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Now it's time for a look ahead to this weekend's rugby union


internationals, with Inside Six Nations, live


Last week it was Edinburgh, this week we are in Cardiff


Scotland will be hoping we're not a jinx as they prepare to face Wales


here tomorrow - but before we look ahead, let's just reflect on that


85 days have passed since the terrorist outrage in Paris. Rugby


returns to the Stade de France. He has opened France's account! He has


missed. And he gets over for the try! Laidlaw draws his side on


points... And Jack, what I try! That's the end of it. It is a draw!


That was last weekend. Let's look ahead this weekend. Starting with


the match between Wales and Scotland and Scotland. Scotland have an awful


record against the Welsh, having not be condemned for nine years and


having not won in Cardiff in four years. Rewind to the world record


kicks. I met the man who kicked it, Paul Thorburn, a For Nations. A


world record and it still stands today. His enormous penalty kick.


That made the great commentator Bill McLaren go woof! Show me what


happened, and it has changed. There were not these lights in your day.


The stadium has changed 90 degrees but it was at the end of the


line-out, the 15 metre line, and about a metre in. 62.4 metres --


just over 70 yards, and that, as you can see, is an awful long way. Does


it still look along with you? Yes, it is a long way.


COMMENTATOR: You will not believe this, but that is the Welsh ten


metres line, and Paul Thorburn is going to attempt a score-mac. It is


miles to those goalpost! -- attempt a goal. I thought I needed a bit of


a run-up so I ran in and gave it a bit of hoof. What a belt he has it!


COMMENTATOR: That is amazing! Bill McLaren and generally was a fabulous


commentator, he just brought the game alive, and he added something


special to that particular the moment, which I obviously have seen


on numerous occasions, and I think that was as good as the kick it


self, to be honest. COMMENTATOR: I have never seen a


cake like this one! Talking about the record, using quite humble about


it. It must be a good thing to have a world record your name for your


rugby career. I would have preferred more wins for Wales to that kick,


but I will have a few beers on it now and again and enjoy the moment,


and across modern technology I can see it on YouTube now and again.


This would be a monster... Thorburn, then, what a belt he has given it!


That is amazing! What a kick that was, and look at that, 62.4 metres.


Roughly where we are. I wonder if Dan Biggar will give it a monster


smacked tomorrow. He has made the headlines this week. Let's catch up


with all our reporters around the home nations. As the Welsh coach


Warren Gatland has never lost to Scotland and has turned to the same


15 that secured that draw on Dublin on Sunday, Dan Biggar is back from


the foot injury, back training, and is preferred to Priestland at ten.


John Davies could win his 50th cap at centre next to Jamie Roberts who


had a storming performance against Ireland. If you go into the game


against Scotland and think you are just going to be going in to win the


game you will come up short, because they have improved as a side. Under


Vern Cotter they have not won a Six Nations game but he can wait for


someone else before he wins a Six Nations game, please! In recent


years for Scotland the trip to Cardiff has been a bit like visiting


a fortress. Only once since the National Stadium was built in time


for the millennium has Scotland won there, and how Vern Cotter and his


players would like that to change tomorrow, to break this gait-mac


game losing streak. But he has given his players a vote of confidence,


selecting the same side that lost narrowly to England last weekend.


One enforced change. Duncan Taylor coming in at centre for Matt Scott


-- eight losing streak. He hopes continuity can at last breed


success. Last year we came last


in the Six Nations, and were very We were able to move


through the World Cup, and the World Cup


was positive for us. We qualified for a quarterfinal


and got through some critical games. I think the players showed they had


maturity and got a tight game Now we are getting


ourselves in situations where we can wind, and I think


that is exciting for the team, and hopefully we will get ourselves


in the same situation this weekend and put things into place


to work on during the week. After the draw against Wales,


Ireland though this game could well defined their Six Nations


championship. Because of the quick turn around the squad has spent very


little time together on the training pitch but they are boosted by the


return of Rob Kearney and Sean O'Brien from injury. Dave Carney has


been introduced on the wing as well. Ultimately it comes down to the


rugby and they are a quality side and for us we know we will have to


be better than last week. If last week and's game against Scotland was


all about getting the result, Eddie Jones will no expect his side to


build on that performance, with the England head coach say Dulac saying


they are going to Rome to give Italy a good hiding. Courtney Lawes at the


back is rewarded -- saying they are going to Rome. Much focus will be on


the coming man of English rugby, Maro Itoje, set to make his debut


from the bench. For me expectation is people confident we can go out


there and do a job and I am confident we can do it, good side,


good players, coached very well and we are prepared well so we should go


out and play well. Here are your matches.


England will see if they can make it tonight out of two. Coverage across


the BBC of course. Wales, would you believe, I've only changed 15 from


the Six Nations. Warren Gatland like all the other coaches will be hoping


for a vast improvement in their performances. I asked the former


Scotland captain Andy Nichol what he made of last weekend. He was fairly


underwhelmed. It was a wee bit disappointing, I have to say. After


the freedom of the World Cup where I think everyone went out to play


attacking rugby it was a bit more conservative, which I suppose is


inevitable because with the Six Nations, your first game sets you


up, so teams are going out to not lose, if you like. Much more


conservative impact pics and approach, more pragmatic. Not the


exciting free-flowing rugby we saw in the World Cup but that could come


possibly. A lot of faith from Vern Cotter and Warren Gatland in how


they approach those matches. Just the one change from this match and


it is in Scotland? To me it is the right call. If they are good enough


last week they are good enough this week. They just need to play will


better. Historically Scotland have not started the Six Nations well and


have only one opening fixture once, incredible and history of the Six


Nations. They will get better so that they will do them a lot of


good. Although it was quite painful to watch. France were lucky to get


away with that fixture because they were pretty awful in places, whether


not? Yes, and it is all about winning that first game. He has made


six changes for tomorrow which shows he is trying things. I don't think


he knows what his best team is but you doing that he has a win on his


belt and it will be much tougher for them tomorrow against Ireland, a


harder test. Eddie Jones was not happy with the intensity in places


of his new side against the Scots but they still got the win. Yes,


that is the important thing. They did not try a lot and I don't think


they wanted to. They get their job. They went to Murrayfield and it was


a bit like the overall Six Nations, pragmatic, very physical. The


defence got better as the game went on which strangled Scotland in that


second half and I just think they will be looking to take small steps


with their development and so we will see a bit more from England on


Sunday in Rome, and I think if they can get through these first two


games with wins in Edinburgh and Rome that will set them up for the


home games against Ireland and Wales and they will be in great shape for


the championship. With that draw in Dublin we suddenly only have two


teams who can go on to get a possible Grand Slam. Do not think it


will be a Grand Slam. I think this, edition was too close to call


beforehand so I don't think any team will win all five games. My


favourites before the turn and where Wales and they probably still are.


With the fixtures. Before the game I think Ireland would have taken that


draw and at 30-0 I think Wales would have -- 30 down. Wales are the most


settled side on the pitch and off it and I think we will see that come to


the fore as a jumping ship develops. Is Gottesman tipping Wales. The


women's Six Nations of course is running alongside the men's -- a


Scottish man tipping Wales. Here is a round-up of the action. A


sensational solo effort from Ireland centre -- Ireland's Centre. The


defending champions looked comfortable and confident in their


win over Wales. Sophie spends also crossed the whitewash in a


dominating display from the forewords, backs, and with the boot,


the captain kicking 11 points. World champions England were even more


impressive, putting five tries and 32 unanswered points past Scotland.


Miller-Mills scored twice as they looked to put last year's fourth


placed finish behind them. With France beating Italy 39-0, it is


they who top the table after week one. Their match tomorrow against


Ireland will go some way to determining the winners of this


year's championship. In the other match tomorrow England play Italy


just outside of children, and Wales and Scotland will both be hoping for


their first win -- just inside of Turin. The roof is off, the


Principality Stadium closed tomorrow. A massive match for Wales.


What will those matches bring? That's it for Inside Six Nations.


COMMENTATOR: He finds the line. Again. What is run by Evans. A


magnificent try. What a dry!


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