Day 3 Golf: Women's British Open

Day 3

Highlights of the third round at Kingsbarns, Scotland. At this stage of 2016's championship, eventual winner Ariya Jutanugarn made a decisive move up the leader board.

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Welcome to the picturesque Fife on the Scottish east coast. In amongst


the tranquillity of the best women golfers on the planet are battling


against themselves and the elements in a bid to lift the season, the


Ricoh women's British Open. In these conditions it really is a


spectacular setting but the wind is beginning to whip up and as


Kingsbarns has already shown us this week, it can change very quickly.


Those out early will be looking to put the pressure on. It is an


international trio leading the way on day three. From South Korea,


In-Kyung Kim. The 29-year-old has already won twice on the LPGA this


year. From the USA, world number to, Lexi Thomson, a major winner in


2014. Flying the home flag, 21-year-old Georgia Hall. She


currently sits top of the ladies European Tour Order of Merit. So,


In-Kyung Kim leads after her 68, two ahead of Lexi Thompson and Georgia


Hall. Ally McDonald is on 8-under and Jodi Ewart-Shadoff another shot


back. Charley Hull and Mel Reid are still in the mix on 5-under par. So,


to the leaders. On the tee, from England, Georgia


Hall. A big 48 hours coming up for this


young player. Many eyes on her. She has got away to a good start,


excellent. On the TV from career, In-Kyung Kim. -- BT from


Korea. Well, on she goes our Championship leader. That will end


up very nicely indeed. The leaders are off. Let's take a


look back at some of the early starters. 2013 Champion Stacy Lewis


began the day two under-par. This bought a birdie to finish on 18. --


for a birdie. Very nicely done and what around it was! Nine birdies on


the way to a 6-under par for Championship. Her partner was also


going along very well. This, her second shot went to the park four


ninth. Right at the flag and that would be a tap in for birdie to move


into 7-under. To the 17th now and a birdie putt. That would be an eight


to take her to just one back from the lead. To the final hole and


another birdie putt but this one was to set a New Course record. So close


but she would tap that into equalled the 64 set by Michelle Wie on


Thursday but more importantly was in the clubhouse from 10-under par.


Very happy with today. I barely made the cut yesterday. I tried to play


some good golf this morning. The perfect condition for scoring. The


greens were a little bit quicker, so it was better to have faster greens.


The greens were really slow the past couple of days and I really


struggled with the putt. Jaye Marie green and Caroline Matheson making


good of the early conditions. The good start for Jodi Ewart-Shadoff.


Two time winner goes in on four under-par. Let's go out on the


course with the commentators. First, Maureen. A fine T-shirt at this


opening hole. It has given Georgia Hall a good opportunity of birdie.


Up the hill a little on the left. That was a confidently stroked putt.


The young Englishwoman can not have hoped for a better start. Second


hole, McDonald. Par-5, second shot. Bunkers on the right of the green,


right in front of the television tower. Trying to shoot it on. It is


doing very well indeed. Look at this! What a little beauty!


Choi at the 3rd. A bogey putt. She is getting closer but still work to


do. McDonald at the 2nd after that cracking second shot. This is for a


three. Just ran out of gas. That is a nice birdie after the drop shot at


the 1st, even Stephen after two. Came just far enough back. But bit


of spin on this one. Very nicely done. Not the longest of it is but


an exquisite short iron player. -- hitters. Third green and Lexi


Thompson. I am not sure what happened there. Don't know whether


holders. -- where the hole is. A mile short. Must be seven feet


short. Leader by one and a birdie chance here at the 2nd. A nice role


on it. A very nice role on it. Just seemed to hug the surface. She moves


to 12-under. Fresh off a birdie, Kim has moved to 12-under par. Georgia


Hall birdied the first. Stacy Lewis, what around for her! She was round


in 65. This was at the 15th. At this stage when she was 5-under. Note


that in and took home 26-under. Former champion in 2013. -- nudged


that in. A bit of a breeze and no rain. At the 16th she played this


beauty. Second shot. Sweet as that. Write down the flag and left her the


simplest of birdie putts. A old 62. At the 17th, she found the green.


Another one into the bottom of the Cup. At this stage, she is flying up


the leaderboard. At the 18th, a beautiful approach. A little down


the slope. A powerful strike. Nine birdies on the card. Very


impressive. She is currently lying in fourth position. Amy caught up


with her. With the conditions we have hand, knowing you had a few


shots to make up, you must have been delighted to see the sun shining in


benign conditions. At the British Open you need to make some birdies.


We were making birdies. Conditions were hard and I was still making


birdies. A great way to finish the day. Going back and forth and making


putts was cool. Jaye Marie green. That one sliding across the face of


the hole. What around she has had today! She is just taking a lot of


care here. She taps that in for a 67. Out in 31. A couple of ugly


blobs in the middle of the back nine but it adds up to a fine effort. Not


many players putt with a glove on but Lexi does. You can see the tilt


of the Cup. It will move right to left. Christopher Columbus. Would


have done better with a hockey stick and an orange, I think. Most


unusual. A stroke thrown away therefore Lexi.


Maria, the older sister of the defending champion, a wonderful


player in her own right. She moves to 8-under. 23 years of age. I don't


think she liked her sister stealing the limelight last year. Kim drove


into trouble last year and found a huge bunker. Only ad farms it to


here. This is a difficult shot. Without a background it is difficult


for your depth perception. You have to trust your yardage. A little


further past than it looks. She does not seem too happy. She looks a


little ruffled. Jodi Ewart-Shadoff lying second. Short fly here. Very


short. Beautifully judged. There have been a couple of to is here


already today. Kewn with a birdie chance at the 9th. -- Kim. Bangs it


in. This is a good-looking card. 20 of three 's. Georgia Hall came off a


little short here on the third. A little untidy. Jodi Ewart-Shadoff


with a birdie chance and she does. That was nicely done. Kim has played


away rather untidily up the third. Still a chance of saving par with


the good part down the hill. Will not be that fast with the rain


tumbling out of the skies again. Look at the line rolling end over


end. That is a fantastic four. Par putt for Georgia Hall. This has


been the second hardest hole on the course. Bit of a tricky spot. I


think she thought she had that one. Let's have a look at the leaderboard


as it stands in round three. That lovely 25 footer at the 3rd. A great


round. Early doors. As we go down the leaderboard, Mel Reid has made


three birdies this morning, moving to 8-under. Lexi is struggling a


little bit. That is one of the best we have seen


today. Just tiptoed over the hollow. This is fantastic stuff. Just


tiptoeing along and rolling the odd one in. 8-under par. A big group at


eight and. Just a slightly longer to shot gives you a glimpse of the


flag. Sounded sweet. Another crackerjack. Two wonderful shots.


They are the leaders and we can see why now. The ball just spins away.


That is what it should be. The ball first. You should have told me this


a long time ago. At this stage she was 5-under par. Not many birdies


here today at this awkward pin. A chance for Georgia Hall. I like the


pink fingernails. Maybe they are for good luck. Did you try it? I'd just


do my toenails. Half an hour ago looked like we were going to get a


soaking and now it looks rather pleasant. Good angle to putt from, I


would say, from this side, wouldn't you? A little bit left to right. The


more of the break you can take out. They did not like that. A very


hesitant stroke. Not a good one. Georgia Hall for her part. This is


crucial. Short at the last. A lovely approach. Very solid. Just feels a


little bit of deep breathing going on. Something to settle and get the


round going. At the 9th. The second. A bit of check on that. More than a


bit of check. A superb shot. Beautifully struck. I think if


Georgia gets hold of one, she can certainly chase it on. I think it


would be a big relief right now. She really smacked that one, did not


hold back. Past the bunker. And it is setting up for a nice eagle putt.


A beautiful shot. That was a honey Bunch and a half. She will not know


how beautiful it is. That is a beauty. Another one finds the bottom


of the Cup. She is more than tiptoeing up the leaderboard, she is


flying up it. Such the shoot out tomorrow with all these low scores.


In-Kyung Kim does like a practice swing. Those grabby ones. She won't


want it again. Delightfully played. What is the strike? Just nipped it.


Sometimes you can over read a putt. This is for an eagle two. She has


got it. Moves from 9-under 211 under after a gorgeous tee shot. An


absolutely perfect putt. Kim, after a lovely chip on here has this for


her birdie. Taps it in and leads by two. Kim, 13-under an Georgia Hall


11-under. In the clubhouse at 11-under. In-Kyung Kim a long way


short of this flag on the past three sevenths. Not a long way short. What


a tramline. Third birdie of the day and a couple of drop shots. It all


adds to 8-under. Caroline Masson choosing a very good week to hit


some form. Very solid play from the German player. Championship leader


Kim is frisky. She is like a young puppy. Jumping about. Looks almost


childlike. Wonderful to see. Look at that. Wax it up onto the green and


looks astonished. Another spanking to shot by Georgia Hall. You know


how impressive is this young Englishwoman. Played twice in this


Championship as an amateur. Was an amateur with Lydia a few years ago.


Caroline Masson. Come on, come on. Yes, yes. Surely, surely not. That


will count the same as a big, booming 280-yard drive. That little


one gives her a 67. Everything very still. Hardly a breath of wind. If


she has hit it, if she has hit it. She did. Well done! Was worried it


would stop a couple of inches short. That was a wonderful stuff. Captain


Ahab caddying for her. Can Georgia Hall match In-Kyung Kim's birdie? It


is still a three shot lead. There is a little happy chap. Danny


Massingham, one of our librarian boys. Here's wide had a baby


yesterday. People kept saying that Danny had a baby yesterday. EP did,


he would be worth millions. It was his wife. Our leader. Let's see


where this ends up. It is quite acceptable. It is not the worst shot


in the world. And yet, I don't know, the exuberance of youth. The exceeds


rents of youth. That's the way it goes. Always carry two umbrella. A


packet of some jeers and a thermos flask, thermals. All day long


chattering away and smiling. Where are we? Oh, Joy! Georgia Hall, the


21-year-old from Dorset. They are all cheering her on from that


county. Turned pro in 2014. So, only starting on this great adventure


that is professional golf. That is a great shot. Very, very impressive. A


lucky escape here for McDonald on the par-5 3rd shot. Quite an unsure


late in green up. A miracle. The miracle has happened. Just when you


are hoping to get close, you pop one in and put down three and move on.


Came for her third consecutive birdie. Look at that one Tanni


across the green. In she goes. This is a to Mendis start from In-Kyung


Kim. There is clear water now between her and the rest of the


field. Now, much closer and Georgia Hall trying to match that birdie.


Does not want to drop too far behind. Can she do it? Yes, she can.


This is a great match developing between these two. A ding-dong


battle. Look at that! Three twos. Good Lord! Well, In-Kyung Kim


forging a highway ahead but Reid has tiptoed up to 9-under. A fascinating


battle is ensuing. The rear with the shortest hole on the golf course and


only a wedge. That should come in from there. That is a very sharp


play. Surely not. Anything hit over the left-hand bunker sweeps back in.


Look at that! The university, Old Course hotel. It can tell a story or


two. As we drift along the coastline, it is about 12 and a half


kilometres from Kingsbarns. There was a view of what Georgia was


facing. He has to act this right into the heart of the green and let


the slopes feed it down to the flag. Come on. Are you come. That is a


fine effort. Almost holding one here at the 12th. Just attending to


business now. That moves 10-under. Five behind In-Kyung Kim. Georgia


Hall has already had one eagle so far today. Doesn't half move the


score along. This is going to be slow. She has a little rise to come


up. I'll she comes. A little bit strong. Lost the line a bit. It


happens sometimes when the greens are slow and there are moisture --


there is moisture on them. A par saving attempt at 14. I thought it


had to come from there as well. It just held its line. That is her


first dropped shot of the day. 32 with four birdies. No birdie so far


coming on the back nine. A bit of swing on this baby. Turning hard


from left to right. She has hold some beauty so far. This for a


birdie at number eight but an unlikely one. It was a very good


effort, wasn't it? Tiptoed along the edge of that rich. Beautifully


judged. Checking the football scores and Luton 5-1 up. Pretty impressive.


Everything down the left side. Can she hit it? Oh, no! Right in the


jaws, jeepers creepers. Just a par. Look at that, three two As on the


card so, 12-under, a very good opening nine holes.


After an adventurous second shot eventually makes a par at the 8th.


Certainly a birdie opportunity missed for both the last two in the


final pairing. That's just about all that Georgia Hall can see for her


second shot on the ninth. Got to fly it right up onto the back ledge. Sit


down there. Just caught a little bit of a flyer


there. It is finished in an awful sport. It's when you trap a bit of


grass between the club and the ball and it just eliminates some of the


backspin. Oh, my lord. Fingers crossed it was made by a rabbit. Now


it is an eagle putt but Jodi Ewart Shadoff but realistically down in


two for her good birdie, it has to hurry. Two good shots to get it to


the front edge of the green on this long par five. Well, this is how the


US team is shake the -- shaping up. There are ten there, names that are


probably going to make the team. Two captains picks, which is down to the


captain. Will come to Scotland, to the


women's British Open. A huge week on the


Will come to Scotland, to the women's British Open. A huge week on


the golfing calendar but for you, looking ahead to the Solheim Cup,


how big a week is this for you? It's a big week and a big week for the


players, a bigger week for the players. A lot of vying for the two


spots. I'm waiting to see how players lay out, the Rolex rankings,


a lot of things can switch come Sunday. I'll wait until that happens


and get my two pics and we'll be on to Des Moines. Two pics, how many


players are you looking at? Well, probably six or seven players but


I'm really looking at and that really have a good chance. It's not


like I'm ranking them, really, I could slot anybody in and they'd do


well for me, so I've just got to think what's best for the team and


what's best for the camaraderie and go from there. We all look forward


to the Solheim Cup, it's one of the best events on the ladies' Tour.


Georgia Hall to get a free drop from that ugly spot they've all been in


and dropped it here. They must have been practising. Still tricky, don't


be greedy. Make sure you get it on the green.


Look at that, a bit of turbulence if your aeroplane was going through


there, I'm sure. Lexi Thompson has had a very disappointing outward


nine, of 38. She's got to start making some inroads. I think she was


listening. That's more like it, Lexi.


Georgia Hall has got this little one to drop, just one shot. At the 9th.


I.K. Kim made par. So George, four behind. -- Georgia Hall, four


behind. Lexi Thompson here on 11, having an iron in for her second


shot. It's a long hitter that didn't look or sound very good. I guess it


did, I apologise! It looked very odd, but she's on the green.


Here's Jutanugarn, third shot in 15 par-5. She's going to want to knock


it close and she does. It's very important to keep up with the field.


There's a lot of birdies being made out there. Lexi Thompson here on 11,


with a long eagle putt. She's got a little bit to work with, but not too


much. Just needs to get it there, but that's been her problem. To find


the pace. Here's Jutanugarn, her birdie on 15. To go into double


digits. Much better stroke. Much firmer.


Right at the bottom of the cut, she's happy. Well, the sea is calm,


but the clouds over Carnoustie Way look very ominous. Lexi Thompson


after that misjudged first putt gets away with it, saved the day. My


word, it's hard work though. She's still in the mix, not 1 million


miles away. 9-under par. Both Kim and Hall parred the tenth, this is


the par-5 11th. Kim, driving. Pretty generous fairways, but you don't


want to go left. That's all right, that's a good shot. Skipping away.


Very attractive corner of the course, the stand of trees behind


the tee which separates the hole is, a very pretty corner. Jutanugarn,


second shot to the 16th. She's 10-under now. Defending champion her


sister fails to qualify. She's making up for it. Look out, a


stunning shot. Keep it in the family. McDonald at the 12th.


It's a good shot. For birdie on 16, Jutanugarn, to go 11-under, to go


tight for second place at this moment and she does. -- tied for


second place. She's been overshadowed by her sister but she's


a very fine player. Now Bellerive at the back of the green, but it down


to here, this for a palm four at the back of the hole -- Bill Reid. A sad


way to finish after so many good things have happened during the


course of the round. She disappears off the leaderboard. Still, a 69,


could easily have been a 66. Check on the leaderboard. Kim still leads


by four. Two at 11-under. You can see there's quite a crowd down to


what, 9-under, who have a realistic chance. There's Mel Reid, 8-under


for the Championship. You knew you had a few shots to make


up, you had to go aggressive. Are you pleased with that aspect of how


you approached today? Yes, it was a lot tougher for us, the wind was a


bit, rain here and there and I didn't put a foot wrong. I didn't


put a foot wrong, to be honest, I just felt I could have shot 65


without doing much different. Something in assist -- 60s is always


good on Saturday, Moving Day. COMMENTATOR:


Nights approach from Kim, absolutely pin high down the breeze, never easy


to judge. She is in command of the situation at the moment. Ally


McDonald for her birdie on the 12th. Should just be a little bit left to


right, to have a nice pace. Very nice run. She goes into double


digits. I.K. Kim, and she's holed a lot of beauty is particularly on the


front nine. This sort of distance has been Holding her fair share to


extend the lead. She's done it again, right into the


heart of the cup. 5-under, five birdies, no drops, 16-under, leads


by five. Here's Lexi, after she was also in the bunker, leaving herself


a tough pitch. She would probably have to land it the upper tier, get


over the bunker and everything, trying to just... Yes, she hit that


a little too heavy and the ball is coming back.


After a nice birdie, I.K. Kim here on 12th, just a little snooze wage,


110 yards -- a smooth Which. Continuing her amazing steady play


today. Par-5 15th, the cup in a little hollow which gathers the ball


up and it's right in the plughole. What a beauty. I.K. Kim to go


17-under. To go 6-under for the day. Playing pretty much flawless golf


today, only birdies, five birdies on the card. Actually six birdies on


the card. Going to 17-under and a lead of six shot at this point, so


Georgia really needs to make something happen not to make the gap


too long. Ally McDonald not trying to make the mess even bigger, wants


to make this one for bogey. To drop one. She goes to 9-under. A little


bit of everything on this court today. Mix and match. A little


opening for Georgia Hall, she's got 102. Six up the ridge behind,


lovely, lovely shot. Georgia Hall leaving herself this


for birdie after a Mendis third shot, here on 15, yes. She goes into


double digits. Georgia Hall here for birdie, to go 12. Very much needed.


Very nicely, Georgia moves into second place all by herself at


12-under and their off to the 14th and it's a beautiful hole, a


signature hole here and Ken was there earlier.


The 14th here without any doubt as a signature hole, par-3 over the water


to this green that's fairly narrow and it's much longer to the right


side than left and club selection all-important. When you stand out


here I always think of John Betjeman's poem, seaside Golf.


Player cost of the edge of the water. Seaweed smells from Sandy


caves and time and missed in whisk incoming tide, Atlanta's waves


slapping the Sunni cliffs, lark song and the sounds in the air and


splendour, splendour, everywhere. It is a delight. But perhaps this is


the golfers' view. This is what it looks like from the green to the


tee. There may be larks song in the air, I really, really couldn't care.


Yelling a raucous cry of four, please, please, carried to the


shore. Who cares about the seaside sounds all the lovely view? Just let


me find my number two. It's that type of hole, you either love it or


you hate it. COMMENTATOR:


Georgia on the 14th. Good percentage shot, better than a


percentage shot from Georgia Hall. How well she has played today. And


nudges it in for the par 67. A very well controlled round, particularly


early on. She hit some high quality I am shots. Maybe 66, tomorrow.


Georgia Hall has already got one, two, three twos on her card. The


rain is really increasing. To number four. Well, my goodness, she has got


some fight in her. She creeps up just four shots behind now. Well,


Jodi Ewart Shadoff and a bit of bother off the 16th tee. This is for


par and it's dropped shot for her and she's going to move back, to


9-under. Here's the leaderboard. I.K. Kim leads by four after that


wonderful putt that Georgia Hall moved her to 13-under and Jutanugarn


with a great round of 67, 11-under, in third spot. The 15th is a real


three shot. Now, that's not very healthy. And I


wonder if she's feeling the pressure exerted by Georgia Hall's last two


birdies. Lead has been cut from six, 24-macro, in a matter of 15 minutes


or so. Looking down to the 70s, the 17th green sits well the players. --


17th, looking down. That's her third. Dropped a shot on 16, needs a


good putt here to save her par. Georgia Hall with the ideal angle


for her pitch. Doesn't like it. Well, it's OK though. She just


pulled it a little bit. She was going to try to use the slope a


little bit to ease the ball down to the hole but it's given her a


chance. Now you would shut off needs this, she doesn't want to have


back-to-back bogeys -- Jodi Ewart Shadoff needs this. That's going to


draw her back to 8-under. So disappointingly, to do so much of


your good work. I think Georgia Hall can sense a little chink in her


partner's armour. Yes, you've got to feel this is a possum all pivotal


point in the round. -- it's a possible pivotal point. She's


birdied the last two. Check can she get one more? Hit it, oh, she's done


it! Well, the glint of stealing her eye and how right you were, Ken. At


the moment the gap is three and Kim has a very difficult putt left. For


the first time today she's been put under a little bit of pressure. A


little uphill, little movement to the right, must keep the pace on


this. She's missed nothing so far today.


Oh, very well done. That was a pressure putt.


The caddy moves away. No... -- oh, that was very tiny indeed and very,


very costly. Five has got to be the worst score


that she makes from this tee shot that she leaked right here on 16.


I'm getting nervous. Oh, well... It's making one mistake


and following it with another. Never a good idea. Championship leader


Kim, second shot to the 16th. Georgia Hall in the rough with the


tee shot bunker with her second, great chance to increase her lead.


And she's played a corker, absolute stunning shot.


Jodie, desperately wanting a bogey after two birdies on the trot. She's


left it in the jaws. Well, she'll tap that in for an inward nine of 37


- today of 71. Promised so much better at one stage, a disappointing


finish. Three groups left on the golf course. A sliding downhill lie


here from McDonald's. It's a good shot. That will come


back a little bit off the slope for her. It was a very brave shot


indeed, it's getting better all the time. Georgia Hall -- Georgia Hall


made a bad decision with her second shot, put it here. Not a bad


contact. And a very fair result, she's got it on the green. Two putts


for a five. She might lose two shots here. Cracking tee shot from Lexi


Thompson here on 17. Perfect view of the pin. And another very fine I am


shot, my goodness, that was unlucky. Nearly took a sharp left-hand turn


into the hole. Good judgment needed here for Georgia Hall to get this


close. This is her fourth shot, quite a swing up the slope, starts


to turn, keep up. It's just going to stay too high, but that's a very


good effort. It's gone a thought or two past. -- it's gone a foot or two


past. McDonald, a lovely rescue club into here, down the hill,


aggressive, solid, what a great three that is. That brings her back


into double figures. 10-under. Our leader after that very good second


shot, a putt for three. A good view from here.


Nice strike. It's turning left, turning left, not quite enough


steam, but that's a good solid safe four and at least one shot further


ahead. Quite a short birdie putt here for


Thompson, but she missed one on the last green that was about half this


distance, but she makes no mistake. She picks one up.


Well, I'm sure you've heard the expression grasping the nettle.


Well, that's just what Kim is doing here. She's having a card at this.


It's a long way to go. Danger everywhere, mostly in front. She


finds the green, it will be a very brave shot. Oh, and she has. That's


a fantastic shot. She was miles back. She must have been 80 yards


behind Thompson's tee shot and she's put it eight or ten feet from the


hole. A wonderful shot. Georgia Hall can probably just get a little sight


of the flag here on 17. She will run round the corner and see where that


finishes. Stay there. Just working its way onto the lower level. Such a


dangerous hole but what are shot of I.K. Kim in her -- in there, with a


5-wood. A big tee shot from Lexi Thompson, 18, only left herself a


flick in. All sorts of moving parts in the American's swing.


McDonald has acquitted herself extremely well today. Just look at


where Georgia Hall is aiming this, way to the right. Over the ridge,


desperate to get it close. Oh dear, oh dear, oh, it's doing


better than I thought. Still seven feet away. Struggling, struggling as


she comes to the end of her around. Not too much breaking this putt for


Ally McDonald. Go on, hit it. A little shy.


It's a closing par for a 70. Well played.


Takes a long time to put the ball down, Georgia Hall, as if it's major


surgery! Now Kim for a birdie three at the 17th. This to increase her


lead. This is a delicate one. It's a way. Tricky one down the left, very


fast, slid away. If she taps that in it will be a very good four. I was


hoping for a bit of decent crab last night when I went out for dinner,


but I had a pathetic little helping so I obviously didn't get it from


these boys. Another very, very difficult putt, a crucial putt. For


Georgia Hall. No were drilled it passed.


Georgia Hall for a birdie five to drop back to 12-under the card. Oh,


my goodness gracious me. I think she's further away. See how quickly


things can change. The leader now for her par four at


the 17th and she's done it and she's heading towards almost one has to


think an invincible position in this year's Championship. Can't see any


sunbathers out there. Both players have driven. Kim up to the middle of


the fairway, Georgia Hall pushed its way out of the right but has found a


good life. Can't see much of the green of anything. Maybe just the


top of the flag, over the bank. Can she missed the bunkers and find the


green? She can indeed. Well done, that was a good shot. After the


disastrous last couple of holes. Came second to the final hole, what


unimpressive performance it has been. She's only dropped two shots


in this Championship. The last bogey she had was that the first hole


yesterday. And that one finds the heart of the


green again. Six birdies, no bogeys so far today. Next week we have live


golf back on the BBC. The USPGA Championship from America, live!


More good stuff to look forward to but now Kim, who has given is a


wonderful exhibition of golf today. This might go in for three and if it


does, good luck to you, my lovely. It's heading well.


A rainbow, there have been a few of those around this week. Two for the


price of one. Nantes -- now Georgia Hall needs to hold this birdie putt


on the 18th if she wishes to be in the last group tomorrow. She's


currently on under. Maria Jutanugarn is in at 11-under. This 469. --


this, for eight 69. Almost. Such wonderful play, four twos on her


card but the Finnish blighted with the bogey on 16 and the double on 17


and at the moment she is six shots back.


No Kim for a four at the last after a magnificent round of golf. This


was 66. Well done, well done indeed. Marred slightly by that very, very


slow play. So that's the end of day three. Kim leads by six shots after


that wonderful round of 66. She and Georgia Hall played together. Took a


long time but in many ways it was worth it. Let's hear what


long time but in many ways it was worth it. Let's hear what they had


to say. You have the lead. How do you


prepare for tomorrow and how much are you looking forward to going out


there and defending your lead? It's really privileged to play this golf


course. I really enjoy when it's sunny. When it doesn't but still, I


really enjoyed playing the golf course and its everyday so


different, how they set the pin positions and how they use the tee


box. I was really enjoying today. Hopefully, I don't really know


what's going to happen, but I look forward to the challenge. Tomorrow,


you've just got to have a good start. It's 18 holes now. Today, I


took it more steady because it is two rounds but tomorrow I'm going to


go for a bit more I think and she has a six shot lead which is quite a


lot, but if I can get a lot of birdies I might be close. It's all


set up for a big final day at Kingsbarns and we'll be back


tomorrow, to round up all the best of day four of the Ricoh Women's


British Open. BBC Two at 11:30am. It's South Korea's I.K. Kim out in


front going into that final day, a six shot lead over her closest


competitors. It's hers to lose, but golf is a funny old game. It isn't


over until it's over. See you tomorrow.


The second half, Jermaine, very much...


..this season, the whole game in full


It's been a knockout day in the Premier League.


The second half, Jermaine, very much...


Eilidh Barbour presents highlights of the third round at the Women's British Open at Kingsbarns in Scotland.

At this stage of 2016's championship, eventual winner Ariya Jutanugarn made a decisive move up the leader board, carding a third-round score of 66 to move two shots clear of the chasing pack. That lead proved insurmountable, and she went on to become Thailand's first major champion.

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