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Well, that's most of the sport. Time now for international rugby union.


Let's go to Inside Six Nations. Hello and welcome, live,


to Broadwood Stadium where we're preparing to look ahead to the third


weekend of Six Nations fixtures. We are just north of Glasgow and


what will be a crucial weekend for the six Nations. We are starting


with Scotland against Wales. If you are wondering why we are here


tonight it is because the woman's Scotland team are playing well. --


playing Wales. The under 20s are playing later on as well. Joining me


to preview the lavatory championships is Scotland all time


record points scorer Chris Paterson. Chris, what is from me too, what


think? Outstanding. Some cracking rugby. A great fixture in Cardiff.


Wales played well. England know how to win and they came through and


one. Ireland had a great victory. A physical battle in Paris. Scotland


picked up a couple of injuries. I suppose the big talking point coming


out of the Scotland camp is the fact that Greig Laidlaw has picked up the


ankle injury. How big a loss as that? He is a massive loss for his


leadership and understanding. He directed him well. He gets goals in


85-90% as well. Ali Price is a sharp player that is replacing. That's a


brief look at Scotland and what happened with the injury with Greig


Laidlaw. Let's look at what happened in week two.


COMMENTATOR: Can Wales Turner pressure into points? Yes, they can!


He's got! It has been an outstanding game of rugby. Eddie Jones' team


remain unbeaten. Italy are just a little pressure. I hat-trick for


that player and Irish cream. -- a hat-trick for that player in Irish


cream. Ireland have run away because Enron. The final weekend of the six


Nations. He has done it again? Brilliant clear on the pitch. Victor


before France. -- victory for France. Scotland and Wales are the


big match that we looking at this weekend. Tell us what it means to be


part of this game? It means everything. There will be a huge


amount of support coming from Wales as well. Liam Williams at five Green


line breaks. He has the best attacking stats in the championship


silver. So bring it a threat. -- in the championship so far. It's


difficult as a Scots person to deal with the physicality but I believe


that Scotland have the understanding and the ability to do that. Gloves


in the last match had so much field position but they couldn't get the


ball across the line. -- Wales in the last match. They are a


pressurised team and they know how to win and Wales were on top for 75


minutes. They didn't get the territory, Scotland in the second


half. The weather will be an important factor tomorrow. It will


lend itself to another cracking encounter and an exciting weekend. I


tell you, we have plenty more to talk about but plenty to look at


this weekend because there are reporters across the camps. Where


better to start than David Curry in the Scotland camp?


Scotland's head coach Vern Cotter has made five changes from the


starting 15 from the defeat by France for the challenge of Wales.


The because of injury. Greig Laidlaw, captain, is out. He has


been replaced by Ali Price on the wing. In the forwards, Ryan Wilson


comes in for Josh Strauss. With Captain Laidler out, John Barclay at


six assumes captaincy duties. My family is very proud. It is a huge


honour for me. Vern alluded to it. There is a group of guys that are


working hard. They make my job as captain easier. He added the Wales


camper, there has just been one change to the side. Alex Cuthbert


has been replaced on the wing. Wales arrived in Edinburgh having a --


having enjoyed a decade of wins against Scots. But it is now said


that they must expect the unexpected. It's a different


Scottish team than what we have seen before. We are focused on the squad


that we have right now and what really to do. You are only good as


your next one on your last one. We will focus on that. -- your next one


or is your last one. The big talking point at the Ireland team hotel in


tentacled is whether coach Joe Smith will pick Jonathan or Paddy Jackson.


Schmidt has gone with the experience of the 31-year-old Sexton for the


visit of France on Saturday evening. Fitness is never an issue for Johnny


Sexton. It's just making sure that he is fully fit and he certainly is.


He trained well today as well as Tuesday. As expected, he is highly


motivated to get into the game on Saturday.


Straight after the narrow win against Wales, Eddie Jones said that


he saw the game against Italy as a chance to try out some new


combinations. He has been true to his word with Ben Te'o. Elsewhere,


Danny Care starts at nine to inject pace. Jonny May is on the wing.


Eddie Jones says that he doesn't just want to beat Italy on Sunday,


they were to dig the cleaners. We always said that he would experiment


during this game. We do that every game. Every selection of the


experimentation. -- every selection is experimentation. You look at the


players and emotional and physical well-being, you look at the


opposition and to try to improve the site every game. -- and you try to


approve the site every game. Let's just look at the tables.


Let's have a look at the table then as it stands with England on top


without having collected a bonus point.


Logjam with one point separating Ireland, Wales,


Scotland and France with Italy yet to register a point.


Nine tries for Ireland, a bonus point try coming before


Eddie Jones has made some changes. Ben Te'o Mac. He scored a great try


against France. He was hitting the ball really hard. He will bring a


direct approach. It is a great balance between the other players. I


think that England will look to play a bit more open and expansive. I


think that they can play better. They picked up a bonus point in the


last team, Ireland, which England couldn't do. Sexton is a huge


player. Buddy Jackson has played well in the opening two Mac games


but Sexton is a class act. We will see both players doing well. Lots of


noise in the background because Scotland are trying to get


themselves back into the contest. Talking about the woman, the woman's


World Cup is back in September. The woman's team England has gone


professional visit. Has that made a big difference? Are they happy?


We have been finding out. It's been a slow start with the first-half


against France. We came out of the second half really strong and there


was a fantastic performance. It felt like everything clicked in the Wales


game. We came so close last year to the grandstand. It was France. This


year, when you were that scrolling down at Twickenham, you were


thinking, here we go again. A lot of people have asked if he got a


massive telling off. It was really process driving. -- it was really


process driven. We just got on with it. It might be a similar situation


at the end again, where it comes down to a deciding game against


Ireland. Well, we have to get their first! I think that Scotland are in


the form of their life. It will Btough games. We would like to look


forward to the end but rewards not yet. For a lot of your career, you


haven't been professional. What is the difference now? We are probably


two of the older players in the squad. Yet, it's just a massive


opportunity for us. I will speak on your behalf but we are both


massively privileged to have this opportunity. It's been amazing stuff


to juggle workers on site training. -- work alongside straining. To be


able to get the rest in. We want to be derived and tell hopefully the


World Cup in August. Winning the World Cup was the biggest experience


of my life. It would be great to do the double and that is what I'm


aiming for. It is very hard to retain the World Cup. New Zealand


have done it in the past. And were massive game is to -- aromatic aim


is to keep it on English soil. The woman's highlights will be on BBC


Two. The men Six Nations is across platforms. We are going to have to


leave it there. We are now running out of time but Wales are still


leading seven points to nil in this Six Nations match. They haven't won


a game in seven years. I will thank you for your time. Scotland last


beat Wales in 2007. They won 29-9. This man here kicked all nine


penalties in that victory. Can it happen tomorrow? Who knows. By Fred.


Bike for now. COMMENTATOR: Chris Paterson


continues to knock over penalties. Again, Chris Paterson is looking at


the kicking tee and the points are calling the board. It has been the


partition Shoal of the good so far. The perfect seven from Chris


Paterson. A simply impeccable kicking it display.


Well, some of us today had a nice day. There was some sunshine after a


stormy day yesterday. The clouds are falling back in and this weekend is


downhill. More rain is on the way and some strong


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