Men's All-around Final Gymnastics: World Championships

Men's All-around Final

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This is the man people have come to see. That is phenomenal. That was


unbelievable. A real mark of a man in control. He is the one they all


want to beat. That was incredible. Absolutely unbelievable! Fantastic


way to win a gold medal, everyone on their feet. For the fifth time,


world champion. The superstar gymnast the world will never forget.


Six in a row, my word, what a night it could be. Joining me to witness


this potential greatness is Great Britain's first and only world


champion, Beth Twaddle, and current British gymnast and world all-round


silver-medallist, Dan Keating 's, welcome. We have to start by talking


about Kohei Uchimura. The length of time this man has been at the top of


all-round gymnastics... That's impressive thing. He was amazing to


do a whole period in the last cycle where he won everything and now he's


going for another one, which is unbelievable, unheard of. To last in


the all-round for that long, I can't grasp how he's managed to do that


and stay at that level. That is the key for the competition this


evening, it's not specialising on one piece, it's being the all-round


gymnast. It's having the mental strength to do one piece, then there


is a break before the next one. It's how you control your nerves, steady


yourself, do you let yourself relax completely or comeback? Every


gymnast on that floor will do it in a different way. Somebody who knows


how to do it is you, Dan, in 2009, we can see from this table, you got


silver just behind Kohei Uchimura and since then, Richie Myler has


been at the top of his game. Max Whitlock as well. -- Uchimura. If


you can get a decent score across all six pieces of apparatus you are


in with a shout, if you can hit those routines over six pieces, you


will be up there. We'll be watching the top 24 gymnasts from a


qualification competition that happened at the start of the week.


We have two British gymnast Sear, Dan Purvis and Max Whitlock, who you


saw takings over last year. -- two British gymnasts here. If he can


score over 90 he'll be difficult to beat, including from Uchimura. David


McDaid caught up with Max Whitlock in the run-up to this World


Championships. At the beginning of the year, not


using an excuse, I had glandular fever. The first stage was the


toughest, I didn't know why I was struggling with my routines, it


didn't go to plan but I took the positives out of it, rested up and


it made me itching to get back in the gym. I feel good now, I feel all


right, the competitions I've done now I feel happy with my, my


personal best. In the London open. It gives me a lot of confidence.


Tell us about the personal best. My first competition back, wanted to do


a good job. I got 91.6 all-round. My target for this year is aiming


around the 91 mark. I've done some good routines. Hopefully I can prove


myself at this year's worlds as well. At the end of the day I'm


looking forward to the experience, going back to the same arena,


competing in Glasgow, it'll be amazing. It's some competition. The


all-round is so open, 10-15 gymnasts all up there, it's whoever does the


job on the day. Everyone is so close. Three races up for grabs. Who


will you have to better to get a medal? You've got that man,


Uchimura. Kohei Uchimura has been my idol for many years, he inspires and


motivates me. He is the best gymnast in the world, pretty much, he has


bagged his fifth world title in a row. This year he will go for his


sixth. He's brilliant, really. What a performance, Max Whitlock, silver


medal. You've got silver before, last year, can you be in and around


the podium? I hope so, I mean... I try to aim for that, try not to


think about it too much, all I think about is my job. Hopefully I've got


the potential to do it, if I get my target school, do clean routines,


hopefully results will come. SPEAKS FRENCH. Get my target score. It's


going to be a battle of who can keep their calm to night. Definitely, if


they can keep calm, stay on those six uses of apparatus, he will be in


with a shout of a medal. Let's look at some of the apparatus he did in


the team final. His best piece of apparatus is the pommel horse, he


will be nearly 16 Mark. This is his weakest event, he has managed to


update a little bit this year. Hopefully he can come out with a


decent score and keep the confidence going. This is the triple twist,


he's had this about a year now. The bars are one of his most consistent


pieces, he scores around 15, it'll set him up going into the high bar.


On the floor, as we've seen in the team final, his solid and has a huge


start. He will come out with a massive score, hopefully it'll


finish off the competition nicely. His qualification didn't go 100% to


plan, but he's ended up in a group where his order works really well.


He starts on pommel, the PC is renowned for, it could settle his


nerves. If he gets a great start you'll be feeling confident. He


could end on the floor, it's what they did in the team final, he knows


he can handle the pressure if he's got a score. He will have rings as


his second piece, so he still has plenty of strength. Looking back to


2009, have a look at you. This leads you on the floor, what do you


remember? This was in London. I remember being really nervous, this


was my first piece, I stepped out of bounds twice, but I got a huge score


on pommel horse, around 15.6, 15.7 and I made up for the qualification


mistake when I fell on my dismount. We have to talk about your


team-mate, Dan Purvis, as well, who has qualified for this all-round


competition in third. He won the bronze medal at the repeating


Championships. He is a rock of the British team and tonight he has a


real chance to make an individual mark at these World Championships.


David McDaid had a word with him. The World Championship is normally


pretty good, I've been outside the medal is a few times, but it's great


to go and get in the finals at the World Championships, feel confident


in my routines. He finished third in qualifying in the all-round, it must


give you great belief going into the final? It does, yeah, I've done


quite a lot of all-round events in my career, I've managed European


all-round medals, but never a world medal, it's always been an aim of


mine. Who knows if it's possible or not, but to qualify in third is


already a great achievement for myself and I want to hit my routines


as well as I can. We'll see what happens. I'd love to get in that


medal position. Max Whitlock is second in the world, incredible for


former. It would be amazing to go round with him. I want to enjoy


every minute. You are so reliable, it must be really difficult to


maintain consistency over six apparatus. It is, to be honest, I


have up and downs in training. A lot of times it doesn't go well. It's


the same with every athlete. Fortunately, I have been able to


pull it out. I'm not sure why that is. I'm so happy to be able to do


that. Dan has qualified. In that top eight of gymnast qualifying with the


third highest place, how will it affect his competition? Being with


the big guns, and Max Whitlock being in a different group? Dan has enough


experience not to worry about being in the same group as Max, he'll get


on with his job he's got his personal coach on the floor. Dan is


a gymnast to compete in his own world. To be honest I don't think it


would really affect him who he was going round with. Let's look at some


of the other contenders. Let's talk about the current European champion,


you even I have. -- Belly we'd seen him make small, characteristic


errors. We'll have to see how he starts tonight. Deng Shudi MIDI


Chinese gymnast, so close yesterday. He will try to go out there and pick


up a medal today to get them on the medal board for China. In the


all-round. He has massive start scores were one of the biggest in


the com petition. If he hits 646, he'll be up there. A gymnast from


Cuba who has created noise. It's his first major international, he crept


under the scene, nobody knew what he was capable of. He finished well up


the ranks in convocation. In the training gym everybody has been


muttering, who is this? Where's he come from? He's about 19, 20. We


know from previous conditions he's qualified for the test event for


Rio, it could be good timing for him at 19 years old. Definitely, nobody


has heard of him come he's come on the scene, hitting huge scores, if


he goes clean he'll be nearly 90, 91 mark. He's a name to look out for. A


final word on Uchimura, will he play it safe tonight Coady will we see


the flower we are used to seeing? Bearing in mind he pegged off the


high bar in the team final? He wouldn't be Uchimura if he didn't go


for it, he would be doubting himself if he played safe, he will go for


everything and try to get that sixth gold medal. What will we experience


tonight, Beth? I hope we see that historic moment, he's such an idol


for so many gymnast, even Max really looks up to Uchimura. To be on the


podium with him will be massive again. We will stop talking and get


straight down to the action. The competition has been going on for


quite a while, this is where the gymnast started. Group one, the top


eight qualifiers, started on the floor. Uchimura is there, Dan Purvis


in that group. The second group, Max Whitlock on pommel horse. 15.7 in


the team final, he'll be looking to get to 16. Third group on rings,


keep an eye on Nikolai Kuksenkov. We'll head over to the commentary


box. COMMENTATOR: Starting this men's


all-round final here at the World Championships, Deng Shudi from


China. One of the group of gymnast with


huge difficulty. We saw that 3.5 twists, immediately punched into a


straight somersault. Another super difficult for tourist, immediate


2.5. -- difficult full twist. So aware of how much twisting he's


doing. Legs out of the first tumble. Exactly the right time to punch the


floor for the second. This is beautiful work as well. He shows a


really good body lying in all his work. -- body-line. Very well


controlled, his legs locked together in the twist. Big, full twisting


double back. Shows his ability to do multiple rotations as well as


twist. Gets the two second hold. He just needs this big tumble. To start


him off really well. And he does, very good triple twist to finish.


That was a measure of control. A super start. There was the 1.3


twist, the one and three quarters somersault to roll out. 15.133, not


bad at all for starters. Danell Leyva, a very talented


all-round gymnast, what's he got in the locker? Ooh committee was a bit


short, a very big, ambitious tumble. A double straight with two twists.


His hands went down, that was a big deduction. Controls that second


tumble well. Double Arabian. Having little starters on most of the


landings, that is where the marks go. Little bit off the boil, I


think. He was impressive in team final. You've got to show complete


balance and mastery. The roll-out was good. Whip into...


Very good. 2.5 bunch front, good combinations. -- punch front. He


looks a little more settled now as he builds up to this final. It's


going to be big. Double straight, much better finish than start. He


recovered well. Unsettled, Danell Leyva, but he's got five more


apparatus. You can see it was very expensive. Danell Leyva, 13.733. A


little dent in his ambition. Now the person we've all been waiting to


see, Max Whitlock from Great Britain. He has a marvellous routine


in the locker, can he bring it out here? Good, solid start. Nice rhythm


in different combinations. -- in the front combinations. The second of


those nicely negotiated. Keep the rhythm, picks up beautifully.


Spindle, no problem. He will come back. Into the triple Russian. A


lovely combination. Dismount. He has to go through smoothly and he did. A


fabulous start for Max Whitlock. Super start. Well done, Max just


what everybody wanted. Simple rhythm in that dismount, clean handstand.


Max Whitlock, 16.1. The stuff of dreams, great start.


Daniel Purvis. On the floor. Double twist, double back, so beautifully


performed. A little stutter before the jump,


but it was well controlled tumbling. Really came out of that double front


with such conviction. Lovely building of difficulty here. So


important to have a difficult routine, but one that you can manage


to control as well. Dan has really good lines, good extension through


his work. Little bit of originality, stands up with his legs dead


straight. He really nails this for the team in qualification. It's such


a hard finish. Whip into double Arabian. He nails it again. What a


fantastic start for Dan Purvis. Oleg NIF, European champion, comes


to the floor. Very sharp, very quick. -- Verniaiev. Yes, nicely


done, 3.5 twists into full twist, smooth. He makes it look so easy.


Twisting combinations. They really build. But you have to hit them. And


his foot is out. Undercut... He's just had one error so far.


A light touch, linking to the corner.


More twists, slightly lower out of that. And a triple twist to wrap it


up. Tiny errors. He means business. 2.5 twists, but there you see his


foot is out. 14.975 for Verniaiev. Kohei Uchimura, the defending world


champion. This first apparatus is very important. What will he choose?


He's got so much in stock. Lovely start. 3.5 into one and a half, how


good is that? Full twist... I've lost count on the twist afterwards,


but very impressive. This is so clean. And so efficient.


A shrug of the shoulders. Under control, composure. Double double.


Look at that extension. That is the triple Russian.


Such consummate control. One and three quarters roll-out. Look at


this for composure. Gathering through the flip. Nice triple twist


to finish. Characteristic landing, just a little shuffle.


Lovely tumble, he has so much to choose from. Double twist, another


twisting skill backward. 15.733. What a start.


Max Whitlock on top of the pile-up moment. Kohei Uchimura behind him


and Donnell Whittenburg is in third. Not his strongest apparatus, you


really needs to be accurate in all the strength parts. A good start.


Making sure of the static positions. A safe start for Max Whitlock.


Double front. He has to nail that position first time, you can't


adjust it. He'll swing on, wait for it to come back, there it is. Double


back through the rings. He nails the dismount. There were little problems


in the hold parts. He'll be glad to get that one behind him.


14.516, his hard apparatus out of the way for Max Whitlock. So, Daniel


Purvis started with a good floor, what can he show us on,? -- show was


on pommel horse was to mark ease into the swing, got the rhythm


going. A nice combination here. Keeping the rhythm, this is good.


Tiny flicker of the legs apart. This is going well. Triple Russian, picks


up to travel. Tiny flutters of form, but safely


through, he'll be delighted with that. A good, solid first apparatus


for Dan Purvis. Travels back and forward along the horse. A difficult


one to do first. There is the dismount. Safely through.


Oleg Verniaiev of the Ukraine, he's had a really good year so far, he'd


love to crown it with this title. This is the apparatus that brings


him the biggest challenge, you must be consistent.


First handstand out of the way, nice legs separation, second handstand


short. There will be a deduction. He mustn't use strength. Rescuers the


swing. Triple Russian between the handles. Good swinging.


Quick through the Russian on one handle, it's good work now, but


flutters at the start. Into the handstand shaped... He lost


the rhythm. Come on! There will be no dismount and a big deduction.


Once again, the pommel horse is his nemesis. Travelling... OK in some


parts, but he did lose some rhythm. Here there will be no dismount


granted. That is a deduction. Verniaiev, a very costly 13.566.


Kohei Uchimura, a look of total concentration. Lovely and clean into


the handstand. Not fully extended circles. They are very, very


efficient, look at this. Beautiful rhythm with one hand. Very difficult


to create. Into the Russian. Travelling up and


travelling back. A stock combination these days. And he hops across the


horse. I love the way he does that, great stuff will stop Uchimura still


on song. Deng Shudi of China, all that time


ago we watched his floor routine. Took a long time to focus. Again,


lovely extended shape in the swing. Lovely giant travel across the


length of the horse. Bumped into it, that will be three tenths. And


hesitation. A couple of faults following each other and one for


that. Because there was a hesitation. Listen to that bump as


he makes sure of his hand position. Nicely through the travels. This


will be the transition into the dismount, he holds the handstand


shaped, good and efficient. Might shape, this was particularly


tidied away he finished the routine. Less flourish, good handstand. He


scores 14.4 for pommel horse. Nikolai Kuksenkov of Russia to the


vault. Good stride pattern. The ground off. 2.5 twists, very well


controlled. Really stylish, well taught gymnast.


Blocks off the top, wraps in, he really didn't need the floor well,


the four hit him and that is what caused the step. That's back


Daniel Levy, nightmare of a start for him, 23rd position. -- Daniel


in second place so far after two, Max Whitlock goes to vault. Max has


a hugely difficult vault, needs all the power and all the height. The


twists and a bit of a starter pack but he controlled it. -- bit of a


starter back. Right round on the twists.


He launches himself into the air, puts in defeat twists but just


doesn't quite hold shape for lending.


The judges are so keen on strength positions being held precisely and


prolonged. Those two wearer. Lovely control in the circled cross. Good


start for Daniel Purvis. Two doubles. Into the controlled. So


very good. Times the deal perfectly, lovely.


The wind-up. Double double and just a tiny shuffle, good solid rings


from damp Purvis -- Daniel Purvis. Have a look at this talented


Manrique Larduet. Had some problems on the vault in


qualifying but he is hugely powerful. What a vault that was.


Lodged in the air, 2.5 twists, fantastic vaulting.


Difficulty score of six. Really impressive stuff. that is a very


good score. Super vaulting. Uchimura comes to the rings, he has


looked absolute perfection so far. What a gymnast he is. Beautiful,


into the Maltese. Moves ahead to show control, circle


mastery so far. So difficult. Double pike. There is your cross.


Giant handstand. Here is the wind-up. Once again, the double


double and landed on his feet. Power bars, one of the most improved


apparatus in this Championships. -- parallel bars. That was lovely work.


Immediate somersault. Difficult turn, up into the


handstand. Lovely full turn on one arm while swimming and are


beautifully high straddled front somersault. Control in the handstand


and then dynamically into the next element. I think there was possibly


an error, I expect he intended on to go onto one rail but he has covered


well and up into the double front with a half turn, very difficult


this month. -- dismount. Really experienced rings worker.


Very powerful gymnast. Making absolutely sure he is in the


right position. Kick into the cross. Nicely into the


Maltese. Good strong combination to the gym. Upright into Maltese. You


can use the same moves as long as the way in various. -- varies. To


the cross. Beautifully done. Upright into the straddle. The first


position you hit. Little bit of adjustment in the giant. Lovely.


Double rotation through the rings. As is the enhanced and, sets up four


double, double straight, good dismount, good routine from Deng


Shudi. His swing is quite remarkable. It is


almost a different type of parallel bar work. Just easy swinging.


Good control on the one rail. Very difficult the handstand with the


hands parallel, lovely tight double tap at somersault. And look at the


height on the front somersault. No problem with seeing the landing.


Somersault with a half turn to turn yourself around. And another. That


time from the long swing. Comes up a big front and a half turn, really


good spatial awareness, that was a great routine.


The young Cuban, larger et in fourth place. Larduet.


Oleh Vernyayev, back in ninth at the moment.


Such a slight, light gymnast but hugely powerful as well. Big double


front with half-time, what a fantastic vault for such a slight


day. That was very, very good indeed.


Pumps up into the air, 2.5 somersaults, turns the last half so


he can see the landing. Scored out of six. He pulls the knees apart,


gets in really tight. That will be a bit of a deduction from the judges,


as will that step back. Not much else to take off. Turn eight


Uchimura, took an age to focus. We will see why in a few seconds.


Half-time, 2.5 twists, beautiful work. Super vault. He is quite


pleased with that. Look at this. Half turn. And hangs


it round. Well on his way. STUDIO: Uchimura is on form, seeing


all of the calmness that we predicted and this competition so


far as going textbook. There is his scorer. Bizarrely, it is exactly


what he golden qualification. Bath what he scored.


What a competition this lad is having, Whittenburg, he fell on the


vault but still out there in medal contention and he qualified in 30


First Place, he didn't expect to be in the final, he is having the


competition of his life,. COMMENTATOR: Was second going into


this round. Big wind-up. Caught late but he caught safely. Full turn over


the top. Little bit late. The judges will be sharp on this. But he's


going through. Squat fall. That might be expensive. OK. He is in


control of this apparatus. Just enough. Again, late. He will pay for


this. Here is the wind-up, he must stick it. Double double and he


needed that. There were errors in the routine. Clear deductions.


Larduet. Performing beautifully in these championships. As to hold his


concentration. Very good work. He looks really in


command. Smooth and swings the tap out up to the handstand, lovely half


turn. Double front half turn, fabulous work. Really, the questions


have been whether he can hold his concentration but he has done so


far. It is turning out to be a bit of a


surprise, look at that score. That is his weakest apparatus.


Matching what happened to him and qualification.


He is going over the top. Very nice. In the straight body. That was when


people turn. -- with the full turn. Nicely done.


Half-time but he must get it cleanly. Back on song in thrall. --


in control. Mostly through the full turn. Big


wind-up. Good dismount and he has a decent score. That is a good


routine. He was in fifth going into this piece of apparatus, going for


everything. He was brave. Couple of good


releases in the main group. Puts him up to third.


Larduet will be in the parallel bars final and with scores like that that


is no surprise. Moving up the field rapidly.


Belyavskiy intense at the moment. -- in 10th place. Little waiver, but


brought it under control. Tiny bit bent legs on the straddle


position. Lots of height and fight but you have to keep your likes


tight as well and little flicker of bent knees on the somersault there.


All tiny things that the judges deduct. That was better. Smoothly


lifted into handstand. Legs locked together nicely. Settles well.


Double front, half turn, quite a favoured dismount for many of the


gymnasts. His execution scorer will be very high, I'm sure. He got a


silver at the Europeans on parallel bars last year. Glad to see things


are going his way at this stage of the competition, he has not had much


fun on the previous pieces of apparatus. Very talented, very


clean. Nicely done, spends his way round,


triple twist, credit to him for that.


It is quite a high-scoring piece of apparatus. We can see the gymnasts


in the top group, a lot of them have fallen away but the others will


really build their score. They will do. They have a little more luck


with being consistent on the twisting vaults. He took the half


turn on and went in for the triple twist, there will be a deduction for


not being dead on the red line down the middle.


Great Britain's Daniel Purvis. Place.


As to nail this. Very good in the control area. Lovely 2.5. Just a


little pace forward, that was very good vaulting. That will do, he will


certainly take that on vault. He has had a good steady, solid


competition. Consistent all the way through. You can see the flip on, he


is technically very good. Straight arms. East twists in and by the time


he joins his feet, he is on food either side of the red line, very


good work. -- on -- one foot. On his way back up. As will be this


man. Belyavskiy. Him into ninth. Edging ever closer.


Pablo Bragger from Switzerland. Scores 15.133, interesting start.


Difficult to work with straight arms, the judges look for the over


grip. Nice and smooth. That is the full spin. Somersaults. Nicely done.


Solid handstand, and another one. This time with an extra turn. That


was a nice, smooth parallel bars. Everything you want to see from


parallel bars. We are seeing some very good


dismounts. What do you put that down to? It


used to be a weakness for the Brits, the Dutch, it is focused on a lot.


Talking of the Dutch. What is the inside track on him? He has some big


releases, if he gets this he will be through. He did.


One more big release to come. He has survived putting the full turn in.


Good work. Full turn. Full stops swinging well. Just keep your


rhythm, young man. He can nail this if he needs to. And he does. Almost.


Well done, Berks, you have one happy coach sat next to me. -- barked


barked Bart Deurloo. Shame about that adjustment, but


well done. No appeal? I'm happy with that!


Arthur Mariano from Brazil. What the competition is the Brazilians had in


qualifying. Bowled him. They were delighted and one of the


surprise teams. Very clean, good work, one of the reasons why. Good


rhythm. Straight legs. Smooth. Just a little bit on the way up to


handstand but covered very well. That was really nice. Peaked at the


top of the move. The move finished at its maximum. Another handstand


with lovely control and immediately double pike and that was one of the


best this -- dismounts we have seen. Absolutely. They are determined on


their home territory. They have the people to do it. They have lost a


couple of their key players, their best gymnast got injured in Glasgow


at the end of last year and they are still coming back strong. Lovely.


Good parallel bar work. I like this dismount so much because he finished


with his chest right up, he didn't finish once the seat landed, he


continued the rotation. Very good work. Once the feet landed. Parallel


bars was a challenge and everybody had to meet it. So much potential in


that apparatus. Whittenburg Currently in the silver medal


position spot. At the moment he has dropped down to


fifth. He put in an enquiry which would have been to do with the


difficulty of his routine but it has been rejected. It can only be to do


with the difficulty, of course. It is his weakest apparatus. You are


only allowed to make an enquiry against the difficulty score. You


cannot make an enquiry against the execution. And sometimes the judges


will have another look and decide they should have credited something


more. As it stands, Uchimura head of the


field. There is the Cuban gymnast, Larduet, mention them at the start


of the programme and he is in second, Kuksenkov in third. Max


Whitlock is still to go and is just chopping up the parallel bars. --


chalking. Uchimura remaining so focused. He got that team title that


he saw wanted and now it is time to focus on his individual effort. This


man will be thinking very similar thoughts.


15.783 behind Kohei Uchimura at this stage. What a competition Larduet is


having, two more pieces of apparatus to go. Kuksenkov was there or


thereabouts, could this be his year for the world all-round medal?


LAUGHTER Super. We're just waiting for a


score to come in at the moment. Because of that, Max is having to


wait, he's keeping calm, chalking up the parallel bars, making sure


everything is right. You don't want to wait too long. Absolutely,


there's always that extra bit you can put on the bars, that extra bit


of chalk. But there's only so much you can do to occupy this time,


difficult time to wait. You will notice that Max has a bag of his own


chalk which he brings from his own gym. He is very precise with


everything, Max. Everything has got its place. Mariano's score is about


to be posted. There it is, 14.8. Very good score for parallel bars.


It releases the parallel bars for Max Whitlock. There he is with his


fourth piece of apparatus in this men's all-round world final. Very


accurate, nice double, knees pressed together. Secure in the handstand,


set up the double to keep the swing. Smith.


Good, safe combination. Not adjusting his hands, first-time


accurate, this is good. Upright, a big salto, keeping that rhythm.


That's the thing about this routine. There you go. Good style, good form.


Just shaved the chalk on the top of that wood. Here he is with a nailed


dismount, that's a fantastic effort, he will be close to that score. Well


done, Max! He needs just over 15 to going to second. But he's doing a


job for Great Britain at the moment. He certainly is gone he is greeted


by his coach as he comes off the podium. He looks good, he looks


relaxed, that was as good a routine I've seen for a long time from Max.


Lovely rhythm all the way through, look at the style, the form, the kit


out, good rhythm, good control. Classic parallel bar work. You look


for smooth swing, held handstands and risky combinations. He produced


something very, very special. And this dismount, well... Find his way


around, look at the style on the legs there. Tucks his toes ready for


the landing and nails it. Over 15.783 would be a golden score as it


stands on the fourth piece. He's not going to be far away, you know. They


are having a nice day. Come on! Good old Scott, does a great job. Even


Dan Purvis is on his feet. Amazing. Because we were waiting for the


gymnast's score coming in, everybody watching he gets 15.1. I thought it


would be worth more than that, it was clean, it was difficult. He is


composed, isn't it? He has the high bar and the floor to go, if you were


watching the men's team final, goodness me, what a floor routine


Max did. After four pieces Kohei Uchimura leads ahead of Max


Whitlock. Manrique Larduet is currently in third position. Dan


Purvis in seven. Still, and Albert and Berg, still in amongst it. --


Donnell Whitten Berg. He's got to his first apparatus, the high bars.


What a series he had before that. Danell Leyva, he is still way down


the field in 22nd. Two more pieces to go in this men's all-round final.


Let's have a word with Dan Keating 's and better travel in the


commentary box. We've seen so many of the gymnast we talked about at


the start of the programme, the lead runners, they've fallen away, Beth?


They have, it shows how difficult gymnastics is nowadays, the


difference between perfection and errors is so small. Unfortunately


some of those top runners have fallen along the way maybe by going


for that difficulty that has not paid after night. We'll look at Dan


Purvis's vault now, talk us through this from your perspective. It's one


of his more solid pieces and he's been doing this vault for a long


time now, couldn't have asked for any more, got round to his feet,


only a small want him to step he'll be happy. Happy with seven? -- small


one tenth step. He's got parallel bars coming up, one of his strongest


apparatus. Hopefully he can get 15.4 to pull him up the rankings. A word


on the Cuban gymnast, Larduet. He's having the petition of his life.


Before we came here everybody was talking about him, weren't sure how


he would compete, he's proven a lot of doubters wrong and shown how good


a gymnast years. How impressed are you with Max Whitlock at the moment


from the psychological point of view? He had a tough piece because


he had to wait for so long, still boarded up, he has a great


relationship with his coach, Scott. He stayed out of the way of watching


other people. Max doesn't focus on what anyone else is doing, he only


concentrate on his job. Doing a fantastic job, each piece, he's


taking it piece by piece. Can't ask any more of him, he has to keep his


concentration for the last two pieces. At an interesting stage with


the all-round competition, with deep and ultimate peace to come to finish


on a high. We talked about Max Whitlock's floor, but how will he


feel going into the high bar routine? Nervous, you'll be nervous


before each piece of apparatus, but he's doing so well. He's more


excited now to finish the competition, he is doing so well.


With the floor coming last, he'll be pushing to get a good score to lead


him into the floor. What are the key points to look at in this high bar


routine? Key moments from Max to get through? Trying to hit handstands


out of each of his turns and when he does the dismount he will be trying


to stick it, basically, not giving any temps away. He is warming up,


eyes and relaxed. -- not giving away any temps.


You know what it feels like, Beth, to compete on the bars at this


level. The key to it is to stay as relaxed as possible. It is, stay


relaxed, remember what your coach tells you in training. After time


you will find when these gymnast put their arm up to the judge, your body


goes into autopilot, he'll have done that routine thousands of times.


Hopefully it will pay off. It looks as though... We can see the five


times world champion, looks as though he could be on the right road


to get the sixth title. He could be, but we saw what happened in the


team final, he was right on the last beat and had to go through clean,


you can never speak to see it gymnastics, it's the beauty of the


sport, it literally goes down to the last routine and whether you can


stay on your feet. He is looking as cool as he would want to at the


moment, Kohei Uchimura. With a 50 piece of apparatus, a reminder the


top group are on the parallel bars, the second group on the high bar,


the third on the floor and the fourth group on pommel horse.


So, Larduet will be the first gymnast to go. The Cuban gymnast.


Silver medal place at the moment. He came here to make his mark and a lot


of people are watching. If he can get a medal here, he'll get himself


a place at the Olympics. You have to go back to 1976, Roberto Richards,


the last Cuban to really make an impression on the world scene. Here


we have another. If he does that... It would be well worth it, he's an


exciting young talent, 19 years of age. He put in a score over 15 in


qualification, he's more than capable. We know he's got an


unbelievable floor routine. So, this is to stay on track for a


medal. Nice easy start, half turn over the


top. First release, half turn in the street Tkatchev. Very smooth.


Favouring the Tkatchev group for releases. All of them have been very


accurate. For turn. A very popular combination. He's looking smooth and


clean. He's got to complete that turn. The one arm swing is always so


effective, but you can only do it once. Through the cross, the full


turn. He set up the dismount. Superb, just a tiny Hop/ he really


has put in one competition so far. One apparatus to go. With a landing


like that and thoughts edge to the floor, this gymnast must be very


excited at the moment. Very excited, very excited coach as well. It won't


have escaped the notice of Kohei Uchimura that he is being chased


along here. Two years ago, Kohei Uchimura won gold on the bars at the


World Championships. He needs all his periods here. He'll call upon


it. Look at that shape on one rail, superb. The full turn forwards.


Again. Rock-solid in handstands. Half turn. He's hitting handstands


every time. Keeping the swing smooth from the release is very important.


Very good. Half turn, keeps his rhythm. Look at this, a multitude of


doubles. Suarez, that time, from giant. Different name, different


style. Look at how that handstand is set for the dismount. What a


cracker! Beautiful performance, superb. Five down, want to go for


Kohei Uchimura. Only one way to respond when did people snapping at


your heels are doing well. A much more difficult routine than he


normally performs comedy knows he's got a fight on his hands and it's


bringing out the best him. Is got such difficulty, such a repertoire,


he could select from it. To suit the occasion. Absolutely.


Whittenburg, the powerhouse takes to the floor. Six going into this


rotation. I love that first little hop into a


1.5 twist, immediate punch double front. And then the double straight


back with twist. Such difficult work. Immediate double pike. It's


really breathtaking. The difficulty of this work. Anything the judges


deduct will be the style, feat not fully stretched, the handstand just


a little bit edgy, but in terms of dynamics, it's fabulous. Here we go,


two and a half twist, front full, his feet lock onto the floor.


Very nice and speedy in the one and a half twist and the one and three


quarters. This has been fabulous. Big breath, it's something special,


what have we got here? Half in, half out, in the pike position. Really, a


great tumbling display. I simply cannot believe those landings, one


after another after another. He's not doing easy stuff. Oh no,


absolute mustard, that was, superhot routine. A chance to see Larduet


dismount. Talking of good landings. Superb, 15.333. Great work, really,


he's producing, isn't it? I tell you what, you know, Kohei Uchimura


scored 15.4 in qualification, is got 15.833, he just widens the gap,


giving him... He will need that little gap when it comes to the


floor routine. I think he'll need the gap he finishes on the high bar.


We saw him in edgy on the high by yesterday. Goodness me,


absolutely... What a thought to revisit that is, Chris. Nikolai


Kuksenkov takes to the floor. Great style, not immensely difficult, but


you need precision. Even snapping heels together once he's made the


landing. So far, finding an error on the second double pass. A nice kick


out. Good, simple link. Got to go around three times to get the D


value. Hold the handstand. He's in control


of his routine. Checking where he is, waiting for


the bell. A big Paul. The triple twist. Just a tiny adjustment. He


came from low down, he is building. 14.666 for Kuksenkov. He was fourth


going in, he stays there as it stands at the moment, one more piece


for him. And look at that, 15.266, it seems harsh. I thought so, I


thought it was immensely difficult and he was in control all the way.


Those landings... Yeah, little bit harshly dealt with.


Uchimura ahead of Larduet. Whittenburg third, Kuksenkov fourth.


Max Whitlock is still to go on the high bar. He's deep and ultimate


gymnast to go. -- he is deep and ultimate gymnast. -- the


penultimate. is attention will turn to the high


bar, no doubt he has been going through that move in the training


gym the past few days. I'm sure he will have. He looks very steely


determined, Uchimura. Sometimes the almost looks over casual, as though


it's a bit of a game. It doesn't look like a game tonight, I think


you would very much want to keep hold of this and the record.


Deng Shudi is in fifth at the moment, thereof thereabouts, it's


very, very close between third and seventh. China led the way in the


development of the parallel bars, they were on their own for a long


while, but now the gap has closed. A nice, clean double pike, another


one. Two doubles. He's only four moves in. Lovely control. Almost


lost it. It's the third like double. -- pike double.


Just to mix it up. Tip out with release.


This is nice work here. The Chinese reminding us they are pretty good on


this apparatus. That is double proof, great dismount. Well, Deng


Shudi scored over 15.5 in qualification, he's going to move up


the field. Years, we saw this in the team final, when China came to


parallel bars, they let up the table. SPEAKS FRENCH. Yes, we saw


this. It is really their piece. -- yes, we saw this.


Such a stylish, good gymnast, but we've already seen an error today.


He needs to be really precise here. That was lovely, the scope of


Tkatchev. Straddle with a turn, good swing out of it, he didn't falter at


all. A nice pirouettes. Needs to be on quickly. There we are, full turn


into the hop, over the bar. Those difficulties linked together give


you the bonuses. It's been cleaned so far. And this, the swing that he


does so beautifully. The only gymnast in this comp addition to be


doing it. Up, relatively quiet dismount, full twist in the double


straight. A good outing for him, a steady job. Nice to see him doing


clean work, he's always been capable and hasn't had the best of


competition is. Lovely, straight arms on all his swinging. And this


beautiful pike. You can see the shoulders in a dislocated grasp.


Very difficult. Lovely style, just one twist. When you think we've seen


the young Cuban gymnast at three twist into the dismount. It's the


classic Russian style, to do everything so beautifully and


perfectly. 14.466. It may not be the most difficult, but it was


impressive. 59.33. A huge score, he pops up into


third. -- 15 .933. It's getting very exciting.


He's got some good work, Deurloo. There's the double after the half


twist. If he nails these landings, it's a difficult routine. Will he do


a double twist out of this? He does. One and a half through to the


double. Nice double pike, solid landing.


Full twist. This has always been a problem, will he do three turns


consumer today he did. He is focused and it's looking good. Held the


handstand. He needs to kick this one out. Which he does nicely. One more


double to come. The Arabian approach. He needs to nail it. It's


a good one, just a slip to the side. That was a good Floor Exercise, I'm


delighted for him. Really nice work, very stylish performance, controlled


performance. I was very impressed. 15.2 for Bart Deurloo. Judges were


impressed, too. The biggest score of the day for him. Well, if ever,


there was a key routine in a gymnast's career, this would be it


for Max Whitlock. Good luck, son. Currently in silver medal position.


He needs 15.316 to maintain silver. And this start needs to be perfectly


performed. Oh dear! He went for the full stretch. You have to really go


for catching on straight arms. And he just was a little bit too far


away. You have to go for broke. Dear, dear me. You can see he knew


he wanted to be able to swing out of it. He got his hands over, but not


the part of the hand guards that hangs onto the bar. There are big


test for him now, he's got to control his disappointment and go


through cleanly. He starts in the forward swing, good, dislocation. He


doesn't link the two elements. He has settled a bit. Full pirouette.


The one and a half. Cleanly on with the hand. Good. Into handstand with


the half turn. The pirouette phase performed confidently. The hop with


the full turn. Dismount. Two very good twists, lovely landing. But


that was the element that let him down on day one as well. Max


Whitlock waves to the appreciative crowd. An awful lot of guts and


determination shown there. After his fall. Huge. And what an effort it's


been all the way around. Just one moment. Dan Purvis. He says, come


on, to himself. He's had his own private battles with this apparatus


and in recent years conquered it. Let's see if he can go through as


well as he can. Half turn in the under a semi of the peach.


Peach am a tiny adjustment needed. Tiny hand adjustments. Solid and


determined, this is. Come on. He's set it up nicely. And


he's landed beautifully. Such a consistent man under pressure. Very


impressive stuff. Well done, Dan. You could see the determination in


his face. Dan is in that milling, really, of the gymnasts between


fourth and seventh, it's very, very close. So stylish, such a good


technician. His arms exactly where they should be. He's a lovely lad,


he's a gentleman. 12.833 for Max. He's down in sixth. He probably


didn't get credited with the element. They have to decide whether


you get a momentary, he obviously didn't. -- get a momentary hang. The


Swiss another team who had a mightily impressive championship.


Winding up the full twisting double back somersault over the bar. The


stoop Tkatchev with a half turn. Into handstand. And another


Tkatchev. The one and a half terms. -- turns. He links the two difficult


elements. The forward grip just fulfils that requirement. The hop


full turn. He's built his difficulty, built his dismount, two


twists, just a little hop. Very efficient work. 15.2. Matching his


swinging elements on the parallel bars. Indeed, the Swiss have gone


for style over difficulty and it has paid off this Championships.


Tentative wait for Dan Purvis. 15.4. He's in fifth place. You can never


write that guy off, terrific. Well, Dan really seems to have made the


apparatus he had a problem on a couple of years ago his strength.


The rings and the parallel bars have so improved. That is where champions


come from, make your weakness for strength. Speaking of champions, the


current world and European and now takes to the parallel bars. Oleg


Verniaiev. Fabulous apparatus for him, he has been in the 16s


regularly this year on the Grand Prix circuit. Look at that start,


keen and crisp. Half term, tiny adjustment with the hands. Extended


on one rail. First adjustment he has needed with his hands. This is


lovely work, I tell you. Clean. And he's lost the shape. Such


a pity. Brings it back under control. Look at that. Well, lovely


routine. He's still going to get a good score. One little flicker.


He'll have another go because he's in the parallel bars final. I guess


he would say having already mucked things up, if I had to do a poor


routine, better today than in the final. This is the thing, at every


opportunity to feel the equipment. Especially something like parallel


bars, they have a lot of bounce now. Controlled it beautifully. On one of


the most simple elements, forward over grasp pirouette, he loses his


body shape. You never can tell. Just lacking concentration, do you think,


on something relatively easy? He thought he was home and dry. He was


quite near the end of the bars, he's perfected the length of the flight,


the way he can... In the half term, edging closer and closer. Anyway,


wasn't to be. I like this guy, I think he is going


to be one of the exciting new stars of gymnastics. Lots of energy on the


high bar. Good pirouette, got his hand on nice and early. Again, 1.5


turns. Straight into the two difficult


elements. Plenty of swing, no hesitation. Correcting himself as he


is working. Kicks it up high, two twist is, very explosive. He looks


like he is enjoying himself. That will keep him in the top ten. He was


ninth going into the rotation. Lovely to see, it is exuberant. Just


18 years old, the minimum you can be for this competition. He is


certainly enjoying being here. To make the top 20, you are only


allowed two gymnasts per country, so he is in good company with Uchimura.


Kept Tanaka out as well. That is something he can tell his


grandchildren. He is exciting and he is excited himself. Useful pair of


joint and exuberance. -- useful air of Joy and exuberance.


16 for the parallel bars. With a wobble. Looks like he will retain


his parallel bars world title. now we will have a chat with Beth


and an oil gymnasts are warming up for their final piece of apparatus.


Awful moment to go back to, the high bar routine. Bit too much


adrenaline, his kick was just a little bit too high, so pushed him


over the bar and he was an inch off of catching it and unfortunately he


missed it. Was going so well for him, the courage and determination


to get back up and keep going. He did well to get back up and finish


his routine because he would have been sold disappointed to have that


fall but the competition is not over yet, anything can happen, so


hopefully he can have a positive frame of mind and go to the floor


and have a good routine. He put in a great parallel bars routine with


Daniel Purvis. He would have seen him falling because he was waiting


for his turn, so it might have helped him and he has to do it for


Macs as well, he might think, steady routine and has got a high bar left


now. Uchimura with one piece to go. We


have seen Max fall on the high bar and Uchimura fell on the high bar in


the team final but watching him on parallel bars and he looks so cool.


He looks unstoppable and seen Max have that fall, she will have a sigh


of relief because Max was right on his tail and he knew he had to have


a clean high bar but now he knows that, he can afford a mistake and


will feel more relaxed. This is the classic kind of Olympic competition,


the Olympic rotation for you do finish on high bar and it really is


the blue band event and wraps up the competition in style. It is, he had


the problem in the team. Talking about the mixed rotation, Uchimura


looks so much more calm, for the team he was desperate to pick up the


gold medal because he never had it but he already has five world


all-round titles in his bag, so just seems much more chilled out and


hopefully he can finish this competition with a great high bar


and seal the title. The Cuban is definitely chasing him.


COMMENTATOR: We will now join Whittenburg on the pommel horse. Has


had a great competition. He is currently in fifth position. Good


luck on pommel horse. He is not the right shape for pommel


horse. He is going well. Little bit heavy.


My goodness, he does not want to part company with it. He has spiked


but he is going through. Forwards and backwards. He will get technical


deductions but he will not come off until he needs to. Good dismount,


well done. That is it, has competition is over, all six pieces


of apparatus and he certainly didn't let himself down. He didn't and he


did actually have a fall on the vault, so this is pretty impressive


scoring for tonight. That shape is not the classic pommel


horse ship, has to be extended from the shoulders, little bit piked.


They can deduct for every circle you are doing in that shape.


Nicely settles into the strength element. French gymnasts always very


stylish, good extension through the hips.


Not quite fully down, the shoulders didn't stop in the film straight


line. The swinging is lovely. It's to lock out in this handstand. Just


travelled through the handstand, has another go at it. Manages to block


it out, into the dismount. That was a shame. He just snatched at the


dismount. He was a little bit unsettled. And


then really didn't let himself use all of his swing.


The third group, the second group are over on the floor on the fourth


grade or on the rings. -- fourth group.


Deng Shudi just waiting for the judges as his team-mate went a


little bit earlier. Deng Shudi was in third. They have


been very quiet, the Chinese. They are still there and they are


working, working in the background. They have got big difficulties cause


Andy have struggled to cope with the difficulty in some of the


competitions but he seems much more settled today. He scored 14.7 in


qualification. Now then. It will not be incredibly


difficult, but it will be stylish. Mice have turn, keeps the swing. --


nice half turn. it is not spectacular but it is


precise. Watch the body shape change, here


comes the dismount. Double double. Just piked down. That is a solid


routine, that is a bid for a medal. He has been solid all the way round,


really. Starting to look quite experienced, able to handle himself.


Lovely, good basic swing. Adapted to the more difficult skill. That is


very nice. Over to the floor. Mariano just


chalking up. Brazil usually produce very good floor workers.


Let's see what Arthur Mariano can do. Very nice and swing and double


page to open with. Smooth and stylish in the roll-out.


Lovely control in the handstand. Just brushes the feet on the floor


as he sticks up to handstand again. Mace light work. Double twist front,


it looked from this angle that he was very low. But he got his feet


down well and followed it with another twisting series. And again.


He is very aware of his landings, hours spent practising. Big run.


Full twisting double back, very nice work. Didn't really give much away


as well. On target for home games in Rio. They have really got their act


together, the Brazilians, they gave us a warning a couple of World


Championships and all but this is developing strength upon strength.


The 1.5 into the 1.5. After maintain the height of the two tumbles. 2.5.


Front fool. So difficult to differentiate all


the different twists and they practised them so often.


Will it be good enough for bronze? Incredible work. Danell Leyva, the


crowd pleaser on high bar. Not having a great competition at all.


Can he find a magic touch? This is his favourite apparatus. Trademark


arms to the site, nicely done. He is at home here. Another big wind-up,


another big release. As he found the magic touch at last? Little bit late


there. Back into the swing. He lost the ship, what a shame. The big


release is fine. Swinging out of the pirouette combination and just lost


the tension in the body. He really has been off-colour all day. He is


such an exciting gymnast, such a gritty competitor and yet from the


first moment he just hasn't been At The Races. There is the turn, quite


difficult. Normally his body is one of his strengths. He lost that


they're on the way he came. He will carry on. He will continue the


fireworks before the big finish. I like his high bar. Lots of touch and


flavour. That's nice, back into it. There is the wind-up. Beautifully


done. That's the mentality need at the top level to come back from a


fall and still get the landing. What a dismount. The score is in. 15.


Great all-round competition. Max Whitlock for Great Britain on


the floor. How much has the fault affected him?


Not at all on the first 2.5 twists. Beautifully done.


The trademark coming up. Keeps the rhythm. Beautiful. What mental


strength. To produce this so far. After the fall from the high bar.


Twists his way through. Yet another immaculate pass. Come on. Nicely


through. 1.5 twists. Contact with the shoulders. Triple twist. Nailed.


That is the way to come back, that's why he is world class. What a finish


for Max Whitlock. The Hydro erupts for their favourite gymnast. He


showed his class there, never mind the disappointment.


Max needs an enormous score to go ahead of Deng Shudi. 16.55.


Daniel Purvis wraps up his six pieces of apparatus on the high bar.


Confident, swings well, catches well. Lovely one arm work. Super


dislocation into the hop over the bar. Keep it going. Another with a


half turn. Smooth. He has become a really stylish gymnast. Up.


Dismount. Two twists. He has given everything tonight. He has been


absolutely fantastic. What a show from Daniel Purvis. Mr consistency.


What an incredible performance from both of the British lads. Absolutely


fantastic. I'm so impressed with both of them.


Kazuma Kaya. Eighth highest qualifier. Nine is going into this


piece of apparatus. He finishes on floor.


Very precise on the landings. He has learnt the landing technique. Can he


twist as well as he can somersault. Not difficult. Very precise.


2.5 twists and filled twist, is nice work.


Just the double twist to set up the final. This surely is a gymnast to


watch in the future. Triple twist and is pretty impressive right now.


Seemed to hang in the air as he wrapped it in and continued to


twist. You see the rest of the team watching on. He is an exciting


gymnast. Totally focused at the start. Daniel Purvis is in third at


the moment. When I have, never write him off.


Eibar is one of his best pieces. He really is a fabulous gymnast. He


pressurises himself quite a lot. Have turn, lovely into the straddle.


He has got such rhythm, nothing looks like a struggle. That is mark


of his gymnastics, made a bit of an error. Didn't link the two moves.


Never loses form. Makes it all look easy. Very naturalist Eilish. --


stylish. He certainly fought back every inch


of the way. He has had a goal. I am surprised with how he has come back


from a week start. He will challenge for top place here. But was too


late, was the comeback too late. That's the question.


He thought he was worth a bit more. He loves the competition though.


Larduet needs a good score to go ahead of Deng Shudi. Look at that


start. Beautiful double front. Big tumbling have turn in the second of


the pike. Big stuff. Both somersaults high and the second


one was great. Gates his way to the corner.


Maximise the run-up. Beautiful style.


Talk about excitement, what a future this young man has got.


It is big, it has to be. He almost lost it. Kept it at the end. He did


well to contain all of that power. What an all-round debut this has


been for her at the World Championships.


He says, be that if you can, Uchimura. We have seen the emergence


of a big new start in gymnastics, wherever he finishes today, he has


made his mark on this Championships and the sport. Verniaiev is up in


the medals at the moment. Not enough to go ahead of Deng Shudi. From the


most inexperienced gymnast in the world to the most experienced. Going


for a sixth consecutive all-round title, never been done before, this


is Uchimura to make history. lovely precision in the half-time.


Love it. He had to struggle on and rescue it. Original, risky work.


It is all over, but do it with class. He does it with superb class.


Beautiful. Wonderful stuff. What a moment for that man. He is on top of


the world. The respect that is going around


this arena to witness this live. Something very special, we won't see


the like of him in many a year, I have never seen a gymnast better and


I have been in gymnastics a long, long time. Wonderful, six times


world champion. There are other performances to go but the need to


score 21 to get near it. Today he was pushed, he had to work better


than today than he has in previous occasions.


Larduet score, he has got himself a medal.


Not since Richards of the 70s Cuba have impressed us and he is


impressing as now. He is often the Olympics as well. Fantastic and so


he should be. Cool and calm until the scoreboard


reveals. Is he over 92. Icing on the cake. He


has been magnificent right the way round. The whole world will be


congratulating him soon. The run-up and the preparation might not have


been what he wanted, but has he done it on the night?


92.332. He is number one and let's count them. They are the titles, all


six of them and they are all yours. Fantastic stuff, what a performer.


He is absolutely unique and you can never use that word lightly. He is


unique. What a privilege to be here. There


he is, six times world champion and what a way to finish. Beautiful


dismount. And we will continue our discussion on our programme.


I hope you can join us for an afternoon with the apparatus best


service -- apparatus specialists, these finals in to get more


impressive. From all of us here in Glasgow, goodbye.


The knives are sharpened and the heat is on. It can only mean one thing.


Britain's best chefs are back in town.


Matt Baker presents coverage of the World Gymnastics Championships from Glasgow. Japan's Kohei Uchimura is attempting to win an incredible sixth men's all-around title in a row, a sequence that started in London in 2009 as Britain's Daniel Keatings won silver. Fellow Brit Max Whitlock won silver behind Uchimura in China in 2014 but his form in 2015 has been hampered after developing a mild form of glandular fever.

Beth Tweddle, Mitch Fenner and Christine Still provide expert analysis.

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