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Women's European Championships

Matt Baker presents live coverage from the women's European Championships in Bern, Switzerland, featuring the team and apparatus finals.

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Helen Lander welcome to continued coverage of the European gymnastics


Championships from Bern, Switzerland, where last week, the


men took to the arena and there were plenty of thrills, spills, lows and


highs for great written. Louis 's chances of retaining his European


title spun away on the pommel horse, but Nile Burton beat his team


captain Kristian Thomas into second. So far, but now 's medals at the


championships this year. As the team were up on the podium yet again,


they achieved another second placed finish in the European team final.


That brings us onto the gymnastics this weekend as the British women's


team are hoping this will be their greatest ever European team


achievement, and their performance at the performance -- last year 's


World Championships is anything to go by, we are in for good times.


That walk in was absolutely amazing, knowing that they were all behind


us. You fight for absolutely everything. They just said, don't


worry about it. Never say never. I knew the mindset that I had to be


in, that I had to focus more. The crowd was so loud, no one could hear


themselves think. That was the best that I have ever completed. It was


pretty special. When we got out of Russia, I couldn't believe it, when


the score came in, I was completely shocked. We just kept looking up at


the scoreboard. That is a bronze medal for Great Britain. It is


absolutely fantastic to get the team bronze medal, and we made history. I


have got tingles! This afternoon we will see plenty of European


champions crowned with highlights of the team final and the apparatus


finals. Joining me our our pundit champions, Beth Tweddle and Daniel


Keatings. Welcome to you both. Let's focus on the team to start with,


there are quite can members in Switzerland of that historic bronze


medal winning team. Amy Tinkler is studying for GCSEs, we know that.


She got in contact to say how much she is enjoying it. Get revising!


This gives chance for Gabby Judd to enter the team. How do you think the


shape of it is looking at the moment? They spent much time working


together as a team is, so they are like sisters, but having those


members from the World Championships will help going into this


Championships. They are used to this pressure, this format, it is a


different ball game and they know that every single routine has to


count, and one little mistake can mean everything. Can this be the


year that the British women start to overtake the men? Since 2008, it has


been, since the women have been on top, so to speak. It would be nice


as a nation to be doing well, both sides, men and women. That is all


you can hope for as a Team GB supporter to be proud of both the


men's and women's team is. So, in general no! The job of selecting an


Olympic team comes down to Beth 's old coach, Amanda Reding. Together


they have become the trailblazers for the success that we are seeing


today. Here is Amanda talking to David about her new focus, the


Olympic team final. Going through qualifying, how pleased are you with


how that went? Obviously very pleased. Enough to make the team


final, that is the main job and trying to get as many girls into the


final so that they can get the experience for the challenge in Rio.


Because of the strength in depth in British gymnastics right now,


picking the team must be difficult. This will be my first Olympics doing


this as a national coach. I have done it for the European Andy will


Championships, and obviously it will be difficult because it can only be


five gymnast so there will be some disappointed gymnasts out there. Do


you have the team in your mind or is there still room for people to


impress you? There is room up until the last minute. We will be getting


together and discussing what is best for the team, and that is what it is


all about. You have Gabby coming back but also the likes of Becky who


has been there and done it at two Olympics already. You have young


girls like Ellie Downie and Amy Tinkler. There is quite a mixture of


youth and experience. It is. That is what keeps it bubbling. You've got


some that have been to the Olympics and others that haven't. They have


got to treat it as exactly the same, just another competition. Doing well


leased a level of expectation. What do you think we can achieve in Rio?


When they come to the competition here, the first one since Glasgow,


they have walked in with the that you last and coaches are going, it


is the Brits, and they want to watch the Brits. That is a good feeling.


When you are thinking it is your job to select that team that is going to


go to Rio and given the opportunity, a lot comes with that, especially


when you feast your eyes on the squad that you have got to choose


from. It will be a difficult decision. There are five girls out


there but some at home who are concentrating on exams. And lots of


others, Kelly was part of the team last year. I would not want to be in


Amanda 's shoes. She said in that video, it is going to be a hard


decision. It is hard, when you compare to the men, when you have


only got four pieces of apparatus, your options are reduced even more.


The hard thing is, there's lots of gymnasts who could make two or three


the front teams and makes schools as a team total, so it will down to who


is more consistent in the trials and can be trusted in an Olympic Games.


It is not just Britain that are trying to put their team together,


it is happening across the world, and across Europe. And it was key


for teams to get into this team final that we are going to see. We


can see the top eight teams that are qualified, Britain top qualifiers,


head of Russia. Switzerland in front of a home crowd, great achievement


for them. Can they equal what they ended last week and get the bronze?


Rumania fourth, Italy, France, all in with a real shock. The strength


of the field this year has improved from two years ago. So to see


Britain on top after qualification, it put them in good stead. They were


2.5 marks a of Russia on floor, which was massive. Top qualifiers


not just on floor, but also on vault so they will be in the same group as


Russia so you can see how the team is way up against each other. And


that Russian team you have got Olympic world champions and also,


youth coming through. We saw how those younger gymnasts from the


junior ranks can add a different flavour and spice up the senior


team. Yes, for any nation to improve, the younger gymnasts coming


through have to be pushing the senior gymnasts out. There has been


lots of energy coming through from the junior ranks. And that is what


is lifting the teams. We are adjusting to give you an idea of how


the team competition works. Every country selects three gymnasts from


their team of five to perform on each of the four pieces of


apparatus. Every school counts, so if you fall, you cost the team


dearly. Here are the highlights. -- every school counts.


The second of the Russian Walters. Going for a difficulty of 5.8. A


little bit scrappy, onto the table, loss of form in the legs.


Landing is key. Just one more gymnasts from Russia to vault. Just


as she left the top, you could see the need bend. It is more obvious in


slow motion but the judges will have noticed good grounding and


directionality. The third Russian vaulter. Strong


and powerful, good block off the top. That gets Russia 14.9 16. Good


style. Tiny bit off, direction. How will Great Britain do with their


first piece of apparatus? The first gymnasts up is Ruby Harrold, the


birthday girl. Going for a 5.8 at the godly. Hoping to get rate


written off to a great start. -- difficulty. Hoping to get Great


Britain off to a great start. What a start for Great Britain. Put in all


of the required twists and got around. Great start from Ruby.


Beautiful double twist. Super direction. Right on that line. Ruby


scores 14.7 66. Claudia Fragapane, the Commonwealth champion on board.


She is in the bought final as well and also has a difficulty of 5.8.


The 18-year-old, second up for Great Britain. Very powerful, wraps into


the double twist. Not a bad vault, slight adjustment on landing. Strong


Landing, lists very high, very good length. Just that hop backwards.


Little directional deductions, but that was super vaulting. Great


Britain 's Ellie Downie needs something in the region of 15. Such


a powerful gymnast. Into the double twist, superb vaulting, without a


doubt. Just what we need. There is confirmation that Russia lead Great


Britain by just over 0.1. France in third, Switzerland fourth at the


moment. There was a lot of expectation on the home team to


medal, but that fall from Julia Steyn Gruber halfway round gave the


Swiss and enormous amount to do. The current world and European champion,


from Russia. And Russia are superb on the bars. A full term, Doohan


stand, the legs locked together. Immediately up. Linked perfectly


together, lovely high somersault. So confident. Lovely, straight arms


through her swing. The full pirouette, straight into the full


twist and double back. There wasn't much to did up on that routine at


all. That was absolutely beautiful. It could be the piece of apparatus


where they put some ground between themselves and Great Britain. That


is an enormous score for Russia. She qualified with the highest


score. She has a 6.5 difficulty. Here goes, the Olympic champion. The


full pirouette now. Up to the high bar, down to the low bar, will she


go straightaway again? She does. That is five elements looped without


anything extra. Floats that Pike from somersault. Smooth handstand.


Straight into the full pirouette and into the dismount. That is what it


is all about, ten elements and every one of them matters. Russia will be


difficult to beat today. What a performance. Not only are they doing


the difficult work but they are doing it in such style. There was


not a lot for the judges to did that. She did every single element


straight into a new element and there is the dismount with the


landing which just shows the judges that final bit of, look what I can


do. 15.3 three. What a performance from


the Russians! Great Britain have the difficulty. Great treasure. Ruby


Harold... A big routine. That was the danger of going for the big


element! She now has to remount, she will not get the credit for that


element, she did not actually get her hands on. Well... What a shame.


What a shame for Great Britain. All is not lost. Come on!


She has to carry the routine on... Paul Turner impact... Now... She


must settle. That is good. Phil Perot wet... Cleanly through. Every


score has to count. It is no good feeling defeated. Still got a


release to come, all-important, Jager somersault, very good. Come


on, Ruby! Up... Double front... Well, it is a big disappoint and but


she managed to hold Turner and carry on to the end. It follows a 14.38


from Gaby job. Scoring 14.1 six. One gymnast from Great Britain left.


What can Rebecca Downie do? European champion. Commonwealth champion.


Her forward element right at the beginning. Cleanly done.


Immediately, securely into her release, ethical. Full Perot wet,


down to the low bar. Good linking of elements. Just the turn... The


dismount... , on! Full-twisting double back, beautiful routine. Just


what was needed. Great Britain still in with a chance. You can see the


turn, full turn, straight into the next release and catch. Fantastic


lines, great height, just pin is that bar at slightly on the


dismount, you can see her sporting. Great way to finish off for the


team. After that disappointment with Ruby. Rebecca Downie scoring... Half


way around. Russia leading the way, Great Britain in second...


The Italians were in the bronze medal spot but an expect departure


left them with a huge amount to do. One piece of apparat is left,


meanwhile, over on the bin after posting 14.8, the Russian took a


tumble. Was this the chance Great Britain had been waiting for? One


for each for Great Britain and Russia. She was sensational on the


bars. No doubt she will be sensational here but the pressure is


on the former world team champion. An elegant, smooth gymnast. Starting


off with a very difficult double spin, makes it look easy. Lovely


split. Smoothly into the site somersault. Gymnasts have to link


acrobatic skills and she goes for unusual links. The half-turn. Change


leg. Three cartwheels... The single element so far. Free walkover...


Just a little wobble. She gets the two elements linked. Has to do a


backward element as well as a foreword. Fairly simple act flip.


The change leg leap to a ring position, head released. It has been


elegant. Smooth and secure. Building up. Here it comes... The double


tough! Secured dismount. She was unfazed, always difficult after a


team-mate has fallen. Russia do not look rattled. You can see the double


tough dismount, she was not going to give anything to the judges.


Slightly chest down on the landing, other than that, not a lot to deduct


in that routine. Clean and tidy, very elegant. Gabrielle Jupp has


already been on the bin. Scoring 14.1. Now it is time for Claudia


Fragapane. With a 6-point to difficulty. This routine is


absolutely packed. Had a falling qualification. Really up against it.


Standing Arabian. Nails that. Change leg into sheep jump, such a


difficult skill, concentrate. Backflip, up into the full twist.


Just as we saw from the previous gymnast... Very difficult to combine


somersault and twist. Regained her composure. Free


cartwheel. Still quite a load of difficulty to go. Smooth spin, very


nice rhythm. Now... A big dismount. Preceded by


two backflips. Double pike... Holding it well. What a shame. What


a courageous performance. That must have really taken... It was a nasty


fall and she got up and did not let it get the better of her. The flick


into the full-term... Bad left foot was down the side and there is


nothing you can do. Marine Boyer... For France. There will be a


deduction. 14 points 73. That looks like a remount... Great


Britain's Rebecca Downie, we are joining her halfway through the


routine after a fall. And a second... This could result in no


medals at all at the end of today... This is where you have to be strong,


get focused. The front somersault, that must have caused the problem.


Attempts to change leg ring, that was good. Must do a good round of,


the dismount... Right arm, double pike, but the damage was done. This


team final is certainly not going the way of Great Britain.


We may get a better idea of what happened to Becky. That will have


been missed to falls, she fell on the first element, the front


somersault, which we did not see but we saw before long the free


cartwheel. This is the situation, another piece of apparat has to go.


-- piece of apparat has. This young gymnast, just 15. 6-point


to difficulty. She had a slightly hard time in qualification. Scoring


only 11. Stoop in and out with the full Perot wet.


Cleanly done. The stoop works a lot. This is going to be a strong


routine. Down to the low bar. Into the handstand. Using that element


loads. Smooth. You can see the team willing her on. This will be good.


Full-twisting double tough... A huge improvement. She put all hope her


qualification wrongs to bed there. 15, surely she is a dream for a


coach. She looks at, doesn't she? The prize into the Tkachev...


Difficult combination. The French in third, look at them. Aliya


Mustafina, the last gymnast to go. The Olympic runs medallist, can she


get through this. The team title will be various. -- bronze


medallist. A little bit out of control in that


spin. Must workers. One and a half... Full


twist straight... Not the most difficult we have seen.


Adjusting the landing. Big combination.


Double tough... Better on the landing, not the most of the Gold


routine. A little bit of a nonchalant performance. -- not the


most ethical. Down on what she is capable of but


it is enough for Russia to take the gold. Claudia Fragapane needs this


to secure silver for Great Britain. Prepare to be entertained. Watch


this. Full-twisting double layout, immediately. Superb.


Loving the music. Working the floor. Watch this.


Really smart... Straight into the league, to avoid a deduction.


Working well in the leap, controlling the power. Such an


original gymnast. Hold on... Stands up... Triple


twist... Much better on the landing. Really selling this routine. Good on


the spin. Can she hold on? Stands up... Double


layout... Did well to seal the landing. Superb. Have it! It is a


great warm up for tomorrow. Just a leap too far for this team title.


Sauber for Great Britain. 14.833 for Claudia Fragapane. Can


Drake ridden finish second? The results of the women's team final.


Russia take gold, head of Great Britain in finish -- in second and


France take that. Russia take gold in the women's team final. Great


Britain, silver and France take the bronze.


How important was it to seal that silver? It was really important or


stop by just give it my all on the floor, and the audit, really. Gaby,


it is your first international back after several years of injury. What


does this medal mean to you? Incredible. Still silver medallists.


To be back with this team, I cannot ask, any more. It is what it is. And


hopefully it next time we will have a few less falls. We did our best


and everyone can do a little bit better, so it is promising. Ruby,


that is one of the big positives. With the mistakes that were made,


there is room for improvement moving ahead to rear. Definitely, it shows


how much we are growing as a team, and we're proving that even with


that many mistakes we can produce results and we can still produce


medals. Just to put it into context, two marks clear of third position,


France. All round, great performances. But of course there


are areas for improvement. Gaby said it herself, a few less falls next


time. But there were a lot on the beam. We do as a team have to count


four falls. With this scenario, it is gruelling. A few years ago if we


had had that many mistakes there would have been no chance of getting


near the medals. That is one boost that we can take away. The girls,


you could see were laughing at those falls, but genuinely, they were


disappointed, having qualified in first, not to have taken home the


gold. Russia did up their game and they would have been difficult to


beat. It would have been interesting to see where we would have stood had


both teams gone clean. What are the chances of getting a team medal in


Rio, is it a little bit out of reach, perhaps? The difficulty level


that we are seeing now from the women's team, it is way up there,


and it is going to push. The strength and depth of the British


team is continuing leap pushing each other. The fact that we have left


gymnast at home who could quite easily be in that team as well, and


still have a similar result shows how strong we are, as a nation. Just


a word on Romania who finished sixth. They have had a nightmare


couple of years, 13th in the World Championships, and they will not be


competing in Rio, at the Olympics. It is so frustrating for them. You


would always see them up there among the medals. They have been plagued


injury, which is unfortunate that it is so strange not having them up


there challenging for the medals. It will be the first time since 1976


that they will not on the medal podium in that final. The team job


is done as far as the Europeans are concerned. Now it is time for the


individuals, the specialists, for the apparatus finals.


We feel the good times coming. Great Britain have gymnasts in every


apparatus finals, seven in all, more than any other country. Are you


surprised by what came out in qualification? To be honest, no. A


few years ago you would have said yes, but the results have been


coming through thick and fast over the past few years. We have a lot of


experience and medal potential in that team. In some ways we could


have three gymnasts in the final but with the ruling, you are only


allowed two so it pushes the gymnasts to performing


qualification. This could be the time that they were men are going to


go ahead of the men. Don't worry! Camaraderie and trust is the key to


team success with Great Britain and two of the gymnasts could not be any


closer, and that is because they are sisters. David Ming paid has caught


up with the competitors, the double Downies. How much do you enjoy


competing for Team GB together? It is nice to have that on the floor.


It is more nerve wracking watching her, I couldn't do it, I had to sit


down and hold my breath a little bit or stop and for me, after London had


was a tough time, whether to choose to carry on or not, but I felt that


I loved the sport and that I had more to give. And not just because


Ellie has been on the team. This team of girls have gelled together


very well. And now we are fighting for medals. Becky Downie prepares


for the bars. And Ellie, you grew up watching your big sister at the


Olympics, and Beijing. What sort of inspiration was she for you? It


definitely spurred me on to think, if Becky has got there, I can get


there, too. I remember watching her on TV. But when you are little it


seems like she's just at another competition, I guess. You are


sisters. You get own most of the time. Do you ever fall out? I would


say that we fall out Adderley. We just irritate each other sometimes.


Normally, Becky moaning irritates me. And I don't give her full access


to my room, to be fair. You expect things to be there when you go home


and it is gone, that is the most annoying thing. And she is a bit


bigger than you. It is everything. It is clothes, body spray, not so


much make up now, because she has got quite a good collection of her


own, but anything, she will happily just take. In what ways do you think


you are different? I am definitely more organised. Ellie is a bit more


the crazy, fun type. We both like to have fun at the same time. But I


would say that I am more serious and keeping my room tidy and that kind


of thing. And Ellie is not. You have been here before, you have done it


all. You have the Olympic Attu. Will you get one of those with the rings?


Yes, definitely. Have you ask your mum, are you allowed? Yes, she was


like, yes, do what you want. Do you think that you will come back with


medals from Rio? I think so. To be able to say that you are an Olympian


is just a special thing that will stay with you for the rest of your


life. Hopefully, we get through the experience together. That will be


incredible. Just so much to look forward to. However it works, it's a


winning combination. Between them they have I was at these European


Championships and the first one that we are cutting to is the vault.


Ellie is the current British champion. Claudia Fragapane begin


Purse. And Julia Steingruber, look out for her, she's looking for the


title and fun of her Sofia Busato is the first to go, the


first of two vaults. And on the way. The double twist, Colleen in the


air. Good distance, good first thought. -- cleaning the air.


Divorce are added together and the average is taken to the total score.


-- the false added together. There will be a bit of a deduction for


being off the centre line. But she really lifts well. Very up in the


air. Good, pure technique. The second vault for the youngest


gymnast in this final. Straight from the half term, slightly off to one


side, not as accurate as the first thought, but not a bad start. -- the


first vault. Good lift, here. Nice shape. Clean half-turn. She needs to


get the feet right up and over. She makes the half-turn. Holes are good


shape and lands with one foot in front of the other which is a


deduction but only out of 5.4 for this vault. 14.599 is the final


score. Here we have Julia Steingruber, the European champion


of 2014 and 2013. The most difficult vault we have seen yet. Look at the


difficulty as well as the hike. Huge power. It certainly was a very


powerful efficient gymnast. High off the top of the table. Slightly to


one side but not deductible. 1.5 twist forward in the straight


position. You almost think there could be another half-turn end


there. The time that she has got to look down and spot her landing at


the end. Often favoured the 1.5, 2.5, she is the only gymnast in this


final to average with both vaults over 15. Slightly easier vault at


5.8. Not quite the same attack but good control, double twist. Not so


well rehearsed on that. She hung in the air a little bit and she got


those feet down. Ellie Downie of Great Britain will be close


competition for her. That was quite a big step on landing. And off to


the side as well. Not as well rehearsed. She twists early off the


top, with a big hike on the landing. Twisting early of the top, that is


deductible. Landing chest down. Fortunately she has two high-scoring


vaults which gives her that security within this competition. When you


twist early, it pulls you to that side. You can see, off to one side.


That is 14 point 983. Steingruber goes into the lead at the moment.


She is 0.38 ahead of the rest of the field. Claudia Fragapane of great


button, the Commonwealth champion on vault. Can she vault her way onto


the medal podium at the Don macro? Double twist and what the landing.


That was neat, very neat. -- at the European Gymnastics Championships.


She absolutely nailed that landing. Really dynamic. She has tidied this


vault up a lot. Slightly off line. She comes on very early, twists


well. Loses it a tiny bit at the end but much better vaulting than we


have seen. I know that it is a very girly thing to say but I love that


leotard. Let's balance it out... Me too!


Death... What about you? I love it. It's a big score. -- Beth... The


second vault, slightly easier, you can see on the difficulty


scoreboard. Here we go. Powerful run-up, have turned... A


little off to one side, a little bit untidy. But solid. I thought she


could well but that misdirection, managed to control it. She is so


gritty. She goes off direction a little bit. She arches to show the


straight shape and that deduction... It will have its deductions but it's


so complicated, have turn on, off... Somersault. So easy to be slightly


off direction. It's improving, this vault. But she needs the next eight


weeks. To be really ready for fighting for a final at the


Olympics. A total score of 14.5 four. In third at the moment.


Third-highest qualifier. Big, powerful falter, style and


height. The legs were locked tight. You can see, in her face, the


concentration for the second vault. Here we go. Probably the highest and


cleanest we have seen. Twists... Two steps on landing, that will be


costly. Rounding off, blocks, must have straight arms. You can see her


toes are pointed, great execution. Double twist. Large step back.


Already chosen the same difficulty vault as Claudia.


Second complicated vault... Half on, have out... Nicely performed, nice


and tidy, well... The school to go ahead is 14.5 49. Limping a little


bit. Slightly better in the block. A little bit low, a deduction, the


flight, more central, blocked for the half-turn, slightly to one side.


A real battle for these gymnasts. Blocking, needing to lock out the


arms, locking the legs. Good length. Could do with more height. Those


were two pretty clean false. And she goes ahead of Claudia, into second.


Giuilia Steingruber currently leading. The schoolwork to beat is


14.5 99. Just a reminder... Two faults are added together, the


average taken. The junior European champion, Ellie Downie. The current


British champion. Chance for a medal. Needs a strong, clean fault,


that is what we get. You default. Lovely height. Well... It is getting


exciting! That is how you respond, superb block. Height, wrapping in,


double twist, straight down the middle. You could not have asked for


any more. That is the entry... Wrapping in... Locking the leg and


feet, but will certainly challenge. She surely must get why nine


execution for that... Absolutely locked to the Central line.


The second vault to go over 15 in this final so far. Second vault,


slightly easier. How measured do you go? This is the point. It is a big


challenge. Her less favoured vault. Very technical.


Needs to be clean... Very good. That is clean, such lovely shaping in the


air. The front somersault straight with half-turn. Beautifully


performed. Has to be a European medal but what colour? That is as


clean as we have seen for the second vault. Handspring straight, the best


we have seen. If any false deserve to go into first place, it will be


those. Down on the difficulty. But for execution... Those were superb.


The score to beat for gold is 14.983... Everybody waiting. Eyes


glued on the scoreboard. What will it be? She has a silver!


CHEERING Hugging the leader. Giuilia


Steingruber, yet again, European vault champion.


The European vault silver, how do you feel? So chuffed, came into the


final, qualified in second. Did good like I usually do, I should


hopefully come in the top three and I came second, it's amazing. Second


behind Giuilia Steingruber, how pleased are you with how it went?


Some of the best I could have done and I knew she had hired difficulty


than me. I knew to share a podium with her. We will see how she gets


on the floor final later. Let's have a word on the European champion,


Giuilia Steingruber. The difference between the first and second vault.


The only reason she took the title head of Ellie was the first vault.


Her second vault, we know she had trouble with it. Not a favoured


vault, she got injured at the World Championships, she has had to fight


back from injury and you can tell she's not confident with that. She


has eight weeks leading up to the Olympics to consolidated. It's


difficult to believe that Ellie is 16. She hasn't been out of the


junior ranks and to see the style and grace and execution she is out.


Quite remarkable. It is, with them vault, the only reason she got beat


was because of the stored value. What she did, really good, the


height and power off the top is unbelievable. Speaking with Beth


earlier, she has been training on different faults to get up the


difficulty. The chance of vault final in the Olympics? It depends


whether she goes with the upgrades or she plays safe. She's an


all-rounder, they have to take that into consideration. She works well


on the other apparat us. It will be a tough decision. An interesting


time in her career. The only team member missing from the world bronze


medal winning line-up is Amy Tinkler who should be studying for her


exams. Any, we know you are watching, you keep messaging us, get


to work, it's nice to have you with us. In her absence, Gabrielle Jupp


has been called up. The perfect time to introduce the current British


bars champion, the biggest challenge to date has been injury. It's so


exciting to be back in the kit, I have been out for a while, it's a


relief to know I made it back. European Championships in Moscow,


tell us what you remember. I remember I was on the beam, I heard


a snap in my knee... I knew something was wrong but at the time,


I didn't know how serious it was. In 2015, it happened again. Plenty of


times I felt like I couldn't do this any more but it's part of the sport


and you know you can get there... If you put your mind to it. To see the


girls compete last year and get a bronze... It is amazing. Incredible


moment to watch. Part of you wishes you were there in the team. But yes,


I guess it makes you more motivated to get back. Tell us about how you


managed to get so good on the bars. The bars has no impact on my legs


since I was injured so I got good in it, the starred values have gone up


I quite allot, that has helped. Hard work has paid off. It is really


exciting to have made the finals. I think, sometimes I am a bit hard on


myself, I forget what I have been through. Quite big injuries and I


get annoyed when I do not perform my best not to be back here, the


European Championships, I think I have to be a bit more pleased with


myself. She is here and in with a good shout and a chance for the


Olympics. We are world renowned on this piece of apparat us because of


what you managed to achieve and it has gathered pace within the team.


It has, it has been one of our strongest pieces and I think Gaby


alluded to it, myself, Becky, Ruby, we have all had injuries to knees


and feet so it gives you more time to train on it. Gaby was always a


nice bar worker but didn't have the biggest difficulty and during her


time off with her knee, she has been able to increase the difficulty,


putting new combinations and obviously it's paid off. Must be a


great feeling to hand the batten onto the likes of Becky Downie. She


is in this final and she became European champion back in 2014.


Towards the end of my career I was making the finals and Becky was


there as well. Aliya Mustafina in there as well, the current champion.


Let's find out what happened in the bars final.


The moves linked together. And upstart handstand. Have turned. Must


have release and re-grasp. Front somersault. Clean half-turn. Up...


Accelerating into the full-twisting double back. This mount. That is the


sort of routine that many of the gymnasts will favour. You will see


with the lot of the top gymnasts... There is no empty swings. Every


single skill is connected. To the top bar, clean lines... Good lines


on the handstand. Really focusing in on nutbar. The toll on and off... Up


to the top bar, clean lines. Straight... The coaches happy. Great


to see Hungary in a couple of finals. Moving up the ranks. She is


pleased. Good day. She is having a great day! Really light and stylish.


Nice to watch. Champion of the future hopefully. On the dismount...


Shoulders down at the end. She posted a 5.9 difficulty. There


is room for improvement. A score of 14.4.


Hope for the future for the 16-year-old.


Now it is the turn of Becky Downie of great written, she was European


champion on bars in 2014, current, nor champion. -- current


Commonwealth champion. Gymnasts have to swing forward and


backwards. She starts with the forward element, quite difficult and


precise. Now, the big combination. The up rise, the kite, very


difficult. The full direct that you have to include beautifully done,


into the shoulder catches, she is linking it altogether. Up to that


high bar again. Here we go. The third release, the bigger routine,


the half-turn, come on, Becky, into the dismount, full twisting double


back into the landing, well done, Becky Downie, she went for broke.


That is going to be the benchmark for gold. She went for difficulty


and you can see the difference between those first couple of


routines and that, every single element linked into another element.


The first release, straight down into another release for the low


bar, that is how they build up difficulty, then up to the top bar,


into another release and catch. Becky has such dynamic work on bars.


Just the final piece, with the full twisting double back dismount. And


the small step on landing but a fantastic routine and she has set


the mark for the others to follow. She has certainly laid down the


gauntlet there. Delighted for her. She had a bit of a wobbly day


yesterday. She always wants to push and go for the harder routine. Some


sense would say don't, really, but she stayed true to herself, and when


she was given the freedom, to do this routine from her coach. There


was no way that she would win this final playing it safe. And that was


packed with difficulty. Great job. But she could have meddled. That was


choosing the silver medal or chancing it and pushing for the


gold. I like the style of that, go all out, go for it! Becky Downie


lays down the Golden gauntlet of 15.5. That's going to be a very


difficult score to beat. Look at that. Aliya Mustafina can certainly


challenge Becky Downie, the current Olympic champion. How difficult will


she go? The stoop in and out, the immediate pack, and she has missed


that connection and taking the handstand. Beautifully performed.


She will have lost some bonus points there. Super scoop in and out with


half-tone, she has got a real fluency on the bars. Full pirouette.


Straight out of the half-tone. And into the big dismount. Beautiful


routine, but not quite as difficult as the one we saw yesterday. It


looked good on execution but down on difficulty. Do you think that Becky


is safe? I am not predicting. I would say that she is saved.


Beautifully executed routine. She went for perfection but she did miss


the connection just before this low to high bar transition. That will


bring the difficulty down. And Rebecca brought her difficulty up.


But a great landing on this dismount. But her face said it all


afterwards. She knew she had missed that connection. So you can't really


tell. I thought yesterday that the British girls were not affected by


the work of the Russians out of them, working so well, but it sort


of make them doubt themselves a little bit. And a little bit the


same today, and Becky having gone for the bigger routine and scoring


15.5, that left her knowing that it had to be perfect, and she did not


quite rise to it. She didn't have any other connections to add, she


was always going to have that 6.5 that she posted in qualification.


Becky is the current leader. I think that Mustafina will go into the


second spot. You know what that is like there, pacing around... You


cannot control it, you have done your job, but he can stand there


knowing that she has done the best that she could have done. Better to


go before the other gymnasts? That must settle your little bit. Yes, to


get your routine done and dusted. I would rather be sat waiting than


waiting to actually perform. 15.1 four Mustafina. 6.3 difficulty as


opposed to 6.9 from Becky Downie. So Becky Downie leads ahead of


Mustafina. The third spot is 14.4. A score that Gabby Jupp of Great


Britain can challenge. Current British bars champion. Starts to


work on the low bar. Steep full turn. The half-tone. She didn't just


get her hands on the bar. 30 seconds to recover. You could see just not


high enough, got one hand on and the other one just couldn't get on, the


hand guard over the top of the bar. She went for the full pirouette at


the beginning. It gets you more marks, but it is riskier. Certainly


is. She wants to finish well. Onto the high bar. The half-tone. Good


somersault. Much better. The handstand. Down to the low bar.


Takes the up start, back up to the top, more secure that time. The


somersault towards the low bar. Very interesting work. Come on, hang on


for the dismount, double layout, super finish. Just a shame at the


start. That is a sign of great composure to take that ball, get


back onto the bars and to whip through that routine in such a


beautiful fashion. It is. She has been out of competition for a while


as well. The more you compete the or build your confidence so to take


that fall and a European final, you can just see that the left hand


wasn't quite on, luckily her coach was there to catch her, towards the


end. Slightly early on she came off the bar, so she was not quite on top


of it, but a great release on catch, you can see her spotting it, the


whole time. 13.44 Gabby Jupp. The current world and European


Championships, Spiridinova. The school to beat, 15.5. -- the score


to beat. Full connected, straight into the top bar and back down, back


up again, that is the connection. Steep path, perfect hand position,


into the pike Jagr. Working well. On and off, full turn. The full twist


double back. Is it good enough? Not today. It was compact, concise and


over very quickly, packing in the difficulty. This is going to come


right town to the wire. Becky Downie of great written currently leading


the field at 15.5. -- of Great Britain. It was a similar routine to


the team final yesterday. Very elegant, lovely, clean lines, you


can see on the release and catch from the low bar to the high bar,


everything is elegant to watch but I think it is going to be down on


Rebecca. I am going to say that Rebecca 's got it. When she was


world champion she scored 15.36 and in qualification scored 15.36. It


was as good as qualification but no better. Fingers crossed we have Team


GB champion. Do you know, if Rebecca has done this, she's done it in very


good company? She has had to really rise to it. She should be delighted


with her performance, whatever. That is beautiful bar work. What shall I


say? A black little bit of sparkle, of excitement. -- it lacked a little


bit. It had no wow factor to it. And Becky certainly had that. 15.466,


not enough to go ahead of Great Britain 's Becky Downie. She is the


champion, again. Fantastic for Becky Downie. You can see what it means.


Well, there's confirmation that Becky Downie regains the European


bar is vital ahead of Spiridinova. Aliya Mustafina, the second Russian,


takes bronze. This year 's European champion, from Great Britain, is


Rebecca Downie. She beats the world and Olympic champion to become


European champion, 2016. What a moment. What a time to win back the


European title. Just the right moment. And the Russian team that


did not take her challenge lightly. They change the person they put in,


the current world champions, who have qualified. They swapped with


the one who have qualified. They threw everything at Becky Downie,


and she responded. It was a performance that was so needed for


her. Looking ahead to the next few months, what her future would be,


how certain was that place in the Britain team? Today, she has


delivered, and nobody can take that away from her. Great Britain 's


Rebecca Downie is the bars European Championships.


APPLAUSE She came here and she delivered. She


knew what she was capable of doing. The question was, could she


replicate it today on this stage? Well, there is the evidence. Very


pleased, not just to win the gold, but the fact that I made my hardest


routine, I have been working on it for at least a year, and for its


finally off now is amazing. I knew that I would have to test it and put


it out for the team for Rio and I'm pleased that I did. I was


disappointed that I fell, but I needed to go for my connections.


Those were my chances to get a medal. I thought this was the chance


to try it out and it did not pay or if well worth trying those


connections as far as Gabby is concerned. She said in her


interview, if she wanted to medal today, she had to go for the those


connections. You don't want to try it where you can maybe mess up in


the team event and mess up the team's medal position but today it


is all about doing it for yourself. When you are doing the routine, can


you train them so that they are so fluid, or is there always an element


of when you do it? There is different lighting, you walk from


the back gym, she will be relying heavily on her coach, Steve, to make


sure that the bars are set exactly how she wants them. Today the


connection did not quite a off. But there is still more to come from


Gabby. And Becky Downie, how content must she be feeling knowing that she


had been working on that routine for a year, and it all happened at the


right time? She will be over the moon. She will have been working


hard on that routine and to hit it in a major competition, she will be


so happy, especially with it coming before the Olympics. She has beaten


the current Olympic and world champion, so she will have a lot of


confidence. The best from America and China will no doubt be watching


that. What message does that send out to them?


The biggest message is the starred value, she has time to improve it


even more, she had a 6.9 routine, the current world champion couldn't


even match it, the current Olympic champion, it will be interesting to


see what the Chinese come up with. You think they will go all out?


Definitely. One of the most experienced gymnasts in the British


squad these days is Ruby Harold who has helped the team reach greater


heights. Many happy returns to the gym of the British team, here is


Ruby. How do you see your role within the


team? I like to see myself as a team leader, making sure everyone is OK,


the girls have what they need. As part of the team, you don't


necessarily have your coach on the floor with you, it can be difficult


when you are new, younger athlete. Trying to keep the team Cameron


focused, making sure I and cheerleading when I am not


competing. You have show the world what you have in Glasgow, tell us


what it was like. World Championship success last year was phenomenal,


it's nice to know there are is people behind us and the sport is


growing. You have had injuries and sadness. My mum passed away for


neither seven, I very young and naive, I am pretty sure I did not


understand the situation to the extent I should have. He and my


sisters are close, two years apart, always there for each other and I


try and make sure I bring that to the team. It was a big thing to


happen when you are young but I have gymnastics to keep me occupied so I


kept busy. That helped. If you make the Olympics, you are going to have


to postpone another stage of your life? What is happening? I have for


your scholarship to Louisiana State University this coming August. It's


really exciting, new chapter of my life, as an international student I


have to be there on the 11th of August but of course if it goes to


plan I will miss that date so I probably won't be able to get there


until the 25th, I will potentially miss the first week of schools which


is unfortunate but I have a valid reason so it doesn't matter. I am


sure you want to go out on a high after doing well in the Olympics,


how important would it the to make a new life in the States, having


competed for great written? Making the Olympic team were top of


everything, round of my gymnastics career but if that doesn't happen I


have something to look forward to and the next four years of my life


in a completely different environment which is fantastic. We


will come and visit. Louisiana, it's quite a common thing, most of large


gymnasts hop over the pond. Nicola Willis in 2004, she was one of the


first to start and it's a great way for our gymnasts... They are not


quite ready to retire but they don't want to carry on competing, Becky


and others, they have done well. Dan, I am just imagining you in a


soft top, do you fancy a trip there? It would be nice, but it's not for


me. When I am done with my gymnastics, that will be yet, I will


not want to prolong it. Concentrate on a new life. From one of the most


experienced members of the British team to the new gymnasts coming


through. A word on the juniors, bring you up-to-date with what's


happening. Some wonderful pictures. The junior girls to the team silver,


all of those gymnasts between the age of the team and 16, it didn't


stop with the team, look at the individuals, Maisie Methuen, took


fourth in the all-around, fifth on the beam. Look at the difficulty.


Such a young age. Alice Kinsella, just a few hours ago, but the silver


medal in the bin. After already achieving a fifth in the all-around


that she did not stop as far as the apparatus finals, she also got the


silver medal on the floor. Coached by the one and only Christine who


sits alongside us in the commentary box, wonderful achievement for coach


and gymnast. Alistair not necessarily have a great time in the


British Championships but she took time to go back into gym work and


work on her skills and it shows she can have bad day the office. But


it's fantastic. She will make that step up to senior level next year.


Coming through, it's also exciting but on to the beam we go, Becky


Downie will be up in seventh position, you can see. The


remaining, the former Olympic champion kicking things off. Aliya


Mustafina, the former champion there as well. Here is what happened with


the best of the beam. The former Olympic champion on beam.


One of the most beautiful bin workers over the years. Smooth, she


works with such speed. -- beam. Arms working and moving all the time.


Exactly what the judges need to see. Rounding off, straight back


somersault. Controlling the landing. Very nice, change leg leap with half


term. Gymnasts have to include at least three leaps or spins in their


difficulty. This is super. She misses that connection.


Lovely layout somersault, smooth, not a flicker. She made that


connection, the free walkover into the jumps.


Gymnasts have to show artistry and fluency. Another little connection


missed. She did the leap and then... The handstand. She would normally


try and hold that handstand and swivel around.


Big dismount... Double pike... Very secure routine but it won't be quite


as high on the difficulty score as for qualification. Probably not but


it was stable. Super work, look at that. The layout, does well to


control it. Flick, into layout somersault. But


as her schoolwork. The others will chase that. -- that is her score.


The French gymnast next. She could challenge here. The first


outing for the French. Simple start. We can see the Randolphe into the


layout. A split leap and again... Slight


adjustment. Straight into free walkover and


again... Again... Nice control, full spin one way,


then the other, had to make a slight adjustment.


Nice rhythm so far. Needs to hang on. Rounding off, double pike. It of


adjustment. Super from the young French girl. If she can get up into


mid-14 that will definitely challenge for a medal. Difficulty


scoring qualification is 6.1, we have seen Catalina Ponor are with a


5-.9. Steady gymnast. We have seen her work very well in the team


competition. For the French. Strong gymnast, lovely technique. Landing,


immediately jumps, quite unusual to do to spins, you get a bonus if you


can link them and a lovely dismount, the Cal hi her chest is on landing.


Very nice work. She has gone ahead! Look at the difficulty. She has


increased that. A very eager wait to find out if she has a medal.


Aliya Mustafina has the pedigree on beam, world champion three years


ago. European beam finalist, will she get a medal today? Such an


elegant, classical gymnast. This is usually beautiful. So smoothly out


of the double spin. That is a letter D difficulty element, just a tiny


wobble. Linking the leaps and jumps nicely. Gymnasts have to do a little


bit of sideways stands, a tiny wobble, changing immediately, very


nicely performed, she will get the bonus for those linking moves.


Most of the aerial moves are worth point four. Free walkover is.


Backflip. That is her acrobatic series.


The judges have to judge whether the foot touched the head. She has been


smooth... And very controlled. Big, long pause... For the dismount. Has


to be dynamic. Double tough... What a beautiful landing. She has thrown


down the challenge, that will be a big score. She is a class act, that


was mesmerising. Very elegant performance. She made a connection


that she can't possibly have used before. Not often we see her smiling


but she is full of them today. I think she wanted to put the bars


behind her even though she picked up a bronze. That double spin, such


precision, the three element connection. The walkover into the


flick, building up the connection values. The change leg ring...


Touching the back of the head? And why into the dismount. Her knees are


locked together, if they open their legs, it could be a 10th or three


tenths abduction. A huge score... Not often you see a beam routine


over 15. Good job! It is now the turn of the British


beam champion, Rebecca Downie. Already crowned the bars champion


today but what does the beam have in store? We saw how much that bars


title meant to Becky, full of emotion. It will have been quite a


challenge to settle down for this. A very nice front somersault. This is


the all-important acrobatic series, very difficult. Hold it tight,


Becky. She had to fight and make that


landing and she did, that is good to see. You can see she is a bit edgy.


Very nice. Spin, immediate free walkover. Lovely rhythm today. Side


somersault. You can see this routine has all the makings of a really


high-scoring peace. Change leg ring right at the end. Now... Has she got


enough power and energy left? Double pike... She does. Well done, a bit


of a battling performance but very impressive. She pushed for all of


the difficulty and she managed to hang on in. Great performance. That


was nice, sometimes you have fighting routines, this is what we


give credit for. She had to fight every little bit. You can see this,


the back leg off to the side, but wobble at the end but she could have


quite easily given up and follow not but she was determined.


She will lose 0.5 for that, so the score will not be massive but in


view of how much emotion she had expended on the bars, she did really


well, I think. And finished off with a double pike


at the end. 14.066 for Becky Downie and it is met with a huge smile. The


last gymnast in this final on the beam, Angela Melnikova, still just


15 years old. The future star of the Russian team, for me. Great 2.5


spin, there, really difficult. Good on the leap, nice to see some


originality within the work. Flick, flick, straight back, just a little


and adjustment. The series. Top front somersault. Good, head right


back. The walk over. Nice tempo to the routine. Another side


somersault. The gymnast must go forward, backwards and sideways.


Standing this up, and high into the double pike, did well to recover the


landing with the big jump forward, might be big enough to pull it back


for a medal, but not good enough to take Mustafina off the top spot. She


has got a great degree on beam, but she was a little bit edgy. From that


angle, that looked like a better leap. Shame about this dismount. It


will be quite a big deduction. She opened out just a little bit early,


you can see how the shoulders were down. That will be at least 0.5.


Goodness me, 14.1 66. She finishes in fifth. Down on the difficulty. In


comparison to Mustafina with a 6.3 on the difficulty. But what about


that for the French gymnast, Marine Boyer? Aliya Mustafina takes the


gold, Marine Boyer the 16-year-old takes the silver medal back to


France, and Catalina Ponor gets bronze, the former Olympic champion.


Becky Downie Allbritton gets six. Interesting, that 3-way tie for


sixth place. Beam is the equivalent of the men's pommel horse. Different


to the final we saw last week on the pommel horse. It looks like the


piece that is easiest to pull off but it really is hit or miss. Only


three people stayed on in the pommel horse final and yet everyone stayed


on on the beam final. You don't want to win something by somebody falling


off. For all four apparatus finals the best are out there, and if you


win, you're beating everyone that you could. You missed a brilliant


moment just now. It has been a while since you have done beam, and you


went, 6th of June. 6th of June 2000 and eight. It was a momentous day. I


am never getting back on that thing again. Of all of the question pieces


of apparat is, beam is... For me, it was always a nightmare, with the


other apparat is you have a little bit of leeway to play with. For most


gymnast standing thinking I have got ten centimetres of beam to stay on,


it is not a nice place to be. The floor is more your thing. It is the


last final of these championships, one of the many places that Claudia


Fragapane made her mark two years ago in Glasgow. She got a quartet of


gold medals at the Commonwealth Games and now the pocket rocket has


her sights set on Rio. You are from Bristol but you have an Italian


background. How is your Italian? SHE SPEAKS FLUENT ITALIAN. How are


you feeling with the Olympics coming closer? It is a little bit nerve


wracking. It is quite exciting to be able to see how close it is to


making the team and representing your country. Did you always want to


be a gymnast? Since I was about six years old, because my two older


sisters used to do it and I love it. The competition in the girls' squad


is tough, isn't it? Yes, really tough, we are battling it out to do


the best performance we can to make sure that we are on the team. We are


rivals but we are good friends, anyway. What would you be if you are


not the gymnast? I would like to be diving. But I can't swim. I am good


in the air, but I would not be able to get back out! How are you with


the floor routine at the moment? I just want to go out and hit my


routine as best I could. And to look back and see that I have got 15


personal bests, I could not believe it. What a World Championships it


has been for Claudia Fragapane. And you do not like to be called


Maccadee. No, it is the way that it is spelt an Italian that I prefer.


We will just see how it goes. Thank you very much. Grazie Mile! She


seems to have this remarkable energy and joy. She is such a light-hearted


character. It rubs off on her team-mates. She brings the stress


off of everyone, makes everyone sit back and enjoy everything that is


going on. The conundrum is how difficult you go. With Becky Downie


it paid off to push for the difficulty. And Claudia Fragapane is


up there with the difficulty. She has upgraded even more with adding a


couple of jumps out of the big tumble, so not just straight with


the full twist but then I jump out of it, which is a little bit insane.


And the music is a big part of the routine on the floor. The kind of


music you prefer that delivers the best performance as far as the


judges are concerned? It depends on the style of the gymnast. Claudia


uses music with somebody popping in it that gets the crowd going. If you


have a gymnast, we saw a couple ended been finals that were very


elegant and balletic, if they have a dramatic piece of music, it would


not suit them as much. The gymnast and the coach will make that


decision along with the choreographer. And there is a switch


from that dance element into what are remarkably powerful tumbles.


Yes, you see some even bigger ones on the men's side, it is amazing how


powerful that the gymnasts are and to switch into the dance element, it


is good to see. And if you get behind, you are chasing four other.


Let's see what happens. Let's look at the gymnasts that have qualified


for this floor final. You can see that Claudia Fragapane is in sixth


place, but all eyes will be on the home girl, Giulia Steingruber. Let's


see what happens. Here are the highlights.


Giulia Steingruber has had a bronze medal twice at the European


Championships on floor and has posted the highest floor score


during these championships of all the gymnasts in this final. Very


athletic but also graceful. You have to have a good leaps and this


gymnast certainly has. What opening tumble will we see Chris macro


double double, just a little step forward, huge difficulty. -- what


opening tumble will we see? Five difficult acrobatic moves. And


another one, the twisting double straight. She really has pushed up


the difficulty. The third big leap. Is she going to do double straight


in the third? The twisting double back.


Expressive in that elite series. She moves powerfully across the floor.


What a routine! Have we just seemed a winning performance? Time will


tell. It has got to be over 15. In qualification she did double


straight with full twist. Second conversation she did double twisting


double back and in the third, she put them both in for the first time


that I have seen. She has upgraded, definitely. This was the time to try


it. She knows that she has to upgrade. She is level pegging with


Fragapane, but she wants to try and have that of an advantage going into


this final. It is great to see that she does the double double at the


beginning and a very clean landing. Just very slightly chest down, then


to go straight back into that double straight with a full twist. And she


looked like she was enjoying the routine at the same time. She really


sold it to the judges and the crowd were clapping along. A great


routine. You can see her smiling, doing the leaps. Lots of gymnasts


struggle to combine the power and grace and what she does


exceptionally well, she has got double twist, full twist and double


straight, so she has got the difficulty but she combines that


with such a good routine. The judges are turning round and watching that


routine. It was beautiful. 15.2, and a leap in the air from Giulia


Steingruber. 6.4, the difficulty score. That is going to be very


difficult to beat. Let's welcome a former European champion from 2004,


the Olympic champion, three Olympics ago, Catalina Ponor. She's here


after that bronze medal winning performance on beam. Beautiful in


the double layout. Great extension. Great flick, fling back out, pike,


good difficulty work. Lovely choreography. Good in a spin. Very


dramatic. Working so well with the music,


keeping the rhythm and power. Little adjustment.


She must hang on, standing up into the double pike... What a response!


Super difficulty, fantastic execution, posting a six difficulty


in qualification. What does the future hold? For Catalina Ponor are.


Well... Really maintaining her great dynamic tumbling. Lovely style, this


double straight... The bounds out is a .1 deduction. So fast across the


floor. The triple twist... She will lose marks. Her legs are crossed,


the judges will deduct for that. Second, as it stands. All eyes in


the arena on Claudia Fragapane A, the Commonwealth champion, the


highest qualifier. She is capable of a difficulty score of 6.5. A chance


here. So exciting to watch, original, dynamic. Straight into


the, great start. Loving the music. Double pike


Arabian, does well to control and stay inside the floor.


The leap series, such as bouncy and bubbly, energetic performer. Stacks


of originality. Great dancing. Got to hang on and control the


power. Triple twist... Slight adjustment there. Craftily done.


Got to hold on for this... Usually a double layout... And again... Knees


buckling a bit on landing, that will be costly. Packed with difficulty.


She had a goal. A very good effort. Is it enough to get up into the


medals? Very dependent on whether those knees touch the floor, if they


did, it will be a fall, she gave it everything but looked a little bit


weary, big competition last night. Very big and asked to try and finish


with a double straight. She has really upped her difficulty. She


jumped out of it but struggled to control, she did so well to stay


inside the floor, there will be deductions.


Very cleverly choreographed, jumps and leaps. Third tumble, triple


twist, landing, a little bit of a jump, well disguised. This, the


final tumble that is all-important. She held it... There will be a


deduction, it wasn't a fault. I don't think it will challenge for


the title... You can see, she is here disappointed. This is


all-important to be able to bang out these routines. This experience will


help her, if she wants to get into that Olympic final and challenge for


a medal, there is a learning curve. That is the same mistake on the


floor routine twice. Third at the moment. Well, the last gymnast to go


is Ellie Downie. For Great Britain. We are guaranteed a medal, Claudia


is in third. Ellie was the fourth highest qualifier. Can she add to


her medal tally today? A powerhouse tumbler. Look at that one and a half


walk-out, double Arabian. Jumping out of it. Looks like she can do


that. Another big tumble. Double pike


Arabian, as to control the landing and she does just that.


Clever music. Needs to be powerful and did this. Two and a half twist,


punch front, slightly overcooked. Come on, concentrate. Hubble pike...


She nailed it! -- double pike. Cheering-macro what a mature


performance. Well... Is it going to be enough to go ahead to go ahead of


her team-mate? It will all boil down to the difficulty.


Ellie had a 14 point in qualification but we know she


stepped out of the floor and you can see this, powerful first tumble. One


and a half walk-out into the double Arabian, strayed into a jump.


Using the Arabian again but in the pike shape, such height. The same


tumbles, Beth, that you used. But like Chris said, she has improved


her leaps and consistency. A very different floor routine, I really


liked the choreography. And then... Musically, two and a half, into the


punch front, every gymnast hast to show off for Wade or side salt oh.


She did really well in the punch front. That was a part of the


routine I sat on the edge of my seat and I thought,, on! Hugely powerful.


Work the floor well. And she gets her second silver medal of the day!


What about that! Julia Stine Gruber takes the gold. Ellie goes into


silver. Catalina Ponor takes the bronze. Claudia Fragapane eight


finishes fourth. Look at the top half of the table. Julia Stine


Gruber taking the gold. Claudia just outside of the medals


and forth. Great Britain's Ellie Downie gets her second silver medal


of the European Championships. This is for the floor. What a week to


round-off the European Championships. Definitely wasn't


expecting that. I wanted to go out and enjoy it the best I could,


qualified and forth, I knew to go out there and do it, my first senior


European Tour final, I enjoyed it, to come second, the icing on the


cake. You won a medal earlier on the vault, did you go in without


pressure? I went in there, trying to enjoy it, to think it was the last


routine of the competition, I was last of, I went out and did my best.


A word for your big sister, her gold medal... Amazing performance, so


proud of her. Those sisters are celebrating. Goodness, you forget


she is just 16. You see her talking, so much confidence. We have talked


about her for so long, you forget she is in her second year of the


seniors. 17 later this year, her skill level, talent, the way she


composes herself other major championships, that is something you


cannot teach. Dan, and impressive medal table, we can show you the


totals. Seven in all across the two weekends of gymnastics. Three for


the men, four for the women, a European champion each! But very


impressive. Just another word on the bars, Becky. She has regained that


bars European title in very impressive style. She has... She had


a game to play today, does she play safe and is guaranteed a medal or


does she go for the upgrade? Her coach, they decided to go for the


upgrade. One of the highest tariffs in the world. You wouldn't have


known she was upgrading, the rest of the routine was so clean and sharp.


This is where she added the extra release and catch. And she finished


off with this dismount, she knows so well. That is the end for her.


European champion. We have talked about the younger gymnasts coming


through but when it is your sister... It's completely different.


Obviously, she will support her sister. To improve as a nation you


need younger girls and boys coming up. Pushing the seniors as much as


you don't like to admit it. That is how you improve. Speaking about


European competition, the Euros are less than a week away. To get you


prepped for that... There is a documentary tonight.


But, I tell you what, after the European Championships we will be


treated to some wonderful sport because it's the Olympics and time


is ticking! Jessica Ennis Hill is back on top of


the world. He wins the gold. Nicole Adams has just made history! That is


a huge jump. Laura Trott... World champion. Streaking away.


Gymnasts, get home from Switzerland and start prepping. As far as you're


concerned, what is key before the Olympics? Consolidating the


routines. That was precise. Dan... Get back in the gym and try to


repeat all the skills that have gone wrong, to make them consistent.


Well, there we are, a lot of talk about Europe at the moment, in or


out... That has been the question and as far as the Downey sisters are


concerned, they are very much on top of that. From all the team, goodbye.


Matt Baker presents live coverage from the women's European Championships in Bern, Switzerland, featuring the team and apparatus finals. Britain's team includes all three of their individual medallists from 2015's European Championships in Montpellier - Becky Downie, who won silver on the beam and uneven bars, her sister Ellie, who was the bronze medallist in the all-around event, and floor silver medallist Claudia Fragapane.

Expert analysis comes from Beth Tweddle, a six-time European gold medallist, and Daniel Keatings, with commentary from Christine Still and Mitch Fenner.