Women's All-around Final Gymnastics: World Championships

Women's All-around Final

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Hello and welcome to the third day of finals from the world gymnastics


Championships here in Glasgow. Last night the men took to this arena for


the battle of world team champions. What a competition we witnessed.


Japan took gold for the first time in 37 years. Great Britain just four


tenths behind them, winning an historic silver medal, beating the


Chinese. Here's a reminder of the British team's sterling effort, blow


by blow. We say pretty much go for it. Not even thinking about the


medals. It was such an intense competition. The interest on the


more horse, it was my moment to do my job. -- on the more horse. We


were relentless as a team. It was a case of putting our arms up. We


delivered. It's just incredible. Under a lot of pressure, first world


championship. I think I was more nervous watching Macs than I was


doing my own job. I remember standing in the corner, put my arms


out. I thought, this is crazy. -- watching Max. There was constant


noise, a roar, which I enjoyed. Great Britain are the


silver-medallists. We can sit back and be proud of what we've achieved.


To have the competition we did, literally perfect. A group of very


good friends, it means a lot. It was a special moment, I'm so proud to be


part of it. What an upset it was for the Chinese team that has dominated


this final for the last ten years. The upset wasn't just because they


were beaten by five times runner-up Japan, but to be beaten by Great


Britain. It really puts things into perspective when you see it like


this. Joining me to reflect on last night's action I'm joined by three


times world champion at treble and current British gymnast and


silver-medallist Dan Keating is. Let's start with you, how surprised


where you and the rest of the British team that you got that medal


last night? -- Keatings. We were surprised to get silver, but we were


working towards bronze. Getting bronze at the Olympics in stills


believe in the British team. The next thing was to replicate it at


World Championships, our training and build-up has been going towards


fighting for the bronze medal, we didn't expect to get that silver.


Over the years you've been chasing countries like Russia and the USA,


now here we are battling alongside China and Japan. What does it mean


going ahead to the Olympic Games next year? It gives us a massive


confidence boost, over the last ten years we've been working to try and


catch the likes of Russia and USA. Now we've finally got there we


thought it might be another ten years before we start to catch China


and Japan, but the showing be put in yesterday, we beat China and weren't


that far behind Japan. In the index next year anything can happen. What


the men and women have achieved here over the last few days has got


everybody talking. If they have inspired you, all you have to do is


head to the BBC website, you can get loads of information, not just


gymnastics, all sorts of sport you can get involved in. Maybe there is


little trip down memory lane may help to get you inspired. -- maybe


this little trip. You are looking at one of the


greatest gymnasts ever. And that must have earned good


points. That's the sort of applause that she deserves.


She's got ten. And it looked that good. Ten she's got, it is quite


incredible. The title is hers. Svetlana, one of


the great Russian gymnasts. Phenomenal performance, she's this


World Championships. Beth, can you believe how much the sport has moved


on in a relatively short space of time? When you see those pictures.


It's really short, I was talking with Daniel yesterday, even the


first tuck back you think how young our sport is, even when the first


track back was done on the beam, they wanted to ban it, they thought


it was too dangerous for female gymnasts to do. Some of the thing


these female gymnasts are doing, even since I've retired, the floor


work especially has dramatically increased. Is it to do with the


equipment? The equipment helps, but the techniques, the support behind


the scenes, the expertise of the coaches coaching


these gymnasts. expertise of the coaches coaching


together is producing what we're expertise of the coaches coaching


gymnastics today. Even with foam pits, training aids, the


gymnastics today. Even with foam are taught, even though it looks


incredibly dangerous, the way these moves are taught, it reduces the


risk, moves are taught, it reduces the


have falls. When it's done under moves are taught, it reduces the


injury, you are likely to go for these big skills. Let's talk about


the women's all-around competition. And how it works. It's all about the


all-round gymnast. Four pieces of apparatus and the Scott Mills. Each


gymnast will have to do each of the four apparatus and the scores add


up, if they have a mistake on one piece, they can bring themselves


back into the competition if they fight for every point. In


back into the competition if they competition, Simone Biles is going


to lead the whole way round but the pressure is on her. It's hers to


lose. As we saw in B Team final, gold is taken, then it's a battle


for silver and bronze. -- as we saw in the team final. Time moves on,


people grow up, after 39 years, David McDaid has caught up with the


Queen of the perfect ten we saw in that last film. Nadia,


I was born in a pretty small town, I studied gymnastics when I was six


and a half. I started to do it because I had a lot of energy and my


mum found out about this place where I can do things that I couldn't do


at home, which is breaking the furniture, other things that


probably a lot of kids do today. We all thought it's going to be


temporarily. all thought it's going to be


that. Have you seen anyone more confident on a 4 inch beam? I was


asked by journalists, what do you think you are going to do? I said,


asked by journalists, what do you would like to win a medal in the


Olympics, if it's possible, gold. My expectations were not that good. Ten


she's got, it's quite incredible. I think that's the tent that changed


my life and the history of the sport. -- ten. Nobody expected


my life and the history of the They were not well prepared for that


school. She's got it again! Britton not prepared for the score.


Everybody is interested to see the Americans now, there is one


spectacular gymnast, Simone Biles, who can do amazing gymnastics. I


think gymnastics is... It has changed a lot and it is exciting to


watch it. I'm happy to see a lot of other countries that we didn't think


about at the time I was competing, they are striving to be a part of


the common you know, the best in the world. I think this is great for the


sport. We heard Nadia talking about Simone


Biles, as far as qualification is concerned, she is streets ahead of


the rest of the world. Let's talk about that placing for second and


third. And where we think it'll come from. You hope, don't you, for the


European all-round champion today. It's a perfect opportunity for


Steingruber to step up to the mark. She has looked so solid. She's


really improved with her gymnastics. She always had the skills, maybe the


consistency wasn't quite there. At this year's European Championships


she took the all-around title. She was unbelievable. I really hope she


can follow it through at these championships. She'll have a lot of


competition, the Chinese had a tough time in qualification. But she's


coming through. The current Olympic champion, who has taken a couple of


years out, but has taken the world by storm. This is her first


competition outside America since London 2012.


It's different from competing in your home country, not as much


pressure to be on the world scene. It's a talking point of the


competition to have the current Olympic champion and double world


champion going head-to-head. The gymnast that got silver in the last


World Championship had a shocking qualification, she only had one


score above the 13s, Iordache. She didn't have a great qualification,


didn't look happy, she started on the floor, downgraded her routine


because she was struggling with the first tumble. Interesting to see


whether she put it back into night. Vault was fine, but she fell on the


bar and beam. Romania have had a bad championship. The Chinese gymnast


faltered in altercation, but if she hits... She can be up in the medals.


Look at the team performance couple of days ago, she put in some amazing


scores. Chunsong Shang. Who would you put your money on? Can I say


what I'd like it to be? Definitely Simone Biles, then I want it to be


Steingruber. Then it'll be the Chinese or Gabby. Are you going to


say? I'm going to say China. America one and two, China in third


position. Let's catch up with the condition, it's been going on for a


little while, we'll give you an idea which gymnasts are starting where.


In the first rotation, you we go, the USA and Russia. They are


starting on Vault. We'll bring them to you now. On Uneven Bars, Japan


and Germany. And on the beam... Iordache on the beam. Jurca on the


floor. Top group there, the second group on Uneven Bars, then you've


got beam and the fourth group working on the floor. Mitch Fenner


and Christine still in the commentary box.


COMMENTATOR: The Olympic champion, Gabrielle Douglas, fixed the flaw in


this women's all-around final. Four pieces of apparatus, this is the


first. Starts pieces of apparatus, this is the


relatively straightforward Vault. Beautifully performed. Flips on,


lovely straight arms, wraps those two twists in. A good landing. The


score for Gabrielle Douglas is 15.3, exactly the same as she got in


qualifying. Ruby Harrold of Britain starts her bed in this women's


all-round, starting on the bars. Ruby Harrold.


Started for the team on this apparatus. Two nights ago. Very


nicely performed. This is very original, the half turned, feet


through. Into the handstand. Straight into the full pirouette.


Super handstand shapes, she lifts high, up to the high bar. Half a


turn. You comes the release... Front somersault, caught on beautifully


straight arms. She hops up, double turn, nicely performed. A great


opener from Ruby. Ruby Harrold is looking good. In her opening bid.


Looking good with her opening bid. Giulia Steingruber to the vault.


Beautifully done. She kicks it out beautifully. So clean and easy.


There is the front somersault, 1.5 twists. Looks so easy. She kept the


body virtually straight all the way through. A very difficult vault.


Slightly to one side. Great attack. Great propulsion from the top. 1.5


twists. Easy as you like. Hi and clean. Her best apparatus. You won't


be surprised to know that. Score for Ruby Harrold. 14.533. The score for


Giulia Steingruber, a very healthy looking 15.6. Simone Biles. Opens


her bid to defend her World Championship. You can't do it much


better than that. Just a pace forwards but it was so high and


long. She attacks this and just flies into the air. Absolutely down


the centre. You have to try and stay on that red line. Could vault.


Really beautifully central. 6.3 tariff. The score for Simone Biles,


an incredible 15.833. Seda Tutkhalian from Russia. A little bit


unsettled on landing. Round off, click onto the horse, double twist.


Not a great deal of height. She had to scuttle a little bit. The score


for Seda Tutkhalian, 14.866. Shang Chunsong Shang on what traditionally


has been a great piece of apparatus for the Chinese. Certainly, in the


team final, they nailed this piece. Watch this first.


team final, they nailed this piece. pike Tkatchev. Into the Gienger.


Really packing the difficulty in. pike Tkatchev. Into the Gienger.


The Chinese very good at these swinging pirouettes. Into the big


front somersault. A bit of a stumble on the turn but recovered well. A


super high double-twisting back somersault dismount. Kelly --


Elsabeth Black from Canada. A little skip from the start. Translates


beautifully. Very clean, very efficient. There is the somersault


and there is that full twist. Right, bang down the middle. Elsabeth Black


scored 15.0334 that fault. Chunsong Shang scored 15.1 bars. Second


all-around last year in the World Championship. Didn't have a happy


qualification. We'll be very keen to do best here. That's very good


indeed. Full twisting Tuck back to start with. Super. Straight back as


well. She has wonderful rhythm on the beam. Very clean in the double


spin. Iordache had a year of injury. Just back to competition fitness.


Two very nice leaps. The judges have a lot of marks to give. For


shortness of performance and good rhythm. This has much better rhythm


than a lot of the routines we have seen. Constant movement. Cider


somersault. So, just the dismount to go. The round-off. The backflip,


triple twist. My favourite dismount of all. Wonderful to see her back


confidently performing. Very confident indeed. Super work. That's


a skill that she needs to nail to give a good performance. Once that's


happened, she is quite confident. Her score, 14.766. For Great


Britain, Amy Tinkler. Very nice handstand start. Full pirouette.


That was excellent. She went straight into the very difficult


move. She made it very cleanly indeed. Good half term, a difficult


release coming. She just went a little bit wild stop the half turn


and struggle back. She almost got the hands over but if you don't get


them right over, you can't hang on. That was a shame. Up to the


handstand, really got is to go. A beautiful double-twisting back. What


a shame. There the Marco -- she just let it go in the end. But she got it


back together at the end. A beautiful double-twisting back.


Leading after the first piece of apparatus, Simone Biles going for


her third consecutive all-around title. Giulia Steingruber in second.


Gabrielle Douglas in third with Chunsong Shang in fourth. You can


see quite a few gymnasts from the same country. Two from each are


allowed in the top 24. If there was three it goes down to the next in


the 24. We had three, LE unfortunately missed out because the


other girls were echoed of her. To confirm, Amy Tinkler is in 21st.


Back to the commentary box and we are now live. COMMENTATOR: A


beautiful display. A superhigh Gienger. Just a touch a late on the


pirouette. A big split of the legs to learn. Not the classiest routine


but quite efficient. Certainly attacks the apparatus. Famed for her


vaulting but she is a good all-rounder. The European all-around


champion this year. The score for Lisa Verschueren from Belgian. Asuka


Teramoto on the vault for Japan. Oh yes. Handspring, straight front with


1.5 twists. Really nicely performed vault. She was sharp, wasn't she?


The approach run from this. Sharp off the top of a horse. Nice and


punchy in the twist. She is one of the more experienced gymnasts out


there. In this cauldron it is seeming that the experience is


counting for a lot. It is packed to the rafters, can't see a spare seat.


The atmosphere is tremendous. They can see the difficulty of the vault.


Standing by his Giulia Steingruber. That's a good score for her bars.


You can see the relief on her face. STUDIO: All eyes now on this young


lady, Simone Biles from the USA. This, believe it or not, her least


favourite piece of apparatus. The only apparatus she didn't finish top


on. But that was very efficient. A very good full pirouette into a huge


Tkachev. She hasn't got such a high start score but that was nice. Full


Tkachev followed by a high salt over. Straight into the full


twisting double back. She didn't give much away there. She may not


have enjoyed it but we did. Absolutely. Such power in her. The


landing spot on. Good handstand shape. If this is her least


favourite, goodness help the rest of the field. Look at this dismount.


One did beautifully. Speaking of the dismount, 13.366. If you would like


to join us for more chat, we can do later on the red button. Amy Tinkler


with her second piece. Amy with a little bit to do. After a mistake on


the bars. That was cleanly through. A very difficult lead. Now, an


interesting combination. That was a shame. She is Israeli a little


unsettled. So secure in the team competitions. -- she is really a


little unsettled. The team now a bit weary. That was good, the change


leading into the sea zone. She has settled herself down very


nicely indeed. She performs that very well indeed, confident Tuck


back. Hits her read them again now. Three cartwheels. She had to fight


there, but fight she did. All of the gymnasts have do have


sideways elements of dance, there we saw it from Amy. She has a very


impressive dismount. Let's hope she concentrates and makes this.


Superhigh triple twists. What a lot of class. With her dismount she's


been fantastic, even the bars, when she got up there. That was the gain


She's already 1.2 ahead of Giulia surprised. Simone Biles, 14.9.


Very good, efficient. She's Steingruber. Seda Tutkhalian.


Very good, efficient. She's right that time. The full


Very good, efficient. She's the catch. Keeping with. Keeping


control. Double front to land, very clean, tiny adjustment. She was


sixth going into this piece, so keep an eye on her. She didn't Vault


fantastically well. All of the younger gymnasts,


fantastically well. All of the mind, did it for the team. She


fantastically well. All of the a 1 of thing earlier, she said


whatever happens, I'm a 1 of thing earlier, she said


of all the gymnast a 1 of thing earlier, she said


have that mentality going into this competition. They are probably quite


They love the team to drained by now. This is one


They love the team to they, these gymnasts? This has


Just one twist. Very clean and really been about qualifying


Just one twist. Very clean and efficient. Seventh in the all-round


at the Commonwealth Games efficient. Seventh in the all-round


same. The tariff of the vault is one of the big things that separates the


gymnasts out. 14.233. It's a good score.


Lieke Wevers from She didn't compete for two years


after a really bad injury on her leg, she tore her ACL. She qualified


in fifth, a good all-round gymnast. Nice start.


Clean in the handstand. Here comes the transfer. This is good work,


it's flowing well. Got to make those handstands. Inverted swings nicely


done. Into the double front, just a little bit overcooked. Well done,


Lieke. She's done every thing she can just pay in the top five. What


an accolade to be in the top five in this company. She's very modest.


Working well. Yang for China. The Chinese champion.


When they have socks on you know there will be a lot of spins in the


routine. A big tumble to start, though. Super, really good landing.


Very dramatic interpretation. 1.5 twists, walking out into the treble.


So cleverly performed and choreographed.


Ooh! Two and a half punch fronts, she didn't take off at all, she was


leaning back as she met the floor. Strong leaps. The gymnasts are not


allowed to stand on two feet in the corner, they have to go straight


into the tumble. She's done that. Double pike, clearly landed. What a


shame she mistimed that middle tumble. A shame about the sits down,


really close, wasn't it? She was 11th going into this rotation, you


get a feeling they are trying to chase too much, not settled, when


you force it sometimes it doesn't happen in this sport.


-- LE black. This will be a key piece for


she qualified fourth, but had a mess. 13.733 she got on this piece.


She will know this is a very important rotation for her. Lovely


handstand position. Again. Nice Yeager.


Lost form a little bit. Back online now.


Nicely under control now. A lovely landing. What an improvement. Now


she is half way round. She is, she had two of her big pieces. Last year


at the Commonwealth Games she really didn't look fit and confident, but


since then, this year, she's won the Pan Am games and really looks a


different gymnast. Jurca for remaining up on Vault. They will


want to show their bitter gymnasts, they didn't have a good


qualification. That shows that she is. One of the youngest Romanian


gymnasts, she got silver at the Junior Europeans on this piece of


apparatus last year. Good, strong vaulting. They lost one of their


team members to an injury in the final training before the team


competition. They really were thrown.


Into force at the moment. -- fourth-place.


Wang Yan 13.5 for the floor routine, a lot lower than she would have


wanted. Black was in fifth. Just waiting for her school, a chance to


see some more of her routine in slow motion. -- waiting for her score.


Unusually, she uses one, then the other, to set this turn from the low


to the high bar. It's named after the first gymnast to perform it.


That's lovely hop into the front somersault. She packs the difficulty


in. Sometimes just a little bit loose around the legs, where she


will lose marks. The actual difficulty is very nice indeed. One


of the more unusual dismounts. The judges are taking their time with


this score. They are the machines had time to pack her hand guards


away. A great improvement on qualification, she stays fifth for


now. 15.433 needed from Douglas to match


Simone Biles's score at this stage. She's grown into a very elegant,


mature gymnast, lovely full pure wet. Down to that low bar. They have


to hit handstands. I love this combination, the half turn, her


hands in reverse grip. It has been clean. Half turn on the top bar,


winds into a super double straight Gienger, very elegant. Caen we said


maybe she's not competition fit, but she's driving here. She hadn't


competed outside the USA until 2012, the team competition. This is her


third competition in this arena. She's probably feeling a lot more


confident than she did on day one. She has grown with each performance.


She's not tall, but she's one of the longer gymnast now. The double


straight looks beautiful house like that. She is in the bar final,


qualifying with the sixth highest score in qualification.


Over to the beam. Murakami of Japan. 19 years old. She qualified in the


top ten. An unusual mound, gets her low on


the beam to start the routine, fulfils that requirement from the


judges. -- unusual mount. Two hits and a lovely high straight-backed


somersault, very businesslike. I was impressed with that, the


change leg immediately into the tuck back. Free cartwheel. Very


difficult, the double spin, she negotiates it well. That they might


not credit, the feet were only really at the bottom of the head.


But I like her rhythm. Elegant arms and movement. She has kept the


routine going well. Determined, focused. Double pike dismount, that


showed maturity, that was a classy performance. She is delighted with


it, so she should become a sharp and confident. -- so she should be,


sharp and confident. A great feeling in the Japanese team at the moment.


Gaby Douglas goes into second place. Ahead of Steingruber.


She was in fourth for China, Chunsong Shang. A very slight, but


very able gymnast. She held Chunsong Shang. A very slight, but


well. She fell here in qualification, this was the


well. She fell here in piece for her. Clare


well. She fell here in half turn. The Chinese have always


well. She fell here in been beautiful on beam, but erratic.


well. She fell here in It's the leaks that sets them apart,


isn't it? It is. -- leaps. It's the leaks that sets them apart,


was good. You have to show a variety of skills. Forward, backwards,


sideways. I liked the front somersault, they are very dynamic,


even though they are tiny, these gymnasts, they are very powerful.


And she performed that really well. The double spin is one of the most


difficult elements and gets a lot of marks. It's worth risking. Nice,


strong free walk over into the jump. She's going for her connections. And


the free cartwheel. So, this will be a serious challenge, if she can land


the dismount as well. Up, triple twist, she does! A serious


challenge, Matt. Absolutely. She spun like a top on that little


twist. She must have felt shaky going into this knowing that if she


could nail this, carry on around the rest of the rotations,


could nail this, carry on around the a chance of a medal. Absolutely, you


can see she was quite off. 14.7 put her in third. Simone Biles


leads. Well, Larissa Iordache is introduced to the crowd. She didn't


have a very happy time in qualification but her competition so


far has gone well. Super. Was that fought out? Beautiful landing.


Presents the routine, always, so beautifully. Look at those spins.


Very elegant presentation. More power. Makes the triple look so


easy. Great controller. No delay into this tumble. Double pike again.


A beautiful landing. The side semi-to wrap it all up. That was


lovely. She has a lot to prove here. In this third group, way down the


field. Not used to rotating with gymnasts she is competing with.


Romania have had a torrid time here. They have not qualified for the


Olympic Games. They have to go to the test event. She will feel that


they need this performance. She didn't do that in the qualification


competition. She is obviously going for broke now. She really is a class


performer. Second all-around last year. Ruby Harrold and beam for


Great Britain. She had the responsibility of starting the


competition for Great Britain in qualification. It was her solid


performance that set them on the road. Couple of tiny little wobbles


there. But it is going well. Punches a good strong front somersault. The


gymnasts is performing these routines so many times during the


day. That turn was good. Just a wobble. Backflip layout somersault.


She just didn't have enough power in that backflip to lift her into the


layout somersault. Disappointed with herself. Clean on the free


cartwheel. Held it well. Big dismount for Ruby. A bit heavy on


the landing. A shame. She just rushed into the dismount. It is the


same with Amy Tinkler. They have given their all and they are tired.


In the team competition they both worked outstandingly on the beam. To


help the team qualify. They didn't either of them do beam in the team


final way you do only choose three gymnasts. You can see the


disappointment in Ruby's face there. Two more pieces to go for the


British girls. 12.4334 Ruby Harrold. A chance to see Iordache on Friday.


She seems to be enjoying it there. She most certainly does. It is the


end of the routine so no wonder. She is up into fifth. I think we can


have a word with Beth Tweddle to get her reflections on the first


rotation. That top group, nobody is giving anything away. They are all


fighting. Those last little tents can mean the difference between a


middle -- a medal or not. Would you expect Simone Biles to be further


ahead? Not really. Beam is her worst piece. She has a mark ahead of every


other gymnast. She will pick up the difficulty and go-ahead of the


ranks. It is great to see the competition is so close. We talked


about Iordache in the studio. Along with Steingruber and Sung Chung.


It's all to fight for. I am pleased to see that Iordache has come out


fighting. She has upped the grade and put in the double double. She


looks really relaxed and businesslike tonight. I reckon the


Romain Iams will have been given to prove their point tonight. That is


why she has come out fighting. The beam is a great piece to start on.


We have seen her be successful on that piece and it got her off to a


great start for this competition. We know she can do a solid double


twist. It is just turn it is, bars, last. The four pieces of the


all-around, suddenly, we are here at the halfway stage with just two


pieces left. What happens with a gymnast psychologically at this


point, almost on the final straight. You have to forget how many pieces


you have done and take each piece at a time. You make mistakes if you


start to relax. The athletes are not thinking about the end of the


competition. We are talking about Shang. Is this a good piece to have


as the puddle ultimate peace for her? Some of it and some hated.


Literally, it is up to the individual. Thank you, Beth. We will


get back to you in the next rotation. Amy Tinkler for her third


piece. Plenty of chalk. It helps with the grip. Just to give you an


piece. Plenty of chalk. It helps idea, that top group is now on


clean. idea, that top group is now on


floor. The third group is on the vaults and the fourth group are on


uneven bars. How vaults and the fourth group are on


alight. This is a very big tumble. New this season. Real confidence.


Not content with one huge tumble. A double second. Really sure and


really strong. Gymnasts have double second. Really sure and


difficult tumbles. She does a 1.5, walks out


difficult tumbles. She does a 1.5, bag. Changing there. This is her


fifth. Needs to land perfectly and it does. Beautiful double pike she


didn't look tired then. Well done, Amy, indeed. She is a fabulous


gymnast on for stop Great Britain have an abundance


gymnast on for stop Great Britain are really confident on all stop


gravity and science on this piece of apparatus. -- she seems to defy


gravity and science. Incredible posture. Semi-half term. So much at


home. Quick layout into another layout. Absolutely rock solid. She


almost lost it but how quick was that reaction? Could be very


significant. She will regain her composure. Certainly thinking hard


now. She must focus. She looks a tiny bit unsettled. Not as confident


in that connection as you would have thought. Flick, flip, pulling in


back out. How important will that be? She is showing signs of jitters.


That incredible three in a row is preying on her mind. But how good


was that recovery? The layout was a bit low and I think she was a bit


casual going into that front somersault. You want good rhythm but


you need to harness and focus. She looked like she didn't focus enough.


But look at this dismount. It is something else. How would they


counter that with the adjustment? A four? I think they would. Simone


Biles is looking a little more concerned than usual. Amy Tinkler,


13.966. It has made a competition of it, anyway. Seda Tutkhalian, the


Russian gymnast. The youth Olympic champion. Good, confident, held the


landing well. Then two very nice jumps.


The leap with the half turn. Ooh! She didn't really take the round off


over the top Rob Vickerman that's such a difficult skill, straight


back with full twist, my goodness me, the beam is proving tricky for


these gymnasts tonight, quite a poor jump.


Moves smoothly and smartly with the dance. She held the landing well,


but she didn't really hit the splits position. So, the big dismount. The


big round off double pike. That was good, she fell in the team final on


the dismount which is why she took such a long pause. The full twist


never looked on. She was sixth going up to the beam, but I think she'll


drop away now, no doubt about it. You could see that, it really wasn't


directly over the beam, we've lost the shock of the beam, you can see


she was quite a little way off. Started out off-line. Inevitable,


really. Chunsong Shang waiting for the floor


judges to give her the all clear. If you have any questions, anything you


would like to ask the team, get in touch.


Although she's a tiny gymnast, this young lady is quite experienced. 19


years old. We've seen her in competitions fail a bit, you always


learn from failing. She looks much more focused and prepared today. The


floor and the Vault to go. Open ultimate piece. She is currently


third. Very difficult. Watch carefully,


this next tumble. So, 1.5 twist, she walks out into three twists,


immediate punch front. Really impressive.


The spin. Very clean. The quad spin, four rotations.


2.5 punch front with a half turn. Lovely leap there. Now we have yet


to see her do a double somersault. In two double pike, double tuck, she


has to include one of those in the routine, every other tumble has been


twisting. A big double pike, she lands well, this will be a difficult


a high-level start value. Saving the spin for last, my word, she had


power, she had energy and she had some very impressive, impressive


landings. So quick, so light. Very clever, because the triple twist, if


you want, wasn't very cleanly round, but because she immediately hunch


froms, it was nearly impossible for the judges to sit. Will they give


her it? I think so. This was 3.5 to start, not many female gymnasts do


that. Varies the 1.5, watch, she's doing a triple, when she lands, the


feet are just a little bit to one side, but because she punch fronts


so confidently, you wouldn't be able to see that.


On the vault, Iordache. A good double twist with skip back, clean,


efficient, she's very determined. She was fifth going into this piece


of apparatus: The halfway stage. Just one vault. Such determination


you can almost feel it. She wraps that in. Skipped back, but very


quick to adopt that landing position, confident and sure of it.


15.066 for Iordache. position, confident and sure of it.


this performance, than her qualifying round. Just waiting for


Seda Tutkhalian's score on the beam. Looking after her feet there.


Carlotta Ferlito on the vault. 14.266. In qualification. She's good


on beam, can she be powerful on the vault? Good enough, 1.5 twists.


Didn't really get up off the platform.


You can see she's very quickly off this platform, a little bit more


air. She lost leg form. Efficient enough.


Johnson's an, 14.533. -- Chunsong Shang. Consistent scoring, she'll


need a good vault if she wants a medal. Teramoto of Japan on the


bars. Very nice full wet into the Gienger salto. Her second big


release, the front somersault, the Yeager. She wheeled her legs a


little bit on that salto full pirouette, but smoothly into the


handstand. It has been cleaned. Can we have the big dismount? We can,


very nicely, for twisting, double back. Japan impressed me a lot in


the team and petitions, very businesslike, they knew their work.


The shoots down. Immediately to shoot up. You can see the feet


directly above the head, she hit the handstand. And the dismount, double


tuck, full twist. These gymnasts are so technically efficient. 14.366 for


Asuka Teramoto. Laura Jurca at the bars. She was


seventh going into this. Circle, clear circle. A little bit short on


the handstand. Nicely through that pirouette, into the Gienger. The


pack safely negotiated. Here comes the transfer.


So, she's got a decent rhythm to the routine. Short on handstand on


occasion, but the routine. Short on handstand on


good, she's a perky little routine. Short on handstand on


12.44 that even routine for Seda confident.


12.44 that even routine for Seda Tutkhalian. They are really


hammering the mistakes today. It is proving to be the beam. -- it's


proving to be the leveller, the beam. Lieke Wevers, from the


Netherlands. Use gold at the European games earlier this year on


this piece. A very interesting beam routine, quite different from many


of the gymnast will stop starts with a nice, clean leap, change leg into


season. Free cartwheel, immediate free cartwheel, that's her acrobatic


series, she had to make sure she didn't pause. A very nice free


walkover immediately to the sheet jump. She is going for those


combinations. This is what she is renowned for, the beautiful spins.


But she put the foot down early there. Super, super double spin.


Write up on the terms. Smoothly into the flip. -- write-up on her toes.


She has been smooth, but missing that first spin will be costly.


Lovely, straight gain salto. Great competition she's having. A family


affair for them, her twin sister on the team. Varies Dan Vincent,


they've had a great week. And it goes on. There is the standing,


Simone Biles hands-on ahead of Chunsong Shang. And Iordache in


bronze medal position at the moment. Still if you gymnasts to go, we


haven't seen Douglas yet. Look at that run. She needs it.


Nicely done, double twist. Slightly deep on landing. All the way round,


good, square hips and shoulders. Power in the run. Round off. There


you go. Little bit pike through flight, made sure of the double


twist. 14.875. That is 60 forgot it. You


could see it posted on the scoreboard at the end of the vault


runway. Waiting for Lieke Wevers's score on the beam. It's 14.2. She's


in the beam final, one of the best beam scores we've seen today.


Ellie Black was joint seventh with Laura Jurca going into this piece of


apparatus. And in qualification Elsabeth Black performed brilliantly


on the beam, she's got a very difficult routine with a very high


start value, if she hits it all, varies the double spin... The D


element given the same value as the free walkover. Lovely bike front


somersault, very emphatic on the landing.


Here we go, backflip, straight back somersault. Corrected herself well.


Another big combination coming up here.


Backflip, full twist... Ooh! We've seen her perform that so well in the


past. It's such a tricky element, this, so little margin for error.


Somersault with full twist. The two leaps.


A tough front somersault now. You can see she's very well trained, she


rehearses these moves very frequently. She will want to make


sure she finishes well. 2.5 twists, just a little pace back, but that


will be costly. What an obstacle this piece of apparatus is proving


to be. We know from qualification it was tricky for Douglas and Giulia


Steingruber. The Young it's claimed its fair share of victims tonight


that's for sure. -- it claimed its fair share of victims. Douglas will


be the next gymnast under the beam. Let's watch Seitz first from Germany


on the Uneven Bars. Good rhythm in the start. A nice


Tkatchev. A straddled Jager. Clean so far. A little bit loose leg it.


-- leg. Full term. A tiny bit late. Very efficient twisting dismount.


One of her better apparatus. Yes, it's her piece, really. She mucked


up in qualification so she is not in the bar final but she really has a


good repertoire. Varied flight from below to the hive. Used by so many


of the gymnasts. Lovely, crisp pirouette. Proving why she had entry


into the Olympic bars final. How it all changes with one move. That's


right. Elsabeth Black. 13.3 for the beam. So, Gabby Douglas needs more


than 14.8 to take the lead. She was in second place. She did fall on


this piece in qualification. Nice big front somersault. Pike. Smooth


in the layout. The two elements linked. The backflip and the


somersault. The full twisting tuck back, very secure. That was the move


that she fell on. It was indeed. She went off the side in the early


competition. Managed to hold those moves securely. Many of these


gymnasts doing to different elements. Well held. The leg held


high. But I don't think that will be credited. You have to have the foot


up to the height of the head. Smooth, free walkover. Just missed


that link. Goodness. Even the Olympic champion is a bit edgy


tonight. Here comes the dismount. She has really performed critically


tonight. She will stay within reach of Simone Biles. Will she have her


name on a medal? It makes for a great competition. Olympic champion


versus world champion. You couldn't ask for better. There is the full


twisting tuck back from standing. ask for better. There is the full


You have to be so fast to perform that on the beam. That gives you a


good view of how little margin for error there is. And there is the


dismount. Just jams the feet in. the difficulty score changed.


Basically, I'm not sure what the difficulty score changed.


of apparatus were talking about but she's up to 13th. I think it


of apparatus were talking about but beam. I think it must have been.


That is the only thing you can protest. The difficulty score. We


will talk more about that after Ruby Harrold on the floor. Very dramatic


routine. Superhigh double Arabian. Really gives the dance everything.


That was a good double-twisting straight front. Quite a tricky


tumble. 1.5, punch into fourth. She held it quite well. Very nicely.


Hitting the splits. Just the big tumble to go. Needs to finish with a


double. Super. Double tuck. Well done, Ruby. The crowd here in


double. Super. Double tuck. Well Glasgow or for Ruby Harrold. -- they


roar. Double Arabian, half turn into double front. The big dismount.


Double tuck. You have to finish with at least eight double somersault --


at the ball -- you need to finish with at least


a double somersault if you want the high difficulty. Giulia Steingruber


challenging for a medal here. Good start. She is away safely. Now not


so safe. She parts company. Difficult, seconds after falling to


regain your composure. But they are so vastly experienced. Pike front.


In no problem there. Secure on the side semi. She really has regained


her composure. She has got a really good dismount. As quirky as


anything. She certainly regained confidence. A little wobble there,


as I speak. Al yes. Full twist. Not for the faint hearted. You have to


push your hips through and get the distance. There speaks a man who


tried it. The dismount is named after her in the code of points. The


layout somersault was a way of the line. Her feet were way across the


beam as she landed. She's going to drop away from the medals. Let's


just have a word with Beth Tweddle, if we can. Beth, you were very keen


for Steingruber to do well. It's a disappointment. She was last up and


there was a long delay as they worked out Tutkhalian's beam score.


Most of them are struggling with the beam to night. There is a real fight


for third and fourth. Hardly anything in it. We are going to have


Iordache's bars and junk song is Chunsong Shang's flow. She had the


tougher draw going last on the bars. How surprised were you with Simone


Biles on the beam. She loved unsettled at the beginning but she


saved it well. The rest of the routine was a little shaky. She is


not as far ahead as she would like to be but she is a fighter. I still


don't have any worries but it is gymnastics and anything can happen


on the night. Gabby Douglas looked pretty cool, considering her


competition experience. A few wobble is here and there is an beam. The


challenge tonight was just to stay on beam. She will be a bit nervous


having fallen off in qualification but just to stay on was a great


achievement and she will be going forward with a lot of confidence.


Thank you very much. We will let you sit down and let the gymnasts finish


their warm up. Very soon we will be on the last piece of apparatus. The


top group will be an floor, the second on Bolt, the third on uneven


bars and the fourth on beam. Gabby Jupp -- Gabby Douglas is currently


in silver medal place. Chunsong Shang is currently in bronze medal


position. Steingruber has dropped away. Larissa Iordache on bars will


be keen to literally hang on. She will. She didn't have a good time in


qualification but she can work bars. However, Steingruber has an


outstanding floor. She could pull it back up a little bit. What will be


going through the mind of Larissa Iordache. She got the silver medal


last year. Group way down the field. Computing on the opposite side of


the arena to those she would normally work with. It would be a


wonderful story. The demise of the remaining gymnasts at this


competition has been sad to see. For Iordache to come out and solve age


something would be fantastic. Iordache to come out and solve age


salvage something. A great piece for Steingruber to finish on. Warm up is


over. Seda Tutkhalian will be the last to go on this piece of


apparatus. The final chance for gymnasts to place their bid. A


16-year-old in her first year of senior competition. The all-round


women's final. You would think after rather a long warm up period that


the judges would be ready. Interestingly, over the last two


days, the previous competitions. It has been the same panel of judges.


Today it is different. Clean. Very efficient.


She qualified with 14.533. On we go with the gymnast on the floor, Seda


Tutkhalian. We've she competed at the youth Olympics


last year with this piece. Is a good on. Beautifully done.


The power through the flick. A good rebound tumble.


Nicely joined. Split series. 1.5 twist into half twist. A jump to


tidy it all up at the end. There you go. Nice, clean efficient


Floor Exercise. And vital There you go. Nice, clean efficient


for all these young gymnasts coming in. She was 15th going into that


piece but it is invaluable, isn't it, the year before the Olympics was


to mark absolutely, it's amazing. First second and third at the youth


Olympics, Ellie Downie didn't the final, she's fallen, as has the


Brazilian gymnast. They have shown they are young.


Seitz. On the beam. Jumps straight out today.


Seitz. On the beam. Jumps straight to a split position. Quite a


difficult mount and well rewarded on the marks.


Smooth backwards somersault, held it well, her chest was down a little


bit. Side somersault is difficult because the beam is cited as they


land. -- can't be seen when they land. With the free walkover they


can leave their head back quite a long time and see the beam behind


them. Nice spin. The problem with this routine is that it is one move


after the other. And that will be quite deducted, quite heavily


deducted, by the judges. Little bit short on the split in both leaps.


However, the very good thing about this routine is she stayed on. And


not wobbled about. She'll be delighted, just needs the dismount


. They are falling like flies on the Very pleasing. -- straight


. They are falling like flies on the beam. It's a feather in her cap. She


stayed on. Finishes with 13.566. Third at the moment. A lots of


gymnasts, including this lady, Chunsong Shang. Third medal place at


the moment. Yurchenko. She Chunsong Shang. Third medal place at


twist, just a tiny adjustment. You are going to ask me how many twists,


aren't you, Matt? Whatever she gets here, Iordache will need, they were


virtually the same score going into this. She wants to play absolutely


safe. And that is playing safe, just the full twist. Not the highest


tariff. And a big step forward. It won't be a massive score. It's


13.866. Maybe she's played it a little bit to save. I certainly


think that Iordache could score that if she worked her very best on the


bar. However, great competition. Did she do that vault in qualifying?


Yes, she did. Iordache needs more than 13.958 on the bars to go ahead


of her and into that bronze medal position. A total of 55.765 for


Seitz. The rant live a. -- Oliveira from


Brazil. She strides out confidently, Yurchenko, this time with two


twists. Nice. She strolls away from it as though it's nothing. Nice and


high and flighty, that. Nicely done indeed. She really did stride out in


that run-up. Double twist, clean and easy. Very nice. Landed dead centre


then skipped to the side a little. But good vaulting. The judges


agreed. She is seventh at the moment.


Carlotta Ferlito from Italy. 13.233 she qualified with.


Smooth start. A little bit of poorer body shape. Smoothly back up to the


high bar. Nice half term. Changes shape. You could see it was going to


come from that. Swing turn, little bit of an empty element immediate


full pirouette. Into the double front, half in double front. A good


routine, very solid, but not of the really difficult variety. Well,


Iordache will be on the bars next. That battle for third.


Elsabeth Black from Canada. Commonwealth bronze-medallist on


this piece of apparatus. Very powerful gymnast with some very


original tumbling. Builds lots of difficulty. Watch


this, round of Philip, two and a half twist, walks into a double


tuck. Two hugely difficult tumbles in one run.


She leaps well. Cleanly around that full-term. Forward tumbling this


time, very nice, double twist forward, immediate punch front.


Really difficult tumbles now. Full twist. In two double pike. Another


big tumbling series. Very original, very good. Huge tumbles. That first


tumble, we both applauded it. Superb. Double tuck at the end of


that series. Even the running front full twist walk-out in two double


pike, they are very unusual. I don't know any other gymnast in the world


who does those tumbles. Carlotta Ferlito finishes with


55.740. It's her all around competition over


with and soon it'll be the case for Iordache. She needs more than 13.958


to steal bronze. From the Chinese gymnast. Nice pirouette.


Immediately... And the half term. Clearly through the Jager


somersault. Down to the low bar. She going for broke. You can see odd


flickers off her feet apart. That was lovely, the shap half. Lifts up


here. Thought pirouette. That's good. Just the dismount, full


twisting, double back, what a very good performance from Iordache,


we're thrilled. She didn't hold back. She will get a medal, I'm sure


of it. You know, Chunsong Shang played safe, Iordache went all-out,


the right decision. She really showed her metal there. Thoroughly


deserves it. If she does manage bronze. A superb performance. Black,


14.425. On the floor routine. In the third at the moment. Three major


gymnasts to come, here's one of them. Gabby Douglas. All-round


Olympic champion. Looking for a medal here in the women's all-round


world final. Dramatic start. Confident. Her leg kept high and the


spin was accurate. Here we go. Double Arabian, into the leap.


Absolutely under control. More power to come through the flip.


Again, just to show she's in charge. Setting up the spin. Double pike,


super. She's thoroughly Tiny, tiny uncertainty in the


landing. But so far so powerful. So convincing in the choreography. Here


comes the final tumble. Double tuck, tiny adjustment. Boy oh boy, that


was impressive. A joy to watch, what an all-round competition she has


had. She really has, she has convinced more and more as the


competition has gone along. That was very clean work. Every landing


controlled, it was a really good example of working within yourself.


Still waiting for Iordache's scored to come in. A lot of deliberation


about it. She's trying to look calm. It's in now, it is 14.8, it's huge.


She's gone into the lead at the moment. But still we are waiting


Douglas's score. Simone Biles has yet to go. It looks as though


Iordache has got herself a medal. Absolutely thrilled. There won't be


a gymnastics fan around the world that isn't pleased.


Well, Douglas now needs more than 14.374 to go ahead of your order --


to go ahead of Iordache. I think she'll get that, I'll stick my neck


out here. It was great, wasn't it? Lovely routine.


It's not quite such huge tumbling as many of the gymnasts we've seen.


It's good, but we've seen really massive tumbling from some of them.


The whole performance is clean. Her landings are accurate, aren't they?


That was nice. She's a subtle gymnast, she can leap, hit the split


easily. All the things that make her a


complete gymnast, really. That was an error. Little stutter to the


side. Whips


well. I think it will be close, looking at that. It's a


well. I think it will be close, weight. The school is in. It is


14.583. She has gone ahead of Iordache. With one gymnast to go in


this all-around final. Quite tight. Steingruber. Slightly off the pace


in six. But you say she is a powerhouse on this piece. She


in six. But you say she is a powerhouse. She can leap


outstandingly. Double straight with full twist. She sells the routine.


Second big tumble on its way. Double. No problem. Full twisting


double back in the third. Really performs well. Sells the routine.


She lives it. Absolute cracker of a routine. What could have been if it


wasn't for the beam. A few gymnasts are sharing that sentiment. Put that


one down to experience. She needs over 16 to medal. She won't go over


16 but it is a good floor routine. She naturally performs well. There


you see the lovely technique. The full twisting doubled great. --


double straight. Very expressive. She uses her face and her eyes and


connect with the audience. Not many gymnasts can connect with an


audience like that. How wonderful to see Iordache back to smiling and


enjoying gymnastics. Proving to the world what she is capable of.


Absolutely. I'm sure she will lead the Romanian team into the test


event and they will qualify. It has been a big moment for them in their


sport. 14.5 for Steingruber. Outside the medals in fourth. Simone Biles


going for a third consecutive all-around title. It's never been


done before. She needs 14.183 to do it. I have never seen a female


gymnast who can tumble like she can. Look at this. Double straight with


full twist. This tumble I love. The double straight. But she leaps right


out of the floor area. Lovely spin. Knows she needs to harness the power


now. Double-twisting double back. Good tumble. And her own style. Her


own dynamic style. Full twisting double back. So easy. And I love


that finish. Full of verve and full of energy. But she knows there was a


bit of a mistake. She did score 15.966 in qualification. She has a


bit of leeway. She needs 14.183. There won't be any problem I don't


think with that. Well, you've just seen I think, history. You have to


say. She is a thoroughly charming champion. Always full of smiles. It


was the jump out of it that went wrong. She landed the tumbling side


of the floor. That is the important bit. It will be deducted. .1 for


stepping both feet out. Wannabe .3. -- probably .3. But she had a lot in


reserve. Fabulous tumbling. So much in reserve. That leap out of the


area, surely won't be enough to rob her of gold. That tumbling was just


enormous. Look at this. So high and confidence. I agree. I think


everybody loves that finish. Oh yes. Isn't that nice. Look at that. It


was interesting that she has felt the pressure a bit tonight. First,


she didn't land her leap from the beam quite properly. That is enough.


There you are looking at the three times running world champion.


Superb. Those two are great friends and team-mates. Sharing the glory.


Gabrielle Douglas takes the silver medal. What a super competition.


Fantastic competition. You can see how much it meant to Simone Biles.


She seems happy-go-lucky but she is obviously steely determined inside.


And what a joy to see Iordache take a bronze medal and restore faith in


remaining gymnastics. -- Romanian gymnastics. That is a hugely


possible medal. Let's not forget Larissa. That is a superb


achievement. Behind gold and silver for the United States, rue mania can


take some joy. Simone Biles, three times world champion. A phenomenal


achievement. This does emphasise the power of the American women, first


and second. Very determined. Hugs all round. Smiles all round. Larissa


Iordache deserves every ounce of that medal. But the moment is all


about this young lady here. Simone Biles. It has never been done. Three


consecutive all-around world titles. You could see she had the pressure


on her tonight. She held it. Little errors here and there but she is


still three times world champion. Getting back to Iordache, you could


see how much it meant to her. She flew out of the arena to see her


coach and she had tears in her eyes. She has had a hard week. Not knowing


what will happen ahead of Rio. A tough week but she will be very


pleased with that. Looking down the field, we can see 22nd and 23rd,


Ruby Harrold and Amy Tinkler. It is worth the experience coming out


here. Amy said it herself, whatever happens, I am in the top 24 in the


world. It was a tough night for them both. A couple of balls. But it is


so hard to win that medal and bring yourself back up. -- a couple of


balls. -- falls. But it is in achievement and they will learn a


lot from this competition going into Rio. We are now going to hand to


David McDaid. Let's have a chat with him. I am with the world all-around


champion and the world silver medallist. Simone, your third in a


row. How do you feel? I don't even have words to describe it. I just


keep my own mind. How did you keep going with the crowd. A couple of


keep my own mind. How did you keep mistakes. A step out on the floor.


How did you cope? It was strange for me. On the floor. On the


How did you cope? It was strange for the red, I don't know this. I never


go out of bounds usually. A first time for everything.


go out of bounds usually. A first had a break. Your first competition


since London 2012. I am just happy to be back on the floor on the world


stage and I am very pleased with my performance. Time to get back in the


stage and I am very pleased with my marks. And that is heading towards


Rio. For sure. I have all the time in the world ahead. She is the


Olympic champ. I am only the world in the world ahead. She is the


champ. We are going to have to go head to head! Thanks very much for


entertaining as all week. That is hilarious. I'm not used to going out


of bounds. Can you believe she said that in the world final. The red,


what is that? In training she normally lands on the floor area.


We're going to keep talking. We are almost fair but we will keep going


for the dismount on the red button. You will be able to see the event


tomorrow. It has certainly been a competition of ladies first. We hope


you can join us for the men's, addition. Fingers crossed that Dan


Purvis and Matt Whitlock get a good nights sleep. Until then, good




Continued World Gymnastics Championships coverage from Glasgow, introduced by Matt Baker. The women's all-around final is set to be fiercely contested as American Simone Biles bids to win a record-breaking third straight world title.

Analysis comes from Beth Tweddle, Mitch Fenner and Christine Still.

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