Glasgow 2016 - Highlights Gymnastics World Cup

Glasgow 2016 - Highlights

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In Glasgow, a beautiful, sporting city. For our young debutant it was


where she made history. A sack full of energy, and what do you get,


Claudia Fragapane. The first woman to get four gold medals in one


games. For an unassuming person, it helped the team to success. Great


Britain I world team silver medallists. And for one exceptional


young man it is where years of training and sacrifice suddenly


becomes worth all that pain. Max Whitlock is the pommel horse world


champion. But in 2016, this city of history on the Clyde River is the


first step to the city of sounds in Brazil, Rio, the Olympics, and the


chance to be the best on the biggest of stages. Welcome to Glasgow's


Emirate arena where Dan Purvis, Max Whitlock and Claudia Fragapane are


all back in action at the first major all-round competition of the


year. This really is a chance for these gymnasts from all over the


world to prove why they should be heading to Rio in the summer. The


stage is set to find out who will be crowned Glasgow World Cup champion


in 2016. And from a presenter was my point of view I am in great company.


Dan Keating 's is the first of the current British athletes to help me


through the action. He is also an all-round world silver medallist.


The other is Kelly Sim, who was part of the first ever world's women's


team to meddle here in Glasgow. It is a joy to witness scenes like


that, but what does that do for you as a gymnast? It is a massive


confidence boost to know we are up there with the top teams in the


world. Producing results like that is a confidence boost. Argued for


taking the time to talk to us. This is a key competition as far as the


year of gymnastics head is concerned, even though it is quite


early on. The main event is reopened everyone is looking forward to that,


but for a lot of gymnasts this is their first competition of the year.


This is the place to show the world what it is they are working on. I am


quite surprised you are not competing here. What happened? I had


an injury over Christmas so I need more time to rest and rehabilitate.


I am back training for the British Championships. And being Beth to


able's substitute today. She is still recovering after her terrible


skiing accident and she is still very much in recovery and rehab and


she said thank you to all of you for sending in the messages she has God,


and she is reading each and every one of them. Let's talk about the


British gymnasts competing here. We have got Claudia, Max Whitlock and


Dan Purvis. It is going to be a tight competition between Max


Whitlock and Dan Purvis. They have both got a great chance of getting


on the podium. But there are other gymnasts who have a great chance.


This is what Max Whitlock had to say. Does Glasgow bring back


wonderful memories? Yes, it has been amazing for team GB. It is a great


country to come back to come a great host city. The audience has been


absolutely amazing and hopefully we will get the same feeling tomorrow.


It was a historic moment for British gymnastics, has it sunk in? It does


take a while. You look back at what you have done, but hardly any


results we have got have ever sank in because it is literally a couple


of weeks and you are back into training for the next competition.


That is what is great about our sport, it keeps us all level-headed


and motivated and working hard still. The World Championships are


in the bag, I guess you want to build on from that and the next step


is Olympic gold. Is that fair? It would be amazing as an athlete and


an ambitious one, but it would be silly not to hope that and we have


to keep working hard and keep producing clean routines and that is


our main aim. I try to think of the competitions as all the same,


baseball, domestic competition. Hopefully the stepping stone


competitions will be good for the lead up to Rio. Personally I cannot


wait. Everyone knows how brilliant you all are. Does that put the


pressure on and how do you deal with it? There is a lot of pressure now.


It has changed a lot since London 2012. We went in as hopefuls and


wanted to produce results, but now it is expected of us. But we have


done that since London 2012 and people are expecting us to produce


results. Hopefully in Rio we will be very experience going into it this


year. There is more backing for us now and it is rapidly increasing,


which is what we need for our sport. Hopefully it can help us in


competitions coming up. In terms of the routines, any additions? Yes, I


will be trying new stuff tomorrow. I always learn from previous


competitions. I learned what my weaker parts are and what I have to


improve on. I have got some new stuff and hopefully they will be


good ones. Trying new elements, this is the key as far as the judges are


concerned, which may be viewers are not thinking about. This is a great


place to try out those new skills and see how the judges react and


whether they can control those skills under pressure. Claudia


Fragapane will be competing a bit later on. How has she been and how


is she feeling going into this competition? Yes, she is feeling


really good and everyone has been working hard and I think she is up


there with a big chance. There are a raft of world and European


champions. Who is hemming competitor? The American, MyKala


Skinner, she is one to watch. The Japanese gymnasts as well, she is


ranked one of the highest in this competition. Her execution is


flawless. Also the German athlete could be up there. We have got


gymnasts from Japan, the USA and China. I have heard the Chinese


gymnast is looking very good. The key here and in the all-round


competition is consistency. The men will be competing on six pieces of


apparatus and the women on four pieces and they will join in on the


second rotation. We will hand over to Mitch Fenner and Christine still


in the commentary box and the men's floor. This from a commentator's


point is a really good start. There are very nice floor workers


out there. This is Dan Purvis who kicks off the British effort. Dan


Purvis for Great Britain. Very nice, easily done. Double, double with no


problem. That was a popular combination.


He needed to keep his heels together, but he was beautiful in


the air. Two and a half, half. He is having a nice time out there so far.


A Japanese handstand. The lift doors are closing. Very clean.


We all love that, the way he exits from one and a half twists into one


and three quarters, it shows style. The double tuck Arabian to finish. A


great performance from Dan Purvis, he loves to compete. He has been


looking forward to this trip to Glasgow. Really good technique. Our


beautiful style on that double twisting, double tuck. So clean.


The Max Whitlock. To describe his floor exercise as full of flair is


no exaggeration. That is exactly what it is.


A full twist into two and a half. He can twist, this lad. Three and a


half into half. Just a inside the area. That is beautiful, a crowd


pleaser. One and a half twists at the end of


that, very difficult. Just a little scrape outside the area. How much


damage did it do? He is living dangerously in terms of that area. A


triple twist and safely around. A few hairy moments. Yes, really going


for broke. Using every centimetre of the floor square. You can see the


concentration on his face. That was a taxing routine. A low front with


full twist set up the two and half twists afterwards which is higher.


The first somersault is almost like an accelerator. I hope the judges


see it that way. They do not always, do they? It must have been the


difficulty. It was. A massive 6.7 in difficulty.


A double pike into punch in France. He ran out of air at the end.


Get the angle out of your shoulders. He finally got there.


He loves setting up the tumbles. Very effective as well. The landings


are precise, the twisting is accurate. This is not too bad at


all. The final tumble. Can he make it


count? Very nice. He is delighted with that and it was impressive.


That is very much a routine that married difficulty with style and


control. The Brazilian team are always special on floor. He did so


well to land that. Yamamoto is 26 years old, in the


Asian games he was second. The couple of medals on the apparatus as


well. Floor was not one of them. Emphatic, really smacked into the


floor to get most of it. 2.5 twists, nicely flighted half term. -- half


. Nice triple. Japanese handstand. Very well performed.


These links you really have to focus on the kits it is easy to give away


small margins. Simple. But effective. -- focus on the links.


Not so simple and very effective the full twisting double. Very well


executed routine, Mitch. Not the most difficult but very controlled,


varies -- very stylish, real world-class performance. He does the


double twist first, just the little hop on landing.


Whitlock and in front. Mariano in second place and Yamamoto ahead of


Purvis. He is well capable of taking the


lead. Nice move, handstand start. Very nicely done. Almost lost it but


recovered very well. He has lost it. You could tell immediately his


shoulders were out of line and he missed the horse completely with his


right hand. He only has one speed! Flat-out. I don't think I have ever


seen anybody managed to back somersault off Apollo was. Zooming


through and zooming off will stop -- off the pommel horse.


13.1 required. Little bit laboured. But safely through. Comfortably


through the flop. That makes it a E. Couple of times, come on, through


the triple. CHEERING The crowd drifting in. Well done,


Purvis, they are shouting. He ran out of steam at the end, tempting to


think there is glue on his hands. This is a good combination on one


and all, that is called a flop, nation and then the Russian which


brings it up to a E value. At the end he loses form and stuck with bad


legs for at least ten seconds. He takes the lead. Well done, Dan


Purvis. I have a feeling about this young man. Very confident on the


floor. Nice start. The hands apart on the travel but he


is going to go through, he said, no commentators curse... And he has


done it. Well done, and the smile. Well done, young man. Nice energetic


start. Good and clean. Slight kink on the lead leg. He has gone into


the lead and he is chuffed. Max Whitlock, world champion. On a


normal day... But let's see. Lots of control in the handstand. Normally


lives on the handling these. Comfortably through. Not parting


company, little bit piked but he is keeping the speed going.


The travels are good. And here comes the handstand finish combination.


Beautifully done, Max Whitlock is not world champion for nothing. Well


done, Max. Even before he started he looked like he had a weight of the


world on his shoulders but he survived and showed us just why he


is well champion. That was fantastic work. Nice energetic start. Very


swift into the first flop, the Russian. Good-looking total so far.


Max Whitlock comfortable in the lead, so far.


The men just warming up on the rings behind us which means the third


piece of apparatus, then the women will join in. But let's just reflect


on the pommel horse and Max was looking incredibly smooth. He is


well champion mappings and you expected him to put in a good


performance. Obviously a lot of pressure, the first time he has


competed since he took the middle and it was an amazing routine. You


cannot fault it. It seems like Arthur Mariano is a name we have to


practice, he is putting down a marker. It proves consistency is the


key. He is doing well. That is where he wants to be. What a big year for


him looking ahead to Rio, obviously trying to get as much experience as


he can. Definitely, they have the Olympics in their home country so


they are definitely hoping to make an impression and it is a good


start. It has been a long wait for the women, they warmed up quite a


while ago so how well things have been going? Really there is not a


warm up gym here. It is hard in this competition because they stopped


warming up an hour ago. They have had to give themselves warm and calm


and come out here. Quite a nice niche to start on though. Talking of


the nerves it seems like there is pressure on Claudia Fragapane


because she did so well here at the Commonwealth Games. Everybody


calling her the Queen of Glasgow. She has had Christmas and now it's


back into competition mode. Training is going well at home, just trying


to get everything consistency. I do not want to get everything chapter


out there at once. Gradually bringing them in. I have a new move


on bars and keep my floor the same for now. Vault keeping the same and


then maybe upgraded a bit. I feel like the floor is where I get most


nervous, I don't know why. It is the piece, just because the dancing and


the stamina, the adrenaline kicks in and you don't want to go too much.


Or are you hesitating? I get most nervous about that but I like going


out there and performing and really expressing who I am. Is your mind on


Rio already? Obviously everybody thinking of it at the back of their


mind but personally I take each opportunity as it comes and make


sure I do well in that competition and do the best of my ability and


welcome mat. Then everything just flows in the next competition. I try


not to think too far ahead. -- and work on that. I have been to the


other majors, this would be the last tick on the list and then if I do


that there is more to come. It was a heavy year and last year, -- heady


year, how much has things change? Quite a lot since that happened.


People now and again, to me and ask if I am Claudia, there is me looking


like a mess with no make-up on! It is really nice. Lots of fan letters,


it is lovely. STUDIO: The women join in the contest and add their first


piece of apparatus will be the vault while the men compete on the rings.


COMMENTATOR: Women's vote, Claudia Fragapane for Great Britain. Liz the


site is a vault? She is renowned really for her bars. -- Elisabeth


Seitz. But she is a strong gymnast Oran. The American McIver Skinner is


the big Voltaire. First competitor in the women's competition. --


MyKayla Skinner is the big vaulter. Claudia Fragapane, her first


competition of the season. Round off flip, two twists, very nicely


performed indeed. She put some work in there. Look at the aggression.


Very good conversion upwards. Brings it under control. Good strong


vaulting from Claudio, head locked between the arms. She hits the


platform well, up into the air. -- Claudia. Good middle of the range


score. Madison Copiak from Canada. Ready for the vault. Strong,


powerful gymnast, quite tall. Powers down the runway, makes around off


and hit the top. 1.5 twists, very good. We had seen her not quite so


happy in warm up so she was rates pleased to be landing so upright but


there was a jolt. But you are not going to give much away, nice and


clean. Little pace but she's pleased. There is the score. Not


much taken away. Teramoto from Japan, actually the highest ranked


gymnast in this condition, she was ninth at the well Championship 's in


2015. -- World Championships. Lovely. Handspring, straight front


somersault with half turn. The discipline of this shape here, nice


conversion. Straight body. Great control. And Teramoto scores 14.233.


MyKayla Skinner, really huge falter, watch very carefully. --


vaulter. Not a problem at all, right down the middle. The explosive


vaulting which is where the USA are just ahead of the rest of the field.


Explosion is the operative word. Punching up high into the air. 2.5


twists as easy as you like. Grover on Mark ahead of the rest of


the film which is what we have come to expect from the USA. -- over 1.0


head. Kristian Baumann needs to get into


the 14th. Let's see if his strength can bear scrutiny because that is


the big challenge. Almost lost the handstand but


recovered well. Good shape. Two doubles as we have come to see.


The hips have to be absolutely extended.


Again it is the precision the Swiss have been focusing on. They have


worked so hard. The younger you are, the harder it is from the strength


point of view. Double, double. You need to keep your heels together and


he does. He needs 13.7. The Japanese team


have got great strength and depth. Second all-round in the Asian games.


You only get one go to hit that and he needed two. That is more like it.


A very nice cross sequence. Leisurely in the ring technique.


It was difficult to join those three and to hit the cross at the end, but


that was impressive. Shoulders are a little high on the inverted.


Fractionally bent arms on the handstand, but look at that this


mode. All these gymnasts with half an eye on their national team places


here. That takes him into the lead. And a big test for Max Whitlock. He


will be pleased to see the rings out of the way. He is well in the lead


at the moment. Good discipline in the press.


Impressive start. A very difficult skill, a double


back between the rings, and then a double fronted to follow. This is


good work. That performance was comfortable.


Confident on the rings, lovely to see. That was not anywhere lacking


in confidence. It is very difficult to go from a double front into the


straddle. He did it well. He twists well, so clean and efficient. That


is good enough and places him comfortably in the lead.


The young 20-year-old from Switzerland is steadily coming up.


She was 12th all around in the World Championships. She is a really


world-class gymnast on the buyers. Enjoy this routine.


She has shown us back somersaults and front somersaults.


You have to have a full pirouette. Straight into the bull twisting


double land. Probably not the most important routine she can do, but


very well performed. She is a lovely technician. A lovely dismount. There


was a big difficulty score of 6.6. Teramoto is a very experienced


gymnast. The Japanese all-around champion in 2015. She is a tiny


gymnast. You have to be a tiny gymnast to do


that. She is using this drop in and out again. We have had two very


impressive releases. Just a tiny bit of ill discipline on the pirouette.


Not a flicker on landing. That was an experienced, classy performance.


A very good strip technique. This is lovely, confidence winning.


That was a lot of work to not scratch 14 to be honest. She has


gone for big upgrades this season. She is really going for broke.


And that was not the upgrade. She has competed for a long time. But


when your mind is on the next move it is very easy to mess up the one


you can do quite easily. Now the upgrade.


So she went for the upgrade. She did it all, but she messed up the pike


front somersault. Her coach is consoling her a little bit. You can


see on her face she is not very pleased with herself. She did not


make a very good half turn and her shoulders plummeted a bit on the


swing down into the front somersault. Very disappointing. 5.9


difficulty score. She will be pleased with that. It is a big


upgrade. MyKala Skinner, this is not her favourite apparatus. She just


needs a steady job. A little bit untidy around her legs


and her feet. In the half turn it was untidy legs again. A bit of a


late pirouette, but it was clean. The bits she does well, she does


very well. Very if it, full twisting, double back. There are


areas for the judges to deduct, but it was full of energy. You could see


she meant it, she was emphatic. She stays in first place.


Emphasising USA's dominance of the sport.


He is capable of some very difficult vaulting. A master twister. Very


nicely done. That was an immaculate vault. Unbelievable. He can twist.


He launched it up into the air. That is as good a triple twist as I have


ever seen. That is a big, world-class score. It takes him into


the lead. British gymnastics has been a real


force to be reckoned with over the last few years. Dan Purvis has


always been at the heart of the team. He spoke to Jane Lewis. It is


still so surreal for the men and the women, the first team medal at the


World Championships for both. It was incredible for the home crowd as


well. In a couple of years when I am a bit older, I will be able to look


back on it and think it is amazing. At the moment it is, what is next?


How can we improve? The expectation levels are higher, so how do you


improve? Countries all over the world are looking at British


gymnastics and ten years ago that was unheard of. It is just enjoying


it. Since 2012, we were the underdogs. We stick with our own


routines and we push each other and that is what success is down to.


What is the focus for you this weekend? It is an even field. I will


be competing with Macs and it will be fantastic to help each other out.


You talk about helping Max, but do you see him as one of the main


competitors? Yes, definitely. He is legendary in British gymnastics and


gymnastics all over the world, but it is great we can push each other.


What is the competition like this weekend? Is it full on? I do not


think too far ahead. I try and think of it like it is just your routines


that you have trained for, do not change anything. If I could go to


Rio, I would be over the moon. From 2012I take a lot of experience from


that. It was being thrown in at the deep end. I loved it, it was


terrifying, but it was so massive. I want to think I have done this


before and it is like any other competition. I have to go out there


and do my job. His landing has to be immaculate.


Two and half twists. Nicely done. Clean enough. Good, cool,


professional job. Lovely height. He is very measured in his approach.


Great height, you can see him pop of the top. The only thing I think is


it is perhaps a bit short. The judges have a deduction for not


enough hype and not enough length. Well, he has enough height. That is


a good score. We have seen with the Brazilians in


the past the floor and vault go together. If you are good on the


floor, you are good on the vault. He was good on the floor and that was


pretty good. Two and a half twists. Lovely height, really very clean


work. He finds himself top of the pile.


Delighted! Max Whitlock next. He should manage this. Three twists.


Very, very impressive. Great vault from Max, actually waited quite a


long time before he wrapped in the three twists which meant he got a


really clean lift off the platform. Gosh, he had to squeeze the last


twist in. World-class score, second in the 15th this time. -- 15s. Max


stays on top. What a shame for Claudia, what happened? It started


really well, her first element was a new element. Her turn was a little


bit of which meant the Yager was not watch expected. She did really well


to recover. We spoke earlier, the challenge of all of these new


elements into a routine. And how they fit on the floor. Was it just a


case of her concentrating on the new relevant? -- new element? She does


that skill so easily but she recovered really well. Certainly it


is going to help her as she moves forward. Sometimes at this stage you


have to experience that. Exactly, it is the first competition. Max now,


he is two clear of the rest of the competition. He cannot put a foot


wrong. Hopefully I will not jinx him. He is doing so well. You noted


the vital block in the vault where your hands hit the table and push


off to give yourself the height. As soon as I saw that I shouted because


I knew he would get it round. If it had been a bit lower you might not


think so but as soon as I seen it I knew he would. The bustard come,


Ariel bars is not a bad piece for him. While for Dan. Dan has a new


move, and Max is trying a new move on parallel bars as well so


hopefully that can be a successful round. Claudia has a new move on the


beam? And a very big floor, so she has two good pieces to come. Halfway


round for the win. Let's see what happens.


She has come with big upgrades to her work. We said before that this


is the start of Olympic year, this is the time for the gymnasts to try


out the new work. The new work was good on the bars, some of the


established work suffered. How will we see it here? That is a new


element, standing Arabian, well done, Claudia. Takes a lot of


concentration. Good job joined to the change lately -- change leg


lead. Still got some big work to do, backflip, full twisting straight


back somersault, well done, that was really good stuff. And of course all


of these difficult skills have to come within the framework of a


dance. I very narrow beam. She is working fluently. Another big skill.


Full twisting tuck. Completed that all last season. So far, so good.


Free cartwheel. Gymnasts have to have five big acrobatic skills. One


of those is that this and here it comes. Backflip, punch in the,


double pike. What an answer to the disappointing bar routine. This is


the standing Arabian. Half turn with a front somersault, brand-new to her


this isn't. I was nervous for her here. Backflip, straight back


somersault. -- to her this season. 14 on the beam is a very good


school. -- good score. Elisabeth Seitz, tall, strong gymnast. She


mounts with a jump to splits. That can count of one of the dance


elements and it is a C, so it is quite invaluable mount for a


gymnast. Three dance elements, fine acrobatic elements. The big front


somersault was an acrobatic element and a D. Gymnasts have two link two


flighted moves, here it comes, the backflip and the layout somersault


to two feet. The gymnast has to keep good rhythm, side somersault to keep


moving, not long to pause. If you pause for too long that is a


deduction. Smooth free walk over. Strong work. Very much favoured


double spin, she performed it well. Came out of it strongly. Free card


will, we have seen sideways, backwards, forwards. Bit of a


deduction because both of those jumps should go to 180 degrees


split, they were a bit off. That is where the E score comes down bit.


Fluent, travelling along the beam well. Straight dismount, D.


Difficult move though unspectacular. That was a very experienced,


measured performance from Elisabeth Seitz. Lovely jump to splits. The


backflip layout somersault. Elisabeth Seitz, 13.7 66. Mackay


MyKayla Skinner just needs 12.633 to remain in the lead. Squat through


mount. She sets herself up for the opening


series. What an opening series, backflip, full twisting tuck back


Tammy. Wrestled it under control. Free cartwheel. -- tummy. Just a


little bit untidy on the back leg. Change leg league but strong,


emphatic back somersault. The American gymnasts are always


fighters. And look to control the apparatus. Leg up spin into a


backspin. Fulfils the requirement, not sure it will get the bonus but


strong, well landed pike back somersault. Very athletic gymnast.


Nice W jump at the end of the series. Just the dismount now.


Pushes off the hands, very high double tuck back. Good performance,


nothing very virtuous about it, it is a piece she worked rather than


performed greatly on. But this is so difficult, full twisting tuck back,


she had to fight hard. Nothing special, not the top score but keeps


her top of the overall competition. She has been leading all the way


round. Only just less than 1.0 behind Elisabeth Seitz. Fragapane


pushing away with a wonderful beam performance up into fourth place.


Ideally built for parallel bars. Nice start. Good technique. So far


he is maintaining his rotation, very fast, precise swinging. He really is


going well. Perfectly suited, physically. Handstand. Sets up...


Yes. Very interesting dismount. Very difficult to find an original


dismount on parallel bars, he did well. This was impressive. Into the


pirouette. Really good swinging. The USA often produce very nice


handlebar work. Nations are stronger or more expert at something and so


was the dismount. Looked like it was just going to be a double and


whipped the twist in the second somersault. Lovely work from Akash


Modi. Takes him into the lead. Dan Purvis.


He needs it today. There is a pike somersault from our prize. Peach


half turn. Page 21 rail. Good combination. So far, so very, very


good. Well, this is impressive. Almost overcooked the stilts. Nice


double pike. Dan Purvis has done a great job. Nice routine from Dan.


Lovely strong compact physique. Can hit a handstand with ease. Two under


in succession, the second to one rail. This is a difficult


combination, he does a Healey turn out of it. Very nicely done. He is


so stylish, toes always pointed. Legs tight. Dan Purvis into the lead


with performances still to come but that was a great performance from


him. Arthur Mariano needs 14.599. Three to handstand opening. Page


into a giant. -- peach into a giant. That'll cloud of dust. No problem


with the tip out. There was a dip. Stronger. -- no problem with the


tippelt. This is perhaps where the lack of experience counts. He is


thinking very fast and he is reconstructing the routine as he


goes on. Double pike, tidies it up. There is no smile, not this time,


young man. Those adjustments, he did not touch, I did him in this


justice. That date will be expensive, and the


adjustment afterwards. A bit wild with his legs. But well


recovered. He worked hard through it and did not give in at all.


That takes him into fourth with one apparatus to go. For this young man


it is the penultimate apparatus. Top of the pile so far. He needs 12.532


to retain his lead. Another double, this is good. Lovely


shape change to guarantee the tip out.


Nothing serious, nothing to worry about yet. That was flighted, which


is unusual to see. He has retained his focus. He has


got one apparatus to go. But really he looks so good. Well done, Max.


Indeed. That upturn was very difficult. That


was a lovely shape change. Tiny adjustments. That is what they will


tidy up. The flight on that was very unusual. I like the flat feet on the


stoops as well. Calmly off on the dismount. He retains his lead.


Showing consistency and experience and determination.


It seems Claudia is on her way back. A wonderful beam performance with a


lot of new content. It was phenomenal for her to come back from


a mistake on bars. It was a real credit to her.


She obviously was getting warbles, but she stayed on. She pulled a


couple of those skills at right back and that shows how competitive she


is. And the new movement from Max Whitlock and it was very difficult


in that part of the routine. I have tried it and I cannot get to grips


with it. Why is it so difficult? You have to get a mixture between height


and rotation. He got it perfectly today because it looked amazing.


Talk us through Dan Purvis' new move. You have been working on that


to get there. It is on the edge, it is a fine balance. You go onto one


bar and then you come back down and in training it has been going over


the top and he has been trying to put it a little bit short, which is


quite nerve wracking, but he did it today. You were saying, this is the


first time he is doing it and in front of a crowd, but it was a


wonderful performance. Let's look ahead to the high bar because Dan


Purvis is in third place, can he stay there? Hopefully. He has


managed to pull his way back up into third place and if he can complete


his performance, he has every chance of getting on the podium. Max has


not warmed up for this apparatus today. He said he did not need a


touch, so that shows the confidence he has. An amazing competition


today. Claudia is 0.7 outside of the points at this stage and we know the


floor is one of her best pieces. Yes, it is and we are hoping for a


strong finish from her. This is it, the final chance for a medal. The


last piece of apparatus. Claudia Fragapane from Great Britain


brings her competition to a close. A finalist of the World Championships


on floor. Just watch this opening tumble.


Full of originality and dance. The double Arabian.


She has worked very hard on all these leaks as well.


We have had two big, multiple somersaults. Now we will see


multiple twists. That was a triple twist.


A cleverly choreographed routine. Working to her strength and full of


energy. A double straight to finish. What a tumble. What a floor routine,


what a smile. She literally set the carpet on fire. Unbelievable stuff.


Unbelievable power. She accelerates beautifully. A full twist and a


double straight. It is high, confident, correct in technique and


beautiful to watch. That gives 755.398, with a big


mistake on the buyers. -- borrowers. A nice triple twist to start. Steady


landing. But that was not held for two


rotations. The triple spin was not made either.


That is two areas where she was hoping for a high difficulty. The


judges will not credit it. She uses her head well in the dance.


A strong double pike. A good final effort. Tumbling was very good. It


was the spinning that let her down. We will have to see what they make


of that in terms of the difficulty of score. Plenty of acceleration in


the tumble. She had her big toe out. But there was no flag. She is ranked


second. It was not enough. They have been very tight on the floor today.


Elizabeth Seitz has not put a foot wrong all day. She needs 12.8 to put


herself in the silver medal position.


Quite a different style. That was very efficient and very difficult.


A big effort to sell the routine with a good facial expression. Quiet


tumbles, I have seen her do much more difficult tumbles in the past.


A nice turn from the dance into the tumble, judges like to see that. A


good strong double pike. A lovely smile to finish with. That


performance was easily within her capability and she was able to give


a real performance because she was not worried about the difficulty.


Lots of power. She almost ran out. One and a half twists. That was an


impressive tumble. That puts her in the lead at the moment. She is


absolutely delighted with that. And MyKala Skinner needs only 12.366 to


win. And she is a special tumbler. Watch this.


We have two double doubles. That is a huge tumbling.


Very well performed spin in the crouch position.


Gymnasts are allowed one tumble from two be like that. A full twisting


double back. The last tumble off one foot, what


can she offer us? A triple twist. To be honest, that routine had errors.


The judges could have a bit of a field day there. It was an


impressive start. Clearly out of the area and you see the flag. MyKala


Skinner takes the overall title. This is how they have finished up.


He just missed a medal in the World Championships in 2015 on this


apparatus. He was fourth. He will be looking to go out in style.


the fifth of lovely start. So far very impressive. Crossed full-term.


He is in control, that is the second half turn. And he lost his legs that


he made the twist correctly in the end.


Endo nicely out into handstand. Bang, he was smiling again before he


hit the deck. Fells that was super work, he is a tall, long naked


gymnast. -- he is a tall, long legged it gymnast. The first release


was on fingertips which is how you want them to be. That is why he just


missed out on a medal in last year 's World Championships.


Full-term. So far, so good. Good safe style, nice crust. The wind-up.


Stand it up. Very nearly did. That was a cracking routine. He needs


made 14s, or better. Really good all-round gymnast, worked hard to


improve on the pieces he has struggled with. 14.5, second place.


Yamamoto, in Japan renowned for high bar. You can see what this young man


can produce. The Asian games in 2014, that was a good year for him.


The quality and standard and the Asian games on that apparatus is


very high. Full twist Kovacic into straightaway. He hits the Kovac,


this is Reger. Slight pause in handstand. Three big, big releases.


Tiny bit late in the final half twist. He has undercut that. Needed


an extra swing but very cleverly got himself in a position to make it.


Should not incur too much of a deduction. Here comes the wind-up,


change shape, and he undercut the rotation, just. What a


disappointment. Goodness, gracious me. I guess he probably used a


couple of escape routes, he just plummeted to birth on the dismount.


He has to lift is fit way up over the head and he was probably


exhausted, you are quite right. Watch his feet. He did not really


get anywhere near the vertical line, not enough rotation. The only just


got his feet down first, that will be an expensive fault.


No medal for him. It means that Dan Purvis is in second place at the


moment. Max Whitlock. How close to the elusive 90 points


can he get? Half turn. Good timing. On the full-term. Little bit late


that he is in control. Slight loss of leg form. Keep your focus, Max


Whitlock. Change-up shape. Stick it and raise


the roof. He took a pace, but that surely was good enough for solid


gold. Solid gold performance, and a solid gold medal. Great stuff, Max.


What an absolutely superb start to 2016. Six routines without error,


that was a fantastic performance. Some lovely work and some loss of


control but he kept the focus, kept the determination. That is nice. Two


of Britain's finest celebrate. Max Whitlock is the all-around


champion skirmish mark as you can imagine a lot of excitement because


a lot of British interest and really for Dan Purvis, goodness me that


went down to the wire. He was hanging on to third place and we all


knew he had to put in a clean high bar and that is what he did and the


others made mistakes. And four Claudia, final piece of apparatus,


we knew it would be close, we wondered what would happen as far as


the floor routine was concerned after the beam and then the incident


she had on bars but was a competition. Definitely, she brought


it back on beam and floor and in the first competition of the it was an


amazing result. As you can see the lights have gone out because the


medal ceremony is about to happen so we will hand over to Mitch and


Christine all the medals. There is a place on the podium for every


British gymnast here. Gray representing Great Britain, Claudia


Fragapane. Claudia Fragapane, Great Britain takes the bronze medal here


at the Glasgow Grand Prix. She wowed us with hugely increased difficulty


in that routine. Representing Great Britain, Dan


Purvis. Very experienced Dan Purvis steps forward for Great Britain to


take his bronze medal, showing his worth as the competition progress.


The 2016 men's Glasgow World Cup champion, Max Whitlock! CHEERING


The consummate, confident and hugely popular performance and victory for


Max Whitlock. 89 points at this stage of the season August so well.


-- augurs. I am sensing relief, your first major competition of the and


certainly had its ups and downs, Claudia, let's start with you. The


bars did not get a plan, let's be honest. Not exactly. I try down the


move for the first time. I went to far over and did not get my legs up


high enough and got stressed and panicked on the catch. But I


finished well on the rest of the second half. What went through your


mind after that piece of averages, it cannot be easy coming in with the


pressure of being Queen of Glasgow! I was a bit scared, but excited with


the crowd support. I was a bit annoyed and disappointed but I had


to stay focused for the next phase. For you, the whole crowd, it must be


thoroughly enjoyable. Hairy moments on the pommel. It is always


fantastic coming back here, it was hairy on the pommel horse. It was a


tough fight. I thought I had blown my chances of getting on the podium.


It is about keeping my head together and carrying on with the other four


pieces. Dan was talking us through every single piece, what did you


think was the toughest moment? I do not know how you manage to stay on


the pommel horse. It felt like it was moving! The crowd, getting


behind me and cheering me on, it really helped. Max, you have come


here as all-around champion, an new moves for your tip to try, how did


you feel your competition went? I was over the moon, I could not have


asked for more. It is was hard starting out, bit of a nervous start


but I'm pleased to come here and go clean. I was happy to stay on and


come out with a medal. We were talking about convincing the judges


they are the right elements to put into routines. Do you feel happy


with the shape of the routines? Definitely. From worlds last year


there was some learning curves I needed to improve on. They went good


today so hopefully it is keeping the same routines always through to Rio.


Do you feel calmer knowing you have a world title on your belt? It helps


massively, it gives confidence going into the next one and as you say it


calms things down. I look back and think about the results and


achievements and going into the next one trying to improve, trying to get


the next one. Must help with every single competition, and delighted


say there is more than gymnastics to come in about a month when we will


be covering for the very first time the British Championships live on


BBC Two. One April ten -- on the 10th of April. That will be a real


joy for all of you. 61 gymnasts we don't see so much. It is exciting to


be covered, it is getting bigger every year. To be covering the


British Championships is amazing and it gives everybody such a great


expense. Hopefully both of you will be competing? Definitely. I will be


talking on my own... Listen, thank you ever so much for your time.


Thanks for taking us through the competition, huge congratulations to


all of you. It seems like we have had a pretty good warm up for a cop


summer in Rio. -- hot summer in Rio.


Highlights from Glasgow's Emirates Arena, venue for the penultimate round of the World Cup series, where some of the world's best gymnasts will be in action.

The British team includes Claudia Fragapane and Kelly Simm, plus Daniel Purvis and Max Whitlock, all of whom will be eager to build momentum ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. Commentary comes from Mitch Fenner and Christine Still.

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