Day 2 Golf: Women's British Open

Day 2

Live coverage of the second day's action at the Women's British Open, introduced by Hazel Irvine. Commentary by Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Maureen Madill and Andrew Cotter.

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. The Marquis course Anthony Wall Woburn golf club might be the


shortest venue of the year but it is certainly no pushover. No fewer than


46 of the 144 strong field finished under-par. Rather surprisingly, the


world number one, was not amongst them. Woburn staged countless


professional tournaments from the 1980s until today but this is the


first time it has played host to a Major. Lydia Ko, the world number


one, has dominated the leaderboard in big events lately but a rare and


she is shots behind. Brooke Henderson very much in the mix and


the home galleries were pleased, too. I am happy with my rounds


today. I was nervous on the first tee because it is my home golf


course. I usually play further behind, because I come in with a


longer club. It is nice to play with a 7-iron. I played a solid rounds


today. I only had one putt for par animated. -- and I made it. The


British Open is a Major. I never mind one more Major. I had a very


good first round today and I want to have maybe three more days on the


same plan, doing the same thing, and we will see. This year I have so


much fun when I play golf and I really want to play every single


round. I am really happy right now and I'm just focusing on what is


under my control. I'm so happy now because everything was perfect. I


just keep going and keep going. Perfect from Mirim Lee, the Korean


making only her second appearance at the event. She missed the cut in her


first and came home in the early evening last night, after a


spectacular round of 62, equalling the lowest in the history of the


Championship. Last achieved 12 years ago at Sunningdale. It has given


that three shot advantage, coming into date two.


Britain's top ranked female golfer, Charley hole, for whom this is a


home Major, was group at 3-under par but the runaway leader, they are all


looking up at Mirim Lee. Including the 2004 British Open champion,


Karen Stupples. Here years, 12 years after that stunning success at


Sunningdale, now in the ranks of the commentary brigade. This


Championship is a completely different character to the windblown


links that we have seen from the last eight years and they are making


hay. They are. And this is a course that most of the players that have


come from America will be really familiar with. They understand the


style of golf and they know they have to hit it to certain portions


of the green to make scoring very good on this course. They are happy


to go in with short clubs and they are not being stretched. There is


not much rough out there either, so that is a nice surprise. They were


expecting knee-high he, and there has been no wind. The conditions


have been very benign. As we have seen from the scores. Mirim Lee's 62


yesterday, there was a 62 the year that you won, but you came through


on that one. As it was back then, you started as the leader with 65.


Getting to the front is one thing but staying there at the end is


another. And this is something that this Korean golfer has had trouble


with lately. She started out 8-under par at the women's open in the US,


and there was criticism of the USGA for setting up the course too easy.


As the week went on, other players chased her down and she fell away.


That is something she will have to content with this week, knowing that


she has to keep moving forward, accepting the fact that other


players will have good rounds to catch up to her. As long as she


keeps putting her head in front, that is what she had to do and that


is what I tried to do that in 2004. I knew I was playing well enough but


I had to make more birdies on that final day than anybody else. And you


did. It gives us a wonderful excuse to relive that spectacular start to


your final round in 2004. She started with an eagle and an


albatross. It has never been done before and I think it will never be


done again. I really have to pinch myself. People asked me what I


remember from this and I think I was so in the zone that the only real


thing I remember is from watching highlights like this, and those


things just don't happen. I did not think they were going to happen to


me. It was a dream come true for me to when they are at Sunningdale. And


now here, to be doing this. And funnily enough, this is only the


third time in the noughties and beyond that we have come to a


Heathrow and parkland. We have very much made it on links style golf and


this one, being a shorter courts, -- shorter course, does it ironically


hamper the longer hitters rather than help them? It does, because


they are very limited off the tee. That takes a lot of mental strength,


for somebody who could potentially get to a par-5s in two, knowing that


they have to play to position and then lay up again and score with a


wedge, some like Lexi Thompson is not used to having to score with a


wedge, she is used to making eagles and birdies all over the place,


hitting the green with two. It takes a lot of strength to tune it down.


And that is something that Brooke Henderson talked about yesterday,


that she was maybe a little bit to dial down, it was something she was


not used to playing. But for a short hitter, this is paradise because


they can go ahead, hit the driver, at the shot as if they were playing


normally. And as if to proof that, Arieh U-turning an is not even using


a driver. She does hit the 2-iron consistently. She can hit a low


trajectory and the lower you can hit it, the less curve you get on it.


And I am sure she will feature on the second day. Keep up the good


work in America. And we are going to enjoy date two here at Woburn. It


has been dominated by the local girl, Charley hole. She has taken a


big crowd around with her, as you would expect, this being her home


course. She began a 3-under, dropping shots at three and six. She


grabbed them back at seven and this at nine means that she began to make


chase on Mirim Lee. Moving to 4-under with a birdie at hand. And


perhaps the local knowledge on this course is bearing fruit. At the


11th, she was in the sand. She grew up playing golf here. Making it


three birdies on the spin and getting this one nice and close. She


would snap up a birdie chance from there. At the 12th, the 20-year-old


moved 6-under. A great run of four birdies in succession. Looking ever


more comfortable. We are going to enjoy the play of Charlie and some


of the earlier starters who began their rounds this morning and for


the first hour and a bit of our play, we will reflect on that


morning with you. This is the situation as we join it. Mirim Lee


with a three shot advantage over Shanshan Feng. A very early start,


and early tea-time. Mo Martin, the winner of the Championship on links


a couple of years ago, also going well. Ken Brown and Andrew Cotter


also enjoying the golf in this lovely part of Bedfordshire. Along


with Peter Alliss. PETER ALLISS: Welcome to Woburn Abbey. Some of you


will notice misses Moss, the lovely statue of that great racehorse has


gone from the front of the main house. The Dowager Duchess had taken


it with her to New Zealand where she lives for most of the year. And


isn't that a magnificent estate. Let's go and have a look at the


golfer. Charley hole on the 14th. It has been an interesting morning,


weather-wise. A little bit of rain, a little bit of sunshine. If you


smiling faces and a little bit of luck here and there. If you see a


bit of luck, you get enough of the other. Not bad at all. Getting


further away now but OK. Charley hole going well. -- Charley hole.


Lydia Ko at the 14th. Not having the best of the last few hours. Getting


nearer, getting nearer. Funny how this game ebbs and flows for no


reason at all. You have a great day in the next day you go out. And you


take 76 if you are lucky. The images are to at the 15th. A good position


at two. Again, benign conditions here at


Woburn. Mo Martin, the winner a couple of years ago. She is 7-under.


Not a mighty hit by modern standards. A good swing. She looks


as if she hits the ball further than she does. Very accurate, and a good


head on her shoulders. A nice shot. Good result. Mirim Lee, just


sprinting away from the field at the moment. She shot of that wonderful


round yesterday. 10-under par. No stranger to low scores. She shot


8-under in the first round of the US women's open. And it is with shots


like that that she compiles these very, very low scores indeed. It was


a bit of the slow start for Charley Hull with a couple of drops shots.


But that burst of five birdies in the last seven has rocketed to her


up the leaderboard to 6-under par. But her pace putting is going to be


really, really tested here. Quite a lot of appeal. Over a crest in the


hill, and sweeping down towards the hole. Well, it is a little on the


low side, and that is a little short. The greens are slower after


the damp conditions in the rain that we have had this morning. Mo Martin


for a birdie at 12. It dribbles down to the edge. Not a confident stroke,


a simple little tap-in. Lydia Ko, world number one. Struggling a


little bit. 2-over par, she dropped a shot at the last. A good effort,


but a long-range birdie attempt. She needs to get closer, and get


something going with her round. Although it is early days yet, the


cut is looking at being somewhere around level par. Chann Sankaran,


9-under. -- Shanshan Feng. This is her second shot into the 18th. The


middle of the green. Yes, OK. A likely winner, I feel. Still a bit


of playing to be done here at Bo Burnham on the Marquess Course. --


at Woburn. Mika Miyazato. Two Miyazatos on the field, not related.


Carrie Webb, she had a good run going. Can she keep it going? And


she has rolled a little bit. Nearly all the putting we have seen so far


has been shot today. We could blame it on the overnight rain. But we


have to just hit it a bit harder. It is a lovely scene down there at 14


but Charley has left herself with a little bit to do. This is tricky.


She has holed some wonderful putts from inside 12 feet, but this is a


tricky one. That was a real momentum container. 6-under, or business.


Charley said she would prefer the course to play longer and she would


like to be firing in the longer irons. That is what she is


accustomed to, as we go to Mirim Lee. How did that mess? It was


travelling ever so slowly. -- how did that miss. There is a Korean


interpreter here with her to help her with English, which was needed


yesterday in the interviews after she shot that spectacular 62. But


the smile is a universal language. If you have a good set of choppers,


it is better. Not good if they are all like tombstones. Here is Karrie


Webb for par. And what a good round she has got going today. 21 years


since she won here. I cannot believe that. That was a bit untidy. But the


rest of it, very nice indeed. Mika Miyazato, 4-under, 3-under for today


so far. Well holed. Feng, quite significantly uphill for


the first half of the putt. Am I dreaming or has she changed her


grip? I thought she used to putt cack-handed but that looks like a


normal grip. It seems to be working all right. I seem to remember she


always putted cack-handed but I may be confusing them. 66, 68, with a


couple of dropped strokes. Looking very dangerous. Very, very


dangerous. And this is the woman who ran to the first tee yesterday in


order to make it on time. I have never seen anyone moves so fast.


Perhaps Mr Bolt. Here we go, back to 15. A bit of a banana, this hole.


Charley gives it a good old smash. It should have a little left to


right. Shorts approved by the R, and the LG you. I think they are


fantastic and looked lovely for young people.


Doesn't she attack it wonderfully? Wiles, a good swing. Almost a


recoil. It is a joy to watch someone. You see many women at club


level give it an attacking swing. A completely different rhythm here


from Lydia Ko. Much more of a swinger, but deceptively creates a


great deal of speed through the ball. She is in danger of not


qualifying. I would put a lot of money on her qualifying unless the


weather deteriorates. That would be a big loss.


She has only missed the cut once in 81 events in her career. And this is


the young British amateur champion, 15 years old. And that is for a


par-4 and a 72. Unlikely that she will be around for the weekend,


seven amateurs here this week and they are doing so well. There is the


leaderboard, Mirim Lee leading the way. She has a few holes left but


Shanshan Feng has completed her round. What did she think about it?


You followed a 66 with a 68 and a very early start. What I'm were you


up this morning? I got up for 4:30am. The transportation only


started at 5am, if not I would have got up even earlier. But at the same


time, you have made the most of this early start. How aggressive can you


afford to be out here in these conditions? Well, I really like the


chorus, and normally my ranking is not bad, so I know I will hit a lot


of fairways and greens. If my putting is working, it really


matters. In the past few rounds, my putting has been good and I made a


lot of birdies. We saw Mirim Lee, home with 62 yesterday. When you and


the other players see another player achieve something like that, what


does it make you feel? How do you react when you see a score like that


being posted? Actually, I did not know she shot 62. I have a habit, I


do not look at the leaderboard. Until we finish on Sunday. I do not


know what the others are doing, and I do not know where they are at. I


think that 10-under for two days is not a bad score. I am just going to


focus on my own game and if it is mine, it is mine. We shall see.


Thank you very much. That is an aerial view of 15. Two greats tee


shots, splitting the fairway. Again, what can you tell us about the


second shots? Neither can reach, so they will have to lay up the pin. A


slightly easier spots today for the pin, towards the front of the green.


80 yards or so. The further left you go, you go up the links of the


green, a better angle of the flag and you get a glimpse of the putting


surface. I wonder, Ken, if there is any discernible pressure felt by


Lydia Ko, on the cusp of mixing the cut, which is not the thing for her.


Almost unheard of. She has had no luck on the greens. Certainly on the


back nine, I think she had 19 putts. It would reach the second bunker.


No, definitely not. That victory? -- that bigotry. She does like a


practice swing. -- that big tree. I think I heard her say it was a


6-iron, and 106 to five yards up the fairway, she is back a fair


distance. Yesterday, it was 48 yards, so she has been very


cautious. The bunker in front of the green is very formidable. It is a


par-5. Here is Karrie Webb at the 18th. 6-under, going nicely. On the


edge of a divot. She had sit nicely. Maybe going left a whisker. -- she


hits it nicely. If she catches the green, that is not bad. Mel Reid on


the 18th. 2-under par, second shot. Getup. Get up it did. Always a joy


to watch, Mel Reid. What is the yardage, Ken? She has


left yourself a long way back. 124. A bit of a landing area over the


bunker. She got a little nearer yesterday and perhaps a little far


back today. She always takes these practice divots frighteningly close


to the ball. I don't know if I am a great fan of that, I don't know why


you do that. Obviously she hates green keepers. If she fizzes this,


it could come spinning back. Three divots for one shot. Shot quickly.


Not bad. Odds on a par-5. Now here is a nice little picture.


Struck correctly, I think this ball could stop fairly quickly. These


bunkers, many of the bunkers are very formidable. Third shot, 6-over


par, she will not be employed for the weekend. And that it goes. Not


able to do it right. Lydia Ko's third shot. Write down the shaft.


She has got to finish with something rather spectacular. She needs two or


three birdies at least. A big disappointment for many people if


she fails to qualify for the final 36. A long cross green putt here at


118 for Karrie Webb. Realistically, I think she will be happy to get


down in two. Swinging right to left at the hole. That speeded up a bit


more. I thought it was going to be perfect when it came out and then it


was five or six feet past. Myers at all at the 16th. -- Mike Myers at


all. Four under par. That might be buried. It could be


very nasty. Maybe a closing birdie for Mel Reid. Split handed. A little


contrived. She will tap that one home and it will be 35, making 70. A


little under the radar but fine play. The leader at the moment is


currently on 12-under. Mirim Lee. Karrie Webb in the group with Mel


Reid on the 18th. That was great stewpot. Her lunch will taste better


after holing that one. -- that was a great two putt. Enjoying the vibes.


Can I see the umbrellas are up. We have some heavy air coming across.


-- Ken, I see the umbrellas are up. I have to report that she has had a


bad time with slow play, Charley Hull. That means if she has another


one, we start adding strokes. She will not be hanging around. She does


not give the appearance of being a slow player. They do a bit of


chatting, her and her caddy, but she tends to have a wide all over the


ball and on we go. Miyazato's lie almost came out of the pitch mark.


She did not quite fix it up. That was well played from there. This is


a must for Lydia Ko. A bit of moisture on the green. Yes, at last.


Well done. Needs a couple more, I think, if she is going to be here.


Maybe one more. Our leader. Well, Mirim Lee is still


managing to stay up there at the top of the leaderboard at 12-under. A


little weather challenge for us here. Nothing serious. But Mirim Lee


is coping best of all, as she has done since the first round here.


2-under for her round today and now that two shot gap between her and


Shanshan Feng. Thank made the point that Mirim Lee led the US Open this


season and then finished eighth. She is in no panic about the leader


right now. Mo Martin going very well, the 2014 champion. Further


down, Lexi Thompson going well at 3-under.


Significant to see many young amateurs faring very well at Woburn


Golf Course, and there will be an almighty scrap for the reading


amateur this weekend. -- leading amateur. Catriona Matthew, also


amongst those with a later start today, setting the alarm for the


ungodly hour yesterday. Jiyai Shin, 1-under. And Luna Sobron, also


amongst the amateurs under par, seven started, last night for macro


of them under par. -- four of them. COMMENTATOR:


Normally, reliable putt from this distance, Miyazato. And she didn't


let you down. Great up and down from the bunker. Had one top ten that


she, one on the LPGA -- LPGA Tour 2012, little moneymaker machine.


Now then. Going with the driver. Trying to keep it between the two


big oak trees. And she has done that quite a bit this week. Gone down the


right-hand side, it might be OK, just touch and go. The lie look so


gay, but that tree is in the way, maybe getting it in between the two.


-- the lie looks OK. Boom! No applause. That is why. Past the big


tree, may be behind the little tree. And a look at Paula Creamer. Not


having a very happy couple of days here at Bowburn. -- at Woburn Golf


Club. Wonderful par-3, flag close to that book tree on the left-hand


side, very tasty. Only one birdie today. Three bogeys.


She has that pink ribbon in her here, but usually favours the colour


pink, but not today. Miyazato, her tee shot.


We'll followed. Just to the right of the flag. Could come left of it.


Here she comes. Just a little bit more. Getting better. APPLAUSE


Done nicely. The final players. Great fun


watching Britney. She is not inhibited, swings freely. She had a


couple of top tens this year. Also good. Flag in the nice friendly


position there, little collection point. Just losing that slight one


of their thinly green, nudging the ball back down very close to the


hole, lovely shot. Mirim Lee at the 12th, 12-under par.


Going with a little realist, rescues, whatever you call them.


That is OK. On the little island, between the two ponds. This was the


Marcus' favourite hole, not the easiest task getting it ready, but


we did it. Champion from Royal Birkdale. That has never got the


legs. Very unlucky just immediately after she won macro the


Championship, injured her wrists, not able to use the momentum from


her when. To cut a long time to get over that.


Charley Hull, that tree might just be in her site, but I think she can


squeeze it passed with good fortune and good hit. Yes, I would say so,


we are waiting for that ruling. But had the drop for some reason. Yes,


very slender masterly way. Could make the shot substantially easier.


Free drop? Yes, she has this and turnout for whatever there is an


10I4. Like a triffid? Yes, but a good break. She has it clear now.


Virtually, yeah. Plenty of time to think about this


one, she has had that ruling, 150 yards, the tree at the Opera chart,


cannot go round it, has to squirt it under it. Left-to-right on it, not


easy. Very truncated follow-through there,


but it is not the worst result for Charley Hull, clean lie in the


bunker. If you miss this fairway, you tend to get any easier shot from


the left-hand side. As we look quickly at Nikko Miyazato, after a


good tee shot 117. -- on the 17th. The rain coming down slowing the


greens a fraction. Players cannot afford to be aggressive even when


slightly downhill. Two birdies, one bogey, steady round.


Well done. Still wearing that strapping on the left wrist, which


gave her all the problems after the win on the Championship at Royal


Birkdale, I think that is a precaution now. Creamer for the two


at the 17th. That is not like her at all. A little ray of sunshine. But


not a heat wave. Mac on the water hole. -- and back


on the water hole. The flag little further right today, the water


running up that side, but it has frightened her away from it.


Suddenly, it's a shuttle to get the par four on a simple looking hole.


-- it is a struggle. You can see the position of the tee


shot, good leave. Splash shot, but caught it a little heavy.


Disappointing third they are, for Charlie. You can see how will she


has got her feet dug in, a lot of sand in the bunker by the looks of


it, just the back edge into the sand, just a little early, as Kent


said. That deadens the Bloor. Landing to or three yards short of


where she would have liked. -- two or three yards. Not a good shot for


the bunker, comparatively simple bunker shot, not played very well,


and now maybe six or seven yards for the par. 6-under at the moment.


Newly I should just keep the act, but it wasn't. Dropped shot.


Annoying. -- nearly a great escape. The third on the 12th. Very slow


first portion of that putt over the fringe, really misjudged, so with


dampening conditions, it is a little bit of a struggle. Lydia Ko,


important time for her, Ken. Miraculous recovery, brilliant one,


down the slope, moving to her right, quite quick.


CHEERING You have just witnessed on the last


to back row Hales one of the reasons why she is number one in the world


at her tender age, not even 20, and made two wonderful putts, keeping


things going over the next couple and she could be here for the


weekend, when the course looked lost.


Mirim Lee has had her fair share of putts. This is for par. Perfect.


Keeps herself head of the chasing pellet on. That was a very well


fought for par four. Not much in this one? Not really.


Nudged this. Fourth body of the week, 5-under


par. -- fourth bogey. Early days. STUDIO: We have seen


some good putts, Mirim Lee holding that advantage, through 12 Hales,


good to see Lydia Ko in that group with Charley Hull fighting back,


Lydia has not missed the cut for 30 months or so, desperately trying to


be amongst the field here for the week end. This Bronte Law, member of


the Curtis cup, winning Great Britain and Ireland team last month,


amongst seven amateurs going really well. 3-under in that group. An Yani


Tseng yet to get her group under way. She has had her troubles over


the last couple of years, but gradually getting back to form.


Katrina Matthieu still waiting for her tee time. And these are all the


players one would expect at this point to be playing, the weekend for


the Marquess course, and with the weather forecast calm and a little


humid today, and the odd squall coming in, these players will have


to make sure that they are up to scratch.


COMMENTATOR: That is the ball of Lydia Ko on 17. A couple of timely


birdies have put her back in the mix for the weekend. Another quick


practice, another divot removed. Can Charley Hull get it right? Just


needs a touch of drawer and can kiss on that slope to set it up for the


right to left, window from the back. Very different height to previous


shots, but what a result. Coming off of the back of that dropped shot,


greater chance to get it straight back on the 17th.


Brittany Lang for the closing par, women's open champion. That was a


push. Unfortunately, that will be the second dropped shot in the last


four Hales, still here for the weekend, but small consolation at


the moment. Mo Martin, I wonder if this is the


same club with which she hit the pin on her final hole at Birkdale? She


likes these woods. What I shot! That's an excellent low there, from


Mo Martin, on the 15th, par-5, setting up the legal putt. -- Eagle.


A bit of gardening going on. Short par-3, balls landing, some repairs


did it. She is just marginally away from Lydia, Linda Vesper. -- under


Westberg. Precious run she has been, but in terms of Kut made, it goes


back 30 months, she missed one in the women's PGA Championship last


June. But she has given herself every chance of keeping the cut


running going here. Slow one, this, just that little bit slow, then you


think another light drizzle on the green, some moisture on the surface.


She hit it then, now she has not. Straightforward as well, right to


left, comfortable one, if you had given it enough. Just par, but level


par at the moment, good enough for type one 50th, and ties make the


weekend. Miyazato, quite a long way back.


Doesn't like it. That might cling on to the left edge of the green. We


have seen Karrie Webb putt from that direction, so not particularly easy.


The caddy for Paula Creamer, for many years, giving some last bits of


advice there. That was a solid looking swing. Not bad. Struggling a


bit this season, Paula Creamer, her game has disappeared slightly.


Charley Hull, she can be aggressive on this one. And needs to be, keep


it inside the right edge, and firm, but... Just wasn't aggressive.


Firmly at the right edge. You suspect the way she plays that she


would, but I she after that tee shot. -- but that was a shame after.


Seeing yesterday, not knowing the back nine is well here, because her


father usually picks her up at the halfway house. Big tee shot, just a


flick in. That was a touch fortunate. I think


she got that little bit heavy. Should sneak in for the weekend,


level par word Paula Creamer, on 5-over. Now, Lexi Thompson. Four


under at the moment, three birdies at the moment on this back nine. And


there is another one! CHEERING That is the way to do it, she has


had troubles were plotting, but that is the answer, take it out of the


equation, wonderful shot! Worth another look. What it


beautifully, I think it was going just a little bit past the hole, but


it straight online. It doesn't. Beautifully played. -- it doesn't


matter. Some back nine she's got going now.


A fantastic three word here, from Mo Martin, setting up this birdie


opportunity on 15. She has had her potting boots on ready today. And


there we go, another birdie on the card for Mo Martin. She is moving


dangerously near the top of this leaderboard.


As final tee shot from Lydia Ko. Elegant swing. Now hit at it, threw


the ball and bouncing on there. -- no hit.


Just to tidy things up with Mo Martin, I think it was a birdie, we


have had confirmation of that. It under par, still going very well.


And now Wessberg. Her final hole of the Championship


this year. Interesting to see the distance. Charley Hull should be


able to get a wee bit past Lydia Ko. She certainly spoke one pastor


yesterday, heavy drizzle, wet ball and wet clubface, it can squib -- it


can skid of it. Hitting very low again.


It's the recoil. Bouncing past without fade, still good enough to


get 20 yards past Lydia Ko, the shaft binding from the neck, but to


be very good tee shots. -- but the very good. And up ahead on the


green, the putt we saw earlier but Karrie Webb, gathering pace from


this slope, but the extra rain just holding that one back. Not a very


easy one she has left herself. Rather sneaky hole location, as it


was yesterday, some players struggling with closing putts. Mirim


Lee, 113. She just needs to move this a little right to left. -- won


the 15th. -- on the 13th. That is fairly central. Not difficult to hit


the greens here, on this golf course, but difficult to get the


ball close to the Flight, you have to ship it in when they tuck the


pins into the corners behind the trees. -- get the ball close to the


flag. And Brittany Lincicome, big hitting


player, but this for her birthday. -- for birdie. That is rather tired


looking. As birdie on the fifth, at that stage going well, started


3-under, then to four, then four drop shots, and a little to do to


close the par here. Twice major winner, twice winner of


the inspiration, as it is now known. Back to 17 now. And Ai Miyazato, the


other Miyazato. Flirting with that tree. And coming and left of the


flag, great shot, spectators gathered around those being treated


to a wonderful array of golf shot, friendly flag position.


Nico Miyazato, her caddy keeping the ball dry, not wanting any water


between the ball and clubface. -- niqab Miyazato. Not related, the


Miyazatos. I think this is a little bit of a double breaker. She has to


headed firmly to hold the line, otherwise it might speak to her


left. It came back well, well done. Round of 71 completed by Mika


Miyazato, four under par, very decent total.


Mirim Lee. Big right-to-left, swinging putt here. Tracking well.


Little steamy. Very steamy! Brittany Lincicome, lovely round


from heart, sliding down to tide for 71st at the moment, which might have


been the putt to make the cut, we shall see, long way to go, all


depending on the weather. Again, going so well, four under at one


stage, act now to 1-over. -- she is back now.


Hopefully, this will be the final putt on this hall for Paula Creamer.


Unfortunately, it would also prove to be the final putt of the


Championship this year. In she goes. 73 for creamer, giving her to 5-over


par. And I'm afraid, the weekend off is in prospect.


That red dot in the centre of the fairway is 142 yards to the front


edge. Flag today 23 on. Lydia faced that to off from -- she paced the


little in front. If you pitch it on the top of the ridge, on the down


slope, it will go to the back of the green, you have to hit it low enough


to check the bank, and rule over it, very difficult shot. -- and rule


over it. Nice slow trajectory. Wonderful. You


enjoyed that one. That was spectacularly good. I was going to


point out they are to the viewers, the caddy is wearing the bib which


is the equivalent of the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. World


number one ranking on the back, always given to the person at the


top of the rankings. And what will Charley Hull do? Left


herself 150. Possibly capable of hitting it high. Just a little out


of reach. She has gone for the high soft landing. Coming off of it, she


said. Shaping up for trying it in. Lydia Ko feeding it in. -- fading.


We will go back to Mirim Lee, to save her par after racing that first


one past. The leader has just a little stumble. Back to 11, one


clear of Shanshan Feng, who finished a little while ago. First dropped


shot of the day and indeed the Championship from Mirim Lee. The


rain continues to come down, but Mirim Lee one clear. Mo Martin doing


well. Three holes to play and three behind. The former champion in with


a 69, Karrie Webb. Lexi Thompson, beautiful tee shot.


She has read it well but has not hit it either. We have seen that putt


time and time again. Few players getting it to the whole. -- hole.


The birdie on the previous hall was a bonus. The course takes one back.


Stays at 5-under, Lexi Thompson, everyone will wrapped up today. Good


sensible folk, golf followers. Birdie putt for Ai Miyazato. No


movement on this one, she can go straight at it and she does. That is


a nice ray of sunshine. 4-over par. This has got to be struck very


firmly. Charley Hull, down in two would do very nicely on the 18th. It


has been an impressive run so far. Gives it a good data. Very good from


Charley Hull. A few stumbles in there today. A great run around the


turn. She will wait for her playing partners before knocking that one


in. She was quite interesting yesterday in her press conference.


She said the advantage of playing here was the home comforts but the


disadvantage were the expectations. I think now she has the first two


rounds out of the way, she is certainly a woman for the big arena.


I think she will relish being the home favourite at the weekend. I am


sure she is more comfortable with a select band of friends invited to


keep comfortable, one of them a good golfer, and one who is not, first


time on a golf course. Line and pace very tricky here up the hill. Quite


steep, turning right and then it tiptoes over the edge of the


precipice. Would you believe it? Something at the finish for the


Swede but it is her last stroke in this Championship. Giving her a


level par round. And a total of 5-over.


Must've been a bit of tree trouble for Martin here on 16. What a


glorious shot. A realistic chance of escaping with par. A rare mistake


but she might make amends. We will come back to the 18th and Lydia Ko.


You can see this swings from left to right, as clear as anything, but it


is amazing how much it dives to the right in the final yards. Marrying


the speed with the line is not easy. That was a big break. Mirim Lee. 183


yards today across the Lalli Valley. -- across the valley. Easing in that


direction. Playing the percentages, at the heart of the green. Charley


Hull to tap in and complete a tidy round. Back to 1-under in the


Championship for a great run of five birdies around the turn. A round of


70. 5-under total. Would you say this would be assured for the


weekend? 1-over might make it anyway. But yes, this is to make it


for the weekend. She is definitely here anyway. And she did very well.


Think of the rounds that Tiger Woods used a fight when he was struggling


to make the cut. There was a bit of that in Lydia Ko's round. She was


heading home, but birdieing on the 15th and 16th. Level par for the


Championship. Lexi Thompson, elevated to 5-under par after a


blistering back nine. Splitting the fairway at 18. She has a lot of loft


in her hand. This will come in high. Stunning. Sit down. Lexi Thompson at


her best. A great birdie opportunity on the last. So the state of affairs


at the moment, Mirim Lee coming back a little bit. One clear of Shanshan


Feng. Mo Martin finishing strongly. Charley Hull with a round of 70.


5-under par for the Championship. And we can hear from her now. Good


playing today, especially around the turn without charge from the ninth


to the 12th. How much were you enjoying around? I think I had five


birdies in six holes, so that got me going. I hit some good shots but I


did not get up-and-down. I am happy with the way I hit. Unusually, you


were put on the clock after that. How did that affect things? It was


OK when it was raining. It made me rush. And I birdied 16. After that,


I missed the's and it was a bit pointless, but it is stuff you have


to deal with. It definitely affects you? It does, because I am usually a


fast player, and I do not want to get any faster. He said yesterday


that one of the main advantages of being at home is home comforts but


the disadvantage is expectation. How much are you learning to enjoy the


expectation and is the pressure easing a little bit? Yes, it is. I


did not feel as nervous today. I quite liked it yesterday because I


sat in for a fewer birdies and I was in it pretty well. There is no


reason why I cannot go lower. You are certainly right in there, keep


going, Charley. Thank you. Solidly into the hole for Mirim Lee. 14, a


good par-3. Mo Martin has reached the 17th. We have seen several


birdies here already. I don't think it was the cleanest strike.


Here it comes, he becomes. A rather feeble effort to finish by excitons.


That would have been 66. Still, I'm very impressive round from the


21-year-old from Florida. Back home in 32.


She may be in fine that over the weekend, but it will not be here,


for Michelle Wie. 73. Maureen was saying she has been struggling with


injury. 5-over par. Martin favouring the putter. A very slow putt up the


hill here. A yard or so of fringe to go over. Quite steeply. Needs a firm


rap. That is pretty well done from there.


I was almost wondering why she was not tempted to give it a little


chip-and-run, but a good decision. Mirim Lee's tee shot on the 15th,


the longest hole on the course. She looks to be in the trees on the


Seoul yesterday but giving it full white here. She will not be able to


get there. -- she looked to be in the trees on this hole yesterday.


This is the length that is giving Mo Martin pause for thought. She will


be slightly off her right hand side. She could hit it for a straight or


she could just take it into the hole.


She didn't hit it. As a player, your stomach churns when you hit a putt


like that. You give it the thought and then you do not commit. A


careless dropped shot, taking three from the edge, dropping her back to


7-under. Hit it, you have to hit it a bit harder.


In Leona McGuire, one of the amateurs. Her twin sister is on the


bag. Playing very well. She has had a couple of years out at university


in the States, at Duke University. She was the world amateur number one


for a long time until she ceded that crowd to Bronte Law. -- ceded that


crown. Her feet, well above the hole. Good distance control by Mirim


Lee. Another birdie chance coming up. And Mirim Lee is out in front


with four holes to play. Mo Martin on the final hole. Three shots


behind. Karrie Webb, in that with a 69. And Lexi Thompson, 67. And we


will get the thoughts of the American now with Hazel. Great


shooting. 67 and a spectacular back nine. Did you enjoy it? It was fun


out there besides the rain showers. But that is what we expected at the


British Open. It was a good day out there. Looking back at your record,


you have had a top 20, but you have never managed to get right into the


thick of it. These conditions, do they suit you better than the links


conditions? This golf course setup is more suited for my game, rather


than the firm ground and extreme wind on the water. But it is


something to get used to. I am a Florida girl so I am used to getting


my yardage and landing it right there. You have had an interesting


season, just winning the international crown with your


American team-mates last week. This is the interim before the Rio


Olympics, assess the strength of your game right now and those of


your American colleagues. Last week was great at the international


ground but winning for my country, there is nothing like it. It was an


amazing week and we played very well. I was happy to be part of it,


representing my country. This is a great tune-up for the Olympics and I


am super excited. I have a few weeks to go home and relax but I will


focus on the week here. Play well. Thank you very much. Leona McGuire,


a talented amateur from County cavern. This should feed down a


little bit. Playing partner is very close. Playing with two Spaniards.


Mo Martin, second to the final hole. Just 150 yards. Can she get close to


this hole, top to just over a little rich? A bit comes. That was so


nearly very, very good. Leona McGuire for birdie on 17. We've seen


a lot of people leave it shot on the side. Well done. She was a pivotal


member of the winning side earlier in the year. Going very, very nicely


indeed. Mirim Lee, a chance to get back to


12. She rattles it in. Once again, Mirim Lee leads by two from Shanshan


Feng. It was very nearly a very good shot


from Mo Martin. Just came to a halt on that little rich that runs across


this green. This is awkward. A lot of left to right in it. Down the


slope it comes. She judged it very well. What a closing putt from Mo


Martin. It is a birdie to finish with. A back 935. 68 on the Marquess


Course. 8-under par, four behind for the champion from Birkdale. There it


is, Mo Martin creeping up to within two Shanshan Feng and four of Mirim


Lee. Charley Hull in with a round of 70, to sit in that group on 5-under


par. Beatriz Recari and Munoz are giving their second rounds. HAZEL


IRVINE: And the leader dropped a second shot on her round at the


17th. Dropping back to 11-under for the Championship. She would go on to


follow up yesterday's 62 with a completed second round of 71 but


just a few cracks appearing in the South Korean's game. A lot to think


about. And her three shot over night advantage has been whittled back.


Look who is sneaking into third, it is only Mo Martin. And she is here


in person. The 2014 champion, lovely to see you. And what a lovely


finish. Thank you. When you have digested your two rounds and you


need your lunch, how do you feel about your position on the


leaderboard? I feel great about it. It is not something I can control.


The leaderboard is out of my control but everything I can control out


there is going well. I am hitting the ball well my tee-to-green, and I


have a good feel for the course. I am probably plotting better than I


have this entire year. I have spent some long hours the last couple of


weeks working on my putting, and procedurally, it is in a good place.


I be missing being by the seaside? You won at Royal Burghfield, but


here we are and I know there is a little swirling wind, but it is a


completely different character. Have you settled well into that? It is a


departure from links playing, but it is a great golf course, and there


are some subtle reminders. In and of itself, I think it is a really nice


setup. There are challenging parts, for sure, and the greens are


challenge. But yesterday, it was slopes of four, with a pretty good


speed. I remember one year you came to Royal Birkdale and you said that


you instantly felt an affinity with the course which translated into the


win itself, which was your first Major on the LPGA Tour. Do you get


the same vibes about a course like Woburn this time? I think it is a


slower growing love but I am getting there now and I have an appreciation


for the course. I know it is a shorter setup, shorter than any of


the Major events on the women's Tour, but in a strange way, is it


playing into the hands of the shorter hitters, and hampering the


longer hitters? You cannot overpower this course. I think that is true on


a link style golf course when it is set up properly. Whatever you're


doing well, you better do it are the best and if you do it better than


everyone else, you will win. There is a fairness there to the British


Open, and it always seems to hit the mark with that. Whether you are a


long hitter or a short hitter, whatever your specialty, whatever


you do best in your game, I think if you can do that well, you will win


on a Championship like this. You say you have been working hard on your


putting and we're going to show you a couple of putts, the first on the


15th. You hit a nice fairway wood interviewer. Something of a


speciality as those who have been following your career will


appreciate. Tell us about it. The wind started howling on this hole so


I had essentially my 4-iron, and 9-wood. The wind stopped for just


enough for me to hit it and not be affected too much. The rain came in


and out of the entire day. On the next hole, it started howling. And


this was a lovely finish on the 18th. It makes lunch taste better


when you finish one of these. A good moment, going into the weekend. You


can really see the slope. I know it is a shorter golf course but it is


no pushover. When you look back on your achievements, I know you missed


the cut on the defence of your Championship performance last year,


in no small measure due to a pretty severe wrist injury that you


suffered, and you still wear a splint on your left hand. I do. How


much is that hindered your career so far? It happened in the Sunday after


I won the Joffe and I was in contention again, and then I felt a


sharp pain on the last hole. -- won the trophy. From there, it was a


month before I figured out what it was and then it was four months


until I could open a bottle of water. The timing was not ideal but


I am happy that I have gotten to a place where I can play again. I have


had to change my grip so I can play again, but eight months after, I was


feeling good. I went from a long thumb to a short thumb on the grip.


I have been consistent since then. Ball striking has been really good.


I am thankful that I am happy. And as a person who have achieved a


lifetime ambition of a golfing career, how long does it take for


that to settle in, that it is not enough and you want more? When did


it kick in? I think any competitive person is not really going to rest


on their laurels. When I am ready to do that, when anybody is ready to do


that, then it is time to do something else. I am still hungry


for more, working to improve. I am still here to improve and get


better. It is great to see you hanging around the top of the


leaderboard once again. We get interesting vibes when you start to


do that. Keep up the good work. Thank you. I appreciated. Let's take


a check on the leaderboard. Mo Martin is ready to watch the


afternoon's golf, as are we. This is the live situation. As you can see,


it is the likes of Beatriz Recari making good progress, and Ariya


Jutanugarn, who made a spectacular round yesterday, plotting away


around the course successfully. And there is Katrina Matthew, at the


tender age of 46, 21 years on the LPGA Tour, right there once again.


Let's head out to Ariya Jutanugarn. Nicely controlled. So smooth


yesterday, relatively untroubled throughout. You can see that her


playing partner has run through the fairway. A bit of a downslope here.


It looks to be lying OK. It certainly does. It is in the lap of


the Gods there but she got away with that one. Beautifully scenic hole


405 yards. For most players now it is usually just a 3-wood or a 5-wood


down to that launch pad. Stacy Lewis had a couple of bumps, that is why


she has come so far down the slope. Lying little down on the grasp of no


problem at all. Just some sort of three quarters, pictured left of the


flag and it will gather up. She has got to land it far on the green and


then run out. Coming off the back of a couple of bogeys. The seventh was


costly. Most people picking up shots there. She dropped a shot on the


par-3 8th as well. And you can see how much her feet are above the


bowl. That will naturally make your swing more upright because you are


bent over a little bit more. Not a lot of extra moving parts,


economic goal movement. Good contact. And great balance.


Off to the tenth tee and Brooke Henderson.


A familiar swing. Quick to pick up the tee. A little skip off aid of


it. Just caught the outside edge and settles down. Her sister on the bag.


A good player herself. Catriona Matthew is bringing up the golf


course. Four birdies so far today. She is 6-under. Leaving there as if


she was going to lose it to the right. There are bunkers to be


carried, which she has done perfectly well. She has a lot on her


plate, about to move back into a newly referred house on Thursday. --


newly refurbished house. This is Azahara Munoz. The Spaniard happy


with her work. Playing alongside Brooke Henderson


and Anna Nordqvist. All three are under-par. If you carry the bag, I


will carry this small piece of fruit. The division of labour is


cruel. Putting from the front of the ninth


green. A diminutive figure. Beautiful line. She could've done


with another ounce. She is at plus two. She is going to have


to pick up a couple of birdies somewhere on the back nine to be


around for the weekend. It was always going to be tricky for Stacy


Lewis, hanging down the slope with a tight lie. Difficult to stop it


going too far. Beyond the flag, it is quite quick. Moving quickly from


right to left. When she was at the zenith of her game, she was one of


these players where you thought, how is she going so well? Everything was


very sound, with no weaknesses. Just a little bit of an over read by


Lewis. She is getting married a week tomorrow, she wants to do the


wedding out of the way. I do not know many brides to be who use that


phrase. How romantic (!) Just get it done, all right?


A big first bounce and it grabbed very quickly.


It's one of these putts, so easy to see it's left to right. It's a


little downhill, but picking the precise line is not easy.


Beautiful putt there. Another birdie goes on the card. When she won those


three tournaments in the month of May, she was a combined 43 under


par. A little bit of a you as she hit


that. You can see why. Very good run up to the turn, buried the seventh,


eighth and nine the American. Lewis to finish off for par. Out in


37, an untidy end to the front nine. Dropped shots at seven and eight.


Henderson, if virtual reality is to be believed, is some unpleasantness


at the bottom of that tree. We'll see how it's lying in a moment.


First, though, Munoz. "Stay," she said. Are you stupid.


Self-reproach is often the place that golfers are found.


Both Spaniards speaking to their golf balls and themselves in


English. Back to Nordqvist. Just missed out


in a play-off for the u women's Open recently. Rips that one in. One


under for her round today and for the Championship. She was deemed to


have grounded her club in a bunker with that play-off. It was the


merest grain of sand she touched. The rules are the rules, two-shot


penalty and lost her chance there. Henderson seems to be lying OK. I


don't know if the canopy of the trees will affect the trajectory of


her shot at all. Slightly low, punchy one out there. That's fizzed


off. Catriona Matthew putting together a


nice round. Doing things differently, yesterday she struggled


in the outward nine. Going out well today. Yani Tseng has picked up a


couple today to go to five under. Stacy Lewis is just slipping back,


back to that group on four under par. Further down, a nice battle for


the silver aller, for the -- salver, for the leading amateur.


Law law law playing with some borrowed clubs, Bronte Law playing


with some borrowed clubs, after her own were lost with an airline,


temporarily, she has them back for this week.


Hen tore son has just got to skirt along the side of a little valley


here. You can see Munoz standing down in that depression there.


Hen tore son has to play the first section -- Henderson has to play the


first part of the shot, keeping it a bit right.


Wasn't really struck with great conviction. A bit of grass caught up


between the blade and golf ball there deadened the blow.


Catriona Matthew, her third to the par five 11th.


Nice bit of spin and another birdie opportunity. Here's Munoz. Get in


she says, oh, it nearly obeyed. Beautiful shot. Lots of option


there's. She could have killed it slightly on the slope. She chose to


take the aerial route. Beautiful played. -- beautifully played.


That's well rescued. That keeps her at five under par.


Very much a player who thrives on confidence. If she loses her


confidence, she makes errors. When she's got it going, she can really


go low. But may just escape with a par or


better. Better, better, better - in it goes! Just your standard birdie.


Oh, what a shot from Kim. A little run of celebration. This is using


the contours. Yeah, actually it didn't look to me as if it was ever


going to quite make it. A couple of nice, soft bounces. Off the slope


and now it's just tiptoeing in. She's still going. Oh, she's


stopped. No, starting again. There we go.


Little bit more? No. Tired now. Anna Nordqvist, beautiful second


shot in there. Over the years that Anna has been


competing on the LPGA, which is some seven years now, this has been one


of the most solid parts of her game. She makes up her mind and then she's


absolutely ruthless with the execution. She doesn't allow time


for self-doubt. She doesn't let me down. Beautiful


birdie there by Nordqvist. Two under par, slightly pedestrian 72 for her


yesterday. Catriona Matthew, right to left on this one for her birdie.


Oh, judge today beautifully. Birdie number five in the round for


Catriona Matthew, no dropped shots. Up to seven under par. Leading the


home challenge. First off the tee yesterday morning.


That one slips by. Good view there of the tenth. After


playing the front nine, which has several sweeping dog legs, get to


the back nine and the holes appear to be a little bit more straight


away. This is certainly a straight one and


definitely a birdie opportunity if you can find the fairway off the


tee. 124 yards left for Jutanugarn. Pin in a very accessible spot, at


the centre of the green at the front. If you put the spin on it,


it's a matter of how much it spins back. You don't want to go past it,


because it leaves a downhill frer there. It's suddenly gone a little


bit dank and humid. A driver off the tee for Stacy


Lewis. Just an iron for Jutanugarn. This is a good angle to the flag,


115. Plays a hair uphill, but only two, three yards uphill. Shouldn't


make any difference, just a short iron.


I think we're beginning to see some of Stacy Lewis getting back to her


best. Won this Championship in 2013 and with that win she completed a


glorious ten months in which she had seven victories. There's been a


little bit a dirth over the last couple of years. This tee shot has


taken a mighty hard bounce. She will have to chase from underneath. Just


over 100 yards left, a little, hookie one.


She's battling with the cut mark, outside it at the moment, the


projected cut mark. We can clear up that shot we saw finding the hole


from 150 yards from Kim was for an eagle, not birdie. She hadn't been


in trouble on that hole. So an eagle all the better. Marion Ricordeau. --


Beatrice Ricari remains at seven under.


Laura Davis took eight here, Alison Lee took seven.


That is safely down the prepared surface.


It's hotting up, good scoring this afternoon as well from Jutanugarn


and Ricari. Some players just starting their


afternoon rounds, their second rounds, rather.


Not the greatest of lies here. Just a matter of popping it on the end to


get it to sit down, not go chasing by.


Interesting practice swing Eric long way up -- swing, a long way up the


shaft. Maybe she's going to bump it up the bank. It runs away the last


couple of yards. Well, we saw Munoz play from that


side a moment ago. Put it stone dead. Pretty much the same here for


Jutanugarn. The greens here tend to shed the golf ball quite a lot.


They're not really gathering. A lot of interesting depressions and


valleys of sin littered about, just testing the short game of these


players. Very pleasant out there now.


Fierce showers this morning. Then the wind picked up a little bit. A


chance for the afternoon players. I've got my water proof jacket on


and I'm certainly sweating up in the corner here a bit. Suddenly the sun


comes out, it's very, very pleasant. Ideal golfing conditions beautiful


supported. Big crowds out this afternoon. Always well supported at


Woburn. This seems to tilt left to right. The way the ball is parked it


looks like it's going the other way. It's easy to see when it's downhill,


but it's pretty near dead straight. Kim after that glorious two. Rookie


of the Year last year on the LPGA, she's won twice out in America


already. Another good swing, Maureen. You don't see many quirky


swings these days with the women or the men. They're trained


beautifully. That was a super swing - compact, solid, delight to watch.


Absolute delight. As Ken was saying, we've had a bit of all sorts as for


as the weather's concerned today, from balaclavas to bikinis in the


space of two minutes. Stacy Lewis. If you're going to


leave yourself 11 foot birdie chance, this is the one, up the


hill. Looks good, Ken. Yes, all the way, sweet as a nut.


But only par today. She remains five under.


Recari on the par three 14th. 183 yards.


Flag just over on the right-hand side.


Trying to feed it in. Green tilted a little bit left to right, so that's


helping her. That's going to be quite severely downhill. Yes, a long


putt from there. Here's Catriona Matthew. What a star she's been for


many years now. Seven under par, second shot at the 12th.


Played from the island between the ponds and look at that for a result.


APPLAUSE Such a gentle, sweet player. Never


flustered, never angry. Jutanugarn in for a four on the


tenth. Eight under, lurking ominously I would say. A player of


immense talent. They have a splendid view of the acres of the course.


Three courses here at row burn. I did say this morning, when we had


pictures of the abbey, where was Mrs Moss, that lovely statue of the


Duchess' horse that was so successful years ago. Well, I seem


to remember it was nearer the abbey. But it's down by the water. Mrs Moss


is still there. She's not residing in New Zealand with the Dowager


Duchess. All is shining here on the Marquess course. Played in the right


spirit. Nothing wrong at all with this day here at row burn.


-- Woburn. Impressive scores by the amateurs going through there. Leona


Maguire we saw finish earlier. Law is three under with three holes to


play. Bronte came through final qualifying on Monday with a borrowed


set of clubs. Managed to shoot five under. She was on her way home from


her successful victory in the European amateur. Here you get


another example. We keep banging on about it, but how long it takes to


decide a little pitch of 50, 80, 100 yards, whatever it is. You don't


have to consult the oracle and four Bibles and the Koran to know what to


hit onto this green. That's the way it is played now.


Unless the players change, it will never change. Talk about penalties


and times and money. It doesn't make the slightest bit of difference.


They have got to decide, look, we can do better than this. We can all


save a minute or two a hole. Sounds simple. Look at the way - this all


goes on and on and on and on and on. Now I shall shut up and go and lie


down in a darkened room! That would be no fun, Peter.


Azahara Munoz, let's make it well worth the wait. Oh, unlucky. At one


point that golf ball was within 12 inches of the hole. But fine shot,


well played. Everything got except the result.


Now here she comes. Nordqvist. 93 yards. Play it gently. Not too


sharp. Oh, good spin as well. It's all in the lap of the gods. There


you are, you see. Peter, when you were playing in


pitch shots, did you always have a yardage in mind? Or purely eye


balling it and going by the look? Till Jack Nicklaus came along and


Phil Rogers, there was an amateur called Gene Andrews who started


pacing it out. Ashleigh Simon birdie putt. Simon in the midst of a very


good round. You learned to do it by eye and some players were wonderful


at it. But they were just as good judging distance 50 years ago as


they are today. There you see the full width of the 14th glean. --


green. Quite a conundrum facing Beatriz Recari. She is a good


putter. Now just have a look at where she's aiming. Very nearly off


the green. It will be a great effort if she can get down in two. Huge


slope and very fast. She's almost putting to the edge, maybe even off


the green. She's got to hit it high enough and hard enough and it will


almost come down sideways at the end.


Not a bad effort, but you see she's 12 feet away. She almost couldn't


get it high enough there, Peter, really. Very difficult. Very, very


difficult. Great approach in. And another one.


That's her seventh birdie of the day. Very tidy golf.


It's really not happened for her thus far in the Championship.


A shot like this holed can just set you alight.


Nice birdie. In the as difficult as Recari's


putt, this. She's still got to negotiate the huge, downward slope.


Go says the caddy. It's not going to go. That's a tricky one left too.


Big swinger, left to right. Just running out the steam. She hit


a lot of good shots on that hole, but it's only a par, though.


Won on her professional debut in Madrid in 2009. She's continued to


carve out a very good career for herself since.


Nordqvist, birdied the last. Oh, no that's a bit a wide. -- of a wide.


Anna's got her mental skills coach with her here this week.


Feng was out first this morning. The scoring is very good indeed. Mixed


bag of weather, but nothing too severe. A shortened course, in


excellent condition. Top players. Feast of good golf.


That little putt needed a lot of respect, which she duly gave it.


In September, the seniors are coming here to play at the Duke's course,


one of the first that was built here at the estate at Woburn. That will


be worth coming to watch. Similar course, but slightly


different in character. The goal here is to put your tee


shot somewhere between 220, 250 yards out into that island fairway.


That's fine. Almost like playing two par threes in a way. None of the


players just taking the double carry. Maybe if they moved the tees


up a bit, they'll be a little tempted.


AJ has a cut at it. She's worried. She's concerned. Nestles in the


shortish grass. Tricky shot left, not impossible, but tricky.


Tremendously long hitter. I think she's carrying a two iron this week,


the only other player this week carrying a two iron is Laura.


Strong, very stable lower half. Look at that turn there holding the club


back, boom, applies the club head, turn it over a whisker. You've got


to be a good player to be two irons, one irons, like old converted bread


irons, so straight with the face. A goal hole, this. This is the swing


that has produced five tournament wins in the last two years alone. No


matter what the swing looks like, there has got to be a good mind to


go with that. Stacy Lewis, a good drive, a good


second. When it is virtually pin high, you can tell how far Stacy


Lewis is, a much more of a placement player. The pin is in a nice little


hollow in the green, which is quite enticing. Funnily enough, the wind


is puffing against at the moment. -- against her at the moment. Then the


shaft, trying to put a little bit of top spin on it.


She looks a little puzzled. The ball has finished in shadow, and she has


no idea where that is what relation to the flag. We dropped back to the


15th tee for Recari, straight off the top of the peg. Away she goes.


Not much bounce, slightly into the hill. And here is a look at Bronte


Law on the 17th. She got herself to 4-under. 2-under four around today.


She was the winner of the award goes to the top college player in


America, the young Englishwoman has had a tremendous season. -- 2-under


four around today. Not far off the water. You can see from high how


pretty it is. When the men play here, they move the tee forward


putting it within reach, but it is a dangerous shot to have a cut of the


green from way back. You have to carry it about 270. Anna Nordqvist's


second shot. It's fun to watch how, I would say


aggressive, but the different form of golf now, for the women and many


of the men over the last 40 or 50 years, they have changed the


clubhead speed, to zip into the ball in a different way. A hundred years


ago, everyone had to swing the club wide and slow, with the old hickory


shafted clubs. Now it is much more hands, whipping the club had. --


clubhead. Quick speeds. Like that. That was too quick. You have to


close the face down. Long and left. Ariya Jutanugarn's short, it looks


like she will play this like a bunker shot. Remaining flat-footed.


A wonderful golf shot. That is just an absolute joy. It was not nearly


as easy as she made it look. Good rhythm, good length of swing. Plenty


of loft. The clubhead under the ball. Did not hit through that one


too fast. The ball travelled slowly and landed gently. Did not need any


backspin on that. Now, a second shot from close range for Azahara Munoz.


This should not be more than ten feet from the hole at worst. A


little bit of a ridge could help her get the ball to the whole. A little


bit fiery. Not bad. More difficult coming in from 50 yards than 80. It


depends on your touch, Maureen. Some people, like my dear old friend Ken


Bowser, he swung the club so slowly, you have to get the ball to land at


a different speed. It is a lost art. Just nicking the flag. I thought I


heard it touch the side of the flagstick. Do you think landing the


ball at a different speed is a lost art because of the equipment?


Probably. You do not have to think so much now. A lot of the skills


have gone out of many of the things, whether it is cooking, driving a


car, gardening. You had to do things differently because tools have


become more sophisticated. It has become easier. Ariya Jutanugarn has


a great opportunity to move to 9-under. Shouldn't really be


anything in this one. Per head is still, focused. And there we go. --


her head is still. 9-under par. She looks very cool and confident. It is


a joy to watch. Now that has nestled down a little bit. A poor second


shot into this 12th green from Anderson. She has some work cut out


now to get down in two. -- for Henderson.


She really could not do much from that point. Then the stake was all


in the second. -- the error was all in the second. Matthew for birdie at


the 13th. Vista go to 9-under. A firm putt upper left side. But the


scores are being made with no sweat at all, no anxiety. Down the


fairway, on the green, steady play. Good scoring. Ashleigh Simon, the


home green. It is going to come back now. It has got to come back. That


was trying. Stacy Lewis at 12. 200 yards to


clear the water. Just over 262 run to the end of the fairway.


Fortunately, it is pretty soft although I think it will be


troublesome to find the fairway. She doesn't like it. Sitcom set, set...


It is the only wet bit of the course. -- sit, sit, sit. I don't


think I have seen a lady hit more powerfully than this since Laura


Davies in her heyday. Amazing how hard she gets it. Regularly hitting


195 yards. That is Luke Donald's distance. Very impressive. She has a


long iron here. Maureen was saying, she carries a 2-iron. It is a lost


art, backing a 2-iron. -- lacking. She is a sturdy lass.


This would be a huge mental lift for Henderson if she could get out of


this with a par-4. Very indifferent play after the tee shot. That is


going to be two dropped shots in the last three holes. She had to regroup


now and get some red numbers on the card before she finishes off. This


is Ashleigh Simon, this 468. -- for 68. A very fine player indeed with a


couple of wins under her belt in her professional career. Good to see her


back at this kind of form. Minos for birdie at the 12th. --


Munoz. HAZEL IRVINE: Having followed up


that round of 62 with 61, the field is gaining. They are bunching at the


top. Ariya Jutanugarn is making gains. Mo Martin, we have already


had a chat with her today and Catriona Matthew, great playing from


the 46-year-old, recently given a lifetime achievement award at the


golf awards in March. The first woman to do so. -- Scottish golf


awards. So many achievements to name, recently named the vice


captain to Alnwick and Soren Steyn at the next Solheim Cup. The latest


in a lot of achievements for her. Great to see her doing well. I'm


sure that will be cheered across the country. Charley Hull, 5-under, and


another Briton doing extremely well in this Championship so far. Bronte


Law, further down, 2-under, for 1-under for the Championship, just


about to finish her campaign for the day. She will certainly be in the


reckoning for the leading amateur. As will Maria para from Spain. --


Maria Parra. A number of the amateurs will have to fight it out


over the weekend. It will be an exciting finish for the amateur


contest, and as we saw with Paul Dunham, leading amateur are getting


closer to the top all the time. Recari, the last of the par-5s on


the Marquess Course. Great distance control. That is the 12th. An


island, and then over the water again. But what goes pretty well


around the backside. It is very attractive. -- the water goes pretty


well. Pretty fun, as long as you do not go in the water. Stacy Lewis


going first. The breeze does not make things easier. 84 yards. The


pin is 9-over the water. You have to flirt with the front of the green if


you're going to get close. That side of the fairway is firmer.


It is a little easier, a bit soggy in places. If you could aim this


left, in line with the bunker behind, if you get lucky, it can


kick down towards the flag. But you have a little more room if you go


left. It is certainly a possibility. She went straight at it, and


straight through. Almost inevitable. You have to pitch the ball at the


green if you're going straight at it. And here is someone who might be


able to put a bit of zip on it. Jutanugarn really does hit it hard.


She can put a bit more backspin on it. It is a little soggy.


She certainly hit it well. Third bounce. OK.


As you can see from the boards behind, 107 yards. A slight dogleg


right to left. She has pulled that into the elbow but it is binding on.


I expect that there will be one of your trees down there to irritate


her. They spring up overnight. Lots of looks. Recari's great year


was in 2013. She won twice in America that year. Played in the


Solheim Cup at Colorado. The first Solheim Cup team to win away from


home. That was a dismal one. That is what


she thinks. It really was a dismal putt.


Back to the 14th and Catriona Matthew. The green sits at you here.


All that calls for is a straight shot. That is the way to do it. Very


tidy. Sei Young Kim, yet another birdie


opportunity. And it is easy, she was almost on the walk before the ball


had got to the hole. Her six at 11 looks out of character in that nice


run of figures. And this is Bronte Law.


Well done. The leading amateur at the moment. Reunited with her clubs


earlier in the week. And a solid performance from the young Cheshire


girl. What a gem. Christy O'Connor, my


dear friend who passed away recently, he was a genius from shots


around the green. American style chipping around the green, an


absolute master. There we see it, the scores are beginning to pack up


a little bit. There is no runaway leader with a four or five shot


lead, they are all crowding around. Within four or five shot to the


worst. And that shows you the little right to left the band on the 13th


hole. It remains to be seen if Munoz will have a clear view. This is


Nordqvist. The ball is nestled down a little


bit but it came out quickly. That will scuttle through. Not bad.


Back to the 12th. A bit of weights to hit her second shot the water.


She had to drop back. -- a bit of a wait. A lot of walking about, can.


There has been plenty of walking about. Walking around, trying to


suss out the break. Throughout the beads and hope for the best. But


have you seen those green plans? It is an absolutely amazing thing. You


would have to be a genius to read them. Plans of the greens with very


detailed contours and lines. It helps you, in theory, to a hole more


putts. It is likeable by telephone. If you know how to use it, it is


wonderful but you need a Professor 's degree and 14 A-levels before you


know how to switch one on. We have been looking and talking


about the amateurs and here is a look at what they are doing. Some


fabulous scores. Four of them under-par, Bronte Law leading the


4-under. And she has a word with Hazel. There is the scorecard. Look


at that. A strong player, Bronte Law. Bronte Law, two rounds of 70


and the leading amateur in the clubhouse. How is your campaign


going so far? I would say it is going very well. I am happy with the


way I played today. I started off nicely and I had a couple of bogeys


in between but I managed to keep calm, and we finished strong. I am


very happy with those two rounds. Always good to have your dad on the


bag. This is all the more remarkable because you are not even playing


with your own clubs. What is going on? My clubs are somewhere from


Sweden to hear, they got lost when I was playing in the European amateur


event. Qualifying, I had to borrow clubs from my coach. Still playing


with the borrowed clubs. You have achieved a lot with that because not


only did you shoot a 5-under par round to qualify, here you are now,


and this is an extraordinary summer. Spilling your blushes, you won the


European amateur last week and also five points out of five on the


Curtis cup. This has been a great run of form. Has it been coming? Why


has it been building so beautifully for you? Having a really good summer


in America, and winning that award, then coming back, winning the


European, the Curtis Cup, that was an incredible achievement, and in


the European team Championships, for the first time in 23 years with the


England team, and then to win the European individual, and now this,


I'm just riding the waves, really. There are four of you really in the


thick of things for the Smyth Salver, how meaningful atrophy would


that be for you this weekend? Absolutely. That would just be the


icing on top of a very big cake that I am enjoying right now. But for me,


just going into tomorrow, I'm going to keep playing my game, tried to


work my way up the leaderboard. Well, keep going. Thank you very


much. Back to the 12th and due to the


garden. -- and Jutanugarn. Fired her second a little bit beyond the flag.


This to get within one of the lead. She was after it very quickly. We


still have Mirim Lee out in front. As Peter was saying, no big leagues.


The chasers are tightly bunched. As we look at Munoz. Trying to


negotiate its way around the tree, using the slope. Keep moving.


What a recovery that is. And it has not stopped. What a shot from Munoz.


What a good shot, says somebody, and they are right.


Recari to tidy things up on 15. And she does.


Due to Agana stays on 9-under alongside Catriona Matthew. --


Jutanugarn stays on 9-under. Two behind Mirim Lee. Catriona Matthew


on the prowl for a birdie. Successfully. Successfully. Now


dropped shots today. Can't up those birdies, seven birdies. Catriona


Matthew moves to 9-under par, two off the lead. And after that amazing


second shot from Munoz, an unlikely birdie, perhaps. You can see the


slope that leads down to this hole. It has carried it beyond.


The jazzy shoes of Brooke Henderson, but the putt slips past. The


Canadian just not firing on all cylinders. She is back to 1-under.


Back to Stacy Lewis on the tee. That was unlucky, just stunned into


that little slope. It took any run out of it. She could have had an


extra 40 yards. The flag on 16 is only four from the right edge of the


green. Teasing the players over to that side. Defending the flag


position. It does not look like she is overly pleased. And that is why.


If you go with an iron for accuracy, you can get away with it. It was not


the sweetest strike. Sweeps round to the left. Should be OK there.


Munoz and obviously Mark Kerr ball to the side. -- had obviously marked


her ball to the side for Henderson's putt. So she will be replacing.


Remember, she was in a little bit of trouble off the tee, and had a


miraculous second shot. She did not manage to take advantage of it.


Straw is that one in, so that is par and after the tee shot, she would


have settled for that. 5-under in total, 1-under today.


She has won five times in the last 18 months since joining the LG PGA


Tour. Helen Alfredsson has joined us once


again. Hello there. They have got the best of both


worlds fair. They are all in short sleeves now. Just enjoy it. She


needs to get something going here. If she wants to be part of a


weekend. At a very awkward in to get out of this one, too. This could be


fantastic. Get over the Little rich. What are the one and all the way


down. We have some great shots here and another one. It is a very


friendly. Position if you know what you are doing. That is what can


happen. But she needs at least two of those, perhaps three or four.


Yes, the cut will be either even part or 1-over. It seems to go


between the two. It is even again. We will not know until the very end.


I've got a question for you Helen. Have you ever played with a lady


golfer who hits a further than Jutanugarn? I did play with Laura a


lot and she hit very, very long, but I don't know in comparison with


regards to distance. When she was at her best, she was very long. There


was not a par-5 insight for her. That makes a big difference.


Jutanugarn able to breathe. She is none too pleased with her second.


That can't be anything more than a 7-iron. Blairites say and eight? It


can't be. -- dare I say and eight? It just keeps on going though. Looks


good for a moment and kept going. An uphill birdie putt. If she can get


out there, she will get it out. We go to Beatriz Recari.


She will have been expecting better from that. It was lying nicely this


is the difficult 14th. Par-3. You want to hit it somewhere in the


green and get out of there. A very difficult hole.


She just allowed a fraction too much and look at that one move on. We can


see a difference from the morning to the afternoon. This morning, we


hardly ever saw putts go past. You can see the greens are rolling a lot


better this afternoon. I'm determined to learn a word of


Swedish as well. I'm going to take advantage of that to help me out on


future trips to stop coal. I'll decide what that word or phrase will


be shortly. And depending what you want to use it for? Not for another


various purposes -- not for nefarious purposes. Just for the


golf course? I have a whole lot of phrases. I know that about you.


There is a bit of a tussle developing for the leading amateur.


I didn't know that Bronte Law still had borrowed clubs. I thought they


had been tracked down but they are still missing somewhere in Western


Europe. She came through qualifying nearby at a lovely golf course.


There is Stacy Lewis sizing things up. She was a little bit unfortunate


-- it was a little bit unfortunate, I think, for those who came out this


morning. 65 and ties make it through. Those on 1-over par shown


here. They have all finished their round, so no chance for an


improvement. There is a tremendous amount of analysis going on here.


But this is an Augusta type part. Uphill, over the bank and down the


other side. Eight feet, maybe a little more. You've just got to


guide it in there. It's difficult though, Kent, isn't it, because we


have seen holes -- parts rolling past. You do not want to leave


yourself a three footer. Anything inside a club length is a beauty.


This possibly has two slow down. It was picking up the pace. They are


the tough once, when you need to pick up the pace and then it has to


go down a hill. It is difficult. This is Recari for par-mac.


That is a robbery right there. That was a very good putt. It was a very


good putt. This will be one of the slowest


parts that she's had today -- this will be one of the slowest putts 's


matches had today. It almost looks like she has a smirk of a smile


going. I still like the way she putts. She


does it with firmness which makes it easier. She does not have to borrow


as much like some of the other players.


You can see the depth of the bunker here.


That is not too bad from there. Just beginning to tail away. Again, a


very loose tee shot. Yes, nothing to it. A nice save from


Sei Young Kim. Lewis can be firm and is. That was


running very truly and had a little hop. That was a much better/. I


think yesterday, she wasn't batting with much confidence. She never got


it going very nicely but that was a very nice putt. We'll see if Recari


can tap in for her bogey. Well, with the way that came around, she parted


with the same mind. She is not part of the Spanish continue --


contingent for the Olympics. Munoz is.


And he is Munoz. -- here is. Can you give us some Swedish commentary


here, Helen? So you wanted in Swedish? Yes, why not?


I agreed with most of what you said there. I hope so. There were no bad


words in there. That has got me into trouble before. They are taking


their time looking down from on high. The constant sound you can


hear is the helicopter or playing providing us with this wonderful


shots. Brooke Anderson, it is not quite happening for her today. After


she won the PGA, this has a similar look and feel to it. She even said


in interviews that she really loved this golf course when she first came


but sometimes you don't find the game anyway. We go to Sei Young Kim


at the allotment holder. The 17th today playing one for four. --


playing 144. Such an impressive player. Just come on Tour and she


has one five events. She is fourth on the Order of Merit over on the


LGPL at the moment. Katrina Matthew is just placing the


ball exactly where she wants to at the moment. She is making her way


around the case so well. Her eye has been brilliant. She is taking a lot


of her chances to -- she is taking a lot of her


chances to make birdies. We are seeing if Recari can find the pin,


as it even -- feeds around to the whole.


She is telling it to sit. She may be over clubbed it there. It looks good


looking at it from on high again and there are a lot of and relations


there. -- undulations there. Back to another par-3. This is the 14th. It


is a difficult one. She is going with the five IM, got to play left


of the flag. A bit of cut spin on it. A very shallow bit of green


where it is cut. If it goes past, it will go 15 paces wide. She just


stayed out of the sand actually. I'm not sure if that's... Very awkward


sand. She might just get away with it. The first three yards you land


on the green, keeping of this downslope. The perfect shot is to


aim at the centre of the green where the TV tower is and the slope will


take you around them, meaning you hit the widest part of the green,


taking the bunker out of play. That is not cutting. Trying to. Good


for distance. Just about exactly where she was aiming. She just got a


slightly softer bounce and she anticipated. You have got to land


this on an area of about four by four yards if you are heading to the


flag. You have got to land softly. The harder you can hit it, the more


spin you can put behind it. Yikes, where is this off to? It just


came off a little bit. Well, Catriona Matthew here on ten


for a birdie. A little bit up. Needs to get it going. A nice pace but she


needed to get a little bit more. She's been named as one of Anna


Caserta stunt's five tense for the Solheim cup next year and you


suspect that you might be the captain at Gleneagles their next


time. Absolutely, but I think if she continues to play this way, I would


rather see her on the European team. Exactly. It will be an interesting


one. Well, if I was a captain when she was playing, I would pick her on


my team any day of the week. She is consistent, never complains, she


goes out and does her job. I really enjoy her playing. Especially when


you will have some young players who are not quite used to it and need a


steadying hand. Much like you were saying yesterday, don't be all about


the situation the players are facing. A steadying hand like a true


-- like Catriona Matthew out on the course would be helpful. She is such


a strong player, there, fighting, and she would be great for some of


the younger players on the team. There is a lot of movement and pace


on this one. Perhaps not quite as much as she thought.


A long, long par-5. The longest on the course. Back to Beatriz Recari


who looks slightly like she's in slow motion. He we go. This is Sei


Young Kim. She kind of got a little kick after that shot in when she


hold for the Eagle. If she got this, it would be a nice one for her as


well. That is pretty nice for pace, to


leave yourself the slight uphill coming back. A big, big Green on


this par-3 and Jutanugarn didn't strike it cleanly. This has a big


swing on it left to right as it is dying. You will want to get swing on


it going down the slope. Just visualise it. Where is the high


point? Where do you want to roll it to? There is a great view of the


break there. You can see the angle. Her older sister was going very well


but she has just double bogeyed and is now 1-under for the Championship.


The first bit is up the hill for the first 12 feet and then you are


sliding down across it. What an effort. Great speed. Again,


a great read. I always find that funny when you play in programmes.


You say, came up here, and they throw it about ten feet by and you


say, no, it didn't break at all. It's very important to have the pace


and the line together. That was the Catriona Matthew to tidy up and


continue her amazing round. She is 7-under. Again, when she is playing


well, she looks so untroubled. We had back to Stacy Lewis who will


have some idea from Jutanugarn there. I think it is not easy to get


the line right here. It could fall away if you are at all ambitious.


That is pretty good as well. You just feel these parts. -- this


putts. It turned around quite well after


bogeys at the 7th and eighth. She has steadied things. 1-under for her


round today. This is another pretty tricky one. Aim way left. Pace is


important on this putt. She never really got it out high enough or


harder. From the other side, she needs to


hold this, otherwise her weekend will be curtailed. No, thinking


about her seat for the playing home. -- for the playing home.


No, she left that out of it. You have to be firm uphill. Back-to-back


dropped shots therefore Beatriz Recari.


A quick check of the leaderboard and you can see it is Catriona Matthew


who they have been talking about in such glowing times than no wonder,


it has been the round of the day. She has nine top five finishes in


all of these Majors over the years, it is a pride thing she has not won


more. Charley Hull in with that round of 70, 5-under par. Some six


shots back now. Amongst those still out on the course, you have got the


likes of Alena Sharp of Canada. She will be playing alongside Brooke


Anderson at the Olympic Games. Canadians bought doing very well at


the moment with Milos Raonic doing so well at Wimbledon a couple of


weeks ago. -- Canadian sport doing very well. This would be fairly


simple if she could wrap up the hill. She just saw Recari so she


knows she had to hit it. It took a big bounce but it still went in.


This is Munoz's third shot on the par-5.


She is calling it to sit. Not too bad. A chance for a birdie.


A nice round going for her without being spectacular.


Not the greatest shot, I don't think, but she got it. Let's have a


look at Sei Young Kim on the final hole. There is a bunker about 230


down the left but I think it's gone the other way. Did she get away with


that? Clattered into the trees and out onto the fairway. No problem. It


is one of those days, I think, for her. It is always nice to just say


thank you and move on. Brook M. Hendersen, quite close to the green


here. That can sometimes be more difficult, the closer you get. She


has never met -- missed a cut in 11 appearances and shouldn't do. She is


inside it at the moment by a couple of shots. Sometimes it can be hard


to get the right spin on it when you are that close but she managed very


nicely. Very good. I said a couple of shots inside the cut. She is only


one inside as it stands. It is level par at the moment, where Lydia Ko


finished. Once two birdies of the last two holes.


Staring it down. Very nice. Dead centre has never been a bad place to


be. We are going to the Catriona Matthew out of position little bit


here at the 16th. The crowd seemed to like that. We will see. And yes,


they were right. She continues really with her standard of play. I


think the young girls should really watch her. She has never tinkered a


whole lot with her golf swing. She has just made small changes and has


been very, very steady leave the -- very steadily the last ten years.


Well, and needs to get a nice stroke on this, a little up and -- uphill


putt. Make sure you get it all the way there. You were telling her and


she will have been telling herself to get it there and somehow it


doesn't quite happen. Quite the leading suite for you. -- Swede for


you. How do you say thank you in Swedish? I think you know more than


you say you do. I will have to be careful.


ANDREW COTTER: That was just going to come round at the last - but it


wondered away in the other direction instead. And Maureen Medill is back


with us. MAUREEN MADILL: Did you sign up for


Swedish lessons when I was away, Andrew? Pleasant conditions out


there. I have just been out for a wander on the golf course. Nice and


cool. Very still. Recari was trying to squeeze one


last birdie out of this golf course. She will have her work cut out now


to get up and down in two. She has tiptoed over that right-hand


bunker. To go over the right-hand side is a much longer carry. As we


go to Henderson, with a piano for a four on the 15th. Has not look


comfortable on the greens today. Again, flirting with that cut line.


Has not missed a cut in 11 Major appearances. The afternoon starters


have really had the better of it. There was not too much wind, but


being in your waterproofs all the time brings plenty of difficulties.


Yani Tseng going well again today. Bronte Law, 70, leaving her very


well-placed indeed. That's splitting the middle of the


fairway. The fairway's reasonably generous here. Can Catriona Matthew


move to ten under? A lot of break in this one... Oh, not quite that much!


Another comfortable par, though. Two holes to go. Let's have a look at


this one with the tracer. Munoz. Bad leaf! How I hate you, foliage! She


can be a bit like Colin Montgomerie, whenever there is distractions going


on. Still a few spots of rain out there. That one just stuck in, a


long way behind Rob Henderson. -- Henderson.


KEN BROWN: The wind tends to swell. Picking it can be tricky. You need


to get the ball to stop pretty quickly.


What issue looking at here, Ken, feet above the ball a bit? This


should grab very quickly. Her hopes ending with those three


bogeys at the start of the back nine.


Jutanugam has left herself 56 yards, with the pin towards the back. This


is awkward. She has just about found an upslope, which makes it a bit


easier. These are the little finesse ones. Just a bit anxious, trying to


get it up and get it to stop. Well, that sounded heavy - and was.


Recari's difficult chip from the side at 18. Going the aerial route.


Softly, softly... Well, that was pretty well done, I have to say,


from there. Chance of saving par. The three tee-shots on the 16th.


Henderson, a long way past her playing partners.


I was out at the 17th just 20 minutes ago, and you could hear the


balls landing. Just firming up a bit. Sei Young Kim on her final


hole. This is awkward, because she's coming right along the ridge. Looks


to have judged it pretty well. Ken, you've watched Jutanugam. What


is the most impressive part of her game, in your opinion wanted no


doubt, I would say it is her power. Also, people say, because this is a


shortish course, it will suit the long hitters. But in fact, it can


suit those who hit a really good 2-iron. You can see her nickname


Britain on the golf ball there. It's what the other players call her. And


coincidentally, she won three tournaments in the month of May this


year. She should rapidly change her name to August!


Back to Recari on the final hole. Poor finish for her. She was flying


along, reached the turn at four under-par. And then, four bogeys in


the last five holes. This third shot just needed a little


bit and hopped over a little crest. Amazingly, it's a little uphill


before it hits the downhill patch. Just a par for Lewis. A little bit


of an untidy front nine. Started off the back nine with a couple of


birdies. Since then she has had a series of pars. She is in good


shape, within touching distance of the leaders.


Now, the final member of this troop, Ueda, in the middle of an untidy


spell, with four dropped shots in the last five holes. Well, that took


a dive across the hole. So, +5. Not looking too good for the weekend.


Back to the group of Brooke Henderson, Munoz and Nordqvist.


Staying resolutely at level par so far.


Catriona Matthew on the 17th. That needs to come round. Yes, that could


be a vicious putt for her. That will have a huge brake on it.


Munoz takes her time, and we welcome back Peter Alice.


PETER ALLISS: Thank you, Andrew. We are building up to a fine climax on


this second day. The weather is about to possibly change again, for


the umpteenth time. And that could be a good... Oh, I thought it was


just going to do it! There's a lot of players, Maureen,


on one over par. So if any slipping to be done, it could be a big


number, if the one over pars get in. But it could be right on the button,


at level par. Depends on these last eight or ten groups. Yes, and if you


think back, many hours ago, we saw a tiny putt missed on the last. It is


a long, long wait for those juicy they will be acquired for the


weekend. Henderson has been very tentative with her putts this


afternoon. And she's such an aggressive player, it is very, very


unlike her. She seems to have momentarily mislaid her touch. She


looks a bit out of sorts. When you're not working in threes and


fours every time, you get a little bit annoyed. She is a very fine


player. Try and enjoy it, I will my old dad used to say. Try and enjoy


it, calm down. Mirim Lee, still leading. She has been number top of


the leaderboard a long time. 62, 70 one - hardly consistent, but she's


top of the pile. Shanshan Feng, I fancy her chances, she looks ever


recall customer to me. But these other players might have something


to say about that. Tomorrow might be a bit iffy, weather-wise. Sunday


could be absolutely delightful. With the look of the timings, you could


go out early and be in the wind and rain, or ViceVersa. So there is a


lot of players in with a chance. But they need a couple of good rounds to


make any bold move from down the field. We have had good crowds for


the last two days, but the pot might boil over over the weekend!


I reckon Catriona Matthew would settle for two putts right this


second if you were to offer it to her.


That's just go no wonder a way. It is not bad, that's a pretty decent


effort. She's left it below the whole. Wonderfully judged for pace.


That was a very tricky one just Munoz, so nearly holed the first


one. Now, this is just inside the right, as she plays it.


Just right of centre, bit of pace... Beautifully done. One birdie, one


bogey today. The rest, all pars. Ueda behind the trees. Yet there she


might be clearer of the little one. Does two big ones in front might


cause her some aggravation. Yes, they are right in the way. If she


has got a good lie, she might be able to slide it round. Aim it at


that left-hand bunker. KEN BROWN: I think this is one of


those ones - let's have a go. She has got 165. I thought she would go


to the left of the week tree, but she's going to come the other side.


Not the greatest of lies, either. She's going up the right-hand side,


Ken? Oh, my good God. It might come off, you never know. It and pray.


Too late with the prayers, I fancy. Yes. Can't trust anybody these days.


But that was a bit ambitious. That was a female Seve shot if that had


come of - and it didn't. A bit too bold.


Stacy Lewis has got a very good angle to the flag.


Good shot there from Lewis. She won this championship a couple of years


back at St Andrews and she had that wonderful birdie-birdie finish in


dreadful conditions. She's a real streetfighter of a player. She just


loves the tussle. Always danger when she's lurking somewhere near the


leaders. Just waiting for the person who is going to empty the loos to go


by. With all the number ones and number twos insider! She smiles, and


thinks, I'm going to pop this very close to that pin.


Big yes,. Could have dragged it, maybe... Yes. A little bit clumsy,


just a touch. . Matthew, yet to drop a shot today.


Dead centre! Well done. She was a little anxious about -- anxious


there. No worse than a four at the last, and Catriona Matthew will be


off for a nice light supper, perhaps a glass of wine. Is that the


prescribed training mixture? Well, I don't think a glass of the liquid


ever hurt you. It is when you have a couple of bottles of it. It was


great when it was announced last week that had invited. Matthew to be


her vice-captain at the Solheim Cup next year. I said to her, but you


will be playing? She said, oh, yes, I intend to be playing. It is a good


move from Anneka, because she can be very intense, and I have never seen


Catriona Matthew anything other than calm.


This flag position should suit Munoz, who likes to move it from


right to left. This is what fascinates me. It's the


simplest of rules, that has been going... Ever since advertising


hoardings were put on golf courses. Is it in the rule book? Gee whizz! !


They obviously weren't listening to Mr Brown out there. Well, you


wouldn't want to drag that out of the ground and put it in again,


would you? Come on, folks! Well, they're movable. Are they?! Yes.


Wouldn't it be much simpler to move the ball? It's not going to make a


bit of difference, whether she is a foot away or a yard away. We are


doing our best to speed up the game. I notice Ken is not in there helping


do the heavy lifting. He's got more sense! What a lot of effort for such


a little thing. Yes, it wasn't clear. On the men's Tour, you can


move them out of the way. But this one look to bit more not for moving.


In fact it was easier than they thought. But as you say... Well,


this is another five minutes to put on the card. Would it really have


hurt to just move it to the side? Of course it wouldn't. She's still


thinking about it. I'm not sure whether I'm going to play this. I'm


only eight over par. Don't want to mess this one up. She's still


concerned that she's broken the rules. The saga will continue after


the interval. Meanwhile, we go to the 18th. And a 3-wood for Catriona


Matthew. Well done, the marshals giving it the down the middle


signal. What a great career she has enjoyed.


And still enjoying. And wonderful that she is off to the Olympics -


she's so excited about that. There is a view of the 17th green. She's


four under-par. If she holds her position, that will be a very nice


position to start the weekend in. All right, your seven behind, but


you're still in the hunt for a big prize.


Look where she is aiming this one - way out to the right. Not hard


enough, not high enough. That has dribbled on that awkward distance.


Just a bit too wide, Ken, wasn't it? The idea was good.


Come on, Laura. Let's go out in a blaze of glory. Not enough,


surely... No, she's after it. Popular player, takes great


galleries with her wherever she goes. But unfortunately we won't be


seeing her at the weekend. Oh, she's had a wonderful career. She's been a


great asset to golf. Surrey golf, a great Surrey stalwart. I said this


morning that Mrs Moss, the statue, was missing. There she is. I did not


realise she was quite so close to the lake. I didn't realise Mrs Moss


was a horse of! Oh, yes, Mrs Moss was one of the best racehorses she


has ever had. Henrietta - lovely, lovely lady. I wonder if they wait


for Ueda or if they just go on down the 18th. Take Wood gees and just


clear off if you see that scoreboard behind, it says, 65th, currently


level par. That includes the amateurs. At the moment there are 66


players on par or better. So things are possibly positive for those on


+1. Oh, it can change. The amateurs are counted in, not extra? Not


extra. She's going to tap it in, she does.


That is a good 2-putt from long range. Are you going to join us or


should we carry on? Where are the officials when you want one? She has


turned, look out, you nearly ended your days, there.


Now, we would like to see a good shot here. She has suffered enough.


She has moved the sign and she will play from where it was originally.


Oh, goodness me. That was unlucky. They didn't go in. It has finished


further away than if it hadn't hit the flag. Come on! Peter, watch the


screen! That would have been in the clubhouse. Look at this. Fasten your


eyes on it. If it misses the flag, second bounce, would have been much


closer. I reckon that would have pitched five feet past and gone way


past. I don't think anything will make her smile at the moment. She


has had enough. We should not make fun. It is a taxing game and it


tests every bit of your patience and skill. You can say that again.


The plains Bedfordshire. Is that an act of God or can they be put on the


clock for messing around earlier? I don't know. I remember at


Sunningdale in 2008, she was right in the mix until the end, finished


seventh, she spent a while on the LPGA but is now playing back in


Japan. She has been a multiple winner over the years, there. So she


is highly skilled. Well done. Well done.


At the 15th. Yani Tseng, 5-under. No, yes, no... Gosh. Good effort.


She is getting back some competence. It's funny, confidence comes and


goes. The fear of something, whether it is the dark or fear of the


dentist or three putting. She likes it.


The scoreboard carrier in the background, it is 23 girls from


Thornton College in Woburn, carrying some of the scoreboards around the


course this week. There is a scheme for girls who have never played


before to be introduced to the game in school, they come up for lessons


and the club are trying to introduce local young people to the game of


golf and I think it's a cracking idea. I hope it is successful.


Meanwhile, Stacey at the 17th. That was a lovely shot. You are


right, Peter, eight is great for these young people to walk alongside


and meet some of these players and Stacy Lewis is a good example of


anything being possible, she spent most of her teenage years in a back


brace before having back surgery, and to now be making such a


fantastic living as one of the world's best golfers, its


extraordinary considering the spinal trouble that she had in her young


life. A lot of these young people had never been on a golf course, up


close to these good players, they carry that around and get used to


the scoring and one thing or another and it is delightful to see


something entirely new, through fresh eyes. And maybe coming up next


week to have a go on the practice ground, young pros will be giving


them lessons and encouraging them. You never know. We might find


someone with a touch of genius. The 17th. This is from 144. The line


looks rather good. That was a beautiful shot.


Matthew, on the final hole. Oh, what a cheer if this goes in. This is for


a three. That was just too wide, but a lovely touch. No sweat, cool as a


cucumber. That's a lovely round of golf from Catriona Matthew. 65


strokes, 9-under, a couple behind, and another day tomorrow.


Yes, that round of 65 equals her best of the whole season and in fact


she has been bubbling up, 65 under 66 in the last month or so on the


LPGA Tour. And you feel that her form really is bubbling up nicely,


not just for this week but also the real Olympics, she is likely to be


the oldest in the field in the women's competition. Two shots back


now from Mirim Lee. Shanshan Feng from China came in a long time ago.


Jutanugarn is still going well with two still to play. It is bubbling up


very nicely indeed at Woburn. Back at 17, Ueda.


A different view from the tee looking to the green, when you go


the other way round, but what a lovely shot that was, too little too


late or whatever they say, she is 5-under. It's a long way to come not


to qualify. And very expensive. One thing about golf is that if you


don't play well enough you don't get paid, not like in some other games


where you get a big wage even if you hurt your big toe. Ideal position,


central fairway. Slightly anxious. No need. That is exceptionally good


and it should work its way down to the flag, that is one of the best we


have seen so far today at 18. There are many women club golfers


who attacked the ball, they are fun to watch, have you know many in your


time? Not really. I don't think Carol got any better than an eight


handicap, but she was a joy to watch. She played for and captain


Surrey for a period. They now live just north of St Andrews in


Scotland. She was a joy to watch. What a girl. Watch this, a good


light, she has to hit this cleanly. -- a good line. Oh yes. What


happened there? That was a bit strange, up and on but it goes to


the back of the green. I thought she had a socket for a minute. As you


said earlier she is looking out of sorts. Stacy Lewis, this is for a


two. This looks good. Oh yes. 7-under.


Catriona Matthew's scorecard, cracking round, not one drop shot.


She is with Hazel. She is. Great iron play today along with many


other facets of the game, so many chances today and you took them. How


would you rate your particular round of golf? Probably one of the best I


have played. 18 greens today, just one awful shot on 16 but then I


followed it with my best of the day. 4-iron to the green. I gave myself a


lot of chances and holed my fair share. Your 83rd major or something


like that. Thanks for reminding me! You have won one but came so close


in many others, nine in the top five, is there a feeling that you


have achieved so much but you would love to nail one more? Obviously, I


am playing to win and I want to give myself a chance on Sunday and that


would be fantastic. The crowd was great today, if I can be in


contention on Sunday sure it will be fantastic. A significant season


because you are vice captain for the Solheim Cup team, congratulations,


and the lifetime achievement in Scottish golf award, so with Rio on


the horizon, how significant an achievement would it be to be on the


Great Britain team for you? It's a huge achievement, growing up I never


thought I would be in the Olympics and it's been a goal of mine for the


last couple of years to try to make the team, Robert Lee my only chance


with where I am in my career so I was delighted to make it and I can't


wait to go, I'm going to go down a few days early to watch some other


things and then get ready. Graham your husband has been on the bag,


this is only the third time in the year he has been able to help you


because he does most of the childcare. How will it work in Rio?


I have helpful grandparents. They will be at home watching but it will


be great to have Graham there because he does not get the chance


to watch often. Is the opening ceremony on your horizon? What are


you most looking forward to? Unfortunately not the opening


ceremony, I could not be away from the children that long, but I'm


really looking forward to the atmosphere, we are staying in the


village, just to get a sense of the whole thing and looking forward to


going to the athletics on Saturday, Super Saturday. That will be great


and I'm sure there will be lots of good things. We are hoping for good


things for you over the weekend. Well played. Thank you very much.


Another two on the horizon here. Following her partner, Stacy Lewis,


in. Excellent stuff. And we might even get a trio of twos with Momoko


Ueda having got it extremely close. But Catriona Matthew seems so much


more at ease in the spotlight and she was not really comfortable in


nearly part of her career. Yes, she has matured wonderfully. Watch this


going in for a two. 32s, that is really rare. I was interested that


you said that she was picked as the vice captain, is there only one vice


captain for the Solheim Cup? Darren Clarke has about ten! I think he has


five and there will be more named by Anneka. Stacy Lewis unleashes her


driver down the 18th. That is OK for her, momentarily she thought she had


lost it down the right but it's OK. There will be announcements further


down the line, Peter. Normally there are around four vice captains. All


of these are relatively new innovations. Well I know Paul


McGinley had five for the Ryder Cup, his reasoning was that there were


four matches on the course in all of the foursomes and one other guy to


look after the players who weren't playing. So that was how he came to


that number, I believe. 2-iron for position. Oh, now she is anxious.


She is anxious but she has no need to be. That's a long hit, isn't it?


Beautiful strike. Well, the boycott has joined me,


what do you make of this? Very good scoring but not from Brooke


Henderson today. It has been a bit under par but that is perhaps not


the right expression! Nicely judged, there. Again, looking at that card,


it just has not shifted. Still hanging on at level par, all of


those 1-over, Christina Kim and Brittany Lincicome and that huge


crowd are likely to miss out. Nordqvist with a long putt, up,


slightly uphill. Getting closer and closer and closer. That saves a lot


of aggravation. Well done. Those are little magnetic ball


markers that they keep on them. Some of you may not be familiar with the


game, those little round discs. Azahara Munoz rolls it in. She


closes with a birdie having opened with a birdie, but in between not


much happened, she did things at her own steady pace, round of 71.


5-under for the Championship. And she is in a nice position going into


the weekend. 5-under, second shot to the 16th.


Now, I've watched her for so many years and she was absolutely


stunning, and then the confidence, something waned, it was something


mental, you get afraid, nervous, whatever psychiatrists will charge


you a lot for telling you, but it disappears and you can't get it back


again. Henderson for a par at the final hole and in she goes. It has


been a struggle for her today. But what a huge talent. 71, 72, 1-under.


The third member of the group is Anna Nordqvist. They are all going


to be here for the weekend. Nordqvist just to finish at 1-under.


That is a round of 71, there is not much between these players, 71, 71


and 72 for Brooke Henderson. Lots of hugging but not much commitment,


they don't seem very enthusiasm huggers. It is just a quick thanks


and a courtesy see you tomorrow or whatever. Looking down on the final


hole. Good drives up the final hole. There could be a couple of trees in


the way, here. This is not a straightforward shot. You have to


have a bit of luck where the ball lands.


What a fine shot. Coming from that side is not easy. Avoided all of the


trees and the overhanging branches. Stacey, now on her second shot. Ken


is on his tea break. He is amazed by what he has seen today. Stacey


whacks it up towards the green. And that is an aesthetic. Not too nasty.


Down there on the edge of the fairway. We have the powerhouse.


AJ. It all seems a bit disenchanted and that's why, that was a Miss Q --


miscue. It is amazing that she does not carry a driver and if she did


she could overpower some courses. She just does it with a 2-iron and


3-wood sometimes. Well, I suppose if you are happy with a 3-wood, look at


Henrik Stenson, he rarely brings a driver and he's magnificent player.


He hits it miles. Mind you, 3-wood, you would like a lofted drive with a


shallow face. 12 degrees and tiny little persimmon heads. That's have


a look at the leaderboard. The good scoring has continued throughout the


day. -- let's have a look. You would suspect they have not played the


course quite long enough, but there is no harm in seeing birdies and


eagles. Shanshan Feng yesterday was saying that it was coming down to a


putting contest because all of the players were able to reach things


comfortably with a short iron. Bronte Law, you might have seen her


name, great effort by the amateur from Stockport, qualifying on


Monday. Coming off winning the European amateurs last week. Still


looking for her own clubs which have been lost somewhere by an airline


that shall not be named. But it was French! Jodi Ewart Shadoff, the


British number three. The third British woman inside the top 100, 71


today, she will be here for the weekend. JE Shen, twice former


champion, also sneaking inside the cut mark.


And all of these players are safe. I think those on 1-over might make it.


65 and ties make it and go down to 67, there is a tie for 67 which is


1-over at the moment. You can see the price of her mistake, there, the


depth of the bunker. It it is lying well. That was a bad mistake from


someone who is such a quality player. This is not easy. You have


to get it up and forward. I can't see, yes I can, I thought she had


taken the flag out but it is on the right fluttering away. Oh, yes.


That's the way to do it, brilliant shot. They are all very good out of


the bunker is now, men and women, boys and girls, it is a skill that


they have mastered. You never see dodgy bunker play. This is not easy.


You can see where the ball has rolled back. Gives it a good thump


into the sand. Up it goes, climbing the face. Over the top she goes.


There is quite a few yards between the top of the bunker and the flag.


In fact I thought it might have stopped nearer. About four feet or


so, that sort of range away. A brilliant shot. It's never going to


happen but some would like bunkers to return to the old days when it


was like a sheep had dug it out. They are called hazards. It is like


going back to only having one server tennis, it would just change the


game. I suppose. -- one serve at tennis. She has turned things around


well, she was out in 37 but three birdies on the back nine and no


dropped shots. She has a chance of another one. Good crowds in today.


20 6000. It is always good here. Stacey fascinates me. She is very


volatile. You feel there is a volcano bubbling up inside. This is


for a three. Keep up, keep up. Got it. It didn't, just slid across in


the end. They surely she reminds me of the female star of silence of the


lands, do you remember? Jodie Foster. Yes, I think she looks very


like Jodie Foster. She is still in the hunt. 7-under, very much in the


hunt on 67, 70. When you think of all of the trials and tribulations


she had with her spinal problems as a youngster. Theories Yani Tseng.


Can she get to 6-under? -- here is Yani Tseng. She cannot but she is


having plenty of opportunities. We talked about her pedigree, five


Majors in three years and was ranked one in the world for 109 weeks in


2011-13 and then won three of the first five events in 2012 and that


was the last time she won, amazing. Yes, her confidence disappeared. Two


at the last and three... No, I thought she would finish two, three,


which would have been in vain, sadly, 4-over par ain't good enough.


26,000 people will attend today. Yesterday they did not have official


figures because they weren't scanning the bar codes as they came


in but its official today, it's a big area and they are spread out


quite a lot. They have always had good galleries here and it's just


off the M1, ten minutes off the M1. Plenty of room to park your car.


Plenty of facilities for the spectators. You can get close to the


players. They want the spectators do have a good time and for you to


enjoy it. It's a very good bunker shot but that is the distance it has


gone on. And there is a bit of movement in this one as well. This


is just as important as any shot she has played during the day. It counts


just as many. After that splendid tee shot, getting your second in the


bunker and then taking five would be disgraceful, but there is no such


thought for an excellent day 's work. A few little hugs and all to


play for over the weekend. Very good play. It has been a joy to watch.


Well, there is the round of Sei-Young Kim, around 69 to leave


her 6-under par. She is to Hazel. A second round 69 today but the


highlight must have been true in the -- holing out. I got 120 two the


second shot, and I just tried a pitching wedge and it was perfect,


so I was like, well, I never thought about that. It was awesome. It


certainly was and it put you in the hunt for the title. You missed the


cut at Turnberry last year, how much better do you like conditions on


this course compared to the links in the wind and rain last year? Last


year I was very much struggling with the course because side never did


play like that on that course and it was the first time so it was a good


experience for me but this course is better for me because it is all


right to let dog legs, so it suits my eyes because I naturally go right


to left with my ball flight. This is a very exciting time for you and


indeed for Korean women's golf. Can you explain how important that you


and the rest of your team-mates go into the Rio Olympics, how important


has it been and how important is it for the Korean people? A lot of


people are really excited for the Olympics season, and a lot of Korean


people are watching it on TV. So everybody will be cheering us, all


of the athletes. So I was not really waiting for a long time, since I was


young, I really want to play there. So yes, I have got an opportunity,


first time at the Olympics, so it's exciting. I hope you do you and your


nation proud. Well played today. Thank you. South Korea has the best


chance of a medal in the women's Olympic Games. Catriona Matthew is


heading out for Great Britain alongside Charley Hull, she is


further down the leaderboard but pretty well placed. Catriona Matthew


is two behind Mirim Lee, who is not going to Rio. Tougher conditions


earlier today. So-yeon Ryu going well out on the course. There we


are. Maguire is in fact one shot further back, but it's a good


contest developing for the amateur competition.


Georgia Hall out on the course. It has been a struggle for her today.


10-over. Coming towards the end of things.


A remarkably short shot into the green. Here is Shannon Woods, Tiger


or Nice. She's got some talent. Frontex like misjudgement in club.


Tidy round from Stacy Lewis. She finished seven under for the


Championship. She is speaking to Hazel. Going into the weekend, you


find yourself only four shots behind with a significant carrot in front


of your eyes, a second title - how do you like that position? I like it


a lot. Especially on the turn, I was not really in a good place. That I


made a few birdies to give myself a good chance for the like where I am.


Usually if you can get out there and post a number, that's usually what


wins. Tell me about the scoring so far. We saw that fantastic 62


yesterday, and a 65 from Catriona. It shows you what is possible?


Definitely. You can make some birdies, now that the cause is a bit


slower. I think the pin positions are a bit tougher today come in


general. But you can make birdies. If you get enough wedges in, if you


can just make pars on the tougher ones. Which club in the bag needs to


the firing best for you, here? Gap, it is probably the wedges, honestly.


You have to make birdies. And so the wedges need to be spot on. You have


had a two-year wait, since your last victory, are you inching ever closer


to it? Yes, I feel like over the last couple of weeks I have played


some really good golf. That is what ultimately leads to winning -


playing good. I am getting to where I am starting to trust my game


again. When you trust it, you can hit it under pressure. One final


question - we spoke about the Olympics, and I was speaking to Lexi


Thompson about it. There has been a lot of the guys who are not going to


go, but how important a prospect is it for women's golf, would you say?


I think it's a big deal. I think the biggest thing is, golf gets funding


because it is an Olympics, in a lot of countries where it has not been


introduced yet. So I think it is a big deal, and I think it is huge for


the top players to support it. I am so excited, to be an Olympian, to


represent your country, there is no greater honour. I can't wait to get


to Rio. We wish you good luck over the weekend, and in Rio of course.


ANDREW COTTER: And I think in the women's game, they are more


receptive to change. Try something new. That's a little bit wide from


Yani Tseng. It should clean give the women's game a bit more prominence.


There's arguments on all sides, you can have arguments about anything.


Ideas, thoughts, whatever. Of course, if you don't agree,


sometimes with the minority now, they shout at you until kingdom


come. But you're not supposed to have a different opinion.


ANDREW COTTER: She is now playing her best golf of the Championship by


a distance. PETER ALLISS: There is still almost


40-odd players out on the course so, a lot can happen. We have got


another two or three hours more golf at least this even. -- this evening.


So I would not be surprised to see the one overs getting in this, to


save par. Hit it... Nobody has, from that side of the hole. That's a


shame. But of her own doing. That has moved her just one place out


from the cut. There's an awful lot of players out on the course at the


moment who will feel they have got a chance. Call has had a tough day.


Third shot. So much of this game is learning how to play. Well judged.


There is definitely a family resemblance. If she could improve


her again, she would the great star. Can she get into the Premier


division? She has made great strides in the last 18 months.


+ awkward one from there. You can see the slope where it comes down at


the end. She's certainly improving all the time. She finished sixth in


Oregon a couple of weeks ago. She had a horrible run of missed cuts at


the start of the season and is sadly going to miss it again here as well.


Rattles it in. Nishiyama moves to two under. She who was up the money


on the Japanese Tour. There's a lot of money to be made out there. The


last group is now playing the sixth. So there is still quite a lot of


golf before we shot up shop on this second day.


This is a tricky little putt. They can tail away to her left if it is


not struck firmly enough. That one almost accelerated away


down the slope. Further away now. QC, she is six over par. You get so


set in the routine of modern golf, you have to go through it all, even


if you're taking 85. Three putts from 4ft. Sadness.


79 today. HAZEL IRVINE: Not her day-to-day.


But Catriona Matthew has posted that spectacular 65. Still retaining the


overnight lead, just as last night, is Mirim Lee. But this time it is


down to only one shot. The likes of Lexi Thompson and Charley Hull


firmly in the chasing pack. Conditions, as we heard, slower and


softer, making the scoring arguably harder. Leona Maguire, in the chase


for the silver solder, is leading a matter. -- for the silver selva, as


leading a matter. Lydia Ko looks like she might make


the cut, the world number one, following a couple of good birdies.


It looks as though she will be assured of her position over the


weekend. She has not missed a cut on any Tour since last June. And


indeed, we can be those who will be with us, Maureen Madill and myself,


over the next couple of days. I think the round of the day belongs


to Catriona. I was discussing the fact that she has had one victory in


a major, and she could have won a bunch more? Yes, there is a strong


case for saying that she has even underachieved, because she has


turned herself into the most fantastic golfer. She is calmness


personified. I think it was a tremendous shout of an echo to


appoint her as vice-captain. Although she has every intention of


playing, you need a calm person to offset Annika's intensity. That is


what Catriona displayed on the golf course today. Stacy Lewis is amongst


the chasing pack. This is building up rather nicely for the weekend?


Yes. When Stacey won at St Andrews, she had annexed seven wins in as


little as ten months. It's about two years now since she won. It's not


because she has been playing badly, it is just because somebody has


stepped up and played better most of the time. She is a dangerous lurker.


She certainly is! And she will be amongst those who are there or


thereabouts at the weekend. Let's just remind you of something is on


BBC Sport this evening. A live semifinal between Wigan and Hull FC.


After that, Clare Balding has been meeting gold medallists from the


Paralympics of 2012. And on BBC One tomorrow, the Olympic journey of Tom


Daley. Tom of course took that bronze medal four years ago. And we


will be back with live coverage here from Woburn from two o'clock on day


three, which is moving day. So it has been a very intriguing day so


far. So that's it. We will be back with you fresh and raring to go for


the weekend. This recount Women's British Open Championship has all


the makings of a weekend classic. I hope you will share it with us.


Bye-bye. You're coming across as, frankly,


ridiculous. I'm flabbergasted by that.


Will they get burnt... You have done an appalling job of


selling them online. Erm... I'm... We're... We're...


No, hang on. Sorry.


Live coverage of the second day's action at the Women's British Open, introduced by Hazel Irvine.

The 40th staging of this tournament is being held at Woburn for the first time since 1999, with the world's best golfers competing for a prize fund in excess of £2m. There hasn't been a British winner since 2009, but 20-year-old Charley Hull will be hoping to use the knowledge of her home course to her advantage.

Norway's Suzann Pettersen led at the halfway stage in 2015, two shots clear of the field and five ahead of eventual champion Inbee Park.

Commentary by Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Maureen Madill and Andrew Cotter.

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