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Now on Sportsday, it's time for our first Inside Six Nations of 2016.


Welcome from Murrayfield ahead of the start of the Six Nations. This


is our first inside Six Nationses of 2016.


Humbled by the Southern hemisphere sides at last year's World Cup,


not one of the home nations reached the semi finals.


But with seven weeks of six nations action to come,


it offers the perfect chance to wipe the slate clean.


Surely one of darkest days in England rugby history. There are


many heartbrok Welsh fans. Ireland are out. Some of the Scotland fans


might be going home fuming. A brand-new Championship. Good feet by


Joseph. Excellent hands and feet and scores. What a try for Ireland,


scoring again. And Murrayfield erupts. That is more like it from


Wales. None more so than for Scotland


who came agonisingly close The first home nations match


of the tournament sees Scotland, the team that arguably performed


the best last autumn facing England Having been kicked out


of their own party early, England have rung the changes -


more on that in a moment. But after a great showing three


months ago, are Scotland on course to produce something


special this year. Phil Goodlad has the latest


from the Scotland camp. It may be four months ago but World


Cup wounds run deep. Scotland still carry the scars of that late


heartache against Australia. I will take that to my grave and I say that


truthfully. For it to end like that was difficult to take. But we can't


feel sorry for ourself. No one is going to give us anything easy or


feel sorry for us. There is a sense still of what might have been at the


World Cup. Two minutes to go and a semi-final against Argentina and who


knows what after that. For the players comes the challenge of


harnessing that disappointment and putting it to good use. Hastings has


burst away. Former Murrayfield greats agree. They have got to take


the positives and take them into this Six Nations. I think Vern has


got the players believing in themselves and we have got a


talented group of players now. But they have got to go out and do it.


Facing England tomorrow may be the best way to shake off a World Cup


hangover and do something Scotland done done in eight long years. We


are confident we can go out and do a job. There is no better game to play


in. We will hopefully be celebrating at end of the weekend. Turning World


Cup pain into snakes delight -- Six Nations delight is the task facing


Scotland. A settled Scotland


against a new look England. As Eddie Jones comes in as head


coach and Dylan Hartley takes over as Captain - what else can we expect


from this England side For English rugby the appetite for


success remains undiminished. 2015 was a bruising year, but now a


opportunity to start afresh with a new coach and all that is past is


past. It is not my job to delve back into history. I can't turn the side


around 360 degrees in two weeks, but we have spoken about the way we want


to play and the players have been enthusiastic about, it is more about


an attacking mind set. But there are lessons to be learned. The World Cup


was a disappointment. Their exit swift and the fall out equally so.


Now hopes of brighter times ahead. Dylan Hartley's appointment as


question raised questions, not least his disciplinary record, having


missed over a year of his career with suspensions. It has gone wrong


in the past. But the past will stay there. If I was going to back down


from a challenge I wouldn't be here. So I am here again and I want to do


good and I will work hard and try and lead. Hartley the leader on the


field, the message to him is loud and clear. On the field he has got


go out there and play with his hearts and if he does the players


will follow him. Players following the leadership is one thing, where


that leads them is about become a litter clearer. -- little clearer.


Earlier I spoke to Scotland's record point scorer,


Chris Paterson, and started by asking him could this be this


The Championships are always tight. These games are decided on such fine


margins and in that Championship we won our opening game against France


here and that gave us the momentum and we won three games and beat


Italy and England. Can they do that again? I think they can. Could it be


the wrong side of the results, yes, the games are so fine, it takes


clear decision making and calmness under pressure to come on the right


side. Eddie Jones has been playing mind games and suggested Scotland


are favourites, do you believe him? I don't think so. The English side


has 512 test caps. Scotland are 483. It is more experienced. That is


crucial for England. No matter how many caps you have had it is


important for the English players that have experienced the hostile


atmosphere at Murrayfield and all the starters have played before.


Eddie Jones knows that. I expect England to be dominant with the ball


in hand up front trying to keep from it the back row that Scotland have


chosen. But they have some star dust with Wilson and others. If they have


their hands on the ball they can cause damage. Scotland have to


concentrate on themselves. A lot has been made of Dylan Hartley's


appoint. Do you think Scotland will try and target him? I think they


will try and target everyone. He is an experienced campaigner and has


been a captain for a good number of seasons and knows what will be


coming his way. He will deal with that. But he will deal with


tomorrow, but between now and the end of Six Nations there will be a


flash point and we see how mature he will be. But he is a good leader.


But it will be met with a bit of fire here tomorrow.


Ireland are chasing an unprecedented third six nations title in a row


and open against Wales, who have a knack of playing well


in this tournament following a world cup year.


In a match which could well determine the destination of this


year's title Thomas Niblock and Euan Griffiths weigh up the mood


It will be tight and conditions will probably make it tighter, because it


is going to be more difficult to be able to get the open space and


possibly try to get the gaps between players and they don't leave too


many. I think their defence is so steadfast it is so difficult to


break down. You have to make sure that everyone's on the same page and


that your very accurate in what you do. We are going to a place which


obviously we experience twod years ago and it wasn't a pleasant


experience and you remember those moments, you remember the day and I


know we have gone back there since in terms of the World Cup friendly.


I think we are not looking past that first game and momentum can give us


will be huge and something we are looking forward to and we have got a


vastly experienced side and we are looking forward to playing Ireland


on Sunday. Let's get more from Chris. I got his thought and asked


him what the chances are of Ireland winning that third title in a row. I


think they have lost a lot of experience. They're a quality team


and have a top notch coach. But they have lost experience with O'Connell,


a big hole to fill. Tommy Bowe and guys like that. We have spoken about


how momentum is key. So Ireland will have gaps to fill with the players


who are unavailable. But the players coming in will be you know clear of


what are expected of them and I think they will get off to a tough


start against Wales chl I think Wales may sneak it. Wales have


history of performing well after a World Cup year and won the Scotland


Grand Slam in 2008. Do you think it could be their year? I do. Because


of the northern hemisphere faems, I felt the Welsh guys dealt with the


physicality. I was looky to be at Twickenham for game with South


Africa and I have never seen such a physical performance from Wales.


They kept getting up and dealt with the physicality better than any


northern hemisphere side. And they're settled and know the game


plan. The big players always play well and I think they will be


formidable. Here the fixtures in full.


You can keep across all those matches on the BBC.


Significantly that match at the Stade De France tomorrow


will be the first at the stadium since November's terror attacks


on the city of Paris when the stadium was targeted


as the French football team played a friendly there with Germany.


There will be increased security presence at the game,


in what's being described as the biggest security operation


seen at a sporting event in the country.


Of course all thoughts with those who were affected in those terrorist


attacks in Paris back in November. Well of course, it is not just the


men's tournament which is taking place, the women's Six Nations is


already under way and England's women are taking on Scotland at the


moment. Looking to improve on what was a disappointment performance


from them at last year's Six Nations, where they finished fourth.


But of course they have got off to a positive start and lead 15-0 at half


time. England on their way to what could be a good start. But Ireland


are dominating in the women's competition as well. They're looking


to achieve what the men are on course to do, win a third title in a


row. But of course they open against Wales as well and their captain


isn't, is expecting a tough match. For now that is all from inside Six


Nations and I have to say it is, you have to go back to 1990 when


Scotland last won the Grand Slam, but at the moment it is goodbye from


me at Murrayfield and time for the weather.


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