2012 MacRory Cup Final & Schools' Cup Final


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This is the Athletic grounds in Armagh. It is a bit quiet frontier.


This is a bit more like it. It is a busy Athletic grounds. Welcome to


the showpiece afternoon of Ulster colleges' Gaelic football. It is


colleges' Gaelic football. It is the Beattie McGrory Cup final in


Armagh between St Michael's College of Enniskillen and St Patrick's


College of Maghera. And it is live College of Maghera. And it is live


on the BBC at 1:15pm. It is a big year for college football because


there is a revamp of the four main competitions. Earlier, Cormac


O'Hagan listed a brand new trophy. And a short time ago today, at the


Athletic grounds, Michael Murphy led St Paul's to their first ever


neckline and Cup title. They will be in the McRory Cup in 2013. The


question is, who will lift this beauty, the newly revamped McGrory


Cup for 2012? Would be St Patrick's or St Michael's? The first of the


finalists are about to take the field. Ruairi Brennan is leading


out St Michael's. What a day it is for these young footballers. The


county team are going well. Don't Corrigan is hoping that he can lead


these players to a 5th McRory Cup title in 2012. This week, these


footballers have been the star OK, boys, take a run-out. We were


back at school on Tuesday. The rest of the week, the boys will not hear


me because I will be horse. I will be sitting there. I will be so


proud of the boys. I cannot wait. There is a great buzz around the


school. You try to blackout the hype, and focus on the final. --


blank out. Who is to? Shane. Lee. It is very difficult to tell them


apart. Off the field, they can tell us apart but it is difficult on the


field. They are very competitive or on and off the pitch. They drive


each other on. How confusing is it for the opposite team? It works to


her advantage. They don't even know if there are two of us. I have had


his markers come up to me a few times. The twins and the 29 others


are great workers, great ambassadors for St Michael's.


Hopefully they will do themselves justice. Any mannerisms off the


field that are different? We have mostly the same friends. He is


better at chatting up the women. would disagree. They are modest


young fellows. Here is another modest man. Synonymous with St


Michael's College and Fermanagh in general, Peter McGarrity. It is a


lovely afternoon. The hair on the back of my neck is standing up at


the thought of it, looking over there. This team was not favoured


at the beginning of the year. But the coaches have done serious work


with them and the boys have grown in confidence. We're hoping for big


things. So is it a pleasant surprise to be here? It is. I'm not


putting them down in that respect but they would not have thought at


the beginning of the year that they would be here. They knew they were


a good group but there were outstanding teams, or mark and


Armagh, so for us to get here is a bonus. Our St Michael's going to


emulate the success of the county teams? I hope so. We can show you


pictures of who they will be facing, the St Patrick team taking the


field here. They will come out in just a moment, let out by a,


McAtamney. Looking for their 13th title. You they are, taking their


field. -- here they are, taking the field. Great colour in the crowd.


Wonderful support. The school is synonymous with McGrory Cup


Everybody is talking about it. Just everybody. I have been here eight


years and we have not been in the cup for that length of time. Some


would say that I have put a curse on the thing. But we are back and


we are excited. You have to dream. You have that feeling inside of you.


You want to experience it. Overran back, let's go. Would you put on


the jersey, you will die for the jersey. The fellas really want to


play for the jersey. It is a privilege to play in the final.


the day, it will be the team that wants to win it more. What matters


is the result at the end of the game. Yes, it is difference -- it


is different, but it is probably more enjoyable playing than it is


being a manager. At the sight line, you are pulling out your hair. It


is tough going. -- sideline. don't think there is that much


pressure on the players. But you do look at the past, and look at


players like Sean Murray. You just have to look at those players and


see what they have done and get inspiration from them.


It took them a while to get that banner up but they got there


eventually. What may, one of the most famous pupils from the school


recently, Gerrard O'Kane, who led Maghera to their last success nine


years ago. Does it feel that long ago? Being back here brings back


memories. If you were here, you can really feel the hemisphere. There


is a great atmosphere. It brings back memories. I remember watching


you in 2003 in Belfast. You were stretchered off, injured, but you


came back on to lead the team and lift the cup. It was one of those


things. It was not going that well in the first half. Later, the whole


team came out rejuvenated. It is probably one of the best memories


of football that I have. These memories stay with you. They do. If


you ask anyone that played no Cory Cup -- McRory Cup football, they


would say it is one of their favourite memories. 10 years on,


chatting to the other boys at university, it is the one memory


that the other boys regret not having. Enjoy the final today. Like


Gerard and so many other families, there are a lot of the important


family connections today. Thomas Kane is here with a few of them.


This is not just a nerve-wracking day for the players, spare a


thought for the families who have to watch their sons play. Probably


the biggest game of their lives. This is the Enniskillen contingent.


On the left of May, the Maghera team. Patsy, your son is the


captain. What is it like in the build up? I am very proud. They are


such a good team. What was it like this morning? It was very hectic


this morning. I thought they would have been up a delight but they


still had to be called to to get the breakfast. What about your


house? Very quiet this morning. Football is maybe not our priority.


It is a football priority -- football family but there is no


bigger emphasis put on it, it is just for enjoyment. Karen, what is


it like for you sitting watching in the stands? I do a lot to every


game and I am very nervous. I do not know how they are but I, my


stomach is in knots. Sean, what about you? It is not just about the


players, it is about a whole school. My son plays on the team and I am


very excited to be here today. There were nerds this morning when


he got up but he's very focused and looking forward to the game. Thank


St Patrick are breaking from the Hubble, getting ready to get down


to business. It is time to bring you the McRory Cup final live here


on BBC Northern Ireland. The match on BBC Northern Ireland. The match


commentary team, a sheen McConville. That you very much. I know you had


a busy day a couple of days ago, but this comes -- it does not come


any bigger than this. You have been tipping them? I don't know what it


is about Enniskillen. They are a good unit and there is something


refreshing about McRory Cup football. There is not a lot of


tactics. Enniskillen or the bigger it fits. Looking at both captains,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Dominic Corrigan handing out the instructions. His seven for McGrory


Cup final. -- 7th. There is a huge amount of tradition. Lockhart asked


me to remind you about 1994. He was in opposition there. There is a


huge tradition. These teams have produced a phenomenal mind of


players through the years. That is the colour of St Michael's in a


skin on. They have brought 29 busloads today. -- Enniskillen.


Royle looked after, we were. Best of luck to both. Best of luck to


Dominic Corrigan and Mark McConnell. We will await the rendition... Joe


McQuillan is the match referee. He had the proud owner of refereeing


the all-Ireland -- All Ireland final last year. Kieran Brannigan


is the standby referee. 29 of the busloads... By the way, there are


twins in the Enniskillen team. The first identical twins to play. We


will take a look at them a little later. I know you have played with


# A ta faoi gheall ag Eirinn. # Buion dar slua.


# Thar toinn do rainig chughainn. # Faoi mhoid bheith soar.


# Sean tir ar sinsear feasta. # Ni fhagfar faoin tioran na faoin


traill. # Anocht a theam sa bhearna baoil.


# Le gean ar Ghaeil chun bais no saoil.


# Le gunna screach, faoi lamhach na bpilear.


# Seo libh canaig amhran na bhFiann fitness, preparations, St Pat's won


the toss and will play right to left. Joe McQuillan, the match


official. A few late handshake, both the midfield partnership for


St Michael's have played in opposition, Ruairi Brennan, we are


looking at McAleer, so Ruairi Brennan is, there he is. He said I


am six foot five and they call my dinosaur, but please call me T-Rex.


They will want to get on with it. Yes, you can see Maghera, they have


gone to centre half forward. Before the throw in. Number Ten has gone


to the middle of the field. The BT 2012 MacRory Cup final is about to


get under way. Off that go. A big the forwards. There is a slight


breeze. That is probably a good enough tactic to let it in. Maghera


look better, you know, in their full forward line than the


Enniskillen line so they might let joint management, again from the


kick out. It has been won and comes off the boot of Brendan Rodgers.


Looking for the first free. McCaffrey is surround and hounded


but has done well to keep it under control. A fair enough decision.


favour the forwards any way. Understandably. A minute-and-a-half


gone in this 2012 MacRory Cup final. They have met only once this year


and it was a Challenge game. This is the captain giving it to Murphy.


This time, he has blown and this will be a first opportunity for the


first score of this 2012 final. Take another look at it? I thought


he was very direct Murphy. He was dragged down. He probably deserved


the free. It's a good opportunity for Enniskillen to get off the


market. It is not the most difficult free. It is usually


famous last words. Courtney then. His dad... Philip was in a final.


Courtney has the distinction and honour of opening the scoring in


the 2012 MacRory Cup. That will steady Enniskillen, steady Eddie


Courtney early and it is a lovely free to get. I saw you miss one at


Croke Park like that on Saturday. Thank you for reminding me.


Corrigan, seventh final what a going on and in the end the whistle


sounds and McCaffrey has won the free. Enniskillen seem to have


settled that bit better in the early stages. Lee Cullen is driving


them on and he looks impressive. boot of Beggan. And well... Maybe a


bit ambitious. He is probably entitled to have a shot, it is


unfortunate it wept wide. Second consecutive final here, in theal le


-- Athletic Grounds of Armagh. Well won indeed by Maguire, there. He


will leave it. It is going to be taken by Eddie Courtney. That is a


good ball. They have men over the overlap. Beggan gives it outside to


the captain and gets a second snap at it does Ruairi Brennan and it


has gone wide. It was good football right up until that, but as you say


they closed it down. Got a good block in and forced the shot off


the left foot and he didn't look comfortable. But good football from


both teams. That maybe why Bradley was brought in. That was the knock


score board is smieblg's two points should only read one point. With


five minutes on the clock. So it is one point to no score. We will


amend that in a second. Whistle has sounded. So McAtamney, third year


consecutive of MacRory Cup, as theylike for their first score.


That is O'Hara and Stephen O'Hara sticks it over the top and they are


level and she knows it and appreciates it. A text book score.


Stephen O'Hara just coming off, a lovely score off his left foot. I


think, you know, early signs are Maghera are going to be very direct


in that full forward. It is drum roll time but there is a long, long


way to go. Maghera often running replacement. Missed the semifinal


due to an ankle injury and was outstanding in the quarterfinal. I


think the tackle came in from that Niall Maguire. It is going to go


the way of St Patrick's Maghera, looking for a 13th title today.


That is Conor Murphy we are looking at. Now the sideline ball. Whatever


breeze there is it came off the foot of demor Murphy. Well picked


up by Kearney. It is going to tail wide. It has tail wide. Maybe


nerves, maybe a little hur rid. Maybe a bit of hurry I think once


you come on the end line you are only one option to try and fist it


over the bar. In fairness, to Maghera, they have settled there as


well. Both teams are in the game. It is right there for both teams,


whoever wants it that bit more. Someone is getting a licking today!


It might be level on the field but it is a lovely lolly. That is a


to be too nice. He should have bent his back. I think in the middle of


the field we had five or six dispossession, the tackling was


brilliant. A hunger of these two opposite team. A divided household


as we often get. Brother Noel in move like that deserved a score. It


was really scintillating football. You know it's a strong run for


Conor McAtamney down the middle. That all came from McCloskey, and


he didn't just stop, he wasn't just happy with breaking the play up. He


Not high scoring. This is the win, he says you can tell them apart


because he, Leigh, that is, he is better with the women. Laid off by


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Well got to by Ruairi Brennan. -- bring you in in a second. This is


McQuillan has seen it. That will be a free. Should this have been...


Look, I am thinking of a player missing out on the final. We are on


the blind side. The hand was raised. It was. He is lucky he got away


without a yellow card. 12 minutes gone, we are having difficulty with


the score bar, I apologise for that. It is one point apiece. This would


put St Pat's Maghera into the lead. The ground is behind them. Stephen


O'Hara who was look for his second and he has got it. He is very


composed isn't he. That is another one that gets nice and settled. He


is with the wind and an excellent score. As I say, that came from


very direct play. We will bring you rugby schools' Cup Final, from


Ravenhill. Meantime it is St Michael's Enniskillen one point, St


room. Obviously, but was not the way to do it, but if you can get a


neater, you can get damage. Paddy Sweeney has been the keeper for six


years. He has made the jersey his own. He had an outstanding semi-


Bradley was given the nod at the start. It was a neat little passage


of play. The first goal of the final. For the record, he becomes


the first Maghera man to have scored a goal in a cup final for


quite some time. It was a textbook finish. He saw the keeper coming


out. It is a crucial goal at a crucial stage. He has played in


every game they have had, by are missing out the semi-final because


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


of injury. -- except for missing kick. He seemed to pick up a knock


to the kidney. They need to compose themselves, St Michael's. They had


an opportunity to get back into the game. They just fell short. On this


occasion, they might have -- he might have got trampled on a little


that. But purely accidental. think it was the momentum of Steven


O'Hara. Nothing sinister about it. Che Cullen's mother, a teacher, is


in the crowds today. One of the a good -- the benefits of being an


identical twin is very often you're Niall Beckham, it was badly needed.


That is 14 p to McGarrity's old club. He was not shirking


responsibility, he had a go. That is exactly what Enniskillen needed


at this point. Perfect football from a perfect student. He is doing


four A levels. Neat football from a man destined for big things


football. In fairness to Maghera up, they are very tight. When


Enniskillen get the ball, the marking is very good. He forced


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


something you would never have done. If you can get away with it, you


the college. And that is a black mark against him. It was a rush of


blood to the head. You can see that Maghera are now playing with two


defender coming at him. Niall Geggan did just enough, Oisin.


think he should have put it over the bar. It would have given


Maghera up a four point lead. The defender did well. Niall Biden was


coming across him. I have not is that about the defence. Whenever


the shot is on, there is a lot of hassle. There is pressure on the


kicker. I'm not surprised. Maghera have probably the best cornerback


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


that has ever played a game. But He is coming to the game more in


the last five minutes. He has been causing some problems. It is not as


frantic as we might have anticipated. 21 minutes played,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


wrong option. -- matter earlier. was a very ambitious shot. Eight


minutes remaining. St Michael's are chasing a first title since 2003.


St Patrick's chasing a first since hit to the year. It was a shoulder.


It was high enough. Again, it was accidental. His momentum probably


to come in. No cards. Next time, it will be yellow for Ryan Doogan. He


kept in. The goal scorer is looking to embellish that. Very effective


football. Bradley, he looks comfortable on the ball. He is


always going to take the right option. It was a great score.


the go to man. -- he is the go to pulled back. The referee could have


played advantage there. There was a pool at the back. McKinless is


looking like he is getting a booking. He missed the quarters and


the semis. He has been booked. is only right that he'd pick up a


booking. Into the final five minutes of the opening half.


Courtney, it is just not his day. That is probably a little outside


of his range. He was only a foot wide. For Enniskillen to get back


into the game, they have to take the right options. So far, Maghera


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


saying about No. 5? I think that is the third time they have had those


worried shots. The players in the forward line, McNicol, Murphy and


Steven O'Hara, they all have good hands. That was the management team


in 2003. Plenty of experience on that bench. Worth mentioning that


this is the first final that Maghera have been in. There will be


a begin here. It is for a late challenge. -- a booking here.


MacRory Cup opening, kick off the boot of Paddy Sweeney, and St


Michael's wrestle for possession. Maghera will retreat and


Enniskillen will come looking for a score. There will be one minute of


injury time. This is McCaffrey, he has won the sideline. Will probably


take it himself. There is not a great deal of immediacy. Possession


being carved up cheaply. He did well to take that. He is a box of


tricks isn't he Oisin? That is what we see from both teams. He was


out for me. Whenever Enniskillen go forward, it is not too often that


it stick, whereas Maghera seem more fiscal. They have better hands in


there, as I say, they are able to win their own ball. There is the


difference between the teams. not high in quality, and you know,


there is only a half gone and I don't fault them for that. The


occasion can sometimes get to you. I won't matter to which side win,


but we have seen so many classics through the years we have come to


expect them: That is true. I think, you know, in fairness to both teams


they will probably settle at half- time. This is another game of


football. That is wide number nine and one smile, one worries: It was


a great run from Conor McAtamney. But in fairness, in fairness to Che


Cullen he did well to get back. He got a hand in there. And between


Shannon and Cullen he did enough. It is Ryan Hyde who has won that in


high on talking points but there is the height light o/highlight of


that first half, the goal. That has been the difference. He has shown a


lot of huge amount of quality, I think it is no suprise he has been


put in there from the start. He looks the most composed on the ball.


They seem to look to him. In fairness the forward line is moving


that bit better than Enniskillen, whereas Enniskillen will be playing


with the breeze, and that might help them. Corrigan keeping his


Still to come we have rugby schools Cup Final between Methodist College


Belfast, and Ballyclare High School, we will be live to Ravenhill about


quarter to three. Stay with us for that. Here in Armagh Martin is with


me to reflect on first a half of the Cup Final. Martin the St Pat's


Maghera fan, they their favourite chant is ooh ah Maghera. It looks


comfortable enough. They are playing against the breeze. It


looks like a bit of rain coming down. That might change things.


Enniskillen will be dispointed. They looked nervous. Maghera are


the better side. They are working the ball quickly out of defence and


kicking the ball. They are playing like Crossmaglen. They are kicking


diagonal ball and they have big men inside, and the other thing about


them is their ability to interchange player, particularly


the full forward. It is hard for defenders to cope with that,


especially at this level and this age. You say do you go or stay, can


you get word out to the sidelinement Maghera are the better


side. It has been a low scoring Cup Final by Ulster college's standards,


why is that? Maybe a bit of nerve, there is a big crowd, first time


for a lot of them to play in front of a big crowd. Looking at it,


Maghera have kicked nine wides and one into the keeper's hands and


that is the way I happens. The players you expect to perform well


is the ones that don't normally perform well. If you are able to


play the match after, I was asking about the goal chance, he said I


got caught in two minds. For experienced player, these things


happen. If it remains a low scoring final goals will be crucial. How


month do you think that finish is Not only the Bradley finish. We see


the movement up to field. It is a great sign of a team that can vary


the ball. The two wing half backs were involved in that. It goes into


Bradley. He started today, even though he wears the number 20 and


fin finished it well. A good sign of a player able to finish. They


get the runners off the shoulder. The big thing in the first half is


what I said, is ability of them to vary their game. This man Bradley


again, proving his ability, it is important for them to have him. He


scored in the quarterfinal. He got three points in play in the second


half in that match. He scored the winning point in the final. I I


know he is important. They are physically stronger than St


Michael's and the conditions makes a difference. On that point


television doesn't show how big these guys are in if flesh. We have


been watching Conor McAtamney, he is a young guy but a big fella.


gets round the pitch and he is working hard. The ability to put in


the ball in, that is a quality ball. That is a dream paz for a forward.


Very well coached team, you can see it in their play so far. That is


the ability where we see it there. Conor Murphy in the forward line.


Their ability to do that, I think two big player, we see him again,


leading by example an the other thing they are two wing halfs have


forward when they move that. The way they play, you see the fiscal


strength bust goorgd. He has that ability. They are a physically big


team. Derry are favour Ritz, glep have won the Ulster minor club, so


Derry football son up the what we have watched here today. If you


were Corrigan in the changing room, what is, how can you repair the


damage do you think in That is a good question. I wouldn't like to


be him. You are playing against elements in the second half. It is


hard when you can't win the ball in the midfield area, and Courtney was


a big player, he has been well marshaled. What do you do? You have


to change your game and maybe run the game more, rather than getting


quality ball, maybe use the running game and get the runner, say, you


have nothing loose. The first ten minutes, it is going to be


important. Some times in Gaelic football teams play better against


the breeze, particularly forwards. The ball is dropping in front of


them. Maghera kick add lot of silly balls in the first half. Maybe it


is easier to play against the breeze. The breeze is picking up so


it will have an effect in the second half. Let us show you


highlights of the first final played here today. The decider


between St Paul's and saint Callums. St Paul's had unfinished business


with regard to the McClarnon, beaten finalist last year, but


their opponents were up for the challenge, having battled hard in a


replay against St Patrick's to book their place in the final. They


opened the scoring with a free, opened the scoring with a free,


from McBride P -- only a minute passed before they struck again.


Another free. This time from the boot of Maclay. The only goal of


the game came courtesy of St Paul's. Conor Sloan's well taken free fell


for McCabe, who found the net. The keeper tried his best to keep it


out but to no avail. A further goal chance followed. McCabe setting up


O'Hanlon four minutes later. Sloan was impressive throughout. This


open play effort gave them the lead. The Derry school levelled


proceedings thanks to confident free taking mechanic brine. One of


the best came from Murphy, showing confidence and skill beyond his


years to make it 1 -3 to four points. Maclay was denied a goal


bay super block. But McBride kept them in contest with a free just


before the whistle. One free to five points at half-time. Nine


minutes pasted in the second half, before either school registered a


score. O hon lon's free put St Paul's in front. O'Hanlon showed


his versatility with this effort. They fought hard for the goal,


Moore's attempt buzz r was blocked but Brennan salvaged a point. And


his team-mate was unlikey not to find the net moments later. The


best this was converted for a lead. Saint Callum's last frantic


scramble for a goal saw time running out for them. St Paul's


introduced a new player for the final few minutes. This point put


the game beyond the Derry school. How fitting that Conor Sloan had


the final touch of the game. Just look at how many it meant to him.


Last year's beaten finalist St Paul's get their hand on the


Paul's get their hand on the Mclarnon cup. That was Michael


Murphy lifting the cup early on. This is a brand-new Mclarnon cup


and it is going back to St Paul's. Michael, what does it mean to bring


that trophy back? It's a great honour for the players, management


and school. Everyone has been working on it to get to the top.


Moving in the McCrory it is a great honour. What was the difference


today? Just the work rate, that bit more, getting beat last year,


everyone had a bit more grit. Rafferty was the manager. How much


of a bearing did last year have? The fellas have reacted positively


to last year. When we come back in September we let the dust settle,


and they have worked very hard. There are days when the school was


empty and they were in doing... Occasionally very tough training


sessions but they didn't stop working, they kept going, and


instil add be bit of belief in themselvess they were missing this


time last year, but very very proud school today. I have to ask you,


you have managed tat highest level, club level, you have been part of


interCounty team, what makes it special managing a school? I think


the key to the whole thing is when we come into the colleges some


people raised an eyebrow we were in it, now they are saying when people


come in to give us a game they know they will have to play well to beat


us. What we make up for in finesse, we have add on a wee bit of hard


work for it. Michael, describe this squad. You are surrounded by them,


describe them. There is not much to describe, their face tells it all.


A bunch of idiots. They are. Gentleman enjoy tonight. Austin,


they are just a bunch of idiots, I am sure they will take a portion of


the credit, Martin, that is some victory, some weekend for the


manager, who assists the manager in Kildare of. He has had a good 24-


hours. They have a lot of good people involved in Armagh, we


sometimes think in the likes of Donegal we see the school teams


going out with good managers. You have enda Kilpatrick involved, so a


lot of work and quality work, the children don't really know how


lucky they have to are have the quality of people involved with


them, to give them that type of coaching and experience, that is


why it is an important, the schools are important, but this is a very


big part, to help from the point of view, but to have that quality a


person, telling you how to play the game that the level. That has to be


a big advantage. Paul cease is one of the schools knocking on the


MacRory Cup and they are there now. Yes. This young lad was playing


today, it is great for the likes of them, he was very excited before


the match. It is great to site and great tho see the Armagh schools


getting up there, competing, the more of them get in there competing


with the Derrys and the Downs and of this world. It is great to see.


Again, it helps the school. It is a big help to the, the from the point


of view, it does the world of good They were deserving winners of the


MacRory Cup. We're getting ready for the second half. St Patrick's


are leading St Michaels. Can Enniskillen turn this around?


interesting, when we were watching that, the breeze is moving around,


at you do not know it will help. It is blowing into the left corner. It


is good help for St Michaels in the second half. They will need a very


good start. You have to say that say Patrick's are the better


players. They will need a good start. -- St Patrick's. They take


the field for the start of the second half. They are leading by


named in the original starting line-up. He was drafted in for the


second half. Paul Gunning has gone out. No, it is not. I thought it


made a change as well. We will confirm the substitutions but Conor


Convery is in. It is time for music St Michael's question mac they need


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


to hold onto the ball a little bit introduced Lee Jones. -- second


have substitute. He did well, he got on the ball and got a free kick


in front of the goals. Even those St Patrick's Maghera have been very


dominant, Enniskillen have a chance. They will determine what course of


have been dominant in the middle of the field but there is still two


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


of the net but it went wide. The final touch might have come from


Neil McNicholl but it went wide. It was terrific skill from Gerald


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Bradley. To be fair to the keeper, McNicholl. His brother kept goal


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


back there. They probably deserve in the game but he got it onto his


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


required distance. They are very much in it with the wind at their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


it was really ambitious. Probably better trying to get some want for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


words -- get someone forward into Enniskillen have needed to be good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


their possession. This time, they how strong the wind is to people at


home. On that occasion, he was quite unlucky, but playing into


that reason it is certainly -- playing into that breeze is


certainly difficult. That is 11 wide. Unlucky great ball in. Broken


down, it was another great chance for Leigh, but unfortunately he


knocked it wide. As forwards we tend to kick wide. Off camera one


of the subs is warming up. Every year they have used the full


complement of 20 players. Kick out has been taken. Contested in


cross-country runner, you can tell, they are so full of running. They


are very athletic. They are quick at getting a hand in. Along with


Maghera's best player Conor McAtamney who is playing centre


half back. Bradley has been there but I know you like to pick a


defender. This is Stephen O'Hara's ball. I think. Has it gone out for


a 45? It had gone wide. That is a poor kick out, given straight to


Stephen O'Hara and the ball over the top for the full forward. He


couldn't hold on to it. McNicholl had a goal opportunity there for a


minute. That is two goal opportunities that St Pat's Maghera


have had in the second half. This wasn't as clear-cut. We are rooking


at the referee, but here Oisin, from the kick out, I I thought


there was a sniff of a chance for the full forward. He took his eye


off the ball at the last minute. Paddy caught it. To be fair to him,


if you saw 16 or 17 stone coming at you... Maybe a good decison to have


a second look. He has a backside on And McFall has been introduced. St


Big tackle there. Lovely hit by the captain. It is Ruairi Brennan who


comes off the worse of the two. It was an indication Oisin, of how


hungry both sides remain. One point between them. A decent passage of


play. A big hit coming in. It is competitive. Lee Lennon is only 15.


-- Brennan. It is a big hit but you can see how strong Conor Tam is and


how determined he is to try and get his team over. Lyme Martin is about


to pick up a card. He has a yellow. He this will be a red. He has gone.


He is gone. That was for the foot trip I think. It is a horrible day


for anyone, not least in a college's final. Let us look again,


Oisin, here, that was a foot trip. If he was sent off for that that is


very harsh. I think we look back at the booking, it was slightly harsh


as well. Enskill ben up against it. This is St Pat's Maghera. Dougan


will hang there. Keeper just fumbled it ever so slightly, and


did well to recover. He is very much the character on this team


is lucky, Oisin, to have bought the free.. As a forward you want that


free-kick. He was quite lucky. It was a great run, one, two all the


way. I want to tell you a story. I know his auntie. She said do not


mention at five years of age, I took him to see Santa in Lapland


and there was a long queue and he went up to the front. He said hello


Santa, I'm Niall and give me a pair of boots. Your auntie send her love


and these guys... Just anxious, I think he will feel hard done by.


Think Liam Martin was unfortunate to see two yellows. It hasn't been


a dirty game. It has been a great atmosphere. In fairness to both


teams, they have just got on with the game. This is ed -- Eddie


Courtney to bring them level. And he has done it. That is his third


score and that is them level for the first time since the fifth


minute. It is smen smen -- St Michael's Enniskillen six points.


This was the first booking. And that was a bit harsh. This is the


second one. He just caught his foot. I mean... It looks as if it may


have been accidental. I don't know, that is up for the referee.


that have been rugby, stick him in the sin-bin but in GA, that is


different. It is not a dirty game. There was a hand raise in the first


half and nothing was done. To pick up a card for that is severely


Courtney to take the lead. This is another yellow card here. Eddie


Courtney. To put them ahead. It's over and they lead for the first


time since the first minute. Five second half scores. St Michael's


Enniskillen seven points. Here comes the bouncy. In fairness,


Courtney kicked the free as well. That is a crucial free, and a bit


of pressure on him. Fairness to him. Up goes the finger, and up went the


white flag and there goes the Congo bongo. Now then, Maghera come


looking for the first goal of the second half through James Kearney,


he is well held up. What a Dane's role. He kicked out at him and


fouled him. This will be a yellow card if he is consistent. What a


turn over of possession there from the captain Ruairi Brennan. Gag ger


needs to be careful. I would love to see that again. How can you send


a guy off with a yellow card and that one, where there was a kick


and not, not admonish? Consistency doesn't seem to be there. But


unfortunately that is referee, we will have to put up with it. Just a


bit frustrating. And it must be. it is frustrating to look at you


can imagine what it is like for players. This is Eddie Courtney who


has come out, this is a long way out but he has the breeze Oisin.


is ambitious though. So is he. He has ice in his veins and radar in


his boot. I had a great chat with him, he is cheeky in the nicest


sense of the world, a keebgy smile and cocky and confidence-of-


confident -- a cheeky Chile. He has kicked four points already, he has


that confidence up. What an excellent kick from all of 55 yards.


You know, certainly, there only seems to be one team in the game.


They are owning the ball. They look dangerous up front. If you foul


them, Courtney will kick the ball over the ball bar. He has kicked


O'Hara. This is still Stephen O'Hara. They really need to raise a


white flag, second half is 21 minutes old and they have not


scored. It has been all St Michael's Enniskillen and it is


tough tackling. I think he threw the ball away. St Michael's


Enniskillen get it any way. I think he was stood on just then. The


referee, he has been told by the lines man something has happened.


He is going to have a word with Stephen O'Hara. It is obvious. Let


us just see. Down he goes. Nothing there. Nothing there. And nothing


there. So, there was nothing I could see. I I think they are going


to get on be the game, thank God. - - on with the game. Maghera are


struggling to get the scores. He is having a word with James Kearney,


it looks like he will be on a yellow. He is safe to stay on.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


say, Maghera really need to raise a foul. Dispossessed Joe McQuillan.


He is refereeing not me. That looked like a pull back. He has to


give a decision. It was overcarrying or a foul. He didn't


give anything. Listen to the protest. I thought there was a hand


came into pull back, because he is remonstrating with the referee, it


looks like Stephen O'Hara is going to pick up a yellow card. Now, I


have a sympathy for Stephen O'Hara here, because I think there was a


foul, twice on him in the build up to this. Just look here. Now, oh,


right. Hold on. That is what he was, that is what he got the yellow card,


apologies to Joe McQuillan for that. I thought the player was fouled


earlier on, the yellow card justified. That was a push in the


back and he spotted it. Push in the back from Lee Cullen. But it was


the incident prior to that where I thought the Maghera forward was


fouled and it wasn't blown. There was probably a foul but Joe didn't


give it. So play ensureed and Stephen O'Hara ended up with an


O'Hara sticks it over the top for what is only their first score of


the second half, St Michael's Enniskillen eight points, St


Patrick's Maghera one goal four points. Great score, gets them


draw the replay will be here on Wednesday evening, 7.30 in the


Athletic Grounds. I still feel that the winning of it is with St


time will be added on. It was a for my money, Enniskillen have


really stepped it up in the second half. Eddie Courtney, his ball


distribution. This was the trip for the a la carte. He kicked out. What


is the difference? I do not know. withdrawn role. He has got into the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


game. They lead by nine points to plus whatever is added on. Keep


possession, from a St Michael's Enniskillen point of view. Three


This will be a free kick. We are into the last minute of play. Two


into the last minute of play. Two of the first have, but the stats


for the second half... They are leading by two points. They have


stopped Gerald Bradley. They got their tactics right. The manager


withdrew Eddie Courtney, they have was not much momentum in it, but


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Conor Carville lifted his hand and shot. He may have tried it, but it


was not the right option. Watch this, that is a punch. It is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


incidents, and it is all about who it, the referee calls for the ball.


St Michael's Enniskillen have done it. Dominic Corrigan has


masterminded yet another MacRory Cup. It will bring back memories,


you were on the losing team. Look at Niall Maguire in tears. What a


remarkable day. You must hand it to Dominic Corrigan, they got it right


free kicks, they took their chances, there were more economic goal in


front of goal and Maghera were. Maghera had more than 14 shots


going wide. When you have days like was immense. They deserve this.


They do, in fairness, their attitude, work rate, they never


drop their heads. They were down by four, five points at one stage.


They never stopped believing. They manager of St Michael's Enniskillen.


How did you turn that around? first half was not good, but we


were happy to warn the be four down at half-time. We deserve to be


seven points down. I told the boys we were in a better position than


this lot. I put on the four words at half-time which helped. Full


credit, these boys never know when they are beaten and we absolutely


delighted. We thought you were in trouble at half-time but clearly,


you did not. You keep going until the end. We should have been


playing better and we came ride in the second path and played some


credit to the players, who were absolutely magnificent. It was a


tremendous game, we are delighted to win. What are you putting in the


water, with a MacRory Cup and other titles to come? It is all just hard


work. We will savour this victory but we cannot say bread for too


long, we need to get back to work tomorrow.


Eddie Courtney, man of the match. Some this up. I cannot.


Unbelievable. We worked so hard all year. Everyone was working hard. It


is a good day when you can do that. Look at the supporters, take one


look at them. The invaginations. -- taken with Peter Morrison. Now the


new MacRory Cup is about to be presented to Rory Bremner. -- Rory


piece of history. I would like to thank all the sponsors. He is just


banking people. -- thanking people. It has been an outstanding


achievement, Dominic Corrigan's 7th final. Peter Morrison raises a


laugh the silverware, -- raises the silverware, and Rory Brennan! He is


the first man from St Michael's Enniskillen to raise the silverware


for a long time. Eddie Courtney, Hip hip! Hooray! I would like to


thank the fans that have come to I would like to thank some people.


Their first title came in 1973, they won again in 1992, 1999, 2002,


and 20 today in 2012. Do they deserve it? Yes. It is one of the


best second have performances I have seen in a long time. St


Michael's Enniskillen were brilliant, even when they lost a


man. Brilliantly done by Dominic Eddie Courtney was great, they did


not have a good first path, but brilliant in the second.


Thank you very much. They will play a semi-final next weekend in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Hogan Cup. We are going to join And well done to St Michael's


Enniskillen on their MacRory Cup success, now we are moving from


Gaelic football to rugby. Here at Ravenhill it is Ballyclare High


School against Methodist College Belfast in the 136th schools Cup


Final. Yes, welcome, it is Ballyclare against Methody. Town


against country. Ballyclare have won the trophy once and they are up


against Methody who have a record number of 32 minutes. Along side me


this afternoon two former Ulster stalwarts. Both know what it is


like to play in this final. 93, against who? 93 against cam be.


Unfortunately we were not the winners on the day, but enjoyed the


experience and schools cup rugby, is the real highlight.


atmosphere, you must have experienced it as well. 95 for


Bangor. Sadly losing. We lost to the master race, and 17 years on


and a few boys still give me grief. To be honest my memory was the


weather condition, they were shocking sh, we didn't have


anything under our Jerseys, they didn't have climate control tops,


so all the other guys were wearing bin liner, so they were warm and


cosy. I am sure that is why they won. Excuses! Let us hear from


Ballyclare. They look forward to only their second school's Cup


Final. On the first occasion in 1973 they beat Belfast to win the


trophy and believe it or not, two of the young men who played that


day are still at the school. After Frank and I have been here a long


time. Went to the school and came back at teachers. Frank, he is in


the chemistry dfpt. I am the geography department. As a team,


you vied to try and keep in touch, it is interesting when we meet up,


you know the crack and the banter, it is still there, as it always was.


It feels like 39 years ago, but remember the score going to 10-8.


They scored and they had a difficult conversion and thinking,


if this goes over and the score goes to ten each we will be in


difficulty but he missed the kick, we scored another penalty and won


13-8. It is nice to have been the first on the first team to have won


the cup, but not the first and only. It is time we had another team to


share that success with. We know it has been a long time without


success, and we hope that we can, when we get to the 19th we can did


what the 73 team did. We rely on relationships through the games,


and especially through the Fourth Round and semifinal. We had tough


games, we rely on the relationships we have and we have built since we


were first year and most of us have been together all that time. We are


best mates. They are a tight group. We went on tour to New Zealand in


town 10 with these guys, and that moulded them together as an


ambitious group and group that get on well. They all want to be


successful. The school is buzzing. The junior school, everyone is


picking you up and saying there is Andrew, Grant, it is ridiculous, we


are like mini celebritys in the school. Everyone is willing us on,


the support has been great, from Ballyclare are ready. Ravenhill is


ready. Look that the crowd already, and we are what, about ten minutes


away from kickoff. It's a day off school but it is a day these


youngsters will remember, boys and girls alike and the players


certainly will never forget their school Cup Final at Ravenhill. It


really is a memorable memorable occasion for these young men. It


has been a big year for sport in Ballyclare. The boys are in this


Cup Final while the girls hockey team they have lifted the senior


schools cup trophy a couple of weeks ago. One of those girls has a


twin brother playing in the final. Yes. Fantastic atmosphere. The


Ballyclare team has made their way into the changing room. Joining me


are two special people. Laura Douglas who is holding the fancy


ladies hockey Ulster champions and a proud mummy indeed. Laura, what


has the school been like. You have won the hockey, your brother is


playing in the final what is special? It has been great. The


atmosphere has been good. Everyone happy, all the teachers and pupils


are congratulating us so much. We are so excited for the boys and


hope they can go all the way and do it. Heather, a proud mummy, you


have a head girl, an up Ulster champion and son that is hoping to


be the same I must be crazy in your house. We are proud of both


children. It had been wonderful to see how they have develop. This is


worth all those many days of standing on the sidelines cheering


on our children, so it has been wonderful. Thank you folks. You


will be wishing Ballyclare all the best. Back to you Jackie. It's a


big trophy the girls have won. We can get the views from Methody and


their tradition and history will make them favourites to lift this


trophy for a record 33rd time. Tradition now is a great thing and


I think there is added pressure. It's a good thing because you learn


to play with it. I think sometimes the tradition helps, because you


have an added psychological edge before you go on the pitch. THAT


Ballyclare will be prepared for this game and ready to go, like we


will. We are already pumped for it. We are all training really hard.


Our boys will have the heart to push all the way. I think we will


go full and hopefully get it. semifinal was a real step up in


intensity, it was a real traditional Belfast Derby. Two


traditional sides playing real good rugby and we came out on top. So


look forward to the final now. is the Methody mind set? Win. It is


pressure on them. It is pressure on the coaching staff. But it is, we


are all about winning here. It is about winning the schools' cup.


Methodist College in Belfast. The most successful side in the history


of the competition. I feel personally there is no better place


to come and learn how to be a professional rugby player or enjoy


your rugby than here at Methodist College. MCB is ready. More from


Thomas and he is joined by two young Ulster players. Thomas. That


is right. Paul Marshall came on for the last two minutes a few years


ago. Lewis Stephenson, you said you played at Wembley. You have played


at Twickenham yet nothing matches the special atmosphere of the


schools Cup Final. Why is that? can feel the atmosphere from here.


It is pretty electric. Pretty much the whole of the town has come tout


support the boys from. That point of view it is so well supported and


for these guys it is the combination of years of training


and a lot of the guys won't get the opportunity to play at a venue like


this again, so it is a massive event for them. It is really


special. Paul, I know you and some of the other Methody boys met them


this morning. There is a pressure on them to deliver. When you go to


Methody, we are brought up to win the schools cup. Calling in earlier


on, the guys are excited. There is a few nerves but Mr Wells senior


gave them a pep talk. You have to who is going to win this game?


Methody. Ballyclare have a big pack so they will have to move the ball


well. You are the under doings. Can they deliver the goods. I think


they will win by seven. To win by seven. Paul and Lewis are


supporting and backing different teams. All will be revealed over


the next hour-and-a-half or so. Thank you. No suprise at all. Yes,


the atmosphere really is building. The boys are beside me. And, it is


fair to say, most people will have Methody as strong favourites.


Possibly. I think, one thing that Ballyclare will take into this.


They have ten back from the semifinal. They have a set of


forward where there isn't one man under six foot tall. That is big


never mind at schoolboy level. Ballyclare have nothing to lose. As


Paul said you come with an air of expectation. They know they really


have to win, Ballyclare have a chance today, nothing to loose. I


think they may work in their favour. I would love to see as a country


boy myself to see Ballyclare come through and win it: A lot of people


would love to see the underdog winning. The fact that method yi


have the -- Methody have the -- Methody have the tradition. They


have add a good team. All the guys, are starting to come through. The


young boys out there will see that as an opportunity for them to


produce the goods out in the field. We have seen some very impressive


individual performance, over the past number of years and I think as


well the way Ulster are playing they play an open brand of rugby.


They are in the top 12. The teams will watch that and want to emulate


it. They will want to play an open brand of rugbyment. This is a


showcase for the young guy, you can make a name for yourself, you can


get yourself into certainly Irish contention and Ulster stuff as well.


So let us hope for a good game. will remember how the boys are


feeling at this moment. As they await to make their entrance. The


crowd are ready. Just look at that. Young, old, plenty of memory, we


have got pipers here. So, time now to join our commentary team, former


Ulster and Ireland centre Johnny Bell. Who could for get him. He has


played in the final in the past but pick it up our very own Jim Neilly.


Thank you. St Patrick hasn't managed to turn up the warm side of


the stone. There was a strong wind blowing just up and down the length


of this pitch from the war memorial end. It has eased up a bit we seem


to have a windy St Patrick's Day and that is a factor both sides


have to take into account. always seem to get a windy


Ravenhill. It is kustry conditions. It is a great spectacle. It is the


pinnacle of every schoolboy's rugby career and these guys will be


nervous, but will be hugely motivated to make this a huge game.


The pitch is in fantastic nick. Let us hope it will be fantastic game


of rugby. I had a walk on the pitch. It's a wee bit sparse in terms of


grass here and there but otherwise in very good condition. A nice


mixture of sand and soil, it will support the weight of these


youngsters out there. Nervous times and here they come. It will be


Methodist College first, led by the skip errorry Winters. Stkpwhre


skipper. Rory Winters. They have Good natured booing I am sure from


everybody in County Antrim for this Methody side. Rory Winters is


unfazed by it all. You can see the strength of the wind there ruffling


the hair of the players as they Final words from the Methody


skipper Rory Winters. Telling his sides about the schools tradition


as if they need a remierpd. It has been good to see a decent clutch of


young men from Methodist College who may not have gone on to do very


much, but as the chance mentioned, we have had Craig Gilroy and


It has been nearly 30 years since these navy and red colours took the


field. It is the second oldest competition in rugby union football


in the entire world. Ali care making their way out of


the centre of the field. -- Bally The key men could be in the back


The key men could be in the back row, Jonny Darling. Grant Bartley


is the skipper. There is a lot of The referee incidentally refereed


and under 18 final between England The nurse will have dissipated now,


getting down to the serious business. Top two Eneas player --


speak to any player and it is the pinnacle of their school career.


pinnacle of their school career. away. Good start from the kick-off.


The initial cross was by James big brother. Good strong driving


Methody, Ross said Guerra has tried Ballyclare High School. This could


be interesting. Good covering defence. It is a lively start.


Harrison getting on the ball early. Ballyclare High School showing that


even at this early stage they will ground. Taken on yet again by the


Methody second row. This is a Grant Bartley. The breakdown will


be crucial today. You can see that modern defences are happy to stand-


off and wait for the attacking team to get isolated. We will see the


strength of the wind for a second, somebody might have just gone off


their feet and the penalty was given. They have not made that much


in the way of ground, Ballyclare High School just hope to do again


and try to do something with the scrum half. They might have forced


the first tackle. Good support from Connor McKee. The referee is having


a look to see where the ballet clear defences. -- Ballyclare High


Patients staff from met the date -- far, getting a lot of wind speed,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


closing down. Both teams are trying banning the ball into the wind.


That is sensible. Jonny Douglas He has scored a try in each of the


Methody Games. That was Chris is a way. Recovering tackle, that


was so close to being the first try. Paddy Colhoun was close to being


replaced for the final but you can see why he has justified the faith


gets any time and space he will be School. But that was the first bit


of genuine excitement. Methody played wonderfully. Great pace on


the outside. Eventually the cover got to him. Ferguson put in a good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


referee checks with the back line. prop. The strong man slipped away


Methody at the moment. They are not asking a huge number of questions


of disorientation towards the defence. They are standing off, not


committing too many numbers to breakdowns, marshalling both sides


of the breakdowns very well. You can see he gets himself isolated


and the assist tackler is straight onto the ball. With the when did


you back you would expect the site to use the ball, Methody have not


have another go at it. Jonny Douglas is first receiver. The


into the wider channels. Slightly over runs it. He is still on his


feet. The referee gave the scrum because the advantage was with them.


Because they ran into the referee, there was no advantage. So this is


the first scrum of the game. This schoolboys. -- big. They are very


strong, they based a lot of their game along that. There are


the outside, but it takes confidence. We do not want a


spectacle similar to what we had in Twickenham. They will want to get


on top of the straight away, tell them to behave themselves. Third


that will result in at Methody scrummage. No, he has not. This


first scrum is very important, they will want one up against the City


Darling, but he got himself well cot. He needs help from his tight


by Mark Gribben. No way past for Andrew Butler. Mark Gribben is a


very strong customer. He has been in contention. He is a former


winner, strong, and quick. He deals with Andrew Butler very well. If he


could manage to stay in play, they Good drive by Mark Funnell from


Methodist College. David McElhinney. Manages to get this away to Connor


McKee. This is Mark Gribben. Jonny Douglas had to work hard to bring


him Down. Harrison likes to take that short ball from the breakdown.


Here is James Callaghan. Another danger man. David McElhinney. Looks


much more promising. The blind-side flanker. A way they come. This is


Mark Gribben. It is all about the past. Good solid defending from


Ballyclare. Can they be stretched? That was a powerhouse drive. The


chance for Methody. He goes again. Only two metres away. David


McElhinney. He needs the runner. All of that pledge -- pressure


coming from the men in white. Harrison, again, white line fever.


He has a chance of getting in there and he gets isolated and Ballyclare


win the turnover. He is having a word with Jordan McKinstry. Has he


done something silly? Be very careful, I will reverse the penalty.


Jordan McKinstry might lament that. The referee has a word with them.


The penalty had gone against James Harrison but Jordan McKinstry


applied just a touch of the slipper. You don't want to see that.


Decision time for Methody. The corner or the scrum? I think it is


the corner. I would imagine so. They will fancy putting this ball


five metres out, catch and drive. Try to get around the side and get


over, they pride themselves on that. Nicky Wells... You can see Jordan


McKinstry getting just a little bit too emotional in these early stages.


He must control his temper. That was an opportunity for Ballyclare


to get out of their own 22. That was a great drive. James Harrison,


well taken on by Mark Campbell. The secondary drive. That little thrust


to the corner produced a penalty. Methody have done what was on the


10, but it into the corner and had the five-metre line-out. Well taken


by Methody, the catch, can they apply the drive? The referee is in


the right position. They just had - - just have to get it Down and he


has given a try! Methody have scored! I think it was the skipper,


Mark Winters? It was Mark Winters, getting all the applause from his


team-mates and what more can the captain did not score for his team


just after St Patrick's Day? That was a great drive, taken by Mark


Campbell and they get that early drive, forward momentum and players


on the ball, they get that great drive over and again, Rory Winters


managing the touchdown. And that really is a lot of pressure earlier


on. And I am delighted for Methody. He is an exceptional Young man and


a great captain. He will be delighted with that. Mark Winters.


I don't know where I got that from, he was a former boxer! And Paul


Douglas was a very useful amateur heavyweight. And the conversion. So,


the try from Rory Winters has given Methody the lead and stayed Down,


Jordan McKinstry will regret that rather silly error which produced


the penalty which led to the try. Absolutely, discipline has to be


good, you do not want to allow this Methody side to get into your own


22, keep them in your own half and it has unsettled Ballyclare just a


little bit and give an Methody that breathing space. 17 minutes played.


The first time Ballyclare have been inside the Methody have. Edgar.


That was a terrific kick. Not the kindest of bounces. The ball goes


backwards. Jonny Holmes. This is enterprising. He needs somebody


with him. Just nudged forward. I am sure that despite the occasion I'm


going five points Down, they have the composure to recover?


Absolutely. Very ambitious from Young Jonny Holmes. He shows that


little dummy and unfortunately there was the knock on by Grant


Bartley. It is difficult. When you're not used to playing at this


level in the Schools' Cup Final, you must do the basics very well.


That was a good squeeze from Ballyclare. The scrums days solid.


Nicely done. Elliott Mooney. Again, Ballyclare and the first tackle is


good and they concede the penalty. This is with the wind at their


backs. Eminently kickable from Methody. I think Jack Irvine was


guilty of just going off his feet. And the little back play from


Methody, trying to put away the flying winger. Again, lovely pass,


trying to put somebody through the hole. That was a great tackle from


Jonny Douglas. Straight onto the ball but just off his feet. And the


referee will not tolerate that kind of Mr dinner at the breakdown. --


misdemeanour. And he was a former player with the bulls and the


Sharks at Treviso, in his 5th year, 36 plays in the Cup so far. Will he


extend the lead? He will not. That was a genuine chance. That would


have made it very difficult for Ballyclare because five points Down


and eight points Down and maybe 10 points possibly, but we have been


at this stage at the interval before. That was not a great kick.


Jack will be getting him out on to the practice field next week! You


must take those opportunities. was a good start. Taken in by


Methody. Good, strong run by the second row, Mark Campbell. That


came off the Ballyclare player. Play on, says the referee. That is


the second Methody try! Would you believe it, the front Yow -- front


row will be delighted. Everybody at Methodist College. James Harrison.


Looking to do what his Big Brother did and won the Cup. And he has


certainly added an extra spice to this game. The initial thrust was


terrific. You had the proper pass into the prop. That was magnificent.


Fortuitous into his hands. He catches the Ballyclare defence cold


on the back foot and James Harrison is quite mobile for the front-row


forward, let us just say. mistake with that one. And we have


played just over 20 minutes. 35 minutes each way in the Schools'


Cup Final and Methodist College have scored two tries without reply


and they lead by 12 points. This is the finish. He is a big lump of a


fellow. I remember his father being a very useful prop forward for


Queen's University and he was a solicitor by trade. An expensive


one. He is a good solicitor. I saw him in Donegal at the weekend and


he was in good form. But it's wouldn't have been in a hostelry?!


How dare you! He has done well to make that available. Ballyclare


need to dig in. They have another 30 minutes or so with the wind at


their backs. Darling. He has been subdued by a Methody. Chris Millar.


Good work from Ballyclare. Matt Daly took that on. There is another


mistake and that could be costly. Good control of the ball from


Methody. That was a clever little kick. Ferguson has to go all the


way back and you might have to play this one. Left with no option. And


this is a fair idea of just how strong that windows. We it is


important, particularly into the wind, to secure possession and


Ballyclare have not been able to hold onto the ball. If you turn it


over at half-way, Ross Edgar is happy to put you back into the 22.


With the strong wind, that is difficult. They have given that


Methody another opportunity. line-up under pressure. They will


try to drive on. Another try, I am pretty certain, would just about


secure the Cup for them. Nicely laid up and taken back by Gallagher.


He is immensely strong. Edgar. Mark Gribben. He is a real worker in the


centre. Gallagher. Great tackling from Ballyclare. David McElhinney


tries to get it away to James Harrison. Looking for that second


try. Huge pressure coming from Methody. What a first half. Rory


Winters, the skipper, scored the first try. This is going to be very


close. Desperate times for Ballyclare. Let there be one metre


away. Harrison again. Good support from the hooker. The captain is in.


Back on the loose head. He set up the second try. Some of running.


And that is the penalty. Possibly harsh on Young Oliver McGoldrick.


Just some obstruction. There was a let-off from Ballyclare but you can


see how dangerous Methody are from line-outs, shifting the ball,


getting numbers and momentum. Again, Mark Gribben carrying the ball into


contact, very strong, probing both sides. Very strong from the second


row, Mark Campbell, who has been very prominent. Ballyclare have


made it secure from the line-out. They really needed to. They have


about 10.5 minutes to go to hang on. They will be happy with 5 - 0, not


12 - 0. Chris Millar looking for somebody to do some running. There


is a chance of Ballyclare can shift this. That is good work from Jordan


McKinstry. No point in trying to get this, they have to drive it or


one it into this wind. Chris Millar. Gathered in by the skipper. Kicked


through by Methody. A legally so. Difficult when playing into such a


strong wind, you need to have some width, you need to stretch the


Methody defence. They're quite compact and happy to deal with


Ballyclare. Who bar exchanging confrontations up the middle.


Somebody penalised for coming into the side and putting the boot into


the ball. Yes, you can see that Ballyclare have been rattled with


two quick scores. That has upset their rhythm. That was a good


strike from Jonny Holmes. He has scored 18 Cup points and a try.


Ballyclare have gone for five men on the line, six of them, I should


be. Well taken in by David McElhinney for Methodist College.


Get it away nicely, this is the captain, Rory Winters. That was a


good call on the narrow side from Mark Lagan. Connor McKee. There is


a good chance if Methody can move this. Two men on the outside.


Gallagher! He has got serious pace. He manages to get away. What a


fabulous piece of bombing. Patrick Cavan. -- Paddy Colhoun. Methody


must score quickly and they will score! And it is, Mickey! He gets


in. The third try for Methody. And it will be difficult to see how


Ballyclare can come back? And so that it. They get the offload. --


absolutely. That scintillating full-back running from Young Paddy


Colhoun. And that was a great, elusive piece of play. Lovely


footwork. He gets tackled short. Methody had the numbers. And they


taking their foot off the gas. They'll be playing into the wind in


the second path and they will want to control the ball, but it is


difficult see how Ballyclare will come back from this. It is


territory, get back into the game. That is what they will need.


gets underneath that. It did not quite make it. Three tries for


Methodist College, one of them converted. Good finish by Connor


McKee, whose older brother played in the Schools' Cup Final three


round. Good angle by Andrew Butler, inspirational, Grant Bartley. This


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


park at 6 ft 5. Chris Millar, Jonny Chris Mellor again. This is


came from it. They are putting Ballyclare carriers under a little


bit of pressure. Ballyclare will be looking to come in with some points


on the scoreboard before half-time to give them some chance. I do not


want to make things worse for Ballyclare, but we think the wind


may have dropped ever-so-slightly. We will need to make sure and see.


Nicky Wells, who has already taken Methody to three victories. He


hopes to win a 4th. Lovely switch, here comes Mark


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Gribben. With a quick ball from saw a direct kick to touch might


not happen. The referee is happy. They go down to ground. Jonny


game as a ball-carrier. Penalty to late to the breakdown. Another


great kick to touch. Another chance to get some possession and finish


this strongly. If they can get a bit of a drive on, get some


character here, though when at Methody are at this stage. Their


mindset changed when they got the tries. They applied more pressure,


happy to take the scrum now, the have Connor McKee and Mark Gribben


pass. The referee decided there was an advantage to Ballyclare. Jonny


Holmes struck that nicely into a very difficult when. He has


justified his selection. Great run by Paddy Colhoun. How could they


have contemplated not playing him alive, another try would really put


Gribben... Good support play. Here is Paddy Colhoun. There is an


overlap if they can get us away. This is a chance for Ballyclare.


Methody are determined to hang on to this lead. The referee was


Ballyclare will lead to do a lot of soul-searching. The manager needs


to give them some confidence. They have a lot of wind in the second


Bath, they need to get some turbulence, apply some sustained


pressure. You would put your money scored by Connor McKee. Ballyclare


are struggling, because Methodist College and leading 17-0.


Ballyclare are struggling a bed, three tries. There they are, Rory


Winters, James Harrison, corner Ricky. Rudolph Benade eight kicked


a conversion. Ballyclare have not got off the mark. Tony, it has been


one way. Very much so. The conditions dictated it from the


start. Methody have had their foot on Ballyclare's throat from the


first minute. Ballyclare had been clinging onto shirt tails. 17-0 is


not quite a fair reflection in terms of the amount of possession.


It has not been easy for Ballyclare. It has been very difficult, but I


think Methody gave a masterclass there of how to play with the wind.


They controlled things very well. They used the wind, kicked into the


corners, that is what is very impressive, I patiently work with


the ball. 15 minutes, we had the first try for Methody. It was a


really nice try. Rory Winters's first try of the campaign.


Methody got the ball, held on, happy to set. I have been very


impressed with their scrum half, like the unfortunate, they got the


penalty. They trotted down, controlled it, the forwards turned


did not help Ballyclare. -- that bit of indiscipline. They were


guilty of that there, and it did not help. Ballyclare did try to run


the ball at every opportunity, the back three were all was involved.


We spoke right at the beginning about the gaps appearing in that


Ballyclare defence. That is what Methody have exploited. James


Harrison scored and he was very the right hand side. They picked


that up early. We do not often seek props to props. Methody have been


very effective. They made very few unforced errors, and that has been


crucial. Ballyclare have not had a chance to get into the game at all.


We can see it a second time, it shows you the wind as well. It does.


Ballyclare struggled kicking the ball. He fell off the tackle. They


missed it. Prop forward to prop two eyes that stood out at the


Paddy Colhoun and Mark Gribben in the centre. They looked very


dangerous in attack. You must have like the first try from the centre,


by Connor McKee. Paddy Colhoun shows great footwork. He stays up,


takes the ball on, shows a bit of strength. The Methody eyes are all


there. He does not lose patience. He throws a lovely pass. Great run


from the fill back. It was a great run. There is a tackle coming up


here from Jonny Douglas, and really, he has no option. He needs to make


a tackle. He defended very well in the first staff, but as you can see,


it could have been any one of three or four to score that. It is


Paul Marshall would be more happy than Lewis Stephenson. This is the


team programme and it says that Paddy Colhoun would be wearing 23


and would not start, he has started and put in a very impressive


performance. I am not sure about that, looking at the programme, I


did not expect him to start. He has come end and he is having a great


game and has been a great driving force. To you still fancy Methody?


That is a stupid question. Yes, he has been fantastic and Mark Gribben


also along with some of the forwards. James Harrison and James


Callaghan. They will have to hope their -- up their game into the


wind. Still a chance for Ballyclare? Yes, there is a stiff


breeze and you could see their difficulty. If Ballyclare gets on


territory and some possession, they could confident because problems.


Thank you both very much. Back to anybody in recent years coming back


from a deficit. But they are made of stern stuff in the county of


Antrim. One man to look at is the Ulster vice-president, he will


present the trophy. The second President to come from Ballyclare.


The first was Tommy Lenzie many years ago. He eventually got


Ravenhill to put in floodlighting. So, Methodist College, led by their


skipper, trying to set this up. James Harrison has had a storming


game. And his fellow prop, who helped with that second try, set


this up. David McElhinney. Edgar. Ballyclare continue to make the


first of tackles. Moving forward. And this is the first penalty. This


will be meat and drink for Ballyclare. Absolutely. If


Ballyclare are going to do anything at this stage, they need to defend


aggressively. Methody have no chance but to play into those areas


and bring up that Ballyclare back three. He just gets isolated, he


has had a good game. Ballyclare quickly on to the ball. Posing a


chance to get some much-needed points on the board. The comeback


begins. We shall see. The man in charge of the Ulster Academy. And


the European Cup winner. All those wonderful years ago. Will this be


the start of a Ballyclare revival? Let's hope so. Jonny Holmes


replaces the ball. Does he need somewhere to hold it for him? --


somebody. Huge pressure. And... Jonny Holmes relieving the


pressure! They conceded 17 first- half points and the gap is Down to


14 points. Sure, that is only two converted tries? Absolutely. That


was a nice kick from Jonny Holmes. We can see Jonny Holmes getting a


chance to open his legs a little at this point. He just has not had a


chance, he has not had much ball yet. Ballyclare will want to play


this well away from their own 22. This is closer to the Ballyclare


line. That is a good kick. He just has to spill it. They have come


wind is. It is quite gusty out there. That was quite a good kick,


he had to travel quite a fair bet to come to the ball. And pressure


from the upcoming Ballyclare defence. Jonny Douglas was barely


able to pick that ball up. And go under the sticks. Good play, the


tackling was right and this is another opportunity to try to get


the ball behind this Methody midfield. And there is a problem


with the official communications. Somewhere up in the old stand are


members of the RBAI and Belfast Royal Academy Schools' Cup teams of


exactly 50 years ago, 1962. Captained by Stuart MacRory. And


Arthur Esprit. They had dinner on Saturday night, those who could


make it. Jonny Holmes might be thinking about this, or will he go


for the corner? Decision time, Jonnie Bell. He will try to put it


Down into the 22. That is a great start to that second half from


Ballyclare. Sustained pressure. Well, Jonny Holmes would not be


altogether happy with that. He got it into touch but he just needed to


get it a little bit longer. Ballyclare decide to shorten the


line-out and it has been successful. That was a lovely dummy from the


tight-head prop. Well picked up by Ballyclare. Good driving from Scott


Brown. Here come the boys in red and white. Jordan McKinstry. Now,


Methody's turn to tackle. Douglas. Some obstruction, play on, says the


referee. Ballyclare have one man injured, no, he has only lost his


boot. Darling, up to the 22. Chris Millar gets it away. He has been


impressive. Taking the ball forward. That is good covering defence from


Methodist College. All the McGoldrick. Jack Irvine did not get


very much in the way of ground. And Ballyclare concede the penalty.


Well, now. What do you make of this? The Methodist defence stood


up well. The Haka judged to have held onto the ball on the ground


but Ballyclare will be pleased. Before the game, the coach said he


was worried that the boys would overcook this. And after that first


try, they lost confidence and some of that structure and discipline


that they had. Hopefully, he has had a word with them at half-time


and they have started this second half much better. The line-out for


Methody. Just the five men. Looking for Chris Gracey. And they have


found him. Oh, that is a well organised Methodist College drive.


Rory Winters, the skipper, coming in behind his like her. Here is


Gallagher. Harrison. Into his safe hands. That was a shrill blast of


the whistle from the referee. Will he have a word with somebody? It


looks like Chris Gracey might have some cramp. It does not look like


anything serious, he probably let a scream I didn't because cramp is


pretty horrible. It comes with fatigue early in the second half.


You can see what that drive, Methody are so good, technically.


Here is the first one. This was Rory Winters. Classic line-out and


a very good drive. That was what started the whole thing off.


Technically, to do good. You can see the footwork, able to get over


the line. Good, clean, and the ball presented very well. You can see


James Harrison, straight under the sticks. Again, well done from Ross


Edgar. He deviance the tackle. Three very well-worked tries. Great


structure and patience. They will dine out on that for the rest of


their lives. In 20 years, they will still be talking about this.


Remember when we took the ball inside of her own 22 and to pass to


me and I took it on and be sold a dummy. Dear me! It will go on and


on. They will be insufferable. Here comes Gallagher. Great tackle. What


are thrust from the skipper. That was a very significant piece of


defending from Grant Bartley. And Methody have gone back 10 metres.


But they have kept possession, crucially. Asking for hands to be


taken out of it. Whingers, waiting to assist. Taken on by Harrison.


Edgar. Mark Gribben. He is built like a prop forward. And that was


clever stuff from Methody. Harrison, gets away and he has gone Down. He


has hurt his leg. The referee has gone straight to him. This isn't


good. He just made contact. Perhaps one leg was planted in the ground


when he made the tackle. He has pulled something at the back at his


knee. This is the tackle. He just went Down and started clutching his


left leg. What a great tackle that was. In if you are going to stop


this Methody juggernaut, you need to make those first tackles well.


Grant Bartley, that was a great tackle on James Gallagher. That is


the type of defensive play that Ballyclare did not have in the


first half. Methody were able to get over the line far too easily,


meaning it was the quick ball and that would serve Edgar well and


also get Paddy Colhoun. Yes, much better from Ballyclare. Thankfully,


that Young man has come through. Yes, he seems to be fine. He will


take his place in the second row. Beside Matt Brolly, his great


friend. He scored a try against Armagh in the early stages. We have


played 7.5 minutes. In the second half. Good, solid Methody scrum.


Well-protected. Again, Berkeley taking Gallagher out of things.


Harrison. That was clever hands from the prop. This is better from


Methody. Easier to run the ball into the breeze. That is what they


are doing., Mickey, he scored the third try in the first half.


Harrison is popping up everywhere. Whingers. That was a nice sidestep


from the captain. This is the turnover, this could be interesting.


If they can shift this... Wonderful tackling from Methodist College.


That was really good work from Elliott Mooney, who came in off his


wing. He takes the first tackle. Jonny Douglas. You just feel that


Ballyclare do not want to play too much rugby around the halfway line.


They want to put it Down in the 22. Enterprising. Well done, Rudolf Ben


Ando. Still there for Ballyclare. The skipper. And again. Darling.


Mark Campbell, he made the initial tackle. Can they shift this to the


far side? They bring it inside. The referee has his hand out for the


penalty. I am certain that Ballyclare might look for the posts


just to close that gap. I would say so. You want to take territory but


that was a lovely floated pass over the top that puts Young Peter


Ferguson a way into the right wing. Methody have been judged to be


offside. Again, Ballyclare With the wind at their backs, able to just


keep the ball going through phases and yes, I am not sure what the


decision was. Again, offside. Lovely floated pass. On the outside.


Great tackle. He just slips off. Another injury. Scott bar. He is


having trouble with his left leg. And another penalty attempt from


talented full-back from Ballyclare High School, Jonny Holmes. He has


added a second penalty and there is only 11 points between them. Scott


will have to go off. That means that David Allen welcome on. Very


unfortunate. He recovered from a very nasty shoulder injury to start


this final. But he has got problems with his left leg. And he will


leave the field. Ballyclare might be making two changes. David Allen


is coming on. Jordan McKinstry has come off. Kelly has come on.


Worrying number 18. It just holds up in the wind. Ballyclare will


take the scrum in the middle. They have the option of taking the kick


but the scrum is probably the more likely option. A of though they


have lost the big second-row forward. Jordan McKinstry has come


Johnny Holmes into space down the tackling like a veteran. It is an


illegal turnover by Methodist College. Is the pendulum swinging


in their direction? The momentum has turned towards Barry clear.


They managed to control the ball. - - Ballyclare. Possibly they were


lucky there. Mark Gribben was straight onto the ball. Good pace,


good feet. I think Methodist College could feel harshly done to


there. He has penalised the Methodist number six. The number


eight may have just got off his feet. He will meet to talk to


winters about that. -- need to talk. That a made a nonsense of


that little bit of ground at the far side. I don't think there was


anything to malicious in that exchange. I think the referee is


asking the touch judge if there was anything malicious. Hopefully, the


young man will be back on his feet. I think he is just relax in a


little bit. Is he just winded? -- relaxing. The bounce was untidy.


One of his own players went in there. I don't think there was


anything untoward. No offence taken and no offence meant. Patrick


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Kelvin, who has been on splendid be a card. Mark Campbell went in


far too high with his forearm. The referee is going to have a word


with them. It is not nice to see in a Schools Cup final. But he is


judged to have not used his arms, just using his shoulders. No


attempt at a proper tackle. Rightly penalised. Again, another


opportunity to push the Methodist team back into the 22. He went


straighten with a forearm. The penalty has been given. Johnny


Holmes has put in his best kick to touch so far. Stephen Lindsay with


the man sin-binned. It was rather high and rather unnecessary.


of six points against your opponents when they have a man in


the bin. That could change the Paddy Reid has had a very good game.


He carries well, he's very strong. I fear he felt there was something


that should not have been going on in that break down, but the referee


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


did not say it, so he allowed the again. Nicky Wells and Stephen


Lindsay, and David Wells, in charge of Methodist College were so many


years, will be impressed by that piece of defending. -- for so many


years. Well away by Ross Edgar. Ballyclare will be disappointed to


have not held on to that ball. They needed to be patient and to get


numbers to the ball. Great work in the tackle. Methodist College, so


strong in this department, physical, technically good. Very, very proud.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


They don't want the Ballyclare side Good hands. That was a terrific run


by Dan Bingham. They don't go far from their main carriers. James


Harrison could have been playing 10 today. Obviously, Mark Gribben,


giving them what to go forward. It is a very strong performance from


this team. David Rae has come on for Methodist College. James


Gallagher has gone off. There is a bit of a stoppage because someone


has a bit of cramp. Peter Ferguson has done a lot of running for


Ballyclare, he is the man getting basic errors if you are chasing an


11 point deficit. Time is not on your side. We have played 10


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


minutes of the second half, 20 they have got the penalty. Some


treatment for a key. But it might just be triumphal -- it might just


be cramp. Is this weather conducive to producing a cramp? To you would


have to ask the groundsman. I would not dare ex-could not imagine you


are having got Cram but any stage of your career? Absolutely not. --


a second, we will wait for a while. It is interesting, you talked about


the fine margins. Ballyclare had an opportunity to get into the


Methodist 22. Some moments of indiscipline, and some mistakes


coming into their game, giving them leading the field. -- leading the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Here they come again. Jonny Darling setting this up. That has been


stolen by Methody. Cleared by Ross Edgar. Not by far. Not foreword by


Methodist College and the scrum to Ballyclare. Nearly 16 minutes


played and only 10 of them to go. Another replacement. It looks like


Calder Mickey is being replaced. Richard is coming on. Calder Mickey


is going off. He cannot fault Ballyclare's Endeavour but just a


little bit too predictable. That was good support from Jonny Douglas.


Ballyclare needed this quickly and they are being denied that. This is


the sidestep from the hooker. What great defending from Methodist


College. Coming in from the side. The referee is letting that go. Set


up by Jonny Darling. Chris Millar. Berkeley. Methody need men to the


far side. That is good stuff. Douglas. Surely, if they move this,


they can get in. That was a great tackle from Elliott Mooney. Methody


determined not to have their line crossed, if they can help it.


Ballyclare throwing everything into this and that was terrific Methody


defence. Absolutely. We talked about trying to get that offload


and again, Ballyclare get the ball and the offload, through the tackle,


lovely play from Jonny Douglas. He stands his man up but Methody, you


can see the numbers, desperate not to concede. Lovely line from Jonny


Holmes. And great support from Jonny Douglas. Unfortunately,


unable to reveal that last tackle. Mickey might have been too close to


Douglas. But Methody have done the right thing. They have given it


away. That is good discipline. Harrison rumbles forward. The prop


forward. Set up once again from Methody. And they would just be


content to try to pick up and drive and rumble. Just eight minutes


remaining. Methody are Masters at this type of game, running Down the


clock, getting numbers to the ball. They do not move the ball very past


-- very much past nine or 10. They are big carriers. Patience,


patience, patience. That was a good Methody scrum, well puck-out --


will pick up. -- well picked up. That was good work from Mark


Campbell. He spent some time in the sin-bin. He just hurtles across 22.


Dan Bingham, who has put himself about a bit. Oh dear, there is the


collision. There is a Ballyclare player, absolutely prone. That


isn't looking good at all. They need to get some medical staff.


head prop, Jonny Craig. It is hard to see from this angle. It was very


unfortunate. At any level, but when schoolboys are involved. The


referee has called for a stretcher. And they are bringing on the


paramedics. I am just trying to look at his feet to save there is


any movement. There has not been any movement so far. I suppose, at


schoolboy level... This is the tackle. He just got his head on to


the wrong side. It was Jonny Craig. And he tried to take Mark Gribben,


who is quite hefty, and he tried to ride the tackle. Unfortunately,


Jonny Craig got his head on to the wrong side and he might have hit


his head into Mark Gribben. Hopefully, just precautionary. They


need to make sure that everything has stabilised and they will take


no chances with Young men. He just got his head into the wrong place.


Mark Gribben isn't a small man and when he builds up a head of steam,


he is difficult to stop. Anxious looks on every face. Here at


Ravenhill. Terrific support from Ballyclare. There will not be too


many places open in the town today and given the record of Methody in


the Schools' Cup, this is their 61st final. Behind on inst. Then


Campbell College. And those three big Belfast schools between them


have won the cup outright on 84 occasions, which has twice as many


as the rest of the schools put together. They are greedy. Very


greedy. Nicky Wells and everybody at Methody will be delighted to see


the Schools' Cup coming back. They really feel they have a spiritual


bite to it. And there has been some dust gathering in the trophy


Cabinet. You cannot take anything away from Ballyclare, they came


here with hugely high hopes. But again, a very strong performance


from Methody, particularly up front. To pave the way for what possibly


will be a win. Anxious looks on the faces of the Ballyclare support.


Some of the schoolgirls in the picture. He is in the very best of


hands. He is a former consultant in the Royal Hospital. Nobody better


in the world, if you have any injury. He has looked after me on


many occasions. Hopefully that Young man is talking and conscious.


Nobody wants to see any injury in this. Ballyclare will bring on


James Beattie on the back of this. And the hooker, Matt Brolly, is


already on a failed to take over from the unfortunate Jonny Craig.


James Beattie is quite highly rated in Ballyclare circles. He is only


in his 5th year. Even at this level, they do not hold back at all.


has been strong running and equally strong defence of work and there is


a fine example, the Methody skipper, Rory Winters, picking his man up


and having the good sense to let him Down legally. Good driving work


from big Paddy Reid. You have to be very careful about how you tackle.


It has been a day for the props. Paddy Reid has had a great day. He


has put his best foot forward. And James Harrison has been very good,


at the centre of everything that bet they have been doing. Great to


see these Young men getting a chance to put their name forward to


represent their school on such an occasion, it is fantastic and


everybody can be very proud of what they have done. Ballyclare have had


to wait for a very long time to get here and although they will be


better disappointed, they certainly have not stopped fighting for the


whole game. What is encouraging is if you look at both teams, the


number of representative players, Ulster underrating, Schools' Cup,


underrate teens and under 17 s clubs, they can ply their trade


professionally but a lot of these Young men on not give up rugby


after St Patrick's Day? And that is crucial. You have the interview


before the game, talking about how this team, they have been together


and they toured in New Zealand in 2010 and they are very tight. You


make friendships that will last for a lifetime. I certainly know from


my experiences and Tony will say the same, the moment they have had


in schools rugby has stuck with them all these years. Yes, it is a


special thing to get to the St Patrick's Day final. Not many


people get the opportunity to lift the Cup and it is a great occasion


but you certainly have to take their hats off. Ballyclare worked


their socks off. Dan has done a fantastic job with this team.


having lost your very first Schools' Cup College, to come back


the next year with other fellows with experience of that, to come


back and when, that would have made that all the sweeter? Absolutely.


We played in the Dalian Shield final and we kept that go together.


We were in experienced in the lower 6th here. But we took that


experience in to the following season. Still anxious faces. It has


not been a bad afternoon weather Wise. There is a cloud over this


game, and it is over the health and safety of Jonny Craig. Leading the


field on a stretcher, complete with paramedics. And Lawrence Rockwell,


off to a very warm and sincere round of applause. From a very


caring and concerned and knowledgeable Ravenhill public.


Just a couple of a replacement. Also on his James Beattie. Here,


Ballyclare, have they got anything left? They have some time. They


have six minutes but an 11 point deficit. They may well get three


points from here. Retaken quickly. Good driving from the prop forward.


This is clever. Ballyclare on the front foot, Methody defending. But


they have defended magnificently all the way through. If anybody


deserved a try, it is this man. Harrison gets away with it. A way


they go. This man has been fantastic, Paddy Colhoun. The final


flourish might lie with Methody. This is a great chance for Methody


to run with it. Rudolph Benade. Well taken Down. Still there. The


closest they have been to the Ballyclare line in the entire


second half. They finished with a flourish in the semi-final against


Campbell College, can they do it again against Ballyclare? If they


move this, they must be in. Wonderful stuff. The little offload


and its bills forward. That will give Ballyclare at the scrum.


Connor McKee had the ball. He was not far away. What a thrilling


passage of play. Unfortunately, Ballyclare have another man Down.


This fellow, who made that initial movement, Paddy Reid. That was a


fantastic read -- fantastic run along the touchline. Able to put


this from one side of the pitch to the other. That was a lovely pass


from Mark Gribben. Had he played the inside ball, he uses his feet,


that was great cover tackling... Desperate not to concede at this


late stage. Unfortunately, that was the late knock on from Mark Gribben.


Again, you can see how dangerous this side are. Back in their own 22.


Great defence, fantastic attack. David Lawther coming on to play for


Ballyclare in the front row. Paddy Reid has gone off. He has had a


fantastic day. He can look back on this with great pride. The bardic


their scrummage. I am sure that Methody will really attack this. To


save they can squeeze the turnover. And they have done just that. That


was a good steal from Methody. This time, all they have to do is move


this. The referee says that went forward. Paddy Colhoun has been


worthy of a tried all day and he will be denied. Again, they came


blind. Great defence from James Beattie. He just applied enough


another scrummage to turn the screw? Ballyclare have lost both


prop forwards. We wish Johnny Craig the very best. And Paddy Reid has


says the referee. There may be another twist in this tale. Basic


errors are letting them down. If you have the confidence to go deep,


and you have the skill level tabooed those passes away, you can.


Methodist College have squeezed over. That is the 4th try. It was


Chris Christie, who has made it absolutely certain for Methodist


College. -- Gracey. Ballyclare, simply eased out of it. The


stewards have allowed so many kids to come onto the field, but the


game is not finished. No stewarding whatsoever, which is pretty


dreadful. You cannot blame the Methodist College youngsters for


wanting to come on and applaud their heroes. Somebody managed to


open the gate, and they ran through. No marks for the man in the orange


and yellow coat. It was a fantastic try. Well deserved. I have been


task with the job of picking a man of the match. There have been a lot


of noticeable performances this morning. By Paddy Colhoun,


unbelievably good. James Harrison, and Gallagher. But the man who as


epitomised everything that Methodist College has done well


today, carrying well in difficult circumstances, James Harrison. The


tight roll forward, he has had an outstanding game. It is all over


now. Now they can celebrate. 70 nil at the interval, Ballyclare came


back. -- 17-0. Penalties by Johnny Holmes closed the gap but it was


not enough. Methodist College have won the cup in pretty impressive


style. Ballyclare did their best. Some fundamental errors, and an


early mistakes that probably cost them dear. Try as they did in the


second half, they had to give second best to the side who were


from the outset going to be favourites for this great


competition. Scenes of jubilation. But the owners of the pitch will


not be happy about the pitch invasion. But there is little that


can be done about that. How can you stop delirious teenagers from


coming on and celebrating a victory? It has been an exciting


final. The winds did not have the effect of spoiling the game as it


had in previous years. There is no doubt that Methodist College have


been worthy winners. The final score here, for the 2012 Schools'


Cup, Ballyclare High School, Methodist College, 22. Rory winters


has got his name -- Rory winters is with Thomas. An extremely happy man.


The Campton of Methodist College. Scored the first try of the final.


Are you feeling? It has not really Are you feeling? It has not really


sunk in. So many emotions. someone back home who does not


understand rugby, how much work did you put in to get here? It all


starts at the end of the last season. You are right in at the


German, early mornings, all way through, doing pre-season through


the summer, in the gym, a new are on the pitch doing running, and


then it is Monday-night, early mornings, and it comes together so


well. They the entire student population of Methodist College is


on the feet right now. How does it make you feel? They're waiting for


you to lift the trophy. They are proud. You dream about these


moments when you are going through that first and second year of the


school. To be here is a bit surreal, to be honest. Go on lift the trophy.


Congratulations. Just a quick update on Jonathan Craig. There we


are. The men in the white shirts are in there somewhere, trust me.


They will be celebrating, but his appointment for Ballyclare. Let us


hope that the young man, Johnny Craig, who went off with an injury,


let us hope that he is OK. James Harrison, man-of-the-match, the


prop from Methodist College. Despite Ballyclare in the second


half, huffing and puffing, they could not knock the house down.


awful lot of credit should go to Ballyclare. It would have been very


easy at half-time to roll over. But Ballyclare stood up, manfully. We


were -- they were very impressive. If a knock-on had not occurred,


that try might have come to put them back within one score. But


Methodist College had enough of the end to finish the job. You can see


the difference in the faces. The smiles belong to the white shirts


and the glum faces belong to the red and navy shirts. If they had


got a try after those two penalties, they could have been on the brink


of a great comeback. They should not be too despondent. Obviously,


they will be disappointed, but I thought that Ballyclare were


fantastic. The scoreline may not fully reflect the game. Ballyclare


squandered a couple of chances. Had they been more patient, they could


have converted the Os. But we should not get away from the fact


that it was a Schools' Cup match that was thoroughly enjoyable to


watch. There was a lot of skill and enterprise and commitment. They


should be very proud. You're not in your head in agreement, Tony.


cannot understand how difficult the conditions were. There is a very


strong wind blowing. An awful lot of skill shown by both sets of


teams. Desire and courage, taken for granted, but the skill level


cannot be underestimated. Both teams were prepared to try


something. It was not just reflected by the team's playing,


kicking the ball a way round the lake. We are looking at the losers


getting their medals. Sadly, both of you played in losing finals.


What would you say to those lads today, in the midst of the


disappointment? It will be hard to pick up initially, but it will look


back and reflect and have fond memories of playing here. It was a


packed crowd and a great atmosphere. They will take that with them. It


will be the pinnacle of their career for many of them. Hopefully


some of them will move on. I thought some of the intervals --


individuals were very impressive. Ferguson on the wing showed very


kid's footwork. Lots of pace. -- very good footwork. I thought the


captain came out well. Patrick weeds -- Patrick Read and Johnny


Douglas. All of the Ballyclare guys answered the question put to them


at half-time. For the moment, gentlemen, thank you very much. Mr


Winters and his team are on their way for the trophy.


The medal will be presented by the wife of that the Northern Bank


Chief Executive, the sponsor of the Ulster Schools' Cup, dating back to


1876. He is going to introduce his side. Roaring double Winters, --


Rory winters, talking them through. Methodist College's first final,


the following year, they lost to Armagh and began a wonderful


sequence back in 1878, beating the Royal School in Dungannon to win


their first trophy. Many familiar faces there. I saw Stephen Reid,


the younger brother of the former Chief Executive, Michael Reid, and


son of Ken Read. Clapping pretty generously, is the man who has had


a great season as President, Lawrence Colwell. And it will be a


pleasant task, I'm sure, to hand over this magnificent trophy. The


second oldest rugby trophy in the world, second only to the London


Hospitals Cup, presented to the victorious skipper of Methodist


College. A's and Methodist College, once again, are the Schools Cup


winners. Rory Winters, who started it off with his try in the first


half, is the man who will have the final say. And this will go back to


the bottom of the Malone Road. A few of these boys may well be back


next year to see if they can extend this remarkable Schools' Cup


winning sequence. It will be a wonderful way to round off what has


been a fantastic rugby-playing career. They have won the Schools'


Cup. Here is the skipper. another day, they could have been


lifting the trophy. Well done, boys. Words for the defeated Ballyclare


side. Luger does smiling faces. would like to thank Northern Bank,


the sponsors, who make it what it is with the money they provide and


the backing they give it. Along with the Ulster Bank, everyone here


at Ravenhill, the referees and linesmen. They are the unseen


people who really make this competition what it is for us.


think we can go to Thomas Kane. coach of Methodist College joins me


now. There is almost a Tia Rigg your eye. It is great. I know it is


an old cliche but I'm really pleased for the boys. They are a


great grip. They are complex, but they have been great fun to be with.


For the first half today, they were phenomenal. A result was some


pressure for at Methodist College, because it is your 7th year taking


the senior team to championships. Not bad. A lot of it goes down to


the staff we have at the school, working at junior level. Colin


Martin won the medallion Shield's this year. Hopefully they will come


into the cycle next year. It is the product of hard work -- hard work.


Congratulations. There we are. Great scenes, good


words from Nicky Wells. His father will be here, of course, a winner


of this trophy. Extending their record number of wins to 233. And


it has to be said, when Barry clear were trying to get back into the


game, we have to say something about the Methodist offence. --


Ballyclare. Very sound. It never looked as if it was going to be


breached. That is testament to the way that these guys are coached and


the way that a play for each other. Good commitments. And will all lot


of organisation. Very professional. -- an awful lot of organisation.


There will be great celebrations around marriage -- a Methodist


College and elsewhere tonight. We College and elsewhere tonight. We


can see the 4th try, right at the end. I think this is probably the


difference between the two sites. Methodist College got one


opportunity in the Ballyclare 22 and a ticket. They were very


clinical. They retained possession particularly well. You can see them


driving through, making sure that Ballyclare cannot steal the ball.


It is just powerful playing on It is just powerful playing on


behalf of the forwards. It was well deserved, and I think they showed


that all day long today, how clinical they were. It was akin to


Ballyclare had given everything in the second half and that they came


out of the blocks so quickly in the first half, aided by that very


strong wind but very professional. That was the foundation for quite a


comprehensive victory. What was impressive for Methody is they had


never over-committed to the ruck. They are very clever at spacing and


getting numbers out. When Ballyclare won the ball, you felt


there was something may be on for them but Methody did not over


connect and they soon had more numbers and Ballyclare. As a result,


they were very solid. It is fair to say that as Ballyclare enjoyed


their moment, the last five years, they have been in three semi-finals,


that quarter-final and today, the final. They are on the move? Very


much so. Sometimes the coaching staff do not quite get the credit


that they deserve. This is hopefully something for Ballyclare,


to percolate Down through the years. To see them getting back to the


final again. They are all on the up. Every one of those individuals can


hold their head up high. Today, it has been a great advertisement for


schools rugby. For fantastic. ago, we saw some of the finals at a


slightly predictable. Very one- dimensional. Almost like


professional rugby. We are seeing that evolve and we are seeing sides


winning by playing a very exciting brand of rugby and that is what we


want to see. Yes, some big futures here. Let us tell you about


something we have coming up. You can see Ulster's next Pro12 game


against Treviso in Italy on Saturday. That is on the Red Button.


And the kick-off is at 3:15pm as Ulster try to stay in contention to


finish in the top four. There we are, it has been a very interesting


final today, it was a game of two hands with the very strong breeze


and with four tries, Methody have won by 22 - 6. It could have been


different, Ballyclare tried so hard in the second half, they needed an


early try but could not get it. Methody, tremendous defence, they


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