Day 4 Golf: Women's British Open

Day 4

Eilidh Barbour introduces highlights of the final round at the Women's British Open at Kingsbarns in Scotland. The last time the title was won by a Briton was in 2009.

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St Andrews. The Old Course. The home of golf. But the next door


neighbour is a young pup. Kingsbarns links. The young and the old, side


by side. Today, past champions with the


experience of winning do battle with bright young thing, eager to make


their mark and lift the trophy, and siblings I am to emulate past family


victories but they will all need to chase down someone with experience


and a great lead looking forher first major title. It is the Women's


British Open. Final round. Welcome once again to the


spectacular setting here at kings barn, come the end of the day a new


chapter will be written in the history of the Women's British Open.


The big question is, can anyone catch Kim. She has taken control


three rounds in the 60 and she has a six shot lead over Moriya


Jutanugarn. Inbee Park on ten under. Stacy Lewis nine under. It is Kim in


pole position. On the tee from Korea In-Kyung Kim.


So our leader has her final round under way. Has been so impressive.


Just two drop shots in the Championship so far, is she has won


twice on the LPGA Tour this season already but so far a major has


eLieutenant lewded her. Second at the Prince operation and the women's


open in the past. She finished third seven years ago in this


Championship, could this be the day for In-Kyung Kim? It is certainly


not won yet. There are burdens to be had as some


the earlier starters are showing. Lizette Salas began the day on


four-under par. This was a birdie putt on 18. It would stop just short


but a simple tap in for par and a Boeing free round of 67. -- bogey.


Nine under for the Championship. Michelle Wie was the overnight


leader after round one. She began today ten shots behind Kim but she


has been charging back up the leaderboard. That was for birdie off


the fourth, her second of the day. So that moves Wie to within seven


shots on ten under. Lizette Salas is the clubhouse leader after 67 and


Jodi Ewart Shadoff has started brightly. A birdie at the second,


she is one under through her first three holes. Among those in the


clubhouse early on Sophie lamb. Let us get back to what is happening on


the course, with your commentators Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Helen after


fell son and Maureen. Hanging lie at the second for Stacy Lewis, she will


aim at the front left hand corner of the green. Trying to use the


contours. What a wonderful shot from Stacy


Lewis. I think she enjoyed that one. Michelle Wie why birdied. This is a


chance on the firth. -- fifth. That is is a good stroke.


In she goes and up to 10-under for Michelle Wie who opened with that


fabulous 64 on the first day. In-Kyung Kim. A little one to open


with a birdie, extend her lead. Five years ago she was that distance of


putt away from her first major, she missed it, lost in the play off,


needs to lay that ghost to rest. Ally McDonald, rolling in a nice


birdie putt, that gets her to 11-under. Moving in the right


direction. Stacy Lewis. Wonderful, wonderful


second shot. And the simplest of eagles moves the


American to 11-under par. Michelle is ball above feet, that


sort of exaggerated posture. She smacks it away, looked a good clean


hit. That was a corker, that is a beauty.


I tell you, she has the flavour today.


Stacy Lewis now with this awkward bunker shot.


She played it well. Unfortunate not to get a bit more back spin on that.


This for her fourth birdie. What an easy game it is. Happy days are here


again. Lewis to save her par, no, drop


shot, goes back to ten. Michelle Wie has been on fire today.


Four birdies in her first six hole, she is under to 11-under.


Very scenic little par-3 and a very attackable hole location today. Oh,


go, go, it is going to be another tap in birdie for Michelle.


Hyo Joo Kim holding another birdie putt. Shot 61 a couple of years.


Still the lowest round in my major. She has taken a drop from a bush, so


this is proving to be a costly hole. It is delightfully played shot. What


a wonderful shot there and what a great recovery, a great tussle going


on between Maguire and Sophie lamb who shot 69 earlier on.


Inbee Park, for a bogey at the third. Good save, a shot gone.


Lewis. Lovely shot. Friendly flag position on this punch bowl green.


Check on the leaderboard. Kim still leads the way by six. Michelle Wie


is on a great run as indeed is Lexi Thompson who has had a couple of


birdies to go to 10-under with nine to play. Further down, well Park is


4-under, the rest of them are all treading water and hoping for a


decent prize. Very good approach shot into this


difficult sixth hole for Jodi Ewart Shadoff and an even better putt.


Putting in a strong bid to make the European Solheim Cup team, which


will be announced later today. Stacy Lewis, birdie putt at the fourth.


Well done. Moving steadily up the leaderboard. 11-under now.


Par, eagle, bogey, birdie. A fine view of the course. It is


interesting when you get an opportunity to look at farmland on


the left, which runs into the golf course, which is very attractive,


that is all it wases, very ordinary farmland of 20 odd years ago and


they have created this very very pretty golf course. Very enjoyable


course. Jodi Ewart Shadoff. For a birdie,


she is 10-under. Par-3, that is, travelling a bit spady, but, that


broke the speed limit I am sure when it went in. It disappeared. 11-under


now. Caroline Masson has reached the


seventh. Nine on, nine from the left, it is


down in a little basin. It is is a very very friendly flag position.


Come on, we might see a hole-in-one yet here today.


Kim on the par-5 eighth. Great putt, remained rock steady


over that one. That is her fourth birdie today.


Tiptoeing up that board. Masson for birdie at the seventh.


Good tee shot. Well done. Wie, to the ninth, second shot.


Had a chance at the last to go 13-under. Couldn't take it.


Over the gorse, over the hillocks. And another cracking shot. Unlucky


it didn't go forward another four or five feet.


Two good shots from Jodi Ewart Shadoff gets her to the very fringe


of the eighth. Up a couple of tyres, running helter-skelter. Steady,


excellent effort. -- tiers. Wie, can she get another birdie to


wind up a wonderful nine holes? She can. Well done, well done indeed.


Out in 30, with a couple of missed opportunities.


Jodi Ewart Shadoff. Nicely done. We have seen some good putts in the


last half an hour or so. 12-under, just two players ahead of her now.


Kim still leads by five shots. Michelle Wie putting on a bit of a


charge. 6-under for her opening nine holes.


Stacy Lewis is playing some good stuff too. Let us look at Michelle


Wie's start. Start. This was her birdie chance. That moved her


instantly to 8-under par. At the fourth. Another great putt.


These are real bonuses. She has a bit of momentum going at


the fifth. The pin the right at the back of the


green. Difficult to get, just wriggles in the side door and


suddenly she is 10-under. Sixth. Watch this. Long par-4, 438


yards, ball above her feet, awkward. She is carrying a nine and 11 wood.


This was a nine we thought. Slipped by but she nudged it in for


11-under. This is starting to become something


special. Tee shot the short seventh, playing 122 yards, a bang to the


right of the flag and she just, watch this, checks into it and you


think it has to, surely Shirley, surely Shirley, but it doesn't. The


simplest of twos. Right under the hole, putting back up the hill.


13-under par. It could be a low one, we have had 60 at Kingsbarns in the


past with the men. Birdie chance for Masson. Ripped


into the back. Top ten last week in Scotland, back-to-back birdie,


11-under. In-Kyung Kim. Threated it through


the narrow gap. Long, thin narrow green at the sixth. Another


excellent shot. She seems to be in command of her game. She is going to


be difficult to catch. We can say as much as we need somebody to really


make a charge, but when you have that kind of lead, you also need the


leader to drop back, and she is looking and there is no signs that


we can see that she is thinking of etch dropping anything.


Jodi Ewart Shadoff on the ninth for birdie.


To go 13-under. Excellent putt. And she is joining


Michelle Wie at 13-under. That puts her in a tie of second


place alongside Michelle Wie on 13-under par, a birdie two for Lexi


Thompson at the 11th hole, that moves her up to 11-under par. A bit


further down the leaderboard. Charley Hull going along nicely.


8-under for the Championship and Paula Creamer, a qualifier this


week, she is also on 8-under par. Jodie going on nicely, that is a


fantastic shot. A chance, a really good chance for a birdie at number


10. Lexi Thompson here on 13th.


An eagle putt. That is is a big swing, as we can see right there.


She's found her game again. A little bit of a disaster at the end of


yesterday's round. This is a nice pace, Ken. That is the pace we


should be on. Look at the -- we've got the need for speed.


Lexi Thompson, she is at the 13th. Her eagle putt came short, this


short par-4 today this for a birdie. Ally McDonald. Birdie chance at the


eighth. Has he got it is? She certainly has. 11-under.


Nine behind. After a very nice shot here on


tenth. Jodie has a burr putt to go


14-under. Going into second place all by


herself, four shots off the lead. Stacy Lewis, for her birdie here. On


eight and she makes it. 236 to the pin, well in range for


Georgia Hall. She has to get the right bounce. Where is he she going


to land it judgment up over the hill, this could be really close.


Magnificent shot. Way back, Lee Westwood holed on here


for an albatross two, what a cracker.


Michelle Wie in blistering form. She has arrived at the shortest hole


on the golf course. Enjoying her best season since she


won the US Open in 2014. Georgia Hall had an absolutely


splendid second shot on eight, but a run of seven pars so far, needs to


get on the eagle and birdie trail as fast as possible. Comfortable


looking putting stance. Well, it is going to be just a birdie. 12th


hole, birdie putt, Michelle Wie. Can't be. It is. My word she has her


putting boots on, that is her seventh birdie today and she is now


four behind In-Kyung Kim, and surely In-Kyung Kim can hear these players


thundering up behind her. Georgia Hall breaks her run of seven


pars with a birdie. Moves to 12-under.


Stacy Lewis is having one of those Marty Feldman moments. Jodi Ewart


Shadoff had a mighty fine run. Let us look at some of it.


This is at the sixth. She birdied the second. Very little yesterday.


And easily done. Not many birdies at six, but that was one of them.


Moving on to seven, we saw lots of birdies here.


Her golf ball seems to have eyes and that took her to 10-under par.


A birdie at six and seven, what happened at eight? A tricky one this


one, she hit it in so firmly, the brake didn't have to be taken into


account at all. Birdie at eight. Now she is beginning to set up


opportunities on every single hole. Here we go on nine.


And in that one go, she is out in 31. At that stage 13-under par.


At the tenth, very few birdies at ten, front right pin a bit spooky,


there is a lovely high quality shot with a bit of, a bit of Chubby


Checker on it. She tapped that one in to move to


14-under. Terrific stuff. Well Lewis has been back and forward


on this ninth, this is for bogey. And that is going to be a


disappointing double for Stacy Lewis. Well, this small one for


In-Kyung Kim to get to 19-under, that is the Championship record. It


was the winning score in 2004 at Sunningdale.


And in it goes. She is like a machine. 19-under par, five ahead.


Doesn't seem to be lies too badly here for Georgia Hall. Not able to


get any check on that wet grass. Short shot. Probably got a little


blade of grass between the blade of the club and the ball. Come on Lexi.


Pushed it... It does make you cross. Six on a par-5. Especially as long


as she is. This would be a great save if Georgia could steer this one


home. It has not got the legs. Well the error was going through the


back two, virtually impossible up and down from there, that is a shot


going. Drops back to 11-under. Jodi Ewart Shadoff. A birdie here


will be birdie number six in a row, it was a par-5 pin at the very back


of the green. Shanshan Feng at the 18th. Her


birthday yesterday. 67, 11-under par.


Love her outfits. Well done. First Chinese player to get an LPGA


card. Always smiling. Record high prize money for the


Women's British Open, the winner takes home ?387,000. Total prize


fund 2.5 million. So plenty to play for.


Is the birdie run going to continue for Jodi Ewart Shadoff? All good


things come to an end She has had five birdies in a row. That merely a


par. But what a great time of year to run


into this form. Another major coming up in a couple of week, the Evian


but before that the Solheim Cup. Anna Nordqvist. Battled glandular


fever and a bad throat this week. Birdie 17 and birdied 18, that is a


fine one. In at 11-under par. And she will be resting up now for the


Solheim Cup, but there is plenty of golf to watch here on the BBC.


We are all looking forward to the US PGA Championship live, we will be


there and you will enjoy it with us. Now our leader and she has missed


one, that is only the third shot she has missed since Thursday. A glimmer


of hope for those chasing. Nine holes completed.


Here is Macguys are in the tussle for the Smith salver for the low


amateur. That is not good news for the Irish fans. So Macguys are drops


back to 3-under. Sophie Lamb is in the clubhouse so looks like the


English champion is going to take the honours. This was Sophie Lamb on


the 18th with a birdie put, for her closing 69 in the Championship. She


certainly made hay while the sun shone earlier on and that was a very


very fine performance from the young English champion, taking the Smith


salver. There were six amateurs plays. Three


made the cut. Leona Macguys are won the salver last year. What does it


do to someone to be part of this kind of champion I ship, a major up


against the best players in the world? It is something everyone


dreams of when they first start to play golf. It has been a great


experience to see how my game compares to the best of the world.


It has been good. The usual questions tend to come after winning


the top amateur at a major, professionalism, where are you in


that sort of state at the moment? My goal is for Curtis Cup next year,


hopefully that is something I want to achieve before I turn


professional and possibly Q school the end of next year, I am not sure,


that is not definite. Curtis Cup is something I want to do. We wish you


all the best. Well done this week. Thank you.


Stacy Lewis. She has had a couple of untidy holes. She has kept going


pretty well. In at the 13th. Eagle. Tremendous


second shot and what about that for a good ball? Those eagles will


smarten up your card. Michelle Wie has reached the 15th.


Just played her second shot down here, into her favourite yardage,


and now it is all out attack. She has been pretty deadly with


those today. She is doing her best to close the gap on In-Kyung Kim.


Lewis for birdie on 11. Straightens the knee, in goes the


ball. And Stacy Lewis up to 11-under. Jodi


Ewart Shadoff for a birdie at the 13th.


Well done, she is on a great roll. Georgia Hall. Bringing it in from


right-to-left. Trying to chase it up the green.


Wie for a birdie at the 15th. She's done it. Oh... Oh, only another


teaspoon full of juice and it would have gone in. Who knows what might


have happened, or might still happen? Georgia Hall right at the


far end of the course, 11th, tucked right up in the corner.


Hasn't really happened for Georgie today, only had one birdie, one


bogey. That might do. That is more like it.


A few of them will cheer us up will stop this is a very dangerous shot


for our leader. She can run up a big score if she does not say a clean,


straight shot. It is not going to be too bad. It could have been a lot


worse. It will be a struggle to get down in two for a par-5. Lexi


Thompson at the 18th. Through the green with the second.


Michelle wee, second shot to the 16th. What she wouldn't give for a


birdie or two. Playing quite majestically. There is another one,


right at the target. She has had a fiddly round. She has


had fewer chances. A good run of birdies. A few shots thrown away. On


the 12th, a short par-3. Now our leader here in three on this


par-5. Look at that! A lovely touch. An exquisite touch. A lonely vigil.


Michelle wee for a birdie at the 16th. This will be a fine one. Roll


in. Oh, goodness gracious. She has had a few chances and they have all


been left right in the centre of the whole, short by three or four


inches. What might have been! Our leader with one of those nasty


putts. This for a par. Yes. Nerves of steel. Well done. Nothing seems


to rattle her now. All the sports psychologists tell you to play


within yourself and that is what she is doing. Hall with a birdie at the


12th. Up the slope. Now up she comes. Run, run, run. Yes. Better


late than never. Is she on a roll? That will do her no harm at all. On


her second shot here at 18 standing at 11-under, shin. It would be nice


to finish with the birdie. The weather is getting worse by the


second. A very nice shot. Gives her a chance for a birdie. Masson, 14


for birdie. One of the really tough holes today. Nothing but the ocean


on the right side. Tough to adjust when a lot of rain comes down and


makes the green a lot slower. Going for a birdie at the final hole. This


to finish at 12-under par. Well done.


That is the equivalent of four rounds of 69th of that is good


playing and trying conditions. Caroline Masson for par. Gives


herself a little tester. She did not look as firm on that one. Dropping


one. Michelle wee with her third shot at the 17th.


-- Wie. Check on the situation as we come to the end of this year's Ricoh


women's British Open. A three shot lead by In Kyung Kim. Many strange


things can happen. Inbee Park for birdie. On 13. That is more like it.


That is the player we know. One of the greatest putting strokes I have


ever seen. Michelle Wie trying to get a par after having been in


trouble off the tee. A slight right to left.


Oh, what a good effort! I was robbed.


I cake him here for her birdie on 13. -- I cake -- IK Kim. Michelle


Wie with a second shot on 18. Not a good shot from where she was


but it should not be difficult to get that up and down. This dean and


a here on 17. It is a very long would in. We have seen nothing but


short irons on this point. It makes a whole very tough. She does not


make it look very tough. Very nice. Michelle Wie, 13-under par. This


will be a handy when to pop in for 14-under. A damp fringe. Generally


uphill. She has a chance. 14th today. The third hardest hole.


A bit damp reasons that you can run up a big number on that. -- damp


breeze. She has found the rocks. She did not make a carry. Michelle Wie


on 18. Finishing up with this for a park and a round of 56. She had a


problem in between. The first and last was very good. Great playing


today. Found the water off the tee at the 14th and dropped back to


here. This is the third shot. That was a nice kick out. You never


know, it might be the one drop/. Wie still leads by three. A lovely day


for Michelle Wie. Amy caught up with her. You flew out of the blocks


today. What a front line. I knew I was ten shots back at the start of


the day and needed to make something happen. I am proud of myself how I


chased it today. I had a lot of fun. You are back up challenging in


Majors. Do you feel the next one is coming? I do not think about that. I


am proud of how I played in the Majors this year. It is fun being in


contention. I am itching for the next win. A lot needs to happen


before that. You cannot get too caught up in the result. I'm really


happy. Eye-macro it started off so well. 64 on Thursday and finishing


well again today. What do you take from a week at Kingsbarns? I had so


much fun. The course was so amazing. Good week overall. I cannot


complain. This for a birdie. This could rattle In Kyung Kim a little


if she can make this. And she does. Only two behind now. Kim start with


a six shot lead and now it is down to two. One of those horrible things


we worked so hard all day to try to make a birdie and you make one


mistake and that costs you. This for a bogey on 14.


That is quite costly the way it has all clamped up at the top. This is


your shadow off after a wonderful birdie on 17.


-- Ewart-Shadoff. I wonder if she knows what is happening, she knows


it is only two who could make the putt. That would be a little bit


more difficult. All of a sudden it seems nothing when he have a six


shot lead. Eye-macro her little jacket getting in the way. Very


nicely done. That was a testy one. Find the bottom of the Cup. 18 and.


Right, this is a big shot. 9-iron. Pitched. My goodness, that was bad


luck. Another yard. Next to the flag. Oh! The flag is cut teasingly


on the right-hand side of the green. Anything that is even pushed a


whisker is in danger of tumbling down into the creek. Just needs to


be sensible. The ball is high. Percentage play. This would set a


New Course record of 63, breaking Michelle's record of 64 from


Thursday. It was a good effort. I am sure there are a few collywobbles.


Look at that! Born free. Supposed to finish at 16-under par. Check your


line and trust your stroke. Suddenly two and a half feet is quite a long


one. Come on. Brilliantly done. What around to finish with. 33, 64, 31,


33. She may have done enough. Who knows? She has secured a lot. Second


in the British Open. Could be first. That is how it stands at the moment.


In Kyung Kim still in front. The lead has dwindled to in the course


of the day. A great round by Michelle Wie. The start is Jodie


Ewart-Shadoff. You had to give it something today and you did. You


gave it everything. I did not think I would have a shot. I started out


really strong. I hold a great putt on the 1st hole. My party was really


on fire. I had a great stretch in the middle of the round to get me


going and I just saw myself at the start of the round take the


opportunities when I get them and that is what I did. Still a lot of


golf to be played. You might even be back out there. I will sue happens.


I ker such a strong player and I hope she finishes strong. How do you


reflect on this week? It has been great. I did not have that much


confidence coming into this week, missing the cut. This week has been


a great boost of confidence. I'm excited to go to Solheim in a couple


of weeks and play there. Masson, only a wedge into the last.


Beautifully played. She will give herself a chance to move out the


time she is in with Jenny Shin at 12 at the moment. At one point today


the lead was as much as seven. It is now down to to macro. It would be a


rare bonus if she manages to squeeze a birdie out of this half five. --


par-5. You can see the moisture there on the green. No birdies so


far. Three holes from home. Caroline Masson has had a big look at this.


It is very hard to take the line. Just to close with the birdie. What


a nice way to finish. 67. In a tie for the third position. Top ten and


the Scottish Open. It will be the top three this week, in the open.


One of the most dangerous shots on the course, especially when you're


going in with a word or a rescue. Stacey has used this club to great


effect. She has hit some absolute beauties with it. Kim, second shot


and difficult to get all the way to this back flag. A good bounce on.


That did a bit better than it deserved. She just hit it a touch. A


stunning second to setup this birdie opportunity. It is tracking well.


Agony. Could not have been any closer. Lewis remains at 11-under.


The last truly dangerous shot on the golf course. Great contact. It has


just tipped it over. It should stick. Anxious moments. Kim for


birdie on 16. She has looked at it from every possible angle. What they


read that was. What a wonderful part. A great effort.


Preserving her to macro shot lead. The dangerous 17th to come. What a


break for Georgia Hall. A six here yesterday. Go on, run it out. If you


want to leave a four footer, that is not a bad angle to cut it from. The


sky is brightening up a little bit. Every putt is a big part. You can


make all lose a lot of money on these. A good four. 13 and in a tie


for third at the moment. A balanced finish of Stacey Lewis. Another good


one. Looking for it to come back. Georgia Hall turned professional in


2014. Although she had a card on the ladies European Tour, she did not


have a lot of funds to get herself to the tournament. She went to Dubai


and won a car. Took the money instead because you did not have a


driving licence. From that point, she has not looked back. What good


week it has been for her. This looks like the make or break shot. This is


very much the make or break shot. It is a long way that. She has a thick


end of 200 yards by the time she pictures it into the middle of the


green. She has done it many times over the last nearly four days now.


Let's see her do it again. Get it airborne. Looks good. Oh, a


fantastic shot. Fantastic. It took guts and everything. You do it


slowly but you do it well. Stacey Lewis trying to close out with a


birdie. No. Not to be. That is the final four. A lot of good play from


her. Hard to believe it is over three years since her last victory.


I do not think we will be waiting to much longer. I don't think you will


be needed on the voyage. What a good week she had. You never know. At the


18th, this is tricky, very quick. Did not get a kind bounce. Her name


is at the top of the leaderboard. If she can steer this one home for a


birdie on 17 to give herself a three shot cushion. How lovely will that


walk be at the last. It is a good part. It was a very fine effort. But


a very dangerous hole, consigned to the history books. Five years ago


she had a putt round about that size and missed it. She lost in the


player. She is fighting some historical demons right at this


moment. In she goes. One hole to go. Just one hole left and there is the


trophy. Simple and exquisite. Georgia, come on. This bought a


round of 70. What nerves and that she has displayed. What a fantastic


week. She has introduced herself to a lot of American viewers and


they'll be seeing more of this young lady at the Solheim Cup. Eye-macro


and so come the final hole, this is normally the 1st hole. He week ago.


The wide fairway. Watch the ball. Get it through. Lots of room out


there. It is all right. The final scenes here at the Kingsbarns


unravelling before our very eyes. A to macro shot lead.


I think, 16, 17 yesterday killed it. There was a lot of rain and stuff. I


had to cope with that. What is the biggest thing you will take moving


forward? Some shots have been better. I made a couple of silly


mistakes. Coming third and still playing well, that is the main


thing. Kim with a to macro shot lead. One good clean, straight shot.


A little heavy, was it? I think it is all right. Absolutely all right.


One more spin over. That is very well done. Now called to knuckle,


chin to chin. Maria. She has fought hard this week. Look at that! This


is going to be a grandstand finish. What a beautiful shot! She is poised


to win. In for a nice bonus. That super, spinning second shot has


left her with this for a birdie. Just slips past. It will all add up


to a slightly disappointing 75. And it is a tie for 16th spot for Maria.


Spencer Coles at the end. Three putts for victory. Taking meticulous


care. A bit quick, comes a little bit from the left. Come on. What a


great effort! That is it. What a splendid week it has been for her.


Absolutely first class. Played with great skill and nerve. She has won


this year's Championship in good style. It is great to see the


victory here. As Peter was saying, solid in every single department of


the game. The scoring record of 19-under still stands. The final


leaderboard tells another story. Kim Leeds by two. She played in some of


the worst of the weather. Congratulations. You're clutching


the trophy. How much of a mental battle was that? I would have to say


I was aware of how well Trudy was playing and the other players were


playing and I had to follow them. Not so easy conditions. Some holes


were very tough yesterday. The day was easier. I was able to keep up


with him. The gap was closing. Was it giving you nerves, you could see


the players catching up with you? Sign up I think they had more


nervous than I did. I did not have to make aggressive choices today


that they had to do it. I feel like we had the same kind of nerves. I


told myself if I don't win today, it is OK. That is what I told myself


and I think it helped. You are now a major champion. Thank you. More


goals to come. The final major of the year. All four days live from


Quail Hollow. On BBC Two at quarter past 11. What a four days it has


been. All in stunning surroundings here at Kingsbarns. At the end of it


all we have a new major champion. I K Kim hurled her lead to become


Eilidh Barbour introduces highlights of the final round at the Women's British Open at Kingsbarns in Scotland.

The last time the title was won by a Briton was in 2009, when Scot Catriona Matthew triumphed at Royal Lytham & St Annes. The two most recent winners have hailed from Asia, with South Korea's Inbee Park victorious in 2015 and Thailand's Ariya Jutanugarn succeeding her last year.

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