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You John is in a very load Dublin. The city is rocking on Saint


Patrick's Day. Ireland know they can stop them winning with back-to-back


grand fun titles. They would love to do that. Welcome to Inside Six


Nations. Welcome to Dublin and welcome


to the RDS Arena, which hosts a legends match tonight


between Ireland and England - Are lots of familiar faces from


English and Irish teams. England already have the title


in the bag, but Ireland England arrive here to face Dublin


tomorrow. It would be an unprecedented 19 win in a row.


Ireland would love to stop them from achieving that on Saint Patrick 's


weekend. Before we look ahead,


let's remind ourselves of how Eddie Jones's side


secured the title - by Wales beating Ireland


in Cardiff on Friday night. COMMENTATOR: He is back with a


vengeance! Masterminding the Irish comeback. Jimmy Robertson the line!


Wales have just one! It's the French who have it now. Still going for the


French, the tribe will be scored as she touches down!


Flying to the line, Scotland closing in.


What a way to win the Six Nations. England celebrate at home. To


reflect on those results against the action this weekend, I am delighted


to say I'm joined by former World Cup winner James Tindall and former


hooker for Ireland. How impressed have you been with this incredible


run for England? It is incredible. Not like a very special cause in


memory of the court she died last year, a fantastic charity


fundraiser. It has been a fantastic fundraiser. Shane has done an


incredible job putting it together. It shows how much passion and love


their was for him. When they get in tomorrow, it is nice for us to have


a run around and we have raced through the nine years, we have


raised over 600 thousand pounds for charity. We can pay as much respect


as we can. I have been very impressed with your skills, boys. I


have to say. This could be a good omen for you tomorrow if you manage


to beat England here tonight. That the plan. Whenever we play against


these guys, we want to beat them, there is no doubt about that. The


motivation is never any less. We might not be able to move at the


speed used to be able to, but we still have the skills. This occasion


is fantastic. The response of been brilliant to because. That is why we


are all here. This legend's aim, as Mike says, nine years on the trot


and it's only getting stronger. On the Patrick's Day as well, as the


music pipes up. What an incredible atmosphere. Let's talk about


England. Aron Price are you with England and had a day compared to


that World Cup winning side that you play back into those in southern?


Category fantastic team. Seeing Eddie Jones, out and pay respects is


fantastic. He is stripping it back in bringing all these youngsters


through. What he is added to it is that mental strength and the going


to need that tomorrow. I have been here on a few occasions playing for


Grand Slam. I know what pressure brings and they will be a wounded


animal from last week. I think they will be very disappointed with how


they played Ireland against Wales. If it stays like this, the elements


could play a factor. It will be another big step for them on how


much they have learned, how much they can put that into the game.


Disappointment for Ireland losing to Wales in Cardiff last Friday, but of


course, they will want to bounce back. It is interesting what Joe


Schmidt was saying today. It is interesting to win two or three


matches a rule in test rugby is hard enough. They have matched the


record. They are trying to dig it out right. The respect of their, but


the motivation for Ireland is massive now. We really did mess up


last week as far as we are concerned. It is the manner of the


loss, the way the players didn't do exactly what they should have done.


As we say, tomorrow is about stopping England getting Grand Slam.


That is motivation and off, but then there is the unmentionable, the


Lions spots. A lot of the Irish players need a Grand Slam.


Gentlemen, many thanks indeed for the moment. As Mike said,


interesting as well to hear those comments about Eddie Jones talking


about the work that Stuart Lancaster pit in. Let's hear from the man of


the moment, leading the team out at the moment, Eddie Jones.


We're in this together. The catering staff, the players, we all work


together. The guy that I think should get a lot of credit for the


team pot success is Stuart Lancaster. She was the guy that


brought this team through, went through some hard yards with them.


Most of the players are still the same. I know he is batting on the


other side again. I do not know who use banking for.


An opportunity to finish second in the championship, which is a massive


thing for us. If it was the started the championship, we could come out,


that was a target for us. We could still attain that, despite the


disappointment of Round 1 and last weekend. There is still a heck of a


lot for us to gain, both individually and collectively.


England and motivations will after themselves. -- will look after


themselves. The final Six Nations weekend begins


with Scotland hosting Both teams looking to finish


on a high and both still have a chance of finishing second


in the table behind England. That would be the highest


ever finish for Scotland Let's catch up with our reporters


in both camps, starting After England obliterated Scotland's


hopes of winning the championship last weekend, the Scots will be


hoping to send their head coach off on a high, tomorrow being his last


match in charge of the national team. He has made just two changes


to the starting 15 from last week at Twickenham. Richie Gray has a


hamstring injury, to say he is replaced by grants Gilchrist. Wealth


is Fraser Brown has dropped to the bench. Last week was unacceptable in


a Scotland shirt. No one wants that. We are excited to right the wrongs


here and go out and put out a good performance at home. Three whole


wins is massive. We will be looking to do that this weekend.


Wales are sticking with the same side. The lead Ireland last weekend.


The captain will start for the 100th time for his country. Now the


Welshman has reached that milestone. Wales have resisted calls to bring


in fresh players for this match. The time for blood for new players is on


the summer tour of Tsonga and Samoa. We're on a rule, we want to keep


that going. Let's be honest, the way victories in this Six Nations have


been very rear. We accept our second-half performance with


Scotland wasn't good enough, so we are going to Paris all guns blazing,


trying to get a victory over them. So much still to play for. With 14


is potentially still in the running to finish second, all the other home


nations will want a really strong finish for the Six Nations


championship. Here is Chris Johns. We were just looking at the table


there. England are running away with it, but Scotland could still finish


second. It would be their highest ever Six Nations finish and they


will want to do that. A massive incentive. If you had said before


the championship, three wins including Wales and Ireland, they


would not have believed it. The defeat at Twickenham took them


apart, because they came with the lot of expectation. It is Vern


Cotter's last game in charge of Scotland. It might come down to


points difference, perhaps it is neither here nor there. Three wins


out of five would be a good campaign for Scotland. Will face a tough


campaign going to France, but again, knowing that they could finish


second, there is a brilliant incentive for them. A challenge to


show that they could put together some consistency. They have had two


big performances at home and in Cardiff. When they get their


intensity up and the feet of the crowd and vice versa, wheels are a


match for anyone. They have to prove that they can go on the road and


reach those peaks in a place like Paris. Another big challenge for the


Wales and a lot of pressure. Shane was saying earlier on that there are


some big performances expected this weekend, not least because of that


Lions tour in New Zealand this summer. The head coach names his


squad next month. A lot of big names in the frame and of course, who is


going to captain the side? Sam Warburton didn't last time out. Will


he do so again? Here are the runners and riders.


He could be, the most successful captain for England winning


back-to-back Grand Slam. Despite his side's dominance, he has not been in


great form this championship and then there is a disciplinary record


tarnished with over a year of bands. 11 weeks for verbally abusing a


directory site is omitted from the last Lions tour. A familiar face in


the crowd over the last six weeks, assembling his squad for New


Zealand. Even with that Calcutta Cup defeat, there have been so many


positives for the Scotland camp. Rory Best has had a mixed


tournament. He led Ireland to the historic win against the old bikes


back in the autumn. If he ends hardly pot winning streak tomorrow,


he will surely rise further. UV cut of Ireland and if we go into the


skin, looking at personal then we cannot perform as a collective. I


will go out and tried to play as well as I can. If I cannot boot on


the green jersey, I'm sure he would do the same for England. At the


Grand Slam here tomorrow, if Best performs well, it might give hardly


something to think about. His last squad was packed with men he trusts.


Jones is now in charge of his country, but what of the man he


replaced, Sam Warburton? The youngest man in history to captain


the Lions. If you ready to lead the Lions pack once again? All will be


revealed next month. What a fascinating to it is set to


be. Who is your money on? Sam Warburton did it successfully last


week. Sam Warburton is coming up on the rails, there was a perception if


you weeks ago that the Lions captain needed to be captaining his country


during the Six Nations and a lot of focus was then on Alun Wyn Jones,


but he has had a few wobbles in terms of his decision-making on the


pitch. That could change if is the win in Paris tomorrow. That will not


have escaped Warren Gatland pot attention. Looking at Hartley, if


England win tomorrow and wrap up back-to-back Grand Slam, hoping will


have you back-to-back record as England's captain. He will join the


great and that would be quite hard for Gatland to ignore. I'm sure be


looking at all the games, looking at four years ago when I England win


against Wales changed everything. Many thanks indeed, Chris.


Now, unlike in the men's championship, it's all still very


much to play for for Ireland and England's women, because both


sides remain unbeaten, both are still on for the


Ireland, who were the last home nation to win the women's title


back in 2015, beat Wales at Cardiff Arms Park.


England thrashed Scotland in their match at the Stoop,


Kay Wilson scored a record breaking seven of them.


Scotland didn't register a point, so a dominating performance


Kay Wilson scored a record breaking seven of them.


That was a championship, Six Nations record. A hugely impressive victory


for England. That says that the potential for a winner takes all


match in Donnybrook Stadium. That gets underway in just under an hour.


Scotland about face Italy. That Grand Slam decider


between Ireland and England's women kicks off in just over an hour


at the Donnybrook Stadium Scotland's final match against Italy


is already underway. You'll be able to see highlights


of all the women's matches on Sunday on BBC Two with some regional


variations so check your listings. So, England play Ireland


at the Aviva tomorrow, knowing victory will bring them another


Grand Slam. They did it last year, of course,


but the great World Cup winning side of 2003 were the last England side


to achieve it before then. That side was full


of England legends - Martin Johnson, Matt


Dawson, Jonny Wilkinson. We'll leave you with moments


from them and other great Six Nations Grand Slam


winning sides. COMMENTATOR: They are going to win


the Six Nations title! They are going to win the Grand Slam. The


champions but, Grand Slam winners and it is a France's turn in 2010.


It is England's Grand Slam. Five out of five in the Six Nations of 2016.


Grand Slam so never, never easily won.


This is rain on the lens in Dublin and is plenty of rain out


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