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So that's a round-up of most of the day's sport.


Now it's time to turn our attention to the weekend's international


Rugby Union and go Inside 6 Nations with Olly Foster.


Over the next six weeks Six Nations will be in pursuit of that trophy


that goes to the best team in the northern hemisphere. We are going to


be in position with the latest interviews and news to set you up


for a championship weekend. Welcome to the first Inside Six Nations of


2017. We are live at Twickenham


tonight on the eve Remember, England won the grand slam


last year, their first in 13 years. They did it in Paris. Tomorrow


afternoon they face the French here at Twickenham. Once again England


looks like the team to beat. What an incredible 2016 they had


ex-commissioner unbeatable they were. It all started with Eddie


Jones in the Six Nations. The preamble is over. The Six Nations


championship is about to begin. All the way! What a try! Wonderful


skill. A great finish. What a try it was! One end of the pitch to the


other. He gets the touchdown. Oh, my word! What a game! Defence and


attack, a fantastic game of rugby. He goes inside. What a try! Anthony


Watson on the outside. Watson for England.


So, that was the story of last year's Championship.


And they would win another eight on the bounce before the year


A whitewash against Australia in the summer,


Another impeccable autumn series. Chris Robshaw was a key figure in


all about. Many thought they would not see him in an England shirt


again. He was such a strong player for Eddie Jones, one of the first


names on the team sheet. I have just nipped across the road to the


harlequins do. He has had shoulder surgery and will play no part in the


Six Nations. You Tommy about being -- he told me about being in that


squad under Eddie Jones. They always want to get better and improve. They


are never satisfied. You have moments to reflect and wish


them well. A good set of leaders who will continue to drive the squad


forward. I'm sure we'll see them in the Six Nations. Can you put your


finger on what Eddie Jones has done? When I was low on confidence he gave


me that confidence. He has given the team belief to go out and play. It


has paid off. Another challenge tomorrow with the French coming.


With a physical battle. As the forward pack in midfield player you


know what you are up against. You really see forwards and what they


are about. That is a big test. Houses losing the captaincy made you


a better player? Have you improved? I am not sure. Viewers want to


improve as a player, go out there and do your bit for the team,


whether you have your captain's armband or not. I love captaining


England. I am loving my rugby at the moment as well. A big pair of boots


to fill. I'm sure he will be fine. He plays regularly for the club was


the pianist played a lot of six as well. New high tackled directives.


Will that change the game very much question our players will be a


little more cautious? Whenever the new laws come in, they referee them


strictly initially. They are still adjusting to it. As time goes on the


common sense prevails. As we are starting to see, if you are unlucky,


you get hit in the face or make contact with the head, then it is


tough. We have to use common sense as well. Bonus points being


introduced in the Six Nations. A couple more Six Nations titles to


your name, back could have happened? I think it is a positive move. The


team will back themselves in the grand slam. That will be the most


important thing. It is exciting. In the Lions year, does that give it a


bit of an extra edge? I think the Six Nations always has age. The


excitement around Twickenham, the excitement around the whole of


Europe at the moment. We see the launch and stuff like that. People


love the rivalry and players love to play in it because of all those


reasons. It is brilliant to be part of it. Everyone is pointing towards


the final weekend saying IBM Ireland- England title decider. Do


you go along with that? There is a long way to go before that. England


have a massive challenge tomorrow they go down to Wales, which is with


tough in its own right. We have Jamie Roberts at the club. We have


got to know a bit more about him and the Welsh mindset and how they


always enjoy that game as well. The first two games will be very tough.


Everybody will be wanting to beat England, especially him. Chris


Robshaw hopes he can squeeze in a couple of games for harlequins.


Chris Robshaw, his injury not the only one that has forced


Let's catch up on all the team news and headlines


from our reporters with the home nations, starting with David Currie


in the Scotland camp, ahead of the first match


Scotland have not won a Six Nations opener since 2006. To buck that


trend, Vern Cotter has opted for Joss Strauss and Fraser Brown. Also


for Ryan Wilson at six, ahead of John Barclay. At centre he is going


for Hugh Jones when he has recovered from injury but lacks match


practice. That follows an impressive display for Scotland in the Autumn


Internationals. I am confident. I feel like the coach has confidence


in me. I have not had the same match practice as everyone else. I feel


fit, having trained. The only way you can get match fit is by playing


matches. I'm going to have to start at some point.


As Ireland bid for their first Six Nations title in four years, wins


over the all Blacks and South Africa means the Irish arrived here in the


Scottish capital in confident mood. The main talking point in the Irish


camp has been the missing John Sexton. There will be a rejuvenated


Scottish team. The men intend to use squad depth tomorrow as they face a


Scottish side which has failed to win its opening match in 11 years in


that one in. It will be a big battle. They are a quality outfit.


Everyone talks about how good the backs up. You look at the forwards.


We know it will be a tough day full supper will have to be as close to


perfect as we possibly can at this level. -- a tough day. England


return to Twickenham, no doubt full of confidence. Injuries have forced


a reshuffle in the pack. Elliott Daley is preferred to Jack Noel on


the wing. Victory against France tomorrow would set an England


record. Another grand slam would set a world record. The mood in the camp


this week has been one of focusing on the resurgent French. First it is


the attitude. Not that it has been the attitude. Not that it has been


bad but just about being absolutely insistent in wanting to get better.


Secondly, we want consistently, particularly with our set pieces. We


have had games where the line-out has been great and the scrums have


been so- so and vice versa. Sometimes we are outstanding and


other times the opposition has got easy points. They will be hoping for


better weather in Rome this weekend. The coach has made five changes to


the side that beat South Africa last autumn. Three players out injured


and Ross Moriarty comes in alongside Sam Warburton and Justin Tipuric.


Williams is preferred at centre. He replaces Jamie Roberts, who is on


the bench. You feel you want to start well. We certainly believe the


Six Nations will be about momentum. We want to pick probably a rather


experienced team to start the tournament.


Mirroring the men's fixtures are the women. They went and lost against


the French last year and lost the title. It is an important year


because it is a cup year for them. The women's petition is so


competitive that we cannot get ahead of ourselves. We will prepare as


best we can and take ourselves to Twickenham and put in a performance


that we will want to do to get victory. From there on with a look


ahead to the rest of the competition and it will come around soon enough,


no doubt. That's tomorow evening,


a 7.35 kick-off. Already underway


at the Broadwood Stadium in North Lanarkshire


is Scotland against Ireland. Scotland lost


all their matches last year. Wales women are in Italy


for their match tomorrow. Highlights of all the women's


Six Nations matches are on Sunday on BBC2 at 10:45pm in the evening


and an hour later for viewers Check your listings because they do


change wherever you go. We have had both England and France training


here this morning. That's just about it. I will be back at the BBC sports


Centre tomorrow. you right up to date


on BBC News as well. That's just about it


for this Inside Six Nations. But, as Twickenham prepares


for the French, we thought we'd But Phille Saint Andre


stole the show. On the counter attack. This is


typical ad venture. Notice how the backs anticipate this great play.


They see the man galloping up. On the balance. Acer 's facial try at


Twickenham. From behind his home line. That is out of this world.


What a fantastic try exclamation lets hope the rain holds off at


Twickenham as well. There will be some close


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