter, I know this is a place that you know very well. Charley


Hull unleashing one at this 12th hole, trying to find the island


fairway. You are aiming to get your tee shot


to finish between 20-240 yards. Michelle Wie 4-over par, won the US


Open a couple of years ago, since then, all sorts of problems injury


again, has played its part. A struggle today, he seems to have


lost her way again. It is entirely in Bedfordshire. A


bit of exciting chat for you there. I think the border is probably on


the A a 5, just to the east of here. Sometimes I bore mice, actually.


-- myself actually. Well, here we are back on 11 and those two mighty


blows from Lexi Thompson are shortly going to give her a very makeable


eagle putt. You are right, Michelle Wie has had


really, you know a disappointing career for one with so much promise


and talent. But, A lot is down to injury, she had knee problems then


she came through and had that renaissance and delivered the major


Championship but everything thought she was going to, in 2014, she had


neck problems since then, it has been a bit of a struggle. This one


low. Again, she is sort of systematic of


a lot of very young talents, come on the scene very young and perhaps


don't stay the course, some of them have great careers but are retired


by the age of 30. Karrie Webb is different. 41 now. She has been


competing at the highest level for a long, long time.


Talking early about seven and Cho who retired after winning major


after major. Three tee shots in decent position on this 12th hole,


sometimes the tee is moved up and you can have a pop at the green.


Even getting it on to this little almost an island fairway.


Peninsula sticks out. A very tricky pin. Seven on seven from the right,


but awkward spot tieded to a ridge that runs through the green. 73


yards left for Linda. A bang behind it she could use, a breeze helping.


This slightly soggy fairway doesn't make the pitches anyisier. Over the


water. -- any easier. Use the slope behind,


it is tricky. Not much landing area. Well I am not sure that was as


intended, but it has worked out extremely well. I may be be doing


her a disservice. Hard to tell. It is 66 yards. Wanting the lady, they


can't hit it as hard as a man so they tend to get that firmer first


bounce. So going straight at this, the pin


is on about five yards. 66 yards, almost a little close.


Nicely judged. Snuffling away. Hay fever or a cold. Cold? A yard short


and that was struggling to get over the water.


As Peter says she gouges out an enormous divot. She has 65 and this


is a soggy old fairway. Does that make you nervous? Makes


you a little nervous. Come on Charlie.


Three good tee shot, three good second shots.


She said she was feeling the pressure, you get the home support,


it can lift you, she was filing more pressure than usual, wasn't


necessarily looking forward to all the home support. Eagle chance for


Lexi Thompson. Stay up, stay up. That was comfortable, easy as birdie


as you would want to see. Two mighty blow, two putts and Lexi Thompson


gets it back to level par. Back to back birdies now.


And here is Liz Young. Expecting a baby in a couple of months. Telling


me this morning she usually gets tired after about 15. Holes. She is


a couple more to do. She hasn't played 18 holes yet this week.


Miyazato. Nicely judged. Couple of birdie, couple of bogeys today.


No-one in this group setting things alight. Michelle Wie 4-over,


Thompson, Miyazato level par. Not much break in that, and with


eyes it finds the bottom of the hole.


3-under. Good round if progress from the Australian. Remained competitive


over so many years. They are waiting for the local hero


to nudge this in for a birdie three. Little down the slope.


Oh no. No. She is never a player accused of


slow play eventual. She gets on with things briskly. A confused face


there though. Shanshan Feng, won the European ladies Order of Merit last


year. First Chinese player to do so. Very good. Using what they call aim


point where you read it with your feet and hold the fingers up. You


would have thought had a hair of movement from the right.


Right to middle it goes for Lydia Ko. Not too many birdies for her


today, only her second. A couple of bogeys.


This is the young amateur, the Swedish amateur, 15 years of age.


The youngest competitor in the field she is here because she is the


British amateur champion, she won that Championship in June. Youngest


winner, only turned 15 in March. Fellow country woman for birdie


here. Well, disappointing there for the


Swede, only a four. Got to take your chances when you can. Because on a


course this tree lined, you face a few crises along the way, somewhere


or other, dale Reed said she used to like to get a few birdies and tuck


them in her back pocket and consider them like a bank account.


Most of the really good scores seem to be coming from the morning wave.


That was an impressive lily pad. You could put a small dog on them. When


they were impored the person showed how impressive they were by standing


on them. You can get the huge ones that can take the full weight of a


human being or perhaps small child, if you are not feeling particularly


brave yourself. Big thick things. Peter is staring


at me in a quizzical fashion. He is right to do so.


Early days yet but there are 65 plus ties make the weekend. Those numbers


include the amateur players so we have 35 or so in red figures at the


moment. And there is the spread of the tee


shots on this teasing par-4. 12th hole.


Never a good idea to miss the prepared surface when you have a


short iron in your hand and the flag at the front.


Not player that generates a huge amount of spin in any case, so


chances are this will be beyond the flag.


Plenty of height. Down, down, down... Well, has it stuck? Has it


Fred couples ass they said in the business? It has. It has not quite


moan down there but has got away with it. I think they probably


should have cut that down, that bank, it is just clinging on there


for dear life. Go, she say, what has Michelle Wie


down? Got away with it. Looks a bit troubled at the moment She looks out


of sorts. So Lexi Thompson, again, it is going


to be, she is much sharper through the ball but it is going to be


difficult to generate the control when the ball lands, because she is


just coming out of this longerer grass, the second cut.


-- longer grass. There is plenty of green behind the


flag. Well, I have to say there were three


rather indifferent shots by three top class players. And nothing gets


the blood boiling like making a mess of an easy hole. This is Julia


Engstrom. A couple of bogeys in a row now. Or


will be. We will go back to Lydia Ko, if she can get it out there.


David is working on her, she has been a fader, but she is able to get


a bit more right-to-left on her now. Little shoot forward. Still doesn't


have the distance of the biggest hitters though, but that is not her


game. This to join Jutanugarn in the lead.


At 7-under. Not enough pace. Feng is playing


with the young am Stuening Strom so what an experience for the young we


see dish player. Watching golf at the highest calibre at close


quarters. -- Swedish. Ai Miyazato did get away


with it: A little pitch up, and might even have a birdie.


Very nearly did. That would be one against the head. In it will go for


a par. I thought they might cut down the


grass on that bank so any short, it is only a short hole any way, you


shouldn't be punished if you are missing the fairway or missing the


green, Miyazato escapes unscathed. Well, that shows the positions of


the tee shots there on 13. There was almost a Little Mix up.


They thought the ball was theirs. Ko spotted it. That was a fantastic


flight. First to play has 163. Been on the front of the green. I have


not seen this hollow that is tricky. If you pitch short of the green it


will come trickling back to you. Not easy, you can pitch it long and


right and it will gather up. 163, probably about six direct. Not


much room to land the ball on. You could pitch it eight or nine


yard in to right and it should leak all the way to the left.


Just midway between the camera tower and the flag would be a good place


to land. Chased down. Beautifully played by Wessberg. Wonderful shot.


If Lydia Ko had played the wrong ball that it would have been a two


shot penalty. Lexi Thompson. Going with the putter from just off the


back. This one surely has to go. Thought it was a broken club there,


the shaft thrashed into the tree. It has done extremely well. Stay there.


Curtailed, followed through from the tree trunk, but nae bad. A little


downhill. Shorter than that. Trying to follow her playing partner.


One last sniff and then fire it towards the target. Hop down.


Just as Ken suggested, slightly more difficult putt she has left them


Wessberg's. Tester for Thompson. She is a


dangerous woman when she is holing putts. That will really help her


momentum. I know it's only a par putt but sometimes those are the


biggest in the round. She's one who keeps her glove on while putting.


It's not particularly rare. Karrie Webb. Going along very nicely


indeed. Slightly out of position here. Urging it on. To no avail.


Down to where Juli Inkster was not that long ago.


-- Julia Engstrom. Looking down on Shanshan Feng. We welcome to the


commentary box, the former winner of the women's open here. Was that the


Duke's corset was played it was, in 1990. We have seen some good golf


today, Helen. I love the way Shanshan Feng plays. She just gets


on with it. With her emotions, you never know what she is shooting.


Always a smile on her face and very simple. A little upslope.


Considering whether tee shot was, she has every chance of getting down


in two. This should just run out. Pretty well played. Talking about


players who just get up and get on with it, Charley Hull is one of


those. I love it. I think it takes a lot of mental energy to just make a


decision and go. One thing we have talked about quite a lot, a lot of


discussion between caddies and players in the women's game. It


takes a lot of time. When you talk about a spectacle, something you


want to watch, perhaps it's not the best. I agree with you. That was one


of my big problems when I played, it was taking so long. If you play with


more of an instinct, not being so precise. Mental coaches would say,


don't hit until you are ready, but I said to one bill, today would be


great. A lot of things its field. You need to know what clubs to hit.


Let's see if Lydia Ko can feel this one in. Hasn't really got into the


run today. Has had a few missed shots, which is very


uncharacteristic for her. Perhaps not having quite the feel of these


greens yet. Perhaps not quite as quick as some of the surfaces in the


US on the LPGA Tour. But she has missed a few that ordinarily she


would get in. But she wouldn't ordinarily come out shooting on the


first day, she'd normally climbs up and finds herself somewhere at the


top on Sunday afternoon. Biding her time. The correct pronunciation,"


Vessberg" or Wessberg? Wessberg. I went all Germanic with the V. We


were talking about her. A lot of players start looking at the hole.


It's a great help, but you have to be firm when you do it. Modelled by


Jordan Spieth, looking at the hole when putting. In it goes. Not quite


finishing off that beautiful second shot. Nine pars in a row. Just not


happening on the greens at the moment. It's quite frustrating


sometimes. You give yourself chances, particularly when you see a


lot of the field is making some birdies and you are just hanging on,


even or 1-over. It's never not that exciting. It's never not that


exciting. We had to Lexi Thompson again. Going


with the driver here. He doesn't really need the driver, does she? --


she doesn't. Again, getting a big shoot forward.


It's another 40 yards or so there. Her father Scott is on the bag. It


must be an interesting dynamic, having a father caddy for you. We


see it quite a lot in women's golf, and sometimes in women's sport,


fathers can be dominant figures, parents can. You have to have a


close relationship with your caddy. At times the relationship can strain


so it be interesting if your father is there. They have grown up with


two brothers so they have done a lot of golf together. He has been around


as long as I have known her. I don't think he's one of those parents. He


has been very supportive. She's the one who's the toughest on herself.


It has just gone for Michelle Wie at the moment. Fighting with herself


and her swing. We have talked about her injuries. Lydia Ko at the 14th.


Playing at 173 yards over the valley.


Just got to favour the left of the pin. If you drift to the right it


can carry along over the front of the green. The pin is on 11, nine


from the left. It's so interesting to watch this group, Kent, don't you


think, with Charley Hull being more active and Libya is so calm and


cool. That's right. -- and Lydia. She's definitely a cucumber, and the


other is more zesty orange. Wessberg is next, has hit a lot of nice shots


today but hasn't holed that much. Time for the zesty one. Hit six and


it has to be just on the four, cranked up behind it. -- just under


four. It would be a massive hit with a 7-iron. I know the wind is across.


Asking it to go for her. Oh dear. It's lying OK in there. It's not the


worst. Looks as if she was trying to give it that bit extra.


Back to the 13th and the tee shots of Michelle Wie and Lexi Thompson.


Always going to struggle out of the rough. It's quite noisy at Woburn


but they are providing wonderful overhead pictures, the aircraft.


Shanshan Feng to get to 7-under par. A great thing for that little


Swedish girl to play with Shanshan Feng because she makes it look so


easy. A great learning experience, I think. Like you say, 6-under, and


it's been a very comfortable 6-under as well.


I was so pleased. I read in an interview that she is not very


technical, not working too much on her golf swing, more on the shots.


So nice to hear that when you hear of so many other players being


extremely technical. Doing it by numbers. Lexi Thompson, you can


see... You know your swing is basically sound anyway. Beyond that,


the feel will bring you good scores. Michelle Wie, you see her with her


little set before and you know there is a lot of thought going on at the


moment. I thought when she won the US Open, which I love to watch, I


thought she played exactly the way she should be playing. Very focused,


target oriented. I thought that she was finally getting into it. I don't


know if it's all the injuries she's had, but she always seems to be


working on something. Like you say, a little too quirky, not the way she


should be swinging it. Wessberg, the first to play. Over


the back of the green. It will turn a corner a bit from right-to-left


and it's downhill. That's so-so. Working hard after her


loose tee shot. Long run-off pars might be coming to an end. She could


still knock that in. Three pretty wide tee shots here, one short, one


left, one long and right. How's it lying in the bunk for Charley Hull,


Ken? It's lying pretty nicely. The green is running away from her on a


big tilt from left-to-right. Whether caddy is standing, she might have to


go a long way left. It's one of those who have to flip in the air


and get it to land softly, never easy when the green is above you.


She is at that stage in her around where if she could have a nice, tidy


finish she would be happy, but with a couple of errors coming in, there


is no recovery time today. You see how far left she went. It will feed


around. And it runs away on the slope.


A stab of the upslope for Karrie Webb. As tidy as always. A little


bit uphill. Strong acceleration. Seems to be on an even keel, Lydia


Ko. Nothing fazes her too much. One of her great strengths.


Very nicely done by Karrie Webb. Keeps a good round going. Remains


3-under. A couple of holes from home. She's still one of the most


impressive ball strikers I saw when I was out there. She had a shot from


pretty much anywhere. I loved to play with her, to learn every single


time. Even though she's a lot younger. As we have talked about,


she will not be going to the Olympics for Australia. Minjee Lee


and sick on how. Justin Rose and Danny Willett will be going for


Great Britain along with Charley Hull. What a great thing it would be


to call yourself an Olympian. To be in the Olympic village, with all


those other athletes. What a save from Charley Hull. That's the way to


keep your round going. Things just in danger of getting away from her.


A bright start, a couple of birdies in the first three holes, but


remains under par despite nonsense. -- despite none since.


Maybe now she needs her friends to come out. She says she doesn't want


her friend watching. One friend is a golfer and she doesn't mind him


watching because he gets it, but the others don't really get it. She


doesn't particularly like them watching, but she has plenty of


support anyway. Bit of movement from the right. I suppose level but not


as fast as it perhaps looks. All the fault of that tee shot which


was a real misjudgement. Nine pars in a row comes to an end with a


bogey four at the 14th. Cross, how do you say that in


Swedish? Cross. That's the same? Yeah, she is cross. Swedish is a


very easy language. Not even an accent. Have you tried this aim


point, Helen? Henni Zuel was trying to explain it to me but it didn't


really make much sense after she did so. It is a little tricky. Don't you


think a lot of it is taking wavy instincts. Everything is numbers. I


think you feel a lot of it when you putt. -- taking away instincts.


Beautiful, just enough pace to hold its line. I'm just always aware that


I don't like things that make you take even longer to play than it


already does. No, and it certainly does that. Lexi Thompson, a little


more swift about things and write in the middle it goes. It's a good run


now, three birdies in the last four, it has really turned her around for


the better. Having said that, a slight


misjudgement, coming up a bit shy. Arie Jutanugarn at the top.


It's an international leader to say the least. Good to see Yani Tseng on


the leaderboard, former major champion, has been struggling for


form recently. Catriona Matthew, 2009 winner got it together on the


backline with four birdies to get in decent position.


Tee shot a little pill. Don't get too much run pitching into the face


of the hill. -- little uphill. Just so solid, isn't she? You would


have to be a massive hitter to hit this five in two. The breeze is


slightly into them as well. But Charley Hull can give it a mighty


tonk if she happens to get a hard bounce. Aiming very low, Ken. Maybe


she's going for a cautionary heely, fadey one. Goodness, the glasses


came off with the recoil. Gave it everything. Soft bouts. -- soft


bounce. If you can't reach for two on the par-5 then you can afford a


much more commercial tee shot. We will head back to the 14th and Lexi


Thompson. Trying to save it with her hands a little bit. That's good, a


feed down the slope, the one Charley Hull was on coming out of the


bunker. Has found a good vein of form in this round, Lexi Thompson.


Shanshan Feng, she could get a share of the lead going into tomorrow.


Otherwise a very easy 66. She's just been going about her business.


That's the next wave coming up, the Chinese girls. We talked about the


Koreans, 37 in the top 100 is extraordinary. But there will be


another wave of Chinese women, inspired by Shanshan Feng. Karrie


Webb has judged this beautifully. Such a great role model for so many


girls. Took a great chance on many of these girls. It's seen as a real


opportunity, becoming a lawyer or doctor, and becoming a golfer for


Korean women is an option. Going to the Korean Tour, the Japanese Tour,


graduating to the LPGA Tour, and you can make a very good living. Karrie


Webb taps in. That's what's so ironic. One of the girls she has


helped is one of the girls who took her out of the Olympics! It's not


just the Korean golfers, it's the Korean diaspora as well. Many go to


Australia, Lydia Ko for example. But native Koreans and Korean exiles all


seem to have a really strong work ethic. Talking of which, Michelle


Wie. She has been amazing. I'm not really surprised she has had so many


injuries. The way she has practised from such a young age.


Measured that pretty well. Some swings will last a lifetime, but the


strength and clubhead speed Michelle Wie generated when she was younger


puts a lot of stress on the body. Engstrom. It's been a rather sad


finish to the round for Julia Engstrom. Out in 35, four birdies on


the way out, but closing with five bogeys, back in 71. Learning a lot


from watching Shanshan Feng. From being in this company. That live


experience, there is nothing that compares. People can tell you what


to do but when you get the chance to play with some of the best players


in the world, there's nothing better. The jersey is on for Lydia


Ko. Second longest hole on the course. You realise they don't do


many things that much different, they just do it a lot more. I


remember playing the first Solheim Cup, I was so scared to play with


the Americans, but when you are out there, you realise they are just try


to hit on the fairway, get it on the green, and there isn't much more to


it. Looking for position here. Charley Hull gives it a smash. You


want to leave yourself with your favourite yardage. She fancied she


could get pretty close, forget the yardage. On a slight downslope.


Sometimes it's the tougher shot of the two, to be closer when the pin


is on the edge, a short pin. Leave yourself 100 yards or something like


that. Shanshan Feng to hole out. Easy 66, as we have been saying.


Bogey free, stress free. And tucked in just one behind the leaders. You


could see a little bit of awe in Julia's face. There is an art in the


handshake. Perhaps decided she wasn't going to hug people, going


for the handshake. You have to remember to hit it. The


problem is you have the line covered, but, to hit it on top of


it. That is her Achilles heel. He is such a great ball striker, she


spends most of the time on her short game.


Trying to improve. Lexi Thompson feels like she has been round for a


long time. Won the craft Nabisco as it was. Again, it is another example


of so many talents come out so young and win big as well. Then it's the


case of trying to keep that going. Lee has moved up to 7-under par,


after ten holes, what a round she is putting together so far.


Alongside Jutanugarn of Thailand who finished with her 65 and Shanshan


Feng closing out her 66. A bit further down, you can see Karrie


web. Mow Martin, a good start to her round. 3-under par. Again, so many


flags of Korea there. Lincicome, 2-under after 15.


And Catriona Matthew we mentioned with a round of 70, one of the


morning starterser so much good scoring this morning. The wind


hasn't got up and there hasn't been the promised rain, just a few


showers, perhaps. Melissa Reid alongside Charley Hull, so the


English flag being flown there, both 1-under par, Melissa Reid on her


final hole. Shadoff just outside the top one00


in the world. McBride there as well. And the Irish amateur, 1-under after


11 holes. Got 66 yards, green, just above her.


That is facing her. Just about far enough back to put a bit of spin on


it. By her standards there is a


smattering of applause, but she will not be pleased with that.


Could you mark it please. It is interesting when you play this golf


course, this is not really changed, if you had a morning shift or the


afternoon shift because the weather has been similar la, we will see the


score, in a links it can be different if you get the morning run


or the afternoon run, so it is more fair on the playerses What a run


from Mirim Lee. Birdies in the second, fourth, eighth, ninth,


tenth. Showing off! Off!? Pig tail problems for a moment, out of the


way. Club face open, a little nearer than I would like, particularly


difficult with the greens above eye level. You can't see the pin.


With the slope behind it is awkward. Looks down with some scorn at the


line, and yes, leaving Herr above the hole there. Helen has departed.


A puff of Swedish smoke replaced by Maureen. Moo here is is a player we


played with many time, Karrie Webb. Final hole.


And fine shot, flag up on the right-hand side, and tuck over bun


score the player isn't able to see the bottom of the flag when they are


sizing up their shot. Lexi Thompson. Can players get close


to this green? Lexi Thompson, if she finds the fairway, might be able to


get home in two. Gets a good shoot forward. She will be from there


Earlier in the year she did a photo shoot for the Olympics in the old


garb that the women used to wear 100 years ago, she wasn't able to let


rip like that. Whale bone corsets. Mirim Lee, a couple of top five


finishes this year, plays in the LPG Tour. A chance here to lead. Well,


it is an astonishing round for her, she leads the Women's British Open


on her own, and look at that card. Eight birdie, no drop shots, in 11


holes. It wasn't the best third shot from


Charley Hull. Charley as left herself a bit a


slippery one down here. Not one you want to take a bolt at.


A birdie, but pretty quick. Well it is freshing to see an


attacking player but if you are a supporter it jangle the never ends a


bit. -- nerve ends a bit. She has a character testing putt back up the


slope to save par. A you get to the end of this golf course the birdie


opportunities are fewer and farther between. Lid away seems to take her


strokes with a conventional grip and never sure which she going to use


for the actual stroke, so back with a conventional grip. Up the slope,


slow, slow, slow. Great effort. APPLAUSE


I was talking to David, her coach yesterday, I asked him about out of


all the players you know, who is the complete package and unerringly he


said Lydia. He said she is very very special.


It is in your genes when you have such a calm demeanour. Lydia seems


to be like that. Never rushes. Wessberger across the slope.


In the sob open, she comes in with -- she has had no luck on the greens


at all. She will remain 2-over par,


Wessberger. So Mirim Lee out in front, 8-under


after 11 holes, astonishing round she has got going at the momentment


very good run from Jutanugarn on 65 and Stacy Lewis 67, in between them


Shanshan Feng has finished with her 66 and Hazel has caught up with her.


I have indeed. Congratulations, that 66 looked remarkably simple today.


You made it look easy. Especially with the run of four birdies coming


in from what the fifth hole there, how would you describe and rate that


round for us today? Well, I was overall I did really well, today,


and I made four birdies in a row, I think I worked really hard today,


because I got a green book, it was my first time to get a green book


with the slopes and the numbers on them, I think, this golf course is


set up a bit shorter than the normal British Opens, I think it's a birdie


challenge, and I really want to read the greens right, and that is why I


got the green book, and it was great, I mean it helped me to read a


lot more better, so I made the putts and I feel comfortable with the


score. It's a different challenge to the links courses that have been


thrown at you over the last couple of year, you were close to winning


this title a couple of years back at royal berk dale. How high up on your


list is this Championship? Well, I have got one major in the pocket so


far, but British Open, it is a major of all the Majors, of course, I


never mind one more major, and you know, I got really close two years


ago and almost thought that maybe I had it, but somebody else played


even better, so I missed that. It was kind of a pity, so, you know, I


had a very good first round today and I want to maybe have three more


days, stick on the same plan, do the same thing and we will see. You are


building up to something I know you and the others are excited about.


The Olympic game, can you sum up how important and how special it will be


to play for your country and become an Olympian in a couple of weeks'


time? Well, I mean, when they first announced it golf was back in the


Olympics I was, it was 2009 so seven years a and I think time really


flied. I still think I don't, I don't think I am even ready for the


Olympics to come yet. It is only two more weeks to go. Last week we were


playing in the international crown and that was team event. I thought


that was great warm up for the Olympics, and this week, also, even


though it is not a links-style course this week, but I think we are


playing like a links-style golf course for the Olympics so maybe, it


will be really windy, so we will get used to the wind here this week, and


I am really looking forward for it. And your birthday on the opening


ceremony. Not bad. All of your Christmases are coming at the one


time. I know, I wish that any could go to to the opening ceremony but I


don't think I can make it, because our competition is maybe towards the


end of the game, and hopefully I can go to the closing ceremony, and you


know, I heard a lot of good stuff about it, because they said it is


after the competition are finished and everybody is so excited and that


I will party. I am looking forward to it. You might even be wearing a


Gold Medal. Well played. She will be there at the closing ceremony


partying with Usain Bolt and the gang. Karrie Webb, chance to close


with a birdie but a very difficult putt. Yes a wiggle on this one.


It is along the top a little ridge, if you get the wrong side of it in


the first singsches it drifts further wide.


-- six inches. It is really seven years ago they announced that the


Olympics where golf was coming back? I mean she is right, and she will


find as she gets older time flies faster. It does. He said gloomily.


Lynn is the second Chinese player. Lydia Ko on the tracer.


-- Lin. Just overcut it slightly.


Seem to be struggling with a snuffle today.


An interesting point about Shanshan Feng made, they are playing the


course short, it is almost a putting competition, there is is a lot,


there are a lot of birdies out there today.


Yes, it is the first British Open we have had for a while that you could


say is played all the way through the air strike not along the ground,


in the traditional links style. That is what they are used to. Week in,


week out. So, very much at home in this sort of golf course. Michelle


Wie, her third to the 15th, this long par-5. 529 yards. Through the


routine. Nicely done. I don't know if you and Helen mentioned this, but


watching her, she is walking very badly. Limping quite a lot. Hip


problems as well as neck problems, so, they are always there a little


bit. Mirim Lee, in this incredible round. 8-under after 11.


She placed her tee shot there absolutely perfectly, gave herself


the best angle into the flag. So brain, body, seefrmgs to be engaged


at the moment. -- everything seems. Lexi Thompson hit a big drive down


here. I thought she might be able to get home in two.


Even if you can, it hard to veer to the left, so leaving herself this


pitch but again, you almost don't want to be this close. Coming in for


80 or 100 yards, because this is this could be a fiddly one.


A lot of elevation changes in this golf course, not a lot of flat


shots. But certainly, no wind to affect her


here, if you look at the flag, it is limp. Not too many shots get above


the level of these trees. And the work in the distance control is


pretty good. Most of the tee shots have gone on


the 16th and a fair spread, Wessberger is having fun down the


left. Lydia Ko licked it off to the right a bit.


Might need to go a little bit. Safe enough.


Mirim Lee has a putt tow go, a makeable one to go to 9-under after


12, which is indecent, she is out on her own.


Wessberger, nice on the front of the green, or just right of it. 180 for


Charley. Well, not bad, but probably expected


better from that range, but birdie chance.


What a day we are having, this first round. This lady here, is taking


this fine course to pieces, Mirim Lee, she has only had about three or


four par, she has another chance of a birdie. A remarkable score goes


on, can she keep it going for another half a dozen holes? There is


the course's water supply, on the right-hand side. Very natural bit of


ground. Lovely lovely. Here we go. Birdie putt, to go 9-under, taking


this fine course to pieces, Mirim Lee, she has only had about three or


four par, she has another chance of a birdie. A remarkable score goes


on, can she keep it going for another half a dozen holes? There is


the course's water supply, on the right-hand side. Very natural bit of


ground. Lovely lovely. Here we go. Birdie putt, to go 9-under, and she


has - oh, fallen to pieces. That is the end of it. That's the end of it!


Oh dear, they come and they go. A par, how disgraceful! Leads by


one. As usual very good crowds here on


the opening day. They will grow bigger and bigger, this has always


been a wonderful venue for crowds, I remember some years ago, traffic


jams, trying to get in when we used to have Lee Trevino, and some great


victories round here. Masters tournaments.s it has always


been a tip top place to come and watch golf.


There we are. Big old thick grip. They had them like that in the 30,


there is nothing very knew. Just after the green, running up


nicely, a bit fiery. Oh, a lot fiery.


Awkward stance here for Sandra. Caught it fat.


Yes, four left is the cry. Oh, nice in off the cusp there. I don't think


she will complain about that result. Lydia Ko also is with the thick


grip. Lovely rhythm to her putting stroke.


She has had a lot of chances today, Ken, for six, eight, ten feet, they


haven't gone in. Absolutely, she has had a few chances and a lot looked


like they were going in. You get days like that. Nobody knows why.


One or two pretend they know, but nobody really knows.


Why didn't that putt of Mickelson's last week or whatever it was at the


open go in for a 62? Something said no, not today young man.


Charley Hull, always goes down on one knee, as if to ask for mercy,


very quick with her putting routine. Had a quick look, no Wallying round.


Much brisker rhythm to her stroke. Must be a bit of movement from


right-to-left. Certainly as it slows. Get a good view from her, she


has putted a couple of feet right. Overdone it. It. Just a whisker. Had


the right idea, but from long range, just a near miss.


You are not there. Birdie putt for Thompson back on 15.


Hit it up. Oh, she's been a tad tentative with a lot of her puts.


Must be so irritating to hit the ball as well as she does and then


not make her fair share. For a par. She has had a slightly troubled day,


today, doing that. Umpteen of those today. Come out in


the morning and you feel good, and, well that is a long way, nearly four


feet by, getting on that way, that is what you don't want.


Very slow putting stroke, quite long. Usually from range, they only


have to take it back about three or four inches. Watch this. That slow


tick-tock, an old pendulum, old grandmother clock.


Well holed. Par in for 72. Thompson. She won't


be holding back here. Don't look as if she has got her driver but gives


it the full lasso. That's -- oh. Look out, I was just having a cup of


tea and a sandwich and I think it's all right. Might have been a lot,


lot worse. There might will well strategically concealed oaks you


left in there. I know. Straggling down that side. A touch of the


sadist in us. Still ten foot short. But very near.


That was Sandra Gal after her nice bounce in off one of the sponsor's


hoardings, so, so a chance of saving par here at the final hole.


Had a good round of golf. She eagled the seventh.


You are talking about slow play, watch this for a moment if the


cameraman stays here, they have played this umpteen time, hardly any


wind, six or 7-iron, you get up and whack it. And put it on the green.


With a nice free swing but they have to look at the books and someone


will throw a bit of grass in the air, then they will tee up in the


wrong place and have to move and then we have a chat and one of the


spectators moves, and suddenly, if they can, there we go. If we can


only save a minute, a minute-and-a-half a hole each


player, for men and women, you have solved the problem of slow play.


155 yards, pin at the back of the green.


Ice easy swing. She pulled it a bit, pulled it or pushed it or grabbed


it? Didn't hit it. The number of players with have seen short on this


hole today, it is a Longridge running through the green, you don't


want to rattle it through the back, but, at least half a club short. The


flag has cut over a ridge on the green. Six before the flag and, so


it is about 12 yards deep, the biggest target. It is not easy to


pitch one, I don't know if you could play a, take a longer club and play


a bit of run? I think that is the technique, Charley tend to go high,


because she has enough club speed to pitch it up there and land it


softly. There is is not much room for error.


You were sounding like a Dickens character there, Peter. Was I? He


was quite wise in his own way. You are only saying that Ken because you


are off -- safely on course, I am here next to him. I have a bit of


the old magic beside me. That could be good. Yes.


Charley is my darling. Good shot Charley.


Now, let's see what we think of that one. Oh, we are on. Sandra Gal for


this amazing four at last. No. Well, that is going to be to be


a 70 for the German Solheim Cup player.


Good round from Sandra Gal. 70 is always good.


She is tied fourth in the second of the five women's Majors, her best


result in a major, in fact she has never made the cut in the Women's


British Open Championship, she has picked up eight birdies through 11


holes. Playing in 13th right now and making quite a statement. One shot


clear of Ariya Jutanugarn, among the early starters today, round of 65.


Stacy Lewis was right beside her with a 67 today. Mi-Hyang Lee, also


of South Korea, going well at 4-under. At the moment it is being


dominated, the of echelon is anyway by South Koreans, five of them in


the top ten and these women from that part of the world have really


made their mark in women's golf over the past ten or 15 years. Further


down, Catriona Matthew, the last British winner of this great event,


home in 2-under par today. Isabelle Boineau of France, winning the


Scottish Open last week, also in the picture here. Yes, opening day. A


bit of a shortage of British names on those leaderboards, but here is


Michelle Wie. She is 4-over par, a couple of sixes and seven, not a


good day for Michelle. She is obviously hurting, Peter. She falls


back every shot. That has done very well. It's very hard to play if you


are wounded. The aches and pains and knees and elbows and muscles. Oh,


now, you were right, one of those sneaky trees that Clive put in!


Clarkie, he looks such an innocent boy but he was a killer. Look at


that. This can be done. I don't know if she has got the power to do it


but it's a hard shot. She tried. How she got it in the front bunker?


That's not bad. Almost impossible to get that on the green. There she is.


Good effort. The 17th, the par-3. This is very


awkward. The downslope, it will scuttle on and on, virtually


impossible. I like to watch the shots of the


club going under the ball, not a good result, but it was a very


treacherous shot. I know it is very frustrating for club golfers to be


told how easy it is to get out of a bunker, and it is easy if you know


what you are doing, you should get out every time unless you are


plugged or in an awkward spot. The sun comes out. A bit of putting to


watch. I don't think we have seen anyone passing the hole from here.


Yes, very much up the slope for the first half of the putt and then it


breaks hard to the left, a little down the other side. It is tricky to


judge. Over borrowed. And overhit, one of the first we have seen, twice


wrong. She has got about eight feet past.


That was a rattler. It was always tricky, she forced it up and when


you get up the hill it can get away from you. Nice atmosphere out there?


It is a joy. It always has been here. You go to some clubs and there


is just something missing, you are not quite sure what it is. There is


a slight atmosphere. But this has always been a welcoming course but


spectators. Good organisation and there is plenty for them to do


handle look at and enjoy. This is a par putt now. I suppose the good


news is that she is getting nearer. Going back to what you have just


said, it's the legacy of Alex Hey. He was fantastic here. They knew it.


He did wonders here. This is our leader, yet another chance for a


birdie. Running well... Oh no, perhaps she was getting a bit


carried away by the thought of 59s and 47s or whatever it is. I was


going to ask you how much the gremlins pop into your mind when you


are on your way to a super low score. That is the game of golf, you


learn how to hit it and then how to play and then how to control your


thoughts. One of the drawbacks of golf is that you have too much time


to think. This is to stay at level par. She should have learned a


little from her first putt. That was simple, really simple par-3,


dropping a shot when you are this quality of player, that is not good.


But she did not mean to do it, sir! It looks odds-on to be a 73. Not


many birdies at the 18th today. Just looking down the leaderboard there,


Maria Parra, the Spanish amateur, the 20 15th European -- 20 15th


European champion, in with a fine 69. The next amateur is Hannah


O'Sullivan, the 2015 and matter -- amateur champion. Possible


professional material, in a month or a year or two. Here we go, this is


for a bogey four. Oh. Now, this is for a five will


stop this would destroy you. -- for a five. Yes, it has all just got


away from her at the end of the round here. Mika Miyazato at 18.


Long putt. It tends to swing left to right at the end. Oh! That was


beautifully judged. Beautifully judged by Mika. Home in 33, what a


fantastic back nine. 69. Lovely. It can be done and it's nice to see


smiling faces, too. I'm enjoying myself this week, after seeing all


those young men and not so young man, forgetting to shave in the


mornings, it used to be five o'clock shadow but now it's the fashion. It


makes them look ten years older and I don't know why they do it but it's


nice to see some smiling faces, joyful looking out here.


This is Brittany Lincicome for her birdie at 18. Playing with Mika


Miyazato and Paula Creamer. Very nice, another good closing


nine, 30 two. The back nine is supposed to be more difficult. --


32. Now Thompson. This is for a par. No. She stopped on that, just tapped


at the ball instead of pushing through. It stayed up on the


right-hand side and that is a dropped shot.


Hull tapped in for her birdie after is blended tee shot at the 17th. --


a splendid. A little bit of a breeze rattling around there, the tops of


the trees. It is certainly funnelling down the hole, Charley


Hull doesn't necessarily need to use her driver but there is a chance of


taking one and she usually does when she can. Maybe a little down the


left, just trying to fade it. She has still got a bit of energy left.


I don't think she left anything behind there. She cracked it up the


right-hand side. Well, that did not leap forward but it's a lovely


drive. One handed practice swing to get the right arm working.


It's a slightly different flight to Charley Hull's, it is slightly


lower, when it hits the fairway it can run out a bit. She has got a


good tempo. It's amazing. Very interesting style. Sweeping it off


the top of the tee. Watch the ball as long as you can. Whoosh! Very


fine player. That one dug its toes in and stopped, there was no real


bounce on that one. I remember when I first saw Michelle


Wie, it was at the 2004 Curtis cup in Formby. My goodness she could hit


golf shots that we could not believe a 14-year-old was capable of


hitting. Great control of the ball. I remember that very well. That is


looking back from the camera behind the 17th green. The 16th green, back


right. The 18th tee on the left. Interested spectators having a nice


day out. There is the wee dynamo, the pocket


dynamo, diamonds are worth more than bricks, you know.


Slowly back, sweeps it away. That is nicely on the green.


Former world number one. I think it was 2010 that she won five


tournaments. And here is the current world number four.


Strategically placed Oaktree, they're on our right as we look back


to the tee, it is on the players' left, so once they decide to shift


the flag further left, which I'm sure they will do later in the week,


they really need to shape the ball from right to left to feed it close


to the flag. Towards the back right today.


Well followed. That was a bit bold. It's going to come back a whisker.


That's not too bad. The Championship leader. Though she


have enough club? -- does she have enough club? The gods are with her


today, aren't they? Oh yes! They certainly are. You see, you can't do


anything about that, not a very good tee shot but she ends up making a


nine foot putt for her birdie, she has enough grace to smile and laugh


and say, yes, I did well there! Some people pretend they did it on


purpose, you know. Down the fairway we go, Lydia Ko on


the left, Hull with the longest tee-shot. Ken is there. Just a


little bit below her feet, in a little valley in the green, just


feed it in from the left. It is playing very short, the 18th. She


has 155 left, it is pretty darn short. The breeze is helping. The


back tee, this is a formidable par-4. That was careless, sloppy.


Yes, we have seen a number of loose shots from Lydia Ko today. Very


unlike her. Her poor rounds tend to be around the par mark. Amazingly


soft, big divots, the ball not running very far.


From 152. She is not very happy with that by the look of it. The


presentation as you play up to the 18th green must look terrific from


the fairway, Ken, the hospitality roundabout and the colour scheme and


the whole thing looks grand, doesn't it? Yes, it is framed by the oak


trees and of course the big screens. It is absolutely lovely. What do you


reckon she has took it from here? Can't be anything more than a wedge,


129. The wind looks as though it is left to right. That's a big


tee-shot. I see it landing on the centre of that gap. It might be a


little 9, just depends on what you are trying to do. It is one of those


shots where you don't get it inside 15 feet and you will be a little


disappointed. There she goes again. Keep that one for the harvest


Festival. APPLAUSE That was a good shot. Charley is


putting together a fine finish, birdie at the last and a good chance


of birdie here at 18, that would get her to 3-under. Awkward shot for


Michelle. Michelle Wie. She has played that beautifully. How about


that? That is a gem. One of the shots of the day. I don't know if


she is in trouble with her back or her knee, struggling to walk up the


slope there. We were talking about the caddies


earlier and how they play a big part in the golfer's life. Jim Dawson was


a caddy for Brian waits for many years and I remember him well and I


was with Brian for his great run on the senior Tour, and he's not very


well, so Jim, a lot of your friends here remember you fondly and send


you good wishes and I hope you're on the mend. A good man there in Brian


waits, he made the most of his talent. One of the pearly kings in


the background, by the look of things, but maybe I'm wrong.


You see the girl with the scoreboard, there. It's very


interesting, this experiment going on, Thornton College School in


Woburn have provided the scorers. They are taking some girls from the


school and giving them golf lessons next year. Drop away here, playing


from the edge. Was that the ball finished? Just a little bit up the


slope. Not the greatest lie. Playing with a bit of loft. Interesting.


That was beautifully struck. Just needed to settle down a fraction, it


was always going to come out with a bit of run. Just going the extra


four or five feet past. Now, this is a chance bought Mirim Lee to get to


9-under par. -- for Mirim Lee. Another one. She missed a fairly


short chance at the 12th, but she is now 9-under par and leads by two. It


is an extraordinary round. 9-under after 14.


Now, down in two from here would be something. Because this is not easy.


She has not putted well today. She has hit some good putts that have


not gone in, she has misjudged her line and length. This is a cricket


pitch length away or close to it. Up the hill and down the other side.


This is not easy. Very difficult. If it was a dive it would be a high


tariff one. She has done well, it comes and it comes and it comes.


Very good. Full marks for that one. Started brightly enough, Westberg.


Birdie at the 2nd but then no more after that. A couple of double


bogeys. Two bogeys and a double bogey at the 17th.


It is quite a big green, this final 18th here on the Marquess course. A


couple of slopes, a couple of rolls. It is divided by a spine that runs


across it. This could be a fantastic round for Charley Hull, a nice one


on the 15th and a birdie on the 17th, and this is how you build a


card when your game is not quite there and it could be quite sound


score if she can no urge this in. Up the hill, off the right. And it is


slow, very slow. Not much outside the hole, speed comes into it,


though. If she hits it firmly enough there is not much outside the hole,


but if it dribbles in it could go left. She has done it. It is there.


Well done. Perfect. She has had a scrappy sort of round and turned it


into a pretty good score at the end of the day. No drop shots, four


birdies at the beginning and end of the round. Well done. That is


certainly going to be the best of this trio with a round of 69 because


four Lydia Ko it has been so-so today. Not really got going. Here we


go again, holding up the number of fingers according to pace and break.


You stand either side of it and straddle the line, and subtract the


number you first thought of! This sounds like a drinking game! Just


hope for the best! People do some potty things trying to get the ball


in the hole. Standing this way and that, but that is the magic of the


game. This is a horribly tricky one, across the slope and down the hill.


That slid right across the face of the hole. Three from the edge of the


final hole. It was an untidy score, lots of opportunities, at least five


or six. The world number one. That will spur her on for tomorrow. She


needs to, that is a round of 74. That could be ten shots behind,


could be a long way behind. 67 tomorrow will put her right. This is


just to finish out, she has been a bit adrift of her playing partners.


It has been ugly in the last four holes. Even this is a little bit in


it, you have to hit it firmly, confident strike, rattle it in.


Well, that just hangs onto the right half of the hole, in it goes for a


closing par but a back nine of 40 four Linda Wessberg. Into the warm


embrace of her playing partner but she scores 77, though. Might need


something more than a glass of orange squash to night to ease the


pain. That was a very good round, though, for Charley Hull, those last


two birdies really make it better, 17 and 18, two birdies. She is off


to take a few selfies. All of the organisation that goes in to a


tournament is quite extraordinary. Here is the star of the moment,


driving at the 15th, Mirim Lee. Championship leader by two. She is


9-under. If that's a good one, she's got a chance. Oh! Sit there. Oh, you


don't want to go in there. You might find an old burial ground in there!


9-under 314 and then gets to the par-5 with a fairway as wide as a


field and then she goes into the trees. Mirim Lee is still out in


front, two shots clear. Jutanugarn was one of the morning starters,


finishing with a 65. Stacy Lewis was also a morning player. Azahara Munoz


in that group, on 68. Martin, the winner at Royal Birkdale a couple of


years ago, she is 4-under par. Yani Tseng, five-time major winner. That


is good to see you. And the amateur Maria Parra of Spain, 69, 3-under


par. Carrie Webb was in with a 69 as well. 3-under par. Hazel Court with


her after her round. It's lovely to see you again, and back where it all


started for you, how special is Woburn for you and why? This is


where it all started 21 years ago, as a 20-year-old, I was fortunate


enough to win around here, not on this course obviously but it's been


a long time since we've been here. I think it is great to be back here


and reminisce about how it all started. Is this challenge as


relevant as some of the links courses you have been playing in the


past few years? Is it nice to play parkland and heathland again? I


don't know if it is the same challenge, I guess. I think about


all of the elements a bit more on a links course. And we are used to


playing that, but this is a lovely golf course, and it is a different


challenge. I only got to see the coarse ones which was yesterday.


What was good for me was that I could not get ahead of myself


because I could not remember what the next hole was! So it was just my


second look at it today, and I felt I did pretty well, just with that


scenario being the second luck. I was chatting away earlier, saying


that it cannot be 21 years since you won around here. I remember you


fearlessly going with it with your wraparound shades! I am trying to


display your blushes here, but you have been one of the greatest


players in the women's game, seven Majors. When you look back what are


you most satisfied about with your life? I mean really, it's just a


dream country, I was telling Johnny that when I won here years ago, at


20, you never get ahead of yourself because you are so in the moment,


and it was not until I got to the 18th tee with such a large lead that


I backed off three times because I could not believe I was going to win


the British Open, and to have achieved what I have since then, you


know, my wildest dream has country. It is great to see you back where it


all began. Thanks very much. Thanks for having me. She won in 1995. 69,


3-under par, large group on 3-under par including Yani Tseng and also on


69, we will find down there the name of Charley Hull after her birdie -


birdie finish, 3-under par. We will get her thoughts after that round. A


lovely round of 69 today and are fighting finish, tell us about the


last couple of holes. It was good to finish birdie- birdie, I said to my


caddy, let's make a couple coming in and I did. I'm happy with my round,


I was nervous on the first two because this is my home course, and


it is a pretty easy tee shot and I did not want to screw it up but I'm


happy. Curably play the front nine and my


dad picks me up at the ninth, and, but, I am confident round here, I


play further back because I usually play the lads, it is nice to come in


with 7-irons an stuff, so it is good. Tell me about the crowd. I


know you expressed a bit of reservation about some of your best


mates coming to see you and thinking it might have put you off. How did


you get on with it? I had my best mate James here and my other friend,


she has never been on a golf course before, it was funny, I don't know


how she found it today. It is good though. I am sure you have a long


chat and they will come back and see more over the weekend. Thanks guys.


There is the leaderboard, picking up where we left off with Charley Hull


on 69. Some good late scores as well. They will finish well into the


evening. Emily Pederson 3-under. Catriona Matthew, she finished with


a 70 good back nine. She will be off to Olympics with Charley Hull. Seven


amateurs in the field. Brook endeson, a major winner this year,


just 18. -- Henderson. 71 as well. Minjee Lee, she will be at the


Olympics. The Irish amateur 1-under with three holes to play.


A multinational leaderboard as well. A bit further down, Felicity


Johnson, a round of 72. That is level par.


72 is pretty much mid-table represent built. Melissa Reid round


in 72. Brittany Lang the US Open champion. 72.


Kristina Kim, four holes to go. Level par. Still looking for


something from the final few holes. And we will go to the last hole and


Lexi Thompson. Long putt, we have seen that few times today. Ken


described it beautifully ten minutes ago, coming up over the ridge,


uphill, over the top and on we go. We have only seen one or two players


get it really close, you know, a couple of feet or so away.


Up and over the top, down she comes. Oh, very tidy.


It was a beauty. Lexi Thompson. Struggled a bit at times today.


Few very good shots. But all in all, not bad. Mirim Lee,


I believe this is her third shot. He has got away with that drive which


looked to be heading to the deepest of jungles.


Telling this one to sit down. That is OK, it is a fast putt, bear


in mind where her drive looked to be heading.


Michelle Wie at the final hole, she is 4-over par.


Two putts for a 76. It is dribbling off. Yes, down the right. Everybody


has many missed that putt. It is on a hog's back there, it is, probably


just at the left edge. Or maybe a little bit more than


that. In she goes.


Michelle Wie. Not happy day, but I think she is a


bit wounded, may have tweaked a muscle or something. There you can


see seven at the second, and, umpteen bogeys. Struggle.


Mize is the third member of this group -- Ai Miyazato is the third


member of this group. Beautiful second she played in here.


We haven't seen a better one. This for a three.


Yes. Beautiful. APPLAUSE


Nice way to finish. Started with a birdie, one just


about in the middle and one at the end.


Reach up to hug Michelle Wie. Jump up. Tom forn par.


To -- Tom sob a par, to finish with 72. Might have been better, might


have been worse. In she goes. Work to do tomorrow.


Smiles all round. Think every member of that group will think there were


a few shots left out there. That is the joy of watching women's golf,


they all, 98% of them always look happy to be here.


Which is very refreshing. So Mirim Lee out there really


setting the place alight on the par 15th and two shots clear of


Jutanugarn. Very good scoring.


It is just not playing very long. They have bumped the tees up a bit


and Charley Hull used to playing this course off further back tees.


And so comes down a little bit when players are as accurate as these.


Mirim Lee has got away with things on the 15th. Birdie attempt but a


tricky one. Looking good. Oh, just swung across.


Very fast putt. APPLAUSE


Played long side the golfers, who are both level par. Nine shots


behind their playing partner. The ebullient Christina Kim.


This is Leurquin. This is quick. Another one going to Rio for the


Olympics. Just one Belgian representative for


the women. So tee shot on the 18th and mow


Martin is going very well indeed. In a good position.


Pillar has found the sand. We may find some of these tees put back a


little bit tomorrow, Andrew. They are fobbed irons on, middle irons on


the a lot of holes. Here we go, consulting the book, you would think


it's the simplest thing in the world to know what club to hit from there,


150 odd yards. It is not difficult to work it out. This is why we are


in the situation we are now. The game dying because of slow play.


Club golfers copy. So many book, got to go back in the


library. Pillar is hitting out of the bunker, she is splashing out.


Mow Martin is not the longest hitter at all. She had a won't. Second into


the closing hole at berk dale on her way to victory.


Berkdale on her way to victory. Well, a rescue of so sort. Mind you,


you can get up to a 7-iron with these wooden headed looking club,


can't you. Get that with 18 degrees of loft or


whatever it is. 4-under parks she is going well.


-- par, she going well. Chopped it off. #14r50iding it in.


-- slideling it in. Going to hold the green, just about, no. He will


have benefitted from the course playing short. She is deadly racket.


The most accurate of the tee, but doesn't have a distance of others.


Par put for Mirim Lee, our leader. Escapes with a five, a par.


It looked very gloomy after the tee shot appeared to disappear into the


woods. Look that the card. One, two, three, only about six or seven par,


the rest birdies. Quite extraordinary.


You are right, from the 25-year-old from South Korea, and she is putting


together quite a round, isn't she. We will have to come off the air


very shortly, but I few reflections on what has been a very very good


opening day of this Women's British Open Championship. We saw Jutanugarn


came on with that 7-under for she was among the very early starters


and a host of players giving chase to this youngster from the South


Korea, including Stacy Lewis, a former winner and mow Martin too, a


winner two years ago. Kim also going well in that group at


3-under par, which includes Karrie Webb who we heard from earlier on,


21 years ago since she won this won. So many in that chasing pack


including Charley Hull, Catriona Matthew, also poised at 2-under par


t woman they are chasing is Mirim Lee. So it has been a sun-dappled


day, here at Woburn, and a sparkling round being put together on the


course now. We will have to leave it there, our coverage will resume


tomorrow, at 1.00, with round two coverage, from Woburn, meanwhile


Radio 5 Live set for live coverage on the opening day of the PGA


Championship, the men's final major of the year. Katarina


Johnson-Thompson of Great Britain, aiming to give Jessica Ennis-Hill a


run for her money in the Rio Olympics as we continue our build


up, give herself a fillip with a strong performance at the


anniversary games last week. That is all coming up. We will have to leave


it here at Woburn on the opening day of what is the fourth of five Majors


in the women's calendar, we will be back to share it all with you, one


clock tomorrow and I hope we will have the pleasure of your company


then, from us all here, goodbye.


Live and uninterrupted first-round coverage of a star-studded British Open from Woburn. The fourth major championship of the season has again attracted the world's top players, with Canada's 18-year-old breakthrough star Brooke Henderson vying to add to her incredible PGA Championship title.

Other star names include defending champion Inbee Park, Woburn-based British number one Charley Hull and New Zealand's 19-year-old Lydia Ko, who in April became the youngest two-time major winner in the history of women's golf.

Hazel Irvine introduces the action, with Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Maureen Madill and Andrew Cotter providing the commentary.

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