12/10/2011 Gymnastics: World Championships


Matt Baker introduces action from the World Gymnastics Championships at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Japan, including the fiercely-contested men's team final.

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Here comes Kelly Holmes, the crowd Great Britain get the Gold Medal!


Yes, Kelly Holmes for Britain. What a performance. You are brilliant.


Great Britain takes gold! What a great start for the us. They're


confidence is almost frightening. What a cracking vault. It was way


up in the rafters. That was terrific. Unbelievable. That was


real powerful jam Naas ticks. -- gymnastics. She is the best we have


ever seen. They have grabbed this competition by the scruff of the


neck. It's job done, isn't it? The US are the world champions. Welcome


to the second day of the world gymnastics championships. Yesterday


it was the women's final. Our British women made history and


their fifth place was the highest ever at a World Championships.


Today it is the turn of the men, but can the Japanese team keep


their heads, and have the British lost theirs? They didn't make the


top eight. But they did start well and according to rings, vault and


bar legal bars, qualifying for the Olympics was looking odds on. But


hang on as one gymnast said to the other, it was time for the high bar.


What did the high bar do do to you? To me, he was first up and he


missed one of his moves. So I mean that was a shock. And then Dan


I managed to go clean. But Chris and Sam didn't manage to pull off


the routines. They are big routines, it does happen. I sensed thing were


weiry. I said, come on guys, we have worked too hard. Let's not


give up until it's over. And you guys were on the floor and did the


best. It was quite... Good to see that no one had given up. It seems


that your problems don't lie with lack of moves or ability. So what


do you put the problem down to? Everyone's had a talk and no one's


sure, everyone was fit and ready. Maybe it is just that we qualified


fourth last year and maybe people expected too much. Did you think


that you expected too much? I think everyone thought we would go


through. You don't expect failure. But it can happen. I had to wait to


do mine. I spent the time getting everyone going and I had to get


into the zone and you know there was a few wobbles on the pommel


horse and I needed to get through mine, not just for me, but for the


team and I got the job done. did. And got the second highest


score. I'm happy, just because of the pressure I was feeling. I


landed and the relief... You know I gave Britain its fighting chance to


cling on to eighth place and gave myself a chance of qualifying for


the finals. You have this test after Christmas, you won't have a


relaxing Christmas? No everyone was looking forward to a rest and


putting on a bit of weight, Christmas pudding and that! But it


will be hard going. But we are looking at the top 12 teams in the


world that will make the Olympics, you're in tenth and the chances are


you will do well. We came tenth with the worst competition we could


have done. The fact that we can only build on this and get better.


We should qualify. I don't want to say we're, because anything can


happen but we have got the strongest team we have had and the


boys are good. So it is all about going to that testament in January,


sacrificing our Christmas puddings and you know proving that we can do


it and we do want to qualify for the Olympics. The eight teams here


have qualified for Olympics. We will see them in London. Joining me


as always is Mitch Fenner and Christine Stiller. We are prepared


to be entertained. Mitch who are you looking forward to see


something It has to be Japan. Back to the days of 60s and 70s when


they dominated. The atmosphere in qualification was amazing. They


were working as a team. It is going to be a hot final. And Japan I


think are going to take it. What about America?? The women that,


seemed to have the kark is the trick oofs bullet train ariefrg. --


characteristics of a bullet train arriving. You but sometimes they


have been short of finesse. This team are well trained and they


performed well in qualification. They beat off the challenge of the


Olympic champions, China, so it will be a hot contest. This


competition will be a real belter. This is thousand men's team final


will play out. Three gymnasts up and all scores count. They rotate


through six pieces of apparatus and Uchimura gets Japan's bid under way.


All round world champion. Here he goes. A half twist and a half turn.


A nice steady start. A little puff of the cheeks. Keeping it under


control. A nice double twist. Maybe a bit deep on the landing there.


Good steady start is what they need. A double pike with half turn from


the Arabian approach. A touch of class there. Two and a half twist.


He is, he seems to have more air time than anybody else. Incredible


young gymnast. Lovely extension on that simple roll even. One and a


half twist in one three. It sounds complicated and it is. And he made


it look so easy. Triple twist, he goes all the way around. A little


hop back, but a great start. finishes the twist, sees the floor,


rolls straight out. He turns so quickly. Look how he wroops that


double twist in. He sets the somersault up and he is as good on


the hands as he is in the air, twisting, snaps from the floor,


lifts high. Wraps in, feet locked together and this is a triple twist


where many of the gymnasts lose their leg form. He meets the floor


exactly. Marius Daniel Berbecar of Romania. Second of the Romanian


vaulters at 26. A dynamic approach and he just didn't make the correct


contact on the top. The block, his hands just slid along the top of


the table. And very good job that he realised it was going wrong and


didn't go in for the second somersault. 15.466 for Kohei


Uchimura. What a start for Japan. Yan Mingyong, the second Chinese


pommel horse routine. The first one scored 14. Classic extension at the


front of the swing. Lovely body at the back. And that is a Chinese


made move as well. On the handle, how long will he stay there? Very


quick and easy. Not too complicated. Step down. This is a triple Russian.


Building very nicely, not the most difficult, but this is good clean


pommel swinging. A treble backwards. And here comes the dismount


sequence, but that was bent arm and a bit laboured, the judges will be


sharp on that. Just happy to get through that, it wasn't their best


piece in qualification. It was their joint worst in qualification.


High fives all around. Well, they were very iffy in qualification,


the Chinese team. On most pieces of apparatus. And he has been brought


into steady the ship I think. 14.766 for the 26-year-old. Marius


Daniel Berbecar scores zero. If you continue land on your feet, feet


first, then it is a zero, whatever you do. Teng Teng O'-- Teng Haibin


looking for a big score. This wonderful style shows you why he


has scored so well. He caught his feet on the end there. Lifts well


and high. Above the pommel horse. After -- you have to travel, work


on the handle, do double leg work and single leg work. And he just


looks so confident here. Here is the single leg work. He breaks into


it. A beautiful lift through hips at the front of the swing. And must


have a difficult dismount. Pirouettes well. A very classy


performance. He was Olympic champion, back in Athens. So things


so far so good for Japan. Yamamuro hopes to keep things moving. He


actually beat Kohei Uchimura when he was 17, but that was the last


time. Now 22. Something to tell his grand children! One and a half


twists, nicely done. And this guy is a ring specialist, you would


never believe it. He is hopping along the floor beautifully. A


double Arabian. And all the preparation coming through. Oh two


and a half twist and just bounced it back a little. Two and a half


twist and almost as if, well let's just calm down. And he did that


beautifully. Rock solid. Hugely powerful. And a little look to the


side just to see if the audience are appreciating what they're


seeing. Here we go go. Relaxing of the shoulders. He is into the final


tumble, double tuck, landed slightly low. But fla is for a


third man up, they have been consistent. And so calm as well.


There is an air of calmness, confidence and beauty about it.


That is the thing about their approach, they have such a relaxed


approach. It belies what is going on. Like the swan. Yes, but he is


more dynamic than the others. He shows more character and really


gave this some power. A half turn in, double front, this is a double


Arabian and he kicked it out so well. 15.233 for Teng Haibin. That


puts China into second at the Russia second, China, Romania.


Brace yourself. Jonathan Horton P Still swinging his arms since first


thing this morning in the hotel lobby! This guy is the definition


of power. This is their first performance this final. One-and-a-


half twists. One and three-quarters rolls. Nicely done. Lots of power


in the flick. Two twists and two somersaults. Two-and-a-half twists.


Full twist. Just little tip forward, but kept his feet. Stuck to the


carpet. Oh a bit heavy on the roll the handstand. Make absolutely sure


there is no deduction there's. One- and-a-half twists, against nice


nailed, glued landing. Now it is telling. Accelerate through the


flick, full twisting double. Hop forward but that was a gritty


performance. Look at him. And a great all rounder Jonathan Horton.


Third last year, but such is the strength of their team that he


isn't going to make the top 24 because two of his team-mates beat


him and you are only allowed to in a final. But floor is a good piece


for him. See, by having two difficult somersaults in that one


run he lifts his difficulty all the we did see his bobble out, which


the judges will deduct for. This, the full twist. In the double back


position. Pulls the legs in tightly. As Mitch said, the chest was well


done on -- down on landing. Which will lose him a few marks, but he


was happy, as an opener. dismount is low and flat. But he


did it and he didn't let the team down. Philipp Boy for Germany. Keep


your eye on them throughout the competition because they could be


the dark horse. Hi will need a steady performance. He has done the


single leg work. Made contact a couple of times with the horse, but


he is really moving now. Little flair with the arm off to the side,


very difficult work. Really holding his form. Moving along the horse.


He has to keep the hands parallel as he works. Has to make this


dismount. Gosh, that will be quite a big de duckion, he used strength


rather than swing to get up into the handstand. You could see it all.


USA start with a 14.966. The first sixth so he will be seeing him in


the floor final again. He was eighth the last World Championships


on floor. Very nice opener. Extra Whip over. One-and-a-half twists in


straight roll out, beautifully done. And this is very impressive so far.


Two-and-a-half twists, I tell you, number two man up, he's certainly


keeping the momentum as far as the USA team are concerned. Every inch


of the floor, so important. Scuttling little run. Double twist


the corner to get his breath back. Pull hard. Double pike to finish, a


little skip forward. That was really good stuff. Look at that.


That sums it up. My word. It has auld always been a tricky piece for


the Germans.. Steven Legendre's score. 15.566. Jacob Dalton up now.


Steven Legendre just bagged the highest score on floor. Let us see


if they have kept the best to last. Unusual move there. Lovely height.


On the one and three-quarters to roll out. Fabulous control there. I


thought he hadn't got quite enough room for the second somersault but


he measured it to perfection. Has to hold this. Just little bobble


roll out again. Has to be a smooth roll out. Two-and-a-half, into full


twisting front. He's very precise flip. Lovely triple twist. Many of


the gymnasts using that as their final tumble and performing it so


well. This was the American's best piece of rap us the in


qualification. I think what they are doing is try to put as much gap


between them and the Japanese from the early stages. Let us have a


look at Igor Radivilov. I can see a seven difficulty so this will be a


tough vault. The double front with the half turn out. He left that


very late. How did he land that? Well he did and he got 16.166, the


highest vault score so far. Well done that man! Jacob Dalton, 15.5.


United States in behind the Ukraine at the moment. Right, so here we go.


The Ukraine, US, Japan currently this third, followed up by Russia,


Germany a bit down, one of their gymnasts fell off the pommel horse


and a bit of ground to make up there. Russia's an on the


Golotsutskov propelled his team ahead with a strong vault score.


But that paleed in comparison with Coria's Hak Seon Yang. On the


pommel horse the United States are used to struggling, but a series of


excellent performances capped off by Alexnader Naddour kept them in


the hunt for the world title. But Japan's medal hopes on home soil


looked in tattered after a torrid time for Kenya Kobayashi. Japan


dropped to fifth by the end of rotation with Russia leading the


way on 90.356, ahead of Coria and the US, with China unexpectedly


down in sixth. Russia continued to impress in rotation three, as 19 -


year-old David Belyavskiy scored highly. China last kick-started


their world title vault thanks to this attempt which earned 16.3. It


was a similar story for Japan on rings as Koji Yamamuro scored


highly. The US still in touch in sixth place on a tightly bunched


leaderboard but Russia hold the lead with 137.47 ahead of China and


core ya. By the end of rotation four the four strongest teams will


have completed the high scoring vault. Back to Mitch, Christine and


Myun Kim. -- Coria. Not the happiest of outings in qualifying.


Let us see if they can put it right. Oh, they have done it again. That


is exactly what the problem was. Such a difficult skill to time. You


have to bounce through the shoulders at the top of the bar and


he was a country mile away from it. He was commit my Lord to the


landing wasn't he than the actual bar. He spotted the floor about


half an hour ago! In that situation, you have got to bail out. You have


to save your neck and he did that well, but... That's good night


Vienna as far as Korean hopes are thaition but he will be down graded


on the next so they are making hay why while they can. -- while they


can. A little bit late. That is nicely out this time. It is


academic but he will want to land it, and he did it. Just a little


pace forward on the double, double. Such a shame. Could have been a big


difficulty score if he had nailed that one. So here we are, USA on


vault. Double front with half turn but were his feet right round? We


would knee a bit of a replay to see that, to see whether they will give


the half turn. He turned it very late indeed. Way off centre as well.


Big push, was late but look, he didn't really get the turn round.


He was way out of control at the end. You can see where the tenths


are going to go. He has not completed it. That will be a


deduction. Then he will get another 0.8 for travelling to the side.


Steven Legendre 16.166. He is all right. Two more vaulters to go. So,


13 point 566. He went for the big release. It didn't come off. Still


too more to go for Korea. Over to parallel bars. The European


champion. That lovely line in handstand, very efficient, double


back somersault. All but the feet came apart, and it just looks a


little bit hurried and it is hurried and really not settled at


all, the German team. It is not going their way. We have seen them


so composed and confident, but he didn't let the bars with work with


him. He snatched tat move. Had that first call on pommel horse and they


have been fighting it ever since. Yes. They were similar in


qualification but they have good style and difficult work, that even


though they were losing marks for falls, they were gaining in


difficulty, but that really won't be a good score at all. Jonathan


Horton P It is a big vault. He will stick it. Oh and he didn't. Bailed


it out. That is an awful four points landing and he is not happy


with that. He is normally so reliable. That will be, well, with


an all four point, it has to be a whole mark off. I would have


thought so. He lifted high, but just didn't really have the


rotation, did it. It stalled as he half turned. Went for the same


vault as his team-mate and Marian Dragulescu proving not to be the


friend of the American team. They feel this is better to land because


they see the floor. But you have to have the rotation. 15.266. It is


going to be costly. He doesn't need telling. He is now going to go and


boil his head. He is very upset. 13.366 for Germany, Marcel Nguyen.


solid first two tumble runs. Two and a half twists. Skipping across


the floor with great confidence. He just presses a button and out come


the legs. Beautiful rl -- control on the roll out. Form held. Change


enough that is a question for the judges to answer. Triple twist, hit


the ground a little bit deep. I like his work and his approach, he


is sharp and business-like. He is building a lot of experience.


think Ukraine are quietly going about their business and could


cause a bit of a surprise here. He is a very efficient gymnast, isn't


he? No gymics, just good, confident work. -- gimmicks. Stylish and


clean. A very light touch. That triple twist effortlessly performed.


14.633. So the United States, Ukraine, Korea and Germany. Here we


go with Japan on vault. Kohei Uchimura. This is the only final


that he didn't make. You see the runway there. Difficulty is 6.6. So


this vault will be marked out of 16.6. Points deducted for execution


from tenth. Those scores added together. You would never believe


looking at that face that he is at the end of a runway in the World


Championships. You would think he is in training. Kohei Uchimura


aiming for absolute perfection. Hones in on the target and he is


off. Carefully measured run. Carefully performed round off.


Lifts in the air, two and a half twists, absolute precision. What a


start. The world watched Jonny Wilkinson lining up with his


routine and I bet you will see other people doing that arm thing.


That arm thing was effective. He was dead centre. You can see the


approach, very square on the horse, a beautiful spin in the air, a tiny


bit off to one side. But just clicks around. Beautifully donen't


just what they need and he was cool at the end of the runway. Focused


during the vault. Look at this - snaps through twists and now he can


relax a bit. There you go. Makes you wonder how he didn't make the


vault final. I suspect he Close not to, because you have to do two


different vaults and I suspect he thought five finals were enough.


China, behind Russia. Zhang Chenglong the first one up. He


qualified third for the parallel bars final. Dangerous the make any


predictions, when the Chinese approach parallel bars. Because


they are the acknowledged masters of this apparatus. That is such a


solid, look at that, beautiful, a somersault with a full turnment and


the same move without a turn. Immensely difficult. Lost his legs


a bit. But I tell you what, this is what it's about. They're really


going well. Excellent technique. A double pike and he didn't move, but


he dropped his chest to bring it under control. That is great stuff.


Is it enough to go ahead of Russia? Time will tell. Two more to go.


Uech 16.2 for vault. You sense the team spirit carrying them through.


Warming up the shoulders. Ready for high bar. Sergey Khorokhordin next.


He is tall enough, but he doesn't need any help. That was a simple


half turn and a one arm giant and that was out a bit late. He winds


up, a big stoop. A lovely swing out of it and the full twist, the


somersault and full twist. Now swings in the forward grip, full


pirouette into the hop over the bar. He's really kept his swing going


well. The close element, the endo, just a bit snatched on that turn.


They have to show long swings, close swings, big dismounts that.


Was efficient work. Russia doing their best to stay ahead of China.


15.6. A big score. It is all to play for, boys. Keep up the good


work. It is not a fair contest, you know. Chinese parallel bars against


Russian high bar. It is a tall order to try and stave off the


challenge. But we will see. Next to face that challenge is Chen Yibing.


-- Teng Haibin he was second in the last World Championships. A lovely


clean line. A double pike and kicked it out. So very impressive


opener. A half turn and another one. This time without. Oh! That is a


problem, but he keeps the swing going. How, I don't know. Let's see


if he puts in another move to try and make up the damage with more


difficulty. But how he kept going, I don't know. Will he lose the


value of that move? Oh yeah, for sure. He may stick in another one


if he has the presence of mind. But the damage is still done. It will


still be deducted. He is lovely and clean. But he kicks out from the


double pike. Now he has made it interesting. No doubt Russia will


have seen that. Sergey Khorokhordin scores 14.8 for high bar. A good


score for him. Can they hang on in there? Yamamuro. Going for the big


vault. The tribl twist off the half turn, a big vault. A little


deduction on the step on landing, but he is impressed with himself.


Japan seem to be doing enough to stay ahead of the rest of the world.


Very, very clo kused, -- focused, determined, he didn't faulter. This


is a massive vault. Smacked the head in, keep the shoulders tight.


Make sure that twist goes all the way around. It is a long, long way.


Almost ran out of air, but kept twisting and took a pace to get


secure. A good, strong vault. for difficulty, 16.4 for Yamamuro.


So far, so very good. Teng Haibin 16.166. A costly clout on the


parallel bars. Emin Garibov for Russia. A nice line. That is nice


too. A full turn, into the combination that we all know by now


and he didn't lose the shape on the swing. This is not the most


difficult, but he is keeping the swing pure and clean. A bit late on


the one and a half turns. Another one and that was very late. It took


him out of line. Nicely out of the turn. Very impressive swing. A


double, double, a little pace forward. That is a promising


youngster. Well can Russia go ahead of the United States? 15.466 will


go a long way to help them. This is the last of the Chinese gymnasts on


the parallel bars. Zhe Feng. A lot of strength. Beautiful line. Toes


to fingers. Tightly tucked somersault. Knees locked together.


And again. Really shows the wonderful control at the top of the


swing. Just that tiny bit of a split on the legs. And the full


pirouette. High front somersault. Nicely done in the full turn.


Controlled in the turns. You can see the back is absolutely flat the


whole time. This routine is packed with difficulty. Just needs a good


dismount and it gets it. That really was a tremendous performance,


having seen your team mate fall. What more would you expect from the


current world parallel bars champion? The highest qualifier.


What out Russia. It is up in the air this one. It is great. This is


what the sport is all about. It is a nail-biert. He has some skill. --


biter. He has some skill. That is so difficult to go from upper arms


into a double tuck. Bristling with difficulty. Lovely technique. Again


with a half turn and a little flicker at the top. The double pike


was a little deep, but that was a good performance. Yes, he said.


needs upper 16 to take the lead. So close. Japan, Russia, United States.


Are are China going to sit among that lot? The judges are keeping us


waiting. They know it's tight and are watching every movement of the


score board. You can feel the tension in the arena. It would be


amazing if he breaks 16. It is a rare mark on parallel bars. But he


is a great worker on the bars. They call him Mr P Bars. He has got


15.666. Is not not enough. China into third. Japan leading Russia by


0n't be 07! -- by 0.07. It is tight last couple of pieces. Romania


bring up the rear. Teng will be the World Championship title. Can they


hold on to the bar. I will tell you a story, 2003 this man had a hit


high bar for China to hold on to the lead and he did. So let's just


see... Eight years on, whether he can do the same job. Good in the


cat chev. Rescues the swing. Lovely line. Rybalko. That is one-and-a-


half turns. A bit flutry with the feet. He is OK through the turn. So


the combination is going well. A bit ragged there. Nicely out on the


squat there. Hops round the top of the bar. If he nails this he has


done his job. He has done his job indeed. Now then, he has Olympic


champion and the World Champion to follow. Over the parallel bars.


first of two brothers. He is 21- year-old his older brother will


follow him. Something special in the making this gymnast. Beautiful


technique. Leisurely. Every handstand hit and held. Out on to


the one hand, the one bar. Almost touched his feet. What a lovely


turn. Everything looks so in control. So measured. The dismount


as well, that is the answer. That is the answer to the first Chinese


performance, absolutely es it. Well Well, the roof almost came off in


here then! David Belyavskiy. Looks nervous. Only 19. A lot of pressure


on this lad's shoulders. Just tenth in it. Russia, locking to hold on


to a medal but what colour? At this stage, nobody knows. But time will


tell. Looking. A tough piece to get a good score on but that is lofty,


lovely in the double. That will turn into the double salto. High


again. One-and-a-half twists, one and three-quarter, no problem with


it. Power through the flick. It looks so easy. Good clean in the


under control in the difficult C lift to handstand. He has his


nerves under control. Here we go again. Lofty, two-and-a-half twist,


but bounced forward, that could be got it round but quite a hop back,


so a bit expensive. Marks on floor are hard to combination. Teng


scored 15.1 for his high bar. Tanaka 15.333. So Japan performance


for performance are ahead. Tanaka and China being held for very long


time. The tension is mounting. Everybody is on the edge of their


seats here. Tanaka senior. Can he keep his composure and keep Japan


straight lined handstand. Just a tiny bit of a fidget there, but


very nice difficult work. You can hear the audience and team-mates


cheering every success. Double pike somersault. Oh, and he just had a


little bit of a fight on that turn. Played it too casually. Recovered


excellently into the Somme salt. Lovely half turn. Control on that


one handle. Smoothly past the bar, into handstand showing all that


control. Shoulders back, lift into the double pike somersault. Well it


really is a case of brothers in arms. As Japan's fate lies in the


hands of the Tanaka family. Well, what a nail biter this is and we


still have one apparatus to go. But he did falter. Lovely line, he


understands so well the technique in the end somersault. Keep the


chest in, strong with the arms. Tiny adjustment there, lovely


double pike, kicking out to make sure the swing into up rice and he


took his time on the pirouette and almost lost his body shape. Tidyed


it up at the end. Well, a little pop of the Chinooks, that will tell


you, "I'm glad that is out of the way." Not as high as it needs to be.


Second 19-year-old for Russia. important to stay under control. It


is not over yet. A weak start in the low to mid 14s and he is


skipping a bit out of his landings. Plenty of acceleration there.


Through the twists. He has got to get steady on his feet. Full twist


in the front somersault to roll out. Making it one and three-quarters.


Now, big test of his nerves. Did he hold it long enough. Very deep


landing. That is better. Two-and-a- half twists. Into the Somme salt.


You have to wonder, he cannot afford fi more paces and there


someone to the side there from the triple. -- somersault. It is tough


on floor to get a decent score you know. Tanaka senior scores 15.5.


Uchimura is third on this piece of apparatus in the World


Championships. He has been so consistent so far. Just keep


everything crossed for him. straddle to handstand, just kills


is swing enough to be able to make them turn. Double somersault,


catches on the up ever arms, and the dudge double pike somersault


from a different entry that time from the long swing. Makes that cut


look so easy, the straddle round the arms. Swings well out of all


the catches, and that is the Somme salt with a half turn, straight


into another huge straddle front somersault. Such an exciting high


bar routine. I hon industry think we are looking at the finest all


round gymnast there has ever been. He sun believable.. He is an all


round gymnast but he is a team man too. He is not thinking about his


own glory, he is thinking about the team and he has produced work which


has done smem so good. Russia 15.533 for their final floor


routine. It says first there but don't count that because Uchimura's


score hasn't come in. Olympic gold medallist. A lot on his shoulders.


Controversial winner he was in Beijing, with twisting his way, but


he has put some somersaults in and I know for a fact he can do a 7.5


difficulty with a high score but that was a bit loose. Oh and again


struggled a bit. He is keeping the swing and the connections. It is


top drawer. Another straight without the twist. A bit flat from


the handstand. Double, double and he landed it beautifully. A good


number three man. He has just followed a 16.2 for China. That is


a massive score on high bar. We are usually pleased if they get to a 15.


Let alone a 16. ZOU. China have scored nor ploughsly on high bar..


It is a 15.366 for Uchimura. -- enormously. We are on to the second


half of the rotation. America really the only threat, but


slightly off the pace. John Orozco. He is the first gymnast up on to


parallel bars. A lot of pressure on this young gymnast. Very good on


the support pieces. Oh, and he missed that hand. He recovered so


well. Snuck the hand on before anyone could worry, and the front


somersault with half turn, he also has a really good handstand line.


That was immensely high. And that was well lifted above the bars.


Smooth in his pirouetting. Lovely straight body all the time. No loss


of tension at all. Lovely height and no step on landing. He has


certainly opened well for USA. to be in the 15s that one. Lovely


work. Oleg Verniaiev for Ukraine, and that won't get the difficulty.


He had a pause on the way and again that won't get it either. Tried two


Ds and he won't get either of them. So, Ukraine fading a little. We


were talking them up a couple of pieces ago, but it is tough out


the way round on the triple Russian. Slapping the horse, just to make


sure what, his hand are wide apart on the placements. He will be


hammered by the E score judges there. 15.233 for John Orozco. Next


fifth in the challenge is Jonathan Horton. 15.28 needed from the USA


to get into the bronze medal position. Such a businesslike


gymnast. Get straight on with the Very smooth. Into a pirouette.


Lovely turns. He's really working the apparatus well. Holding his


style. Lifting into the dismount. They could do it. They could snatch


a bronze. That average of yours is within striking distance. Oh this


is good stuff! Ukraine 13.866. Big smiles. I think he enjoyed himself.


We are in for a treat, Fabian Hambuechen on high bar. Well even


though they're not in a shout for a medal, this will be entertaining.


Starts with the forward swing. A half turn. You see him wind it up


into the full twist. Caught a bit close and he had to bend his arms.


And links it into a one and a half pirouette and another front


somersault. Really packing the difficulty in. And of course it's


move after move without these swings that really adds the


difficulty up. The full pirouette into the hop over the bar. And


another hop and turn. Changes the shape, lifts into the dismount,


double twist, a lot of height. A classy routine. He was third in the


high bar in the last World Championships. Just outside the


medals at the Olympics, but yes, that is his piece. He is just happy


that he has entertained the crowd. Great spirit out there.


question everyone's asking is what has Horton scored? It is 15, it is


down on the average that is needed. Here is Danell Leyva. The king of


the swingers. We're used to him producing good high bar. Look at


that, full turn from the peach. Then a good somersault technique.


One and a half turns. That is very difficult. Then into a full. He is


swinging it as if he is on the high bar. A -- on the high bar - amazing.


He skips into a double pike on the skip back. A couple of loose areas


there. But the swing, it was if he was on high bar. He scored 15.36 in


qualification. 15.866. And well deserved. 15. 36, the same as what


he scored in qualification. The average will have to rise, but they


can do this. They can do this. So this is how things look. China lead,


Japan 0.6 behind them. But they have strength as well. They will do


counts at this stage. John Orozco, the first gymnast for the United


States to swing the high bar. He qualifyed with the fourth highest


score on this piece of apparatus. So should be feeling confident and


look at that full twisting move with the leg straight and together.


Very original work. Shoots out to that full pirouette. Smoothly into


the forward swing. There we go with the half turn and lovely height on


the stooped move. It is a skill he understands well. Good lift, full


twisting, double straight. He didn't stay on there for hours, so


he didn't give lots of marks away. That was a clever routine. I don't


know if he could have done much better, Mitch? Beautifully


performed, it will be way down on difficulty, but you know to do wit


that sort of style, he will get eight or nine. Has done a great job.


Look at this. Full twist. Mesmerising, that move. Yes it is


lovely to see it. And there, full twist in the double straight.


Travelled a bit. But he didn't make a mistake with the landing. Look at


the team. The team went higher than he did on his dusmoipbt then!


a find -- dismount then! What a find he is for the United States.


How well he has handled the pressure A very young Jim nast. Not


very experienced. Gone out first on a couple of the pieces for the


United States. 15.366. The same score as Leyva on parallel bars.


Jonathan Horton for the United States. America's penultimate


performance. It lies in the hands of the Olympic Silver Medallist


from 2008. Wh a performance that was. He is capable of bringing it


through again. A bit awry on the turn, but now he is into his


favourite zone, the release zone. Full twist. There is another one


coming up. That time without the twist. It is fantastic. Sit down


Matt! Oh slam -- oh! It was a bit wild, but he is bringing it


together, full turn into the combination. Now, this is real


nail-bight stuff. Setting up the dismount. Full twist and the double


straight. He went and played a bit safe on the dismount. What


captain's job. He has -- he is absolutely delighted with it.


a way to try 5gt your hands on a medal. That was something else. Oh


yes he said! He enjoy it as much as me. He lives his emotions. So and


many of the gymnasts don't let you see their emotions, but he does and


you feel it for him. Oh I love this! Like you say, Mitch, a


relatively easy dismount. He wasn't going to chance any mistakes.


Jonathan Horton 15.366. They're very consistent with their scoring,


they both scored exactly the same. Leyva, another entertainer on the


high bar. Surprisingly didn't qualify for the high bar routine.


It is the final he didn't make. has got a big swing. He is taurl


and swings with real style. Look at the height: -- tall. Now he has got


to be precise. Yes, he is, the arms are out to show how easy the move


it. Full turn as well. But that was costly, the bent arms. He swings


forward. A lovely turn. Into the stooped catch. This time more


cleanly caught. One and a half turns. He is packing all the


difficulty in. Lovely dislocation through the shoulders. And the full


turn. Really striving for difficulty. Look how he pops up


above the bar. Lovely double twist. Double straight. Fantastic way for


the United States to finish. Wow, that is the end of the competition


for America! And... A massive clap of the hands. What team job. You


just have sit and wait. That was unbelievable.Less such an elegant


gymnast, splays the arms to the side. Almost arrogant. But it was


beautiful to watch. The full twist a bit wild and he had to as we say,


graunch his way out of it. A double at the end and what a landing. Pin


point. While the Americans are swinging from the roof, a 15.533


high scores on the floor. But Feng Zhe can do it. He has got an


enormous amount of pressure on him at the moment. Good start, full


twist in the double straight. Just a pace back. A shrug of the


shoulders. Get on with the job. Double twist into full twist front


from the hand spring. Can't afford any obvious errors, those lilt skip


backs, they all add up. -- little skip backs. A half turn into the


one and three quarter roll. Chest in, looked to be clear of the floor.


A nice strong swing. Straight from the pom erl horse. Hesitation on


the way up. -- pommel horse. It has got to be two seconds from the


second you stop moving in the hand stand. So that could be quite hairy.


A little bobble in the one and three quarter roll. A few errors.


Nothing major as yet. Full twist in the double, a skip to the side, a


bit low on landing. All these things count. All important.


more Chinese then to go. And here we go. The competition is well on.


Japan on high bar. And guess what? It falls to the Tanaka brothers


again. Got to keep their composure. Kazuhito Tanaka the first of the


brothers to swing the bar. Lovely straight line. Hits the top of the


swing beautifully and that is a really straight move. A lovely


extension through the hips. He slows the swing down when he wants


to. Very suple, a lly pirouette and -- lovely pirouette and a different


style to some we have seen. Precise swing. The turns have to be right


in hand stand and he has gone for every one properly. Just needs that


special landing. He makes it. Wow! What a performance. The crowd are


on their feet. Absolutely extraordinary. You know, he's


always the first of the brothers up to the bar and he is always


generous with what he delivers. Feng Zhe 14.566. China need an


average of 14.496 to stay ahead of the United States. So the Chinese


stop it Matt! Well the tension in here between teams is unbelievable.


Zhang Chenglong, the 2 -- 22-year- old from China. A little skip into


his opening tumble. The one and a half into two and a half. Such


clean technique. A skip forward twists. Backwards that time with


the two-and-a-half into the front, with the full. One and three-


quarters. Very very stylish gymnast. This the moment he shows control.


Has to hold it. Whip, to the one and three-quarters really smoothly


out. Draws breath, knows this needs to be a really strong finish.


Triple twist. Very clean, right the way round. They are delighted with


that performance.'S Going right down to the wire. Oh. One more


triple twist. He can't contain himself. "That's the job I needed


to do." Well, it is difficult to give you an idea of what scores are


needed at this stage. Every tenth is vital. Fabian Hambuechen


mean? Well, work it out. We will let you know. I can tell you they


need an average of 14.99 to stay Tokyo. So he knows how to swing.


was ahead of Uchimura in the aup all round, and that is no small


feat until he had his accident. A full twist in the Kovac. Easy


through the one-and-a-half turns. Cleanly out, half turn. Oh. He's


off the bar. That is unbelievable. He is going to sit there and think


about it. And that could be it. Well, unpredictable, unexpected, if


you just wait too long, it takes you a shade past and you can't get


those round for a grip. What a look of the dejection, that says it all.


That is the picture of this year's World Championships. But straight


away, the whole arena were clapping him, they got right behind him, oh.


Well, can't believe it.. Now then, it had been known to get 14 pu he


really has to be faultless and he has to put in the required


difficulty.. He took a big jump forward. He will be decimated. He


won't believe that. He will be dejected. Had the biggest score in


Tokyo on that piece of apparatus. Incredible difficulty. He already


performed that with a full twist. That was the relatively simple move


for him. He knew as well. He could see it straight away. He composed


himself. He got back on. Xi'an. America. David Belyavskiy's job. It


is not a simple one. He didn't settle in the handstand. Huge


pressure on these young gymnasts. He is moving well. A little cross


of the legs there. Good work on the single handle. Swinging well. Just


tiny little execution error, just brushing aside, but that was good.


Into the handstand, a clean routine. fall that is a big score. He is so


clean everywhere else. It is just that error. He needs 14 .22 to stay


straight position, just a little skip back there. One-and-a-half


into the one and three-quarters. the utmost importance. The whip,


the one and three just a bit of a bounce along the floor then. You


often see him joking but he serious there. Lifts high, double twisting.


Double tuck. Just the tiniest pace, they know they have done their best.


It looks as if the Olympic champion has enabled China to retain their


title, as world team champions. Oh, he will have seen what happened to


Tanaka and Zou Kai. The pressure was on him, but he certainly came


one the goods. He is a phenomenal floor worker. Such height in the


double, double. His landsings are so solid. Terrific. It is amazing,


he is as good on the floor as the high bar. Everybody wants this


needs 16.768 to win. It's not going to happen. That would be a world


record score. They have to do about an eight difficulty. It is not


going to happen. But he can bet your life he will do his best.


Uchimura wraps up the world team final, all eyes are on him and he


has a massive job to do. Can he keep Japan in the medals. We think


gold is just out of reach. 6 Look at that. Exemplary. He really


understands the Kovac. It is a difficult skill but he makes it


look so easy. A tickle on the bar going in. There is the combination


thaition. Nicely done. In the yamawaki. And will he do the second


big release. He will. He is not holding back. Oh, wow. Now then, he


is human after all. He has shown he too can make mistakes. It is so


unexpected. This is the hope of the Japanese and we have seen two huge


error, look how long he waited to release. That was never going to


happen. He was a mile away. He didn't get the credit fauna. We no


the US have bronze. He needs 14.7 to stay ahead of America. That


means he has to put in a big another big skill. He will be


thinking about this, because he has a huge repertoire. The best he can


hope for is a 14.1, 14.2. He has done it again that. The one he


missed on so he has done it again and he has put in another full


twist so he has listened to us. Somehow, and is building the


difficulty. He knows he needs a 14.7. Het will put another one in.


Double. Double. And he has landed it on a six pence. He probably


doesn't know what that is but it is a fabulous landing. Has he done


enough? As he done enough to keep Japan in the medals? 14 into 7 --


14.7. What a job he did. Well, China retain their title. But what


colour is the medal of the Americans? Well, answers on a


postcard please. Well it is not always so easy working in front of


a home crowd. It really piles the pressure on, as these gymnasts


showed today. He just was a mile away from it. Uchimura 14 into 7.


He's done it. Can you believe it? He's kept Japan in the medals, they


have a silver. By one hundredth of a mark. Unbelievable. But there are


again, the world team champions, China. What a final this has been.


So China take gold. Japan settle for silver, after an extraordinary


high bar. And the US will be more than happy with bronze.


Confirmation of the men's team final. China again are world team


champions. Japan, they also had it, they almost had it in their grasp.


Silver was an incredible performance. United States take the


performance. United States take the bronze. That come petition had more


twists and turns than gymnastic routine. Where do we start Plenty


of thrill, plenty of spills but what a thriller. Japan came in as


favourite, China kept cool, and USA came one surprises. It was great


all the way through. Incredible that China managed to retain their


title because they did look a bit shady in qualification. Very clever


strategy, they brought a new man in for the finals. He didn't let them


down. Very clever planning and they kept cool right to the end. You


have to take your hats off to them. I mean America chasing Russia,over


taking them and holding on to the bronze medal. It was incredible


once again as we saw from the women again. Bronze medal for performance


but gold medal for grit. China, don't take it away, they beat Japan


on their home ground, when r when all the odds were against them.


Well done to them. entertainment is going to continue


with the women's all round final you. Can watch that on BBC Two at


1pm or you can join us for live coverage in the morning on line on


Matt Baker introduces action from the World Gymnastics Championships at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Japan. The men's team final will have been even more fiercely contested than normal as the countries that finish in the top eight will qualify automatically for the London Olympics. Great Britain's hopes will be spearheaded by Daniel Keatings, the All-Around silver medallist at the 2009 World Championships. He has slowly been making his way back from a bad knee injury and this event will be a big test ahead of London 2012.

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