19/04/2013 Gymnastics: European Championships


Matt Baker presents coverage of the artistic gymnastics European Championships from Moscow, with expert analysis from London Olympic medallists Louis Smith and Kristian Thomas.

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A very warm welcome to coverage of the European gymnastics


Championships. Hello to some more fans that we would normally have


with us. All of you are now converts after what was a


sensational summer. The door is open for a medal.


Great Britain's Beth Tweddell has a bronze medal!


What a performance from the young 19-year-old! That was first class!


That is superb. Louis Smith delivered under pressure. What a


job they have done for Great Britain.


It sent shivers down my spine every time I say that. Joining me to talk


through the action are three of the stars of London 2012. It is


Kristian Thomas, Hannah Whelan and Louis Smith. Good afternoon to all


of you. I'm sure a lot of people will be wondering why you are not


out in Moscow. What has been going on? Sadly I had an unfortunate


injury to my right knee and that was due to a bad vault landing.


That was about three weeks ago. I was gunning for a spot on the team.


It was in France in a competition and I landed straight leg on my


right leg so that caused a small fracture in the tibia so back to


rehab. We are happy you are here to talk through the action. Hammad,


what a summer you had. Is it difficult to get back into its --


Hanna. I had some time out and a holiday. It has taken me a while to


get back into the swing of things. What have you been doing? I went on


two holidays. Two Holidays! some time out. And less intense


training until Christmas. Pit has taken longer than expected to get


back fit but I am back training now and it is all going well. You have


been busy, you're not renowned as a floor work get in the world of


gymnastics but what a sensational performance on Strictly Come


Dancing. Here you are in the final. You have not got those trousers on


today. I lent them to Max. He might be wearing them! How was that


feeling? I am not a natural floor worker, I do not dance, I am a


gymnast. It is very different. here you while with the Queen, Your


Majesty -- Her Majesty. We should be referring to as Louis Smith MBE.


That was an unbelievable experience. How does it feel for you were --


how does it feel for you all watching the lads out in Moscow? Is


it a strange feeling? Yes, strange. This are the first major


championships I have ever missed. I am jealous that I am not out there


competing with the guys and being out with the team but at the same


time, I wish them all well and I know they will get some great


results. If qualification is anything to go by, there will be


some good results. Week caught up with Max Whitlock and Dan Purvis


ahead of this competition to get their thoughts.


The Great Britain's men's gymnastics team receive their


applause. What an incredible moment. I went to London 12 -- 2012, hoping


to get on the team. To come with nettles was unbelievable. The team


is so strong. It was a great achievement for us. Hopefully we


can continue to the world's. It is hard to get into this team.


Everybody is good and the juniors are coming up. Everyone is pushing


each other for that place. When you get to these internationals,


everyone is looking at G B as one of the best teams. After the


Olympics I wanted to come out as an all-round gymnastics -- gymnast and


this is the first competition where I have been put in an all-round


players. To see my name on that board was a really good feeling.


has just been phenomenal this year. It is the first time I have been in


the team as an all round. I am not thinking about medals at the moment.


I literally want to get in there. Hopefully I can do that.


So, Max saying he is not thinking that medals at the moment. Do you


believe that? It definitely will be in the back of his mind. He will be


out there gunning for a medal. has this nonchalant way of getting


through routines and seeing what will happen. I think that is what


you need to do as a gymnast. It is very different from the 100 metre


sprint or boxing where you have to beat the opponent. Gymnastics is


very much replicating what you do in training. If you try and put


more effort in that is where things go wrong. He is right to do his


routine clean. Every four years as the Olympics progresses there are


changes to the judges code. There are quite a few this time round. We


will talk through some of the main They have brought the vault down by


a full mark. And on the floor you keep rotating instead of landing on


your feet. And on rings you can only do three strength element


before you move into a swing. As a vault and a floor specialist, are


I understand why they have brought it in. Sometimes you would be a


full mark higher. It makes sense to bring the vault down. And the


rollouts on floor are dangerous. So again, you may be get some people


who are not fully technically aware that they should be doing that


skill so that is a big safety issue. I think it is probably a good idea


to bring it out to be honest. far as the all-around competition


is concerned, there are six pieces of apparatus. Let's see who the


main contenders will be. We start The pommel horse is where Dan


Purvis is starting. Is it a good piece for him? I do not think it is


a bad piece. He will be finishing on floor. That is is strongest


apparatus so he can judge what he needs to do. On to the rings. The


two Ukrainians, you will obviously know them very well because you


were up against them in the team final. They are the ones to look


out for. And then we have Max on vault. A great piece for him to


start on I think. Definitely. It is a good piece to get your adrenalin


and use your nerves. He has a good solid vault and is consistent. It


should not be too nerve-racking for him. We will talk to more Hannah


later because we have the women's later but first we will turn our


attention to the men's all round. There is no Mitch Fenner in the


commentary box because he is on the floor of this competition with the


qualifier David Belyavskiy from Russia. He is 21 years old. He sat


down on his salt in qualification. his face. What a great start for


him. That lays down a benchmark. Whitlock. The highest qualifier.


Can he keep the consistency that he had a few days ago in


that was a costly land in there. How costly? They might be very


unkind and call it a complete mark but I think it would be 0.5. He had


enormous height and transition but relaxed a little bit before the


landing and he is down. That was not too costly. Max is a fighter.


worker all of his career. He demonstrates his strength here.


Fabulous physique for rings. Lovely upper body strength. The gymnasts


have to show Swinging as well as hot on the heels of David


Belyavskiy. You may remember the Ukrainians in the fight with Great


Britain for the bronze medal in the team competition at the Olympics.


He winds up in to the dismay at. A full twisting double straight. A


slight step to one side but a solid just 19 years old. Such a great


all-round gymnast. He was 11 that circuit of internationals leading


up to this. He has a fabulous physique, very good technique. A


For a lot of gymnasts coming off the back of the Olympics, this is


the first major competition. That was a fantastic performance for me.


The Ukraine have a tradition of very stylist -- stylish gymnasts.


He did everything with ease. He is only 19. As he matures and gets


more strength, the start was a very but back in 2011, he was 5th in the


all round, and in the Russian championships, he got a second, so


but here on home ground especially. Fabulous start. Double front. Very


routine. It has changed quite a bit. You need to be able to land


has got a great pace to this but really, not much wrong with


that routine. I really like that, such a beautiful slow, he is so


confident and charismatic. Double twist into the full twist, into the


difficult vault. He is just 0.4 behind David Belyavskiy, who is


still the leaders. That is one of tumble. The trick is to cram in as


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


much difficulty as possible in the higher rate. -- hurried. You like


to see the gymnasts open. Full twisting double back. Full


difficulty. I was a bit sceptical about the standard of what we would


see in the handover period of the Olympics but so has our I am blown


first piece of apparatus. David Belyavskiy it is the leader but all


very close indeed. This could go thunder down this runway. He is


very upright but watch how he converts that forward speed into


rotation and height. This is Essex difficulty! -- 64 stock this is a


double pike. He is out of the running surely. That has got to


have hurt his ankles. I am very surprised. I have seen him do the


vault were lots of times. He knows his all-around dreams are over.


Hold your breath. He has got the potential to score well and if he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


can push back into the medals, that That is exactly what he needed


after the vault. That puts him up into second place. But the current


leader, David Belyavskiy, is still That was huge! Look at the time he


has in the air! Absolutely amazing. He extends the body to make a half


turn. He is a superstar, Oleg Verniaiev. That puts him into the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


lead. He got 0.1 more than David landing but a great routine. --


double double tuck. He controlled the rings beautifully, they wanted


to swing. He looked a class act there, he is a class act. He has


fantastic technique. He controlled the apparatus and Ridley showed the


strength moves. -- and he really showed. Up into fourth place. That


is quite nice! Great start. He is a good, consistent performer. He will


quietly built his cause as he goes through the competition. I suspect


it suited him slightly not to be the top qualifier, Daniel Purvis,


because he looks a bit more relaxed than we have seen him in the last


maybe it all-around final in the Olympics and he came 21st -- made


elbows on the rings of Dom but he strength that we have seen from the


others. It goes without saying that strength comes with age. He is one


of the youngest in the competition. He is a very promising gymnast.


Many of the Belgians are looking much stronger. They are one of the


countries that look like they are putting a lot of effort into their


gymnastics and a swinging work was good, but he has not quite got the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


power yet. He is a little bit and a large step back on the


landings. That was the Frenchman, he qualified in 10th. If he keeps


the consistency, I honestly think anything can happen in that top 10.


Verniaiev, David Belyavskiy it needs over 15.4. When you work


first, you then drop to the bottom of the group, so he has waited


until the last gymnast in the second bit. He has had plenty of


time to see what is happening around him. If he needs 14.8, I am


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


the second one in. Can the current control did well. -- controlled it.


Very unusual discount, double pike front discount, with a large step


on the landings. There were some areas. Could it match Max's?


possibly could. There was some errors, a loss of form, bending of


the arms and the dismount. There are still fall for PCs to go! Let's


give the lad some credit. -- four PCS to go. With you go for big


difficulty, you can have the slight errors. -- when you go for.


dimension. Such difficult work. Occasional loss of form but when


you are going for this really big work, the double pike, look how


high he is... And you cannot spot your landing. That is the trouble


with a four-wood dismount. That will be a 0.5 deduction. -- forward


dismount. It was a massive dismount. That is probably the first one I


have seen in a long time, the double pike. The blind landing is


so difficult for the gymnasts. You have to generate so much power,


incredible. And in the pie position, there is a bit of hoping! -- the


in this rotation up onto the high bar. He was part of the bronze


medal winning team and got a bronze medal on the pommel horse at the


out. He is showing the different groups that he needs. A really


efficient routine from Max there. And he really is keeping these


routines clean. He knows that is the key. You can see here he wants


to climb higher. A grade routine. Very stylish. Knocks a routine


packed with high-flying release and catches but he plays sit very well.


He is not taking the risk of falling off the high bar. He has


got a really strong shoulder line. He manages to keep his shoulders


beautifully open. His technique is good. He is not getting marks


deducted for poor body shape. He and his coach have very cleverly


made his top routines very difficult and his routines which


are not necessarily his starring place are efficient and that is


what I call this, very efficient. great execution of every skill and


that is what we are looking at. It is probably not one of his better


pieces. It says he is in the lead at the moment. Let's hope he can


stake in the top three. Now Fabyan apparatus so brace yourselves.


full twisting somersault over the He covered it well. He is going for


broke. A really exciting routine the routine the more likely you are


to get deductions. That was a pact routine. I think he surprised


himself with that landing! But he did incredibly well to keep his


composure and carry on. He should have done a Scott full but he did a


squat half. These are things which happen in training and you have got


to go with the routine. Immensely him. He has massive start values on


always fabulous technicians. They are trained and coached so well.


Their lines are great. The position on the turns, legs locked together,


full of difficulty, full of style. Double front half-out, a bit of a


trade mark. That was a great routine. He has his sights set on


gold. Oleg Verniaiev goes into the floor routine. What can he offer


here on rings? He looks a strong lad but he looks heavy. I would


agree with that but we will find out. But not so heavy he cannot


hold an absolutely straight body. arms on backswing to handstand. --


that swing. He finishes the swing with strength. That is what rings


does well. -- on that dismount. With this new code it has made it a


fluid experience to watch, hasn't it? I think it has been great for


the Rings, definitely. The gymnasts have to combine the strengths. You


can see the strain. He nearly overcooked it. That showed great


strength. This winning element and the dismount buzz by far the best


dismount I have seen. A really great straight line. He will


certainly moved up the rankings bars? He had a hefty deduction on


the vault. He will want to put that behind him. He was the top scorer


in qualification on the parallel full-term there. S winning turn


into the double pike. Just the tiniest hop. That was very


it stands, David Belyavskiy. This is an all-or-nothing piece of


apparatus this. No doubt he will be grips and the close bar work. It


was very clean. Just a single twist on the dismount. Nothing given away


buried there. Halfway round and he is on target for the title. What a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


hard bar routine. -- what a high release. He is really packing the


Accelerating into the dismount. he says, I am chuffed that that is


over. There was a lot of stuff that could have gone wrong that didn't,


Chris. Yes, he did not hold back. A big reduction on the dismount, I


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


to have a little rest and the routine. Great gift to handstand


for the final tumble. Not a bad routine at all. A wonderful display.


The style of his acrobatics is really beautiful to watch.


This could be be make or break routine I feel for down. In the


past he has had a few problems on the parallel bars. But he has got a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


it Backwell. -- back well. Double pike! Well done! Yes! Cracking.


Such lovely lines, Dan Purvis. He looks as classy as anyone in the


competition and the difficult stuff at the start, it wasn't perfect but


he did not give too much away. is on fire. He has got two


apparatus to go. Come on, son! Purvis from Stockport. His coach,


Geoff Brooks, has coached him from very young. He trains a lot at the


National Centre and he has really worked hard to put the pieces he


has found less easy right for this better. He is just outside of the


medals as it stands in fourth place. Andreas Toba from Germany.


Absolutely nailed to perfection. Good lift. You do not get quite the


same height from that entry, so he really had to twist with speed.


did well on the landing to stop it from going outside the side door.


That is a high score. He's gone up highest score onslaught in


qualification. -- on the floor. Double twist in the first


somersault into a straight back. the pommel horse. -- swing. All


gymnasts must show strength into hands-down as a requirement. It is


part of the routine. There is the roll-out. No deduction for the


landing. It is often favoured by master at containing the energy and


the power. The floor area is not that big and to do that kind of


acrobatics in that area is phenomenal. He is in complete


gymnast. -- a complete. That puts David Belyavskiy it back into the


top spot. Max Whitlock now on the fourth piece of apparatus. He got a


higher score than David Belyavskiy in the qualification and the


highest score of all the gymnasts somersault. -- twists him. So


suited for twisting. He spins like handstand, showing a bit of


cracking routine! Well done! Cracking indeed. Can he knock Oleg


Stepko out of the third position? 15.5, he has gone up into third


place! Come on, Max, just stay that is where the competition is at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


gymnasts must perform. Triple back somersault, slight top forward, but


a very clean up routine. The competition is hotting up at the


top. He is of interesting work, not just the same old same old. He made


that triple back look easy. We often hold our breath on that but


you did not need to. Nobby Stiles. Really innovative work. -- a lovely


style. You can see his elbows were bent and the judges can deduct up


to 0.5 for that because the aim is to catch it at full stretch. But so


much of the rest of the work was very good indeed. Lovely straight


arms, the full turn. And the pieces of apparatus to go, this is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


to climb from the 6th place he is there. He could not have done much


better than that. I think that is the best high bar routine I have


seen him do. There was only one bit in the squat when he split his legs


were the judges could possibly take anything off. But the rest of the


routine was very clean. That lovely straight shape. Fantastic. There is


a lot of gymnastics still to come but it says first for Daniel


penultimate piece of apparatus. -- David Belyavskiy. He has led every


handstand, he just cut it a bit tight. That is the difficult work


pirouette dismount. Evidence of nerves but he coped with them


brilliantly. I saw some errors. The first handstand at the start was


short. Something that Max can certainly perform a lot better. He


looked a bit nervous to me but he finished off well and then up into


the hands Stan, there was absolutely no cause with the


discount, so great finish -- and adjusts the pommel horse. Of course


he got a bronze medal in the pommel horse at the Olympics. Which


that dismount, or well done, Max! He is there, he is in contention!


What a routine! What a performance under that pressure. The lines and


the style was exceptional. Whitlock behind David Belyavskiy.


He is in second place with one more piece to go. Oleg Stepko now.


did not award might well so has he got a problem with his power


apparatus -- he did not vault wealth. Maybe not, that was clean


the performed! Very dynamic. -- difficulty you can get him. It is


your 10 most difficult of moves that are added together have real


difficulty score. -- for your humbles you can do. -- tumbles.


Triple twist, he is the whole package on the floor. Twisting,


multiple somersaults. He dropped down into 5th after the last


rotation and he is clawing his way back up. He had the whole package


there. He started with some powerful tumbles. Arabian double


pike from somersault and very precise on the landing. -- front


loose in the legs. Oleg Stepko is key fault Gonzalez. - Mackey for


the legs, the more difficult it is to keep them locked together. The


more taxing for the gymnast. He had a good Olympic Games. He is


experienced gymnast now and he is showing that experience. That was a


bit of a fall off the end just as I was saying he was controlling it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


You would not necessarily expect and have power but he has also a


good tumbler as well as being right mistake, it was certainly a big


step. He effectively landed it outside of the area. He is still up


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


in medal contention in third behind into the swing elements. Great


position. Such confidence. Lift to are totally locked out. A full


twisting double straight. It could be good enough for the title.


gave a very, very little away there. I would be surprised if that was


not the winning routine from the Russian gymnast. He has worked


almost faultlessly today. brilliant performance. Strong,


lovely shoulder line. Lifts his head to show he is totally in


control. Lex locked together. He is really very stylish. Lovely height.


Their knees locked together. He is not only strong and stylish, he has


got great technique. Became here to do a job today and he has done his


job. I will be surprised if anyone can dislodge him from the top of


the leaderboard. Any gymnast wants to go clean and that is what he has


mind of not only max but the coach as he lists -- lift his gymnast to


the rings. Once he has lifted him up, it is out of his hands.


Whitlock from Great Britain goes into his final piece. He was second.


He knows he has to do the routine of his life to challenge or even


just to stay in the medals. Absolutely. He starts off with a


backward rise. A slight wobble but presume there was a hot forward


there. A great routine, job done. great routine from Max. He came


into the competition with all the pressure on his shoulders and he


has handled it fantastically. Just 20 years of age. This was a superb


routine. The slightest wobble at the beginning but then he settled


himself right down. Some very and watch - the challenges of the


at the heels of Max Whitlock. He of a horse. A slight loss of form


great routine but there were areas. It started off fantastically but


Max Whitlock. Oleg Verniaiev looked so impressive until his last two


tumbles on floor. But he is a very again. And he is off! Verniaiev


went into this apparatus in third position. He was hoping to hold on


to that but he certainly will not of a -- with a mistake of that


nature. 1 whole mark deduction if you fall from the apparatus. His


shoulders were miles for what. Well, not the performance we


expected at all. A great shame because he looked so in control of


everything. As soon as a little error crept into the floor, instead


of fighting back like mad, he sort of allowed it to get right to him


and crumbled under the pressure. shows you that the pommels is not a


great piece of apparatus to finish on when you are under pressure.


is in third ahead of his team-mate Oleg Stepko. Dan Purvis will no


doubt have seen that performance and seen a little opening. He has


worked so well today. Here we see Daniel Purvis for Great Britain.


Can he perform a routine to propel double pike somersault. Top


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


from Daniel and I am sure he will be disappointed to finish the


competition off with that. What I would call a fighting routine. We


could not see absolutely everything from the camera angle. I think


there were a couple of steps on landing he will be disappointed


with. He is a great floor worker but he has had to change his


routine to deal with the new rules. You are only allowed the one roll-


out now and he has been trying some new difficult elements. Lots of


twisting. That was a very deep landing. But what a fight. Many a


gymnast would have just sat down top six. That is a fantastic result


and the silver medal as well. Two in the top five in the Europeans,


fantastic. David Belyavskiy from Moscow, on home soil, taking the


title. An emotional scene for him and all his coach has. But Max


Whitlock should not be in any way disappointed with himself. Second


place. A bit of a step on his very first piece of apparatus but he


showed great fighting spirit just the same. He did not give up. Every


piece got better. Second in Europe. A fantastic achievement, Max. Here


rugby results. -- here are the David Belyavskiy gets the gold. We


are obviously all talking about Max Whitlock. Such an unlucky start for


him on vault. If there had been another piece he would have


probably taken the gold in the end. Maybe the nerves did get the better


of him slightly but he did ever so well to claw his way back into the


competition and finish amongst the medals. And D obviously going into


this, Louis, with a certain amount of pressure. Yes, fair play to Max.


He did what he had to dig. Look what he has produced. He is on the


podium, a silver medal in the all- round finals. He is a brilliant guy.


Congratulations, you first senior European medal. I am very happy


with that. I hope to do similar routines to qualification and I did


and I am ready happy. You got a bronze a few years back. The


quality is stepping up so ones like slip and you can fall down?


seems to be like that. Everybody seemed to nail their routines and


was so consistent. With my own performance, I am not quite as fit


as I wanted the, but I am quite happy with that. The in the past


people have seen you as a pommel horse and floor specialist but you


have taken a massive step forward since the end Olympics. That is


what I wanted to do. I wanted to prove myself as an all-rounder and


to go into this competition, my first all round in a major


competition, and to come up with a medal, it is what I was hopefully


aiming for. He went into the competition saying


he was not thinking about a medal but he knew what he was capable of.


Can it compete with the very big guns in the world? He is still very


young, so when he matures a little bit his rings will definitely get


stronger. The disinterest in, because the new code works for the


likes of Max -- it is interesting. It is not just all about solid


strength, you have more swinger. lot of the small and the younger


guys are doing a lot of swings and it is any they really big guys you


see in the finals that can use the strength to boost up their routines


-- and it is only the really big guys. Do you think privately they


will be really pleased with that? Definitely. He has had quite a few


competitions after the Olympics. Only two weeks ago he was in Japan.


Mentally and physically, that will drain your energy. I think he could


have tied up a few different apparatus but overall I think he


will be very happy for. gymnastics is not over because he


has another couple of finals to go. All the gymnasts from Britain did


incredibly well in qualification. Let's see who will be competing


back. He is a training partner. Definitely. We have Sam Oldham and


a new name that none of you may have heard of, Ashley Watson. And


then we have Becky Downie, and Ruby Harrold. Rebecca Downie it was in


the Beijing Olympics but there are no British gymnasts from the


women's side from the London Becky Downie has had a difficult


few years with injury so it is great for her to be back on the


international scene and getting in finals. If of course, Louis, you


are not the only one to be adorned in sequins! Beth Tweddle has been


named as the Ice Queen as well. She has been spending a lot of time in


the ice rink so we thought we would rapper in some furs and put her by


a fire and get her thoughts! young lady who changed the face of


gymnastics for Great Britain. Tweddle has a bronze medal! I had


had a tough few months leading into the Olympics. I had surgery and was


not sure I would even make it, and my dream rested on that final in


the bars. As soon as I walked in, I could feel the warmth so I just


enjoyed every minute. To stand on the podium, I had to pinch myself


to say, finally, I have done it. From the age of seven all I have


known his gymnastics and listening to my coat and everything revolved


around that, booking a holiday, meeting up with friends -- my coach.


Now I have the freedom. I can say, I want the weekend off. I still do


not know what I once for gymnastics. I love it. I never thought I would


accomplish what I have done. I am making the decision to carry on


training but not to compete. I wanted a break from the competitive


side. All people are bothered about is what you do in the gymnastics


hall, before the Olympics, but now people are bothered about what you


do and what clothes you are wearing. E Louis winning Strictly Come


Dancing and me winning on the ice rink, it is great for gymnastics.


It is more than a sport, that is their new motto, and we have proved


that. People have gathered that British gymnasts are moving up the


ranks but with the games being in London, the profile of the gymnasts


themselves, ten years ago you could not even name one but now people


would be able to name two or three gymnasts. It will be strange, this


is the first major championships after the Olympic Games so from all


round Europe you will see a lot of new faces. We haven't got any of


the women's Olympic team now. It is just because people are taking a


break, unfortunately Becky Downie has been -- Rebecca Tunney has been


injured. But it is great the new ones are getting their faces known


and that experience. Shall we talk about a hot tub in your garden?


can if you want! We will not talk about it! Beth Tweddle was


mentioning Gabby Jupp. She was on top form, everybody was talking


she has potential to make a name for herself. She almost made the


beam final and then this happened on the beam. Such a shame. And that


was it. The end of a qualification competition. High hopes indeed.


could have done really well. She was one of the ones that everybody


was hoping to announce as a superstar. We hope she is OK.


are still waiting to get the definite word on this. We know she


has been flown home and she will be looked at by doctors over here. Now


we are focusing on Ruby Harrold and Charlie Fellows. It is quite a big


moment, Charlie Fellows is very She came second at the British


Championships in March, fantastic for a first-year senior. And Ruby


Harrold qualified with the 6th highest score. Would you have


expected that? She had the potential. Oh don't think she would


have expected it. She is very talented. She has been through a


rough couple of months with injury so to see her get that is an


amazing result. Let's hear from her. I came to this European


Championships to focus on the final of the bars because I have some


unique combinations and I was hoping that would be enough so. And


to walk away yesterday with an all round final and to find out later I


had a beam final was fantastic. is that wonderful moment after


qualification when you realise you have a chance in the finals but


then suddenly the pressure hits. She is in a very unique position.


She is in new waters. She has done very well and now she is probably


thinking, if I can push it a little bit harder I can do even better,


but she needs to focus and say, let's not change anything, I am


here because I know my routine, let's rely on it. You have messed


up at a very big level and it has helped you in the long run.


need to make those mistakes and understand why you make the


mistakes and then you can move on. And understand it for yourself. You


can be told but until you go through it, it does not go in.


is one thing this minute -- listening to it but unless you do


it you will not know. Another the vault final due to various


injuries. She is definitely one to look to in the future. She has


great potential. She trains with me and Rebecca Tunney in Liverpool.


One to look out for. Let's turn our vault? It is always a steady piece


Fellows obviously is the British gymnast. An interesting group. Two


Ukrainians. You want but top guns to be in your group was so you can


keep your sights on them. -- the top guns. Some gymnasts like to


just focus on themselves and they will not watch anything else but


other gymnasts like to know what they need to get to beat their


competitors. Let's go to beam. Aliya Mustafina is an obvious name


to pick out. That is a great group. The two at my throat -- Romanians


and the Russian are the ones to watch out for there. The Russians


and the Romanians are that two top groups. Aliya Mustafina has always


been one of my favourite gymnasts to watch so... Where will you put


your money? It is difficult. I know that two Romanians came out on top


but the Russians tend to hold back a little bit in qualifications and


bring it all in their final, so it will be interesting to see. Is that


a tactic to hold back on the Possibly. It is hard to Safe. I


don't think they intentionally make mistakes. -- it is hard to Safe.


But you can opt for an easier route team. We would always say, which


one will you go for? It is nice to have the back-up, keep them


guessing. What is strong about the Russians, they are trained


religiously. They will always be very stable and consistent, which


sets them apart from the rest of the people that compete.


noticeable difference between men's and women's is the age difference


as well. What do you put that down to? You are doing much more


difficult skills at a younger age. Two Olympics at the age of 20?


How old Will you at your first Olympics? 23. Gymnastics has always


been a young sport for men and women but for the females it is


easy for us when we are smaller, our frames are younger. They go


through puberty a lot earlier so it is a younger age sport but the


women are more developed to handle the tides of pressure and the


impact that the sport will have on them, -- types of pressure. But we


develop later. And four apparatus instead of six for the men. That


leaves a lot less room for mistakes. Yes. If you fall, it is almost like,


that is it. It is a bit risky. There is Aliya Mustafina getting


ready. She has had controversy from the back of the Olympics. Head


coach left the team because they said he spent too much time with


her and they got jealous. Politics involved. Be it does not stop, does


it. We are all a cut in and ready to go. Max Whitlock did incredibly


well. What will be -- the British women have in store for us? We join


onslaught. Both the Russian gymnasts had some problems in


qualification. They still ended up in the top four. Anastasia Grishina


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


was third in qualification but she classical performer to classical


music. Wonderfully stretched. Feet pointed all the time. But she had


some deductions on the tumbles. are looking at deductions for going


outside the floor. When one foot goes out it is a 0.1. She managed


to keep the other one in. If it had joined it it would have gone up to


a 0.3 deduction. We have a new rule on the women's side. You cannot


just stand in the corner Catherine your breath and tumble from two


feet. You have to move one for it and she only just fulfilled that


criteria. To there was a slight hesitation in the corner, I will


just wait even though I am of facing the deduction -- direction.


It was a very solid performance. Very accurate on the tumbles.


and the ace count just as importantly as the tumbles. A


massage their to get the next working. An important opening


routine. Important to the judges as well. They see it and set their


Romania. The leader in qualification. Romanians are so


famous for their confident beam spin as well. The gymnasts have to


include eight elements. Only five of these have to be acrobatic. The


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


other three have to be leeks and A lovely routine full stuck -- a


lovely routine. She finishes off, not a wobble in sight. The arm


positions and executions look really well performed. A couple of


four balls. But always difficult to open on beam. Here is Aliya


Mustafina. A great favourite of qualification and she will be


wanting to improve on that if she wants to walk away with the title


today. I think it will be a fight difficult links. But with the


difficulty comes the risk. She managed to hold on. Matters very


three elements together. She went moves together. A 0.5 reduction if


dismount. What an improvement. You can hear the whole audience with


her on that. She does not look too happy with that performance. A


steps back on landing. Nice and late. -- she wraps the second twist


in quite late. Very clean and well back. Not the highest difficulty


vault but executed really well. Ruby has had ankle injuries so she


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


is just regaining have full power Junior European champion. She won


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


dismount. That was very efficient teamwork. Great work. She is very


small. She almost had to jump to get up to the beam. Very elegant


placed for it except when the delay side somersault. Her first thought


was forwards and some judges will not credit the side somersault if


you land like that. A beautiful height in the double pike back. A


Seeing the emergence of quite a lot of juniors coming forwards. Now


Harrold. The judges tend to get for the judges to be ready.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


compare the beam to the men's Every moment is choreographed. She


knows where every finger should be That was a fantastic performance


there. She nailed every element. Great execution in beliefs, height


of the legs. A lovely start at the beginning. I loved the backward


roll over. It shows some flair and see much more fluency in the dance


lacks a little bit of height. This is our first time to look at


Charlie Fellows and see the Union flag on the back of her leotard.


13.1 in qualification. Her coach will be with her. She is at


Liverpool gymnastic clubs. This is a new routine for her, lots of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Charlie Fellows of stock such maturity in that routine! Fantastic.


Great transition between the top but and below -- between the top


sure as a performance of stock -- a very mature performance. The Becky


Downie is in the bars final later in the weekend. Diana Bulimar, 14.4,


so they obviously didactic a little bit for a lack of artistry. --


deducted a little bit. We obviously have a little problem with the


music here. Giulia Steingruber from double straight, great power, and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


of start really impressive first tumble. As difficult as you will


see from any of the gymnasts today. doing that so very powerful


at that speed, you will not be able gymnasts, we have worked a lot of


the gymnasts working into the corner. They are paying lip service


to it. Charlie Fellows, 13.2. A little bit up on her qualification


score so that is great. Very interesting how the judges would


interpret the pause in the corner, and not being allowed any more.


They are only 0.1 their deductions but if you do that three times,


that is 0.3. It is the first major championships with these new rules.


Maybe be a little bit harsher in the apparatus finals. We will see.


The gymnasts now move round to the next apparatus, where they will get


a quick warm-up. The gymnasts from the floor moved to vault, the vault


to the bars, it always goes in that allowed. The gymnast and the coach


will have decided on the strategy before they start. Giulia


Steingruber's score is in. You can see that routine again in the floor


final. This is how things start in has just come through the junior


ranks. Ruby Harrold is joint 7th, 13.9. Charlie Fellows is in 16th


place. The young Italian coming up through from the junior ranks. Is


it a massive step from the junior ranks through to the senior ranks?


Yeah. She will only be 16 this year. Her senior debut. It is great for


her to bring out that beam score, the Italians are known for their


great beam work. And a great start for Ruby Harrold and Charlie


Fellows. It was interesting to see Becky Downie, who put the chalk on


the bars. In his quite an important role as a team mate! -- it is quite.


You have to get it right for your team-mate. You said it is the worst


job in the world! It is not the greatest job. The especially if she


slips off. But I want to get it right. Ruby Harrold will be on bars.


I wonder if Becky Downie will be back to shore up for her. She will


hopefully do well. This is one of her best pieces so hopefully she


will get a good score. Are you surprised at how well the goals are


doing? No, they are very talented gymnasts. And they looked so


confident on bars. Charlie Fellows is moving over to beam. We heard


Craig compare the beam to the pommel horse but obviously it is


something you thrive on. The pommel horse is very nerve-racking and


beam is the equivalent. She needs to enjoy herself. It is her first


major, major competition so she needs to enjoy it. Just get on with


it. The some of the big guns are building on the floor next. Is this


a piece of apparatus you particularly enjoy? Although it has


to be said, it doesn't look like there are that many people there.


It gets a bit of personality out in your routine, and with the new code


artistry is a lot more prominent, so it will be interesting to see


what gymnasts change about their routines to make it more of a


performance. Let's rejoin the having her legs worked on. She has


got the vault next, her big piece of operators. -- apparatus. That


sound marked the end of the warm-up. Roxana Popa from Spain. Their best


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


you have to include. Good effort at powerful. She is almost so powerful


that she struggles to harness it. She could barely get halfway across


the floor area before she had done all of that tumbles. She is very


powerful. It is very rare that you see so many fix in a combination. -


- Philips. And she still had plenty of room. And of course there is a


bonus for linking elements like that. But the bonuses are really


only 0.1 and 0.2, but they do add up quite well. Two-and-a-half twist


wrapped in rice and tightly. Finishing with the double pike. --


nothing is going on in the arena at the moment. The first gymnasts have


the gymnasts have the time to go and chalk up and to gather their


thoughts. May be last minute words of wisdom from their coach.


realise what has happened, on the bars you are allowed 50 seconds


each, and if you are tall, you are allowed them put up, which may well


have happened, so this is still the warm-up, although we have had the


first floor routine. The other pieces are allowed the three-minute


warm-up but the bars are allowed 52nd seed because every gymnast is


allowed to prepare it as they wish so we are a little ahead on the


floor, which is great, because we are now going to see Aliya


Raby and immediately. Fantastic spatial awareness. -- double


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


the legs but well spotted on the landing. Mustafina was the bronze


medallist on floor at the Olympic Games. You can see all the class


that she has in this routine. Such a popular and polished gymnast. As


a junior she was the absolute darling of World gymnastics. She


suffered a terrible knee injury in the 2011 competition. She required


surgery and took a year and a half to get back from. Everybody in


but the performance during the routine was of such confidence. I


think it shows the levels of maturity between the older gymnasts


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


very dynamic. Beautiful flight, beautiful shapes. I think that was


occasion. Very much so. The Russian gymnasts did not work very well in


qualification. They all make mistakes but here on home ground


and having watched the men work so well, they look like they have come


out knowing there is a job to be done. Sometimes when you are on


home soil the crowd can be quite daunting, the expectation of the


crowd and sometimes it can be totally uplifting. A little look


here at Anastasia Grishina. We saw her floor work. And an impressive


score on the vault for Giulia top. That was a very good fault. In


gymnastics, a lot of people talk about the 2.5 twisting Tsukahara


which many of the Americans do but typed. She brings the arms out to


steady the landing. That is a fantastic vault for somebody so


very young gymnast going on the element and a backward element. And


they have to have a full pirouette. A nice high double piked somersault.


Well executed. A lovely line in the have clipped the lower bar before


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


you, Craig. I like the style of the Romanians, it is not so classical


but they always perform routines with difficult tumbling. It is part


of the routine and that is impressive. She had a fraction of


feet apart. Not that you could see when she was going in full speed.


This is slow motion and look how talked about the new rule and that


is the only floor routine which with the Romanians and Russians


fighting for the top spot. That is always as it has been in the


Europeans. Occasionally Great Britain and the Italians have been


able to mix it up a little bit. But Romania and Russia historically


between the bars that you have to show. She held the first somersault


straight but piped the second one in. The judges can sometimes be


harsh about that and call it only a double pike. I thought it was a


very fluent routine. A very nice could not match the artistry of


Aliya Mustafina. That is what she scored in qualification. A lot of


marks to be given for artistry now. vault. -- a clean vault. That


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


had the bars altered slightly so coach. We move on here to Larisa


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


that? A really well choreographed routine. She used the music well.


Expressive through the face. I thought that was excellent. She is


excellent on the dance things as well. Hair leaps are super high.


Had tumbling as fantastic. -- her tumbling is fantastic. Talk about


know your distance. Right into the corner. She did not stand on two


feet in the corn and wait. Following the new rules she moved


from a dance position straight in. They have to be more secure on


their tumbling. They cannot stand in the corner and think, thing,


think. They have to move straight into it. Beautifully landed.


beautiful routine. I prefer the new rule to the floor. You do not see


the gymnasts standing in the corner fit. She is barely puffing after


that routine. One minute and 30 seconds of constant movement with


the most difficult skills. You can imagine the volume of work they


have done to be able to perform a routine like that with such


confidence. And the quadruples spin, the difficulty in that is


unbelievable. The gymnasts will spray the water towards the bar so


that the bar is not soaked with its water but it is moist. If you are


over a certain height, you are allowed the bars to be put up. But


it delays the competition. Look at that score! The judges thought the


same as us. We should maybe take up judging because it was a fabulous


routine and it is easy to see that is the best floor routine we have


seen today. I don't think judging is hard when it is like that! It is


when you have to choose between the not so good ones that it is more


tricky. That scorch increases Larissa your Dutch lead --


You don't have to. But most choose to. When you're swimming for an


hour a day, your hands get lots of blisters if you don't. And lots of


tears in the early days but I think your hands built up a resilience to


it. Even the top guys will be contending with blisters on a


weekly basis. It is important US some protection. I have noticed


some of the girls used a bandage for storm different countries use


different things. But if they do not wear handcarts, they're like


the bars scrub quite clean of chalk, as so within your team you want to


have your team using the same the higher part to Lola Bath. The


that was late but she recovered well. -- high bar to low bar.


put into it a little bit too much on the dismount, it was almost, I


will put my hands down to save myself. She did struggle through


that routine and it looks like she may have caused a bit of injury.


The first turn dam was a bit late heavily. -- putting her hands down.


She twisted a little bit early. That will be uncomfortable. But


quite difficult when you have been waiting for a long time like that.


She is a young gymnast. It will need to focus now. Two at ramps


have to go. -- two rounds to go. After two pieces of apparatus,


Louis set be your day key stays out in the lead. -- Larisa Iordache.


Ruby Harrold has moved up a place. Giulia Steingruber, the Swiss


amazing to think that the competition is halfway over.


does go quite quickly. It is different when you on the floor


because you are totally focused on the routines. But it is only 90


seconds on three pieces and then a ten-second vault and that is it.


saw a phenomenal performance from floor from Iordache. Yes, it will


be interesting to see what score sheet debts and Aliya Mustafina.


Giulia Steingruber has done her best two. She is moving over to the


Bar's now. We would expect her to drop down. I think that is a given.


She has given us up the best chance. I think now she can really start to


enjoy the competition and see where she finishes. Ruby Harrold is


moving up a place and that is all you can ask. She is in the beam


final as well. Only two gymnasts per country allowed so things could


change. She got a personal best on beam in qualification. The same if


not better would be a great achievement. How did Charlie do on


the floor? It is one of her best pieces. She had a fall on it


qualification so I am sure she will be hoping to improve on that.


piggyback us from the all round to the team. How do you think that


works out within the British camp? Everyone has adjusted to the system


and that is how it works. I much prefer the team competition but the


individual one really gives you the opportunity to specialise on


certain apparatus and push on with individual apparatus. It is a


different dynamic but it is still an enjoyable competition. If you


look at the likes of Iordache, put her in their team and you have a


winning combination. Exactly, if you have a gymnast but can


contribute like that, you can start to put together a really strong


team and that is what the Romanians will be doing this year. You always


used to training in Olympic Order and this is different because it is


random. Do you think that will throw the gymnasts, not being with


those they are competing with? it depends on the gymnast. I just


focus on my own routine. I do not tend to look around. But I am sure


Aliya Mustafina is looking out in the corner of her eye what the


other top contenders are doing and making sure she is just ahead of


them. This is Aliya Mustafina, former world champion in the all


round, looking to build on her of the vault runway. Ready to


emphasise her bid for this title. Fantastic vault. Look at that!


Beautiful performance. We have seen her compete before with two-and-a-


half twists. That is how she damage Tony in competition. The double


twist is well within her grasp -- she damaged her knees. Absolutely.


Good strike on to the vault. Double twist. Very tight in her legs. I


think psychologically, knowing she is not doing their two-and-a-half,


gives her extra confidence. Tiny bit of direction. The white line


down the middle shows you if the gymnast is bang in line, she was


slightly off to one side but only a very small deduction, 0.1, but she


did not give anything else a wave. She will be very happy with that of


stock absolutely. It will keep the Doctor of the bars left, which is


her favourite. -- she will be happy with those scores. Just the bars


left, which is her favourite. Now plenty of height, very clean.


is probably a very little difference from the junior gymnast.


She won the Junior European Championships last year and this is


her first year of senior. Not quite ready yet. The wise coach does not


put it out until it is absolutely ready. Lovely technique. Straight


body. That will be doing double twists in training all day long but


like you say, it is the maturity of the coat and a gymnast to make it


safe and do a good, clean a vault - - maturity of the coach. Of course


that double twist has a higher start value. That is why it is


worth doing it, otherwise no one Aliya Mustafina for me but it will


be a reasonable score nevertheless. She is also very tiny and dynamic.


It was difficult to see from the angle but I do not think her feet


absolutely maybe two twists. No, they did. There was no question.


Nice type legs. Nice body shape. It would just be the deduction for


being slightly off-line. She was quite arched. I think she twisted a


little bit la and then she struggled to come around. -- a


little bit early. The judges agreed with you. Not quite as good as


Aliya Mustafina. Noemi Makra from Hungary, another gymnast who


excited us in the junior ranks. Particular on the asymmetric bars


for the asymmetric bars. She drinks the skills excellently and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


generates speed as she goes along - on bars. She knows she needs to


build her lead on the first three pieces. She knows this vault needs


tidy, very neat. It is not always possible to see on the TV but I do


not think that had quite the flight back to we have seen from some. She


brought the shoulders a little bit forward, slightly, but it was very


clean. A bit of a direction deduction again for being off-line.


Good shape and good confidence. was a very positive run-up. May be


double twist look easy. Slide crossing of the legs. Probably not


matching Aliya Mustafina but it will not be far off. She looks


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


happy. 14.9. We are doing all is packing the difficulty in. Some


of it looking a tiny bit rushed. A double front dismount. Nice and


high. I was very impressed, Christine. Talk about packing in


the difficult it. That full-term, it was quite late in the turn. Jam-


packed. Every time they bend their elbows the judges can deduct. A


routine like this can be heavily didactic. It is how they are


applying the judging system. It made it look a bit rushed although


it was difficult and exciting. totally agree. That look like she


was put in the effort in. She was working hard in back rete in. --


she was working hard in putting that in. Giulia Steingruber has


made good progress since we saw at to lay her challenge. She is just


applying the water. That will make sure her grip will be perfect in


the routine. Last year on bars Grishina took the silver medallist


-- silver medal on ours. The Russians always are. It is one of


their favourite pieces of apparatus. I have never seen a Russian gymnast


who could not swing bars. It is a very technical piece for the women.


The floor and vault and beam are very similar in terms of acrobatic


skills. The uneven bars are very technical. The Russians are very


technical in their coaching of gymnastics. That has not changed.


Many Russian coaches coach or around the world.-all around the


place. Here we have Anastasia full of difficulty this routine --


hike Jager. Very nice indeed. A big smile. A high-five at the coach.


Very happy with that. They head into their final rotation. You can


see the influence of Russian gymnastics in every piece of that


that she could just pours a little. That is the skill of a great bar


worker. A sign of classic give the difficulty value. A very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


impressive score puts her into Grishina but that was a packed full


routine. Really nice to see the Swedish gymnasts here getting among


thick. That routine did not look out of place whatsoever. The judges


are looking for the gymnast to have been promising for some time.


They have had good juniors for quite a while and now they are


starting to make good senior gymnasts as well. Bars are always


but very compact. Why not the best double twists we have seen. It is


difficult to tell the distance but she had those legs locked together.


A super height. I thought that was a very nice malt. -- a very nice


well. She has already qualified for bar final from the earlier


competition. She is not renowned all-round Championships. It is


really good for the younger gymnasts to get the experience of


the first major after an Olympic Games. It is really good for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


want to see. They want to see a back and lose sight of the beam and


injury so not chancing a backward landing but that was a very


confident impressive performance from Ruby Harrold. A very solid


performance. I think she will be very proud of that. It looked very


confident. Not many wobbles. I liked the start with the lift to


handstand into a heater and. -- into a Healey turn. Very confident


about the routine. She could have from Ruby. A nice little wave.


Really enjoying her European experience. Let's hope in a few


years' time we will see her at the Olympics. There is one of the great


Russian gymnasts. There you go. A real show a girl of gymnastics. She


could really perform. She is sadly missed. There are a few gymnasts


here looking impressive. Certainly the desire from the powers that be


in gymnastics is to reward performance.


With one piece of apparatus to go, this is how things look. Larisa


Iordache leads again. She has done had a shame with her landings. She


did not do too well on her last piece of apparatus either. That


puts Charlie Fellows into 21st place. The last piece of apparatus.


I think all eyes will be on the bars, Hannah. It will be between


Larisa Iordache and Mustafina. Mustafina is Olympic champion on


clean through teams... Charlie Fellows will be finishing on the


vault. It is all about getting that experience. Louis, you said you


cannot remember your first Europeans. You are going to make


mistakes early on, with your debut, but it is going to happen. You have


to pick yourself up, and built on it for the future of. Halkidiki


think it is that Aliya Mustafina is up last on bars -- how key do you


think it is? It is big pressure. It is going to be a lot of pressure.


Anastasia Grishina will be going on beam and she is one of the best in


Europe on beam. May exit interesting. Ruby wraps up her


competition. She is a really good slower cat and she has some


interesting choreography so she puts on a good performance -- boot


floor were cut. Is it possible for Aliya Mustafina to catch Larisa


Iordache? And maybe. I think she will do it. She has led the way it


all along. Giulia Steingruber has done incredibly well, she is now


down in 5th. Ruby Harrold is in 9th, she qualified six. She has had a


great competition. She has had a clean competition. She will be


hoping to do a clean the floor routine and score as best she can.


It is great experience for her. or why you feeling not be in there?


It is a bit difficult. -- how are you feeling? I always want to be


competing but it is the best for me to be training and walking on new


skills for the rest of the year. you could finish on one piece of


apparatus come up what would you finish on? The floor. Why? I enjoy


performing on the floor, it is one of the least nerve-wracking pieces.


It is a nice one-two finish on. are looking at Larisa Iordache. She


knows she has one of her weakest pieces coming up. What is your


gameplay? Show has to keep it calm. Don't make any stupid mistakes. --


she has to. It would be pointless to try something different and make


mistakes. Keep it cool. She is quite an experienced competitor now


so she will know. She knows exactly what she needs to do. Whether she


does it or not... She has moved up the ranks with every piece of


apparatus. Can she go one more? She is in second position, Aliya


Mustafina, behind Larisa Iordache. Back to the commentary box. I think


that Aliya Mustafina has got the she does not look very happy with


that at all. -- a big hop back. has not been a good competition for


her. We have not been able to see everybody but that is very much the


picture of a disappointed gymnast. Very nice in the air, great height


Yushchenko, the first gymnast to do this -- we name this. It has


changed a lot. You can hit the platform with your feet so low that


you can rub it off and it has changed the vault considerably for


women. It is safe as well. Les. -- yes. She needs to take a quick


picture of her score board and Guinea, she is not using hand


guards. -- Elisa Meneghini. She is doing a lot of inverted turns so


she likes to feel at the bars of. It is definitely a bit of an


insight into what the gymnast will the best executions. You can almost


see the potential in this gymnast. She has done some great work in


this competition. I am sure her coaches will be very pleased with


without the hand guards. Very clean dismount. Nice routine. Happy with


that. She has worked pretty cleanly. She looks in control of her work.


She looks ready probably to take a step up. I do not think we saw her


floor routine and I know she had trouble with that in qualification.


I think the focus. On the bars, this is where it is going to happen.


I think not only will Aliya Mustafina take it, I think she will


overtake it by a mob. -- by a long way. A very good total for a first-


outing on the asymmetric bars in qualification. I am sure she can do


be the most difficult but she was very happy to have got through.


12.7 in qualification. Looked a lot clean that then. You get some idea


hit their dead handstand. If she does, she gets more marks than if


she was a bit off. They only competition so far. It is never


easy to start on beam but it is even more difficult to finish on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


difficult. It does not look spectacular because it does not


rise higher but you have to rotate away from the beam. That was a good


performance. She has had a very good and clean competition. You can


see the acrobatic skills you are tiny, if your two feet can


stand together on the beam, it is quite a lot easier. Much better


than her qualification for Diana on the big stage, it is this


ahead of that score. She will want to post a score that cannot be


caught. Larisa Iordache from Romania. The lead all the way


but she got the link. She is fighting and giving it everything.


Here we go. Not a flicker. A much better routine. There were errors.


A bit of loss of form in the back when she transferred to the routine


in part. She needs 12.466 to take the lead. De DEC the flicker in the


legs. -- did you see be flicker in the legs? I am sure the judges will


not miss that. They will not miss it but I think she made a big


mistake on it in qualifying so she will have been pleased to achieve


it. The dismount was secure and well landed. She had built herself


a big lead. Whatever she gets, Mustafina needs to be 0.8 better.


Are I would want at least two marks in the lead! The other Russian


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


apparatus. But it is very easy to Whatever the scores, she has done


her job in front of her home crowd. Very delighted for her. We have


seen have as a gymnast with ups and downs but to date is an up. A great


performance. A lot of pressure going on to the beam. What style


and grace. It was so nice to watch It was a tiny bit slow. You could


to spare but she cannot afford to fall. One mistake could cost her


the title. She needs anything above 14.533 to steal it. How upsetting


is that to be a gymnast, to lead or through the competition and to lose


on the last piece of apparatus? But she has to do the routine. She is


the Olympic champion on the ace element to another which makes the


difference in the difficult to shuffle on the landing. What a


performance. What pressure. She still doesn't look happy with that.


She is such a perfectionist. She will be thinking it could have been


a bit better but she knows in her heart that is good enough. From the


first move to me it set it out. She banged into bat handstand. Just


watch a master at work. I think she performed immensely. The European


champions should be a walk in the park, if I dare say so. What a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


a fabulous results. She is such an accomplished gymnast. And all-round


gymnast. There is not a piece of apparatus she cannot perform well


on. A great performance. She will be a lot happier with that


performance. She has held herself well. She has the confidence to


know she can go into a piece like the bars last which gives you a


real boost. A well deserved winner today I think. Absolutely. We have


witnessed on the public stage high- rise as a great junior. She got a


terrible injury, fought back from the injury and came back when she


was not really on top of her work. We have seen have gradually come


right back to being right on top of her work. But also Larisa Iordache


as well, I must say. She did not have a great Olympics. She was


suffering from injury. It is fabulous to see her so confident


here. Yes, unfortunately, the bars did let her down at the end of the


day. I am sure in the back of your mind you know you're going up


against the Olympic champion on that piece of apparatus, it does


throw a bit of doubt into your mind and knock your confidence. But she


gave it Harrall. It is something she has got to be pleased with. A


silver in the all round, not eight Bad Day at the office. They all


worked at their best. That is what you want from a gymnastic


competition. You want to see everybody work at their best and


the best gymnast come out at the top. I am really impressed with the


Swiss gymnast, Giulia Steingruber in 4th. That has got to be a


massive improvement. A yes, she had upped her work considerably since


the Olympics. There were a Kubica - - there were a few bits that she


was pleased to do competitive live. A clean sweep so far for the


Russians, overall champion in the men earlier today and in the


Women's there. Absolutely. We did not see Ruby Harrold on floor but


she's got 13.4 which puts Tarin eighth position which is a


fantastic achievement. Top 10. about winning a title in your home


country. I guess the guys in the studio will agree that to win a


medal in your own country when the pressure is on is a really special


feeling. I certainly think the occasion and the home support have


really helped her in this competition. As we said earlier,


sometimes the home support can be a pressure but on this occasion it


was definitely an asset. De gymnasts rose to that situation.


They can do this, they train hard and they can do the routines many


times over. If you know you can do your work, the support of the home


crowd, as was seen with our gymnasts and athletes that the


London Olympics, it was a really big asset to them. Larisa Iordache


is definitely a bit disappointed. She gave it her everything. She


knows she needs to go back and work hard. There is Ruby Harrold


delighted with her performance. Some work to be done on the Bar's


there. 13.833 against Mustafina at 15.133. It was a massive jump on


the ace metric bars there. -- on the asymmetric bars. The you can


see great comradeship between all the gymnasts. They have competed


together, a lot of respect for each other and every gymnast works


exceptionally hard. You are not able to be at this level without


giving your whole life to it really. A lot of these gymnasts will have


trained with other gymnasts from other parts of the country. We used


to have training camps abroad with the French and the Russians. You


get a real camaraderie. When you go to competitions you want to win but


there is a real sense of comradeship and congratulating the


the women's all around the European Championships. Aliya Mustafina,


is well inside the top 10. Charlie Mustafina could do it and she did.


Yes, she is a very mature and experienced competitor now. She has


been there, done that and she knew what she needed to dig on all four


It is slightly gutting for Larisa Iordache to be leading for three


pieces and then suddenly... She obviously knew it was coming.


must have known bars was not her great peas but she gave herself


every opportunity to hold on to the lead. I think it was set up for


Mustafina in Russia. She was last up in the competition. She deserved


it. And Giulia Steingruber worth a mention. We said it halfway through


she has had her best piece of apparatus and she kept that


consistency. She really impressed me. She showed she is right up


there. She is definitely one to watch over the next couple of years.


Have vaults and floor work were amazing. It is great to see her


asymmetric bars have improved as well. She is one to watch. It is a


different discipline being an all- round gymnast as opposed to being a


specialist. For some delight Giulia Steingruber to work on those other


pieces, suddenly she's up there with the best in the world as well


as being a strong vaulter. That shows a true athlete. The ones who


can do the all-round and find a specialist peas and work on it


individually. She has done well to be up there with the Russians and


Romanians. She has done wonders for Switzerland and putting gymnastics


on the map in her country. Larisa Iordache, is it a case of


going back to the gym to hammer the bar work? As a said before,


Romanians are not known for their bar work. I'm sure they work just


as hard on that piece as every other piece, it just does not come


as naturally. I am sure she will be back in the gym working really hard


trying to improve that score. Mustafina, she is a beautiful


gymnast, that goes without question, style and elegance all the way


through. Not Justin had our work but floor work as well. Look at the


height that she gets. She is really impressive on floor. Very neat and


tidy and clean. There is not much deduction you can take on her floor


She knew that finishing on bars was good for her because it is her best


piece. And she was last up in her own country, in Russia. She will


have been feeling the pressure. So to go through the way she did is


You have that difficulty of how difficult you go against how


beautiful you go. I guess in the gym, you are constantly working


more difficult moves but you have got to be able to execute them.


Aliya Mustafina has always had the heart start values and the


difficult skills but as well as that, she has always been able to


perform them a beautifully and artistically with very few


deductions. Do you think she knew as soon as she landed, up Larisa


Iordache? That she was opening the door? I think she knew it wasn't


her best. There were a few tactical errors and deductions that she knew


-- her score. You will get to see a lot of that again in the individual


apparatus finals. They start for us again tomorrow. You cannot see us


-- you can join us on the red What is successful qualification


this has been. We wondered if there would be a bit of a hangover for


the Olympics but for Great Britain to come and make so many finals.


Definitely and it is great to see some new names. Lots of people will


not have heard of Ashley Watson and he has had lots of injuries. He has


been really unlucky the last few years. He has had some injury


setbacks but he has kept going and he has made the high bar final and


it is a special routine so he has every chance. Can he keep his


composure because he has not had that much experience of the world


stage? There will be a lack of experience but the other lads will


be trying to keep him calm, for him not to be looking for a medal but


to try to enjoy the experience. If he does well, it opens the door for


big internationals. If Max of the pommel horse, second highest


qualifier behind your good mate, in This is his all-around performance


He bends his legs, that gets him very close to Christian Berkeley.


The only thing you could possibly take off his his hands are not in


line. Where you put one hand in front of the other. Yes. You can


get a 10th of each circle, which can amount to quite a lot.


Literally, when it comes down to it, he has so much potential on the


pommel horse and it is fine-tuning. This was his final piece of


apparatus, the rings. Not the strongest of pieces but was it a


good one for him to finish on? think it was safe. You do not


really make too many mistakes on rings. For him it is better than


finishing on pommel horse and a high bar. It was a stable peace to


finish on. It is the random draw. You don't know where you will end


up finishing. It was a phenomenal all-around performance from him and


it was that method which he said, I was see what happens, and if you


now them at this level, it is surprising what can happen -- if


you Rik Mayall them. Exactly and he He really could do great things for


Great Britain in this sport and this is hopefully a platform on to


bigger and better things. You have bigger and better things. You have


made everybody realise what is possible and all the younger


gymnasts that are coming through. Look at the juniors. The strength


within the British team. It is incredibly exciting. The whole


point is to get the ball rolling. We wanted to encourage the kids and


show what is possible. The fact we can see Max and Ashley making


finals is brilliant. Congratulations, you first senior


European medal. Thank you. I am really happy with that. My aim was


to do a clean routine and I did that so I am really happy. You are


the highest qualifier in the qualifications coming into the


final but you were right up there. I am very happy with that score. I


am aiming for a bit higher but I am really happy with that, six clean


routines. For me to go into that in first place shows to myself that I


have got the potential. Whitlock finished behind David


Bailey Laski, who took the gold medal, and we can look at the


women's ceremony now -- David Belyavskiy. Aliya Mustafina got the


gold, Larisa Iordache got the silver and Anastasia Grishina got


the bronze. For Russia to receive these medals in front of a home


crowd, you know more than anybody what that feels like. I have never


experienced an atmosphere like it. It is a very stressful environment


but then it is so rewarding when you do do well. It is fantastic.


Larisa Iordache was leading for three of the apparatus but had to


settle for silver. A sterling performance for her. No doubt now


it is this not after dismount, release and catch, release and


catch, and somebody who knows all about that is the Olympic champion


Aliya Mustafina. She takes the gold What a moment, to take that gold


medal alongside David Belyavskiy e What do you do with the flowers?


normally give them to my mum! But if I am going to be a way for a


while, I throw them into the crowd. If I spot a nice lady, I give them


to her! I give them to be cleaner in the hotel. I am sure Aliya


Mustafina's mother will probably get them. It must be special to be


crowned European champions in front of that home crowd. An there is the


top eight. Giulia Steingruber did so well, didn't she. The Italian


worth a mention and Ruby Harrold, finishes in a there. -- in eighth


place. To come and get this kind of experience, Ruby Harrold must be


happy with that. It is a great result for her. She will be really


happy with that. She had a clean competition and it was a great


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Or Aliya Mustafina takes gold ahead Russia get first and third. What a


competition. Aliya Mustafina qualified in fourth place and then


ended up taking the gold. What are the chances of you see more


gymnastics this weekend? Quite The highlights on BBC Two on Sunday


What a great line-up of sport we have over the next few days. The


World Snooker Championship start tomorrow at 10 am. You can watch


that unsold for the next 17 days. - Plenty to get your teeth into.


Looking ahead for the individual apparatus finals, can Max Whitlock


beat Krisztian Berki? He is human. He can make mistakes. He has been a


nemesis for it so long. And I have beaten him a few times myself so it


is possible. Max needs to keep a cool head. And Daniel Keatings is


back. We are delighted to see him. He can definitely be Krisztian


Berki because he has done. He has indeed. -- definitely beat. It will


be an interesting, Hall's final, I am just glad I am not in it! --


pommel horse final. More I highlight was Max getting this all


the medals. Ruby Harrold, keen competition. Max, it has to be.


Matt Baker presents coverage of the artistic gymnastics European Championships from Moscow, with expert analysis from London Olympic medallists Louis Smith and Kristian Thomas.

Day three of the continental showdown in Russia features live coverage of the women's all-round competition plus highlights of the men's all-round, with some of Great Britain's London 2012 heroes back in action.

Dan Purvis, Max Whitlock and Sam Oldham - who were part of the Olympic bronze medal-winning men's team alongside Smith and Thomas - are all competing, while 15-year-old rising star Gabby Jupp makes her senior international debut fresh from winning the British all-round title.

Host nation Russia will be overwhelming favourites to top the medal table, having been the top-performing European nation at the Olympics last summer.

Christine Still and former Commonwealth champion Craig Heap provide the commentary.

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