Men's Team Final Gymnastics: European Championships

Men's Team Final

Matt Baker presents live coverage of the final of the men's team competition at the European Championships in Bern, Switzerland.

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Well, hello and welcome to coverage of the European Gymnasitcs


Championships, live from Bern in Switzerland with Beth Tweddle and


Daniel Keatings. It's all about the man with the women following next


weekend. The competition is about to start. Let's bring you up-to-date


with what's been happening. Great Britain, the 2012 team champions


Waller 548 finals in all including today's team final. They qualified


in second, 0.7 behind Russia. The big news for Great Britain is that


the world champion on the pommel horse Max Whitlock is missing from


Great Britain 's line-up. This is basically to protect him for Rio. He


is worth at least three marks extra for the team total? How much will it


affect the dynamic? Obviously it's a disappointment that Max is not there


but it won't change the dynamic in the team spirit, they are so used to


training together at the National sports centre, they are like a team


of brothers anyway. Whether you have someone else in or out it really


does not matter. We are going to lose his points on the pommel horse


but we will gain on the rings which was weakest piece because Courtney


can score towards 15.5 and he is in the individual final as well. The


first gymnast will be Nile Wilson for Great Britain. He is working


every single piece today, so he has a big job on his hands. The very


first tumble is so important and he lands it cleanly.


That was a super double-twisting double tuck, just a small pace but


kept well inside the white lines. Roll out. Each gymnast is allowed


one of those in the floor routine. Super comptroller on the landing,


there. -- super control. He holds the handstand. That's a


requirement. It is so important to finish the routine well. Another


secure forward tumbling pass. Each of these moves builds the


difficulty. Here comes the big final tumble. Triple twist. Just a little


hop to the side. Very good opening for Great Britain. Superb start.


Each country nominates three gymnasts to compete on each piece


and every single score counts. Every 10th given away will be vital.


Absolutely, solid performance, a few little shovels and places where


judges could take the odd 10th, but Nile is spatially aware and he


stands up well into the twist and opens out to spot the flaw. Maybe


not fully round so that maybe a bit of a deduction. Good consistency,


all three scores to count. Into the live competition so quickly I did


not get the chance to introduce Craig but it's always lovely to have


you with us. We are over with Ukraine now on the pommel horse.


Daniel Keatings is dull with us. Great stuff for Great Britain?


Definitely. -- is still with us. The team with the most clean routines is


going to win this and it's a really important routine. It's quite a


young Ukraine team, lots of gymnasts we are seeing for the first time. He


is just 19 years old. Second at the youth Olympics in 2014 on this


piece. Straight in there, single legwork, into the handstand. And


again. Nice control. Great amplitude, there. With the


separation of the legs. As he winds up into the handstand. That was a


slight mistake. Contact with the horse. Landing heavily. He needs to


regain his composure. Good on one handle. He is starting to settle


into the routine. There is the one handle Circle. Steps down. The


traditional Magyar. He connects. One handle, up into the handstand. A


slight adjustment. Pirouette. A few errors. That was heavy in parts. It


was indeed and that was a heavy hit on the apparatus. Nile has scored


14.9, the first performance, the first of three. Kristian Thomas is


the next gymnast to go, the current European champion on floor. He's in


the floor final tomorrow as well. He is a just Eddie member of Great


Britain's team. They will need all of his composure here. Whip in two


double pike, to Arabian. Quite a tall gymnast, he can't run too far


across before he has to make the tumbles. Double twist, full twisting


front. Good anticipation of the floor. Two and a half twists into


the front somersault with half turn. The judges are looking to deduct for


every error. I love that. An interesting take on a


straightforward handspring to an immediate roll-out. Gymnasts showing


their work close to the floor. Good control in the handstand. Real power


through the shoulders. The judges are looking for clean landings, high


tumbles. Double Arabian, that is a great finish. Just what we have come


to expect from Kristian Thomas. Dan, you are applauding your team-mate! A


lot of pressure in that routine, he is the team captain, and obviously


he is such an amazing person to have in the team because you know he will


always go out there and do the job. 27 years old but still looks by the


much in control and on form. It's amazing what he's doing at the age


that he is. Hopefully he can keep it going and help the team to win more


medals. 14.1 there for the Ukraine. Oleg Verniaiev is the next to go. It


is his sixth World Championships on the pommel horse. His result was


fifth in the European Championships a few years ago. Look at his body


shape. This is the man to watch, straight down to business, fluid up


into the handstand and back down, not a flicker. That's much better.


Oh! There was a slight pause there as he goes back into the single


handle work. Only scored 14 point 283. Maybe this is not his favoured


piece of apparatus. Confident on the one handle. He travels into the


Russian Wendy on the end of the horse. He keeps his momentum up for


the Magyar. He connects straightaway into the Giovanni Vio. Straight into


the handstand, no hesitation into the pirouette dismount. Even at this


early stage the door is open for Switzerland, they are looking to


medal in front of the home crowd. Switzerland ahead in third. Ukraine


are a very young team, they had to go to the test event to qualify for


the Olympics and they did not make the team final at the World


Championships and these young gymnasts have come into the senior


ranks. They are a bit inexperienced. That is a huge floor score for


Kristian Thomas. Two down, one to go, Dan Purvis is the third and


final gymnast for Great Britain on the floor. Every single score


counts. Lovely double-twisting double back. These gymnasts doing


these huge skills with ease. One and a half in two double front. Just a


little scurry on the landing. He needs to settle a tiny bit. There he


does. That was superb, double front, completely blind landing. He


anticipates the floor. Wraps in the twists. Beautiful, classy gymnast,


Dan. Stylish. He needs another well controlled


landing. The roll-out. And he does. That is quite a trademark, rolling


up without having to put the hands down. This is the important tumble,


the important landing. Whip back, double Arabian tuck, he's made it!


Great performance from Great Britain. Just kept his toes in.


Great control. There is a good vibe out there for Great Britain? They


all look really up for it, three out of three good routines, that is all


you can ask for. You are always most nervous on the first apparatus.


Absolute dominance on the floor from Dan Purvis, such control, showing


his world-class performance on the floor. A few little wobbles but the


idea is that these guys can just go around with nothing to major. We


will have a good chance. A first look at the vaulters. Big scores on


the vault. That skews the table slightly with gymnasts that have


been on the vault because they can get such high scores and really it's


all or nothing with that apparatus. If it works for you you get a big


score. But wait until all of the nations have been on the vault until


you get a good idea. Taking on board plenty of water. Dan Purvis, 15.066,


well, what a benchmark for Russia. Great Britain are teamed with


Russia. They will sit out, while Russia go next. It is not the start


that Ukraine wanted. A little bit high, Craig? I think so, yes. I'm


going to look at Dan because he is the pommel horse expert, ex-European


champion. 15 seems high. Apart from the stutter in the handstand it was


a really clean routine, I've seen him scoring 15.6 before. Maybe they


took away at ten for a little error. Actually maybe the combination as


well, it is dubious but he is a real favourite, you know, within the


European circuit. He will be disappointed himself, thinking about


putting in a good performance, heading to Rio, no doubt they will


be watching to say, he is going to the competition. He will be really


disappointed, scoring 15 is a decent score, though. No doubt Max Whitlock


will be watching. Shout out to him. Absolutely. Great Britain are


leading the four teams that have competed so far. There are eight in


all. It is now the turn of Switzerland. They have rotated


around with Ukraine. This is Benjamin Gischard. Qualified with


13.1. Into the single legwork. Good amplitude on the circles, the hip


extension. Quite a fast circle. Works well on one handle. Gaining


difficulty. He settles down. Into the traditional Magyar. Linked into


the travel. Up into the handstand. Clean into the pirouette. They have


taken the opportunity. Ukraine handed it to them. Very much so,


there is nothing like a home crowd to lift you, Switzerland have been


one of the country is really rising, fifth that the World Championships,


automatically through on the first try for an Olympic berth. This is a


very stylish performance. As you can see. Lovely swing. Good control.


They did qualify as a team with the third highest score on the pommel


horse. They are also quite a young team. Big hopes for the future. One


down, two to go, for them. It is so important to be consistent. And the


team tactics play quite apart here. Choosing a consistent team. You


might sometimes forego somebody who's got great flair in order to


have a steady team. Eric often in gymnastic competition you have four


people and only three have accounts you can take a flyer on someone who


is extremely gifted. -- very often. This format means you have to have


consistent performers. This will be the real challenge for


Team GB. Yes, absolutely. We are just waiting for Belyavskiy's score


to comment. The first Russian to comment, scoring 15 point 66. This


is the second Russian gymnast, Nicky Clark Nagornyy, 19 years old. He


qualified second for the four final. -- Nagornyy. He has some moves.


Things are going well so far for Russia. A real fight between Britain


and Russia today. And head-to-head, they really are. A big super tumble,


bounces out of the land was lots of control. -- the landing with lots


of. That was very impressive. 3.5. This is how he builds the


difficulty. Double twisting front immediate, double front. These are


moves of serious difficulty. Piked double Arabian, a sort of side past.


He is very late. Very well rehearsed routine -- side pass. A bit of style


included there. Very precise, every round off the same. Two and a half


into tuck front half. Must not repeat elements. A little stutter at


the finish there, but it doesn't matter because that was an


immaculate triple twist to finish. That is why he is in the Flora


final! A masterclass of Flower work -- floor final. A masterclass of


floor work. Your roses open. To do it as clean as that, that is


world-class. -- your mouth is open. There is his team-mate, Christian


Baumann, 21 years old. 15.033 in qualification, just making it to the


pommel horse final. Straight into the main bulk of the routine, very


difficult to wind between the handles, travelling back to the


horse. Confident in the Magyar, into the... Lots of form. He is having to


fight. Keep going, son. Well saved there. Into the hands Van. Phil


pirouette. This is where it really takes it toll -- into the handstand.


Fought and showed every inch of being a true competitor because if


you actually let yourself fall of you have to start again. This will


have ratcheted up a bit, perhaps not as much as a hallmark, but he had to


fight and mark up the next couple of elements because of it -- a whole


mark. The first in Switzerland have been any medal winning position,


with that pressure. Holding up Russia's score, and goodness me.


Speaking of powerhouses. He was world champion here back in 2014 and


if he can contain the power and keep in this area, you just watch. Well,


look at the height. Lots of gymnasts make rate twists, but this guy


tumble tyres well. Launches into the air, double straight, with twist. A


little hop on the landing. Did he just take out a toe? They have to


meet the floor and punch into a double front. Such exciting work. He


had a massive difficulty score of seven in qualification. That would


mean he was being judged out of 17. That was a step out! You get


deducted for the step and for the fit being out of the floor. Nice


control on that twisting pass. He is so fast, crams everything in. There


is the treble finish! He is quite pleased with that, such bulky


routine, so many places to make mistakes. This is where that kind of


combination of this difficulty in execution comes into play, because


although he is doing very difficult moves comity is giving himself


enough manoeuvring on his execution. Yes, a lot higher than a lot of the


other competitors today, and he make of gone out of the floor then but he


could still get a higher score. 14.14 Christian Baumann. Oliver


Hegi, the last gymnast for Switzerland on the pommel horse.


This is a very important routine for the whole team. -- home team.


Straight into the handstand, not once, but twice. Really nice


extension there on the doubling circle. Lots of clearance. Between


the body and the handle. That is the Wu travel straight into the Russian


handle on the end. Clearly done, legs locked together. The Magyar...


One handle. Handstand pirouette... Much better fairness on the pommel


horse. -- much better finish. Just listen to that crowd! He is through.


Well done. That is a super effort, Chris. Yes, really very impressive,


and you can see the enthusiasm for the sport in Switzerland. Good


style. I like this overhead camera because you can see the legs really


stuck together. The judges will just be looking for a little deductions


if the hands are not exactly evenly placed, if they are not square. But


he made the dismount shark and good. What a finish to their first piece


-- sharp. Relief. On to the rings, for Switzerland. Denis Abliazin


scorers a 15.2, even with those deductions. That has sealed him and


sailed Russia ahead of Great Britain, at the moment. -- sailed.


Now a chance to see Vera Mora on the vault. A lovely high, that was a


textbook two and a half twist from the entry, 15.066. He scores 15


point 26 X. -- 15 .266. They are ranked six at the moment, head of


Ukraine in seven. The Spanish are in eighth place at the moment but I am


sure that we will get confirmation. There is the top format. Russia are


a 0.7 ahead of Great Britain, France and third, and Germany, Italy and


Switzerland there, Ukraine way down the field at present and Spain, they


are in eighth. Henri go, then. -- there we go. Russia and Great


Britain onto their final piece on the pommel is. -- pommel horse. It


has to see some of our favourite momentss from there. -- now a chance


to deceive. Really, a solid start, Dan. Speaking about Great Britain,


working the floor, the pommel rings, that seems to sit us, as a country.


Yes, any false count towards your score and that is something you want


to avoid. The boys were working hard on that in training. Rate, it will


be a big ask to try to beat Russia. They did not have the best team


competition in qualification. They counted quite a few false -- rate,


it will be. It is quite hard. Yes, if it was down to enthusiasm, we


would win. I think we also have to be relieved realistic. At the fact


that, you know, Russia took the win in qualification and then obviously


Russia had quite a view false. We do not have Max Whitlock, but I think


what we have to think about with these European Championships, how do


the guys jell with this format as a team? Let's think about, we have


seven apparatus tomorrow for the guys and it gives the country


something to think about, you know, for the Olympics. Philipp Herder...


I was going to see traditionally this is a very strong piece for the


Germans, but actually that was just a double twisting Yurchenko, and I


think they may still be doing warm up. The board is up, the score, so


the double twist off, you can see he landed to the side of the white


line, a bit of a deduction. If you are outside of both lines, it is a


bigger deduction still. Just the one vault each in this team final. In


the individual apparatus finals you have the chance for two vaults but


this really is all or nothing, over in the blink of an eye. Yes, it is


the test of the true dynamic explosive power. Obviously I am


sitting beside a lot of gymnastic knowledge here today and if you


would like to get in touch to ask anything, if you would like us to


mull anything over, you can get in touch with the details on the screen


there. Or contact the Facebook page. Loads of ways, so no excuse really!


No, and we will answer any questions! Will answer by post.


LAUGHTER We will try! Now, Sebastian Krimmer.


Building power, a good round off, double twist, again off to the side.


Not as explosive as we had been used to seeing from the German team. We


spoke in the past, Chris, about deduction for lack of height for


this one. Yes, well, really as you hit the top you didn't accelerate


very much of the top at all, did you, Craig? No, and it was muster


stroll down to the vault. If they do that really quick and transition of


the top of the horse, and he did look a little bit salted -- it was


almost a stroll. It is not simple, but the double twist, in this level


of competition, we need a 2.5 or triple twist to really push up the


score is now on this piece of apparatus. There was certainly a


time, and you will know, that the German team were hard to beat, Dan?


Yes, medallists as I was growing up, then a few gymnasts finished and it


is the young guys coming through. They are not very experienced but


they will be in a couple of yours time -- couple of yearss' time. Now


it is Nile Wilson, second up. Come on, Nile Wilson Straight into the


handstand, double leg circle. Onto the one handle, onto the end. Trying


to keep the momentum and speed going with the leg circle on the one


handle. Winding down and... He has to keep pushing. There is the


Magyar. He needs to extend the hips. Under the handle, enter the


handstand, pirouette. He is the! -- he is through. We have the European


champion, Louis Smith, still to come, but impressive form, Chris?


Very impressive, and Dan Purvis scored a 14.5, 2.3 partners


qualification, and this from Nile, a classy gymnast, European junior


champion two years ago of course. One more vault to go. The German


team were in force after the last rotation. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine.


They are down in seventh, so have it all to do here on rings. Another


current all-round European champion. Strong on this piece of apparatus.


Circles round into the Maltese. Shoulders level and flat. Into the


crucifix. Good piece of apparatus for Oleg Verniaiev. 15.2 in


qualification. That is the JAMA wacky. Into the crucifix. He has to


control the rings. -- Yamawaki. Into the plunge. Circle into the


handstand. Nice shape. Forward long swing. He has to hold on.


Double-twisting double back. Liberals that on Monday. Yes, but


that was a vital routine. -- a little step on landing. He needs to


do everything he can hear. It is not turning out to be Ukraine's day.


They are one of the few teams that have been to the test event and they


did well and qualified through the test event in Rio, the top eight


teams qualified at the World Championships in November. Then the


next eight had to fight it out for four places and they were one of the


teams that got one of those four places but it means they really had


a very heavy programme in this half of the and they have gone to Rio and


fought at the test event and some teams who have done that have chosen


not to come here, the Dutch team have not come as a team, and they


perhaps look a bit jaded. Yes, it is that point about peaking at the


right time, three months to go until Rio, do you need to peak now so it


is an upward trajectory? They will also have trials in their country


and I have been watching Oleg Verniaiev on social media and he is


competing in Grands Prix. 15.2, that's a great score. He is the true


competitor, really. 14.1 for Nile Wilson. Come on, Louis Smith, he


says. We all echo you, Nile. Louis here, just for the pommel horse.


Current European champion. This will be a masterclass on the pommel


horse. Lovely into the handstand, great control. He joins the legs


together, right down. Picks it up into the double leg circle. Look at


the extension, this is where Lewis has improved with his technique and


his circle. Nice work on one handle, full spindle on the end. Into the


Russian. His feet are glued together. Great alignment on the


Magyar. And the Sivado with the hands. But into the handstand with


no hesitation. Pirouette. Great stuff from Lewis. Great Britain back


in contention. Huge pressure, every time he comes out and he delivers


when he needs to. Yes, he does, that was an awesome routine. Probably


even better than his qualification routine so he will be scoring high


15s at least. What a routine under pressure, that is why he is so


successful. He loves the pressure. He thrives off it. Actually, to be a


true competitor, lots of competitors are introverted but Louis is a


performer, a real extrovert who loves the crowd and he loves to play


to it. And he just makes it look so easy, never any doubt in his mind,


or in the mind of the person watching the routine either.


He has been a great rings work in the past. He is a very good gymnast


on this piece. Look at his strength, cert -- circling into the top


planche. Flat into the Maltese. Kip into the Maltese. Lays out into the


handstand. Into the inverted crucifix. That is a bit high for my


liking. Nice in the swing elements and back into the Maltese. Another


circle to crucifix. Back up into the top planche. Circle


into the handstand, must lock out. He flicks his arms and he is winding


up for the dismount. Double-twisting double back with a slight adjustment


on landing. That is a much better routine for Ukraine. Doing


everything they can to get back into the top three. They were in seventh


after the last piece but a much happier outing on rings than pommel


horse. They have got a couple of quite specialists on this apparatus.


As we were saying earlier, Ukraine have got one or two gymnasts who are


really good on each piece but they don't have six or seven. This sort


of final format as Dan was saying earlier, really suits them. That's a


lovely picture. Fabulous crucifix. Very powerful gymnast. That's the


first three teams. Lewis Smith gets 15.9 66. What a team score for Great


Britain on pommel horse. Beat that if you can, Russia. CHUCKLES


The fans like it as well! That's always good. The pressure is on now,


even though it was a great start, the powerful floor for Russia, that


will make them sweat a bit, I'm sure. Dan, you train a lot with


Louis, to me he looks like his technique has improved on the pommel


horse. He is not as skewed as he used to be and he has better


extension in my mind on the double circle. Is that something he has


been consciously working on? Definitely. The fitter you get the


more you can extend on the pommel horse and obviously he has his eyes


on Rio. He will want to pick but every ten in preparation for the Rio


Met. Is he more settled when choosing how difficult to go? Back


in the day he used to choose until he was on the apparatus and see how


he felt. He still has the bigger routine under his belt. He still


scored 15.9 and that is an unbelievable score. For his easy


routine as well. That is all you can ask for. Well, Great Britain lead


the way at the moment, don't worry too much about this because Russia


have not been on pommel horse yet. It is confusing when they put up the


graphics halfway round the competition. Just four teams have


competed. Russia, as we say, have joined Great Britain on pommel horse


and Switzerland on rings and France on the vault. Spain are on the


parallel bars. He was third on the floor earlier


on. Can Russia compete with Great Britain? Straight into the work, the


handstand. Lovely tempo on the double leg circle. On one handle.


Circle into handstand and back down into single legwork. Back to one


handle. Travel down the horse and into the Magyar. A little bit of a


fight, they are. You've got to keep the momentum going. Up into the


handstand. Pirouette. Very efficient routine, there for Russia. He was


adamant he was getting through that. Very businesslike. He came to grief


in qualification. 12.86 only so he wanted to put that behind him and


that was a very businesslike performance. He powered his way


through. He is a super gymnast at 19 years old. Yes, because the floor


routine was one of the best we have seen for a long time. And full of


great variety. I know we have gymnasts who do fabulous amounts of


twists but he showed true variety on the floor exercise and a great deal


of ability and strength on the pommel horse as well. We've seen him


just in recent years not looking too happy, looking just a bit stuffy and


what have you, but here we are, there seems to be a completely


different atmosphere in the Russian team. Yes, they look like they have


done a lot of training at home and have come out fighting, they feel


it's time to grasp power in Europe again, I think. Oh, he did well to


save that. Double front, very difficult. A big step to the side,


14.2 33. Working every piece today, Julien Gobaux. The Swiss in sixth


place at the moment. After that first piece. There are two teams on


each apparatus, one team works first and then the second team warms up


and has a go. We are now in the second half of the second piece of


apparatus. 14.4 33. This is his compatriot.


He's had a toe injury. It will be interesting to see how he lands


this. Straight into the top planche. A bit high that in the Maltese.


Gymnasts must be dead flat with their shoulders on the rings.


Thereupon, a slight murmur. -- there again. Layout. Now we are into the


swing elements. Nice in the double pike, nice in the double tuck and


straight into the top planche. He must fix the handstand. A few more


little wobbles and they will add up. He will wind up into the dismount.


Double-twisting, double back. A little hop on the landing.


Switzerland going well. Powerful routines from relatively young


gymnasts. That impressed me, they are really very strong. They are


looking good? Yes, they are obviously in front of the home crowd


and I know that you can be really lifted by the home crowd. They are


going for it today. 14.6 there for Nikita Miller corny. -- there, for


Nikita Miller corny -- Nagornyy. Consistency is key. There is


pressure on this routine. He has a very unusual move there. Out on one


hand, taking all of the support. That is the Russian on the one


handle, into the end. Lovely turning travel. Full spindle. Keeps the


momentum going. That builds the difficulty. Travelling again. Look


at the extension over the pommel horse. Magyar, Sivado. Into the


handstand, into the dismount, superb performance. Great to see because he


so often falters when there is pressure. That was very good. There


is a really good team energy about this Russian performance. Yes, and


it's not often you see them like this either. They look as though


they are up for it today, they will take the fight to GB. 0.7 between


them in qualification. Great Britain and Russia. Russia are keen to


really widen the gap today. There will be one more Switzerland gymnast


left. Benjamin Gischard, another young gymnast, in fact, the youngest


of the three, just 20 years old. A very difficult piece of apparatus,


without the majority strength. -- without the mature and strength.


Kip, into the Maltese again. A slight pause. Into the top planche


is the that's better. Circling into the handstand. He's got to watch his


back. That's better. Nice in the double pike, connected to the double


tuck. Back into the top planche. He winds up into the dismount,


double-twisting double back. Large step on landing but a good routine,


the Swiss are really piling on the pressure. I tell you what, he really


had a go there, Benjamin Gischard. Goodlad. I reckon they are a hot tip


for the bronze medal here, Switzerland, especially with the


home crowd advantage behind them. It would be a dream come true for them.


Actually looking at qualification, the rings and pommel horse were


their worst scoring apparatus, so even though they know what they have


on the board, they have good pieces to come. They finished top on


parallel bars, second on the high bar, so they will get big scores.


It issuing 15.43-day -- it is showing 15 -- 15.433. Now it is to


think of. He can work the pommel horse, that is for sure. --


Kuksenkov. Building the difficulty on the one handle. Enter the


handstand, lovely. Back down. Such a difficult move. -- into the


handstand. Nice travel. As well, you do not see that much these days. You


looks really good. Good extension of the Zivado there. Full pirouette.


Russia are on side today. They have certainly answered the challenge.


Great Britain won the pommel horse in qualification and Russia look


like they have no intention of giving in. You can see the relief on


his face as he comes off there are, and nice little smile on his face,


as if to say, lads, we knew we could do it. I almost feel there is a


sense of relief from the Russian team. It is most likely have a real


opportunity, and let's not wasted. Certainly been very businesslike.


14.54 Gischard. Off to their next piece of apparatus, the vaults, I


think. -- 40.5 for. This will be difficult, and it is. Look at that.


15.4, fabulous. The biggest vault scorer we have seen so far. Onto the


third rejection then. When all of those scores are added in and


portal. We can give you confirmation of where things are sitting at the


moment. -- added in and totalled up. We are waiting for that one more


scorer to come and, Kuksenkov. A love that move. It must be quite


tricky, that. Yes, I have tried it, and I can't do it!


LAUGHTER Is just rotation around the


shoulder, keeping balance? Yes, obviously you are on one arm and


that is so hard to do in training, let alone under the pressure of


competition, so I really do respect that move. Well, the third rejection


sees Great Britain on rings. You can see them warming up there. Over


there with Russia, they will have Ukraine and Switzerland, Germany and


France on parallel bars, and Italy and Spain will be over on the high


bar -- the third rotation. Look out for that. There are the standings.


After two pieces of apparatus Russia are well ahead of Great Britain,


France in third and Ukraine have moved up to fourth, and Switzerland


go up one place into fifth. Germany and sixth, Italy seventh and Spain


are still down in eighth. There is Courtney Tulloch, gracing the Great


Britain team due to Max Whitlock's absence. That is just confirmation


of where the teams are going. So Great Britain to rings. Looking


ahead to the Olympics, we have a question coming in. Is the European


teams champions format counting a replica of the Olympics? And, yes,


it is, and that is why it is so nail-biting. Yes, and it is great


practice for the Olympics under this kind of pressure as well. Dan Purvis


starts Great Britain's third piece of apparatus here. Strong start.


Circling round to Maltese, into the crucifix, and again. Great control.


Watch this swinging elements no, double pike, double tuck, up into


the top planche -- elements now. Great control. Super shape in the


handstand, long swing, very solid. Can he hang on? Winds up, double


twisting, double pike. Great job. First man. He is through his round.


He is so dependable, Dan Purvis, and really that has been one of the


characteristics we have always spoken about. He does not seem to


succumb to the pressure, he always used to get up there and do his job,


Chris? Yes, and he will tell you he is quite nervous but he does not


appear it at all. He seems most unflappable, and he rises, actually.


I trained in the same gem as Dan and I actually think he rises in


competition, rather than falling away, which some gymnasts do -- same


gym. Dan, how did you feel competing with them? He was one person you


could rely on. You always knew he would jump up and do a good routine.


You didn't even need to watch it. That your guards on for the next


piece, yes. LAUGHTER


At the end of the vault runway, lots of gymnasts bringing their own talk


with them from their own gyms. The chances are he will grab those legs


and pull them round, very talked it! Ukraine often give us some fantastic


vaults, very exciting vaults. You will see the tariff on the side, if


the camera pans round. He is following a 13.966, from his


team-mate. Six, real power, drives high off the top. Double time, kick


out at the top. That is the way you do it. Meet that floor. That was


beautiful, wasn't it? That was one of the most graceful and have ever


seen. This gymnast does everything beautifully. He is a great


technician. Meet the floor. Look how he uses the spring out of the


platform. The platform is sprung. If you had it correctly, and you can


really see how it projected him up into the air, making full use of the


airtime. 14.63, a great score their four Dan Purvis, the first gymnast


up. Great Britain will be halfway round after this piece of apparatus


-- there for Dan Purvis. They are still hanging on to the coat-tails


of Russia. As we have said, it is or nothing. Russia are looking


powerful, looking strong. -- all or nothing. They are looking steady


today. The perfect recipe. 15.44 Oleg Verniaiev. Out of 16. Where did


they take off as you point sex, that's what I want to know! -- take


off via 0.6. He can do that better than me. He did not make the vault


final. But hoping to put everything right here. Igor Radivilov. Another


super difficult vault coming up. Double front with have turnout.


Kicked it out so other top. One of the deductions for vault landings is


if you land with the chest out and there was no suspicion of that, he


was bowled operate. Fabulous. It will be interesting to see how this


school compares to the 15.4 from Oleg Verniaiev. 15.3, directing! Not


quite as good, obviously, with the landing, but his shoulders were down


a little bit -- 15.3, I reckon. If you have two bolts like that in your


armoury you will score big on that apparatus. -- two vaults. Can you


put into context how difficult that is, Dan? Marked out of the sex, it


is one of the hardest. There are only a few people who do it in the


world -- out of the six. It is a really hard move. If you can do when


you will score big. Queue is Courtney Tulloch for Great Britain,


the most junior champion on rings. He has made the rings final as well.


Wilson scored 15 one, just before Courtney, and look at the power as


he presses into that move. A demonstration of shear strength.


Look at that. That is the Tulloch. That is his own move. Not many


gymnasts have a move named after them. Very flat there in the


Maltese, but gymnasts must combine the strengths and the swinging


elements. Back up rise into the top planche. Different class. Flat in


the crucifix. Slight lift of the head to save, this is easy. -- to


say. Waiting for the right swing. Layout, double piked, straight into


the Maltese, without a whisker of movement. Locked out Sol and it --


solid in the handstand. Must hold onto the dismayed. Full twisting,


double straight! Tulloch proving how much he deserves his place here on


the British team! -- hold on to the dismount. That was absolutely


fabulous, by a long way one of the best rings routines I have seen from


a British guy for a long time. He really brought a bit of virtuosity


to that, didn't he? Dan, thoughts on that? Really really good. That is


going to be a big score. All of his possessions WordPerfect and held for


the right amount of time and he stuck the dismount, one of the most


difficult things to do with the rings as well, and the most


important. -- possessions were perfect. Current Olympic silver


medallist, the European champion back in 2011 and 12. Let's see how


he works these bars. A great line. Uprising into the double pike, very


difficult skill. Somersault, lovely straight arms. 21 bar, had to fight


a little bit there. -- to one buyer. He had to rectify that, saved well


into the long swing double pike. Huge difficulty. Settling now into


the turn. Full twisting double pike, super difficult dismount. Not quite


as crisp as we have seen him sometimes, but I love that this


mode, he just whips the twist and so fast. -- love that dismount. Just a


bit of this fight on his hands, with the bent arms. Such a light framed


gymnast. He claims his work so well, very difficult to work on the one


handle. -- he times his work so well. 15.766, a huge score for


Courtney Tulloch. Well, things are going very well indeed for Great


Britain. That 15.766 is the highest score of the competition posted on


rings, but that was exceptional. Without a doubt the best routine he


has done under that pressure. Just what Team GB needed. Well done young


Courtney. Russia will be watching very closely. They have got a bit of


leeway, after a very powerful for performance. A good steady pommel


horse. -- floor performance. And rings is a key piece for them.


Vault. Rings for Russia, they qualified in top position. They were


the first on rings, first and vault, so they have got a good couple of


strong pieces. But I think there is a real competition hotting up for


the bronze, with Switzerland. 15.1, Germany with a good shout there as


far as parallel bars are concerned. He did well to keep his composure


really and carry on through the routine, Nguyen. Great Britain are


ahead of Ukraine, Germany and then Italy. Just a reminder, this is just


half of the teams that have completed their third piece of that


threat is, the third of six. -- third piece of apparatus. The vault,


teamed with Ukraine. The gymnast just talking his feet. -- chalking.


So Pablo Braegger wants to keep the consistency for Switzerland. It will


be over very quickly. Hope it goes your way.


Really harnessing the power. Big push. That will not be what they


wanted to start with, added off-line, that's an automatic one


marked reduction. -- at it off-line. And then all of the other deductions


that come from lack of height and direction. That will be costly for


Switzerland. He could have done with a bit more height, opened out to the


floor a bit too soon. Off the top, slightly to one side and then it


went over across the line as well, so the deduction for being out of


the landing zone as well. Not a good day at the office for the first


vaulter. This format is that you have five in the team and you work


three on each piece so some of the gymnasts on the third coming in


cold, so that in itself is quite a skilled, to do a piece and not the


next and whatever, for some of the younger gymnasts it takes a bit of


getting used to. A question from Chloe on social media, what is a


realistic medal tally for Rio for the team? Bearing in mind the


gymnasts will be watching this afterwards! Pablo Braegger scores


13.3. I will throw my hat in and say we will get a team medal in the


men's. Did she want to know the colour? I think the tally means how


many can we get? Individual? We will have an Olympic champion. Dan is


nodding. The gymnasts could come through with quite a few. Do get in


contact. If you do have any questions. This is a big vault.


Double Tsukahara. He controls it well, the big step back will deduct


marks, but when you have seen your team-mate not performing well and


you have a risky vault, it is always tough, but he performed well. With


so much fire in your belly it is difficult to master because you


either overcooked it or under rotate. It is so difficult to deal


with. I also think that, he watches his team-mate under rotate, and he


thinks, I need to G myself up, and he did well to save that. Anybody


else might have rolled over. He did really well to save that.


Nikita Ignatyev. A very strong gymnast. He was in the world final


couple of years ago. He entered qualifying with the highest score


for Russia on rings. Looking to extend their lead here. Great start,


circle to Maltese and then back to the Maltese. Into the crucifix.


Gymnasts are only allowed to link three strength elements at any one


time. Beautiful line into the swinging elements, double pike,


double tuck, flat. That is great work. A slight pause. Back into the


top planche. You can see the strain on his face, he is working so hard.


Can he wind-up? Lovely full twisting double layout. A little shuffle on


the dismount. Great start. Beautiful form throughout, I thought. That


routine follows a 15.25 from Nikita Nagornyy.


I suppose they are a bit down from where they would want on the vault.


A chance to see the high bar. Spanish gymnast. Adria Vera Mora. I


think that's how you pronounce it. If his mum is watching. Spain is one


of the countries who suffered over the past 4-8 years. Men's gymnastics


was a discipline where they were a big force in the past. Always very


good on the high bar. That was beautiful, had to bend his arms a


bit. Same thing on the fold West, very secure, even better. Here we go


again, just tucked. You can see when he changes shape that he's going to


perform another one of the difficult skills. This time the Tkachev. Full


of difficulty and excitement. As to pirouette as well. There you go. The


full turn. Close bar elements. Where the body comes enclosed to the bar.


These are long swinging elements. All he needs now is a good secure


landing. Full twisting double straight, he gets it. That was


superb. It's interesting to watch that, not only the crowd getting


into it but the gymnasts as well, everybody was watching it. Very


spectacular piece of apparatus, the high bar. It's nice to see the


Tkachev. Otherwise the routine can be slightly one-sided, using the


Kovac. When you compare that to Courtney Tulloch's, though, I tell


you, Great Britain are closing the gap. However comes the current


European champion. CHUCKLES Denis Abliazin. As strong as you


like. Third qualifier in the rings final. Flat in the Maltese. That is


so difficult. Back planche and then pressed back into the Maltese.


Shoulders level with the rings. It's so difficult to deduct. Layout.


Double tuck, double pike, a bit ragged there. And dropping the feat


in the top planche. That will be deducted. Circle to crucifix,


better. Kip to crucifix again. Week in the swinging elements, for me.


And will be deducted. Strong in the handstand. He's got to nail the


dismount. Lock those arms. Kicks in, double-twisting, double straight.


The key with rings is the transitions. He looked clunky. It


looked a bit... This is where ring work has changed in recent years,


it's not just about being good at swinging or strength, you have to


combine the two, and you can't doubt how strong he is there, but the


swinging elements were poor and that's what the judges will


absolutely hammer. Jerky in the somersaults. However that dismount


is massive, double straight with double twist. Just chalking up the


bars ready to go, Cyril Tommasone. He has had shoulder problems this


year. He may struggle with this. A bit short on the somersault but a


lot cleaner there. There is the drop chute. Lovely somersault from the


upper arm, into the Healey turn. Reverse pirouette.


Stutz, Stutz 21 bar. -- to one bar. Double pike. Slight adjustment on


landing. That was a solid routine. He has such a light frame but long


labours as well which works so well in the parallel bars. I know it is


one of your favourite pieces and one of mine as well. Yes, with the long


levers it makes you look a lot nicer when you're swinging. Obviously when


watching the routine you can see that his line is so nice and it can


sometimes make the judges give you a nicer score when it looks so nice.


The key to building a good score on parallel bars for you? A good mix of


everything, above the bar and below. Joining them both together and


obviously being clean and tidy with no hand movement. 15.2 for Dennis Ed


Leigh is an -- Denis Abliazin. Certainly ahead of Great Britain.


Great Britain closing the gap slightly. Ukraine will move up into


third. France around fourth but we will get confirmation very soon. I


tell you what, that performance from Courtney Tulloch bodes well for the


rings final. Absolutely. And his bid for a place in Rio may be preserved.


There's a lot of ground to talk about that as well because the


juniors, there was a super performance and we will bring you up


on the juniors later in the programme. Certainly stay tuned for


that. Benjamin Gischard scored 15.2. That was a beautiful vault, really


good. He didn't half need that after the previous two gymnasts. Really


excellent. These are some highlights of what is now halfway round the


competition. And after this I think it will be a good time to have a


chat with Beth Tweddle and get her thoughts really on the first half


will stop you in the studio and can you hear us? Yes, I can hear you


well. We were just talking about Courtney Tulloch and watching some


pictures here. How impressive was that and how important was it for


Courtney? It's really important for Courtney and the team, one thing I


have noticed through the team final is how Russia and Great Britain have


both upped their game, look at every team score in qualification, they


have all improved. Both teams are up to the fight and there is only one


marking it and anything can happen with three pieces left to go. Yes,


and I was thinking back to your captain 's role, if you were there


now, what would you be saying halfway round? Don't look at the


scores because anything can happen, keep your team calm, they know what


they've got to do, having Christian that as the captain is great because


he has the experience of an Olympic Games and Louis has now finished so


he can step back and help the team to keep calm. OK. Just looking at


confirmation that Russia are ahead of Great Britain with Ukraine in


third, France in fourth, Germany theft, Switzerland six, Italy


seventh and Spain are still in eighth. -- Germany fifth. This is


now the fourth rotation. Italy and Spain will be on the floor and then


Great Britain and Russia on the vault. Ukraine and Switzerland will


be on the parallel bars and Germany, France on the high bar. Dan, what


would you say about Great Britain on the vault? How would you sum it up?


Is this an area where we can improve? Obviously we have Christian


who has a big vault and he will always score big. But with Purvis


and Nile, we have almost two safe 2.5s. You know you can guarantee a


good score. Here is Nile Wilson with his fourth piece, he is working


every piece today for Great Britain. A busy day today. And very, very big


and controlled vault. Look at the distance from the platform. Two and


a half twists in the straight position. Quite a blind landing, it


is pretty difficult and he makes it very easy. He is bearing efficient


at it, as Dan was saying. Minimal deductions, legs locked together,


just a step on minding down the middle. Yes, that was a great team


vault. -- on landing. It proves that he can transfer from the top of the


vault, there you can see that he gets plenty of height and distance.


I really like Nile, I think he's a very good gymnast. I think he's


thinking, well, we don't have max today, I'm going to take on the


role, and he is really maturing into a great gymnast. Look at the score.


You used the word mature, because he hasn't long been out of the junior


ranks. These are early days in his senior career and putting in a


performance like that, you know, bidding for Rio. This is a very good


show for him. Dan Purvis. His turn on the vault. They are depending on


him again today. Lovely blog. Super two and a half. He shows us how it's


done. -- lovely block. He absolutely blocks off the top of the platform.


One of the best year Shingo -- year performances. He really battles to


hold onto that. Look at the form in his legs through the air. He


absolutely wraps into the twists. You see a lot of gymnasts in the


twist starting to slow down or bend their legs but not with Dan. That is


Dan the man! We certainly needed that because we have 25.6s where


Russia will come out with difficult points, so if you've not got the


difficulty, then you have to perform just like that.


Well, two sighs of relief, and here comes the third... It will be a


bigger sigh of relief, because this is a much riskier vault. As Dan was


saying, the other two are sort of Mr dependable, but this is either


great, are on the edge of your seat. 14.866, so here comes the risk


factor. Come on, Kristian. Everybody watching at home is right with you


here. Every ounce of power will go to this. Just go for the block, the


moment the hands hit the table and launch him up into the sky. Saw


important to get the exact speed of the run correct. Approach it,


easily, lifted high, fantastic! Get! That was the risk, he took it, and


it paid off -- so important. That was absolutely massive. He just


seemed to hang in the air, he could spot that landing, Dan, then came


down. Yes, as soon as I saw it I knew that. A lot of time to spot


that landing. A brilliant vault. One of the best I have seen. Yes, it


reminds me of backing the Olympics. Now on the parallel bars, the


European champion, Oleg Verniaiev, he has been for two years now. Just


enjoy this. The only gymnast to post above 16 in qualification. This is a


real masterclass of parallel bar work. Beautiful shape and line in


the handstand. Under somersault, locked out with straight arms. Hi


there. -- high. Highest difficulty work. That was the Bhavsar. Double


front have, nails the landing. What a routine. -- front half. Ukraine


are definitely on their way back now, putting that shaky pommel horse


behind them, and that is what you need, European champion like that to


go on and just calm you down with two pieces to go. Is a really classy


gymnast. He works most of the Grand Prixs, we see lots of them in


competition, and he is just so efficient. I think he is of those


gymnasts is definitely not working at his maximum. These are routines


he can do quite easily. The fact you are seeing how consistent these


routines are shows how comfortable he is with them, but they are still


getting big scores and winning medals so why is there a need to go


higher? Yes, but by not working at his maximum and putting the most


difficult things in he can be able to consistently perform rather than


be on the edge of the time, yes. But it is that kind of relationship,


isn't it, between difficulty and execution? 15.4 for Kristian Thomas.


Superb vault, superb team effort so far. Just when you think you need a


bit of help, it goes Kristian and bangs in a vault like that, 15.4,


just what the guys needed. They are piling on the pressure for Russia


now. Absolutely. Now the third of the German gymnasts to go up onto


high bar, Marcel envoy in. European medallist in the past. -- Marcel


Nguyen. One of the very famous German gymnasts. He was actually


second at the last Olympics I was going to say, all-around. But he


didn't get his second hand anywhere near the Bado did he. Wrapped in and


his second-hand was dangling underneath. It was high, but he just


did not have that precise and placement. A very risky move. Now,


not only has he lost a fall. But he will not get credited with that


element. You need both hands on, you need to have at least what the


judges call a momentary hang, so he has lost the value. Will he try it


again? Straight this time, but a bit similar with the re-grasp. And


without the twist, very nicely performed. A bit late on the


pirouette. But he swings with such ease and style, one arm very


comfortable work. A little bit of loss of leg form on occasion, but he


winds up, up, in two, over the bar, the Kovacs again, I thought he was


wading into the dismount-mac. There is the dismount-mac! Really


disappointed with himself there. -- there is the dismount. It is the ten


most difficult moves that are counted, isn't it? So it is not as


if they can keep going for ever. The first score we have seen over 16, 16


.1, and he just looks up and thinks, yeah, of course it is!


LAUGHTER I'm not surprised. Why are you? --


16.1. For Italy now, bronze at the European Championships three years


ago. First tumble out of the floor area, and that is the difference


between the best couple of teams and the other teams. They all do similar


work, but it is the control at the end of the landings, the end of the


tumble runs, bending his legs a little as he rebounded there. A


stylish gymnast. The Italian team very much rebuilding. My goodness,


that completely landed out. That is twice he has not managed to stay in


the square. Nice full twisting double back. Bit of a hop back. If


you step out of the floor area, it is 0.3, well, step out is as you .1,


but if you jump out and landed it is your point three. -- it is easy to


.1 if you step out. He will be racking up the deductions.


Controlling the power now. Very popular, triple twist to finish


with. Does so nicely. No major falls, but plenty of deductions.


There we go. You see the double twist, into the floor, and very


athletic and powerful young man, but they're in the year is to be able to


control that power. Difficult tumble in here and you can see he loses leg


tension little, crossing of the legs on the triple twist. The judges will


pick that up. Lots of little hops and bouncers throughout the routine.


Something to go and work on. Nguyen, 12.93, after that fall on the high


bar. -- 12.933. If you're wondering about the size of the floor area it


is 12 metres by 12 metres. Extra strong. Or not, in his case! Extra


sprung, because it is on the podium, so the podium is wood and has a


little bit of a spring on its own, but interestingly this is an ace


rink, so the podium is up and over quite a solid hard circus -- ice


rink. It sounds obvious but the junior men had to cancel their


podium training halfway through because it was so cold! The heating


was not working properly and, so, really, our junior boys did so well


without a full podium. All across Europe and certainly in Britain, as


was it the championships, the amount of people who want to watch this


sport now, they have to go to these bigger places or ice rink and so one


that can actually get the people in. Back in our day, Craig, it was just


mum and dad upon the balcony the photo. Yes, how times have changed,


luckily! -- up on the balcony taking the photo. Certainly Russia will


have something to say about that. But this, goodness me, I wonder what


they are saying to themselves, Dan, Russia? They know it is hit or miss?


The pressure will really be on and Russia have three big vaulters, so


it is released it or miss. Up first, there are big vaulters, the current


European vault champion, Nikita Nagornyy. He has looked very


impressive so far and another vault just flew out the rafters, didn't


it? Well, that was what we were speaking about before, the half-time


that Verniaiev scored 15.4 with, but that was just beautiful. The hate of


the floor, similar to Verniaiev's, so I think it will be around the


same score at, beautiful. Look at the time he has got. Think more


likely is an extra twist out of it. The one and a half out of the double


front, that would be more what I would expect to see. You can see the


landing, you can see how he could get ready for the landing a lot


easier than just doing the double front. Really impressive young man.


15.3! Darren, actually, on Verniaiev's. Next up, he has been


great in competition, a very important vault for Russia, there


is. Yes, it was on its -- he was on his face in qualifications, so he


will not want to go there again. He is really pushing hard, and he has


made it. He definitely did not want to go there again. We have seen him


false or many times, brilliant to see him land. You would think,


wouldn't you, looking at that, he seemed to have an enormous amount of


time and space to land it. You would wonder how he could not land that


every time. It all depends on the run-up on the block there. If you


can get your hips in the right place, you can go a split-second too


early or too late and you can be on your face rolling backwards and that


is why it is such a difficult vault at the sixth value, but that was a


super vault, and he will want to prove to himself and the coaches


that he can actually do the vault, and what a time to pull it out, in


the team final. 15.233, one gymnast to go, and two pieces of apparatus.


Over to the high bar. Zachari Hrimeche, from France. Had his


senior debut last year. Smooth swing, quite a quiet start. He is in


the reverse grip. Gymnasts have to show more than one Brit. This is an


over grip, so he has done that already. Changes his swing, ready


for the full turning, and Kovacs, but nowhere near. He kicked over the


bar rather than up into the air and that is again somewhere we will see


he will not get any value for the move because he completely missed.


Floundering in the error there. Just a word, Dan, and how you actually


train these? -- chalk. You will begin to build up confidence then


move onto the hard floor and it just about seeing the bat-mac. -- the


bar. You can see the change the shape of verse when depending on


what they are going to do. They are just ordinary, swinging their


straight body, then they change the shape when they are going to make a


release. That was a nice pirouette. The different shape of swing will


change what you can do at the end of it, the timing. And now you can see


he is in a dislocated grip. Working against the shoulder line, and now


he is changing shape, ready to kick it into the desperate, double


straight with full twist. Some very nice work, -- kick into the


dismount. Doing what he can to build the difficulty and make those marks


back, so plenty of changes in grip. Shapes, and the swing, as we can


see. You have to be quite precise, don't you, Dan? To get your thumbs


right are like that? Krhin Matt Jess, you have to catch it perfectly


to make sure your thumbs are underneath the mark -- yes, you do


have to catch it. This is the second of the Swiss to go on parallel bars,


Yusof. A good clean start, showing great control. Nice in the front


somersault, straight to Pirouette. Long swing. Clean into


the handstand. Turns, working well. Squeezes the feed together. Oh, he


had to hold it there. He nails the dismount. Only one little error in


the routine. I tell you what, that was a great rescue. He could have


gone for a wander there. Yes, it's so easy to mess up your hand


placement. I don't know how he manages to save that but he kept


still to reduce the deductions. Good work on the one rail. You can see


the flight there, again, he's looking at the rail. He is still


moving up and he's able to lock out with straight arms. Very difficult.


That is because of the fall on high bar.


Zapata from Spain. And very, very explosive gymnast. He got a bronze


at the world year. A bit of a step there but that was the one and a


half, double front. Just a little hop. Oh, no, that was never on, the


two and a half, he did not contact the floor properly and he did well


not to sit right down. I think he brushed the floor. Double straight


with full twist. Not quite as sharp as we saw him at the World


Championships. This is super difficulty. Just a little step


through the landing. Many of these gymnasts will be


fighting for team places for the Olympics.


That was a secure landing. Hours away, double straight, nice finish.


Just the little step as though he did not quite have the confidence to


keep his feet still. It's an interesting point. Zapata got a


bronze at the last world's. How much can sharpness fluctuate on a piece


of apparatus like floor and how do you get it back? Obviously at the


point in the year where you are trying to peak for the biggest


competition. It can be the biggest between Tensai Lee Janzen -- one or


two tenths on each landing. Tips to get the sharpness back? What do you


do? It is just the amount of training that you do in the gym,


putting in the numbers. Christian Baumann. The last gymnast for


Switzerland, this is an important piece, they want to try to make it


onto the medals table. 15.666 in qualification, fourth, we know he


has the skills. Nice in the Stutz, combined into the Healy turn.


Pirouette, very efficient. Back into the handstand. Here wet. Again, that


was nice shape in the handstand. Stutz Just can't afford a flicker.


Double pike. Slight adjustment on landing. Switzerland stay in


contention. They are certainly on their way back. That man got a


silver medal at the last Europeans, he did his country proud. He will go


on to the high bar now. This is their big piece. Parallel bars. Very


successful, the Swiss team, here. Confirmation of the order, Russia


are still ahead of Great Britain. Just a little sit down. Yes, we had


a replay of that, it was a hallmark. This is the final Swiss gymnast. --


a for Mark. -- full mark. Keep your eyes on this. Full twist. Not only


is that two and a half somersault but with a full twist as well.


15.666, goodness me, that seemed to defy gravity in every single plane.


One minute he was twisting and then somersaulting and turning. Goodness


me. I'm surprised he was able to squeeze that in. That's the best


I've seen that, normally he goes to one side but it was bang in the


middle. Obviously something he has been working on, thinking, you know,


I've got a real challenge -- real chance. With vault like that there


is every possibility he could be the Olympic champion. This is the thing,


let's hope they don't overcook it as far as is concerned. They have to


maintain that level for quite a while. -- as far as Rio is


concerned. Russia are similar to Great Britain in that the gymnasts


are fighting for their places. Five British guys out there and another


three or four at home who are also looking to push them out.


Realistically they could. I guess it's probably quite the same story


in Russia. Here we go, confirmation after four pieces that Russia are


ahead of Great Britain by 2.35 marks. Switzerland are now in third.


They have knocked the Ukraine down to fourth. Well, what a strong


parallel bars performance from Switzerland and they will be able to


keep the swing going into the high bar. Looking at qualification, this


team was second in the high bar so they will have a real chance but


it's not just a guaranteed, we're going to nail this. It will be


interesting. Switzerland will be very excited at the fact they are in


this position and hopefully they can hang on. That would be really nice


for them. It's worth knowing that five marks is quite a nice cushion


between second and third that Great Britain have. Russia and Great


Britain are well ahead of the rest of Europe. What a fantastic thing.


I've been around in gymnastics long enough to remember the days where we


just looked in or at Russia and never for one minute thought we


would be able to consider meeting them. What a great situation we are


in now. I'm of a generation when I was in the team and we wouldn't even


make the team final. We were in war of the rest of Europe. The last ten


years has been absolutely extraordinary. -- we were in awe.


Let's get him onto the high bar so he can carry on. Ukraine are forth


at the moment. Oh dear. That did not do their chances any good. First of


all he took three swings before he got going and then a relatively


quiet move, doing the hop over the bar, trying to catch it with a mixed


grip and he does not make the turn. When they catch in mixed grip it is


so they make another turn and he just did not really commit himself


to the turn. You can see the bar twanging away. Loss of the value of


the element plus a fault and they still have to use this score,


whatever. Do it again, this time without the mixed grip.


Stolder and the half turn. They should turn as close to the vertical


as possible. Looks much more suited to the rings than high bar at this


stage of events. We've seen him do a great rings routine, and that's an


excellent dismount, but the work on the high bar was not very


comfortable at all. They were desperately trying to put pressure


back on Switzerland. 0.6 between them and the Ukraine in four.


Goodness me, what a disaster for them. 13.666 in qualification and


depending on where the angle was for the camera, some of the turns looked


quite late for me as well. It was quite a sloppy routine in parts.


Obviously losing the mark for the mistake and the difficulty, the


value of the skill as well, it was really costly and you can tell that


he's not happy at all. Courtney Tulloch but in an absolute storming


performance for Great Britain on rings. Here is his opportunity to


show us what he can do on the parallel bars. Front somersault.


Firmly into the handstand. Under somersault. A bit short but he


blocks it out. Low swing, double pike. Difficult work. Pirouette.


Front up rise, double back. Ads are there to protect the arms. Double


front. -- the pads. Working very well so far. The gymnasts must


perform moves above and below the bars. That was nice. Executing the


routine well so far. Healey turn. Slight adjustment. Into the double


pike. Safely landed. That was good work. Job done for Courtney Tulloch.


He came here to do two pieces of apparatus and goodness me has he


done the team job today. He certainly has indeed, I would not


say he was cautious but you could see that he did not want to give


away anything there. He is really competitor, isn't he? I think he's


grown a lot in this Championships. I think people will go away from this


thinking, there's more to come from Courtney. 11.8, that has to hurt in


more ways than one. Goodness me, what a shame for Ukraine. It's going


to be a real battle between fourth and third. It could well be on


because goodness me, 0.5 is nothing in the world of high bar. We have


seen that. We have seen a few coming to grief today.


Ukraine are usually considered to be a team who work well on the high


bar. That was lovely, smooth, straight Tkachev. And a very nice


turn at the top, big straddle Tkachev. There he had to end his


elbows over on the forward swing out of it. Nice full pirouette. That was


good into the hop. Very late turn, though. And another late turn. Those


are areas where the judges can deduct very easily. And they will.


Eibar scores are generally quite difficult to get. -- high bar. A lot


of deductions. A nice dismount. Just a step on minding. A big improvement


on the first gymnast from the Ukraine, he stayed on the apparatus.


That's the key! You got on, went round and got off in one piece. If


you look at the differences in expression on the faces of the


Ukrainian and Russian team, that says it all, he looked deflated on


the high bar. He did a decent job. He would be heavily deducted on the


bent arms after the catch and being late on the turns. It is not their


strongest piece but this is where every 10th really matters. Yes. As


far as talking about those turns, you have to get between five to and


five passed. A little bit low for Courtney Tulloch? I think that was


slightly harsh but he must have been deducted heavily for a heavy


landing. This is the turn of the Commonwealth champion Dan Purvis.


This is a good piece of apparatus for Dan. 15.066 in qualification. He


had to fight on the somersault to one bar. Just calming it down. Into


the Healey. Long swing. Confident in the Stutz. High into


the double pike. Better from Purves. That was impressive, using all of


his competition experience. You could sense that he was rushing in


the first half and he just brought, I'll take it steady and then we'll


get through and that's exactly what he did. Two down and want to go and


one more piece of apparatus, high bar.


For years now I have watched him and that, stock to one rail, for a


gymnast, such a difficult skill to do. He has obviously changed his


routine edit in the years to find something he is comfortable with --


stuck to one rail. Is certainly comfortable with landings, to his


benefit. Super dismount. Good job done. 13.5 four Semiankiv. -- for.


Switzerland will be watching this very closely. The next gymnast, the


last gymnast, to go on the high bar. He has been so impressive, on vault,


parallel bars, and no on high buyers. that is how it is done, a


little off line. kept his elbows straight. that is very nice, the


turn of the top. you see, hot on bull-mac straight arms, nor


interruption of swing. -- caught on full straight arms. very difficult


to do this and keep the swing going. pushing the shoulders forward quite


a bit there. there is his in-bar work. the turn. lots of confidence


and composure. here is the big kick, the two twists and the double


straight. and the trademark dismount we have seen, he is very slick,


isn't he, with his work with so efficient. Very confident. And is


going to throw this in there, but I am not a fan of this routine. I tell


you why. I think it is quite safe. It over


users the Markelov quite a lot, and if you watch, if you convert our


guys, they do that a lot better than that. But you have to use the court


to your advantage and body type. Hang on. We will carry on with that


in a minute. 14.7 four Daniel Purvis. We have at the Commonwealth


champion. Now Nile Wilson, who came second at those Commonwealth Games,


behind Dan Purvis. 20 years old. Something special. Straight to


handstand. That at the line in his back. -- look at the line. Have


torn. That is very good control. -- half turn. High into the double back


with kick out, that is how you do a double back. Pirouette. Look at


that. Pirouette. Fluent into the


handstand. Can he hold it on the dismount?


Healy turn, come on, Nile. That was made to impressive. Dan, you know


what it is like to work them at the championship? Yes, you look so calm


and composed, and it is not an easy routine. To go onto one bar and hold


it as still as he did under that the mode of pressure is unbelievable. He


has such a good head on his shoulders. Yes, just waiting for the


right moment and going when he knew it was right. That takes a lot of


confidence. It does, and it is something he has obviously work hard


on in training which make him feel confident about it. Full of


confidence, drive and determination, Nile, wears his heart on his sleeve.


Very untypical of us Brits, to be honest, but great to see. Sinai and


somebody actually who loves to compete. He is absolutely loving


every minute of that performance -- yes, and somebody actually lost to


compete. It has to be a big score. It is 15.966, well done, Nile


Wilson! One more piece to go for Great Britain. Things are looking


very good. That one step on landing denied and that 16. So impressive,


wasn't it? Such a difficult landing off any piece of apparatus, and


actually, if he could half out, it gets similar advantage... Look at


that. Great Britain are ten marks ahead of Ukraine. That is what one


fall from the high bar does for you. 14.766, four Oleg Verniaiev. You


were saying about the high bar routine, and I agree. It is not his


best routine, but the secret of becoming an all-round good performer


is to make your strong pieces really good and your weaker piece is good


enough. It is not his best piece but he has made a good enough. For our


viewers at home, there are kind of graded levels, and I think G is the


hardest. Yes, but I think now there is an H. A double twist with the


double straight with a triple twist on the floor. Dreamer but that is


the only H in the Code of Points. So for most of us, it is a G. -- yes,


but that is the only H. Do not want to see it as a bad routine, but for


me... You have said it now! For me hard work is being able to use a


variety of skills and releases. It is smart, the way he has come up


with the routine that he has. I have a feeling we are watching the first


Swiss competitor here. On the final piece of apparatus. Yes, we did not


get the intro for him but he is doing far more than you would ever


do in your warm up. And he fell on the dismount, if it is. And they


look like it was. We did not get the introduction, but here it is, Oliver


Hegi, and the work on a high bar was great, but the dismount just flew


away from him. This is their fifth, then. Yes. What a shame. First up in


the second half is what is happening now so the Russians will be up on


parallel bars to follow Great Britain then the Swiss are following


Ukraine on high bar. Yes, Pablo Braegger will be the next to go for


them and then this will be the penultimate piece of apparatus.


Nikolai Kuksenkov, the first of the Russian gymnasts. Sloppy there in


the front somersault, bit of fall backdown on apparatus, and that will


be heavily deducted. Krhin in the Healy turn. Somersault, long swing.


-- clean in this Healy turn. A little flicker, in the switch to one


buyer. Loss of tension the legs. Better. High in the front uprise,


and can he spot the landing? Yes, he can. Double front, left time. A


costly routine I think that was for Russia. There are looking under


pressure, and rightly so. Two marks between then and Great Britain. It


was not a major mistake, but it was all this routine, here and there,


when you see the legs straddled, a bit bent, the very first bet he lost


marks and rhythm with. 13.5. They have seen Ukraine go and know there


has been a fall there. Coming into this rotation. A tiny bit of


breathing space. They just have to keep going. Pablo Braegger now. To


get into the high bar -- he did get into the high bar final last year's


European Championship in it and he has qualified for this year's. So we


should see an exciting routine here. Here it comes. Finance Bill twist,


very nicely negotiated. -- full twist. The mixed grip, swings


smoothly up. Beautifully linked, the two difficult elements. Clean


pirouettes, but a little bit late on that one. But he linked it into the


Markelov. Lots of energy. By this dismount, lifted up, and makes the


landing. Much, much better. What a performance there! Two gymnasts on


high bar, one more to go. They are sitting pretty for that bronze medal


at the moment, and the pressure is on. It is building. However, it has


been relieved slightly by the home crowd. You can almost sense they are


lifting their gymnasts up into the air to give them that extra bit of


time to reach out and grab the bar. Kovacs, executed really well. Full


extension. That is what the judges like to see, launching those arms


out, straight arm into the long swing, a real variety. There is one


of the locals, getting the cowbells going, we'll have some of that!


LAUGHTER The thing is when there is an


atmosphere like that it can lift you even if they are not cheering for


you, can't it? If you are doing well and you just hear the crowd go.


14.266, Kuksenkov. Down from where he would want to be, and no doubt


with that two and a bit but we have between Russia and Great Britain.


Here is the Olympic champion on the parallel bars. Usual front


somersault, into the handstand. Beautiful and somersault. One-to-one


-- on to one buyer. Little fluctuation of the arms, get the


momentum -- H. Into the Healy turn. Off one and a quarter. He had to use


a bit of strength there and bring it back into the bars. Double front


have line. Very good rescue. -- land. Although impressive stuff,


this is their shakiest piece, I would say, wouldn't you? Room for


improvement between now and Rio? For the Russians, on the parallel bars,


Dan? Yes, there probably is. If you look at their qualification, their


bars was amazing, amazing for any team. It shows the pressure is


getting to them slightly. As a 19-year-old just up from the junior


ranks, he looks very strong. Very strong, mentally as well physically.


Yes, I mean every time I see him he has improved and he has impressed me


every time I have seen as well. 14.633, good job done for Paolo Bray


go on high bar. -- Pablo Braegger. Switzerland are wondering, can


thereby do this? It is floor after this, one more piece of apparatus,


but this is vital from Christian Baumann. Is the big star, clearly


through that release -- he the big star. That little floor, he cover


that it well. That was very nice, one and a half turn. Times in the


handstand. -- towns in the handstand. Full of pirouettes this


routine and a lot of pirouettes can attract a lot of deductions, but


there is this day and in swings, against the shoulder blade.


Controlling the swing well, controlling his nerve. Just that


twist, that step back. Satisfactory performance. Not great, but... That


will do! I was thinking, that was very efficient and just what the


Swiss guys needed. You can easily through a competition away on the


high bar with a fall and he did an absolutely super job under that


pressure. Some really well executed times in that routine, to what we


have seen. You know, I think this team final, it just sums up, doesn't


it, hope diverse gymnastics is? When you move from one piece, to another,


to another and, I don't know, just how diverse and all the different


skills you need to be able to compete as a nation around the whole


gymnastics arena? 15.466 four Nagornyy. What a score for the


19-year-old. -- for. The last gymnast for Russia on the parallel


bars. He is in the parallel bar final as


well tomorrow. Somersault to handstand, locking those arms, to


one bar. Favoured by so many gymnasts now. That was really


difficult work. Into the pirouette. There is the drop chute. Front


somersault and cleanly into the handstand. Shoulders a little back


in the Healy. Drops to one bar. Into the handstand. Stutz. Can he hang


on? High into the double front, yes he can! He is looking as good as


ever. He is looking a bit fitter, a bit more slight, like he has lost


weight and he is really in control of his work. I haven't seen him


looking like this for a while, he's looking confident and he is out to


take the fight to GB. What a routine. That will be in the high


15s. It was packed, not a single moment where he just took an extra


handstand, extra weight. That would be a deduction, knees bending pass


the bar but as soon as one element was finished there was the next one


and that is how the difficulty scored builds. By adding the D and


immediately another D element. You get a bonus for that. The British


coaches as you can see knew that that was a good performance. It


makes you wonder what the situation would be if Max Whitlock was there.


They seem to be taking the opportunity, don't they? In Max's


absence. And rightly so. We would do exactly the same if their best team


player... Let's think about this. Our best guy is at home probably


watching this and GB are probably on Brazil the medal. That would have


been unheard of. -- on for a silver medal. We have to think about how


well we've done. Given the opportunities, Courtney Tulloch has


shined as he has. Remarkable. How do you feel about this? It's almost as


though it has become the norm over the past few years, we were always


fighting Russia over the top spot and that's how much British


athletics has improved in ten years. I remember growing up and my first


World Championships we were struggling to make the top ten and


we have improved year by year. And of course interestingly,...


Confirmation that Russia are well ahead of Great Britain in second.


Look at the gap between Great Britain and Switzerland in third at


the moment with one piece to go. Goodness me. I don't know how they


must be feeling. But there are now three marks between Switzerland and


Ukraine. David Belyavskiy. There is confirmation. That is a massive


score. Massive, but not as big as 15.9 66. That is one of the routines


of the competition so far. And he's the reserve for the final! Yes! What


a shame. Hopefully he may get a chance to work. You sometimes do as


a reserve. The rest of the field will be hoping that he can't after


that performance! And of course, the junior team


competition was two days ago and that was a big fight between Russia


and Great Britain as well. So it very definitely is the case that


they are the dominant forces in Europe. Yes. The junior men got


their fifth title for the team, and we will bring you up-to-date very


shortly after this competition. We will give you a quick rundown and a


video montage of what happened. This is how the final piece of apparatus,


the final rotation, I should say. Ukraine and Switzerland on floor,


Germany and France on the pommel horse and over on the rings it is


Italy and Spain. Rate Britain alongside Russia round up their


competition on the high bar. The stage is set for Dan Purvis. He has


just been superb today. And the lads can enjoy this. I hope, I really do.


They have a good buffer ahead of Switzerland in third and the key to


this is just going through and then you don't really want to rely on


your opponents to fall, but let's see what happens. The final piece of


apparatus in the men's team final. Dan Purvis has made his opening


elements. And the next combination well. That was not so spectacular.


Such a great technician on the high bar. Lovely hop, full pirouette.


Clever routine, quick routine. That was a beautiful dismount. Packed


full of difficulty. The shorter it is the less the judges can deduct.


That was a great start for Great Britain. What a team job for Dan


Purvis, put on your tracksuit, take the weight off your feet, well done,


that man. There you can see, the one on work, very clean, search a


productive performance on this piece of apparatus. Great at the in bar


work and clean through the turns and the lines. He propels high into the


air for the double twist. 13.9 in qualification. Hopefully that will


go a bit better. Germany, just warming up and getting the handle is


right ready for the pommel horse. They were probably wish they were


finishing somewhere else. Anything but the pommel horse! Exactly.


He is 25 years old. We have just seen Daniel Purvis's score. There we


are. What a consistent day he has had.


Another consistent day. See you in Rio, Dan. See you at the airport!


CHUCKLES I think Dan is definitely on the


ticket, for sure. I beg your pardon. Waldemar Eichorn is open now. Second


for Germany on the final piece. Single legwork. He picks up into the


flare. Up into the handstand. Using a bit of strength there. Got to keep


the momentum going. Well done. Back into the handstand. Another


pirouette. Back into the flare. There is the spindle. And again.


Travelling down the horse, and again in the flare. Will he use the double


leg circle? Yes, he is. Russian Wendy. There you are, keep the


momentum going. Lines up into the handstand. Full pirouette. Wind him


up and go. I tell you what, he put in so many flares, he must be


exhausted towards the end. That was a good effort. You have to say, even


though you don't get the most marks it is the most exciting. It is. It's


got flare! That is why it is called that. A bit less extension in the


end but it was still very good. Will he do any leg circle work and when


he did he realised why he was doing flares! LAUGHTER


Nile Wilson is the second gymnast for Great Britain, this is his sixth


and final piece of apparatus of the day. Like Dan he has worked all six


and he is Commonwealth champion on high bar. Nile, stand-by for


fireworks. This is a risky routine. He needs to be and concentrating.


You can see the full turning straight Kovac. Fingertips. And now


the second one in the Moyes position. Makes sure. -- the tuck


position. Now the turning, one and a half pirouette. This location. Full


turn. Very nicely done. With the half turn. Hide Tkachev, swings out


beautifully. There we go again with the mixed grip. Half turn and a big


swing up. -- high Tkachev. This is a really intense routine. Come on,


Nile, hit the dismount. Two twists, not a problem, what a performance,


Nile Wilson, you really have impressed today. Goodness me, what a


day that man has had, it was just the most outstanding high bar


routine. It was packed with difficulty and it was clean as well.


He was catching high, no arm bends all exploits. This is what I call


high bar work. He had ever thing in there, Kovac, Tkachev, this is the


best Tkachev half turn being done in the world because he makes the half


turn before catching the bar and the lines throughout, there you can see,


half turn, and he's about horizontal and he's already made the turn, I


don't like to see gymnasts catching in the mixed grip and letting the


bar turn them at the bottom. That was fantastic. What a way to finish.


So, Italy over on the rings. This is his strongest piece of


apparatus, if you will pardon the pun. Italy have had generations of


strong gymnasts on the rings, going back to the very famous Uri Keki.


There is the Maltese. Into the layout. Swing to inverter. Double


pike, double tuck. Straight to the top planche. Clean, efficient.


Circle to crucifix. Kip To crucifix. Swings into the handstand. Slight


adjustment. Got to fix the rings. Double double. Slight adjustment on


landing. That was good work from the Italian. Keeping up the tradition of


Italian rings workers, that was very nice work. Smooth, very smooth.


Italy down the second half of the competition.


That should have been over 15. Definitely. He was robbed. He


thought the same and you could see it on his face! Kristian Thomas, he


has qualified first for the high bar final and with a similar score,


actually the same as Nile Wilson but the execution and difficulty was


slightly different. Kristian Thomas, the last gymnast to go for Great


Britain in the men's team final. He is a Paul gymnast. He almost sweeps


the floor. That was a super Tkachev with full turn. Very unusual.


And the Stolder with one and half. This location. That was a lovely


shape. Tkachev with a half turn. Very smoothly out. This is a big


routine. Full pirouette. He changes the swing and lifts up high and he


puts the fall twist in. Perfect landing, Kristian Thomas has led


this team. Fantastic. Gold or silver, they've really won today.


There he is, there he is, doing what Kristian Thomas does best, he has


definitely landed on a team medal there. It wasn't just clean as we


know it can be, but obviously under that pressure. Yet again a brilliant


Tkachev with a half turn. We really do maths that skill within Britain.


And then high into the arena for the full twisting double back.


Has landings today, he just seems to know what he needs to do and when to


do it, Dan. Weaving no run for deductions and that is what you want


from your captain. 14.93, for the Italians. But they train every day.


Every afternoon. Landings... Yes, and you can gain so much in wins for


the team are the six pieces and that is what we have really concentrated


on the last couple of years. Great Britain can do no more. They have


gone all the way around, everything goal-scorer. Three scores and every


single one of them has delivered -- every single score. They just have


to sit and wait, and what Russia on high bar. -- watch Russia. Well,


this has been a fantastic tussle to watch, and you know that Russia


still have to stick three people up and go clean. I have to say the


Russian team look much more secure than I have seen them look for a few


years. Kristian, 14.233, that will do. I mean, yes, 15" the good. There


were a few errors there, and obviously you will get deducted for


that -- he was 15 in qualification. But look at that. Up on their


qualification of 267, and you can't ask for much more than that. Well,


the first gymnast Opera Russia. Three routines, every score counts


-- up for Russia. I know we keep saying it but it is important. David


Belyavskiy, qualified for the high bar final, fifth in the World


Championships on this piece of apparatus a couple of years ago.


This was actually there third-highest scoring peace


importation. -- in qualification. Lovely one And Circle.


Here comes the big release. The straddle, catcher over the bar, and


again with the turn in the straddle position. Always a very stylish


gymnast. That was a little late but he controlled it well. Into the


Markelov. And this, the stain on swings, which I think he is the only


gymnast to use -- Steinerman swings. Efficient work, very efficient


routine. Balearics skied today, he has really impressed me, and Russia


need an average of 14.38 here to take the gold -- David Belyavskiy


has really impressed me. That was probably one of the most efficient


high bar routines we have seen. Job to be done, got up there, times, in


the right position, clean on the catch, under that pressure. He will


be happy with today's work for sure -- turns, in the right position. And


he should be. Great to see him now with a bit of maturity and


confidence. He is starting to be able to show what a good gymnast he


is. I was going to say, we have often gone to competitions and


thought this guy could do a lot more. Maybe this is his year. What a


time, going into the Olympics. Perhaps that has been in the back of


his mind. That is the thing. We do not even know if he has peaked yet,


14.733. He is on the rise, absolutely superb. Has worked every


thing today? It will be interesting to see whether he is ahead of Nile.


I am looking forward to watching tomorrow. Sometimes you just need


that drive. If you do not have it internally or as an individual, but


as soon as you get up there you're doing it for somebody else, and from


a psychological perspective, that could really be what is just pushing


him, David Belyavskiy, researchers and today. And I think they have


thrived today with Team GB being one man down. Here is another gymnast


that has done a team job today, Nikita Ignatyev, superb work. Full


twisting, straight, then tucked. A lot of the gymnasts do this,


straight and then tucked. Exciting work, the release and then


recaptures. That is what makes the high bar such an exciting piece of


apparatus -- re-catches. It looks like his legs are a lot of the time.


That is the impression you get. His feet are together. The judges


probably do not get the luxury of this view. Two twists, double


straight, another good solid routine. They know they are on to do


well. Scored the lowest of the team involved addition, 14.4033 and for


me, yes, it looks a little sloppy in the legs, but maybe the judges


cannot pick up from that view, I do not think we have the best view


there of his routine. What pressure for the young Swiss. Benjamin


Gischard, the second gymnast to go for Switzerland. One more after him


and then the Swiss bid for a medal is over. Lovely high opening front


somersault twist. Did he keep those tools in? -- toes. I did not see a


flag. I didn't either. He really does run a long way. Very light,


into the front somersault twist. So many of these gymnasts twist so


fast, they are so efficient. And Switzerland have also qualified


acting for Rio. These gymnasts will all be fighting for those places. --


qualified a team for Rio. The very nice roll out. Whereas other


gymnasts pack into McAfee tumbles in each run, his starting score, his


difficulty score, will be a little less -- pack in two or three


tumbles. Very well done. It is all down to Braegger now. They enjoy


performing for the home crowd. There you go, the twist roll-out, not the


same control were seen before. Steps up there, into the final. The triple


twist. A little bit bouncy around the floor. They just need to hang


on. Ignatyev scores 14.333 for Russia


and one jam last less to go, and here he is -- one gymnast left to


go. One of the best in the world. Very much so, and he twisted so nice


and early, so that by easily. -- saw that bar. A little bit off line with


the poets. The ten most difficult moves, and together for your


difficulty score, he has done half a dozen already and now another one.


The judges are deducting every move you do. Just tenths. This is


swinging well, just need to be secure. He has held on. Needs this


strongest... There it is! You can see it, as soon as he released. A


great performance from the Russian team. They all know that is it. They


are European champions again. We gained their title. And, you know


what, just to see the happiness within that team and the team


spirit, and the energy that is in there, I mean, that bodes very well


for them as far as Rio is concerned. They will know Great Britain are


without a certain Max Wilcock. -- Max Whitlock. For me you can see


there is room to improve as well. There are a few errors in there,


just little bits here and there, catching, maybe, armbands. But, yes,


a super job, and they have really capitalised on the fact that Team GB


were missing Max today -- arm bends. 15.06 X for Gobaux. One more to go


and the chance for ceiling this bronze medal for this was false to


one who got the bronze at last year's European Championships -- 15


.06 X. Very nice to start. A lovely clean landing. Double twisting,


double back. Classy gymnast. Centimetre perfect. He has that


natural class, the legs locked together the whole time.


APPLAUSE Showing the attribute gymnast needs


for a good floor routine. Control, dynamics, extension on the roll-out,


you can see, as he met the floor. Extended his legs, and here we go,


the triple twist, just a little shovel at the end, but that was a


very good finish for Switzerland. It has to be enough, it has got to be


enough. Surely, the crowd wanted to happen. Everybody wants it to


happen. Go on, give them the bronze! -- little shuffle at the end. They


feel they have certainly done their bit, and they have been a very


impressive young team. They have indeed. They scored 14.933 in


qualification and anywhere near that will be enough. You can see, just


look at it. That is not just one year of hard work, that is maybe ten


years of hard work, and that is so nice to see. Well, they wowed us at


the World Championship, Switzerland, they have booked their place for


Rio, this is a very good build-up towards it and this is a young team.


The eldest out there today is 22. Came up through the junior ranks in


the last cycle. There is the final pass, the twist. Not the tidiest of


landings, but as long as he is on his feet, that will be good enough.


There is confirmation, then, that Russia are, again, European team


champions, with a total score of 271. Goodness me, what a wonderful


team on petition they have had. The camaraderie, the energy they went


round with at the start, it was such a powerful performance they put out


on floor and they just did not stop from there and it built and built --


team competition. Britain held onto their coat-tails, but without Max


Whitlock, top all-rounder gymnast, what a competition from Great


Britain. My word, that sends out a message to the rest of the world.


And there we can see Switzerland, confirmation of the bronze. 263.2


78. Fantastic performance by them in front of a home crowd. It really


lifted the arena. And lots of celebrations. From all


of the teams. It's been a great team final here. There will be plenty of


celebrating in Switzerland tonight. That was a truly well-deserved


bronze medal. And also that was a fantastic job to capitalise on the


fact that GB had their best man at home. Another superb performance


from Team GB, picking up silver. When you think two days of


competition and not a single fall, that is all you would ever ask for


as a coach. Whatever will be will be with a result like that but I think


the British guys should be very pleased with their performances.


They took it to the wire with the Russian team. And I think we've seen


a couple of outstanding performances today as well. Courtney Tulloch's


rings, Nile Wilson's parallel bars, two pieces that Great Britain have


not historically been fantastically strong on. It is really showing


progress. Let's not forget Kristian Thomas's superb double pike. There


is confirmation of the scores. Russian Federation take the gold


medal with 271. Ahead of Great Britain with a silver and quite a


long way ahead of the bronze medallists, Switzerland. Ukraine


have to be satisfied with four. Germany in fifth. Now we are going


to see how the junior men performed yesterday in a big battle with


Russia. Three days of qualification. And Dave has been out there in Bern


with them. Objective number one for the junior men was a fifth straight


team title. It was tight and tense but in the last routine Joe Fraser


showed his mettle to beat Russia to the gold medal. It was really close


with Russia the whole way. To pull off that routine under that amount


of pressure, it was unbelievable. I didn't know how to react. And when I


came down to my team, it was the best experience I could have hoped


for. Team gold in the bag and could there be more in the all round?


Reggie Moran led the British charge. The Team GB Champion leading the


way. He excelled on the pommel horse but wobbled on the parallel bars.


Fraser got a bronze. Reggie he led from start to finish. The


gold for him. Could he be off to Rio too. I am happy that all of the hard


work has paid off. Is it ridiculous that you could be in with a chance


of going to Rio? I won the European Championships and I'm doing really


well on vault and floor, it comes down to Sunday, if I do well in the


finals there could be a possibility. Well, they're certainly could be a


possibility for Gianni. It's quite harsh in the world gymnastics


because you only get five to go as far as Rio is concerned, but there


will be a travelling reserve and you will have to choose a gymnast that


could fit in anywhere because you obviously don't know who will be


injured. It is a very tough decision and I would not want to be the


selectors but the men's team. Christine said earlier that there


are five out there at the Europeans but we have another five or six sat


at home training and wanting to pick up that spot and obviously Gianni


has done himself no harm. Looking at his vaults from qualification he


would have been third at the World Championships last year. Dan, you


have been mightily impressed with him in the Jim? Yes, he's got a good


head on his shoulders and he's a good competitor and he trains well,


talent and hard work, that is what you need to be a champion and he's


got a bright future. You know what it's like to have a successful


junior career and then start competing in the senior world, but


that is what he has not had experience with. Is it too much of a


risk to say, go out and see what happens? It will be in trusting


dizzy how he does in the trials, he turns senior after this competition


so there are still a few trials and he will take part and if he places


in the top view there is always a chance. How does the selection go


from here until Rio? There is the London open which will be one of the


biggest selections for Rio. Then there will be a lot of in-house


competitions at Lelia sure. That is the National sports centre. There


will be quite a few to make sure that we can see who is best.


Courtney Tulloch, obviously Max was being protected so he was not


competing at the European Championships. It gave Courtney the


opportunity to work the rings and parallel bars. We spoke pretty much


after this. So impressive. It is. He was the last-minute call-up


obviously to protect Max, but that doesn't take away from it, the


performance that he did today was one of the best performances I've


ever seen him do and doing it in a team final where you know you're up


against Russia, and coming away with a 15.7, the highest score posted, is


just incredible. You know, you mentioned it in the commentary, it


is kind of expected now, you go out there with this kind of


air of confidence and Courtney goes out and he looks like he should have


been there for years. Yes, and he still only young, and he's in the


rings final. With a score like today that could put him in with a chance


of a medal. It will be interesting to see how he does. Confidence runs


through the whole team and were on top of the world at the minute. He


has a twin brother but he is massive, Kortney Hause all of the


power and his twin brother James... I can see that the gymnasts will be


coming out for the medal ceremony very soon. But just a word on


Russia. And what you thought about their performance today. There was a


happiness to their gymnastics? As soon as they walked out they looked


really relaxed. He was the leader, David Belyavskiy. Normally he is


quite nervous OTC and very settled and he settled the whole team and


they looked so stylish. -- normally he is quite nervous. After that


performance they went through every routine possible and have come


second and you could see that they looked pretty disappointed but


Russia were just superb today. You know what it's like to try to


maintain that composure and six pieces, the women do four, it is a


long way round to do six? Obviously Nile went out today and did all six


and picking up that squad on the parallel bars, and he's not even in


the parallel bar final, there is so much talent and depth and strength.


For all of these spectators there, we remember what it was like when


Great Britain started winning medals, it was like oh my word! This


is it. Switzerland must be feeling that way with their bronze medal


today? It's been a long time since they competed with the top boys. And


doing it in front of a home crowd as well, getting on the podium, an


amazing result and it shows the hardware they've been putting in. We


will hand back to the commentary box with Christine and Craig so that the


gymnasts can receive their medals. Here we are.


Bronze medallists at the European Championships, Switzerland, in front


of their home crowd, absolutely delighted with their performance.


They qualified in third place, they managed to repeat that performance


today. A very young team. The eldest is 22. For all of them this will be


a first chance to go to the Olympics later in the year. In second place


and winner of the Silver medal... Great Britain! And a silver medal


for Great Britain, very experienced team. They performed virtually


faultlessly. Without the British champion, Max Whitlock, who is a bit


under the weather and staying at home to recover. That gave the


opportunity for some of the youngsters to come out here, and


they have really thrilled us with their performances. The winner of


the gold medal and the European champion 2016...


The Russian Federation! And the Russian Federation take the gold


medal, they too worked without major error today. Which is something we


haven't seen for quite a while from them. They came out right from the


very beginning. Full of determination. They are always full


of style. They really made this an exciting competition.


They had to take second place in the juniors to Great Britain but they


have reversed that today. Real team spirit there, all of these teams, in


preparation for the Rio Olympics. And the medals, presented to the


teams, a really fantastic competition. And the start of what


will be a fantastic season for gymnastics. Superb competition.


Switzerland taking the bronze. Slightly down on qualification. The


interesting fact is that GB improved by nearly 1.5 marks. Today's


competition was all about the Russian Federation. They dominated


the competition from start to finish. Improving by a massive four


and a half marks. It does bode well for an interesting summer of


gymnastics. When GB are there with the full force of their team.


So, Great Britain that takes silver in the men's team final. You can


join us tomorrow on BBC Two at half past three. There you are. That is


not in Northern Ireland. That's all we've got time for, from all of the


team here and the silver medal winners out in Bern, it's goodbye.


Matt Baker presents live coverage of the final of the men's team competition at the European Championships in Bern, Switzerland.

The British team will be aiming to regain the title they won for the first time in their history in 2012 as they look to lay down a marker ahead of this summer's Olympics. However, the world silver medallists will face stiff opposition from reigning champions Russia.

Expert analysis comes from Beth Tweddle, a six-time European gold medallist, and Daniel Keatings, with commentary from Christine Still and Mitch Fenner.

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