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Day 6

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Hello and welcome to Snooker Masters Extra, extended highlights of the


quarterfinal match between Mark Selby and Barry Hawkins. Hawkins


famously beat Selby in the second round of the 2013 World Championship


when he made the final only to lose to Ronnie O'Sullivan. But this will


be a stern, stern test against the world number 1. Barry took a


tactical first frame. We join it in frame 2. Your match commentary team,


John and Ken. Can he get past the yellow to play


the red? Mmm. Maybe just can't get enough. He could maybe bend it a


little bit aside, but he's got an alternative, right to the left


corner. Now he's deciding he is going to bend this. Playing this


with a lot of left-hand side. Just bend it around the yellow. Judges it


nicely! APPLAUSE


That left-hand side, you see how it... It brought the cue ball away


from the cushion. And perfectly on the blue.


Nicely on the red. I'm sure the black pots into the bottom rrnd


corner pockets will... Just managed to miss it, but, still, nicely on


the black. Yeah. Imperative now he gets on the red that's just to the


right of the black. That will clear the black for both corner pockets.


He is perfect on the black. I don't know what he's thinking about here.


Maybe looking a few shots ahead, but he's got to play for the red here.


Well, he didn't. That does surprise me. Might not get a better chance.


Any reason why he wouldn't play for that, do you think, Ken in # -- Ken?


He was hedging his best, guaranteed to be on the red. I think he just


wanted to be on the black a little bit straighter, just so he can take


that red. But I totally agree - he was sort of playing two shots in one


there. If he overran it it was always on the red. If he underhit


it, he was on the red to the right of black. But he will be OK. Still a


few options for him here. If he is on the black now, well, he can pot


it and just... You see here he wanted to be a bit straighter. Mmm.


This red to the right, he is stopping the black basically being


available into both corn because he can't get position for the black


into the left corner. He's had to play the cannon. If it's gone wrong,


he's only himself to blame. Yeah. Totally agree. Sort of didn't have


the confidence a couple of shots ago to take that red out of the way.


He may have to... I don't think he can bend it enough to pot that red.


APPLAUSE Let's have a look at the black he


played. Now, he's probably playing it in such a way, John, fa if he


overhits it, he will be on the red here. Still on the red to the right


of the black and... Probably didn't - wasn't confident enough to just


track it straightaway. Yeah, but I thought first time around he looked


absolutely perfect. Yeah. He had the line, just had... A bit slower. It


was essential to get that red away from the black. That isn't the best


safety shot, unchoose it creeps be -- unless it creeps behind the brown


and covers the pot. He is a bit fortunate there. He could well have


left the red. Seemed to just roll it off to... To have these two reds


covered by the brown. That isn't what he played.


APPLAUSE To get to the potting angle of that


was a good pot. Not perfect on the yellow or brown. But a lot of the


players now would screw this brown in to the right middle and draw off


the back cushion. But he doesn't want anything to do with that, just


take a look behind the yellow. APPLAUSE


Looking at Barry's expression, he pulled his face a little bit. He


wanted to be touch tight to this yellow to cut out the one-cushion


escape. He hit it a little bit too hard.


Yeah. There is the escape. A little bit of side, just to widen the


angle. Should be OK. Just overhit the cue ball slightly.


Wanted to be nestled tightly to that bunch of reds.


Yeah, you could tell from Mark's body language he thought he hit that


red a little bit too thick. Worst case scenario is that a baulk colour


full in the face. If you do that, invariably you will leave a pot on.


This red's on to the right corner, and I think the black is available


to the opposite corner. Across that slight she -- slightly.


Decelerated. Pushing it through. So, a chance here. One of those, if you


just half quit on the shot, the cue ball doesn't go... The only downside


for Mark Selby is he is tight under the cushion. So a good pot needed


here, but a good angle to get up for the blue. A good shot! Where's the


cue ball going? Where's the cue ball going?




I'm surprised he played it so hard. He always knew it was going to go


close to the middle pocket. Should have put less pace into it. Yeah.


Surprised as well. Gifted an opportunity here to Barry Hawkins.


A couple of reds available here, just to the right of the pink and


one to the left of the pink. One at the bottom of the pack, potted into


the left-hand corner pocket as well. Doesn't want to hit the middle


pocket here. Mmm. Still got a pot on, but a bit more tricky than he


would have liked. Going to try to screw the red in and use the pink to


get pack up for the blue, with the cue ball. Deep screw here. He's hit


it nicely. APPLAUSE


He's brought the pink into play, but, again, not straightforward,


this... Just a matter of potting the pink,


no problem, but he's got to put a little bit of pace on the cue ball,


so he will be positioned on the next red. In the end, decided not to take


it on. Little bit surprising. Obviously part of his game plan.


Don't take too many undue risks. He's playing the world champion,


world number 1, UK champion... So, giving him every respect.


Delightful! APPLAUSE


Wonderful shot. I don't think there is many players in the game now who


could play that shot better than Mark Selby. Played to perfection.


Well, his # -- this is top drawer! APPLAUSE


Good, attacking safety. Mark Selby is in a real spot of bother here. If


he doesn't get this safe, then Barry Hawkins, you would feel, would win


the frame. Ah! Sensational. Unlucky to catch


the blue. What a tremendous hit that was! Unlucky, as I say, to make


contact with the blue, who stopped the white in its tracks. Yeah. That


was a great escape. Let's have a look at this again. Had to get a


perfect contact on the red, so unlucky. A chance again for Barry


Hawkins. A better pot. Overran the cue ball slightly. Going into the


red to the - just above the black here and he's going to, again,...


Just be careful. Just willed a quick look at the -- just had a quick look


at the red into the right centre. No. No.


CROWD: Oh! A bit edgy, both players here. Didn't expect him to miss


that. . No, no neither did I. Set up the frame-winning opportunity.


Didn't take it. When you miss those few chances it can really hurt if


you lose the frame. Yeah. Not the cleanest of pots. It's given


a chance now to Mark Selby. The three reds around the pink spot


area, certainly one was available into the right middle. Maybe the


bottom one, the one nearest the black spot available to the right


corner. He's played for that red you spoke


about into the right centre. He is looking at the two reds just below


it. Any of them pot into the... Doesn't look like... It is touching


ball. It may pot but... A good pot, that into the centre. Now, the two


reds just above the black, I think the top one will pot. Not quite sure


about the bottom one. He # pots the red, maybe trying to


get on to pink here. He is so good in these types of


situations, John. The backs against the wall a little bit and... Looked


a little bit nervy, but can always... When he gets a chance to


win the frame, so deadly. Positional players always very, very good. When


he's got great bottle, as we say. Yes. As you said, the positional


side of it, cue ball control. It is always made easier near the end of a


frame because there's not the congestion of the reds, you don't


have to be playing cannons. He finished up playing one there.


Quite amazing. If he had been in the - on the practise table, he would


have played that with a lot more left-hand side and played the reds


on the opposite to the black. A bit of then'tion in the arm. You don't


risk playing... Could have been better on this red. No problem. Now


the cue ball is having to travel up and down the table. I think he's


just about OK on this brown. Deep screw off to side cushion.


Well! Looking at his body language there, I think he played a cannon on


that red to hole for the pink. Not quite sure there was any need to,


was there? Plenty of room around the red. He's going to need a good pot


on this blue now. A good pot. Nicely on the red... And


he can pot this red. He can leave the cue ball somewhere in the


vicinity where the red is now. He will have a nice angle on the pink


to get up for the yellow. Yeah. A little bit straight, is he?


I think he may be. He didn't want to may the yellow, but - a bit


straight. He didn't want to be playing the yellow into the far left


corner. He wanted to be playing it on the far right corner, because


there's always a possibility here, if you don't screw back far enough,


you could snooker yourself with the brown, coming down the other side of


the table. That wouldn't have been a danger.


In trying to make certain you are not snookered by the brown you can


overdo it. But looks to have played that absolutely inch perfect.


Perfect ahead. Yellow, green and brown required.


A good angle on the green. If he pots it... Bound to be on the bound.


In it goes! And nicely on the brown. This brown is a good 23 points in


front, with only 18 remaining. APPLAUSE


Disappointed Barry Hawkins, Ken. Yeah. That missed black... A good


opportunity. He's had a couple of opportunities in this frame, Barry


Hawkins. But Mark Selby showing a lot of character here. Did it in his


last match in the last frame against Mark Williams. He is so good when


the back is against the wall. You give him a chance, he's going to


take it. That's what you are up against when you are playing this


man. The black goes in for a lovely 76 break. And Mark Selby levels the


match up now. APPLAUSE


One frame all. Where's the cue ball gone?


LAUGHTER First time today, John.


Amazing how many times that can happen. You just have to slight


angle, you think you can run through, and you catch it a little


bit too full and, bang, you go in with it. And he had to force it back


off the table, because you can see the black's tied up. Mark Selby will


have to do the same here. Knocks it in.


APPLAUSE And there is probable value here in


playing the blue and the cannon into the PIN. The reason I say that is


because the pink is tied up. If he does hit the pink full ball with


pace, chance the red could release the black. Yeah, he has to hit the


pink right full-ball, lots of face. Screw. Well... It's not too bad.


Didn't get the screw. But he is still on the red. Left corner


pocket... The only problem there is he hasn't brought the pink into


play. But he will get another chance at it. It is amazing, when the reds


are just slightly loose... I mean, he hit that pink absolutely perfect


and hardly anything moved. LAUGHTER


But just slightly loose. So, they were all going into one another and


just stopping one another from moving. As Ken said, he has another


chance to may the same shot. I see no reason why we wouldn't. It is


hard to win a frame with only the limited colours available. Yes.


Definitely value going into sort of between the red and the pink, to


that little gap there. He's always going to be on the red over the


corner pocket. Just a little bit hesitant, in his he may block that


-- in case he may block that read but he should be OK. He needs that


pink in the play. Didn't hit into the gap. And... Again... Not on the


red. Just wanted to hit in the gap. Got the pink first and that's why


he's gone over to the left-hand side of the table. Now, is his red on,


open to the green pocket? Well, it just about passes the blue,


but he would be more concerned where the cue ball finish, because there


is a red over the right corner. He doesn't want to leave that one.


Because this is a tough pot. It isn't there. Mmm. A little bit


surprised. I was talking earlier, Ken, about Barry Hawkins, his game


plan. I don't think he would have been playing that red. That was a


very risky shot to go for. Just felt it was more out of


frustration he went for it. He had an easy safety on. Pushed the ball


out there. Doesn't matter he's wrong side of


the blue with that red near the baulk cushion. You can play on that


easily enough. The points are now all square. It


isn't going to be the easiest to win this frame, this visit.


But there is more chances of you winning it when you are at the table


than when you are sat in your seat. Yeah. Well, taking that... Not that


last red, the one - second last red, it opened the path of the pink into


this bottom right-hand corner pocket. So, got the red on the brown


and try and get the pink back on its spot.


It is a little straight, but he could either screw for blue or pink


here. He is coming around to look at the


pink. 25 points the lead now. So these


three reds in the open with PINs would be enough -- PINs would be


enough -- pinks would be enough to get him to the required stage. I


wouldn't be concerned about bringing the black into play. Just needs to


keep control of the cue ball. He's become a very solid, reliable


player over the last few seasons, hasn't he? Yeah, he certainly has,


yep. His all-round game is very good.


I think getting to the final of the World Championship certainly helped


him. Of course, he's got Terry Griffiths in his corner. He will be


giving him all the words that give belief to a player. Because


sometimes you do doubt your able, when you're not getting results.


Yeah. He's been to - across the world final and won a couple of


ranking tournaments as well, and a finalist here last year. Wasn't a


great experience at the final, of course, he only won the one frame,


but... He's become very consistent over the


last few years, hasn't he? Of course, when you win those ranking


tournaments, it gives you that little bit of extra confidence for


the bigger stage. APPLAUSE


Nice cannon. Mark Selby won't be getting back to the table here, I


don't think. Already 46 ahead, 43 remaining.


Looking at the scores, it is one of the situations - you might as well


make certain of the red. Because if he knocks the red in, Mark Selby


won't be coming back to the take, you wouldn't have thought -- back to


the table, you wouldn't have thought. Just make certain. Don't


worry too much about position. APPLAUSE


It's not there. As I say... Another concession.


APPLAUSE Mark Selby still all guns blazing,


but Barry Hawkins sneaks into a 2 frame to 1 lead.


Barry immediately comes to the table. He has a pot here to the left


corner, and it looks like the angle where he could find a path back to


the ball, Ken. So he will be going all-out for this.


APPLAUSE Yeah, a good opening red. Cued it


nicely. And... Purposely left the cue ball short of the ball colours.


Attacking the red, just above the black. And it's beautiful


inch-perfect. He has a nice angle on this red, he can just push the


red... The black just out of the way...


APPLAUSE Just tidying up a few loose reds


here before he contemplating going into the pack. A couple of choices


here. A couple of reds to the left corner. He has the red to the right


centre. I would be taking one of these to


the corner. The red at the bottom of the pack is also available after


the... His next colour. Well, a little bit low, and as I


say, a little bit of an Islamic # -- shake of the head. There is an


alternative to the right middle he's not looked at yet. You want to be on


position on a ball where you are potting, you are guaranteed to be on


the next ball. But this red he's playing now, he's not guaranteed.


Keep your eye on the cue ball. Well, he just managed to get on it enough.


That was a good shot. APPLAUSE


When you play that type of back-spin shot, the harder you hit it, the


less chance you give for the back spin to take effect. Cued that


nicely. Obviously the pink spot not


available. Close to the spot he can in the middle of the line with the


top cushion. That looks, to me, like it will be just above the black. The


red is just above the black, not touching. But in a direct line. The


black, the blue, and the brown. On the blue. I wouldn't risk he


would think playing cannons here. From what we have seen from his game


plan, he is quite prepared to take loose reds early on in the break.


And the top red of the cluster does go to the left corner. Underhit that


a fraction. But shouldn't be too much of a problem. I think if he


gets a nice angle on the blue her, though, he may consider playing a


little cannon. Because he's got two loss reds Yan he will be thinking I


will be unlucky enough to be on one of them and he can't win this frame


without opening that little cluster of six. Jury r. Yeah. He -- yeah. He


could play a little cannon. Be on the red to the right centre, if he


hits it fall ball. He has to hit it fall-ball, though, that apex red. He


didn't hit the red at the top of the pack, and is he unlucky? Well, look


at his body language. He is not on it. I'm surprised he


played it with so much pace. I didn't think it was necessary. If he


caught the top red he could have just hit it medium pace. The cue


ball knit middle of -- cue ball in the middle of the table. End of


break. He could consider himself unlucky, but... You all take a


chance when you play the cannon. APPLAUSE


44-point lead, but still 91 available.


This is a big shot. He was more intent on getting the cue ball back


to the ball. If he thought he was close to the pot that red would have


rattled the jaws, the jaws at this end, not at the other end.


This could be the frame winner! APPLAUSE


In delight - fully. He doesn't have to drop the blue in, doesn't have to


do anything with the cue ball. Looks for all money now he will have a


two-frame advantage come the mid-session interval. It has to be


said, Ken, at the moment Mark Selby has still not found his best form.


No. The interval may come at a good time for him, just to gather


himself, his thoughts, and clear his head a little bit, because he looks


a little bit nervous at the moment. I think he is OK. I think he is put


a kiss on the pink. Oh! Well, he couldn't. He couldn't. Gone slightly


wrong. What looked a formality isn't anymore. Unless this red, there is


one second up from the top cushion, is available. Then he doesn't have


to do anything with cue ball in potting the pink. And it looks as


though it is. Looking to have this is plan B.


Didn't have to do anything with the cue ball, just rolled the pink in, a


quick glance at the scoreboard. Just the red needed. 64 ahead with 59


remaining. CROWD: Oh! Well, it looked for all


the world he could pot that red. Maybe he couldn't! I would like to


see that one again. Well, that is amazing! How did he


miss that?! LAUGHS


He's left a half chance here for Mark Selby. Yeah. 63 points behind,


67 remaining. This would be a blow to Barry Hawkins, but this is the


big shot. No. Not there. And he won't be getting another chance.


APPLAUSE Funny game sometimes. When Barry


missed that red... I mean, some time you are having a bad time and you


leave your opponent with a nice, easy starter but that was a tough


shot that he left Mark. Yeah, very tough. Of course, he is trying to


hole for the black as well. Yeah. Trying to hole for the black,


using the other red. Just came across it slightly. He's -- it's


been decent stuff, particularly after the break that Mark Selby made


in the second frame. I thought he was going to get going. Barry


rallied in the last two. Yeah. I think Barry's got a plan. I'm not


certain of what Mark's plan is. I mean, you know, you can never


detective -- dictate what is going to happen. The last frame, when he


pushed that ball out and played that difficult red with no thought for


safety, as I say, it isn't something that Barry Hawkins would have


played. We had a 42-minute practically first frame. I said it


was going to get quicker. Next frame 20, then a 12-minute, and this has


just gone over 12.5 minutes. It hasn't been slow since the first


round. Taking these nicely. A break of...




60 break for Barry Hawkins. His tea will nice during the mid-session


interval. He loads the world champion and the world number 1 by


three frames to 1. You just get the feeling that when


we talk about game plans, and I said before the interval, it is very hard


to have a game plan, but there is certain shots you are going to take


on, and certain shots you are going to refuse. I think at the moment if


you like Barry Hawkins seems more comfortable in his skin than Mark


Selby. Yeah. Particular his in that frame where he took that very risky


red on up into the green pocket and allowed Barry the chance to win the


frame. Amazing how intervals can sometimes change matches. Wow! A


long way out with that particular pot. He's left the pot here.


Yeah. Sometimes the interval can change. I didn't see him in the


players room or the press room, Mark Selby. Barry was in there and was


talking with Terry Griffiths. I presume Mark Selby went to the


practise table and hit some balls and got his arm going. Yeah. I did


see him in the practise room. I think the thing where he's got to


do, he has to dig in, and you have to say that there isn't many better


players in the world at digging in than Mark Selby. That is a mistake


from Barry. Left a chance with the red. OK, it isn't easy. Being so


close to the baulk caution, but it is a chance.


Yeah. You can tell from the angle there it isn't straightforward. It


would have looked to be a bit straighter on the red, drop it in.


But the cue ball looks to be going towards the blue. So, again, this is


a very tough pot. If he misses it, he will be leaving, digging down


into the cue ball. Yes. Oh! CROWD: Oh! Well... I thought he was


going to get away with it there when the cue ball careered into the red


and black. Made it more difficult playing that way, didn't it? Yeah.


As you say, if it rolled in, it probably would have finished up on


another colour, trying to force the angle to get on a colour. And if the


red goes to the right middle, he doesn't have a lot to do, Barry. He


is bound to be on the black. And it definitely goes to the right middle.


A few reds in the open. He will be already contemplating about going


into the pack of reds and working out how he is going to develop them.


Yeah, you think it is one of those situations, there is a red


immediately above the black which is available at some time. He could


come low on that red, that red that's just separated from the main


bunch. He could pot that and bring a few other reds into play. And he's


played on it almost immediately. So in potting this, he can bring things


into play. Two ways of playing this. I prefer the screw. You felt as


though you had more control of the cue ball. Sometimes you play with


top spin, and it just runs through too far. So, how is he going to play


it? Above centre or below centre? Above centre. So, keep your eye on


the cue ball. Controlled it! APPLAUSE


Didn't play it with too much face so, therefore, wasn't going to open


too many reds. But he still brought in another couple of reds into play.


He's had a couple of reds here. The red that... The bottom of the pack


to the left pots as well. Not the best angle on this black.


But he will feel that worse way will be on the red to the left middle if


he doesn't get into the cue ball enough not lacking in the cue power


department. He can play this bolt ways around the angle, or deep


screw, a little bit of right-hand side. Played it very nicely indeed.


Excellent shot! APPLAUSE


A similar sort of situation. Could go up for the blue here, if he


wishes. OK, four reds, four blacks, but I am sure his main priority is


winning the frame. Will he stay on the black here? Looks like he's


going to. As I said, that red, just above the black to the left will pot


into the bottom right-hand corner pocket. If he comes too far, he has


always got the red into the left centre.


As you said, I don't think he will have maximum on his mind just yet.


The obvious shot here seems to be play for the red to the left middle,


leave a nice angle on the blue to play the split. He's not got a great


angle to go into the red. And the frame is more important than the


maximum. He didn't get on the red in the left


middle. It is back for the black. He is a good angle on the black,


though. And that's not it. Too straight. More of an angle he could


have stunned off the top cushion into the reds. Now he is looking to


see if there is anything possible but just dropping the black in.


Maybe the outside red could be... Yeah, this red is the only one.


There is two reds at the bottom of the pack to the right. It may be a


plant that he could make into the right centre, but the obvious red is


that one, the extreme left of the bunch. That's not good. He is going


to be hampered by the black. Wanted to take that red on, up into the


yellow pocket. He's had a look at the two reds to the right of the


pack. He is he going to have another look? No. He will take this up until


the yes low pocket. He won't be holding for the black this time.


Excellent shot! APPLAUSE


57. A good cuing. Hampered by the black. OK. Wrong side of the blue,


but a nice angle to, as we watch that again, that was the superb pot.


Didn't go all-out for good position. So in and out of ball, right-hand,


two cushions into the pack. He's got into the pack, what's he on? What's


he on? Head down. Tells me nothing. You would have to say he is a little


bit unlucky there. OK, could have hit it a little bit harder, but


still, it was a very good shot. You would expect into a pack of seven


reds and a pink that something is going to come out. Just going to


concentrate and get that cue ball tight to the red cushion. Yes. And


he will finish with a 62-point lead. But, still 83 remaining. In this


situation, you like to put a red against the cushion, but don't do


that and sacrifice a good safety. Obviously the point in that...


APPLAUSE Has he covered this red? To the


bottom right-hand corner pocket. Mark Selby coming down this end of


the table. Must be pretty tight. A lot of distance between cue ball and


red, so he could swear, but, no, he is definitely on it. It is a big


shot, though, because he knows if he makes a mess of it it leaves Barry


one more chance at the end of frame. It is a terrific pot.


APPLAUSE A good pot, this. Yeah. Fantastic,


wasn't it? As you said, John, a bit of pressure on it as well. What can


he do? He is a little bit unfortunate. I mean, he can play the


brown, but the green looks the obvious one. The yellow is slightly


hampering him. Well, not really. So, it is just about judging the pace of


the shot. Board -- he's played that very well. This would be a steel.


APPLAUSE He's had a look at the red, of


course, above the black. I'm oh 6 sure that -- I'm sure the pot is


into the bottom as well. That is 62-point lead could soon evaporate


with the position of the balls at the moment. But, again, a bit of


pressure on Mark Selby. He produced a good break in the second frame


when he was behind. But since then he's been - looked a bit nervous,


hadn't he, John? Yeah. He's... As I say, he doesn't look comfortable


with his game so far, but this could really be... Give him a good boost


of confidence. That puts him 44 points behind. 59


remaining. He has plenty of points to spare. That's the red he would


like to get on sooner rather than later, the one just to the left of


the black. Certainly the black doesn't pot - well, I say I'm


certain. I don't think it pots. Like you, Ken, I think the red just above


that does. He is having a good, close look.


He will have the clear all these remaining balls to win the frame at


this visit. He will be just happy to have the opportunity. The second


frame has become awkward on the pink. He wanted to be up higher with


the cue ball. Yeah, you see it. Wanted to be higher with the cue


ball, so if you just run the pink in and take the red to the right of it,


but he doesn't have the angle to do that now. It may hold a spot. But


then the pink has gone, become to the yellow spot, so that won't be in


his favour. Having a quick look at the blue. The problem is if he plays


the pink, he is going to have to run around the two cautions. I know what


you are saying about the spot, but I don't think he is straight enough to


do that. If he plays the pink he is going to have to really cue this


well to run around off two cushions. He is playing with bottom, so...


He's just going to leave himself a red that he knows he is going to


have the use the rest with the extension. He thought this was was


the only ray to guarantee position. It isn't perfect. He needs a good


angle on pink or blue here to get on the awkward last red.


APPLAUSE Went for the blue. Not quite far


enough. He is too straight. Just can't force an angle. The pink is no


good. He's looking at the brown, swinging it around off two cushions.


Tough pot. APPLAUSE


Excellent pot. Yep. That is OK. It is OK.


APPLAUSE Would have loved to have been a bit


straighter on this red because the cue ball is going to be going into


the black. He doesn't want to knock the black safe.




Did that red go in off the black. The cue ball, just hit them on the


way around. Have another look. Anyway. It went in. One good


positional shot from pink to yellow. As I said at the start of this, what


a steal this would be. Play for it in the right middle. It needs to




Just about perfect, I think. You wouldn't fancy him missing now.


Is so good in these positions, when he is behind, and just enough points


on the table. He did it in frame number two when he was behind. It's


like his concentration level goes up a notch. This could be a massive


turning point in this match. Barry Hawkins. A 62- point lead, went


in-off the blue. Just hold a minute, hold it a second. He hit that much


too hard. With the black not being so close to the pocket, you would


think he would be able to get in and out of it. It should have been


easier than this. It's OK, it's OK. But it still needs


due care and attention. Superb, superb. He knew how good that was.


Barry Hawkins is going to make 62, battered with a 71. Now just one


frame in front is Barry Hawkins. -- bettered.


A decent length with the cue ball. Will he take this red on? A


difficult pot. He decided against it. But he could have played that a


little bit better. He wanted that cueball tight on the top cushion and


he has left it to chance. I'm not sure he is on the red closest to the


black but he is certainly on the red up to the green pocket.


He obviously can't get through to the red which is just to the right


of the black can respond in the right corner. No. Still not firing


on all cylinders. Here is the black in the last round. Geeing himself


up. He knows how important that break could turn out to be. Barry,


with a chance here. He is on the pink. He gets the first good chance


of this 6- frame. The black just clears the path. Both


pockets now. And the red, just above the black. The one he will be trying


to get on next. He's got to stay low on this. 23.


He could go in here because he has a wonderful angle but he normally


likes to mop up the open reds before he goes. He has certainly got a


lovely angle here. Plenty of value because of the red as well. I was a


bit surprised that he didn't try. -- bring a few reds into play. He's got


a good angle now. As I say, I think he has come out and discussed it


with Terry Griffiths bought for the match, not to take any undue risks.


He may be under a bit of pressure. Winning the three majors. Do not


push the boat out too far. So far, it's been working. You've got to


say, as the guys in the studio have been sagging, when he got 62 in the


last round, very unlucky not to be on one. -- have been saving. -- have


been saying. He's just got to avoid the loose one. He wants to hit that


one full in the face. He caught the loose one, and doing that, you are


likely to finish on nothing and that is the case. An opportunity to bring


the reds into play. It is a good pot to keep this alive. But they are


difficult, Bose. Barry Hawkins, 37. He should have got more from that


chance. He just got back to the black one. He had the loose red and


a wonderful angle to go through the pack. He maybe should have taken the


opportunity down. This is certainly no gimme, this red, in this pocket.


It wasn't straightforward. The cueball in the pockets. The result


please, thank you. The cueball in hand, the choice of reds to play


for. He has the problem of putting in the reds, the main bunch of reds.


It is a chance. You'd think you would want to do it now, wouldn't


you? Get a nice handle on it. Knowing that he would always have


the red in the far right corner if things didn't go well. I think the


reason he has taken this red on, he's got to leave it up there. Just


delivered of insurers. He doesn't have to go into the pack at full


pace you. He's got to try and hit that red. Just light of the pink


spot, if you can. -- just write off the pink spot, if he can. -- right.


I was looking at that cluster. I was wondering if go off the pink into


the pocket. -- if it would go. It has turned out all right.


It's a little bit thicker. It dropped. The red in the middle of


the table. He has landed on an absolutely plumb spot. A little


shake his head there. -- shake of his head there. He will certainly


take it. Just a couple of pots away to


reassert his 2- frame advantage. It equates to just this round. He


will be two frames behind again. Coming back to the table. It is


always nice to win a frame, isn't it. He stole the frame in a manner


he did in the last. You talk about turning points in matches, you felt


it would have been the turning point. You could say that Barry has


now steadied the ship somewhat. Well, he won't be too bothered about


missing the red. Barry Hawkins reasserts that 2-frame lead.


The obligatory red has been left on here. There is a path around the


black in the red. He would love to not miss it. -- and. The kiss on the


ground has not helped. That type of reds that Mark has played, halfway


there, you would have thought he potted it. That's why he's left it.


Into the bottom left-hand corner pocket, leave the cueball to


right-hand side. I think it was more concerned about


leaving the cueball near the top. If this has got the pace, he could


be tight behind the yellow each year. Just a fraction short, that


was all. He doesn't have the edge of the


reds. This could go wrong, he could red on the right-hand corner pocket.


He's got be careful. He needs a cover. I think you may have got one.


Fair play, he has an excellent cueball but he has not got the cover


but this red, being so close to the side cushion is no gimme. But it


begs the question, what is the alternative?


This as a possibility. Just trying to come back down the kind --


left-hand side of the table, what is closest to the right-hand corner


pocket. He could be knocking this red into the hole as well. He needs


a good cueball, though, doesn't he? And he's got one. That is an


excellent shot. I can't see a pot ball. He is going.


-- is going to have to be very accurate on the red. Ken has put a


line up there but as I say, he has got to catch that red just so. It is


a similar sort of line. Too thick, too thick. I'm not sure of the


availability of the black. In that corner. But he is looking towards


the corners of that will not give him position on the black. The black


is just a little bit too tight to go. But he can still do it for the


blue. One good pot and it will give him a great chance.


Excellent pot, right into the heart of the pocket. If he's got an angle


on the blue, backup up the red possibly that is close the cueball.


The fact that the other one, the brown, is on the spot has made that


quite a simple shot. It's all about judging the pace and he's done that


perfectly. Let us see if the pink is available. Not now. I'm sure he will


play for the blue. He's going to play this red with the


rest. I'm not certain whether will go. He will love it. The pink will


still be available in this corner. Where is the pink spot? It is


hidden. There it is. Pink won't go on its own spot. He is going to have


to concentrate on the blue for the time being. This is the reds that he


would love to get rid of. He has all this he taken a few shots ahead here


to get top side of the blue. Just to the left of the black. That is the


one he is looking at. If you can put the cueball in such a position where


you can get on that red, it would be perfect. It will open the black. He


must be very precise with this position or shot. The key shot into


the frame. It looks perfect. It looks absolutely perfect. If you can


do it and not disturb the black... Nice.


This game never ceases to amaze you. It looks as though he had done all


the hard work, and maybe that is what he thought, he just took the


black for granted. You cannot drop your guide for a second. What a


mess. -- miss. He wants to play the red that is in


the open. I know he is close, but he is only going to nudge it in. If he


does, he will be on the black. That was a good damp. It was a dabba


dabba doo. If he has a good frame-winning


break, it will be here. He needs to start firing. He has done it on a


couple of frames already. Barry will be sat there and used in the welded.


Just thinking it might go a little bit too much on that and now it is


in perfect position. Barry will certainly be there, sitting and


suffering. Just running around of two cushions. He now takes the lead.


He has got an advantage of four points. Make that 11 points. The one


close to the right corner. A careless shot. Here is the black


again. He got himself into prime position and took its eye off the


black, concentrating on that little tannin, into the reds. We saw when


Barry missed it, it was a real shock to the system. Shock horror, it


really is. This will probably hurt them a lot more than the 62 point


lead he had a couple of frames ago because he did not do much wrong


where is in this instance, he has missed the black. It is the shock of


missing it which really unnerves you. It was, as you say, when he


made the 62 break you can put that behind you. That wasn't the case


here. 33 points per lead. Red colour, red required. He is hanging


in there. No doubt about it. He has been thrown a lifeline and he is


duly taking it, just the blue and the red required. You've got to be


careful here that he doesn't cover the red over the pocket with the


other red. No danger of that. This is ready to go 40 points ahead with


35 remaining. It has cost him the frame. It has


cost him the lead. One frame away from victory, it would have been.


All those negative thoughts would be running through Barrymind right's


now. If he can get the pink, he can make a century.


He can make this century with the black in the six remaining colours.


It is quite funny. Jason in the studio said, there hasn't been a


century break but we might get to see one now. We have had 18 in the


sofa. -- in the tournament so far. The pressure he has been put under


by his opponent... Not the right side of the blue. But a century is


only for record purposes as far as he is concerned. He has already made


452 career centuries which is amazing, in the time he has been a


pro. Perfect. What a great shot. advantage. He is still one behind


but he'll be feeling a lot better now? Not the best break-off shot


that from Mark Selby. . As we said, when he stalled frame five, he's got


within one. He needs to get to make these frames turning points to get


level. Fair play to Barry. He keeps getting the disappointment but it


doesn't knock him off. Next frame and he's potting. Excellent pot.


He'll look for that little kiss on the red. He is still OK. He has a


nice angle. He can pot the blue. Get down to those two reds from around


the black spot, particularly the one just to the right of it.


That's pretty good. He's armed that red perfectly. Excellent shot.


The play for the red just the left of the black now and clear the black


for both corner pockets. He won't be taking anything for


granted though because he looked as though he was in to win the last


frame and missed the black off the spot so that would have sharpened up


his senses somewhat. It's funny, isn't it, Ken, when you


look at it, the three frames that Mark Selby has won you could say


that he stole all three of them really. Yeah. He has never been


really fist in and built up a lead in any frame. He has always been


playing catch-up in frames and his particular game.


It's like he's been hanging on to Barry's coat-tails. He would be very


disappointed with that break-off, Mark Selby, to leave this opening


red. It was an excellent putt Nonetheless. He has plenty of


options here, Barry. He will putt and when he putts this the one to


the right of it will be puttable as well. He has just kissed it into the


pack. Is it puttable, maybe not into the corner now, but certainly into


the right centre. But the red next to the pink and one at the bottom of


the pack also putts. He has a nice angle as we see Mark


Selby's break-off. Look at this. He has done this a couple of times in


this match, just not swinging it in behind that yellow.


You've got to - it's maybe a foot this side of the line to get in


behind the yellow. Thrvr 23 you don't get in behind the -- therefore


if you don't get in behind the yellow you will always leave that.


Not perfect here but you wouldn't expect Barry to miss this. M'mm


solid. I don't think the red at the top of the cluster is available. We


saw him just nudge it into the cluser. Ken mentioned it. He will


have to play - there you see it doesn't go. If he plays the one to


the right, the pink, he will canon into the pin. He may favour the one


down the right-hand side of the table. If you can't avoid the pink


the position could go wrong here. He could avoid it so no problem.


Maybe a little more angle than he would like on the blue.


He felt as though he could roll in and hold and he was right.


To win the frame at this visit he's got to bring some reds into play in


that cluster. He won't be happy with this. He


won't be happy with that. Yeah, he certainly won't. He was stretching a


little bit there and didn't get the follow through on the back swing. He


should have got the little extension. A school Boyeror there


from Barry and a good chance to win the frame from that position and put


himself in a position where Mark would have needed snookers but now


he's going to try to get green or yellow safe.


He will be very disappointed there. That was a golden opportunity, as


you say, all because he didn't put the little extension onto his cue.


As you say, he was over stretching. It is little things like that, just


drop your guard, as we have seen in a couple of frames so far this


afternoon, it can cost you frames. OK, Mark Selby has got the problem


of getting this safe. Just overstretching.


Good safety shot needed here. He will leave a pot on here. He needs


the cover, hasn't got it. So Barry Hawkins is going to get another


chance immediately. Well, he's been so solid with these particular pots.


Got one at the beginning of this frame and he has been knocking these


in throughout the match. Yeah, very solid and secure on that


particular type of shot. Got to avoid the kiss on the yellow,


which he did. This looks to be absolutely inch perfect. Two reds,


two colours, would be more than enough to put him one frame away


from a place in the semifinal. A new world champion firmly on the ropes.


Can't see a problem now. The black and the red will be enough.


So that takes him 62 points ahead with only 59 remaining. Mark Selby's


only had two shots. Poor break-off and couldn't get the next one safe


that he had. And that's how quickly and easily a frame can slip away. It


doesn't matter how good you are. That will mean that Mark Selby will


not be getting back to the table so really up against it now.


Every time Mark Selby got himself back into the match, Barry Hawkins


has responded. Just when you think you might see


the winning post, you know, he has definitely responded. He has


responded in a superb fashion. You know, a lesser player losing the


type of frames he did, you thought it would affect his confidence but


he has knocked in some good, long, balls.


It doesn't matter about the red. He took his two chances that Mark Selby


gifted him and now, he is just one frame away in a place in the


semifinal. The world Champion with it all to do.


He has a big target he could slide off the back of the pack here and


try to get the cue ball up behind the brown again.


Has he left a path to this red to the left corner? I think he may have


done. He's been knocking plenty of these in in this match. There's


another one. He can win the frame and match with


high value colours and just the reds.


What an opportunity. -- what an opportunity for Barry here.


I thought it was risky to play for the red into the same pocket as the


black so play for the red in the middle. This will release one of the


other reds to more open play. Perhaps he has given it a little bit


of thought. It is not absolutely ideal otherwise he would have been


down playing it by now. The one on the right may be a bit too straight,


playing with top spin running up for the blue. Cued it beautifully


though. It is a good sign when you can cue it as smooth as that under


pressure. Yeah, couldn't have played it much better, as you said. He will


get on that red now, the loose one just above the black. Has he hit it


hard enough? Just the belt maybe. The only red that may pose a problem


is that one that is close to this bottom right-hand cushion. Yes, and


in playing that awkward red, he will need a colour off it. It is not just


a case of just dropping behind it and rolling it in. Another good,


solid shot. 7 points the lead. Three reds, three high-valued colours. The


world number 1, UK Champion, world Champion will be out.


He might have just lost the cue ball slightly but needs an angle on the


blue and pink here. Looks pretty good. He doesn't want to be just


potting this pink. Doesn't want to be straight on the red. Just slight


little angle. The cue ball will be able to come off the cushion. He has


the slight angle to drop behind it and the closer we can get to this


red on the cushion the easier the pot will be but he will still need


this red and a colour. He's going to leave himself a tricky


black because he has to make sure he pots the red and he can't get the


cue ball away from the cushion. No. No. Oh, would you believe it? If


you miss it you leave it but you don't blame him for playing it like


that. Wow, are we going to have another twist as we see this red


again. He wasn't comfortable on it. He could have played that a bit


better. Another missed opportunity from Barry Hawkins. This positional


shot from blue to yellow made easier, of course, with the brown


not being on its spot but that brown not being on its spot makes it a


difficult clearance. He has underhit that. It has bounced nicely. I


thought that it was going to be a little bit straight on that yellow


but it just came off the cushion nicely. Now yellow's no problem.


He needs an angle on this green to get over behind the brown and he has


a nice angle. This is the shot. Yeah, this is the one. Just got to


adjust the pace. He just wants it to bounce just a little bit off the


cushion. Brown, blue, pink and black, for


another steal. This is just a little bit awkward.


Would have loved to have been another few inches with the cue ball


off that side cushion. A big shot. Just a little bit awkward.


REFEREE: Settle down, please. COMMENTATOR: That type of shot, I


sort of prefer to play it rounding off two or three cushions. Anyway,


it's run safe so all's not lost but it was a golden opportunity that's


gone. That's not Barry's best shot. If he


doesn't kiss the pink there's a chance he'd be available into the


right corner. He is certainly available into the left corner.


No, if you are going to play them, of course, you always err on the


side of it being too thin. It was such an important brown and Barry


Hawkins has a chance of potting it now. And this, if he was to


president here and get onto the blue, would be the match winner.


Well, in the end he decided not to play it. Will he get a better


chance? I'm a bit surprised he didn't take


the brown on and just fire enough past the middle pocket. Mark Selby


can't pot it there but... He has to be careful here. If he play s the


brown across off the side cushion to try to get it into the middle of the


ball cushion there is a possibility the brown could go towards that


green pocket but he plays to try to bring the brown back towards the


black he could get a double kiss so...


Needs a good length for the brown here, needs it to run, and it


hasn't. He's left another chance. He has been knocking these in all


day. A bit of pressure on this one though.


Yes. Stroked it in. Now you saw Mark Selby had a glancing look at his


opponent. He knows it is all over now. He has played some superb


snooker. Mark Selby gives him a handshake. He will be a little bit


disappointed but Barry Hawkins, last year's beaten finalist is absolutely


delighted that he is through to the Masters semifinal. He wins by six


frames to three. Well played. So a famous victory for Barry Hawkins.


There will be no triple crown for Mark Selby this year. That is from


us for now. We are back at 1:15 on BBC 1 with more live coverage of the


Masters. It is semifinal Saturday as Marco Fu takes on Ronnie O'Sullivan.


Bye for now. Returning soon to BBC Two -


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