All-Around and Apparatus Highlights Gymnastics: European Championships

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All-Around and Apparatus Highlights

Coverage of the European Championships. Medals are decided in the men's floor, pommel horse and rings, and we see who came out on top in the men's and women's all-around finals.

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A good afternoon and welcome to coverage of the European gymnastics


champ sthip. A sport which Britain have been well known for. It is


difficult to put into words what happened in Rio last summer. So we


will let the gymnastics do the talking. Medal and medal. What an


Olympics Great Britain have had. Let's get ready to tumble and fly


with gymnastics. Stylish gymnast, starts off cleanly. He has to go for


broke. Beautifully performed. Big release. Goodlad. Wow, what a


routine. Looking very at home. What a cool customer. Niall Wilson makes


history. The Briony Paige wins. Amy Tinkler. The Olympic champion. Well


done Lewis. He takes silver. Max Whit lock is now a double Olympic


champion. What an Olympics Great Britain have had. Quite something.


Quite something wasn't it? There is plenty more to talk about from the


last 24 hours at the European Championships in Cluj in Romania and


I'm joined by greatness, with Beth Tweddle and Kristian Thomas. Happy


memories from the summer? Yes, it seems so long ago and watching that


back you get the shivers going up and down your spine, the opportunity


to see how special that was for British gymnastics. It was


fantastic. I'm saying sitting there watching it, you're not competing,


it is evidence the British team has taken on a different shape since


Rio. Yes, most of the lads there, as with myself, yeah, everybody's just


regaining a bit of their training and their strength work they had


lost with having time off. We are at a point where they're building up


slowly and staying away from injuries. So Here is who has


qualified. Would you have expected the lads to


do that well, relatively new faces? Absolutely. Because I have had the


privilege of training with some of these guys, I have seen what they're


capable of. It is a great opportunity to show case their


gymnastics, I wasn't surprised they made the finals and I'm looking


forward to seeing what they can do. Now Beth the women's team.


Alice Kinsella a new face. Great qualification. It was and I think


that we have a mixture of youth and experience. Eilie is still so young.


We have three of our members of Rio and that will give Alice the


confidence that knowing that she is competing with those guys and if


there is any issues, she can talk to them and they know what is expected.


It is quite something that the seniors can have the ability to take


a rest and yet let those others come through. With the usual crew


stepping aside the door is open for other members of British squad to


make their mark on Europe. So let's meet two men grasping that


opportunity in their first major senior competition. 21-year-old


James Hall and 18-year-old Joe Fraser. How much are you enjoying


being here as part of senior team? I'm really enjoying being part of


senior team. We have all come together as a team and we are all


helping each other push through the barriers. James, you have been


around the British senior teams for a long time now, you have been


reserve in some big competition, now you're out there, what's it been


like. It was hard to predict what it would feel like, I was expecting to


be supported by everyone and for it to go smoothly. It didn't feel any


different from the British Championships, nerves - wise. I did


my job and it paid off. You did well at the British Championships as


well? Yes from the British Championships for me was quite an


experience, because I became British champion and that is something that


we didn't expect to happen to be honest, because we just wanted to


try some new elements and see how I broke into the senior team. But to


come away British champion was a great experience. James Hall, Great


Britain. You came third in qualifying for the all-round. How


happy are you with that? Very. For my first senior Championships, I


wasn't concentrating on what place I was going to finish, I thought get


into the all-round final and put on a show and third mrafs is not bad.


Will you get to the final, do you give yourself a goal to place. I


focus on clean routines and then the result will come after that. How


would you rate your chances here of getting into the top three and


getting a medal? To be honest, I haven't thought about it too much. I


don't want to overthink it as it were. But if I do the same as


yesterday, and step it up a notch it's anything is possible. Anything


can happen. They're both sounding very relaxed! And we should mention


for the scores, those watching will sort of see lower scores than usual,


because of the new code? Yes after the Olympics the rules get changed a


bit. So they have to rethink their routine and put different


requirements no. Normally for the men's all round, when we see them at


the Olympics, they were scoring 92 and 91. You will be more to 86 and


85. So don't be surprised if the scores are lower. There is an


opportunity for lots of gymnasts coming through with the different


shape of their routines. The all-round final took place yesterday


morning. So let's see how well James Hall and Joe Fraser did. Here are


the highlights of men's all-round final and I was in the commentary


box. Now to 18-year-old J Fraser from


Great Britain. His first senior competition this. His first of six


pieces of apparatus. Control at the start. Back up rise


to the Maltese. A bit high in the shoulders. But these are big


strength moves for a young gymnast. Nice and fluent, the double pike


into the double front and much stronger in the back up rise. Slight


arm bend there. Good line in the hand sfand. -- stand. Beautiful


forward long swing. Showing great control. Has to fight a bit in the


backward long swing. Controls it well. Winds up, into the miscount.


Double twist and double back. Solid on the landing. Good start. Very


good start of the last year he was the European junior all-round bronze


medallist. He got a gold on parallel bars and third on pommels as well.


So no stranger to this stage if you like. It's just now he's in a


different age group, Chris. That's right. It is always a shock to the


system when you go up to the seniors when you have been very good in the


junior ranks. But he is a very good competitor. He just needs to remain


consistent, stay calm and keep going. 13.633 for Joe Fraser.


He is the all-round Russian champion. Beautiful start. Full


twist, immediate two and a half twist. It is linking the difficult


skims that bill your -- skills that build your difficulty. Compact


gymnast. And a double twisting double back. Didn't even use the


full extent of the floor area. Quite a short run and again a short run.


Two and a half. Double twisting front. Packing the difficulties


together. This will be a high D score. He is not going to have too


shoddy an E score. The D score is for difficulty. The E score is for


execution. And his execution, look at the beautifully extended toes and


legs. Really stylish. Big last trim twist and that's the


way you -- triple twist and that is the way you land a tumble. The


second highest qualifier is on song today. That was something special,


he did four tumbles back-to-back at the start. Verniaiev, current


all-round European champion. He has made the floor final. So prepare for


fireworks. But it is going to be performance for performance with him


and his competitor. He is being chased. We haven't seen him in this


position. Oh, a three and a half twist into a full twisting front.


That was a big error. Just shows the pressure. Another fantastic twisting


series there. Lovely double twisting, double back. He is in his


stride a bit more now. I was about to say we have seen him chasing, but


we haven't seen him being chased. It is quite a different feeling. He


doesn't really look edgy. I just think he tried to be slightly too


perfect. As Craig said, he has done a lot of competitions. He is very


slight and strong. Just a little edgy on that landing. He looks


strapped actually. Shoulder and ankles. Very nice triple twist to


finish. But it says it all on his face, when your first tumble pass


has your hand down. It was a huge opening tumble. That fall, he will


probably lose a connection bonus. But the rest of the time his routine


was back on it. 14.766. It is a huge floor score for Verniaiev. Very much


down on his opponent. Here is the leader board.


Vern yooif Verniaiev has a lot of work to do in 15th.


I don't care how experienced you are, you still be only pressure a


little bit. So Verniaiev mixes way to the pommel horse, he has


qualified for the pommel horse final in seventh. Here he goes. Excellent


single leg work into the hands stand, one of the most difficult


pommel horse routines. Up into the handstand with pirouette, slight


adjustment, but nothing too major. Picks up nicely into the double leg


circle sweep, onto the one handle, that builds the difficulty there.


Intricate work between the handles, that is the Russian Wendy swing.


Going well, building the difficulty, got to keep the momentum. The travel


is really difficult stuff, combines it into the Russian circle on the


end. Oh, come on, the forward travel Mike Ellicock a slightly skewed,


that is deductible. -- Magyar. A little bit of line but job done. He


is through, and that is the main thing! That face said it all! Put


your hand guards on and get onto the rings, that is what that face was!


He lived with the pressure, a difficult routine, he probably might


have felt that he was approaching today able to pull back on


difficulty, when you have mucked up your first piece, you know you have


to go for it, haven't you? 14.5, Verniaiev looks in a bid of


amazement and says, I will have that! Now, thought of qualification


in his mind, this was his lowest peace in qualification. He will get


through, hopefully. Started strong on the single leg work, this is nice


to say, the flares with a spindle half turn. He is very square with


his hand position, that is a good sign of good pommel work. Really


interesting travel, so not only stylish but inventive. A little bit


of loss of form, brushing of the horse, so a little bit of strength


there. I think you should have done a pirouette on dismount, but I think


that will score better than his qualification. 13.366 for Ignatyev.


So there we have it, James Hall, confirmation, ahead of Verniaiev,


Casimir Schmidt in third. This is the third piece of apparatus


of six, so just a reminder, James Hall from Great Britain leading the


men's all-around competition. 5.4 on difficulty. Backward rise to the


Maltese. A little bit high, nice in the swing, double front, into the


Maltese. Nice in the double front, double


pike, linked well, back-up to the straddle planche. This is really


good, solid work, come on, James! Hang on. Locked out well in the


handstand, forward long swing, come on! Hang on! Backward long swing,


slight adjustment, but controlled it well. Double twisting double back,


get in, son, have some of that! Well, he has got just over half a


mark on Verniaiev. That was a great performance from James. 13.8, very


good FOI James Hall. Cracking competition so far. Davtyan, in


fourth at the moment. Just waiting for vault. This is a very important


piece of apparatus for Davtyan in fourth, this could catapult him into


the medals. And he is renowned on vault, beautiful twist, just


slightly offline. Lovely straight body, two and a half twists.


Handspring right up into the rafters. You can see why he is a


good vaulter. The score is in, 14.833, it is a very big score.


Well, Verniaiev now on rings, his third of six pieces of apparatus.


Currently in second place behind Great Britain's James Hall. Well,


that is a strong start, circles around to the Maltese, flat with the


rings, that is the position we are looking for, look at that, shoulders


and body level. And into the crucifix. This gymnast has it all on


this piece of apparatus, for me, strength and swing, double tuck,


double pike. Into crucifix, that is strong work. 6 difficulty, so one of


the stronger competitors. No mistake in the back-up rise. Locks out the


handstand. Swings forward, this is good, classy work, waits for the


dismount, double twisting double back, nails it! Verniaiev is on the


money! Well, that is why he is the current all-around European


champion, doing everything he can to try to retain that title. He is


fighting hard, he is not about to roll over. He might have made a


mistake previously, but this was beautiful work. 14.700 on the rings!


There you go, he has gone ahead of Great Britain's James Hall.


Confirmation that Davtyan leads halfway around, ahead of Verniaiev,


James Hall in third, with Ignatyev in fourth, Joe Fraser in seventh at


the moment for Great Britain. Artur Dalaloyan was leading at the


first piece of apparatus, dropped down to tenth, now in fifth, a score


of 14.900 in qualification, so we might see a score over 15 from him,


Dalaloyan with it all to do, his fourth piece.


Good round off, a triple twist, they don't come much better than that!


Goodness, we have seen gymnasts not quite get around, that was as clean


as a whistle. This guy is built for power, look at this, Yu can go,


blocks on, that will score big. 14.933, so very close to the 15


mark. Verniaiev qualified fourth for the vault final. Second place at


this piece of apparatus is over so, so quickly. He is such a slight


gymnast, but so explosive, and he needs to be today - double front


with the half turn, that was massive! That was how do answer


pressure. Wow! It just hit the roof, didn't it? We were talking about his


ability to spot the landings and what have you, but he gives himself


so much time in the air to perform his gymnastics. We will be back


there shortly for the score, but Davtyan is chalking up for P bars,


the current leader. Not one other stronger pieces of apparatus, he


will have to work extremely hard. Nice and blighted, the under


somersault, that is good work. -- flighted. We don't want to see any


bent arms on parallel bars. Somersault, a little bit of a hop


around, lift to handstand. That is the swing, half turn, full turn,


front up rise. Could just do with a little bit more pace, huge double


pike, and enough time to nail the lending role. Not the most difficult


piece of apparatus, but very, very clean, keeping the pressure on. He


scored 13.633 as far as qualification is concerned, he needs


to be up close to the 14s. Verniaiev, 14.700. Ignatyev was in


fourth going into this. Oh, a big move backwards! That was the


handspring double front without they half turn, so not such a high


tariff. 13.700, confirmation for Davtyan. To bring you up to date


with Joe Fraser. Lovely early release, caught on straight arms. He


is very good only apparatus, full twisting straight, Kovacs, one of


the most difficult moves you will see. And then in attack position,


times it beautifully. Long gymnast. Nice smooth one armed circle into


his close bar work. Pirouettes are good as well, he turns on top of the


bar. Winds up for the dismount, here it comes, two twists, double


straight. Wow. Very nice work indeed from Joe Fraser. He just hits you


with potential, when you watch like that, the style and flair on a piece


like Eibar, the British Eibar champion scored 13.8 00. -- I are.


This is how things stand at the rotation four with James Hall still


in the hunt for a medal. Come on, Verniaiev. World champion.


Yeah, this is your piece. Oh, just a joy to watch, two times European


champion on this piece of apparatus. He has done them all, European,


world and Olympic. And this is a lesson in parallel bar


work. Look at that, straight into handstand, arms locked out there,


somersault, half turn, to one bar, oh, he had to fight there, an


adjustment, but he has got the combination, the Healy turn. Very


difficult skill. Look at the height, the transfer from under two over the


bars, and again. Virtuoso performance. A little bit dished


through the swing on the Healy turn. Have to fight on the struts. Not


flawless, by any means, but it has got the difficulty, double front


half turn, replicates the vault. Well, the current leader goes


through, but how costly will those deductions be as far as his


execution is concerned? He managed to hang onto the difficulty. Well,


it was a very edgy performance, wasn't it? He struggles to lock out,


the whole idea is that you hit your position, hold it strongly, and he


made that hard work. So Ignatyev, the second gymnast in his group to


go up on parallel bars, he qualified with 14.2 33. Solid start, under


somersault into the dip out. Good, clean work on the under somersault,


beautiful combination, very difficult, front up rise into the


double back somersault, we don't see that. Again, from upper arm in


support, two double backs from two starting positions. Nice on the


swing, great control. Variety, front up rise oh, double front somersault,


high in the air, just lost control and landed! But beautiful parallel


bar work, really innovative. Yes, but he is just being a bit unsteady


on all his landings. So James Hall from Great Britain, two pieces of


apparatus left to go, two more chances to get up into the medals in


this men's all-around European final. Well, this is going to be the


test for him. His favoured peace, a little bit short on the under


somersault. Nice, clean, high flight there. A little bit of a leg split,


arching the back, and adjustment, come on, James. A bit of a in the


bottom on the Healy turn as well. -- a bit of a. That is better! High in


the straddle front, catches into the bent arms support, difficult skill,


nice lining handstand. Come on, keep going! Double front, lands it! Very


good! Oh it is on, I tell you what - it is on, goodness me, one more


piece of apparatus to go, and Chris, under that kind of pressure, I do


not know if he could have done it much better!


Well Joan James, he is a lovely guy. He was the reserve in 2015 and that


was a great performance. Fabulous, really thrilled for him. Just one


more piece to go, James, hang on in there! The next gymnast up is


Dalaloyan. James scored 14.16 6. Dalaloyan is just over a mark behind


Verniaiev. A strong start. That is good flight. Positive hand


placement. High in the front somersault. Clean catch. This is


good parallel bar work. Good extension. You see a few piking


that, but that was very solid. Accurate with the hand placements.


Straight up to hand stand. This is good work. Needs to hang on. Big


front up rise. A little adjustment. But well solid and constructed


routine. He is the last one in the pack to go. So we will get a good


idea of standings hopefully after that. He is a very impressive young


jam nas. -- gymnast. He creates lot of energy. Zippy! Is the word, yes!


So this is a big performance. Very big.


There is two pieces of apparatus to go for them. That was smooth. That


counts as your release and recatch. Nice turn. That was a little offhand


stand that shoot out. The half turn. Not so difficult. We haven't seen


any big releases. Here we come just a double twisting, double tap


dismount. Nicely performed but that will not carry so much difficulty as


many of the routines we have seen. And there was only just 0.1 between


him and James Hall in fourth. So James should go ahead of him. But


will he stay in fourth or can he get into the medals? We will find out


shortly. 13.16 6. He will drop way out there.


Davatyan has dropped into fifth. Looking good for James Hall.


This is the final rotation of men's European all-round final. Chasing a


medal. That was a good turn. Full twist in the straight somersault


over the bar. And in the tuck position. Super straight, swings out


well. Lovely turn on top of the bar. One arm circle, doesn't faulter in


the swing. But the pirouette was late. He has given a few marks to


the judges. Much cleaner that time. So here we go, big dispount, the two


twists. That was a strong challenge. He has laid down the gauntlet there.


My word. He has indeed. That is definitely the performance to beat


for a medal. Big on the difficulty, but also room for lots of execution


deductions. Didn't give much away on the dismount, did he? No. Ignatyev


there. Get the calculators out now. Now the final piece of apparatus.


13.4 to stay ahead. All of that training boils down to


this one routine. This all-round final. James Hall for Great Britain


going for a medal. You have go for it. Here you can see him start the


big series. Oh and he caught. Full twist in the straight position. He


has got another one of these. Without the twist this time. And


another with the twist. In the tuck shape. Must pirouette as well now.


Squat with the full turn. Has to show the different grips. He has


done that so far. The coach anxiously by. Full pirouette. Her


here comes the dismount. Double twist. Double straight. Well done,


James, wh a fantastic performance. All round six pieces. Wow! Really


hats off to you. Well, he wore his heart on his sleeve there. He went


all out and if you're going to go out and win yourself a medal, that


is how you do it. There is a couple of times his hand was on so late, I


thought he was off the bar. But yur right, hoe just went for -- but


you're right he went for everything. And he only needs 13.4 to go up


there. Relief. Job done. 14.1 for James Hall. Now Dalaloyan. This has


to be perfect to stay ahead of James. Lovely first recatch. Two


super somersaults over the bar. Just as on parallel bars, he is a gymnast


with lots of energy. Lovely turn in hand stands. Huge, straight. Extends


the feet behind him. Lovely full turn into the hand stand position.


Hop over the bar. He also is going for broke here. Lovely style, those


legs locked together. Turn into the forward grip. Swinging full turn.


Just needs a good, strong dismount. Here is comes, two twichs - twists


and a well landed dismount. You can see him relishing in that pressure,


which says a lot about him as a gymnast. So chasing Verniaiev, he


wants to stay ahead of James Hall as well. But what a competition he has


had. One slight hiccup in the middle. But your going to get that.


One last gymnast to go. 14.4 then for Dalaloyan. He has definitely got


silver, but James Hall is guaranteed a bronze. Fantastic. And I think


Verniaiev has got his work cut out here. So then the last gymnast, the


current all-round champion, looking to retain his title with this high


bar routine. He has had one difficult combination successfully


performed. Mixed grip. Swings out of it nicely. ? Hand stand, goes t


correct way. He maintains the swing so well. Once he relaxes a little.


He has been so tense today and edgy. Hen he relaxes, he is such a


well-timed gymnast. Come on here, make it to the clean dismount. Just


the step. This is going to be very tight. Yeah, he was 0.8 ahead of


Dalaloyan going into this. It is going to be close. But we think it's


-- enough. I think it is enough as well. He made an error on that turn


but managed to regrip his hand. We have watched some of the high bar


workers catching close. He understands how to work the high bar


and swing it. His in bar work is clean. Might not be his best piece,


but I think a well deserved European champion. A big deal to come to try


and retain that title. Maybe that was the reason why he wanted to keep


going. 14 scored. It is enough. He retains his title. As the finest


all-round gymnast in all of Europe. Even with the little adjustments, it


was a stylish routine. He just upped it a bit as well. But what about


that, James Hall, first major competition for GB, picks up a


bronze. Wait and see how Joe Fraser. At 19 might even be in the top ten.


What an outing for Great Britain. There is your top three. James


hasn't got a flag! Get up there, son. Just hold up your track suit


top! That will do! I'm not saying he wasn't expected to win! But that


will do. Confirmation of the results of the the all-round final.


If it was a man of the match, it has got to be Joe Fraser. I don't know


what he had or the breakfast. It must have been porridge. James Hall


at twenty one, gets his opportunity in is in men's all-round final and


he makes his mark with a bronze medal. I'm trying to compose myself,


I can't believe it. Third place, I have been to World Cups and I have


always hit fourth, fifth or sixth. To come to a European Championships


and do my best and come away third, it's... I can't get my head around


it. Sum up the season so far. Speechless. I'm speechless. Me and


James, it is our first senior major and this is not something we


expected to do. When we have come here and showed the whole of Europe


that we are about and what we are capable of. We are just so happy.


Looking further ahead, it is World Championship, no Max Whit lock, you


will think you have staked a claim to be in the team? 100%. They're


great gymnasts, but they have got their work cut out and I'm chasing


them. You can't stop me. A word from you, as the captain of the British


team, how proud you must be and what you think it means for James. Yes, I


think from start to finish he looked so calm and composed from every


apparatus and got stronger and stronger as the competition went on.


I think for him, this sort of competition is going to lift his


confidence and his motivation to get back in the gym. Do you think he has


needed that? He has been plugging away and this is his opportunity.


Now he needs to build on this. I've full faith he will. Beth, he is only


21. It feels like he has been around for a long time. But this could be


his chapter. He has always been there or thereabouts, but I just


think it the shows what a good position British gymnastics is in to


take out the big names and still have that strength in-depth. To come


home with a third and a fifth place and Joe is only 18. What do you


think it showed about Joe being there? From a competition and


composure perspective. To go from that junior to senior can be a big


leap and he has done it within 12 months and for some that can be


quite overwhelming to walk into a stadium and compete alongside the


likes of Verniaiev. He took it in his stride. He has that character


that is very chilled out. So I think that's played to his strength and he


has been able to go and do his routines as he does in the gym. And


Verniaiev, it is quite something to have no rest from Rio, to come out


and retain that title snoochlty he just - - He just keeps going and he


was under pressure and we saw that where he took the stumble. But he


took the title. James polls medal was relatively


unexpected, but Ellie Downie made history as the first British gymnast


to qualify for all the finals, a lot of pressure and expectation, this is


how she was feeling head of these championships.


I think I just go out there and feel quite confident in myself now, cos


we know how many routines we've done in the gym, how many times we have


competed, even if performances do not go to plan, you know that you


can do those skills but you just have to put everything aside and


concentrate on that, and definitely all these competitions have just


helped me go into every other competition. I have always been good


at vaults, so I think when I was about 13, I started doing dumb are


competing, and I'm 17 now, still doing the same vault, so I think


when I go into competition, it is totally second nature, I can just


relax. Well, not relax, but I know what I'm doing, I think about


sticking the landing. But yeah, vault is my special piece, really.


Ever since I was little, I have always done floor tumbles, four, and


we have gone down to three, we have upgraded it, my old first tumble is


now my second, so we have added some new ones, added a couple more


difficult leaps, and I have a new choreography for this year which I


really love, the crowd really get involved, and it is different for


me. I am not want to perform, as in like facial expressions and stuff,


and this time I have to work hard to get that in, and I think it


definitely helps, I think the judges and the crowd love it. After Rio, I


was not too pleased with my performances, they could have gone a


lot better, so probably for about a month I really shot off from


gymnastics and took a step back. But as soon as my coach was like, you


ready to come back in the gym? Yeah, I am, and I wouldn't say I enjoyed


it, but I was looking back to getting back to full fitness,


getting on the bars, and I did miss it when I wasn't in the gym. I would


probably say I have never enjoy the the -- enjoyed it more than I am


now. I worked really well with my coach, having Becky there is even


better, and I just think we are really into our training now, which


ain't smart, we train well, just to make sure we are as ready as we can


be for competitions. -- we train smart, we train well.


Got the green light, needs to be something powerful, attacks, yet


Janco, double twist, that is a cracking vault right down the


middle. Plenty of high corrupting, legs glued together, that is why she


was second in the all-around in the qualifications. Hands go quickly to


the platform, blocks of lovely and clean, two twists, textbook really,


not giving too much away to the judges. 14.600 from Kovacs. You can


see the determination in the eyes of Ellie Downie. Nice little smile, but


it is down to business. Last few words to herself, come on, Ellie,


powerful attack, double twist, what about that?! That has answered the


question! Slight adjustment on the landing but absolutely magnificent


vaulting. She blocks so well, dead straight arms, launches up into the


air, waits for the twist, really cleanly round. 14.566, she is in


second at the moment. Dos Santos from France, the gymnast has


qualified for the bars final, so she will make everything absolutely


right, this is their chance to get her all-around competition off to a


flyer. Dos Santos from France, seventh highest qualifier. Starts


well from the lower bar, transfers to the high, great stooping


Tkatchev, down to the low bar. Good in the handstand, back to the low


bar, got to squeeze the back, good turn there, and into the invert,


great half turn. Winds up to the dismount, can she hang on? Full


twisting double back! Well, what a guest mount! Superstar there on the


bars. Well, a very good bar routine, really showed a good variety of


skills. One moment in the middle, but she did well to pull it back,


Chris. She did indeed, she showed lovely inverse swings. Double


straight with full twist, one of the most difficult dismounts you will


see. Let's hope we are staying with Alice


on the floor, Christine, do you want to talk us through this?


LAUGHTER Come on, Alice! Come on, Alice! She


did it very well yesterday, just the same, please. Important spin coming


up, she needs to control this. That was good. And she starts with a


difficult combination tumble. Needs to focus hard, one and a half walk


out into the two and a half, nicely landed.


Now, this time a triple twist, one of the most difficult tumbles for


her. Cleanly done! Now, every gymnast has to include a


leap series, this is the leap series, jetee, change league half,


into the splits. These days they have to include a


forward somersault, just a little hop. Also has to include a double


somersault, which she has not done yet. So a big test here, needs to


land this double pike well. She does. Well done, Alice, that was a


great second piece! What a superb performance, and you have to


remember, up until a few days ago, Alice didn't realise she was going


to be here! So, I mean, she is doing incredibly well, when you consider


that, Chris! Yes, very proud of her, she came out at a moment's notice,


no warm up on the podium, just got stuck straight in. 12.800 for Alice


Kinsella's floor, happy with that, coach? The same as yesterday, so it


must be very consistent! Onto the leader of this competition at the


moment, Zsofia Kovacs, the first gymnast to go, Ellie Downie will be


next. So start on the lower bar, stoop in, Paul turn, a little bit


late, nice release. Down to the low bar, coach hovering, not needed.


Back up to the high bar, as do Path, little split of the legs, pipe


Jager, France somersault. -- front. Can she hang on for the dismount? A


little bit of a stumble on the landing, so that will cost her


slightly. But a very good routine. Plenty of difficulty. Felt a little


rushed for me, I don't know why, just forcing it? Do you know? I


don't think it helps to have the coach hovering, it makes you think


she is anxious about it, but a very nice stoop half, changes to its


travel position for the dismount, up into a very nice high full twisting


double back. Still in the lead, Kovacs, 14.333. And now it is the


turn of Ellie Downie. Only four pieces of apparatus, this is the


second one. Needs to hold her nerve. Opting to start on the lower bar,


nice hop in the handstand, stoop on half turn. Great tip there to the


high bar, straight into the clear circle Tkatchev, big, difficult


routine. Full turn, into another Tkatchev, straight to the low bar,


working well, good in the handstand, there is the half turn, back to the


top bar, come on, Ellie! Hold an! Kicks for the dismount, double


layout, well done indeed! Very, very strong! Well, she was in second


going into this performance. Well done, Ellie! Yes, very, very


determined throughout that. I mean, for me it didn't feel like she was


in any doubt of coming off there. She has really pleased this routine


together well, and she has got a routine that she is comfortable


with, really. She is not always so confident on the pirouette skills,


which is what his sister is particularly good at, and they have


just put one in near the beginning, but that this mount is lovely. --


dismount. She is in second half way round. Thorsdottir now, a gymnast


with quite a bit of experience at 18 years old, 12th in the last


all-around competition here at the Euros. Good line in the handstand on


the low bar, lovely from the hide to the low. Handstand nice, transfers


with the half turn, full turn into the handstand, very clean.


Forward long swing into the straddle France somersault, that is the


Jager, back into the handstand. Oh, out of alignment, I think she caught


the bottom bar, that just stopped the momentum for that backward long


swing. She had done all the hard work, this was a relatively simple


link. You looked at the commitment, she was driving through that


routine, and it seems so out of character, that moment. Yes, very


out of character, because she is a precise gymnast, you can see. Well,


she was in third, but I'm afraid, after that,... That is a mark


straightaway, back onto the bars for the dismount, a bit late now, but


full twisting double back in the tuck position. Well, what a shame


for that routine, because after that point, beautiful and elegant. Very


much so, and you can see on her face and her coach's face, it is so easy


to do, you do the difficult stuff, you think, right, I am there, then


something catches you out. Even the easiest thing is difficult if you do


not pay attention to it. How do you train for that moment? Hopefully


they do and when they are quite young, and you say, remember this


day, you will not finish until you are finished, do not pledge of


concentration go until you are sitting on the seat waiting for the


score. 12.366 is the result of that, 15 years old, Eremina from Russia.


Starting on the top bar, straight into handstand, must be something


big. Huge straight Tkatchev, down to the lower bar. Back up, a little bit


of daylight split on the half turn, but look at the handstand line, that


is good. Nice and pace, I into the front, Jager somersault. That looked


available later from this angle, dismount will come. Well, classy bar


work. Very classy, that is the skill of the championships, the straight


Tkatchev here. This is the stoop, and if you do not put your feet on,


so it is a stoop, that goes at a level for everything. That was a


nice dismount, wasn't it? Eremina 14.3. Into third. This


confirmation as it stands, half way round. Not much room between the top


two. First up Great Britain, Ellie


Downie, currently in second place. This the third piece of four. Just a


quiet start. She needs to get her rhythm and keep it.


Very nicely through the first somer salt with the split jump. This is


the skill that is so hazardous. Yes, she has nailed it. There is still


plenty to do. Needs to focus on this leap series. Change leg. Change leg


half. And here another very difficult skill, double spin. Oh,


well done Ellie, she held on there! You have to join two acrobatic


skills. This is our back flip and lay out. Again, she is fighting. Two


jumps. One more acrobatic. The free cartwheel Just building for the


dismount. Big focus. Make the round off, plant the feet. Two and a half


twists. What a great finish. That was excellent. She could have fallen


off that double spin as easy as easy. She probably limited it to a


0.5 deduction. She fought every step of the way there and she wasn't


giving that away. She knows she is very much in contention for a medal.


Absolutely. Oh, my word! 13.06 6 and it goes into the lead at the moment.


Oh, my word. One piece to go. Floor left for Ellie Downie. Down to the


others now. It is and you know she has thrown that down to them.


Watching the young French gymnast. A step out of floor! Don't seem to


have the music. That is because this was happening just moments ago with


Dos Santos on floor. Another unsteady landing.


That was a bit low. That is the sort of deduction the judges will make if


a leap is a bit low. Straight font, full twisting front. This is very


popular this spin in the crouch position as well. You have to


include at least three spins and leaps in the eight moves. Super


double tack, that was her best landing of the routine.


Kim Bui is next to go. Made the bars and the floor finals.


She 12.7 in qualification. Very experienced gymnast. Using a very


difficult mount. Back flip and Sommer saument. --


somer salt. That is our acrobatic series done. Many gymnasts opting


for that as a series. Two leaps. They have to join the two leaps. And


include the full spin. Passage of dance down on the beam.


Another requirement. Such a test of balance and


consistency. So important to do every move exactly the same. Each


time. Little wobbles. Those are all the marks that add up, the little


wobbles are deducted from the 10 execution score. And a relatively


quiet dismount. A straight gainer off the end. Much more difficult


than it looks, because you have to travel away. A fighting performance.


But she will be happy that she finishes without a fall.


So Eremina, in third at the moment. Oh, and she is off straightaway. And


I'm always amazed when you're such a beautiful gymnast as she is that you


use that big mount. Because, look, that is beautiful work. A mount like


that is so difficult. Just a little hesitation there. But what a shame.


She really is so classy. All the technique is correct. You know, she


has dead straight legs. Toes pointed. She is beautifully supple,


so her hips are square. Well I'm not sure they would count that, though I


was hoping she was hoping for it to be called a full turn and a jump. It


was a half and a half turning on the beam. Nice splits leap. She is edgy.


Not surprisingly, because having had a fall. There is the change leg leap


and the split dump that didn't actual -- jump that didn't actually


hit splits. Disappointing performance. Still a lot of very


good work and now a big dismount. Lovely triple twist to finish.


Beautifully performed. But the damage was done at the beginning.


Such a difficult mount to the beam. I like the mount, but you say packed


with difficulty. There is the layout. Acrobatic series, more


precise on that and you wonder, start with something simpler and


build up. She has got the work there and then it made her a bit edgy for


the rest of the performance and stands up, big dismount, triple


twist. This is is where it will hot up. Kovacs, when you think of the


next piece of apparatus and Downie has a half a mark up on difficulty.


A mark from qualification. So she is going to have to pull something out


of the bag here. Pressure is really on this routine. The leader then.


And nice quiet mount. Gets herself on to the beam. Lovely free walk


over. Strong. Change leg quarter. Showing the side ways piece of dance


that all the gymnasts have to include. Little pause. Back flip and


lay out securely done. Oh, a little shy on that change leg half. You


have to show the splits. Very nice side somersault. She floated that.


Quite a classical gymnast. And good free cartwheel. Very nice


technically. We haven't seen any big major skills here. Up for the


dismount. Good strong double tuck. She didn't give much away, but the


start score will not be massive. Ellie scored 13.06 for beam. So keep


your eyes peeled. In qualification her difficulty was 5.1. 13. 466 is a


big score. Keeps her in the lead at the moment. Ahead of Ellie Downie.


Alice has moved up now into sixth place.


Interesting stuff. This 0.667 between first and second at the


moment. We join Kim Bui in fifth. This her floor routine. Strong,


powerful gymnast. Super double straight opener.


Just a double tuck in the middle. Going for safety.


The leap series. And she whips that extra half turn in well.


And the two and a half twist, fulfilling the requirements.


Out to the corner, smoothly into this final tumble. This is a clean,


confident routine. Very good, Kim Bui. Well 13.16 6 in qualification.


5.2 on the difficulty. She has the got the power and the tumbles. Happy


with that in fifth. She has qualified for floor. If you like


that routine, you can see it again. Watch the tumble here. Plenty of


power. Big tumble, double straight. For any jam -- gymnast an expressive


routine and a confident performance and power at the end. That is the


second tumble. The double tuck. I think this is the double pike to


finish. Nice and high. 13.4 for Kim Bui. Just a reminder, Kovacs was


leading and Downie was in second and Eremina third. So on to the gymnast


in third place. Eremina from Russia. Qualified third for the floor final.


Can she get up to second with this? Well landed, full twisting double


back. The judges will deduct for that. They will probably credit. But


a nice split on the leap. One and a half, the walk out. Into the two and


a half. Really well performed. Got that easy style. A big long


pause. Big tumble coming up. Double tuck. And a step out of the floor.


Well not so completely secure, but it Wurz very elegant -- was very


elegant, nicely performed. Bui the gymnast behind her scored 13.4. That


was a good high score. Certainly applies the pressure. Eremina 13.3.


This is Christine's gymnast, I am sure you feel a long way away from


her sitting here in Manchester! I do, one more piece. I am going to


let you do this, Christine, come an! She needs to hit a good handstand,


she does, needs to turn with control. Oh! I cannot think the last


time she missed that in competition. Such a long time. What a shame. Cos


no she doesn't have a forward element either, so that is a big


shame, because she has worked on all her difficult pieces. Well, emotions


will be running high for her right now, I am so sorry, Chris. No,


goodness, that is sport, she did it beautifully yesterday to qualify,


she probably has also seen where she lives. Flight down to the low bar,


legs locked together, smoothly up to the high bar, beautiful handstand,


shapes, actually. Into a nice double pike, good landing, such a shame,


because she just went for the arm stretch and missed it, but she has


had a great championships. Now it is the turn of Zsofia Kovacs, who is


leading this competition as it stands. She scored 12.837 in


qualification. This is her bid for a gold medal.


Elegant, quiet start, nice full turning jump.


Good strong double straight somersault.


Full twisting double back, it is all in there.


Just a relatively simple spin but cleanly through the loops. Full


twisting front. Relatively simple, but it has to be included, the


forward somersault. Needs this big final tumble, double


tag, it is a good landing. -- tuck. Well, you have to say this young


lady has been very consistent, very calm, very controlled in all of her


performances today. And very cleverly constructed routines as


well, it means she hangs onto a good amount of difficulty but can execute


them beautifully, this is going to be a tough challenge to beat.


13.033, so she is the gymnast to beat for Ellie Downie, who will be


next to go on for. She needs more than 13.570 to go ahead of Eremina


and steel that bronze. A bit of pressure, can she do it? It is going


to be the double twist Yurchenko. Oh, beautiful height there! Just


over cook sit a little bit, but super flight on the top of that


vault, wraps in for the double twist, huge bounce back, such a


spread knee, dynamic gymnast, Christine. She really is, so much


height and flight, she almost cannot control it. Dos Santos goes up into


second. And up Ellie goes. She has got to go for broke. Easy leap. Come


on, Ellie, big first tumble! Double twisting double tuck, lands easily.


And this is the difficult tumble that is essential, the one one half


walk out into the double Arabian. A little stutter, but she holds on.


Come on, Ellie! Big tumble, double pike, puts her feet down


beautifully. Here is the big leap to finish.


Well, a grade from a routine, you can see the emotion there. -- well,


a great floor routine. Do you know what? She fought, and the two steps,


it was a good compromise, to be fair. She has really held that


emotion in and harvested today, very good performance. Look at that!


Ellie Downie has done it! She is the new all-around European champion!


She makes history as the first gymnast ever from Great Britain to


take gold in an all-around European gymnastics final!


European champion Elissa Downie! I actually have no words, that was


one of the hardest competitions I have done, I was quite tired from


yesterday, so to come back out and do my routines, I felt different


this time, the bars went well, but was shaky, and then floor, I tried


to nudge them and not watch anybody else's routine, just focus on my


own. After my second tumble pass, I wasn't sure, but I would have been


happy with second. When the score came through, I was speechless, I


don't have words. What did your sisters say to you? She was


speechless as I am, she just said, massive well done, she had my mum on


face time with my brothers and sisters, it is a massive thing, I


didn't realise how massive it was. Well, it will settle in, but what a


title, we have talked at length about the fact that this is the


first time that a British gymnast, male or female, has meddled like


that, got gold in the all-around, what does it mean, to break the fact


that it has never happened before? It is massive, she had qualification


the days before, the girls had a tough qualification schedule, she


competed late in the afternoon, then do all four pieces. She also


qualified first, so looking at the medal table, I could be stood on the


podium. A lot of the pressure will have come from within her, she


wanted to replicate. She had a tough build-up to the competition,


nationals a couple of weeks ago, she landed short. She had to take a bit


of time off to rest. So to go out and perform, you could see the


relief, every time she did a piece, OK, one down, move onto the next. We


will have another look at her floor routine, chasing for the whole


competition. She was, but we knew she had a powerful floor routine


which she has upgraded this season, great to see the first tumble,


double back with double twist, hugely difficult. Then the fact that


her second tumble is what most people cannot even use as their


first, one and a half in two double Arabian is difficult enough on its


own. When you are very familiar with! To second, she was going for


the landing, you saw her stagger back, and she spoke about it in the


interview, she was thinking, have I done enough? Budget has got the


composure to carry on and really sell this routine. -- but she has


got. She seems to really enjoy performing it. It seems, I don't


know what you think, Kristian, but psychologically, the fight within


her, it is really going to help going forward, competing with the


Americans, for example. Absolutely, she is already performing way above


her age category, only 17 years old, a lot of people forget that. She


went out, that was the last apparatus, at the two days of


training, there will be mental and physical fatigue, and she has got


the grit between her teeth to pick herself up, keep pushing, keep


fighting, and I think, the way that she can carry on training, if she


can keep on top of it, she has mentioned about the training, a good


back at home, with her coach and his sister, if she stays on top of that,


I think the sky is the limit. And we have to talk about Alice Kinsella,


who finished tenth and fell, and she wasn't expecting to even be part of


the European Championships. No, she was back at home, she missed the


podium training, which for most gymnast is the opportunity to get


used to the equipment. She literally flew out, 30 seconds on each piece,


made the all-around final, then went into it with nothing to lose, and


her performances really showed this. It was a real shame to have that


fall on bars, but the fact that she got back up and finished the


routine, you can see it here, very little deduction, credit to her


strength of character, to be able to do that. And maybe without that


fall, she could have finished around fifth place, but she was there


because of an absence with Amy Tinkler, so do you know what is


happening with Amy? So she is back in the gym training, she had some


time-out after Rio, a bit like Max has done, but she's not quite back


to full fitness, so she decided to stay at home, get the training. The


World Championships, for most of these girls, is the big game. The


Europeans is a nice stepping stone, but it is better to stay at home and


get fully fit, get out to Canada at the end of the year. It is nice that


gymnasts can make the selectors think, all exciting stuff! So having


crowned the all-around champions, it is now time for the specialists to


show what they can do out in Transylvania. The top eight gymnasts


after qualification are competing in each of the apparatus finals, and


qualifying for the men's floor for Great Britain is another new face,


Dominick Cunningham. What is your experience been like in


Romania so far? I thought it would be a massive difference, being at


the European Championships, I always here it is different, but it does


always been the same, my boys, my coach, come out, do your job, go


back and rest. It has been nice, it has been really good. You seem to be


quite outgoing, because when you do well, it looks like you know about


it! That is right! All the hard work that we have put in, it is nice to


see it pay and the day, lots of different changes, even the day


before, having to change things a tiny bit, different speeds, so it


has been nice to watch it come off in competitions. What is it like, in


the last few years, it must have been tough watching other people


being in the team? I have been fighting for this position for a


long time, getting World Cup medals on floor and vault, it is all about


making progress, this experience, it just shows that I am on this stage,


I have got this opportunity, and I need to grab it. So that is what I


have done yesterday, I am in the finals now, no more games, I am 21,


I am not in the sport for ever. Dominick Cunningham for Great


Britain opens the floor final. Dominick Cunningham, Great Britain.


Can he hold the nerve? First tumble, it will be big, double twisting,


double back in the straight position.


One and a half twists, into the double twist. Really powering in the


difficulties. Double twisting, double back, again in the tuck


position. Just that slight adjustment on landing, but going


well so far. High into a double front. That is a very difficult


skill to land. Down into the circle work. We see this on the pommel


horse. Known as the Russian Wendy. They have to hold two seconds.


Works well. Two and a half twists, into the one and a half. Great


connection. Come on Dominic, hold on! Into the triple twist, takes the


landing well. Dominic Cunningham, what a start. There is his coach Lee


Walls, applauds a very good start. Such a dynamic, spatially aware


gymnast. This was a good balance of difficult work and good landings.


Really nicely done. The triple twist at the end, so clean and so well


landed. 13. 14.3. A defendanty -- difficulty


of 6. Artem Dolgopyat, 20 years of age


from Israel. Second gymnast. Powerful double front somersault


with the half turn. Difficult opening tumble. Full twist into the


two and a half. That wasn't just round. So that will be a big


deduction. Much better there. Double twisting, double back. A bit of a


nrvey start. -- nervy start. That's better. Two and a half into the


double twist. One and a half into the one and a half with ease. It


looked like a bit of a stumble there. Down into the circle. Swing.


There is the sound. Final tumble. Got to hold the concentration.


Stands up, trim twist. Difficult routine. But there were errors. Just


a bit of a nervy performance. He has got some lovely qualities though.


Difficult for these young gymnasts. It is a difficult format. Straight


out with no warm up and huge tumbling. This hand spring with the


half turn, that was a fabulous opening landing. He got a little


more anxious as time went on. This was the step back and the step out.


He tried to recover it. Only a 0.1 for stepping out. That is where the


marks go. Certainly got the difficulty, 6.3 in qualification.


6.3 again. A 14.333. He goes into the lead ahead of Dominic


Cunningham. Shatilov from Israel, second Israeli gymnast in the final.


Known as the tall one, six foot. Oh, very good opening tumble. Double


pike, front somersault with half turn. Good in the twist there. Two


and a half into the double twist. Gymnasts allowed to combine two


tempo elements. Better there. That is the double twisting, double back


in the tuck position. Nice combination. 30 years of age and


showing all of his experience. Very clean double twist. Locked those


feet together in the Wendy swing. Going well so far. That is the


sound, the final tumble. Can he hold on? Full twisting double back with


ease. He's happy with that one. What a performance from Shatilov on the


floor. As you said, showing all his experience there. Knows all about


this format, having to control the bounce of floor. Thrilled with that


performance. And there's the fist tumble. That was quite a low


landing. He had to hop forward at the end of it. But that was really


the only landing that was low. Super combination, three somersaults in a


row. Hops the heels together there. Lovely and precise in the shape. Off


his hands. Lifts up into the air. Very impressive final tumble. Full


twisting double back. He was happy with that. Qualified in third place.


The door's open now. Well he's happy with that. That puts him into the


lead. A 6 difficulty, but the highest execution so far. 8.4. Home


crowd favourite, Dragulescu, the most experienced gymnast in the


competition. 36 years of age. Such a power chl gymnast. Double


front, half turn to start. Rebounds out the floor. Into the twist


combination with ease. Linking three skills together.


Full, into the two and a half. Making it look easy. Lift to hand


stand. His first Olympicing in 2000 - Olympics in 2004. Good there.


Stands up, triple twist, shoulders high on the landing. One of the most


difficult routines you will see in the final. A full twist into a one


and a half. He is going for broke. Qualified in second place. He needs


to hang on. If he is going to add another title. Come on! Double


twisting, double back, just that little adjustment on landing, but


what a routine from this 36-year-old. Fantastic. He has lost


none of that power and enthusiasm for the sport. That was a great


performance. Actually there is his old team mate who is now the


national coach. That proves how old he is. What about that? Lovely


technique. Nigh travels on those twisting tumbles. And his landing


was so secure and strong. Have to hold that balance. Which he does


beautifully. And the final tumble of double twisting double back to


finish with is very impressive. Nadia Komenech there. He is the only


gymnast apart from her to win four European gold medals. He may beat


her if he gets one here. He will make history for Romania. And he has


done it. 14.5. Top score today. A 6.2 in difficulty. Well, that's made


it all worthwhile for Romania. What a great performance from Dragulescu.


This young man is something special. Dimitri Lankin from Russia. Keep


your eyes open. The new kid on the block. He is 20 years of age. Stands


up. A triple back somersault, yes, that is three somersaults on the


floor, the highest difficulty you can get. Good in the twist. Three


and a half full twist, a bit snatched on the full. There we go


again. A little adjustment on the landing. This is the most difficult


routine of the finalists. Double Arabia with half out.


Wide arm. Japanese hand stand. He has got so much power. Straight


front into a double front. Good combination. Triple twist. Little


adjustment. It might have been the most difficult, but it has certainly


not been the cleanest for me. But what an exciting performer. Well,


the best triple back on the floor area I have seen. Really something


special. This young generation of Russians look very exciting. Not


quite the finished article at the moment, but wow, he is going to be.


He is going to be difficult to beat in the future. Just count the somer


salts, one, two, three and he just made it look like he had done a


standing tuck back at the finish. Super three and a half twist into


front full. Just a little stutter. Really super work. He is very good


at twisting. But those landings weren't quite so secure. That is


where the marks will be thrown away. His difficulty score will probably


be the highest. But will his E score? I doubt it. Good finish. 14.


466. Puts him into second. Execution down in the 806. But it was a


special routine. And Romania take their first medal of this


Championship. Marian Dragulescu, 37, still got all the power and the


enthusiasm for the sport. Gold medallist. So Dragulescu takes the


gold. Really such a high level final. That


was fantastic. Your first senior major final? It was fantastic. I did


another good job. A few landings not out of control, but it was great and


did a good job for the team and I'm happy to walk away from qualifying


in eighth to coming into fifth and only two tenths off a gold. You have


got the vault tomorrow. Confident about that? Yes, I'm excited to get


out on to vault, knowing how I enjoyed it and the crowd were behind


me. I like being out there. I'm looking forward to being so close to


a medal. I hope to start grabbing the medals. The crowd went crazesy


when Dragulescu got the gold? Yes when you're doing your routine it is


silent and it is just the way to control it. It felt like I was at


home in the gym. When he got gold it was fantastic to see it. He is 37 I


believe, so he is still going. Hopefully that is what I will be in


a few years with that gold medal as well. Let's hope so. That is the


thing, getting fired up and you don't know how you're going to


compete when you get into the arena. If you can add that extra spark and


fire? I think Dragulescu has been known


for that, you could see from his celebration, you can see how much it


means to them, the crowd loves, Romania loves sin, so to be coming


away at his age as European champion, absolutely incredible,


what an ambassador for the sport. Kristian, you won that title back in


2015, you are 28, whom doing it again now at 37, 36, 37, that is


some accolade. It really is, and full credit to him, it is is her


lifestyle, you have to make sure you are eating correctly, having the


right sleep, your family life is correct. Everything about it would


revolve around gymnastics. All those details matter, they all add up to


those big performances. Full credit to him to be able to not just train


but do every little detail, pay attention to those details, and that


is why he is still where he is, at that top level. We talked a little


bit about the changes in the code, the chapel backs and everything, we


get the chance to see that, and Dmitrii Lankin does not even start


in the corner of the floor when he does this. It is just incredible, to


see tumbles like this, you hope the younger gymnasts will look up to


those skills and think, obviously, with that difficulty comes risk, can


you nail the landings? We were just chatting about the difference in the


floor final, the difference was whether you took a step or not.


Obviously, the floor has drastically changed, even in the last five or


six years, it is more bouncy, so you will see bigger skills coming in. Is


there a possibility of a quad? He had a lot of hype there, he might


have practised it. I am 100% certain he will have done it at some point,


training into the foam pit. The way that the sport is going, the way it


is moving forward, everyone is trying to move the sport on, make it


more appealing to the crowd, so no doubt, somewhere in the near future,


there will be a quad coming in. The mind boggles, it really does! Still


lots more finals to come for you this afternoon, most of which


involve Ellie Downie, and the next challenge is vault. She was superb


yesterday, she got a great start in the all-around competition, there we


go, look, plenty of height, just what you need to get the competition


off to a flying start. She is no stranger to the vault medal podium


at the European Championships, winning silver last year.


Representing Netherlands, Volleman. And most gymnasts opting for their


favoured vault first, this is the double twisting straight Yurchenko.


Powers down the runway, two twists, a little bit and tidy on the legs,


but lots of height, chest was well up on landing. A little bit and tidy


with the feed, a little adjustment on landing. Good height, and that is


what they look at, blocking from the top, a bit of a split in the feed,


down for landing. Beautiful straight arm block, which is what gives her


the hide in the air and the time for the twists. 14.400 for Tisha


Volleman, first vault. Here comes the second vault, 5.2. Remember, has


to be the forward entry this time, she went on backwards last time.


Same powerful run, the halve turn, the straight front, halve turn,


nicely done, down the middle. Really efficient vault by this young


gymnast. Very powerful round off, there is the half turn, good contact


with the hands, well within the zone. Super second vault. Really


does block from the top. If anything, just a little bit and tidy


with the feed on both vaults. Yes, but much better with direction,


confident landing. We have to keep our eye on the screen to see if they


show the second vault and the average all in one. An average of 14


plus, 13.967 in qualification. I think that might well have been


better, that was really good. So second vault, 14.100 gives an


average of 14.125, Tisha Volleman is the current leader in this women's


vault final. Elissa Downie, Great Britain! Next on to vault,


representing Great Britain, it is Ellie Downie. Well, we saw her


perform fantastically yesterday, as she got enough in the locker to do


it again today? Really good power, but for hide and left, lovely


landing, no doubt about it at all. -- beautiful height and lived.


Beautiful double twist, she has enormous power and style. The judges


making their assessment. This is the best block so far for me, legs and


feet she absolutely went for broke on that landing, and I think the


legs went a little bit. Anybody else would have buckled, but it just


proves the determination. Double twist, solid first vault for Becky


Downie. Ellie Downie, sorry, in the excitement! So that was her


favourite vault, the one she used for the all-around competition. And


you are doing four pieces of apparatus, you only need to do one


vault, only in the finals do you need to do two. The score for the


first vault, 14.4 00. So this also will be the half turn, and needs to


show control and commitment here. Big round off, turns along, blocks,


lovely straight body shape, super vault, that really was classy. GB


supporters in the crowd. Showing some real consistency now in her


gymnastics, look at this, so powerful, have turn, handspring


blocks, plenty of time to spot the flaw. The locked together, legs


straight. -- feet locked together, legs straight. Good body shape,


Chester well up. Well, it was tough to come out here, not too long,


certainly less than 24 hours after creating history. 14.350 average for


Ellie Downie, moves into first place.


The Hungarian gymnasts have been very good at these championships so


far, this looks determined, powerful, strong, lovely double


twist, legs crossed a little bit, which the judges will deduct four,


but bags of energy and flight. Here we go, we can see again, really


blocked off the top, probably the highest double twist we have seen so


far, certainly got the height. As you said, Chris, just a little bit


of a split on the feet, so the judges will pick that up, a little


hop on the landing. Judges looking for height, flight and length. I


think most of the ladies are doing the double twist Yurchenko in this


final. Yes, to be a serious contender these days, you need to be


at least double twisting this vault. They get such good flight off the


top. The score comes in for Devai, Hungary, 14.400 for the first vault.


So far, it is the second vault that has divided the gymnasts. Very


similar scores for the first vault for them all so far. Really attacks,


oh, and that was a very nice vault as well, half turn, straight shape


in the air, they are delighted with that. Absolutely delighted!


This was exceptionally well performed, executed better, in my


mind, than the first vault, straight down the middle, good block, she


really does contact the top of the horse well, and transfers that into


height, which gives you a lot more time to spot the landing and have


less deductions. Beautiful straight body shape in the air. So moves into


second place, 14.317 average for Devai from Hungary. Next up,


representing Russia, Maria Paseka. This is the gymnast with the


pedigree and the big vault, although starting with the quieter one, half


turn on, straight front, not the best of what we have seen today. She


started with the slightly less difficult vault, she has been


training a very difficult to land a half twist Yurchenko in training,


although she did not compete it in finals. -- two and a half twist. Of


big legs split on the half turn, then the pike down and the step to


the side. We have seen her perform vault better than that. You can see


somebody in the crowd was thinking exactly the same! And I think that


is a vault she struggles with, even though it is the easier one, she has


opted to get it out of the way first while she is fresh. But going for


the big second vault. Olympic medallist on vault. Watching


anxiously for the score to come in. Well strapped ankles, hips. Wrists.


Wrists. Score comes in, Maria Paseka, 14.033 for the first vault.


So she has posted the 5.8 difficulty, this is the two and a


half twist in straight somersault off the vault. Flips, lifts, two and


a half twists, and she makes it, a little stutter backwards, but a


clean landing, cleanly through the twists. Lots of relief in the


Russian camp there. It is a big vault, this, highest


difficulty, Yurchenko, blocks, two and a half twists, deep in the


landing, still with the legs split, did very well to save the landing


there. 14.412 in qualification, so she needs every bit of that if she


wants to take the vault title. Current leader is Ellie Downie, 14.3


50. You saw the judges there with their pencils, writing down the


deductions they can see. Obviously, she can afford to have more


deductions because the tariff is higher. It was out of 15.8, that


vault, so the deductions are taken off that 15.8. Of the score comes


in, not good enough today, average of 14.283 points Paseka into third


place. So representing France, Coline Devillard. And we have seen


great work from the French gymnasts this championships, and a super


handspring straight front with one and a half twists, lovely vault


there. Lovely vaulting there. Little tiny


gymnast compared to the others. But loads of power. Certainly packed


with power. Look at that huge block off the top. Wraps in, one and a


half twists, straight down the middle. Combination of two vaults.


These are the highest scoring vaults, difficulty-wise in this


final. Should score well. And the coach giving her a bit of advice for


the second vault. Full of passion and advice, you can see from the


practice she is probably going to flip on for this one. These gymnasts


showing good variety of vault. We have seen a huge hand spring vault.


The score is big 14.6. Second vault. Well, if she can watch this second


vault too the first, she's in with a shot. Political party on. Double


twist. A little bit wild. But a very good vault. That could, that could


be a winning vault. Don't sit on the fence Christine! She's even done a


celebration dance. They must do that in France as well. A double twist


and such a powerful vault from a little gymnast. If anything, arms a


little bit skewed on the top. But with that big first vault of 14.633.


I think this is good enough to go into first place. She posted the


highest score of anybody for the first vault and that was a second


vault equal in value, which no one else has managed to produce. The


coach seems to think she has done enough. There we have cop firm -


confirmed 14.467. To Devillard of France. Just 17, will be crowned the


European vault champion. And huge scenes of emotion here and quite


interestingly France, Great Britain and Hungary on the podium again.


Exactly the same as in the all-round. Difficult gymnasts, but


they're the countries making the noise here. Ellie Downie had to wait


until the end. Held first place until the last gymnast. But she


knows that the French girl had a higher tariff second vault and that


is really what made the day. Here is the moment then that Ellie


Downie gets medal No 2 and remember, she qualified for every single


final. So she must be feeling pretty exhausted. More from her at bars


final to come. Let's reflection on the vault final. We saw the majority


of them opting for the same vault. Yes and I think that is what


separated the French girl out. She had the first vault that was higher,


that gave her the edge. The Russian girl for second did try and had


those staggers back. Christine, as a world vault medallist, yourself, how


do you prepare yourself for that second vault. Both have to be


different. They must feel different. Yes, I think from my own experience,


no matter whether the vault was good or bad, you have to compose


yourself. There is a lot of anxiety to get started and perhaps rush on


the technique. So I found it helpful to think about the basics, think


about one thing you have got to do right and clear your mind. Well it


worked for Devillard. Without the presence of Lewis Smith or Max


Whitlock, it is no surprise the other pommel horse workers in Europe


are relishing the opportunities. It has been nine years since a British


gymnast hasn't been in the pommel final. But the Hungarian Christian


Berki is back. Here is how the top eight got on.


First gymnast. Starts with the single leg work. Picks up that.


That's the double leg circle. Good extension. The hips above the horse.


That builds the difficulty. The flop series. Into hand stand. Keeps the


momentum going. This is difficult work. Good difficult work between


the handles. That is a Russian circle. Travelling backwards again


on the end. On again. Travels forwards. If the gymnasts are


slightly skewed, the hand back, there is a deduction. But working


well, into the hand stand pirouette. A good start. That was a good


routine from Merdinyan from Armenia. It is always nervy to be the first


person. But he did well. He controlled the nerves. He kept his


rhythm. That was a very good opening performance. The only thing I can


see there is the deduction for his shoulders not being in line. The


skewing is I was talking about, something the judges are picking on,


and that will be 0.3 for every circle. So he has the difficulty.


It's the execution. His difficulty was 6 ppt 1 in qualification. --


6.1. So a different set of judges now. At big championships like this,


you have different set and the judges will have to be countries


without people in the finals. 14.833. Good execution. That is a


big score to set down for the first performer.


Great Russian gymnast. Very compact gymnast. Straight into the hand


stand. Interesting one handle work there. That is the flop sequence


that brings difficulty. Really difficult work. Full spindle. Notice


how he keeps the momentum going. Feet locked together. Travelling


backwards. Height above the pommel and the hips. That is good. No


problems there. Pirouette in the hand stand.


David Belyskiy does well. He has not contested the all-round. But he has


been the leader of the Russian team for the past few years. That was a


signature move on the one arm. Lovely style. You can see the


extension through the hips. Holds the body out. Technically a very


good gymnast. Swings smoothly up into the hand stand. That is what


you want to see for the dismount. The coaches are happy. If you can


keep your coaches happy, then you have done all right. Certainly if


you were my coach, I wouldn't want to upset you! But he picked up a


silver in the 2016 Europeans. He is going to have to work hard to push


Berki today. 15.1 puts him into first. He is very happy with that


performance. And here the master of the pommel


horse. Won everything. Tremendous pommel horse worker from Hungary,


Christian Berki. 5'10". Six European titles. Three world titles and the


Olympic champion from 2012. Extension, separation on that single


leg work. Superb. Picks up into the double circles. Working the one


handle. And again. Great extension. Feet locked together. Russian circle


between the handles. Down to the end and travels along the horse. A


master at work. Forward travel. Magyar into the back toward travel,


up into the hand stand. Well, that is how you do a pommel routine.


Berki from Hungary. Absolute class. Beautiful style. Beautiful line.


Swings with such a good, straight body. A tall gymnast. It is more


impressive when you can see how long he is. 15.2 in qualification.


Certainly looked good to me. And we have a long line of traditional good


pommel workers. Talk about the move the Magyar travel, performed by


Magyar from Hungary many years ago. Interestingly his difficulty score


was below that of Belyavsskiy in qualifying. It was executed superbly


and I think that should go into the lead. Pretty confident on that. But


how much? Could be European title No 7. You don't have to be a pommel


expert to notice class and style of his work. From the start with the


single leg separation. To the tempo of the routine. The judges... There


is six of them. Two counting the defendanty. -- difficulty. Four


evaluating the mistakes. And it's second for Berki. A 9 in execution.


6.2 in difficulty. A bit below. The winner is David Belyavskiy. There


was some confusion over why Berki didn't get the gold there and if you


could see on the graphic it said there was a penalty of 0.3, because


he didn't start within the time aloud at the beginning. And give


everybody an idea, you have a green light. Your name comes up and it


would have a red light. As soon as it turns green, you have 30 seconds


to start. So obviously we didn't see the scoreboard, but it looks like he


has gone over that 30 second and gets a penalty. If you go over one


minute you're not allowed to start. He was able to continues, but lost


that three points. We can look back at the footage. Because he had his


back to where the green light was that he was unaware. It has gone


green there. Yes, as Beth said you have the 30 seconds and I mean once


you walk to the actual pom ever horse, he -- pommel horse he has his


back to it and he is not aware of what time the clock is on. And


somebody with his experience you would think he is aware of how long


he has got and that probably is something like this wouldn't happen


with someone of his experience. But it is very unfortunately.


I feel sorry for him, he a dad, coming back as a husband and father


to try to get this title again, number seven, and as far as his


gymnastics were concerned, he won. It is a new cycle, the judges have


all just taken exams, so all of the rules are fresh in their minds, so


any deduction they will be looking to take it. Unfortunately, he will


be kicking himself tonight to know that technically he was the best,


and to lose it, it didn't even look like we were just wondering whether


he was warming up, not quite ready. But it looks like he was looking up


at the scoreboard in the ceiling, not aware of the one behind him. He


has just lost track of time. Well, Belyavskiy is a class act, if you're


going to give it to anyone, give it to him, I suppose. It was


interesting watching that without any British entry! Absolutely! I


think Belyavskiy stepped up to the mark, he has got that consistency


that he bats lacked earlier, but he is stepping up and producing these


big result in a regular basis, definitely a force to be contended


with an pommel horse over this next cycle leading up to Tokyo. Women's


bars now, and it is not just Ellie Downie who is handy in the gym, her


sister also holds two European titles and has been a big part of


the British team for many years. She is outcompeting alongside her sister


on bars, and here is her take on her new routine.


Qualifying was actually pretty good, the routine I put out, I think I did


a good job, considering. There is a potential upgrade that we could put


in for the final, an extra 0.10, but I know I will be placed last, I can


make the decision on what everyone else has done before me and just


enjoy it. I have got a brand-new release at the end of my routine.


The routine that I was working all the way up to Rio, or at least the


last two years working up had a major release, and sometimes it paid


off, but at Rio I called my feet on the bar, the same other World


Championships, and I wanted that risk to go. As a result, we had to


change my old release, put that at the start, and then learn a new one,


so it has been a quick process, I have only been doing it for four


months, so I am pleased I have got it in, we have taken the starting


value down a bit to put this new skill in, then we'll rebuild the


routine in a different way. Representing Great Britain, Ellie


Downie. Well, she has had some sort of schedule here, Ellie Downie, hops


into the forward grip, every gymnast has to show a forward grip, into the


Tkatchev, short clear Tkatchev, now the all-important fall pirouette,


cleanly into the stoop Tkachev, down to the Pak salto, really fitting it


all in now, up with the half turn, cleanly over the bar. Super


handstand shape, just the dismount to negotiate, a little hop back,


well done, Elie! Well done, Ellie, a third day in a row, producing that


big spectacular bar routine. Very impressive work. Great resilience.


What a championships she is having, look at the flight there, up to the


top bar, clear circle into the Tkatchev, difficult work. You can


see the hand placement, straight into another Tkatchev, down to the


lower bar, and this is a big this amount, the double layout, great


extension, adjustment on landing. Shoot trusted herself, she let it


go, she let it flow. She didn't try to fight it. When you are weary, as


she must be why now, three days of competition, that is the only way to


go - trust yourself, work with the apparatus, and she surely did that


today. She scored 14.266 in qualification. I think the pirouette


was a little bit later today, the pirouette is meant to try and finish


in handstand or as close to. The score comes in, 14.133 for Ellie


Downie, that puts into first place so far.


Representing Hungary, Zsofia Kovacs. This is the gymnast who went head to


head all away with Ellie Downie yesterday, ended up with the silver


medal, but she is a complete gymnast. Good first handstand,


lovely stoop in and out with further pirouette as well, straight into the


Pak salto down to the lower bar, but she missed the connection. And that


is disappointing to see, she didn't fight to carry on. She would have


hoped to have gone down to the low bar immediately back up to the high


bar, but the move down to the low bar has to be so precise to be able


to get your feet in for the next bit. 30 seconds to re-mount on the


apparatus, otherwise there is a deduction. Here we go. So now feed


on, with the half turn, the flight to high bar with the half turn,


stoop in and out, front somersault, and negotiate that well. Just the


dismount now, here it comes, for all twisting double back in the term


position. That was a shame, you would normally hope that the gymnast


would have been able to work out and just take an extra upstart


handstand, but she obviously felt too far off balance to manage that.


May be day three of competition starting to show a little bit in the


all-around performers. As you can see, great height and flight up to


the top bar, some good turns in the handstands. Just the timing, down to


the low bar. Big wind-up, for a boost. Double back dismount. The 0.1


for coming from the apparatus will cost her dearly. Yes, these gymnasts


have had a huge schedule, this is their third day in a row, and, just


as for Ellie, her second final of the day. They will be happy to put


their feet up now for the rest of the day before they start again


tomorrow. Tomorrow, yes, I was going to say! Ellie is back on again


tomorrow on the floor. And the beam. In fact, she is doing everything!


The score comes in, 13.100 for Zsofia Kovacs of Hungary.


Representing Russia, on the uneven bars, Elena Eremina. Watch this


first skill, absolutely straight over the bar, immediate Pak salto,


lovely, lovely original work, the half turn just lost the legs a


little bit, a tiny gymnast to make that, but the stoop work is


beautiful. Lovely high front somersault, the gymnast have to use


a forward grip move, that was hers. Second pirouette was a little bit


late, lovely dismount, though, so clearly off the bar, the twist put


in now. We didn't have a great angle, but the pirouette looked


late. It certainly did, we might get a better view from the side. What a


start to the routine, fabulous. I recognise that man comedy you,


Christine?! Yes, already! There you go, huge into the straight Tkatchev,


down straight to the low bar, there we can see the double back for all


turn in the second somersault. Junior European champion in 2016,


all-around. Big, big talent from Russia. Beautiful, unusual bar work


as well, that skill is probably the skill most people have been talking


about in the championships, the way she does it, the absolutely straight


body. Same on the Aegerter somersault as welcome as she has


obviously got a real feel for the bar. -- the Jaeger somersault. She


scored 14 -- 14.300, she goes into first place. Bruma a little bit down


on her start value, but this is the girl to watch. Representing Germany,


Elisabeth Seitz on the uneven bars. Top qualifier and a really explosive


routine, lovely handstand, but look at the height and the flight,


beautiful in the straddle position, just the Aegerter a tiny bit bent


armed on the hop, but lovely work now. That pike is so difficult, but


I think she missed a connection have to take an extra upstart handstand


that will affect her start score. She floats off the bar, gives


herself so much time, for all pirouette into full twisting double


back, but a big step on landing, she has opened the door a little bit, a


couple of errors. I certainly agree, we have seen some great bar work,


but lots of opportunity for deductions there. That free swing, I


think she should have gone straight down with the Pak salto to the low


bar. There we go. High in the straddle, the somersault, that was


the good work, stoop, half turn, fall twist on the dismount. And that


big adjustment on landing and the late for all turn, I think, will be


very costly. A great gymnast for Germany over the years, great


success, represented at them at Olympics, and really is very


explosive on the bars. She has just got that sort of power, she works


the bars so well. But just a couple of areas there that the judges could


deduct, and we will see. She had a 6.1 difficulty in qualification, but


I think not linking the Tkatchev to the Pak will have... The score comes


in, 14.133 for Seitz of Germany. They


Representing Belgium on the uneven bars, Nina Derwael. In


qualification, she tied with Seitz for the top spot, lovely lines,


superhigh Tkatchev, this is the big combination, watch, catches in mixed


grip, straight down to the low bar, really well the go she ate it. And


then back up, beautifully flighted. -- really well negotiated. Lovely


with the half turn, that is one of the best we have seen. All


pirouette, nice and clean on top of the bar, full twisting double back,


that was a very clean routine. If she gets her 6.1 start, it will be


difficult to better. Well, what a routine from the young Belgian


gymnast there! So clean, graceful, and the way she floated between the


bars. There we can see, banging handstand, lovely line, feet locked


together there, and interesting, the Tkatchev with half turn to mixed


grip down to the low bar, connecting to the full turn before the


dismount. I think that is the best we have seen so far. Very clean


execution, Craig, I think that was. Needs 14.300 zero go joint with


Eremina. I think she could be close to her qualifications go, what do


you reckon? Scores look like they're tighter in


qualification. It is a different set of judges. If you have got a gymnast


in the final, you can't have a judge on the floor. It has to be judged by


a different group. It is 14.633 for Nina Derwael of Belgium. We have a


new leader. And an emphatic leader. That is a big score. Defending


European champion, representing Great Britain. Becky Downie. She


knows the routine of her life is needed to hold on to her title.


Starts with the forward element on the low bar. That was clean. Up to


the high bar. This is the big series. In the straddle position.


Full pirouette, lovely. And again. And she links it. She knows she has


got to. Keep her head. This is the big new combination coming up. Here


is the move. And she just didn't have quite enough flight to get her


hands over the bar. And I think she... Is hurt. The doctor and


physio on hand. It was going so well. Here we go. Up... Oh yes she


put her hand down as she fell and it looks like she has hurt her wrist or


her elbow. But she is up and walking and... That is a very great shame to


finish the uneven bar final in that manner. There we have confirmation.


First place, remitting Belgium, it is Nina Derwael.


Another couple of medal, but in your time, your sister fell, tell us what


you know happened? I'm not sure what she has done. She has been having a


couple of niggles in training so, I wasn't sure what it was when she


fell. I just felt gutted for her. She has worked so hard, as hard as


me and today was for her and me. Difficult to celebrate your medals,


but you did get a have I verse and -- silver and bronze. The vault I


was happy with, I was in first until the last girl and she deserved it.


Her straults were -- vaults were tidier than me. I have happy to let


her have that title. The bars was so unexpected. If Becky had gone


through she would have knocked me into fourth. A bitter sweet day.


What about last night. How much sleep did you get? I slept pretty


well, the fight before I was restless knowing I had qualified


first and I was nervous throughout the whole day. Last night I crashed


a bit. From all the highs and emotions. Well done today and we


will see you tomorrow and pass on our best wishes to Becky.


STUDIO: You can see her getting that bronze. She has the full set, the


gold, the silver and the bronze. And interesting to hear she slept worse


the night after qualification with the potential of what could be over


the reality. Yes definitely. For myself I struggled to sleep after a


competition, because even though my body was tired and needed rest,


there was so much going on in my head, I was thinking about the


routines and things that I could improve on. So much going on. It is


great she found something that suits her and got down to and helped with


her performances. She is proving to be so consistent and hearing that


fighting talk even with David, I was happy to let her have that title.


She just loves the competition. As soon as she goes out and see the


atmosphere and just, some gymnasts struggle with that pressure. She


seems to rise to it and loves being in the limelight. It is great to


have that attitude. It could have been her sister who knocked her out


of the medal spot. Becky was going for her third title. Trying to catch


you up, Beth. How much do you think that would have been on her mind and


how conscious do you think she would have been through that whole


routine. A lot of it is about muscle memory. Yes, she said it is a new


routine. She had one for Rio and the World Championships and a couple of


errors with it and made a decision that she didn't want that risk right


at the end. So it has been a quick turn and and routines take time to


settle down. We saw her go at nationals and having trouble. I


spoke to her and she seemed chilled out about it and said it will take


me time to settle into the routine. Not only is it moving the routine,


it is a whole brand-new skill. But to do that is hard. That routine was


brilliant up until. She still came seventh. Just doing half of the


routine. That shows there was very little dedebgs. That bode --


deduction and that bodes well and we have our own medical team and they


will assess her. She has a beam final tomorrow. They will be


assessing that to see where she is at tomorrow and make that decision.


Depends Fong injury. -- defending on the injury. Now to rings and


historically rings hasn't been the strongest piece for Britain. But we


have been watching as Courtney Tulloch has been starting to


challenge the best in the world. Court never finished fourth last


year, could this be his year to get Britain's first rings international


medal. Let's find out. I love competing for Great Britain, I was


obviously a bit disappointed to not make the team for Rio. It was hard.


Obviously, I has been training a long time for that event to make, to


try and get to Rio. But it wasn't my time. But I have been in the gym


training hard, making new goals, setting new targets with my coach.


And I'm reaching them goals just a lit p stepping -- little stepping


stone. I'm pleased to have made the rings final and I can't wait to get


out there to show everyone what I can do. Happy to qualify, but it all


starts again. You can't think about what you did in qualification.


Everyone will step up their game and I will do that as well. I'm not


thinking about that now. I have go tot move on and I just want to


improve and keep on improving. Fopp Davatyan the first. You can see


the green light. There is a count down and they have to get on the


apparatus before that downs down. And that is where Berki came to


grief. Strong start. Pulls from below the rings, straight up into


the top. Circle round to the Maltese positionment. And held. Open hands.


Now he has got to swing. Slight arm bend there. A swing to hand stand.


In the double pike. Back up rise to the Maltese. And the crucifix. Great


strength work. Just lacking a bit on the swing. Back up rise to the top.


No problem there. Swing back to hand stand. Locks out. Full twist in the


double straight. What a start for him. Powerful work.


Lovely strength and power. For me just lost form in his legs


occasionally when he swung. But that, you see just like there, you


can see slightly bent knees. But the swing to strength positions were


great. Again just that little bit bent knees as he put the twist into


the dismount. There is a deduction for chest pointing to the floor. He


will have got that. He scored 14.86 in qualifying. I


think the swinging part of the routine let him down. He was a bit


clunky on the double pike front and you look at that hand stand, a bit


of an arch in the back. A bit of an elbow bend. There were places for


the judges to be able to deduct. They're often very close the scores


on rings. 14.858. So the expert on the rings Petrounias, the Olympic


champion. Defending his European title. One of the most difficult


routines in this ring final. European, world and Olympic


champion. Circled straight round to the top. Not even a flicker. To the


Maltese. And again from the back up rise. Three in a row. Got to see


some swing. Circle to hand stand backwards. Got to keep the rings


still. Solid in the back up rise to top. Into the crucifix. Opening of


the hands. Proving how strong he is. That is the front somersault,


straight to the krubgs fix. Em-- crucifix. Double pike. Straight to


hand stand. He has got good swing as well. Just needs a good dismount. A


slight adjustment. That was a performance from Petrounias of


Greece. Fantastic work. He is the Olympic champion and he looked every


inch the champion on those rings. The complete master.


Look at the shoulders, absolutely in line with the rings and the hands


and the way he holds the hands open to show he doesn't need to grip the


rings. Super double twist in the dismount. Just the slightest shuffle


of the feet. He had three tenths space between first and second in


qualification. 15.366. I think the coach thinks he has done it.


Looks like they're having a party, in the house! Yes. And we are in a


box room in Salford. Love it! And it looks like it could well be 15.433.


Huge defendanty. -- difficulty. From the Ukraine he watched his team mate


win the all-round title yesterday. Can he take a rings medal home?


European champion. In 2013. On this piece of apparatus and what a pow


erful gymnast. Straight round. Flat in the Maltese. That's good. Into


the crucifix, maybe a little high first. Got to get straight to these


positions. Good solid hand stand. Rings locked out. Double pike.


Swings into the inverted crucifix. Difficult to control and connects to


a lovely Maltese. Top planche again, up into


handstand. Rings locked, fixed, winds up for the dismount, double


twisting double back! Good solid ring performance, Trump will be


happy with that. Very nice dismount. -- Radivilov will be happy with


that. Very experienced gymnast, very


strong and powerful. You can see the muscle development in the shoulders


and back, look Caiuby hand guards just hook over the rings. -- look


how the. Love this double twist in the double tuck, really beautiful


technique, steadies his arms out for the landing. We are used to seeing


him on the vault, actually. At the 2012 Olympics, he picked up the


bronze medal, silver and bronze on the vault in the European


Championships, so a very powerful, dynamic gymnast suited to those


explosive pieces of apparatus. Such a high level. It is tremendous, and


it is one of the pieces where, in the main, unless they wobble... So


15.033, that is a big score, into second place, 6.3 difficulty. And


now a big moment for Courtney Tulloch from Great Britain, a member


of the Pegasus gymnastic club, a team-mate of James Hall, who grasp


this opportunity and took a bronze medal yesterday. He will be


desperate to get up there as well. Such an opportunity. Courtney


Tulloch has taken it out, look at that, immensely strong, from under


the rings, pressed a straight up into the inverted crucifix, back


down again, press to crucifix, Maltese top planche, this is


extraordinary! Strong work, Maltese, shoulders flat, now canny with the


swing? Layout forwards to handstand. Straight into the top planche. Into


crucifix. This is a challenge, come on, Courtney Tulloch!


Double pike, straight into Maltese, you can see how much this means to


him, lock the arms, hang on for the dismount. Full twisting in double


straight, what about that?! Get in there, Courtney Tulloch! Wow, what a


performance, such a great rings worker, really great technician.


Coach really pleased with the performance. He holds those strength


positions so confidently and so emphatically, just that little Herve


pace on the dismount, but that was a very strong performance. He has got


to go well into the 15s to have a chance to medal. He certainly will


have, but if you talk about sheer strength, pound for pound, he is


packed with it. So difficult to explain how strong you have to be to


perform those skills on the rings. You know, people are sat at home,


saying, I can go to the gym and bench press 200 kilograms - that is


nothing in comparison to what these guys are doing up there, that is


absolutely phenomenal work. And so great to have a British ring worker


in this European final. Yeah, it has been a long time since we have had a


gymnast of this quality on the rings, it has been one of the pieces


that we have had to make up ground on, really. Fantastic! 15.066,


second place with just one gymnast to go, well done, Courtney Tulloch!


second place with just one gymnast to go, well done, Courtney fantastic


performance. Brendan Cole arc from Turkey, Turkey


have been very impressive this championships. -- Ibrahim Colak. 22


years of age, qualified in seventh, 14.733 in qualification. Let's see


what he can do now. Top planche. Lock those arms, a little bit of a


twist on the body in the Maltese but level with the rings. Top planche


again, you can see the strain, it is not easy. Good in the swing, better


in the strength there. Crucifix. A little bit low.


That is the front somersault, holding into crucifix, a little bit


high then lowering into that position, so that is a deduction.


Needs to lock the handstand out. Another double pike, adjustment on


landing. Well, strong work, but not quite the immense power we have seen


from one or two of the others. Certainly not, I don't think it


would be good enough to challenge for a medal today. Nevertheless, a


reasonable performance. But we could see history again. Well, it has


certainly been a championships for firsts. Lovely line, this gymnast.


Again, like you are saying, such a difficult dismount to nail.


Completelyunsighted. Well, whatever happens, Courtney


Tulloch has got a medal. 14.833 for fifth-place for Turkey, so


Petrounias retains his title, and other gold medal for Greece, and a


medal on the rings for Great Britain as well, and look at that


celebration, wow! First for Greece, Petrounias, Courtney Tulloch is


second, Radivilov is third, a bit of a scalp. Tell us what this means to


you. It means a lot, I have come forth, just missed out on medals in


a few competitions now, and I did not want that to happen again, so I


have gone back to the gym, trained so hard. I have had a lot of help


along the way, through good parts and the bad parts, but I want to


thank everyone that has helped me, really happy. I am sure you are


aware that you have made a British slice of gymnastic history. Yeah,


before I came out, I heard that, amazing, we are not really known for


rings, but I want to keep improving that, and hopefully there will be


some little gymnasts who can follow in my footsteps and we can become a


great nation on rings. You are only 21 yourself, plenty of years to go,


and the only man who could beat you was the Olympic champion. You have


put a target on his back. He did well today, but I felt a lot more


confident at there, I don't really look at anyone else and fear them,


he did an amazing routine, but I know I can catch him, I have got


skills to add in my routine, so I am not scared of him, I know I can beat


him, I can't wait to go to the World Championships and have another


battle, go at it again. We can't wait for that as well, this


was the moment that Courtney got that medal. The first ever rings


medal at an international competition, and that is the colour


of it, silver, fighting talk again, and he had the hardest difficulty in


that final as well, up against the Olympic champion, and to hear him


say he has got more difficulty as well, Kristian. It is scary how much


he can do on the rings, we have to remember that he is fairly young for


a rings specialist, so he has more of that mature strength to come down


the line. Very exciting, I have seen what he can do in training, he has


got his own skill, the Gloria, that he can put into that routine as


well. We're starting to nip at the heels of Petrounias, so he is


setting a benchmark and can hopefully push onto the World


Championships. We will have another look at his routine, because as well


as being incredibly strong,, he is so well suited in his body type.


Definitely, you tend to find most people in the rings final are suited


to it, because of their body type. But the strength positions that he


is holding, they are all of high values, every single skill within


this routine, so he does a great job to continue it from start to finish,


no wobbling, solid as anything. If he can continue to do this, he has


got a big future and of him. So at the end of day two, Beth, with five


medals, gold, two silvers, two bronze, I don't really know what


Team GB were hoping for, but at the end of day two, with another day to


go, looking very promising. The coaches will be really happy with


it, because you never know, coming into a new cycle with new faces


coming through, often it would be going out to get experience and not


expecting gold medals left, right and centre, so five medals, and


still another six finals tomorrow? James on high bar, Becky Downie or


perhaps Claudia Fragapane, and then Claudia on floor. It is really


reiterating how strong British Gymnastics is at the moment, not


just the Cork team, so many members looking up to the older ones, like


Kristian and Max, you heard Courtney saying, I have finished fourth so


many times, I don't want to sit in that position. They have got their


role models. I think that is what I have been impressed with most, the


mental focus and a real passion for it, Kristian. And I think what


Courtney was saying epitomises that, Great Britain are not just going to


participate, to take part - they are going to win medals, which is


crucial for the future. You can see the whole event live tomorrow from


11:25 on the BBC Sport website, through the BBC Sport app, the red


button from 12:30. If you miss any of that, there will be highlights


here on BBC Two at 10:30 on Monday morning. Coming up next on BBC Two,


World Championship snooker, and at 10am tomorrow, you can watch the


decisive day of tennis in the Fed Cup as Great Britain take on


Romania. Join us tomorrow, plenty more gymnastics to get your teeth


into from Transylvania. From all of us here, it is goodbye.


Matt Baker presents coverage of the European Gymnastics Championships from Romania.

Britain's Becky Downie is aiming to defend the gold medal she won on the uneven bars in 2016, while sister Ellie hopes to go one better than the silver medal secured in 2016's vault final.

In the men's event, medals in the floor, pommel horse and rings are decided, and we see who came out on top in the men's and women's all-around finals.