15/10/2011 Gymnastics: World Championships


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Here comes Kelley Holmes... crowd are on their feet.


Rebecca Adlington is bringing it Hello and welcome to the World


Gymnastics Championships, here in Tokyo. Taxi! Over the past five


days we have started to realise that life here is a bit trickier.


Metropolitan gymnastics centre? I want to try to get to... Excuse me?


The circle? How does this work? Oh Right, well I am looking for the


exit and I have now arrived on Oh, is that me? Try this one. I


know what I fancy but this is going Great. Clear as mud.


Olympic bronze medallist Louis Smith has the hardest pommel horse


routine in the world. He already has a bronze and a silver in the


world medal but the only way he can go for a gold medal is to make his


life even difficult with a harder routine. You don't have a spoon, do


Great Britain's Louis Smith. It is is so under control. Lovely


confidence. Keep the rhythm, Louis! This is fabulous. That is superb!


Well, his chances for a medal will be coming up very shortly but first,


the qualification heat was not just about individuals making the finals


but also the first opportunity for both the men and women's team to


make the top eight and qualify for London 2012. It was a case of


ladies first four Hannah Whelan, Danusia Francis, Imogen Cairns,


Rebecca Downie and Beth Tweddle, all of forming -- performing in the


same arena as the gymnasts of the 1964 Olympics. There were no big


mistakes but the strain of qualifying for their home Games was


obvious. It was a nervous wait as they watched the scoreboard, had


been for at least a number eight next to Great Britain. Until we had


it on the scoreboard, none of us wanted to take it for granted.


not think any of us have felt that in our lives. It was horrible!


all-around final for Hannah, BET and a place for six in the hope to


next summer. -- in the O2 Arena next summer. Such as the women


relaxed, it was the much fancied men's turn to flex their muscles on


the podium. A great stop by the team was unravelled by a shocking


Hyde Park rotation. It was a tense and edgy struggle for the men from


there on. An imperious, nerveless Paul Moore routine from Louis Smith


saw him enter today's individual final to keep the men's hopes alive.


He was tenth overall. There has been no panic from the British team.


They have a second chance to qualify through the test event in


January and it was a very mature Dan Purvis and Louis Smith who


taught me through what happens next. I think everyone is looking forward


to a bit off a rest and putting on some weight, Christmas pudding and


that! It could be a blessing in disguise. We should qualify. I do


not want to say we are because anything can happen. We have the


strongest team we ever have, the boys are good. So it is all about


going to that event in January, sacrificing our Christmas puddings


and proving to everyone that we can do it and we do want to qualify for


the Olympics. Huge congratulations to our British girls but one


thing's the lads did not expect was to lead a second shot at


qualification. But that has been the flavour of this year's World


Championships. We have come to Their confidence... Were at a


cracking vault. The way up in the rafters. Great Britain... She is


the best we have ever seen. The USA are the women's team champions.


absolute thriller, this. Oh, yes, he says! He enjoyed it as much as


made. The finest all-around gymnast they we have ever seen. He is


unbelievable! The world team champions, China. Whatever final


the double pike. She will be out. She has fought back well. She has


great performance from Dan. Just like that, welcomed! An absolute


Dan and cannot are here. It seems first of all that Dan is the man in


Japan. I had to fight my way through Japanese girls to get to


you. I know! A shame it doesn't happen in England! Yes, I think I


might stay here another week. Fourth plays, such a difficult


position to come in, so last night, we celebrating or slightly


commiserating? Celebrating for the team mates and back. We got a big


McDonald's. Hang on! That is how you celebrate question are you have


a McDonald's?! Did you go large question but yes, I did. We reflect


on it. I am really happy and it is a positive outcome for next year.


And you are feeding good this morning? You must feel on top of


the world. I feel good but a bit sore. My back is killing me. Hannah,


you had a fantastic performance and were overall ninth.S said you were


sort of aiming for top 12 for so did you so pass your expectations?


Yes, I just went out there to try to enjoy my competition and do as


well as a good. Was it easy for you to retain your commotion? Your


mother was a wreck! Yes! Fifth in the team final, as well, was


absolutely... Can you replicate that at the Olympics? We have


worked so hard and we deserved to come FIG on Tuesday so we are going


to go back, were just as hard and hopefully we will do for just as


well or even better in the Olympics. A super performance so far from the


top of the Great Britain team. We have the men's floor, the women's


vaults, Louis will be up on the pommel horse. There is know best --


Beth Tweddle on bars and the men will be on the rings but we will


more or add to his medals by taking the men's Tour title? Or world


qualifier Sue Key I win a second gold for China? What a final this


is going to be. Two world champions, European champion and Olympic gold


medallists, world silver medallist podium at the World Championships.


combination at the end. Very well has absolute confidence and


half twists, and one and three rotations. Very complex. Same again,


other. He's punching the air, but did he cut down on that start? That


twisting start? Is he playing safe? I think it is the same routine as


we saw before. There was just, unfortunately, it was that second


tumble where he had really quite a big step. It is a good opening.


Here we are, the whip into the half turned in double Arabian Nights


pike. -- Arabian Nights pike. The second tumble was where he had a


really big step on landing. This is the triple right at the end to,


good and clean. But he has opened the door enough, I think. He has


been around for a while. He is now 25. And he is still competing with


the best in the world. Yes, he had a 6.8 to qualify, and it is very


hard to build that sort of difficulty up. I wonder what


happens in this final. He has 15.466. This is going to be good.


Stephen Legendre of, he can challenge the Brazilian. He did


score a 0.1 above this court that the Brazilian has already marked up


three-quarter role. There is a no- nonsense quality about this. He


rotation straight body. That was a lovely Filali from him. Very


exciting. The routine was packed with stuff and he had a bit of time


before the end when we heard the buzzer, which means you have 30


seconds to go, so he took his time. Absolutely full of difficulty. Look


at the twists. He really is very confident landing forwards. You see


him spot the flaw over his shoulder. He lost sight of his either. Here


recently the one and a half twists in a double straight somersault.


Really big difficulty. And here the finish. The half-turn in double


front pike, a tiny hop back. cannot beat the Brazilian. It is


15.4. He's a 0.66 behind the Brazilian. The current European


gold medallist is gone the floor. Flavius Koczi. He qualified with


the eighth highest score. He is a gymnast with quite a different type


of repertoire. He twists so well. He has already done two-and-a-half


where you are. He does snatch a little bit off the floor. Sometimes


the judges will deduct for lack of height. Very nice balance. He lifts


through and has to go clear of the floor. Holding the hands stand to


requirement. You have to hold the handstand. I think this is a big


the landing. The only deduction is lack of height on some of the


tumbles. He is not feeling too tired. He had a difficult


qualification time. Touches of brilliance. He was better last


night. A top 12 finish. The Christine said he snatched one of


his twists. Look at this. He knows the landing but goodness me, what a


combination! The shoulder back on very early. May be lacking a bit of


top of the gym. A small deduction for height. Incredible spacial


awareness to be able to do another punch run with a twist. Absolutely.


You have to set and spin and feel way you are. That was a great


performance. There were no landing at the last World Championships on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


hold this blitz long enough. He does all that work and finding


he showed in the all round. It will be very tight. The crowd love this


guy! He put on an amazing performance yesterday. He is


obviously tired. He did not want to hang around. Well, it was a great


performance but last night he did not take a single step on any


landing. Consequently, that is the standard we are a judge in him by.


There was a huge mistake in comparison to last night. That


really was the only big step... He has such lovely form in the air. He


holds his body so straight and well. Absolutely no doubt he was round on


a triple twist. Like you both said, a little bit tired today. A little


hangover from the excitement of last night. This got to beat his


15.466. -- the score. He is in second. Behind the Brazilian.


will do, he said. He will be pleased with that. They could be a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


challenge. The Japanese coach had a this floor, it is on a paging, it


is very bouncy. They fear between huge dismount. But again, not


without deduction. Things seemed edgy out there. Even on the role.


quality. He is normally a superb worker. Lovely twisting technique.


It was deep. Double twist into full twist. That was a very deep landing.


Some judges would give five for that. It was deep. In terms of


qualification, he was 0.1 up on the Brazilian. He left his head back.


that go on for? I do know. What can they be querying? Perhaps he put a


little bit more in hoping for a higher start Valley this time. It


will go to the jury. The Residuary judging every routine as it goes.


There are reference judges as well, off sorts involved. In perspective,


0.033 behind the Brazilian. If he is successful with this,... The


inquiry has been accepted. He has now gone into the lead! His


Well... scratching his head and shaking it


thinking what is going on? As the arena settles, Alexander takes to


the floor. The European silver medallist, can he Cnoc Diego out of


the medals? It is all about the needed all the way through. He has


errors early on in landings but he loves it. Well, has he done enough,


that is the question? He had the same difficulty in qualification as


was earlier awarded. He got better as it went along. He started off a


little bit edgy. If you compare landing for landing, he was about


equal on the landings. He was. This is quite deep. His chest is right


down to the floor. That could be a costly start. That one better. The


shoulders were up more. Well, he needs over 15.466 to get into the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


In the absence of top two from last year, this could really be anyone's.


There is one woman in here he was winning medals at world


championship level before any of the other competitors were even


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


sport. The favourite here is only a quarter of a market ahead of the


rest of the field. That might not sound a lot but it is under a mark


separating this top eight. It will apparatus. -- Proms. A powerful and


strong attack through the vaults. Yes, we saw her compete in Beijing,


a finalist on the vault. She brings all that experience to bear. A


lovely left. She makes the double twist look easy. You can see how


upright she was on landing. The judges will not have a big


deduction for the chest down. Good straight legs on the flight on,


legs locked together. Really a was out of 15.8. Less than one mark


of deductions which is pretty good she staggered at the end but she


was just online. She has heard herself. It was not actually on the


landing. It was one of those strange things when she stepped


backwards. Near the half-turn, she lands nice and then she stepped


back. She really turned it there, didn't she? That is one of those


very bizarre things. She concentrated to land properly and


then as she stepped back, it just really turned. Ligaments. The very,


very painful. 14.566. She goes Vietnam. It is her birthday


somersault with the one and a half shape. She kicks it out very


strongly. She left the shape in for a slightly too long. Really, it is


a difficult bowled. Her shoulders were left down at the end. She was


a little bit deep on landing but score of this next bowled. --


vaults. She wants an overall score of over 14.566 to go ahead of the


performed bowled. She is slight and I did not expect such a good one as


couldn't control the landing. Still a little angle in the shoulders.


She could have snapped a bit more but very good to convert it in the


air. Crossed ankles but a double twist -- on the double twist, but


it was not all the way round. the tiniest hint of feet not being


all the way round. 14.733, an overall score which put her ahead


Republic here hits with this first bowled she could cause a massive


upset. It is the slightly easier one first. One and a half twists. A


bit of direction of problems there but it was high and flighty. Almost


too much power, but in the wrong dimension. My guess is she twisted,


over twisted, on the top of the hauls. -- course. She set it up


very nicely but very difficult to time the one and a half twists. Her


head stayed down so she could see where she was, then she pulled it


forwards. Lost a little bit of control there. Focusing in on what


will be the most difficult one that of her legs where she will grab the


likely to be a zero. You have to get your feet down first. It is a


very big gamble. If it scores -- if it goes well, you will score big!


Respect from every competitor. pulled the seat in too soon and


kicked it out. That angle has to be gone in the shoulders. She has not


got as much pride as the men and she runs out of it here. But what a


great attitude. She smiled, she says, well, I gave it a go. You're


right, Kris. A score of zero across Maroney, qualified first. She


scored exactly the same execution for those vaults in qualification.


massive vaulting! I have never seen anything as high and flighty as


that before. A very young gymnast. Not yet 16. So much power. Look at


the pop up from the top of the platform. She kicks it out. She has


such awareness and such confidence. This is amazing vaulting and you


have to give her that. The judges have to do their job and they have


got to deduct but it is immense. It carries. She was given the full


difficulty. One of the execution of 9.3. A score of 15.8, by far the


highest score we have seen so far wonderful form, such explosive


power. She could be the champion. We will have something to challenge


that very shortly. But it is deceptive, the way she converts all


that power. Beautiful. Shoulders well up on the half-turn, this is


lovely vaulting. Ankle gone from the shoulders, plenty of height. --


angle. She is amazing. Wonderful body line in the air. She can hold


her shape so well. Such good body tension. Still holding tension, the


way she walks, carries herself. Deportment, we used to call that.


years in international level. -- 24. She showed all her experience there.


We have seen her warm up, not so confident. I did wonder whether she


was going to struggle, but that is what experience does for you.


got it dead centre, really complex bolting. Hit hard, high for the


rotation and then kicked it out to make the twist. You have got to get


the heat and pour out if you want to get the twist and she got very


close to it. -- the angle of the they have submitted. The judges


have to decide whether enough of it was shown in the straight position,


and I think they will feel that it has to be two-thirds of it shown a


straight. Yes, given the 6.3. 15.066, challenging for a medal,


then, as predicted. What colour is thoroughly delighted, and so are


the German camp. Well, it was good but was it good enough? Beautiful,


clean work. The difficulty awarded will keep it down but look at that


approach. It does credit to any long jump sprint approach. This is


side at the end, but we are splitting hairs. It is impressive


to look at real time. There is the current leader, the current silver


medallist. Will she be set on the seat between them? -- Sat. I think


it will be silver. That is my guess. Well, if she wants a silver she


needs over 14.66. She has got over that score! She has scored 14.733.


She takes the silver, then. Maroney wins world fraught final. -- world


bowled final. There she is. The Vietnamese athlete he was the Hayes


highest qualifier takes the bronze. Confirmation in the women's vault


final. McKayla Maroney from the USA takes the gold from Oksana. And the


Vietnamese athlete, what a performance from her. She takes


The question remains, how many more years will the German beat vaulting.


Our attentions turn to the pommel horse at the far end of this arena


and Great Britain's a Louis Smith is filling in a pretty confident


mood. Not surprised that you are qualified for another world finals.


How does it feel thinking back to 2007 when you first qualified?


was a lot harder to qualify this year. So much has gone on since


2007. The readings have improved, the element of risk is higher. --


the routines have improved. I have kept a level head. You qualified


with the second-highest score, with the hardest routine, but you can go


harder. Yes. I really want to do my heart is routine in the competition


but my coach is not too sure. There are three guys in this final that


are in front of everybody else and there is meat and two others.


Everybody else is a little bit behind. A my coach says to me, if


you do a normal routine, an easy reading, you are guaranteed a medal.


But I am not looking at it like that. I have already got a bronze


and a silver. But what happens if you do just that routine. I am


looking at 2012, what any to do at 2012, to get a gold medal, and it


is to do my hardest routine. -- what I need to do in 2012. I have a


championship final a couple of months before the Olympic Games and


I would love to do my heart is routine. Whether I fall off, it is


a learning curve. Who knows? It is You have your difficult to side and


execution. If you cannot beat them on execution, the only way you can


beat them is on difficulty. That is the tricky bit. That is what the


risk is involved. At what point will you know, you are renowned for


getting up on the pommel horse and... I won a 15 minutes before I


go out and compete. -- I will know. If it is not going right then I


could go back to the easy one. is an interesting problem to have.


You know back home you have a bronze and silver. I have


sacrificed a lot of time since July. I have been practising like mad. I


have had many distractions back home. It would be a massive


confidence boost. It is a tricky one. I would work hard and make a


decision 15 minutes before. It is tricky. It is hard! Gymnastics,


you've got to love it! opportunity for a medal is seconds


away. Have you seen him? Yes, he looked positive. How was he feeling


from the difficulty perspective? How difficult would he make a


routine? I am not sure. He is second up, if he hits it it will be


great. We were not be sitting to commentate on this one. It is so


exciting! He is very calm. He knows what he has to do. The coach of the


camp says it will be 71. You can bet he will go for it. I would love


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


to see 87 plus. We will find that the first man up. You have to keep


your shoulders in front of your hands. When the shoulders get above


the hips, you are in trouble. worth mentioning we are running one


piece of apparatus at time. It is a very lonely place out there. All


eyes are on these gymnasts. Every focus and the rhythm has to be 100%.


that was his chance and he has chance. For every gymnast, it is a


nerve-racking. We feel it more for the gymnast we are involved with


but it is nerve-racking for everyone. Once he made the error,


he showed us what a good gymnast he is and how well he can swing. But


that was not his best bit. Nice lift into the handstand to finish.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


was a huge shame. He made the difficult routine and right on the


last hand adjustment, he lost control. He went for it full on. He


put every bit of difficulty he could squeeze into it. This was


really... The second handstand was excellent. He really went for it.


Look at this. This is very complex. He has already made the TEA. That


makes it an E. He lost his legs a little. He really went for it. You


can almost see him. He almost changed his mind at the last minute.


What a shame. That will be costly. What an effort. I am so pleased to


see him smiling. He knows he went for it. He went for gold.


Interesting, there was a wry smile when he came off. He made the


decision to go for it and came unstuck at the end. 15.066. Well,


will it be enough? We will have to He makes the handstand but does not


keeps his cool. But will definitely challenge for a medal. I would


think so. A clean, competent Legs glued together all the time.


So, the difficulty might not be so high. But the judges will not have


deducted so much from the execution. The gymnasts start with 10.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


Building it in the dismount. 15.266. slip affection. He lost the swing.


Watch his face. Expression on his face! He will take it. He said, I


cannot win them all! Great attitude. I think he will carry on anyway. A


grins and says, oh well. He has a two gold. He has rings next and


another goat arrive. -- another go. He looks as if he has upped the


difficulty on the apparatus. The all round, he went with study


routines, on floor he upped his difficulty and him as well. That is


taking a bit of a risk. If it pays off, great. If not, he had a go. If


he did a stock routine, he probably would not medal anyway. Great


attitude. Always easy to smile after you have got two goals in the


swing very quickly and cleanly. If he hits it, he will challenge. I


told you he was quick! Look at all of a sudden! What is the


pressure like out there? The third routine which has come to grief.


Amazing. He is Mr consistency. That he is great to watch. There he goes.


Such a pity because he is wonderful to watch. Absolutely. Like you said,


incredible speed. The slow motion will be normal speed. He looks like


he is on fast-forward! What a guy. He is a gentleman, too. A lovely,


lovely guy. I thought the judges have to be so quick with then notes


to get this down. This is slow motion. The hands and the body


moves so quickly. That is normal speed. Absolutely. The Saints beat.


-- the same speed. That was the rest in the middle. It almost


studied it in a Leeds. He was the eighth highest qualifier. -- he


DIS and almost fell through, but he gave it a really good shot. -- the


dismount. It seems the key in this final is stay on! He was gritty. He


kept fighting there. He has a good rhythm to his work. He depended on


that to just keep the routine swinging along there. Just brushing


the handles as he goes past. It just depends how heavily the judges


is in second still. So it would she Lorette drops out of the medals. He


has gone down to fourth. Two go for broke, Mitch? He should just


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


Great stuff from him. A Yes, he knew exactly what was on order from


him, and he delivered. Wonderful work and composure. Very good to


see a champion's performance. He has been really quite dominate the


last couple of years on this. -- quite dominant. Those moves really


show flair. I know that there are moves called Flowers but the flair


of the lift of his single leg work is exceptional. Yes, he has brought


that policy to it. The score is in. He is in the lead, 15.833. A 6.7


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


of the routine was very, very brave. happened there? That was going so


well! It is such pressure, out there! But you know, we said, it


has to be mm perfect. If a swing does not feel right you cannot do


anything. You cannot make an adjustment. He bent his arms, the


swing was stretched but he bent his arms. You cannot swing with bent


dismount. What a thriller this has been. Lewis Smith has a score of


15.066. It will be close. I think. I do not know what he did in


qualifier. He did a 6.4, but I think he might have upped it there.


It looked as if there was more in it but I was not analysing it


exactly. I was just watching the swings. It is amazing that laser


on... Look, he bent his arms and that is the swing over with. There


is no comeback. It almost looked a little bit like stamina. It was a


long routine. He was influential in the Chinese team that won gold just


a few days ago. What is it to be? 14. Sue 664 Teng Haibin. -- 14.266,


for Teng Haibin. The news is that Louis Smith has a bronze medal,


after falling off. And didn't he make the right decision to go for


broke, because if he had stayed on, it would have been gone? Definitely.


He had to. That man there was always going to challenge. 15.833,


he scored. But significant that Leary was 0.3 higher on his star


value than any other gymnast. -- Louis. If he can just increased his


score, clean that up, the medals at the Olympics but there for the


taking. The Frenchman takes so well. If you take the deduction for the


full and the lack of difficulty, Leary would have been very close or


in front. Great Britain's Louis Smith made absolutely the right


decision. He wanted to drive our routine in front of the crowd. You


have got to know how it feels. And all eyes were on him, let me tell


you. What a brilliant performance from him. The Hungarian a day in


his men's world pommel horse champion. The Frenchman takes the


silver and Louis Smith des Yeates another bronze medal at the World


You can go for broke, you can lose it just at the end but still come


away with a world medal. How does that feel? Unbelievable. It hasn't


quite sunk in yet. I was anxious waiting for everyone else to go.


And really wanted to prove to myself I could do this routine and


use it kind of as a stepping stone for 2012. I was a bit shaky at the


end but to come away their bronze medal, obviously, the hard work has


paid off. I am very happy. Mitch, as predicted, Louise Smith did not


hold back. Gabriel nail-biter. He does parted company on the end. I


thought he did a wonderful job. was a moment we did not expect but,


as he said, he has got through. was nervous when he did of the


Russian with the swing on one handle. What promise of things to


come. That is the outcome of the pommel horse final. We are now


moving on to the A bars final. There is no Beth Tweddle. She had a


nightmare in qualification and did not make the top eight but earlier


by a torch through her routine, which no doubt would have


challenged for a medal. -- earlier I talks through her routine.


things that make this far reaching so special, it is the way she looks


she does now is a little easy turn into a big dismount without a step.


If she did that rooted in the final and qualified, how would she get


on? She would have won. It is worth 7.1, which is almost half a mark


more than any other gymnast in the final. Thank you. Somebody who also


has a gold medal is a rising star from America and she will be


looking to add to her medal Channel -- out to her medals. It is just in


-- out to her medals. It is just in You have never met Justin, then, so


we cannot start talking about just -- at least young Lady swings


hit the low bar. She has lost the bar. That will be costly.


Wonderful composure, though, to keep going after that. She does


swing beautifully. Look at this. Love Leto. There. -- a lovely Tote


You s, what a shame, because the swing overtook her. -- yes. They


did at 0.54 hitting the bar as you go past. -- they did at 0.5 of a


point. She had the presence of mind she continued and in fact she had


such presence of mind that you wonder if it is not that something


that has happened in training, because she almost didn't swap --


stopped the swing at all. It just went into the next move. I am sure


we will see a lot more of her, because the USA have not got age


huge number of gymnasts who swing bars like that. I was talking to an


Olympian from 84 and he said they have the world champions and


Olympic champions waiting in the wings to get back in this team.


they have. 14.2, then, is the score a point to prove. A point to prove


to Georgine there is the 16-year- little adjustment to the side, she


is so clean, beautiful in the air. One of the most difficult routines


in the final. And she did not give much away in execution to the


judges. She is fabulously trained from an early age. Both mother and


father are gymnasts. Mother in the 1985 Soviet team. She has been


prepared to be a champion. That super half-turn to catch the high


bar. She is supple. That, I love that move. Very clean with her


terms. Doesn't go for anything too complicated, technically great.


High above the bar as she dismounts. Beautiful. That could be a champion.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


She has answered her critics. of control in the middle but she


will be delighted. High difficulty and she achieved all the moves. She


will be given the full difficult to score. It is all execution from


here. Beautiful work. Very confident in all the moves. There


pirouetting is spot-on. Tiny perfect until she'd had to waive


the to the side. It will be pretty close. It will. That typified the


routine. She did not move the feet 14.833. She goes into second.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


was down. Yes, it is almost the selection of skills that make it


seem like it stop/start routine. The dismount swing is beautiful.


She shows real swing on the dismount but the start of the


routine is up and down, stop and start. She never gets the big swing.


Those moves, she hopes to get Ds for days. That is quite late. --


roundabouts. She needs over 14.2 to title, right down to the last piece.


She just nicked it. She will be delighted. A much better


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


performance today. 14.5 puts her in for that this man. That is the


first time I had seen how smart they. A much better performance. --


for that dismount. You could see the look of determination. She


knows there is a sport she could grab. And this routine is excellent


give further bonus marks. Untidy legs on the dismount. She has 0.1


scoreboard. The Russian camp are assured of the gold. The first gold


that USA have not won in the women's competition. She has gone


into second! 15 scored. 6.6 difficulty. She up Ted difficulty


from qualification. That would have been linking those skills together.


Yes, she is definitely smiling now. She finishes 0.5 behind her team-


disappointment in the all round. On the rings, one gymnast reigns


supreme. A three-times individual world champion. His power, strength


and precision make him the man to championship gold rings medal to


add to his enormous collection of those goals. He was one of the


first took successfully swing and stopped dead. They all do it now,


of course. He was one of the first landing, he has done it again.


another gold. It has got to be. Kissing the apparatus! See you next


year, for another. I so enjoyed his performance on rings. He has extra


flair. I especially liked the dismount, he Blair's it out. --


flares. He is so compact. It looks hard work but it does not look a


strain. For many, that is not the massive score! I doubt anyone will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


double the width of his hips to make him so able to hold the


position. That is a strong strength. That is huge. Look at the


body shape and bounce back. Pinpoint accuracy. Hugely strong.


He held every strength part. The book says hold for two. These great


exponents hold it for three to make sure the judges do not rob them of


the strength. The swing was good as well. You might see a problem at


the top of the handstand but the dismount, through the ring this,


plenty of rotation, he is celebrating as hit the floor.


had 6.5 the difficulty in qualification and again. 15.6. He


goes ahead. Not quite enough to seconds. They have got to make sure


over rotated. I think he has done enough to get into the medals,


there. He needs a 15.2 to go ahead. A very stylish gymnast. See how


well he holds his shape, all the way through. And how he stops the


swing and shows the strength. step. He has a medal. It is bronze.


Chen Yibing De Beers. No one is going to take that title for a


while. A wonderful silver medal for the Brazilian and Yamamuro gets


another bronze to match that of he is... Let's sit back, relax and


enjoy it Louis Smith's medal ceremony. He went all out for


difficulty and it paid off. I mean, the fact that he came off the horse


at the end, had effectively a fall and to come away from the World


Championships with a bronze medal just goes to show what a great


looking down on Louis Smith for. very respectful, sociable. Very


approachable. And sadly, as it stands at the moment, he has not


qualified for the Olympics. There is this very odd rule that you not


only have to win gold but you also have to get 85 % of the


qualifications for on two other pieces of apparatus. 85 % of the


average qualifications for on the other two apparatus, and he may --


made a real mess of one performance. So as things stand, unless he gets


a wild card, he will not be going to the Olympic Games, but I am sure


Well, Louis, you went for it and you hit it with confidence. I had


to. I was very confident going in, kind of tricking myself. I could


not have any doubt with that routine. Yes, I did the reaching, I


did the hard part and unfortunately slipped on the easy part. It did


that shock you? I am not sure what it was, if I did too much warming


up backstage, I do not know if I'm relaxed, because I had done the


hard part, I do not know. It would have been a bit tricky if I had


faced this routine and got cold and gone into London with the gold


medal. At the end of the day, I did the rich in Atta World Championship


final. And it means so much for you for an experience point of view. In


front of this arena. And the fact is, it was just you up there. No


other gymnast up there. That must have felt indescribable. I had to


use this as a training session for the Olympic Games. It had to be a


dress rehearsal. There is not going to be a competition of this kind of


magnitude until the Olympics and if this is the routine I want to do,


this is the perfect opportunity to do it. And you got a bronze medal


and to effectively fell. So what does the bronze mean to you in


comparison with the other bronze you have? You just kind of thing,


what if? What if I had done the normal routine? All that I can do


is go back into the gym and trained, work out what went wrong, for


perfect it and see what I can produce in London. That is all I


can do. I did the best I could today, got a bronze medal. Has the


gold medallist spoken to you since? Yes, we were speaking backstage. He


congratulated me on my routine. But he did a fantastic to do his


routine under pressure. He is a nice guy. Well, Louis, you did


incredibly. You did you sell so proud. There is now a lot more


too, especially if you like getting And there is one more day of


gymnastics here in Tokyo left. Beth Tweddle may not have made the final


but she is a gymnast who likes to spread her talents. Tomorrow she is


Highlights of her final can be seen on BBC Two from 4pm and if you


would like to join us live, coverage is on the red button and


online from 5:50am. Louis, what you think her chances are tomorrow?


has got a really good chance. One of her best qualities is she can


perform under pressure. She has heaps of World Championship medals.


It seemed to be a common trait, performing under pressure in the


British camp. We are working on it. We wish her the best and we do not


see why she cannot get a medal. Indeed. We will all find out


tomorrow. How will you celebrate tonight? I do not know. I've been


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