26/02/2016 Inside Six Nations


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He replaces Steven Finn who's been ruled out with a calf strain.


England face Sri Lanka, South Africa and the West Indies


Now it's time to look ahead to this weekend's Six Nations rugby,


starting with Wales against France tonight...


Let's join our correspondent Andy Swiss, who's live


at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.


We've been speaking to Rob Jones, asking whether it is a disadvantage


that the roof is no weapon for the match due to a technical fault.


We've wanted it closed for some time, most of the games we've been


in, they'd managed to get their way, and they'd be more comfortable in an


environment where the atmosphere is a bit better. There's no wind,


there's no rain. Thankfully, conditions are pretty good anyway


tonight. I don't think it will affect Wales too much, but the Welsh


side will work hard for the end of the season. Both Wales and France


are unbeaten after their first two matches, the bookies have Wales as


the favourites. Is that right? I think so. France are a side in


change, a new coach, they've had two wins, there is a bit of confidence


and momentum. Although they have not performed as well as they would have


liked. They were the underdogs coming into today's game. Normally,


Wales Bill does the tournament go on. -- Wales build up as the


tournament goes on. There is a lot of experience, the bench still looks


strong. Despite the casualties, IC Wales winning today. I think France


will get better. Players want that old French flair, and I think we


will have good rugby for many years to come. A couple of changes for


Wales, Alex Cuthbert is back. Dan is back as well. I think Dan is back


cause of the physical onslaught they expect. I think Alex Cuthbert, it


was a case of really waiting to see whether he could get back in form.


He showed more form with his side, Cardiff Blues. Charter is an


experienced player who could add more weight in bulk. Wales have a


great recent record against France, winning their last four meetings.


What about who score prediction, do France have a realistic chance?


Wales will win uncomfortably in the end, I think. They grind out that


wins. I think they will probably win 31-21. We will have to wait and see


but I'm pretty confident. Wales versus France kicks off at eight


o'clock tonight. The big match at Twickenham


tomorrow afternoon is, of course, between England


and Ireland and what a contrasting start to the tournament


the two sides have had. England top the table,


last year's champions Ireland Thomas Niblock has been


with the Ireland camp this week. The contrast between England and


Ireland in this year 's championship could not be greater.


A new coach, two wins from two, and grand slam aspirations within reach.


It's all good for England. Ireland have two games, no wins, and hopes


of a third success all but over. But Eddie Jones believes the side


have a bite. They are a very clever team. They are well coached by Joe


Smith. They can maximise results, and looking at the team, they have a


fewer -- a fewer injuries, but they have


McCluskey, he is outstanding. They the England coach says that he is


going to target Jonny Sexton, Johnny Sexton has said that he is


frustrated because everyone is questioning his fitness.


Even the coach says that too many people think they are.


Toes. Ireland trained at Twickenham this morning, led by Rory Best, he


prefers to concentrate solely... We are going off to Zurich for


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