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Day 4

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Hello. Here at Alexandra Palace a Selby Slam is a possibility. The


world number one already owns the World Championship trophy which he


won last May. He recently claimed the big silver values in December


and it is the crystal trophy that he is after now to complete his set. He


will join only four or other men to hold all three of the snooker major


titles simultaneously. A man he is trying to defeat in round one, is


Mark Williams the last person to hold all three summer plane somewhat


enviously. They have been watched today by John Virgo and Stephen


Hendrick. -- last person to hold all three summer plane as we. --


simultaneously. I could say the same about Mark


Williams there. That was a poor shot. The worst thing is that he has


opened the black up in the left corner. He may just have to swing


this a touch. It should not be a problem. He should still be able to


hold for the black. I thought for one minute he had missed the red. He


did not want to hit the red doubtful. OK, it went in that he


wanted a little more on the left. He can still pot the black but it would


be interesting to look with the position. The blue is an easy iPod


that he would be struggling to get back in among the red. He is playing


the black. That was a bit high. Always high. I don't know if the


pink goes to the left middle. Not a problem. What I was saying before,


he needs to score today from these opportunities. To win frames in one


visit. A little awkward this positional


shot. I don't think he will play for the red. So not straightforward to


be nicely positioned for the next red. He has played that well.


Can he pot this red and avoid a kiss on the pink? I'm not certain he can.


If he was a little more straight on this thread, no problem, pot it and


threw back on the pink for the next pocket. But of you cannot avoid the


kiss on the pink he will not be on it. He did not want to take the risk


so he played it more firmly. He always knew he would have the blue


but he does not really want to be playing that. So he is nearly


perfect position now. I think it could pot the black and come back


for the red in the right middle. I think you would go into the bunch


from this shot. I think the one thing that could suit him to day,


Stephen, because he is not a power player, he likes to float the ball


in. A quick table suits his game. That could be to his advantage but


having said that... He was a little unlucky on the table there. Could


have done with another couple of ounces of our while. I agree. He is


a touch player. -- couple of ounces of power were there. To that end it


tells you he is going to play safe. You do need to be careful. He has


the red near the right corner just over one minute for thinking time.


Normally you could glance easily off a red but I do not think that is the


case here. He thinks he has found a path. A touch short of pace. A


little As you can see he can go past the


brown to player safety. He is not guaranteed, however and he has the


opportunity of a red on the left-hand side of the table. His


thinking if he doesn't do this, he could lose the frame. Decision time.


Just tried to hedge his bets slightly there. And on... He's not


left anything easy, let put it that way. Did not fully commit on the


pot. A little bit of pressure on the


spot, if he misses it you would think it would cost in the frame.


No. One mile away. So it should cost him his first frame.


Ever since I have been covering the snooker over the last few years,


watching Matt Selby it is amazing how many times his scrapes through


in the first round and then goes on to win. He is definitely the most


vulnerable in the first round. And as we said, joining the elite club


of triple Crown holders, that is putting pressure on him. And there


are no easy matches these days. I think he has a weakness, Mark Selby,


sometimes I do not think he believes in himself as much as he should. He


is a tremendous player. The man to beat at the moment, for me.


Sometimes he doubts his own ability. A chance for Mark Williams to get


the good start you thinking needed. He should win the frame at this


visit. Obviously came very straight on the


yellow. Could not do much with the cue ball. You would think, just make


certain, play the blue. Mark Williams shop where he puts the cue


under his arm. -- a Mark Williams shot. Just does not want to make


contact with that colour. He almost missed the pot fair. Stick


into the pocket and that is why the cue ball has ended up there. That


chance he had now with lawn. 75 points still remaining. Yeah, he


would be disappointed. He had to win the frame from that visit. You need


to show Mark Selby that you will punish mistakes. That is what has


been happening at every other match of this Masters so far this week.


The standard has been incredible so far.


Touching the red so there is not a lock Mark Selby could do there. He


is not going to gain any advantage. Mark Williams should still have the


upper hand in this tactical battle. Mark Selby is in a lot of trouble


here. Need to play one cushion on the red which is on the black


cushion. A delightful shot. A lovely lion and


a lovely length. And although Mark Williams has a 53 point lead the way


that the reds are, Mark Selby could get the next opportunity and he


could quickly become favourite for the frame. As John said there is


pressure on it now because look at where the reds are situated. If he


misses this, it could cost him the frame. Taking a while getting down


to it. Good work. Mark Williams will take this first frame. Ooh dear. I


think he has been fortunate. So that now puts him 60 points in front. He


played to come past the green, not run into it. So he has needed three


chances to win this first frame, has Mark. He won't be banking on getting


that in most of the frames. You need to take your hat off to


him. There was a time only a few seasons ago when he dropped out of


the top 32. Yeah, he has the talent. We were speaking before about two


other players who turned professional in tears as talented as


them. Maybe in a way he has taken pressure off himself by not being


bothered about winning. True, you do not put any pressure on yourself.


But is for some concern, they should still be competing for different


titles. Giving every shot due care and attention. He wants to make


certain he gets the cue through street. -- straight. So in those are


the black. Plenty of opportunities but he has reduced the world


champion to only scoring one point. And Mark Williams is one frame in


front. Uncertainty book markers have made


Mark Selby a big favourite in this match but you can never discount


Mark Williams. Snooker for the connoisseur of, this afternoon could


be. Sit back and enjoy. Well, we always say if you are going to miss


that sort of shot than hit it too then. If you hit it to thick in the


cue ball will never get past the spot. First opportunity to Mark


Selby and a chance for him to get his hand on the table and pot a few


balls. Well, that just shows you. If he had


hit the black in the middle of the pocket he would have the cue ball at


a harlot looks like he has the second prize He would have had the


cue ball, but it looks as if he has the second prize here.


Fortunate to be on it, you could save the hull a good pot, none the


less. It goes without saying that the one he wants to get rid of is


the one to the right of the black. Can he do that now?


Won't be going to the bunch from this shot, but it will be in the


back of his mind. Always nice to leave that shot when there's maybe


one or two loose reds to give yourself a little bit of insurance


if the split does not go well. I don't think he'll be angle the black


after the red to go into the bunch. He may choose to play for the open


red to go into the bunch off the blue.


APPLAUSE That was the fifth red, but he won't


be playing for the black now. He is hampered. He'll just have to play


for pink and blue. There's a ?10,000 prize for the


highest breaker held at the moment by Stuart Bingham. Made an is 132


break in his match against Joe Perry and that was the only frame he won.


Tough skill. He's not going to hit the blue, he's


looking where he's going to lead the cue ball. Maybe he's thinking about


trying to hold the spot. I think he's going to run through a little


bit. He decided to play the screw shot in the end. Felt that if he did


stun run through, he'd be at full stretch.


You mentioned a tough skill, John. What he's done is miss that long


ball by a long way, and it looks like it's going to cost him the


frame. Seems he's attempted a long ball.


Another possible reason why Mark is not completing the bid end so much


that he doesn't get most long balls as regularly as he would like.


APPLAUSE Yes, applause. Put Mark Selby in a


position where his opponent needs snookers. You don't have to do a lot


wrong to lose a frame. Still a possibility of beating the


132 high break. ?10,000, is not to be sniffed at.


Missed the canon, but he's going to be on the red on the line. So still


a chance. This has been pretty impressive,


though, apart from the sht of the first black which he was a little


unfortunate to leave the red near the queen pocket, but he's been


flawless nonetheless. Well, cleverly and purposefully in


putting that read puts the other two in play.


APPLAUSE Now, I don't know if he knows what a


high break is. Maybe... I think someone like Mark Selby will know.


Looks the right-hand side of the cue ball here.


APPLAUSE Beautifully constructed break. With


a red black, possibly 139 on. You would think, John, to win the


prize, 142-plus, you'd think is standard? Yeah, absolutely. I mean,


I was chatting to someone about the odds of a maximum break.


We talked about how good the playing conditions are. The player - the top


players like that for break-building, never have to hit


the ball that hard. Pockets seem to be playing anything little bit in


the generous side. So all counts to many big breaks this week.


APPLAUSE Yeah, just about perfect. He may


have to just stun one off the top cushion. Inch perfect.


That equals the high break. This black to set. -- set the break a


little bit higher. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful. Shown why he's


the world champion and world number one. That was exquisite. One a




I think he can get past the greens to the reds to the right corner.


Yes, just about get through to the potted angle. You practice, you play


the canon on the red to the left of the black.


APPLAUSE Green looks the obvious colour to


take here. Off two cautions - if you brought the cue ball where it is


now, it's ideal, you have a choice of two reds at either corner pocket.


A little bit more angle on this pot than he would have liked. Makes it


missble. Sometimes you miss trying to hold the cue ball. It did go off


the right jaw of the pocket. Safely in.


Mark Williams looked on most of the last frame. He'll be hoping he isn't


here. He might be if the canon goes right. Well, he's on the black.


Little bit thinner than he would like, but he feels if he can get the


canon from the black. Just a little canon on that red.


Well! That was careless. Didn't get into the cue ball at all.


Yeah, it was a very kfrble shot in -- comfortable shot in the end.


He'll be very disappointed the break has ended this quick. So go back to


his chair a bit frustrated - Mark Selby.


APPLAUSE Although, I think he broke back into


the open here and playing off the main bunch. Looks too thick. And


little bit harder, that red would have droped. But played the safety


much too thick. Without having doing too much, Mark Selby is back at the


table. Another chance to clinch the frame.


I thought he may have played for that from that shot.


He's gotten into that cue ball so well.


APPLAUSE Watch the timing on the cue ball.


You see it just - and it goes in between the green and brown, picks


up pace. Got nice control of the cue ball,


which he's going to need to win the frame at this visit. The reds are


spread but there's only maybe two that are easily - easy to get on.


Of course as he pots one, he brings the other one into the open.


He still needs three of the remaining reds to clinch the frame.


Maybe trying to play on the black here. As you saw when he was playing


that red, there was little gap and he' played it absolutely


inch-perfect. After this, he's looking for one more red, that's why


he played for the black. Oozing the confidence.


And there's -- there by playing the black he's put the red in the open.


This puts him 66 ahead, with 59 remaining.


Yeah, he's beginning to my comment, about looking vulnerable complete


nonsense. Yeah, he's really looking on top of his game here.


Well, the frame was over long before he missed that red. Mark Williams


concedes. And Mark Selby leads 2-1. The fourth frame, Mark Selby to


break. Mark Selby gets the frame, the one


before the mid-session interval on the way. As always for the man who's


behind, it's a big frame. Don't want to be two frames behind come the


mid-session interval. APPLAUSE


Good line. Decent length. Excellent return.


APPLAUSE Talking about how well Selby's


played in the last two frames, the best 16 players in the world come to


this event. I used to love it as world number one competing the other


world best players proving why you're number one. That's exactly


how he would be feeling. Couldn't get much closer! And he was forced


into playing it, but that, as we always say, is the advantage of


getting that cue ball tight to the cushion. It just making cueing that


little bit more difficult - and so close! And the fact he got so close,


the double kiss, he's left a nice easy starter for his opponent.


You always feel it's a good chance when the black is in the open and


available into both corners. And a nice angle on the yellow and


they'll be thinking about making a sizeable contribution.


The best angle on this black, just coming around to see. Go to the


right corner and then you can follow through with two cushions. The line


of three to the left of the bunch, the middle one of these may pot to


the right corner. Excellent positional shot there.


Absolutely perfect. There you see the shaking of the


head in the shot. Almost like a swing, not a shake, John. Yeah, I


suppose it isn't a natural position that snooker players get themselves


in. It didn't seem to have affected him. He's pushed the cue straight as


a dye. It's almost the whole body moving from side-to-side, but it


does not affect him one bit as you say. It's just the way he plays.


Nice angle to go into the bunch here. Not going to do it this time.


Playing with top spin. I think he'll play for an angle this


time on the black to go into them. Yes, he's got that perfect angle


now. Always knew he had this red to the


left corner. It's just a little bit awkward in a passionate sense of the


shot. I thought he'd play more of a stun. The red he could have played


to the right corner. But as you say, seems to be on the collar here. And


then you run into another red, where is the cue ball going to finish.


He's not finished too well. If the blue is a natural angle,


that's the colour he'll play. But if it's a natural angle to collide with


a ball colour, he's got a problem here.


Doesn't look as though he can roll the blue and avoid kiss on the


green. He's looking at the black, but - it's a tough shot, but as I


say, so far he's looked full of confidence when he's got in. So I


can't see him refusing the pot. That's brilliant.


APPLAUSE Especially when you forget you're in


perfect position and then you got the really tough shot to play. So


full of confidence. Immediately pointing his cue, going


to play the canon from the blue, hit the pink full in the face. Didn't


have to play it too hard. The reds are loose.


Well, he stunned past them. I'm not sure that was the intention. Well,


whatever. He's got a nice, easy red to continue the break with.


I think the reason he missed it and wanted to take the line - actually


line touching the pink out of the equation there. Yeah, fair call.


Didn't want to risk anything going wrong, he knew as long as he was on


a red to carry on, he would win the frame from there. I think Mark


Williams has resigned to that fact now. All he potted one ball, Mark


Selby, in the first frame. As we say, Mark needed three chances and


it's now up to 281 points without reply.


APPLAUSE 70 points the lead. 67 remaining.


Looks like a two frame advantage going into the mid-session interval.


Those two reds together to the left of the pink, one is available to the


opposite corner to this black. You have to say, he's really settled


in now. He's got that cue ball on a piece of string at the moment. And


that is the key to this game - if you get good cue ball control, then


you will almost make every shot that much easier.


Yeah, this is as good as I have seen Mark Selby play in a first-round


match. I think since I can remember. Still potable, this red. The left


middle. APPLAUSE


Yes, nicely played. Second century, now, it's a formality. He can't


better the 139. Lots of left-hand side here.


APPLAUSE Have to say, Steve, at the moment,


he's making the game look ridiculously easy. Yep, there's no


better feeling when you're out there. The pockets will look 3ft


wide to Mark Selby at the moment. Just a little shake of the head


there, a bit disappointed with that passionate shot. -- positional shot.


And in the end he lost the yellow. Mark Williams win the first frame,


but since then, Mark Selby has replied with breaks of 139, 62 and


109. He gives into the -- goes into the mid-session interval leading


3-1. He's on the green. Doesn't look a


perfect angle on it. So just dropping it in, now he's


going to leave himself the long straight red. But the black is


available to the opposite corner. So full concentration on this one. Got


to fully commit to these. And did and played it superbly!


APPLAUSE Of course that was a very point he


made in the studio - OK, you can hang in on a match, but when he gets


the opportunities like that, he's got to start winning frames in one


visit. Needs to run! He's on the red, but


hampered. How much times Williams gets out of position. He's still on


this red, but... That's a good recovery.


APPLAUSE Again, didn't play that with the


power a lot of players would have played it. It's end of break. So


again not able to win the frame in that first scoring visit.


Looks too thin and been very fortunate. He's canoned into the


green, but the blue is covering the red this close to the corner, as you


can see. Typical Mark Williams - one of the


best single potters the game has ever seen.


I was going to say that, John, but never understood really what it


meant. Well, I think it means - and I remember they always be able to


pot these balls with an element of safety, they always see it as a shot


for nothing. No doubt, start to knock the long ones in. That's four


in a row. In the last couple of frames. I think a lot of players,


when they actually play to pot a ball, they're determined to get


position on the next one, but I think Mark has that knack if he


think it's a difficult shot, he can put all concentration to red and not


be too bothered about position. Sometimes it's hard to tell yourself


to do that. Yes, I suppose, it's kind of - when you're playing a pot


and you know you're possibly not going to get anything on it, so


you're playing the ball for the next shot. Wow, so close. Just the pace


kept it out, but fortunately he missed the canon.


APPLAUSE Only the pace that kept it out.


Rattle, rattle, rattle. APPLAUSE


Good length. Ask the question now of Mark


Williams, 32 point advantage in this frame now, but got to play a good


safety here. That's the players' view. You can


see he can hit the red on the left-hand of the table, but you can


easily get a double kiss. Just nudging into it. Feels as


though that was going to be safe. If he didn't want to risk playing off


the main bunch because he could have knocked one over in the corner


pocket, just play the containing safety.


Oh, struck it beautifully. APPLAUSE


. Couldn't have played that much better. Now, in and out of the


baulk. Trace of right-hand side. That's careless. I mean, that was so


obvious that that red was going to go to the right corner, he's just


lost his focus, it appears, at the moment. Yeah, I did say when -


although that's a shocker from Mark Williams. I did say Mark said he's


going to battle against is lack of concentration when everything is


coming so easy for you. This is a tough black Mark Williams has left


himself. Oh, lovely shot. APPLAUSE


Although at first glance, I don't know where the next red is coming


from. Tip cam Mark Williams pot - this. Dropping it in dead weight. I


think he's on this one along the back cushion. It's a shot to


nothing, so the red comes away from the pocket. He's gone all out and


that's a great pot. APPLAUSE


Looks like he may have a natural angle just to miss the yellow for


two cushions for a choice of the red in the right corner. He's picked a


lovely time to leave the arena. There's one red in the bottom of the


cluster. He pots this blue and he goes 54 points in front with 59


remaining. So he's just looking for the blue and one more red.


Well, maybe he can just get through to that bottom red. I'd like it to


be a little bit closer to it, made the pot easier, but only the red


required. Pot in 55 points in front. With only 51 remaining.


Come back complete! APPLAUSE


Highly unlikely that Mark Williams will be asked to play on here. Well,


62 points difference, 51 remaining. That equates to four point snookers


required. -- three 4-point snookers required.


Yeah, only a half-hearted attempt. So unbelievably, after what we saw


the mid-session interval, Mark Williams is now all square. Three a


piece. Where is this cue ball going? It's


leaving the chance for Mark Williams. Getting tough out there


for both of them. Now 15 points behind. That will


equate to taking the remaining reds with colours to get to snookers


required stage. This pink to just go one point


behind. That wasn't a clean pot, but in it


went. Points all square. And the red that's close to blue, I think he can


get on that to the left middle. May play for it now. I think he may just


be about on it, but... I would rather have played it for it now,


and he should have been straighter on that. He's careless to leave


himself short as he has done. Not the best positional shot, but


this givers him another opportunity to get that red near the blue. Yeah,


the only problem in leaving the red playing the black until last,er


specially now, he's going to have to pay a decent positional shot to go


on that. And it's not easy from there. Suppose if he doesn't get on


the red properly, he can always play the snooker.


Yep, snooker it is. 18 points the lead.


You see the disappointment on Mark's face he didn't win the frame on that


visit. But he's a big, big favourite now.


Good hit. And a double kiss. Didn't put his hand up to apologise - Mark.


He's been favouring his opponent over the last couple of frames.


But even though he has left his red safe, it's every chance that Mark


Williams can play another snooker here. That pair of blue is a fair


target. He can still get the cover with the brown and the blue.


That wasn't the best shot for me. He's not put Mark Selby really in


any trouble here. So any advantage he had in this tactical has changed,


it's gone now. Mark Selby is brilliantly at digging


himself out of holes in matches. He's going to need one here here in


this match. He's scratching his head now, and


shaking his head. I mean, normally you'd think he'd get down - I now he


can't the right-hand down of the red, but try to get the cue ball


behind the ball. Normally he wouldn't think twice about it.


Safe enough, you wouldn't think Mark Williams would be tempted by this.


Good chance to get behind the brown and blue here, send the red back up


the table. Oh, he's got the red. Too thin. Think he's left this red.


That Dunn surprise me a little bit. -- that does surprise me a little


bit. He's played an excellent safety shot there. Thought he might have


been tempted by the pot there. You wouldn't believe there was a gap


around the back of that red. The fact he's got this natural to


cushion a scape, it looks like he's going to push the red up the table.


Just a minor adjustment required. But miss judged it again and now


this time Mark Selby will be taking this red on. This is a test, this


first red. He's not been comfortable - looked comfortable at all this


interval, or certainly since that break that was on in the fifth


frame. There's pressure on this. APPLAUSE


Good shot. Just got a quick glimpse there of


Mark Williams who'll be fearing the worst now. Still little bit to do,


of course. Particularly with the brown, just makes it a little bit


more awkward, but the blue will be going back on to its spot after


this. Couple of key shots coming up now,


position from yellow to green and then green to brown. He needed to be


closer to the yellow. He had a shot to green to brown as a deciding shot


in this frame but because he's left himself a tough shot just to get on


the green, even tougher to get the right angle on the green.


He's up there, saying a bad contact. It certainly looked heavy.


The cue ball seemed to jump even before it got to the yellow, John.


That's the thing with this superfine close, if you're striking down


slightly and unless he's got the perfect angle to roll this green in


and canon the brown, he's - it's a tough pot! And tough to get good


position. Good pot. Where's the cue ball! Oh!


Flicks off the brown. Nearly went in the middle. Now the brown is safe.


Both players now needing brown, blue and pink.


Good line. APPLAUSE


A decent one. The only problem with this is if Mark Williams can come


off the top cushion and hit this brown full in the face, you could


get a snooker back here. It's in the realms of possibility. Didn't hit it


full in the face, though. He looks very much under pressure to


me, at the moment, the world number 1.


It's a tough shot. He's had a lot at the potting angle so you feel he's


going to take it on. It's difficult to say from our


commentary position whether it's easier to kit in the right middle or


- looks like the right middle. He's played it well. Where's the cue ball


going?! Where is the cue ball going?!


Yeah, whatever happens with the blue is going to be a pressure pink from


distance. That cue ball is a little bit closer to the side cushion than


he would have liked. Big shot. APPLAUSE


And right into the pocket. Puts his cue down. He's storming off to the


dressroom. Boy, he's a mighty relieved man. Just one frame away


from a place in the quarterfinal. Hoping that that's his last break of


the match. Because if he wins this frame, he's through to the


quarterfinal. But has to be said, Mark Williams has put him through


the ringer. And frames have started to be a bit more drawn-out. That's


why we're just going on to the three-hour mark.


Just looking at the average playing time is practically 20 minutes.


He came over to look at the black. So I don't know whether he's


thinking about the red that's to the right of the pink, to the right


corner and stunning the cue ball across of the black in the same


pocket. Now, this shot you can play it more positively around the


angles, a thicker contact in the pack or you can just brush off it,


which is what he's done. That was a nice little bruch-off the


yellow, just blocked the left-hand side of the pack. It certainly was.


He stopped the escape route down the left-hand side of the table. He's


taking this red on. Oh, tremendous shot! Look at the cue ball control!


APPLAUSE That's funny - if Mark Selby doesn't


get the lucky brush off the yellow, he playing the safety shot. He was


forced into playing it, he couldn't see a safety.


It didn't take him long to get out of position. It's frustrating to


watch, never mind how he must feel. He's got this red to the middle. He


likes it a bit easier than this. In it goes. It's going to close, leaves


a good angle on the blue. Now, can he just drop these in a little hole.


He couldn't so he's having to play for the red along the top cushion.


These are tough. Yes, specially because he's going to play with a


bit of pace to get out from the black. Great shot.


He's played these shots into the pack a bit tentatively so far. I


wonder how he's going to play this one? Again just played the


touch-shot. But it's not worked out. This red does cut to the right


corner. He actually can play for the black, the bottom left-hand side of


the cue ball. It was a Mark Williams special


coming up there - he's the only player in the whorld who can do


that. Yeah, may still be one. APPLAUSE


He's given run past the baulk line. It's not a bad one. It's not bad.


The red that's loose is available. It's amazing how he can talk himself


into that position. Text book that, wasn't it? Text book.


Rolled it in and he's perfect. In fact, the choice of two reds and


playing this one and puts another one into play. What a time in the


match it would be to win a match in one visit. And would take us to a


decider. But once again, understood hit it.


Should have been straight on this. -- underhit it. Shov have been


straight on this. Going for the blue now. But it gave him an opportunity


- his wife, Jo. Feeling every anguish and willing every ball into


the pocket. It's worth -- worse watching them playing.


This is a good positional shot. APPLAUSE


Need a fraction more. I'm not sure if the pink goes to the left corner.


It'd help if it would. It doesn't. So will he - he can stun


down for the black. No problem. He's got a nice angle on the black.


Well, that can only be bit of tension in the arm, can't be


anything else. APPLAUSE


Disappointing end. I thought he was going to win the frame in one visit


there. A strong 53-point lead. The last thing he wants is the pink


tight against the cushion. But then I suppose he is forcing


Mark to bring this red away from the cushion.


He's not played it well. So here is a chance for the counterattack now,


for Mark Selby. Yeah, looks like if Mark Selby is to


win this match, he's got to fall over the line. Oh, Mark! You can't


buy a positional shot at the moment. No. He's looking at the scoerboard,


he -- scoreboard at the moment. He needs red - the colour red.


APPLAUSE Played it well. Played it nicely.


He's on the brown. And he's on the red to clinch the


frame. This red will put him 65 points in front with just 59


remaining. In it goes!


APPLAUSE So we'll have a decider for Jo to


have to live through! Mark Selby will not be coming back


to the table. He will now be preparing for the deciding frame.


Should you go out there and wash your hands or should you just wait


there until the referee sets the balling up?


We have already had three of these first-round matches going into the


deciding frame. I don't suppose you expect to have any runaway


victories, particularly as the top 16 players in the world.


But I'll be honest with you, Stephen - when Mark Selby was 3-1 in front,


dent see this. -- didn't see this. No, not at all. We have mentioned


that shot that went for Mark Selby when it looked like he was going to


go 4 and up. But since then, every credit to Mark Williams. We keep


mentioning he hasn't won a frame in one visit, but tremendous character,


tremendous match-play. Could he be saving the frame for the


win in the decider. As we say the decider can be the toss of a coin.


So world champion, United Kingdom champion, world number one. The


chances of all in the three Majors at the same time are all going to be


down to a deciding frame. Not on the blue, but he's not


bothered. So Mark Williams, once again, we are


parity, but this time it's five a piece. First to six - decider to


come. Thank you. The deciding frame. Mark


Williams to break. Well, the break-off, but left a


possibility of a pot. And not getting the cue ball so close to the


baulk cushion, not too difficult a safety shot either.


Looks like he's playing the containing safety. Surprises me a


little bit. I thought he may have tried to get back to the ball. I


assume he's not left this red to the side of the black because he can't


get to the pot in that order. I wonder if he can play the double


in this red, the right of the black. That's a shot to nothing. Can still


retain some sort of position on the black. He's played it. Has he left


the right to the right middle though? I thought he may have left


the cue ball a by further to the right-hand side of the table there.


This is definitely on. Didn't appear he can get to the red


to the left middle there. The problem with the one on the right


middle is it's definitely missble. Has to play it, though. He's not


happy, though. He's not - if he was comfortable with the shot, he'd be


down by now. So he's feeling it. Yeah, I think the comfort zone is


long since gone. -- gone in this match for Mark. Yep, I'm shocked at


that that he's refused that red. The cue ball may have been canoned into


baulk covers but still you get a good kiss, you land on the ball


colour. Get a better chance than that.


He's now looking at this long red to the left corner and a dead weight


for the black, is he? Or looking at another containing safety? I suppose


if he rolled it in, he could get position on the black, but... I


think he's getting a little bit bogged down. It can get you, the


game. It's not been smooth. It's just getting to him a bit. Yeah, can


only presume he couldn't see the red on the right-hand side cushion


because of the yellow, because it's quite a simple shot to get the cue


ball back to That could be a mistake. He's left


his red on to the middle. He won't refuse this one.


This is, again, one of these that looks very easy on the screen, but


under this pressure, it's very smelly indeed. Yeah, and the fact


that you got to roll it in dead weight, if he plays it with any


pace, you got to trust the table and trust your cueing and hit the centre


of the cue ball. He's missed it! So the first chance


faults to Mark Williams. Looks like the red left of the middle is one to


play. Looks slightly hampered. APPLAUSE


Played it well. Surely not! Surely not! Had a choice


of two reds, the one below the pink and one past the pink to the


right-hand side. Surely he's on one of them. Again, it's the position


that's letting him down, isn't it, John? Yeah, but to be fair, you'd


have to say it's a little bit unfortunate. You play a twin area,


as you say there's a couple of reds you could be on, to not be on one of


them is unbelievable really. He's now having to play this very risky




Good shot. That's what it's like, folks -


watching your hubby play snooker. Oh, he got the kick. Has it thrown


the blue off-line?! It has! He's had a very good run of the ball, but


that was cruel. If that's cost him the match, that's awful.


The worst type of bad contact, the fact that it threw the blue


off-line. Could have played this better. Yeah, why was he playing for


the blue? OK, but, when you play blue, but now using the rest, OK, I


mean, he's - he's quite capable of playing the deep string to get the


cue ball to this end, but the more distance the cue ball has to travel,


the more likely it's not getting back to perfect position.


He's played this well. APPLAUSE


So now at that stage it's just one shot at a time. You can't start


thinking ahead of yourself now at this stage.


He's on the pink, but not perfect. Clear Now, the referee just heard


him say, "Give me a second, Mark." Because I don't think the pink spot


is available. It's definitely one red that's on. So it's not going to


affect the next pot. Just reminding Pot this and try the nudge the red


near the right middle. Just try to nudge that over the middle. He'll


still be on the blue. That's what he's played. Didn't want him to


drop. That's the last thing he wanted. He didn't want that. He


wanted that red to stay over the pocket. Now it's gone in, he's going


to have a problem getting on to the next red.


Oh, that's a good shot. Well, a good shot, he's cued it well. But you


have to say sometimes, depending on the potting angle and the potting


angle is absolutely perfect, to play the blue and wring that red into


play. It was a natural, wasn't it? Unfortunate to knock the red in the


middle but fortunate to have that natural angle. Now green and into


the bunch of five reds and the pink and this could be the frame and


match-winning shot coming right up here.


Could have been better. Could have been better. Absolutely once you got


into him, you thought he'd have a nice easy red to continue with but


that's not the case. Yeah, he almost kneaded to hit the


pink there, I think, to get the perfect split. And this red is


looking at to the left middle, I think you can play to the black


perhaps to the left corner. Wouldn't leave anything should he miss it.


He's looking to see where's the cue ball. He's looking to play this to


the Far Left core next the yellow pocket. Again playing for the black,


but he's playing that shot under pressure.


APPLAUSE He didn't leave the red to the right


corner. But he won't be taking this for granted. No, Liang Wenbo will


tell you that. Great shot. OK, can't play for the black after this, but


this was a much better pot than it looked.


The kick on the blue. It would be a terrible way to lose a match. This


was it. Straightforward blue, you'd never fancy a miss here, you got the


heavy contact and you see through his cue on the table because apart


from the heavy contact, it threw the blue off-line. So 18 points the


lead. Three reds, red colours. And he's


got three reds in the open. It would take him into the quarterfinal. He


may have to take this red with the rest. He's finished awkward on that


red beside the pink. Just got a positive stroke on this.


Decelerate in any way, he'll miss it to the left knuckle. Matter of fact


he's screen back to the blue. He hasn't gone far enough. He'll


probably play in between green and brown, lots of right-hand side.


Baulk cushion, right-hand side cushion.


That's a good shot. I thought maybe he wouldn't play that because if you


get too much side in it... APPLAUSE


If the black doesn't go to the right corner, and the pink is tied up,


he's got to come back to the blue, it's not a formality this, to win


the frame at this visit. Good pot. Now, what sort of an angle


does he get on the blue. Absolutely inch-perfect!




Is it too hard?! Is it too hard?! It's too hard! And I don't think he


can see enough of the red above the pink to pot it in the right middle.


So the chance of winning the frame in the match is gone. He's looking


at the cushion there. Unlike you, John, I thought it was too hard to


start with. Yes, as soon as it came off the blue, it looked to me as


though he put too much pace into it. Can he hit that red to pot it in the


middle. It's not what he played for. I don't know, it's tight. He needs a


red and a colour. He thinks he can pot it.


He's lucky to have this alternative. It's not the red he played for.


Yeah, if you're in the practice room, you can play this on the


right-hand side to make the angle thicker, to let yourself to pot it.


A brave man to play that shot here. I think he's convinced himself to go


for it. Certainly when you're right down


behind it, whether you can feel you can pot it or not, but... This is


decision, and he's playing it now with his right-hand side, you can


see that to try to square the red up. And he did it! He's done it!


APPLAUSE And that's frame and match.


He knows he didn't think that red could go, he didn't play for that -


Mark Williams. Mark Williams must be cursing his luck. How hard he's


battled in this match. APPLAUSE


. Fortunate to still be on the red,


but he looked completely under pressure of sorts. Terrible bad


fortune for Mark Williams but this has been an awesome break to win the


match. Yes, as we were saying in the studio last year, Mark Williams took


it all the way. Bad habit to have - taking the top players all the way


and losing it by a frame. Extending hand, in goes the pink.


APPLAUSE And in the black. Mark Selby, world


number one world champion, UK champion. Eventually gets over the


line. Mark Williams really pushed it all the way, but the triple crown is


still on. He's through to the quarterfinal. He wins six frames to


five. What might have been for Mark


Williams, if it hasn't been for that kick on the blue in that final frame


decider, but a great match and sell el sell, the world number one comes


through in fine style in the end, the Selby Slam is very still very


much on. Our next live snooker for you is this afternoon 1 o'clock when


the defending, six time champion, Ronnie O'Sullivan, meets Neil


Robertson of Australia. In the meantime, sleep well. Looking


forward to seeing you soon. Bye.


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