Apparatus Finals Day Two Gymnastics: World Championships

Apparatus Finals Day Two

Coverage from the final day of the 46th World Gymnastics Championships. World titles are up for grabs in the men's vault, parallel bars and high bar, and women's beam and floor.

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I can't believe it's the last day of the finals. Shall we get the classic


shot before we go? Ready? Start the countdown!


We are the right way up now. Hello and welcome back to coverage of the


World Gymnastics Championships. From Glasgow. This has already been the


most successful gymnastics competition at whirled for Great


Britain to date, with five medals in all. And they are not finished yet.


-- at world level. Here is what is coming up.


Simone Biles goes for gold again, aiming for a total of five medals at


these World Championships. She will be joined on the floor by British


hopeful and Commonwealth champion Claudia Fragapane and Ellie Downie


who has already impressed so far. All around champ Uchimura is back in


the high bars. Who will hang on for gold? We will be reflecting on the


history makers, Louis Smith and Max Whitlock, finding out from Max what


it feels like to wake up as a world champion. The gymnasts for the vault


are making their way into the arena. Joining me to talk us through the


five finals we are going to say, three-time world champion Beth


Tweddle and world all-around silver medallist Dan Keatings. Welcome to


you both. It is all kicking off behind us, the prop eight from


qualification last week. Every so often in a sport, you get a virtuoso


who seems to change the direction of the sport and makes all the other


competitors realise what is humanly possible. With the vault, that


certain someone is Dragulescu. This is him at the 2004 Athens Olympics


with a double front and a half turn. If you are going to have a vault to


your name, you better do it properly. He absolutely nailed it.


Incredibly, after retiring twice, Dragulescu is back at the World


Championships, now 34 years old. This was his qualification vault. It


is amazing to see him back and performing the vaults he did in 2004


at such a top quality level. It is awesome to see someone that age


doing gymnastics at such a high level. To be fair, it is not really


an old man's event, the vault, with all of the power down the runway. It


is not, but he has worked really hard to come back and he has helped


the Romanian team to get up there. We are not sure if he is going to


raise his game from qualification for the final, interesting to see.


Third-highest qualifier, he is in with a shout. This is Kenzo Shirai,


who took gold in the four final yesterday. He will be using all of


that twisting ability. -- in the floor final. His first vault is a


triple twist, it is one of the most perfect vaults I have ever seen so


you could see nearly a perfect score. The way he can wrap in the


twist and spot the landing, because that is going to be the key in this


event. It is, he will transfer it from the floor to the vault, and he


has the perfect landing, which is what the judges will be looking for


as a last impression. He will really want a medal, he has been outside


the medals last year and the year before. He knows what it feels like


to have a gold medal in the gym bag, he got back on the floor. We will


join our commentators Mitch Fenner and Charlotte Still, for Kenzo


Shirai, who qualified in sixth, who has his sights on a medal.


COMMENTATOR: We know what Shirai can do on the floor, he is marvellous in


the air and he has plenty of time, the way he vaults. Superb technique.


Cutting himself off from the real world, Donnell Whittenburg.


Shirai, composing himself. Starts with a six value.


Always lovely technique and always fabulous aerial awareness.


The first man to Quad twist on the floor in competition. Here he is,


Kenzo Shirai. On vault. Qualified in sixth. A measured


approach. Three twists but he didn't quite make it around. He did not.


I'm not even sure they would give that. It was two at best. The


tolerance is a quarter of a turn, so they might give it, but they may


mark it severely. That's quite a surprise, because he usually rockets


around. When he lands, his shoulders were facing the wrong way, his feet


are, I think they might not give it. I don't think he made the three


quarters. That's half, I think. You will be able to see, because the


tariff for three twists is six, and if the judges decide he has not done


three twists, they will just down the tariff, so when the D score


comes up, it would be lower. Very unusual to see that happen. His


aerial awareness normally is super. 5.6. As predicted, they have reduced


it. 14.5. Sony needs absolute precision. He


has posted 5.6 for this one. Makes sure of the twists that time. Two


twists from the half turn on, not so difficult, only two twists, but at


least it was clean. He made good some of the damage, but he will be


disappointed. I know it is a cliche, but he will be disappointed


with his first vault. He has pulled it back nicely here, though. Makes


the twist, clean, a tiny walk back. That time a genuine vault. He was


quite lucky not to hurt himself on that landing, not this landing, the


first one, because he was completely sideways. Hang on a minute, that is


a half turn on, two twists... That is 5.2, not 5.6, he needs the extra


half turn for 5.6. Let's see what happens. You never know. Let's keep


our eyes on the difficulty score. Yes, you can see, downgraded to


5.2. Disappointment for him. Trying to play safe on the second


5.2. Disappointment for him. Trying no avail. That's a shame for Kenzo


Shirai. The master of aerial awareness. This man has had a busy


World Championships. He has competed every day of the men's finals.


Donnell Whittenburg. His presence has certainly been felt here. He


really can vault, a powerful man. He has had a good competition. The


double with half turn. Mr Dragulescu himself is here to see it. So many


have tried to get close to Dragulescu, that was a good


attempt, superb vault. It certainly was. Like you say, he has competed


every day. His legs are still firing. Two and a half somersaults


with the half turn out, sporting the landing really well. Down the


middle. Probably a deduction for a lot chest on landing. Some of the


very best, you will see them stand upright as they land. But to be fair


to him, he is not the lightest gymnast, but to get the block and


the push to give himself the room to rotate, it is a long way around. He


is a big old boy, he handles the air very well, and he was a bit flat


coming off as well, so he did well to get the rotations in.


14.52, the score to beat. The average from the two vaults. Going


for a very difficult vault. 6.4 posted on the difficulty scoreboard.


The turn on, full twist! Back out in the second, that was magnificent.


That was a smasher. Terrific, full twisting double, an amazing vault.


That was a smasher. Terrific, full Well, he deserves to be on the


podium. Absolutely. To get in a full twist in the first location and then


to twist in the first location and then


chest, but that was a phenomenal vault. So little time


chest, but that was a phenomenal superb. Really


chest, but that was a phenomenal top, the first twist, fixes the


head, twists really well and pulls the legs over.


head, twists really well and pulls seeing this move on the floor. The


double back with full twist, but when you come off the hands, it is


two and a half somersaults when you come off the hands, it is


unbelievable. He came eighth in the all-around, fifth in the ring is


final, is this is time to get a medal? 15.35. Whittenburg goes into


the lead with six gymnasts to go in the men's vault final. A


the lead with six gymnasts to go in of apparatus, Denis Abliazin,


Olympic silver medallist, two-time European champion. He has put up a


6.4, matching the difficulty of Whittenburg.


So sharp and powerful, that will be classed as a fault, I think he


touched with his hands. The same vault. He really went up and didn't


rotate quite so well, did he? Loads of height. The full twist, grabs the


legs early, just haven't got enough rotation off the top. He split the


twist, he did half in the first and half in the second. No, it was a


full, but it didn't pay off. An incredibly difficult vault. He


really rocketed in the air. Obviously you need lots of height,


but you need to snap and create the rotation. The most important thing


is to go around two and a half times to your feet. He blocked and set the


twist a little bit quickly, didn't he? How these guys understand the


platform and get the best out of it to get that propulsion... 14.3 for


the first vault. The second one will be slightly easier, 6.2.


You can see Dragulescu just underneath the difficulty


scoreboard, he is the next gymnast up. Quite an unbelievable level of


difficulty, this vaulting final. He does the round off this time and


that was super work. The round off and the flip on. Half turn and two


and a half twists off, you need to be so accurate. Let's see how square


he was. He certainly had good body form. He did.


The level of difficulty. Very clean. Very good. We saw the girls


yesterday putting one-and-a-half twists and that's two-and-a-half.


You really have to get some airtime in there to be able to wrap the


two-and-a-half twists in. It will be interesting to see if Marian


Dragulescu, the vaulter we were talking about earlier, goes for that


extra half twist he did in qualification. The fans are in. 34


years old, he's back. He came back, went away again and came back. He


loves this sport. The current leader Donnell Whittenburg, a score of


15.35. After that first vault. Hoping for a second placing. That's


where he is, 14.85. A good score for that second vault. 15.4. The highest


score is 15.6 so far for that second vault that he did. Four-times world


champion and three times European champion. The master, Marian


Dragulescu, takes to the end of the runway. Has he still got it? Let's


find out. I think he has. Just a pace back.


That's the Dragulescu. He invented it. Masterful he is. He needed extra


height, clean twist. He invented it and he can still do it. Beautifully


done. A huge vault. Look, I like the way that Dragulescu kicks it out.


Some of them just roll the shoulder but he really commits. The two


somersaults. As he comes in for that last half, kicks out. Just the pace.


Very impressive. A great example of harnessing power. Good, strong


vault. He's at the races, that's for sure. That's a six difficulty. Will


he up it for the second vault? 15.3. Looking for consistency here. He


needs a total score of over 15.35. To try and regain that world title.


6.2 difficulty. What a story this would be.


In the beginning we saw the double twist. He's nominated the


two-and-a-half. Let's see the round-off, the height, easily done!


Fantastic. He was saving that one up just for you, Matt. He's back and


it's as if nothing has changed! Unbelievable. Stepped up the


difficulty. Saw Abliazin doing a cracking investigation of the same


vault and thought, that doesn't put me off, I'll do the same, maybe a


little bit better. He's delighted. It would be wonderful to see him go


up into the lead. Look at this. Half turn, nice and accurate. Good


height. Good line, and just that pace back from the two-and-a-half


twists. Lovely stuff. Let's see how square he really is here, Chris.


Really good. And he had so much height it almost overrotated. It


wasn't a question of squeezing that last half in. Fantastic. So


Whittenburg has 15.35. Will he go ahead of him? Oh he has done! He's


got 15.4! Yes! Can he stay there? Can he get a fifth world title on


this piece of apparatus? 5,999 people here who hope he does. Look


at that. Well, Whittenburg still in medal contention, but I do want to


tell you that the highest qualifier is still yet to come. Oleg Verniaiev


got a bronze at last year's European championships. A slight frame but it


belies the power he can harness. Another Dragulescu! He almost stuck


that. That was just a tiny adjustment. Boy oh boy what a final!


They are having a Dragulescu-off! He really stuck his feet down there.


Like, OK guys, you can do it, I can do one better. A Dragulescu fest


even. He's really a light, slight guy, but he plonked those feet down,


I'm not moving. Pick the bonus out of that. Power, chest in to get the


rotation guaranteed, and I really hope he would stick that, but a tiny


adjustment at the end. Superb vaulting. Huge vaulting. Through the


chest as well as the heels. Just look at that. He is the roll it


round category but very effective technique for him. What's he got?


15.466 execution of 9.466. That's certainly the highest execution


score we've seen, so he needs every tenth of execution here, because his


difficulty is down just a smidgen at six. Looks very focused indeed. Half


turn. And the triple twist. The Tsukahara with triple twist. That's


fabulous vaulting. A big start, a giant step forward, which indicates


to the judges he was a little bit low in height. But lovely vaulting


just the same. Great to see such versatility from all these gymnasts.


The big double somersaulting vault and then the great twisting vault.


Consummate all round ability. Look at that triple. The twist, he can


rotate about any axis. A virtuoso on the vault. Well, he's virtuoso


anywhere. Will he stay in the 15s? He should do. Dragulescu has a total


score of 15.4. He's in the medals at the moment. 15.283 his total. 15.1


score of 15.4. He's in the medals at for that second vault. There's a


step forward I think. So Marian Dragulescu hangs on in there at the


moment. But Se Gwang Ri from People's Republic of


moment. But Se Gwang Ri from highest qualifier. He's also a


member of the 30s Club. Experienced and very, very powerful. Is he going


to upset the party for Dragulescu? In qualifying he did two


to upset the party for Dragulescu? a 6.4 difficulty. He's got the


ammunition. Look at that... Oh, superb, a Dragulescu


ammunition. Look at that... Oh, some vault. A tiny adjustment on


landing. That's got to be the highest mark so far I think.


landing. That's got to be the cracking vault. So the Dragulescus


we've seen previous have all been tucked, but look at the


we've seen previous have all been leg. We lost it a little bit in the


end. He could no doubt feel he was just running a little bit out of


air, but the first two somersaults are beautifully straight-legged.


Going into the half turn he loses a little bit of leg tension, but


magnificent vaulting. Such power off the top of the platform. Conversion


was so powerful. 15.6. Very, very impressive. It is


one thing to have one difficult vault that you can do, but to have


two of the same value of 6.4... He's very special. Se Gwang Ri with vault


number two. Two gymnasts after him. Already posted a massive score for


the first vault. Full of focus, half bomb, full twist, back out. Oh, he


held op to that, just. Two steps. Two steps might be the difference


between gold and silver. He invented the vault. He has power left. A


little bit overcooked. Had to scuttle sharply to bring it under


control. Smacks into the value, pulls in, perhaps a little too hard.


Really wonderful. He has done bags of rotation but he just wasn't


confident to stamp it out. He was still waiting to see, is the floor


there? How costly is this landing? 8 10ths I think. Absolutely. Between 5


and 8, I think. So that's out of your execution score, so we would


expect his E score to be down a little.


APPLAUSE. He's gone into the lead with a score of 15.45. Marian


Dragulescu drops in to second, just 0. .05 behind him. Donnell


Whittenburg hangs on in there in that third spot for now. He gives


you impression he's loving to be back. Can't read it from here, can


we Matt? Just directing you towards a bit of social media. Igor


Radivilov of Ukraine. He knows what it is like to medal at the high


level. He got bronze at the Olympics. Silver last year. Three


times European silver medallist. Yet another cracking vault. In the


Dragulescu Club. And just a tiny adjustment again on landing. It's a


super vault. Years ago we used to dream of putting a half twist in a


double, but these guys are pumping them out, Chris. It is very


impressive. Legs are a bit wide apart. The judges will take off a


little bit for that. Landed, you can see his head and face were down a


bit, so you would expect his execution score to be a teeny bit


lower. I know it sounds like we are being picky but you have to find


some way of choosing between them as to which is better. We had four


golds yesterday on the women's uneven bars because they couldn't


separate. But here there is room for judges to deliberate and separate. A


little bit low. 15.2 for his first vault. That score for that third


spot at the moment is 15.35. Donnell Whittenburg. That's the value of his


second vault, 6. Really going to concentrate on the execution here.


He needs to lose less than 0.7, 0.6 in deductions on this vault. He


knows he needs to be very nearly perfect. 20 metres they have to get


the power... Double pike. It was very good but it had a pace. It is


just marvellous, that's the word, the level of vaulting is just


marvellous. Double rotations with and without twists. Courageous and


very difficult. Every one of these vaulters... A huge vault, really


well landed. Has to pull hard, get the pike in, hold on to it. He was


very low on landing but held the shape through the rotations. This is


a good vault. Top Bang. Not a lot of rotation left


there. He used up every degree. Always amazed at how they can... How


strong their ankles are to walk away from landings like that. So well


conditioned in the ankle. A gymnast that has been around for a


long time now, hasn't he? He has been part of the Ukrainian team. A


great all-rounder a few years back. Very good indeed.


The current leader, Se-gwang. Marian Dragulescu, in Silver spot at the


moment. Whittenburg in third. But this gymnast is the current world


champion. Hansel Kim. He did qualify in fourth, but don't


let that put you off. Oh, that was a wipe-out! Such a


pity. His nose was first to make contact.


Se-gwang's coach is confident that's enough. He is indeed. If the


judges consider that the feet did not get down before the hands, it's


a zero. I think they might just say feet first, but it will certainly be


a hallmark off, and a lot of deductions for not completing the


vault. -- a whole mark off. A lot of energy came out of the vault. It was


close. 14 scored, so Hansol Kim is out of


the running for a medal. And it's all or nothing when you


vault at this level. It must be very difficult for him to come out and do


this, although he wants to show the world what he can do, as far as a


medal is concerned... Clapping all around this arena. Everybody is


willing him to his feet, not to hurt himself.


Another very difficult six tariff. Much better that time. Much better.


Twisted his way to... Maybe a triple. The half turn on that time.


The snap and three twists off. The knee went down. Five to ate. --


eight. How many times do you do these with gymnasts back in the gym?


You do a lot of repetition twisting off the top of the horse. And you


work in the pits with crash mats on top. So you work at realistic level,


but on a service that will go down as you land, if you have not made it


quite the way around. Ri Se-gwang is the world champion.


Marian filming himself, filming his


to this level of competition. We are well championships and he has got a


silver. Four times world champion, he retired, he came back, he retired


again, and now here he is at 34 years old. He went around to every


single delegation, every gymnast he could find, and shook their hands.


Everybody said the same thing... Good to see you back. And I'm


delighted to see Dunnell Whitten Berg being commended for his


efforts. -- Donnell Whittenburg. He has worked so hard and got himself a


bronze. Confirmation that Se-gwang is the New World vault champion.


Beth, let's have a word with you about that return to form. What form


it was with Marian Dragulescu. We wondered if he could still achieve


at this level. I mean, it wondered if he could still achieve


not a day has gone by since he was competing last time. The first vault


was insane. Me and Dan thought he was going to land it, but that is


down to experience, he hasn't been competing. Dan said he has not been


in competition for about two months. He has been in training, and


to bring out the extra half twist... You can see in his face how


delighted he is. He is in good physical shape and he can now build


the numbers before Rio next year. Dan, your impression of the second


vault? We did not see it earlier on with the extra half twist. To be


honest, it looked easier than the vault he did in qualification. A bit


of adrenaline, he was pumped. The first vault was amazing, his


Dragulescu. If there are many and team don't qualify in the test


event, Marian Dragulescu, because he has a medal here in the individual


apparatus final, he will be in Brazil. Yes, he has already secured


his own spot. Any medallist from these championships, if you are not


part of a team who has qualified, they have qualified themselves, so


his ticket is saved but he would love his team-mates alongside him.


We are moving from the vault to the beam, a piece of apparatus that has


not really changed at all over the years. We might be looking at some


wonderful old footage, if we can show it. Talk us through the fact


that the equipment has stayed as it is, but the moves have changed


somewhat. They have upgraded the difficulty. The first back


somersault was done on the beam in 1972. They wanted to ban it, they


said it was far too dangerous. They fought against it and the


somersaults the gymnasts are now doing, the likes of Simone Biles...


At the beginning of her routine, she does a somersault with a half turn


on the beam, and a spin in the clutch position. Lots of unique


skills now going on, on the beam. -- the Crouch position. The dismount


into the full twisting double back. Very few gymnasts do that. When you


look at the difference between Nadia Comaneci and Steingruber, this


wonderful dismount. The style of the routines we are going to be seeing


today, what do the judges need to see? What can the viewers look out


for? The gymnasts need a mixture, a forwards element, a front


somersault, and a backwards element. And they need a big dismount. The


sideways elements are very difficult to land because you only have ten


centimetres to place your feet on to. They need a mixture of spins and


leaps. The beam is usually about who can stay on in the final. Let's talk


through some of the contenders. Komova has to be one of the


favourites. Along with Simone Biles, who will be wanting to upgrade the


bronze she picked up in the vault. Komova picked up one of the four


gold medals on the bars yesterday, and Ellie Downie is so dynamic. We


usually find anything does happen because so many mistakes can happen.


This is the thing. In the all-around competition, the beam was the


problem. Simone Biles just managed to Klingon. It proved to be a vital


piece for her in the all-around. -- to cling on. It did. She knew that


she was going off and she managed to save it. She will want a flawless


routine today. Do you think she will go through and get gold? I think she


can. The difficulty is very high on her routine, and the dismount is


spot on. And she has the floor final to come later on. The last gymnast


in the beam, Tutkhalian, is the fifth highest qualifier. She has


really impressed, just 16 years old. A very young gymnast but she has had


a lot of experience. She went to the youth Olympics last year and she has


made quite a few finals there, great for her to get that exposure and


that experience a head of Rio next year. We will let you enjoy this


beam final and we will talk to you in a little while.


A good position in seventh for Simone Biles. It is. She is not so


elegant. Wevers from the Netherlands will show the exact opposite type of


work. Both Dutch girls are very elegant. We will have to see what


the judges favoured today. A great achievement for the Netherlands,


Mitch, to have two gymnasts in this competition. The first is


Thorsdottir, the eighth highest qualifier. The women'sworld beam


final. The gymnasts have to use a coded mount, but that does not have


to be included in the difficulty. Nicely done. Very confident on the


leap into the free cartwheel and the Olga Korbut flip. A tiny bit


off-line. Though, I was about to say very


nicely done... The half turn onto the hands. First performed by


Onodi, the great Hungarian gymnast. Very difficult to correct if your


body weight is not over the beam. Those are the leaps that get you a


lot of marks. The head has to go right back and you have to lose


sight of the beam. If the judges think that you have and you have


touched your head, they will give you lots of bonus marks. Two spins,


linked together. And a third spin linked to a leap.


These combinations will add up to increase the score.


One error, the rest very clean and elegant. Two and a half twists but a


couple of paces back. She will be a little bit disappointed, but she is


not really a gymnast with huge experience of finals. The work on


choreography and grace and style is paying off. Patrick, responsible for


that area of work in the Netherlands, he has done a great


job. Her lines were lovely. Beautiful lines, beautiful


splitMac. That is her acrobatic series, the free cartwheel into the


Olga Korbut flip, Lou was the first person to perform back. The half


turn into the handstand. -- who was. The second leg was completely out of


line. Gymnasts have to finish with a D dismount, two and a half twists is


a D. So she will have got the full composition marks for finishing with


a D. But you can see she was underrotating and had to take a


couple of paces back, which will be costly for her. If you can limit it


to one pace, you can limit the deduction to 0.3. As soon as you


take the second, it is at least 0.5. You can always spot the Dutch


supporters in the crowd. Even in the air she manages that grace. She


does. You can see on the free walk she almost manages to see the foot


land while the head is still back. Lovely touches.


Well, she's 17 years old. Still plenty of time left. 12.733 for


Thorsdottir. The fans from the Netherlands have a lot to look


forward to, as here is her compatriot. The second highest


qualifier, Sanne Wevers, the Dutch champion. Takes to the beam.


Very nice, plight, easy mount, gets the routine under way. Double spin


with the leg held up. Very, very difficult and very well rewarded.


Free cartwheel, that's her only acrobatic series, and she performed


it well. The free walkover. She held on to that. Had to take a step


backwards. Sideways dance which has to be included these days. Just the


single spin. Oh, and she missed the link two the backspin there. Just


the single spin. Oh, and she missed the link two the backspin there. --


missed the link two the backspin there. Straight into the split leap.


Again those connections get the bonus points. Very nice. Changed leg


leap into full turning flip. It is well balanced, this routine. Spins,


leaps, acrobatics. The dismount, the straight Gaynor


has to be dead in line with the beam and have the body held straight all


the way around. She got through it. and have the body held straight all


She may and have the body held straight all


of difficulty in order to stay on, which really is the key.


of difficulty in order to stay on, there, her father, and a proud dad


he is too. She's always been great on the beam and she transfers that


elegance from floor to beam beautifully. And that's the very,


elegance from floor to beam very difficult spin. Leg held up at


horizontal, round twice. Not many gymnasts in the world can do that on


the beam. Most struggle with it on the floor. But these are the two


free cart wheels. The judging system requires you if you want your full


difficulty to link to acrobatic elements.


difficulty to link to acrobatic needs to be directly in line with


the beam, if it is off to one side it gets downgraded. Has to hold the


body shape. Very nicely done. it gets downgraded. Has to hold the


had a 5.9 difficulty to start in qualification. You said she missed


one connection, so can we expect it to be down a bit from 5.9? Yes, I


don't see her routine every day. A lot of gymnasts record everything


they do. Will she be writing in the connection, or not? So the two Dutch


gymnasts have finished. Just two gymnasts per country allowed in an


individual apparatus final. It's a talking point that's always


interesting, we all wonder if more should be allowed in. 14.233 is now


the score to beat. Difficulty just down a little to 5.6, so most of the


connections she got. The next gymnast got gold at the Youth


Olympics last year. She did have a bit of an ordeal in the all-around


competition on this piece. But she's certainly capable of mid to high


14s. This is Yan Wang for China. And we are likely to see very big


acrobatic skills here. Keep your eyes open for this first one. Front


somersault with half turn... Oh, and we've seen her do that quite


successfully, but she headtated. Once your feet land you have to lift


the chest with conviction. Oh, and she's a little bit rattled now. That


changed leg to ring, settles for the sheep jump. Now she has another big


acrobatic skill here. And pride will mean she wants to hold on to it. And


she does! The round-off straight-backed somersault. One of


the most difficult forward elements and backwards and here's another


front somersault. Sky high. Free walkover, immediate jump. He's


getting more rhythm now. She was very tentative to start with. The


two jumps successfully joined. Just the big dismount left. Here we go...


Three beautiful twists, easily round. What a shame she failed on


that first element. The thing was she went for it, she didn't hold


back, because she knew if she could nail this she would be in with a


shout for a medal. It is always going be with a piece like this,


surely they are right on the edge of what is humanly possible now


Christine? They are, and you have to do huge repetitions to be confident


enough to handle the pressure once you come out here. And also if for a


little gymnast like this, she's 15 years of age, she'll have had a


little look and thought, I could do this. And that's always the danger,


to think ahead whether you could achieve or not. She did very well


with that, because the foot was only half on wasn't it. But she is a very


dynamic little gymnast. We've seen here in the vault final as well. I'm


sure she'll learn from this experience and we'll see her firing


on all cylinders in Rio. She could well have a very successful Olympic


debut. Sanne Wevers the current leader. 14.233. Con soldiering


Thorsdottir. Con soldiering Thorsdottir. -- consoling


Thorsdottir. We understand Wevers's coach has put in an inquiry on to


her score. You can only put an inquiry in on the difficulty score,


so here it is. This could be to do with this connection. She was


looking at her book. She couldn't quite understand why the scores


didn't match. She obviously put down all that she felt she had achieved


and was working out to see what start score she expected. So in this


case they will literally look back on the video? That's right. They


will look back on the video and if they think they have been too


generous they'll take it down. We've heard of that before. And how long


do they get to put in that inquiry is this they can't wait until the


end of the final and go, hang on a minute... No, before the score for


the next gymnast in, so they have to put it in quickly before the finish.


Before the finish of the next gymnast. So there you can see her


going through all of her moves. You can see they are all letters, moves


that are graded in a bunch from A to G? An A is worth 0.1, a B 0.2 and so


on. If you link two Ds that will give you a bonus. They have accepted


the inquiry. . The D score has changed. And it is now 14.333. An


extra tenth given. From a 5.6 to 5.7 on the D score. A vital 10th no


doubt. Yan scores 13.633. The difficulty score there, 6.4,


considerably higher. Viktoriia Komova from Russia the next gymnast


up. Gold yesterday on bars. One of the four. Incredible that, wasn't


it, half of the final got golds. They are waiting for the judges to


settle themselves after that inquiry. She was 8th in the Olympics


in London. 8th in the World Championships back in 2011. But


looking at these scores, she's capable of 14.533. The score to beat


at the moment, Sanne Wevers, with 14.333, that new, corrected score


after that inquiry. They've not got a green light yet. It is 30 seconds


after that they have. She has such grace and style. She was beautiful


on bars yesterday. She's one of the celebrated gymnasts around the


world, part of the Russian team, in the Olympics 2012 she took the


silver medal all-around. Beautiful technician. A little bit like a


ballet dancer. But she lost that connection already. If you go three


walkover, that's how you build that difficulty. A nice back flip and lay


out somersault. You can see she's stylish and elegant. This is a big


skill for her. She needs to be determined to hold it. Oh, and she


did. She didn't give in. That was good to see. Lovely splits on the


leap. Beautiful catch spin, has to catch hold of the leg and pull it to


splits. Strong front somersault. She's fighting hard but she's not


quite going for her landing shapes. That was slightly better. Good side


somersault. Smooth and rhythmical. Got the difficult dismount to do.


She's grown really quite a lot, quite a tall gymnast now. Has to


squeeze the double back in and she did. It was a bit of a fight but it


was great to see. Fighting for another medal here at these World


Championships. Second, the Russians still to go in this final. Beautiful


lines. Absolutely taken to the max mum there. Bang centre on that


connection. That's so impressive, the standing Arabian. Struggled a


little bit but pulled it under control. The hips back in line. She


really showed all her natural ability to balance and


determination. We've seen her quite often just plonk off when it hasn't


gone right, so it's really good to see. Very focused and very elegant.


It is just lovely to watch. She needed this and she delivered.


Wrapped it up nicely. 14.333 is the target. There were a lot of wobbles


and big step-back there, but it is really good to see Komova back and


fighting for medals. I'm sure by the time Rio comes round she'll be back


to the strength of performance we saw in London. 13.933. The coach


doesn't look happy. This is Pauline Schaeffer for Germany. 18 years old.


Quite an unusual mount, straddling back to the box splits position. A


very clean gymnast. She did


positions. Backflip layout, oh... I was about you can see the arms


straight into the landing position, but she just had a little bit too


much speed there. Good free walk over.


I think the judges will consider those two linked and give her the


bonus. Unusual little bit of dance. A very strong bubbles spend. --


double spin. The gymnasts have to include at least three spins or


leaps, it cannot all be acrobatic. The double spins is worth a lot of


marks. A big circle of the arms but she


held it under control. There we see the straight gainer, a


favoured dismount. Not many landing penalties from it. It is really good


fun, that dismount, isn't it? It's much harder than it looks, you have


to push the hips forward, because most back somersaults travel


backwards and if you did that, you would land back on the beam. It


seems to be the story of this final, just fight to stay on. What a start


that is. Very well disciplined in her


approach. Backflip layout. We could see she was well in line there, if


she had just employed a bit of body tension, she would not have had the


wobble. Easier said than done when you are out on that stage. The free


walk over, and the double spin is excellent. You can see how the


gymnast loses sight... Easy to be disoriented.


On the dismount, pushes the hips forward.


She will have Komova's score of 13.933 in her sights.


Three gymnasts to go, Ellie Black, Simone Biles and Tutkhalian as well.


Interesting to see how important that Wevers enquiry will be as we


come to the end of this competition, because we expect Ellie Black and


Simone Biles to go up there. And Tutkhalian could knock Wevers out of


the medals. The last three gymnasts have a lot of difficulty. She will


be looking at that 13.933... Taking their time, again to do with the


tolerance and the difference between different judges from different


countries. Yes, the judges doing the difficulty score have to absolutely


agree. Then the judges doing the execution... Not a lot of difference


are allowed. They have to come up with very nearly the same score. And


the same score as the jury as well. It is all in an effort to keep


consistency. And in a final that is as tentative as beam is... For the


gymnasts coming up, you have to try and time your warm-up to absolute


perfection. It's quite unfortunate that the gymnast up next when this


sort of thing happens. But it's something from a young age they get


fairly used to. When you compete, you have to be ready for all


eventualities, really and truthfully, at gymnastic


competitions. Ellie Black wowed us at the


Commonwealth Games on beam. She has one of the highest difficulty value


routines. I wonder what they will be


deliberating? Will it be to do with the huge wobble and whether the


difficulty of the move... ? They wouldn't lose the difficulty of the


move, it is more likely to be on the leaps to see whether the head went


right back. The truth to jump, if your head goes right back and you do


it properly, they will credit it with a D. -- the two footed jump. If


you don't get the full extension, you can get nothing for it, which


can change the start value by 0.4. And all eventualities in between.


Sometimes it depends a little bit on where the judges are sitting and the


angle they see the moves from. The judge they were showing is the judge


from Ireland. Of course, you are only allowed to judge in this final


if you haven't got a gymnast in it, so there will not be a German judge


or a Dutch judge on the floor. She has gone into second at the


moment. The beam final can now continue. It


will be the gymnast use for warming up a moment ago, Canada's Ellie


Black. 20 years old. Come on world


champion. Canadian champion. And she can't half packed in the difficulty.


She did a 6.4 difficulty in qualification, the highest of all


the gymnasts in this final. Starts lowdown to the beam. All gymnasts


are required to show elements low as well as high. Double spin negotiated


well. Always looks a little tentative on the first element.


Super high pike front somersault. Backflip, straight somersault,


landing on two feet. A little wobble but she managed to control the


middle of her body. This, the super difficult


combination. Make or break of this routine. Backflip and somersault


with full twist! She's so nearly made it! She would be so


disappointed with herself. Two difficult leaps, the changed


leg, and the changed leg half. Plants the feet securely on the end


and on the landing. Two and a half twists, she will be so disappointed


with herself. You spend hours in the gym to push the difficulty and to


win medals on this stage, but at the end of the day, that is what can do


you in. The same equation you have said so many times, Matt, difficulty


versus accuracy. Versus elegance. The gymnasts fight so hard for this


opportunity, hundreds of gymnasts here at this Championships, only


eight make the final. Such an achievement to make the final, and


you so want to give your best when you are there.


The full twist there. She really wasn't very far off. She seemed to


be square, we saw the left shoulder popped up a bit which may have taken


her off, but she seemed to be accurate there. Very often it seems


to be, as much as anything, your expectation as to whether you put


your feet down and stand up and correct it, whereas she just paused,


didn't she? down... Have I made it? No, I


haven't. She was square and then you saw the shoulder popped up. Such a


shame. Cracking gymnast. Very good gymnast, had a great all-around


competition. Legs just a little bit loose in the


two and a half twist, the judges will have a few tenths off for that.


She will lock that one away to experience.


Wevers is still in the lead and is guaranteed a medal. Two gymnasts


left to go. See you in Rio. Great for Dutch gymnastics.


The highest qualifier, can she get herself another gold medal here?


Goal with the team, gold in the all-around.


And we saw a very uncharacteristic mistake in the individual final. At


that is such a fantastic spin. And it counts as a full spin. The fact


she did two and a half did not matter.


Front somersault with half turn, she just makes it look as easy as a


The acrobatic series, layout, second the


The acrobatic series, layout, second layout, shoulders up, not a waver.


Strong in the front somersault, immediately into the jump.


You can see how, by moving swiftly, she exudes confidence. Lovely series


of three elements there. Nothing tentative about this


routine. There might have been a wobble but she didn't let it be


That anything more than a little


That routine, the full twisting double


That back at the end. Really a class


apart. It was as solid as a rock. back at the end. Really a class


She has the same difficulty value as the last gymnast going in


She has the same difficulty value as final, so it's going to be


She has the same difficulty value as to execution. If she can get it, it


will be her ninth world title. Even when she made that tiny mistake, she


whipped her leg back into the right position. Failing is not on her


agenda. So impressive. The centre of her body is so strong,


her core is so strong. That, off a little step jump... You have seen


other gymnasts do that skill but they have run the length of the beam


to get the power for it. The arms lifted immediately to the


correct position. Beam is about discipline, and even with that


wobble, she kept the arms fixed and knew where she wanted to be.


If you watch her do the beam routine in training, every time, the arms


are in the same place, there is any improvisation. Consummate.


Absolutely. The beam is not sprung. She is jumping off a block of wood


there. We were saying earlier on, you think of the greats, Nadia


Comaneci... Her name has to be up there now as one of the finest. I


would consider her very similar to Nadia Comaneci, actually. Yes. The


athleticism. At times, she can look graceful as well. A strange mix, but


the result is just mesmerising. With her coach, Amy, who has coached her


since she was very little. And the team USA leader for the last 15


years. Wevers will be delighted. So will everyone in the Netherlands.


The school to beat is 14.333. She knows it is good. But how good? I


think we might crack into the 15s with this score. Do you? I think so.


I think she will be disappointed if not. She had a difficulty score of


6.3 in qualification, so that is a maximum 16.3. And the Golden score


at the moment is 15.358! She has upped her difficulty from


qualification by 0.1, which is going to make it very, very difficult for


the last gymnast in this final. The arena calms as Seda Tutkhalian


of Russia takes to the beam, just 16 years old. Can she remain composed


and get herself a medal in this world final? And the answer is no. I


would say those first three gymnasts will remain now. She's got a lot of


difficulty still to perform. Change leg, half turn. And this very


difficult, full twist... Oh, and the hard full twist, she does absolutely


wonderfully. It's a little bit like the nerves have gone now. She's got


nothing to worry about, just perform, with her usual technique.


Lovely height on the change leg leap. More interesting dance. She's


strong and supple, a powerful gymnast. She had a little up and


down championships but a first year senior and a gymnast I'm sure by the


time we get to Rio will be wowing us. The big dismount, double pike.


Apart from that obvious error, she didn't let it completely throw her.


She kept her focus and produced a solid challenge, but it is surely


not going to get her into the medals? That could squeeze into the


third spot. That would be marvellous, because she deserves is


it, it was a wonderful routine. We'll see. Maybe that's ambitious.


But her difficult skills she performed well. It was this very


first straight-backed somersault, it is right at the beginning of the


routine and she didn't do it with very much conviction, did she,


Mitch? No, it was almost as if she gave up on it. Such power


afterwards. Such focus to get on and do this with such skill after the


disappointment. She dismounted very confidently. Let's see. Had a bit of


a mixed championship, the Russian team. Team. I'm sure level be lots


of work to make sure they go to Rio really solid. There's been lots of


promise shown but uncharacteristic mistakes as well. Look at the effort


there. Squeezing round the double pike. She deserves a medal from the


way she fought back from that early error. She had a 6.3 difficulty


tariff in qualification. If she's up with that... You never know. They'll


be wondering now, well, they are celebrating already. Tutkhalian


didn't Lieke there was much chance of it being different. Good to see


three gymnasts who stayed on the beam and fought well. Unusual not to


see a Chinese, a Romanian or a Russian on that podium. Absolutely,


China have been very successful on the beam. You can see how tall


Komova is now. In 2012 she was quite a little gymnast. I think she's had


to work very hard to get the work back. 13.5 and 6th place. The judges


are true to their conviction of being quite severe.


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pointing at different people all across the country. There's yet


another first for Great Britain. across the country. There's yet


Nile Wilson has made the across the country. There's yet


bar final for the first time at the across the country. There's yet


Claudia Fragapane and Ellie Downie have


Claudia Fragapane and Ellie Downie And we'll wrap up proceedings with a


Blue Riband event, so stand by for high bar. Yesterday as Max Whitlock


and Louis Smith came out into this arena the stage was set for a first


for Great Britain. Let's remind you what happened in the world final of


the pommel horse. The stage is set. Mere is the current European


champion. Double Olympic medallist, he looks calm, he looks ready. A


great start. Now come on! What a performance for Great Britain's


Louis Smith! A great routine. He is in the running for sure. Sure. Max


Whitlock, this world pommel final. He skipped through that. This is


good work. Keep stretching, young man. What a super, super challenge.


That's phenomenal. It really is a final of the Britons here. Who is it


going to be? It's going to be very, very close. Max Whitlock is the


pommel horse Worrall champion. He beats Louis Smith into silver. What


a story for this young man. 7.5 billion people on the planet and


I'm winner on the pommel horse. It's been historic. Couldn't have asked


for a better World Championship. The medals are here and so are the boys.


Let's welcome Max Whitlock, world champion, and Louis Smith,


wonderful, wonderful display. You said you were speechless there, Max.


Has it sunk in yet? Mow did it feel this morning when you woke up?


Has it sunk in yet? Mow did it feel feel tired this morning, to be


honest. It's been a long week, but it still feels crazy. Hasn't sunk in


at all. The whole week has been crazy for all of us at Team GB.


You've done 20 routines and then you win the world title on your 20th.


How has that manifested itself within you as you went through the


competition. Even emotionally to get to Rio, there's so much happening


here. I've said it a few times, you have to take the pressure off


yourself as much as possible. You have to go in, know what you've done


in training and know that's enough and do your job. We all had to go


for it. Hopefully perform clean routines. Even if you look at the


team final, the everyone made a clean routine, we couldn't have


asked for more. Louis Smith, you were up first in that fifth spot.


Let's look through this routine. It was going incredibly well. Talk us


through. Right now I'm thinking, I need to overcome the noise of the


crowd and just focus. All the hard work we've done in the gym, it all


comes down to this moment. Did you know how difficult you were going to


go? Yes, this is all progression for Rio. I wanted to prove to selectors,


the world, the GB guys I've got what it takes in the bag to challenge for


a Roy io spot. For a Rio spot. This is the bit that went a bit funky in


the team final... The power with the hips to generate the speed to keep


it going. I thought, stay focused and it is pretty much plain sailing,


but don't mess up the dismount. You were thinking that from this point


onstbhards Yes. And the power you generated on the dismount. A little


flourish at the end. And that's just, I've done my job. You did, and


to score over 16 is a huge achievement. Max, where were you


when that was happening? I was still warming up. For me, when go out and


compete I don't like to see many scores around me, as I don't think


that can help an athlete to compete straight after. Me and Scott walked


through the tunnel, going to the pommel horse. Scott said, what do


you want to do then? I didn't know what Louis Smith's score was. We


decided the difficulty and went for it. And you upped it by 1 10th. Yes.


We are going to play your routine now. Talk us through this. You


looked calm going into it. Yes, to be honest I felt a bit more calmer


after coming off of the floor. For me the floor final was my first time


being in the floor final of the World Championships, so coming into


pommel I had already bagged a medal. Pause it when you see that extra


tenth It was at the beginning, the one-handle work. I under it by doing


an extra Russian in the one handle. So when you've got that extra


difficulty out of the way, were you starting to get more excited, or


more calm? More tense probably. It was like once you've done all the


hard bit, with you've got to finish the routine off. It is very


difficult, but that feeling there was unbelievable. And did you know,


did you know, Louis. What was happening between you there


psychologically as you were waiting for the score? I knew Max had done a


great routine. I thought, if it is no a draw he'll beat me by just a


little bit. It was well deserved, so I was praying for a draw. Don't get


me wrong, I would have loved a gold medal, but hindsight is a wonderful


thing. Just to have gotten through the routine, Is away relieved. I bet


you were. To have two gymnasts, and you said this Louis, on top of the


world here. We are talking over 16. It is incredibly difficult to main


that and achieve that. You must be feeling great, the pair of you going


ahead to Brazil? Yeah, definitely. Not even just that, the I think the


whole team, girls and boys, it has been making history throughout the


whole week. That can make us go into next year, Europeans and into Rio,


with so much confidence. Really relax into it and get a feel for it


as quick as possible, so we are looking forward to it. There's


another world champion being crowned at the moment. This is Ri Se Gwang.


We'll be pausing for the national anthem for him shortly. Initially


coming into here the aim was to get to Rio. When do you start refocusing


for your own individual finals and the thought of getting that team


medal? It is always a secondary target. You are always thinking team


first, but you have individual goals you want to accomplish along the


way. When we had done with the team event and we realised the finals,


you can start to do your own preparation and get the team finals


out of the way and focus. We'll hold that thought as we pause for the


national anthem of Korea. Ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem of


the democratic People's Republic of Korea.






World champion on vault, ahead of Marian Dragulescu in silver medal.


Whittenburg takes the bronze. What a comeback from Marian Dragulescu. We


have talked about it, 34 years old, lads. It's lovely to see him back,


don't you think? Brilliant. First and second have a combined age of


64! I was talking to him in the training gym, he said his body feels


good and his mind feels great. He doesn't stop taking selfies, so he


knows it is one of his last comebacks! One of his last


comebacks, that is a great line! Might as well, why not? It was


hilarious seeing him with his selfie stick. Let's reflect on your floor


performance, Max. Huge congratulations. Ken so she right is


always going to be tough to beat. Was it all about the silver? --


Kenzo July is always going to be tough to beat. I focus on my routine


and I don't think about medals. -- Shirai. My first world


championships, I just tried to go as clean as possible. You look


incredibly comfortable on the floor. That helped me in the final, I


posted two 15.7s beforehand which gave me so much confidence. I knew I


just had to do the same again. And then see after that. How different


did the floor area field to other ones you have worked on? Everything


is slightly different. -- feel to other ones. Gymnasts have to adapt


to different arenas and different equipment. It's always going to be


different. You have to adapt as quick as possible. That is what we


train for. That is why we train in different environments. Different


types of pressure. The Bear Grylls of gymnastics! One thing you can't


train for is the noise in this place. As you walk up, the


difference between the screaming and then the silence, that must be very,


very difficult to compose yourself. It is. It's a challenge, it is


tough. One of the disadvantage of having a home crowd is having a home


crowd, it is through the roof, it is electric. I had to take a moment


before the pommel horse routine to tell everyone to calm down a bit. It


really was crazy. So many firsts at this World Championships, it has


been a joy to witness. We will show you the highlights of the team


final, the best ever placing for a British team in a World


Championships. Let's just go for it. We knew the potential was there, we


just tried not to think about it, anything like that. Such an intense


competition. I was definitely in the zone, my moment. The whole thing


from the start to the end, we were relentless as a team. It was a case


of putting up the arm and hitting the routine. To deliver in front of


a home crowd is incredible. I lot of pressure, the first world


championship, the vault was big. I was more nervous watching Max than


my own job. Start of the routine, thinking, this is crazy! The crowd,


it is like a constant noise, which is unreal. Great Britain are world


team silver medallists! Sit back and be proud of what we have achieved.


To have the competition we did, it was literally perfect. It means a


lot. It was was literally perfect. It means a


proud to be a part of it. Do you know, so


proud to be a part of it. Do you it? That seems like ages ago. When


you watch it now, how do you feel? Relieved. We have all been working


for this for so long. We have been progressing as a squad. We have


funnelled the team together here and we have done a job. It's a testament


to how hard not just we are working but people behind the scenes who


don't get the credit. This is the thing, Dan, it is such a challenge


to get into this team. It is, there were only six places available. It


will be even harder next year when there are only five. 15 gymnasts


pushing everyone hard to get in the team. That makes us stronger as a


nation. Thinking of Lilleshall, the National sports Centre, you are


there and it is not just you, the women have done it as well. They


made history on the very first day of the finals. This is how they got


on. # Good times. As soon as we walked


out, we waved and the roar from the crowd was amazing behind us. We have


been training for months and months and months, we fight for absolutely


everything. I was nervous going into the bars, it didn't go to plan. We


just went, don't worry about it, never say never. It put me in a


better mindset for the beam, because I knew I had to focus more. Becky


has been keeping as calm. Whatever happens, happens. -- keeping us


calm. None of us could hear ourselves think. That was the best


vault I have ever completed. It was pretty special. When we got ahead of


Russia after my score, I couldn't believe it. When the score came in,


I was completely shocked. Kept looking at the scoreboard, it was


incredible. That is a bronze medal for Great Britain! It's absolutely


fantastic that we have been able to walk away with a team bronze medal.


Made history. A massive roar has just gone up because Beth Tweddle


has gone down to present the women'sbeam medals. But let's


reflect on what the women did. You must have been aware of what they


were doing. Looking back through the history of British gymnasts, for a


long time the women were up there, the men took over, and then the


women... Did you feel under enormous pressure to keep the consistency


going, Max? Yes, there was that pressure. It did inspire us, in a


way, to compete the way we did the next day. Their team is so young, so


to do what they did with not a lot of experience was pretty amazing. To


make the finals they made, the girls and boys for Great Britain, it is in


a very good place. Absolutely. The juniors coming through, how well


they have been able to cope in a situation like this. It says an


enormous amount looking forward, because it does not feel like this


is a flash in the pan for Great Britain. Definitely not. We have


been training for this for a long time, starting about a decade ago.


Beth Tweddle. Numerous World Championship medals. It has been a


long time coming. Great Britain are here to stay for a long time in the


gymnastics world. There are always these nations and individual


gymnasts that the rest of the world seem to be chasing, and this is a


fine example right here. Simone Biles comes out to receive her ninth


world title. Goodness me. She still has the floor to come today.


Imagine, ten by the end of today. Simone Biles takes the gold, 3 of


the four individual apparatus finals. Incredible. Wevers takes the


silver medal, but this moment is all about her. Beth stepping forward as


well. Wevers takes the silver medal back


to the Netherlands, the Dutch champion. Third for Pauline Schafer.


You could see how emotional she was. She is off to Rio as well. This


gymnast... It's hard to compete against a gymnast who believes in


the ethos of fun. She goes out there and just has a great time, enjoying


herself. How do you put pressure on a gymnast like that, Dan? That is


what is so amazing about her. She is like the Uchimura of women's gymnast


ticks, she seems to be winning everything but she is having fun at


the same time, which is so good to see. We will hold it there.


AMERICAN national anthem AMERICAN national anthem AMERICAN national


Simone Biles takes her ninth title. The chance of a 10th still to come


in the women'sfloor final where she will be joined by Ellie Downie and


Claudia Fragapane. That is still to come very shortly, as is the men's P


bar final. Exciting times again for Great Britain. Nile Wilson is the


first British gymnast ever to qualify for the P bars final. You


are specialist, Daniel. Your P B is over 16. Definitely. It is only his


second world championship. To make the P bar final, he has such a


bright future ahead of him. As far as the P bar routines are


concerned, let's talk the viewers through the perfect routine and what


is difficult. A great routine, you have a mixture of under bar elements


and above bar elements. A lot of dismounts, double front with a half


turn to increase the difficulty. Keep pushing it right to the finish


and put in the extra half turn, when the landing is going to be key.


Definitely. That is going to be one of the main focuses, the landings,


because so many of the starts course will be so similar. Whoever nails


the landing will be in with a shout. Nile Wilson and your score is


matched in qualification, there is always going to be an argument about


how many gymnasts should be allowed per country in the top 24, it was


tough luck for Nile in the all-round qualification. It can be harsh


sometimes. When a gymnast deserves to be in, it is tough when they are


not. But Nile is very young and talented, so he has a lot of chances


ahead of him and he will go on to do great things. In this P bar final,


he has done so many solid routines in training and hopefully he can


pull it off today. Will it be difficult? It has been a while since


he has been in here for the team final, he has heard everything... He


is fired up, isn't he, Dan? He can't wait to get out there. Definitely.


He is going to be excited to be out there competing. He curbs so well


under pressure, he loves the atmosphere and it makes him perform


so much better. -- he curbs. We will keep everything crossed for him. We


have watched you go around with a chalk bag, Max. We have got you a


little present. A brand-new chalk bag! World Champion 2015 on it.


Who knows whether or not that chalk is good for you, but try it out. It


might be magical stuff. We are going to continue and talk about the


gymnasts behind us. These are the P bar finalists. We've got some


interesting pictures we are going to look at, because Shudi Deng is very


interesting, Dan? Definitely, he scored a 16 in the team final, which


should be unthere in the medals. It will be really exciting to watch


him. His compatriot is coming out, Hao You. He was fourth at the World


Gymnastics Championships in 2013. He's a gymnast capable of scoring in


the 16s, Verniaiev. Hinge he's hit 16 twice already. He is so


consistent on this apparatus. Danell Leyva is a master on the high bar, a


master on the P bars as well. Plenty of fireworks there. I love Leyva's P


bar routine. It is basically a high bar routine on P bars. 8 elements


under the war. On P bars. 8 elements -- under the bar. He's had a sticky


condition, just a bit off. He had a few mistakes in the all-around


final, but he qualified in great position for the high bar and P


bars. If he puts in a good performance he could come away with


medals. And this is Verniaiev. The current world champion, current


European champion as well. He's been double European champion. He's such


a light gymnast. Looking at the different body types, he's got the


perfect frame for this. I think so. He seems light. He's quite small and


he's very powerful. He's one of the only gymnasts as well. He competes


in every competition during the year, doing the all-around. It is a


unbelievable year, doing the all-around. It is a


that. And Max, a word from you on this man, Manrique Larduet. What a


world debut he's had. I didn't know of him before I come into these


World Championships. I heard the boys talking about this guy from


Cuba. He's amazing. He has come from nowhere and backed a medal in the


all-around. You certainly know about him now! Certainly. You should see


the tattoo on his arm, it says, the return of Cuban gymnastics.


the tattoo on his arm, it says, the CHEERING. Talking of the return of


gymnasts, here comes Nile Wilson. Listen to that roar! He looks ready.


What's it like, Max, for you to be watching these finals instead of


being in them? Really nice. I feel really chilled. It is crazy but I


can't wait to watch this final. It is going to be very close indeed.


The penultimate gymnast on to the stage, it is wonderful the way they


all come out. This is Shudi Deng, the seventh highest qualifier. 24


years old. But he'll be hungry for a P bars medal. He was


years old. But he'll be hungry for a year's world's. Got fourth in the


floor final. You know what it is like to compete against this guy,


Max. This guy picked up an all-around medal. He's in a good


place. I think Chinese gymnasts always pull them out of the


place. I think Chinese gymnasts They were always amazing, talented


gymnasts, so he'll be putting in a good score today.


gymnasts, so he'll be putting in a congratulations to the team for


beating the Chinese in the team final. I bet but didn't see that


coming did you? No, not at all. final. I bet but didn't see that


we go with the last gymnast from the eight. Qualified last week, this is


Yusuke Tanaka. He's one of the most stylist gymnasts to watch. Really


nice P bars. This one is going to go right down to the wire, so we'll let


the gymnasts unzip their track suits and we'll hand over to Mitch Fenner


and Christine Still in the commentary box. This one is set to


be a good one. The men's final in the parallel bars. For me one of the


most exciting pieces of apparatus these days. The parallel bars. They


swing beautifully and they've transformed the contest. The man for


my money is Oleg Verniaiev. What a final, a great event. It's stylish,


risky and it really has developed. . It has. It is one of my more


favoured pieces now and you see them, the lights go up and on they


perform. No warm-up today. Oleg Stepko. He is capable of some


beautiful work. This will be a Homber. Very smoothly. Just lost


form a little. Snatched the Healey. And that's the somersault. Little


adjustments, which add up. Two consecutive supermarkets, which add


-- two consecutive somer assaults. -- two consecutive somer assaults.


-- somersault. Needs lots of flight for the tip out and delivers. There


had been tiny adjustments, but you can see the skill of this man. A


very efficient routine, with a very efficient landing and dismount. Very


first start. First person up often sets the scene for the rest of the


gymnasts, even though it is not a team. But when you get the first


gymnast in a final being first and clean, it will often mean the rest


work well as well. It is a super event. That's a difficult move, from


the upper arms. Catch from straight arms and keep the swing. The chest


has to go in to allow for a smooth swing. Difficult. This is the


straddle. Front semi to catch. Everything was precise on the big


moves but on the tiny moves he had a couple of falters. There's one there


just in the handstand at the end of the tip-out. He's got such beautiful


extension though. Toes always pointed. Not quite. Yes, the


extension all the convey through. Just a little flicker on landing,


Stepko. Did the foot just slide behind? Yes, but he doesn't care.


And neither does he. He's happy. Stepko delivering first up in this


final. First up is always hard. He's not let himself, his coach or his


country down. For so long these guys dominated the apparatus, China.


Interestingly, You... Stepko's score is 15.966. That's going be very


tough to beat. This gymnast, Hao, he couldn't compete last year so this


is a real chance for him this year. 23 years old. And he managed to get


a 15.3933 in the team final on this piece of apparatus -- 15.393. It is


a very different atmosphere in these individual apparatus finals. With


the all-around there's stuff going on, lots of people to look at and


you don't feel in the spotlight. But this, all eyes are on the individual


gymnast. So second gymnast up, You Hao. He did score 15.933 in the team


qualification. The score to beat is 15.966. Look for double somersaults.


You can see protection on his arms. First double. Beautifully


negotiated. Oh, fantastic. The extra rotation in the Suarez. That sets


this routine apart. Half turn in the peach. Again it is clean. Legs


locked together in the double pike. And not one small adjustment.


There's a clean, the tip-out, without catch. Superb. A small


hesitation there. I think he just avoided contacting the apparatus.


Another biggie. Double front. Half turn, he nailed it. It was that 7


8ths of a turn? I'm not sure. Such a routine from him. The judges will


have to look at this incredibly closely, as they'll be scrutinising


every tenth. There may have been a slight drop, and the dismount


they'll look at as well. They tend to land this double front half turn


deeply, and I guess that must be a bit of a deduction. Look at, that


it's beautiful. How he keeps the rhythm of the swing. With Really


nice, strong work. This is beautiful work. Watch this. There's the Suarez


but he hangs a little bit, the extra rotation and the cuts from it.


That's great control. Very original work. This is the swinging work we


are talking about, where it is becoming really more like high bar.


That's a real challenge from the tip-out. Cut-back after tip-out to


give that extra shave of rotation. This is super this routine. It is


one of the most painful pieces of operate us to master as well,


because you are constantly clattering yourself, whether it's


your feet, your upper arms, especially the upper arm work. That


dismount, we are seeing it again. Very nice, clean dismount, but the


feet are just a little... I think they'll give it but with a


deduction. If it is three quarters, does it go all the way around? It's


an enormous 16. .216. That is most certainly the score to beat. 7.3


difficulty. Stepko down into second. Six gymnasts still to go in this


World Gymnastics Championships of the parallel bars. Just talking


about the comparison between high bar and P bars, this lad, Danell


Leyva, certainly knows how to swing both of those apparatus. He's a


former world champion on this piece in 2011. He got silver last year. He


isn't tall. He looks tall, gives the impression with his swinging that he


has long levers, but he is not a tall gymnast. There's a full turn in


the peach. Lovely work. To one rail, but did he hold it for one clean


second? I don't think so. The extra turn. He has almost a lazy approach


to his swing. Stood to handstand. Big double front, well landed. Super


work. He needs 16.216. Is he going to be knocking on the door of a


medal? Such a clean dismount. That landing is completely blind and he


really nailed it. Didn't give a lot away. A couple of flutters early on


but what a level of performance. There's the Giant. Makes the


handstand. There you go, the Suarez. Very nicely done. There's the coach.


The father, of course, and totally involved in his son's efforts.


Straight arms until the very last minute. Impresses the lockout to


make the full turn. Such a hard move minute. Impresses the lockout to


to time. Clean swing ing with. He was the man who made the transition


from strength and static to flowing high bar-style P bars. And look at


that dismount. He deserves a good score. Will it be quite difficult


enough? And so does he. There he is hopping around. When Leyva retires


they'll make a good partnership in sports acro. I think all coaches do


live the routine but not all quite as dem on vatively than this.


Not easy to spot those. Qualification difficulty was 6.9. We


have already seen a 7.3, so he will need to have upped


have already seen a 7.3, so he will the hunt. Will he struggle to get


into the 16s? I think it will be the high 15s. It was 6.9 in


qualification. Certainly the standard of the first


three routines has been mind-boggling. Any medal in this


final is just the most remarkable achievement. Pushing what is


possible. Hydro Arena is in third at the


moment. A lot of good gymnasts to come. -- Hydro -- Danell Leyva is in


third at the moment. The Ukrainian gymnast Oleh


Vernyayev, looking to retain his world title on this piece. His


16.133, in qualifying, was with a mistake.


Half turn. No extra adjustment in the handstand grasp.


Healy out, super so far, not a sign of a deduction.


So far, I can't find anything wrong with this.


The big dismount, a hop forward. Apart from that, the judges would


have been hard pushed to find much wrong with that. Mr Vernyayev, you


are spectacular on this apparatus. Did he miss a link in the middle,


though? I thought he was going to go out and come down and then go back


up again, who knows? You can only deduct... You cannot assume, you can


only deduct on what you see, it was not a clear mistake. Would it have


affected his difficulty? It might well have done. He posted 7.1 in


qualification, 7.2 in the all-around. Absolutely spot on up


until that point. Precise. He was hitting handstands


so beautifully, you wonder if he almost went a little bit too


straight in order to get the momentum to go out. Anyway, as you


say, you can only deduct for what he did. It's only the start value in


question now, the D score. A little bit of quick thinking. Might I be


right in thinking he definitely needs a medal to win an Olympic


place? Yeah. He is given 7.1. He is happy with


second. Two scores in the 16s. Hao, the leader. Ahead of and Stepko. --


Vernyayev and Stepko. I seem to remember another final with two 16s


in it. The pommel horse. All of the best ones do!


Here he is, his third final. The last great Cuban gymnast, Roberto


Richards in 1976... He is not doing a bad job.


Swinging very clean, getting the handstand.


Flowing handstand -based movements is what the judges are looking for,


and look at that dismount! And you see him click his heels together at


the end? What a talent this young lad is, 19 years old, he is an


all-around gymnast and yet here he is, he could specialise in three of


them. And what a dismount. We said if they land the double front half


outs a bit low... Nothing wrong with that. The height he generated in the


middle of the routine as well. That was nice too.


It is hard to get your arms straight early and keep them straight. A


little bend there. That's a tough start.


This is the height you were talking about, Matt. Look at that, superb.


He was 30 centimetres vomit in new money, a foot in old money, above


the bars to clear it. -- 30 centimetres in old money. He really


does look a very exciting prospect, doesn't he? He certainly does. I


guess he must also be in the same situation, he got a medal in the


all-around but not in the apparatus yet, and it is the first three in


each apparatus that qualify in their own right. Nothing low about that


gymnast in the dismount. Superb. Fourth. 15.733. 6.9 difficulty, what


what a score for parallel bars in any case. All other scores have been


above fantastic stuff. The next gymnast, competing for Great


Britain, Nile Wilson, Junior European champion last year on this


piece of apparatus. That's nice. A tiny end at the top


of the handstand. -- bend. A little waver on the one rail. The


technique is great. Lovely in the giant, great in the double. Smooth


swing. Keep it going. Nice. The rid of the uprise


connected with the height of the somersault. -- the rhythm.


A little break of rhythm but this is technically very good. Tiny little


adjustments there, double pike, a little step back but that was a real


fine effort in his first final in the P bars for Great Britain. And he


lands as the first British gymnast ever to make a final in parallel


bars at a World Championships. Well done. Tremendous effort. He has all


of the heart in the world. But a lot of good technique as well.


Technically, a great gymnast with a great future. A nice handstand


shape. Lovely handstand shape. A well extended gymnast, beautiful


handstand, flat back, the extended. -- feet extended. Knees locked


together, really doesn't give many marks away. His difficulty score


won't be massive, it it won't be in the sevens. Look at the effort on


his face. But his execution should be good. Yes. Crossed his toes for


good luck there! A great effort in a first world final, and in such


company. These really are huge performances. 15.233! Good job! He


worked very hard at the handstand adjustments. Severely dealt with.


We are in for another treat now. Just needs more difficulty.


We are in for another treat now. Whenever the Chinese approach the


parallel bars. You can be sure of something hugely impressive. His


compatriot leads the field with 16.216. 16.066, Silver. 15.966, that


would knock Stepko out of the medals. Double pike.


Half turn. And a double. All from different connections.


This is another Healy to uninterrupted swing. Just


adjusted at the end! Healy to uninterrupted swing. Just


stuff. Well, this, I think, is now going to come down to difficulty.


Talking about the execution, how hard did he go? That is the


question. 7.1, he posted in the qualification, the team final and


the all-around. The dismount looked like it was stark, and then as an


afterthought he had a hop. The work on the apparatus was superb. Superb


and sublime, because he was in control. A virtuoso performer. A lot


and sublime, because he was in of double pikes, all from different


start positions. That was terrific. Swinging into handstand shape.


Flowing to and from the handstand is what the judges are looking for.


Lovely. Look at the line.


nailed, didn't we, Chris? He is Look at the line.


then! The coach celebrating, and his compatriot as well. He didn't quite


make 16. 15.966. So close. Well actually, he is joint third with


Stepko. At the moment they are sharing the bronze medal. What a


final. China, one and three at the moment.


Vernyayev in silver medal position for Ukraine. Stepko shares bronze at


the moment. However, use a Kate Tanaka, great to watch. -- however,


use UK Tanaka, great to watch. You can't write him off. That is the


best version of that skill. High and clean.


So much time, full extension. Chest downwards. One rail. Quite a few


have had to adjust for that. Half turn swing to handstand, out on


one rail, there is no connection. -- the connection. Very nicely done.


Double pike. Thank you very much! What a superb landing. That was


really special, that routine, wasn't it? Beginning to end. Well, where is


he going to fit in among the top spots? Surely he has got to be


sharing bronze, or even better? His difficulty in qualification was only


6.6, so he is going to have to have upped it quite a bit to penetrate.


Absolutely. I could not count the D score and commentate at the same


time, but I don't think it was much above 6.6. This is the best version


of this skill. Absolutely straight arms on the catch. The way the flow


continued up to the handstand, smooth as you like.


It was lovely work. This is the sort of dismount that you dream about.


15.966 to share bronze. A tall order I think if the difficulty level


hasn't moved from 6.6, but what a cracking dismount. Oh, his


difficulty is down at 6.6. 15.6 is the final score. Tanaka in seventh.


So Hao You is the new world champion. Fourth back in 2003.


Silver medallist on the rings, but Oleg Verniaiev, he came here as the


world champion. He settles for silver. And the bronze is shared


between Oleg Stepko and Shudi Deng. What a super final. I've come to


really enjoy that apparatus. Stepko was the first gymnast up. He gave


them the target to aim for and he piled the pressure on. He just


produced the most wonderful parallel bars final. We'll see confirmation


of the final result. Every single gymnast producing their very best.


Hao You, 16.216. If you had said, Mitch, two gymnasts on the today um


why in the 16s... Nile Wilson finishes 8th but a wonderful


performance from him. The first British gymnast to make the parallel


bars final at the world championships. Nile, bottom of the


final but it is a historic participation for a British man in a


parallel bars final. How happy are you just to be there? Extremely


happy. This week has been incredible for British gymnastics as a whole. I


knew it was going to be tough to get in the places but I think this week


has shown gymnastics is so unpredictable and hit or miss. I was


happy to be in the final, an historic event. I'm proud to


represent my country out there today. The commentators were talking


about the standard, it was extremely high. What was it like watching the


guys perform ahead of you? Massive inspiration and motivation for me.


I'm just proud to actually be in the top 8 in the world on parallel bars.


As a nation we've been on parallel bars as much as being not so strong,


and I'm glad I can step up and prove that we are fantastic on the


parallel bars. The message I want to get across this week is how well


British gymnastics have done. In 2006 at the Olympics I was sitting


at home as a boy watching Louis Smith. It has given us the belief as


a nation that we can come to these competitions and compete with the


best of the world. All the kids watching at home, get to the gym


tomorrow, work your hardest and pull together as a country and we can be


world champions one day. You've provided a lot of inspiration. You


look like you've been enjoying it out there. Coming out, after the


team you did the same. You've enjoyed it here haven't you? It's


been unbelievable. With the home Games, coming here with the crowd


behind you, not many people get to experience that. I've second up


every moment and used that crowd and that support. I want to say everyone


who has came and supported. The messages on social media. It is all


fantastic. I've loved every second of it. Nile, thank you very much.


Thank you. And well done to Nile. Very well said, I must say. If he's


inspired you, he said get down to the gym. Head to our BBC website,


because we'll put lots of information on there on how you can


get inspired. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Here comes


Claudia Fragapane, ready for the women's floor final. She took gold


here at the Commonwealth games here at the SSE Hydro on this piece of


apparatus, as well as another three golds to boot. Ellie Downie also


competing in the women's floor final. She will be up very shortly.


In fact she's coming now. CHEERING. And what a competition


Ellie has been having here at the world championships. It is a


wonderful celebration. It feels like a great final day. Everybody is


thoroughly enjoying watching these gymnasts, the finest in the world,


with great British gymnasts among them. If we can have a quick word


ahead of this final. You were world champion in 2009. I know you are


always asked about your music and how you design these routines. Give


us a nod what we are about to see here? When the gymnasts choose the


music and the choreography, most of the time the gymnasts will bring in


an external choreographer. With regards to the music it can be a


combination between the gymnasts and the coach. For me it was very much


Amanda always chose my music. The music I used in 2009 for this floor


routine was specially composed. music I used in 2009 for this floor


London 2012 I wanted something big and British, so I chose Live and Let


Die. As far as the difficulty versus the dance elements are concerned,


because it is always a difficult conundrum to get that makes right.


Ndrum to get that makes right. -- to get that mix right. The judges will


get that mixture, but we have amazing tumblers. The floor has


changed over four years, so the tumbles you will see are what some


of the lads are doing. Especially with Simone and the first Japanese


girl, you can expect superb tumbling. With the artistry, there's


a deduction for it if they don't like it. Let's settle in and enjoy


the women's floor final. The first gymnast up is Sae Miyakawa from


Japan. Second highest qualifier. And the whole of the Japanese women's


team wowed us with their flew review teens, but this one was totally


exceptional. Very big first tumble. Full twisting double straight.


Watch out, guys, for this next tumble. Very unusual for the girls.


Straight front. Double front. Just a little pace. Nicely performed leaps.


And bear had mind this is the third tumble.


And bear had mind this is the third twisting, double tuck.


Very classy performance into this big final tumble. Double straight,


superb landing. What an opening big final tumble. Double straight,


this women's floor final. Well, that is the bench mark. Goodness


this women's floor final. Well, that follow that if you can. Quite


exceptional tumbling and a very well-controlled performance, the


leaps were good. Really going to be difficult to beat. So


leaps were good. Really going to be love this. Incredible work. Full


twist and the double love this. Incredible work. Full


keeps form all the way. So love this. Incredible work. Full


this for the love this. Incredible work. Full


tumble forwards this. Unfortunately she had a little step on both


landings. Great to see it. Discipline. In the twisting, double


twisting-double. Was that a third tumble? Quite unbelievable. Finishes


with a double straight. She just whips it round. Great stuff. Looked


with a double straight. She just like she was landing a single


straight back there didn't it? Really very impressive. Japan were a


very good team here. Fingers crossed, my friend, there's yet


another medal for Japan. 14.9 in qualification. 14.633 in the final.


A 14.933 for Miyakawa. Time will tell if it is good enough for a


world medal. It is going to take a lot of beating. One of the headline


questions that's only been written since the last Keats of apparatus,


can Simone Biles get herself a 10th world title? It's time to find out.


So sprightly and fast. Another super double straight with full twist.


Needs to control this tumble. Double straight with half turn, jump, and


she just stays in this time. And dance ing with great conviction


as well as tumbling. Another double-double, double somersault,


double twist. Just needs this big full-twisting


double back. Not a flicker on any of the landings. What a joy to watch.


Perfectly in time at the end there as she just bounces up on to the top


spot and gets that 10. That dream, goodness me, to be world champion


for the tenth time in a career which, let's be honest, isn't that


long. She's only 18! Well, didn't compete, wasn't old enough to


compete at the last Olympics. Has been dominant ever since. Double


straight. That's, I love the way she does that. The landing immediate


into the jump ups her start value. Clever choreography.


She's so light through the hands, isn't she? When she flips she


bounces off her hands so quickly. I just, bounce up into the air, chest


up. That's the fourth tumble. Quite amazing. We were impressed with the


first team in terms of doubling but how can anyone ever match that? That


was just incredible. A cheekily little finish isn't it? It is. Well,


if she gets to the mid 15s here she's going to be unstoppable. She


posted a difficulty of 6.9 in qualification. If you think the


previous gymnast had a 6.3. And that was the next highest difficulty


score. You were saying earlier that she enjoys, and she did. She's got


to enjoy that. A 15.8. That is a record tenth world title for Simone


Biles. What a World Championships it's been for her. However, it would


take a miracle to beat it, but let's not confirm it until every gymnast


has performed. New Enjoy this routine, very, very


different. Wevers, in four Steingruber, who injured her knee on


vault yesterday. Has to land the tumbles really well.


She does. Double tuck. Well, a really classy, beautiful


routine. Completely different from the previous two. Only did two


tumbles, and the rest of her difficulty was made up with spins


and leaps. But beautifully performed. Wonderfully accurate. So


graceful, so elegant. The majority of gymnasts have most


of their deductions on the landings, so by only doing two tumbles, she


only allows the judges to deduct on two occasions. One was an absolutely


spot on landing, for which there would be no deductions. This, chest


right up, not a flicker. And the next, the two and a half, she did


have a little step. And she probably will have had a bit of a deduction


for legs apart. Perhaps 0.3 overall. Right up on the toes, on the spins.


Makes it a much more interesting and varied final when you see the


different styles. Absolutely. Shows you the different facets of


the floor routine. Really does sell it through the


choreography, the grace and elegance. And there's quite a lot of


marks given for choreography. Give yourself a round of applause.


Third-highest qualifier coming into this women's four final. -- floor


final. One of the success stories of this Championships, one of the


emerging gymnasts. A big tumble. Double Dumble. -- double double.


And though we are, the full twist and the double back. Two hugely


difficult tumbles. Showing splits really beautifully in


the leaps. Moves matching the music. Full in


pike this time. Turns straight into a tumble. Big


double tuck, just a little hop to finish. Very efficient. Didn't give


very much away at all. Well, she's looking for a score... 14.1 to join


Wevers in third. She is going to have to be up in the high 14s to


hang onto a medal. She has good tumbling, not exceptional, good


leaps, not exceptional, but she does marry the two together quite nicely.


Good shapes in the air, knees tucked together, the double double. The


floor is together, the double double. The


are now starting to manage to really use the springs well. We are seeing


some truly exceptional tumbling. See how quickly they get off their hands


and up into the twisting somersaults and double backs. It's


and up into the twisting interesting, seeing her landing, she


is putting one leg down ahead of the other, because she had a really bad


knee a few years ago and took almost a year off. Quite deliberate. Now


there will be a deduction for it, but probably 0.1, and she is not


actually stepping, so she is probably living with that deduction.


Chest up, so well. Old upright. -- bolt upright.


She'd be happy to see first and second, USA. That is the situation


at the moment, Chris. 15 scored. Wow, I tell you what, that is going


to be a tough scored to be for second. Afanaseva is next up, the


fourth highest qualifier. Claudia Fragapane will be after her, and


then Ellie Downie and Yang from China. Still a lot of gymnastics in


this women's floor final. This gymnast knows what it feels like to


be world champion on this piece of apparatus. Current European gold


medallist. The world champion in 2011 starts with a very difficult


jump. Beautifully flighted double straight, just a pace.


She stands on two feet... Gymnasts are only allowed one tumble from two


feet, but what a Campbell it is, whip into a triple twist. -- what a


tumble. That tumble off one foot. Very nice


little jump afterwards. Quite a mature performance. Left


something in the locker for the final tumble. Well, the heat is on,


and what a graceful battle this is proving to be. A lovely mix there.


Everything in balance, under control. Some spectacular work, some


grace and elegance. Lovely. The powers that be in international


gymnastics have very much been trying to find a formula to bring


back more emphasis on the dance and the performance side. And I would


say, so far, we are seeing that from this final.


This is that tumble, the two whips, flip, triple twist. So accurate.


Just a little cross-legged. The judges will have a 10th deduction


for that. But a really beautiful floor routine.


Lovely hi double pike. Confidently landed.


15.1! Well, she has knocked Maggie Nichols off the silver medal at the


moment, but she is still in with a chance of bronze. Goodness me, what


an upset from the former world champion. She has split the two


gymnasts from the USA. The next gymnast to go is Claudia Fragapane


from Great Britain. She took Commonwealth gold here in the Hydro


Arena. She does have a difficulty score of 6.3. She absolutely knows


she has to be faultless today. A big first tumble, double straight


with full. Wow, what a landing. Unusual butterfly into the corner.


Another very difficult tumble. Triple twist, really does well.


The big final tumble, double straight! Oh, she stepped out, what


a shame. Well, she finishes with a spin, and


what a World Championships it has been for Claudia Fragapane.


Fantastic performance. Normally would be a winning performance, but


we have seen such wonderful work already. Faultless work. 15 needed


to share bronze at this stage. It is a big ask, but at least the brakes


were working! It is a big ask. She is greeted by her coach. Claudia,


from Bristol Walks gymnastics. Look at this, high, just a bit too much


energy but didn't she do well to bring it back?


It is difficult for the gymnasts when they've come in cold to this


Arena. She did really well. Four hugely difficult tumbles. Just gave


this a tiny bit too much. Won't be a huge deduction but it will be a


point one. She's got such power and joy and exuberance in the


performance. Takes an age, drifts to the floor.


The way she presents it. Beautiful. He's done hugely well. 14.466 for


Claudia Fragapane. She's in Listen to the roar as Ellie Downie


is introduced to the crowd. CHEERING. I'm sure it won't have


escaped people's notice she's wearing the same leotard as Beth did


in 2009, when she won. And has the aim opening tumble. Here it comes,


enormously difficult. aim opening tumble. Here it comes,


into double Arabian. Wow! aim opening tumble. Here it comes,


landing. And back with another enormous tumble. Double piked


Arabian. What a controlled finish. Confidently throw the leaps. Sh.


Confidently throw the leaps. -- through the leaps. Two -and-a-half


twists into a front somersault. Just this final tumble. It's


full of energy, full of verve. Double pike. Very good. A big final


leap. What a performance from Ellie Downie throughout this


championships. She really didn't giver anything away then. 15 is the


score. That's what she's hoping for to get a medal. Big, accurate


tumbling. Really accurate tumbling. Becky from Nottinghamshire


gymnastics club. She doesn't have all the star value. 6 in difficulty


but what she is down on difficulty she made up with for her


performance. It was really clean. Should and she obviously enjoyed it


as well. So many lovely touches. This is incredibly impressive. I've


seen it somewhere before, Chris. Certainly mid to high 14s. Ellie is


a really powerful, spatially aware gymnast. To be able to come out at


this huge double pike Arabian and meet the floor. Exactly that. She


knew exactly where the floor was. She


knew exactly where the floor was. You get extra marks for the leap


out. 0.1 extra, and You get extra marks for the leap


for the landing either. We don't want to rush the judges here, do we


for the landing either. We don't Chris? Absolutely not. Whatever


happens here, she's Chris? Absolutely not. Whatever


achieved what she came for. They're off to Rio. They've made history as


a team. And she was a very big part of that. 14.733. What a score in


this company. Brilliant. So the last gymnast in this women's floor final


at the world championships, a late entrant into this final, ranked in


11th, but be prepared to be entertained. Unusual tumbling. Also


very difficult. Can these twists, one, two, three-and-a-half into a


punch front. Worth just as much as the full twisting double straight.


And this is another very complex and big tumble. One-and-a-half, she


walks out of it. Straight into triple twist and punch front


forward. Those spins were fast enough and controlled.


This time two-and-a-half into the front half turn. The young gymnast,


19 years old. She's really improved with every performance we've seen


from her. We haven't had a double rotation yet. Must have a double


tuck, double pike. She does, lifts the chest confidently. Spin to


finish. APPLAUSE. Very efficient. Exciting


too. Lovely floor exercise. So light, the way she just danced her


way around the floor area and then this power comes from somewhere.


She's so slight. Very slight. You think of her being tiny but she just


hugged Simone Biles and they are the same size. You do think she's hugged


Claudia and she'll be taller. Yes! So she's slight but she's got


enormous power. If anybody is interested, she's 4'7" inches tall.


Just a shade shorter than me. She can twist really well. This is a


clever routine. Triple twist and immediate punch front, so there's no


landing deductions. That's the secret here for the scores. Get rid


of the deductions and add the difficulty in. A bit of an


unorthodox arm position in the spin. The ballet teachers would rather the


arms were up. Did you notice her eyes were closed as well? Were they?


So she definitely wasn't spotting that spin. Two-and-a-half. She


spotted over the shoulder for the landing there. Seems to fail to


present a bit at the end of her tumbles. You are a bit surprised


that she landed them. The only thing lacking is the confidence in


presentation. I would agree. And it is strange music for a slight


gymnast. But in terms of wonderful tumbling and few execution faults,


it's all there. Is it good enough for a medal? The target is 15. She


was fourth in the all-around. It won't be good enough to beat Simone


Biles, who is waiting for confirmation she is ten-times world


champion. The British girls have worked


fantastically on all pieces. . It's been a tremendous championships for


them. We've spent quite a bit of time waiting for judges throughout


this competition, which means there a quite a hefty overrun, so we won't


have time to finish the entire high bar competition which is coming up


shortly. But for continued coverage of that, if you go to the website


you will be able to see uninterrupted coverage all the way


to the end of the medals ceremonies. 14.933 for Chunsong Shang. Just


outside of the medals but that's confirmation that Simone Biles is


the world champion on floor, and ten-times world champion! Kseniia


Afanaseva for Russia takes the silver, former champion in 2011.


There has been an inquiry put in from the Chinese. At the moment


Maggie Nichols has the bronze medal, but we may just have to wait a


moment. Chunsong Shang currently is tying in that fourth medal place


with Sae Miyakawa, the first Japanese gymnast up in this final.


Celebrations haven't started just yet. We are just waiting. This will


be on the difficulty score again. Yes, you can only protest on the


difficulty score, the D score. So each coach and gymnast goes into the


competition knowing what they expect to be awarded. They obviously


expected a 6.5 or a 6.6 instead of a 6.4, which is what they've got. And


she is scoring 14.933. Third place is 15.000, so 0.1 would do it, take


her above, and would knock Maggie Nichols out of the medals, so a


tentative wait for Chunsong Shang and Maggie Nichols. Her


qualification difficulty was 6.4, so she must have thought she increased


something. You can see the judges in their little booths. They are


sitting apart in booths at eyelevel with the floor area. Will it be one


and three USA or one and three USA, China. Actually hang on a minute, if


it is 0.1 it will go up. No, it's been rejected. That's it, the


inquiry is over. There's your champion, Simone Biles. Kseniia


Afanaseva takes silver and Maggie Nichols for the USA gets bronze here


in this women's world floor final. Ellie Downie finishes in sixth.


Claudia Fragapane for Great Britain in seventh. We are overrunning here


at the World Championships, so we are going to have to cut our


coverage short here on BBC Two before the end of the men's high bar


final. If you would like to watch continued coverage of these World


Championships and go to the BBC Sport website, where you can join us


on the dismount until the end of the medals ceremonies. Mitch, let's now


turn our attention to the men's high bar final. This is an event that's


been revolutionised. It is all to do with the man that we are going to


see here, back in 2004, the Athens Olympics. This is Nemov. I remember


this routine so well. Count the release's. In those days, you didn't


get credit the more difficulty you did. Unbelievable. And all of this


courage and everything, he is just showing here courage in bucket


loads. He said goodbye to the perfect 10 here. A Canadian guy was


working on a new system and this gave him the opportunity. It would


reward the more difficult stuff. And this man, the audience just went


into uproar and Alexsei had to go back on the podium and say, calm


down, calm down, the competition must go on. It was unbelievable. And


down, calm down, the competition Dan, we are going to bring you in,


because for you as a concern British gymnast working on high bar routines


as well, these days how is courage awarded? You get a lot of courage


rewarded now by connecting the big res leases such as the coverages,


double somersaults to catch, and then to handstand and connecting


that with a releasing catch. The gymnasts are being introduced behind


you as you are talking, but from a gymnast's perspective how do you


approach high bar? Do you love it or are you terrified? I absolutely love


high bar. You get such a big adrenaline rush even when training


over a foam it. I love to try anything and everything on the high


bar to see what I can do. Danell anything and everything on the high


Leyva is just being introduced. He certainly knows how to release and


catch. He's the second of the American gymnasts in this final.


Christopher Brooks went ahead of him. We are going to have Kohei


Uchimura, he is about to come out. We've seen him have problems on the


high bar but managed to compose himself for that all-around title.


high bar but managed to compose What a high bar routine he put in


there. Definitely. I think we are going to see him up the start value


even more today. I've seen him do connection with the releasing


catches in training. He did qualify with a second highest score. We'll


keep a look out on that difficulty scoreboard, because he posted a 7.1


and he played it safe in the auld around. I think he did a 6.5. He


wanted to make sure of that all-around medal. The releasing


catch, he missed that in the all-around. He knew what he had to


do, knew what he had to score and he knew he could score high enough to


win. We've had just knew he could score high enough to


gymnast introduced to the crowd, the third highest qualifier. And we love


this lad. Manrique Larduet. Again another final for him. What an all


round gymnast. This World


amazing for him, he was This World


the P bars, he could up his start This World


wonderful way to wrap up a World Championships. Hegi from


Switzerland, the eighth highest qualifier, just outside the medals


in the European Championships. What a word on this lad, he is a master.


Hambuchen has been around for a long time, he was someone I was always


trying to beat. His high bar routine is unbelievable and I am excited to


watch him. He did have a few final placings, but he has dropped out.


Beth, you heard he has not been so well. He was supposed to be in the


all-around final but he decided he was not fit enough because of


illness, so he pulled out and has had two days to recover and get


fully fit. I think he knew that his medal chances were in the high bar


rather than the all-around. We will be sitting on the edge of our seats


for this one. Full coverage of this final will continue on the BBC Sport


website, because we won't have time to see it all on BBC Two. Coverage


all the way up to the end of the medal ceremony. Mitch, the bar is


chalked up, and this is the first gymnast, Bretschneider from Germany.


He has been in one or two world finals. This is the final... If


everybody is not around the telly at the moment, call them in for the


first few minutes. You have to witness this. And make sure you have


a strong heart. Because this man, well, not invented, but the first to


do the double twist. It is an amazing move. Whether he will put it


into this final, we don't know. But what a gymnast. A little bit


scrappy. But so risky. A bit of scruffiness, some entertaining


stuff! And he caught the Cassina. The


Kovacs start with extra twist was fantastic.


The pirouettes give away the scores. A little bit late with the half


turn. This man has so much to offer. In terms of difficulty.


He has given a bit away, what he really needs to do is to nail the


dismount. He didn't stick it. A shame. Very


difficult, very ambitious am a but he will be painfully deducted. It


was a courageous display. It certainly was. Look at this first


move. The mind boggles at how, after


twisting and somersaulting over the bar, you can stick your hands out,


grab it and carry on going. Absolutely. Two twists, a catch,


just an amazing skill. A long time coming in competition, but he's done


it. There is the conventional, if you can say so, Cassina. The full


twist, but to do a release with double is incredible stuff. One,,


catch. As you say, Matt, to gather your scrambled brains to produce the


performance... A little shuffle across. It all


takes marks away. And he needed to stick this dismount


because he was expensive on the bar in terms of tenths, but it wasn't to


be. Almost a mark, but I would say 0.8 anyway.


14.966. Difficulty of 7.2. Yes, huge difficulty, but that's the task, to


marry the two. Christopher Brooks. A very ambitious routine.


Full turn into the standard... And he is off! What a pity. What a pity.


He had the awareness to roll out. I was going to say, a good job that he


was aware of where he was. Just got his head under. Did very well. This


is an amazing, ambitious... The second hand, the right hand, did not


get on firmly enough. Tkachev half turn, the third release


attempted with half turn. Very nicely done. Such a pity, but


such awareness. To survive that fault. We have seen a few false on


that half turn action. -- a few falls. It's absolutely crucial.


It's what did for Max Whitlock in the all-around competition. That's


right. You have to get right over. It's no good just catching with the


fingers. He seemed to be on, but he knows he is off at that point. You


could see the bar twang there. Lovely. That time he made no


mistake. Definitely made sure he got hold of that time, didn't he? The


big wind-up. Lovely dismount. Superb. Just struggled to bring it


under control. Full twist. Double twist. Big stuff.


Everything was on, man... It was going to be a freaking sweet


routine. He thought it was going to be a sweet routine, but it turned


sour. 6.4 difficulty. It would have been a 6.9. Let's go, Leyva!


The way the marks have been going, a big score on high bar.


Has got enough, if he does it again, to challenge for a medal. Thrilling


to watch, Leyva. Clean execution, smooth rhythm. A


big release. The Kolman, the Kovacs with full


turn. His father encouraging him, and look


at that landing! What a performance! Look at that Ema! -- look at dad!


at that landing! What a performance! What a performance from them both!


That was great. Dad has not finished his routine yet!


Oh, dear. What a superb high bar routine from


Leyva. And he gives us a kiss. He really uses the wind-up well,


that's lovely, the double straight, arms fled to the side.


Making sure he is giving all the help


Arms out, really, and then the arms back in to


catch. Showing the judges, look, this is how confident I am.


Unfortunately caught it with slightly bent arms, which they will


deduct for. He has flair all the way through. He does. But he is the


of gymnast, in the all-around competition, it didn't go right and


so nothing went right. But when it's going right, it's wonderful. Just


like that dismount. 15.7! 7.3 difficulty.


Well, I have to tell you, that is the biggest score we have seen on


high bar for this Championships. There are still five gymnasts to go


in this high bar final. We are going to run out of time here, so if you


would like to see them, go to the BBC Sport website. Continuous


coverage all the way to the end of the medal ceremony. So please do


join us there. Otherwise we are going to run into the rugby league,


England versus New Zealand, coming up shortly. A quick final thought on


your favourite moment of these World Championships, Dan. Definitely max


winning the gold on the pommel horse. It was crazy under that kind


of pressure, seeing Louis Smith had put up 16. Max was special but the


team medals for both the men and women for Britain, a history making


moment for British gymnastics. Listen, I can't tell you what a


World Championships it has been. To be here and witnessed it has been


the most special thing. We knew that this World Championships was going


to be good, but it has been more than great for Britain. From all of


the team here, thanks for watching, we hope that you have been inspired


as much as we have. Thanks for watching, goodbye.


# It's just gravitation. # We are unstoppable. That is a


bronze medal! Max Whitlock is the pommel horse


Matt Baker introduces coverage from the final day of the 46th World Gymnastics Championships from Glasgow. The final five gold medals of the competition will be decided, with world titles up for grabs in the men's vault, parallel bars and high bar, and the women's beam and floor.

Expert analysis comes from Beth Tweddle, Mitch Fenner and Christine Still.

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