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Has it really been two weeks since everyone was talking about the


Italian confusing tactics against England. Since Scotland got that big


win over Wales and Ireland kept alive their title hunt with the


dominant performance over France. The drama kicks off again here the


night in Cardiff, welcome to Inside Six Nations.


Welcome to Friday night rugby here in Cardiff.


We are under the roof of the principality Stadium, the music is


arm and Friday night vibe is just getting started. Ireland know only a


win will do to give themselves the best chance of lifting this trophy


again. I am joined by former Irish captain, Keith Wood who will be


lending his expertise. Before we speak to you, thank you for coming


to talk to us, let's look at some of the highlights from week three


including those Italian confusing tactics that had England so rattled.


The first home appearance of the championship for Ireland. Try given.


Ireland when the one tried. Their title challenge is still alive.


Scotland at home against Wales. Two Leigh Halfpenny. Lee Williams, first


try of the game. Scotland make it under Lee Groves.


The middle weekend of the six Nations championship of 2017. We


both know what the exact rule is. An extraordinary first half and an


extraordinary Italian performance. Italy take the lead. England are


going to finish in style. England have played three and they have won


three. What around it was. This round, round four, possibly the most


pivotal weekend of the tournament so far. Before we get into the


nitty-gritty, let's look ahead and have a look at the table as it


stands. England, the only team left unbeaten in the tournament. Ireland,


who play tonight against Wales in second on ten points. Scotland, who


go to Twickenham for the Calcutta Cup tomorrow, in third on nine


points. England know if results and bonus points go their way, they


could wrap up the six Nations title in Twickenham at Twickenham Surrey,


again Scotland tomorrow. The Scots haven't won there in 34 years. It


could be a title deciding weekend. We will see how this result goes


between Wales and Ireland at the principality stadium. Standing


patiently on the sidelines is the former Ireland captain, Keith Wood.


Let's look back at some of the highlights from week three. What did


you make of the controversy about Italian tactics, refusing to form


the offside line up the breakdown, causing the confusion and rattling


England? No controversy, it was tactically very strong and very


astute. It upset England because they didn't know what to do. They


should know what to do. All the teams around at the moment would


know it is an option. It is never used to the fall extent that Italy


used it. I thought England came off badly out of it. Did you think they


sounded unsportsmanlike, Eddie Jones saying it wasn't rugby? It was a bit


sour, but he was standing up for his team, his team struggled on the


field. Ultimately, it didn't work out but it could have been closer if


they had put over a few more kicks, Italy. I don't want to see it every


week, I don't think we need to change the rules on it, but it was a


great opposing question for the Six Nations. What about Scotland, the


amazing win over Wales, they go to Twickenham for the Calcutta Cup


tomorrow resurgent and possibly in with a chance of causing an upset? I


have been going to Murrayfield for the last ten years and Scotland


haven't had a great period of time. But in the last two years it is


better and better. They beat Ireland by being the better team on the


field and they beat Wales by blowing them away in the second half. Wales


will be disturbed and upset by the lack of energy in the second half.


But Scotland are riding on the crest of a wave. I don't know if it is


enough to go to Twickenham and Brake 34 years of grief. England have won


all their matches, but they haven't sparked yet. Let's have a look at


how the home nations teams have been preparing for this weekend. Starting


here in Cardiff where we have spent the week with team Wales. Interim


head coach Rob Howley has made a total of zero changes to the side


that lost to Scotland. There was some speculation that the Lupe Fala


Tower, fit after recovering from injury will be brought in. But Ross


Moriarty keeps his place alongside Justin Tipuric and Sam Warburton in


the back row. Luke Charteris also tipped to be brought into the site,


but he remains on the bench. International rugby is about winning


rugby. This game is no different to the game last Saturday, and England


a week before. Every international game is about winning. For me, that


is the same consistent message to our players. It is win or bust for


Ireland against Wales, anything less and a victory could signal the end


of their hopes of securing a third Six Nations title in four years.


They are three points behind England, who they will face next


weekend, which could be a championship decider. They have


named an unchanged starting 15 for the clash in Cardiff where they are


expecting an intimidating atmosphere. Regardless of the roof


being closed, it will be really loud. It is probably one of the best


stadiums to play in because the atmosphere is electric. If you feel


you are shouting at your fellow players during a normal game, you


have to scream at each other because it will be hard to each other. Eddie


Jones will have thought long and hard before putting the league and a


polar straight back in, but he has been named on a powerful looking


bench. The likes of Billy and Mako Vunipola and Benatia will be


unleashed on Scotland in the final quarter. It looks like England's


strongest 23 in this championship. Have they been riding their luck so


far in the Six Nations, or are they due a big performance to set up the


Grand Slam showdown in Dublin next weekend. We will just concentrate on


ourselves. We have had a great two week preparation, fantastic week at


Oxford. We have had two good days of training here. We are looking


forward to playing in the historic Calcutta Cup. Scotland haven't won


here at Twickenham since 1983. In fact, they have only one in four


matches here. In pursuit of a fifth victory, stands by the team that


beat Wales with one exception. Hamish Watson comes into the injured


John Hardy. They have a formula that is working very well. Coming on and


finishing games of in the last ten minutes. It is something we are


aware of and I think they will comfortably move through the gears


as the game goes on and we have to stay with them. We are about an hour


and a half away from kick-off in the first of the fixtures in what is


likely to be a pivotal weekend of Six Nations rugby. Keith Wood,


Wales, Ireland here at the principality stadium on a Friday


night, always a fantastic fixture. Do you think Ireland will win this


one? I know you have a bit of bias, but will they do enough to cling on


to the championship dreams? This is a great crowd, the friendliest of


the lot. Ireland have no fear coming here. If Ireland can get a few


points on the board early, they will have a comfortable win. Maybe it is


too much of a bias, but I've never want to give a sucker an even break.


Wales are struggling at the moment and if they get a bit of confidence


up, they will be hard to beat. England, the favourite to win the


men's title. Similar in the women's as well.


When you have waited seven years for a Six Nations win, it is worth


celebrating. In means the world to every single one of us. We have


worked so hard for it. Blood, sweat and tears. We have bonded and gelled


as a team. It goes on from here. Scotland had been facing a familiar


feeling of defeat, falling behind the Wales. But Rhona Lloyd put them


within touching distance. 12/14 down in the final minutes, it fell to


Sarah Law to kick for victory. She slotted home. The wind, by a single


point, but they will take it. Ireland kept their 100% record


intact. Grinding out a win over the defending champions, France. England


had it easy against the Italians, running in five tries. Vicky


Fleetwood scored a hat-trick to get the winning bonus point. Thanks to


the superior points difference, England top the table above Ireland.


If they both win this weekend, it comes down to a Grand Slam decider


between them on St Patrick's Day in Dublin.


So the first match for the women this weekend see Wales


host Ireland tomorrow morning just next door at Cardiff Arms Park


with England against Scotland at the Stoop tomorrow afternoon.


Highlights of all the women's matches are on Sunday on BBC Two


with some regional variations so check your listings.


To the men, Wales against Ireland tonight of course


Tomorrow at half one, Italy host France and then


England against Scotland, the Calcutta Cup, kicks off at


four, coverage of that one on Radio Five Live and highlights


of all the fourth round matches again on BBC Two on Sunday night.


There is always something special about rugby on a Friday night,


especially here in Wales. Wales have posted six out of the seven Friday


night fixtures and they are always pretty fiery affairs. Let's hope for


another one tonight. Thanks for watching. Goodbye.


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