17/03/2014 MacRory Cup Final & Schools' Cup Final


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This is the St Patrick's Day showpiece for Ulster colleges. The


Sun is trying to break through but I know one man who expects things to


heat up considerably later on. Here is our weatherman, Barra Best, with


a special forecast. Temperatures are set to soar at


1:15pm. Climate change has given rise to a unique


seen the hazy tank of maroon cloud crept steadily from Tyrone. It is


seen the hazy tank of maroon cloud and white cloud cover nudging its


way onto the radar from the south Derry area. We anticipate these will


impact over Armagh city and our satellite suggests that will


converge in one big belt at the Athletic Grounds. For the rest of


the afternoon, it is likely to rain goal and expect thunder and


lightening on the terraces. We know the 2014 MacRory Cup


campaign has been one of them was competitive for years and today is


an opportunity for the boys to become men.


Welcome to the Athletic Grounds in Armagh for the 2014 Danske Bank


MacRory Cup Final between the holders, St Pat's Maghera and Omagh


CBS. The match coming up live on BBC Two from 1:15pm. Great colour today


from both sets of travelling school Two from 1:15pm. Great colour today


flags to badgers to face painting. Too excited sets of supporters


hoping this will be the day for their school this afternoon. Omagh


hoping they can add a fifth title to their roll of honour and there was


hot tea, coffee and sandwiches all round as well. That is a trophy. The


MacRory Cup. Beautiful piece of silverware for post primary students


and the cream of the crop when it comes to Gaelic football in Ulster


and here come the challengers. Omagh, their ninth MacRory Cup


Final. They are managed by Keiran Donnelly and then Ian Moriarty.


Their first final was back in 1973 and are captained by a very young


foot on a cold Mickey Harte. Ever heard of him? They will hope that


today they can turn things around. -- footballer called Mickey Harte.


We go into all games as underdogs and it has worked for us and going


under the radar is not always a bad thing. There was going to be nerves


and I am sure there are a lot of big players, guys who have won last


year, and they will be feeling a little bit nervous. It is hard to


win twice. In past years we would have been expected to win but there


has been a drought so hopefully we can change that this year. History


does not matter to them, they are a very unique group and they don't


have to worry about past games. They are modest, they aspire to be the


best athletes they can be. They are modest, they aspire to be the


is what comes of it, the minors last year, that pressure. But we are


striving and we have to perform. You set the example and that is what we


hope to do on St Patrick's Day. It especially, it is an honour to be


the captain of the team, something I have always dreamt of. And the


silverware would just top it off for me.


They are a team with real belief, Omagh CBS. What about the champions?


In the blue and white of Maghera, they are getting ready to take to


the field. They are hoping for back-to-back titles in 2014 and


those are the supporters, who have big expectations. St Patrick's are


the reigning MacRory Cup and All-Ireland college champions. Can


they put back-to-back titles together today? Several players are


appearing in their third MacRory Cup Final in a row. They are managed by


a Tyrone man, Paul Hughes. Dungannon won back-to-back in 2008 and 2009


And St Colman's did that in 2010 and 11. They would dearly love to win


the double this afternoon. You just run out and you hear the


crowd. It is packed. You have been dreaming about this all of your


life. Every child has a desire to be on that stage and let us being


fortunate enough on that stage and let us being


say, if I can get in there, there is every chance I could be on that


stage also. My mother and father would watch me every month. It is


great. I want to win here. I tried not to watch the first one but last,


I watched that once and it gave me extra, knowing I did not want that


feeling again. Every week I have been watching it, last year. That is


only because you were Man of the Match! The final whistle was a great


feeling. It gives you extra. The champions are on a mission. Let


us talk to past winning cup captains from both schools today. Roman


MacRory Cup Omagh CBS from 2005 and Connor Cardinal, who lifted the


trophy 12 months ago. Nice memories? It is a very special day. It is


always special, your whole year in upper sixth form and it builds up to


the MacRory Cup. We can see pictures of you lifting the cup. You one by


one point, narrowly, but you did when. We were lucky, I dropped one


into the net. It is all but winning on the day. It is a very big


occasion and they hope these lads do not let the occasion get to them and


just enjoy it. Will they let it get to them? Maghera have played in the


last two so they will have the edge and the experience. Omagh, they have


got lots of minor players who were on drugs mark last year, so they


will be ready for this also. -- who were in Croke Park last year.


later, looking back on that success, it must be a very nice memory? I was


talking before the game about the build-up and I do remember the


school and getting the boss and it went to the replay. Do you remember


collecting the trophy? Not so much but I remember that night even


better! It was a great time. You beat simply from Kilkeel. That was


very special? -- Saint Louis. We beat Kilkeel before in the McCormick


cup so we knew about them. Your old school is up against it because St


Patrick's Maghera either defending Ulster All-Ireland champions. I was


chatting to Keiran Donnelly in the week and it is nothing new for these


guys, they come in as underdogs. Will you do this? I think St


Patrick's Maghera. They are confident. Let's go to the sideline


reporter, Thomas Kane. This is a massive occasion for the players and


the fans and Mrs redstarts, underneath the stand at the Athletic


Grounds. St Patrick's Maghera in the left and Omagh CBS in the right.


They have this wall of noise. They look around, they look a band might


see their family and friends and they make their way across here.


Martin, you were here 12 months ago. It was different, the weather was


different but the same occasion and the same price. Massive day for both


schools. We mention some other and fans, you must remember the


management. This is a very big day. Behind me, hundreds of fans from St


Patrick's Maghera. They are starting to make noise. All day, this man has


wanted one thing. He once is selfie! to make noise. All day, this man has


for a lot of them, even though some players were here 12 months ago, it


is new for a lot of them. This side of the stadium is dominated by Omagh


CBS. Who should we be looking for? Ronan McHugh. Can you do it? Yes!


Omagh CBS! A very big competition on the pitch and even bigger in the


stands to see who can cheer the loudest. Thomas Kane here on the


BBC. Don't forget the rugby is coming up from 3pm, Methody against


Campbell College. Let us talk about the Man of the Match, he lifted the


MacRory Cup Final in 2006. Kevin, is it nice to be back? Great to be


back, I have not been to the finals since the day we won this. Nice to


see all of the Conor and the noise and hopefully the boys will do


themselves justice. Was lifting the MacRory Cup the thing that


kick-started your career? Definitely, it was a massive


platform. Very lucky to win that on the day. We are training as a


pundit. What does your gut tell you? It says St Patrick's Maghera. Omagh


CBS are moving well, so it is a very big occasion. St Patrick's Maghera


will be used to this. Massive crowd, hopefully both teams can settle


down. OK, we will wish you luck. We will talk again at half-time. This


is the MacRory Cup Final live on BBC Two. Our commentary team is Conor


McManus, alongside Mark Sidebottom. Thank you very much and happy St


Patrick's Day. Welcome to Armagh. And the Cathedral of Ulster college


football and Conor McManus. You are looking forward to


is a very special day. Let us look at the teams, we begin with the


challengers. The class of 2014. Greater than the sum of its parts.


Patrick O'Neill is the keeper. And the cornerback, McQuaid. 38 Agro is


the captain. Midfield, Darcy. And Joe Colton is the vice captain.


Aidan McSorley and Ronan McHugh on his East and West.


Mac cloy is the keeper here. McNeil and Hegarty. The two McNeils know


where they should be. Significant sway for the Maghera


support here. Not quite there in the numbers, but none theless, CBS


chasing a title. New rules apply here. Black cards and there will be


six sucks tuTS. -- subs tuTS. Connor, this might be as good as it


gets for some? When you look through any of the finals, some of the key


names that are featured have all gone on to greater things.


You are listening to the voiS of Connor who played for Monaghan.


We're up and running. A little bit of a bump there. They've been asked


to play on. Maghera getting a bit of hands on


there. There's the captain there. Still over the sideline and it will


be a sideline ball for Maghera and I'll bring Connor back in. It's been


taken quickly and it's Danny tallon. Should have been, he knows it. The


crowd knows it. Brilliant thinking from the ball. You take it from


here. It was a great chance and would have been a very good start


for Maghera. Danny tallon's straight through and probably should have


finished, but unlucky. To be far to McCann, Omagh's full-back and


captain he did just about enough. He gives a nudge. He got a hand on it


and made it that wee bit more difficult. Maybe even a foul?


Possibly. He knows that they should have scored.


experience of the past campaigns into account.


There's the opening score of this MacRory Cu. He blasted his way. That


is a fine score and settle the nerveses early. Very good goal


there. Great start for Omagh and it should settle them down easily. They


were converging on them at a rate of knots. The distinction of the first


score in the 2014 Cup Final goes to your man there. They are greater of


the sum of their parts. McHugh there. He's arguably one of the


standout men who you would have expected to stand out. Maybe that


brings its own pressure? Surely, Mark. Probably should have done


better on that occasion. Again, pressure there.


The shot has come off Jack Doherty. He draws them level. Just 16 years


of age, Connor, the baby of the team. He call him the gym jockey.


He's never out of the gym. Very good score there. Patient with the ball


there. Great finish. There may be fairness, he took the ball nicely.


Paul Hughes and Derry there. Dermot there in the middle. He played back


in this Cup 30 years ago. Such a wealth of football expertise at St


Pat's Maghera. This is going to be a close one.


Cassidy's ball there. Well fielded. Gunning couldn't hold on to it


there. Coulton there. Good tackle there.


I like the composure about them. This is a corner. McQuaid giving it


out there. Needs a bit of support there. McSorley has gone to ground


and he has held on to that. Good call. Just interesting to see, both


teams are operating fairly defensively. They are floating


things out. Six of one and half a dozen. The call went against him.


Meantime, it's free. Taken quickly. McNeill wants the support.


Meantime, it's free. Taken quickly. keeper does well there. Maghera


could have keeper does well there. Maghera


minutes, but as it is they've keeper does well there. Maghera


shot wide and then it was Convery. Warn signs. Very good. In fairness


to O'Neill, great save. Maghera could really have missed chances


now. Mullan is doing the tackling and


lovely ball there. Cassidy there. Second point. They lead for the


first time. They are working hard for the scores, but they do have


such movement upfront, Connor? A lot of movement going on inside there.


Connor Cassidy very composed there. The dummy to James Darcy. I would


say this is the first time there is an Armagh man on the grounds who


wants a Tyrone side to win! Yeah, no, finnian there. Will be hoping


for the trophy. Finian a teach at CBS.


Fine ball in there. They come forward. He claims that. It's


McElduff. He's over. Six foot three and 14 stone and he used his


backside to good effect. Very good score there. Showed very well early


on. Got out and kicked a great score with the inside of the left foot.


It's a good start for Omagh. McSorley with a good ball. It's now


in the arms of Corless. McElduff with the ball over on the sideline.


Maghera, for the record 15 starting players drawn from five clubs. CBS,


15 starters drawn from across ten clubs, so maybe it would suggest


there is a little more understanding or tightness among the Maghera.


He's going to have a pop from that angle and it's tight. It's a fine


score. You would be proud of that? You would be happy. Good score. In


fairness now, the pair are showing very well inside there. And a fine


score from a fairly tight angle. Significantly, Connor, all three


Maghera points from different sources and all three from open


play? It's a fairly good open game. No sleepers and no dropping off, so


very much man for man and it's a fairly exciting game.


The keeper also doubles up as a free taker. 17 years old, from terrible


Kieran. -- Errigal. He will attempt to sit justice. He tried to handpass


that over the ball -- over the bar? Play continues with Corless, he has


been doubled up upon. Back to Samir. Belcher! Absolute belter! The fans


are out of their seats. He converted that and he deserved that? Very good


school, very direct foot fall from Omagh. -- football. Great finish.


McGrath was closest to him. And it is working. You talk about his size,


it is definitely working for him at the minute.


This is all about Omagh CBS, but very early stages. One thing St


Patrick's Maghera will not do is panic. It has been instilled in


them. Cassidy. His father played in the final last year. Parole,


intercepted by McHugh. He will have a shot. What was impressive about


the is he wanted that and he made that himself and Omagh CBS should


not have coughed that up as easily? He won that ball back himself and he


took that on. Massively impressive scorer from a very tight angle


again. Little bit casual, anything but casual was Samir. Very good


school. He was given in a lot of space.


The Danske Bank MacRory Cup Final, 2014. The referee has blown his


whistle. Conor Glass, he had that and lost


it. Aidan McSorley. His ball will be cut out and intercepted. Mulholland.


Very comfortable on the ball. Intercepted by Samir. Gives it back


to Ronan McHugh. Good, low ball from Joe Colton.


Causing difficulty for McElduff. And he has single-handedly made life


impossibly difficult. McGrath tried to play that from the front?


Definitely a foul. They have given him some high balls. He is proving a


handful for the full-back line. This will be taken by Gavin Slane. From


the Greencastle club. This will be the first free kick of the day.


Contrary done. 1-0. We are labouring this, but it was McElduff who you


must credit for that? He is winning that in front. He is proving very


much a handful. Early to talk about Man of the Match but no one from


Omagh CBS has ever won that. As things stand! Is a very long way to


go. He is putting his name forward for that at the


go. He is putting his name forward in the middle. Joe Colton. Omagh CBS


Burgess winning those breaks, they seem to be more hungry. -- Omagh CBS


are just winning. The keeper should come for that. He did not want to


collect too early. It is quite hard at their, it'll be difficult to


judge at times, especially for keeper? There is a lot of bounce.


Paul McAtamney, Jack Docherty. Samir, playing much deeper than his


number would suggest. I was in both dressing rooms before this and St


Patrick's Maghera were very relaxed, coming from the fact that many of


these men are in their third consecutive final. And that means a


lot, they have been here and done it. They can enjoy it more.


Gavin Slane. Cassidy being held up by McGale. They are just probing.


Looking to get one of their faster men on the ball, this is the


captain. Very good school. And St Patrick's Maghera needed that. Omagh


CBS were taking over a little bit. It was Ronan McHugh who was closest.


But that was a very good score. They look relaxed. They have seen a lot


of MacRory Cup Rumack. -- MacRory Cups. They are not strange to the


To be fair to the referee, it was big occasion. Paul has a voice


To be fair to the referee, it was the right call. This has not been


difficult to referee and this was the reason. It was a free kick. In


fairness to Branigan, he gave him the advantage and let him play


through. He could not go any further. He is very strong on the


ball, Mulholland? Yes, very pacey. This is Gavin Slane, his father is a


technician in the school and his mother is the secretary. Omagh CBS


were wise to that. He takes the shot! Glass! The man inside was just


temporarily held up. The full forward is protesting that he should


have a penalty. We might get another look, but Samir was on the overlap


and he was protesting with the referee, just as the ball was


off-loaded, he was impeded. Omagh CBS, Joe Colton. He has a sweet left


foot. With the off-load. Aidan McSorley. Confronted by his opposite


number. Glass, a moment ago he was in the full forward line giving off


the ball. St Patrick's Maghera have created three goal opportunities and


have taken none of them. Their captain again. Conor Glass, looking


for the run outside. That is very good cornerback play. It was McQuaid


who got the intended tackle. Really belong rightly. -- moving along.


Darcy. He has given up to Aidan McSorley. He has a man outside,


looking for his second. It has just gone wide.


looking for his second. It has just comes in and look at the full


forward, Danny Tallon. On the run. Was he dragged back? He could have


been. It would not have been a penalty. 13 yard free. He was right.


He is saying to the referee, I was pulled.


Well taken by Conor Glass. That is the reason -based unions are after


him. He is a commentator's dream with that thatch of bright red hair.


-- the reason the Australians. He just took a heavy knock on his back.


He is just 16. Andy is the same weight of you -- same weight as you,


78 kilograms. I would be about 81! That is the bench. He has played in


more MacRory Cup Final 's and I have had hot dinners. -- than I have had.


A great shock of the finest. That was well played by Samir. Given away


to McSorley, his ball was hotly contested and it was won by McNeill.


He spots the man on the overlap, Cormac O'Doherty. This is good


football from Ciaran McCloy. Cassidy, up to the corner. Well


marshalled. He does enough to lose him. He did not quite get his


bearings right. He did everything else right,


bearings right. He did everything could not get the finish. Yes. St


Patrick's Maghera are isolating Conor Convery. They are looking to


get the early ball. In this part of the double-header, the Schools' Cup


rugby final is also coming from Ravenhill in the company of Gavin


Andrews, that is after this with Methody and Sullivan Upper. A double


date of sporting delight brought to you confidence of BBC Northern


Ireland. -- brought to you courtesy of BBC Northern Ireland. At the


minute, they are all chasing McGrath. He has given it back to


Cormac O'Doherty. It is nigh with Jack Docherty. Hegarty. -- now. Very


methodical. Whatever happened to kicking the ball? ! St Patrick's


Maghera seem to be content to just keep the ball and work it up the


field. They are holding possession quite well. But for the last 60


seconds, the ball has not moved 20 metres. I will go for 22 passes and


they are still in their own half. Kicked, and this time it is from


McGrath. This has been coached into them. No comment on the teams, this


is the way they have been coached? Everybody seems very comfortable on


the ball. It was kicked away. McElduff. He comes deep, looking for


ball. This is the man you want on it.


ball. This is the man you want on Cassidy. He was held up. That was a


good ball in from Samir. Paul Gunning. Conor Convery. They are


comfortable winning possession. Paul Gunning. I think sometimes they are


looking too much for that killer pass. This is Samir. He worked hard


and he got it. That is a very good school. Downey and Conor Convery,


they played very well for that. He shook his man. And a great scorer


from his left foot. The sides level. He could not have got any tighter,


it was just good football. Very comfortable on the ball. All from


the Glen Maghera club. The entire full forward line play for the Glen


Maghera club. They know each other intimately and intuitively. There's


that understanding that translates to this club squad also. Into the


middle. Cassidy. Maghera look to take the lead. Tallon increasingly


exerting a greater effort. Five shirts around him and Tallon did


keep possession, but Hegarty pushing there. O'Doherty is being closed in


by Corless. Can he do enough? Yes. The overlap. Gunning there. Glass!


Back in the midfield there. McGale is there. Space down the right flank


from McCann and the captain. He cuts back into traffic. Coulton popping


out. Sammir is keeping is. Murray. back into traffic. Coulton popping


He's back on him. In the minute he's trying to get one, so he's forced to


go low and a high one, but underneath it. And it is lost. They


were two -- there were two goal opportunities in as many seconds and


somehow Maghera have contrived. This should have been the first of them.


Great save from the Maghera goalie. Great defending. I think the keeper


got attached to the shot here. It was the keeper. Number 12 there.


McGrath there. I thought it was Gavin. I thought it was McCloy. In


any event, it was a combination of both and they kept them out for what


looked like a certain second goal. Certain. Omagh have gone quiet


there. Ten minutes since the last score. That's the benefit of having


him in your arsenal. More of them can do it and so too can he. Great


score from McNeill. It's a huge matter to a team. You need to pull


it off and score them when you are wearing pink boots. Maghera did


well. Back into the lead go Omagh. Glass did well. High tackle. That


was high. The referee didn't look to his book. Glass wanted to take this


one quickly. The cornerback has lost it.


Corless is in possession and he has two men there. McElduff is calling


for it on the edge of the square. two men there. McElduff is calling


quality of ball and for one moment I thought they were probably taking


too much out of it, but a very well-worked score. Perfectly timed.


What about the ball? Brilliantly patient ball there. Kept probing it.


Great pass across. Great finish. The quality of the ball, then coming on


to it at speed. Chipped over the top and they lead by two. Having gone


ten minutes without a score, they've now stuck over two in the space of


90 seconds. There will be one minute of time to be added on. Coulton


there. I wouldn't worry. Shean could have given it back to


him. Hegarty there. -- Slane could have given it back to him. Hegarty


there. McHugh now. Wants to get on the scoresheet. Not quite. We are


into the one minute of time to be added on. It's been a good first


half? Fairly exciting. Goal chances at either end. Maghera would


probably feel they could have got at least one if not two goals. You feel


there's a goal in Maghera yet. McCloy 6 - 3. The which Isle goes.


It's been eventful and it's a game which has yielded up-to-date just


one goal and that is the man who got that goal. He could have had a


second. Maghera could have had two or three. Half-time here in the mac


Rory cup. It's the holders St Pat's Maghera who are in the lead. Don't


forget still to come at 3.00pm rugby with


forget still to come at 3.00pm rugby but not all one-way traffic here in


Armag. Omagh leading the champions Maghera by two points. Over now to


Kevin who has been watching the first half and reflecting on. We


knew Maghera were the team to beat, but Omagh believe in themselves


there? Definitely. I watched them in the warm-up and they seemed sharp.


Settled early and a little bit of confidence. They are causing a lot


of hassing. Quality balls in there. Great start by Omagh, but Maghera


seem to be on the prowl and a couple of chances could have been a


different game. Omagh were described before this as a team, a real team,


not individuals and we are seeing that? I think they've had two tough


tests. They are digging deep for each other and the backs are pushing


forward. You can see the team could withstand the second half. If this


match comes down to misses will the champions regret the missed goals? I


think. They've had two, but the double save by the keeper for Omagh


was crucial too. A couple of good balls in. The keeper he come out for


one brilliantly, but the chances were good, but not gilt-edged.


Unlike Maghera to miss? Good chances. All three Glen lads seem to


be creating loads of space. The keepers have been impressive at both


ends? Definitely. The Omagh goalkeeper had a great time. Doing a


lot of good work. We can hear he's orchestrating the defence and


producing the defence. What about the chance? Tallon and Glass? Was


there a suspicion of a potential penalty? Slight pull, but if a


penalty was given -- You would be jumping up and down? I think so. I


don't think it's a penalty. Maghera weren't able to take their chances


so far. Omagh got one and boy, did they take it? Definitely. The


full-forward has caused a lot of hassle. Great ball. The high ball


in. Have you been impressed and gets it well. But he can finish.


He is going to cause problems. McElduff has impressed you so far?


Very good. His movement, he's got a sweeper in there for him, which


people don't see at home, but he's a handful and a great finisher. What


should Maghera do? Change who is on him? What do you do? I think that's


what they've been doing, to bring number 12 forward and the sweeper,


but there might be a wee bit more pressure and Omagh seem hungry. The


keeper pulled off two great saves? He did. It could have been five or


six. It would have been a great lead, but the keeper, such a great


save from the flick and then to get up again. Fantastic. Great double


save. A good ball in, causing problems. Super save. I think


between himself and the number 12 they kept it out, but it could have


been a different game. Omagh will be excited at half-time in the sense


they know there's fruit to be had inside? I think from going into the


game they maybe didn't think they would have got as much out as


they've had with the sweep going in. If the ball is going in it doesn't


have to be great, but maG are going to come out with more fight.


Briefly, what do the champions need to do to turn this around? We can


see Conor Glass getting a good run and close attention from the two


midfielders. Young Cassidy has to kick a point. If they get Glass on


the ball they can get in there. They are making great movement and the


chances are there. Tallon seems to be a good marksman. Kevin, thank


you. We'll show you highlights of the curtain raiser here. It was the


final here in Armag. Two Donegal sides contesting this.


had no chance. It could have been a second goal one minute later, but it


was wide. Three minutes in, and it was almost a goal. O'Donnell


charging through, but it trickled out for a 45. The first point came


from Hume. The first point from play came after 13 minutes. This score


leaving the opponents just two points behind.


The deficit was reduced thanks to this wonderful score from McBride.


This score from Sean Hume gave a one-point lead.


Drama hit the grounds. Niall owe done knell was fouled inside the


area, so penalty. Two points behind, there was a pressure on McDaid, but


he finished perfectly. O'Donnell was hit off the ball.


Perhaps a strange blessing in disguise with time almost up, as he


picked up the ball and hit this wonderful insurance point. The final


whistle blew. Joy for Letterkenny. Disappointment for the opponents.


Conor O'Donnell lifted the Cup. The benefit of being here is the


fact that all The benefit of being here is the


smiling since the final whistle. You were the captain, what did it feel


like? Unbelievable. It was better than what you dreamed. Best thing


ever. It's great to leave the school on a high. You got off to the


worst-possible start? Yeah, but I think we knew how to react. We got


that in the quarter final. I think we knew how to react and reacted in


the right way. Neil, you are the manager, Donegal schools haven't


been that successful in the past, but can you kick on from this?


Hopefully we can. In 2007 we won the Cup last. And this year, six or


seven of these boys are there next year and if we add a couple of


players we can kick on and 2007 was a surprise, and nobody gave us hope,


but we got through to the semifinal and they still beat us that night,


but we have learnt a lot. Success for the county team influences the


young players going up? These boys came in as Michael Murphy left and


you can see the pictures on the wall and even the success with the


schools level, Michael has won everything. Certainly, the success


of the Donegal 2012 is bound to have helped. You are going to a Donegal


school again? Yeah. Hopefully we can go all the way, but we'll not think


past Saturday. We have to play and hopefully we play better then. We


have played against them down the years and we have played against


many other teams so it will be a good game. Enjoy yourselves. I'm


sure you'll have a fantastic St St Patrick?s Day.


It is nice to see these schools do well. It did not happen when we were


at school, seven or eight years ago. well. It did not happen when we were


through who put the well. It did not happen when we were


map. I saw them in action, there were three men marking him, no


different to today. It is good to see them, the under 21 is going


well, it stands them in good stead. Come back here, Omagh CBS leading.


Sometimes it does not work out that the team in the lead when is it.


Yes, when you see games by that it can pass teams by, I am not saying


that has happened but all of a sudden, 20 minutes left, the game is


chasing away from you. I think Omagh will be quietly confident. They have


experienced heads in the backroom team. Euro midfielders so I know you


will be watching the midfield battle. Conor Glass is a talented


guy. He will have two more years after this. Do they need anything


more from him? He is getting a lot of attention, every time he seems to


make a run forward he is getting contact, which is acceptable. Here's


a marked man. To think he is only a 50 year and people are expecting so


much from him. -- fifth year. I would not be surprised if he rattles


them in in the second half. A lot of effort has gone into what the fans


are wearing. There are painted faces, they have been given thunder


sticks as well. There is one person who stands out, and fittingly, on


Saint Patrick Day, the best dressed reporter is the man himself. --


supporter. I don't think anybody has had more


photographs taken than you today. Everybody wants a photo with you.


Talk us through this outfit. The inspiration behind it, put a


Talk us through this outfit. The fixing it up for me, a lot of work


was put into it but it has all paid off in the end. What is it like in


the stands? Obviously a massive occasion. Looking behind you, most


of the previous winners are in the stand. It is fantastic for them. It


is something else. It's a great occasion for the college. Can you do


it in the second half? No bother. Give your team a blessing. I


probably won't. You've also won a prize. Congratulations.


A vote of confidence for the champions from Saint Patrick. Who


will win the second half and more importantly, the trophy? Can the


champions turn it around? I think in the first half there was a bit of


wind. It is settling pretty good here for a good second half. I can


see it being very even, the battles in midfield... I think if they get


the ball in early, it will be nip and tuck. Is that the key for you?


Yes, if they can stop McElduff, it should be enough. Tyrone or Derry,


who are you going for? Tyrone. Vote of confidence. Thank you very much


for that. Any of the action you have missed today, you can see on the BBC


sport website later on. If you use Twitter, we are on that as well.


Back to the commentary team. Omagh are leading.


Thank you to the colourful Saint Patrick alongside Thomas. He is off


to find himself a hill. draw, they always bring that to the


game. It is a great occasion, Saint Pat Day. There is great colour and


great atmosphere in the stand. Little man wearing his Brian


O'Driscoll hat. We have received a tweet from a guy in Twickenham, who


claims to be the brother of Patrick O'Neill. He is a student in


Twickenham. Thanks for listening in, and if you're watching, there is a


goal for you. -- goal. It is snack time. You are on. They


are making their way from the tunnel. Even though we said this


side were greater than the sum of their parts, it is worth pointing


out that they are no slouch is. Yes, there are 1213 on the team, they are


definitely no slouch is. They have proved more than a match so far for


Maghera. They are being kept in the dressing room, I expect they are


engaging in a little mind games. I know there is not a finite time you


can stay in the dressing room, you can probably pick up a fine, but why


do managers do this? I'm not really too sure. Maybe trying to get an


edge but I don't think it makes a whole lot of difference. They are


going to bunch in until Omagh come out. I know you have asked me not to


ask you, but do you fancy Maghera to get back into this one or do you see


Omagh get back into this one or do you see


there is more to come get back into this one or do you see


think if they get a goal, they are going to be the team to beat. I saw


a man in a blazer go down the tunnel, and whenever you see that,


you know the civil service has gone to open doors. Outcome Omagh CBS,


they take to the field. It will be interesting to save McElduff comes


out, and there he is. He is there go to man. If he can have another


second-half when he had in the first half they will be hard to beat. I


feel there is more to come from Maghera. The thoughts of Conor


McManus, one of the finest of Ulsterpos-mac current crop of


footballers. The Danske Bank MacRory Cup


second-half is underway. An early opportunity with just a few


seconds of this half on. Good start from Maghera, they went straight


down the field and they will have a chance now. He was a substitute last


year, his brother captained the team in 2012. He has another brother on


the bench. He is six feet and 18 years of age.


I think the gift you. It is a confidence that courses


in the veins. Then you get to 35, 40, there is nothing but nerves.


There is no shortage of confidence out here.


Testing ball for Conor Glass to get onto. Ships it out. They are level.


Great scorer. Conor Glass on the burst again. I've seen him one twice


on the burst through the middle in the first half. Great scorer there.


He probably got the call but they were making the point you have made,


about that. Line of play, they just instinctively know, the way they can


work in that neat little triangle is proving really difficult for Omagh


CBS to content with. That looks like something they have done before.


It is the first MacRory Cup that John has missed since 1843.


Congratulations to them. We are level. Omagh CBS have been involved


in quite a few games over the years. They have taken the lead. It looked


good. He knew it the moment it had left his foot, Cormac O'Doherty.


good. He knew it the moment it had Line. They are moving very well


know. It is a great start to the second half for Maghera. Maghera


back into the lead. The break is on. Who is the


hungrier? The ball has gone out, it is a


Maghera ball. Do you know what I think? They stayed in the dressing


room too long. This is Danny Tallon, he has drawn


the foul. I thought he got a hand to the ball, but in deference to the


referee, he is much closer. That tackle was OK but I think he had


blown prior to that. He had given the advantage. Maghera would be the


happier of the two sides in the second half, they have settled in


the second-half a lot better and they are starting to impose the


game. Yes, this is potentially a fourth consecutive score without


reply. He has got it. Very good score from Conor Convery. Cool as


you like, over the bar. Fourth of the second half, they are into


double figures. the second half, they are into


by two and they remain switched on -- champions lead by two. I wonder


what point Omagh begin to think about introducing a few of their


own. Down the line to Jack Docherty. Good


running off the ball. I thought he was foiled but the referee allowed


play to continue. Omar need to score just to settle themselves. They have


been totally overrun in the first five minutes of the second half.


They have gone eight or nine minutes without a school hence the wearing


of the slightly worried look on the bench.


Well fetched in the middle by Cassidy. Cassidy cutting back


inside. McGale. He could not hold on to that. It was a decent ball but a


little behind him. Conor Convery. Good play by Danny Mullan. He had to


be strong. Mullan has picked up a little knock off the ball. Branigan,


his brother played in the 2008 final. He is trying to keep it in


the family. Good defending their from Mullan. Very good defending. It


was an important ball to win because it was one-on-one. I


was an important ball to win because head. I am sure he will shake that


of. Keeping it in the family. O'Neill. His brother watching in


London. I trust you are enjoying St Patrick's Day whether you are and


wherever you are watching. The rugby schools final to come from


Ravenhill. That has gone wide. Omagh CBS needed


that. They need to get a score to settle themselves down and get back


into the game. They are only two points down. I have watched enough


and you will have played enough to know that games do ebb and flow. The


opening ten minutes of this second half has been all Maghera. There is


only two points in it so it is still all to play for. A well-placed


kick. Good running of the ball. Mulholland. He is going to go all


the way! He has the man over. Cut back inside and I think he should


have taken it off his left foot. A good chance for Maghera. Why didn't


he put it over with his left? He probably could have got the shot


away himself. He had run 50 or 60 yards. Give credit to McQuaid who


did close him down quickly. You can see that in your peripheral vision.


He just did enough to put him off. Again, it is the break which is won


by Maghera in the middle. Danny Tallon playing at full forward


and sticking inside and they are getting ball to him. He is such an


intelligent player. He peeled off his defender there. It was a great


pass from Conor Convery again. Keiran Donnelly, a fine foot falling


brain -- footballing. He has been a router run. A great score. He went


all of 30 yards there. McNeill. They call him biceps and you can see why.


A very good score. It puts Maghera three ahead now. He is a quiet man.


17 years of age. It is his first final and he loves the gym. It is


getting away from Omagh CBS. There is still only three points in it but


you get the feeling Maghera have turned over -- taken over in the


middle of the field. Conor Glass. Omagh CBS just need to get a grip of


this. Gavin Slane is after it. Still doing well. Gavin Slane needs a bit


of support. He will get it eventually. Ronan McHugh has been


quiet by his own standards. It has been filtered all the way back.


Murray gives it to Darcy. Full of running. Conor Glass. That is class.


A brilliant score. Omagh CBS needed that and it should settle them down


in the second half. If the game was to end in a draw,


there would be a replay. It will not go to extra time.


Danny Tallon. Good football. Danny Tallon. Of the line! Brilliantly


stopped. Danny Tallon does it. It was coming. It was as inevitable as


St Patrick's Day. A brilliant score from Danny Tallon. And good


refereeing because he allowed the advantage. He was being pulled back


here. I am not sure who cleared the ball. Just watch the left-hand


coming in, there is the shirt tug. And the follow-up. Well finished.


Fantastic follow-up. Let's just check if there was a double bounce


in here. Was there a foul in the build-up to this? There was a


suggestion that he double hopped the ball. One. That is the double


bounce. That is a foul. The shop has coming. It has come of


Doherty, it has gone wide. The referee did not spot it. He allowed


play to continue. And referee did not spot it. He allowed


It is McGinn. Maghera have really picked on in this second half. He is


telling the referee, I think. Off-camera. Here it is. Here is the


foul. One bounce. Two bounces. They can see it on the big screen and the


rest will know it should not have stood. But it has done. And it will


be unfortunate if that goal, ultimately, is the difference. Conor


Glass. Maghera rampant. Thence the brakes.


Sometimes they go with you, sometimes they go against you.


Sometimes I wonder when the referee is wired for sound too busy lines


men, how can six or seven or eight thereof eyes not spot it? We did not


initially because we were following the play and that is what happened


to the referee. It was hard to see what happened. You would have


thought maybe the linesman would have seen it. Gavin Slane. This is


Ronan McHugh. They need it. They have got it. A big score for Omagh


CBS. Things were starting to get away from them. It just keeps them


in touch. Despite the fact that he was


arguably man of the match in the first half, Michael Duff -- McElduff


has been quiet in the second half. He has been


has been quiet in the second half. Cassidy. Great support. Through the


middle he goes. Darcy. He did brilliantly to get back there. Paul


Gunning. Brilliant. What was good about that was that Danny Tallon was


screaming for it but Paul Gunning decided to take the initiative. He


took it on himself under pressure and it was very impressive. The


Maghera front line has looked very impressive all day. The tackle broke


kindly for Paul Gunning and he did the rest. They are not making any


mistakes. When they get half a chance, they are taking them. Five


points between them, 48 minutes on the clock. 12 to go. Omagh CBS need


a goal, of that I am absolutely sure.


Paul McAtamney has had a very good second half. A great ball to Conor


Glass. He might well spot that the man inside is Doherty. He gets the


break. Doherty. Well worked. They really are impressive when they are


in full flow. They are playing very good football upfront. They are


using the ball well. They are a handful for the Omagh CBS defence.


They look worried but I suspect they should not be.


About 11 minutes to go plus whatever injury time there might be.


Corless. McElduff. He has gone to injury time there might be.


high. Well one. I thought Omagh CBS could have had a bit more


conviction. They seemed to stand of it. Cassidy. The difference in the


second half has been Maghera scoring, although one of the goals


should not have stood. Danny Tallon. Conor Glass. The tackle was high. I


think it was the fullback and captain. He has just been told to


cool it down. They are going to make a


substitution. Peter has been out of the game for


five or six months. Good to see him back. I think he picked up a


hamstring. They had been some worry in the Omagh CBS camp, a lot of


their boys picking up hamstring injuries. Moriarty and Donna Lee.


There is something in it because there does seem to be a lot of


injuries been picked up. Maybe. Nine minutes to go. Looking to put


together back-to-back titles and they are ten minutes away from doing


that. Cormac O'Doherty. Danny Tallon in space. Such an intelligent


footballer. And in space. Such an intelligent


Paul Gunning. Well ripped off him. It was stolen from him by Danny


Mullan. Not a great deal of urgency about Omagh CBS but they need scores


quickly. Calling for it is Gavin Slane. He was fouled, I thought. He


sees the ball spill. He has kept it in! He could go lower! Surely! He is


lying prostrate and in agony and in disbelief because I don't know and


he does not know how that one stayed out. A big chance. It would have


brought them right back into the game. Was there a foot block? If


there was, that should have been a penalty. That should have been a


penalty. As he takes his shop, no, it was a hand.


Well, that was a food block. -- foot. Technically, when does that


become a penalty and when does that, block? I thought the initial tackle


by Peter Hagan had been. This is a grey area. This is unquestionably a


foot block, which is illegal in the tackle, but there is six metres


there. I don't know. I really don't know. The referee has obviously


interpreted that as their, but on occasions you have seen penalties


given for that. It would probably be harsh. But you could see them given.


It is not going to stay in play, and on the field of play is Brian


Cassidy, he is a 50 year. -- fifth year. You have to say they have been


influential, the wingbacks for Maghera. Very good getting forward.


I'm just glad there is more than three points in it, ruling out that


contentious goal. We still have a few minutes to go, it is not over,


but... It feels like they are running down


the clock, doesn't it? Yes. He has conceded the 45, and the


umpire off camera agrees. There are talking points. There have been no


shortage of talking points. Should this goal has stood? The antigen


that is it should not. I don't know about the penalty.


The race is on, and it is going to be one. He did not know where the


Looking for his second of the he has rotated 360, and


Looking for his second of the second-half. And other brilliant


goal from Darcy. You can see him there, he made his ankle as he was


running. He has done his town proud. I know that neck of the woods, my


wife is from there. I once took her out to the field and you would think


a spaceman has landed. Three to go. Looking to put together


back-to-back victories. He has given it to his captain,


Peter Hagen. Two minutes remaining. I can tell you the man of the match


in the 2014 as the back MacRory Cup is Danny Tallon. There is a man down


and injured for Maghera. Play will continue. It is Gavin Slane. They


need a goal and they needed quickly. It has gone wide. You can tell what


he was doing. He was having a go and if it dropped short, he would have a


team-mate underneath it. To be fair, no better man to be underneath


it. I think that is Peter Hagen. He's had a good game. He battled


hard, he has taken a knock. Padraig McGirr is coming on. They


will drop him in midfield, hope he wins possession and hoof it forward.


So, we are just about to ebb into the final minute, four points


separate the teams. It will be a difficult day for the


referee because he will know that he has made a mistake and he is human.


Mistakes happen. It is difficult to get it right. The difficulty is, it


would be a much more nervous conclusion and in some respects you


ask yourself about that. It is hypothetical, we are where we are.


We are one minute from the final whistle.


Conor Convery is alongside there. Comfortable in possession.


The guy that has been brought in for CBS, Padraig McGirr, his hamstring


has gone off on the side. They are down a man. Gavin Slane... Gone


wide. Unfortunately, Padraig McGirr has had to go off having just been


brought on. Hugely disappointing for him,


brought on. Hugely disappointing for an impact, having to go off. It is a


sad day for Padraig McGirr. On and off. Consoling pat on the back. Four


points of different, we are into the second minute of time added on. Even


though Danny Tallon is man of the match, Conor Glass has pushed him


all the way. Very impressive in the second half.


We are on the cusp of seeing them get a 14th title, back-to-back. The


reigning all Ireland Champs. The referee has checked his watch,


you will know that time is just about up. This is Conor Convery. He


gives it to die talent. He has pulled a hamstring, I think. He is


in possession, he wants to hear the whistle.


Nearly into the third minute, there is the whistle. It has gone. Conor


Glass hoists it into the crowd. They will hoist the MacRory Cup aloft,


they have done it, they have won it, and it is because of their superior


start to the second half. That was the difference. They really came out


in the second half, when they threw it up and went straight down the


field, there was only one team in it. Hugely impressive. Confirmation


of the Final Score, Maghera are back-to-back champions.


You are struggling with cramp but I'm sure you


You are struggling with cramp but not. I forgot all about it,


You are struggling with cramp but unbelievable. How does it compare to


12 months ago? Same again, even bigger achievement, back-to-back. I


cannot believe. Were you a little bit fortunate with the goal with the


two bouncers? I did not notice it, I thought it was. My instinct was that


was a double bounce but we got it. Congratulations. You either man of


match. Well done. -- you had the man of the match. Danny Tallon is the


man of the match, let's talk to the winning manager, Paul Hughes.


Whatever you said, it worked. I think it is all these eulogies, the


half-time team talk is, I basically at the boys to be honest. A lot of


them are breaking the ball in the middle, we let ourselves down, so we


said to them, you made a promise at the start of the game that you were


going to win that battle. We said they need to work harder in the


second half, it worked for us, we pushed Danny Tallon higher up the


pitch, you worked very well, and he enjoys playing there. I great,


honest club. I thought we got more control of the ball in the second


half, it gave us more opportunities, we made better use of possession. I


think we bring people into the game. He is honest and hard-working. He


was determined to get the second one. That is back-to-back titles,


I'm sure you would like to win more. We will let you go to the


presentation. Well done. We will go to the presentation with Mark


Sidebottom. The man with the microphone there. A great big mix of


blue and white. The man who is about to


He is wearing the mud and muck of the Athletic Grounds. The trophy


will be handed over by Danny Stanton of Danske Bank.


Let us listen for the rower. Back-to-back, Maghera once more. The


Dragon gets his hands on the trophy, the MacRory Cup -- Peter Hagan.


It is a Derry hand, and it is back to Austin O'Callaghan. As the rain


falls, the 14th MacRory Cup success, Peter Hagan begins his


acceptance speech, and that is when we will take our leave. The rugby is


coming up very shortly. It is live from 3pm right here, but today was


the day that belonged to the blue and white of Maghera, they have


back-to-back titles, now they will head to the all Ireland series and


save they can make it back-to-back cup successes as well. From


everybody here, goodbye. congratulations to St Pat's and


welcome to Ravenhill, the home of Ulster Rugby, and the Schools' Cup.


It is Methodist College versus Sullivan Upper. The second oldest


competition in world rugby. There is a new face for this old arena, a


ground with almost a century of stories to tell.


For 90 years, it has been the finals home, a great arena where young


players battle. A new face for an old ground, the pitch the same to


ground and pound. With bones rattle. 70 minutes for history to be made,


hiccups, colour, banners and noise. A day to remember for all that were


here. The whole school behind their boys. New you rose to immortalise on


the school walls, expects sweat and blood and no room for fears. The


clock will quickly take away as the young warriors consolidate their


years. It is that time again.


Cup final. Paddy Wallace is here and a European cup winner who knows a


thing or two about this occasion. A finalist in 1993. Special


memories? The highlight of my schools rugby career, even though


the result did not go the right way, but it was momentous. And 21 years


ago Paddy Wallace was watching that in the stand. That was my first


final, attending as a spectator, and it gave me a taste of what it means


for the schools and the supporters. Unfortunately, I got knocked out in


3/4-finals so disappointing never to taste this day. Let's take a look at


the two teams. It is the big guns against the underdogs. Methody going


for their third win in a row. From their point of view, this is a big


day in their school's history, never mind the rugby side of the history.


They have scored a fair amount of points on their way here. A very


well drilled pack, everybody knows what they are going to bring to this


occasion. A fine set of forwards and then equally adept set of backs.


Let's meet the team, the Holywood school. They are known for producing


some world-class athletes. For them this day is extra special.


Every dream begins somewhere. For the players and coaches of Sullivan,


that dream begins here, the town of Holywood. It is with success has


reached an international scale. And as our history grows, so does


the pressure. 137 years we have waited, but we are


here now. This is one of the greatest moments


of my life. It is in our genes to stand up against the best. People


talk about is making history, but that is not what motivates us. We


want to win for each other. There are many ways to remember and


honour the past. But nothing sweeter than seizing the present.


They have waited a long time for their big day out. In complete


contrast to the opposition, who have played in more finals than any other


team, they have one more school cuts than any other team, they are simply


the Methody machine. I think success is defined as


setting up goals which you achieve. Our goal is to win the Schools' Cup.


Achieving your goal, which you have built towards throughout the year, a


successful athlete sets high goals and does everything in his power to


achieve those. Defining success is achieving your goals so we aim to


win the Schools' Cup. That is what we set as a goal. Getting that goal


is success. Achieving your aim or goal, which for us is winning the


Schools' Cup on St Patrick's Day. rugby player dreams of.


Methody once again are the Schools' Cup winners.


Ross Kane holds Irish rugby's oldest trophy aloft.


I think we have a different mindset to everyone else. We fight for each


other on the page, we do it as brothers, we do it as a team. We


come to rugby every day and we fight for each other and that is why we


have been so successful. I think it is the environment we coming to in


the first year in the school. The rugby Andy winning environment. You


build on that as you go to the school. The dedication and attitude


towards training is what sets the foundation for achieving your goals.


It is the combination between the coaching, the facilities and the


players themselves. From an early age, we focus on winning. From the


first year to the other sex, the goal they have set themselves in the


first year is to be in the first team. -- upper sixth.


In Methody we have a team coping with expectation. Sullivan are


coping with a massive occasion. The coach will be embracing that


underdog tag. It is nice when ever you are playing in a big match to


have a chip on your shoulder and Sullivan will certainly have won


today going against the Giants that are Methody. It is such a big day.


Willie Anderson, everything he buys into, he believes 100%. I have no


doubt that these Sullivan side will be highly prepared. They might even


have a trick or two up their sleeves. We know that Methody have


beaten them twice this year already. Methody tend to wrap it up


whenever it comes to Schools' Cup time. Sullivan will be


whenever it comes to Schools' Cup history to one side? I am sure they


have enjoyed the last couple of weeks. The town is buzzing, or the


shop fronts are covered in Sullivan colours. It is dealing with back --


pressure. There is massive expectation on Methody as well. If


Sullivan can get into them early and put points on the board, it is how


Methody deal with that because they probably have not faced being under


the cosh so far. Let's go and soak up some of the atmosphere pitch


side. We are just in front of the Sullivan


supporters and they have not stopped cheering since they set foot inside


Ravenhill. This can always attracts former students back to support


their teams. I am joined by a Sullivan old goal. Why was it


important for you to come here today? It is absolutely huge. It is


the first time Sullivan have ever been in the Schools' Cup final. I


have literally just come back from the States, all my friends are here


and I wanted to support the gang. A lot of the supporters broke out into


cheer. You have got quite a reception. It is unbelievable. It is


so good to be back in the country and have support from everyone back


home during the Olympics was absolutely insane. Just to be year


is amazing. You have got a lot of media attention. How is life? Pretty


casual, just the same as always. It is pretty crazy having the odd


person say to me in the street, well done at the Olympics. I am mind


blown by the support. You are not going near a commentary booth today,


are you? No, I am here just to enjoy myself with my friends. Lovely to


see you. Thank you very much. It is a special day and all the


colour we can see. It is important for both sets of teams to enjoy


this. That is what it is all about. Obviously they want to win, nobody


be the last occasion many of them get to play at Ravenhill. It is an


intimidating arena. I don't into Stephen Ferris and he said it was


pretty big. That may play into Methody's favour. They have won the


last two competitions. That adds the pressure of being successful like


the teams that have gone before them. Sullivan, it is a day out for


them, they are not used this, so they can embrace this and enjoy it.


And the standard of rugby, they are all big boys now. One of them is


over six foot seven and 100 kilograms. Looking at the Ulster


side, they have not produced any big home-grown guys so I imagine David


Humphreys and the rest of the Ulster guys will be year having a close


look at who can possibly transcend and make it through. With a new


academy system in place, there is a natural progression into


professional rugby, the really good ones. There is, and that is why


Leinster have been so successful. They schools system. They produce so


many good players and the Academy has the pick of them. It makes life


easier to transition into professional rugby when the talent


rises to the top. It is the moment they have all been waiting for.


Let's go and join our commentary team.


The celebrations in Paris went on long into the hours of the morning.


It is nice to see Ross Todd, the Sullivan skipper, with a smile on


his face. He is a school head boy as well. A lot resting on his broad


shoulders. There is a genuine sea of green and black year and I have a


funny feeling there is not a single person left in Holywood. We saw


David Jeffrey, soon-to-be former Linfield manager, supporting his old


school. This is a huge moment for this school, which has never


school. This is a huge moment for alone the most important day in


school. This is a huge moment for schools rugby. I think we could do


without the smoke grenades, because that is not going to make life


easier for anybody. The poor steward trying to take it off. Sullivan


already in place and waiting for their much vaunted opponents, the


most successful side in the history of the Schools' Cup, Methodist


College, Belfast. This is their 63rd cup final. Well ahead of Belfast


rivals RBAI will stop but they are in pretty determined mood to make


today count. Methody, because they won the opening semifinal, are


designated as the home team. Sullivan will have the away dressing


room and that is why they are out first. Methodist College in white


and navy blue. They take the field. Five of the pack played as Medallion


shield winners three years ago. They have experienced players behind the


scrum. They have all played for Ulster schools. Methody have had to


make a late change in the front row. The skipper has moved across. It is


still a very formidable pack. Conor McKee is one of two players making


his third final. Such is the strength of the panel but a number


of these boys are already playing. Not too many


of these boys are already playing. has not picked up


of these boys are already playing. man who is refereeing there.


Sullivan Upper to get this game underway. This was first competed


for in 1876 when our Manor Royal where the winners -- Armagh Royal.


It is not a bad kick-off. Tallest man on the park, Alex Thomson, get


it away. That first tackle will encourage


Sullivan. I think we will encourage a very physical game here. You saw,


when the teams ran out, Methody straight up to Sullivan. I think we


will see a lot of early collisions. Probably some nervousness early on


and we will see a couple of mistakes, but whoever settles first


will to dominate early on. Not a bad opening scrum.


He is tall for a scrum-half. A little bit of the old-fashioned


elbow. Will be interesting to see what difference this makes, normally


he is a loose head, but vastly experienced. Sullivan are a very


heavy pack. experienced. Sullivan are a very


often in Schools' Cup finals that Methody are outweighed up front. The


idea was right, the execution was not. Sullivan still in that half.


Goods, flat passing. The referee is forced to defend.


Some of these passes are flat and no more.


This time it is the turn of Methody. They will be happy with that


defence. You can see them get off the line very quickly. They are


coming up hard, trying to snuff out any attack. Sullivan have a couple


of pacey enough backs. Methody will make sure they get on top of them


early on. Methody came through in the third round. In the semifinal


they came through 17-12 against Wallace High School. Sullivan did


the double, then in the semifinal, it was cold rain -- Coleraine.


Good reply, well covered by Josh Bingham.


Good reply, well covered by Josh retained possession. Good defence by


the county down side. Across the Sullivan ten metre line for the


first time. Nudge forward, it will be a Sullivan scrum. It is exciting


to see them move the ball, you will notice from the semifinal that


Methody struggled, Wallace were particularly good there. There were


a number of progressive brakes. Met right on the game line by the


skipper, and Sullivan get the first penalty of the afternoon.


Well-organised. Methody pride themselves on being organised over


the ball, they work hard to pilfer possession and force penalties, and


Sullivan are pretty good at that themselves. You can see Willie


Anderson's stamp all over this side. That back row, very impressive.


Well taken at the back. Got a bang on the need, was a bit doubtful but


has made it through OK. That is going to be a penalty


has been their strength and has taken them through to the final.


Chris Griffin is down injured. How very efficient that is. They have


done it in previous rounds, when things are not working out they go


back to the basics. They attack the opposition. They are very well


organised. This is what makes the encounters so fascinating, they were


good on a number of occasions in the semifinal, driving them back 30, 40


yards. It will be interesting to see who gets the upper hand. Whoever


does will go a long way to deciding the outcome of today.


Methodist College will be delighted. They decided not to go


for the post. That is not a bad kick. It puts Methody in a very good


position. There is a strong breeze behind them. The flag is indicating


that Methody have a strong wind behind them. That is a good take.


Sullivan will need to be very alert. Good drive. Waiting for the ball.


The referee is having a really good look. Picked up and driven by


Methody, which is their trademark. It is still there. McKee is over, as


he got It is still there. McKee is over, as


Antartica simple as that. Conor McKee,


Antartica simple as that. Conor final, has got the opening score.


Clinical is the word you need to use. That is then down to a tee.


That is what they do well. Producers of one-off runner. They had


committed a huge amount of runners. He took a very good line. I think he


was halted a little bit short but the momentum carried him over. Josh


Bingham has added the points, with eight minutes played. What a start.


7-0 to Methody. Sullivan need to try and get straight back into this.


They need to back themselves. They have been very good in the lead up,


they have not had much possession yet. They will want to retained


that. That is nightly done -- nicely done


by Sullivan, who need to respond immediately. Huge roar from the


supporters. Second year of captaincy. Dave Cave takes it


forward. Good covering across the park by Methody.


The referee is good to bring them back for an infringement, and I


think it might have been a Sullivan knock forward, advantage to


Sullivan. That is what they want to do. He gave his runners an


opportunity to compete for that ball, they manage to get the ball


and it is the most important thing, in an event like this, get all the


boys to get their hands on the ball, a bit of confidence going. Good


scrum by Sullivan, support by his blindside, who has made more than


decent ground. Can Sullivan respond in kind?


Certainly doing their best. Methody have got their hands on the ball.


Methody nearly pinched that, but the referee has given a penalty against


Methody. Interesting decision for the captain to make. I think he is


going to pop it into touch and he is going to try and do an NCB on MCV.


Correct decision? -- MCB on MCB. I do not doubt that he would have the


yards on it but he may be fancied the momentum. They have got to get


the throw, all those facets of the line that went backwards. It is all


right. The momentum was lost slightly. Taken on by one of the


centres. Nudge forward, did not happen for Sullivan and Methody. The


head coach will be pretty pleased with that bit of defence. A bit


scrappy from Sullivan, it all stemmed from the line-out not being


efficient. This Methody side are very difficult


defenders are going to be up hard. Penalty against Sullivan, driving


forward. There might be a little bit of a


Catt somewhere. The loosehead prop, Conor McEvoy. There is nothing to


worry about. Coming up to 30 minutes gone. Methody with a penalty and


conversion. Exactly where they want to be on the scoreboard. Josh


Bingham does not make a lot of ground. It was interesting that the


Irish team that finished the game in Paris had Chris Henry and Iain


Henderson, both of whom played in the Schools' Cup final. It is a


great starting point. Absolutely. And so many have come through. A


number in the Ulster management as well and they are memories they will


never forget. Good defence by Sullivan. Well away to Josh Bingham.


The pass from outside the 22 but Josh Bingham has kicked cleverly.


Betts moves it wide. Chris Jordan found himself red


carded in the semifinal. The red card was missing did. A chance now


for Sullivan. Good support play. The first time they have had their paws


on the ball in this final. Good driving work by the Sullivan pack


but the Methody pretty clever and well organised.


Charlie McEwen get it away. That is an interception. This could be


interesting. This is going to be heartbreak for Sullivan. Can you


believe it? Connor McKee has gone over again. You take your chance and


he did take his chance. Last time out it was close range, this time no


mistake. Sullivan will be desperately disappointed with that.


They were playing some very good rugby in the lead up to that. He


gets a fingertip to it. He took his opportunity well. Sullivan just


looking to get their noses in front, I thought, from the way they were


trying to play. They managed to get into wider channels. That is just


unfortunate for them. Now it is an appeal battle for them, and we are


only 15 minutes in. The Methody fans are pretty pleased about that.


Connor McKee is wearing 12. He is down in the match day programme as


13. Methody have not got the right men in the right jerseys but they


probably don't care. He made a hash of that. But what a start by the


holders. And what a start for Connor McKee. He took his chance. You see


the likes of Andrew Trimble doing that regularly for Ulster. If he had


missed it, Cave had that in his hands and was away. Can Sullivan


respond from that major setback? They are going to have two. They


have got to be much more protective of the ball. Methody now with the


proverbial bit between their teeth. of the ball. Methody now with the


fine. Josh Davidson. His uncle Jeremy played here twice.


You can see exactly what is happening here. And the message


Willie Anderson will be trying to get onto his players. In the


semifinal against Coleraine, they were able to run on their own but


now they are getting isolated. Methody are getting two or three men


on that ball before Sullivan get their and that means they are


forcing the turnovers. It is either going to be slow ball or penalties.


Sullivan have got to get one or two to latch onto the ball carrier. You


have got to get your hands away from the ball instantly. The referee


brings them up to the mark. Five men in the line-out. They take it well


at the back. Wallace has got to dig it out


himself. Josh Bingham will have a go from there. There was half a gap. It


was well closed. Wallace. Michael Lagan. Wallace did well. Taken on by


McKinney, the openside flanker for Methody. Sullivan's ball. There is


not much out there in the way of room so they have got to come back


inside. That was well done by Chris Jordan. This time the penalty goes


against Methody at the breakdown. Chris Jordan did well. He realised


he would lose support if he went wide. But some of the Sullivan


players were slow to react. Three or four Methody


players were slow to react. Three or well against RBAI. But they are


playing well here today. The scoreboard is testament to that.


McMaster. Charlie McEwen. Cave. Well read by the Methodist College


defence. A wonderful pass. Here is the


captain. He needs a bit of support. He has got support. He has to give


it. A great chance for Sullivan! He has made it. What a dive. Chris


Jordan in the corner and the referee is straight up in the air with the


hand. What a finish. What a clever midfield break. Chris Jordan talk a


bit of a thumb on his way to the line. What a SuperDrive. That was


great play. A great initial break. They recognise the space well. A


very well worked try and that is exactly the sort of reply Sullivan


needed. 12-0 down, things were looking a bit difficult, and if


Methody had got the next score, it would have been a big ask to come


back. But they will feel a lot more settled after such a wonderful try.


You could have heard the roar in Holywood.


I wonder if I went down to my favourite bar in Holywood I would


get a pint of Guinness if they won this. Not a bad effort at all by the


Sullivan skipper, Mark today. They look pretty happy, I have got


to say. Willie Anderson will be a They look pretty happy, I have got


happy man right now. That is exactly what they needed. Hopefully Chris


Jordan will be OK. It did look as if he had to twist and turn.


They kept that low into the breeze. It is going to be interesting to


save it stays there or thereabouts how well Sullivan use the wind in


the second half. What is nice to see at the moment is the type of rugby


being played, particularly by Sullivan in that last passage. You


sort their rugby brain coming to the fore. It was not structured, they


looked up and saw what was in front of them and reactive. That is what


you want to see at this level. This is Sullivan's first ever final.


Wallace gets it away. Taken on by Steven Weir. Wallace away. Into the


line comes Kelly. He was playing on the wing a year ago. Knocked forward


by the holders. A Sullivan scrum. Connor McKee the focus of attention.


I am not sure I would want to tamper with him. He is a sturdy looking


individual. Just hassled into touch. Nothing much in that.


Coming up to 23 minutes played. Three tries. 24 Methody, one for


Sullivan. Charlie McEwen got that away well. Here is the try scorer,


only a youngster, but he knows how to go forward. Cartmill was in


No way through. What's their he has been. A good


No way through. What's their instruction there? I it was


accidental offside. -- obstruction. The Methody nine has shut them off


very quickly. You can see that he knew the option was not available.


That delay meant there was a bit of obstruction. You can definitely see


Sullivan have settled into this. They look a lot more comfortable on


the ball and they are starting to retain possession a lot better. The


word has got on to be a little bit quicker to the ball on the ground.


It is certainly set up now for a cracking game. I am not sure


Sullivan's try scorer is going to be able to continue. It looks as if he


has done something nasty to his left shoulder. Sullivan will have to


bring on a replacement. Some of the Sullivan replacements don't have


numbers so we are going to rely on our excellent floor manager on the


far side to tell us exactly who is coming on. That is very unfortunate.


You score a try in the Schools' Cup final and you get yourself injured.


Harry Harper is coming on. He is wearing number 16 which is the


replacement hooker's Chertsey. There will be all sorts of shenanigans


with shirts here. Not a lot of marks to the respective schools with their


shirt organisation. Another penalty against Sullivan for illegal


scrummaging. Trying to take advantage of the late change in the


Methody front row. But that is twice they have done it and it is going to


cost them territory. It is an area Sullivan are looking to target, in


that scrum. They probably push a Sullivan are looking to target, in


by that. Psychologically, they will still see it as a slight advantage.


St Patrick's Day Mr be doing his very best to turn up the warm side


of the stone. The sun has come out. Well taken at the back by Methody.


Josh Bingham, a nice run. Tries to get outside his opposite number. It


is going to be a third try. The Methody centres are the centres of


attention at Ravenhill. McIvor has scored. Just when you thought


Sullivan were getting back into this game, all that tradition comes


through, and they execute the perfect Schools' Cup final try. The


foot of the gas slightly by Sullivan. It all started by Connor


McKee. Sullivan let themselves down as they failed to reset. They were


short in numbers. It was very good footwork. A very good finish. Nicky


Wells will be very pleased. It was the break by this boy, Josh Bingham,


which started it. Eat cannot convert it. Methody bleeding with ten


minutes until the interval. This Methody side look completely


different to the one that played in the semifinal. I think they realised


they were not happy with the performance, they have certainly


stepped it up couple performance, they have certainly


Well taken by Sullivan. Taken on by Chris Griffiths, the prop. Good


off-load. Could not quite do it. The referee


has got his hand out. Is that a scrum or a penalty? Still playing


advantage. The referee has given a penalty. At this stage of the half,


right in front of the post, do you take the three points? I think you


need to. I think they need to. I hope they do for their own sake.


They want to narrow down the points difference. Yes, you can see that.


He is a very accomplished kicker, it should be very straightforward for


him. They will still have plenty to play for if they can score. Coming


up to 28 minutes, and there has been fought tries. -- four tries.


Methodist College going for their fifth.


Oh dear. Off the post. The gap remains. He snatched at that. When


you rush it, you invariably hook the ball. That looks like exactly what


he did. Methody have made a mistake. One thing I will say is, what a


cracking day, whether -wise. I played in a game and it was freezing


cold, rain, played in a game and it was freezing


different conditions to today. I think I commentated on that. You


commentators on the 1950 final. I have to say a lot of people I know


extremely well are sitting not far-away from us, it is the team of


Campbell College, who played a scoreless draw back in 1964.


Methody get across, defend pretty magnificently. The referee is happy


enough, nothing illegal as far as the referee is concerned.


Have they stolen that in the Break Down? The referee is happy with


that. It might have been the big second row. Alex Thomson who got in


there, he was the one. The biggest man I've seen in a final since


Jeremy Davidson himself. It is a chance for Sullivan to do something.


As a little look, changes his mind. Nicely wide. This is a good chance.


Conor Kelly came across. Sullivan will be desperate to force a


turnover. Again, Methody are very composed. This time, they get it


away. That was very well done, read the situation well, got across


quickly and managed to get away from the touchline. Wonderful pass. That


was beautiful. Nice little chip through. Did everything right. Very


enterprising. It would have been easy to run into touch. Conor Kelly


got ten easy to run into touch. Conor Kelly


away. What a game it has been so far. Conor McKee, and then again.


The interception made it look as if Sullivan's Mass was going to be


extremely difficult, but they responded very well. Scoring the


try, you did pretty nasty things to his shoulder. Look at Josh Bingham,


you stood his man up, the pass was inch perfect. Well taken by


Sullivan. The referee has blown the whistle.


They need to come back, and I don't think that was altogether straight.


Little mistakes like that will cost Sullivan. They are in a good


attacking position and they must make the most of these


opportunities. The line-out has been outstanding in this competition and


they will want to manage this. Once they get there, I fear that they


must come away with a try, if not penalties. They need to stay in


touch in this game. When Sullivan have tried to put pressure on the


Methody scrum they have been penalised. They must be patient.


Well picked up in the back row. This Methody side are playing a very


clever game. They are keeping it as tight as possible.


David Wilkinson has his flag up, and it will be a line-out. Good work by


Sullivan. That was good work, Methody at the ball and he managed


to get the turnover. He has looked good taking the ball there, delaying


the passes, unfortunately not the right option. Not enough room. That


was a good take. Methody trying to move away. He is


in the middle of that. The man who made a very good tackle.


The job is only half done. They are doing very well when they have the


ball, turning them over, this is where they need to maximise that.


They need to capitalise on turning that ball over and convert this into


some sort of points. They need something from this pretty good


position because remember schools rugby is only 35 minutes each way


and they have nearly played 34. Penalty against Methody. There is


time for the line-out. Into the corner for what should be


the last set piece of what has been a cracking first half of schools


rugby. Moving to the back of the line-out.


Good take. coaching team. Methody scrum, there


is still time but if this goes in, the way the clock is going, Methody


will just need to make sure it is dead and that is the end of the


first half. Methody will have a very short scamper back to their dressing


room. 35 minutes gone, Fraser Wallace.


Great chance now for Sullivan to claw back some precious points, and


they really need them by the interval, but Methody have defended


splendidly. Here comes Methody again, doing the holding up job. Can


they get it down? The ball is down, it may well be headed up, and there


is not time. Unfortunately for Sullivan, that is the last chance of


the first half, and Methody will be mighty relieved. Absolutely


delighted to finish that half 17-5 up. Sullivan had all the played for


the last ten minutes or so. They put a lot of pressure on that line. The


field to get over. They needed to score. Been fairly evenly matched


throughout that first-half. Four tries scored, Methodist College 17,


Sullivan Upper, five. Are you impressed with what you have seen in


the first half? Yes, the standard has been very high. Sullivan tried


to move the ball wide. Possibly they went to ground to quickly. The


turnover try has put a little bit more space between the teams than


was in the game to start with. Straight up, we spoke about it


before the game, the Willie Anderson factor. Yes, it is reminiscent of


him standing against New Zealand. factor. Yes, it is reminiscent of


not been as efficient. All about the psychological edge. Some schoolboy


jostling. Almost like being at the bus queue in the morning. Of course,


Methody took off, and they got going quickly. Yes, they spoke about that


experience factor, they settle into the game better. Sullivan guilty of


tackles early on. They did not make mistakes. Two great tries to get


clear. You can see this, as they are put in trouble from a defensive


point of view. Josh Bingham looks like he has been there and what the


teacher, he controlled the game very well in the first half -- purchased


the T-shirt. The second one here is unfortunate, the Sullivan out half


decides to go down the blindside and possibly should have held onto the


ball. He has thrown it at an inopportune time. It shows that


Methody are willing to sit there and exploit mistakes. They have done


that, they have won a number of turnovers from that. On that


occasion they were happy to keep within the structure of their


defence and wait for a loose pass which they spotted. They came back.


They scored the best try of the match so far. That was a nice


off-load, big territory here, the ball comes back down the blindside,


and it is Dave Cave. He shows good attitude to get to the corner.


Unfortunately injured after that. He did very well. Created the line


break. The defence on the black -- back foot. It was another


break. The defence on the black -- third try came off a line-out.


break. The defence on the black -- was. Just seem to be overlap, then


it was a good ball, then busted the game line by five or ten metres.


That was simple, and very efficient. That got them over the gain line.


Sullivan's defence would not yet set in time they were on the back foot.


Ruthless efficiency by Methody. I think we know what Alex Thomson is


saying. Keep it going. Absolutely. Methody have a 12 point lead. They


did not play all the rugby but they have been efficient. Sullivan will


need to throw caution to the wind in the second half to chase points. We


have seen what happened in the first half, they got picked off at the


wrong time. Methody look very efficient. Big day for the boys. I'm


joined by someone who high tailed it with training at Ulster. Darren,


compare your nerves today to when you are lining up? I was a bit


nervous for the boys. I trained with some of the boys, but for me this is


pretty special and it's great to be here and see so many people


supporting. Give us an idea what the rivalry is like among all the


players in the Ulster squad once this Cup comes around. I know Andrew


Trimble is in the mix? It's a bit of good banter for us and I think the


good thing for me is that everyone seems to hate Methody, so I've got a


few of the boys shouting for me. I don't think the game's gone yet and


I'm looking forward to it. Can you sum up for what


I'm looking forward to it. Can you this is only the second semifinal


and the first final, the Cup has a proud tradition in education and


hockey and others areas, it would be brilliant to get the Cup to put us


on the map. Enjoy the second half, if you can. Thank you. There's a man


with a keen eye. It's great to see some of the Ulster boys. You don't


forget your school days? No, you don't. There is the banter between


the squad. Enthough half played rugby in South Africa. It brings


that out in you. Can Sullivan get back into it? I think so. We have


seen big glimpses and more so as the game has gone along. They've had


territory. Methody are more efficient and have taken their


chances. I think it's important they get the first score in terms of the


second half. I think so. They'll be enforcing how much good rugby they


played and it's to be more efficient. Hopefully they'll have a


bit of luck in the second half. They are looking ready. The fans haven't


screamed themselves out just yet. Over to Bryn and Jim.


Good support play into the hefty tight head. Quicker ball there.


A little support from McMaster, who just overran. Well covered from


Conor Kelly. Caught on the ten-metre line, but it's available for


Wallace. Bingham. Thompson couldn't quite take the ball. Referee playing


Wallace. Bingham. Thompson couldn't very little. Max Clarke. The referee


has given a penalty against Methody and I'm pretty sure Mr Adair will


want to put that in the corner. I think so. They'll want to keep the


pressure on now and get down. As the guys said in the studio, it's about


amassing some points here. As Willie Anderson will have said, listen if


you play well then you will be right in there. Just hold on to the ball.


Don't panic, hold on. Stoppage there for the Sullivan loosehead prop


Conor McEvoy. He has only missed one of the 21 matches.


Much better. Well taken in by Max Clarke. A couple of meming diboys


are around there. Clever work. -- Methody boys are around there.


Clever work. Made the initial catch and they've picked up a bit of a


head of steam and can the Balcombe back and the answer is no. That's


clever defending by Methody. Something they're very well drilled


in, clearly. Their defensive line-out there. Unfortunately,


whenever Sullivan took that ball, they didn't get the support players


around quickly enough and Methody got two or three on the ball. Even


if Sullivan are driving forward, as long as the ball is off the ground.


if Sullivan are driving forward, as They're not under that much


pressure. There's the captain, Michael Lyon. A


whole bunch of the 1974 Methody school team were back. That's the


first game in charge for Davie Wells and his son, Nicky, now is the man


in charge. Did Methody pressure. A little bit flat and making a forward


pass and Methody are playing a smart game. They are press rising Sullivan


and they know they want to move the ball. It's McKee who is putting the


pressure on. Initially, a good tackle there, but McKee is coming up


quickly and forcing them to pass the ball and forcing the mistake.


Sullivan just have to be a little more patient and one thing they


don't want to do is chase the game early. Herdman is off the field and


is replaced by Ryan Cullen. On the back row. He'll add an extra little


bit of height. Herdman has plenty of pace and a fair bit of bulk. Cullen


is a tall, young man. McKinney, the flanker. Wallace and


Bingham. Mac Iver there. wee bit of space, but well covered


been Betts and he goes for the fair catch. That will mean unless he


keeps it infield it will be a magician diline-out. He gives it to


Adair. -- a Methody line-out. He gives it to Adair. Well caught.


Pushed back into his own half. Good defending by Sullivan. Wallace,


Langham and does well, the captain. Wallace in quickly. This is big Alex


Thompson. Wallace again. Looking swift now. Good pass. Jordan there.


This is the first time he's had his paws on the ball.


Pishent build-up by Methody. -- patient build-up by Methody. Kelly


is outside. Again, they are being patient, I


have a feeling? Good tackle in the end, but Methody are starting to


look very, very cavitiable. If anything you can see Sullivan are


starting to tire. One or two guys down with a little bit of cramp. It


happens at this level and they are starting to get a little narrow in


defence and Methody are recognising this. They are starting to use some


of the back row carriers and they're making easy yards and clearing that


ball out very, very quickly and that recycling of the ball is allowing


extra on the side. Tear able to get the ball into the wider channels and


get easy yards. Sullivan need to adapt their game slightly. He's


looking reasonably happy. the teams from Campbell College and


bell it's Royal Academy of 15 years ago.


Very good players from that era. Kelly Wilson was playing for


Campbell then. Now president of the IRFU and the Ulster branch. Haven't


seen some of them for absolutely years. Bit of a conflab from


Sullivan there. Methody have got themselves a


penalty. Josh Bingham has indicated he'll go for goal. That's probably


the right option, because it makes it more difficult for Sullivan, who


are having a bit of attention. I think it's the replacement Harry


Harper who came on. At this stage for Methody the advice coming on


from the sidelines and the coaching staff will be, continuing what


you're doing and retain possession and get the opportunities. They want


to continue to stretch the lead and get out to 15 minutes and it's more


than two converted scores and they're in a comfortable position.


The wind seems to have dropped from Josh Bingham.


Bingham swings nicely at it and he's gone off the post as well. As long


as Mark Adair did it in the first half and Bingham has hit the post


and Adair gets it away for Sullivan. Taken in by Josh Jordan. Does well,


the big, tall fella. Adair there. Looks inside to his


captain. Brilliant work by Ross Todd.


Good work by Bailey. That's what Sullivan have to do now, start


trying to attack. Methody will try to slow the ball up or try to turn


the ball over. We see here, straight on the ball. Great out. What I


noticed was, Methody just reorganised themselves very, very


quickly on the right. Shouting and screaming and getting the line in


and then again coming from McKee and macIver and leading the line, so


whenever Sullivan might have it, then Adair has no option but to look


back inside again. The boys are exactly like the level, as they get


their defence right and you're half way home. It's Mark Adair,


Sullivan's outside half and he struck that very well. What a good


kick from him. That has given Sullivan a very good field position.


There is still plenty of time. They are bringing on Dan Coulter. Mac


Kenny goes off. Sullivan on the Methody 22 metre


line. scrummage to the line-out. I think


they will. It looked like the line-out was impregnable, it was


outstanding. They are probably comfortable with it as well. They


are trying to throw in a few different sort of options. Methody


still have possession, their scrum has been solid and they have another


attacking platform. Coming up to ten minutes played in the second half.


The score has not been advanced since the interval.


They are! What a comeback! The first score of the second half. That keeps


the door very firmly open for the Holywood side. It was a great


finish. That is exactly what Sullivan needed. It was time to get


some points on the board. A lovely little break there. The support play


is good. Betts was on hand to take it over. That was good place. He


accelerated through that gap. He took two players. Adair supports


well. Betts is on his shoulder. A super try and game on again. A good


bit of off the ball running at the start of that movement. The other


Sullivan centre David McMaster did a good dummy run. That has really put


the cat among the pigeons. What a good kick! 17-5 behind, then


17-10 and then 17-12. Mark Adair lands a peach of a conversion.


No tired legs at the moment. I dare Sullivan are by no means finished.


No tired legs at the moment. I dare ran out of options. He tends to run


flat at times. The referee has blown the whistle. I


am not altogether sure what that is for. I think there was an offside in


the middle of the pack. That is exactly what Sullivan would not want


to do. They scored the try and then they could easily have been 20


points to five. What I would like to see from Sullivan is the way McKee


and McIvor are leading the line-up, the open side winners are spent


deeper. With the past that Adair has, he has a lovely flat pass. He


could laugh that ball over the top. -- loft that ball. The wind is


starting to pick up at Ravenhill. Jonathan Peake was not happy with


the way the line-out was being organised. It will be a Methody


throw. A little bit of captaining. Michael Lang pulled them all in to


have a word with him. A penalty against Sullivan for


coming in a legally and maybe A penalty against Sullivan for


This will give method -- Methody a chance to make some ground.


Up went Thompson. He might have got onto the wrong side. I did not see


anybody interfere with him in the air.


Wonderful. Sullivan are forced into doing some pretty desperate


defending. Good play by Methody. Nice play, nice passing.


Josh Davidson took it well for Sullivan. Here comes the try scorer,


Johnny Betts. Methody have kept Sullivan inside their own 22.


Methody have turned that one over. Here comes the captain, Lagan. Great


defending by Sullivan yet again. Dangerous times as Methody thunder


forward. I think that was a against Dan Coulter, the replacement.


Sullivan get chance to clear their lines with a strong breeze behind


them. Somebody is cramping up. I think it is Alex Thomson.


This was the offence. The initial tackle was good. Coming in from the


side without a single shadow of the doubt. No doubt about that.


In could not quite pick up. He got himself whacked by Griffith. --


Bingham could not quite pick up. Now a penalty.


Worth a kick at goal? Name-macro I think they will have a corner.


That did not look straight. Difficult with the wind blowing


against you. Sullivan had this chance to clear their lines just


about midway through the second half. 17-12 to the Schools' Cup


holders. They are going for their third win on the trot. They did it


before. The back row were not quick enough


to get to the Sullivan captain. The referee says play on. I thought he


would give a penalty. That was not a


to run and he can run. A winner by trade. Rory Cairns showing a lot of


pace. Can make that this possession into


good use in terms of points? The ball is changing hands left, right


and centre. The referee has given the scrum to Sullivan Upper school.


We have another man cramping up. This pitch at Ravenhill, the surface


is quite heavy. It has been in the past. It can cut up as well. There


is no doubt the players are starting to feel the effects of it. A few


mistakes starting to creep in from both sides. What is impressive is


how good these schoolboys are. I do not remember that when I was at


school. They are all very competent. Both sides should be very proud of


the commitment and physicality they are giving. A Methody player is


injured. They have come away from this round in the past two years


with the famous old trophy. It is the second oldest rugby trophy in


the world. Only the London hospitals' cup is older. It is the


oldest trophy in Irish rugby. I think this is a key moment for


both sides to come together. Methody R.N. Consultation in terms of what


they have to do now for the remaining minutes of this match. --


they are in the consultation. Sullivan are more fanned out. Maybe


they do not have a game plan. What they have to do for me is get more


territory. they have to do for me is get more


backfield. Methody will be looking to retain possession and trying to


hold onto possession. Whenever they do that, they are tough team to play


against. The Sullivan skipper Ross Todd is leading the side. He has put


the headgear on. The clock will start again. Nearly 90 minutes


played in the second half. -- 19 minutes.


Adair will get it to his inside centre but Methody were up very


quickly in the Sullivan faces and Sullivan or under a huge amount of


pressure. They have conceded some 20 metres. There goes Josh Davidson,


back to McEwan. Harry Harper is the replacement for


the try scoring the first half. Methody's ball. You have to admire


their sheer possession in this game. Yellow Agri yes, you have to admire


Sullivan as well. Hats off to them. Unfortunately, they are putting


themselves under a lot of pressure. This Methody defence is just too


strong. They are able to filter round. They have the correct numbers


round. They are attacking the breakdown and putting Sullivan under


pressure. is an outstanding cricketer as well


as being a pretty decent little scrum-half.


The Methody scrum has got better as this game has gone on. And again


Sullivan getting penalised. Conor McEvoy I think will be spoken to by


the referee. He will have a word with the skipper first of all. That


is the third penalty they have conceded at the scrum. It is clearly


a technical thing that Jonathan Peake is not happy with. He is


clearly doing something he is unsure about himself. He does not


understand what he's wrong. There will be people who will argue that


you should not penalised schoolboys in a scrum. Methodist College are


now in a very good position. Sullivan have made a change.


Methody have won the line-out. And in goes Dan Coulter, wearing number


17, the replacement. This is what Methody do week in, week out. This


has been the bread and butter of this side this season. Loosehead


prop Reilly has gone away. And this could be the conclusive try. The try


has been given and Jordan is running it off. Wonderful bit of sleaT


sleight of hand. -- a bit of sleight of hand. Wonderful offload. That is


the sort of offload that we see in exception case, with the backs


making them. Methody, they do what they do best, they take the line-out


and drive that rolling ball and they're very, very good. Very


clinical in that area. Well organised. Look at this, runs inside


and takes two players out. organised. Look at this, runs inside


little out-of-the-back pass. That all came from Sullivan conceding


possession. You can't afford to do that and Sullivan paid a hefty price


for that little error of judgment. Bingham will do his best and he


didn't put enough on it, but I don't think it's going to meaRT, because


we have - about 13 minutes or maybe 12 minutes remaining and Methody


comfortably in the driving seat. Lovely bit of out-of-the-back of the


hand and a fine finish by Josh Jordan.


Sullivan have responded before and they've got to do it a couple of


times again. Taken in by Alex Livingstone.


McKee has gone through again. What a ball past by Bingham and that's the


right answer from Conor McKee and all the way back. Here is Spence.


McKee picks it up. It wasn't McKee. It didn't matter, but the ball was


nudged forward by Methody and you can see the confidence oozing out of


every pour. They wouldn't have -- pore. They wouldn't have tried that


before. You can see that. The intensity level is up a bit and it's


that kind of play from McKee. He reads the play well and there again


you can see him looking around. He makes a break with a good thrust and


force of play. One of the most experienced player on


force of play. One of the most 20s and Irish under 19s. Not


altogether happy there with the scrum and I think it's Dave Cave who


has gone in to play loosehead for Sullivan, to allow Jemphrey to play


in the back row. You always expect sides to keep the


very best for the final of something. Methody struggled and


stuttered by got -- but got through and here they've been very good.


Here's an interesting move. What are Sullivan planning? They have all


their backs in a line like little ducks. Here they come now. Oh off to


Harry Harper. Sullivan's skip er Ross Todd sets it up. Now Adair.


That's a tired side. The sign of a tired side and a side that's really


under pressure. The legs are just starting to go a little on some of


the players out there and you can imagine it's a tough one. It's


energy-sapping. Mentally as well it will have been sapping coming into


this game and they will have wanted to impress much. They've played


particularly well. They've tried to play rugby. Every opportunity


they've tried to keep the ball alive, but this Methody defence is


just aggressive the whole day long. I think what Methody have done well


is bottle up Sullivan's main play makers. Adair is in positions where


the options are really limited. The out and in defence as well. He's a


good distributor of the ball and they know if they can get in his eye


line they've got a good defensive structure in there to pick him off


and attack them on the breakdown. structure in there to pick him off


Methody, the support starting to get into fuller voice.


Methody, the support starting to get minutes remaining and it's very much


heading for Cup outright victory number 35 for Methodist Colleg. Can


they put this to bed? Clever switch. Here's Bingham.


It's a penalty. Has he hurt his dodgy knee? I don't think so. Did


something go off there? I think it probably did. Sullivan bringing on a


few others. I've been impressed with the number nine, Frazer Wallace. He


goes about his business very, very well. Takes the right options and


sometimes the best performances are the ones when you don't see them,


but they get the ball away. They're communicating well. I feel he's had


a good game. He's - if you look at the history of nines and they've


come through. The likes of Paul Marshall and Michael Heaney as well.


McIlroy, a lot of nines that from come through the Methody books of


late. They always did produce a lot of good scrum halves. I remember way


back to Roger Young and Colin Grimshaw. And Nicky Stewart and


Armstrong and a lot of very good number nines that have come through.


Roger Young the best of them in terms of them being a Lions scrum


half. terms of them being a Lions scrum


there and Sullivan desperate to try to close the gap. They have by no


means and I mean by no means let themselves down. The occasion hasn't


got to them, but the Methody have kept the very best for the big stage


at Ravenhill. That's right. Meming distuttered away to the final. They


probably - you can see in the re leading in the -- pre leading into


the game and that's what it was about. It was like a presuccess for


them getting through the -- process for them getting through the rounds.


It was all about focussing on today and Sullivan have been very, very


good too, but they probably feel they've had some of their best play


in the semis. There have been a few errors in the set pieces where they


were clinical and so good with the rolling ball in the semis, but


overall you have got to take off your hat to them, they've been


outstanding, I think, in terms of their attitude to move the ball


whenever possible. Peter Cooper is on. A bit of a squeeze. Nicely away


here. Here is McKee. Wallace has had a very accomplished


game. And he is calling for men to be outside.


McIvor, the scorer of the first-half try and Langham is the captain. The


third successive Cup medal for Michael Lagan and for big, Alex


Thompson. Well done by Conor Kelly. Wonderful


run by Kelly. Here comes Josh Well done by Conor Kelly. Wonderful


lovely silky run and good support play once again by the Methody


college second row forward. It's going to be a Methody scrum, so


a chance for something more. That was a big chance there, but look at


this by Conor Kelly. Kelly does well. Excellent by McIvor to get


that ball away. Under pressure. A lovely offload. Good defence from


Sullivan. They're not giving up on this task, but that last couple of


minutes of play has probably been the best couple from Methody today.


They are looking very, very accomplished throughout. They've


grown in confidence, I think, throughout this game. They're


forwards have been very, very clinical and their ball retention


has been outstanding. It's a top ask for Sullivan at this stage. A few


minutes to go. We feel they need to get possession quickly and score a


try if they've got any chance of getting back. Dave Cave put in the


strong tackle and he's injured. The scorer of Methody's try Jordan is


down as well. You have to have a lot of sympathy for the man who played


in this position for most of the season and throughout the Cup


campaign. Wilf Diamond is on the Beth, but maybe -- bench, but maybe


not considered fit enough to play. Although he won't get on the field,


he's going to be pretty soon getting a medal. I think it will be a


runner's up medal. Cave has played well for Sullivan. Sullivan to make


up numbers in the scrum will have to bring on Conor McEvoy again. Off


goes Mr Cave. Eight minutes remaining. Methody,


the decisive try coming in the second half. Just to make life very


difficult for the boys from Holywood. This is their very, very


first Schools' Cup. Chris will be hugely proud of the school that was


founded way back in 1877. This is the winning try, I'm pretty sure.


The referee puts his hand up. Rory Cairns has got try number five for


Methodist College. And if there was any slight doubt then there's none


now, because the Cup is going back to number 1 Malone Road.


Straightforward stuff. Lovely transfer by Wallace and Kelly. Good


try. Excellent try. Very, very good. Scrum half, 15, went there. You look


at the lines. Good angle. Just straightened it slightly. He didn't


go across the pitch. Reserved the space. I'm not surprised that came


about, because they are looking very, very good over the last five


or ten minutes. They've just taken it by a strangle hold and excellent,


excellent finish by Cairns. Josh Bingham has a quite go at goal and


the referee by my reckoning has blown a couple of minutes early, but


it's not going to make any difference. Josh Bingham has


guarantee as well as the 14 players and the replacement that the Cup


goes back to the Mall loan Road and to Methodist College. -- Malone Road


and to Methodist Colleg. There will be huge disappointment


for Sullivan Upper School but they gave it their very best


for Sullivan Upper School but they be getting a second medal. And for


the skipper it will be a third successive Schools' Cup medal. When


it came down to it, they were unstoppable. There were definitely a


few nerves early on from both sides. Probably the experience of the last


two years told as well. You can see some of the more experienced players


coming to the fore as the game grew one. A cracking win. Sullivan should


be very proud of their performance. Five tries to two in Methody's


favour. All of the tries were scored by


backs and that is the way rugby should be.


Well, the customary pitch invasion, as you would expect, every time. The


guy in the PA says will you please stay off the year, but it is the


same every year. Methody are deserve it winner is. Sullivan gave their


very best. From the outset, Paddy, it was not meant to be? Sullivan got


off to a great start in the second-half scoring a try Methody


took a stranglehold. Sullivan could not establish territory. Methody


took the ball. We heard it was the backs who did the business. They say


the game is one upfront but it was nice to see the tries coming from


the outside backs, Josh Jordan and Rory Cairns in the second half, just


to put Rory Cairns in the second half, just


from the Methody team. . Schools' Cup winning captain, how does that


feel? Unbelievable. Words cannot describe how you feel. People say


you are lucky to win one Schools' Cup in your lifetime, to win three


is unbelievable. There were a few? Is about the performance in the


semifinal, how did you bring it together? People said we did not


deserve to be here because of the quarters and semifinals. I think we


were the only people who believed we could win it. People always doubted


us. I think we showed good character against Wallace in the semifinal. We


always knew we could win it, even when people doubted us. Our coaches


believed and we believed in ourselves. Words cannot describe how


it feels. A former player gave you a big bear hug, how does it feel?


Unbelievable. He really gave the inspiration. When I was a


second-year watching him lifting it up and that is what I wanted to do,


walk up the steps. That is what you want to do in your upper sixth year.


Are you ready to give your speech? I do not know what I am going to say!


We will let you get on. That is the pain of it. You see one side in a


nation and the other side like that. -- one side or a nation. They have


given everything on the pitch and they should not be downhearted. It


was obviously a good Methody side and it would be a big challenge to


win it today. They should feel very proud of themselves. Do is good to


see respect and both teams greeting each other at the end. Yellow Agri


yes, it is good to see good sportsmanship. It is tough. It is


the same of Ireland losing in Paris. Always sadly that has to be a loser.


the same of Ireland losing in Paris. Sullivan battled so hard to


gutted. Methody will be relieved to get to victory. They were going in


as huge favourites. They will enjoy their night tonight, I am sure.


There is another celebrity self picture. The youth of today! You did


not do that in 1993? Certainly not! But it has been a good advert, two


quality schools sides putting on a good performance. I think it shows


the standard that Ulster Rugby, certainly at schools level stands.


We will see these guys coming through in years to come. The


standard is really improved. I compared the Methody side to the


efficient Irish side. They were good at the breakdown, they exploit this


match is at the breakdown. They know when to go win and are able to win


penalties and they are able to rely on their set piece whether that be


the more all the line-out. Their scrum is buried strong as well. --


them all. Very well drilled. Let's get to the pictures and have a


look at the try that really got Sullivan back into it.


It was finished up by bets in the corner. Sullivan had it all to play


for. Methody were able to regroup and turned a corner in the second


half. They did not go away. They kept trying to play rugby, probably


to their detriment in the end. They tried to play their way out of their


half rather than kicking, kicking for territory. Methody were so well


organised and had such belief in their structure. They were able to


exploit penalties when the chance arrived. Either through scrummaging


or at the breakdown. I think it was the rolling maul from the penalty


that put the game away in the end. But


that put the game away in the end. Sullivan side have done well all the


way through. The standards are good for years to come. There is a good


structure a place for the coaching side of things. Sullivan have lifted


up their losing medals. We will watch Methody lift the Schools' Cup.


There was a delightful gesture from the ever grateful Willie Anderson,


he said well done to them all. They will be very disappointed. There was


genuine expectation that they would go all the way and lift the cup. But


on the date was Methodist who produced all that tradition and not


a little skill and organisation all the way through. Their captain


Michael Lagan will come up to receive his third successive


Schools' Cup winning medal in a row. For the first time he will be the


man who will lift the trophy. He will introduce all his players and


then the trophy will be introduced by Lynne Robertson who is resident


of the Ulster Branch. There is poignancy for John Robertson because


he was for many years the bursar at Methodist College. He had to be one


of the men in the picture by the end of the season, if Ulster Rugby can


go on and win some silverware, whether it is the pro 12 title or


the Heineken cup itself. The Ulster rugby team are back at Ravenhill in


action in three weeks time. And the game against Saracens you will hear


on BBC Radio York Ulster. It is the first Saturday in April. Michael


Lagan is introducing all his players, the starting 15 and the


players on the bench. Plenty of happy collegian 's old and young. I


still count some collegians among very best friends. They give me a


fair bit of very best friends. They give me a


because Methody have won the cup yet again. And now the moment every


schoolboy rugby player dreams about and hopes to achieve is the lifting


of the oldest rugby trophy in the island of Ireland. And this is Josh


being's second year. Michael Lagan will say a few words.


They are fantastic team. Behind him are in the two men who were so


important, Conor McKee and Josh Bingham.


They made us who we are today and thanks very much. Michael Lagan is a


great credit to Methodist College, intelligent and articulate. We will


be off a very soon. I think, Michael, you have said your little


bit. Now let's hand over the silverware. It will be Lynne


Robinson who will hand over the silverware. She struggles with the


cup but Michael Lagan will not struggle with it. He hosts it above


his head with pride in a job well done. Methodist College, the most


successful side in the history of this competition have won the cup in


this, their 63rd final. They have won it for the 53rd time outright.


The navy and white ribbons or on the Schools' Cup once again. Well done,


Methodist College. That is what it is all about, boys.


win three, I'm sure that has not been matched before. They are


deserved winners. Methody machine rolls on again. They have produced a


great team. I'm sure it will continue for years to come. They are


clinical, aren't they? Yes, they are. There was plenty of time to


score in the corner. The trademark and hallmark of what Methody have


done this afternoon. They did not look any trouble. Although Sullivan


looked like they were threatened to come back into it, they could not.


The way the Ulster Academy works, these guys are 14 or 15 years of


age, they are on the radar. It will see -- we will see if they stay on


for tertiary education or whether they will move away. That is it from


us today. Plenty more upbeat come on the BBC. Now Methody add their name


to a long list of the winners of the Schools' Cup. Take it easy, goodbye.


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