Day 2 Golf: Women's British Open

Day 2

The best of the action from day two of the Women's British Open at Kingsbarns in Scotland. British starlet Charley Hull hopes for a maiden Major win for home fans.

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Hello and welcome today two of the women's British Open, a fresh start


to the day, and the wind has picked up on Scotland's's east coast. More


challenging than yesterday, with a threat of rain, so it's a bit


different from yesterday morning, which began with the sun sparkling


off the North Sea, and Michelle Wie shone brightest on the links.


It was gorgeous out there. Sometimes you get a knot breeze. It's


spectacular. I'm really proud of myself.


Michelle Wie is out in front after round one. A wonderful 64.


29-year-old South Korean In-Kyung Kim is a shot back. And there is


English interest a shot further back, Lauren Davis rolling back the


years alongside Georgia Hall -- Georgia Hall and Charley Hull on


four under par. Greg Davies looking to replicate the form that saw her


get 67 yesterday. Here she is on the par 312, off the green, but it


doesn't matter, in it goes to get three for the round, 8-under for the


Championship. 24-year-old South Korean Jenny Shin started today two


under and had this for birdie on the 12th. In it would go, moving her to


5-under, but she'd go even better on the par 3/14, with a whole month --


with a hole-in-one. England's Georgia Hall started the day four


off the lead, but four straight birdies in the front line at her


right up there. This is her tee shot on the par-3 fourteenths. Fired


straight at the flag, and that would mean a simple putt for birdie. It


would go, a sixth birdie of the day for Georgia Hall, 5-under par for


her around. Georgia Hall leading the way under par. 2014 champion Mo


Martin making steady ground. A slow start for world number two Lexi


Thompson, but she has recovered with birdies on ten, 11 and 12, helping


her back to 6-under par. They spit out on without commentaries. --


let's get out on the course with our commentators.


Thank you, a bit overcast but pleasant conditions. Lexi Thompson,


starting the day at 5-under, now 6-under. Approach to the 13th, and a


beauty. The back of the green. She won't be sure how close it is, but


it is next to the flag. Georgina hall having an excellent day,


9-under, 5-under for the day. Here on 16, her second shot, finding the


green. Actually, looking quite good, even though her body language showed


something different. Lexie is a bit of a roll at the 13th. Lovely


approach, another birdie on the cards.


Birdie chance for Georgia Hall. She's got it. She's darn well got


it. What a good-looking card, now leading by two, 10-under. Look at


that. Georgia Hall, 6-under for her


around, seven birdies on her card. She leads by two, going up the 16th.


62 for Michelle Wie yesterday, a course record, and Lexi Thompson,


fresh from a fourth birdie in a row. Some great play this morning.


Charley Hull, second to 13th, perfect tee shot she should be able


to land it softly, which she does. The greens are perfect. She could do


with a fast finish. Georgia Hall on the 16th with a 3-wood. Trying to


avoid the bunkers, trying to have a good finish after a wonderful day.


I think that's in one of those little pot bunkers.


14 today, 170 yards. Spectacular looking hole, pin towards the front


right. Nicely done, gathering up from


there. It's in an accessible spot. Earlier today, Jenny Shin made a


hole-in-one here. Here is Laura. Just keep your calm, try and get a


birdie. Good for the weekend. I still think it's amazing, the way


she looks. Calling for it to stay in the air. Still an amazing lady. Dame


Laura. Amy Yang on 18, 6-under. Only 13 on to the pin, very much in the


middle. And she showed it right there, great shot. Charley Hull at


the 13th. Cross handed, got to be. Well done. Beautifully struck. Right


at the sweet spot. Birdies at 11 and 13, back to four under. The 16th,


Georgia Hall drove it into a sand bunker on this par four. This is her


third shot. A little bluff. She's got to carry. Sit! Oh, be lucky.


Just stayed up, or it would have run to the front of the green. That, to


save her par. The boys and girls are out, the lobster boys, the crabbers.


It's interesting watching in the evening in St Andrews bay the little


ships, I presume they are crabbers or lobsters, and it's all out on a


day like this, but, when the waves are 30 foot high, it ain't much fun.


-- it's all right on a day like this. Laura trying to salvage a bit


after bogey double at the last two holes. Come on, Laura. Not a very


nice feeling. I hope there's enough for her to play for the weekend. We


like to see Dame Laura. Lexi Thompson on 14, going for five


birdies in a row. And she does it. That putter is a bit hot today. She


is 8-under, two shots off the lead. Laura missed the green, she chipped


it up and she has this by bogey. She missed her par at -- she has this


for a bogey. She missed her par putt. I'm fortunate finish, bogey,


double bogey. Georgia Hall coming to the end of her round. She's been in


trouble, I hear. This is for par. We have seen a few players doing well


and then coming to the last four or five holes and dropping three or


four. Angel Yin is trying to finish with a


nice birdie. That fist pump she did, she goes 7-under. And it's in a good


position for the weekend. It's not been a great finish Laura Davies,


Dame Laura. She is talking to us. It started so well and peed off a bit


at the end, but are you pleased with what you produced? -- and it went


off a bit at the end. Up until the end, I was cruising. I had 33 putts,


and just three putts, so it was a kick in the teeth, that finish. On


the back nine, it would have been there yesterday as well. Is it


coincidence or is it tiring out there, tough conditions? You play


the front nine downwind and the back nine into the wind, and it's harder.


You have to get precise tee shots and you end up not getting it to 15,


20 feet but 30 or 40. I had a good tee shot of 16 and it four iron in


there, and I ended up hitting a 3-putt by bogey. You want a good


number you got to go out in three or 4-under. Georgia, topping a shot on


16. Gets a nice bounce. She's not going to have a whole lot left. I


think there will some anger into that one. That's what adrenaline can


do for you. It's almost too far, she's let herself an awkward pitch.


This is the third shot of Lexi Thompson. Maybe still a birdie on


the way. Good line. That's the longest drive


we've seen down here on this 17th hole today. Yes, and she is one of


the longest on the LPGA, and Georgia was way longer than she was.


Sometimes it's not good to be too long, because a little touchy shot


like that becomes so much more difficult, but she handled it quite


nicely. Lexi Thompson having a birdie putt. Going very well today.


This is six birdies in a row, if she can make this. Just looked like she


came across a bit and didn't get the run. Georgia on 17. I think she'd


love to get a birdie to get her back from having bogeyed 16. Having an


amazing round, going 9-under. The leader by one.


155 -- 151 yards for Thompson, 7-iron.


Good shot. Georgia is aiming for a second shot on 18. Having a fabulous


round at 5-under. Looked like it came over a little bit. A little bit


left, but no problems. Coming back and rolling in, giving a nice chance


for a birdie on 18. Can Lexi Thompson make her sixth birdie on


this last nine? This to be tying for the lead. Good putt, but not good


enough. She has to settle for par. Remaining at 8-under. Georgia Hall


for a birdie. She had to settle for it. A very


good round today, 5-under. 9-under total. Leader in the clubhouse by


one. That confirms the 67 from Georgia


Hall, and a 1-stroke lead at the moment over Lexi Thompson. She's


speaking to us. You looked composed. How do you feel going round the


links? I'm quite confident, playing well at the moment, so trying to


keep pushing. The last few holes, I was a bit nervous. But I got used to


it, which was fine. Hopefully I can do even better at the weekend. We'll


have to see. Coming into the Championship, you know you are up


against the best. Does that motivates you? Yeah, it's great to


play against the best players in the world. This is my fifth British


Open, and I love links golf, and I had a good last few months, being up


there quite a few times. Hopefully I can stay up there at the weekend.


Lexi Thompson on her second shot on 17, playing quite smart, I think.


She laid herself quite a way back to be able to get a good shot in. A lot


of them have been a little too close.


Second consecutive birdie for her. An Englishwoman based in America,


Jodi Ewart Shadoff. 3-under for today. Birdie chance for Lexi


Thompson. She has holed another! Is back nine is special, six birdies on


it. Currently sharing the lead. Charley Hull, out of the divot on


17. Seemed a good connection. And that's a very, very fine golf shot


from the young Englishwoman. A great tee shot put tickled on its last


role into a very nasty lie, and full steam ahead.


Another fine shot. A spectacular inward nine so far by Lexi Thompson.


It's been something special after a slightly lacklustre opening nine.


The pin on a Little Richard macro on the left side of the green. -- on a


little ridge. Very nice. On a little ledge, with half a chance of making


another birdie. Watch the size of this divot. Beating right down on


the ball. The club almost stops. Unbelievable! Look at the shaft and


the clubface. It doesn't turn over. Very strong to be able to do that.


Shanshan Feng, ramming one into the back of the cup. Struggling


yesterday, but not today. 6-under. Lexi Thompson certainly had her


putting boots on in this round. She has this to take the outright lead


at 10-under. This is for her seventh birdie on this inward nine at


Kingsbarns. A little left to right. It's just swung across the face of


the hole. But that was a superb round. Out in 38, back in 31, 68 and


9-under par. Birdie putt for Charley Hull after a wonderful second. In


she goes. A little fist pump. She moves to 5-under par. A jaunty


stride back. Moriya Jutanugarn, bogey at the


last, round in 77, but all the damage was done at the 12th, the par


free. I don't know how she managed it, but she took nine. Defending


champion going to miss the cut. A nice day for Lexi Thompson, a bad


opening nine, but currently at 9-under, joint leader. What a start


that back nine, quite sensational. It was a bit windy today but it


didn't seem to affect you. The first few holes, I was like, this is


tougher than yesterday, but then it calmed down, so it was nice


conditions coming in. And you met some wild life on the 15th green.


That fee was massive! I heard it. It was buzzing. It landed somewhere,


and that's the worst sound for the I figured if I just talked it would go


away. It's not used to seeing sunglasses. It's mainly to keep my


head down. Plenty of loft on her club for the approach to the 18th.


Charley Hull. Not quite enough. There's a little bluff, a little


ridge, a fall from. It might clamber over that. Jodi Ewart Shadoff, after


a lovely tee shot, heating it up the 16th green. Can she make it on a


little plateau? It's another six inches.


Can Charley Hull find a final flourish? Birdied 17. That 1's a


little light. Just giving you a look at the little


tier that she's got to come up. A complete misjudgement. She had a


couple... Well, they are always unnecessary three putts. A little


tester here, Maureen. Is going to move a bit from her right. A lovely


way to finish. She holed one a bit shorter than that on the last five


birdie solid par to finish with. And there is Charley Hull, 68, 70 one.


This is crucial for the momentum of Jodi Ewart Shadoff, par putt. Very


well holed. Second shot coming up a cut short on the front of the green,


but that was a good two putt. Charley Hull still four shots back


from the clubhouse leaders, and another English talent is moving


along nicely. Jodi Ewart Shadoff, with 67 yesterday, following that up


with 70 today. In handling the ball well. A couple of things clicked at


the start of the week, and I've got some confidence with my putting.


I've been in this position before at Majors, so I'm going to try and use


that for the weekend. It's a big couple of weeks with the Solheim Cup


on the horizon. Annika Sorenstam is watching. Is that at the back of


your mind, that a good performance could set you up for that? My number


one hole this year is to make the Solheim Cup team. I've played before


and it's an amazing experience, so I wanted to be on the team. I have to


keep my mind in this week and make sure I finished strongest weekend.


At the moment, Jodi Ewart Shadoff is sitting in an automatic selection


place for the Solheim Cup. England's Georgia Hall leads the way, looking


to make the way for the first time as one of potentially five


Englishwoman to qualify. Earlier, I spoke to the woman with the big


decisions to make, Solheim Cup captain Annika Sorenstam, who is no


stranger to winning this event, victorious over at the links of


royal Lytham Saint Arms in 2004. Is close to the tournament and you are


looking for players playing well at this moment, so it's a big week for


them, getting a chance to get some point and move up the rankings. It's


getting quite exciting. Some of the players that should be there already


are playing well this week, Georgia Hall, Charley Hull. It must be


great, and a boost to see them doing well. It is, and we look for the


yellow and blue as well this week, and nice to see them play well. It's


always fun to find form when you need to. I've got my fingers crossed


for them, but a long way to go. Somebody needing a pig from yourself


is Anna. She's been struggling from illness. It must be good to see her


back and playing well. When she told me the news a few weeks ago, I


biggest concern was, how are you feeling? Health is the most


important. Forget about golf and playing Majors, focus on your


health. I want you to be happy and playing with it. She says she was


going to take a few weeks and see what happens. We said, don't worry


about the mere -- about the amount of tournament you have to play, I


just want you to be happy. But she's apprised me, to be here and to see


her playing well, that's better. I know that Europe will be underdogs


in the Solheim Cup, but how much confidence do you have in the team


that you can put together that you can surprise people? I've been lucky


to play in a few and to be vice captain in a few, and it's always an


honour. We'll see how it goes for the I've been enjoying this journey,


getting to know some of these players, and will going to go and


have a good time and play our best. All the best out there. Enjoy your


week. Thank you for speaking to us. Overnight leader Michelle Wie was


heading into day two of a major leading for the first time since


2014, but it wasn't to be quite the sparkling start she was looking for.


Bogeys at the 3rd and fifth moved her back down the leaderboard. Mel


Reid took advantage of the nine conditions yesterday, but it was


more of an endurance test today. Two bogeys and two birdies on the card


so far, level for the day with six holes left to play. LPGA rookie Ali


McDonald is competing on a links course for the second time, but it


isn't slowing down. This is for eagle on the 11th. It wouldn't go


this time, but it would drop for a fourth birdie on the bounce. Ali


McDonald making a real name for herself so far this week. She is now


a shot off the clubhouse leaders. Michelle Wie is dropped to 6-under


par, three shots of the pace setters. Let's get back out there.


Mel Reid at the 12th. 5-under. Missed a handful of very short


putts. That's a beautiful shot. Look at the spin on that. That was stone


dead a moment ago. Now it's a yard, four or five feet away. Good shot


though. This is Ali McDonald from the United States. She has this to


join the leaders. Oh! A touch more pace and she had it will stop


putatively rolled. -- and she added. Putatively rolled. A pilot is


trundling round up there, must be a bit lonely but a bit of farmland to


our left. When I first came and saw this, it was all farmland right down


to the shore, cabbages and spuds, and with a lot of earth moving they


have created this attractive course. Mel Reid for a birdie. She holed a


nice putt on the last green. She has missed a handful of five footers.


She's not putting with any confidence at all. Michelle Wie,


good drive. Oh, up she goes, over the wall. Looking good, it's online.


Oh, it won't make it. Just caught the back of the bunker. Taking a


yard or two off it. In-Kyung Kim, playing well this


year. Finished ninth last week, so enjoying a good run of form. She had


a good run at it. Only going to be a par, so she stays at 7-under, two


shots behind the leaders. Over the cabbages and down to the green and,


when the tide is in, it's even prettier. With a putter from long


range, we shall we. A very popular shot in Scotland. And that's not


going to end up to that, I can tell you right now. A gem! You don't


usually miss those. Look at the ball, it leaps up. You think it hugs


the ground all the time. Beautiful, birdie, birdie all the way, well


played. Third shot on the par-5, just left of the green. This isn't


easy. Just send it about eight yards. Played it well. Oh, a bit


unlucky. Stuck on her a bit. Was never going to run far. That for a


par-5. Leona Maguire, leading Konate, four


under. Shot into the 13th. -- a leading amateur. Beauty. Oh yes! A


super little shot. At the moment, the cut is on minus one. 65 players


and ties. So an important putt for Lydia Ko, currently on plus one. She


has had an adventurous route up this par-5 and, at the end of


proceedings, this could be very important indeed. Well, she is equal


to the task. That was a great save. Anna Nordqvist. Second at the 13th,


6-under par. McDonald, 8-under par, chasing the


leaders. Hurry, she is urging it on. And it has obeyed the command. Good


shot. Right-to-left putt from Nordqvist.


Great putt there. She is hanging in there. Let's have a squint down the


leaderboard. Let's look at Georgia Hall's action


from this morning. There was some great stuff. This was her tee shot


at the 14th. Awkward front pin of 170 yards today. It was quite a


pleasant morning. Then she moved to the 15th. The pace was just right.


So another birdie there. That took her to 6-under par. The 17th tee was


a little bit of "Take this". Watch how far it goes down the slope,


round the corner of the dogleg. It was running like Seb Coe on a good


day. She was round in a splendid 67 for a


total of 9-under par. A little tiddler for Maguire. Well


done. Ally McDonald has a birdie putt to


join the leaders. She doesn't get it all the way there. First full season


of the LPGA Tour. Michelle Wie here on the 13th.


Important to get it up all the way, and she does. Very nice shot. Back


foot, she is drilling this in. My goodness, look at the shaft and the


clubface. And to hold its square like that. She is a very strong


player. How long are her joints going to last with that pressure?


153 yards from Lydia Ko. That is what faces her on the right. Watch


this, it is so simple. She needs to put in another gear.


Maybe this is where it starts. It has been one of those days. We


haven't seen much sunshine. It's been a bit overcast. No real rain


this morning, but some heavy showers this afternoon. If you get one or


the other, it's not so bad. It is when you get a combination of wind


and rain that it is nasty. This is a very special spot in the world.


Michelle Wie for birdie on 13. Yesterday, she seemed to make


everything from everywhere. Interesting, the way she marks the


ball. She has a line on it and a big black dot. Just a couple behind for


Michelle Wie. This has got to be very soft for


Lydia Ko. Birdie chance at the 13th, and she could do with it.


Well, I don't know what happened there. That was a bizarre shot. Choi


at the 8th, Pop Idol. -- par-5. Well done.


You don't want that backspin. It always shows up. After that odd


shot, her third shot. Trying to play with the contours of the green and


does a nice job. McDonald at the 18th. No. One dropped shot at the


1st hole and then five birdies. Two competitive rounds on the


course. You are through to the weekend. Have your expectations


changed of what you can do over the weekend? Well, I just trust me and I


know the work I have put in, so I know what I am capable of. It's a


challenge. You have to take it one hole at a time, but I look forward


to the challenge. I am playing 36 more this weekend and I will give it


my best shot. Leona Maguire here on 16. Just a


lack of pace on that one. Jutanugarn, 6-under. Lydia Ko,


fighting for her place. She has three holes to do something. Very


classy. Ariya Jutanugarn. Sounded like a


sweet strike at the 14th, and it was.


A cake in -- IK Kim. Nicely done. Won a couple of times on the Elbe


GPA Tour. This is the elder sister of the defending champion, who will


not be here for the weekend. But the family honour is being upheld by


Maria. Anna Nordqvist has made her way to


the 17th, but can was there before her earlier in the week. -- Ken was


there before her. Just to produce a producer 17th green is this gully,


destroying its area. This bank guards the 17th green. I am not sure


if you pitch it into the bank, whether it will come back to you or


not. This one has taken a bit of an adventure. I am not going to waste


golf balls. So if you pitch short of the 17th green, you are almost


certain to roll back into the ditch. The green is a narrow putting


surface. If you look at the size of the green, it is shallow. And the


green is divided into two sections by this little ridge that runs


through the centre. There is a high left under no right. If you trickle


over the back of the green, you might get a bit of luck and it comes


trickling back to you. Shallow green. This is a tough hole. And


don't forget the ditch. You were a bit out of breath there, Ken,


running up that hill! Now, here is Nordqvist, going over the ditch, or


as we would say in Scotland, burn. Holding her round together very


well. She is suffering from a glandular fever type of illness,


lacking in energy. Lydia Ko. Needs a birdie. Good effort.


Some good scoring this afternoon, despite the occasional heavy shower.


That tells you how she feels about her day. Nordqvist needs a


touchy-feely one here. There have been a number of longest


putts today. A bit of sunshine today, but mainly cloudy. If you are


a painter, you would like that. Mel Reid. She will hopefully remain at


5-under. Had a few problems missing a couple of short ones earlier


today. A bit of house work left to be done.


Slightly awkward stance for Michelle. Maintain her balance well.


Oh, I'm afraid that has found Ken's burn. That's a very fast flowing


burn. Couple of deep breaths. Oh, my goodness, that was a brave one. She


rammed it in. Nicely done. Time for a hot bath. 2009 Open champion,


Catriona Matthew. Her work here is not finished this weekend. She is


the vice captain on the Solheim Cup team and while she will still be


tried to get a pic herself, she will no doubt be consulting with an Anker


Sorensen and the other captains when the team is announced on Sunday.


Nordqvist has let it leak on the left breeze. A little unlucky.


Michelle Wie knocked her second into the burn. Did you have a number in


mind, Ken, when you were dropping? You don't want to get too close. She


went just far enough back. To the final hole. Leona Maguire, up the


slope. Michelle hold a number of these yesterday in that fine 64, but


this is a fickle game. Just a little shy. Final green, Nordqvist. Wow,


that is an uncharacteristic but from her. Just stretching the old pins.


Lydia Ko has had 15 pars and one birdie today and she needs one more


birdie to be here for the weekend. This could be it. She has had a bit


of a read from Michelle Wie. And what a great learner she is.


Lydia Ko has been left with 100 yards to go for her third.


A classy shot from a classy player. Hello! One for the family album.


Well, life on the links was easy for Michelle Wie yesterday. It has been


a little more challenging today. A simple bit of farmland has been


turned into a very dramatic golf course. Ko showed great heart on the


last green, hole in one is a bit longer than this. Can she do it


again? Yes, well done. Twice in a row. Had to do it, did it. Michelle


Wie, just tidying up. What a difference from yesterday. The


equivalent now of two rounds of 70. Wow. IK Kim for eagle. Hello!


Beautifully done. In glorious isolation out at the 11th. She gets


an eagle and steps into the lead, and only we know.


For much of the day, we delighted in the play of Lexi Thompson. Then this


happened on 12, the par-3. Perfect length. She is getting the hang of


things now. On 13, this was her approach. 32 yards on the green, but


she is hunting the flags and that was a tap in birdie. That is four in


a row. And she's not finished yet. The scenic par-3, 14th. Once again,


just catching the right edge. And the game of golf is suddenly very


easy. On to 17, coming towards the end of


her round. That would yield a sixth birdie 68 and a total of 9-under


par. Choi, second at the 13th. Here comes the magic tangerine. And


again, a beauty. The long hitting Dutchwoman, Vandamme, finding an


accurate one here. Choi. You have to be careful not to get any moisture


on the blade of the putter here. Oh! There is one of the former US


champions in the field, In Gee Chun. What a way to finish. A few


oystercatchers out there, looking for their lunch. It really is a


beautiful part of the country, this 14th tee in the middle of the


picture. Lovely, sandy beaches and often not a soul in sight.


It has turned a little nasty again in the last 20 minutes. Van Dam


still has nine holes to play. Five birdies are on the card already for


Jutanugarn against one bogey. It has been impressive play in these


increasingly damp conditions. And that is a goodie. And a great chance


of a closing birdie here. It is one of these evenings when you are just


keen to get finished. Sophie Lamb, the English champion, having a great


run of form. And that is improving. Right up there in a tussle with the


Leona Maguire. Jutanugarn has this for a closing birdie. I thought she


had it. But it is very fine play anyway.


Moriya Jutanugarn is with a league. Your sister won the Championship


last year. How much of an inspiration has that been for you?


Well, we have been doing everything together. Of course, when she gets


success, we are close, so I am proud of her and happy with what she did.


Also, I am just trying to keep up. She actually gives me a lot of


things. We learn from each other. You will have to fly the family flag


this weekend because she hasn't made the cut. Do you feel a sense of


responsibility to try and bring this Championship back to the family


home? Well, I try and play my best. I always tell everybody my goal is


to win my first tournament. I just want to enjoy the golf course. It is


very pretty out here. We wish you all the best. I will let you get


inside before you get soaked! STUDIO: The rain continued to fall


at Kingsbarns, but it didn't bother IK Kim. Another birdie opportunity


at the par-4 17th. And it would drop to leave her two clear off the


field. Kim has already won twice on the LPGA this season and she leads


at the halfway stage of the Women's British Open. A superb couple of


days or so for England's Georgia Hall, the closest chaser alongside


world number two Lexi Thompson. A big day to come tomorrow for many


on the lakes, but also for those competing in the World Athletics


Championships. Well, it's been a testing day at


Kingsbarns, bought a leaderboard we have going into the weekend. South


Korea's IK Kim with the slenderest of Leeds, but they are queueing up


behind her and it's all to play for. Should be good fun over the weekend.


Hope to see you tomorrow.


Eilidh Barbour presents the best of the action from day two of the Women's British Open at Kingsbarns in St Andrews, Scotland.

British starlet Charley Hull aims to turn recent good form into a maiden Major win for home fans along with former champion Catriona Matthew, who won the trophy in 2009.

The strong field also includes reigning champion Ariya Jutanugarn and previous winners Inbee Park, Yani Tseng and Mo Martin.

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