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Day 7

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Hello. It is semifinals day here in the Daph best Masters. Our defending


chavm, Ronnie O'Sullivan, in the semifinal, and still on a that ject


write as the rocket -- trajectory as a Rocket that might take him to a


record 7 victories. Now, it was Marco Fu who is facing them. This is


a man who is arguably in the career form of his life! He'd made four


centuries to get into this semifinal, and this promised to be


the match-up of the day. It was watched by Stephen Hendry and Dennis


Taylor. Can Marco start the match with a


long pot? APPLAUSE


He is OK. So he's got a couple of loose reds. He is on a clear. So, an


early chance. Can he continue playing in the form that he showed


us throughout the week, Stephen? Since the UK Championship, when he


was - I think it was a green or the brown, with the rest away of beating


Ronnie in the semifinal of that event, since then, I think he's had


a couple of tweaks technically Might get a chance to see a slightly


longer back swing than normal. He is starting to look the real deal when


it comes to the biggens. I mean, he's always been a fantastic player.


Everyone in snooker knows that, but he would sort of go maybe one or two


months, you know, of playing well and then disappear. If he keeps


playing like this he will be competing at every big event. A


nice, aggressive shot. Might just be OK, you know. Caught the pink half


ball, instead of fall ball. I think the white might cannon into the


pink, which couldn't be a bad thing. It looks a natural... Well, he's


taking - this is much more difficult, the one he is taking, to


stay on the black. Oh. He didn't... CROWD:


JEERING I thought he may have taken the


other one which was an easier pot. Yeah. Aggressive red to take.


Started off straight into the bunch straightaway. Maybe that's his plan


- take the game to Ronnie. APPLAUSE


That's a very good shot. The fact he's covered the red that's near the


right corner. He had the yellow and the blue there to use as Snookering


balls, and he played it well. Can particular # -- can Marco return the


compliment? No. He's just playing dead weigh. But he still covered


that red that's near the pocket. Nicely picked out there, but a bit


of pressure on the next pot. He's certainly opened the reds up, if


this blue goes in. A great chance. CROWD: Oh! A bit of pressure on that


one early on in the match. Still expected Ronnie to knock that


in. But it is the opening frame. This is a nice opportunity now for


Marco Fu. Maybe just taking a few moments just to calm down. Such a


massive entrance for both players at the semifinal. Important he plays at


his own pace. Getting the blue back up on to its


own spot will help the situation, because the pink's out of


commission. Marco turned professional in 1997 and based


himself in Scotland. Well, he was with your team at the time. Did you


used to practice with him at Spencer's Club that is no longer


there now in Stirling? Yeah. There was two or three professionals. Used


to have some games with Marco. He's always been a big solo practiser.


Doesn't practice a lot with other players. Used to have the odd game.


He used to be... 3, 4, 5 frames and he would just never miss.


Of course, he learned the game in Canada. He was based out there for a


while. Goes without saying the red to the


right of the black is the one he wants to move. Wants the black


available to both corner pockets. A nice angle. The red directly above


the black. He will want to cannon that. He will want to play it at a


decent pace, because there's every chance he could snooker himself on


the red to the right corner. Played it a little bit harder.


I have just got a feeling today it will probably be a high-scoring


match. So, chances like this, taking them at your first opportunity, I


think, are going to be very important.


O'Sullivan hasn't been in his best-scoring form this week, but you


get the feeling it is going to come out sooner or later. I think it will


have to today, Dennis, for him to meet Marco. Absolutely. And the fact


he missed that medium-length blue. That is an early worrying sign.


Because Marco's going to take full advantage. He's had to have two


chances in this frame. He missed a red along the black cushion here.


Had he knocked the long blue in, I am sure he would have gone on - this


is the blue. Had he have potted that I'm sure he would have made a


sizable break. Yeah. You mentioned, Dennis, the first frame. But


normally we're used to seeing O'Sullivan start so quickly.


So that black is the first frame. APPLAUSE


Yeah. He's made 439 centuries in this career. That's terrific! 41


centuries last season. APPLAUSE


Already on 31 this season. APPLAUSE


The kiss on the black's OK. Where we've had 20 centuries so far in


this year's Masters. APPLAUSE


I will tell you what - if you want to get a crowd on the side - this is


the way you do it. Oh! He's missed it.


CROWD: Oh! He's missed it. Unlucky! Almost a certain century. What a


start for the man from Hong Kong. Ronnie missed that blue and that was


tend of the frame -- that was the end of the frame. Marco Fu leads




It isn't a snooker. He can see the one to the left. If he takes this


pot on - he will have to because there is no easy safety shot - we


saw him miss a blue which cost him the opening frame. Can he knock this


one in? CROWD: Oh! No! Marco Fu can punish


Ronnie. He will still be thinking about that poor positional shot he


played when it looked like he was going to make quite a big break.


This wasn't easy. Early in the second frame, but this


is a massive visit to the table for Marco Fu.


Such a psychological game, snooker, at the top level. You can put one on


your opponent early on... This is where he just ran a little


bit too far. Very annoyed with himself. Yeah. I think he was trying


to play the cannon on the red to the right. This is... Just didn't get


the side. Just playing those little left-hand side, just cannon the red


to the right there, as the cue ball goes past it. Very unlike


O'Sullivan. He needs the black back on that spot


in a couple of shots' time. The reason I say that is that red that's


on the cushion, it will be a lot easier to get on to the black if it


was sitting on its own spot. Yeah. Dennis, so important not to leave


that red until last. Every chance you don't get on to it properly,


then you have to play safe. So, I would be playing for it now. Screw


off the side cushion. Well, he's not done... He can play now the thread


he is playing now, finish high on the black and then play for the red


on the cushion. Travelled too far. Nope, he's fine.


So, this is a shot for the frame, Dennis, you feel. Just has to drop


it in dead weight, and give the pocket a chance. We have seen a lot


easier black than this. Wenbo had to knock O'Sullivan out of this year's


Masters, and he just hit it a little too hard. But this is much tougher.


So dead weight will give the pocket a chance. You have got the perfect


picture there. No! No!




Now, that is quite a big turning point so early on in this match.


Provided Ronnie goes on and takes the frame.


Just a little awkward with the pink sitting on the yellow spot. So, he


might even play for the pink this time.


A big opportunity missed, though, by Marco Fu.


If you touch the cushion and you don't usually see any reaction from


Marco, but he knew that was a big shot that he just missed there.


Green, brown and blue will be enough.


Yeah, what it's done, by Marco missing that opportunity, is it's


given Ronnie O'Sullivan the chance to forget all about that frame,


because he's won it. If Marco wins it... Then he still thinks about it.


Quite a tense frame this second frame!


APPLAUSE In the send Ronnie O'Sullivan - not


surprised he is leaving the arena. Lost his cool. He got the chance and


took it. It's been a fascinating start to


this semifinal. Oh! What was that, Marco? A long way


short. Well, maybe he can't see enough of


the red that's just to the right of the black to cut it in. The other


red's preventing that. The red the left side of the table


is just a little awkward for the safety shot. You have to make sure


you don't cannon into that on the way back down. That's why he's not


coming off the side of the pack. He may attempt this, to get on to the


black as a shot to nothing. Now, just a... Straightforward up and


down safety shot. APPLAUSE


An opportunity to drop the thread in for the black.


That's Marco's daughter there. Isn't she beautiful?


That's your daddy out there playing, and I think she's just seen herself


on the screen. Yeah! LAUGHS


Yeah, Marco smiling up at his family, but he has to get his mind


on the job. Semifinal of the Masters, one frame each, against


Ronnie O'Sullivan. APPLAUSE


Little bit of a stalemate now that red has gone up the other end of the


table. Not a lot for Ronnie to play, only just roll into the reds and we


might - possibly - get a rerack. What has he spotted here? Just a gap


to get him back to the cushion. APPLAUSE


Played that well. Just take a few shots to resolve


this situation. Yes. As long as the cue ball keeps


getting up to the cushion, there isn't a lot you can do. If the cue


ball is away from the cushion, you can play a more aggressive shot, you


can open the reds up and bring the kaubl back. But even -- cue ball


back. But even that, you are sometimes knocking the red into one


of the middle pockets. So, it could be a while here.


Enjoying this kind of snooker? Wasn't your favourite type of frame,


this. Neither player will like this, but sometimes the run like that, and


you get the balls up the other end of the table... But what does happen


when a player gets in, there is going to be plenty of reds there to


score from. Now, that one to the left-middle is quite a risky one,


but... He's had a quick look at it, and he's decided definitely against


taking it on. But that's a bit careless. He's made a complete hash


of the safety there. OK. A little bit unluck I yes. You inform know


where the reds are going to finish but he didn't get the white where he


wanted. Now the chance is there for Marco.




Marco has just put himself in a bit of trouble here.


Doon he might have to play a safety shot off the green and go off the


black with the cue ball. One of the golden chances let slip there.


APPLAUSE When you bring the cue ball back to


the black cushion, there's always chances with middle pockets. Ronnie


has done that with the last two shots now. Again here, no good


afternoon tee where the -- guarantee where the cue ball will end up. Just


make sure of the pot. He will settle for that.


It isn't a gimmee, this blue, but there is pressure on it with the way


the reds are situated. But get this in, and what an opportunity.


APPLAUSE Didn't cue that smoothly as he was


in the first frame. Popped it in the right-hand side of the pocket, and


didn't get correctly on the red. That is why he is having to play


this around the angles. Overscrewed it slightly. He wanted


to be straighter on this brown. Shouldn't be a problem.


He is going to have to pot an awful lot of balls here to get a sizable


number of points. Because they're all low-value colours.


He's had a look at that just to see what's available there. So, he's way


ahead of himself. And he feels that maybe he can drop the blue and he's


back looking at that red to the right of the pink. And it looks as


if it's on. That just shows you far ahead the


player's thinking. It is usually a couple of shots. Rarely more than


three shots ahead, four shots. You are just playing the cue ball into


an area each time, but you weigh up the table and you know that it's


going to be there, and he had looked at this red about three shots ago.


Didn't get into the kaubl # cue ball like -- cue ball like he wanted. He


wanted to be much straighter on this blue. This is now awkward. He's


playing a cannon on a red directly above the blue. It will go around,


but he's had natural angle... So... A little bit fortunate to have that


natural angle. They seem to be all covering each


other, the four reds around the pink. He's potted seven reds, but


he's only accumulated 34 points because he's had to take


lower-valued colours. Just going slightly to the left side


of the pocket, but he can make that. APPLAUSE


I think it is important for Marco to win this frame now, just to forget


that red that he missed along the cushion. That could have given him a


2-0 lead. But he's always been blessed with a terrific temperament


also. That was an awkward frame at the


start with the reds going up the other end of the table. And then the


end, Ronnie attempting to get back to the black. Well, he did do but he


left one to the middle. It's the frame well and truly saved now.


APPLAUSE Be of 11. The interval still after


four frames. Yep, daddy's clearing up. That is


his wife Shirley who is there with their daughter.


APPLAUSE Almost made a century in the opening


frame. He's got another chance here. I have noticed Ronnie is looking at


the tip of his cue there. I know he... He made a gesture as if he was


going to bite the tip off, but I think that was a bit of


You would have to say from Marco Fu, this is great stuff. Yeah, he's


looking very composed again. That's his fifth century. Absolutely


terrific stuff from the man from Hong Kong and in he goes. Absolutely


secure. This third frame. Marco leads and Ronnie has left the arena


and I'm wondering if there's a slight problem with the tip. We'll


find out shortly. How will he react to the new tip. If anyone can do it,


Ronnie O'Sullivan can do it. He seems to be just able to get the tip


on and not the sort of thing that the player would want but he's


pretty good at doing it. The way that they make tips these days. 15


or 20 years ago, it used to take me three or four days to knock a tip


in. They seem to be able to make them a lot firmer. You can get


grades of how firm the tip is and the last time that I had it last


year, I was able to play with it straightaway. It is just the way


that the tips are made now. Not quite the drama I think that


everyone is making out. But still in a semifinal of a major event, not


ideal. Meanwhile, Marco has made a terrific breakoff shot.


It's not going to be hard enough. Coming up a little bit short so I


suppose on that type of shot, difficult to judge at the best of


times. Well, you would say, a a we bit of pressure on whoever put the


tip on, wouldn't you. We thought that he would take the


double on and he wouldn't leave anything. Only the red that he was


trying to double and he has left it. So a little bit of a tester, a long


pot. Let's see if he can knock this in and give himself a little bit of


confidence in that new tip. APPLAUSE


Judging by the sounds that made, it's a little bit on softer side.


Coming up a little bit short but can still play the cannon. Yes, as if he


wasn't happy with the tip that was on it and you now he finds a tip


that he is happy with, we can see a different Ronnie O'Sullivan. That


could give him a massive boost of confidence.


Just about OK. He can hold for the red that's up to the right of the


blue here. Well, surely, he can't make a frame


when he went with the brand new cue. You wouldn't put it past him.


Well, that got a terrible contact there. He's still on the black but


not as nicely as he would have been without the kick. Just watch this.


He certainly looks a lot happier around the table? Yes, there's no


doubt that he's more comfortable there than the one that was on


previously. He did mention in the studio after the last match that was


very hard on his cue. So that was a tiny little bit softer and it just


gives you more feel. Perhaps that's why a couple of the positional shots


have been going array. He looks a different player.


Quite remarkable, it has to be said. Going a little bit too far here on


the red. But you wouldn't see it being a problem.


He's only made one century so far this this year's Masters.


S not going to be easy to make a century. Certainly with the left on


the side cushion. And this frame has only been going


just over seven minutes. Everything is going in!


I don't know if you can square this up and play the double. No double,


no century but I'll tell you what, with a brand new tip on the cue,


he's come out and knocked in a 95 with it. Absolutely incredible.


We're all square - two frames each. That's a pretty good break off as


well. Can't really take this pot on and play for the black. It's just


the wrong angle for that. Didn't manage to get around the back. Good


cue ball. There are the tools of the trade


from the snooker player but not sure about the lighter - what he's going


to do with that? Maybe burn a few of the fibres off. He was polishing the


side of the tip so that you don't see it when you're looking down the


cue. He may have just held for the pink


there. OK, the red is near the pocket but look at the cueing. He


won't be potting that one, you wouldn't think. But he has to remove


it from the pocket. But if he bridges over all these reds and


knocks this in, it will be some shot.


Very tough situation there. He might just have gotten away with it


slightly. Wanted to hit it full ball when he hit the cushion. It is a


long one and he can get on the black.


So a chance for Marco to get back to work. Obviously he's had that


interval after the third frame, which wasn't planned. When Ronnie


won the last one on the visit so we'll see if that's interrupted


Marco's rhythm. This has developed into quite a good


opportunity for him here. Just over screwed it slightly. Wanted to be


straighter on that red. Closer to the pink so it was a change of plan.


It's OK with the cue ball there. He's got a choice of reds for the


left corner. I think we said at the start of the match, there were quite


a few high breaks here. I think that the prediction is going to come


through because he's had an 9 in the opening frame, 110 in frame three.


And a 95 in the previous frames. So it's building up very nicely, this


semifinal. It could be a cracker. Just an inch too short. May have to


play there and when you see it playing to the left of the two. I


don't know if he's straight on the bottom one to fall through for the


black. I think it looks like it's OK. Just


a bit more face to make sure that he follows through. And again, a couple


of inches further. So he's going to have to cannon that red and that's


there to the end of the bunch. Perfectly played.


That was the key shot to paving the way to making a frame-winning break


here. And he's judged a couple of the


shots on the cannons. He's played them perfectly, hasn't he? Yeah,


lovely touch. Very economical. He's starting to look like a machine when


he gets in a the balls. -- gets in amongst the balls.


He's in line for the high break Masters here. He's in line for 140.


He's had five centuries so far this week.


I think that he made 11 or 12 in winning the Scottish Open just


before Christmas. He's turning into a scoring machine.


That's the biggest attribute that you can have as a top snooker to be


able to win frames in one visit like this on a regular basis.


And from a psychological point of view, after watching Ronnie win the


last frame with a 95 break and a new tip, this is just what the doctor


ordered for Marco Fu. And also, how quickly is he playing! It helps when


you're in perfect position every shot. Brilliant! Absolutely superb


from Marco Fu. It's the 22nd century so far this week.


It's not often there's a quicker shot time than Ronnie O'Sullivan.


But again, down to the fact that he's got the cue ball on the string.


It's not down to the coach, that's for sure. Well, his coach is Wayne


Griffith but originally he was with Terry Griffith so he didn't get that


16-shot selection from Terry. He could beat his own high break by one


point. What an effort. Zbler made absolutely sure of the


black. What a response from Marco Fu. He quietly gets the balls out of


the pocket but he's just cleared the table with a magnificent break of


141. And he's back in the lead at 3-2.


Quality opening here with Ronnie O'Sullivan. Has to aim down slightly


from the cue ball to create that angle to get around the back of the


black. He enjoyed trying to get the better


of it. He would enjoy it. Sitting in the


chair to... He will have appreciated the skill of it.


The match with Judd Trump was extraordinary but this is building


up to an extraordinary match. Judd had two high Septemberuries but


Marco was awesome. -- centuries but Marco was awesome with three


centuries in that match. He's already had two in this. But Ronnie


looks a different player, it has to be said. And he certainly feels


comfortable with this new tip. Tough bunch of reds to go into from


this angle but he's one of the best in the business at picking out the


right cannon. It's so easy to stick on these. When you see that and it


just goes absolutely perfectly. He needs to hit the red, the third red


on the right-hand side of that red and push it is into the bunch. He


could not hit that any better. That one, it has to hit on the right-hand


side side of it. Any other red and it won't work. Fantastic shot.


I tell you what, it's an absolute pleasure to be sitting and


commentating on this kind of match. It really is fabulous to watch. Look


at the pot success rate. Apart from he like he loves this new


tip on the cue, but like I said already, he'll be enjoying this


challenge that's up against him today. Playing the man at the top of


his form as Marco Fu is. These frames are not lasting very


long, are they? That's the frame safe. Now, full


concentration to see if he can respond with a century break. You


can't beat the high break, that's for certain. But even if he doesn't


make a century, it doesn't really matter. But, great response this.


Marco can't do anything about it. And this Alexandra Palace crowd are


being royally entertained here. Might be able to pot the red closest


to the black. If not, the cannon. No, it will go.


Well, this is stunning, absolutely stunning snooker.


In between the yellow and brown. That's another century. Ronnie's


first of the match. And he's made 858 centuries now in


his career. And who's going to bet against him getting to that magical


1,000 centuries. Wouldn't that be something in a career!


Oh, it doesn't matter that the black hasn't gone in. What a response from


Ronnie O'Sullivan. Marco Fu made a magnificent break of 141. The


response was - that superb century, 122. We're all square - three frames


each. I can't wait for more of this. Now, how much quicker can the two


players get. Just equalled Marco down to 16 seconds a shot. Oh, Marco


played that red thinking that it was the only one that could lead. And


how often does that happen? Now, one red, one black, Dennis.


What do you think? You are naughty, Stephen!


For a practice for exhibition, you brush off there for the black. He


can still play it for this shot. Yes, he has done.


Concentrating on the frame. Yeah, the crowd were buzzing there but


Ronnie... Even Marco was smiling. Ronnie, as all players, the main


concern is the frame. But that's nice to see. Of course, he made that


magical maximum break on 13 occasions, just did that. 12 you


made. Never been in front this this


semifinal. Would be a good time to take the lead.


Well, we didn't see that coming. It was just a little bit of a


distraction from the red there having to bridge over it that caused


him to miss that. That's the only reason. That I can think of why he


missed the black. And there's the red to the right of


the bunch that goes to the right of the corner. But it's a big corner if


you want to go into it and really open things up. He's going to go for


the red first. Another big moment in this match. So


often, the deciding factor in these matches are not the frames that you


should win, it's the frames that you shouldn't. The ones that you can


pinch. Such a fine line between winning and losing when both players


are playing so well. He's just finished a little awkward. He took


the opportunity to open more of the reds up there and just having to


stretch quite a bit here. A little straighter on the black


than he would have liked, but that shouldn't be a problem.


Let's see him pot this red. This clears everything. No excuses, now.


He doesn't want to be playing a cannon, because they are all


available. Rather than forcing me in, he


displayed a nice little shot to leave that one next to the pink in


the middle. 39. This would be quite a frame to pinch


for Marco Fu, here. Ronnie O'Sullivan is shaking his head. He


knows that this standard, he cannot afford any mistakes.


We showed you the shot that Ronnie O'Sullivan nest because he was


bridging of the red, it was a little awkward. This was the one.


You don't see him shake his head often, but he knows that Marco Fu is


not going to miss. He is thinking very clearly at the moment, Marco


Fu. Just a little bit harder than he


intended. 56. Yes, he's hoping for the top spin, and just as the angle


to get over it. 58. 65. Just the blue to make absolutely


certain. And it is straightforward. He just can't make a mistake in this


game, the way these boys are playing. Another fabulous frame of


snooker. Ronnie O'Sullivan had the 47 break, a little awkward, misty


black, and that was the end of it. Marco Fu, without break of 83, is


back in the lead again 4-3. -- missed the black.


Both players are getting the breaks to perfection, get close to the


question, which means that the red is normally either side, a difficult


pot if you are a way from the question it is easier. -- if you are


away from the cushion. It looks quite a thin snick, this.


But maybe he is OK. A little bit too pacey, so he is


restricted now with what he can do with the cue ball. The red is still


left of the bunch. A bit of movement in his body there,


on that shot. That was in his normal smooth playing style.


Just a little bit of movement, that time, but he normally does that. But


the fact that he was tight on the cushion, almost, made that slightly


more difficult. Finishing short on this thread, so more reds can be


brought into play when putting this. -- potting. Just a similar black to


the previous frame, but he was bridging over a red, that time.


Just managed to avoid eating that red Devils that could have spoiled


things, but he judged it to perfection.


-- Just managed to avoid hitting that red ball -


things, but he judged it to perfection.


When he is this red, he wants the cue to keep going through. -- hits.


He will need some special here. We saw what happened in the previous


frame. He got a 47 break, and it was not enough. This is a very tough...


Oh, what a shot! 47. Just red to get it through the gap.


He was listed finish low on this red. 54.


So a good positional shot required, here.


55. Just didn't quite judge it. When you are counting on the reds, there


is always a possibility you can finish on the cushion. Shouldn't be


a problem covering that red that is over on the left, on the right


corner pocket. Just to make sure, he locks the pass through to that.


Anthony brown near the cushion is a little bit of insurance. -- and the


brown. It is a healthy lead, 54 points, but not the man in the form


that Marco Fu is. When you get a chance, and he has a little bit to


think about, here... Very clever indeed! Acknowledged by


Ronnie O'Sullivan tapping on the table. OK, there is a possible red,


there. -- pottable. Didn't want the cannon on the


ground. -- round. But that shot that Marco Fu just played... Now,


brilliant shot! He should miss that red. Just


floated it in. Everything is coming very easily will stop the complete


his cue ball down for the black, possibly not leaving Ronnie


O'Sullivan anything as easy. Taking the difficult red, first.


Decent! He chose to take the most difficult red.


That is what happens when you decelerate. They could have been a


huge turning point, had he had pinched that frame after pinching


the previous one. They are just so evenly matched,


now, in this semi-final. That was the first small sign of weakness


-- we've seen from Marco Fu in a long time in this match.


12. He would have been a strong favourite had he taken the frame,


but you just sensed this could go to a deciding frame. We've had some


fabulous matches all week, and quite a few of them going the distance.


Yes, an average frame time of under 12 minutes. That just shows you the


quality of snooker. 41. He had the nerve to make a 55! He


finished the frame off with a break of 63. Marco Fu did have a chance,


missed that red, and we are back square again. 4-4.


Once again, a good pace with the break off shot. If he has a slight


angle on this red, he might just be tempted, because he could drop on


the black and the only thing he could possibly leave would be the


red. But now that it is down to the best of three...


Just decided against risking that. The crowd have been fabulous


throughout this match. We just don't need the single one shouting out at


the wrong time. It is bolstered for both players.


-- it spoils it. Hopefully he can bring patent black into play as


well. -- bring that black. That was a risky one just to nestle


them their. You are trusting that the table will run perfectly true.


With the knack of the cloth, it can get a little deviation. Yes, it was


the first negative shot that Marco Fu has played in a long time. He


brought the cue ball back to where it was, at the table. In the Bisley


thought that was the easy one to play. -- but he obviously thought. I


think there is someone in the front row who is moving around, having a


drink, and probably brought some water in with them.


It is not that difficult a shot to take the cue ball back up to where


he was playing from, so as I said, not the way he has been playing so


far this afternoon, that shot. I am just wondering if that missed


red in the last frame is affecting him. 70. This was the one that, if


it goes in, you can see him dropping the cue. It was a great chance.


Meanwhile, he knows that Ronnie O'Sullivan has not finished on the


red as nicely as he would have liked, and it is all about the


cannon, here, when he has the black. Can he avoid that? He could, and


left-handed, as well! I mean, to get that sort of action


on the cue ball with your opposite hand, to avoid canyoning the black,


was excellent. -- cannoning. Since the interval, and we had the


end of it after three frames, that new chip on the cue, that had breaks


of 95, 122, 47, 55, and 62 in the previous frame. And Marco has had


breaks of 141 and 83. 39. He has gone too far. 46. A big smile


on, but about six inches farther than he expected. Ronnie O'Sullivan,


46. This was the one that he just


misjudged slightly. He knew straightaway that he hit it too


hard. I think it can see enough of the


red, but the brown is quite a destruction. A very awkward cue


along this side of the brown, there. -- is quite a distraction.


Managed to cover that red. It was a tricky situation he was faced with,


there. There is Nick Van there. His dad to


the side of them. -- Nick "Peanut" Baines. Keyboard layout with the


Kaiser Chiefs. -- play out. Loves his snooker.


-- Keyboard player with the Kaiser Chiefs.


If that red kids running, it is safe, all relatively safe. He got


away with that one. There is only one pottable red, the one that is


just between the pink and black. That is the only possible red he


could pot. But he might cannon into other reds, so it is very difficult.


This is a safety shot. Don't blame him.


We have had everything in this match, only bouts of safety, and now


we're getting that. Just been a of breaks. Nice to see the tactical


side of the game, also. Oh! One. He got a good cue ball, but


if it get tighter behind the cover, he could be in a good advantage. We


wish you this -- we will show you this foot plant.


Oh, that cue ball ran off. It only -- it only moved the space of about


a foot. That is shocking. Well, there is nothing Marco Fu


could have done about that. Sometimes you get it along the ball


line. But instead of being snookered, if these gringos in, it


could be the end of frame. But it is not easy.


-- green goes. A fabulous pot. Lucy Wood he is leading. Should have


missed it. -- you see what he is leaving.


What a difference that would have made, though, Denis. Tight behind


that round ball. -- brown. It is a little bit awkward here for the good


positional shot. He cannot make his mind up.


Sometimes you are faced with a shot and you know it is just not a matter


of potting the ball and getting a nice colour... Still can't decide


which way to play it. In the end, he made it look very


easy. Very delicate screw shot. Puff of the cheeks. Good to get that one


out of the way. Very unfortunate for Marco Fu. OK, he was a long way


behind, but had the have got the snooker, which you normally would


have done without the ball drifting, as we show you again, and suddenly


things are just going in Ronnie's favour. He has played fantastic


stuff. I think that turning point in the previous round when Marco missed


the one with the rest, that would have given him a 5-3 lead if he


pinched that frame. The enormity of the occasion got to him. He had the


opportunity to be 5-3 ahead. He won the previous frame with


breaks of 55 and 63. This is following a similar pattern. Breaks


of 46 and now this. What a shock that was! Using the jaw


to get under the pink. You don't see that very often. -- shot that was.


You don't see that shot played very often. And the black is in as well.


So we have a break of 46. Followed up with a break of 82. The Rocket


really has lifted off, now he is one frame away from a place in the


final. It is 5-4. Once again, could break of shot.


Both players raking very well. Finding that cushion, leaving short


of a half chance. But because the white is so close to the cushion, it


makes it very difficult. -- good break off the shot. Both players


breaking very well. You can see if he misses it, he would have to be


leaving Marco Fu a chance. Aiming the tip of history there. Looks like


he going to leave the cue ball on the top cushion. The tip of the cue.


Or is he taking the pot on. Fantastic. Always looked like a


natural angle for the cue ball to go. Tremendous pot. He almost went


off the side of the pack and finished on the black. He may have


left a red to the right of the pocket the way he played. I think it


was plain to lend on that red. -- planning to land on the red. No easy


colour available if he takes it on. Quite clever really. It will take


some shot from Marco to get on the black. An element of safety as well.


You can see where the cue ball is. That is a little bit on both excite


but I think the pace of the table will take the side of the yellow. He


would have been trying to get the cue ball tight on the cushion, but


that will do very nicely. That is all he can see. No easy way


back to the safety zone from that position. That was all he could do


there. I think this crowd have taken the


Marco Fu. I think the snooker he has produced this week has been


scintillating, especially against Trump. If you knock the ball seemed


and you play great snooker you will get the support of the crowd. Just


look at that crowd. What an atmosphere these two players have


had this afternoon. 2000 people. Noise when it is needed, silence


with the player at the table. Where is the cue ball going? It is


OK. Have a look at the raids! That is what you call an attacking safety


shot. -- red Certainly no easy escape back to the


table from that position. Have to be very accurate indeed. If he left the


white tight on the cushion to the left of the black a to cover the


red, on for the right corner. But he has thought of quite a few options.


Not often Ronnie thinks about the shot this length of time, but very


understandable here. It was worth waiting on! I said he


will do well to find a path down the table. He did, and he is on the


brown to get back on the reds. That is the shot, probably, of the


tournament. The pot that and find the gap.


To pot that. Talking about the whole tournament, it could have been so


different if Adam had potted that black in the first round. This man


at the table was within a black ball of being knocked out. Now it is odds


on to be making tomorrow's final. Going for a record seventh Masters


final two overtake Stephen's six Masters.


Still at 97%. Someone in his line of sight there.


He is doing the right thing. Just settling himself. He knows the


importance of this visit. He is really fired up here.


He has just asked someone to keep still. It must be a photographer.


Marco Fu just has to sit there and hope that something can go wrong for


Ronnie. But he looks very focused does Ronnie O'Sullivan.


It has been an absolutely fabulous semi-final match between two players


at the top of the form. Very few mistakes being made. Just the odd


error that was costly because of the way either player are playing. A


little bit of misfortune with that ball rolling off that he was going


to put behind the brown. I don't think I have ever seen


Ronnie O'Sullivan as animated as he is today. Every shot is a different


facial expression. The will to win is ferocious at the moment to get


into that final. This is going to finish a little


awkward. 51 in front, not many pots away from securing a place in the


final. It is the! -- there! LAUGHTER is going to play


left-handed if he can reach. Why not? Just needs the pink!


APPLAUSE. That is a lovely gesture from Marco Fu. It has been a


fabulous semi-final, as I mentioned. We set Marco Fu would have to play


at the top of his game. He did that, he is still applauding. That is the


type of character he is. But they have treated this Alexandra Palace


audience to some brilliant, brilliant snooker. Doesn't matter


about the red. Marco comes forward, Weeks Malla and congratulations for


Ronnie O'Sullivan. Lovely to see both players. Fabulous semi-final.


In the end, Ronnie O'Sullivan, he was just brilliant. He goes on to


beat Marco Fu by six frames to four. He is in the final.


In the end it was tipped Gate in Frank three which turned the tide


for a O'Sullivan. He is into his 12th Masters final in 23 attempts.


He goes for the outright record of seven victories. We will be on air


to see how this all starts at one o'clock. I am sure you will join us.


20th of January, the day of the inauguration of Donald Trump


Do you reckon he'll invite the North Korean guy over?


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