06/10/2013 Gymnastics: World Championships

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Live coverage of the final day's action, introduced by Matt Baker. With analysis from Olympians Beth Tweddle and Louis Smith, and commentary from Mitch Fenner and Christine Still.

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Back in 1903, the very first World Championships were held here, in


Antwerp. It was the start of a legacy in a city that hosted the


1920 Olympic Games. This year, and work is officially the European


capital of sport. So, 110 years after those first championships,


this city welcomes back the world of gymnastics. It's been wonderful of


colour. The GB gymnasts have continued to light up the world. And


a little flourish at the end. You come to a world championship and you


almost expect to see a British gymnast on the podium. But about


that silver medal into perspective, he's managed to meet the highest


achievement of any British gymnast, including that of Louis Smith.


Wellcome. Max is 20 years old and he picked up the pommel horse back from


you. He did any routine, it's going picked up the pommel horse back from


to set up for the future if he can polish that and carry on pushing


forward. Another Siddle backfill the medal on the pommel horse. Let's


look at the finals coming up this afternoon. Kristian Thomas will be


here shortly, then there is the women's beam coming up just before


two o'clock. And set your alarm with 3:40pm for the high bar final, it is


set to be a corker. So, let's get excited the Kristian Thomas. Can he


become the first British gymnast ever to medal on this piece of


apparatus? My aim was to come here and try to make a final order two


finals. I came really close to making the two finals but came short


on the high bar. Obviously I'm excited to be in the bold final and


to get a chance to compete at this level. You have excelled in this


event in the last few years. Remind people about your Olympic vault? It


was new at the Olympics, so quite a big risk. I hadn't meant doing it


too long, really. Fortunately I just nailed the landing. I think that


gave the team the mentality to push forward with the other apparatus and


you carry the mentality through to the end. And a team bronze medal


you carry the mentality through to which obviously you apart. No wonder


you almost hit the roof when you landed. I was so excited. After the


pommel horse I had a laid-back approach. When he landed, it was


brilliant. Well, here years. And believable floor worker for some of


the others. Kristian Thomas is up third. Shirai took the floor


yesterday. He is probably the most impressive I've ever seen.


Now, our first competitor from Romania.


He has made two finals here today. A handspring double front used to be


so impressive. Marks a very hard to come by. High off the top and


rotated a little bit slowly. There is the deep landing. He harnesses


the power well, just lacking a bit of heel drive. It is a big vault,


the handspring double front somersault, first done over 20 years


ago. Big push, tight tuck, just not enough rotation. Very close.


The second vault has two beta friend. -- has to be different. You


can see he has nominated a vault with 5.6 there. That tells the


judges, the number 2.3 tells them what it is, and now yes to perform


it. Well landed, good, long vault. A good opening. It's pretty tricky


when you come in stone cold. 2.5 twists for Berbecar. A very good


conversion, slightly off centre, but those twists, no problem. That


landing pad is 16 feet long and you have to stay in it if you can. If


you look at the corridor you see it is narrowed by the horse and then


fans out by the end. Steady stuff from him.


The gymnasts working in the latter half of the draw can go back into


the training gym. Those gymnasts in the first three or four Mac will sit


and watch, soak up the atmosphere. -- three or four. Hypolito. We know


what he can do on the floor. He's got two silvers on the current World


Series. Look at that run. Very nice bolting indeed. It looked straight


down the middle to me. -- nice vaulting. Typical of him, he twists


so efficiently. He almost look like -- looked like he cut his stride. He


actually was quite far across and landed just inside the corridor. He


hopped across. So the judges had to be very quick to notice he didn't


land there. The judges were generous bad. --


there. He has upped the difficulty to 5.8.


A different vault. Very nicely done indeed. Many of these gymnasts opt


per twists rather than multiple somersaults. Well done. He started a


per twists rather than multiple bit in the early section of the run,


but a very efficient round off. A half turn on and 1.5 twist off. He


is doing a front somersault, you can see he was off-line just a little


bit. Sorry, double, of course. It has to be an even number. It was a


double twist, which makes it even more difficult. Very impressive. We


both said 1.5. And he is into the lead.


So, the union Jack proudly adorning Kristian Thomas. He qualified in for


with 14.933. Come on, Kristian Thomas. You can't be much more


precise than that. Write down the middle, superb landing. That's the


stuff of dreams from Kristian Thomas. Slap bang down the middle.


The conversion is so effective. That is a launching pad, not a platform.


He nailed the dismount. Watch this, watch the air between his hands and


the platform. Hold your line and get those shoulders up. Great bolting


from Kristian Thomas. -- vaulting. Good length as well because with


this you really have to go for height. Sometimes you can land quite


close to the platform. But he got height and length. Really textbook.


Now, he has two bogus. A huge score. -- he has to focus. He really has to


keep focused. This second vault is not so difficult. A number of very


difficult vault to land. You can see the focus. It is a faster run. He


makes the landing. Kristian Thomas, the focus. It is a faster run. He


what a star. He could not have performed those bolts better. --


those vaults. Just look at this second one, very important. The


handspring double up nice and high. All those hundreds of landing drills


in the gym. You are right, he's practised these landings. A tiny


little shuffle backwards. Well, it's all the practice that makes you able


to perform like this under pressure. That is quite astonishing. They are


delighted, and so they should be. Surely that has put him in the lead.


Comfortably so, 15.2334 Kristian Thomas. -- 15.233 for Kristian.


Oleg Verniaiev. He's got a fabulous first vault. He hasn't had the best


of competitions, he had a nightmare in the all-round qualifying, but he


can do this. Watch out for a cracker. There you go. A little bit


deep. But an immensely difficult choice. One of the few gymnasts who,


in qualifying, did two bolts with a six . -- two vaults with a six


tariff. He's not outside the corridor, but not on the middle


line, so there will be some deductions attached to direction as


well as that step forward. If you are going to double rotate from a


handspring, you've got to get the heel flap. The judges have


traditionally been hard on low landings. His second one needs to be


high in the 15s if he's going to give Kristian Thomas a problem.


He's gone for another difficult vault. Oleg Verniaiev.


Oh, he overpitched it in the end. Nothing has gone right for him. A


super vaulter normally but it is a final. Anything can happen. Anything


can happen and you really need to hold your focus. Adds all the


twists. A really difficult vault. Three twists, but it is only hatch a


twist more than the two-and-a-half but the gymnasts have to take a


different flight path, send it up rather than back. It makes it prone


to overrotation. A little bit untidy as he wraps in there. Disappointment


for Oleg Verniaiev. He succumbed to the pressure in the all-around as


well. He was going so well and collapsed a little bit. We've seen


that of him on several occasions really. His average is 14.449. He's


down in fourth, with 13.766 for that vault. And there at the moment


halfway through is the leader, Kristian Thomas. Ahead of Daniele


Hypolito, Marius Daniel Berbecar in third, and Oleg Verniaiev ouch it in


fourth place. Of Daniele Hypolito, Marius Daniel Berbecar in third, and


Oleg Verniaiev ouch it in fourth place. -- out of it in fourth place.


That's how you do that vault. He saw the floor beautifully early, was


able to meet it cleanly. Lots of gymnasts are doing it now,


and that's really good. Rolls the shoulders around. Huge power.


Converting very efficiently indeed. Head and shoulders round a little


bit to the side. But what a vault. ??FORCEDWHI These journalists are


vaulting nd a little bit to the side. But what a vault. These


journalists are vaulting so -- these gymnasts are vaulting so well off


this platform. They have had it a few years and they are rocketing off


it. It is a launch pad now, not a table. These guys are harnessing all


their power. Brilliant. That's a big score. 15.333 for Sergio Sasaki.


9.333 for execution. A shrug of the shoulders. .


locked together but a big hop forward off a 15, 6 start. Gave the


judges a little bit of leeway there Mitch. I think the judges are good


on vault. I would be surprised to see this get into the 15s. It was


good in the air but look at that, that's to the 15s. It was good in


the air but look at that, that's got that's to the 15s. It was good in


to be - he might just scrape in. Good in the air and that big, big


hop. He's out of line. A long pace. He may just get 15 points. We'll


see. A shame really because the actual vault landed in a good


position didn't it? He just didn't seem to be able to control the


landing on the first bite. It's going to be close. 14.866. That


judging is right on the bat. 16.009 is the average and Kristian Thomas


is still in the lead. Kenzo Shirai has twisted his way to


glory on floor and he's a bit of a twister on vault as well. No


surprise there. acceleration. He was offline a


little on landing but what a twister this guy is. Unbelievable. He just


makes it look so easy. We were talking about the triple twist being


difficult on the vault. Well, this is how it's done. You lock up and


you wrap in three tiles round. The initial landing was good and


straight, considering how many twists are wrapped in. He's just so


efficient. Once he starts twisting he wraps the arm in this so tight


and really whizzes round. In qualifying he lost 0.3 because he


was way out of the corridor. I think he jumped one foot out but the


initial impact was inside. A good opener then. A penalty. 0. 1. He was


out. 15.366 for the opener. Look at him standing there, a


samurai. His coach is pretty impassive. Very little communication


between the two. They know what's needed. Difficulty down five six.


A little bit deep but has it got the armoury with the five six


difficulty? What do you think Chris? Well, I would be surprised if it


overtakes Kristian Thomas, but this was a good vault but not an


exceptional vault. He holds his form in the air beautifully. He turned


on, so the half turn which makes it from the Sukahara family,


two-and-a-half twists. Nice and straight on the initial impact but


hopped to the side. But those legs locked together, nice and clean.


Arms out to standee the landing. One fabulous twisting expert. And he


holds his style. What's he done? He's gone into second. 15.133 the


Avram. That his style. What's he done? He's gone into second. 15.133


the Avram. That means that -- the average. That means that Kristian


Thomas has got at least a bronze medal.


Steven Legendre qualified in 8th so he was last to get into this time.


Look at the physique of this man. A really strong sprint down the


runway. Double front, a massive vault. Quite a deep landing. In fact


his head almost looked like it touched didn't it? Yes, but the


power just amazes me. It is like the top sprinters. They are hugely built


on the top. Look at this. Handspring, double front. Let's look


at his head. Wow, he was down low, Chris, well spotted. That's going to


be expensive. Yes, the judges can take up to five tenths for the chest


being low. I don't think it can be much lower than that without


touching the floor. But not to take away from the vault. Vault is


fantastic. But look how high he is. Delaying the twist. Rolling around


rather than kicking it out. That may have been the problem in terms of


spotting and rotating enough. Let's see what it has done. 15.266, with a


9.266 execution mark. But it's really tough to stay up there on


that second vault. But he does have another six difficulty. Kristian


Thomas still in the lead but this man is throwing everything to try


and knock him off his perch. A second massive vault. You can see


that same power. And the double pike off the Tsukahara. They are churning


these hugely difficult. You can see that same power. And the double pike


off the Tsukahara. They are churning these hugely difficult vaults out -


I don't say with ease but with such confidence, these gymnasts. Steven


Legendre held his nerve. A big first vault. Had to do something a little


better. Same difficulty but really spotted that one well. To get into a


double pike from the Tsukahara, the block, the shoulder drive, spotted


that one well. To get into a double pike from the Tsukahara, the block,


the shoulder drive, the leg kick - pike from the Tsukahara, the block,


it has to be very, very strong and look at that. I think that's a


pretty strong challenge, Mitch. I don't think there's any doubt. I


think that's just great vaulting. He deserves to be up there. And first


to congratulate him Kristian Thomas. They appreciate very much each


other's skill. Mark Williams the coach. And he's done it. 15.249, the


second vault. Sealed it. Steven Legendre takes the lead. Kristian


Thomas at this stage in second place, and Kenzo Shirai twisting in


third place. I tell you what, the next man, Yang Hak Seong from Korea.


What a pedigree. He's been world champion and Olympic champion. Talk


about twisting. Watch this. A triple twist from the Handspring. No


problem at all. Terrific, terrific vaulting. When we first s it, well,


it frightened us. Absolutely. You saw the massive start value, the


massive difficulty value this vault's given. You can can't those


three twists. They were so clean. It is out of 6.4, this vault. He holds


that shape beautifully. A lot of gymnasts pike and extend, but he


holds that straight line through the second flight. Lovely and straight.


Wraps, wraps, wraps, three twists, a long way around, and meets the


floor. With control. He's only halfway there. Two vaults, they've


both got to be spectacular. We've got a terrific battle at the top.


Legendre is ahead of Thomas. Yang has to produce something special


from the locker for the second vault. We know he can do that.


15.733. A 79.333 execution on a 6. 4 difficult. Unbelievable stuff.


He has to keep his focus. Someone told him he was facing the wrong


way. Getting mentally secure and ready. Huge power, and once again


relaying on his ability to triple twist. Mentally secure and ready.


relaying on his ability to triple Huge power, and once again relaying


on his ability to triple twist. -- relying. Another absolutely


wonderful vault. The triple twist from the Tsukahara entry. Phenomenal


vaulting. Lots of power on show today. Terrific final. And Kristian


Thomas is amongst it. What a wick competition and what a fantastic


result for Kristian Thomas. He qualified for vault in the Olympics,


didn't vault his best and he learnt from that and did what every he


Olympics, didn't vault his best and he learnt from that and did what


every coach says - learn from your mistakes and come back and put it


right. He did just that today. Three twists off the Tsukahara, off the


half turn on. Very efficient. He spins like a top. Knows exactly


where that landing pad is. He almost has his hands turned out. Look at


that score. He takes the gold medal on vault. Unbelievable vaulting from


him. Six twists on his way to gold. And you won't need me to tell you


who took the bronze, it is that young man, Kristian Thomas, who held


the lead till the final two bolts. -- vaults.


Well, we wondered if Kristian Thomas could become the first ever gymnast


from Britain ever to medal in this event. And he did it. Let's just see


how he did it. It was all about keeping that focus. It was


unbelievable. Tight in the air, legs together, and he legs the landing.


He leaves himself so much time to spot the flaw. Second time, he's


stood up and he punches the air. Those landings are top. He will be


pleased with that medal comedies had a tough year with injury, so the


fact is vaulting in a final and coming home with a bronze medal, he


will be over the moon. He is so calm and self-deprecating, but what he


must've been going through mentally between those two bolts, knowing


what was in store if you managed to nail the second one, says a lot.


Yes, realising you can actually get a medal if you deal with the


pressure. There was only 0.016 between him and the silver medal.


Legendre did very well, it was impressive. So it was unfortunate


that he came in front of Kristian Thomas, but what a final it has


been. We finalists have just come out, that is why you can hear the


cheering behind me. Let's have a look at the competitive is here for


the beamer. Vanessa Ferrari has done so well in these championships. Kyla


the beamer. Vanessa Ferrari has done Ross is the third highest qualifier.


I'm expecting good things. Romanians are renowned for the beamer. As a


piece of equipment, it is the width of a house brick. Once you are


off-line, there is no pulling it back.


Alea Mustafina starts us off. -- Aliya. Another very difficult


combination. We've seen her on occasion link all three of those,


but today she went for a bit of safety. Very nice change leg. Quite


a short routine, packed the difficulty in. Big focus for the


dismount. What a start. Indeed. She's always had the grace, the


elegance, the poisonous apparatus. -- the poise for this apparatus.


Very confident. A half-turn into an elegant walkover. And how vital is


that poise she has? right from the beginning. -- lovely


poise. But she is just a little bit slow and cautious.


I don't think she could have wished for a more promising start. She kept


turnover. -- she kept her nerve. Yes, she took the bronze overall.


Her qualification wasn't good but in the overall, she held her nerve.


It's a good score. The judges are not giving the 15s away. Carlotta


Ferlito. 18 years old. A young Italian gymnast, quite a beamer


specialist. Silver medallist at the European Championships this year.


You can see she was a bit off but full of confidence. She readjusted


her body. Very positive in her leaps. She lands the jump straight


into the top back. -- tuck back. Gymnasts have to doing backtrack to


join two jumps, and most of them choose fairly simple ones.


Another leap with their head going back. She is building her difficulty


with these difficult leaps. The dismount has to be one of the moves


that is counted. Another very secure routine. She has impressed in the


past, getting a silver two years ago. A very graceful performer.


Italian gymnasts, really, beam is their piece. The judges have to


decide did the walkover go immediately into the jump, or is


there a little pause? You can see how well she recovered. Fantastic


foot placement. The whole foot down to land. 2.5 twists, just a little


bit and tidy. -- untidy. When you know you've gone and done a


good job, you want everyone to appreciate it, especially the


judges. She did do a good job. Probably on the beam more than


anything else, the judges have to make a decision about whether this


move was immediately linked to that move, it is probably the piece of


apparatus where the value can vary the most depending on how the judges


saw it. That is what will be taking the time now. A little down on start


value, so they didn't count everything. An enquiry from


Mustafina. That must be on the difficulty score, it cannot be on


the execution score. Now, Vanessa Ferrari. Great to see her still


looking so good. I think Rory has looked better at these championships


than I've her in a long while. -- Ferrari. Beautifully held, that


starting lift. Second Italian gymnast in this final. Taking the


whole length of the beam. It's straight back somersault. Full of


confidence. Now, you see, they probably will feel there was a


little pause between those two. Very nicely to a winning position, the


head back. She has a very good rhythm, she keeps the whole thing


moving. A little smile as well, she is selling it. She will have a pause


before the big element, but generally the dance work is smooth.


Gymnasts have to count their eighth most difficult moves, five of them


acrobatics, three of them leaps and spins. Oh, a big step back, but she


stayed in it. 22 years old now. She's had great times in the sport


and I feel there are still some to come. Really blooming the Italian


team effort together. This is something she's been known for over


the years. But this, very confident. You can see how straight the feet


are, they land directly on the beam. Same on the dismount. That was the


big era, but how easily could she have sat down there? Very quick


reaction to push that led backwards to give stability. Mustafina has had


that enquiry rejected, so she has to live with the 14.9. They no doubt


will thought she should of had just a little bit higher on the


difficulty score, but when the judges look back, they can look back


in slow motion, and to be honest you are much less likely to be credited


when they have just made a decision with the naked eye. That is a


decision the coaches have to take. 14.3 from Vanessa. Into second


place. Difficulty down again on the 14.3 from Vanessa. Into second


qualifying school. -- score. Tiny little thing up next. The dual


carriageway beam to her! Didn't quite take the head back,


gave a little jerk. This is the difficulty that he had in the


all-around competition. Two back flips. A lovely straight somersault


into jumps. How super is that? In the all-around competition she fell


in that, even though she stayed on in qualifying. A bit of a wobble


there but she held on. Very powerful and dynamic. A double spin. That's


very difficult on the beam. She made it look easy.


The leap and the tuck back. 0.1 bonus for linking those. The same


thing for the free walkover into the jump. She's certainly going for her


bonuses. This will be a high-start scomplt now she needs to make the


finish. A double pike. Easy. She's deceptively powerful. Very nice


indeed. A lovely routine. She's had a good World Cup series. She won the


Tokyo beam final as part of the world events that take place all


over the world all through the year. She looked bubbling up for a good


one. She did, which was what was even more surprising when in the


all-around competition, having done even more surprising when in the


two very good pieces, she fell on this series. But it's a very


difficult series. You can see how wonderfully straight she holds the


body. Body. That back foot was off a little. She did well. That was, I


think if I was judging I don't think I would be crediting that. You are


meant to touch your foot on your head. We all know how severe you are


as a judge, Christine. Tiny little thing isn't she? She, is but very


powerful. She's got those sort of legs that don't quite go straight,


the backs of the knees are very tight. The long wait for the judges.


Very composed. 17 years old. It's her first World Championships. We


haven't seen much of her previously. She's been competing on the World


Cup circuit. 14.133, 6. 2 the difficulty. Execution 7.933. She


does have those legs that always look a little bit bent. Judges are


being pretty tight today. Aliya Mustafina still out in front.


Vanessa Ferrari and Carlotta Ferlito, the Italian in charge, in


second and third at the moment. Simone Biles all-around champion of


the world. A couple of medals to go with that. What a start. Full of


confidence. Double spin. Not the most elegant gymnast but one of the


most dynamic I've seen. Lovely precision. You see no hesitation


there. Deaf join -- deficit join. Ne of the most dynamic I've seen.


Lovely precision. You see no hesitation there. Deaf join --


deficit join. Cleverly -- definite join. Cleverly worked routines to


show her best. Back flip, a somersault, just a tiny fault but so


well rehearsed. She did well, there because the very


first leap was a little offline. She corrected it during the second leap.


She's, this is the first little hint of nerves we've seen from her. Just


a tiny wobble. She corrected so well but watch this. This is very


special. One flip, two flips, full twisting double back and a big step


forward. Until now she has looked absolutely unstoppable. We seen a


single falter. She didn't fall but it wasn't perfect either was it


Mitch? Simone Biles is human after all. That's how you feel. Very close


on that dois mount but this was just great wasn't it? You have to be so


strong to hold in a crouch position on one foot. She's a tough little


fighter though isn't she? She wasn't getting off that beam.


Super-straight legs in the layout. H little fighter though isn't she? She


wasn't getting off that beam. Super-straight legs in the layout.


The dismount - full twist. Watch the head. That will be quite a big


deduction. Power indeed. What's she got so far, gold, silver and a


bronze? I will have to check that out. She's working out what she


thinks her start value should. She's not happy with those judges. She's


had a gold all-around, and a silver on vault so far. And she pushed out


had a gold all-around, and a silver on bars? She was fourth on bars.


Simone Biles, 14.133, and give it to these judges. They are doing their


job. They are. They are holding firm. Mustafina still out in front.


The young lady for elegance and presence is Kyla Ross. We saw the


power of Biles Biles. Now we see the grace aenld gans of Ross. Aw the


power of Biles Biles. Now we see the grace aenld gans of Ross. -- grace


and elegance of Ross. Gymnasts have to include at least a


single spin. Floats those two leaps. Nice free walk over into the sheep


jump. Just about kept it moving. Another very powerful gymnast. She


floats all her acrobatic skills. Very precise on those links. Every


single time she performs a skill she does it exactly the same. That way


she can become totally consistent. See the arms come out of the front


somersault, straight into the jump. Well, it's been very good so far.


What about the dismount? Very good as well. She really is Ms Precision.


Light of touch. Elegant. In line. Kyle ra Ross is challenging.


Mustafina is still in front. I have to say, every day I've watched Kyla


Ross I've been more impressed with her. She's improved every day. She's


shown her maturity. She was part of the team in the Olympics. She didn't


work all-around. A you can see that experience can't you? Love will have


technique on the free walk over. And now the sheep jump. She definitely


touched other foot to her head there. No untoward arm movements.


She uses the arms absolutely the same. Sim metically most of the


time, which is the easiest way to use them on the bee. Possibly a bit


like Mustafina in that it is a use them on the bee. Possibly a bit


little bit slow and cautious. But really, very precise, good work. If


that's what you can produce, give me slow and cautious every time. That


was so lovely to watch. It will be close at the top. 14.9 is the score


was so lovely to watch. It will be if she wants to match Mustafina. I


think she went for most of her linkages. She gave it everything.


She didn't wobble after the front somer She didn't wobble after the


front somer assault. She -- somer salt. 14en 3733. She didn't wobble


after the front somer assault. She -- somer salt. 14en 3733. Second for


-- 14.3733. Second for Kyla Ross. An inquiry from Biles Biles. I thought


it was a little bit allow. Back flip, full twisting somersault.


Somersault. Somersault. She couldn't hold on to it. We've watched her


over the years and this is the second day in a row we've seen her


fall. Another difficult skill here, layout somersault. But if you see


the speed of work you will understand just a bit if she hits


this sort of speed and confidence, she missed a connection there as


well. It sets her apart. Getting a bit of rhythm back now.


This is my favourite bit of this routine. Round off, back flip,


triple twist. Clean as you like, but when you've fallen off your very


first skill, it counts for nothing. What a pitiful. She is great to


watch on beam but two fall in this two days, disappointment. Putting a


perspective on it I'm sure. She's worthy of a medal, but if you fall


off... That's the full twisting tuck-back. I've seen her perform and


complete that so many times and it looked quite good. She just didn't


quite have that same level of confidence. You know, working beam


well is all about confidence. When you're feeling good about yourself,


you lift your chest and correct yourself. When there's those doubts


in your mind, it just comes to haunt you. Actually, even that was


offline. We couldn't see frit the other angle. But from that angle she


did really well. Look at the disappointment.


When she was young I think she took it all in her stride. She didn't


have a great Olympic Games. She is still very young. This is her first


world championships. But I think she looks just a little too desperate


for it. It is very unusual to see tears. Well, she is still only 17


years old, so definitely not the end. She'll be back. I'm sure she


will put that right. She looks composed. She's accepted it. The


judges are taking their time. When it's a good routine, it's easy to


judge. She has had an enquiry accept it and


the mark has taken her now to third place. -- accepted. That is quite


unusual. An enquiry to her as well. The Americans are really looking for


justice. Anna Rodionova, no enquiry has been sat there because she has


not yet done it! This is her only final. Very nice, cautious spins.


Beautifully extended fleet. -- feet. Oh, that was a shame, that was very


difficult. Disappointment for her. It's difficult to see from this


angle, but I think when you don't see the beam in the forward line


words -- forward landings, it is difficult. A super split there in


the jump. All these elements are given a value and added together.


That is a nice spin with the leg held up. Not at all easy. One


element you have to include in your difficulty is the dismount. A lovely


double tuck. Absolute precision. Mustafina offering the advice of a


very experienced gymnast. Mustafina might have been unhappy with her


original score, but she might be feeling happier as the final has


gone on, because she is still out there in the front. Yes, her feet


were right of this side, when they? -- right off this side, weren't


they? She recovered well from that, though. Her first World


Championships, and they've had quite a bit of injury in the Russian camp.


Quite a few of their more experienced gymnast are not here. --


gymnasts. The silver medallist at the last World Championships has


been ill and isn't here so it's given some youngsters a bit of a


chance. There is still an enquiry being discussed from Kyla Ross. And


Anna scores 13.1. This enquiry is very significant. It has to come up


almost two tenths. And the enquiry has been accepted, she's gone up to


14.833. So Mustafina is still in that gold medal position. Kyla Ross


is in silver. Mustafina was disappointed, but it was good enough


to win gold. Kyla Ross in silver medal position. Not the highest


scoring final, but it wasn't because the work wasn't good. The judges


just were very vigilant today. Confirmation that. Look at Vanessa


Ferrari in fourth place. No wonder she didn't give Mustafina a hug.


A beam final is normally a lot more nerve wracking, but today the nerves


came from all those enquiries. Is that quite in usual's -- quite


unusual? It is, the top three girls all put in enquiries. Normally you


might get one or two. And Mustafina still like she was trying to work it


out herself, after her enquiry had not been accepted, shirt -- she


obviously was not happy. It's about the connection, isn't it? Yes, for


every skill you put together you get connection bonuses, and that is what


they will be questioning. First-time voter to be a world champion. She


will be really pleased with that. She is primarily known as a bar


worker. You could see her getting a bit worried when her enquiry wasn't


accepted but then she kept seeing people falling. If you've just


joined us, Kristian Thomas got a bronze medal in the men's vault


final. We will show you then now if you did miss it. He nailed it. I'm


so happy for him, he's such a nice guy. His second vault scared me a


little bit. Why do you say that? When your centre of mass is behind


you and you have such an impact landing, you can easily sit down on


the floor. Let's find out what he did think about it.


Kristian Thomas, finally, you have your medal. I'm over the moon. Three


weeks ago I didn't even know if I would be coming to the World


Championships. I'm so happy to come here and to get a medal. You missed


the European Championships and you've had a lot of injury worries.


You can't have imagined this was on the cards. No, I was battling to be


on the team three weeks ago. How pleased EU to still be a part of


what has been a superb view year is for British male gymnastics? -- few


years. Long may it continue. Someone has to be the first British melt


years. Long may it continue. Someone champion, it could be you.


Hopefully, thank you to all my supporters back home as well. Thank


you. He is marching out right now to receive that medal. Let's go down to


look at this memorable moment. This atmosphere is unbelievable. It


is absolutely electric. He is really the man of the moment.


At the Olympics, he's so performed for the team when they needed it.


When it came to the vault final for himself, he just let it run away


from him. He will really be delighted to have vindicated himself


with this medal today. Like he said, he's had a lot of injury this year.


Kristian Thomas. Kristian Thomas, a well-deserved bronze lured -- bronze


medal. A great, great performance. Legendre takes the number two podium


position, shakes his hand. And the vault world champion from Korea.


Really, six twists divided by two. A triple in each vault. He was


unbelievable. Our gold medallist, Hak Seon Yang. What a different


podium. No Japanese, no Chinese, no Russians. Yes, you are saying no


Japanese, no Chinese, no Russian. No, a really different podium. It


just shows you how the world of gymnastics has opened now. Look at


the union flag on the end there, adorning a very proud man, Kristian


Thomas. There he is, the pride of Wolverhampton. Kristian Thomas takes


a bronze medal at a world championship final. A first in this


event for Great Britain men or women.


Korea take the honours over the USA and Great Britain. Kristian Thomas


towering above the other two. Really, very and usual physique for


a gymnast. It shows how successful you can be. -- very unusual. A lot


of it is about having a great temperament, and that is something


he has. Jeering the European Championships


he was sat where you are talking to me because of the problems he was


having. -- During the championships. Well, with the stress you put your


body through, you will have injury. Yet another medal being handed out


to Simone Biles. She now has the full set, gold, silver and bronze.


Kyla Ross takes the silver. Another great day for the USA. These two


very, very friendly. And, representing Russia. She was doing


her sons about her score, is she wasn't sure it was fair, but it was


good enough to take a medal. Aliya Mustafina, the best in the world in


2013 on beam. Shakes hands with her two rivals, she reigns supreme.


She's had two bronze medals so far, all-around and on bars, so she will


be highly delighted with this gold. Gold to Russia's Aliya Mustafina.


Silver to Kyla Ross and bronze to Simone Biles. It wasn't without its


thrills and spills was it? No, it wasn't. For Kyla Ross I think this


is her third silver medal. She was silver in the all-around, silver on


bars. No, it was an eventful beam final.


Three brilliant gymnasts, all bringing something special to this


sport. Another one down and one women's


final to come, on floor. That will be exciting and she'll figure in


that as well, I'm sure. Well, if all of this has inspired you to get


involved in sport, you may be a good contender for the new BBC


initiative. After all, we were all three little gymnasts once, you


know. It just clicked with me, to be honest with you. It was something


that I loved and I didn't have to think about whether or not I wanted


to go. It wasn't like my parents were pushing me into it. It wasn't


like they were saying, come on tonight it is gymnastics time That


was my bedtime reading. I loved this book. I would would love child in


this country to have a go at gymnasts. Sport has given me so much


throughout my career, so many opportunities. So many chances of


making friends, travelling. I just remember always trying to learn


something new and do something different. I really pushed the


boundaries of what I could do as a kid. Learning things like the


handstand. The coach would tell us to do it against a wall and kids


would be falling, yet I could get straight up. I could see how gym


gave me a direction and a target in life. So yes, if you do want to get


inspired go to the website. Website. At sport you are perfect examples of


how it can change your life and give you a direction. There's so many


youngsters out there these days not sure what sport to try. Try


everything. I tried so many different sports before I found


gymnastics. It has given me so many opportunities. Got to travel the


world, meet new people. For me, sport is my life. That's a good


point, try everything. If it wasn't gymnastics for you, what would you


do, apart from dancing. I don't know. Di horse riding, swimming,


basketball, I tried everything. Probably baseball. I've got a good


through. A bit left field that one, baseball. Good. Thinking of standout


performances in these championships so far, putting you on the spot a


bit. For me hate to be Kenzo Shirai on FORCEDYELLOW For me hate to be


Kenzo Shirai on the floor -- it has to be Kenzo Shirai on the floor. 22


twists. Most people do maybe five or six and the standout performer is


seem own. She's come from nowhere and has been the performer of the


championships. She's got a bronze, silver and gold, and another final


still to come. Let's remind silver and gold, and another final


ourselves of some of her sparkling moves.


I love that little move at the end, that bounce. Superb. I don't think


anybody would say she isn't the standout performer here. Yet again


the crowd go mad behind us as yet nor gymnasts come out. Three finals


still to come. The men competing on the men's parallel bars:


Mitch knows Epke incredibly well. Mitch, there's nine gymnasts in this


final, normally there's ate, but Epke has tied with Uchimura. Would


you say he was fortunate to be in this final? We planned for a 15. 6


to make a final but he got a 15. 4. But his execution was so good. We


were very surprised. And Uchimura did exactly the same difficulty,


exactly the same execution score. They couldn't split them and that's


why they are nine in this final. But Epke has something special up his


sleeve. Uchimura will be announced to the crowd. Listen to this for a


roar. CHEERING And Zonderland?


CHEERING He's got a good following, no doubt about that. Double the


roar! The highest qualifier there. 34 years old now.


Brandon, you may have seen him in the rings yesterday. Another judge


inquiry. This lad was fourth highest


qualifier. Watch out on parallel bars. It was made for the Chinese


really. So Mitch, what is is in store


locker? It is a very difficult move. It is difficult enough to say let


alone do. It involves continuous swinging. He's got an out from that,


if it doesn't go right he will go to upper arms. It could make all the


difference if he hits it. But it's in. At this level,


judge, parent, mum, dad, grandchild - everybody this the audience,


including the training gym, want him to win. It is an amazing quality he


has. He's such an attractive human being. We can see two Chinese


gymnasts helping each other to chalk the bar being, but unbelievably


three Chinese gymnasts made the top the bar being, but unbelievably


eight. It goes to show how fantastic this nation is on this apparatus. It


is their bit of apparatus. They were the first to do double pike from


between the bars, first to kick out from a dismount. They've made it


their own. They can bring five but they would all make the final if


that was the rules. It looks like they've used the entire quantity of


chalk on these bars. We are sitting down for something pretty


spectacular Mitch. So first gymnast Lin Chaopan. He's only got 10


seconds to start his routine. Very nice, beautiful handstand from it.


Peach half turn or round somersault half turn. Locking out through the


shoulders. Look at, that drifts through the long swing. Fluid, tiny


pike in the swing to handstand. Straddle into uprise. Tiny


hesitation. That's lovely. Very nicely done. Very high, very clean.


Healey turn. This so far is hugely impressive, and so was that! Well,


what an opening routine in a final. There wasn't a flicker really was


there Mitch? Really superb. Tiny kink in one of the swings to


handstand but apart from that, a peach half turn, completely in the


swing. Another one, this time without. A tiny flicker of the legs


but you have to put a magnifying glass on this to find a fault. This


is lovely. Uprise into straddle. One-and-a-quarter. Some beautiful


work here. Look at that. Just amazing. Great concentration. The


gymnasts have warmed up in here a couple of hours ago. They then


walked straight in and worked with such confidence. Lin Chaopan. Lked


straight in and worked with such confidence. Lin Chaopan. He said --


straight in and worked with such we said they were great on this


apparatus and indeed they are. And there's the score. 15.666. A 6. 7


difficulty. Didn't quite creep into the 9s on eggscution. Wow! You have


to be pretty special to do that. You can see in the corner the stop sign.


As soon as it turns to green and the judges say go. They have 30 second


to start. You can see it counting down. He needs to get a move on


here. And a swig of a drink on the way. Marius Daniel Berbecar.


He lost the swing there. Now he has to think not on his feet but on his


hands. Another peach, into giant. Nice kickout. But he's lost a little


bit of the composure. That's nice. That's the bab sar, a tippout. Clean


into the swing. Another hesitation. Healey. The full turn forwards.


Double pike but a little scurry backwards, and look at his face.


Presumably the error in the middle cost him a little bit in difficulty.


He qualified with a 6.7, but that will be costly. A very enjoyable


routine, exciting lifts and moves along the parallel bars. This is


quite a new style of parallel bar work, isn't it? It is, and it is


about continuous swinging. Keeping the swing and finding that


handstand. A few problems for him. Look at that, dejection. You always


try and save to your gymnasts, don't allow your emotions to show in front


of the judges. He's literally told them it wasn't a very good routine,


and it's a shame to see. There was only a tiny error. Second at the


moment. A little bit down on difficulty.


And the world champion, the Olympic champion, Uchimura, comes to the


parallel bars. A characteristic shrug of the shoulders, and he's


away. His line, his kick out, he has to be very economic, because it is a


6.4 difficulty. He may lift it. Not easy. A double tuck, so an extra


skill in there. The difficulty might go up. He's really going for broke.


A double pike, a little windmill of the arms. Such a skilful gymnast,


always able to add a little bit more difficulty when he needs it. He


focuses during the competition, but he's becoming a show man. Very nice


technique. The judges are severe on those tiny adjustments of the hand.


But really, look at that. A double tuck.


This is very difficult, and a rise. Double pike to finish. A little bit


deep, but windmills his way to some control. Now, he told the judges,


that was great, reward me. Oh, and he goes in first, a massive


difficulty, 6.7. An extra three tenths four difficulty, that is


typical of the jigger up. Step it up tenths four difficulty, that is


under pressure. -- typical of Uchimura.


He's been training very hard. A good start. A slight pause between.


Very nicely done. Just keep your focus, young man. This is important.


A little hop back. That little shovel at the end may make the


difference. -- little shuffle. Well, having not seen him for a while, I


think that is improved. Lovely line. He's always had massive difficulty.


He lost the rhythm there but he has an exit. This is so impressive. He's


the only gymnast in this competition to catch it and not play it to


bronze. Normally, you could put your mortgage on him making theirs, and


he did indeed. -- making this. So great difficulty. There were a few


execution errors. Well, 6.4 difficulty in qualification. I


wonder where they're from! Well, the crowd love it. He would


certainly get the popular appeal boat. -- vote. A lot of Dutch


supporters here. We will see him later on the high bar as well. So


we've got to gymnasts tying the first at the moment. -- two


gymnasts. A big debate. I've never seen him nervous about a parallel


bar score before. I'm not sure you can break into the medals with that.


He did well but there were mistakes. It's an usual bound to be in this


position on parallel bars. The equal first is 15.666. We are still


waiting. 6.5 difficulty, so not so high. Third place at the moment.


There is the equal first place. Now, the most experienced gymnast in


the competition. He's a tall man. He's got elements here which are


amazing considering. That is amazing. This is amazing work. That


was overcooked. Oh, he's lost it. Oh, now he really is in trouble. It


just shows you. He was expected to medal at the very least. He finds


himself out of it. He posted a 6.8 difficulty in qualification, there


was only one or two higher at 6.9. Like you said, he was expected to be


the gymnast to beat. I feel so sorry for him. He is almost 6-foot tall.


And many started to lose his shape and it was just bass thinking, and


it wasn't fast enough. He thought, I might as well give up the ghost,


there is no medal here. Keep the tension all the way through the


body, up the shoulder line. He didn't do it. What a shame. He just


finishes with a lazy single somersault off the side. We call


that a toddle off! But the judges still have to judge. They have to


give it just as much concentration even though it was perhaps two


thirds of an exercise. You've got to feel for him. This is


what happens when gymnasts put too much pressure on themselves. It's a


fine line between really wanting to succeed and being too desperate,


making life difficult for yourself. They can talk about it all they


want, but the moment has gone and the disappointment must really


burned deep. -- burn deep. So, only 5.6 in difficulty, and of course he


had a fall as well. Fifth place. Now, from use Pakistan. Fokin


qualified second. -- from Uzbekistan. Oh, look at that. What's


happening out there? That is the second big name in a row. So much


out of control that he's on the deck. These gymnasts are


specialists, they've waited a long time for this moment in the


competition. I feel for Fokin. He's a wonderful stylist. Will he gather


his composure and make the best of a bad deal? Yes is pretty much the


answer. So he's got his swing back, got his composure back. Swinging for


pride. Those little shuffles across the Bard tell-tale signs -- across


the bar are tell-tale signs. Oh, and he's given up. What is happening out


there? Two huge names in parallel bars just lost their focus. Very


disappointing to see, really. He looked like he'd recovered well and


was going to continue. These guys qualified probably about five days


ago. So they've had a very long wait for these finals. Look, this is what


he's capable of. A lovely double into swing. And in qualifying, he


looked pretty much like a medallist. Of course, he's done it before, he a


medallist. He tried very hard. A straddle


one-and-a-quarter. Nicely done. Fabulous height on the front


somersault. Uprise, that should have been a double front, but not today,


Anton. It is crucial. When you've trained a


routine, you miss the first biggie. Look at that, a puff of the cheeks.


Very difficult to get on and push yourself through, but it did look


like he had overcome that early fall and was together to show us his


quality work. He could get 14. 8 or 14. 9 with the fall, he's that good.


Judges are having a busy time of it today. Fair play to them. He's


reliving it, you can tell. Let me get back on that podium. So, 12.466.


5.5 on difficulty and a rank 6. From the United States,


Wynn. We saw him perform superbly on the rings. What will he offer on the


parallel bars? The Americans traditionally are very


busy on this apparatus. Apparatus. They don't waste a lot of time. Oh,


that's terrific! An extra somersault from the Suarez. Well done Brandon


Wynn. Double to kickout. Kickout. A dip in the arms but it's about


execution now. That's a huge deduction. It's nerves. They all


have to step up their difficulty. He is struggling to keep control.


Recovers. There's the uprise. Free swing to handstand there, not the


most difficulty. He lost his composure here but he's very lucky


to sneak into the 15s. But he battled on. Just didn't give up did


he, in true American style. For me, Mitch, he never hits a straight line


in a handstand, does he? He hasn't got that same quality of line we've


seen from some of the others. Dips over the top, that's a Suarez with


an extra somersault. Brilliant stuff. You are right, Chris, the


Americans are very busy. This is five tenths and the hand adjustment.


But the Americans rely on being busy five tenths and the hand adjustment.


and joining one to the other. He was unsettled, scrabbling away. He'll be


lucky to get into the 15s. So went for difficulty. Adjusts pace on


landing. Squeezes tight. Tony bit bent knees. Just hasn't got that


crites.line. Ony bit bent knees. Just hasn't got that crites.line. --


that crisp line. They are reliving it but after that amazing Suarez


with extra somersault I really thought this guy would get amongst


it. Let's see how much damage was done. The coach hasn't jumped up and


down in delight, so I think he probably felt... 6. 6.3 difficulty,


14.266. You were right, Mitch. No 15 there.


That's lovely. Didn't really kick out but this is very efficient. A


double pike keeping the swing going. A peach half turn. Very nice. Making


sure of the lockout. Uprise. Straddle to upper arms. Very quick


adjustment of body shape to make the tippout. He is only now got to stick


this dismount. I think that will do it. I think that's a medal winner.


APPLAUSE A good, solid performance there. No sign of nerves. Another


gymnast who's had injury this season. Probably been unable to do


lots of jumping work, and so has worked on the parallel bars and


improved greatly. This was really good work. A lot of difficulty. Kept


the swing, kept his focus. That was a marvellously fast adjustment. His


feet were all over the place but he got all the shapes in sequence. The


uprise, this was efficient work. It deserve as medal. In sequence. The


uprise, this was efficient work. It deserve as medal. -- it deserves a


medal. Straddle one-and-a-quarter, clear enough from the bars. The


essential thing was to keep the swing going. A double pike with a


kickout. And he really held his focus. Deep, deep in the double


pike. Tiny shuffle. What's he done? Well, third. 15.533. Big difficulty


score there, 6. 8. We haven't had anyone creep in the 9s yet for


execution. Well done for John Orozco under pressure.


The final gymnast from China. Look at that. That with the kickout is


very unusual. Again the double somersault with kickout. He could


climb right to the top of the pile. Another peach. Giant double pike.


Keeping the swing. This is beautiful so far. So easy in the tippout. And


that, Suarez sometimes crabled round that. Dip will cost him 3 to 5 but


the swinging's been superb. Double front, that was lovely. Apart from


that little dip in the middle. That really was special work.


between the parallel bars. A lovely smile. Very nice work indeed.


Beautiful style, beautiful handstand shape. I like that, Mitch. That kick


out was amazing. I have never seen it done like that. They kicked out


again from the double pike. Really, lovely work. There is the tippout.


Safely into handstand. Look at the focus. That was lovely. The swing to


handstand. Well, he had 6. 9 difficulty score. The dismount, a


double front half turn. Great stuff. What do you reckon? Has he done


enough? China one and two but he's not going to win with that dip. . It


is China one and two surely. Ooh, look at that. Just 15. 15.5006789


down in fourth place. They did hammer him on ust 15.5006789 down in


fourth place. They did hammer him on execution -- just 15.500. He shares


that. With Kohei Uchimura. The all-around title and now he adds


this gold medal on parallel bars to it.


Epke Zonderland pushed into fourth place.


But certainly the crowd's favourite, Mitch.


Another gold medal for Kohei Uchimura, who made history at the


world championships. Became the first gymnast ever to win four


consecutive all-around title. What an interesting final that was. The


first half of it with they were dropping like flies. It is an


interesting point that the equipment will feel difficulty to what the


gymnasts are used to using in the training gym. Give us an idea how


you used to prepare? Every competition you will compete on a


difficulty make of equipment. Sometimes it will be bouncier.


Sometimes it won't feel the same. Back at home I used to get the


aspect rate us that you were going to use on that competition, so you


can practise on Understand the floor here is even


springier? All the girls are saying it is bouncier, maybe less impact on


the feet. That's why we've seen bigger tumbles. Are we going to


notice bigger on the floor? You don't have to have two somersaults.


And the gymnasts aren't allowed to stand for more than one second in


the corner. You used to say us taking a big breath before the last


tumble. That isn't allowed any more. You won the World Championships on


floor in 2009. You've competed in over half of these in the final


here. The gymnasts are set and ready.


Eight gymnasts in this final. Vanessa Ferrari will start us off.


22 years old. Qualified in fourth place.


Well, I think there's not a person in gymnastics who wouldn't love to


see Vanessa Ferrari medal here. But that big hop forwards after the


first tumble won't make it easy. Super height on the full twisting


double back. She sells a routine so well, she


lands Cyprus is today. Just like that. -- she lands so precisely.


Really good height on the leaps. They have to count towards your


difficulty just as much as the tumbles. So important to finish with


a big timbales and land securely. She does absolutely that. -- a big


tumble. The crowd are in the palm of her hand. She tied for third in the


Olympics and with the Olympic rules she tied but did not get the medal.


Such a powerful tumbler. Straight into the title back. She will get a


connection bonus for that. She gets such heights. That is a need jump


which is tending to be used in these championships. -- a knee jump. You


can see how pleased she is. Her coach is really happy with her. The


youngest supporter in the crowd. Always quite difficult to be the


first person out. Double pike, just the slight leg separations. The


judges will take the mat. Just the two footed Hop forward after the


first tumble which will probably be a 0.3 deduction I would've thought,


at very least. She's got fabulous choreography. It's a good score. The


judges have not been that generous. So we've had two very big tumbles,


two beautiful leaps. 1.5 into the full twist. Good tight, lovely


landing. That's what that was saying about


not standing still in the corner. A That's what that was saying about


very nice triple twist. Full of difficulty. A lovely smile, and I


love that music. So typical of her nation. She produced a performance


that was really inspiring. They are nation. She produced a performance


delighted with it. What do you think, Beth? I was really


impressed, I'd heard about her in the training halls. When she came


out to qualification, this first tumble, not many gymnasts actually


use this double straight because it is not very forgiving when you land


short. A really last minute hop. Like I was saying, you don't need to


put the two somersaults together, but it does give you the connection


bonuses. She covers that landing by going straight into the dance. A


great spend, the quadruple. Spotting every time with the head. It is so


difficult now the gymnasts are not allowed to stand in the corner and


take the break. They have to get in the corner and go for the last


tumble. She did that very well. Some of them do stand in the corner and


they get a deduction for it. And just a small hop at the end of it.


The crowd really got involved with that routine, so will just have to


see what the judges make of it. She's pleased, the crowd is pleased,


I'm sure her coaches pleased. -- coach is pleased. A bit of a


surprise, she is behind the NSF Ferrari. -- Vanessa Ferrari. I think


she was disappointed with that, but it was down to the difficulty. Now,


we are all looking forward to Simone Biles. She has a massive difficulty


level. A double straight with an extra


half-turn, she meets the floor perfectly.


Gymnasts have to do a forward element, but that walkover will


count as it. 2.5 twist, lovely straight front somersault out of it.


the end. She was so impressive. Beth, could you beat that? Not a


chance, I absolutely love her. She's got the power, but she also engages


the crowd. And she smiled the whole way through. You would not think


she's got the highest difficulty of anyone. You can just see the amount


of power she has. Into the double straight and she just, if you don't


look closely, she literally dips her shoulder slightly at the last minute


to get that half turning. She knows exactly where this landing is. There


is that smile. The leaps, this spin. Not many people can do this. She


does it well on beam and converts it to the floor as well. It is


difficulty after difficulty after difficulty. And to finish the whole


routine she does this. And I love this quirky ending. The biggest


smile to finish. I do like the ending as well. I think this is a


clever routine. She's not elegant surveyed the used clever bits like


that to make a statement. -- so they have used. It's not over yet, the


Romanian contingent will tell you that. Here is their heroine. She's


had misfortune on the beam twice. Can she make up for it in this floor


final? I do hope so. Also a fabulous tumbler. This is an action packed


routine. Comes back with a full-twisting double back. Lost her


way on the quadruple spin, just made it triple. Her dance work has really


matured in this last year. A lovely triple twist. She's becoming a


really stylish performer. Seeming boundless energy, dances out


of every landing. Head, hands, everything, is, telling the story.


And a lovely double pike to finish. You need some stamina to perform a


routine like that. That is more like the Iordache we expected. They are


delighted. But was it good enough, Beth? I don't think it will quite


take that top spot but she's definitely in contention for a


medal. You can see the standard of this final. All four of the first


gymnasts have done a double double. Two years ago, you would see maybe


one. I do think the floor is really nice and springy and is helping them


perform better tumbles. You can see the double double, she spotting at


perform better tumbles. You can see the whole time and sees the floor


clearly for that landing. -- she's spotting it. Into this triple


twist, again, she can see that landing every single time. She knows


she needs to nail this last tumble to have a chance. You can see that


smile like up her face. -- light up. Even know she's got this difficult


tumbling, she actually only had a 6.1 difficulty score in


qualification. To be four tenths beneath your main competitor, she


will be going for a second or third position. Waiting again nervously


for her score. She had a long wait for her beam score but she will be


more happy with this. More hopeful, I'm sure. You are right, Beth, it is


not going to challenge Simone Biles. That's Ferrari hanging on the second


there. Simone Biles in front of Vanessa Ferrari. What a delightful


surprise. Iordache is in third. But still four perform aspects to come.


The first is from Giulia Steingruber. She's a powerful


vaulter. What can we expect on the floor?


Very strong athletic gymnast. She's already done two huge tumbles. Just


a little pace on that double tuck. The last tumble, a big double pike,


just about in time with the music. Some fabulous tumbling. We know her


as a terrific vaulter and there's some very impressive tumbling in


that review teeb -- routine Beth. She is known very much for vault but


in the past year she's managed to pass that on to the floor. You can


see that in evidence in the last tumble. Not many gymnasts will be


able to do that. Especially under pressure. She found the floor too


bouncy for that landing. She makes it took so effortless. But because


she's only using four tumbles, she has four very big difficult tumbles


but she probably then has to count four leaps or quite a simple move as


well. She really has got to develop the routine to be competing at the


top level. Her difficulty would be slightly down. You can see the


landing. She's got four big tumbles but she does lose on little steps


here and there. That's where the judges are looking. When she does


the leaps they are huge. The gymnasts have to have their top


eight elements added. She's got four huge tumbles but then has to have


four other things counted as well. She has. Even on that last tumble


most gymnasts with the double pike would be looking for the complete


dead landing. She had a slight step. She seems quite happy with it.


14.333, she's in fifth place. Could it be that Vanessa Ferrari takes a


medal in this final? That would be unbelievable. Two to come.


Sandra Isbasa was Olympic champion on floor in 2008. 23 years of age.


Just here competing floor. Superb full twisting. Double pike


somersault. Here's a combination tumble, one-and-a-half two triple,


immediate jump. Beautiful, mature expressive work


and very difficult tumbling as well. Has she kept enough energy? Has she


got t stamina to make it two-and-a-half twists into the full


twisting front, and not quite. What a shame. What a shame.


APPLAUSE But look at her reaction. She knew she had to produce


something better. The crowd love her and she's accepting their flawed it.


Such a disappointment. It was until that point beautiful, Beth. It was.


I saw her in qualification doing that last tumble and she played it


safe for qualification. She knew for the final she had to put everything


out there. But it was such a shairnls because you can see from


the rest of the routine, the pulled in pike at the beginning, a really


clean landing. She's changed her of dance. She had had a mixture of


dramatic with soft balletic look. She's using her eyes to lure the


judges in. The round-off into the one-and-a-half. Into the round-off


flip, triple into. A jump slightly out of control, as you can see.


Judges will pick up on that, however much she tries to disguise it. Pull


in tuck. She nailed this landing. She was 100% sure where this was.


But when you dance to expressively it takes quite a lot out of you.


Like you said, Beth, she knew. You it takes quite a lot out of you.


can see the legs buckle on that last bit. Without that height you can't


fit the full twist. In but she took it graciously. She knew she had to


put that tumble in to compete for the title. She took a gambling.


Gambling. Doesn't always work. Gracious is the word. What a lovely


performance. Would it be a farewell performance? It will be sad, but it


is probably Christine isn't it? Well... 13.733. What might have


been? It could be a farewell performance. Let's hope not.


Hopefully not, but we'll see. Simone Biles. Ky Ross. She combines the


majestic qualities with power in tumbling.


That super high movement. Straight into the very high double pike. She


really did well to minimise that. Good high double tuck. Just a bit of


a hop. She's such a precise gymnast in the sort of way it almost seems


to hamper the visitorocity. She's been the one that impressed us so


much this week with the balance between the elegance and sheer


power. She really Haim pressed us Beth. She was the youngest member


last year in the Olympic team but she's really matured in the past 12


months. She's really impressed me. You can see the double Arabian, into


the jump. That gives you, takes away that landing that the judges are


likely to deduct on. She's been so precise with every landing at this


championship. She knows here routines back to front. Here's the


double pike. Just buckled slightly on the landing but she does


everything she can cocover it up. Ere's the double pike. Just buckled


slightly on the landing but she does everything she can cocover it up. --


to cover it up. Into the round-off flip, double tuck. Last tumble. Just


showing she. Into the round-off flip, double tuck. Last tumble. Just


showing she knows exactly - there's, she is so consistent. You could wake


her up at 3 o'clock in the morning and she could do a routine. Just


like they did with you Beth. You couldn't get me up at 3 o'clock now.


I just feel on floor somehow this loses just a little bit of


performance. It is sort of a learnt routine as opposed ton floor somehow


this loses just a little bit of performance. It is sort of a learnt


routine as opposed to a perform routine. Not that there's a


deduction for that. I like perhaps her other pieces better. 143733 the


difficulty like perhaps her other pieces better. 143733 the difficulty


score -- 14.333 the difficulty score. One performer remaining.


Elizabeth Black from Canada. Qualified with a 14. There's a bit


of disgruntled crowd reaction to that score for Kyla Ross. But Black


has to get herself together and close this apparatus final.


Keep your eyes open for this first tumble. Quite unique. Round-off


flip, two-and-a-half twist. Walk out into triple twist. That really is an


enormously difficult tumble. She was a member of the Canadian


team in the Olympics that did so well. A frontal twist, walk out into


double tuck. Working hard at her leaps.


That will be costly. A big step out. A final tumble. A really interesting


tumble. She made the most of her opportunity. The error at the end


will rob her of any chance of getting into the top four or even


the top three. What a shame for her, Elizabeth Black. The marks have been


very hard to come by in this final. They settle. I think since the new


code has come in since the loifrts everyone is testing it HITE They


settle. I think since the new code has come in since the loifrts


everyone is testing it out -- since the Olympics, everyone is testing


out. This tumble is so unique. : Not maybe as good as she performed in


qualification but such a unique tumble. She knows exactly where to


walk out. You really have to power that tumble to be able to get this


triple right back. In lots of leg form. The judges will take out for


that. Such a powerful tumble. The front pull into the round-off flick


double tuck. She's a unique tumbler. Not many gymnast would use these


combination as. Maybe she's trying to put the wow factor And it works


really. Unfortunately the big step. She'll lose for the big step, for


stepping out of the floor. She's young and it is a routine to work on


for the future. Everyone stops and watches her when we are in the


training halls because she has got that unique thing about her. Simone


waiting for confirmation but we all know she's world champion once


again. Between her in Kyla Ross, they've definitely performed to


their max. What more could you want from a World Championship? Eighth


place for her, Elsabeth Black. from a World Championship? Eighth


Graceful and elegant until the last tumble. I'm wondering, Beth, are you


feeling quite content about your decision, or do you wish you were


out there? I'm quite content sat up here watching. Those nerves when you


are out there competing, and the standard of this final, I think I


would have to do something to really up my game to be in that final.


Well, you called it earlier on, use aired Simone Biles would take the


gold. -- you said. Now, our attentions turn to the high bar


final. We are focusing on Zonderland. You are about to find


out he is a thoroughly top bloke. The final is always great. There is


always danger, but in most cases, it is a success. Those guys, they are


out there almost every time. They are able to do a very clean routine.


Especially Uchimura. It will be tough to beat those guys. I have a


lot of fun, I've known some of them for a long time. There is less of a


language barrier so it is easier to talk about competitions. Most of the


time, it is a lot of fun. I'm studying medicine and last year I


started my internship, so it's a bit harder to make the combination with


my gymnastics. In medicine, I probably won't take as many risks as


my gymnastics. In medicine, I I do now. Most of the patients react


positively. They like their time there. Most of the time they feel


like they know me and I think that's a positive thing. Unbelievable.


Remarkable, this guide. Let's have a look at those who will be swinging


in this final. Mikulak qualified fourth highest. Mitch, I wish you


all the best, my thoughts are with you. Let's pass it on to you guys.


What a final is installed. -- in store. Mikulak is leading off, he


looked so good in qualifying. Hold your breath, because they will risk


everything for about 40 seconds. Straight up into the strong powerful


swings, the full straight back somersault over the bar. Legs locked


together, beautiful style. Right into handstand, beautifully done.


Swings forwards beautifully, the full turn into the flight over the


bar, really swinging powerfully. Another hop full turn, changes his


swing, lifts up, beautiful landing. He will be thrilled and delighted


with that because he faltered in the all-around on the high bar. The


piece that ruined his prospects of a all-around on the high bar. The


medal all around, he gets back to the final and he hits it. Justifies


the promise he showed in qualifying. They are waiting per Zonderland in


the crowd, but this was a very good routine. Very very disciplined. He


keeps the swing going. Look at that, very strong and. He did so well


here. Thank you very much, Mikulak, you have started off a brilliant


final. He handled the disappointment of falling at the final hurdle so


well in the all-around comedy made a lot of friends. -- the all-around,


he made a lot of friends. He qualified in fourth place. He has


begun is, he has the armoury. -- he has the guns. 15.566. That will take


begun is, he has the armoury. -- he some beating. What an opener! Kohei


Uchimura, we know what he can do. You always get the feeling he's got


something extra special to add. He relies on style and flight.


Beautiful. That line is mesmerising. Look at


that half term. -- half-turn. Oh, he's undercooked that.


That was a superb performance, and many gymnasts would have faltered


and gone back the other way, but he did not. No, he is tough. He might


look unruffled but nobody is more determined than he is. He doesn't


turn up and that is going to do the job. A lovely style, so clean and,


he finished the twist before he catches. We often see the gymnast


still twisting a bit, but he is clean. Just so stylish and makes


everything look so effortless. When we see a slight stall and a tiny use


of strength, it seems like a major error. Beautiful work. There it is,


watch. He just hung on, used a little bit of strength. I like the


showmanship we are seeing from him now. He's so relaxed. When you are


the best in the world, you can enjoy finals. He's done his main job, this


is his leisure time. Some people feel the pressure, but he seems to


be able to just let it roll off him, doesn't he? The only time with


senior really under pressure was at the Olympics. -- we've seen him. He


takes first place, what a final we have here. Bretschneider. We know


very little about him except that he qualified for one of the most


difficult world finals. He swings very strongly, loads the bar


beautifully. Ben is the bar to give him extra power. -- bends the bar.


1.5 twists, a tiny bit sideways. Really swings powerfully. Up for


another dislocation with a half-turn. Full pirouette really


changes that swing. Super super double double. Where going to see


plenty of him in the future. -- we're going to see. We've seen three


routines, three heads. -- three hits. Very nice work. So difficult


to change that shape into a cake, but he did it well. This was very


good, technically. -- to change that shape into a kick. Look at that,


knees together, Kick It Out. Lovely work.


And the wind up, see how the shape changes to facilitate.


He worked very, very hard in the routine. 15.158, third place. It's


one heck of a final. Everything is in the 15s. Zonderland's brother


there, look at the likeness. There is his dad. They follow him


everywhere, and so they should. Epke, he is upping the difficulty


for this final by 0.6. 7.1 to qualify, 7.7 here.


And he survived it, just about. He's just got to keep his focus, because


when you are this difficult, you've got some spare. Come on, Epke. Stick


this, my son, and you are in business. Thank you very much, he


says. That was superb. This arena has gone crazy. I'm finding it tough


to stay in my seat. Congratulations from this arena. Delighted. What a


performance under pressure. It wasn't the cleanest, but it was the


most difficult. Celebrate, you orange people. When you pack in the


difficulty like that, you don't have to be on the bar is so very long,


because you are packing everything one after the other. That is an


added bonus, really. The longer your routine is, the more likely you are


to have reductions. -- deductions. He split it, and then produced


this. Very, very difficult. I really thought he was going to lose it.


Well, he fought very hard. He is a fantastic competitor, and not likely


to get up when there is any chance of keeping going. So there were


deductions, we saw the legs apart a little bit, but huge difficulty,


lovely dismount comedy opens the little bit, but huge difficulty,


arms out, comes to the floor, really well done.


You are hoping, Mitch, for a difficulty score of 7? 7. 7. Wow!


The most we've seen yet is 6. 9, so that's some - That's his long-term


girlfriend. Is he going to get it? 7. 7 he got. 16.000 the score. He's


laid down the gauntlet. He was going to take a bit of beating. Epke, I am


proud of you and so is the whole of the Netherlands. Brilliant. Look at


his girlfriend. And dad to the right of the picture. He's on his feet.


Epke Zonderland out there in front of the picture. He's on his feet.


ahead of Kohei Uchimura, and Samuel M hirks kulak in d out there in


front ahead of Kohei Uchimura, and M hirks kulak in d out there in


Samuel M hirks kulak in third position -- Mikulak in third


position. Going through the routine in his


mind before he starts. A good double twist, and the double


straight somersault but not quite the fireworks. Not the fireworks but


he's had a fabulous fabulous world championships. He is showing that


the Japanese have an eye not only to Rio but to Tokyo 2020. This little


guy will still be there. And the rumour is that Uchimura will too.


Lovely swipinging. Good technique. Is that Uchimura will too. Lovely


swipinging. Good technique. -- lovely swinging with. A fine


gymnast, number two in the world with plenty more to come, I'm sure.


A good view of the dowell in the hand guard, how it goes right over


the bar. Double, double. Tiny little


adjustment forward but the smile will come, because what a world


championships he's had. Wolfgang, the father of Fabian.


This young man's father is part of the national coaching team in Japan.


Very much a family thing. He has a very famous name. If you go back


into the annals of Japanese gymnastic history and that name's


been prominent. A bright future that young man has.


15.025. Fifth place. What a final. Epke is still there.


The current leader. The pride of the Netherlands.


Dot to make these changes within the tolerance. That was late. A straight


Jager from it. He really is walking along the bar with his hands. That's


going to cost him. And bawngd control there. It looks as if it is


out of control but it is part of it. Double, double but that was a


crunched landing. The pressure is on here. Not really the precision that


we saw on the parallel bars. Not quite so clean, not quite so tidy.


Two very big routines to come. There was an error here.


If the gymnasts are really good on the bar, they use the bounce to


catapult themselves up and over. Just a little wobble there. You can


see the bar bend down and up. They let go at the up stage so that it


lifts them and catapults them into the air for the dismount. He knows


for sure. Sure. He will need something of a miracle to get into


top three scores. What's he done? 14. 9. The judging has been spot on


here. Sixth place for him. Difficult but the execution was down. Epke's


head is down a little bit. He's thinking, because ambition is a dear


friend of his and the only man I think of the two finalists left that


friend of his and the only man I could knock Epke off his perch. This


is Fabian Hambuechen. He hopped to the side. Fabian is


shouting to the sky but it's going to be very close. I don't think he


did it, but Chris, I'm a bit biassed. It was full of excitement.


Fabulous how he releases that one sequence in the middle where he


finishes with the straight front somersault with full turn. Very


impressive inteed, but I think he missed one or two connections. And


that will probably be the difference in the start value. Here's the


somersault over the bar with a full twist. They make these look so easy.


You see the bar. Legs are beautifully tight. Like you said, he


took an extra swing there. He didn't catch and go straight into another


somersault, which is where the difficulty really builds. That was


impressive. Always strong on his landings. Just


a hop. He's right back on form at this championships. Third place


all-around. Great to see him working so well. He and Epke are great


friends. It's a genuine friendship. They've been together many years in


friends. It's a genuine friendship. many competitions. Just made a film


together. About their relationship. It is a very mutual admiration


society. CHEERING He's in second with 15.933.


That's evidence of their friendship. These two are inseperable. That's a


lovely moment. Epke ahead of Fabian. There is still one performance to


go. That is a lovely moment for two dear friends. Sharing their triumph.


This man can swing but he came to grief here the other night. He. I'm


hoping we have no replay of that. Very difficult for him in this at


fear. Seeing such wonderful high bar work, and he himself is a wonderful


high bar worker or he wouldn't be in this time.


It is all in here isn't it. He copse traits on the dismount.


Double, double. That was fantastic. Well done to come whack from a


clatter on the bar in the all-around competition. He is still limping a


bit now. That was lovely. A lovely way to finish the competition. What


a competition it has been. Absolutely sensational high bar


competition here. He really does work with great aplomb. Courageous.


The full twist in the Tkachev. Look at that. It is such a difficult


skill. First done in the late '80s. That man you have, by the time he


got the second hand on, that was 3. 5. Very expensive. You've got to


make your changes before you hit horizontal. Having said that, to


produce this dismount after clattering his feet across the bar a


couple of nights ago. Well done, young man. The coach is relieved. I


love this apparatus, he said. CHEERING 5.466. Confirmation that


Epke Zonderland has won this competition. Ham bouchen is in


second and Uchimura is in third. Mitch, huge congratulations. We all


know your involvement in the Dutch coaching team, but if you take your


commentator's hat off and put your coach's jacket on for a second, how


are you feeling? Magnificent. He is so worth this. He's been Olympic


champion, World Cup champion but he dearly wanted this. I'm so delighted


for him, his coach, sport in the Netherlands. We've worked hard. He's


a member of the team. Brilliant stuff from him. I don't think


anybody would object to that order. What a final it was. I'm joined by


Matt and Kristian Thomas. Max, we'll start but on pommel horse. This was


you yesterday. How are you feeling? It's been amazing. This is my first


world chps. It's been unbelievable. Coming here and going home with a


medal is amazing. This is your routine. There were a few moments


you got us on intelligence of our seempcts I was goes for the big one,


so seven points for difficulty. It was trying to get good experience on


this routine to hopefully help me in future to perfect pit. For me little


mistakes like that is OK. That bagged you a sill vephrmt Kristian


Thomas, bronze today,


Live coverage of the final day's action from the World Gymnastics Championships in Belgium, presented by Matt Baker.

Coverage includes five apparatus finals as the British team look to build on their breakthrough London 2012 performance which saw them win four medals. Two of those medallists, the recently-retired Beth Tweddle and Louis Smith, provide expert analysis, while commentary from Antwerp comes from Mitch Fenner and Christine Still. Competing today is Aliya Mustafina, who beat Tweddle to uneven bars gold - one of four London 2012 medals for the Russian - and will go in search of more global titles in Belgium.