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Day 3

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Hello and welcome to Snooker Extra, extended highlights of the


first-round Masters match between Trump and Fu. It's -- Judd Trump and


Marco Fu. It's Judd who leads the head-to-heads but Marco will be full


of confidence after a win in December. Your match commentators


are Steve Davies and Dennis Taylor. DENNIS TAYLOR: Judd won the toss and


it's a good break-off. If Marco can see enough of this red


to the right corner, he might attempt the pot.


It takes a while to get used to this table. It's very fast but looks to


be playing beautifully. STEVE DAVIES: Yeah, very responsive. You


don't have to hit the balls too hard to get them where you want. Oh,


straightaway we might have a little bit of an awkward red with that


frame up the other end of the table. Start of an early stalemate it would


have to be said. Looking at the head-to-heads between


these two players, Judd nine, Marco two, trying to work out if there's


any reason for that other than Judd's a great player. Um, yeah,


perhaps Marco doesn't fare as well against an aggressive, bully-type


player? I don't know, really. I haven't got a clue. But obviously


Marco's in form at the moment so that counts for a lot. Well, this


will count for a lot if this goes in. This is a tough shot he's taking


on here. Almost. Now, where's that red going


to finish? Is the green and brown going could tomorrow to his rescue.


It looks like they may have. I think he's covered both those reds.


A bit of a result there. A risky red. He almost pulled it off, as you


can see there, covered both those reds.


And this is a very tricky cutback that Judd's taking on here.


Well-played, though. APPLAUSE


Well, he could have been forgiven for playing some type of containing,


tactical shot there, but he really did play an aggressive shot. This is


no certainty. Red at the bottom of the pack goes


now though, so... I thought he was hampered by it as


well. Well, that was an unexpected mix. He


had to put quite a bit of power on that. He just didn't deliver the cue


there. You can see a -- you can see, as smoothly as he would have liked.


The cue coming off his hand there. Yeah, it's not the greatest part of


his game. No problem for Judd Trump at the


power game. He does get some action on the cue ball, that's for sure.


That was quite a difficult shot he just pulled off there.


I mean the putt wasn't all that difficult, but it's near the pocket


and, you know, the cue action there to draw that cue ball back...


What a fantastic shot that was, and the chance, if he wants to, to go


into the pack here off the side cushion.


APPLAUSE He's got everything he deserved


here. Fantastic shots he's pulled out. I thought for a minute he was


going to go to the far end and stay there.


Well, just with that one shot, he's opened up the whole of the game


here. There's a chance for Judd to knock


in a sizeable contribution here. Quite a difficult thing to do,


especially on a power shot, to keep everything, keep your head,


perfectly still. I think Marco moves a little bit on


the shot when he delivers the cue as well. It's just a mannerism.


He's a pure, natural player, Judd Trump. Just a natural snooker


talent. He's making light work of this,


though. Great to watch. He seems to have got the pace of the


table very quickly. Frame virtually over. Marco, just


that one mistake - you can't afford to miss blacks off the spot. OK, he


was playing it reverse side. There's Judd switching hands. He's very,


very good with his opposite hand as well. Not quite in the league of


Ronnie O'Sullivan, but he is very good with his opposite hand.


Every chance now of making a century. It's going to be very, very


difficult. But it's something he can just concentrate on now.


He's made a few centuries in his career, 422.


He might be able to develop the last red. He could make a century if this


works out. APPLAUSE


Well, what a way to punish your opponent for a basic mistake.


Yeah, the highest break in this year's Dafabet Masters was made last


evening by Stuart Bingham, 132, but he lost to Joe Perry 6-1. But what a


start for the Juggernaut, as they call him. You know, and even though


the game of snooker, you're playing against the table, not your


opponent, it does seem sometimes against certain opponents you have a


good record and some you don't. Perhaps Judd fancies the job today.


That's century Number 10 in this year's Masters.


APPLAUSE Doesn't matter about the blue. He


got one chance and that was all he needed and that magnificent century


break gave Judd Trump the opening frame. It's 1-0.


There might just be a gap between the blue and pink to flick the reds


and get back down the table. He could have left something a lot


easier than this. It's a horrible situation for Marco


Fu. I'm not too sure what he can do, really. Very low value trying to cut


this red and I don't think he can hold for the black. He might, as


long as he can get his cue down long enough, perhaps he's got a chance. I


thought he was going to have to jack up in the air. He's just about done


it. That would have been very difficult,


had he been up in the air on that shot.


We were talking about his Scottish Open win in the final against John


hilliness. 4-1 down and won eight frames in a row to beat John 9-4.


And John, one of the form players of the season, well, he really is a


superb player, Marco. Still a couple of potential banana


skins going about this break. He's had to play two reds on the top


cushion. Not so much of a pocket to aim for along a cushion, obviously.


He'd like to be high on this black. He doesn't really want to be


straight. He's made four maximum breaks in his


career, Marco. I'll never forget his first Masters


in Scotland. The Scottish Open, I think it was. He won a motor car and


he hadn't even got a licence. Once again, he's not greatly on this


black. If he'd been further up the table on a couple of occasions, it


would have helped him out no end. Now he's got to possibly play a


slightly riskier shot. Got a flick on the red but it was difficult to


get high on that red from that position, as you see.


-- as you can see. It's difficult to get speed on the cue ball from


there. He's got the red into the yellow pocket. This would now be a


147 chance if this goes in. Now the crowd acknowledge this is a


potential chance for a maximum with the round of applause they gave him.


He doesn't have to go into the pack that quickly here.


There's a few reds that, when potted, will open up paths for other


reds. He's left himself a bit straight on the black on a few


occasions. I think he knew immediately. Just


watch his head. He knew straightaway. He was up. He knew he


didn't hit that one correctly. And every chance of the counterattack


now. You could see what that miss meant


to Marco there. But he's left himself awkward here.


It looks to be pretty straight. This is the sort of shot Marco missed in


the opening frame, screwing back, reverse side - probably a little bit


more difficult than that. I know it's a very responsive cloth,


but he made that look very easy indeed.


He's obviously cueing well. He's walking around the table, looks very


focused. If that red, the bottom of the four, goes, that opens things up


nicely. A bit too far? He's not... He's got the slightest of angles and


the red he didn't quite get on - he's got to punch it in to get to


the correct angle, which he has done, and he's played that


perfectly. He's on it this time. How well did he strike that? As you


mentioned a long time ago, the reds were all clearing each other, Steve,


and it's proving the case. He didn't have any cannons to play. As one was


potted, it left a path for another. Excellent shot to get high on that


red. Doesn't need to collide with any other balls here.


This could be an early turning point in this match, because Marco looked


to be well on his way to taking his way, concentrating on All Blacks.


Apart from that one shot he played, where he misjudged the pace, most of


the time, he's been very controlled. Now he can be low on the red to go


up the table for one of the Bob Hawke colours. He's a massive


favourite in this frame now. A big steal.


What a frame to pinch this is. He looked so good. Certainly in that


opening frame, he's cueing really well.


Well, what a cracking frame of snooker this second frame is turning


out to be. Marco Fu on all blacks. Missed one and Judd Trump stepped in


and cleared the remaining balls with that magnificent break of 87 and now


he leads two frames to nil. Bit of a weak break-off from Judd


Trump. Got to be a little bit careful though, Marco. He's got to


pot this because there is a gap round the back of the black, but he


could cannon into a red. He has to pot this, you would feel.


He just missed that. You would say he's OK but with Judd Trump at the


table, you're never sure. You can see the red wobble in the jaws. This


one he's looking at is very, very difficult. This red is a long way up


the cushion, really, to be powering it in. He had a little look at it


but I think he's probably choosing the right now now, the safety.


You see that movement to our left, which makes his cue go across to the


left as well, across the face of the ball, amazing how that happens.


Yeah, one of the great Welsh players - we'll just show you the movement


to the side - but one of the great Welsh players used to move forward a


little bit, Doug Mountjoy. He's Welsh players used to move forward a


too well at the moment, Doug. If you're watching, get well soon. I


know he likes to go to Mark Williams's club and practise every


day. He's not the best at the moment. I'm sure he'll bounce


straight back, knowing Doug. I'm not too sure what he was doing


there. Very aggressive. Was he going for the pot? He misjudged it by some


way. He hit it far too thick. Perhaps the yellow was the way


forward. It would be nice if the pink doesn't


spot for Marco. That's his answer.


Mustn't be touching that red. When the balls are set up at the start of


the match with the triangle of balls and the red at the apex of the pink,


that almost mustn't be touching. Interesting, isn't it? You always


are, Steve, very interesting. That was a pretty poor positional shot


from Marco. He was trying to get on the blue but he left himself


straight on the blue. Can he make a better job of it this time? Decides


to roll through for the black. If he has angle, he might get up to


a red but look at that - he's going to have to force this one in. That's


the trap that no snooker player likes. Oh, he did well there.


APPLAUSE We say that sometimes Marco lacks a


bit of power. He got it all right there on that shot.


He's given himself a chance to keep this going.


Albeit with a spider. I think the thing that stands Marco


in good stead and has done throughout his career - he's got a


fabulous temperament. But that's a shocker he's played there. The only


possible way of keeping the break going now is, as we show you the


poor positional shot - in fact, the double is not even on. If he'd had a


chance, he could have doubled the red and wouldn't have left anything.


What has he spotted? Not a plant coming to the rescue, surely? Oh,


what a bonus this is. What a bonus if this goes in.


And there it is. APPLAUSE


A lot lucky, really. I wouldn't have known that plant was on. Now he


looks to be in a nice position to try and make amends for that last


frame. Judd will be sitting in his chair a bit aggrieved, really.


He's got to take full advantage now of that little bit of good fortune


when suddenly the plant appeared. He doesn't want to do what he did in


the previous frame. A nice little nudge with that last


shot to get the pink into the action as well. He's increasing his


positional possibilities. Well, you've got to fancy him in


from -- him from this position, Dennis. He'd have to do something


careless, or have a kick, or be unlucky.


Not hanging about. Just coming up to the half-hour mark and the third


frame is almost over. There you see it. 64 ahead. One more


red and anything above the yellow will be enough to leave Judd needing


a snooker. Just a quick glance at the scoreboard. The white ball


trundled on a couple more rolls than he wanted.


CROWD GASPS He had a bash at that. I don't think


he needed to. It seemed like he hit that harder than he needed to. I


don't... I couldn't agree more, Steve. He


didn't even get enough screw on it. No wonder he was shaking his head.


Is he going to pay for that mistake? It's not as easy this time. He's


still a strong favourite the way the balls are situated, but the frame


should have been over. Well, this would be a steal. Not so bad with


these reds on the left-hand side cushion for Judd Trump being a


left-hander. Obviously, Marco Fu is hoping they'll cause a problem.


He's only one or two good shots away from making this a relatively easy


clearance. Played for the open red there and


probably going to leave himself an angle to knock that second red away.


Well, every ball going into the middle of the pocket at the moment


is looking very confident. And now, as long as he gets a good


angle on this pink, he should be able to swing across nicely for the


red in the corner, screw back for the blue.


He wasn't on the pink properly. He thought he had an angle.


If he can get nicely anywhere near the circle, with being a


left-hander, he'd be perfect and he's got an angle on the brown to


get over to that position. This looks pretty good. It looks


very good. APPLAUSE


Well, I said Marco Fu had a terrific temperament. If he loses this frame,


what a test that will be, because he should have won this frame and he


should have won the frame He's played this very nicely. That


was the only thing that could have gone wrong there, that blue to


yellow. I say the only thing. Other things


obviously can, but the way he's cued so far, he's made very light work of


this. And this is a massive steal, so much more than the last frame.


He looks very comfortable on the table.


There'll be one more frame before the mid-session interval. Marco's


going to need that badly. He hasn't lost this one yet, but you can't see


Judd making a mistake the way he's cueing. It's just straightforward.


Well, knowing the significance of this frame, you could be forgiven


for being a bit nervous but so far not too much nerves, a bit out of


position. Just this black. Well, it's happened again.


Marco Fu had a break of 64, missed a sitter of a red and had to watch


Judd Trump come to the table and clear up and take the third frame.


It's 3-0. I mean, it's been so fluent. Look at


this - average shot time, just confirming it there, 13 seconds.


There's the average frame time, just over 11 minutes.


And Judd's had a century, Marco 64. Five breaks over 50 in three frames.


It's not like Marco's not been at the able. Look at the pot success


rate, Steve. 97%. He's got a bit of a problem here.


It's a double kiss if he plays safe. What a great shot that was - a


fantastic effort. In some ways, you had to sacrifice possibly running


through but there's a lot of pressure on Marco Fu all of a


sudden. So this red, even though on other occasions, it would be pretty


guaranteed, oh, he's made light work of that. Not just potted it, but got


enough of an angle on the blue that should he want, he can go into the


pack right-hand side of the pink, could open them up, or there is the


loose red at the bottom of the pack. His choice. He's playing for the


loose one. I'm not going to start arguing with


Marco. He's a winner. A lot of players would have gone straight


into the pink there. But, as I mentioned earlier, he's


made 435 centuries in his career, so he knows how to break-build.


This is tough, going into them from here. There's another one still


available, so that helps. But after this one, it's going to start


getting more difficult. Yes, quite a tight pack. And whilst


he couldn't have guaranteed a split from the blue, it's not a guarantee


off the black either. I'd be happy to see that red come


over the middle. And he'll be happy to see a little gap to cue between


the reds. He's not hampered. Plenty of action on this one while it kept


spinning. For a while, it looked like he was going to be in trouble.


So what Marco Fu has obviously got to do is try and win this frame in


this visit. Wary of the fact that Judd Trump is


chomping at the bit for a counter-punch. It's nice if this red


goes next to the pink. 3-1 at the mid-session interval. You


know, he wouldn't feel all that bad because he knows he could quite


easily have won the last two frames. I mean, he made a break of 56 and


lost that, and then 64 and lost the previous frame. It's just cutting


out the little mistakes that he's been making. He hasn't made many


mistakes but they've just been so costly the way Judd's playing.


Topspin applied and he's not hampered. He's OK.


This could turn out to be an absolute cracking match.


Yeah, all of that match play temperament that Marco Fu showed in


coming back against John Higgins he's going to need today.


He's showing an awful lot of character here, isn't he? After


what's just gone before in the previous two frames. So he's been in


first in - well, all three frames. APPLAUSE


That's the frame safe and now he can settle down.


It's going to be roughly 45 minutes for four frames. That's going some,


yeah? If someone said, "How's it going,


Marco?" And he said, "I made breaks of 56, 64 and a possible century,


but I'm 3-1 down." Tough game. Yeah. It remains to be seen whether those


two frames that Judd Trump stole will come into the equation at the


end of the match. One thing is for certain, though -


Marco Fu the balls. APPLAUSE


He's looking every bit as fluent now.


Brilliant from this man. He can't beat the highest break of the event


but still nice to clear the lot. Marco playing a bit of an exhibition


shot there. I can't wait for the second half of


this match. Absolutely fantastic from Marco Fu.


And he looks a bit pleased with himself and so he should be. That


magnificent play there takes him to the mid-session interval but he


trails three frames to one. So far in this match, nearly all of


the unforced errors have come from Marco Fu. He's still potting nicely.


APPLAUSE That brown's nicely over the pocket.


Yeah, it was a poor safety shot from Judd, it has to be said.


That's not the best kiss in the world.


I suppose he had to play it that way.


Didn't have to try and shift everything around and these are not


certainties. A bit wider on the blue than he


wanted, so not trusting to luck this time by going into balls. He's going


to try and keep in open play. He's lost the cue ball a bit there.


I'm sure he wanted to be on the one to the left of the table. Perhaps he


was going for these two down the right-hand side.


He'd be short of pace on those. Good recovery pot, but the wrong


side of the blue. But that red to the left of the bunch is on for him,


if he screws back a couple of feet. Beyond that, as you can see, is the


left side of the blue line there so he has to leave


Yeah. The only trouble with this is a cue ball in this break's been


doing a bit more mileage than he would have wanted.


Trying to get the right side of balls from distance is a bit harder


than when you're close in. Once again, looks to be a bit short on


the blue. A worse scenario is straight.


Can he get to the black? Talked himself into playing that


with a bit of right-hand spin, trying to twist the black in, very


tight. Yeah, I mean trying to play that


with a trace of side was very difficult. He could have rolled the


blue in, you know, and left the red between the blackspot and the black


there - he could have left that. It would have been a tricky pot but he


was asking a little bit much to just bend it slightly to create that


potting angle on the black. Not much Judd Trump could do with


that shot other than get it down the table. Got the pace wrong.


Marco doesn't pot it and now, Judd Trump, should he wish to, can open


the reds up a bit more. You get the feeling that -- feeling that Judd


only needs one chance in a frame. This looks like a good safety shot.


I don't know if he's completely carried it.


Marco can come down the right-hand side of


be careful. This red could sneak out over the left corner.


It almost went right over the corner, as you predicted, Steve. But


look at the cue ball. The length on that is terrific. That is a big


pocket, if he can't get through, to cut the one in that's near the


pocket. The other one is a biggish pocket. But look where the cue ball


is. But there's no easy safety, so he'll have to attempt. He's come up


to look at exactly how this red is lying over the pocket. But you feel


as if he's got a big margin of error on that red that's a bit further up.


But he's playing the safety, or possibly the shot to nothing.


He's got a good cue ball if it keeps running. Oh, what a shot this is!


APPLAUSE That's a fascinating situation,


isn't it? Perhaps the Judd Trump of old would have automatically got


down and played the big pocket shot, as we would call it in the game, but


Judd is showing some maturity and perhaps just waiting for a better


chance, not... Panicking at the first opportunity. And he's put the


pressure on Marco here. Can Marco lay on the pack? It's not much of a


pack. difficult to get through to the red


that is over the pocket. He is trying to see if he can come off a


couple cushions but this is so tough here. It is not a bad effort if he


misses the pink, it might be in the pocket though but it is not a bad


effort. How has he not hit the red and knocked on into the pocket. It


is going to be called. The ultimate miss there. If anything wasn't a


miss it was that. Of course, it is a miss. Can he find that angle again.


It is going to be difficult. The referee is allowed to not call a


misunderstooder those circumstances but the modern-day way is that you


automatically call it. He has got it this time and he has got away with


it. Well, almost got away with it. This red will pot. Not easy but it


will go. All of a sudden - I say it wasn't


easy and all of a sudden from being in a terrible position Marco is back


at the table and in with a chance. I think the reason he did get away


with it was Judd Trump was expecting an easy opportunity with that and


all of a sudden he comes to the table with a bit more pressure on


him than he thought was possible. That is the first relatively easy


ball I think Judd has missed. But that escape of Marco's he lad to go


so close to the -- he lad to go so close to the pink to have any chance


of hitting the red. That was pinpoint accuracy. You won't see a


better escape than that. Watch how close he goes to the pink


here. Just slides past the pink. Amazing.


This is his third attempt to win this frame in open play. You'd


expect him to convert this chance. Just about getting the right side of


the colour. Looked a bit lazy that cue ball as it came back.


Well, he's carrying on where he left off before the mid-session interval


is Marco. As I say, he showed an awful lot of character after losing


two frames where he made breaks of 56 and 64 to bounce back with 130.


This is the longest frame of the match so far but the balls did go a


little awkward. I think he didn't panic when he was


3-0 down because of what he did to John Higgins in the Scottish Open


final. That's always going to be in the back of your mind so you don't


tend the panic and he didn't. It's two in a row to just be one behind.


I did mention before the mid-session interval I thought this could be an


absolutely cracking match. It could prove to be because they're both


playing really well. Both 95% with their pot success rate. Terrific


stuff. This crowd's been royally entertained here in the Aly Paly


this afternoon. They've currently got the same pot


success rate, although it doesn't feel like that for some reason. It


feels like Marco has made more mistakes.


That's another fabulous clearance there from Marco Fu. Breaks of 130


and that break of 88 - he is only one behind now and it is 3-2 to Judd


Trump. He hit that so thick, he should have


been behind the yellow again. What damage has he done here? You have to


say even though there is a lot of red clustered at the top of the


table it is a chance for 5-2. Not that. Oh, OK. Marco's hope is


that after messing his shot up - I don't think he even hit the right


red - he's just going to hope that because there is a big traffic jam


up the top that Judd Judd doesn't get a good result off this shot.


Well, there's always plenty of traffic jams around Alship Paly, not


far off the North Circular. He has a red in the top corner and that pink


is begging to be potted so he has an escape route for this jam.


He didn't take any time at all to work that shot out. Looped it around


the black and all of a sudden it has opened up into a genuine


frame-winning chance. Wasting no time at all. Amongst the


balls he seems to be supremely confident.


First minor mistake. That will be a bit further away from this red but


you can't really call it a true mistake. This red is far enough away


from the cushion that he won't have any problems potting it. The


positional play's a little bit more difficult.


Just lost the cue ball. It's the type of situation reminiscent of a


shot Alex Higgins played in that magnificent clearance against Jimmy


White in '82. Pot the blue to the side cushion and then screw back to


the top cushion but he has got a much easier pink. If it goes in


positionally anyway. It goes in, great shot. He's lost the cue ball


though. APPLAUSE


I think that shot wasn't available to him the Alex Higgins special, he


was Hamped by all the other reds and colours. He would have had to lean


over them. Mean while. He only just dropped the pink and because he


dropped it, it hasn't don't far enough. That is very tight. He


talked himself into it. For a minute - I don't think it goes Dennis, it


really doesn't go. I'm telling you it doesn't go. I believe you, Steve,


I believe you. He's never going to play it.


Well - trouble is, I'm not sure what other shots he plays.


He will have a play a safety shot to there. Whatever he decides he is a


strong favourite because he is 59 in front. He only needs a red and any


colour. A bit short paced but... APPLAUSE


Makes it a bit easier for Marco Fu to put in a good safety.


Things in - ooh, a nasty flick. Nice for Marco. Just got to be a wee bit


careful if he is going to land on these reds because he could leave a


pot on. If he plans to just nestle on one of the reds to the left, you


can see that is the snookering shadow you are looking at there. If


he just nestles on one on the left side of the table he can leave one


along the cushion. Just got to be a wee bit careful here.


I think I'd rather play it slow than put any pace in. He has the black


tied up as it is. This way he could shift the black out.


Although he might not be able to control the cue ball. Not to his


liking. That green's a bit of a problem, perhaps. He stunned it


enough to miss the green. The crowd like it. Marco won't. It


came a bit too far. How's your luck, Marco? He could


have done without missing the pink and coming up and just merging the


black, he would have been OK. He looked as if he was going to get


straight down and try and cut this in but he's had second thoughts


because this is just a massive frame for him. He has to win this 5-2,


very little chance. If he is going to play the safety shot he really


should play the one on the left of the table, I think, because that


clears and opens the black a bit better. So the black's availability


to the right corner... I think I preferred the other safety shot.


That's a terrific return from Judd Trump though.


APPLAUSE that's where his game really has


improved, Steve. His safety game has certainly improved. That's


effectively where Marco could have put Judd, I think. It is tough. Can


Marco sort it out? This has got to be thin. There's the danger of the


thin one. Has he got the blue coming to his rescue? Yes.


Judd's seething at the moment thinking he has got away with that.


Judd is actually saying, "That's just lucky." Put the red right over


the pocket. That's a fantastic shot.


APPLAUSE That's a pretty good one as well.


APPLAUSE Exceln't judgment of pace there from


Marco. On these very fast tables the cue ball just lazily gets back


before the ball climb. It's just kept itself away from that


corner pocket enough to at the very least give Marco a problem. Might he


be possibly tempted for the double here? Yeah. It is a thin one, is it?


Good shot. APPLAUSE


What a brave double although he is only -- he is only left the red he


is missing because he played the cue ball in a clever way. We have seen


Judd steal frames, this will be another one.


This is the key shot. He could bring both reds into play. He would


certainly love to develop one of them into a nice potable position


but make sure. Don't take your eye off the


This is a tricky little one. He is close to the red. He can drop it in,


the black is available. He has to fully commit and just roll this


along the cushion. This is such a key shot. This is 4-3 or 5-2


arguably. But this is the important mopping


up, the ones you're expected to get. Well, earlier in the match in frame


two and three Marco had to sit in his seat and watch Judd Trump clear


up and pinch both frames. And Judd Trump will be sitting in his chair


thinking that Marco Fu's got away with this. That one red he left over


the pocket and just got a fortunate snooker behind the blue. Couldn't


have accounted for that. That's the difference. He has got to clear that


from his mind because he is still playing great snooker. Tough at the


top. Well the stand yard continues. He


has just gone a little bit too far. We have taken it for granted they


are potting all these colours but the tension is there. The tricky


little one is the brown to blue. He is leaving himself distance, not


enough angle to go around the table. So lifeline for Judd Trump.


He did pretty good with that but this is still the finish one.


What another cracking frame of snooker! These boys are treating us


to some fabulous snooker here this afternoon. They are keeping


themselves right in this year's masters. Marco Fu is only one behind


now, 4-3 to Judd Trump. I'm certainly enjoying every minute


of this match. The breaks have been fantastic. Judd Trump has had 182,


39, 53 and Marco has had 56, 64, two frames he lost and he has had 130,


88 and 58. Brilliant stuff. He has come up a little bit short and maybe


the red's going to come to his rescue. I don't think he can get


through to the one you can barely see there. He can.


I'm not sure what Marco is looking at here. He has to be careful with


it. I think he is going to play off the side cushion to keep the white


ball in the jaws of the top corner pocket and just checking whether he


fancies Judd's going to go for a pot. He has changed his mind. This


doesn't look very good. He has overhit it, I think. No, he is OK.


He thought he'd overhit it. Perhaps that does go, I don't know. He has.


A genuine chance. It is a bit easier than I thought it was first glance.


Judd will be disappointed he missed that. He has made a great effort to


get position on the black as well. Psychology plays such a big part in


the game of snooker. Judd would have been thinking in the last frame,


"I'm going 5-2 in front here." It looked odds on he was going to do


that and then all of a sudden he is back and he is just one in front. It


is just keeping yourself sitting in your chair in the correct, positive


frame of mind. It needs an awful lot of work mentally to be able to do


that. I'm thinking this whole match,


Dennis, I don't want to bring it up really, but I don't think we have


had one kick. Can't think of one, can you? The balls have been playing


wonderfully. The table is in good condition. I don't think it has been


a problem throughout the tournament so far. Once the players start


trusting the balls to this level the stand yard could go through the


roof. I think the stand yard from all the players has been superb but


they are the top 16 players in the world. You are playing a one-table


venue, no distractions. That's why we're seeing such a high stand yard.


That -- standard. That's why we are seeing some terrific crowds so far.


We are only in day three and the place has been packed most days.


They love their snooker in this part of the world but, of course, we have


met people from all over the country that have attended from different


parts of the world also. A heavy contact there but he is OK.


I told you not to mention, kick. That is the first one, I think.


Obvious ly as the table gets more and more finger marks and roughed up


they may have an effect. The table is brushed and ironed -


well at least brushed - in the interval.


Highest break here of the tournament. He won't necessarily be


thinking about that. He has the frame on his brain.


Didn't get that ideally right but he got the gap. Perfect! Couldn't have


asked for better. Her's a prediction, even with that


red on the side cushion it looks pretty acute into the middle pocket.


Highest break of the tournament coming up now. That's a big


prediction, Steve. The way he is playing you wouldn't put it past him


but the main thing is to secure the frame and get himself back all


square and from 3-0 down. That is quite an achievement. But this high


standard continues. Marco just had a quick glance round


and he knows if he pots this red Judd will need a snooker.


132 is the highest break this year. Stew yart Bingham got that last wake


when he ended up losing 6-1 to Joe Perry.


I don't suppose losing 6-1, you'd be disappointed, but he had a new baby


daughter on Saturday so he would have been glad to get back home,


Stuwart Bingham to see Michelle and Marney Rose, his lovely daughter


that was born on Saturday. Not great on the black.


Best he could do there. So lost ideal position. Can he hold for the


blue? Too wide for that. So a lower scoring colour, dropping a few


points. While he is mopping these up, it is


getting to the stage where he may make the highest break of the event


but it may not end up staying that. A nice little prize for the high


break, ?10,000. Possibly a 136. Well, there is


another mag tiff sent, sentry. It is Marco's second -- magnificent,


century. It is Marco's second. That's not great. Can he recover the


situation? It is going to be difficult now.


That is 12 centuries so far on day 3.


Not quite, what a shame. A fabulous effort and that century break has


got the man from Hong Kong all square. It is 4 frames each. What a


match. REFEREE: Thank you, settle down


please now. It is nice to have the atmosphere


and a bit of noise in between frames but not on the shot. It was tried a


few years ago to play the game of snooker with lots of noise during


play. It doesn't work at this game. I'm not sure what happened there.


Did he just take his eye off it slightly? He was only dropping it in


and walked away very quickly. Let's just have a look. He was


playing a delicate little canon and we have seen that quite a few times,


the player just takes their eye off a the pot. This could really open


this up. There is plenty of loose reds but knowing Judd he will try to


open even more of them up. Just depends. He's certainly done that,


that's for sure. Great shot from Judd Trump there.


Knowing full well it wasn't guaranteed position off a ball in


the jaws of the pocket anyway. Decided to be highly


once again, this shot as well. Opening more reds up and now look at


them. Two shots later he has got the frame at his mercy.


Absolutely dead straight as you can see but not a problem for Judd.


He knew he was going to back contact with that red when he screwed back


but it was thin enough. Judd Trump marks the balls. He looks


to be in fantastic form. We still have no real idea about the outcome


of this match but how often do you play so well? How often do you play


so well with still the potential to come unstuck. I'd have to say I


think he has the edge over Marco Fu today but the frame scores don't say


that. You say that but if you think about


a couple of blacks that Marco's missed that's cost him he could have


already won the match, that is how well he has played even though he


has made a few elementary mistakes. They have both put on an


unbelievable display for us here this afternoon. It really is a treat


to watch and another break of over 50. There has been a break of over


50 in every single flame. -- frame. A bit short of pace but he only


needs this and a colour. He would be delighted with the


outcome of that. It was a little bit risky. Could have easily gone in off


there. If he'd have caught that red a fraction thicker.


That's to win the frame. APPLAUSE


arguably this is to win the frame. Absolutely stunning this snooker


we're watching here this afternoon. It's been a fascinating match in as


much as Judd is just drilling them but Marco has been playing great


rear guard action, really digging in. Even though it has been all fast


and furious it is a clash of styles to some degree. Different storylines


unfolding. Marco's made two centuries in this


match so far. Judd Trump, now that he has moved that red has a chance


to make his second century break. You just run out of words to


describe what we are watching here this afternoon.


Judd made 40 centuries last season and he has made 34 so far this


season. APPLAUSE


That's the 13th century in this year's Dafabet Masters.


There's a bit of naughty snooker from Judd Trump. He is not going to


bother with the black. What a fabulous response from Judd Trump. A


beautiful century break and he gets himself back into the lead but he


still needs one more. It is 5-4 to Judd Trump.


Perhaps he was playing to shift the black. I think he was playing the


big pocket. Is the cross double on? It could


possibly the arm. He is looking at the pot. It is far too risky but the


cross double could be on. He could play the safety shot as well. He is


now coming around to look at that. There you go. Not too sure if that


really helps but he sort of lines to telegraph what I'm trying to do,


just in case it goes in, it's not a fluke.


Here it comes. Yeah, but look at the cue ball. Didn't want the canon on


the brown. Is there a possible long-range


two-ball plant. Has Judd just seen it? There it goes. He has the shot


to nothing and possibly getting in behind the brown.


A bit short of pace. Perhaps he was hoping if he potted it, he'd get


position. That's aggressive. This is a bit dangerous. I thought


he was playing the other red. I take that back. Great shot. I thought he


was playing the red below. That was going to push towards the black.


APPLAUSE Yeah, that's a beauty. He has


blocked off a path back to the safy zone. -- safety zone.


It is not great to have to play into this left-hand corner and leave the


cue ball in the jaw because there are reds that do pot into the right


middle. Not nice. Judd may be coming off the


top cushion here with a bit of side to try and flick a red and get back


down the table. That is an option he has been looking at. He is standing


down the line of this. He can have a couple of goes at it.


He has got a fair chance of getting this right. Excellent job.


APPLAUSE A bit more pace and it would have


been excellent. This is a possibility.


APPLAUSE It has come too far. He couldn't


keep that cue ball from trundling down. Well, the black, Dennis, and


then the white ball is going to do some work. It is going to go up and


down the table, if he makes sure of the pot and doesn't canon the green


it will come back up towards the red but it is a thin one but he will


take it on. He has the easy red behind the brown but he can't refuse


this black. I don't think you can play it slow. He is. Danger. Great




Very unlucky with that kiss. That's a tough shot to play that. It could


easily have gone offline that. A nasty kiss has left this shot


missable. APPLAUSE


One could pot here and one good positional shot and he could be


right in amongst them. There is the pot and this looks pretty good. It


needs to pull up a little bit to leave that red straightish. He has


played it perfectly. APPLAUSE


Marco Fu has played some fantastic pressure shots and played them just


stroking the ball in, which is much easier to power or puncture a


pressure shot in. But he is supremely confident coming off the


back of that victory in Scotland. What a match this would be for him


to win. Really up against it for most of the day. Well, what a frame


this would be for him to win to take it into the decider. You just don't


know how it is going to go. A bit fiddly around the back of this


red. Or in between red and black. No, around the back.


I'm not too sure he is ideally placed, is he? Perhaps it is a bit


straighter than it looks. Yeah, he can screw it back in.


APPLAUSE Any wider and he would have


struggled. A great opportunity. Judd Trump first in in this frame.


He messed up an ideal position so he can't complain. It has been punch


and counter punch all day long. Yeah, I thought Judd was going to go


on and clinch the match but he missed the black off the spot. He


hasn't missed many in this match but he got that all wrong.


Just the pace took that into the pocket. Any harder and it would have


wobbled and stayed out. Let's look at this just going in off the jaw


there. It is not a clear run to the winning


post in this frame. What sort of angle has he got on the


black? It looks perfect. He doesn't like it. I thought - I


thought that went but perhaps not. He's not ready yet. I don't think he


is in position yet. He is just judging it. He played one earlier


where he thought he could pot the black but he hit the red before the


black. Well, if it is this tight, it is a big decision to risk playing it


because he ideally would like to play that red by the pink to free


it. This red does pot but not from the


position he was in. If he plays a bit higher up the table he will be


able to pot it easily. It is too difficult to go into the explanation


for that but if he plays it shorter - he decided not to. He's got the


flick. The cue ball has just enough power.


Justice red really. You would expect him to get on a colour.


Oh kick, but he's still got the pot. He is relieved. What a way that


would have been to have lost a match in the masters because that kick


almost spoiled things for Marco Fu but somehow with the kick the red


still managed to get into the pocket. He thought he'd missed it


when he got the heavy contact. The reason why...


APPLAUSE The reason why I think he got the


pot was because he put a bit of right-hand spin on it, which can


sometimes negate the kick, so to speak. That is one of the reasons


why sometimes you don't play cuts with plain ball. I will tell you one


thing, Steve, the two boys in the studio will have a big, big smile on


their face because they both predicted 5-4 either way. One of


them is going to be right. Well, one of these players is going to lose


this match and whichever one it is, is fully justified in going outside


and smashing their head against the wall because it has just been such a


fantastic game. An exhibition-type shot from Marco Fu. This has been a


delight. I have enjoyed every single minute. What a standard they have


produced. They have both had two century breaks. Judd had a chance to


close the match out. Doesn't matter about the pink. It is the man from


Hong Kong is still in it. He takes that frame with that break of 80. We


are all square. 5 frames each. You can't beat a decider.


What a reception both players got when they had the traditional


handshake before a final-frame decider. Not the best break-off from


Judd. Where's the red going? Where is that


red ball? Wow, what a fluke that is.


REFEREE: Settle down please, thank you.


Amazing. That type of shot isn't necessarily Marco Fu's strength. He


had to hit that pretty hard. It was fairly straight and what an


opportunity. Do you remember a shot like that, Steve, many moons ago at


the Crucible Theatre. Chris Thorburn went on to -- played that shot and


went on to make the maximum break ever at the Crucible Theatre. Judd


Trump had first opportunity in the last frame to clinch the match. Now


it is Marco's turn. He has a long way to go. He has only potted a


couple of balls but it is a chance. The cue ball trundled on a little


bit more than he would have wanted. They're certainly not going into the


centre of the pocket. I'm looking at his head and body language, he is


definitely not on it. If he'd been a bit straighter on that black he


could have played it with a bit more force. He chose to play the soft,


controlling canon into the pack but the cue ball just snuck behind the


red. That is the way he likes to do it but most players would have


played it with a lot more pace and that wouldn't have happened there.


No, different styles of break building. You can't say that Marco


Fu is a slouch in the break-building department. He remind me of the


greatray Reardon the way he breaks those. Ray used to be like that,


six-times world champion. REFEREE: Marco Fu 22


APPLAUSE Judd comes back to the table a lot


earlier than we expected or would have hoped for.


I'm just thinking there if Marco had have gone on to win the match after


that fluke, it wouldn't have been very fair really but that is the way


the game can go at times. Marvellous. He didn't waste any


time. Picked out a shot to nothing. Deliberately played short of the


ball climb as well giving himself another opportunity.


He has potted eight out of 10 long pots this afternoon. This red at the


back of the bunch is available. The black's on for the right corner. He


missed a similar one but he was putting more pace into it before. He


has gone fractionally to that left drawer but always in. Can he get


himself on that red next to the black because that would clear the


black spot area completely? Where the white is at the moment, if he


was there he would be on that red and he has an angle to stun in and


leave that red on. He is just looking at other options but he'd


like to get that red out of the way if he could. He is trying to work


out a way he can go about this break without playing a canon into the


pack from the black, I think. Sometimes when the reds are all


apart from each other a canon into the pack is not as easy to predict.


That's not great. He just about got out from that black cushion. So, big


shot. I think he can just drop this in and gate canon and be on one.


Yep. Pretty good. He lost control a little bit but he


has the option of the red into the middle pocket. It is a great chance.


He has certainly gone favourite in the frame.


Very nicely done. That is amazing. I'm looking at Judd Trump's 102, 87,


67, 79, 53, 112 and there's every chance he is going to lose this


unbelievably exciting match. 50 ahead, still plenty of reds


available. He has played superbly well, just that black off the spot


in the previous frame. Right in the heart of the pocket. 58


ahead. He is almost there. Most times in a match the loser goes


back and analyses where they went wrong. Not too sure that man there


has anything to question about his day's play. You can miss balls but


what a great match. Well played.


APPLAUSE Stellar performance, Dennis. That


shot was hampered. That wasn't straightforward. He is such a cool


customer. Amazing. If his name was Luke I'll call him


cool hand Luke. He's just stolen the match away from Judd Trump who


looked to be in, well, you could argue if he kept that form up he


could have won the tournament. What an incredible performance. This is




You can teach technique all you like but you can't teach match


temperament like this. Judd's a very popular player but this crowd here


give Marco a terrific reception there when he potted a frame ball.


It may be a long time before you see a match of this calibre. It happens


all the time in the Masters. There is always something crops up but


this has been exceptional. APPLAUSE


Could he go on making his third century?


He is a very modest young man, is Marco Fu. His coach will be


delighted. Terry Griffith's son Wayne is here - Wayne living in Hong


Kong and works with Marco out there. He will be absolutely delighted to


see his player performing like this. It is just a great win for Marco Fu


that keeps his momentum going after doing so well in Scotland.


APPLAUSE The crowds absolutely love this. It


is a pleasure to commentate on it and it has just been monumental


standard. I think both players deserve a standing ovation for this


performance. I'm sure they will get it.


APPLAUSE j It just doesn't get any better


than this. Brown and blue for his third century


in the match. That will be the 14th in this year's


masters. Absolutely brilliant from Marco Fu.


It doesn't matter. What a match these two players have treated you


to this afternoon. Both players at the top of their form. One has made


two century breaks. The other has made three, they are getting a


standing ovation and don't they deserve it. In the end the gentleman


Marco Fu win s the match and the deciding frame and it is 6 frames to


five. What a fantastic match. A sensational comeback by Marco Fu and


he will now play Mark Allen in the quarter finals on Thursday. That is


it for now. We are back at 1 o'clock on BBC Two as the two marks go head


to head. Two former champions, sell by and Williams. From all of us


here, bye for now.


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