14/10/2011 Gymnastics: World Championships


Matt Baker introduces action from the Men's All-Around final from the Gymnastics World Championships in Toyko.

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are on their feet. Denise Lewis, the Olympic champion! Rebecca


Kelly Holmes for Great Britain. What a performance. You absolutely


for the World Championships. So far it is proving to be their turn of


the unexpected, especially where the British men are concerned. -- a


tale of the unexpected. We still have some chances to make our mark,


including with Daniel Purvis, who can keep calm. He is the kind of


man that can keep his head when all-around of losing theirs and


blaming it on you. If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,


but make allowance for their doubting, too. If you can dream,


and not make dreams your master. If you can think, and not make


thoughts your aim. If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and


treat those two impostors just the same. If you can fill the


unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance runner, yours is


the Earth and everything that's in it. And what more, you'll be a man,


my son. -- what is more. Poetry in motion. He has already


had a good go when qualification but none of that matters. It is all


about the final. Daniel Purvis for Great Britain. Come on, Daniel.


Lovely height. Daniel Purvis! He is brilliant in the air. Very well


controlled. A really strong performance from Daniel Purvis.


are these emotions were flying around during a qualification round,


you managed to keep your head and qualifier with the 6th highest


score for the all-around competition. Was that quite a


challenge, knowing the pressures going on in qualification? Yes, it


was challenging. There were a few mistakes, but I try to think about


what I have been doing in training and calm myself down. There were


some pieces, like vault, Wi-Fi had overstepped, I could have fallen. I


overcooked it, and I took the step. I still got a decent score. That


added to it. He finished 5th at the World Championships last year. Can


you don't hire? With the training I have been doing, I have increased


my start values. I am confident that I can compete with the best in


the world. You are starting on the floor. Is that order of events good


for you? Yes, and I am with the top six gymnasts in the world so it is


great to watch them. I did the same last year and I was in over my head.


It was my first World Championships. Now I am more confident and I feel


like I belong with the top in the world. What has gone through your


mind in that year? It was a shock for you to be there with these guys,


and now you have had the preparation and you know how it


will feel. How different do you feel this year compared to last


year? I feel more ready. I know what is expected. Last year I was


really nervous. I did a clean competition but it was difficult. I


hope to go more steady and do better this time, if everything


goes well. Do you approach it with a tap? Do you try and feel it as


you go? -- with attack. I just want to go and enjoy it. You do not know


how many World Championships you will dude. I keep trying to do each


routine as it comes. I do not want to worry about what other people


are doing. If I go clean, I will be up there. Thinking ahead to the


Olympics, what does this competition mean as far as the


Olympics are concerned? If I can do well now, that puts it in the


Judges' heads. And it is good running for the Olympic medal. I


tried to do what I can. So the secret is to spend as much time as


you can medicating in Japanese temples. But how will the immovable


object compete with the unstoppable force of Kohei Uchimura of Japan?


He is proving to be one of the around gymnast that there has ever


The great Kohei Uchimura goes for his third consecutive all-around


title. It has never been done before. He is in the same group as


Daniel Purvis. He will be the first gymnast up to kick off this all-


around final. We are very excited indeed. We have British hope.


Daniel Purvis is currently ranked in 5th. Six pieces of apparatus and


that is the man that everybody is bronze medallist Daniel Purvis.


has got to be doing. He cannot long as they are nice and smooth. -


with no hand touch. Wonderful Daniel Purvis. One of the hardest


routines that you will see in this final. Really impressive start from


home. Every other gymnast knows that they have to be better than


pommel horse. He was just outside the medals at the last World


Championships and the one before feet are glued together. These are


all of the things that the judges are looking to deduct four and he


but that was a very good start on a tough piece of apparatus. He made


it look easy! Just a small glitch at the end. Daniel Purvis, 15.033.


Very good. Kohei -- Koji Yamamuro. Great on the reins and dynamic on


the floor. Very solid at the start. you rolled out instead of rolling


forward. He did. That will be an error and the judges will pick it


up. Koji Yamamuro has given the tiny margin to deduct. The Tamblyn


was strong and solid, but there was that Enron. -- at the tumbling was


strong and solid but there was that but it has to be performed well. He


does it. Double front somersault. But a shame that he allowed himself


one pays for words. He landed well. -- one pace for words. I think he


is the youngest gymnast in the competition. His shoulders were


just too far in front of his feet on landing. Yes, but lovely height.


The judges will be docked for the knees being pulled apart. That is


why it will not be a perfect score. qualifier. We are used to seeing


him on the high bar. He is a very his hands is very difficult. There


laid down the gauntlet there. impressive work. He is such a


dynamic gymnast. You almost expect him not to be able to control his


power but he has obviously worked really hard at it. Just one little


mistake on for London with all of those tumbles. -- on the landing.


Fabulous technique. The first tumble, two twists, one somersault


straight. He grabbed the floor with his toes. A tiny bit of direction.


The final tumble. The beautiful shape in this double straight


somersault. He just absorbs all of did not quite get round clearly


enough. It was feet-first but the you are totally committed. You just


pull and hope... That was very close but he worked so hard.


Squeezed it tight. Kept his head a foot off the floor. That will be


a score of 16. But don't be too fooled by those vaulters. It is


such a high-scoring piece of apparatus. Leyva in 8th. His score


is down. John Orozco was the second highest


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


qualifier in the all-around That's a feature of his work. He


works clean rather than with great his legs at the end. That will be


quite expensive. Everyone is having a little wriggle on the floor but


he seems to be the calmest of the American gymnasts.


John Orozco is lying in 12th. Well, the Arena is absolutely


packed and this is the man that the majority of people have come to see,


the current world champion going for his third consecutive all-


around title. being hit, and so far he is proving


that. Picked up really well from the flick to the double Arabian. He


really is looking good tonight. Once again that's a solid landing


you don't waste any deductions for landing.


Triple twist and that's the sort of landing he can do! That was amazing.


Wow! He's got the glue on his feet tonight. What a routine. He really


did not give a tenth away. Where on earth are the judges going to


deduct in that routine? What a start to his competition! He


had such a wonderful routine. He never waited. Just went through one


after another, and just incredible. Respect from everybody here.


Everyone knows how difficult it is to handle the pressure to execute


everything perfectly. That's just what he did. The full twist into


the double twist, absolutely met the floor perfectly. Timed


everything so well. Half turn in, double front-piked and when he sees


the floor, makes the half turn out and lands just as if he had jumped


off a bench. Perfect precision. He's only got


inchs to spare. He had a big think about the final


tumble. Flared the arms out to decelerate and finish that triple


hasn't let anybody down. 15.566. I can't wait for pommel horse.


Philipp Boy from Germany took silver at last year's all-around


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


dynamic power, two-and-a-half twists into front somi with full


twist. Each landing has had a little bounce on. Probably a 0.3


deduction off east. Maybe a 0.1 if it is little. Now he has to


concentrate. A triple twist. A very good routine but there were little


deductions. He didn't have much none in the team final but he seems


to be thriving on this energy created by the previous competitor.


Mykola Kuksenov, he could threaten disappointed with that start.


was a good start. Philipp Boy 14.866.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Mykola Kuksenov, 1500 on pommel. A The world medal continues on pommel


into the dismount. That was a very good opening challenge. Like a


Bullet Train wasn't he, going around there. Wonderful posture,


super hips driving it forwards. Unbeliever n.


This is Rafael Martinez of Spain. 27 years old.


to rescue that. One-and-a-half twists in the double-tuck


somersault. He did so well. Using all of his experience.


Yamamuro. He awaits his fate. Rafael Martinez 13.891. He's


disappointed. 14.666 for Koji Yamamuro. He even


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


stepdad bouncing around. You will see him on high bar later on trying


to get some extra points! Marcel Nguyen. Such a slight figure


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


the double straight. He was perfectly times. The swing on that


was so well done. 14.333. Pommel horse for Leyva. Quite a heavy


routine, that one. In the team final there is such a buzz around


the American team. There seems to be something missing from the


Americans this this individual all- Up to that handstand. Very good.


He's been very impressive on the support pieces.


Look at the lovely lift and body shape as he comes round on all of


these circles. Travels well. Has to keep the hands


in line as he travels. Oh, my goodness me, and that will


be very costly at the end. He went out the other side door


really, didn't he, Mitch? Going back to that dismount he will


probably lose the bell over it, because he will get the C for the


first bit but you need to finish with a da.. He might lose the whole


thing. -- finish with a D. He might lose the whole thing. Everyone has


ranks. Amazing. He can twist. They have named it after the guy that


did it first. Lopez. This is just unbelievable. Unbelievable to come


out of it and spot the landing and stop the twisting. I was going to


say that. It took a lot of force to stop. It is a massive score! He is


This competition has had more twists and turns than a gymnastics


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


finish. 6.3 or 6.4. That man is on form. So secure. He has qualified


for the pommel horse individual apparatus final, he is that good.


He looks so in control of everything, doesn't he? He changed


the tempo during the routine. Sometimes fast, sometimes slower.


He could control each of the elements that he was performing. He


really looks in superb shape. And in fantastic control. Like you said,


real swinger. No strength. He looks like he is enjoying himself. You


come to the arena in front of your home crowd and there will be


pressure, but his smiles are getting bigger as the apparatus


is what Kohei Uchimura is after. He will be over 16, sin. -- soon.


will be on for 91 if he keeps this up and his best pieces are still to


come. Philipp Boy has a little word to himself. Can he lay to rest the


ghosts that haunted him in the team final? Every team has got their


problem. And for the German team it was the pommel horse. That is


This is more like the man that was European champion and silver


medallist. The rhythm here will be very important. Can he keep going?


Well done indeed. Look at the relief on his face. I am relieved


for him! Absolutely. We saw him struggle so much in team


qualification. They started on pommel horse in qualification and


they were all over the place, and again in team finals. It is so good


to see the gymnast pull themselves together. A couple of areas that


were deductible. That was not one, it was very good. Psychologically


he will be in a good place. He had one problem, but he got over it and


he is getting through his routine. That makes you think that Lady Luck


could be on your side. You can just see the relief on his face. If you


are going to come good, now is the time to do it. Soo Myun Kim is up


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


element. That is a good position. And a solid handstand. Now he is


regaining a bit. He controlled it well. Into the front somersault


which is very difficult and quite unusual. That was an efficient


routine. That is the word that I think epitomises this guy,


efficiency. He was in 9th after the first rotation. Another one that


you cannot write off. He was impressive. He will be in the top


10, comfortably. His 4th all round. He will get better as the


competition goes on. -- 4th all- around. His weakness of the


strength positions. He is an elegant swinger. That double pike,


this particular rotation and the gymnasts will be moving on. First


group will go to rings, the second to vault, the third to parallel


bars, and the 4th group should be Lots of height. He has done such a


good job for the Chinese team. Since 2003 he has been there,


reliable always. The only gymnast from China to qualify for the all-


around. They went for the team title, successful of course. Lovely


style. He is proving his worth. That is a great vault. Two-and-a-


half twists. 15.6334 Teng Haibin. Kohei Uchimura is living up to


on the pommel horse meant he had a long way to go. John Orozco did


some damage on the pommel horse as well. What are your thoughts so


far? Kohei Uchimura is just amazing. He is incredible, isn't he?


Fantastic. I think that Japan are back with a vengeance after


slipping in the team final. Kohei Uchimura smashed the floor, and did


his routine beautifully. What we your thoughts on the pommel horse?


You will be up against that. think he is just tried to put in


good scores because if he goes through safely, he will get the


title. Nice to see Philipp Boy clinging on. He had a nightmare in


the team final but individually things are going all right for him.


A few people had some estate in the team final, but they have sharpened


up in the all-around. Philipp Boy has got his routine. I think it is


tough to start in the top group with the best gymnasts. He is


keeping his nerve well. He got through the pommel horse routine


and he will be happy with that. Another gymnast in that top group,


Dan Purvis. He stayed on the pommel horse and got through. Consistency


is the key with six pieces. He is keeping the men's spirit alive in


this competition. He did fantastically well. He paced his


floor routine. He is nervous to start with the big boys. There was


a slight split on his pommel horse routine but he got a 14 at the


score. Really good. What do you think about his spirit? I think he


is really good. After his floor routine, he clapped his hands, and


after the pommel, he looked at me and his coach was clapping away. I


think he has got a good ride. In the third rotation he has relaxed a


bit and got into bed swing of things. I think that he can contend


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


for a medal. Watch this space, Dan feet first, that is very well done


indeed. He has killed the swing, absolutely brilliant. Full twist,


double straight. Not the best of routines, but controlled and


focused and he brought it back. That was great. I think he shows


one of the best handstand shapes on rings. Really good style in that


situation. That is quite typical of the younger gymnasts. They have a


really strong handstand shape in double straight. He whips around.


He just wants the feet as high as the hits on that. And the hips as


low as the shoulders to get before Mark for that position. -- all of


the marks for that position. He did bent arms.


He holds the handstands well. Pirouettes cut a little movement


there, a shuffle of the hands. Very nice full pirouette on the


upward swing. A difficult dismount, the double front. More difficult


than the double back. He didn't really make a mark on last year's


World Championships. Danell Leyva, 14.341.


Belyavskiy didn't really make a mark last year but this year he's


leading after two pieces of apparatus.


This is Nguyen's third piece. lovely, stylish gymnast. But that


is very costly. Although he landed on the mat, the deduction won't be


as big as if he landed off it. But the big step to the side, at least


foot right. That will really cost him.


15.133 says he is up in second place. But don't take that for


lovely two-and-a-half twist. The flip-on allows the gymnasts to lift


purely and straight into the air. It makes direction easier for them


than from the half turn on. The Ukrainian qualifyed with a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


score of 15.8166. there is that fantastic landing


again. He's halfway round and I will tell you what, I said the


smile's getting bigger after every piece! I can't imagine what he's


going to be like after the high bar. I will tell you what, that is


phenomenal. He's an all-around gymnast. Look at the line there,


Chris. So in control of everything. Now you can see the feet as high as


the hips. That's a good angle to see. Holding that body out straight.


So difficult. And this, the somersault, straight and killed


into the strength position. Really impressive work. Swinging on


beautifully straight arms. Turning the rings, but this is what


impresses me most. He just doesn't flicker on landing. Even that


tucked position, it is straight with bent legs. It's wonderful


positioning. 15.166. He's up above that golden


He will feel he's got a fair bit to prove to the crowd tonight after a


disappointing performance in the team final. 16.033 for Mykola


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


so a tiny deduction. A super dismount. He was fifth after two


pieces of apparatus. He's a great gynnast. Very modest. -- gymnast.


Very modest. Works hard. Good technique here but you can see


knees and feet croced again. Wrinklings his toes up for the


handstand. Gets up sharply in the piece. He will move on to high bar.


He's popped down into sixth. Philipp Boy now on the rings.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


done. Not as smooth as he would like, but he's battling through it.


Three for three, a lot better than twisting vaults so well. Really


lobbed that into the air. Wrapped the twists in. The use of this


platform in this last cycle has become so impressive on vault.


Philipp Boy 14.5. Going back to that thought on the


vault, from the long box that we saw. Then it became the horse, then


this table, which is a metre square. It is a lot safer. Safer and much


more block, so if he hit the right point and work with the table, they


can get enormous lift. Rafael Martinez 16.1. He'll be


delighted with that. Such a brilliant twister and turner


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


on floor and vault. Hopefully we'll vault. No, he slapped the floor,


didn't he? That's his next piece, now, so he will be focusing on the


runway. He's watching his team-mate, the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


last gymnast in the top group to go him working to try and straighten


it out. That must have been a huge strain


to binge that back on-line. -- bring.


He did well. Just overtipped him at the end. Once you start swinging,


unless you get in charge of it, it bring that back. Not only did he


have a forward and back southward swing, but a side to side as well.


To try and stop yourself swinging in that position... You can see the


power in his shoulders and arms. This really is the event that tests


your upper body strength to its limit.


Every muscle straining. That is lovely. Shoulders well down.


He has to show the swing as well as the strength. You can see how he is


just swaying a little bit from side to side. Dismount, all important.


He's probably a little bit disappointed. He's been waiting to


show his skill on that apparatus. He will have to wait for the


individual apparatus finals. Hing he's a very dynamic -- I think


he's a very dynamic gymnast. Koji Yamamuro 15.125. He's into ninth.


Vault is their next piece of apparatus. Everything should sort


itself out after that. Daniel Purvis qualifyed with the


sixth-highest score. He was ranked fifth because gymnasts can't


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


compete if there is more than two see his score go over 16. He tried


in vault with seven in qualification. Will he hold back


here, one wonders? -- worth seven. There is his number. 6.6. He is


holding back. The reserved character of Kohei Uchimura.


shows you how much he wants the gold medal. Do you blame him?


Look at his wonderful set-up. Seeing that line. Focus the vault


on that line. Two-and-a-half twists. Fabulous landing. We need to close


up to see if he was dead in line but it looked it from our angle.


Absolutely extraordinary. Number four. This is just the ultimate,


ultimate performance. Absolutely. So cool under pressure. The huge


weight of expectation on him. He ambles down at the runway and


harnesses it beautifully. Central Armando. Two-and-a-half twists to


make it 6.6. -- central on landing. Look at the height. We can call


these landings the natural landings. I have never seen anything like it


in my life. Not a natural! If the judge thought it was perfect, he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


will score 16.6. I defy them to and then the control at the top of


many times that consistency is the key. He was going well. Two more to


go. To change groups can be difficult, but he seems to be doing


it very easily. He lost the shape, but ferry clean half-turn, which


can be difficult. -- very clean. Soggy at the back, but he tidied it


up nicely. He is in third. He is having such a good competition.


never looks phased. He always looks like he is performing well within


his capabilities and grasp. Very much the measure of the well-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


skip and jump forward at the end. That was his best piece of


apparatus. Good lift out of that back-flip. The half-turn into the


double front somersault. Very nice and clean work. The gymnast has to


be well above the floor there. The round-off where he changes


direction. It is very difficult, the 2 and a half twists, it to land.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


That is why so many do a somersault the middle. He got the silver at


the World Championships on parallel bars. But that was a super dismount.


He is a good gymnast. Many years ago he saved the Chinese gold medal


by producing a very good high bar. That is doing no favours at all. He


was a little bit short on most of his pirouettes. He did not really


lock out on straight arms enough either. The only Chinese gymnast in


the all-around final, surprisingly. I think they were saving the team.


I think he was possibly the only one who worked all pieces. Pascal


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Bucher is up into the top 10 with His knees buckled a bit, but he


controlled it well. He is very efficient when he hits the platform,


his shoulders are open and he rockets of the top. He is so


focused. Very sharp off the top. Deep on the landing. The conversion


up words was so efficient. And look at the liner, through hips and feet


and toes. -- line. A very good vault all round. Daniel Purvis


scores 16 and that put CERN into third! In the words of the great


Japanese legend, go on, my son! -- that puts him into third. You have


been waiting two hours to say that! You are like an excited little boy.


I cannot believe you did not say it two years ago. He has been waiting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


third after the last rotation. He got 14.6 in the team final. Cyril


has had ups and downs tonight, but so much energy on that vault. He


really wrapped it round. He went to decide to compensate, which was a


pity. -- to the side. He went for a really difficult vault. The


direction was good, but he lifted one shoulder a little bit more than


the other. Eventually it went wrong, on the landing. These are such


impressive vaults. They are just so high, they accelerate into the


ceiling. He wraps his arms in tight and brings them out to control the


landing but he did not bring the left arm out quickly enough to kill


the spin of the twist. 16.066. That little step to the side was a shame,


but it is the bar of 16 and that will keep him ahead of Dan Purvis.


out. Not having a night to remember. The way he attacked the run was


amazing. He just took it all up. You have to marry height and


rotation. It was all up into the air. He did not get his heels over


fast enough. It all went up, and there was not enough to take him to


his feet. He landed with his shoulders behind his feet and there


is nothing that you can do about that, really, however determined


that you are. That sparked is just not there. -- spark. 14.8. That is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


champion on the parallel bars, twisting double. You don't get many


of those to the pound. That's improved a lot since we last saw


him on the world stage. But I don't think the content of the routine


has improved that much. A little bit untidy, Mitch. That's a shame,


because she a good parallel worker. There are too manyer overs here.


He's a -- There are too many errors here.


And there is the dismount. Fabulous. Nguyen 15.2 for the European


parallel bars champion. He's up Uchimura is 1.942 ahead of his


team-mate, Yamamuro. Daniel Purvis is in bronze medal


position, ahead of Philipp Boy in fourth. The cushion is 0.034.


Two pieces to go. Daniel Purvis in third. Can he hold on? We are


thinking P bars, with the high bar to come. I think the best thing


about Dan is he's a cool-headed guy. He doesn't buckle under the


pressure, we saw that in qualification. And the routines, he


is comfortable with. What we can hope is that someone else will make


a mistake and Daniel will go through. What do you make of Kohei


Uchimura? The atmosphere in this place is incredible. He must be


under enormous pressure. He's doing fantastically well. He's got great


expectations on him. Everyone looks at him as the top guy. We are in


his back yard. He looks like it is a walk in the park for him. He


makes gymnastics look easey. It is a joy to watch and he deserves to


win. He's got the high bar last, which he fell off from in the team


final. Do you think that will be on his mind? It will be preying on his


mind somewhere, but when you are a top gymnast you have to wipe the


slate clean in each competition. He's comfortable with his routines.


He hasn't got the risk of making a mistake for the rest of the team.


He's out for him. I think the bar will be a big piece, in terms of


where Purvis will finish and the other guys. Do you think Dan will


be able to remain calm? He must be excited now with two pieces to go,


knowing he will be in with a chance. He will do his routines. We've got


some big high bar routines before the final. If Dan can make the


others nervous, something should happen. If he betters fifth place


that will be something. He will be happy doing the six pieces clean. I


wish him all the best. Thank you. Cheers.


Flavius Koczi from Romania. His the top of the handstand. That


spoils the line. Three-and-a-half twists into a


front somersault with another full twist. It is those hugely difficult


moves, three-and-a-half twists, he will be the only person that


performs that here. Linked to another full twist. That really


gives him big, bonus scores. This will knock his star value


right up but he has to land, just a triple twist. He has a little


wrestle but that is very impressive. What more would you expect from the


his palms. If you are wondering what his pedigree on parallel bars


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


is like, he's got a bronze at the work. Look at the line! And that's


the first time he skipped his feet back, but that was a wonderful


performance. Goodness me! The pressure must be building.


Wow! Surely... He's looking a bit stressed now. He's got the high bar


to go. But the pleasure is evident. He didn't seem quite so thrilled


with that performance as the others. He just had to work a little bit


harder. The thing I like about him so much


is he's got such wonderful rhythm to his work. Nothing looks strained.


Look at the height of that dismount. Difficult work done well is


unbeatable. 15.366 for Flavius Koczi. He's in


the lead. But for how long? Uchimura's score hasn't come in yet.


He has to be the finest all-around gymnast there's ever been, has to


be. If he does three in a row it proves it. 15.56. A massive


parallel bar score. One to go. He wasn't totally sure about that.


The smile came when he saw the score. He wanted it confirmed by is


the judges. Philipp Boy just behind Daniel Purvis.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


disappointed with that, but the work on the apparatus was very good.


This is the competition we are looking at, Boy versus Purvis.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


competition. The pride of France. Very nice work there.


Boy keeps checking that scoreboard. There's a tenth in it between him


and Daniel Purvis. Dan is on P bars next.


It's a score of 14.566. Boy can't believe it. He scored in qualifying


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


15.133. Sorry, 15.233. That was he does that! He needed that. My


word, to stay ahead of Philipp Boy he needs a score of 14.533. He's


got to get that. He was so clean. There was a tiny hesitation when he


did the little hop to the top, locking under in one of the semy,


to get the score. He needs every tenth he can get here, because Boy


has a highly difficult routine on high bar. That's the first time


I've ever seen Daniel Purvis look pressurised. Purvis looking for


14.533. And it's a 15.2! It's good news for


Daniel Purvis. Just high bar to come.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Koji Yamamuro prepares to swing his back. He really did zip off the bar


there is. This is getting really exciting.


He's got such a zippy energy about him. And we are so used to gymnasts


really lifting off the bar. He lifted off the bar beautyly there


for the straddle-front somersault. Lots of energy in that. But the


dismount, he just sort of dropped off the parallel bars and descended


to the floor. David Belyavskiy on the floor.


And the double-backed somersault. He really lift.


The judges can deduct for lack of height. They certainly wouldn't


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Purvis. I think he will be lucky. Koji Yamamuro is in second. Two-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


and-a-half marks behind his team- with that. He was in 7th after the


last rotation. That should have gone out right in turn. This was


the earlier move when he was loose. You can see the bent legs when he


kicks. The move itself is very good, the full twist, but the catch was


uncomfortable. The one and a half turn. He keeps his eyes on his


hands. He just loses body form when he kicks into the dismount. The


judges will deduct for that, even though it was a very high it


is growing! -- he is behind Daniel Purvis. David Belyavskiy is also


behind Dan Purvis. He is clinging recovery. He was a long way back


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


and is looking for a top 10 does not hesitate between moves.


Each move is meaningful. That is just what I mean. Straight into the


dismount. A good piece of apparatus difficult skill. And then a lovely


double pike. Flying, clean, stylish routine. This is the last gymnast


on parallel bars, and he scores 15.366. All of the gymnasts will


now rotate to their last piece of apparatus. Kohei Uchimura has a


score of 77.931 and is leading the field by over 2.5 marks. Koji


Yamamuro, his team-mate, in second. Daniel Purvis from Great Britain


with one piece of apparatus to go, in third. Philipp Boy has dropped


being prepared for the first gymnast, Philipp Boy. Dan Purvis is


gymnast and everything will have finished and all eyes will be on


him. Hopefully we can see him a lift that trophy and hold that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


highest high bar score of the whole everything. That really is a


challenge. Well done, Philipp Boy. He could not have done much more


than he did. He fought his way through. He had some bad luck, but


that was all about skill. He did not hold back for one minute. He


really went for everything. Look at that fantastic body shape. Legs


together in the full twist. Straight back somersault over the


bar. Same move again with the legs tucked. Really impressive work. He


went for 100%, knowing that was the only way he could possibly


challenge for a medal, by giving it everything. He just showed us the


tough competitor that he is. There is a high five. It is 16.066!


It is massive. He got himself silver at the last World


Championships. Dan Purvis has quite at the World Championships. -- to


really good job. Has he given away too much? That was a great


performance from Dan Purvis. He could not have done any more. If it


is not difficult enough, he just goes home and worked harder to make


it more difficult. That was wonderful style. He did not hold


back. He gave the routine every bit of determination. Wonderful


pirouette skills. Linking them together. He lifts high, it super


full twist in the double straight. What a competition from Daniel


Purvis. Will the judges be kind? Come on, come on, come on. They


have been very strict. It is not enough to stay ahead of Philipp Boy.


14.8. He may not have shown the difficulty but he has certainly


shown at the effort. Fantastic performance from Dan Purvis on all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


that enough? Koji Yamamuro is happy. What a time he has had in this


arena. Huge appreciation in the crowd. Philipp Boy, talk about


saving the best till last. This young man can do more difficult


work. He left out some. He is determined to get into those medals


on style. Playing it safe. Nice. He was late with their head. He did


very well to catch up. -- with the head. One little hop backwards but


he played safe. Was that the right tactic? We will find out. Well!


14.866. He has not gone ahead of Philipp Boy. You do have to say


that the high bar routine that Philipp Boy it did was so full of


difficulty and so exciting, that it really does deserve to be rewarded


the way that it has been. Looking at the gymnasts to follow, there is


nobody that can threaten that. Amazing performance from Philipp


Boy. He has come from that other apparatus to finish on. You are


well indeed. A very brave effort from David Belyavskiy. He's had a


good competition. He's had a good Championships actually all in all.


I think we are going to see a lot of this kid in the future.


thoughts exactly. He would like it to be better. Although he's done


his best, he would like to be up there fighting for the medals. I'm


sure he will come back with the difficulty needed to do that next


year. Zips along the pommel horse. Strong technique. Just a little bit


wild there at the finish. He's one to watch, for sure.


He has youth on his side. What a job he's done, good gosh.


It's terrific., "You can't come this way!" Well, that's Japan for


you. Lovely people, but if your name's not down, you're not coming


in. But rules are rules, Matt. Yamamuro I think is still quite


dumbfounded by that. It didn't have the difficulty. He did play safe,


and that's the gamble you take isn't it. Look at him.


I bet Philipp Boy didn't think he was going to be in this position at


the start of this competition, because he had an awful competition


so far. 14.733. A good pommel score qualifier. We could see some


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Danell Leyva take a nasty fall of double straight to finish. A big,


big smile from a very impressive young man. Indeed. If only the


first half of this competition would match the second half, he


would be up in the medals. He would indeed. Very unassuming in his


demeanor but his work is superb. A full twist in the Tkachev.


Beautiful work. Two goes at getting his hand on but he was absolutely


firm. Really nice work. Full twist in the double. It is only a 6 -4,


6-5 difficult. Wait until he puts the hard stuff in.


Can he get up into the top ten? So many of these gymnasts on the


floor are coached by former Soviets. 15.366. He's into fourth, behind


Daniel Purvis. It's worth noting that Purvis is only 0.323 behind


Yamamuro. APPLAUSE Listen to the crowd. Kohei


Uchimura is the highest on floor, the highest on pommel, on rings and


parallel bars. What has he got in Superb. Do not hold back, young man.


Keep it going. You're the best in the world, just


prove it now, go out with a real flourish.


Superb work, this. A big wind-up. Go on. Yes! That was fantastic!


What a routine and what a way to win the World Championship? He is a


superstar. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE He could have


played it safe. He wore his heart on his sleeve, and look at this


place. Everyone is on their feet, including us. Come on, get up,


Mitch. I can't stand after that. Absolutely unbelievable.


What a champion's performance. Fantastic, and Matt is correct. The


greatest gymnast we've ever seen. CHEERING That is wonderful to do


that in front of this packed house. Come on, Matt. You've run out of


words. I am gob smacked with that. We've watched him go around piece


after piece and just look at the style and the grace which he works


that bar. So good to see him do the whole


routine. Not hold back. He only needed to score a 12 to win. He


could have done just half a routine, but he went out with fantastic


style. Really showing us the great champion he is. Just unbelievable.


What a final landing. It is like he press as button somewhere. It is


15.7. It's by far enough and my word. It is remarkable. Philipp Boy


is on the phone. Everybody's over the Moon.


Boy oh boy what a performance from him. That is truly remarkable for


Philipp Boy, whose Championship has been so dismal so far, but he


turned it on at the right time. Thrilling. The men's all-around


final, Kohei Uchimura absolutely world class.


93.631. Philipp Boy takes silver for the


second year running. Koji Yamamuro, bronze. Daniel Purvis settled


row, Kohei Uchimura. Yamamuro, bronze.


This golden moment belongs to that man.


Philipp Boy unsurprisingly is emotional. The medal was at his


fingertips for the majority of his competition. He got his hands on it


for the national anthem of Japan. The representing country of Kohei


Uchimura, the gold medallist of the 4 3rd gymnastics World


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Championships, the men's all-around APPLAUSE


A fourth place for Great Britain's Daniel Purvis. Dan, how are you


feeling after that, man? feeling really good. I went out


there and hit my routine. I'm really happy. Talk us through from


the beginning? I was first up on floor. I was pretty shaky but I


managed to do my routine. I was pleased with that. From there it


went pretty good. He to keep my focus. It went more than pretty


good, let's be honest. I don't think kite have asked for much


better. It was a great feeling at the end. When you were feeling


shaky on the floor, what did you do to keep calm? I tried to slow


myself down. In my head I thought, keep yourself calm. And the pommel


horse, you stayed on, that's the main goal. That's everyone's


nemesis in gymnastics. To stay on, it was going in the right direction.


How did you cope from the pressure of Uchimura's side of things? He


was pretty impressive. Everybody here, the atmosphere was phenomenal.


It was awesome. It's probably been the best competition I've been to


atmosphere-wise. Uchimura is in a league of his own. Second or third,


it was for the taking. I tried to hit my routines. I was hoping for a


medal, but it wasn't far off. were things when moving from P bar


to high bar. You knew Philipp Boy had the difficulty and was going to


go for it? I've competed with Philipp Boy a few times. His


routine, he either hits it or he doesn't. Fair play to him. I


focused on my routine. It's a bittersweet feeling coming fourth


but it is still great to be fourth in the world. You were fifth last


year, fourth this year, what's happening they can year? I'm not


sure. The Olympics coming up. The team is looking good. We are going


to be training through Christmas for the test event. Be very good.


You've got to take a massive amount of confidence from. This just for


you, for the experience, going forward for 2012. It is great to be


up there with the best. It is great, a dream come true. Thanks to my


coach, Jeff Brookes, and the national coach. They've worked so


hard. British gymnastics have been behind me as well. The leap from


the juniors to the seniors, Mitch. I watched this young man in Glasgow.


He had the better of Boy there, a great performance there, got over


90 points in an international against France the other week. You


are up from now. It is fantastic to see it. And to get almost 90 in


this Arena tonight, how did you feel about that? It is an amazing


performance. It is great. Anyone hitting 90 will be looking at the


best in the world. And that's you! Yes. I'm made up. I think it will


sink in tomorrow morning. Speaking of tomorrow morning we've got Louis


Smith to talk about, another medal hope for the pommel horse final.


Great Britain's Lewis Smith. This is so under control.


Lovely confidence. Keep the rhythm, Lewis. This is


fabulous. That is superb. You can see


highlights of that competition on BBC Two at 4730, but if you want to


join live commentary you can on- line and and the Red Button at 5.20.


Trust me, it is worth getting up for. Porridge and pommel horse, a


great combination. In training he's been looking good. He is defending


his silver medal. Do you reckon he will go for the hardest routine in


competition? I think it will depend a lot on his warm-up. He will be


exciting to watch. Mitch, your predictions? If he hits that full


routine, a couple of handstands, staying longer on one handle, he


Matt Baker introduces action from the Men's All-Around final from the Gymnastics World Championships in Toyko. Great Britain's Daniel Keatings won a silver medal at the 2009 championships in London, but he is still building up to full fitness following the terrible knee injury that kept him out of top-class competition for over a year. As well as going for gold here, at the forefront of the gymnasts' minds will be qualification for the 2012 Olympics in London.

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