Men's Apparatus Final Gymnastics: European Championships

Men's Apparatus Final

Matt Baker presents highlights of the men's apparatus finals at the European Championships in Bern, Switzerland. Expert analysis comes from Beth Tweddle and Daniel Keatings.

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Welcome to highlights of the European gymnastics champions, if


you didn't see your today's men's team final, this is what you missed


is. The first gymnast to go for Great Britain is Nile Wilson. He


comes for the final tumble, triple twist. Great finish, just what we


have come to expect from Kristian Thomas, very good opening for Great


Britain. A fight between Great Britain and Russia. That was an


immaculate triple twist. A massive class of floor work. Done. Look at


that, Great Britain back in contention. Super dismount, superb


performance. That is his own move. Exceptional ring work. Proving how


much he deserves his place here. Britain closing the gap slightly.


Yes!. Fantastic. That is very good. Very good


control. Come on Nile go for it. What a routine. One of the best, if


not the best today. Here we go again. The half-time and


a good swing up, come on Nile Wilson. Two twists. What a


performance. They have really won today. Great performance from the


British team. They are European champions again. They will now that


Britain are without a certain Max Whitlock. Great competition and I


think we all did our job, fantastically well. It is great to


be amongst the medals. We are not that full capacity, we have Macs and


other people in the locker, we are doing fantastically well. What a


team finally proved to be. Joining me this afternoon to talk you


through today's action is Beth Prodl and then Keatings. Yesterday, rusher


held on to the European title in sublime style, Britain went 18


routines without a hitch and the Swiss managed to get their hands on


the bronze in front of the home crowd, but a moment for them. We


have not seen the Russian team perform like that for years. As soon


as they walked out, they looked really calm and collected and even


in qualification, they were still marks ahead of us, so we knew we had


to pull it out of the bag and Russia had to make mistakes. We were three


months behind them at the end of yesterday's result, but like we said


that, there are still people at home, ten weeks to go until real, --


until Rio. Over three Mark Stone, that is a big gap even without Macs.


Where you surprised by the difference? We are always good to


lose marks not having Macs in the team but I didn't quite realise how


strong Russia were until the qualifications. ? How much do you


think Max is work. A minimum of three marks, he does add that to the


team. With Russia it would have been a real fight. Russia were very good


on the day. Would have been a good match and we have a lot of other


people at home as well and they do look good and I was really surprised


by how much. Sat here having a conversation about being so close to


Russia and looking forward to the team medal in Rio. When you look at


the achievements and where this has come from in the last ten years. It


is remarkable. You look at the top left corner. 2006, 11th. What is the


secret, what has been happening? For me it is a combination of things.


The lottery funding has done a lot for British gymnastics in British


sport and the belief within the camp. Lewis and Daniel were the


first to bring those medals in and then you have the youngsters


training underneath thinking hang on a minute, we see them training in a


gym, if they can do it then we can do it and that belief has just


continued. When I was first on the scene, they were targeting Louis and


Daniel and they must have been 910 years old and then the results


started to come through in 2004 and 2006. Have you always got that


incredible support network coming up from the junior ranks? Ever since


Louis got his medal in Beijing. It helps a lot with funding. From then


we realised we could get Olympic medals, world medals, European


medals and pushed on and there was that belief, not just the gymnasts


but the whole support team. I guess you have really known no difference


but everybody I speak to, they say we love the gymnastics and cannot


wait to see it. You are in for a treat this afternoon because seven


more medal chances today for our British gymnasts and here is who to


look out for. How much focus to think there has


been within the British squad on the European Championships? I think it


was a good test to see how the boys would compete under the same format


without Max we can try out Courtney as well and explore the depths


within the team and we are not good to be 100%. We will be saving that


for Rio, 90% but not quite fitting top form so you might feel to


squeeze some more out. Ethical to peak for a competition but for those


gymnasts who want to show what they are capable of achieving. A great


stepping stone, we didn't have to do anything for the test event, we were


able to give the gymnasts experienced and some of them were


able to try out routines, may be the first time out in a major


championships and the national system, the technical director is


able to see what the gymnasts are able to produce under that pressure.


What a job that is. The fact that Courtney was able to come into the


team and shall in yesterday's team final he could score that under that


pressure situation. We will hear from all of the GB boys this


afternoon and a couple of European champions hoping to retain their


titles, Louis Smith on, horse is one of them is as Kristian Thomas on the


floor but another gymnast hoping to get back onto the medal podium is


Dan Purvis, a stalwart of the British team on his consistency has


been invaluable during team competitions. A good performance at


these championships would be massive, too sure that I can hit my


routines really clean. Also doing it under pressure, quite a lot of


pressure, hitting the routines consistently and hopefully I can do


that will put me in good stead for Rio. The main thing is Rio, that is


the next plan after these championships. I guess the key is


just too sure I can show consistency and if I can tidy up my routines


right now that would put me in good stead for the trials. COMMENTATOR:


That was fantastic. From Dan Purvis. Unbelievable. This Olympic cycle has


been so difficult, so many top gymnasts, a couple of injuries here


and there but everyone is looking to peak for the trials and the squad is


looking in good fitness, it will be massive. Whoever the team will be


able be a strong team because everybody is pushing each other and


ultimately it makes the team even stronger if everyone is at their


best. It will be a good case for getting to peak fitness than get


into the Rio selection. Kristian has always had a great


floor. He is great on fault and high bar as well. We have to hit our


routines and Kristian is so humble, has a great career and would be


great to go around with my friend and fellow team-mate. My routine, I


feel steady with it and confident and I feel like I try to add things


it might not go to plan and at the same venue have to think if you keep


the routine as clean as I can and get that mark barrier I can be in


the ballpark. Not think too much about the other gymnasts. It is just


a case of being around the ballpark, if I can stay at the top I have got


a good chance. Lovely sentiment, nice to go round with my friend.


Two British gymnasts taking part in this final.


Dragulescu 's world floor champion four times. Dan Purvis, we have just


heard from him, wrapping things up as the eighth gymnast. We will start


with Belyavskiy. 24 years old. Was superb in the team competition. Very


good, double twist, back out. Super definition in his twist, you see him


lift up, we can then twist. Makes it all very clean. Just a little hop on


that landing. He is a very classy gymnast. Always extended, legs


locked together. Looks as bit and as strong as I have seen him in this


cycle. Just as it should B preparing for the Olympic Games. Really lands


with ease. He anticipates the floor, absorbs the landing. Textbook bend


of the knees. Now, big final tumble. Super triple twist, just a little


hop forward, tiny bit under rotated but first man out, that was a very


impressive performance. Really precise and older tumbles, very


difficult opening, double twist, into the back. Out. Lots of gymnasts


preferred to initiate the twists later. It makes it more difficult.


There is the Russian Circle, we often see that on the pommel horse.


And there you can see, wraps up. Superb in the air, triple twist,


spots the floor. Little adjustment on landing. Very efficient routine.


Nagornyy, the second Russian gymnast in this final, and also involved in


parallel bars today. Just raise yourself, this is the definition of


graceful power. Into the tuck position, down the side. Very


powerful gymnast. There you go, three and a half. Full twist.


Accurate and precise as ever. Double twist. In two double front, that is


huge difficulty. If you combine the difficult skills, that is where you


get the bonus. Double pike, Arabian. Seems to be a signature move in the


Russian team. Gymnasts must perform and


non-acrobatic element, opting for the wider arm handstand. Originality


within his choreography. Stands up, two and a half. Front half. That is


the buzzer. 60 seconds, must finish. Stands up, triple twist, glued to


the floor. Look at the joy and! And the relief on his face. When you


come here and you know what you can do and you manage to deliver on this


stage, goodness me, what a feeling. This gymnast is so precise with


every round, look at the Arms, locked by the years, this was just


the only tumble. Two somersaults with two twists and he did it from a


little hop. Watch this one. Two twists forward 's, immediate punch


front, two somersaults forward and just plopped out of the air with a


little hop. That is two of the most difficult moves linked together and


of course, fantastic twisting as well. New good count that Brown,


three and a half, meets the floor, goes into a front somersault with


the half-time. -- you can count that round. That should call into the


lead. Got to be a medal, but what colour? One gymnast has posted a


higher difficulty is in qualifications all cells -- so still


somebody who can beat that. Here comes the current European floor


champion, from Great Britain, Kristian Thomas.


Really elevate. The double twist forward, full twist forwards. Little


step out on the landing. Plenty of flight and height. Very stylish


gymnast, he led the British team superbly to the silver medal. 18


routines, not a single error, not a fall. Good control. Now, big


concentration. Has to finish with a D tumble, a double Arabian. That's


the way to finish. Fantastic gymnast for Great Britain, Kristian Thomas.


Very steady, super, precise. Time will tell. With Kristian, he has


such a clever, constructed routine, it is so difficult but precise and


neat at the same time which is why he is the current European champion.


He just managed to stay in the floor. Some of his landings were


slightly off the pace, but the clever routine. There he is, showing


off his poor more work. He doesn't get to do that much any more. --


pommel work. He is one of the more senior members, and this was a big


ask. He will have to spend a lot of time recovering. He is in third.


15.041 for Kristian Thomas. Pablo Braegger gets introduced to the home


crowd. Currently holds the bronze medal at the European Championships


on the floor from last year. He has the high bar final to come as well


so no doubt the crowd will be cheering him at the beginning and


end of this competition. Very nice two and a half twist. Double,


double. He stuttered around and that landing will be expensive, it will


be a 0.5 loss. I liked that, the second somersault was higher than


the first, he really elevated. He is settled now. Lovely body-line,


straight back in the handstand. Smooth lift, beautiful shoulder


extension. Big, high roll-out there. Rapidly


into this big last tumble, triple twist. This is almost compulsory


finish, so many of them using triple twist, an E difficulty. I think he


might have just went out but after that he seemed to stick every


tumble, he had to make up for it. A lovely one and a half punch double


twist. 15.100, Pablo Braegger into third.


The bearded figure of Alexander Shatilov. He has been on the scene


for a while now. 29 years old. He got himself a bronze medal back in


2007. - lighted, full, nice into the two and a half. Does well for at all


gymnast to stay in the floor. Pinpoint accuracy there. A little


shrug of the shoulders. Compose, full, nice height, lift of the head.


Originality, virtuosity. He has got it all. Going well, come on. Two and


a half, tuck front full, super spatial awareness. Just got to hold


on. Full twisting double back, what a shame, going out of the floor. Do


you know, without having a team here, Shatilov hasn't worked


yesterday, hasn't worked since his qualification competition and really


looked quite fresh. You can see the difference. He just had a bit of


trouble harnessing the last tumble but that was a really fabulous


landing on the double twisting double back. Double twisting front,


and really high lift. We couldn't see the feet but there was a


suspicion of the fact that he might have been just over the line when he


punched but that is the way to have no landing deductions, immediate


punch. Here, just one twist in the double back.


15.300, it is a huge score, he has gone into second. He is in the


silver medal position. Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen,


this is the four time world champion,


Dragulescu, he has had every colour medal going. Nice to see you back.


Hugely exciting, dynamic gymnast. Oh, but the very first tumble turn


lands with the fought out. -- foot out. Those hours of practising


landings, and even that was a clever step out. He disguised it but it was


a step on landing. Steadying himself down with handstand.


And the half twist, one and a half twist, that's better. The floor is


quite bouncy and if you don't land with a lot of precision, it really


coils and bounces you back-up -- recoils. Full twisting double back.


Great stuff, still got that dynamic excitement. Mightily impressive and


vastly entertaining. If you look at the difficulty, and the amount of


twists, it will be right up there. One, two, half, little hop forward,


but this is where you get the difficulty, by combining these


difficult tumbles. There is the roll-out. And giving yourself that


leeway by building the difficult tumbles. The final tumble was double


twisting double back, that's how much power this gymnast has on the


last tumble, from a little skip step. Hugely powerful, hugely


entertaining and a real favourite within the gymnastic community. He


is in second, 15.333! What a result! Great Britain's Dan Purvis rounds


off this European men's final. He knows what it's like to get bronze.


Full twisting double back, deep lunge forward. Unfortunately that


will be costly. Better in the twisting tumble. Settle in now, Dan.


That's the double front, and yet again, deep back. Two and a half,


full. Just struggling to control the landings today. There is the wide


arm handstand. Into the corner. Got to control those nerves. Better in


the roll-out. I would say that is the best roll-out in the world, he


really does that well. There's the final buzzer. Double Arabian, much


better landing. A strong effort, a strong effort, after a wonderful


team performance yesterday. He worked every single piece so he must


be shattered. Really good, precise work, but he just lands with the


chest down a little bit which means he has got to take a big step. He


will get a double deduction there from the judges. He was superb on


floor yesterday from the routine, and that was a wonderful way to


finish. Dan Purvis scores 14.633. There is the new European floor


champion. The results, then, of the men's floor final. Nagornyy, back


from retirement. A little disappointing to be honest. It has


been a tough week. Early start this morning so my legs didn't seem to


have it in them. Go back and hopefully improve on that team. So


no individual apparatus medal, but you did get the team medal. How has


the week gone for you? Great, the team has done so well. Really


positive, looking towards Rio now. It has been a successful week.


It's a shame he said he feels a bit disappointed, after what they have


achieved. That Nagornyy, the Russian gymnast, the lightness of touch and


the flair to take that title. Yes, the perfect combination of power and


elegance, performed perfectly and the well-deserved champion. And the


other medallists, Beth, you could get back in the sport! 35 years old.


Two of those medallists have a combined age of 64! I think it shows


a experience plays a big part. Each competition you do, you learn from


it. Dragulescu has been winning medals since 2009 and he wants to go


to Rio and win a medal. They have that experience and they keep calm


and collected. All eyes will be on Great Britain's Louis Smith in the


next European final. We are now moving on to pommels, and Louis is


hoping to retain his European title and state his case for a place in


Rio. Louis Smith, delivers. Goodness me


he didn't let anyone down there. I am at full fitness, the aim is to


peak for when Rio is here and I feel good enough to do a good score these


championships, what are they really about? It is a chicken run, it is


nice to put on European champions, we want medals and to do well but it


is an Olympic year, it takes a back-seat. The Olympics definitely


takes priority. You don't want to take unnecessary risks and get


injured, you want to leave the competition fit and healthy and try


to build as a team, showing the nation what we are capable of on


what we do. Do you have two up your game on the pommel horse? It is very


difficult for a specialist to be selected. We are not the strongest


on pommel horse, we have a self bit. Without me in the team, you are


losing maybe 1.5 marks from the team event. I am quite consistent, I


sometimes make mistakes but it doesn't happen very often and you


cannot I experience, it is definitely scary to step up to the


plate knowing you have one job to do but I think I am one of the


world-class pommel horse workers and at the moment, but -- the moment I


start buckling under pressure is when I have to step down. How would


you compare yourself now to be for London? I was able to train more


hours, do more apparatus, I felt younger and healthier, my body was


like an elastic band. Now that is a lot more difficult. Doing the hours


in the gym and a lot more conscious of what my body can do, it has been


really juggling, trying to vary the routine while meeting the health of


the body. Do you think it is a big chance to nail that place? It is a


big chance. Since the World Championships last year in October,


on the selecting criteria they said everything from that World


Championships is counted for selection. So I had that, I did the


British Championships, did very well, have done a few Grand Prix


since then, the European Championships, if I do good scores


here, it sets me up with a good chance. Would be good to put in a


good performance here and we should find that the fate of the British


team. The 27-year-old brimming with confidence. It goes back to what you


were saying about Dragulescu and Shatilov, later in their career to


get more comfortable. You do but Louis alluded to it, you have to be


a lot more cover with your training, you cannot do the numbers the


youngsters are doing, you have to let your body recover and maybe do


slightly different training programmes so one it comes to, he


won't do the same programme as what Max is doing. It has not done him


any harm so far. For sure and it is important to look good and there he


was in that clip with a little cap on keeping his hair still under


wraps and everybody wondered what he looked like. We are going on a trip


through memory lane. That was 2012. We were in Neolithic village and he


was on a half-day and we asked him where he was disappearing too and he


said he was going home to get his hair cut. This one, what was your


reaction when he turned up in the gym with this? I remember he turned


up and he had a hat on for the whole session, he wouldn't show was what


he was. He changes his hair so much. Just used to it by then. During the


little chat we were talking about feeling a lot younger and feeling


more elastic. We can just see, 12 years ago when Britain started to


make their mark on the European stage, on this particular piece of


apparatus, we see a very young and Keatings as well. The secret of our


juniors on this piece of apparatus because now we are world-renowned on


this piece. Yes, I think it started first in 2004 and then 2006 and


again it is about their belief, seeing that someone could do it so


we try to follow in his footsteps and it has just progressed from


there, Ruby and it has now become one of our most famous pieces. And


you move up through the junior ranks and he became our very first


European champion on pommel at a senior level. Here you are, this was


then. What do you remember about this routine. Did you know you were


going to win? No. I remember Burke hadn't made the final, the door was


open. I just knew I had to put in a big performance and let the judges


judge it. Hopefully I would get a medal. When you look at the table of


achievement on this piece, it really is something. You still have more


titles at European level than anybody else. Look at that. Where do


you keep all your European medals? I have got a few of them in frames


with pictures. I think there are a couple in my kitchen drawer.


LAUGHTER . Time to see if Louis can put


another one into his kitchen drawer, but go over.


Louis will be going fifth, quite a good position, there is no Max


Whitlock. The main challengers are going to come from Seligman from


Croatia and Merdinyan. But get to the action. COMMENTATOR: First


gymnast in the main's pommel final. Has got a bronze medal. ,


Tommasone. Back down into the single legwork. Great execution and


amplitude in the legs. Super like separation. In between the handles.


The Russian Circle, very difficult. There is the double leg circles,


slight loss of form on the one handle, that is where the gymnast


gain the difficulty by combining the skills on the one handle. Travelled


down the horse, another like separation. Losing a few tense every


time and is off. That will be costly, one full mark. Tommasone


will lose that. What happened there? That was a much bigger routine that


he did in qualification and he just ran out of steam. They will be going


all out to beat Louis, they have to put everything in and this is what


happens, the more difficult the routine, the more chance you have


falling off, straight back in into the hands that, good discount,


disappointing start for Tommasone of France. Where his hips round in the


wrong direction? I cannot see a mistake, I think he just ran out of


steam. He was fighting through the performance, two times where he


split his legs and had to fight to stay on, that takes a lot of energy


from you, you will be tired then that is what will happen. He knows


that will not challenge. Robert Seligman from Croatia. He was


just outside the medals at last year's Europeans on pommel horse.


Exploit four difficulty but he has good execution. -- 6.4 difficulty.


Posted a good score in qualification. He touched the hearts


at the start, but look at the lovely extension through the hips at the


front of the swing, the straighter you can hold the body, the better


and that is very difficult work, the multiple cycles on one hand. Dear


me! Is this going to be one of those finals where everybody is going for


broke and just cannot maintain it? What happened there? I think with


his circle, you can easily become out of control and I think he was


off on the one handle which made him lose his balance. Because he would


sit round so quickly. The same lovely swing, the judges will not


have much to take off the execution scores. Really travelling well


along. He is very fast. His hands have to move very quickly to work


with that very first swing but it makes pommel horse spectacular.


Piling in the difficulty now. Very quiet finish and other than the fall


in the middle it was beautiful. He was really pushing and he lifted his


hips at the back, the shoulders went down and there is only one place to


go and that is on the mat, turning into quite a pommel horse final. Two


from two falls. He certainly has the style and the difficulty. Could well


be a case of whatever you do when you are on the horse, do it well.


We call to one of the oldest gymnasts in this final, 31 years old


Bertoncelj. Can he stay on? Starts off with the scissor work into the


middle. Very unique move. Lovely to see. Onto the one handle, again,


such extension in the circles, really nice to see. The backwards


move across the horse. This is going really well.


If he hits this dismount, this could be up there. I don't want to say I


jinxed him there! That was going so well. I think it is going to be one


of these finals. Three out of three, what is going on? Whatever is in the


water over there! I don't quite understand it. Sometimes this


happens with pommel horse. It is almost as if the thing is jinxed.


Finishes off with a handstand this mind, so unfortunately was right at


the end of his routine. At this moment in time it is just about


staying on. They could reduce their difficulty and just try to stay on.


Merdinyan, can he be the first gymnast get through a routine


without a fall. 31 use old, European silver medal last year. And many


times at the Euros on pommel horse. Starts with a single legwork,


gymnasts have two short double legwork, circles with the feet


together and he almost came to grief but fought hard and some single


legwork. Quite a new innovation, the pirouetting in the handstand. Very


smooth, up and down into those. Really made pommel horse and


exciting, he just has to hang on there, keep his concentration. Fast


hands. Keep the shoulders in line. As the guys have been saying, he


knows he just estimated through to the end. Very good swing, very good


style. RP goes, into the dismount and gets through. Fantastic, he will


be really relieved. He got his way through every attempt of the 6.7


difficulty. That will be our leader and he did fight, twice in that


routine I thought he was going to come off and that just shows the


determination in that young man. Really packed the difficulty in that


routine. Technically in my mind, not the best we have seen, however, he


as a mark up on everybody else because he stayed on the apparatus.


That was a mistake at the start, fortunately he managed just a


flicker in the legs and stayed on. There you can see. The difficult


work with the flaring to handstand, down into the flair but battled


again to keep the momentum going. 31 years of age. Using all of his


experience to get through that Paul Mulrennan team. -- to get through


all of that routine. That matches Louis Smith, unless Louis decides to


go higher in terms of difficulty. The current European champion, Louis


Smith. World silver, Olympics over medallist. Can he retain his


European title? It is time to find out. Come on, Louis. Time to stamp


your authority in this pommel horse final. Just keep the composure.


Single leg, straight to handstand. And again. Locks out. Picks up into


the double leg circle now. On the one handle. There are the Stockley


's. That gives the difficulty. Into the Russian on the one handle. Into


a full spindle. Now that was a slip from the horse. That was definitely


a slip from the horse. Just there, it slips of the side. Lack of chalk


or shiny leather? It can be a mixture of a lot of things. Sweaty


hands which caused him to slip off the side. He is back on and back to


business. Very efficient. Still the chance of a medal, up into


a handstand. There tap of the chest but a disappointing routine for


Louis. Nothing technically wrong, but he obviously didn't place it


quite securely enough on the top of the horse. He was a bit too much


down the side so he slipped. I don't think so because his hand was on the


top, to me that was a slip on the leather. You often find as you


travel around the world and compete on these apparatus, if someone has


bought something on the leather before, some gymnasts use water,


honey, salt, he has caught that and he's completely off. The others have


fallen through technical faults. That was no fault of his own. Louis


is into second. Merdinyan leading the competition.


Kuksenkov from Russia, the next gymnast to challenge. He picks up


into the double leg circles. Nice one handle work, which is a


requirement. Up into the handstand. Into the flair work, this is really


good work. And again, he has actually increased the difficulty.


Travelling along the horse in flairs. This is going really well.


Oh! Again! I think Dan you will have to be careful about saying that.


This is unprecedented! He upped that a lot compared to his previous


routine. You could see he was struggling towards the end, and


there is the dismount to finish. There is only one gymnast who has


managed to get through a routine. It certainly is a very unusual pommel


horse final. Dan is doing the maths, he has upped that considerably over


seven. I'm thinking that is quite a lot actually, towards 7.2 maybe. It


is always a question, to really throw the difficulty. 14.566. He is


sitting in third at the moment. Let's see if he increases the


difficulty or concentrates on the execution. 14.566 is the score to


get into the medals at the moment. He did a great job for the team last


night. He's certainly working well here. Lots of pace. Good style. He


knows he has just got to keep concentrating and go cleanly through


this routine. Keeping those legs locked together. Up, round, and he


has made it! He could get silver. He could get Switzerland's first-ever


pommel medal maybe, or maybe not the first but the first in a long time.


Really fast hands, hugely difficult circling in the middle. Swing, if


anything a little bit skewed, shoulders slightly out of line with


the horse at times, but in this final just to get through from start


to finish is likely to put you on the podium. He has gone up into


second, 14.9 for Baumann and ahead of Louis Smith. Capable of 15.1, can


he get himself a medal here and push Louis Smith out of the medals. Doing


everything he can to keep calm and remain composed. Starting off with


the scissors to handstand. Lovely full turn on the one arm. Onto the


one handle. Just doing his best to stay on here.


Up onto the one handle as well. He's fighting, he's fighting. And up into


the dismount. It is going to be close. He whipped up that dismount,


he wanted to get off as quick as possible. He's through, but is he on


the medal podium? That is the question that the judges had to


answer. Louis Smith Great Britain has 14.733, Baumann 14.9. Maybe not


15, but it could go above Louis' score. There is something about the


Russians today, a real energy amongst the team. They are enjoying


themselves. And what a performance, to go out there after you have had


five falls and to pull off a routine like that. There were times on the


spindle again, when you think, has he just stayed on? He did really


well. He has never had a European pommel medal, he has now, he has


gone into second. Baumann, for Switzerland, takes the bronze. There


is the new champion, Merdinyan. Confirmation of the men's pommel


horse final. Merdinyan, the European champion.


It is not often we see you fall off the pommel horse, what happened? I


don't know, I felt good, I started my routine of clean and before I


know it's my hand had slipped off the side. When that happens, there


is no saving it. Sometimes you can rectify the mistake but it was so


quick there was nothing I can do. Was there not enough chalk on your


hands? Describe what that is down to. As gymnasts we try to make the


sport look easy, when we do it, we try to show how beautiful and easy


it is but underneath all of that it is a difficult job. Everyone trips


up when they are walking now and again. It is exactly what happened


on the pommel horse. I was going through my emotions and my hand


slipped off the side. Maybe it's because I'm too muscly!


It is one thing to walk down the road and triple but that is another


to try and post one of the most difficult pommel horse routines in


the world and I think that was the issue, that everybody was going all


out because the big guns were there. Yes, obviously Rio is not far away


so they want to try out their routines and know that that is the


routine they will use in Rio. Gradually as people were starting to


fall, as a mentality of a gymnast you think, do I step back and go


clean to stay on, but then you are not rehearsing the routine you maybe


do in the gym so it can go against you. Also the mindset, if I stay on,


I could be European champion. I think for Kuksenkov that was a big


thing. And you know the mind games that can be played in a final like


that. Yes, I have had it before where a lot of people fell in front


of me and I thought this could be my year, then I have made a mistake. It


is just one of those things that can happen. This is Louis' moment here.


You were sitting beside me in commentary, you were shocked. I


didn't expect it. Usually you can see if they are about to fall, if


their shoulders are in the wrong place, but that was a random error,


just one of those things. We heard Craig talking in commentary about,


basically using the contents of his kitchen cupboard, when he said what


some gymnasts put on, but it can be an issue who is going on before you.


Yes, some use honey, some use sugar water, some just use chalk.


Sometimes there might be some honey left on the apparatus but


unfortunately that is the elite level sport. You cannot even blame


it on a technical error. Louis didn't know it had happened until it


had happened. It is not a bad thing. Obviously he will be disappointed


today but it is better that it happens now than in eight weeks.


What did you use? I was just chalk and water. Dan? Just chalk on the


pommel horse, but sugar water on the P bars. Just the one you get down


the supermarket! Perfect. With every score counting, there was all sorts


of pressure on the British team, none more so than on the shoulders


of Courtney Tulloch, having already qualified for the rings final he did


a remarkable job in securing the team silver. Here he is talking to


David. Courtney Tulloch for Great Britain. How do you feel to be here?


It must be a great opportunity for you. Yes, I got told pretty late


that Max wasn't going to be here so luckily I was ready and I had been


doing a lot of competitions. I am excited to be here and obviously I'm


happy. What is the importance of these championships for you


personally? I just want to go out there and do the P bars and help the


team. That is the most important thing, and what the selectors are


looking at is who can benefit the team the most and that is what I'm


trying to do. Have you tried to add anything else to your gymnastics in


order to make you more selectable? Yes, I have started doing all around


since the worlds in Glasgow. I have been doing more apparatus and trying


to get my difficulty levels up. My vault is coming along, floor is


getting better so I'm happy with the progress I am making. You get big


scores on the rings, don't you, and you have your own move. Tell us


about it. I remember when I was pretty young, I was messing about on


one of the rings machines, and the thought of it, I remember doing it


and getting my friend to record it. I thought this is cool, but then I


forgot about it completely. It is almost like a position of laying in


bed but on the rings. It is hard to explain but when I do it in the


routine, people see what it is. That is immensely powerful... I took it


out of my routine just to improve it, working hard in the gym to get


it as straight as possible. It is back in my routine now, and it has


been going really well. I have just got to prove myself at big


competitions like this. Quite something, isn't it, at the age of


12 when you realise you can do the Tulloch! We said earlier on what a


performance he had put in, proving he is in with a good shout as far as


selection is concerned in Rio. Yes, his strength positions on the rings


are perfect, it literally comes down to the dismount. If you stick that,


you will come out with a big score. To hit that 15.7, you have got to


stick the discount. And just a word on the quiet progress he has been


making. It shows when he did the bars in the team final, before he


would be used for rings and also parallel bars and he will start


doing more and more. He has had the 90 rest, our gymnasts have been


doing an enormous amount of gymnastics, but this is the way it


works when you do the team final and the individual apparatus finals next


to each other, how do you find it back in the day, how did you keep


fresh? Hill it is difficult, an unusual decision that they put the


senior apparatus finals this morning, so the seniors had a 12


hour turnaround, which for some day like Courtney that is using an


immense amount of strength and that routine, it is not a lot of recovery


time but they have the team and medical staff out there helping him


recover. He has done his best, he and the rest of the medical team and


let's have a look at who he is up against.


Petrounias, current world and European champion, he will be going


second. Abliazin qualified third. Van Gelder


is the last gymnast to go. Let's join the lads on rings.


COMMENTATOR: Petrounias, unsurprisingly the highest


qualifier, the current world and European champion.


He is performing a 6.8 difficulty. Just wait and watch the execution.


Immensely compact and powerful gymnast. The pickle to comprehend


watching this just how strong he is -- difficult to comprehend. That is


a cycle round, Maltese into the top flange. Bounce back to the Maltese.


Th lifts his head. Circle round to the Maltese, shoulders flat, body


level with the rings. That is what the judges are looking for. Blocks


out the handstand. In the crucifix. The front


somersault, straight into the crucifix, open hands. Just to prove


how strong he is. Double pike. Swings to the handstand, effortless.


It is the amplitude. Double twisted, double pike, little adjustment on


landing, cracking routine. The sharpness and the precision of those


swings, just locks it into position. He is really a specialist. A


virtuoso. Perfect physique for the sport. And


the idea is to hold the body in a completely straight line and that he


does, look at the power through the shoulders. The list of the chin as


if to say, I can do this so easy and I can look up as well. And of


course, a relatively young gymnast who has grabbed the swinging


elements. That super straight line. The only question is that this man,


you can see the coach slightly edgily there and a little hop


forward, but really excellent work. It is a huge score. Execution in the


nines. Higher than qualification. Next up. Never medalled at the


European Championships before, could this be his year? He has been in the


final many a time. Fantastic strong left. Another


circle to a completely straight strength move. Each of these


strength elements has got a difficulty score, add them together


and the bonus goes up, so the score goes higher. Swung to handstand,


little shake at the top and those swinging elements not quite so


convincing. Although the strength hold at the end of it was.


Each strength element has to be held. The judges have to get their


mental clocks out and make sure it is held long enough, just wobbling


around a little bit with the rings, not quite in a straight line, lovely


dismount but the handstands will tell with the judges's score. Little


loss of form, spot-on on the strength elements. You'll notice a


lot of the gymnasts now within the crucifix are lifting their hands of


the rings, they don't get any more difficulty for this or value, The


Jacks show to the judges the virtuosity and the strength they can


do that. Punching his hands. That was a good routine. Not good enough


to go into first place. Good enough for second at the moment. 15.6.


he got a bronze medal at the Championships that year -- Abliazin.


Strong start. Write to the Maltese. Flat with the rings. Watch this.


Press back to the Maltese. Very difficult work. Now he needs to work


on the swing. Double cut, double pike, back up to the top, much


better than yesterday. That is when you circle round to the crucifix and


kicked back into the crucifix. Little bit of a swing on the rings.


Have to control that. Forward into the handstand. Backward long swing.


Needs a good dismount. Double twist than double straight, went back on


the landing. I tell you what, he has some good timing to try to control


the rings. You have to drop down from that handstand position at


exactly the right time to try to counteract the swing you have got


going and he managed it, got his dismount round without over


rotating. Huge dismount as well. Of course, he is a great vaulter, so


the dismount phase is not a problem for him.


He goes into second. Joint second with daddy -- Davtyan.


Ait Said of France. Tied with Abliazin last year. He was a former


European champion on rings. Just a tiny bit low with the feet.


That is a little bit better. Very stylish. Shoulders well in line


with the hands. That is what the judges have to decide, that is what


all the little deductions are from, very smooth on the swings.


Each of these plans she is our slightly below the hips and just a


little of in the back on the handstand. But really nice routine,


showing good balance, swung forwards and backwards. Here comes the


dismount, the double straight with full twist, good control, a very


complete routine, even if there were tiny errors. Probably one of the


weaker part of the routine is when he came out of the double hike,


little bit clunky, but then fixed well into the Maltese. That is where


the body is level with the rings. If the shoulders are at had high, that


will be a 10th and the judges, these are the best judges in the world,


that will not get past them and he had to do a few little alterations


that Christine picked up on on the handstand but the finish, the judges


will remember that for that superb. It is not enough. Ait Said into


fourth place. Here we go, the former junior


European champion for Great Britain it is Courtney Tulloch. Great


Britain have never had a rings medal, could this be the day?


The most difficult routine in qualification. 6.9 but must execute


well. Strong start. Up into the top palnch watch this. That is his own


move, the Tulloch. The Maltese, lift of the head. Now he needs the swing.


Into handstand. Rises to the top planch. Into the crucifix. Little


nod of the head. Showing the amplitude. Double pike. Into the


Maltese. Position is superb. Fix the handstand. All on the dismount. Full


twist, little adjustment, super routine. Could be good enough to go


into the top three. A crucial dismount isn't enough -- is it


enough? He scored 15.7 in the final yesterday. He needs 15.63 to join


the silver medal winning party which is a tie. Look at that superb shape


you can just imagine, you know how hard it is holding that shape laying


flat on the floor, let alone holding the rings as well and he lifts right


to a dead straight line, he really is powerful, he has worked very hard


on the swinging and the dismounting phase. Throws the rings away, wraps


that full twist in the position. Good style, legs locked together,


just a little hop back, he managed to keep away from the big set, that


was super work. It is very close. Courtney in fourth, outside the


medals tied for silver. Th this is the last gymnast to go, a man who


will have something to say. Van Gelder. Three-time European


champion, former world champion on the rings.


This, this is strength, unbelievable. Circle round to the


top planche. Look at how steady his feet are. Maltese, maybe a little


high. Into the inverted crucifix. That is a double cup and that double


pike, into the top planche. A little flicker of the legs, that is because


of the strain. Maltese. Into the crucifix.


Got to fix the handstand. Full twist, double straight. Good in the


dismount. Good in parts. I don't think just good enough. It was a


very similar difficulty score to Petrounias. This will be down to


execution. It was looking very clean and precise, incredible strength in


those presses. One of the things that up about this routine is that


it was quite short and you can pack the difficulty in and you don't have


to make a long routine, you don't get too weary. With untidy feet.


You can see he is shaking with the effort. The less moves you do, if


you only have to do ten moves, you can only be deducted for little


errors ten times. I felt this was quite a short routine, quite a


clever routine. Yes, very clever but the swinging element is the weakest


part of that routine. Van Gelder outside of the medals in fourth. It


ties with Courtney Tulloch. Two ties in this final, but there is your


champion yet again! Petrounias. He is world champion and again he is


European champion. Confirmation. It juniors retains his European title


to go along with a world title he has.


on the quiet progress he has been making.


It was an amazing rings final, really strong. I love watching it


because I look up to a lot of them. It was really close between all of


us. A lot of positives to take away and I'm pleased. And looking forward


towards Rio, I suppose selection is coming up. Do you feel able to


improve? Yes, my goal is to be in that team. There's a lot of us


fighting. I want to take this as a positive and fight my way into the


team. It is nice to hear that Courtney enjoyed watching the final,


we did too and we will be talking about Rio selection shortly but the


finals for Britain keep on coming, as they do for Kristian Thomas. It


is time for the vaults now, and it is a piece on which Kristian has


made many historic leaps and landings. Let's hear from the big


man. COMMENTATOR: Bring it all home, big


man, this is down to you. This is just what was needed! Kristian


Thomas, you are incredible! That night in London was so special


for the team. 95% of that crowd was there tattoo -- to cheer on Great


Britain. The way the team competition went was that I was the


last man on floor. I was so confident I was going to deliver


that routine, when I finished I kind of knew we had won the medal, but


you never know what will happen. There was a bit of drama, where we


second or bronze. It was one of those occasions that I know will


live with me for the rest of the life. For you, a good performance


here in Bern, what would that do in your head for selection? The


European Championships are step towards the Olympics. We know we can


take away from it the good, the bad, what we can work on for the summer,


but at the same time we are all vying for five spots in the Olympic


team so we need to go out there and produce the results we know we are


capable of. We want to give the selection committee the headache of


who to take. The good thing about having multiple finals is that it


gives you more opportunities to do that. COMMENTATOR: Come on, a


Kristian. Really needs to be precise here. You cannot be much more


precise than that. That is the stuff of dreams from Kristian Thomas.


Vault is one of those apparatus where such a lot can happen in a


short space of time and landings are crucial. If I can do that, that


gives me an opportunity. It is over so quickly, and you have this burst


of adrenaline, and then it is over within a matter of seconds. It is


quite a tough apparatus in the finals but nonetheless I'm looking


forward to it and hopefully I will be able to seize my chance in the


final as well. Quite nice to be reminiscing about


Antwerp, 2013 am a commentary. We all thought he had done really well,


he got the bronze which was great. Yes, I didn't realise they had


filmed us watching it, we were jumping up and down because we


thought he had won the title. He such a consistent person. He is the


hardest worker in the gym, he knows what his job is and he goes and does


it and he's a great team captain. The vibe he creates from your point


of view, Dan? He will always go clean, fingers crossed! He is the


dependable guy, the captain, he's probably got the most experience


apart from Louis and he's someone you can look up to into the team,


almost a father figure. If you have any problems, they can really look


up to him and ask questions. Let's have a quick word on setting up this


vault final because in the team final you only get one vault, in


this one you get two. You have got to have two different types of


entries and it is such a difficult final. Chris mentioned it, it is a


lottery. Those double somersaults, you are talking about fractions and


if you are slightly out you are not on your feet and you could be either


on your face or your bottom. The vault final for me is the most


dangerous, the hardest to be in, because they walk out of the gym and


literally have to go without a warm up. Whereas with the other


apparatus, the first skill you do warms you up. For Kristian, going


six, let's have a look at the start list. You can see Nagornyy already


has a gold today so he is sitting pretty. It is just wonderful to see


Dragulescu in fourth position. Kristian will be going six. Let's


get down to the runway and see what happens.


To start, Nagornyy of Russia. He had no problem with coming straight off


the podium and to the end of the vault runway. That was a fantastic


vault. An absolute belter to start off this men's final. Look at that,


two and a half somersaults with the half turn, spots the landing. Wow,


what a start. Looks up the floor, that's how you do it. 15.466 out of


a possible 16. 9.466 for execution. Here comes the world number two.


Instead of that handspring entrance he will have to do something


different, go backwards onto the horse. Again, a six difficulty. And


he has done his favourite vault first so is always a challenge. Oh,


and it is a challenge. Triple twist off, and a big hop to the side. But


incredibly difficult to control that twisting vault as you come in to


land. Absolutely, and I would be saying is it a triple. He's about


two and three quarters round. Because he was still twisting as he


hit the mat, he had no option but to go sideways. Shoulders back, not


over his centre of gravity, and off. They have given him the sixth. An


average of 14.916 after both vaults are added together. The European


champion twice in 2014, 20 13. He has been in a world final as well.


Can he really gain this European title? That's the aim here. Now this


is something rather special. Big vault, it is the first twist within


the double back. Really efficient, chest down, shoulders down, hands


down. There you go, 14.066 for vaults number one. Keep an eye on


the scoreboard to his right hand side of the runway, you will see it


as he runs past. Another hugely difficult vault, different approach.


Handspring into the two and a half, and he absolutely nails the


landing... On his head. Not the best outing on vault today whatsoever.


You can see, I think he was a little late, just lost the height. Bang on


the middle, absolutely, just not enough block. He was given the 6.2,


no penalties there, but he has an average of 14.033. Abliazin, just


not your day-to-day. Davtyan, 23 years old now, I think


he will go for the six difficulty first. Armenia have had a great


finals so far. Is it going to be another one? That was beautiful


vaulting. Absolutely fabulous. Held that body shape, wrapped the twist


in really impressively. Yes, a gold and a silver in today's final so far


for Armenia. Handspring on, two and a half twists off. Fabulous. Watch


the block, hits the table, rockets high into the air. You can see the


difference between that two and a half and Abliazin on the height. He


can spot the flaw in the middle. One adjustment on landing. So, the --


very much on target here bearing in mind Nagornyy's second vault was 14


point 366. Unbelievable difficult to hear. --


unbelievable difficulty here. The second vault is always the tricky


one. Triple twist, not quite so well controlled but he turns on, snaps


off, wraps in the triple twist. He really twists beautifully. I think


that is worth more than 14.360 six. If the judges agreed, he will go


into the lead. He is superb in the air. Wraps in, legs straight, maybe


apart a little bit but the judges won't spot that. Slight hop back,


but two very good consistent vaults. This is where I think... Davtyan


goes into the lead! Can he hang on? Will he be the third gymnast from


Armenia to medals today? -- to medal. Dragulescu, back from


retirement. Can he get his second medal of today's finals? This is his


vault to do it. On the money! That is how you do it. That was really


good. You have seen Nagornyy earlier do a Dragulescu, and he has bought,


I can't let him do my move. He matches the best score of the day.


15.433 for vault one. So, what has Dragulescu got in the


locker? He has upped the difficulty so this one is harder than the last


vault. Yes, powers down the runway. Straight front, two and a half. Big


step on landing but it was on his feet. Very clean, efficient vault.


Look at that. He really twists very efficiently. There will be a few


deductions. He was outside the centre line, landed inside the


double line but that was a clean turn on. He comes aggressively low,


out through the shoulders, nice straight body shape.


He does step outside of both lines. It has joint lead with Davtyan.


Verniaiev, qualified with the fifth highest score. Got a bronze a couple


of years ago at the Euros on vault. Starting with a six difficulty.


For a slight gymnast he can generate some power. Such hike, such power,


that, for me is the best we have seen. So right when he lands. The


height on that Dragulescu was at least a foot or even higher than the


ones we have seen, they might take 0.1 on the dismount for such a


small, compact gymnast, that way he transfers the block in from the


table into height and look at the length of the vault, shoulders up,


superb vaulting. Great scorer, but not the highest we have seen. That


is the 0.1. So they cannot split the vaults.


Verniaiev posted a six for his second vault as far as difficulty is


concerned. I'm sure he will stick with the same plan of action here.


An average of 14.9 needed. Another hugely difficult vault. The


turn. The triple. That was a fabulous second vault. Very


effective. Blocks high into the air, Rapson, executes the twist superbly.


Verniaiev, into the lead by 0.0 eight.


Kristian Thomas at the end of the vault run. He got a third in the


World Championships back in 2013. Such a powerful falter. Capable of


wonderful landings. Come on, Chris. Double pike. And that is what we


needed. Get in there, my son. He is so efficient on this, isn't he? We


have watched this vault grow in time, when he first did it he had to


squeeze it round, now he blocks so efficiently, lifts up, almost able


to start opening to land. Really good vaulting. And it is a massive


15.5. The highest score we have seen in this vault final so far. Can he


just maintain this consistency. Giving himself just the slightest


offer there. And easier vault, very important to keep the form, execute


as clean as possible, spot that landing. Come on, Chris. Not so easy


to learn. Hands-free, double front somersault. Splits the landing,


takes a step back. Let's just hope the first vault will carry that


average. This is fantastic vaulting from Kristian Thomas, such a precise


gymnast, other than the step that. There are no deductions on that,


often the gymnasts hit with their legs already bent, he depresses the


springs and that is what lifts up in the year, he leaves the platform


with his legs straight and then snaps into that double somersault,


because he doesn't have turned out it is lower tariff and also it is


blind, doesn't get sight of the floor until very late. Just came out


a fraction early. It is not enough to get up into the medals.


Benjamin Gischard from Switzerland. The Swiss having such a storming


Europeans in front of their home crowd. One of the youngest Swiss


gymnasts in the team, 20 years old. Scurrying down the runway. Super


twisting but he ran out of rotation, really. He had lots of hype but as


you come off the top you have two snap and create rotation as well.


Look to me like something happened on the springboard like he slipped


and he went into the vault at the wrong angle and that meant he


couldn't block from the top and obviously at that height, it causes


a lack of rotation. Gischard's second vault. Scored well


with this vault in qualification. I was going to say performed much


better but just a little bit ran out of legs and had to step back and


down. There you can see, just lacks a little bit of block, he really has


to transfer the power into a bit more height. On the rotation, steps


back. The back arm, he really needs to block a little bit higher. To


land, the blind landing. If you nails both vaults, he will be


in with a chance. If. He has got two six difficulties. Let's see what is


first, a ruffle approach. Big block. The Dragulescu again, little bit


deep on the landing, not as good as we have seen so far. He tapped a


little bit early. And I think the hands possibly touched there. Feet


first but I think the hands did touch. He is already talking.


Creating a bit of a problem for himself.


I would let him for that, he wasn't putting his hands down, it was just


a load landing. They agree with me. Thank you. It wasn't an intentional


hand. Second vault, needs every single


10th he can muster here. Strong approach again. Got the block. Much


better there, that double pike. That second vault. Little bit too much,


too late. Got his hands well away from the mat. Very true. That was a


brilliant second vault. Super. Just 18, give him a few more months and


he will be competitive with those two vault. One of the cleanest


rounds on the time, so was able to snap and block off the top as well.


Seemed to land a little bit straight, it took him by surprise.


Gets his shoulders run, this platform is quite springy, if you


hit it right, it will lift you up. Li it is a fifth least finish for


Hrimeche. Verniaiev is the new European champion. Davtyan taking


silver and Dragulescu taking bronze. Was so close, nail-biting final, we


love the vault, it is over so quickly but so dynamic. The exciting


thing with the vault is you never know what is going to happen. There


can be so many mistakes and there were a few big vault is that managed


to land both. Is it too late for Kristian to be working on the


difficulty on the second vault because he is a brittle bit down on


the world stage. The lament the second vault is what brings him


down, that is why he didn't get into the medal today. It is never too


late to learn anything but you have to look at though risk of putting


that extra difficulty in. With the consistency, we know he can do those


two vault and at first vault, there is nobody else that does it in the


world like him, it is unbelievable. It is hard to make that decision, do


you go for more difficulty. Verniaiev, he really is an all-round


gymnast. Interesting to see his tactics and the European


Championship and what he is working on, how he is building his


difficulty so when it comes to the all-round he will be a tough one to


beat. Thinking about individual apparatus as well and trying to get


as many as he can. The all-rounder, got a lot more in his locker and


interesting to see what routines he puts out. The senior British results


that we are seeing now are the culmination of years and years of


hard work, all born out of a record-breaking junior programme


that has become world-renowned. The juniors have been competing


alongside the men out in Switzerland, let's just bring you


up-to-date with what has been happening. Great Britain's star boy,


Regini-Moran has been impressing everybody yet again on the


individual apparatus for them they have just finished the finals, he


got gold on the floor. Impressive stuff from a former world champion


yourself. His style and class and the skills he can do, good enough


for a senior team and since the -- age of nine. All-round competition.


Also gold in the team for the juniors. A superb junior gymnast.


Took gold on the parallel bars, Sobron the high bar and bronze on


the pommel horse. Not bad. They are both really talented. They will be


looking to move up into the senior ranks soon and on these couple of


pieces both of them are doing the routines ready for senior


competition. Didn't stop with the medal on the floor, silver on


vault,. Also a silver on the parallel bars but the man who is in


charge of making the all-important team decision for Rio is one of my


old coaches. You must be a man with a big


headache right now because Great Britain does have such a strong pool


of talent and you go to have to make a big decision about who to take on


the plane to Rio, how tough a decision will be for you? Probably


going to be the toughest decision I have had to take. I thought London


was bad when we changed the team from the European Championships at


that time but this time there are a few other guys still in the wings


and if you look at the situation and accommodations of scores, they all


have an argument to say I could count here, I could count their and


contribute to the team. It is by no means set in tablets of stone, the


team, all of them are well aware that you have to earn your place by


performance and results and from this competition onwards we still


have a couple of control competitions to do before


finalising. In your head, I'm not expecting you to reveal it, do you


have a team in your mind? I have about three! About three different


combinations of gymnasts that we could use and mix and match to make


the strongest team and the focus is on the team medal, that is what we


are really going for. If that works, we know that everybody who is on the


team would have done their best performance in the individual


results and they should look after themselves in terms of qualifying


for finals. The team is the priority. All the selection will be


about getting that strongest team. What a decision Eddie has to make


now. Regini-Moran is eligible for the seniors, when you take his


results into account, how will Gianni compare? Is there a chance


for him to be selected? There is always that chance. We have seen on


the vault, during this competition that he can mix it with the big


guys. His scores can win medals at senior worlds, it is amazing and on


the floor, seen him training senior routines and he would get up towards


a seven on the senior. Those apparatus alone could make the


final. That is how he does nearer the trials. There is potential for


her to be considered and to think about including him in one of the


three teams. Yes, the team is not set in stone.


At the European Championships they are out there to say this is my


case. Then you have some of the athletes who can say this is why you


need to pick me. Both the boys and girls selection, I would not want to


be making the team selection. We will keep on steam with the men now


and have a look at the contenders. Dan, you are still in there but


there's 13 names. We were talking yesterday, there is only five that


can make it. We can see Max Whitlock sitting out, being protected, but we


know Dan Purvis can go all round incredibly well. We have seen what


Kristian is capable of, in terms of mailing landings and so on.


Courtney, rings, it just goes on and on. Yes, that is what making us so


strong as a nation at the moment. We are all fighting for the same team


and it is making everyone better. Like Eddie said, there are three


different combinations of teams who could get similar scores and it is


down to who is most consistent within the trials and who he will be


able to rely on. How will he put pressure on them to know how he --


they will perform in Rio? It is going to be incredibly close. It is,


and when you are out on that world stage, you have Japan, China and


America coming into the mix as well. He will be putting them under


different scenarios, putting different teams together, seeing how


they perform as a team, because just as important as having that team


spirit. And obviously the consistency is the key thing. If


they can be consistent, the individuals will look after


themselves. How confident are you the team medal in Rio? I would like


to say because I seem to have a habit of jinxing things! Just forget


I even mentioned it! A reminder to Eddie that the clock is ticking now,


and something to get you all excited.


Jessica Ennis-Hill is back on top of the world! Nicola Adams has just


made history! Laura Trott, world champion!


Cannot wait! Anyway, P bars now and this is the only final without


British interests, which is surprising when you think that Nile


Wilson got the second highest the bars score in yesterday's


competition, just 0.2 behind the current world champion. Anyway,


let's have a look at who has made it.


Verniaiev will be the man to beat. Nagornyy, such a wonderful addition


to the senior Russian team, up from the juniors, 19 years old. His first


on the youth Olympics on this piece of apparatus. Lovely front


somersault, immediate pirouette. Very comfortable on the one rail.


Just had to fight a fraction there, and there is that little shuffle of


the hands. Good, confident work on to the one rail. Out with the Healy


turn, then the second Healy turn, but that was a bit short. With the


extra pirouette, just overcooked. This is the first time we have seen


this young man falter at all. He didn't set up very well before and


he had to take a step. He knew it was pointless trying to fight, and


off he went. He has really got a strong core. Super double front half


turn, very good dismount. A surprise, but at least we know he is


human! The first part of the routine was exceptional, and it was just


this bit where he lost momentum on the first one, which on nerve him.


His feet were out of line, then he was off the bars. 14.1, that will


do, considering. Oleg Verniaiev, looking to retain


his European title. Style and grace personified. Making sure everything


is absolutely right, he is set. Parallel bars masterclass. Smooth


into the handstand. Blocked out with straight arms, 21 bar. Hard fight


there. Nice and high, the amplitude, the flight there. Now look at that.


Healy turn, reverse pirouette. High in the front foot prize, nails


the landing. There was areas for the judges to deduct from, but surely,


surely the quality will win out in the end. Yes, he missed one of his


Healy moves from the one bar as well so his start score will be two


tenths down, which will make a big difference in the final.


We will have to see what the score comes out as. It is the highest


score so far, 15.700 and 16. Will it be enough?


What can he do here in the men's final on the parallel bars? There is


a big chance of a medal. Start straight into his under par work.


Held that just long enough. -- under bar work. Drop chute into


the front, semi-swing to handstand. Nice pirouette. Swing to handstand


on the one bar. Huge dismount to stick. He has got to go into the


lead with that. It had everything, such original work. Even to the


final dismount. I'm thinking, if he takes a step here, it might just


cost him but he absolutely glued that landing. His team-mates are


absolutely made up for him. Just watch on the replay the quality.


Locked out in the handstand, there you go, transfers into the


handstand, pirouette. Look from another angle. Directly over the


rail. But he hit 16 with this? Look at this dismount. Double front, half


turn... It is over 16! David Belyavskiy scores 16.0 33. Surely


unbeatable? It all calms down for Marcel Nguyen.


Former European double pommel horse parallel bars champion. And some


lovely original work. Super double somersault backwards. So flighty.


But that he didn't hold long enough. And everybody could see the legs


apart on the turn. But as for the speed, the flight and body shape,


absolutely fantastic. And what that dismount! Double back with full


twist. Really sensational dismount. That was very nice parallel bar


work. I think he gave a few too many hearts away to win but it was really


classy work. Probably the worst part of the routine for me was the long


swing. This is what they are looking for, the virtuosity. Not just doing


skills, but doing them with ease. 15.560 six. Nguyen inferred at the


moment. -- in third at the moment. This is Pablo Braegger. Unusual


start on the end, facing outwards. Slight step. Nice combination.


Really high tip out there, there will be no deductions on that. Healy


turn. Lovely handstand shape. Drop chute to the front Siamese. Missed


the swing to handstand, but covered it up well. Just a little bit off on


the handstand on one rail. Looks like he was fighting the whole way


through that routine there, then just run out of steam and came off.


He will be wanting just to finish this off nice and clean now. There


is the double pike. Such a shame for the guy. Yes, a lack of experience


now from this young team, starting to falter a little bit. This is


where the mistakes creep in, but they have had a superb


Championships, they should be immensely proud. He was slow getting


his shoulders up and over. The centre of gravity has to be forwards


to get up into handstand. Braegger's score is 13.933, he is in seventh.


Will this last gymnast push last year's gold medallist down into


third? He got the silver of last year's


Europeans. All this possible. Just a little bit edgy. These to be


settled. Works out. Think that was probably an escape route. Good


swinging, up to handstand, into the double somersault. Just all looks a


tiny bit rushed, there is a distinction between being fluent and


rushed. Nicely up into handstand. Settles a bit. The full the Healy


turn. Pushes back into the double pike, very nice dismount but that


was a bit of a rush, it all looked a little bit out of control. Going to


challenge Nguyen for bronze. Really good understanding of how the bars


work. It is a score of 15, Berbecar


finishes fourth Nguyen takes the bronze. But this final was all about


this man, David Belyavskiy takes gold for Russia. Confirmation that


David Belyavskiy with an enormous score. Takes the gold. Verniaiev


take silver and Nguyen back on the European podium with a bronze.


Certainly one of the gymnasts of the Championships. More sporting


highlights coming your way on BBC Two. The first is Rugby union. Seven


o'clock tonight and if you like your Olympics bought, fast and furious,


then look no further than the BMX track.


You think that is pretty full on, no helmets involved in the next piece


of apparatus, getting warmed up for the last final of the day, the crowd


pleasing, nail-biting high bar, one of the many pieces that during the


Commonwealth Games launched Nile Wilson high onto the senior stage.


What a moment! Was never in doubt. Absolute perfection.


I got chucked in the deep end, 18 years old, going from doing this to


the junior European competition to two months later competing in the


Commonwealth Games and that was a massive step and I managed to handle


it well and took a lot of confidence out of it. I performed really well.


I believe there could challenge on the senior circuit, so that moved


forward and made the team and had the final of my first World


Championships at 18, so it fills me with confidence and I am capable of


performing. It excites me and I loved every minute of it and it is


what I focus on. Tell us about her that experience. A lot of experience


coming to the world champion, this is my first Europeans and each time


you build and you learn being on this bigger stage, there is no


feeling like it and you get a buzz, the nerves, difficult to explain. To


put in the performances I have been doing at the World Championships and


things like that, hopefully I have a bright future in the sport, I am


only 20, a lot of years left and just really excited to move forward.


He is not here this week, but is he somebody you aspire to, Max, one of


the very best in the world. Definitely. All the GB team, we look


to Max, Louis, Kristian, what they have achieved and they have pushed


us forward and kept us fighting towards them and their achievements


are incredible and to get the opportunity to train with them on a


regular basis, for me as a youngster was incredible and we have always


wanted to be there and now I have your competing with them as


team-mates and brothers, it is awesome. Loving and relishing in


every single second of it. That kind of appreciation and excitement has


become a trademark. Some shots of him yesterday, look at the release.


The passion that he has got. He is such a player as far as far as the


six pieces of apparatus are concerned in the team, completed


every piece yesterday. A really good all-round gymnast and he has a lot


of pieces that can count in the team environment and it showed yesterday


how important he is. Is he in your three teams? I don't think he has


done himself any harm! Not nailing your colours to the mast. Let's talk


about parallel bar -- high bar, the blue riband event. As far as


routines are concerned, to give our viewers an idea of what makes the


perfect high bar routine. Dynamic, fluid, good accommodation between


release and catch moves and turns on the bar and you have to stick the


dismount connection is the key. To build up the difficulty you will see


a lot of turning elements going into the lease and catches but with his,


he has five big release and catches and coming from bars myself, I


watched the boys, I took a lot of my skills that are used to work in my


routine, I stole from them and some of the lads's coaches helped teach


me my skills. The key to the good release and catch? Apart from


grabbing hold of the bar, how do you spot it? You have to get enough


fight over the Barca you have the time to spot it and try not to catch


Timm Klose or too far away when you miss it. The top eight gymnasts


after qualifying. Cubicle, hang onto your hats and


call everybody round the TV, it time for high bar.


A chance for Great Britain's Kristian Thomas to get himself a


European medal. He got a third in the European Championships on high


bar in 2014 but he is joint highest qualifier. Told gymnast, works this


piece of apparatus well. Great flight. There is an catching it with


a full-time, very difficult work. Needs to settle in. The in bar


element which is required. Working well.


Squat half, very good, here is the catch. Straight. Straight on. Swing


out. Catch it, half term. Come on Kristian, keep this up. Needs to


nail the dismount. Winds up. Kicks high into the stadium. My word! Get


in, Kristian. Boom. He is in medal contention. This is the full-time,


full turn above the bar and then you have to read catch, yesterday he


came in close, today, much stronger. Really good work. Catching it with a


half-time and he didn't falter, on dead straight arms and went straight


up into handstand. Super height and shape, fantastic landing. I don't


think he could have done it much better than that to be fair. No I


think it is a exactly what is needed, should be in contention with


a medal. We are all very excited. Another six gymnasts to go in this


final, wrapping it up with Nile Wilson, who is another very good


chance, he has got the difficulty. 15 scored for Kristian Thomas. Beat


that if you can, the rest of Europe. This don't apparatus final today,


Baumann, the hardest working Swiss gymnast ever. LAUGHTER


He's got a 6.5 difficulty in the locker. He is able to challenge.


Nice and flighty. Little hesitation, snaps the legs together to make the


full pirouette. Here comes the big release. Full-time. Very nicely


done. -- full turn. One 1/2-time, little but wild with the legs. Bit


short on that squat dislocation, the half term was a bit off handstand.


One and a half pirouette. -- the half turn. Th so, clearly through so


far, kicks up high. Two twists and two somersaults, just a hot, tiny


little error. He has had a very good try indeed. Looking for high 14s,


waves to the crowd and thanks them for their support. What the European


Championships he has had. Can't do anything more now. Really good on


some of those elements, lots of high above the bar. There you can see,


that is with full twist. Winds up. Hi. Double twist and doublespeak.


That will be three tenths. Time will tell if that is enough.


Looking for high 14s four medals in this final. Verniaiev, silver on


parallel bars, the last bees of apparatus, been a very busy gymnast


today in the individual apparatus finals. Qualified fifth. Eau Claire


Market double of high 14 roll. -- qualified.


Catches half-time, catches well, shoulders extended in the swing out.


The squat half. A more difficult routine that we have seen. And he is


off. Went into the half turn didn't get his hand over the top,


completely off the bar, the second fall we have seen in this high bar


final. He is showing us that he has a lot more in the locker if he wants


to use it. Obviously in all-round competitions he goes for feeling


secure but there is a lot more to be seen from this young man. He has to


put these routines together if he wants to have a stab in this Olympic


title. Really impressed with this routine. Obviously without the fall.


Needs to finish off solidly. He has met all bookworms. The in bar. In


the straddle position. There is the full turn into the inverted grip.


Just needs the this man. Big clock jump on landing. Triple twist. Huge


dismount and you can see his plan for the all-round title as far as


the Olympics is concerned. He has got a lot to work on over the last


few months, but I tell you what, look out. He is not unhappy about


that, he wanted to go out and try that routine, that was obvious.


Didn't get the down bar, did he? Belyavskiy, just took gold on


parallel bars. The chance here to get a medal on the high bar. He is


man of the moment, let's see what he does here, lovely one arm swing.


Clean squat dislocation with half turn. Big catch. And with the half


turn, he swings beautifully, very light and fit. Full pirouette. But


you know there is a giant between each theme, links the two skills.


The secret is to put in the difficulty move after move. His


signature work. Very nicely done. And then the big dismount. Straight


with full twist, I really beautifully executed routine. He had


difficulty of 60 qualification and the judges on high bar are so harsh,


will be interesting to see, so far the execution scores have all been


in the sevens. It is so rare for us to see an execution score of eight


and nine, be very interesting to see if he achieves it because his work


is so clean. What about this dismount? Yes, he just floats it.


Goodness me, close as you like. Great Britain leading this men's


final. Pablo Braegger, the second of the Swiss gymnasts in this final.


Just two gymnasts allowed per country. They have been using their


quota beautifully. This is his second ever European high bar final.


Tall gymnast. Straight down to work. Winding up for something big. Great


extension on the catch. Straight catch, half turn. Cleanly out. Goes


the wrong way out to save it, that will be costly. Into another


straight catch here. Hop, one and a half. Squat full, connects...


Just a slight error at the start, can he hang onto the dismount?


Little adjustment on landing. Is it good? -- good enough? He had to


readjust, quick thinking to go back, but that is a big bonus. There is


some real potential there. He is in third at the moment, 14.760 six. 6.9


difficulty. Maras got a third at last years


Europeans high bars. This will all come to execution.


11 world and European medals in the locker. Can be a little


inconsistent. Let's see how he gets on today. Winds up the forward long


swing, this is original work. There is the double front half turn to


catch, known as the pagan. Good extension on the catch. A


little bit close. That has just cost him. Didn't get his hand on the


toggle over the bar. And yet again, inconsistency in this final. Very


long routine, Craig, I felt it was going on and on and he was just


collecting more deductions as he went. The first eight moves were


fantastic. 30 seconds to get back on the bar. A bit pointless now. He


will be out of the medals. He has got to finish off. Nice one arm


work. Such original high bar work. Just the dismount to go, winds up.


Kicks high into the dismount, slight adjustment on landing. Not to be


today. Not to be for Greece but a great day for Great Britain because


that confirms that we definitely have a high bar European champion


for the first time ever. Really? First-ever! The question is, is it


going to be Kristian or Nile? This is a story of what could have been


for Maras. For Great Britain, Nile Wilson, Commonwealth champion. Come


on, he says to himself. Can he beat his team-mate, Kristian Thomas, with


a score of 15? Well, can he control the adrenaline? That is the


question. Always determined. Watch the wind-up, full twist in the


straight, fantastic catch. Got another one coming. In the tuck


position, cleanly there. Now he needs to keep calm. Lovely one and a


half turn, shuffle along the bar. Squat dislocation, lovely. With the


half turn. Big straight catching. Full of difficulty, lovely style,


another struggle -- straddle catch. Pirouette. Concentrate... Great


landing! Well done, Nile Wilson. It is very good. Is it good enough to


go over 15? Whatever it is, Great Britain have two medals and a


definite European champion on high bar for the first time ever. What a


fantastic performance, that is so difficult work. There you can see


high into the straight catch, catching all the releases at full


extension. That gives the judges nothing to take off. Then wraps in,


double twisting double straight, spot the flaw, little adjustment on


landing. That is going to be close. Bearing in mind Belyavskiy is just


0.9 behind Kristian Thomas. Look at the score! 15.3, Nile Wilson is


European high bar champion and he makes history. It is the first time


ever. Look at that, what a moment from Nile Wilson, what a moment for


Great Britain. Get your name in the history books, young man. Absolutely


superb. One and two on the European high bar stage. There is a


leaderboard that will go down in history. Nile Wilson for Great


Britain takes gold, the first ever British European high bar champion.


Kristian Thomas takes silver, Belyavskiy bronze. Here they are,


receiving the medals. Kristian Thomas's best high bar achievement,


but Nile Wilson makes history and gets his name in the record books.


I cannot imagine there is a much better way to end your first


European World Championships as a senior? Definitely, you train your


whole life for moments like that and I loved every second of it. All the


better to do work alongside the team captain, and my brother who is


coming on to the senior circuit. I just want to thank everyone back at


home, the support they give is incredible. Looking forward to Rio,


let's do this. You had watched Kristian putting a big score, then


another gymnast starter, what was in your mind? I was just focusing on my


routine, I have hit it twice very well this week so I was focusing on


my potential. I knew I could do it. Trying to get about what other


people are doing and focus on myself. It did feel wobbly, I felt


the nerves, but I got through it and posted the score. I could not be


happier. Kristian, silver for you, you lead all the way. Was part of


you thinking, I hope he wobbles a little bit here. No, you want to be


competing against the best and you want to be able to beat the best,


and Nile did the cleaner routine today. Full credit, he stepped up,


last man. He has seen some scores in front of him so full credit to step


up and do the job the way he did. I suppose it is a good end to what has


been frustrating. Yes, it was frustrating but I had confidence I


could deliver my routines, and it is another take in doing that. This


week I have shown consistency, so for me I cannot be happier and I


have got to take the positives from that. Obviously then to crown it off


with the silver medal, next to Nile on the podium, I couldn't have asked


for a better finish. This man next to you already has all of the


medals, there is only one you are missing now, how good would it be to


get it and be selected for Rio of course? Incredible, and that is the


plan. Let's do this! He hasn't done his


chances any harm at all, superb. That will be in the selectors'


minds, how well he did. He stepped up and performed admirably. He did,


but just to see his face, listening to Kristian saying the things he was


about him, he seemed so happy and content. He said he was feeling the


nerves, so knowing he can control that on the big stage was a big


lesson for him. Definitely, when you go from performing in the team


situation to having to step up by yourself, I think it will have


calmed his nerves having Kristian alongside him. It is hard when you


have people falling alongside you. He knew he had one of the biggest


start values out there and could take the title. The fact he


controlled his nerves is good ahead of Rio.


Talking of looking ahead, we will be back next weekend with the women's


team and the individual European Championships.


Just looking ahead to that, how does the women's team compared? They have


definitely got a lot of medal chances. LA this year has had a


fantastic start to the year, in the World Cup she won all four


apparatus. -- Ellie. They are all pushing each other. With one week to


go, what will be the final preparations? They have flown out


there so they will be getting used to the environment, and podium


training will start on Monday, then the competition will go ahead on


Wednesday. There is a tough act to follow. We have had a great weekend,


and we do really hope you can join us then. Thank you for your company,


but listen, the British men and selectors now just have 69 days


until the gymnastics at the start of the Olympics. It is not long but it


seems our men are very much on target to peak. From our team, cheer


Rio. Commentary : That was a slip from


the horse. Get there, Kristian, boom! Nile


Wilson is


Matt Baker presents highlights of the men's apparatus finals at the European Championships in Bern, Switzerland. Great Britain have the reigning champions in two of the six disciplines - the pommel horse and the floor events - and are looking for more medal-winning performances.

Expert analysis comes from Beth Tweddle, a six-time European gold medallist, and Daniel Keatings, with commentary from Christine Still.

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