11/03/2016 Inside Six Nations


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Now it is time to look ahead to this weekend's rugby and particularly the


big game between England and Wales. Let us go to Twickenham.


Good evening from Twickenham where tomorrow, we may have a title


Thousands of English fans will gather here to cheer their team


on to what they hope will be their first Grand Slam


But who better to spoil the English dream than the Welsh?


Fresh from the two week break, two weeks to improve on a stuttering


performance against France in Round 3.


Round three of the Six Nations. Friday night in Cardiff. It is Wales


against France. He takes it. It is a try for France.


Too little too late. Men out here to the left.


Into the corner. That should clinch it. He seals the


deal. He has got there. It is a try for


Ireland. After round three there is one point


in its between England and Wales at the top of the table.


Wales come back to Twickenham tomorrow for the first time


since they humiliated England in front of their home crowd


during the World Cup last autumn - that recent history has added


an even sharper edge to one of rugby's oldest rivalries.


And the war of words began yesterday, with both sides accusing


Hopefully we can go out and dominate and if we can do that, but goes a


long way to giving as a good performance. I am upset about the


way the scrummage. The scrummage illegally. What happens is the plea


engage because they do not want the contest at the start of the scrum.


They get penalised one or two times at the start of the game. The


referee gets sick of penalising them. All the smart people see the


referee is ruining the game but it is the team that is scrummaging


illegally that is ruining the game. If the referee has to ruin the game


he has to ruin the game. What did you make of all that


pushing and shoving about scrummaging? Is its mind games? Does


that work on the pitch? Eddie is a straight talker. He has


seen something that he thinks will affect performance. He wants to


point it out. As it is part of the England against Wales Theatre? The


Six Nations is a great competition. The recent history with England and


Wales, Eddie knows what he is doing. It will play out on the pitch but


its bills for an exciting game. I know that you are caught shopping


and women, also top of the table. We will talk about them later. But who


do you think will win tomorrow. Home advantage and with that recent


history there is a lot for England to put right. They are slowly


building momentum. Each performance is better than the previous one.


Eddie and his team know what they want to achieve. They are on track


for achieving that. It will be a close game back at Twickenham I


think England will win. A big England win? It is a competition.


They will take England. The performance will continue to be a


level up from what it was before but it will be close. The nature of


these games, they are both unbeaten in this competition, it will be


close, but England will win it. Thank you.


So its a first trip back to Twickenham for Wales since that


famous win over England in the World Cup.


Centre Jamie Roberts - who plays his club rugby just over


the road here at Harlequins - says wins like that


have given Wales a mental edge over England


We do not fear going to Twickenham. The team is at their most dangerous


when they have gone through a law such as at the World Cup and we are


aware of that. There will be a fierce backlash. We have two weather


the storm. The stakes are the highest. There are a lot of players


in our team who've played in big matches the years. We go to


Twickenham with confidence. If we deliver our game plan we will win on


Saturday. It is all about getting right for Saturday. Saturday it will


be brutal. Scotland will be trying to build


on last round's much needed victory. They hadn't won in nine matches


but they beat Italy in Rome, While Ireland will be looking


to kick start what's been a disappointing Championship


with a win over Italy in Dublin. We have managed to be in front


against Wales. Against France we were still in front after 60


minutes. Against England and we were in front and in a good position. We


did not negotiate that final quarter. We have got to be good


enough to make sure that we build scoreboard pressure.


They have got good players. They have got 30 professional clubs to


pick their players from. They have got some talented individuals. They


are moving the ball. They are creating space. If you give them


space they will cut your part. Scott is back to Windows expertise


on these fixtures. Why have Ireland been so pure? Is that fair to say?


They have lost key personnel recently. Paul or Corel was forced


to retire early. Big shoes to fill. The coach has shown how good he is.


There will be a period of transition and Ireland have got to stick with


their game and try and build some momentum. This weekend might be the


opportunity to do that. It often is against Italy. They are trying to


play a brand of rugby which is exciting. They are not pushovers


anymore. Ireland have to play well to get the result otherwise it could


be hard work. They are playing exciting rugby. They have got a


running game going. In Scotland have improved. They have come out with a


new brand of rugby. Scotland have not picked up the results that they


would have hoped for but the six Nations never get any easier. Teams


are playing well and on the back of the World Cup quarterfinals, going


close against Australia, it was never going to be definite that they


were just pick up points. They are trying to play a brand of rugby. We


have just got to keep looking to evolve that. We'll be a victory for


France over Scotland? Will Ireland come on top? The French and Ireland


will win this weekend. Those other predictions from Scott.


Well here's the weekend's Six Nations rugby offering


The late kick off is the big one - England against Wales


And then on Sunday Scotland host France at Murrayfield.


England's women are also top of the Six Nations table -


after a convincing win over defending champions Ireland a couple


They're looking to make it four wins out of four.


While there was a surprise win for Wales over big favourites


A first win over France eight years and a place at next year's rugby


World Cup secured. Something for to celebrate. We are going the right


way. Sometimes you need a good performance to boost confidence. We


are midway through a tournament. There is still a massive opportunity


for us to end really well. France continued as big favourites but paid


a heavy price for not taking their chances.


Next up for them are England who top the table after at 13-9 victory over


Ireland. We had to come from behind. Despite a player being sent to the


sin bin England found the numbers to sin bin England found the numbers to


achieve victory. This is what the table looks like. And am still on


for the Grand Slam and they could win the title this weekend if France


slip up against Scotland, although that is not likely.


Scotland is currently being beaten by France 7-0.


You are on for the grand slam and six Nations title, a similar


position to the men. How are you going into match against Wales. #


Box of grand slams are hourly. Two big games. We have got to take care


of Saturday first. How are preparations going? We are starting


to build a bit of a meant in this competition. We have been together


three games though. The longer we spent together the better we play.


We all week we continue to build. You inherited a talented squad but


you admit you lost some big players after England won the World Cup.


Some of the more experienced players moved on and you have had to start


from scratch. Absolutely. Any team after winning a World Cup has got to


go through a period of transition. Olympics. There is a dual focus on


our programme. These girls have now got caps and experience behind them.


This is the group that we are looking to work with in this Six


Nations. England's women also on for the six Nations title. The men on


for their first grand slam in 13 years but wouldn't the Welsh love to


spoil the English party? They have got a taste for breaking English


hearts. Remember this in 1999? He has scored. What an amazing try.


This will lift the roof. If he scores. Indeed he has.


All of the Welsh support are absolutely delirious. A lot of dry


settled weather through the course of the weekend and into next week. A


quick look at today's weather. A misty


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