21/04/2013 Gymnastics: European Championships


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Hello, and welcome to highlights of the European Gymnastics


Championships. Now, the British team out in Moscow had a storming


qualification, with our gymnasts taking 13 places in the finals. Our


medal count started on Friday with a silver in the men's all-around


competition, and this is how Max Whitlock did it. So all our eyes,


then, on 20-year-old Max Whitlock. He's fabulous at twisting, flips on


lovely high - oh. Costly landing. What a cracking routine for Max.


Max Whitlock now up into third. his moves are done with great flair.


A really efficient routine from Max there. Oh, we like that. Round of


triple twists - what a cracking routine. Well done, Max.


A cracking routine indeed. Come on, Max. Building the difficulty all


the time - well done, Max. He's there. He's in contention! He knows


he has to do the routine of his life. A great route own, job done.


Great work from Max, fantastic competition, second in Europe, a


fantastic achievement, Max. What a competition to have witnessed, and


it was the highest placing ever for a British gymnast at the Europeans


in the all-around competition, and this is how Max summed it all up.


My aim was go out there and do a clean routineed a hopefully a


similar routine to the qualification round. I am happy to


do that so I am happy with the silver medal. In the past people


have seen you as a pommel horse specialist, obviously, on the


ground. You have take and massive leap forward since the Olympics.


That's what I wanted to do. During the Olympics I wanted to go out and


prove myself as an all-arounder. This is my first all-around in


major competition. It was really good, and to come up with a medal -


that's really what I was hopefully aiming for. I am delighted to say


that joining me this afternoon are two British Olympians. We have


Jennifer Pinches and three-times Olympic medallist Lewis Smith. A


phenomenal performance from Max, it goes without saying, but Daniel


Purvis as well, he also placed incredibly high with a fifth. Did


you expect that from Dan? It's nice the see Dan back on the up. I have


been talking to him at the Olympic Games. He said he wasn't quite on


form. He wasn't at his best. He has had a bit of a dip. Why do you


think he didn't quite hit it? had a hard couple of years towards


the Olympic games. He did every competition there was going. I


think he peaked a little bit too early, but he seems very motivated.


He's back training hard now, and he did well at the European Gymnastics


Championships. I am happy for him. You're taking a bit of a break from


the sport. You have been climbing mountains and all sorts since 2012?


Yeah, after the Olympics I went on a two-month volunteering - know I


am back in school and living a bit more of an average life. Are you?


Ruby Harrold is out flying the flag for Great Britain at the moment.


She got the highest ever placing in Europe for Britain's women. She's


filling the shoes. Yeah, she has done fantastically. I think she


came into this competition aiming to do well on the bars. That was


her main aim, but she's done really well in the all-around competition


and not only qualified for the bar final, but for the beam final. So


yeah. Charlie Fellows, the first year of senior competition for her.


Another new experience for her being in the senior European


Championships but she's done really well again, came 18th in the all-


around final, definitely got some potential for the future. Coming


into this championships there was a lot of talk about a certain Gabby


Jupp. But qualification - it was a real shame for her because she was


on form in the first senior British. Definitely. Last month she won the


British Championships. She has been looking absolutely amazing, and


then it was really unfortunate just at the end of this fantastic theme


routine in which she would have qualified for the final, she just


seemed to, as you see there, grab her knee. They have flown her home


back to the UK for further medical... We're still waiting to


hear from the outcome of that'll be. What a trajectory she was on. Let's


just hope it's not going to be too serious. My thoughts are with her.


We're now concentrating on the specialists. We're going to focus


on the finals with British interests, of course, so let's have


a look at our finalists, so we've got on the floor Max Whitlock and


Sam Oldham on even bars, Rebecca Tunney - we'll talk more about her


as the evening progresses as well as Ruby Harrold, who we were just


So we are going to start with the men's floor, but before we see any


of the action, let's hear from Sam We go to competitions expected to


winned meas. We're not just going there to compete, so yeah, there is


a lot of expectation, but we change the game day in and day out all the


time now, and everyone is just striving to get on the team. It's


almost harder to get on the team than sometimes it is to qualify for


these finals that can only be a good thing for British gymnastics.


The floor has improved a lot for me. I have improved my difficulty and


it has been going really well over the last couple of months. I think


all the guys on the floor are quite close in scores and in qualifying


and star values as well. I think it will be really difficult, but


hopefully we can go out there and do great routines and try to stick


a few landings and see if we can grab a medal or two. Grab a medal


or two - sounding very, very optimistic! And there's the start


Is it good news to be going out first? I think the good thing for


Max is he's consistent. Though he's first, he can almost set the


standard, which is a good place to Alexander Shatilov is always worth


the mention. He's an enormous gymnast. He's pretty much going in


the middle of the pack with Sam Oldham. Two gymnasts follow him.


Let's get into action. Joining me is Christine Still and former


Here we go, then, first floor finalist, Great Britain's Max


three-and-a-half, tuck, full twist. Second tumble, two-and-a-half, one-


and-a-half, nailed. Such precise new cord - the gymnasts only


allowed to perform one of those - into the flair work, back up into


flairs, down into flairs, air great control, takes a slight


breath. The handspring, two-and-a- half twist, yet again another great


landing, showing great composure and maturity. Preparing for the


final tumble, roundoff triple twist, a great way to start the final.


What a start indeed. He scored a 15.466 in qualification. He upped


that in the all-around final to a 15.5, which would be enough, I


think, to take gold, certainly for a medal, Chris. It was a great


opening - it was difficult for us to see, but I think on this first


tumble that he did just hop out of the floor. We saw the red flag go


up. We'll wait for confirmation of that. That's a fantastic tumble as


well, that two-and-a-half twist forwards. Just wonderful style.


He's got such a great future ahead of him at 20 years old, Chris. Oh!


That's the little bit they wanted to capture. He has. He has a


fantastic future, and he's very cool, very calm. We saw yesterday


he made a little bit of an error, not a huge error, but a little bit


of an error on his first piece. He didn't let it throw him. Many


gymnasts - we saw the Ukrainian gymnast - once an error was in


there, they sort of fell apart a little bit, but Max, no, just


battled on through. He really has got a great temperament. It's a


score of 15.333 - .1 penalty. that was great, just the .1. Will


it be enough for a medal? We'll have to wait and see. What does


Alexander Shatilov have to say about this, a vastly experienced


gymnast? We have watched him for many a year, a huge lad. He will


twist and work his way around the court. Thing is, if you're a tall


gymnast and can really harness it, you look so elegant. Now, that was


how to do a front somersault, half- turn, wasn't it, a little kick out.


Whoa! Double twisting, double tuck, and because he's tall, he can't


take a great, long run, just calm of steps into every roundoff - two-


and-a-half, front somersault with that exit out of a tumble once.


They're only allowed to roll out once. That was his. It was very


clean, well executed. A full twisting double back to finish,


just a tiny hop. That is a challenge, I think. He made it look


easy. He absolutely did, and he's got quite a high difficulty value.


Yeah, it was a very precise routine. He's probably the best we have seen


so far on the landings. And you can see there at the start very precise,


nailed there, stepped back into the corner. He had a great balance of


routine with combination, then the double twisting, double back and a


full in, back out, a really, really good routine, and for me, I think


that might just go into the lead. You can see there - that is the


full in, back out, slight hop back for a 10th, but very, very precise.


His start value we think is .1 lower than Max has gone into the


lead with, 15.333 - he's tied with Max Whitlock at the moment, and


here we go with Sam Oldham, part of the bronze medal-winning team at


the Olympics. Another very bright young star of British gymnastics.


Oh, just held that in, I think. A difficult combination to start with


- half into double - fight, fight, Sam. He does. But there will be


He's a naturally really precise extended gymnast. He's just


struggling slightly with these landings today. But here you can


see toes pointed, legs straight, we go. Triple - he's cleanly around,


but he really has given a 10th or so away on every single landing.


needs over 14.666 for a medal at this stage. He twists absolutely


fantastic. He does a great execution there, as she said, on


the roll-out. He's kicking out. He looks elegant, but just can't hold


it together with the landings, and that'll cost him with the


deductions. You know, demonstrating great flair work there, toes


pointed, flair up into the handspring, dropping back down into


flair. What do we think here as a sceer? -- score? He qualified with


a 15.3 - no, that'll be costly. See, if they think that was only a 2.5,


which they might do, then he loses his dismount because he's already


completed a two-and-a-half somewhere else. Just outside the


medals there and a 14.4 for Sam the last two European Championships.


He finished 46th on floor and 42nd. He has done remarkably well to get


here in the top eight. A very clean opening tumble, second tumble, the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


roll-out in the straight position, straight half with ease. Into the Do


is the final tumble. Round off triple twist. One little step. A


great routine. That could push up into the medals. He got a 15. A


15.166 for qualification. 6-2 Many of them are doing


two-and-a-half into front fall, so their tumble half will be given more


marks. But you always have to marry it with the control and not getting


the deductions. When I say the two-and-a-half into full is worth


perhaps 0. 0.2 moreness that the one-and-a-half into front half. If


you are going to take a big step, you will lose big points. This is


why a Teddy routine like this will often win out. 14. 14.9 is enough


Alexander Shatilov. Double celebration for them. Wonderful for


Max to get the gold. The first time Shatilov has a gold on the floor of


the European Championships. What a story for Cingolani, who takes


bronze. Alexander Shatilov and Great Britain's Max Whitlock take gold in


the men's floor final. It has been a great two days of


competition for Max Whitlock. Yesterday he received the men's


all-around silver. Today he's got a gold medal hanging round his neck.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Ladies and gentlemen, the national well at this stage? The all-around


first and ratus final... He has always had the potential. He's such


a talented kid. We have always known he could do very well at


levels like this. It's nice to see him fulfilling that, and it's


brilliant. Like I said, he didn't expect to get the gold, but he is


crowned world champion on floor. shares it with Alexander Shatilov.


It's a very controversial point, this, because at European level


you're allowed to share the medals, but at world, Olympic medal, as you


have experienced, even if you have the same score, execution comes


over difficulty, and there you can see Krisztian Berki took the gold


in 2012. You took the silver, but did get the same score. It's a


difficult question to ask you because obviously you passionately


want the gold, but how do you think European gymnastics compares on


that point? It makes sense - if first place has the same scores,


then it makes stones give them both the gold medal. It does.The code


in the last cycle was developed that you push to do the most


difficult - you make the routine more exciting, yet when you're tied


for score, they use that as a disadvantage, so they used your


high start scores and big scores against you. So it doesn't really


alongside L arcs is was Becky Downie, but I'm delighted to say


that Becky is back. I've done numerous finals between


4th and 8th. I've had mistakes and after having too many set-backs I've


worked really hard. I've been waiting for a long time for this


moment. Hopefully it goes well. I'm going to give it my best shot. It is


nice to have the team alongside you. Me and Ruby know we really came here


for bars. Ruby has done great in qualifications and getting further,


but we knew we wanted to hit the routines and get into the final. We


are both really happy we've done that. I came to the European


Championships to focus on the bar final, because I've got some unique


combinations. I was hoping that it would be enough to make another bar


final like I did last year. My coach came up with the idea of a new


combination that has never done before. I go from top to bottom. It


gives me quite a high bonus. Everybody's talking about that move.


She calls it the Schloerdn but you call it unique. It is definitely


different. It is difficult to whip around such rotation and pot it.


Straight up and straight back down to the low bar. It is lovely to Dee


Rebecca back. She won the British bar title last month as was -- and


was looking brilliant. She's is out there to medal. This is the order


Do you think Becky will be able to hold her nerve? It will be a


difficult task. Aliya is Olympic champion. She doesn't buckle under


pressure. And in front of her home crowd in Moscow. Exactly. She will


want to pull out a brilliant in the all round. Watch this bar


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


once you've fallen. How do you pull through that absolutely clean, but


she just mistimed the shoot-down. Two D elements together. Apart from


that moment it was incredibly dynamic wasn't it? Very dynamic.


Very interesting bar work as well. Great flight there, transfer to the


shop bar. Just pops off a little bit too early, misses the handstand and


ended up coming down the wrong way. One split second later and it what


have been perfect. A very exciting gymnast and something that is


exciting for the future. Ruby's also in the beam final.


will be disappointed with this. 12. 12.9. All eyes now focussing on


the Olympic champion, Aliya Mustafina. She took gold in the


That was a really efficient routine. Goodness! Potential for a couple of


tens but you can't deduct more than that can you? Even the dismount,


straight to the finish. Bang! That's how you land an uneven bars routine.


It was a confident routine from the start. The stews from the


all-around. A stooping full turn bang into handstand. There's the on


and off up to the top bar with the half turn. Highest difficulty. Look


at that, toes pointed. That's the tricky combination. Most gymnasts


add an extra in the middle. All those pirouettes so clean. Straight


up into the half turn. APPLAUSE


15. 15.3. An enormous score that puts Aliya Mustafina well ahead of


the rest of the field. It is an epic score to try to beat. Great


Britain's Becky Downie qualified with 14. 14.733. How wonderful to


see her back. Oh. She uprised straight into the


Tkachev. So disappointed with herself. Huge difficulty. She needs


A wonderful demonstration of what Becky is capable of there. It was


just that blink of an eye moment and suddenly it's all gone. It was a


very difficult combination she was doing, but she isally wibble to do


it -- she is well able to do it and has done it many times. These are


difficult combinations into the Tkachev. Work of the highest


difficulty there. When you go for broke, if things aren't just right,


you can be off. She just pulled and her feet went over the bar a little


bit too much, which caused her to come away from the bar. She's


obviously been putting in an incredible amount of work in the gym


to get back. She was obviously, that moment aside, routine. Brilliantly


performed. 13 scored puts her in into the next element, a nice


pirouette, a big, high Tkatchev. Super, super style, building her


difficulty, nothing too enormous, just very clean, tidy work, swings


beautifully, and that double straight was very nice indeed. That


was a truly classy routine. Well, to get up into the medals, she


needs over 14.066. Well, she qualified with a 14.3, so I would


suspect that that routine is well able to medal there. I agree with


you, what a lovely routine, and you can see here great height and


flight to the top bar, swings back, spots the bottom bar there, into


the handspring, great control, back up to the top bar. It's never a


flicker of bent legs, is there? It's really stylish work. She could


even push for a silver here. could even look at this - kicks up,


great extension, form, what a lovely routine. Like you said, it's


looking for over 14.066 for a bronze, 14.366 for a silver. It is


a silver. It's 14.633. APPLAUSE


Jonna Adlerteg goes into silver medal place with one gymnast


remaining, so she's guaranteed a medal. A fantastic story, and


really, that was a triumph of style over difficulty. Well, the second


Russian in this uneven bars final is Maria Paseka. Starts confidently.


Here we are - she's done lots of really complicated moves linked


together, a good half turn there, a forward element you have to include


- into the double front dismount - good dismount, but were there too


many execution errors? You could see right from the word "go" the


legs were a little untidy. I have to agree with Christine there. For


me, it looked a bit laboured in parts, quite loose in the lower


back as well in parts of the routine, soft in the legs. It might


just take it because of the difficulty, but we'll have to wait


and see. Certainly, there were - you know, if you watch here, legs


apart - that sort of thing - lots of openings for the judges to


deduct. Yes, not as good a routine as the one we have seen previous.


Oh, hang on. That reaction says you've got yourself a bronze - 14.4


for Maria Paseka. She stayed with the 5.8 difficulty, so interesting


scoring in front of her home crowd. In the absence of the great Beth


Tweddle, Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina takes gold in the uneven


bars final ahead of Jonna Adlerteg in her first senior final and


down to experience. Definitely. Just coming here to


compete in a bar final is amazing. I am really disappointed. I have


waited a long time for this moment, and it didn't quite come off again


today, so it looks like it's going back, picking myself up again and


trying for the next one. You can see obviously how much it means for


Becky. She's vastly experienced. She has been on the world stage


before. She has been there. She has done it, obviously, emotional. It's


a big deal at the moment, but how much do you think in the long run


this is going to affect her? Definitely disappointing for that


final, but as you said, she's an experienced gymnast. She'll be able


to pick herself back up, keep training for the next goal. She's


more than capable - if she'd done what she did in qualification and


caught that reLee, she would have got herself a silver. That moment


was sandwiched with the most beautiful moments. You can see as


we run through here some of the moves she's got in her armoury.


I said, it's a very difficult routine. You can see there all the


combinations that she's trying to put together. Yeah.And there is


risk involved. I mean, you know her very well, obviously. She's very


emotional in her training. Her life is gymnastics. All their lives are


gymnastics, but for her, you can either stand back and say, you know,


what, another day is coming along, or you can take it to heart, and


Becky is one - Yeah, she really puts her heart into everything she


does. You can see as soon as she missed that, she was gutted. Yeah.


Well, we wish Becky, of course, all the very best with everything.


We're now going to move on to the women's vault, and Britain have no-


one in the women's vault final, but as it's such an explosive event to


watch, then we wanted to show you She has absolute power - the one-


and-a-half twist there - it's the difficulty here that really sets


her apart, because you can see the height, the way she converts all of


that speed into the upward lift. Extremely difficult vault. I should


know because I competed this vault in a tucked position in the past,


and you need a lot of strength, a lot of power to be landing that


vault successfully. She was the highest qualifier. We did expect it,


and she was so good as well in the all-arounds, just outside of the


medals there, but a fourth place with a gymnast is renowned for just


kind of vault and floor - what a performance all around for her.


impressed me as well. I have only ever seen her in the vault. We saw


her on the floor final. She's going to be amazing, then the all-around


- great potential, and I think she's definitely one to watch out


for. Well, it is time now to bring on the strong men, so warm up your


biceps and join in if you can. This Radivilov - 20 years old, third


highest qualifier. That is the ring specialist at work, isn't it? So


strong - look at that. Winding up now. Double twisting double back,


nailed on the landing! What a routine. 15.466 - going to be up


there. Samir Ait Said, the last gymnast in his rings final. Off to


a strong start, a nice solid hand stand, into the swinging element.


A full twisting double straight - nailed the dismount. Oh! Oh, my


goodness me! He's gone into gold medal position. He's tried. Proving


to be an exciting World Championships indeed. Louis has


been one of the pioneers taking British gymnastics to new heights,


another is Daniel Keatings. He became Britain's men's champion in


2010, and he did it on the pommel horse.


Very, very strog, this. -- strong, this. It's going to be close indeed.


I think he's put the cat among the pigeons. Louis knows it too.


Keatings is the European champion. In 2010 I got one of the best


results of my career. I became European champion on the pommel


horse. I went back into the gym to start training again and tore my AC


up pretty much a couple of months after I got back, did both my


ankles as well. In the end it caused me to miss the Olympics. I


have gotten over it and back in the GB squad. We're just really


missesing Louis. Hopefully because I missed out on the Olympics, it's


like reliving it, if you know what I mean? Louis and Dan, you have


done so much together, kind of grown up as well training in the


same gym. You must be delighted he is back. It has been a hard road


for Daniel the last couple of years - you saw, getting back from injury.


We're good friends. We're like family. I am so happy for him, for


his mum and dad, his girlfriend who have been on that journey with him.


It's nice to see him back on top and winning a gold as well. From


your perspective, how do you think he's feeling in the run-up to this?


It was his big chance to say, I didn't make the Olympic team, but


watch this. He just missed out on that. He was reserve. This is his


best chance to say, watch out. I am back with a bang. I think he did it.


As well as for Dan, guess who is going for his third medal at the


Euros? It is of course Max Whitlock, but a pommel final wound be a


pommel horse final without World European final Max Whitlock.


It's great to have Christian back, who is a massive - is a gold


medallist at the Olympics. It's great to look up to him in the


routines and be in the finals competing against him. He's really


good. I qualified in second place behind him, which is an achievement


in itself for me, and I am looking forward to the final. Well, let's


see that yaum important order -- after? It's a difficult one. If it


was me, it wouldn't really faze me. I never felt threatened by him. I


always focused on what I needed to do. I would say if I was Max, it's


better to go before and put in a good performance, perhaps try and


worry him. I doubt Berki will be worried, but he's human, so he can


mast make mistakes. We're going to get or of your commentary because


you'll be joining us in the commentary Max. Now we'll join


Max's routine. What does the pommel horse have in


store for Max Whitlock, has a silver, the men's all-around. He's


just got himself a gold in the floor final. Can he increase that


medal haul? Will he deliver? little cleaner at the start there


than we saw in the all-around, massive difficulty on the one


handle - light frame - he works really well above the handles. Good


and smooth, keeping his rhythm. Oh, that's the tough one, a built of a


knee bend, but he held it well, just has to keep his focus, keep


the difficulty building. Come on. Here we go into the big dismount.


Well, what a fantastic Championships. What a great routine


for him to finish. Louis, you're clapping. He coped very well with


the pressure. He kept going when he needed to. He stepped up the


routine, made it harder, put an extra Russian on one handle, which


made it an F as opposed to an E association he made it that little


bit more. It affected him a little bit on the spindle, got me on the


edge of my seat, not going to like, but he did it in style. He didn't


have anymore errors, so that's a great performance Max has done.


so cool there on the handles. He has his stocklies on the one


handle before he goes into the Russian swing, you know, a great


extension. It's nice to see him stepping it up for the final.


That's what we like to see. That's him. Does that put pressure on


Berki now? I don't think he looks at the other competitors as


pressure. I think he wants to get through his own routine, and that


is the best way to think. 15.5. That is a big score. That's


it. That is a very good score, considering there was an error. I


think he'll be very pleased with that. Here he is Krisztian Berki,


28 years old, the highest qualifier, Olympic gold medallist, world


champion, European champion, keep great style, the flairs, the leg


separation. Everything looks so very measured - legs locked


together, picks the pace up a little bit - in fact, that is


something I really like about his pommel horse work, not just the


difficulty, but the virility in it and the variety of pace. And for a


big gymnast he doesn't skew on the pommel horse. A lot of the gymnasts


- oh - skew. His hands are very much in line. Lifts, lifts, lifts -


the extra turn. There was just a little flicker in the middle there,


but that was the work of a champion. Lewis, how good... Oh!Normally


you're used to seeing him from the floor, but I have to ask you to


comment on - he is a master, isn't he? He's a master at getting


through the routine. He went for his easy routine. I noticed right


away he didn't go for the flair full spin at the start. He's


thinking Lewis isn't here, it should be an easier field. I think


it threw him a little bit. OK.Got towards the end of the routine, hit


the pommel horse. That's a deduction and his dismount didn't


finish in control, so, again, that could be up to a 5 or 3/10


deduction. Max is in with a chance. He'll still get the start score,


but the deductions might be more decreased. We'll have to see. I


would say he'd just creep in in front of Max, but wouldn't be


surprised if it was under either. Max Whitlock has the score of 15 -


he's just creeped ahead at a 15.533 - Whoa! Berki by the skin of your


teeth. He does it every time, doesn't he? It is an exciting final.


A really tight final. I know what Dan is thinking now. What is he


thinking He's thinking Berki has a low score. I need to smash this


routine. He needs to stay calm. in the middle. Spindle on the end.


Good extension. Hasn't hit the pommel. Picks up great into the


travel. Not skewing an awful lot. Keeping square. Just the dismount


lef He's up, he spins, he's down, yes! And he shouts on his dismount


as well. We know it's close, but is that enough? If I was judging it,


that would be a gold medal for me. I would give that 15. That 15.7, 15. ,


15.8. Would you? 15. 15.533. The form in this, to keep the composure


under extreme pressure. It was a great routine. That's all Dan needed


to do, get through his routine the way he knows he can do it. I would


say that's a deserved gold. Well, whatever, it is a fantastic


performance and the performance that Dan really needed for his own


confidence and to put himself back on the world stage. He's a great


gymnast. I guess we are allowed to think that as your training partner


all the years you can be slightly biassed. You can see how nervous he


is. Yes, he says, it is 15. 15.6. Daniel Keatings is in gold medal


position in this men's pommel horse final. There are two gymnasts le to


go. This guy, he has the potential to score a 16. Let's hope it is not


today. He just never goes through his routine in the finals, buckles


Just a flicker of the legs apart. He has got a lovely swing and a great


speed and rhythm to the routine. He through, that was a fighting


performance. He did well. There were a few times I thought he would be


off, but he got through to routine. Fair play to him but I don't think


it is enough to beat Daniel. Esaid he had the potential to go up to


16.He was full of confidence and he gripped when he needed to. A 15. A


15.1. Donna Donny Truyens is in sixth.


Great Britain's Daniel Keatings It is incredible to think that in


the three finals of the men's we've had four medals in it It is


absolutely fantastic. People used to say who is Britain in the gymnastics


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


It has been a tough couple of years for you. That must be a phenomenal


feeling to be back on the podium, at the top of your sport? Yes, the last


few years have been hell through injury. It is the first time I've


been back since 2010. This is my first major since then. I came here


and I've done my job. I only scraped through in qualification, so I was


nervous, but I've retained the title. I had a chance to retain it


and I did, so I'm really happy. Max, congratulations. It was a close one


but you completed the set though. I'm really happy to have completed


the set. It was much more than I needed to do. That is the best final


I've ever done, the craziest one and the closest one. He managed to pull


through that and done an amazing routine. He deserved that gold


medal. You were celebrating as soon as you landed. How soon did you


know? I didn't know I had won. I just knew I had done a really good


routine, the best I could do. And I had the start score. I knew it was


going to be in the mix. It was more a sign of relief after everything


that's gone on in the past. Just getting the routine in the final.


I'm over the Moon. APPLAUSE


We've got to applaud him. Well Max summed it up, under extreme pressure


he knew what he was capable of. A. . It has been hard for Dan. Funding


has been an issue. To do that, he can not worry about funding and he


can just get back into training and being focussed. I'm very happy to


him. Also treat ourselves to another look at the end of the routine. Is


he going to pick up now where you left off? I hope so. I think it will


be a battle between him and Max who is going to fill the spot I once had


on pommel horse. First and third, unbelievable. Listen to him on the


end of the dismount. Yes!He knows. The relief. Everything went into


that. We were just saying there Jenny, can you believe we've heard


the national anthem played twice now, in Russia? Fantastic. I'm so


proud of our gymnasts. It made our day. It certainly made Dan's life.


The equivalent of the men's pommel horse is the women's beam.


Representing Great Britain in this final is Ruby Harrold. I can't


believe I'm in the final. A few years ago I was a very nervous


person on the beam. It is another apparatus where I can gain


experience from. I haven't got the highest start but I know if I do the


routine to the best of my ability, I could perform well. Let's look at


the order of balancing. I do hope the nerves have settled.


Beam is the last place that you want the jitters, especially when you're


up first. Ruby Harrold for Great Britain, her


first ever beam final. She's had a fantastic European Championships


here. Calmly into the handstand and the Healey turn. Very nice original


Sets herself up for the front somersault. Beautifully high and


controlled. Now the back flip and the layout somersault. Two acrobatic


moves that gymnasts are required to incloud, linked together. Very


nicely done on the change-leg leap with the quarter turn. Well


connected. Two leaps connected forwards and backwards elements. And


runs into the full twisting front somersault dismount. Very good


secure opening from Ruby. Flick, layout, very solid and finishing off


a straight front somersault, full turn, controlled nicely. 13. 13.633.


Very good Diana Laura Bulimar, from Romania impressed us with her


of the apparatus. Beam work is a great deal about confidence. If


you're confident, perform every skill with purpose, you are much


more likely to be able to maintain balance and control the middle of


the body. She's barely had a wobble. Up into a double pike. That really


was a very impressive routine. APPLAUSE


There's the free walkover into the immediate leap, and again.


judges have to decide if they feel it was immediate from the free


walkover into the jump she gets a bonus. A beautiful double pike back


to finish. That will score well. 14.833 puts her into the lead. Very


good work there. The local favourite, third in the all round.


From Russia it is Anastasia Grishina. Didn't have a great deem


routine in qualification but is capable of fabulous work here. So


supple, so fluent. Really positive on that landing.


Super hands. Her fluency and Very difficult and unusual that


combination. No pause. Really special work.


And she hits the splits in her leaps effortlessly.


Lovely style. Big double pike. Just a little pace.


That was superb work from Grishina. APPLAUSE


Look at the height in the round-off straight back. Sets up, wraps in for


the double pike back. Look at the toes pointed for the landing, arms


forward, one pace back. The smile says it all. 5. 5.6 difficulty. Not


quite enough to take her into first place. Larisa Iordache from Romania.


Impressed us immensely during the the leg lifted high - that'll give


her plenty of marks - that difficult element, and the change


leg leap with the half turn. Free walk-over, and she didn't go for


the jump there that we probably be joined. They can be simple, but


they have to be joined. Very good pace and rhythm to this routine, no


long pauses, use of arms, very nice. Now watch this dismount - roundoff,


back flip, punch-up, triple twist, clean as can be. Now, that beam had


all the difficulty, all the pace. This is my favourite, this dismount,


of all. Seen her do this since a very young junior, and it's always


been stunning. Wrapped in for the triple twist, not only the best


routine for me so far, but the most accurate dismount. And it's up to


15.266. That's a massive score, 6.4 difficulty that puts the Romanians


first and second, Iordache first, Bulimar second, Grishina from


Russia third, Ruby Harrold performing excellently in sixth


place - that's the highest score for her of this Championships.


She'll go very pleased. I couldn't agree more, congratulations to Ruby


Harrold, unsurprisingly, the two Romanians one and two. Orarea we


showed you the women's vault final, so it's only fair we do the same


with the men, and here are the Hasn't he just? Look at the height


he gets. Unbelievable.Plenty of time to spot the landing and


straight down the middle. Flavius Koczi took silver, believe it or


not, a triple twisting - well, he was the European champion. Ooh!


That wraps it in, that twist. much of a somersaulter, but he can


twist. 6, difficulty, as well. about made it there. The gold who


landed on the medal was Denis Ablyazin. Watch this, a double Pike.


He had so much time, so much space. How can you get that high just by


running down a runway and then hitting a large object? Denis


Ablyazin is proof of that. The penultimate final for the men is


the parallel bars, got no British finalists here, but here is the


from Ukraine, always faultless on the parallel bars. A very difficult


combination - the final pause, wraps up, a double Pike-back, what


a performance. What a contender. Oleg Stepko wins the gold medal. So


he had a much happier time in the parallel balls, finally ending in


the all-around, but Mustafina has been the star of the show from a


Russian perspective so far, and Jenny, I know that you are a huge


fan of hers. You even film her routines off the telly. Yeah, she's


a beautiful gymnast, puts the "artistic" in artistic gymnastics,


and to be performing in front of a home crowd for her must be very


special. What was it like competing against her on the floor alongside


someone you respect so much? To be on par technically with her in the


competitions is amazing because she's such an aspiring gymnast. I


just look up to her. What is it about her because everybody loves


her, don't they? Not only is she an absolutely brilliant gymnast, but


she's very modest, a team player, and she's just really what you can


call beautiful. Great eyes as well. She qualified with one of the


highest scores on the floor but content with two European goals


already she's pulled out of the final to give her team-mate


Anastasia Grishina a chance, and here are the highlights from that


Romania. Such precision - double straight somersault, the body


travels straight through the air in that position. Here we have - oh,


so high into the double tuck, difficult leaps, and she gives


herself plenty of time to do that, doesn't rush them into a corner.


Obviously, a hugely skilful tumbler, full twisting double backed Pike


include five acrobatic skills and three dance elements for their


difficulty. This was packed full with them both. What about that?


Talk about a little pocket rocket - from the start to the finish, it


was dynamic. I always like to see the Romanians on the floor. They


have great choreography and spend a lot of time in the gym working on


this aspect. As we can see there, on the tumble there, round-off


flick, double lay-out, straight from top to toe, nailed the landing.


Look at this - the full twist, half, walk-out, round-off flick, has to


really power back into the double- back somersault, very difficult to


generate a double somersault from a walk-out. Combines some beautiful


dance work and power. There we see there the full twist in the first


somersault, pipe back out, the highest difficulty. For me this


routine had it all. 14.533, Diana Bulimar goes into first place. A


great favourite of the Russian crowd, certainly this gymnast


qualified top. Afanasyeva. Superb double straight, world champion on


floor. Two whips into a triple twist, very cleanly performed.


Combination of spins, beautifully a-half, straight front. Only one-


she left herself enough energy? Yes, she has, great double Pike finish,


what an exciting, mature performance from Afanasyeva.


Certainly proving there why she is the world champion and such power.


Look here at the tumbles. Round-off, double lay-out, great extension and


execution, perfect on the landing. There's the whip, generating the


power, flick, stands up, into the triple twist, perfect landing again.


So in those two tumbles, she's shown such variety, double rotation,


multiple twists, and the jump is so well executed and cleverly landed.


Yes, 15.166, slightly down on the difficulty, but first place, and


that is a massive score. That's going to be difficult to match or


beat. So Larisa Iordache, silver all-around - gold on beam. She'll


be wanting to add another gold to her tally, and watch this first


tumble - double twisting, double tuck, but that was a big step


forwards. Such a dynamic gymnast, though, full-twisting double-back,


all those leaps, works very hard on the new rule of not waiting in the


pauses. Really ambitious routine, no major errors, but there were a


couple of steps on landing that might well be the difference


between the gold and the silver. There were errors, unfortunately.


If anybody could challenge for the top spot, it would have been


Iordache, and as we can see this, this is a very big full in, back


out, slight hop-back. That wasn't anything too major on the


deductions. Here we see again - generates great power in the round-


off flick flack, stands up into the double tuck, opens up in plenty of


time, slight hop-back. 15.166 to beat. It will be up there, but will


it be in the 15s in well, -- 15s? Well, the replay didn't show us but


there was an error on the first tumble. 14.733 - she's not going to


take the gold, but she's in the silver medal position. Afanasyeva,


the world champion on floor, adds the European title to her


incredibly relaxed - obviously relief there performing in front of


the home crowd, so much expectation on her shoulders as the world


champion. A little bit because I think that's the only final she did


qualify for, but she clearly made the most of it. She's a very


enjoyable competitor to watchen the floor, and deserving I think.


moving on to the blue-ribboned event. It's the men's high bar and


one of the two British high fliers we have got going in this one is a


new face to the British public. Meet Ashley Watson. I'm at


university. I am doing my dissertation on pre-performance


routines in gymnastics and anxiety levels. I try to incorporate that


stuff into my routine, and it seems to have done the trick. It's my


first big sport as senior. All of my training has been building up to


this routine. My focus was on the bars, messed it up, now I am


working on the high bar. I am not looking for any medals at this


stage, but if I can sneak one in, I would be happy with that. To


experience it will be good enough for me. It's always a nailbiter.


well, if they keep their nerve. Lads, just hang on. Aliaksandr


Tsarevich open this is high bar A slight fight but he's got it over


into the Markelov. Another Healey turn.


Kicks it up, triple-back somersault, nail the landing... Well, what an


opener! APPLAUSE


The Kovac, the somersault over the bar, caught with a bit of a bend


over the arms. And this, the dismount. Knees beautifully together


as well. Very good dismount. 14. 14.833, a very good score to


start this competition. Ashley Watson from Great Britain.


His first senior European final. A great junior gymnast, one of the


team that won the Junior Europeans. Has been dogged by injury for the


past few years but performed fantastically.


The one-armed swing. Impressive work. Confident in the twist, the


one-and-a-half twist, straight up Oh, what a shame, the full twisting


Kovac, over the bar with the full twist. So little room for error.


was going for broke there, the full twisting Kovac's not round enough.


One hand gets on first and then just misses out with the other. This is


the highest difficulty. But what a gutsy performance.


The coach puts him back up on the high bar in a final. You have to go


for broke. Everyone else will be Has to nail the dismount. Very nice.


He will be desperately disappointed but it's been a long wait from


qualification until now. Here's the squat with the half turn.


Straight into the somersault with an extra full turn. Very difficult to


keep your legs together. He did that element as well as I've


seen it done by anybody. Really stylish. He almost caught that. He


just didn't get the dowell over the bar, so his hand touched. You have


to get the block, the dowell, in the hand guard over, so that you can


resist the forces that hit the bottom of the swing. There you go,


and the timing was perfect. He just released a little bit too late. But


finished very vongole here -- finished very strongly here. Full


twisting double straight. Ashley Watson from Leeds. Here is his


score, 12. 12.833. Second at the moment but I guess there'll be more


big scores to come. Fabian Hambuechen from Germany. European


champion in '07 and '08. This will be something spectacular.


That's the full twisting cover after caught at full extension. The Kovac.


There's a squat full. Oh, came out too early. Down on to the apparatus.


That's cost him. That is so unusual for Fabian Hambuechen. He usually


loves the pressure. We've seen him A great dismount. He will be


disappointed with that performance. Good form on the dismount. The


landing as confident as ever. 13. 13.966. In second, ahead of Ashley


Watson, but behind Aliaksandr Tsarevich. Emin Garibov from Russia,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


the only gymnast to post a start What a performance!


He makes a half turn before his body swings through the bottom, and that


way he can swing back up to handstand. The half turn. He took an


extra long swing there before he went into this difficult


combination. Stoop Tkachev, straddle with half turn. Now it is linking


those difficult elements together that builds four start value. That's


why his start value will be higher than others.


APPLAUSE The scores are in. Seven difficulty.


15. 15.433. The other gymnasts are going to have to do something pretty


special to overhaul that score. The final British competitor of this


European Championships that's held so much success for Great Britain.


Sam Oldham, from Nottingham, comes Straight Tkachev, straddle Tkachev.


Come on, Sam! Tkachev off turn, executed fantastically.


There's the hopful, into the Ribalco, a hop one-and-a-half. Come


on now, hold it together. Double twisting double straight, what a


routine from Sam Oldham! Fantastic gymnastics. Well done, Sam. Our


final competitor showed just all the fight that's been in the British


team this Championships. Lovely turns, really clean, lovely style.


Body shape really good. Extension, height above the bar is so


impressive there. He catches really cleanly makes the turn before he


hits the bottom of the swing. Super work. Toes locked together, fully


extended. Kicks up high. Finishes the double twist easily, so he can


make the landing. 15. 15.133! Second place. What an


impressive performance. Just one gymnast to go, so he is assured of a


medal. The final gymnast of these Championships, the man who shared


Just a little stall on the swingout but such difficulty.


Such vooishcts such difficulty in this routine. Tall gymnast swings


with ease. What about the dismount? Double, double, without a flicker on


landing. That was a fantastic routine.


APPLAUSE Very difficult but there'll be a


deduction there. You can see the arms bending and the close shoulder


angle. We were looking for a good catch.


Ten out of ten for effort. A late catch. He has to work very hard and


bend the arms to get up to the handstand. Finishes very strongly.


And fourth place, 14. 14.733. Alexander Shatilov very


disappointed. Execution down. 8. 8.233 but that gives Great Britain


another medal. Sam Oldham silver on high bar. And there's confirmation.


First place Emin Garibov from Russia. Second, Sam Oldham from


Great Britain. Third Aliaksandr Tsarevich from Belarus. What a


fantastic finish. Yet again Great Britain on the medal


podium. Sam Oldham took gold at the junior Europeans in 2010. Gold at


the youth Olympics as well. Here is ehad taking a wonderful silver


medal. It is such a difficult piece to watch when you are all wired in


with microphones as we are. How do you sum that up Louis, you do


wish you were there? Some part of me wishes I was there. 60% of me wishes


I was there just to watch. Even if I wanted to get my leotard back on, I


would struggle to get into it. need to lose a few pounds. Alright,


it is OK for me to say that, the but don't be cheeky. A quick word Jenny,


highlights? I'm so proud of all our British gymnastsment so many medal


amounts it has been fantastic to watch. Are you in retirement now or


are you coming out of it slowly. I'm officially in retirement but we'll


see. It has been super to have your company this afternoon. I thoroughly


enjoyed it. You can see more tonight at 7 o'clock on BBC two HD. We'll


have highlights of the London Marathon. If all of that is a little


Matt Baker introduces highlights of the ten apparatus finals as the European Championships conclude in Moscow.

The eight gymnasts in each final came through qualifying during the week and now start afresh in their quest for gold.

Host nation Russia are expected to dominate, while Great Britain's best medal chance arguably comes in the men's pommel horse, despite the absence of Olympic silver medallist Louis Smith. Max Whitlock, who took bronze at London 2012, is in the team along with Daniel Keatings, the first British man to win a major gymnastics title when he clinched European gold in 2010.

In the women's events, 15-year-old British prodigy Gabby Jupp is looking to fill the void left by experienced pair Beth Tweddle and Hannah Whelan, who won two European bronze medals last year. Jupp earned European junior bronze in the floor exercise in 2012 and is making her senior international debut in Moscow.

Analysis comes from Louis Smith and fellow London Olympian Jennifer Pinches, with Christine Still and Craig Heap providing the commentary.

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