05/10/2013 Gymnastics: World Championships


Matt Baker presents coverage of the Gymnastics World Championships from Belgium, with events including three apparatus finals. Commentary by Mitch Fenner and Christine Still.

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Absolutely brilliant, Louis. Finals Day.


I know, Matt, and I'm so excited! This is not about dancing, this is


the World Gymnastics Finals. . What do you mean? Take it from


experience, you have to let things go.


There is always one! Well, smile, then! I'm so glad it is Finals Day.


There is always one! Well, smile, Come on, boys! I have just had this


conversation with Matt. Apparently it is about the gymnastics today.


Really? What is it the finals? Yes, the parallels, the bars.


I better take the shoes off. Yes, Lewis turned up yesterday with


a pair of high heels on instead of football boots. That was between us,


what are you telling them that for? ! Well, we did get here. Louis has


been dancing ever since. I know. Sorry.


Sorry we could not get your skates back. I felt left out.


Well, it was impress ifr rive. Welcome to the ant westerly


Sportpaleis, where Kohei Uchimura has made history. We are talking


about the Men's All Round and the Women's All Round. Now, nobody has


ever managed to win four consecutive titles. He did it in style. We did


not think he would do any less, but he was so great on all pieces of


apparatus? He is just talent. What he can do, no-one else can. The fact


he can win medals on the individual apparatus and all-round it is


unbelievable stuff. And somebody else who has made a


name for herself, Simone Biles. 16 years old, she took the title last


tight. At that age to have that confidence? She is a cool cookie.


She walked out, smiling, joking, she enjoyed the performance. Even the


last piece, where she was ranked second. She was not phased.


As far as the British interests is concerned, four gymnasts were going


in the all round finals. Max Whitlock, Dan Purvis and in the


women's, Ruby Harrold and Rebecca Tunney. Now it is about the


individual specialists, this is the order of events:


We are going to start with the Men's Floor. This happened half an hour


ago, Dan Purvis, he is going. You are in for a treat.


But keep your eyes peeled. First up is Kohei Uchimura.


We said he was precise, accurate but let's see him take us through this


routine. The World Champion. The Olympic


Champion. Show ing. Beautiful position. One of the few gymnasts


that marries great difficulty with fantastic style.


Look at that. The two-and-a-half twist into the one-and-a-half.


Every landing is measured. Every twist is finished at the top of the


somersault. Such a light guy. He makes everything look easy.


Extension out to a straight line before the


He nails it! Look at that, a triple twist to finish! The absolute


master. Absolutely so, Chris. The master.


Having won four world titles. He comes out here today after that and


producing something fantastic. Not the most difficult we have seen


but so accurate. O -- so on his game.


So much power. He whips over. Two-and-a-half twists. A great


score: Jake Dalton.


He has joined the legendary group with a move named after him. Not on


this technique, but off he goes. A lovely start. A double straight


somersault with a half turn. A little blind on the landing.


Just a tiny falter on the landing. At this level you have to be so


sure-footed. A triple twist! That was his best


landing of the lot. Of course, it is the last thing that


the judges see. There is Mark Williams. He does a


great job. Two of his gymnasts in the floor final.


Lots of power but he did not get it the floor final.


under control, but what a great style.


Look at that: Jake is ahead of Kohei Uchimura, he is smiling like a true


sportsman. Really making the landings work


today. One and three-quarters, standing up


with straight legs. That is a bit of a trademark. Now, the concentration.


with straight legs. That is a bit of He needs to hit this last tumble.


The big strong round off with a double whip.


Some tiny little adjustments on the landing. Tumble after tumble, he


produced. Two-and-a-half twist, into a full twist.


That was just a twiple twisting back. He pops it in there as if it


is nothing. It an over yet.


Two-and-a-half backwards, two-and-a-half fords!


-- forwards! Even a twist into the side.


He takes it all the way around, four twists, incredible! Look at


Uchimura, he is loving it. What a performance!


You count the full twist into the double, into the triple. This is so


fast. He twists so efficiently. double, into the triple. This is so


It is one of those special routines you won't see very often. And how


about this, four twists in this very last tumble.


Amazing. He has scored 16! Undisputed,


absolutely the best in the world! Shirai with that incredible routine


takes the gold. Uchimura takes the bronze and Dan


Purvis misses out by a tenth. He was in fourth place.


Dan, three years ago you were on the world podium, today it is


fourth-placed, frustration or pride? It is pride. I know my routine. I


nailed it. I have come up against a world


champion. And Kenzo, how unbelievable is that


watching him? It is unreal. We watched his videos in training, to


to see it live. It is unreal, but I have to be happy for him.


What more can you do to challenge that next year, to be on that? I


have a couple of tumbles, I have been working on them. I have not don


it oun the floor yet. Maybe next year, possibly more to give.


Seventh in the all-round earlier in the week, what is the focus after


this event, is it the all-round next year? Hopefully. To try to get to


the top three. That is my aim and to hopefully specialise on the floor.


And Max Whitlock is coming up in the el, can he do? It will be exciting.


We have seen in the all-round. Now the pressure is off. He has a


fantastic chance of doing really, really well.


Well done today, Dan. Dan Purvis, a ten of the a point


outside of the medals. It is a remarkable performance? . He


should be proud. He went out there, he did the routine, it was clean.


And the pedigree. It was an unbelievable final to watch.


And Kenzo, Beth, you did a lot of twisting but that takes the biscuit?


We were trying to work it out in total. I think we made out it was


18. Most gymnasts you get five or six, but the fact he has 18! What


technique is he using? He seems to pop in an extra one-and-a-half.


He twists over the axis, he does it over the side, it allows him to get


in more. It is unbelievable. It gets the respect from everybody.


He really does. We were training yesterday, literally, the gym comes


to a stand still when he comes in. He gets a clap just in training. It


shows that respect for him. It is interesting the persona that


many take when they are in the gym, but as you are not competing, we


have managed to catch you off guard! The pommel horse is a place I feel


very comfortable. When you start training in gymnastics, you tend to


pick up on an apparatus where you are better than the others. The


pommel horse was always my apparatus, and to be the best in the


world at the pommel horse, it is quite a challenge. Very few can deal


with the physical and mental pressure of performing and doing the


perfect routine. We saw Daniel Keatings and the Olympic champion,


they both made mistakes. We train like a machine, but when we compete


we are very human. The top three guys I picked in this pommel horse


final is going to have to be Max Whitlock, Zhang Hongtao. Max is very


relaxed, you can see them circling a lot faster than usual. If I was told


to pick a winner, I think I would pick Zhang Hongtao. My heart


definitely wants Max to pick up the gold. Performing my routine at the


2012 Olympic Games was the best feeling I have ever had. I had


worked 20 years for that one moment. I cannot describe to you how


fulfilling it was. I have never been the emotional type, I have never


cried at my performances, but thinking back I get emotional,


watching the replays. You know, I start to choke up. Still, to this


day, Wow, Louis, train like machines, but


when you compete you are human. It is very true. We were talking


earlier about how you can never quite prepare for that feeling when


you are in a place like this. You can go through your routines


endlessly, but when you come here, when it matters, that is the


difficulty, isn't it? You can do lots of World Championships,


European Championships, but when it comes to the Olympic Games, that is


something special. Max tonight has something special. You were talking


about the difference files, not that it is a nonchalant style, but it is


a style of gymnastics that he has, will that help them in this kind of


environment? I think it is a nice thing to be laid-back. If you are a


bit fast-paced, here, there and everywhere, you can trip yourself


up. Whereas Macs, and I have the same tactic, the relaxed, take it in


your stride. He has got this hanging over his head. Potentially he could


be the first men's world champion. What was it like for you way back


when? 2006, you cannot think about it like that, you have to stay


focused on your routine. It is a case of, I have got to get from A to


be with my routine, and if I get a medal, so be it. Max is so used to


competing, even though he is a young kid on the circuit. He has done the


Olympic Games, and he went in with such a chilled out atmosphere, he


has got that experience. And he is following in your footsteps because


you have carved out a path, that is the way that you have shown


everybody, and it is amazing hammy gymnasts are following in your


footsteps. It is nice for me to take a step back and see that happening,


footsteps. It is nice for me to take Daniel Keatings and Max Whitlock


doing so well, the youngsters we have got coming up, they could be


something special. So it is nice to know that I started and there are


people coming up. Is that the key as know that I started and there are


far as Britain is concerned? Is that why we are... When you train as a


squad, and you have some on competing at a world level, you want


to be better than them. Just looking at Zhang Hongtao, he is the highest


qualifier, but he has got a score of 15.541. I mean, Max can beat that.


Max can beat that, he has the potential to score even higher.


Zhang Hongtao really had a chance. Here they come, they are coming out


in the order that they will compete. Here they come, they are coming out


Max is going in fourth place, is that a good place to be competing?


It is all right. If you can go in front of the big names, it is good,


put in a good performance, but a bit of fear in their hearts, as I like


to think. Fourth is good. The Russian pommel horse champion will


be wrapping things up. You have to stay relaxed, there is a while


before he is going to be other there, who knows what he is


thinking? This is what he was thinking a while back when he met up


with Ollie Williams. I am going to hopefully attempt the biggest


routine that I have been working on, and it is adding two new moves,


two new elements, which makes the on, and it is adding two new moves,


routine very risky, but hopefully if I can pull it off, I can get a good


score. To be honest, it is still a hard final, you know. There are


seven other people in that final, one of them being Zhang Hongtao from


China. He has scored over 16 before in quite a few competitions, he is a


specialist. There is Sellathurai from Australia. If I can perform at


the Olympics, hopefully I can perform at a competition like this.


Listen to the role for Britain's wax weblog -- Max Whitlock. Zhang


Hongtao will be first up, but this will be his last worlds, going into


retirement. This could be his year, he is always outside, Busnari. The


eighth gymnast, he has got a long way back. They are allowing the


gymnasts to go back into the warm up all, so he does not have to sit


there and watch everyone. Will Zhang Hongtao make gold in his final year


at the world finals? Sellathurai is twice a world medallist. Max


Whitlock got bronze at the Olympics. Let's go over to the commentary


box. And here we are, just waiting for


the start of this pommel horse final. The gymnasts have had no warm


up in the arena before they start. They have been an earlier today, but


since the vault and the floor has gone, they have not had another


chance. There is a warm up gym at the back, so they come into the


bright lights, and it can be quite daunting. It certainly can, but this


bright lights, and it can be quite man is used to it. He has been world


champion and World Cup champion. Beautifully extended swing, look at


that, he keeps the shape. Very fast hands.


Good leg separation, look at this, smooth in the handstand.


And this really is, it is an opener, and it is very impressive!


He lost his legs a little bit there. Now the triple Russian, he is back


on song. Good style, good swing. Can he keep


the fluidity? He does! Fluid it was, well done indeed. Well, that


certainly puts the pressure on the others, doesn't it? What were you


saying, Louis, if you go out first and perform well it puts fear in


their hearts! That was an unbelievable routine. I am shaking


watching! I'm probably not the best to be commentating! This shape, the


way he circles, his style, the handstand, toes constantly pointed.


A little bit of form break in the top. Is this mound, you know, he


nails it. You can see how happy years. Who wouldn't be?!


Unbelievable! Ever been first up in a major,


Louis? I have been first up a few times. It is a powerful position,


because if you put in a good routine, you will intimidate the


rest of the field. And there we have it, a score of 15.6.


So every gymnast from now on will have to be exceptional.


Exceptional, I am not sure, but Alberto Busnari is certainly


different! Inoperative -- innovative and he has


been around a long time. Well in his 30s now. Take a look at the way he


has put this exercise together. Very pedestrian so far, up egos, and


that is a big pause in the handstand. That is is own move, he


really needs to be more fluid. Let's see how the judges treated. Flares


predominating here. Is it over yet? Answer? Road no, he carries on. More


flares. He has changed the nature of pommel horse.


And that is a big pause before the dismount! Well, Busnari, it was


different, but there were problems. Well! He posted a massive starting


score of 7.1 in qualification, so if they credit everything, that gives


quite an advantage. It is a very unique type of routine. I think he


is going to be penalised quite a lot in terms of how much he breaks the


swing of the actual pommel horse routine. We saw a little bit of good


one hand, then we see him pausing in the swing, and pommel horse is about


keeping the movement. It will be interesting to see what the judges


do with the score. Down to the little things, you can see his toes


crossover. These are the deductions the judges will pick up on.


It is debatable whether the judges will give the dismount, because he


comes back down in a different direction. I was going to say, I


think his face says it all. He was not totally convinced himself as he


landed, it was not that instantaneous jeer. -- gear. They


gave it, they were kind. And that 7.1 gives him a score of 15.6 and


puts him into the lead. The same score to share the lead, I would


really put a question mark on that. Prashanth Sellathurai, and nobody


swings as fast as this guy. He is amazing. Tiny, he is under five foot


tall, but he looks so long when he is swinging.


Look at that on one hand! Going so, so quickly. Beautiful... Oh, and he


clung to the horse and he is walking away! What a disappointment for him.


clung to the horse and he is walking He was flying around the pommel


horse. That is a very difficult skill, spend link between the


handles, and two clear that surface area you need to circle as fast as


him. Be as paced around it and got his


composure, he's going to have another go. -- he has.


He is going to take off! Look at this, this is his trademark. Fast,


clean swinging. A pity he came to grief in the middle, a lovely


handstand sequence as well. But it is tough at the top! Packing in so


much difficulty, it is hard to stay on the pommel horse, and when it


comes down to it, the ones who nail their routine are the ones who win


the medals. We can see he has a slight error there travelling into


the triple, but when he picks up, he slight error there travelling into


has got elevation like I have never seen. The pause in the Shia


handstand will be deducted there. That is unfortunate for him. The


only Australian gymnast we have senior, men or women, actually, and


a great shame he did not manage to harness his best routine here.


You can see how tiny he is, can't you?!


He has to be massively disappointed. I think he will be.


We Ceefax Max and his coach there, preparing the apparatus. Like you


say, Louis, this is the nervous moment.


We should see him play with the handles a little bit.


He has to make the big decisions, the judge, there.


When the gymnasts fall during a move, one of the questions is do you


credit the move? Had they completed it? Did they not? When the routine


goes through easily, it is much more straightforward for the judges.


Here we go, the score is 14.033. The price of those mistakes.


Max Whitlock! Ready to perform. Nice and safely, a sheer half with a


travel. Russians on the handle, safely


negotiated! Still a long way to go. This is a good start.


He keeps the swing. Back into the flare. That spindle is so difficult


to set up, but he survives it. He keeps the swing. A little


flourish at the end. Max Whitlock! Sit down, Louis! Wow! Wow! This is


intense. I can't do this! Now you know what it's like! Oh, Max. He


went through from start to finish. One I havy moment there. He has done


went through from start to finish. a big, big routine, in a big final.


He will be happy. He certainly looks happy. So do the


team. Oh, I'm still catching my breath! .


This is the triple Russian, the G value.


It is very clean. Back into the middle.


This was the Busnari. He cuts back in. He clips the pommel. That could


be a deduction of up to three to five tenths. He finishes off nicely.


Here is the dismount, no, no, back on the Busnari. They look so


similar. There is a little loss of form. He picked it up nicely. There


is the relief. That face is a picture. Every gymnast has that.


Well done, Max! There were two performances there, one from Louis


and one from Max. He went for the big routine. He said


and one from Max. at the begin, here we go, 15 of 633.


Into the lead. What a moment. Brilliant stuff.


That is well deserved. So, Max Whitlock in the lead, 15.


633 to beat him. This is Robert Seligman from


Croatia. That is lovely.


Again through the spindle. A lovely shape he is working it.


Look at the hips. Well forward. Lovely line. This is superb.


Nifty through the triple Russian. Precise.


A triple Russian, into the disopportunity. -- into the do


dismount. That was a clean routine. I have competed against Robert. I


think that is the best routine I have ever seen him perform. That


will get him up there with the scores. I'm not sure if will -- he


will beat Max, but a polished performance. Very impressive. From


start to finish. All of the work was so stretched, so


beautiful. So the execution score should be up


beautiful. there. That is where the judges take


the marks from the ten. If he can get into the nines for the


execution, you are doing well. He should for that.


The only thing he lacks on is difficulty. He will make up for that


with the execution score. He was down in difficulty in


qualifying, what here, do you think? I think it was not that much more


difficult. Louis was not that impressed with the difficulty.


There with go, a 6 .4, giving him a 15.33 for a fourth place.


Lovely clean work. Kameyama. Traditionally, the


Japanese are not brilliant on this apparatus. They tend to swing a


little bit tight, but then every now and then there is an exception to


that rule. A clean rhythm milk hand stand to


start with. Very secure on one handle.


A nice Russian to complete the combination there.


A triple Russian in the middle that is not easy.


Travelling over the far pommel, that was difficult as well. This is good


work. He keeps the style. Did he clip the


horse then? There's the hand stand. It was fluid, it was difficult, and


it will challenge. I mean that is a different


contention there. It was neat, tidy, start to finish,


it was a brilliant routine. Lots of difficulty. Two sheer hand


stands. It really was. We have the very


muched circle here on the one handle, performing the stocky


elements. Showing great control on the handle. Leaving himself enough


space. It really was a great, polished routine.


That's the big question. The difference in the polish to


difficulty, isn't it? If you can marry them together. You are then on


to a winner. Good to see the Japanese swinging in


the horse so well. It is. Normally they have been


tight, as you said, but this is different. Maybe he is some of the


new breed coming up. Well they think it is worth a medal.


Oh, it's a big score. Yes, a big difficulty score. He


takes the lead just inching ahead. Wow! 15. 833.


Kameyama, then, taking over from Max in pole position.


Max Whitlock is in second, in the silver position at the moment.


This is a very promising young gymnast. He faded a little for a


while but he is back here. He picks up the swing nicely. The


extended hips to the front. Very comfortable.


Fast hands, shoulder and feet moving together.


Oh, and that's the delay he didn't want.


Still impressive. Apart from the dismount, I would


Still impressive. have been happy with that routine.


He shot himself in the foot a little bit, but it will be up there with


the medals. A great routine. A great difficulty.


Chris, you and I go back a long way, have you ever seen a Mexican in


contention for the pommel horse medal? I was about to say that.


I mean he swanking great from start to finish. He has a great extension.


Much like Robert Seligman, there he is using the handles. He is only


young. He has a bright future this guy.


He is about 23, isn't he? There is the dismount. As he stutters a


little, the judges could take five tenths, three, or in some cases not


even give the dismount. We'll see.


Well, second place, 15. 633. They are really pushing the scores here,


these guys. So, in fact a joint second with Max


Whitlock. We will have to see if there is a


tiebreaker. The final gymnast. I have to apologise, there is no


tiebreaker in the final. If you get the same score, you share the medal.


Oh, he exploded in the Russian. He did well to keep that under


control. That is while. How is he staying on.


Surely he is going to run out of steam? He doesn't.


This is a marathon. He keeps the swing going. That was


an exercise in grit. Grit and determination. He was not going to


let his moment go! He really had to fight, didn't he? He did have to


fight, but he was a gritty, determined guy. He did fight through


to the end. He started off well. The flare, the


spindle. It was a routine with lots of promise.


Great circles on the one handle. Circles on the one handle are a


special requirement. A lot of gymnasts will be doing that. The


hand stand dismount travels far away were the pommel horse, that could be


a deduction. He won't be too happy with the form


break in the middle. The trick is to pack the difficulty


into as short a routine as possible. The longer you stay on there. He has


got a rank seven. 15.146. He he is disappointed with that.


What a final this has been. Kameyama, he has emerged on top of


the pile. An amazing routine. Stylish and difficult. He wins


Japan's third Gold Medal of the championships. Max Whitlock, the


silver medal. Louis will be delighted. What do you think, Louis?


Max is nowhere near a finished product. He has so much talent. He


is 20 years old. He has come second in his first Worlds after the


Olympic Games. What a super star. Brilliant.


fantastic routine from Max, he will be over the moon with the silver


medal. He is still so young, he has got so much time ahead of them. I


just think, you summed it up perfectly, he is a young lad, Max,


fourth in the all-around, second in the pommel horse, remarkable. And


that was a new routine, want to do for the future. There is a lot of


expectation on the young lad, he has done well. Well, it is incredibly


noisy here, but I think he is with Ollie Williams right now.


On the podium, a silver medal. Thank you, I am really happy with that. I


had a 7.2 starting score, quite a big risk factor, so I am really


happy, to come out with a medal is amazing. There were moments watching


you when it felt like time stopped. There were bits in that routine when


I thought, I could fall off, but I was just glad to get through the


routine. Some bits was happy, to get a medal out, I am happy. Olympic


bronze, world silver, making progress customer it really does, I


am looking forward to the competition is a head, looking


forward to them experiences. We are moving on to the bars final, so


let's find out about that from our double bars champion Beth Tweddle.


The bars is a very technical apparatus. People do not realise it


is quite physically demanding as well. You need upper body strength,


lower body strength, because you need to be able to make the shakes.


When you are at a World Championships, as soon as you walk


out into the arena and hear the crowd, you get the atmosphere in the


arena, it gives you that adrenaline. That adrenaline does help you


through your routine, but you also have to learn to control it, and


that comes with the amount of competitions you do. As you step up,


waiting for your turn, it is really nerve wracking, and you will know


you have done all the hours training, and you have got maybe 30


or 40 seconds to prove your point. Most of the time you try to tell


yourself to stay calm, do what you do in the gym. We have got two


British girls in the final, and we have got Rebecca Downie, who has


made a European final. They are both used to being at there with the


pressure, they both have a great shout of a medal. The one that


everyone is going to be checking out is the current Olympic bar champion.


She played it safe and qualification, she placed down the


ranks, but she will definitely be upping her game for the final, and


she will be at there to win the world title. When you actually go


out there and do the job that you came to do, you cannot put into


words how it feels - you are floating.


This is the order of play for the bars final, the World Championships


here. Rebecca Downie goes third, she is


the British bars champion. And then we have got Ruby Harrold wrapping


things up, but keep an eye out for we have got Ruby Harrold wrapping


Aliya Mustafina, first in the in pics, first in the European, never a


world champion, and this could be her year. Let's find out what


happened with Mitch Fenner and Christine Still.


Yao Jinnan, who thrilled us in qualifying with an unbelievable


routine. Very special little gymnast on the uneven bars, super flight


from the low bar to the height and then back down, back up again. These


gymnasts are really moving fluently between the bars, and now here we


go, this is the big move. Oh! And she performed it so well in


qualification, but it is such a risky element. She has got to


somersault above the bars and take it in her grasp. She goes over the


bar but does not quite get the hand right over and peels off the bar.


The judges have to decide, did she get enough of a hold for it to


count? Here we have the beautiful pirouettes, turns on one arm. One


and a half turns. Into the dismount, super double straits dismount, but


that will be very expensive. One hole marked deduction. Cech a pity


for her, she thrilled us in qualifying, and it was a difficult


enough skill when we first saw it from the men. -- such a pity. What


went wrong here? She just came into close, her hands are so small and


went wrong here? She just came into you just lose that grip. As soon as


you lose the grip... She do it well to carry on her routine and


composers sell. 14.633, so the door has come slightly ajar.


Full pirouettes to start, back down to the low bar. This is such a


popular combination from low to high and back-up. She is using the pike,


the stoop in and out. She floats the Yager somersault, the front


somersault height. She winds up here, into the full twisting double


back, hold the landing well. That was a good performance after seeing


her team-mates have a problem. That was a fabulous routine from


beginning to end, and like Christine was saying, she has put in this


popular combination. This is the beginning of the routine, very


confident start, the handstand, into the stoop.


And there we see she has straight arms, legs together on the


backswing, that is what the judges are looking for the whole way


through. The Chinese are renowned for their style and bars, great


dismount, perfect landing. Just the way that every gymnast wants to


finish their routine. The coach is very happy with that.


And she, like many of the gymnasts, are using this stoop movement quite


a lot. It is very well rewarded from the judges, the code of points which


the judges used gives it a very good value, and when you add it to a


pirouette as well, it jumps your start value right up. The judging


system, the judging bonus marks are changed after every Olympics, so all


the judges have just read qualified. They are eager lives, they have just


done their course, and little moves, certain moves have been given


greater emphasis, and that is one of the moves we will see a lot of this


cycle. An impressive score, 15.4 for Huidan Huang. Is it going to be


beaten? That is a very tough score to be beaten, so we will just have


to see how the rest of the gymnasts do. We have got our home girl here,


so we are all rooting for her. She is not that far off the pace, let's


see. This is important, the forward element, a gymnast has to include


the forward element, straight into element, a gymnast has to include


the swing, up to the high bar and then the big release, beautifully


done. A clear circle. That was super!


Lovely combination there, she just needs to keep concentrating, the


struggle catch over. Down to the low bar, the Pak salto now, she needs to


concentrate on this, up to the high bar, swings up with a half turn.


Hole, and she just let her back go at that final moment! She went for


the slightly easier combination than she sometimes trained, and she just


overcooked it. Yeah, she will be slightly disappointed with that. You


could just see across the platform it takes your body over that side of


the bar, and there is no coming back. It looked like she was on


song, what a pity. It is one of those elements, most of the time,


you want loads of swing, but not half turn, you need to kill the


swing and just control it. Just the half turn, you need to kill the


dismount now, there it goes. What a half turn, you need to kill the


disappointment, she performed so well, 95% of that routine. That


is... Unfortunate, Beth. It is, but towards the end of the redeemed, was


she thinking, I am nearly there? Do you know what? These things happen


and that is the beauty of our sport, you can never tell and in the


end of routine. Normally she is so good at those terms but it did not


work out. Her coach is pleased with her, her big aim was to make the


final. Rebecca has got such great


technique, such heights in all of the release and catchers. Once she


does these elements, there is not a lot to deduct. And there is the


dismount, with the nice landing. By that time, you just think, I have


got nothing to lose. She really did perform the elements in the


beginning of the routine as well as I have seen her do. It is such a


shame, the rest of the routine was going well. I was doing the routine


with, a bit like Louis was doing with Max! They are talking about


now, but there is nothing you can do, you just want to get up and have


another go. Disappointment for Rebecca Downie, but she takes it


very well. With her coach, Claire Starkey, from Nottingham Gymnastics


Club. And that was very promising to me. Indeed. She has had a great run


up to these championships, she has been training really hard, and I


have known from all the girls that they have been pleased with their


preparation, so she will be slightly disappointed, but like she was


saying in her interviews, her aim was to make the final and get a name


at there. 13.8 for Rebecca Downie, what might have been!


Now, she is the junior European bars champion. Lovely controlled swing.


Super pirouettes there. She would have hoped to have linked those two


elements, the stoop up to the high bar. Gymnasts have to hit straight


handstand, and she is showing that very well indeed. The downswing into


the Jaeger somersault, front somersault to catch the same bar, up


to a half turn. Change is the swing, up into the very big high full


digging double back dismount, really nice effortless swing. A little step


backwards, and I tell you what, she stayed up. It looks like one of the


finalists who stays on will be in the medals, but she looks pleased


with that routine. She is a slightly smaller gymnast with a different


technique, but also, with being a tall gymnast, you can make things


look more elegant. There is the stoop full-term. Like we were saying


earlier, this skill is being used so much because it is being rewarded so


much by the judges. This is the end of the routine.


The stoop into the Jaeger somersault, nice straight arm


catch, the coaches always come in just in case, as a safety


precaution. There again, the stoop into the Jaeger, and you can see the


coach as a safety precaution. The wind-up giant into the dismount.


Such a common dismount. The back and full turn. It is the one area of


gymnastics where the coaches are allowed to stand by for safety,


isn't it? Some of these gymnasts are so small. When I was stood there, I


chose not to have Amanda there, because I think I would have


flattened her! A packed house once again. It looked


a fairly quick routine, but difficult. 14.683, and that has got


her into second place. Those are the top four places at the


moment, but now begins the procession of power, Simone Biles of


the United States, the all-around champion. She starts with the


forward element, shoot up to the bar, but she did split her legs just


a little bit. She is so strong and bar, but she did split her legs just


full pirouette. I love this combination. She has a


really efficient routine. Not so many elements. Not on the bars for


too long, but just up, on to the dismount.


That was powerful, precise, and she is determined to add to the medal


collection. I think she is going for a medal on


each piece. With that, she could have taken on a medal on the bars,


but she has not the hardest start. There straight into the hand stand.


Nice clean lines from the American. That could have gone either way,


straight into the catch. A night height in the katchev element,


straight down to the low bar. Here is the disopportunity. Straight


into back in full, knows exactly where that land issing and the big


smile we have all grown to know and love in this competition.


It is not her piece, is it, she is dynamic, very efficient.


It is not. She does not necessarily have the hardest start, but she does


not give anything away. 14. 716. It is silver medal


position. Still a couple of good gymnasts to


come for Simone Biles. Kyla Ross.


The final preparations. The secondawaysaway gymnast in the


finals. Lovely long


finals. Lovely , , elegant lines.


The more I see her, the more I enjoy her work on the bars. Look the hath.


The energy she has. A tiny deductions on the split legs, but


she works with the bars nicely. The bars bend and give her height that


was a very good high front somersault. Finishing the pir ets


well. Hitting the lovely straight line again. Really timing everything


so well. She is tall but does not have to bend her legs, keeps a


fabulous straight length in the double dismount.


That was superb. That was a fabulous routine. The coach is really


pleased. After last night you are either tired or on top of the world.


She has performed to her best again. Here we are, the Schap. Lovely clean


lines. Some slight loss of leg form, but not a lot to take away. There is


the stup skill we have been talking about with the full turn, into the


shoot-down. There is nothing to take on that low bar.


So much time? She seems effortless. Even though she is tall, she has the


night double straight. The nice thing with the Americans,


they get on so well. They are always there, cheering each other on.


I think thereby a few more before the competitions end here today.


They are really very different. So different. Different physiques,


different gymnasts. Totally different.


Talking about the finer points with each other. Some gymnasts when you


watch them, they fight the apparatus. I feel she feels that the


swing on the bars. She uses the bounce of the bar completely. She


knows where her body is. What a score! 15.266. She now has


gone ahead of Simone Biles to be in the second position.


Now Aliya Mustafina. A qualifier with a 14. 9, but she produced


something special in the all-round competition.


Be prepared to be impressed. She is the Olympic champion on bars.


A lovely pir et. Half turn, full turn. Straight down to the bar but


she missed that combination. She put an extra circle in to go back to up


the high bar. A nice turn. I love the way she does that. A


front somersault. She just floats! A full pir et. That is beautiful on


top of the bars, straight into the one-and-a-half dismount, but a


short, packed routine. It was. Last night's routine was slightly better.


She had the connection from the low bar to the high bar but she will be


pleased with that. Whether it can contend with the Chinese, I'm not so


sure. I think it could be a little bit


down to the difficulty level. She missed one connection, but... Sheer


the Schap skill. Straight down and this is where she normally goes


straight back up to the high bar. The piked Jaeger is a nice element


performed there. The straight arm catch, the coach standing in. in. .


Seems to make it look effortless. There is the dismount, the


one-and-a-half. She seems to be the only gymnast to do that dismount. It


is a difficult landing. A difficult line.


She's not too impressed, but we were.


She could have reproduced last night's wonderful routine, there


would not abdoubt but now there is. She is looking for the world title.


She know it is is not enough. 15.033. Third at the moment with one


gymnast to come. There is the leader, Huang. Out in front. One


performance away from gold. And it is Ruby Harrold.


Qualified with 14. 6. The last to go.


Roubi from the Academy Gymnastic Club in ports head. Performed so


well in the qualification. Really impresses. The original work. Shoot


into the hand stand, a full pir et. Very nicely linked. Into the shoot


up to the bar. She has original work here.


Two-and-a-half turn, tipping into the front somersault. Catches a


beautiful stretch. Just the dismount to go, now, double front, landing


backwards but that was a great routine.


She sure did go. You can always hear the British girls, they get as close


as they can get to cheering her on. It was a fabulous routine. Small


as they can get to cheering her on. errors and the stepping on nding but


it is such a new routine, she want build on it.


This is her original element or connection. The wow factor. You can


hear the crowd in the background. I don't think that anyone, when they


watch that, they don't expect her to go down to the low bar. You can hear


the crowd's reaction to it. Here is the dismount. Just that big step on


the landing. She will be pleased with that performance.


Well done, Ruby Harrold! Yes, she competed late last night. Performing


Well done, Ruby Harrold! Yes, she on the bar as her last piece.


Performing well. Each day, performing that routine well. She


and her coach, Liz Kincaid will be very happy.


They will be. She is still so young and still with so many years ahead


They will be. She is still so young of her.


So, 14.333, seventh place for Roubi. There is the winner, Huang.


Such a contrasting emotions. Obviously Kyla Ross has a smile on


her face. And Simone Biles, as well.


A really, really good competition. The contrast in style, shape, the


type of gymnastics. Aliya Mustafina, she finished up


with the bronze medal. The Chinese are often emotional like


that. I can remember the gymnast who took


the silver medal on beam at the Olympics, crying her eyes out as it


was the silver. I have been in many a competition, they have fallen. You


can see the reaction. There are the final standings.


Well, it was a first-class performance from Huang. And Ross


coming in there. We said how beautiful she is on the scene. She


is your mum's favourite and mine as well. This is Ruby Harrold's


routine. She finished in seventh place. It almost seemed as if what


happened with Becky Downie, focussed her mind? I think it probably is


because she is the next Brit in the final. It is her piece. Bars is the


piece she wants to improve on the most. To show she is a contender in


the world stage. I think that is why she was a little shaky, but she is


young and can grow. Well, the strong men have come out


into the arena. We are moving on to the rings. We wanted to find some


people with power and dexterity to explain what this piece is about.


Unfortunately, Christine Still and Mitch Fenner were busy, so we sent


Louis Smith and Beth Tweddle. The rings are so hard. Only a few


sportsmen have the attributes to truly master it.


You have to be flexible, have extreme static and explosive


strength. It is the only displained sport where all three are combined.


The whole entire body must be switched on from the start to the


finish. Now we will demonstrate! I have Beth


Tweddle! ? COMMENTATOR: He steels that cold!


Show them how it is done, Beth! Would you look at that? Look at


that! OK, I have to get down! And that is how it's done! Voila! You


still have it, Beth. I don't think that I will be a ring


specialist. You are not allowed to use the four


locks -- blocks in the fine. Here is the final:


Let's join Mitch Fenner and Christine Still.


Siad has had a brilliant European competition earlier in the year.


He shows what strength is all about. Quiet strength.


That is the most difficult. A super cross.


Very nice dismount. That little dip! And the little hop, the only real


errors there. At this level it is so, so close. In


the Europeans one tenth separated first from the eighth. Those errors


could be costly. He is the European champion. Some really strong guys in


the final. Some of the strength positions truly impressive.


On a couple of occasions, if we see it, he is hooking the rings, and you


cannot do that - you have to be fully extended through the wrists.


Good in the Swallow position. This will be at least three tenths. All


those questions the judges will be answering. A terrific ring worker,


is hugely strong. 15.5! That is the target. 8.7 for execution. And lots


of these doing the maths now. Aleksandr Balandin, he is a master.


He saves his best for the final every time.


Balandin qualified with a 15.6. European champion in 2012, second


this year. He has had a silver and a gold in recent times.


Precision in the strength parts is what he is renowned for. Question -


Willie put a twist in the dismount? -- we'll see. We have seen a 15.5


posted. Again, not absolutely secure, and I


am not sure he held that for two microseconds. Will he twist or won't


he? He did, he took a chance, a little skip backwards. 15.5 is not


easy with tiny errors, he might just have done it.


Well, this apparatus is where most of the guys have very similar start


values, so really execution, how well you perform these moves is


going to be the key. He is a very stylish gymnast. Just as Mitch was


saying, a few questions on the length of the holds. But toes


beautifully pointed, body tight. Superb full twist in that double


straight, it looks easy! Perhaps when he was on the rings it


was not quite as exact as normal, he had to go for broke. 15.5 was that


man's score. 15.733! Balandin well into the


lead, with a 6.9 difficulty. He 15.733! Balandin well into the


really up to his difficulty. That is three tenths more, that is a big


difference on rings. Arthur Zanetti, Olympic champion.


Now, he got 15.733 in qualifying, so he is quite capable of nudging


Balandin off the top spot. huge definition in the upper arms,


and that was not the perfect start. That is good. He lifts into Maltese.


He has got a couple of other original elements in here. Circle


handstands, tiny errors. Oh, and that did dip.


Recovering well, he made sure of that cross.


He sets up all the big swings. Double pike and then into cross. I


will tell you what, he has had a very good second half of this


competition. So let's see. It is the first of the


dismount to be nailed, and he is excited about it, and so he should


be! That is crucial at this stage. 15.733, he is out there in front.


Well, in qualification, he also posted a 6.9 difficulty score, so


this is going to be very interesting posted a 6.9 difficulty score, so


such a straight line, isn't it? Super control at the top of that


swing. And there, the very good high


dismount, he throws the rings away. He can hardly contain himself! You


must have to be really pumped to use that maximum strength, and the


relief and the release at the finish must be quite extreme. Balandin


doing the rounds, shaking hands. 15.8, good enough, look at the


doing the rounds, shaking hands. execution score! 9, that gives in


first position. He is the man to beat.


Danny Pinheiro Rodrigues of France, again a high qualifier, bronze


medallist in the Europeans this year, so he is certainly up there


with a chance. The French are strong on the rings,


different countries tend to excel on different apparatus, and this is


certainly the place for the French. Oh, look at that, dead straight, he


lifts the hips into a straight line. Moving from one strength element to


the next. He needs to mix it up a bit with


swing now, and you can see him holding the position to get ready


for the swinging elements. That hold again from a different


entry. He swings and beautiful straight


arms. And again, fighting a little bit, RP goes. Oh! And what a shame!


He just was a bit overconfident, fled those arms out. He is


disgusted, the coach was not happy as well. That was done so well, what


can you say except... ? They will go over and over it. The result will be


just the same. Some lovely touches in the routine, that was the


inverted swallow. He keeps his shoulders well down to


set up that. What a combination that is! Inverted swallow.


Par excellence! This is the regular swallow, just turn it upside down.


Just like that! And that is curtains for


chances, he is so angry with himself And that is curtains for


and with the world. 14.5 sixes, we know that Danny


Pinheiro Rodrigues... Well, when you talk about deductions of 0.1, 1.0 is


big. At the Zanetti in front of Balandin, three routines still to


come. Brandon Wynn of the USA. That is


really impressive. And again, he swings to it.


Those lovely in-line, important to show that straight line, not a dip.


This guy is showing us phenomenal strength.


You can see the muscle definition on the shoulders, the power that is


needed to perform these elements. He has really made sure of every hold.


Every hold has to be at least two seconds, and he has made sure of


that. A little bit soft in that handstand. Up comes the swing into


the dismount, the full twist in the double straight. That was so


important to him, the coach goes crazy every time! The Americans have


got... Look at this! He qualified in third, and that really was great, to


nail the dismount on top of the straight is the ring work of's


absolute dream. You very rarely get both going so well, and he did. Look


at that, shaking. Superb! Very, very good work indeed. Look at


that, the rings turned right out. Here we go, the big wind-up. And his


dream, he kicked it out, his dream is still very much alive. Oh dear,


oh dear! We have missed him this year, he has


added bit of injury, not here for the USA team.


He got 15.7 in qualifying. Two very good gymnasts to go.


Well, a good start, qualifying with a difficulty of 6.8. Everybody is


looking intently. I will tell you what, that was a good routine. Like


it or not, the judges loved to see a nailed dismount. 15.666, he is into


third. A difficulty of 6.7. And there we are. The leader at this


stage out there, Zanetti. There are still two very good rings


specialists to come. He might be a little bit disappointed.


Liu Yang, top quality. 15.866 he got. The blue handles straight


through into the position and again. That is a lovely transition.


The second late inverted. This is lovely. Another Maltese.


So easy for him. He lifts the chin with confidence.


Oh! That little hop forward in the landing that could be the


difference. 15. 8 is the target.


That was a shame. The actual work on the rings was fantastic.


They are all fantastic, tch! It is so precise. Look at that line in the


inverted cross. The double tuck. The combining swing with the strength.


He is ideal for a ring's worker. Small, light, the legs, the hips.


Beautiful through the rings. He just dipped. They could almost


take a five tenths. How severe will they be? He is about


to find out. 15. 633. Fourth. The judges are on


their game. You have to hit every skill.


Zanetti is still in front. One little man to come.


You have guessed it, it is orange, it is Mr Gelder.


He's been the world champion, he's been a silver medal is, and a bronze


medal is. There are a lot of people here to


see him make a medal. He hits the inverted cross. Watch


this... If there is a weak spot it is here,


but he keep it is going. No flicker.


Now the question is, will he twist in the dismount? He is never


comfortable with it, but he will have to risk it. Oh, he's done it!


Yes, Gelder took a chance and did he had to do. Now, at last, after a


long time, Christine, has he gotten back into the medals? He ran over to


his coach, delighted. The little man did his job.


Well, we will see, but when you are last up and you have seen the


routines as good as they are, you may as well go for broke. He did, he


showed what a great competitor he is. Real strength, real power.


Like you say, Mitch, as straight as you can be. A tiny shade off there


but the good hand stand. Up, he puts the twist in, has to pike down on


the landing but he was giving nothing away.


Of course, Mitch, I bet you are delighted to see part of the team


that you coached here in Holland? He's worked very hard for this


moment. This is a moment for Brandon Wynn.


But back to Yuri, he is delighted. He has worked so hard for this


moment. Really, Holland are very much a


country to produce specialists, Mitch. We don't often see them in


the all-round competitions but here they are more specialists.


They have always had the individual talent. The task now it to divine


them into a team. There is a lot of discussion going on here.


Lots of pressure from the audience. Like you said, there is lots of


orange in the audience. We are not a million miles from Holland, of


course. Lots of people have made the journey.


Whatever the result, he will be delighted. He is down a little.


157533. Fifth place, he will be choked, but he gave it his best


shot. N Yammumuro, a power little guy, but


there was a dispute if he was holding his body line long enough.


Here is the first, one, two, I would give that.


You must be static for this one too. Here we are, is he static? One, two,


maybe not. He is squeezing it out into a hand stand. That is


impressive and strong. If you can see the feet, they are


not quite high enough. Hold the hand stand, tighten the


back. Up into the oh, double, double dismount. That's impressive! Yes


indeed. A double, double. After all of that hard work. He did not hold


every strength but he gave it his utmost.


Congratulations, all round. Yuri, he is there with his coach. He


is not looking very happy. Let's have a look.


Now doubt, this is a powerful man.


A double pike without a pause. A little shrunk of the arms.


The toes are dipping slightly. You can see the nerves. Through the


rings on the double, double. A big, big dismount.


He got 15. 5 in qualifying. I don't think he will get quite such a mark


this time. There is plenty of tension on the floor with an inquiry


put in. To make the enquiry, the federation


has to go for it. 15.433, seventh place for Yammumuro.


There is your world champion. Arthur Zanetti.


A terrific rings final. The landing has to be satisfied. Second place,


Brandon Wynn. Yuri must be disappointed but he is


hiding it. Yuri must be disappointed but he is


The celebrations are muted until the inquiry is answered. This is


obviously the road to Rio. We are going to see a lot more success from


Brazil along the way. Excellent work. They have got


strength and depth too. This young man is so powerful.


strength and depth too. This young Brandon Wynn, the enquiry is still


on the front burner. We will see what comes from that.


At the moment, if nothing change, he is going to finish in third


position. This At the moment, the silver is


the property of Aleksander Balandin. Everybody is looking.


The enquiry is rejected. So the situation, state yuts kwoe... --


status quo... Well, whatever, this will be the first Gold Medal won by


a nation other than Japan in the men's competition.


On the uneven bars it was the first Gold Medal awarded not to the USA


women. So it is a break of their dominance on these two apparatus.


Oh, the American coach is not happy, but come on, you have to accept the


decision. I'm sure that the head of the USA


Federation will be down. So Zanetti takes gold and Aleksander


Balandin taking the silver. Brandon Wynn is third, taking the


bronze, his enquiry rejected. He is not happy at all. This is


about the difficulty, won't it? That side of the routine? You can only


put innen answer inquiry if the stat score is not right. You cannot


dispute the execution score. So he is saying that he did a harder


routine. So, let's talk about the bars, the


British girls in there. It was going so well for Becky Downie and I think


that the confidence was building. I mean, the routine until the last


moment before the dismount was perfect. You could not have asked


more of her, but she could not hold it. Everything she does, she is


technically very good. This has changed slightly from qualification.


Once the feet go over there, it is difficult to pull it back.


A lot of people may be why not put in an extra half twist? But whether


or not she is used to swinging between the bars. Sometimes it is


or not she is used to swinging easier to get off, but every gymnast


works in a different way. Sure. Let's have a look at Roubi's


routine. She was the last up. It can be difficult to go last.


Obviously you hear the crowd. She probably will not have watched much


of the routine, but she has an original routine. There is the


yager, but the thing about this -- there is the Jaeger. She got the


connection, in the arena you could hear the crowd going wow! She is


still young. She will build on that routine.


In the future, as a bar specialist? She has performed well. In three


competitions out of three, she has gone through. So as a starter that


is what we want. We can build on that, she can as well.


Let's hear what she had to say for herself. Here are the girls with


Ollie Williams. Becky, how devastating to lose that


routine at the end? It is disappointing but there is a


possibility I could have been fourth. I qualified in fourth. I am


possibility I could have been pleased to have made the finals it


is a huge step. I'm excited to see pleased to have made the finals it


where we can go. Roubi, yours is a unique routine,


how good to perform it in front of this crowd, last to go in a world


final? It was amazing, to make the bar final in the first World


Championships, it is fantastic. I know if I can do the routine, I can


goo from A to B. I can do that. Becky, how much confidence has this


given you? Do you feel you have proved yourself here? I definitely


feel that. I made the bar final. I could not have asked for much more.


The last bit went a little wrong. I had to improvise. I lost control of


the bar. It happens. It has happened a lot of times, I am getting used to


it. It will come. And Roubi, the first World Championships, how much


have you learned to take through? I have level learned a lot. To walk


away making two finals, it is fantastic. It is all experience at


the moment. It can lead to somewhere in the future, hopefully.


Well done. We are talking a lot about confidence and experience, but


that is the key, to be able to come here and perform under extreme


pressure. It is difficult, the crowd here, a packed house, noisy, a lot


of distractions going on, and Ruby had to wait to be the last person,


which can be a big distraction. Sometimes it is hard to get the


judges on your side. You sometimes Sometimes it is hard to get the


have to turn up with a little bit of swagger, to say, here I am, I am


going to post big scores, get ready to give me a 15.8. You need to. When


I first hit the scene, I needed to make myself recognised, not only


with my performance, but with my style, and having an Avril for


awhile, it was like, look at me. These things work, and then when you


do your performance, you give yourself a name, and people have an


expectation that he will bring a good routine. Ruby is at that time


when she is unique, she has that scoop on the bottom bar, and people


are going to enjoy that. You are not really ready to retire! How much are


you itching to get down there? I am waiting for people to leave, I will


imagine I am in the Olympic final and enjoy myself. It is funny, how


do you feel, not in the tracksuit, just wandering around? There are a


lot of retired gymnasts, even gymnasts that have done their job


and just relaxing. Where do you see yourself? I have got itchy feet, I


really have. I want to do different things, explore the world, walk down


different paths, but this is my home, and it will always be my


different paths, but this is my home. Even if I was 40 and I


retired, there will still be part of you that wants to be competing


again. What are you laughing at?! She has been there before! You can


never walk away from the sport that has been such a big part of your


life. It is the hours training that he will not miss. You will miss


life. It is the hours training that walking out into the stadium,


getting the butterflies, but the hours training I do not miss! This


is the thing, you mentioned this morning that you still do a little


bit of skating, is that right? Yes, I still do skating, I still go to


the gym, it is the easiest way to keep it. I am going to do some shows


with gymnastics, so I go to the states in December, and for me it is


my life. Just staying in that kind of extreme movement is really


important. I have to find different ways of getting the adrenaline, so I


have been skydiving, wing walking, lots of different things to be all


that adrenaline, because I do miss it. You can see the gymnasts are out


on the floor area, and behind us is Max Whitlock. We talked about Kyla


Ross, are you surprised at the order from the girls? A little bit. I knew


Mustafina would have wanted to take the world title, and the Chinese


girl falling, she had a wound routine, and you could see the


emotion at the end, she was devastated. Huang Huidan, she has a


consistent routine, you knew what she would score. We will hand over


to the commentators. So just the accolades now to be received, and


Max Whitlock shares a silver medal with Daniel Corral Barron from


Mexico, and it is such a good gesture. You do not split at that


level. They share silver, both thoroughly deserved. Max Whitlock


for Great Britain. And Corral Barron from Mexico. Second equal. Sharing a


silver at the World Championships. But there is no disputing the


champion, Kohei Kameyama. He looked so good in qualifying, stretched out


a little bit more, but an extra scored to it. He rocketed to the


gold medal position, Kohei Kameyama, the world champion.


And Max Whitlock, surely more to come, his first World


Championships. He takes a silver medal, shares it indeed. But he


controlled his nerves. Gold to Kohei Kameyama.


Well, Chris, he has done it, he has gotten so a medal on the world


podium. Yes, one step up from the Olympics, it was bronze at the


Olympics, and I think he will take a great deal from this World


Championships, Max Whitlock. And his coach, he has got a young coach. It


is the first big international for them.


Well, what a moment, to see the Union flag hoisted high behind us.


Well, Max there standing for his photos. Just get on the right side,


sun, there you are. We promised earlier on that we would show you


the highlights from the women's vault, so we will do that right now.


The question was, which the Americans would take gold?


Power personified, the world all-round champion, Simone Biles.


Watch this fault, look at the height, look at the timing, that was


the best multi scene in the whole Championships! She normally has a


hop forward, that was fantastic. Harnessing the power, and what power


it is. Miles up into the sky, and look at the landing, terrific


vaulting. Two and a half twists, and she did it with consummate ease.


Huge vault, lots of. 15.933, a colossal score, and look at the


execution. What on earth can she produce in the second vault? Simone


Biles. Well, and easier tariff, so it has to be perfect, and it is,


isn't it?! That half term from the round off, straight front somersault


with a half twists, perfect body shape, perfect landing. Superb


vaulting. She must know her moment is over. But this is amazing to see,


a second vault, not so difficult. Half on, then half off, and a


beautifully straight body. And watch the little flourish right at the


end. A little celebration. Beautiful! She is great and the


pressure, this gymnast. We saw it last night, when she knew she had to


produce a really good performance on floor, did its no problem. And here


on the vault, she knows if she is going to beat the opposition, she


has got to be spot-on, and she has been.


15.258 for the second, 15.595, Simone Biles clearly in the lead.


And last, but certainly not last in the rankings, McKayla Maroney. And


she finds so much I done so much time. This is special, just watch.


The power, the precision, the height, the landing. But she was


slightly of direction, I think, there. The world champion on vault,


she took silver at the Olympics. Plenty of power. You can see that


she veers to the side, did her foot go over the zone? We will have a


closer look now. Look at the height on it! She just about squeezed it


inside. I just think this vault is sensational, the amount of live she


gets is quite unbelievable. You can see she was slightly of direction


there. They really cannot be any other deductions. Surely not for


height and length or anything of that nature.


So second vault for McKayla Maroney. Different but still wonderfully


flighted. The half on straight front with full twists, that is absolutely


superb. , again, a little problem with alignment, but in the air she


was absolutely beautifully controlled, stylish. Let's have a


look. She veered over to the right. Half an com and you can see slightly


off centre. I think that comes out of the round of slightly. You can


see it. She was not square on. She just


about crept in. She has gone into the lead! She has taken the gold


medal! 15.724, the average, the rhythmic vaulting! Goldston McKayla


Maroney. Simone Biles has a silver to go with the gold all-around. Un


Jong Hong well deserved that bronze medal.


Remarkably reserve celebration from Maroney, that is five of the ten


individual apparatus finals over with, you can see the rest on BBC


Two at 1:30pm. There we are, what an action packed day, I am exhausted


and we have just been watching! Standout performance? Max on vault.


This is you watching Max's performance, that is absolute


attention. Oh dear! There you go! On that note,


we will finish! Kristian Thomas is on floor tomorrow, we really hope


you can join us for the last five individual apparatus finals. From


all of us here, it is goodbye.


Matt Baker presents continued live coverage of the Gymnastics World Championships from Belgium, with expert analysis from Olympic medallists Beth Tweddle and Louis Smith.

Coverage includes three apparatus finals, with Britain likely to have two shots at a pommel horse medal in Antwerp through London 2012 bronze medallist Max Whitlock, and reigning European champion Daniel Keatings. Mitch Fenner and Christine Still provide the commentary.

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