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What an opening week we had two this year's Six Nations tournament.


Scotland stunned Ireland, England's unbeaten run continues, although


they looked more sluggish against France and Wales turned it on in


Rome to beat Italy and top the table. Where else to be than Cardiff


for this week's Inside Six Nations. Look at that, the roof is open here


at the principality Stadium. Good evening from the heart of Cardiff.


In around 22 hours, the Dragons will be roaring as Wales take on England


in what we hope will be another classic encounter. Someone who knows


all about the rivalry between Wales and England is Martyn Williams. Good


evening. We will be getting his wisdom and insight into the action,


but first let's remind ourselves of what happened in week one.


We are underway in the 2017 Six Nations. Two tries for Scotland.


Ireland have hits back. Great from Greig Laidlaw. They have beaten


Ireland. Try is going to be scored. Looking to work it around the


fringes. Over they go. George North sets are. North heads for the posts.


Wales, like England and Scotland are up and running in the Six Nations


championship. We talked about bonus points. Wales


notoriously are slow starters and we saw that in Italy. That bonus point,


I am told by the fans they are not bothered but it could be


significant? It could be. If you had said last Sunday we were going to


beat Italy 33-7, I would have snapped your hand. Potentially that


was a banana skin. The second half performance, I was impressed with


it. If they win every game, it is irrelevant. Who knows what bonus


points will come down to. But I am happy. England's unbeaten run


continues, 15 games but they struggled against France. How much


was it about England needing to improve and how much about France


surprisingly is all and being better? I have been impressed with


France, for the first time they looked organised. England missed


George Kruis in the second row so the line-out dysfunction. I am


expecting a better opening team tomorrow. The first game is


difficult, you are trying to find your feet at international level. I


think England will be happy, they got a lot of rustiness out. Eddie


Jones is doing his best to upset the entire Welsh nation. Some of his


comments in the newspapers! The roof has been a talking point. He alluded


to the fact he was going to keep it shut, which wales wanted. But out it


is open. Why do Wales want the roof closed so much? I think the


atmosphere goes up ten or 15% when it is shut. But Wales England, it


will be red hot in here. It won't make much difference. If it is


raining, you obviously want the roof shut, but it is a fine day tomorrow.


From the large point of view, maybe it does give us an edge but if the


shoe was on the other foot, he would leave it open as well if he was


going to Twickenham. It is something for the media and Eddie has played


it well. Wales' strength is England's weakness. Sam Warburton is


strong. We have been catching up with him? Yes, we walked his dog.


I look back now and I found it hard at times, the captaincy, but as I


look back over the last few years, I am pleased I have done it. I do


think now the time is right for Ireland to do it. It feels right the


time to move on. Alistair Cooke has resigned from England cricket


captaincy. He said he had gone to the well, too many times. Do you


feel it is the case for you? I put a lot of time and effort into the


captaincy. I did not try to change how I am or what I do, but you do


carry the weight with you as captain. Someone like Alan Wynne, an


international candidate for captain for any team in the world, he can


step in seamlessly. He is one of the form players in Wales. His


leadership is brilliant and it will be an easy transition for him to


come in and take over. It made the decision easier knowing you would


have an experienced guy coming in and doing a great job. I got the


time is right. To be a little bit selfish and focus on yourself and


get your game right. There is lots of good things that happened when I


was captain, but a lot of things I wished I could have changed as well.


I am proud of myself, it is five and a half years more than I thought I


would do. What as it been like the last few weeks just as Sam, rather


than the captain. Obviously I want to do my bit for the team. I will


try and have a leadership role in the team because I feel I have


something to offer, experience I have now. It is nice being able to


focus on yourself and over time, you just want to get back to enjoy


playing and strip it back and just be the rugby player. That was the


thought for me. Plus I have a little one as well. It kind of made me


think, do what you are happy with. I am 28, whether I have three, four,


56 years left, I will make sure I enjoy them.


Sam Warburton there, the former Welsh captain,


He was pretty young when he started, but luckily they have Alun Wyn


Jones, did you agree with the decision to switch them, what did


you think about it? By Sam's admission, in six years it was time


for him to move on. When you have Alun Wyn Jones, he was captain of


the British Lions as well, he was a natural fit for him to take over. I


think the time is right. Sam did a wonderful job. Alun Wyn Jones


started well last week and hopefully he can continue in that vein. He


could be the Lions captain again. On Sunday it is France against


Scotland. So let's catch up with all the team


news from our reporters Nial Foster is in Rome


with the Ireland camp as they look to get their campaign back


on track against Italy. It was a captain's run with a


difference for Ireland as no captain was in attendance here. Rory Best,


who often leads from the front for Ireland was back in his hotel room


nursing a stomach bug. But the Irish camp are confident the 34-year-old


will be fit and raring to go against Italy tomorrow. I think there is


always things that crop up in the course of a week. I think how we


react and respond to it, hopefully it will allow us to continue the


preparation as seamlessly as possible. Unfortunately, these


things happen. We are confident he will recover in time for tomorrow.


The England camp has been on edge this week. Eddie Jones said on


Monday, the victory over France felt a bit like a defeat. Jones has also


been stoking the fires with his comments about the Cardiff


atmosphere and his apparent U-turn over the principality stadium roof,


or lack of it. As for selection, Jack Nowell returns on the wing.


Jack Clifford comes in at flanker. He will provide pace and dynamism to


the back row. One of a handful of players who haven't received the


reception that awaits England on Saturday. We need to do the


fundamentals well to give ourselves options in attack. We need the


defence to be disciplined, nice and square and off the line. If we do


those simple things well, I think we will have a great game.


The Wales camp have been nursing injuries this week and it is still


not clear exactly who will be walking out of this tunnel tomorrow


afternoon. Dan Biggar and George North are both named in the sides,


but both are nursing injuries and Rob Howley will give them as long as


possible to recover. Toby Fowler Tao is on the bench and he could make a


really big impact. For the trip to Paris, just one


change to the 15 who started against Ireland last week. That is upfront


and it is because of injury. Wilson is out with an infected elbow, so he


is replaced by John Barclay. The Scots, buoyed by an opening weekend


win over Ireland, now looking for the first victory here in Paris


since 1999. It has improved and is becoming a dangerous team to cause


anybody problems. We need to understand why we beat them last


year. We need to develop new ways of being clever and smart, being able


to score points. We looked at that this weekend.


Martin, the Scots are in flying form, but can they beat them in


France? Interesting, I thought they were outstanding last weekend, but


this is different. The French are an improved side and they are


juggernauts, huge team. If Scotland can get parity up front, they stand


a chance. Scotland beat Ireland last week, will they be able to bounce


back in Rome? They are still full of world-class players and beat


Australia and New Zealand in the autumn. Bit of a hiccup last week,


but they will bounce back and if it is a dry day in Rome, they could put


the score on Italy. Italy were disappointing against Wales last


week. Where do you stand on the whole Six Nations should be the


strongest in Europe because there is the Georgia argument? Georgia showed


what a great side they are. If Wales finished bottom, you will play off


against Georgia, Romania. But I think it will be a great idea if


they did have relegation. The women's tournament mirrors the


men's. England's women are in Cardiff tomorrow morning at Cardiff


Arms Park playing Wales. There was an incredible match between Scotland


and Ireland but it went the way of Ireland.


Scotland's women haven't won a match in the Six Nations the seven years,


so they weren't expected to challenge Ireland. In the first


match, that is exactly what they did. Two first half tries put them


ahead at the break. But missed penalties meant they miss the


opportunity to stretch the lead. In the final minutes, island made them


pay. Jenny Murphy crashed over to snatch victory for the Irish. 22


Dutch 15 the final score but a losing bonus point and will be


little consolation. England missed out on becoming Six Nations


champions last year to France. They were beaten by them in their final


match. It looked like it might be a similar result at Twickenham when


they trailed 13/ zero. But in an emphatic performance, they answered


16 unanswered points. We knew we were in a Test match and it shows


the strength of a team when we can come out and grind out a win. It


wasn't perfect but sometimes it is about winning. Wales struggled


against Italy in recent years, but under new coach Rowland Phillips


they ground out a victory. They ran out winners 20-8. After round one it


is island who top the table thanks to their bonus point win over


Scotland. They face Italy away on Sunday. England and Wales both


picked up four points and Scotland will hope to build on the losing


bonus point, but they face a tough test against France. There will be


highlights of the women's's games on BBC Two.


And on Sunday, France versus Scotland live from Paris


Tell me, what is it about this rivalry, what does it feel like when


you walk onto the pitch at your home ground against England? You always


ask when you retire, do you miss the game? These are the moment you miss.


This place will be bouncing. Every man and his dog, it is all they have


been talking about all week. Particularly if England come in, the


Big Brother, if you like, from across the bridge. It is always nice


if you can get one over on the old enemy. It is a special place.


Butterflies are starting already, 24 was out, I cannot wait. We are


hoping tomorrow will be a classic. We are calling them the solar


lights, the grass growing lights, get that bit is there because it has


been trained on. That's it for us, we will leave you with a classic. It


was in 2013, Wales against England, England came here on the last eight


of the six Nations hoping for a grand slam. Wales had other ideas.


Good night. It has been a cold day and we have


seen a wintry mix of showers and that is the theme over the weekend.


A lot of cloud for the weekend and the showers will


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