16/10/2011 Gymnastics: World Championships


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Here comes Kelley Holmes... crowd are on their feet.


Olympic champion. Rebecca Adlington is bringing it home for Great


Great Britain kept the gold medal! Yes, yes! What a performance.


Dazzling. Intense. Flashy. Colourful. Truly unforgettable. And


Welcome to Tokyo, the host of the World Gymnastics Championships.


Last night it was the stage for a dramatic pommel horse performance


and Great Britain's Louis Smith was in the spotlight. Anything can


happen on pommel horse. There was almost a feeling of all or nothing


here. As far as difficult is and he lost it in the very last bit.


That was a huge shame. We will it be enough? We will have to wait and


see it. He keeps his cool. Tommasone goes ahead of Smith.


lad will challenge. What is the pressure like out there? It seems


the key in this final is stay on! This is the man that can stand in


the way of Louis Smith. Krisztian Berki or, world pommel horse


Louis Smith deserves a gold medal for ever but I'm sure he's happy


with a bronze. More vibrant gymnastics to come. The men will be


hitting the roof with the vault. The girls will balance on the beam.


The men will finish up around the bars. But there is one other final


that Great Britain will be very interested in because it includes


Beth will be in motion later on but we will start today's apparatus


be a master of speed, co-ordination and elegance. The margins are high.


Get it right and you will soar like an eagle. Get it wrong and there is


nowhere to hide. So the top three from last year's World


Championships are all in this vault final, including the current world


and European champion from France. There is one athlete who is not


involved in this as he was injured yesterday. The current world


champion, current European vault champion. Highest qualifier here.


You can see the chalk on the shins. Those legs will be grabbed and


the look on his feet every time! That is going to take an awful lot


of beating. I have seen him do that a dozen times in the last month and


he stuck it every time. Absolutely massive. Another chance to see it


here. I thought he had almost left the half-turn too late that he


hadn't. He timed it perfectly and brought his feet either side of the


white line. The great thing about this landing is you can see him


spotting the floor. As long as you have got the height you can time it


perfectly. 16.666! A difficulty of seven. A huge score for the current


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


around nice and easy but how do you make the balance between squeezing


in the double pike and baking the M landing. He almost put in too much


rotation there. He did fabulously whelp not to sit that out. He pulls


it in and he lambs with his hips behind his feet. Really had to


react quickly to take those steps back. They will be costly but not


as costly as the one hole mark he would have lost had he sat down.


His chest he is down. About 0.8? Easily. But didn't he wrestle


against it? The highest qualifier scores 16.187, with the two vaults.


enough to know what he has to do. And that is enough to start with. A


double pike with a start. Just mentally rehearsing this second


vault. It is going to be a seven as land dead because he was coming


down well. The judges will certainly not have any deductions


for height or leather. -- the length. 16.333. Just a little bit


down on the score of the Frenchman round. It almost looks like a side


Somerset at -- side somersault at one point but then he got it round.


He has got his own stamp on the technique. So he will rot -- not


lose marks even though he turns? think what he will lose marks for


rolls it round, almost as a sort of side somersault, and he will lose


four that extension before he lambs. Mind boggling, that rotation. He


has gone into the lead, with a score of 16.366! 0.179 ahead of the


finals. I have just noticed this is Fabulous. The straight shape, three


twists. Quite remarkable vaulting. And he is only about 18, isn't he?


the angle out. Really tight. This any vault ever, 7.4? Yes,


it. He is going for day seven. So far day seven is the easiest vault


we have seen -- is the most difficult bowled we have seen but


Surely he has done enough for gold. He changed the approach this time,


which he has to do, but that same because he can twist both


directions. He is great in both of them. Fabulous. Put your gold medal


in your pocket now, young man! is in second. There is confirmation.


Metropolitan arena. As Okiguchi is introduced. He is the second


highest qualifier in this Wild vault as we have just seen. Not


quite as clean, I don't think. Depends how the judges see it but


just a little bit of a cross of the legs, especially in that last twist.


Fantastic work, though. You are right, Mitch, the Bar has been


on he needs to score another 16.187 to get into the medals and knock


the world champion from last yet of somersault. It is good. Is it good


enough? I do not think so. He took a pace to that Syed and the judging


has been very good. -- he took a pace to decide. Plenty of attack. I


follow the gymnast that did the same vault with an extra half twist.


Whereas this is not commonplace, it position. There is your new world


champion, Yang of Korea. What a performance from him. Confirmation


of the men's vault final. We wondered how this would go, last


year's world champion going first, he finished in 4th place. This was


the hardest difficulty we have ever two female stars of this - Victoria


Komova and Jordyn Wieber, and it is fair to say they have had a ding-


dong battle so far. This is an absolute ruler. What a cracking


see what Victoria Komova can do. She has won it, what a final this


has been. That was impressive, beautifully done again. Just like


that. Victoria Komova, gold at last. This is the start list for the


championships. What can she do? qualification she was one of two


gymnasts who had difficulty score of 6.4, the highest. This is one of


the reasons why - watch this. That was enormously difficult. This is


another very big series. She has to be dead in line for the straight


back somersault, body beautiful it those two elements. She doesn't


have to, but she gets a bonus if she does. She performed that well.


It was a little wobbly in the previous competitions. You saw her


head go right back, her foot touching their head. That is one of


the most difficult elements. Now she just has to watch her feet come


down to the beam, left up high, and in slow-motion. That was good


strong work. Again, not the fluency, but very strong acrobatics.


followed it up with some incredible stuff. Front somersault, very


positive. Shoulders and hips square. This was a courageous routine. It


went very well. A little bit of pace here, but that is what they


have to beat. So she already has a bronze. Will she be able to hang on


yesterday, the highest qualifier here. The pressure is on. I find


this work amazing because she is so slight and elegant, and so powerful


as well. Really precise, she holds the middle of her body so tight.


And the standing Arabian, she really performed that well. She


hits the splitter action so effortlessly. And moves with good


speed. This is how you add up your bonuses. I don't think they will


have given the jump from the free walk over. She is fighting a little


bit now. This is important. The double spin, has to step forward...


And she didn't. She had a little error in that before, and it


obviously weighed on her mind a little bit. A very difficult


element, right at the end of the routine. Really, very disappointing


for her. The difficulty and the execution, will that be enough to


keep her in the medals? I don't think so. I would be very surprised.


One hallmark off when you fall. She won't have got the difficulty for


some of these elements. This standing Arabian is really


impressive. Just a little bit in the wrong direction with her knees


and feet, but what about this. lost body shape. You have to stay


tall, and she tried to look for the beam too early. To follow, set up


the double with two flicks. It is a pity. 13.766. Who will be getting a


medal on this piece of apparatus? Jordyn Wieber, such a commanding


performance in the all-round to get the gold. This is quite a different


style, very attacking and dynamic. going for every link. She can jump


so well - she hovers in the air. Side somersault. Just fights a


little bit. The single spin has to be included. It does not have to


have the lead held up, but it does have to be included. -- the leg.


The quarter turn difficult to land because you can't see the beam.


Landing strongly, into a back flip. There have been a couple of wobbles,


but such huge difficulty and precision of movement. One flip, or


higher, two 1/2 twists and a very good landing. That was a very solid


performance. Could that be gold number three? It will be tied.


accurate, and the attack. That one- arm flick is always impressive.


That, where she puts that towards the end of the routine, standing


full twist. Keep your focus until the very end. What will the judges


make of it? It will be close. not enough. 15.133 puts her in


silver or medal position and not a flicker of emotion from Jordyn


Jordyn Wieber? A quiet start. So strong and solid in that pike front


somersault and that is where you say there was no doubting the link.


That was one of the most difficult moves you will see, given one of


the best ratings. She can leap as well, her head went back. The free


walkover into the Pike back somersault. She knows that if she


wants a medal she had to make every link. There is still more to come,


she needs to keep concentrating. They have to do forwards, sideways


and backwards elements. The difficult jump with the head right


back, the gymnast lose sight of the beam. That was the first hesitation


on the link. It has been a great performance so far. Can she match


this with a great dismount? She can. Funny, that was the best routine of


the day so far. I think she would agree. A fantastic mix of power,


grace and elegance. She is a tiny little thing, but looks so


classical on the beam. Look at this, and half turn. Really strong


movement. That free walk over, straight into the back flip and


Pike somersault. She shows really good variety of moves, and the


final element, the double pike, we have seen a couple of steps from


most gymnasts but not this time. She held firm, no deductions.


was two Americans in the middle. Lu Sui tips the balance. She takes


gold. On we go over to the parallel bars,


where the home hero is in his 6th final, but can he make it three


here is his name. We are looking at the finest all-round gymnast there


took third place here last year. The second gymnast or pin this


final. He always teeters around the medals, just outside in the world


championships. 32 years of age now, the Greek. So lots of experience to


well of the bars. That was a real no-nonsense performance. He set the


world alight. He has some really original stuff. He is a long lad so


it looks really good when he is swinging. At a 32 years of age he


has piled in the experience. Lovely technique on the under SMA and this


challenge for him. Where did he qualify? Eighth, believe it or not.


15.533. Strong bars routine. Some good work is to come. Look at the


execution score, 9.033! The current world champion on this piece of


vertical when he hit. The full term, did he make that one up? -- full


turn. If he did so he thought very on a double pike. Have a look at


his face. What about that? Zipping around like a Catherine wheel and


then he produced a brand new move! He did a fall of turn. He was off-


beam and he took an extra turn. He did think very, very quickly.


at that. He has done a full somersault BAe the time he gets to


the top. -- By the time. So often, the legs are a little bit apart.


This is the innovation you were talking about, Mitch. I am sure


chat about it as he came off, in case anyone thought it was


unplanned. It has been given a difficulty of 6.6, so he is down by


0.2. He's caused 15.2, and the world champion is in a third. -- he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


fabulous performance. In deed. Look at the fire in his belly! He did


not qualify for the high bar final but he was swinging their with just


as much flamboyance. Step dad. -- as always. That was swing from


start to finish. It was great to swinging and doing pirouettes,


hitting the handstands. He did not hit the high bar final but he has


treated us to hide our work because this is amazing stuff. He really


should get a stack of credit for this. He has got to be in front


because that was amazing. He had a bad bounces around with as much


excitement event with the tenor roles in the gym that he wrens. Us


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


qualification. This guy knows how he tried to punch the air but he


was punching the DEC really because he was bending down. He's quite a


tall gymnast with a lovely line. The opening front somersault,


landed upright and then he went back down. Such a shame. He needs


over 15.5333 to get up into the top three. He has done it! It gives him


joint silver. Clare had a Uchimora -- Kohei Uchimura has had the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


privilege of watching the bars with that landing. Just a pity he


just got a softness in the back. Pretty philosophical about it.


have seen him up his difficulty from the all-around so, Kris, you


make the point, didn't you, that he must be working on more difficult


stuff, and we have seen it in every individual apparatus final? Yes,


every final he has gone for a bit more difficult to, which has made


him make a few little arrows. You just sort just a slight loss of but


it will not be a huge reduction. -- longs better. Oh! It is fourth.


Execution of nine but a score of 15.5. But there is the new parallel


bar world champion, Danell Leyva up absolute master of the bars. He


went all out for difficulty and it proved the right decision. He gets


the gold medal, ahead of the Greek who at last makes the grade in the


top three at the World Championship, alongside Chenglong, baked high for


The last of the women's apparatus finals, the floor. The British team


love to shop. Earlier I caught up with Beth for a bit of retail


We were just saying it is your Knight World Championships. Yes, I


did my first in 2001 and then they changed the rules from doing it


every two years to doing it every year so I have done it every year


except for Olympic years. And how does a Japan affair to the others?


It has been difficult -- different in the competition but also just


the whole culture. There are some very bizarre things in this street.


Plastic food. None of this food is real. That is all plastic.


haven't had much chance to go and look at all of this. My parents


have said that every time they go plastic meal and then hope it comes


out nicer. Your mother and father follow you all over the world?


there have been to every competition apart from five or six


over my whole career. And everyone who is on the team kind of gets


adopted as their child for the week. So can you go to ten World


Championships? No, this will be my last one. Ten to 12 is the main


goal, to keep going. Maybe after the Olympics I will do some


appearance displays and things but not on the world circuit. Back in


2009, you missed floors and you got bar. Now you have missed bars, what


does that mean for floor? Well, there is totally node championship


-- pressure on me for this championship. The point was the


team are. To be honest, I am just going to go out there and enjoy it.


Go out on a high. Yes. What does the future hold for you? What would


you do with yourself? There are a lot of different options and I will


have to see what comes my way when I come to the end of my career. I


will definitely not walk away from gymnastics. But how I will stay


involved is still yet to be decided. But more of a relaxing lifestyle?


hope so. Just a training schedule... Yes, I will suddenly have an extra


30 hours a week in my life and to be honest I do not know what I will


do with myself. To suddenly have all these extra time for the first


few months, I will have to start tapering down my training, not just


stop. Why you're OK for socks? can get every cartoon character!


You could get a pink skull and crossbones. You could put that on


your leotard. I am glad you do not choose our leotards! We have got to


get those. I might actually get Mitch Fenner or a pair of those for


Well, three replacements are now world champion, Chelaru, and the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


quarter turn. Lots of energy in this routine. Huge double pike,


that has been the best landing so far.


You just saw her get a Brahms on beam and that was her bid for


another medal. No big deductions on landing, but the rest will have to


do not put a foot wrong to beat her. Plenty of power on show. 1 1/2


twists, emphatic walkout, into the trouble. -- triple. You can never


fold the attack and the aggression. This was her third apparatus final


at these world championships, can she get another medal? The current


world champion, Lauren Mitchell. She was a reserve. She is expected


to have the highest difficulty level, but it is important she


links these just like that. The double Arabian, jumped straight out


of it so no landing deductions. Straight back for another huge


tumble, but she doesn't get the jump that time. Super spin. Just a


tiny bit lacking split on the leap. The gymnasts ad eight elements for


their difficulty total. Five of them acrobatic, like that. Three of


them will be leaps or jumps, like these. Oh and that was a big


mistake. That was a potential 0.5 deduction. Beautiful soft arms. She


is clever, she added the lead series at the end. That is what


experience does for you. A another clever exit. Indeed! You have to


include a series of two leaps, one showing split. She mocked up the


first series, and she was clever enough to think I will put it in


right at the end. This spin is something. Yes, a cracking turn and


the gymnastic elements are very good as well. The double pike, and


that time she did during the spring floor performance in the all round,


let's see if she can do it again. A joined it together seamlessly. She


just about kept a vertical line in that very difficult spin. Locked


swords personality showing through here. Taking a leaf out of


Mitchell's book and putting leaps on the end to add more difficulty.


She is at home on those leaps. Time for a quick focus. Lofty on the


double pike, very confident. Once again, she really does project and


sell it. She had a third in the all-round, second on beam, can she


go one better? Lovely difficult tumbling, the double straight. That


is just one tumble. Worth 0.5. The girls who put two difficult tumbles


will probably have a series worth 0.7, 0.8 as their open-air. That is


where she has struggled a little bit before. She qualified with the


4th highest score, but she has gone Raisman. Could this be her last


opportunity for a medal? Wow, that was some tumble. Three elements.


And now back with another huge tumble. Double Arabian pike, well


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


final tumble, just a tiny skip. has posted a 14.9 on the floor here.


This got to beat, 14.866. It is going to be close. Very close


indeed. It was very clean. She is not the most graceful of gymnasts


but this is so impressive. It is an impressive combination, and then


she sticks a front somersault on the end - fabulous. This, the


double pike Arabian. Brings her feet down securely. The step will


be a deduction, but she was clean here. Her feet were well round.


has gone into the lead with a score of 15. 6.1 for difficulty, not many


points lost for execution either. carrying forward her elegance and


presence on the beam onto the floor. She should be in home territory


here, in terms of dance and the gymnastic elements. Lovely, four


twist in each direction. Beautiful to watch. Accurate and attractively


tumbling has gone well so far but she can't afford to break


concentration. Up goes the double pike and a tiny adjustment. Super


to watch, absolutely delightful once again. China really are good


now on the beam and the floor. have enjoyed that the most of all


the routines we have seen. What a super performance from the 19 year-


elements come from the dance section. She has this wonderful


country pulls in, which scores highly, and then another double


spin with her leg held up. More difficulty in the dance element.


She has gone into the lead! That gold medal will go nicely with the


one she has just won on beam, but can she hang on to it? Beth Tweddle,


going for her six World Championships medal. She has got to


present this outstandingly. The 1 1/2, the walkout, into the strong


her face. The big strong double pike Arabian, and the little jump


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


tumbling series for the end. Lovely full twisting front somersault and


the super landing. Super Challenge. What a way to end your world


championships. Her only final, she needs has got over 14.866. It is to


be aghast. Did not hold back, and these tumbles, when she does them


they are so impressive. Into the double tuck. Double pike, pulling


hard. It is a long way round from the Arabian approach. Nicely


anticipated the landing. Made the leap, and almost went over the


barrier but she did so well to keep it under control. I thought she did


a grand job, and look at this for a well be the last score she ever


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


receives at a World Championships. selling the routine well. She has


had very clean landings. The last one, very secure as well. This is a


beautiful floor routine to finish the women's championship. This file


has been a story of replacements. I thought she grasped the opportunity


with both hands. Very nicely done. best until last! Afanaseva was


shocked when she saw the scoreboard, 15.133. The reserve takes the lead.


There is confirmation that the reserve takes gold. Afanaseva, and


it was a story of execution over If this is your last World


Championships, is it a sour note or is it something to drive you on to


2012? A low, because the goal was qualification for the team. -- no.


I am starting to get used to read now that I am going home but I am


pleased to get out, walk away from these championships, we have the


team qualified and I can walk towards 2012 now. Was the score a


fair reflection? Yes. I did step out a bit, any a bit, my big toe


was a bit over. And I did have a big step on the first tumble. So


British gymnastics, and she can leave with her head held high.


So, on to the hive off. Uchimura being prepared. I know that I can


do it higher than 16. I thought, all or nothing. And I have nothing


to lose. Look at that fantastic body shape! I have to fight. It was


a perfect fight for made. He really is giving it a maximum.


dismount, everything was perfect. Just like that! That really is a


challenge! Well done, Philipp boy! What can you do to get past


Uchimura and get a gold medal next year? At the moment, I can do


day I think, one day I have to beat Kohei Uchimura. At the moment it is


a dream. One thing was real enough. Not


everyone has banned the Hyde Park plain sailing at these


championships. -- not everyone has move. What is going on in the


arena? He is going to sit there and think about it and that could be it.


Oh, wow! He is human after all. Right, hold on to your hats and


recorded. It is time for high bar. What a line-up. Uchimura will wrap


up the competition, as well. We will start with an absolute duty as


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


board to get some interesting to the mat but that has. The


gauntlet right down because he has not gone wrong one iota. That is


very much the challenge when you are the first gymnast up. You do


not know what everyone else is going to do so you have to go for


broke, and he did just that. Just a couple of tiny adjustments but the


releases were fabulous. Caught at arm's length. Is this the one when


he just had to... Yes, just a little adjustment but that will not


be a massive adjustment -- deduction. A lovely lift into the


elements. A super dismount. 0.3 for the harp, Mitch! -- 0.3 for the hop,


Mitch? I would say so. 16.233, difficulties 7.5. It is big. The


current European Hyde Park champion backed himself a silver at last


year's World Championships. -- European high a bar champion.


should go for what he is trained, a 7.8 difficulty. That in itself


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


would be a work record performance going for broke now. My hat is off


to you, young man. I know what went into that routine. He gave it the


maximum. What a guy! What a performance. Mitch, what have you


been doing with him in the training gym? Well, not enough, obviously,


because if I had done the job right, he would be standing up from that,


but he has done so much work on his style and this is a combination


that is just amazing. A full twist in the straight and then what does


he do, Christine? Well, he did all that fantastic work. There is the


straight, into the dark. Maximum bonus when you link these together.


-- into the tub. But it was the relatively straightforward move


that he got caught out on and that often happens when you are putting


in extreme difficulty. You relax a bit and something catches you out.


what went into that and all the training. We did not think that


move would be the problem. We thought the Gaylord would be the


problem but he did that be divided. He was set up for a medal but there


you go, that is what the sport is all about. Well, he's into second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Fast hands and a different style of routine. Lots of twisting and


turning. He has put in those releases. On top of the twists. A


bit controversial, when he won the Olympics. But this is good as well.


Fabulous style in the releases. Over the bar. It is the front


somersault that I really liked. With the full twist. Absolutely


fantastic. Very unusual. You do not see many of those and they are one


of the most difficult releases you will see. Strong dismount. The


landing was deep, wasn't it? But he held his feet and recovered well.


It has got to be a 7.5, I would think. He has done a 7.7 and I


cannot see too much difference in the routine. 7.7. He has gone into


the lead, 16.441. Some 0.7. -- 7.7. This final certainly is not over


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


yet. Welcome to the current high pressure. He chose his focus and


determination to get them at the medals. Great stuff. Beta NT two


year-old -- the 22-year-old did not disappoint us but this will be a


story of difficulty. Two such different gymnasts from China, here.


One is a tall gymnast, lovely style, lovely line. And he was very late


with fads grit correct. -- with for the bar, into the straight


somersault. Really lots of variety to his work at the same technique


on landing. Absolutely is secured. Soap Suu Kyi has 16.441. Can he


hang on in the lead? He can! 16.366 for his team-mate, Chenglong sang.


So Chenglong is in second at the mate? It was his high bar routine


that put him into the medals for the call round. This will be


impressive. He has proved he can do it under pressure. It is very


Oh, and who is off. There is no way he could survive that one. A little


enigmatic smile. He said even I am not going to try to hold on to that.


He missed completely with his right hand. What a shame for him. The


high bar was the key to the medals for hemmed in the all-round


can't come back from this. It is but he is a great on high bar. We


saw that in the other round. It was not to be today. Ultimate respect


from the crowd. He had a go, that's the spirit. A really gritty gymnast.


Hit this routine so well in the all-round competition when it meant


the silver medal. But he was edgy right from the beginning. These


releases court a little bit close. Then, as he came out, he didn't get


the hand on, he didn't get the fingers over, and it was self


preservation from then on in, I think. Lovely dismount. He will


walk away from these championships happy with his silver all round


medal. Philip boy, 14.3. Hasn't it worked out beautifully that this


man closes the world championships here in Tokyo. In the world of


gymnastics, this man is an absolute superstar. Kohei Uchimura, what


have you got for us? The final routine at this year's world


championships. Lovely extension just to get him going. Puts the


full twist in, and it was absolutely immaculate. Legs apart


slightly. Lovely, jam half. Nice and strong in the swing. He has


already increased his difficulty from qualifying. Here is the


combination, keeps it going. Another big one. There it is. Sue


Perth. Keeping this swing. What an incredible way to close these


championships. This man is phenomenal. He is a genius, he


really is. He knows how to give people what they want at just the


right time. He brings the apparatus finals to a close in the style only


he has. All these difficult skills, we have seen all the gymnasts do


them but only he does them without deduction and that is what sets him


apart from the rest of the world. His difficulty was the 6.7. Style,


flares and the arms out. This is what makes him so special. Yes, he


says! Look at his smile. Can the crowd applaud him one more time


from the medals podium? Let's hope so. Everybody waiting, everybody


wondering. He has got himself a bronze medal. Thant I've the one...


Zou Kai, literally hands-on for gold. He knocks his team-mate off


the top spot, the world number one ranking. Chenglong, he will settle


for silver. Can you imagine doing a performance like that in front of


your home crowd?! The results of the final. The Olympic champion


becomes world champion. The former world champion takes silver. Kohei


Uchimura gets a bronze medal to go with his two golds and the silver.


As the closing ceremony begins, I feel quite sad it is all over


because it has been so entertaining. Unbelievable. We have seen a new


style and approach to the apparatus. The highlight for me was the


parallel bar. This huge difficulty on the men's side, it was fabulous


to watch. The men's vault was unbelievable, wasn't it? Yes, they


are really getting to grips with that platform and it rockets them


into the air. Is that how it felt for you, Beth? You will probably be


back, won't you? Never say never, but my ultimate goal is 2012. There


has been a lot of disappointment but also a lot of success so there


has been some surprise champions and surprise medalists. Some people


will go away disappointed, some people will go away happy. How did


it feel out there? A really enjoyed it. I wasn't expecting to get a


medal today. I had to land everything perfectly, which a lot


of the others did. A lot of people have asked me if I will be here


next year, but when you look at the scores I was only six tents behind.


I have just got to work on the landings. This year they have


handed in on the landings, whereas previously they have looked at


leaps and jumps. I have improved them, now they have gone on to


something else. It is something else to work on for 2012. The maybe


not as many medals as predicted for Great Britain at these world


championships? It looks pretty good. If you look at Louis Smith's bronze


medal, true grit. The women's team performance was amazing. Very


positive for Great Britain. goals will be feeling very positive


going back into the gym? I think so, and it was not a surprise, we


really are the 5th best in the world. We should be chasing that


4th spot. There is more sport for you on BBC Two at 10pm tonight, and


we will bring you all of the news from the test event for the men.


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