Apparatus Finals Day One Gymnastics: World Championships

Apparatus Finals Day One

Matt Baker presents coverage of the World Gymnastics Championships from Glasgow. It's the first day of the apparatus finals, which include the men's floor and the men's pommel.

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Well, hello and welcome to the 4th day of finals here at the World


Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow. Today sees the individual apparatus


specialists take to the arena. We will see the men's floor pommels and


rings and the women will be performing on bars and vault.


Listen, we have some strong medal contention for Britain today with


six final placings in all. After the all-round competition


yesterday, both Max Whitlock and Dan Purvis are back here again in the


floor final. Ellie Downie has qualified for


vault. Max's second final will see him join


Louis Smith on the pommel horse. Louis was highest qualifier and has


his sights on another world medal. Ruby Harrold is back after her bars


routine helped Britain get that historic team bronze.


So there is a lot to look forward to and a lot to get excited about.


Joining me to talk us through the action this afternoon we have three


times world champion Beth Tweddle and world silver medallist Dan


Keatings. Welcome to you both. We are going to start with the floor.


All the gymnasts are coming out behind us at the moment. It's very


loud in here. We will talk about the floor. It's a


12 metre by 12 metre sprung floor. The gymnasts have 70 seconds to


squeeze in as much difficulty as possible. The special requirements


for the routine, Dan? A mix of four tumbles, backward tumbles, side and


dismount. You can connect both of them to increase difficulty. Max


Whitlock has come on to the stage. A roar in the Hydro Arena. Beth, he


has been very impressive on floor the last few competitions. He is


always in amongst the 15. 7 mark. He qualified down the ranks. Some will


look and think in the team final and the all round he scored around that


15. 7. He loves the crowd and performing under pressure. We it


last night. He was able to pick himself up after that


disappointment. It's really exciting what he could potentially do today.


He will be busy this afternoon. He is in two finals, the pommel horse


will be the next male final after this one, as well. It's important he


keeps his focus. I think actually by doing the floor first it will settle


him down a bit. He can use that crowd, get the atmosphere. He knows


what it's like performing out there. Then he can come out and it's


definitely going to be a challenge between him and Louis for that top


table. He is up against Kensal and then guy can't half twist.


22-and-a-half twists and when I did floor I only did ten in my routine.


That shows how difficult his routine is. If he goes through he is going


to be hard to beat. And also Larduet, the Cuban gymnast, he


scored yesterday. He has to contain all his energy. The power can


sometimes be his problem. Definitely. He will be feeling


really pumped after yesterday's performance. I think what's


important for him today is he can gain that automatic qualification


spot if he can get a medal here today for the Olympics next year.


Deng Shudi got bronze in the all-round competition. He is going


to be a strong contender, Beth. He is. This floor final is going to be


really tough. Every gymnast has a great start. I think Kenzo has that


lead with the start and the difficulty before the gymnasts even


present to the judge. We talked about the fact that not a lot is


known about this Cuban gymnast yet he has come here, 19 years old to


make his mark on the world. Three individual finals on top of the


silver he got in the all round. Yeah, definitely. I think the world


is in his hands at the moment. He can come here and win and have a


couple of medals and still has a bright future ahead of him. He is


still young and there's years left in the sport. We will hand over to


Mitch Fenner and Christine Still in the commentary box.


Manrique Larduet opens up today's proceedings. Stand by, this guy


really can tumble. Qualified in 7th.


15. 166. First tumble. Double tuck front.


Emphatically landed. That's lovely. Double straight. You


can see the half turn in. Double Arabian. But expensive those paces.


Twisting precisely. Double pike Arabian. Showing plenty


of power but a little hesitation will cost him a 10th or two.


Simple, light linking. Back to the tumble. Two-and-a-half twists, full


twist and look at the precision there.


More power. Beautifully done. Double tuck Arabian. The third. Boy,


that was really impressive work! STUDIO: What a way to get this floor


final under way. We will introduce you to this scorecard now and give


you an idea what you will see this afternoon and how gymnasts can build


their score. We will start here with the difficulty, Dan. The ten most


difficult moves for men. You have ten moves in the routine. You have


to try to get the most difficult you can, ranging from one 10th to seven


valued for each move. That move there on the screen, that was a


seven 10ths move, I think. You get extra marks for linking them, as


well. There was a few times during the routine where he went from a


twist moving into another twisting move and you can gain 0. 1 or two


for a connection bonus. The difficulty is separate to the


execution judges, Beth. We will move on to this section here that you


will see on the scorecard. It simply says execution. Yes, the execution


will start from a ten and for every step they take they'll take that


away from the ten. A small step can be 0. 1. A fall is a whole mark. A


big step can be 0. 3. They can start going into the penalty. The penalty


comes into play on vault and floor. Yeah, on vault if you step out of


the lines, on floor if you step off the white floor on to the red


carpet, or if you go over time. Hopefully that all makes sense and


you can see a total of 14. 8. All the scores are added together. The


conundrum is how difficult do you go before it starts interrupting on the


execution? Back to the action with Mitch and Christine. This is Hansol


Kim from Korea, the 4th highest qualifier.


Good concentration for this opening approach. Lovely three-and-a-half


twists into a front somersault with half turn. Three-and-a-half twists,


really got a big tariff, as has that. Double twisting. Double tuck.


So he has already built a lot of difficulty. Here we go. Full twist


into two-and-a-half twists. Very nice indeed. He hasn't given away


many execution faults yet. Oh! There is a big one. There is a big


deduction. If they think he sat right down it's one whole mark off


that execution score. If they feel he saved it, it could be 0. 8.


That's where the judges have a little tolerance. Nicely done into


the one three-quarter rollout, extended his legs before he rolled.


Really needs to be secure here. Just that little hop. That was well


recovered. But what a shame, in the middle of that routine a big


deduction. Possibly one whole mark. Yes, I think, he just saved actually


brushing the floor. But it was - it shows you how easies to make a


mistake like that. -- easy it is to make a mistake like that. He tried


to slow it down too much, Mitch. Looked so clean. It was a pity. Here


we go. Double twisting, double back. That was very nicely landed. There


wouldn't be much deduction there, maybe a 0. 1 for the chest down.


Let's have a look. It was the punch double twist. No, he saved it. Yeah.


He did save that. Lovely work all the same. Twists well, jumps well.


Look at this. Absolute cracker! Even that little


two-footed hop back will be deducted. When that execution score


comes up it will probably be, I would think, into the sevens, the


execution for that. But it's a difficult routine. Very difficult.


Anxious moments always, of course. STUDIO: The score is in.


An execution of 8. 133. They were impressed with all the rest. The


third gymnast in this men's floor final, this is Ray Zapata Santana


from Spain. A constant finalist at world and European level.


22 years old. Qualified with a difficulty of 6. 7. So, prepare for


a few fireworks! Nice spring in. One-and-a-half


twists into double pike. Nicely done. It's a short run. Explosive


quality in this man's work. Yeah! Very good stuff. What a start he has


had so far. Spring, full twist into double


twist. Hesitation into that link. Strange,


after such difficult work. Two-and-a-half into half and the


flourish into the air. That's a good wide handstand. Good


Japanese handstand. Fully credited. He has this characteristic... There


it is, you see it. There it is again.


So clean on the rollout. They're looking for smooth transitions, the


judges. There was some lovely work in


that.esque static. STUDIO: Well, this is the battle


with the difficulty and the execution. You do something that's a


little bit easier but you do it beautifully well. Third highest


qualifier, Chris. He hasn't given much away there at all. Just a


little bounce back on that first tumble. It was a tiny bit short.


That probably will be a 0. 3. The judges will think it wasn't high


enough. They can pile on deductions. Yeah, double deduction for that. The


paces and the lack of height. He really saved it well. It could have


been a lot more costly and that really was the big mistake of the


day. After that he completed this. Look, two twists and two somersaults


in the straight position. Enormously difficult. Plenty of time to look


for a landing, as well. Are they in full flight or does the floor


surprise them? There, that will be another deduction. A full twist,


immediate double twist. It takes a lot of Orientation. This the double


straight. Loads of height and rotation there. Well, a great


routine from him. He can't contain himself. Yes!


15.2, Santana goes into the lead at this stage. Five gymnasts to go. The


top eight from qualification. Great Britain's Dan Purvis, next to take


to the floor in the SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow. The British champion,


two times European bronze medallist. I love that double twisting double


back, a tiny pace forwards. So efficient. Very good again. The


forward twisting elements linked. The double front. He is really


efficient on the forward double rotation. He seems to know just


where he is. And again. Completely solid.


Lovely, stylish work. The extension off the floor, arms wide, securely


held. That is his signature move, the roll


out on straight legs. No hands. Makes it all look so easy.


The flip without hands into the double Arabian, and he nails the


landing! He grew with that routine. A superb performance. The score to


beat, 15.2. I think he could do it. A slight weakness in the first two


landings, but he certainly went for it for the remaining tumbles. Very,


very impressive from Dan. Even more impressive, it was only just last


night he was performing in the all-around competition with just the


same precision. The double double. A double deduction there. He will lose


for that, but he is such a fighter, he was not making a big step or


putting a hand down. He can sense where he is, just let go of the legs


at the right moment to land on the floor. Super. Accurate. Very


precise. We have said so many times that Dan Purvis is the rock of the


British team. A wonderful all-round team performer. And yet here he is,


absolutely on his own merit. Impressive. It is, Mitch. Such a


hard tumble to finish with. You are unsighted. The national coach, along


with Jeff Brooks, he coaches Dan. It's going to be close. It is close!


15.1, Dan Purvis is in second at the moment.


Deng Shudi scored 15.3 in qualifications. He made a quiet


impression last night. A lovely start. His feet in a port of blue.


-- a pot of glue. Nice, strong chest shape in the


triple Russian. What has impressed me so far is the


control. Oh a little hop forward in the full


twisting double. A good Japanese handstand, well


held. If he sticks this landing, he really is challenging. What a shame.


A big jump forward. The only clear error, Chris. Yes. A tiny bit off


the full completion of the twist as well, but very clean work. He has


had a great championship, Deng Shudi. A championship that has built


over the course of being here. Verification really good, they


almost got it together for the team final but Great Britain beat them.


In the all-around, 18 medal, -- a medal,. So many of them go that


twisting route to build the difficulty. Nice and clean, Chris.


Yes, he is very nice and clean. I often think the team from China


struggle to travel to Europe and perform well. It has probably just


taken them a week or so to settle. Always technically good. You never


see a tiny 's gymnast that's not technically efficient. -- a Chinese


gymnast. Train from so young. If they are going to be a talent, they


are in the system early, where things are done utterly correctly.


Chest really down there, though. The judges can take half a mark for the


chest being so low. And the face. What a pity.


He is in the second. Behind Santana, who still leads the


competition. And Purves is in third at the moment. But for how long?


Kenzo Shirai takes to the floor. A silver in last year's World


Championships. The current world champion didn't make the final here.


The opening tumble had no problems attached. He knows where he is. I


love that as well. When we first saw him, it was always just multiple


twists, but that was multiple twists and multiple somersaults.


Lovely control. In fact, I think he has tidied up his work quite


considerably this year. Full twist into triple twist forwards. He just


has to spin. He has a little bit of virtuosity


there, as well. A bit of originality. He would dearly love to


land the last tumble. Four twists. As clean as you like! That was


fantastic work. Mr Twist does it again. Unbelievable stuff. He was


given a 7.6 difficulty in qualification. Well, I'm sure the


judges will not be deducting for difficulty there, so this is going


to be all on the execution. Can this man be beaten? I don't think so. The


rest of the field were hoping he would make a mistake, because he is


0.8 up on difficulty to anyone else. And he didn't oblige. He made sure


he was absolutely secure. 23 twists, they counted. The boys and girls in


the studio. Incredible. If you think that his difficulty is 7.2... If


they can't take anything off, that is 17.2, he could score. They will


take 0.1 for the sideways, but where do the other marks ago? Apart from


that, it was like hopping off a curb.


I guess maybe sometimes his legs are tiny bit crossed. But to the naked


eye, at normal speed, you really wouldn't notice that. He has had a


16.1 and 16.3 to five, while he has been here. -- 16 point 325.


When you start from 17, it means they still found a mark of


deductions. He increased it considerably from


one of occasion, the difficulty. How confident was that, to step up the


difficulty in the final, knowing what you had before would win?


Max Whitlock. Spins around very efficiently. Two and a half twists.


Three and a half. A skip sideways. He has got those flourishes. His


suits the air flare very well. Keeps the flow.


I love that rhythm. Absolute control.


Two and a half, one and a half from it. Very good work.


He makes the roll out look so easy. Almost ignoring the one and a half


twists. So clean. Triple twist. Just a foot back, but boy, he pull


something out of the locker there. Well done, Max Whitlock. A third


great routine from Max Whitlock in as many days. He must have gone home


last night a bit disappointed to have not been in the medals, but he


has absolutely shown his mettle, to show us a fantastic routine. He


needs over 15.2 to beat Santana. Has to be worth it, I think. Full twist,


two and a half twists, a skip to the side. Uses both arms to shift. Quite


a stylist. He is high through the air, Chris. He won the prize


yesterday for the most stylish gymnast in the competition. So he


has obviously impressed many. I absolutely love this. Pushes hard.


So difficult to time the air flare. Commonwealth gold medallist,


European champion two years ago. What are the judges going to award


him? I would be surprised if he was not


safely above 15.2. That puts him into silver medal


position at the moment, with one gymnast left to go. Great Britain


guaranteed a medal. Fabulous. He kept his cool and produced the


goods. He's got a medal. This will decide what colour.


And this lad can work the floor. Tomas Gonzalez. Just outside the


medals at the Olympics in London. That was a bit of an error right at


the beginning. A big step forwards. These gymnasts performed those


double somersault is so well. That one from a full twist in front


preceding it. Double twisting double back.


Another gymnast with wonderful style. Smooth lift to handstand.


Much better this time, the multiple twists.


And the very popular one and three-quarters which means you


finish by rolling out, rather than on your feet. The bell to say one


more tumble. Triple twist. He was still spinning when he hit the floor


and had to step to the side. A little error on the first and last


tunnel bells. The stuff in the middle was -- tumbles. The stuff in


the middle was great. Impressive this young man. That first tumble,


though, Matt, very expensive. There you go. That's at least five 10ths.


Because he struggled hard not to put his knee down really, didn't he?


Yeah. As you mentioned, Chris, they can judge backwards from that and


say he must have been low, take-off lack of height and the paces and the


deductions stack up. It's a shame because he is a great floor worker.


There weren't many other deductions to it.


Good control that time around. The judges can deduct for lack of height


even on these somersaults that are in combination. You see this, the


triple twist. He bounded to the side.


Well, he said, I did my best! He had a long wait, to be fair. 8th gymnast


up. Oh, yes. The score is in. 8th place for


Gonzalez but that confirms there is your floor world champion, Kenzo


Shirai. Silver last year, this year he is world champion.


And beside him for Great Britain, Max Whitlock. What an achievement


for him. He matches the great Neil Thomas on floor in the early 90s.


93. There is the bronze medallist, Santana. But what a story for Max


Whitlock. Such a great effort yesterday. Here


on floor he has got a silver. Time to refocus. Pommel horse is next for


him. He has a reasonable wait. The women take to their first apparatus.


He has to wait, Chris and he will recover, I think. He looks very


relaxed, which is great. There is the confirmation.


What a floor routine from Dan Purvis, Chris. Yes, he really hasn't


faulted at all. He has been so secure, so confident. Yeah, a real


pleasure to watch. Watching that very closely was Beth, world


champion in 2009 on floor, and Dan Keatings, as well. It went to plan


for Max. I don't think he would have had his sights on gold with -- with


Kenzo. Max went out, he did his job and he was going for that silver


place. You have to remember it's about his fourth day of competition,


to be able to produce another world-class floor routine after last


night's disappointment, as well. His class, his form, it's just, you


can't fault him at all. It just seems incredibly confident with this


routine, Dan. How often do you watch him perform this? Every day in


training. He is one of the best floor workers in the world.


Definitely in our country. Every day he is on the floor doing each,


three-and-a-half, it's unbelievable how easy he makes it look. It's


wonderful that flair work. It's nice with all these gymnasts putting


individual twists on to routines. That's his trademark, as well. I


have seen a couple try it, but not as good as our Max. There was a roar


in the crowd as Ellie Downie got introduced on to the floor here. We


have the vault final coming up. These days it's known as the


vaulting table, it's revolutionised the sport now you have this metre


square area to aim for. Yeah, it has. It changed back in 2000. It was


done for safety reasons. Both men's and women's vaults have increased.


On the women's side you are not going to make a final, or win a


medal unless you are doing the two-and-a-half twisting. We will


come to that move in a second. To start with, Dan, an idea of how this


final will work. Gymnasts get two vaults. Two vaults with two


different entries and they get averaged at the end. If you get 16.


2 and 16. 1 you will get an average of 16. 15. Very good maths there!


Let's look at those different entries and talk us through it. This


is Ellie, you can see the hands are facing backwards, doing a backwards


double twist. In comparison, you can enter the vault forward using the


hand spring entry and multiple twists off it. Don't get caught out


because some of the gymnasts will still use the round off entry but


will do a half turn and still use the hand spring off and that's


counted as a forward vault. OK. We have bills bills bills from the US


-- Simone Biles, the highest qualifier and Hong Un Jong. The


Korean was out of this world. Did about two three-and-a-halves and I


didn't see a step. It's going to be a battle. She has the highest


difficulty than Simone. It is going to be a close battle. Simone will be


next up on stage. We saw the Chinese champion. It's difficult for the


younger gymnasts to have two very difficult vaults at a young age.


Yeah, Ellie is going to have a lower difficulty. But she's got very good


form. The judges don't have much execution to take off her. It will


be interesting to see how she's marked against those that have the


two highest start values. A word on Dipa Karmakar from India, the first


to qualify. She did the Commonwealth Games last year and medaled there.


The first vault is impressive. It's a hand spring double vault. Not many


are attempting it. She did it very well in qualification and that is


the highest difficulty that you are going to see in this vault final.


Well, Simone Biles took silver at the last worlds behind Hong Un Jong,


separated by 0. 0.045. This is going to be an incredible battle. We see


them in the order they go in. Christine, where do you see this


final going? Probably to the Korean. Like Beth said, she looked


efficient. Steingruber is good as well and also Paseka. I think it's


going to be quite a fight. They'll all need to perform well to medal.


It's not going to be a case of get your feet down and the medal is


yours. Well, let's get down to the end of the vault runway. This is


Moreno Medina from Mexico. Has been on the vaulting scene for some years


now. Made many a world final. Last one back in 2011.


21 years old. So, just a reminder, two vaults. The


average is taken. She has two really quite difficult vaults, tariffed


over six difficulty. She's nominated the first with 6. 2


in difficulty. All eyes are on her, there is no other gymnastics on in


the arena. Talk about feeling you are in the spotlight! Not for the


faint-hearted. It's all or nothing on this piece of apparatus. It's


over in the blink of an eye. Vault number one then for Moreno


Medina. Really powerful. Going to approach it forwards. Very good


effort. She went for the hand spring straight front with one-and-a-half


twists. Good shape. But she had a heavy pike down on the landing. Very


impressive, though. Into the straight shape. Twist. A little bit


low. Skip forward. It will be expensive, but very adventurous. A


big push. Twist in the straight body. That big push you are talking


about there, that block, that's so important. Almost the front of the


table there. Front of the table is a little sprung. If you can hit the


right point it gives you a little bit of spring, as well. Of course


you need to be quite a big gymnast to commit that because then you have


to launch over the table and not land on it. Mitch, there is a couple


of different springboards down there, as well. They'll be different


springiness. Yes, it's all about the reaction, the more springs the


quicker the reaction. Some people like a slow reaction. The light


gymnasts will use one with less springs in. Some of the gymnasts


here are very slight and light. That's when the coaches will change


the board. There you can see the score for vault number one. A


difficulty of 6. 2. You may just be able to see over the corner of her


shoulder, at the side, you will see the scorecard of what the difficulty


is for the next vault. Maybe you won't from this angle.


But I can see it from here. I can tell you it's a six.


As Dan said, this has to be different. Can't go on forwards. She


turns. Double twist. That's the half turn on. Straight one-and-a-half


somersault off with two twists. Very difficult. It's why it's given the


tariff of six. But again the step to the side. The characteristic with


her is she attacks it, doesn't she? So aggressive in her approach and


thumps out those vaults. You can see it here. What an example


of it. Lovely power. Twist to the side. Step to the side.


That will be seen. That will be deducted. Yeah, it comes from the


feet over the top on the first move on the flight on. She was already a


little bit offline. But tremendous achievement to make the World


Championship vault final. Top eight gymnasts in the world on vault. For


many of the gymnasts that's a huge ambition and achievement. Actually


the feet weren't completely around the two twists, so the judges, if


they want, could not give it. So that's the score to beat.


The average of the two vaults. Ellie Downie now at the end of the


vault runway. Junior European champion last year.


Gave a great vault for the team and that's another beautiful vault. You


can see she's got bags of height and flight. Plenty of time really to add


in another half twist for Rio. We talked about early on the platform


and she did hit the right spot and absolutely rocketed up from that,


great stuff. She's a fabulous vaulter. You can see the height. She


almost had too much flight. Such a lovely conversion upwards. Slightly


to the side, but in the air so efficient. Here is the shot where


she makes contact. Bang! Yeah, very, very good technically, Ellie. As you


say, Chris, looking ahead to Rio, the team definitely qualify with


that historic bronze medal and to come to an arena like this and know


you can get that kind of height here must fill her with absolute


confidence. Yes, without any doubt, if you want a medal at the Olympics


you will need to do a two-and-a-half.


This one is a difficulty of 5. 6. She holds such beautiful form. Let's


hope she can today. A half turn on. She's forward. Straight somersault.


A half twist. Now we see gymnasts sometimes compromise pike and arch.


She absolutely holds that straight body.


Wonderful execution through the vault. You need to be really squared


to make contact with the platform. The half turn... She was very


square. Beautiful. The gymnasts with the bigger start put another twist


in that, but I'm sure you guys would agree, there is plenty of airtime to


put in another twist. And the shape is right, dead straight, very


efficient, twisting around that axis. Such lovely technique. Super


vaulting. So although a medal might be a long shot today, British


gymnastics feel very hopeful for the future for Ellie as a vaulter. And a


reminder that she is 16 years old. What a score, Ellie Downey into the


lead at the moment. Still plenty of gymnasts to go in the women'svault


world final. Gold at last year's worlds, gold at


the Olympics. Super efficient. There's the two and a half twists.


She just puts it up so high. Two and a half is easy for her. A


pasteboard, but if you look at the height involved in the air, that is


what sets her apart. -- a pace forward. Beautifully technically


down. Hands on quickly. They turned out as she hits it, so she can keep


the elbows straight and pop. And the leg form through the air...


Shoulders extended. Dutiful work. -- beautiful work. The transfer of


energy, it's a very complicated move. It is. And the straight arms


makes it even more efficient. She has given herself time, only in the


last phase of flight did she break form. A fabulous vault. The judges


agreed. This next vault, believe it or not,


is even harder. Talk about saving your best for last. My word. 6.4,


this one. The half turn on, and one and one


and a half twists. Really well performed. Fantastic defence of her


title. Fabulous stuff. She has laid down the gauntlet for Simone Biles.


Keeps up the difficulty, the style, and definitely keeps up the


challenge. In the warm-up, her coach stood on a chair to give her a bit


of lift off the top! She put the chair of the mat, a rickety chair,


and gave her a little bit on the top to give her the airtime. She didn't


need it there, did she? She wasn't really square on. In fact, not quite


as efficient, this bit, as Ellie Downey's. She wasn't quite fully


around, so will she be given the full forward? She well. The


deductions will be for directions. That is now the school to beat. Hong


goes into the lead. Ellie Downey, currently in second.


Steingruber, former European champion. The height off that was


phenomenal. Concise, job done. Precision. I love to see landings


like that. Hardly a bend in the legs. Shoulders up, bang, lovely.


Really good work. We have seen this gymnast row over the last couple of


years, and she is vaulting better here than we have seen her. --


grow. The judges are quite careful with


these deductions. They have the lines on the mat so it is clear if


they have deviated from the centre at all. A good opener, anyway.


Anything can happen on vault. Going into this, our eyes would have


potentially been on the bronze medal for her. A real challenge between


her and the next gymnast, Paseka, and Simone Biles still to come from


the USA. 15.5 is a great start for Steingruber. The next vault is


slightly easier. 5.8, posted up on the difficulty scoreboard behind


her. She has struggled a bit in the past on her second vault. She lifts


up... That was a shame. She lost herself on that. Did it hurt? I


think she landed on a bit of a straight knee. It did hurt. A brave


effort to walk away. It wasn't on, really. We have seen her in training


struggling a bit with the double twist, and she lost herself a bit.


One, and she just came out at the half. Yes, that looks not very


comfortable. She didn't really break out... She


went straight for that leg. She knew she had hurt her knee. Oh, dear. She


does also have a place in the floor final. So, let's just hope


everything is all right for Steingruber. She had time to get


around. That's Sharp. She had time to get around the two twists, she


just lost herself a little bit. The Swiss national coach looks on with


great concern. And with those forward landings, it is very


difficult to spot where the floor is, because you can't see it.


Especially as she wasn't intending to land forward, she was expecting


the land backwards. One of those cases, Chris, where she was an


cited. -- uncited. Downie is in second for Great


Britain, behind Hong Un-jong. Paseka was a medallist in the


Olympics. Her legs were everywhere, but the height and flight is good.


How sharp they have to be on that turn.


The half turn on, and one and a half twists off. It looked better from


this side. From the other side, you could see how the legs split as she


hit and then snapped together to create the twist, which will be


deducted. Very complicated, complex vault. Takes a lot of training, that


one. A good stab at it. The legs a little alive. -- a little awry. She


would have been competing neck and neck with Steingruber, so slightly


lost her focus having seen what happened to Steingruber. A big


tariff of 6.4, difficulty. A big score for vault number one. The next


one a smidgen easier, at 6.3. She needs over 14.56 to go into


third. Very good, two and a half twists. Her favourite vault.


She got a huge mark for the first one considering I thought she was a


little untidy. This was much tidier. The bronze medallist in London at


the Olympics on the vault, so one of the more experienced gymnasts here.


The current European vault champion. You can see from the overhead camera


that she uses the split leg again. On the side on view, the judges


can't see that is clearly. But the flight is very good and she was


clearly down the middle. So at the moment, Paseka leads Hong


Un-jong. Downie in third. The Chinese champion will be up next,


Wang Ya n. Simone Biles after her, and then the Indian gymnast Karmakar


will be the last to go. This gymnast got gold at the


European youth Olympics last year, just 16 years old. Little, but


powerful. The double twisting Tsukuhara. A tiny little gymnast,


she rocketed up. Very efficient, and how clean was the twisting shape? I


thought it was clean, straight or the way. A little pike, and write


down the middle, Mr Bing Crosby! The menus the turn on and don't keep the


feet over their head, so that is very nice vaulting indeed. -- the


men use. The chest was well down on landing,


so that will be deducted, but it is a big tariff, six difficulty. She is


using the technique of the men, where they really just quarter on,


and then one and a half twists out of it. Very efficient. She is after


a total of 14.9 to knock Ellie out of the medals. This next vault is


even harder. She is posting 6.2 on the difficulty scoreboard.


She is actually with good, strong, powerful legs as she runs. Made for


vault. Very aggressive. The feat in and out very fast, and it was the


straight with one and a half twists, just undercooked it. I love the way


she skips along the run, light, fast and powerful. What a shame about the


landing. She will have another final, the beam, tomorrow. For a


little gymnast, you have to get the feet up and over your head so


rapidly to do the straight front somersault with one and a half


twists. She knew she had to go for the difficulty. Was it a definite


touch? Yes, I think so. She seemed to hit one side of the Springboard


there. And they have coils, so you get a bit of a lopsided recoil from


the board if you don't hit the centre. Yes, she did, twice. The


deduction for lack of height and flight. So she will be hammered for


that, unfortunately. At three o'clock today, the men's pommel


final, two British men, Louis Smith and Max Whitlock. Wang, in fourth.


The British men will be thinking in their minds, what they are going to


do, the difficulty level. Stay with us for that. Simone Biles took


silver at last year's World Championships. She needs a total of


over 15.63. This vault is quite astounding. Have you seen anyone fly


higher and be tighter in the air? It was fantastic. Nonchalantly walks


off the mat at the end! She knows the job is only half done. Absolute


focus. It took my breath away. It's a rocket take-off, isn't it?


Unbelievable. Again, she hits in just the right position, and then


she almost seems to hover through the shoulders, the fingers. She


finds an extra bit of height after, and then wrapping it up. No twisting


off the top there. The form and style in-flight...


The all-around champion gets 15.9 for vault number one. Made history


with three consecutive titles in the women's all-around competition. The


medal tally is not over yet, I'm sure. She does do a slightly


simpler second vault, so it has to be perfect. The half turn, the


straight body, and it pretty well was perfect! She heard you! Great


stuff from her. One-and-a-half twists was clean. Did


I give an extra twist there? Was I too generous? I think just the half.


She does it so cleanly she fools you into thinking there is more twists.


Lovely shape. Clean execution. If we are being picky, she was slightly


offline! Go on, Matt, find a 10th somewhere. She her body shape in


flight just perfectly. A joy to watch and witness. So close at last


year's vault final. Oh! Third. Chris, you sit there with a raised


eyebrow. Well, the tariff was down. The tariff was lower. It was only a


5. 6. I guess that's what lost it for her. Talking of tariffs... Yes,


Dipa Karmakar with a seven difficulty.


And she has to squeeze this in. Oh! Just got her feet down. If you don't


get the feet down first it's a zero. I think she did. She did. The spin,


she was a little late getting in, I think. Didn't get the reaction from


the top of the table. But she span when she had so. -- when she had to.


Yes, cleanly feet first. I think deduction for a low landing and I


know it sounds ridiculous, but she tucked the legs a bit early, a bit


of a deduction for that. But a very ambitious vault. It's a sit down.


That's a sit that. That angle certainly made it look like it,


didn't it? Yeah. Hey has to lose a mark for that. I think so. She


scored 15. 1 in qualification with that vault. Similar thing happened.


You have to remember that this vault is being marked out of 17. Slightly


better than qualification. So her final vault and the final


vault of this women's world vault final. It's a six difficulty.


She went on forwards for the hand spring, so now she has to turn on.


Here we go. Oh! Double twist on. She stuttered to the side. A great


achievement for a gymnast from India to have made a world final, the


first time a female gymnast has achieved that. She will be a little


bit disappointed with the performance. Well, she will need 14.


899 to knock Ellie Downie out of 4th position.


That's going to be heavily deducted, isn't it? Legs apart on contact. No


landing, to the side. -- low landing to the side. She just managed to


keep her hands off the floor. But there was plenty of deductions for


the judges to get their teeth into. So the European champion looks


pretty comfortable. Until we see this final score it will not be


confirmed. Karamakar finishes in 5th place. There is the new world


champion on vault, Maria Paseka from Russia takes the title.


Well, a bit of a surprise really, wasn't it, Chris? Yes, it really


was. It was difficulty that made the difference. Hong Un Jong in most


people's minds was the favourite. She is good in the air, as well.


Simone Biles, what about that? Yes, I think she would be surprised. I am


sure she could up the difficulty of that second vault and maybe she will


feel she has to for the Olympics now which would be great. Maria Paseka


is the gold medallist then. Simone Biles has to be content with bronze.


Great job from Ellie Downie. For the moment she's battling -- for a


moment she was battling for bronze. To vault with such confidence is


great for the future. Yes indeed. I think just in a second we can talk


to Ellie about that. Ellie, 4th on the first individual


World Championships final. How happy are you with that? Over the moon. I


know what I had to do what I am doing in training, couldn't have


done them better so pleased. Mitch and Christine commented you looked


confident. Did you have any nerves? I wasn't too nervous, vaults are my


sprongest piece and I kind of know what I am didding. -- strongest. I


had to do the best I could. You are still young, there is still much


more time to improve? I am not disappointed at all. The first world


vault final and coming in 4th is amazing. I have some upgraedz for


next year so I know that when they're ready I could be pushing for


those medals. You are not finished yet. You still have the floor final.


How do you feel going into that? I have to do the best I can. I


qualified in 8th and I have to go out there and enjoy it. Well done,


thank you. Thank you. Well, Beth, very impressive vaulting


indeed from Ellie Downie. Really a similar tactic to Simone Biles, went


for the easier second vault and sometimes it can pay off. It can.


She has clean form and knows those vaults inside out. She knows exactly


how to land them and like she said she has upgrades at home that maybe


weren't ready for these championships so who knows what we


can see from this young star. Dan, as far as back in the training gym


is concerned what will be happening to perfect that extra little bit of


twist there ready for Rio? I think she will be working on getting a


little bit more height and consistency in training, maybe to


get extra twists or upping the second vault for more twists. You


will do it into a foam pit and when it's ready finally go over hard.


Having these all round gymnasts that can specialise in one particular


field, that really is the goal for British gymnastics as we know it so


you have the chance at individual all rounds and a chance at team and


Ellie is a perfect example of that. She is. That's what has helped


British gymnastics rise up through the ranks. We have so many strong


individualists but they're also strong on the all round. Every time


you are stepping out into this competition arena you are picking up


that experience and getting used to the crowds. This was I think her


fourth competition out. By tomorrow she will be a dab hand at this and


not phased by the at miss fear. Very shortly we will be able to see Louis


Smith and Max Whitlock in the pommel horse final. There is a slight


hiccup in his preparations for that because he has to come out and get a


medal for floor. He would rather be obviously in the gym, would he not,


and receive the medal at the end of the day? He would. Rather be back


there preparing for the pommel but he is one of the last gymnasts up so


he has time to mentally prepare after he gets the silver medal. He


will be happy to come out, get the medal in front of a home crowd and


look forward to the pommel final. We don't want to miss a thing on this


ceremony. We will hand over to Mitch and Christine in the commentary box


to talk us through Max getting that remarkable silver medal on floor.


Remarkable it was really. He has had a series of tests over the past days


and kept his stamina, kept his focus and produced a great floor.


This is a great start. He twists so efficiently. A stylish gymnast, as


well, Christine. He is. He hauls had that flair on the floor -- he has


always had that flair on the floor. He has worked extremely hard to pick


up the other apparatus to become the great all-rounder he is. I think


even though Max would have been disappointed yesterday to have made


a mistake and not have got the medal, I think he hasn't had a great


year. He suffered a little bit with ill-health and it's just not been an


easy year for him. So to come off the back of a year that hasn't been


perfect and actually come so close to the world champion I think it


will have given him a bit of a boost. Santana, joyfully, takes to


the medal podium. The complete showman, isn't he, Mitch?


Definitely. Played to the crowd and so he should. A great performance.


Representing Great Britain, Max Whitlock! Here he is, the young man,


he served himself and his country very well indeed in that final to


take a silver medal. Max Whitlock for Great Britain takes


the silver. The winner of the gold medal and 2015 men's floor world


champion, representing Japan, Kenzo Shirai. Was it ever really in doubt?


I don't think so. MrTwister and MrPopular. Very unassuming young man


with superb technique and a wonderful twisting repertoire. A


worthy world champion. Fantastic floor work from these three young


men and Kenzo Shirai comes out top with a gold medal well deserved.


The first of five gold medals to be presented today goes around the neck


of Kenzo Shirai. I remember him as a gymnast, presenting the medals.


Ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem of Japan.


Kenzo, arigato! A lovely smile, we have said before, he is a very


unassuming man. A third gold medal for Japan. They have been at the top


in the team, in the individual, now the first apparatus medal goes to


Japan. Really showing their dominance at this championships.


Gold to Kenzo Shirai. Silver for Max Whitlock. Santana takes the bronze.


And what a floor final it was. Max Whitlock will refocus for the


pommel, which will be up shortly. With two British gymnast in that


final, we have dimensioned Dan Purvis as well, who finished in


fifth. That is it for finals for him, but what a World Championships


is as bad. Definitely. He can walk away with his head held high, he has


not made a single mistake, he has been amazing individually and for


the team. What a World Championships it has been for him. To put in these


consistent 15 scores, that is so important of the world stage. It is


important not only for himself but for the British team. He really put


in the effort for the silver medal for the team. In the Rio games, they


are going to be looking for consistency and difficulty, and


Andorra ticks both of those boxes. Does he have quite a bit of fuel


left in the tank? Yes. He has been working for some upgrades on the


floor, they weren't quite ready, working really hard so he can push


into the medals. Talking of the rest of the British team, let's have a


look ahead to the finals on their way this afternoon.


Ruby Harrold will compete in the uneven bars finals. Bronze in the


Commonwealth Games, and an impressive team final routine. Max


Whitlock refocusing after the silver on floor, going for gold in the


pommel final. The biggest challenge will be Louis Smith. How difficult


will he go? How fit is he, after this remarkable comeback he has had?


Time will tell. It won't be long before the boys are out in the


arena. I think Louis is going to be feeling, well, he will be as relaxed


as he possibly can be under this kind of pleasure. Yes, since Louis


has made his comeback, he has seemed the most calm and chilled out he has


ever been, and his form has been fantastic. Dan mentioned he has had


ten competitions this year and his lowest score has been 15.3. That


gives them confidence. His advantage is he has not done as many


competitions as the rest, so he is fresh. So you could be joined? You


are the only world champion we have got. It was a title that changed


British gymnastics as we knew it. Just before this competition, we


delved into the archives and went back to that golden year of 2006.


What do you remember about this bit? Not a lot. You kind of go into


autopilot. A very big series. Two releases.


This is the one that came to grief last time. She went for broke! , on,


she must keep her concentration. More big skills to come. -- come on.


This was where we had a few problems last time. Full pirouette into the


dismount. SQL twisting double back, wow! Fantastic. -- full twisting


double back. Yes! The relief in your face as you start waving to the


crowd there... It was because everyone else around me was so


nervous. Very impressive still. Obviously you knew you had done your


best here. The weight must have been horrendous. That's the hardest part,


waiting for your score, because there is nothing you can do. Did you


think you had got it at this point? No. She has scored 16.2! Fantastic!


How about that? Britain's Beth Tweddle is in the lead! Did you


think there are could beat you? I knew if she did her normal routine,


she couldn't, but you never believe it until you see the scores. Were


you watching really closely? Yes! Everyone was. There's the score, she


is in third, so hey, we have a world champion!


It's the dream, to be world champion. There's nobody on the


planet better than you. When you hear that news, you have got the


flag... I don't know what I was going! I just ran around with it.


That is what you do when you are world champion! I cringe watching


this! Why? We have to applaud. The flag didn't leave me all night, I


took it on the podium. Amazing. There you are with the world gold


around your neck. How did that compared to the first medal you won


as a little gymnast? So much more special. I think because no one had


ever done it. Do I sing, do I not? I chose not to, I think. Absolutely


tremendous. Unbelievable. There you are, Beth, at 21! A


youngster! How did that moment change your life? Two other world


titles followed. I wouldn't say it changed my life. Between myself and


my coach, it changed the belief. A lot of people said we could win a


world title but until you get the medal around your neck, you don't


really believe it. For the whole of British gymnastics, the younger


generation coming through, they were thinking, it has always been Russia,


Romania, America, and now suddenly British gymnastics is able to pick


up a medal. So hopefully a lot of youngsters were inspired to follow


in my footsteps. You didn't just do it on one piece of apparatus. There


are only four in women still aspects, and to be world champion on


two of them... When I did it in London, it was a surprise. I wanted


to come away with a bar medal and I crashed out in qualification. I


remember thinking, why do I do gymnastics and put myself through


this disappointment? But I ended up in the floor vinyl, went up first


and my name stayed at the top of the board. -- floor final. It was the


best feeling, it almost meant more to me. Maria Paseka takes gold, Hong


Un-jong, a silver medal. And Simone Biles takes the bronze back to the


USA. She played it a little safe on the second vault to come third.


There is the new world champion. Ladies and gentlemen, the National


anthem of the Russian Federation. Maria Paseka vaults her way to the


world title. Glasgow, show your appreciation for our World


Championship medallists! No doubt you have been inspired by what you


are watching, and if you would like to get involved in sport in general,


have a look at our website. Lots of information on there on how you can


get involved. Every athlete has that certain person, maybe sees a certain


moment, that makes them feel like they can achieve greatness. And here


is Louis Smith's inspiration. My idol in gymnastics was a Romanian


gymnast. He was exceptional on the pommel horse. He scored a perfect


ten back in the day, I remember watching him. He has got a ten! The


first time since this has been introduced. Look at his face! I


idolised this guy, I wanted to be like him. I did the Glasgow Grand


Prix at 16 years old, competing against him. I'm a member doing this


competition and looking over and thinking, that's him. -- I remember


doing this competition. I couldn't believe it. I qualified for the


final with Krisztian Berki and Urzica. I remember standing on the


podium, and right then, it changed. It went from being a fan boy to


suddenly... I can't wait to beat you. I went from not believing I


could compete against them to suddenly, I really want to kick your


backside. It was so surreal. Someone I idolised, a role model on TV, to


suddenly I almost beat him at 16 years old. It was crazy. And Louis


has continued to beat some of the finest gymnasts in the world.


Exciting news, well, it isn't for Krisztian Berki, the Olympic


champion hasn't qualified for this final. So this could well be Louis


's chance, and Max's chance as well. Louis Smith had a moment in the team


final, he muscled through and stayed on, and that is the key on this


piece. Definitely. He went for a more difficult routine in the team


final. It was good for him to get that routine under his belt in this


arena so he was fully confident ahead of the final. Beth, it is


always that conundrum of difficulty versus execution, because we know


that Macs can do a very difficult routine as well. Usually in finals,


gymnasts will tend to raise their game. Louis is going in the middle


of the field so he will have to decide whether to go for the more


difficult routine. Personally, I think he will go for broke, he has


nothing to lose. Max is at the end so he can decide which routine to


put out there. The first gymnast coming out is the European silver


medallist, the, from Armenia. He is more than handy. Merdinyan. He has


been inconsistent in the past but he did a really nice routine in


qualification, so interesting to see what he can do here today. Vernyayev


will be next up. He did not have much fun in the all-around on the


pommel. But if he hits, he is going to be hard to beat. He is going to


be hard to beat, but having had the disappointment last night, he will


want to rectify it. He is one to watch. He has strength of


character, he has come back after disappointment and won world


titles, so he is a dark horse. And he posted a 7 difficulty in


qualification. He is handy on the pommel, if he can stay on, he will


come away with a big score. Some big guns in this, it's not going to be


an easy final to win. This is the US champion, Naddour. Max will have


watched all of these gymnasts burst, or maybe he will be training and not


paying any attention at all. That is your tactic. -- gymnasts first.


Scott will be keeping an eye on it for Max I think he will look at the


presentation and then be back in the gym taking his mind off what


everyone else is doing. What a competition the Japanese gymnasts


are having. He was alongside Uchimura, who won his sixth


consecutive title. This man definitely wants a medal hanging


around his neck at the end of today. Who knows what colour it will


be? He knows what it is like to medal at this level. Louis Smith,


looking calm. He looks really calm, looks like he is enjoying every


moment. Relaxed, and that is good to see. He has the gloves on, to keep


his hands warm, Beth. It is very important. Because he is in the


middle of the pack, he has to decide, does he go back to the


warm-up gym, does he stay out? By the look of the gloves, he has


chosen to stay in the arena and get the atmosphere. Another world and


Olympic finalist, Vid Hidvegi. He is quite used to this competition. He


went to college in Leeds. He competed alongside us as a guest in


the British Championships for a couple of years, so we know him very


well. Not the highest start value, but


what he does is very clean, so he can expect in the low 15s. Someone


to keep an eye on, Robert Seligman. He was fifth in last year's worlds,


fourth in the Euros. If the others crumble, he is consistent. There is


always that chance. That is what it is about in the final, if you can


put in a good routine and stay on the pommel, you are going to be in


with a chance. He is back. Is he ready? Has he had enough time to


calm down since both -- since the silver medal on floor? The most


almighty roar for Max Whitlock. It is great to be here. In everyday


life now, people are able to name these British gymnasts. Back in the


day, you would not even have known if a British gymnast was competing,


but nowadays people are following the team's progress and they are


able to tell you what they are up to. The preparation is over.


The stage is set. The question is will Beth be joined as the only


gymnast to have a world title? We are going to hand down to Mitch and


Christine in the commentary box. What a final in store, the men's


pommel horse. Mitch and Christine, over to you. Lots of British


interest, of course. This is the most precarious of the men's


apparatus. Harutyun Merdinyan from Armenia. Of course, no warm-up in


the arena. They warmed up a couple of hours ago. They have to come in


cold. He just had a little feel of the handles. And that's all. It's a


huge test. First up in a world pommels final.


Nice travelling scissor with half turn. Unusually simple start but he


is into a rhythm very quickly. Good circles on one handle. Triple


Russian. Three times around with a straight body. Likes his triple


Russians this young man. Up he goes. Nicely through to go first up. Clean


and efficient. Well done. Well, that looked to me quite a solid


challenge. Might not be the most difficult but it was not shoddy. The


difficulty score was 6. 7 in qualification so it's right up


there. He didn't give much away at all. Absolutely. The trick is to go


through on an apparatus like this, that's an advantage. Definite


feather in his cap to go through as first up. Now the others have to


watch it. A difficult job from the guy who qualified second. Got 15.


466 in qualification. I would have thought he would be towards that,


wouldn't you? His style was great. The transitions between the circles


and the single leg work and the flairs were all very good. Very


efficient indeed. He has to be around 15. 3. Is there a little bit


of a hesitation on the dismount? Just paused slightly. That can make


a difference. They like to see it swing all the way through, almost


accelerated to the end. I think that was a good routine and certainly as


first man up a great job. The pressure is on the others.


Absolutely. That's when it's great to be first, when it all goes well!


Oh, yes. What does the European silver medallist - what has he


achieved here? Posted a difficulty score of 6. 7. He has matched that


with difficulty. 15. 5. It's a big score. A great start. First up, a


big score. The others really have to be on song here. On that difficulty


theme, Oleg Verniaiev put up a seven difficulty in qualification. He can


swing pommel horse, I tell you that. Light, quick, accurate. Great in the


handstand. Nice little undercut to get into the second handstand.


A little hesitation there. You have to keep the swing. Triple Russian


between the handles, not a lot of room to do that skill.


Great on one handle. There is the rushen on one handle. Back in,


that's so difficult. -- Russian. Oh! You could see there, as he started


that treble, but well rescued. He has his form back. Into the


handstand. Lost the body shape, stayed on that end, but still built


a sufficient difficulty dismount. Yeah, what a recovery. Whether or


not he will get that seven value on the difficulty we will have to wait


and see, but execution a few 10th, Chris. He just looked like a


different gymnast to last night. We saw him in the all round last night


when he could easily have been up there fourth on the pommel horse, he


really looked so much more secure today. He has a lovely technique. I


was really supplied to see this happen. -- really surprised to see


this happen. Shoulders on the wrong side. He had to break form to keep


contact. A big pike to get back in. The judges won't miss these things.


But very much worth breaking form in order to stay on, Mitch. Oh, yes!


Three 10ths against one whole mark. No brainer. There quick thinking


because the body wasn't straight enough to travel and twist


efficiently. Did well. 15. 5 the score to beat. I think he will be


lucky to get that. I think so. His qualification score was 15. 15.


Well, we will see what the judges come up with. They've to be super


strict today and all be in line with their scores. Let's keep an eye on


that difficulty score, as well. And see if they've deducted on that. The


discussion will be whether the break of form was bad enough to take away


the value of the difficulty. That's the discussion. Well, they've stuck


with a seven. He gets 15. 266. Merdinyan still leads from Armenia.


Alexander Naddour from the USA approaches the pommel horse. Been


watching this guy all week training, in the same group as the Netherlands


team, and he really is a good pommel worker. The United States have


lacked those in the past. Lovely handstand. Good undercut into the


second handstand. Slight lack of rhythm there.


So much time on the one handle combinations, that's very unusual.


Spindle catches so many out, but not him, not today.


Oh! He did well to recover after that


slight break of form. But again you cannot afford to give anything away.


Really pacy routine. Like you say, Mitch, almost because he had such a


good pacy routine he could cover it up and move into the next thing.


Pretty impressive. He seemed to have so much time on one handle. The


whole routine flowed very well. When you make a giant treble to set up a


giant treble you have to keep form, get your shoulders over the right


side of the handles. The gymnasts can feel when they need to split,


feel when they need to get that extra little bit of swing, by fair


means or foul. Look at this on the one handle. So much time. Not a lot


of space there. He makes it. He is a good pommel worker.


A little brush of the legs there. A bend of the knees. They're all


little deductions from the judge's pen.


The discussion now... Did they see it, he is saying? Yes, they did is


the answer. 15. 2. Naddour in third as it stands at the moment.


Five gymnasts left to go in this world pommel horse final. Kazuma


Kaya is the next gymnast. Louis Smith is next after this.


What impresses me about him is the sheer joy of being here and


competing. Let's see if he can retain it over the next 40 seconds


or so. Treble, in scissor. Not spectacular lash. Keeps the swing


and rhythm. -- spectacular. Handstand. Nicely done.


He is making a combination now. The difficulty is there. He did that


treble without a break of form. And again. Slight pike on the end. He is


going well. This will be the break into the handstand sequence. Safely


through. He is up there. Look at him. He is celebrating again. He is


loving it. A mature performance for an 18-year-old. He's loved this


championships. You can see a real showman. Full of enthusiasm. Quite


different to the usual demeanour of the Japanese gymnasts. Yes, this was


relatively simple in the start and the pick up. Then he got into the


real business of the routine after this handstand. Did the very


difficult move. Some marks are lost when you pick up from this work into


the circles. He is not fully extended but it's a clean, efficient


swing. Makes the treble. A D dismount with a little flourish,


as well. He was in control. Well done, young man. When we say they


have to include the ten best elements, they have to include the


dismount in that, so it has to be of a high level. If you want to just


get off with something very simple, you start - the difficulty score


will be down. And you get a contact deduction. 15. 5. Kaya goes into


joint lead with Merdinyan, sharing gold at the moment. Well done, young


man. The stage is set, Matt. Well, here is the current European


champion. Third at the worlds back in 2011. Double Olympic medallist.


He looks calm. He looks ready. He is a man who can swing almost


slowly and deliberately. Look at that.


A good start. Slight delay on the pick up. Second


handstand is fine. Precision and time. The Russian was


great. So easy to lose with, but he


doesn't! -- to lose rhythm. Safely through the Wu.


The handstand sequence. A small delay, art makes sure of the


pirouette! A superb dismount, a great routine. He is in the


running, for sure. Well done! That was tremendous. He used all of his


experience there. What a performance for Great Britain's Louis Smith!


What is so impressive is the time he seems to have to do it. It was paced


beautifully, it was precise, it was rhythmical. That was great to watch.


That's the best performance I've seen him do. For me, he looks like a


true master of the apparatus now. The way he came down from the


handstand into the flares, the power he generated in the hips... The


accuracy on one handle. The transition here, that's beautiful.


You remember those flares, Matt, I'm sure. Not giving too many full marks


away. The arm flies up, that's the flourish they all want to achieve. I


have got so much time, Mr Judge, take something away from that if you


dare. Surely it has to be a medal? I reckon. Fantastic work, the ultimate


performer. It's a huge score! He is in the lead at the moment. The


look on his face... I told you I could do it! A terrific score and a


huge challenge for those to come. Three left to go, Max Whitlock is


one of them, but that is a very tough score to beat. This one will


be going right down to the wire. The Vid Hidvegi, 29 years old. He is


capable of more than 15.16, which he qualified, but quite a lumpy start.


You need to be smooth and clean. Lovely extension. To achieve that on


one handle is impressive. Quick through the Russian. Quick through


the spin. Triple Russian. The body has to be


kept straight. Up and back, Mr Magyar invented


those moves. A heavy delay, but he rescued it. A good routine from


Hidvegi. A little smile. He had a lot of pressure on him after having


watched Louis Smith's phenomenal performance. Many might have wilted


under the intensity of the crowd. But no, an experienced professional


gymnast. He did a good job. The swing was light once he got going,


he had a lumpy start. The judges have been quite heavy on this. The


spin takes a lot of practice, to extend from it. Some lovely touches.


That hesitation will cost him at least three tenths.


The arch in the handstand would do him huge credit. -- won' t.


He has been in the shadow of Krisztian Berki for so long, who


didn't even make this final. Louis Smith, the current leader, two left


to go. Merdinyan and Kaya share the silver


at the moment. Robert Seligman from Croatia is the third highest


qualifier. He is the only gymnast who stands between Great Britain


having a world champion, because Max Whitlock is the last gymnast to go


after him. A very elegant gymnast. Swings with


extension, but you need to attack it. And he lumped his way through


that, a deduction on the travel. The extension at the front of the swing,


and the spindle keeping the extension makes this routine very


special. Shape. He lost the style. To stay extended on the difficult


one-handed combinations is a risk. It did not pay off this time. Most


people, Matt, play it safe there and don't really go for the extended


shape. He's a great stylist, you know. Look


at that, love it. Super. Travel up, travel back, lovely shape. Triple


Russian. He complains it with the dismount. -- he completes it. I'm


fortunate. Like you said, one of the cleanest performances, in terms of


while he was circling. Beautiful style. A great distance between his


body and the handles, which is what you are looking for. He is a great


technician. I feel sorry that his technique wasn't rewarded on this


occasion. Throwing the hips forward, fully extended, travels forward and


backwards. Lovely style. The dismount is a Delta level, but he


needs to get the legs over the 30 degrees horizontal and I don't think


he does it. -- the dismount is a D. Maybe. Shame.


Will there be a bit of tussling from the judges, before the score is out?


Such an experienced gymnast, 29 years old. We have commentated on


him for many a year. Many. What does the pommel have in store


for Max Whitlock here? Louis Smith will be watching very, very closely.


Max put in a score of 16.1 in the all-around competition. Louis has a


score of 16.03. I can remember the days when the British team used to


approach the pommel horse with fear and trepidation. How that has


changed. Make your witnesses your strengths and you will be a


champion. -- your weaknesses. That confirms that Great Britain have a


world champion, but which gymnast will it go to? Max Whitlock whiz his


-- with his 20th routine of these championships. They could share


gold. Max Whitlock for Great Britain in this world pommel final. That


hesitation will cost him three. There won't be many more if he is on


song. Lovely pace and rhythm. He skipped through that. Lovely


pick-up. The spindle was quick and extended. This is good work. Travel


up, travel back, keep stretching, young man. No break of form,


straight into the triple Russian. He is up into the dismount series,


makes the pirouette! What a superb challenge. Just the tiny fault at


the start, but that is a challenge, and that is phenomenal. Well, it


really is a battle of the Britons. Who is it going to be? It's going to


be very, very close. It will certainly need all of those expert


judges to prise them apart, but what a fantastic team performance.


Unbelievable. It has to be 16 plus, just the error at the start. Look at


the camaraderie between those two. 16.03 is the score to beat. The


speed he went through was rages. The pick-up from the flares into the


extended circle sets him apart. -- was courageous.


Very unusual, very, very impressive. It's going to be so close... How


great to see them both work so well. No one capitulated. They fought to


the end. The score to beat for silver is 15.5. So you think it is


Britain one and two? Oh, yes. I would love to see a shared gold. Not


quite the aplomb at the end that Louis had. It's going to be close.


He already has a silver to his name today, he got a silver in the team


final as well. Is this his golden moment?


Max Whitlock is the pommel horse world champion! He beats Lewis Smith


into silver. What a story for this young man. Silver in the all-around,


silver on their macro and now he is a world champion on the pommel


horse. -- silver on floor. In the past the pommel was a problem for


Great Britain. Not now. A fantastic performance for both Brits. Louis


finishes with the silver, but Max Whitlock did not collapse under the


pressure and produced a fantastic routine. What a championship this


has been for our British gymnasts. Louis Smith, gracious in second. Max


Whitlock, victorious in gold. And you know what? He did a routine with


0.1 more difficulty and that is what won it for him, the courage to go


for that extra bit. Well spotted, Chris. He needed that difficulty.


The Armenian Merdinyan takes blonde. He was first up, he had a long


wait. -- takes bronze. A joint bronze with Kaya. What a special


moment for Team GB. You can almost see his body sagging with relief


there. Let the shoulders drop, deep breath, you have done a fabulous


job, old chap. And Louis did brilliantly as well. What a


performance. I don't think Max can believe it. He can hear the roar but


this will feel like a dream moment. Beth Tweddle knows what it feels


like to achieve this accolade. Beth, you are now joined by Max


Whitlock. There is confirmation that he is the world champion.


Beth, if we can just reflect on this. Max almost looks stunned. He


does. I don't think Max sometimes realises how much of an impression


he is having on these competitions and he knew what toad do. I don't


know whether he will have seen Louis score when he came out and it was a


huge score to beat. He scored 16. 1 yesterday. He did his routine and


you can see the relief. As soon as the cameras came to him his


shoulders like... Yeah, finally done it! Scott, as well, his coach, it


would have been hard for him last night and to come back - I texted


them both and said you will come back fighting tomorrow. They've done


it. Well, we are going to go straight down now and talk to Max.


David is with him. I am with the new world champion.


Max Whitlock, and the new silver medallist, Louis Smith. Max, world


champion. How does that sound? It's unbelievable. I never thought, you


know, if I ever dreamed of hitting that moment, I never thought I would


get emotional but I feel it now. It's unbelievable. To be alongside


Louis, you know, done an amazing job with massive 16. Over the moon.


Louis, the silver medal but a massive score and there was only


really one guy that could possibly beat you today, wasn't there? Yeah,


Max, the whole time I have been back I have been playing catch-up to Max.


He has proved himself this competition. Unbelievable. For GB,


you know, one and two on the pommel horse, having come from the floor,


as well. Max has done an unbelievable job. I am so happy.


Max, you have done 20 routines now this week. What has it taken out of


you? It's taken a lot out of me. My legs on floor were a bit Ely. Happy


to push three and the -- Ely and happy to wush through and the


support helped me get through. It's been a tough year for you. You have


been ill. This is the culmination of a tough year. Yeah, it has been a


tough year with glandular fever at the beginning of the year. This


makes up for everything. All of that stress, all of everything on the


build-up to this, I am absolutely over the moon. I can't believe it.


It's history, the first British man to win a gold medal. Yeah, I am


speechless to be honest. I can't believe it. It's amazing. For


yourself it's been a road back, as well, Louis. A break after London


2012. You have come - you are up there again, aren't you? The idea


was to prove I am consistent and prove I can be an asset for the


team. This is my last competition of the year. Every competition I have


been in I have done a clean routine. Every competition I have done first


and second place. I am happy, I have done my job. The main goal was


qualifying for Rio, done that. I am just so happy to be back and yeah,


it's just been crazy. You are both finished the competition now. Max,


if I could ask you to sum up for the week for GB, I know you are


speechless. It's been historic for everyone. Starting with the silver


medal as a team was unbelievable for us. Everyone's literally got such a


high off it, and everyone's gone through, with The Adrenalin and gout


out there and performed on the day, couldn't have asked for a better


championships. You said GB is one of the best nations in the world. We


are definitely the best gymnastics nation on pommel horse in the world.


What can we add to that? Unbelievable. Congratulations. Thank


you very much. Well, humbling to hear them talk.


They're so down to earth. Yet what they can achieve physically is


just... That word unbelievable is so overused, but in this case it's


justified. Unbelievable! And it was. What shined through there was two


guys, they're not foes, they're comrades there. They're sharing this


triumph. I am sure it will have been just as well the other way around,


Chris. I am sure Max would have been just as complimentary if Louis had


won gold. Yes, you know, they're team members. They fought together,


as they both said, the major reason for this championships was team


qualification. Once that was done then it changed. But really team


qualification was what it was all about. The focus as a team together


was the most important thing. They've held that bond through to


this. Ruby Harrold has -- has just been introduced to the crowd. What a


treat for all those people who bought a ticket today. Ruby is on


the uneven bars, which is the next final we are going to be treated to.


I don't know if Beth is around to talk to. As a world champion on


bars, Beth, you know what this event is all about. Talk us through what


we expect to see here and how the routines are going to work. With the


bars you lead a mixture of turning elements and release and catch


elements, most gymnasts are connecting a lot of release and


catch elements, that's how they'll build up their difficulty. There is


a variety of routines that you are going to see. It could be anyone's.


There is a lot out there with a similar start value, had a


disappointment in the team values. Obviously you have ruby from Great


Britain. Her third bar world finals so who knows what could happen


today? Russia have had a great individual finals so far.


Spiridonova highest qualifier. European champion. She is one to


look out for. However, we are going to start with Shang Chunsong from


China. Just outside the medals in the all round competition.


Very light, slight gymnast. But really dynamic. Look at that.


Beautiful clear circle. Back up to the high bar. You link the


difficulties together to get the bonus. Here a pirouette series. Two


lovely pirouettes into a sky high front somersault. Really builds the


difficulty. She was a tiny bit late on that half turn, but a very big


high and well landed full twisted double back. That was a solid


opening. I would expect her to be towards a 15 for that first routine.


Well, she got a 15. 233 in the team final and 15. 15.166 in the all


round. So clean, wasn't she? She was. The


Chinese gymnasts are very good at the pirouettes. That was lovely and


high. That's the flight from the low to the high bar, which is very hard


for her because she's a tiny little gymnast. Some of the taller gymnasts


make that easier. You can see lovely straight arms on the giant swing.


Knees glued together on the full twisting double tuck. I thought she


was going to nail it there. Just that little hop to bring it under


control. She smiles. She's had a good championships so far. She was


impressive in the all round competition. Wasn't one of the


gymnasts that had been talked about a lot for the overall title but in


the end it came down to that last apparatus and she was fighting for


the bronze medal. Technically that routine, the releases were high and


clean, the pirouettes were accurate. Everything about it was technically


super. Not very much wrong with it at all. A great job. Interestingly


in team qualification they struggled. Just dips below the 15.


So, that's the benchmark. Sophie Scheder.


5th in last year's World Championships. Renowned gymnast for


her uneven bar work. Lovely stoop in and out. And a stoop. They're very


difficult when they don't put the feet on. From The Stoop again. Here


we go, half turn from that stoop into the super high, front


somersault. If they time them right they can really fly and that is


really impressive. A little bit of a quiet half turn. Before the


dismount. Full twisting. Oh! What a shame. She buckled at the knees


there. It was a great first half that routine. Then the last half had


about three moves that were of no value before the dismount. Sort of


petered out. It was a clear buckle on the dismount. It's hard to


appreciate how much energy they burn in that routine. That was lovely.


Straight back down with the half turn. Those are the two devalue


elements, linked together will give her a bonus. Shoulders really down.


She keeps the chin in so that she can see the bar easily before she


gets there. Lovely form and extension through the ankles. She's


been particularly outstanding on bars. Surprise about the dismount,


Mitch. She didn't look as though it was going to be underrotating. No.


But that will be at least 0. 8, I think of deductions. Do they class


knee contact as a fall? They do. That was close. She just got away


with it. The target is still Shang Chunsong


from China. Next up Fan Yilin, just 15 at the moment. Even at 15, she's


the Chinese champion. Got a bronze at the Asian championships. A 6. 9


difficulty in the team final. Stoop to pirouette and similar


construction. That's what makes that difficult. Didn't have the upstart


or handstand between any of these moves. They've had about five


deelements in a row. Here we go again. One turn. Second turn. Third


with a hop. Kicks high. Lovely double straight.


She packed that routine. No wasted elements. Doesn't give the judges


very much to deduct. That was really powerful. There is much more to a


routine than just the dismount but it helps if you dismount with that


quality. Great. Just a reminder, 14. 9 the score to beat.


There is the first pirouette. Straight to the difficult deelement.


Straight to another and feet in for another one. It really is the way


you combine the work. That was four or five elements all in a row. Look


how early she sets up that pirouette. The battle with the guys


is to get that sort of efficiency. The coaches in this cycle have been


allowed to stand close but for me I think that's interfering with the


performance. I am surprised that the judges are allowing it. As


intrusively as that the coach stood there. However, it didn't detract


from a really good bar routine. There is the current leader eagerly


watching the scoreboard. Has the youngster beaten the more


experienced gymnast? She has! 15. 366. By a considerable margin.


Difficulty of 6. 9. Well, Viktoriia Komova from Russia


was the second highest qualifier. She was bars champion back in 2011.


She's been European champion, as well. Can she regain that title here


today? And Komova one of the great stars of the 2012 Olympics. We


haven't seen her on the international scene so recently but


that's a lovely stoop. Into this Shaposhnikova with half


turned. Straight Jager, she has such a lovely feel on this apparatus.


Tkachev, swinging well. I lovely half came dismount. We would love to


see her come back strong like this. -- a lovely half turn dismount. The


time she had in the air to transfer from one bar to the other,


accurate, blighted, beautifully performed. For me, that was the


routine so far. Whatever the score, it had lovely pace. I would agree.


And she is enormously popular among gymnastic bands. -- fans. She was a


fantastic junior for Russia, then had injury problems. Thrilled to see


her back working well. Look at the shape. So high. Something very


special about that performance. Everything taken to the extreme.


Amplitude to the extreme. Never a toe not pointed. Straight into that


dismount. That's what we mean about no empty elements. A lovely stoop


Tkachev. When you are swinging and catching that high, it is so


difficult to kill the swing, but she does that really well. It was her


team-mate Spiridonova who posted the highest score in qualification, and


that was 15.466. But that was just utterly beautiful. Beyond any


textbook. That was something special. It had that marvellous


ingredient, magical touch, super performance. That virtuosity you


can't teach, that they feel in them. Absolutely. The judges are taking


their time. Yilin looking on. The judges in their little booths. A


different position for the judges, in this championship, at apparatus


height. They have been sacked away from the floor. This will be to do


with tolerance, and the difference between the judges from the


different countries, this deliberation. It will be. You have


two judges doing the difficulty score. They are all experts, but if


you have a gymnast in the final, you cannot provide a judge. For


instance, it won't be possible for the British judge to judge this


final because Ruby Harrold is in it, the same for the Russian judge,


because Komova is in it. So you have a different group of judges who


don't often see these performers. So it's a different panel, a different


type of scoring. We quite often sees cause we don't necessarily expect in


finals. What sort of tolerance are we expecting between the head judge


and the others? I think the reference judge, the jury, not


actually sitting and judging... They have to be within 0.3. If a score


comes in that they don't agree with... It is all to do with


ensuring it is totally fair. The last thing Komova will want to do is


rush them. She will want to get every 10th she can. I mean, where do


you deduct from? Every time I see it, I'm amazed at the quality of


this work. She actually fell off the bars in


the previous competition. Well! Komova goes into the lead alongside


Yilin. A joint score at the top. Sharing gold at the moment.


Gabby Douglas is back after a long break. Lovely handstand as well. A


clean pirouette and a superhigh Tkachev and Pak salto. This is one


of my favourite bits, the Endo, the turns are a bit crisp and clean.


Although that section was a bit empty, for me. But what a super


dismount. Flying through the air. Well, she was the all-around Olympic


champion. She took silver in the all-around competition here a few


days ago. That is a bid for a medal. So stylish. I think you are right, a


huge bid for a medal. I actually think that she's going to be better


and better. This is her first competition back out of the USA.


Just a little bit untidy legs, the feet were apart on the Tkachev, the


toes turned art, but otherwise a very clean performance. The stoop


again. Doesn't get the feet in quite so deeply as some of the other


gymnasts. This is going to be tough, to pick the difference between these


gymnasts. It will be the difficulty score that counts. She just Bentley


arms a bit, and those are small reductions in the judges can take.


-- she just bent the arms. She scored 15.3 the team final. At the


moment the gold medal position is 15.366. It's going to be very, very


tight, isn't it? A lovely dismount, though.


She floats, doesn't she? Drifts towards the ground. Like I was


saying, this is her first competition back since 2012, out of


the USA, and I wasn't terribly impressed in the team qualification,


but each time I have seen her she has got crisper, looking like she is


enjoying being on the stage. Gabby Douglas goes into third spot.


Fan Yilin still leading the competition with Spiridonova. Kocian


the next to go. The US bars champion. Brought along


as a bit of a specialist. The stoop in and out with full turn. She


didn't link it, so she will be down on start value. Art nicely and back


down. And then she does link very well indeed. -- up nicely. The


pirouette and the big Jager. A tiny bit close, with bent arms.


The full twisting double back dismount. Another classy routine.


She did post a difficulty of 6.6, slightly higher than Gabby Douglas.


But a couple of tenths on her. If she had joined it immediately from


the pirouette into the stoop Shaposh, she would have got a


bonus, so I would not be surprised if it was down 0.1, but we will see.


It bears repeating, we have said it so often, but the repetition to get


to this level consistently... All of these gymnasts have posted really


good routines. The accuracy of the dismount. The repetition in the gym,


it it bears repeating how hard these gymnasts worked to produce this


quality. You can see, she was a little close there, that will be a


deduction from the judges as well. You are right, Mitch, they do these


routines day in, day out, they know the moves really well, they know how


to put it right if it's going wrong. She's gone into the lead as well!


15.366! Three of them sharing the gold at the moment. Have they got


enough gold medals! Room for a couple more. China, Russia and the


USA, all in top spot as it stands at the moment. And there is another


gymnast that could well join them, Spiridonova, who will be next.


Wonderful camaraderie between the countries here. Certainly is. This


is the current European champion. Daria Spiridonova. Can she got a


tiny bit better than 15.366? She did in qualification, so let's just see.


A super turn, that was clean. Immediately into the next element.


Immediately up again. Lovely clean work. The half turn. A big high


piked Jager. A tiny bit short on the swing turn but a very nice pirouette


into the full twisting double back. A tiny hop. This is going to be very


difficult! A whisker between them! Not another one! They are going to


have to widen the podium! For me, it had the edge, you know. The first


half, I definitely thought, had the edge. The second half, I thought she


made the swing turn a bit short. 6.7 difficulty in qualification, which


would be the top we have seen so far. There was a little stutter on


dismount as well. The transfer was superb. She did another with half


turn which was even more impressive. The transfer with half turn is


really quite difficult. The first half of this was almost faultless,


really. So confident. Her feet, straight onto the bar. Immediate for


the Shap half. I thought she might have been a bit... No, it was quite


good. Spot on, the accuracy. That might be the difference. Just the


hop. We will see. When I said she had the highest, in fact that is not


right. Fan Yilin has posted 6.9 already today. That is the biggest


score. Above all below 15.366? No! I don't believe it! Congratulations!


15.366! Four of them in top spot! Surely that has never happened


before? In all my years, 30 odd, I've never seen anything like that.


Incredible. And they are not going to split them, by the way. They are


giving four firsts. Oh, dear, oh, dear! I hope Max Whitlock goes up to


get his gold medal first, there might not be any left! Ruby Harrold


for Great Britain now. She could potentially get 15.366! She scored


15.466 in qualification. She has led the team so brilliantly. A full turn


in the Pak salto, and a half turn, shooting down into the handstand.


Really interesting work. A lovely full pirouette.


Beautifully done. Flighty. Neil the dismount. Double front, beautifully


performed! -- nail the dismount. This is going to be very close,


Chris. It will be tight but she hadn't got


quite such a big start value. It's good, but not quite as high. A


little bit loose-legged at times, but what an interesting routine.


Ambitious. Quite courageous really. And great to be a little bit


different. Seen these gymnasts, one of the reasons they can't split them


is because their routines are so similar. Yeah. An example of a loss


of form. But so much great work. A little bit of polish and she's


reraces, I think. -- And she's at the races, I think. Made all her


combinations. Didn't have to put in extra upstarts. She does that so


well, the hop. Right at the last move. Into handstand, as well. A


nice double. Look at that landing. How many times did she releers that?


Such a key -- -- rehearse that. A smile from ruby. Goes into 7th. --


Ruby. So four number jass in this women's uneven bars final share the


gold. No silver and no bronze. It's a golden affair. -- so four


gymnasts. There we are four sharing a gold medal. Never have I seen such


a thing. They had different little errors


each. Unless you are sitting there judging what one was really great


at, but like I said, the trouble is they do have similar routines by


this time in a cycle, the judging and bonuses share after each


Olympics so this is our final year with all these bonuses and judging


and so most of the coaches have caught up with what's going to score


best and have gone for, I am sure, exactly the same as the men. Look at


that result. Four sharing the top score. China, two from Russia and


the USA share the gold medal. Absolutely unbelievable. I have


never seen such a finish. What do you think, Chris? I think it's great


to see all the gymnasts together. There really is good camaraderie


amongst the gymnasts, they all train so hard. It's a sport where everyone


knows if you are at this level you have given your life to it. So, they


do very much appreciate each other. There we are. Four gold medals. Also


great to see that after the real powerhouses of China, Russia and


USA, Great Britain are the next in there. Ruby proving that we are one


of the top four countries. 10,000 people from across the UK


sign up and become volunteers in sports clubs across the country. We


want to you sign up between now and BBC Sports Spernlity of the Year on


20th December. -- Personality. You put something out and get something


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Everybody, including Emma here. She's a young volunteer, she's not


doing that much, but it's great. It's called Big Help. Doesn't matter


what your skills are, making tea and sandwiches, doing painting, washing


kit, stuff like that. Just get involved. There's something for


everyone. Sign up to join in, get inspired. Be a part of it. You and


you, I am pointing at different people all the way across the


country. You know something about putting


effort in, that's for sure. Let's reflect on that bars final! Mitch,


who has been around for a while, I am sure he won't mind me saying


that, has never experienced anything like that. Four up there on that top


spot. To be honest, I don't think anyone's experienced it. Basically


half of that bar final have got a world title. You saw all the


gymnasts, the first and third, everyone started giggling, by the


4th they were like seriously, is this happening? They looked like


they were having fun with it. How do you choose? David has and he has his


favourite. He is with Madison Kocian. Tell us about that, how do


you feel to be world champion? I think it's amazing right now. I am


so excited. I know I can do even better but I had a great time out


there today. To have four champions, you are a young girl, have you ever


seen four people on top of the podium? I don't think so. I think


this is a first. Maybe the judges can decide who are the better team.


We don't know much about you. Tell us where you are from and who you


train with. This isn't my first year, I was at World Championships


last year on the gold team, it's great to be back and an honour to


represent USA. I am from Dallas, so I train, I go to Wogan and she's


helped a lot throughout my career. I have always looked up to her and she


knows advice to give me and I text her before the competition and it


helped. This US A-Team is so strong. How well can they do in Rio next


year? -- USA. I think we can have two teams to do well next year. It's


almost a competition against each other just because USA is so strong.


Thank you very much. Congratulations. Thank you.


Of all the routines, Beth, I guess from my perspective, I thoroughly


enjoyed Komova's. It looked beautiful and effortless. People


will be wondering how with the different style of routine they can


score exactly the same. Yeah, it's all down to the difficulties and


they all had their own little errors in different sections so that's why


the judges were able to come out with the same scores. Some had steps


on the dismounts, some landed - maybe short on the handstands or


turns. For the judges they can only deduct what they're doing and


obviously the panel are taking that difficulty. They don't even really


know what the difficulty is going to be. You can do that with your eyes


closed, you should have been down there. Maybe ten years ago, not any


more! What a day it's been. We have seen history made by Max Whitlock as


the men's first ever world champion. You were looking across the women's


team thinking they've done it. Now, the British men have a world


champion too. What does it mean for this national sport? It means


everything. There's going to be young gymnasts across the country


thinking one day I want to be like him, I want to be a world champion.


Now we have a world champion on the men's side hopefully we can install


that belief among a load of British youngsters. We will look at Max's


routine now. As a pommel specialist yourself, talk us through the key


moments here. That was a little bit of a shaky start. I was wondering


how he was going to deal with the rest of the routine. He actually


upped his difficulty here by doing an extra Russian on the one handle.


And then here before he goes up into the hardest difficulty level on the


pommel horse, he has done it beautifully. That was perfect. From


here it's usually easy sailing. I have never seen him fail a routine


from this position. You knew at this stage he was more or less through?


Yeah, it was basically just how quick he could get into the


handstand on the dismount and it went up really quickly. That's the


key to try and make it look as if the swing is continuous. Yeah,


definitely. If there is any pauses within the momentum of the routine


that's when you give the judges something to deduct. It was lovely


to see that flourish at the end. Nice to see he has a British plaster


on there, as well. Yeah, I noticed that halfway through. Has he


actually got a plaster with a flag? Max keeps everything the same. I am


sure once he has used it once it stays with him. It's very hard to


put into perspective how difficult this move is on the one handle. As


you train it, it's the dream really to be able to travel the length of


the horse, to start at one end and walk along and that's how you build


it. Definitely, pommel horse takes a long time to come, I remember me and


Louis and Paul when we were younger, Paul would make us do 1,000 circles


three times a week. It would take hours. That's why we got good. On a


classic mushroom. I know what it feels like. I have been there. There


is Louis and those 1,000 circles that you are talking about, they've


paid off in spades. One and two, not just one and two, but one and two


over 16. 16 is a massive score. If you score that you expect to be


world champion. But Max getting another 16, that's incredible.


Hopefully they can both keep that going ready for Rio. The difference


between Great Britain and the rest of the field, Berki is not in this


final, but he blew it out in qualification. Definitely. You have


to make the final first, that's why the qualifications are so


nerve-wracking but once you are in the final, we have seen Berki wasn't


in there and the two British guys' title to lose. Max will be relieved


that the competition is over. We are talking about the fact - that was


his 20th routine. To be able to maintain his energy levels and with


the last routine become world champion. Yeah, it has been a tough


week for him. He had a shaky start with qualification. Then I think his


mood will have been picked up by that team silver medal and the rest


of his team-mates will have been there with him the whole time. Every


time he steps out on to this floor, if you have that crowd behind you,


he seems to thrive off it. The more he does a final, the better he gets.


He doesn't seem to like qualifications, so maybe we should


skip that for him. It's wonderful the way that the British gymnasts


are managing to achieve and also the impact it seems to have be having


for people watching this. And for them it's a new sport but people can


keep watching because tomorrow we have more interest. We


He has a high start value and is one of the cleanest competitors I have


ever seen on parallel bars so he doesn't lose much. He almost made


the all round competition. It was close. He scored the same as Max


Whitlock. Yeah, in qualification because he scored the same they went


back and took the top five pieces of apparatus and it meant that Max was


0. 133 ahead of Nile. He just missed out on that all round final. Well,


there is still gymnastics going on behind us. This is the men's rings


final and if you want to watch that you can do on our programme which is


The Dismount you can watch it through the red button or the BBC


website. What a day of finals it's been. It will continue tomorrow at


the same time on BBC Two. Listen, what a week it's been for British


gymnastics. Max Whitlock rounds things off so far making history as


the first men's British gymnast to become world champion.


That is a bronze medal for Great Britain! Unbelievable! Great Britain


are world team silver medallists. There you are looking at the world


champion. There is the titles. All six of them and they're all yours!


Max Whitlock silver on floor and now he is a world champion on pommel


horse. What a championship this has been!


Matt Baker presents coverage of the World Gymnastics Championships from Glasgow. It's the first day of the apparatus finals, which include the men's floor and the men's pommel - events in which Great Britain took gold at the European Championships earlier this year through Kristian Thomas and Louis Smith respectively.

Beth Tweddle, Mitch Fenner and Christine Still provide expert analysis.

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