Day 1 Golf: Women's British Open

Day 1

Analysis of the key moments from day one of the Women's British Open at Kingsbarns in Scotland. It is the first time the St Andrews club has hosted a major.

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Hello and welcome to Kingsbarns in Fife for the fourth major in the


winning's Callander, the Ricoh Women's British Open. In the past


decade this Championship has been won by some of the great names in


women's golf, and been played on some of Britain's great courses. For


the first time, it comes to this stunning location just a stone's


throw from one of the most iconic of them all.


Right to the end. Brilliant. That is the shortest putt that ever won a


Championship. All the way. I'd tell you what, that score is very cheeky.


Right in the middle! The champion. Simply brilliant performance to beat


the elements and everyone else by a distance. Very, very impressive. The


winner. Kingsbarns is a regular on the men's European Tour schedule but


this week is hosting a major Championship for the first time. Who


better to assess the course than our man Ken Brown? What a place. You can


smell the fresh air. Kingsbarns is a wonderful golf course. One of its


features are generous and wide fairways. There is a bit of rough


around. Let's have a quick look at the card of the course. This is the


official scorecard. You can see a here the length of the course is


nearly 6780 yards, so it's quite long, particularly if it's breezy.


One of the real features of the course is the size of the greens.


They are seriously capacious. The average depth is 45 paces. Look at


this one. Let's see if I can hit a putt down here. This must be 75


paces. It's a wedge to the front and a 6-iron to the back. You need a


good touch on the greens. The real feature here is the views. They are


special. It is a magic place. On a sunny day. It really is a stunning


location, particularly when the sun shines. Taking on the course this


week is the most international field of the year so far. 27 different


nationalities, including the world's top 25 players and the winners of


the last 24 Majors. They've all gathered here this week to master


the links of Scotland. We've picked out if you in particular to look out


for. She's never finished outside the top 17. Lexi Thompson came so


close to a second major open this year but for a four shot penalty.


Sundin Park has a mistake cut this season. She's playing in her second


British women's open. Women's British Open has gone through a lot


of changes in high gain, it's now almost a year since I last went.


Charley Hull won her first LET event and played in the Solheim Cup aged


just 17. England's Mel Reid was one of the early starters on day one and


took advantage of calm conditions. Four and the path through her first


14 holes. Michelle Wie has had a dramatic rise back up the rankings


and was putting on a solid show. This birdie putt at the 12th, her


fifth birdie of the day. England's Mel Reed and Michelle Wie atop the


leaderboard alongside Anna Nordqvist his showing great strength despite


struggling with glandular fever. In the background is the Solheim Cup,


all players will be looking to impress but Nordqvist needs a


captain 's pick to be part of the big showdown. Leo Maguire also


started nicely. She is currently the world's number one amateur. Let's


get out on the course without commentary team -- with our


commentary team. COMMENTATOR: Mel Reid at the 15th, par-5, her third


shot going along very nicely. Joining me in the box is Helen


Alfredsson. Good start. Very good start. It's nice to see Mel Reid


playing so well. Michelle Wie is very picturesque par-3 14th. 183


yards. That's an absolute cracker Jack. Go on, run on. Ally McDonald


on 18, 3-under for the day. Played really nicely. Second shot. Gives


herself a nice little chance for a birdie to go 4-under for the day, to


join the lead. Mel Reid goes 5-under, taking the lead in the


tournament. Michelle Wie to join Mel Reid at 5-under. This is for a two


at the 14th. Nicely done. There went the many tees at the 14th. What a


good-looking card. Michelle Wie dropped the stroke at the 2nd and


since then she's had six birdies. Without birdie at the 15th, Mel Reid


and Wie are tied at the top. Anna Nordqvist birdshot on 15. -- third


shot. It's good to see her play. She wasn't sure if she would play but it


looks like she's coming in with a pretty good game here. Nice chance


for birdie on 15. The 18th. Ally McDonald's chance to move to


4-under. A little downhill and flattens out at the bottom. She's


hit it. What a good opener. 32, 36, 68, 4-under par, just one behind the


leaders. Very satisfying. Morgan Pressel on 17 for a birdie to go


4-under. And she does. We'll see a lot of birdies today and I think a


lot of the players will think it's important to take advantage of this


day, because you don't know what tomorrow's going to hold. Maguire.


Very tight to the hollow at the left of the green. She'll have to be


careful not to drag it left. A bit too nippy. The chance of a birdie.


Mel Reid on the 16th, her second shot. Just... We see that is a sort


of falls front there and it's about ten yards up but you have to go.


Just a tad short. Leo Maguire on 15 for a birdie. Trying to go 3-under


for the day. She does it brilliantly. World number one


amateur player at the moment, from Ireland. Anna for her birdie on the


15th. And she makes it to go 4-under. Joining three other


players. Let's check the leaderboard. The


early stages of the first round of the Women's British Open, it's Mel


Reid and Michelle Wie tied for the lead. Ally McDonald looking very


nice too. Leo Maguire the amateur, 3-under par, a special day for her.


Mel Reid. Slightly mis-hit her second. Didn't quite get up that


bluff. A birdie chance... Not quite hard enough. But a par at the 16th,


a very acceptable score. Tricky par-4. A visit to the sand. It looks


like a drop stroke. On 16. That was a hurtful one. You


can't ever lose concentration of focus in this game. Maguire on 16,


her second shot. Looking for another birdie. A bit to the right side but


safely on the green. Michelle Wie just wants to tap in for par on 15,


she does it no problem. Nice to see her. Her putting seems to be working


right now. Mel Reid's second shot on 17. She has a great shot in, nice


chance to get back one shot to join the leaders. Leona Maguire on 16 for


a birdie. A long effort. Not getting all the power in that one. Got some


work to do. Well, the sea is like a mill pond but the white ponies are


beginning to show as they come in. A little bit of a ripple. Looks so


much better when the tide is in. The rubber gear will come out. Here we


are. The rubber gear, always attracted. Leona Maguire on 16 for


par. It's tough to lose a few shots coming in. Typical golf, though,


isn't it? It's not over until it's over. Anna Nordqvist has played not


a bad second. A big putt this. If it goes in... That's good. Got away


with a par-4. Going along nicely. Cristie Kerr, second shot on 13. Not


the very long shot. Just a little wedge. Right now with this little


wind, it shouldn't do much. Just wait until it'll comes up. Melissa


Reid at the 17th, after that beautiful second shot, this is a


birdie putt to join the lead. Looking good. In she goes, she joins


the leaders. Mel Reid, 5-under par. Michelle Wie on 16th. She has a long


shot in. Rescue would. She does an excellent job, giving


her a chance for a birdie and to take the lead by herself at 6-under.


Cristie Kerr, like old father Thames she rolling along. And rolling them


in, that's the way you do it. Not a drop shot, good card. Mel Reid on


the 18th. Second shot. Good-looking player, isn't she? Yes,


she's done a lot of work in the last few years and it's starting to pay


off. See that great shot, nice chance for a birdie and the outright


lead. Michelle Wie, the 16th, take the lead. All the way, well done!


Looking very solid over her putts, now. Cristie Kerr's tee shot, the


par-3. How has she done... Not too shabby. Good in the sand. Final hole


for Melissa Reid. This is to go to 6-under. And its... No. Good try.


That will be a round of 67. Which won't be for behind come close of


play. APPLAUSE Two drop shots, 32, 35, very nice


opening round. There's the situation, Michelle Wie leads the


way but she's still got a couple of holes to play. A wonderful round the


Mel Reid. They were great conditions for you, how pleased are you with


the round? You aren't going to get Kingsbarns much easier than that, to


be honest. It's important when it's like that to take advantage,


especially in a tournament like this. On a links course, you are


going to get the odd bad break with the weather and the contours. I feel


for the first time this season probably and since Australia, I feel


extremely comfortable with my swing. I've put in a lot of hours to fill


like that and I feel pretty good about this week. COMMENTATOR:


Michelle Wie at the 17th, big ravine in front of this green. The green


slopes towards you as you look. Playing quite short today. A good


shot. Cracking shot. Lydia Ko has suddenly discovered how


difficult the game is, or people have told she should change and


improve. Get back to playing your old way, Lydia. Simple, don't


clutter your brain, just get on with it. You can do it, you've done it.


Do it again. Maguire, second shot on the 18th. A punchy one, we see a lot


of them here. She had a great club, maybe a little bit too far left.


Lydia for birdie on 17. She needs to get something going here. " But no


cigar. -- close but no cigar. The Maguire would like to finish with a


birdie. Pretty straight putt. She does, what a great finish from the


number one amateur in the world. APPLAUSE


69, a great start for the Open. Michelle Wie with this little putt


for a birdie at the 17th, after that beautiful second shot. Keep your


head still, just pushing down... Nearly in the middle. Disappeared.


She's jolly about it. Former US Open champion In Gee Chun. Perfect


position on 16, up the hill to this tiered green. That's a classic shot.


Beautifully played. Lydia Ko could do with a birdie. Just 1-over par.


Second to the 18th. I think she's admiring it. So she should, right


down the banner. But the 72. Setting up to fade it. Cut it in, skip it up


to the flag. It's an absolute beauty. What a day it's been for


her. Great to watch. In Gee Chun for a birdie, on this demanding 16th.


Solid performance from the former US Open winner.


18th, Michelle Wie for another birdie. She's done it right in the


heart of the hole. Round in 64, that's a special round. It started


with a six. One of the best round she's ever played in a major


Championship, and smiled all the way. Lydia Ko, desperately trying to


get in and even par. Only had one birdie today. And one is all that


remains. Birdied the fifth, dropped shots on six and seven and pars


everywhere else, if she pops that one in. Lindy Duncan, trying to edge


into that group on 5-under. Out in 31 for Lindy Duncan. Very, very nice


card indeed. Four birdies in the last five. Lydia Ko, this for the


past four 18th. -- par-4 18th. Round in 73. Smiling. Nine birdies on


Michelle Wie's card, round in 64. She leads by three. You had some


great conditions to play in out there, you took advantage of it and


you seem to enjoy it. How much did you enjoy it? It was gorgeous out


there. Sometimes you get lost in the views, it's so spectacular. It's a


really fun golf course and I'm really proud of myself or taking


advantage of the conditions. It seems like the course suits you, how


does it compare to previous venues for the Lydia Ko? I think we've been


lucky. We played some great venues like St Andrews obviously. This is


our first time here. This is one of the great ones as well. I thought it


was a really great golf course is. You had a taste of links golf last


week, how big a part has that played in your preparation and putting a


squad together like that today? I'm really glad I came over last week.


Links golf is different, especially where I live in Florida, it's a


completely different game. The conditions last week work extremely


difficult so I'm glad I went through that. A sensational 64 from Michelle


Wie, nine birdies in total. It's a beautiful condition today, Michelle


is one of a number of players who took advantage. Buried the nine this


morning and ideal scoring conditions. Michelle has had a good


year's golf. This time last year, at the Women's British Open, she was


ranked 114. She is now up to 35. This course is giving us the


opportunity to see Hersh great shotmaking skills. That was


impressive this morning. Mel Reid has done very well this morning.


This is her favourite course and she gets good vibes here. With the wind


picking up, that 64 and 67, I don't think there's going to be too many


past them. The marquee group this afternoon will be trying to match,


if not better Michelle Wie's score. They are all playing together and it


includes defending champion Jutanugarn.


Said the current big guns all out together. The top three in the world


with an average age of just over 23. But it was an older head who was


making all the big moves in the afternoon's play. 53-year-old Dame


Laura Davies came through qualifying on Monday to book her place in her


37th consecutive Women's British Open. This is the par-3 7th, a


birdie putt for Davies. It would be her fourth birdie of the day. The


very next hole, the par-5 8th. That would be back-to-back birdies. In it


goes and Laura Davies would move to 5-under par. South Korean IK Kim was


also going along nicely. A birdie on 15th followed by this opportunity on


the 16th. Her eighth of the day to move her to 7-under. It's Michelle


Wie setting the pace of Day one but that 64. IK Kim has a couple of


close finishes. Laura Davies just three of the lead. Sophie Lamb


qualified on Monday. She's also started nicely on 3-under the par-3


15th. Brooke Henderson finished with a 70, 2-under par. Charley Hull has


played just seven holes and has had a good start. Let's rejoin our


commentary team. COMMENTATOR: IK Kim on 18. Not usually an indication


that that's been tweaked to the left. Not too bad. This 11th green


is 65 yards long. Laura electing to throw that one high up in the air,


downwind. And another birdie opportunity coming up for Dame


Laura. Been a fine round of golf so far by cello joy. Got herself to


4-under. This is a birdie attempt on the last -- cello Choi -- Chella


Choi. Eagle chance for Lexi Thompson. A touch fortunate with her


second. She had a good race at it. Left herself rather longer than she


would like for birdie coming back. IK Kim, 18th green, this is, to join


Michelle Wie on the magic number of 64. The swish of the putter


afterwards tells you she didn't like it, it's been a fine round of golf.


Lexi Thompson, this for a birdie. Pops it right in the heart of the


cup. A little lucky with the second but makes a birdie out of it. IK


Kim, this for par, this 465. That's a great round of golf. She tucks


herself one shot in behind Michelle Wie. This player is only one of two


multiple winners on the LPGA this year and is in fine shape after this


round. Backed on the fairway at the 8th, Charley Hull is going to give


this a good bash. It needs a good bounce and kick forward and has got


one. A little unlucky, it will offer at the front of the green took the


sting out of it, she'll have that for an eagle. It bit of breeze


helping of the right at the 9th. Perfect tee shot for So Yeon Ryu.


Trying to work it in with the breeze. Go on... Delightfully


played. A big divot flies as Lexi Thompson plays her second in here to


the ninth. Nice bit of check on that. Peppering the flag. Charley


Hull up a little tear on the green. It's going to be a very tidy opening


eight holes, a couple of birdies already. Laura is moving along very


nicely. Got the claw grip going on the part, that's got to be good.


Just hung up on the right-hand side for her. Terrific outward nine of


31. Starts back with a couple of pars. All is good in the world of


Davies at the moment. Ashley Buhai, you might remember her more as


Ashleigh Simon. Not quite getting the Read right. Lexi Thompson,


should be a bit of left movement on this putt. APPLAUSE


It went one way and then the other. A lovely three. Well holed. So Yeon


Ryu trying to break this run of pars. That's the first birdie of the


day for the world number one. Out in 35. Dangerous second shot for the


17th, Lindy Duncan over the little stream that runs at the bottom of


the hill. It could come trickling back from here. Go on... Is a bank


at the back of the 17th green. Playing down breeze to get any


closer, you've got to take a risk. Result. Short 12th, and Laura is on


the tee. 133 yards today. She hit it a little left. Oh, that


will give her a tricky start. That will test you out. Lindy Duncan,


down the slope, right to left. The paste the greens is foxing some of


the players, much slower than they are accustomed to. Yet to make a


bogey. I hope she doesn't start now. That is a left-handed Texas wedge


from the English Dame. That is awfully good. A touch of brilliance


from Laura Davies. A big part for Duncan. She has yet to drop a shot.


What a disappointing 3-putt. Laura, after a good bit of escapology,


played left-handed to save the 12th. She has done it. I think she is


enjoying it. Look back why wouldn't you?


Did a lap of honour! That keeps the momentum going. That was a very


solid round of golf from Sophie Lamb, joining Leona Maguire, who had


a 69 and earlier today. That was a needless drop shot. She drove it so


far down the fairway. That is very unsatisfying, to walk off with a


bogey. Lindy Duncan is coming towards the


end of her around. Smarting a bit from the 3-putt on the last green.


But this gives her a great opportunity to make up for that.


What a fine shot. Final hole and hopefully final shot


of the day for Lindy Duncan. Very good indeed. Just the 3-putt at 17


causing her a headache. That made a lovely sound. That is a


terrific shot, comfortably long enough to make a par-5.


It usually turns from there. Go on! That is lovely. Three equal chances.


The group in front have waved them on to try and speed up play.


Jutanugarn, eagle chance on 11. Well, it is stone dead, but it


wasn't a very impressive putt. The tap in birdie takes her to 1-under.


A chance here of an eagle for Lexi Tompson. She has hit it right in the


jaws of the pocket too. The simplest of birdies, but an opportunity


missed, perhaps. Raindrops, for the first time today. The forecast was


for a couple of showers in the afternoon. Conditions this morning


were perfect. Caroline Matheson, one of Europe's


Solheim Cup hopefuls. Laura has made her majestic way to the scenic


par-3/14. She has taken the flag on and she has set up yet another


birdie chance. Ball above the feet, wind off the right. My goodness, she


gave it a shot. This going to be champion, the wonder horse. Come on!


How about that, baby? That for an eagle three. Beautiful tee shot here


at the 14th. And in she goes. Well done, Laura. Charley Hull now, our


exciting young English player. What a wonderful hole. Two cracking


shots. So the situation as we get deep into the


STUDIO: The weather did deteriorate dramatically. Heavy rain and the


threat of lightning meant play was suspended for almost an hour. But


eventually disguised it clear and play got back under way, so let's


get back out on the course -- eventually, the skies did clear.


COMMENTATOR: Lexi Thompson, on the 12th green. A very fine putt and


that is another birdie for Lexi Thompson. That is four in the last


five holes. She is still a long way back, but I think she likes the look


of it. Oh, I don't think it skipped out. Another perfectly placed tee


shot for Thompson. Laura Davies' fourth shot. Oh,


Laura, you're ruining all that good work. Thompson for a birdie. We have


seen many putts left short today. Laura started with a hooked tee


shot. Hoping for a single putt to make seven.


With her great length, she rather squandered a wonderful birdie


opportunity there. That started poorly from the tee and


then went downhill. So she has undone part of the good of her


half-dozen birdies. But there is still time for a strong finish. Back


to this very picturesque 14th hole. It looks much prettier when the tide


is in and you are playing across the water. It looks more difficult when


the tide is out. That was a well directed shot at the green. Oh, that


is miles away. This is Laura's third, trying to recover from a


double bogey at the last. Well played.


No exciting play from Jutanugarn thus far today, but that looks


better. Oh, bad run, Laura. 12 for the last


two holes. It is doing its best... Good effort.


Look at that sweet baby. Remind me of that horror film The Fly. I had


nightmares for years, and he is coming at you. He's going to get


you. Oh, my good lord. She's done it. So she moves to 1-under par.


That is her third birdie of the day. She has had a couple of bogeys in


the risk. STUDIO: A nice birdie from Ariya Jutanugarn, the world number


three. There are five South Koreans in the


top ten including Inbee Park. Charley Hull at the 14th. That was a


corker. Well played. A test here for


Charley. Gosh, she does rattle those in. By Jove.


Whoops. A rather ugly six at the par-5.


Jutanugarn birdied the last. Now trying to repeat that feat.


Those two birdies move Ariya Jutanugarn to 2-under. First thing


this morning, there was hardly a cloud in the sky but it has clouded


up more recently. The 14th, the par-3, has been a


tough hole all day. Michelle will be launching a high, floating shot into


it. Look at this for a beauty, using the contours. That was a gem. 16,


she fashions her second into that and the putting stroke is looking


very secure. Another birdie on the card. Look at this baby. Perfect,


just enough grab on it. Onto the last, and this to finish with her


third consecutive birdie. In she rolls. Is home in 38 under par, 64


and top of the leaderboard and all smiles. After a short rain delay, we


are back in action again. You don't want to go left on this pin. I


thought she had it. My goodness, a little bit unlucky.


Has Charley Hull Gonnet? She has. -- she has done it.


Laura Davies had few problems on the way home. Can she finish in style?


That was well recovered. She will have mixed feelings about that, but


on the whole she have to be pleased with that. This must be hugging the


flag. Lovely shot. She will have that for a birdie. So there is a


look at the state of play. It is incredible, your 37th


consecutive Women's British Open. How do you feel coming to the event


now? Do you have the same buzz you had them? Absolutely. I remember the


first one at Wentworth, near where I lived. I was an amateur. I only


missed four, so not a bad effort, I suppose. I still have the same


excitement to come and do well. I am under no illusions about winning,


but I would love to have a good week and try and scare the leaders of it.


But it is hard to beat them. We wish you all the best.


There's nothing like a dame. Well, from one English starter one in the


making. A good effort from Hull for her birdie on 17. An important putt


for Charley. She hasn't dropped a shot today. That was a poor 3-part,


leading to her first bogey. Back to the relative calm of the


14th and the scenic par-3. And another Englishwoman going well,


Ewart Shadoff. Charley, don't hit it too hard. She has hit a lot of good


tee shots today, I have to say. Go on. That just trickled into the


rough. A fine shot over the flag on 18 leaves this. But she hasn't hit


it. It's a very impressive opening round from the young Englishwoman.


Bogey free for Georgia Hall. Charley Hull is the only player out playing


at the moment. I believe you have had a few tips


from Gary Player in the lead up to the tournament. What did he say and


did you use any of it? He said you should never feel sorry for yourself


and never give up. So a few times, you get a bit low, but I never gave


up. I kept trying. With my putting, he said to always keep my head down.


And it is working. Charley Hull's second was fired over the flag.


Didn't work its way down to the hole. Downhill putt for birdie.


Lexi is the only one of this group who hasn't yet reached the world


number one spot. She is number two at the moment. I don't think it will


be long until she joins the others. Oh, Charley.


Nicely done on one of the better afternoon rounds, tougher than it


was this morning. The defending champion, finishing


off her opening round. Tremendous lot of hugging going on.


First thing this morning, there was hardly a breath of wind. I was


wandering down the West sands of St Andrews. Dead still this afternoon.


There has been a fair breeze and it is a bit chilly. It is very early


days, but what will be key to coming back tomorrow and continuing to push


in the right direction? It is all weather dependent, really, but just


focusing on my targets and doing the same thing I did today and being


relaxed between shots. Wish you all the best. A couple of three putts


avoided the fairway bunker. Not bad. It has been a long old afternoon.


Charley has battled away well. Just got to keep her concentration. The


rain is coming in sideways, and Charley's attempt at birdie on 18.


She was on the march. I thought she knew she had missed it. It all adds


up to 68, going along so nicely. Challenging conditions for the


afternoon starters. Charley Hull is one of those in she is with Eilidh.


How do you feel you are placed going into tomorrow? You are well


positioned. What is key tomorrow and how do you feel you are placed? I


think I have just got to stay patient, like I did today with the


weather. I don't know what the weather will be like tomorrow, but


hopefully it will be more,. I am looking forward to it. Charley Hull


was one of many have been from all good things tomorrow, but the one


they need to catch is Michelle wee. So women's golf at its finest today


and there is plenty more sport to come on the BBC. We are back with a


two of the Ricoh Women's British Open at 11.05 on BBC Two, 1130 5pm


in Scotland. It is Michelle Wie you leads the way after day one here at


the Women's British Open. A sensational 64 in the morning


sunshine of Kingsbarns. But they are queueing up behind her. What drama


will pay to bring? Hope you can join us to find out. Bye-bye.


Join Eilidh Barbour for analysis of the key moments from day one of the Women's British Open at Kingsbarns in Scotland. It is the first time the St Andrews club has hosted a major with a field boasting 17 of the world's top 20 female players.

Reigning champion Ariya Jutanugarn looks for a strong start after becoming Thailand's first Major winner at the Open in 2016, but she faces competition from past champions Inbee Park, Yani Tseng and Mo Martin.

CME Group Tour Champion Charley Hull and Catriona Matthew, winner in 2009, hope to lead British hopes of a home win.

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