Semi-Final: Joe Perry v Barry Hawkins Masters Snooker

Semi-Final: Joe Perry v Barry Hawkins

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What a fabulous atmosphere. What a thrill to walk into the arena to


that reception. A fantastic pot. That is the shot of


the tournament. It's there. It's been a fabulous semifinal. It would


have graced any final, but in the end, Ronnie O'Sullivan, well, he was


just brilliant and he goes on to beat Marco Fu by 6-4. He's in the


final. Hello, Ronnie O'Sullivan is the talk of Alexandra Palace


tonight, as he has been so often here, having booked his place in a


12th masters final. The Masters exploded into life this afternoon,


after what he considered the most amazing win of his career. The


second semifinal this evening against another packed house will be


between Joe Perry and Barry hawkins. Now both of these men are two of


snooker's hardy annuals. They have been there or there abouts for many


years. It was Barry Hawkins who got to the final here last year. He was


beaten 10-1 on that occasion. It was a disappointing night for him. It


should not be forgotten the brilliance of his run to get there


in the first place. Unbelievable match. That what it


means to Barry Hawkins. He's made three century breaks and it's nice


to see the two boys having a chat there. He's reversed that result


when he lost a couple of years ago, 6-5. He's a very popular winner.


Barry Hawkins defeats Judd Trump by 6-4. Great match boys.


His son is here again. So is the six times former masters winner himself


Stephen Hendry. Barry Hawkins hadn't won a single game until he turned up


last year. He's bidding for two finals in the row. He loves a big


occasion. He's also done really well at The Crucible, the biggest


tournament in our calendar. He obviously loves the big occasion and


saves his best for these events. For world number nine Joe Perry, this is


a hat-trick for him. He's in the semifinals of the World Championship


and the United Kingdom champion and what does he need to do to take the


last step into the final? I think all he can do is trust his own


ability, believe that he's good enough. He obviously hasn't won any


of the three majors, all he can do is go out, there trust his game is


going to be good enough and hope that carries on through. He's


conceded fewer frames than anybody, two in wins over Stuart Bingham and


Ding Jun Wei. What's happened to him? I think two or three things,


perhaps the fact there's no ranking points. He doesn't have to worry


about that. If he loses in the first round he doesn't get any points.


This venue is incredible. He's inspired to play well. Maybe he


feels he's got nothing to lose. Talking about being disillusioned


with the game and what he's going to do and he's inspired. He's played


great stuff. We're really looking forward to this. This is the 11th


big match between these great friends over 14 years. Ironically,


Joe Perry was the first man that Barry Hawkins ever beat at the


Masters, that was only last year in the first round here. It's the first


time they've met in the rarefied semifinal atmosphere in any


tournament. There'll be no old pals act this evening. My first dream was


to play at the Masters. I saw Jimmy White walk out, it was my dream to


get down there and play. I achieved that. Now you want to get better and


better and achieve more, sort of, boyhood dreams. It will be difficult


going out to play a good friend. Sometimes it creates a scrappy game.


Hopefully we both play well and it doesn't go scrappy. Our


personalities get on. We've just gelled. We talk about things,


nothing, not always snooker. It's a semifinal. I'm still here. That's


the main thing. As long as I'm still in it, I'll try my best. It would be


unbelievable if I could go all the way. Barry's' tough match for


everyone. He's been to the world final. He got to the final here last


year. Everyone knows how good he is. Got to try and be better than him in


all departments. You've had great scraps over the years with some of


your friends, like a certain Mark Williams. Shall I mention the '9 8


final, possibly not. I just roll my eyes! How difficult is it to play a


friend? Difficult. Tonight's match could go two ways. They could either


both fly out of their skin or be really scrappy. They're both in the


practise room chatting to each other, I don't understand how people


can be friendly. Never did that? No, don't do friends before a match.


Especially a night like tonight. Once they're out here, they know


what's at stake. The chance to play Ronnie O'Sullivan here tomorrow.


There's one very nervous fellow the 1979 world champion Terry Griffiths.


He's in Barry Hawkins' coaching corner. He's hoping his man makes to


back-to-back finals tonight. Spending loads of time in the


practice room and great success with Barry Hawkins. Yes, he's playing


very well. He got to the final last year. He's having a good season this


year. He's very easy to work with. I've been with him four or five


years now. He's got everything in his game. He's a top four player. He


can produce a top-four performance. But he isn't getting in the top four


at this moment in time. I think his opponents, there's no doubt about


it, don't underestimate him at any time. Technically, perhaps not so


many changes, is it more of a mental thing you're working with him?


Initially, when I started with Barry and we done a little bit then. It


wasn't a lot, you know. His action is very, very consistent. He's got a


lovely, smooth delivery through the ball. He comes back a long way. He


doesn't make the ball go into the pocket too fast, as you know, it


helps a lot then just to get through the corners of something. Most of it


is mental now. We chat all the time. Arguably, you could have said he's


too nice a guy. Have you made him harder, nastier? I wouldn't say


that. He's a very competitive person. He's a nice guy, but once


he's out there, he's very competitive. I feel that I help the


players with most of the time is being with them at tournaments, when


they need somebody just to chat to. If they're in a bad frame of mind


coming off 3-1 down or something like that, I'm there to chat with


them and watch them on the table and tell them, you know, that if they


hit it bad, they know, I tell them. Then we do something, if they're


hitting it good, I just leave it. He looks like he's got more belief.


He's got more belief because he's playing better and having more


success. Like you used to work with Terry, why is he such a good man to


have in your corner, what does he do? The biggest advantage Terry has


over other coaches, he's been there and done it. He's been in the pit,


as it were. If you're in the dressing room and you want to moan


about things, he knows exactly what you're going through. He must have


done a fantastic job. We remember Barry Hawkins in the final last


year, yet he came back to beat O'Sullivan a few months later. Part


of the repair work done by Terry over the weeks? I think between


Terry and Barry, you just think that you've been beaten by the better man


on the day. That result doesn't happen too often. You get destroyed


like, that just forget. It he did a good job. He came back and beat him


at the world champion shns. He's eradicated the memory of the final


last year. Ronnie O'Sullivan is waiting for one of them and MC rob


Walker is waiting for both of them. Over to you.


Good evening, ladies and gentleman, this is the very last session of


snooker before tomorrow's final, the only question - which of the two


best mates waiting back stage will be joining the Rocket in one of the


sport's show piece show downs, it's time to find out!


Please welcome a player bidding for his second successive Masters final.


So far this week, he's beaten Shaun Murphy 6-#1, the reigning world


champion, Mark Selby 6-3, twice a ranking event winner. He's poised


and ready for this. Here comes the Hawk, Barry Hawkins!


And his opponent, a player who finds himself in uncharted territory


tonight, having never made it to the semis before. He's done so conceding


only two frames so far this week. This is without doubt one of the


biggest matches of his 26-year career. So please raise the roof for


the gentleman, Joe Perry! STUDIO: Such an important occasion


for both men. Watching this best of 11 frame semifinal, our commentary


team. COMMENTATOR: Absolutely, this is a


big night for both players. Well mistake straight away. I was


just going to say with the reception they got coming in the arena, there


will be a bit of nerves out there. Shown up almost immediately. Yeah


absolutely. Understandable. Not the start Joe Perry would have liked. He


has a wry smile on his face. A half chance for Barry Hawkins. We


might see a little bit of this. On the form both players have played to


get to this stage, it's been of top quality. He haven't missed many of


these in the previous couple of matches.


Great atmosphere. Wonderful arena and great reception for both players


coming down those stairs. Let's have a rerack and start again,


shall we? He's left a possibility of this red


to the corner. Barry seeing if he can get to the red by the black into


the right middle. He'll be thinking he was entitled to an easier


opportunity than this. So Joe Perry, even though he made a


bad break of shot, missed a fairly easy mid-distance red has got a good


chance here. Won't keep missing them, that's for


sure. He's tried to get on the black


there. It's a good pot. But just didn't get enough topspin that he


needed to go over a few more inches. Good pot. Being a right-hander as


well, it's on his side of the table. If he could get the cue ball


somewhere in the vicinity of the little white circle there.


He can screw the cue ball across the left-hand side of the table now.


This will certainly help his cause getting the black back on his spot.


Fortunate there. Another day that could have ruined


position completely. He played to go past that red.


It didn't affect the positional side. This these type of matches,


where there's a lot at stake, it's always good to get off to a good


start, get your hand on the table, make a sizeable break.


It didn't go into the heart of the pocket that black. It's just hit the


left jaw. Not too bad on this red. He can use the red and bring more


reds into play here. Didn't expect that one. The black


had struggled in previously. That's why he was low on this red. He's not


settled just yet, hasn't Joe. He's done pretty well there. It's


never that easy when the ball's in the jaws of the pocket and


particularly - there you go! That could have dropped on the table and


knocked all the balls everywhere. Did well to get on the black as good


as this. Joe Perry had his chance. Didn't


make the most of. It -- of it. What can Barry do with him?


Only the one loose red to play for at the moment. I think he may play


for that. He could play the yellow and come off the side cushion into


them. Early on, if it were in a later


frame, he may have played that cannon. Now he needs a good angle on


the black. This is the last of the obvious


reds. There's one loose from the cluster


that might be on to the left middle. Good angle on the black to try to


bring them all into play. Need to push the cue threw smooth on


that -- through smooth on that type of shot. He's not perfect on this


black. A little bit too close to the cushion for comfort.


He can just roll it in dead weight, I suppose.


I think he's just OK for the outside red.


I think it's the extreme left one. Maybe he is on this one. It looks


tight. Yeah, good pot. Excellent shot. Again not the best angle. He


may be able to force the black in. Imperative he gets a good angle on


the black. He's got an horrendous kick there.


You can see it bounce. Your worse fears when you're playing a shot


like that. If he can come off the top cushion and cannon the right


hand red. Then he'll be back in prime position.


Not exactly as played. But he's on a red.


He's got a lovely angle on this red. Just got to make sure of the pot.


The cue ball will be going through the pack of reds.


The pink didn't come in, but he'll be happy with that.


That black puts Barry now 13 points in the lead. He can win this frame


without worrying about that red that's close to the right-hand side


cushion. Having said that, I'm not certain


whether the red that's close up to the pink is available.


He has brought it into play. He's on the red. The three reds, three


colours he needs. He's got the three reds in the open.


Yeah, excellent pot. Held nicely for the black.


Joe's going to need that red near the right cushion.


Tried to bring it into play-off that shot, but didn't get the angle.


He'll play for the red near the cushion now, off the blue.


Good pot. Never easy playing at that pace. He may just have the angle on


the brown. Just wondering, he's looking there,


indicating with his cue, he may Troy and leave the cue ball just below


the blue and leave the double on the red.


That's exactly where he would have wanted to put the cue ball. I always


worry about double, if you don't go in, which jaw do you leave it on.


Two points in it. A very tight opening frame.


Could use the black here to try and knock the red onto the black and


leave the red somewhere that the black isn't, bring the cue ball back


up. He's played this pretty good. Yes,


excellent shot. At first glance, I think the brown


is stopping him coming down the left-hand side, as he looks. That


brown just stopping the natural angle. It's coming down the


left-hand side as we look. He wanted to hit it off two cushions not one.


He's left it. Just trying to get the cue ball, he


won't be holding for black here, somewhere up towards the blue.


A little bit of movement in the crowd. This is virtually frame ball


you would have to say. Good pot. He's nicely on a ball


colour. They wouldn't have enjoyed the


opening exchanges of this first frame, but what an important frame


it is for either player, just to settle the nerves. Yeah and all the


mistakes that you make in the frame are easily forgotten if you win it.


Up to and including the blue. To get to the snookers required stage.


So just the blue to go 16 points in front. Just 13 remaining.


He's overscrewed it slightly. You want to pot the pink. He won't want


to give Barry Hawkins the chance of getting that snooker if he can help


it. But in goes the pink. Barry Hawkins


didn't punish him. 1-0. STUDIO: A little nervy. A few


fingers and thumbs from both players, literally. Your assessment


of the occasion and how the two of them look like they're feeling on


such a big occasion? I think it's a tough one for both of them. They


have a carrot dangled in front of them of tomorrow, a massive


occasion. Obviously two great friends. As I said, start of the


first frame was scrappy. I think it will improve. There'll be more,


because they've both been scoring well this week. There'll be more


frames won in one visit. It will be interesting to see if it goes 4-4,


how nervy it gets. Yeah and also, whilst they're great champions,


perhaps they haven't been in as many finals and final stages at the


Masters and big events as some of the players in this tournament.


Sometimes there's an expectation on you to produce a good match,


especially after the other semifinal was a good one. That's not the best


way to come into the match. You should just be really focussed on


your own performance. If there's any part of you starts to think, oh,


we're not making this a spectacle, that's not the right frame of mind


to be in. It's a long time to think about this. I saw Barry Hawkins


before the start of the first semifinal chatting away to him in


the press lounge, he was here long before that as well. He's been here


since about 12pm. It's a long time to wait for your match. Of the two


of them, I think Barry would love another chance at O'Sullivan after


what happened last year. Absolutely. We talked at the beginning of the


programme about how he rebounded after that. Pretty demoralising


defeat to O'Sullivan, 10-1 and beat him at The Crucible, first time for


many years and says he's learned a lot from that experience.


COMMENTATOR: This one in the right corner, they are letting people in,


the stewards. OK, it was between frames, but... Once the frame


started, they should not be allowed back into the arena. Type of pot


that both of these players would expect to get...


The black is out of commission, at the moment. A straight red, in the


pink to the right middle committee did not want to take it. -- he did


not want to take it. He would be disappointed with that safety. It


shows you, he does not feel like he wants to take an undue risk here. I


thought that in his last match against Mark Selby. I do not know


whether it was a game plan, but don't push the boat out too often,


and offer up easy chances. Yes, she played very well, made dividends --


he played very well. Part of it is getting a good cue ball, but now...


Should be over towards the yellow side of the table. Trying to block


any safety shot down the right-hand side of the table, that


straightforward. Could try, for Barry here, to have a cue ball, off


the cushions, between the yellow and the brown.


Again, a little light with the cue ball. Yes, looking for the baulk


cushion, did not reach the baulk line. A misjudgement. But, it's the


only thing that would tempt him to go for the pot. This one on the near


cushion, he would not fancy that. It is a possible cut. It seems that he


will play safe, swing it around, be careful not to make contact with the


blue office... Missing it quite comfortably but catching the yellow.


His hand was on the table. APPLAUSE


If you leave your opponent with his hand on the table... You are asking


for trouble! A good pot, nevertheless...


I do not think it's going to be the best of chances, even if the pink


doesn't go off its own spot. It comes separately, but that is out of


commission now really, as is the black. He's only got baulk and blue


colours to play with... Going to be difficult to win a frame,


particularly with how the reds R. In these kinds of situations, you have


to concentrate. Don't think about winning the frame but accumulate


points, and build up a useful lead. That was an excellent positional


shot, when potting this red, he will open the black, knocking it away


from the black comedy black will be on there. Perfect! Just but one shot


changing. One perfect positional shot... Now, the black is in play,


only available into one corner but it helps having a high value colour


available. Certainly, making his task a lot easier. A fantastic


positional shot. This could pot... There could be enough room. It looks


like in this bottom left-hand corner pocket, and the two rates below the


pink. Perhaps both of those could pot? -- and those two reds.


Just around the cue ball slightly, but it is still OK.


He just slipped the red... Still, a nice clean pot on the black. It


looks to have settled now. We had a look earlier at the red to


the left of the pink, a pot into the left centre. He's looking at the


school board, trying to work out how many he needs. He's doing his


calculations to work out how many reds and high value colours he will


need before his partner, Joe Perry, will have


to snooker. You can only think that he was thinking about that. Playing


that positional black to bring those couple of reds into play, but he


does not have the angle to do that. He's looking to see that red to the


left middle... It does not look like it, but we will soon know. He thinks


it is. I'm not sure. Playing it nicely. Just addressing


the cue ball on the right-hand side. Flicking the side onto it.


This is a pretty good break so far. When he came to the table, as you


rightly said, John, it did not look like a frame-winning opportunity but


that one positional shot from the brown has opened up the entire game


for him. Let's have another look. It was pinpoint, wasn't it? Inch


perfect. Bringing the black into play, and making this potential


frame-winning clearance, or contribution, possible. But he still


needs a red colour, and one more red. It's not a formality...


Slightly out of position. He does not have great angle on this


black... That's a wonderful shot! Excellent. APPLAUSE


He could not have played it much better. He is left-handed. 68 points


as the lead. This red could help Joe Perry...


Having to work hard for this break, it has been fantastic.


Brilliant! As soon as he hit sitcom he's walking after it. He has that


nice angle on the blue. He can bring a couple of these reds into play, if


he gets the cannon, but he took his eye off the blue. It was a terrific


break from Barry Hawkins, it really was top drawer. He's levelled the


match. Should be settled in... COMMENTATOR: There is the history of


Barry Hawkins... Thank you, third frame, Joe Perry to break. He would


love to be in that final tomorrow, Joe Perry. But he's got other things


on his mind... It's one frame apiece now. All play should have settled.


You don't really settle until you get that first frame onto the board.


Barry Hawkins will be feeling better after that last break on that last


frame. If the red which is closest to the


black does not pot into this bottom left-hand corner pocket, then this


may be worth taking on, this red here... Argh, a lovely shot.


Great cueing, a lovely angle on the black, nudging the red. This looks


pretty close... Just having to nudge it slightly. It's becoming a bit of


a poisoned chalice. It's funny, a lot the lads, if they win the toss,


they will put their opponents into break off, and the old way would


have been breaking off if you win the toss, but... It seems to have


changed over the years. Here is the break. Not that bad. It's just


bounced off the baulk cushion an inch or two. When you saw that the


red, just above the black, was available, it was a brave shot for


Barry to take on. A little thin on the green, more so


than he would like, but he won't miss this opportunity to pot green,


going into that cluster of reds... No. The problem is, when you play it


with that much pace committee don't have chance for the screw to take


effect, which is why he was not close enough to the middle pocket.


You need to be closer. The side did not have much chance to take effect


but he was playing at that pace, to bring that redinto the open.


Nevertheless, it's a big target and he would be disappointed that he


missed the cannon. And he will be disappointed with the safety, too.


He can play for the pink, or drop it in. Try and hole for the black...


This is going to be close to the corner pocket. Ooh... That will be a


little shock to the system for Joe Perry there. He is a tremendous


potter. It got close to the other corner, the one that he did not play


on. This will pot. It is a thin cut, but it goes. Did not attempt it...


It's a pretty good safety. Covering that escaped down the left-hand side


of the table. If he's trying to get baulk of this, be wary of that


double-kiss... All things considered, a good shot. OK, not on


the baulk line, but he was in a spot of bother there, Joe... He played it


well. I don't think Barry will be playing


the pot on this committee is looking close to where the red will go,


sending the cue ball back to the baulk end but there's always the


chance that you can knock it into the left-hand corner. Running into


the black... Decent enough safety. As you can


see, Joe can get the red on the left-hand side of the table, as he


looks as we do... If he catches it just right, there's a chance of him


getting in behind the yellow. A little too full committee catches


the bother-macro colours. If you leave with the hand on the table,


you have the chance of a pot. -- the baulk colours. Important safety


players, a bigger part of the game. Catching the baulk players and


leaving those opportunities... This looks to be a better safety.


Much better. That's what's going to happen. Your opponent keeps touching


those, you don't put pressure on him. And it makes it easier for him


to play a more aggressive safety shot. And put you in trouble. You


need to get that passed the baulk line is close to the top cushion as


possible. Looking at the safety success, both are at 67%, for Barry


Hawkins, well, 62% at the moment for Joe Perry.


I'm just wondering whether he will have a go at this red into the


left-centre. He certainly will now... Not entertaining it.


He may have been forced to play a pot here. He could play at, and he


knows that he would be catching the black. The reason I mention it, I do


not see an easy safety. There's no reason why he should not play the


pot on the red. He can catch the black which would keep the cue ball


on the left-hand side of the table. Taking it on... Ooh! Nobody could


have foreseen that. So unlucky. That's exactly what he thought, the


cue ball would go back up the table to hit the black perfectly to fly


into the corner... I'm lucky. -- it's unlucky.


Barry Hawkins had the option of putting Joe Perry back in, he


fancies this possible pot, get on the yellow and brown... It would be


a fluke if it went in. Catching it much to thin... Has the blue come to


his rescue? Not quite. Touch on the left-hand side. No problem bending


it around the blue. The problem was that he courted too full -- caught


it too full, which is why the cue ball did not go as far up the table


as he would have liked. Knew it immediately, looking at the pink.


This is the test... For such a difficult shot committee got down to


play it very quickly. -- for such a difficult shot, he got down to play


it very quickly. It's difficult to come across, you have two hit it


with some pace, taking the cue ball away from the cushion.


Not quite sure whether the red to the right of the black will pot, if


it does committee if it does, he could get on it here.


That shot would tell me that the red does pot, but you wouldn't be able


to from that position... Touching ball... It does not matter, as long


as the red that he is touching does not move... The alternative is to


the right, middle. He's not finished perfect. Stretching slightly. He


needs to get some cue power into this. Striking the ball very well,


doesn't he? Barry. Especially over the last few seasons, I think that


he has improved enormously. Sorry, Barry. It's the commentator's


curse! It went into the right-hand side of


the pocket, as we look here, he's not on the black. A let off for


Barry Hawkins. Trying to put the cue ball behind the yellow and brown


here... It is a big target. Very good. Very good. He will be


disappointed that it was not on the black. It was a good opportunity


there. Possible to cushion and escape here, but as long as you can


miss the black... Miss, Joe Perry four. It is a long


way down, but the first one is like a guide. He will readjust it now.


Quite conscious of hitting the black. He is going pretty close off


the top cushion. And he is conscious that he does not want to hit this


red half ball. He has had a couple of goes, he's not really been that


close. I suppose that he could get closer this time... And he did.


But... Now, is he going to leave a free ball? If he does... If it is a


snooker, I would be inclined to let him play from that position. The


reason that I say that is that he's already had three attempt at the two


cushion escape, from where that is now it would be very difficult. What


about the free ball, would it leave the cue ball tied to the brown? I


think it is tough enough for me... I would make him play it from there.


The free ball has been called, of course. Joe has the option committee


-- Joe has the option, he can make Barry play from the original


position, or the position that it is in.


Could be back in the same place here. Foul, a mess. -- mess. No


prize for what he's going to do here... He will be playing it from


there, yes. APPLAUSE First thing he's got to avoid is the


green. Well he's done that. Oh, this looks


a good line. I think I'd be inclined to play the


one along the top cushion to the right corner. Then just play a


little cannon on the cushion, double kiss and it bring you out for the


black. Played it well. Yeah, good call,


John. Played the double kiss. A clever little shot he played there.


Watch the double kiss. Just to bring the cue ball back out for the black.


Nicely played. This black will put Joe four points


in front. If he were to get three remaining reds with blacks that


would take him to the snookers required stage. He's opted to play


for this one along the top cushion. We've seen so many times how


difficult they are. If they're tight to the cushion you feel as though


they cling. When they're like this, you've got to be so accurate.


APPLAUSE That's a fantastic shot at that


pace. He's going to need another good


positional shot from his next colour. Yes and also because he


can't get on the black off this red, he's going to have to go for the


blue. He's decided he can stay on the black Hmmm. Well, he knows what


the score is. Left himself the difficult black. So


every credit. Could be still a little bit of time


left in this frame, the way the colours are situated.


Didn't go into the middle of the pocket. Nearly a case of taking it


for grabted. Just -- granted. Just roll the black in and play it safe,


nearly missed the black! One snooker required.


That's not a bad idea. Your opponent needs a snooker. You get in first.


Joe will be wary here, with the pink and brown where they r, and the


green, not being too far from the side cushion.


He's got to be careful here. He wants to try and put the cue ball


behind the black. If he sends the yellow up and down the table, he's


got to avoid the double kiss at all costs.


If he misses the green, it will be a snooker. Good shot.


Just happy to hit that. OK he thought about getting behind the


green, but it was always going to be difficult.


Two snookers required if he gets the yellow. Good, solid pot.


Quick glance at Barry there. I think he will now think this frame is


gone, particularly if this goes in. Yes.


Good signs that Joe Perry is settling down.


It all came from that snooker and that lovely shot earlier that he


played, the double kiss to keep the break going. He's certainly potted


some fantastic - and there's another one! Started off a bit slow, but


it's starting to hot up now. Excellent. Barry Hawkins sits in his


chair. Joe Perry takes the lead. STUDIO: He's playing with such


freedom from yellow to pink there, clearing up the colours. That was a


nice end to a cagey, nervy frame. Yes, we've discussed Marco Fu and


how well he's been playing. We've put that down to his work with Wayne


Griffiths and the fact he won an event in Scotland. We talked about


the fact that Barry Hawkins has been working with Terry Griffiths. We


don't know the solution for Joe Perry. He looks to be doing very


well. Weirdly enough, he had poor form. He was shtum pd in the


championship league. He got to the final of the world open earlier this


summer, but really nothing and no expectations coming here at all.


Maybe that's the secret, no expectation. Then nothing can go


wrong because you won't be disappointed. Yeah, it's like first


game of golf of the season. No expectations of playing well, and


you normally play well. No expectation here, inspired by the


arena, the competition and nothing to lose. At age 42, he's looked


around and seen Barry reach the World Championships, another friend


Stuart Bingham win the title. He's their contemporary. He's been around


a long time. You look at your friends achieving things, they're


climbing the top of the mountain, does it spur you on? Does it give


you a chup on the shoulder, why aren't I dog that sort of thing? It


can do. From Joe Perry's perspective, he's always known he's


been a top 16 player for long enough and probably has belief. Perhaps


it's nice every now and again to get a couple of matches under your belt


and it inspires you. As inspiration goes, getting to the semifinals of


the Masters as good as it gets. One more and into uncharted territory.


The world number nine leads as we head into the last before the


interval. COMMENTATOR: Not a bad break-off


shot. This is not left a red that is too easy. But they seem to knock


them in for fun these days. Hit that on the wrong side. May have


left this red, if it runs on a little bit. And he has. About the


only red he could leave was the one he was playing. It's gone all round


the table and finished plum for this right corner.


Just looking at the red above the black, thinking a few shots ahead


here. He'll be very wary here that if the


black, if he plays for the black and it doesn't go back on its own spot,


it would be on the pink spot possibly and be tied up. He will be


careful here. He's gone up for the blue. He's


perfect on the blue to play for the red just above the black.


Got into that too much. Been a bit fortunate.


When I say fortunate, when potting this, he needs to leave a nice angle


on the black. That will nudge the red away from the black spot.


Only needed the slightest touch on the red. He'll have to go up for


possibly the blue here. Not quite sure, he came around to


have a look at the red below the pink a couple of times. Not sure


whether he'll go into the pack here. If he could play the blue and just


miss the pink on the right-hand side, cannon into it, not at great


pace, he'd have the red below the pink to the left middle. In the end


he's decided to play for the red below the pink into the right


corner. To me, it was a chance to open a few. It's not all the pocket


available for this red. He's come up a bit short for that.


He's still potting them. But it's getting more difficult now. Doesn't


have a nice angle on the yellow. He may take the brown. Not quite sure


what his next red is going to be. Unless he tries to disturb a few.


It's going to be very difficult from this position.


I think if he had the choice again, I think your choice would have been


the right shot, to pot the blue and maybe just go into the right-hand


side of the pack, try and miss the pink.


He's out of position now. He needs a good shot from here.


Not certain what red he's going to play on here. Oh, he's missed the


yellow. What did he play for? Is the red two down from the pink


available? Can Joe to get to it? -- can Joe get to it? The answer's no.


That's such a poor shot really. It really is. I mean, you're that close


to the reds. Not to get near the cushion is unforgiveable.


So strong at that particular shot. Any time you leave your opponent,


and Joe Perry will be kicking himself in that chair, any time you


leave your opponent with his hand on the table and the possibility of a


pot you expect him to get it. Maybe on the red into the yellow


pocket. There may be a red at the bottom of the pack that pots. How


more reds didn't come out of that with that pace. Yeah, seemed to be a


heavy contact. He's taking this one on. He's got




that could be the frame winner. A lovely little shot. Knew where the


cue ball was going. The contact on the pink was perfect.


If Joe's going to win this match, he's got to pot like he did in the


last frame. But his safety has to improve as well. You can't be giving


Barry Hawkins chances like that. Just looked at the safety statistic


there. Some of the stats don't tell the true tale. The point is about


that safety shot that Joe Perry had, I mean it wasn't as if he was tight


against the cushion. He was close to them. Not to find the cushion, at


the time, it was unforgiveable. It just shows you. It looks as if it's


going to cost him the frame, just by not concentrating hard enough. There


he was. Not far from the reds. Hit them so thick he only just made the


line. You might say well, how could you


accuse someone of lacking concentration at a big moment like


this? Because you just drop your guard for a second.


Switch your light off there, please. Yeah, this pink, would give him 62


with 67 left on. Would require one more red.


This red will put him 63 in front with 59 remaining.


Joe's sitting there pondering. Looks for all the world now we're going to


be level. The interval is after this frame.


Looking back over the four frames, you would probably say that 2-2 is


probably fair. Both players would probably be happy. Yeah, I suppose


on the chances, looking at the pot success, though, Barry Hawkins at


92%, Joe Perry 83%. That's quite low. I suppose of the two, Joe Perry


should be the happier to be all square. Knowing snooker players as I


do, they're never happy. What about commentators? We're


having a delightful time, no pressure of on us.


Speak for yourself. Well, the red's not gone in. It


won't matter. The two players will go to the mid-session interval two


apiece, fair or not. That's the score.


STUDIO: Top break of 77 so far. Let's get the thoughts of our


champions in the studio. Steve, what do you make of it so far? Hard


fought was always going to be the way tonight. It doesn't have to be


pretty. It's a place in the final for both these lads. They know each


other pretty well. In a way, they could have cancelled each other out.


They're both in a prime position really. Can't argue with the score


line. For you, 83% pot success for Joe, better from Barry's perspective


at 93. Barry is scoring the heavier, making the bigger breaks. He's


probably got the bigger pedigree of the two players on this sort of


occasion, in this big tournament. Yeah, he looks the more comfortable


and more likely to score in one visit. Barry Hawkins abouts an


runner up last year, runner up to Ronnie O'Sullivan in the World


Championship as well. Increasingly, he's becoming more comfortable, more


familiar with these situations. He is, but Joe Perry is a very clever


player. His ring craft is fantastic. If at some stage he can get a big


win under his belt, who's to say he won't go from strength to strength.


Getting that first massive win is tough for every player in the game.


I think it was always going to be tough for these two to match what


was prodownstairsed is that. -- was produced sthaf. Ronnie O'Sullivan


versus Marco Fu was a match with practically everything.


Ronnie O'Sullivan has been struggling but winning all week. How


would he get on against the in-form Marco Fu. He missed a blue in the


first frame. Marco drew first blood with an 89. Into the second, and


Robbie was having problems with his cue tip. The man from Hong Kong


should have been 2-0 ahead. But he missed the final red and he was


punished. What would happen in the third?


Ronnie played a poor safety. The reason took some time to emerge,


he'd split his cue tip. Marco got in amongst the balls and made a century


clearance with no blacks apart from the very last ball. The Rocket flew


out of the arena and the interval was called early.


You would never have guessed that he had his tip changed. A quick fire 95


and they were level again. A smelly blue for Fu but we made his


sixth century at the Masters, a 141, the highest break of the tournament


so far to go ahead again. Wonderful snooker this, O'Sullivan hit back


with another sublime century. He looked on course for another ton,


then he missed a tricky black and Marco dished up for the 4-3 lead.


Poised to pinch another frame, mechanical malfunction cost Marco


dear, Ronnie got back into the match, level.


All getting tense now. Marco tried to tuck up behind the brown, the


while rolled off, a long red and this excellent green and Ronnie


nailed an 82 clearance to move ahead.


Another marvellous pot from the Rocket and 69 points later, he had


closed out yet another Masters semi to qualify for his 12th final. What


a game that was. It split down the side as well. I


just thought, well, I have to put one on. It wasn't like should I,


shan't I? It had to be done. In that frame of mind, I thought well, you


know, I can't win the match with this tip. Let's see what happens. It


was like a, you know, I had to do it. I got lucky that one was OK and


I could play with it pretty much straight away. I was happy, not for


him to break his tip, but I was happy for the interval early because


I was a little bit hungry. I was pleased to go back to the dressing


room and have a bit of food. I felt for Ronnie at the time because I've


had a tip falling off during the World Championships. Ive know what


it's like to go through that in the middle of a very important match.


Marco's playing well. I knew he was playing well. He's been playing well


for a while now, scoring well. With the new tip and all that, it was


like, a lot to take in, you know. To come through in a match like that, I


can't believe it to be honest. I'm in shock. It was a good game right


from the start. We both played very well today. Yeah, it was just one of


those matches that you feel very happy to be involved in. Yeah, it's


just at the end, Ronnie was too good. He just took, just half


chances. He took the half chances and won the last two frames. Yeah,


it was very difficult to play against, but that's the way it is,


when he's playing that way, you can't really do anything about it.


So, but I'm happy with the way I played. Yeah, let's move on.


Apparently it's my 12th final. I've had six victories. Obviously had


five losses. I'm just happy to be there again and have another


opportunity to try and lift the Paul Hunter trophy, which means so much


to me. Yes, the Paul Hunter trophy. To clear up tip-gate. This is what


the players contract with world snooker says:


Martin Clark, the tournament director used his discretion to move


the interval rather than having two 15 minute breaks with only one frame


apart and the attendant problems of moving 2,000 people in and out of


the arena twice at that point. We were live on television as well.


That is why with the tip damaged for Ronnie, he was allowed to take that


one off and put another one on. What was extraordinary was the reaction


that he got with it there after. Immediately a 95. An incredible run


of scoring there after. What was your impression of that performance


from him and Marco too? I think he was intimating the match before that


the tip was very hard and that he wasn't happy with it. He's better


off with something that was a bit softer, even if it was arguably a


bit spongier. He could feel the shots and grip the ball better. It


was a good move to make that decision. 95, 122, 82 and three


other plus 50s, the real Ronnies turned up there after. Very much so.


He looked a different player. Prior to the change of the tip, he


couldn't, his normal positional play was miles out. Normally, there was a


frame where the balls, it was like a practice position. He couldn't get


correctly in position. It was not like him at all. As soon as the tip


was changed, it was night and day. All of a sudden, he was never out of


position. Obviously that gave him a huge boost of confidence. He was


more comfortable playing the shots he wanted to play. Marco played a


wonderful part in this match as well. His fifth and sexth centuries


-- sixth centuries. And that 141. He said, this week proved I am a very


good player, but not quite a great one yet. So self efacing, so


generous. He says well played Ronnie O'Sullivan. It's the mark of the


man. He is a great player. Of course, he is! All players judge


each other by the performances. Such a high standard. You're the biggest


critic. His coach Wayne Griffiths makes sure that he's not thinking


negligentively, that he actually believes in himself, that's good


things to say. Ronnie is through to his 12th final and you'll be able to


see that final with us, both sessions, live on BBC Two:


That really sorts out your Sunday, doesn't it? Joe Perry's dad, Peter,


knows a thing or two about driving... He's a London cab driver


and has been for many years. I wonder how he would rate the driving


skills of Steve Davis, especially with his son in the passenger seat?


Hi Joseph, how are you? I'm not bad. Does anyone call you Jozef, your


mum? My brother, sometimes. Or, mate, if I'm not performing... --


Joseph. You've only ever been to one concert? I've never been to one...


I'm not really into music. How old are you? 42. You've just been to


one? Yes, and I did not really enjoy it. It was Robbie Williams at the MK


Bowl... The best thing about it was ABC was the support act and I quite


enjoy them... Do you get fed up with the hotels? I've just had a crap


breakfast... I walk in with trepidation. I hate having a shower


in the bath. If I go into a room and there is a shower in the bath... I


hate it. I just hated. It does not seem right. And what about when the


shower curtain sucks on to you? When they aren't weighted properly. The


shower comes on and suddenly the curtain decides to cuddle you! Their


Orrey few players, I don't want name them... You can. Mark Williams is


terrible, you go into his room and you think... It is a tip? He makes


it as messy as he can. I'm not like that. What would you say your pet


hate is? I had one this morning... Michael walked into my bathroom and


borrowed my role on in front of me. That did not go down well! That was


not nice -- roll-on. Your hotel is all of your clothes hanging up


perfectly? OCD? No. But you are getting that way? Mark Davis, he is


OCD... All of his shoes will be in a perfect order. All of the toes are


at the same bit... Every time. So when you go in, kick them! To wind


him up... On the circuit, are you considered by your close mates the


glass half empty, half full? Do you moan? Surely for comedy value. I do


it to entertain them. People like Mark Davis are very boring, but if


you can get it out of him he's good company. I play on it, really.


That's my little character. I just have a laugh amongst them. There's


always plenty to moan about... More and more, we are on our way to the


venue and there are no practice slots available. I've moaned about


that as soon as I heard! Do you pull rank? That's not me. Sometimes I'll


loiter to get a couple, but I do not pull rank. I remember when you use


to check out of the airport car parks, back in the day... There was


a convoy of six... Yes, I think that five was our record! Getting out of


the car park?... One after the other. Gerard was called up to


Gatwick police station once. The worst that could happen is that you


end up having to pay your car park bill, you can either get away with


it, or you don't! STUDIO: I'm down in the Cue Zone


with two families. Barry Hawkins's wife and son, and Joe Perry's


father, Peter, a real taxi driver. First question for Peter, what did


Joe say about Steve Davis's ability as a taxi driver? He said to me, he


told Steve, "Do you what me to get my dad to give you a few lessons?


You need them, mate. You aren't very good!" What about the match? It is


hard playing but much harder watching? Definitely, especially


when they are really good friends, it is worse. And what about the


nurse? Bad! The little man is holding me together. Have you had


any words of wisdom for your daddy, what would you say? He's the best!


That is very sweet, would you want to be out there playing one day?


Yes! Peter, what about Joe? How do you think he is playing so far? To


be honest... He's not watching? He hasn't played nothing like he's


played all week yet. Because it's the semifinal and everything, I


think it is that. It must be hard, what has Barry been saying before


the match? Not a lot. Just going out and doing the same as he's done


every match, sticking to the same routine. So... That is what he's


done I think! And what about the players, have you been keeping them


apart? This is the first time we've seen each other today. We are in the


same room and said hello. Best of luck, I hope the nerve sold out. We


are looking forward to the second half.


It will be a cracker. STUDIO: It is a nervous time and they had to wait


as their loved ones go out and do the business! We have had four


frames, seven more possibly to play. If you are just joining us, well,!


This is a reminder of how things have gone so far -- welcome.


Perry had a break of 30 as he got the first of his career semifinals


at the most underway in frame one. He hears... Missing that one.


Hawkins countered with 50, missing the red. The world number nine could


nick the first frame. Hawkins hit back in frame two, with a


contribution of 77, levelling it at 1-1. In frame three, Joe was on his


way to a break of 48, when he had this red along the cushion. It was


26 minutes until he made sure he had the 2-1 advantage. In frame for,


Barry knocked in a 58 contribution. 85 points, two frames apiece, and


just about right, you would have to say! Both of these fellas are


approaching veteran C, certainly Joe Perry is, at 42 years old! He said


before that he has hopes of winning a big one. Mark King is in


contention, Mark Davis is older than me... It will not be the standard to


knock me off my perch, the desire to keep practising and travelling and


putting in the effort. Its maximum effort for the two of them as they


strive to get into the final tomorrow...


COMMENTATOR: Both players are back. Into the usual ritual of selling


their glasses with water... And wiping their hands. Thank you,


ladies and gentlemen. Frame five. Joe Perry to break. No more


intervals, this will be played to a finish.


Not bad with the cue ball, but... The red is sticking out. Available


to the right corner. It could be a path, when potting it, around to the


black... A little shake of his head, he does


not think that he can find the path. Be careful in playing the safety. Do


not leave Joe with a chance on the red. On the left-hand corner


committee needs a cover with the yellow... -- he needs a cover with


the yellow. Lucky not to leave one to the


left-hand corner. A little more at stake on this spot now... If he


misses, it could leave one. Not leaving one over the left corner,


but he has left one near the blue. That's below what you require. I


always think about 66% is about average. Good for Barry Hawkins,


here's an 80%. -- he is on 80%. Not a bad chance, this black will be


available into both corners shortly. Did not want that kiss on the blue,


as it turns out. No harm done. A lovely angle if he wishes to go in


here. The red nearest the corner pocket... Nicely played! Did not


bring many reds N. One went up towards the red and baulk... He


might go up towards the blue. Just having a chat with Joe's


father, Peter Perry, in the audience. As is Barry's wife, Tara,


and their son Harrison. Everyone is nervous, you can imagine that it is


difficult watching your own family... He was at in the league


games, watching your team members play. That was nerve wracking. I saw


you on the television doing an interview...


Finishing up in such a position on the blue that he thought that this


was the only guarantee... He does not want to be too straight on it,


if he is, he can get onto the black. If straight enough, he can take a


good shot on this two pot it and get into position. Would not try to do


too much with the cue ball, which is why he is lower won the black. The


red workers difficult enough -- -- low on the black, the red was


difficult enough. Perhaps one could pass the brown


into the yellow pocket? He was not playing that, trying to get onto


those two reds. He can still have a go at the reds, and use the other


one to control the cue ball. It's OK.


It is imperative that he gets a good angle on the blue or one of the


colours here... Looks pretty good. You feel as if he


hits the pink full in the face it will bring all of these reds


interplay. -- into play. The red is just into the top cushion. It is not


an easy pot to carry this one... It is hard to believe. Going into the


pink with a lot of pace but not a lot of movement from the reds. It's


not easy into this bottom corner pocket, he will play it with some


pace towards the blue. Making the pot a little harder. It has gone in


nicely! A good pot but the cue ball is not


great. Not a good position for the green in the top left-hand corner


pockets. Just looking at a safety shot here? Sometimes, in situations


like this, you try and force yourself sometimes do have a go


because you want to keep that break going. Safety may be more prudent


here... Yes, everybody gets this modern-day culture now. When you


have a chance. Winning the frame off it but playing the yellow... It is


coming off it a bit thin. Get the cue ball off the baulk ocean. --


cushion. Barry Hawkins, 45. Trying to cover the red on the left of the


table, he seems to be more concerned about getting the yellow out of


commission. With a 45 point lead, I cannot blame him for that. But he


has left the possibility of a pot. It is a tough one... So close.


Those two reds on the left-hand side of the table, covered by the green.


He does not want to leave Barry with his hand on the table and a chance


of a long pot. Once again, catching the baulk


colour. You have to avoid those colours.


It is amazing, the psychology and situation. There's no problem with


taking on the red into this bottom corner... The fact that he has the


lead, he is thinking twice about taking it on. You might be forced to


have a go at it, though... Yes, you've got that absolutely


right! I'm amazed, the types of long ball is that he has been knocking


in, he has a chance to win the frame, for me. The scoreboard made


the choice of shot, no doubt. An attempt at the pot in the left


middle, but not really close. This goes in... It could definitely win


the frame. Nope. A couple of half chances, one that he refused,


another that he missed. It was difficult for Joe, hampered


by that brown. The way that he is looking at this, the red probably


passes the green... Just? Now, you would be very surprised with Barry


Hawkins, if he was not to win the frame on this visit. For the first


time in the match... Just the red to get the snookers


required... Joe Perry, seeing his frame slip away. I hate the word


"Study", but Barry looks the steadier of the two so far this


weekend... -- steady. Yes, very solid. Gaining a bit of momentum.


Starting off a little slow, but certainly got up to speak now. --


got up to speed. You mentioned in the last frame, how he strikes the


ball, there is a lovely and crisp sound when he strikes it. And get


through it really nicely. As I said earlier, in the last


couple of seasons, he has certainly improved his game, not so much his


game, but sometimes you have to believe in your own ability. And


believe that you are one of the top players. I think that he now has


that belief. And he is a match for anyone when he is playing well. He


has won two ranking titles, the Australian open 2012 and the players


championship 2014, and the World Championships, he lost all Ronnie


O'Sullivan but was a finalist here last year -- he lost to Ronnie


O'Sullivan. A nice cannon. But the brown might


snooker him. It does not matter. So, the first frame after the


interval... Barry Hawkins leading, 3-2. STUDIO: He begins to bash in


the bigger contributions now. Do you feel that Barry Hawkins is getting a


grip here? It seems he is slowly taking the stranglehold and looks


more comfortable scoring wise. Joe Perry's long game is not what it


was. I commentated in his match against Ding, his long game was


superb. He's looking the class act of the two, Barry Hawkins. Joe's


dad, Peter, made the point that Joe hasn't really hit the heights that


he reached against Ding, and Stuart Bingham, 6-1. He's had quite a few


big considerable breaks in as well? Yes, and if the nerves are going to


jangle it will be the semifinal. You are desperate to get into the final.


What an event, the Masters against Ronnie O'Sullivan. If any problems


are too arise for Joe Perry, it could be now. And possibly that


Barry Hawkins has been in the final of major events will put him in good


stead. But a long way to go. We talked about the fact that they are


good friends and Perry has the better strike rate in the matches


between the two. But we were talking earlier run with Steven, they've


only ever met in 1/4-final. Everything else has been last 16s or


32s, they've never had the chance to face each other? It is new


territorial for them both. Maybe it is a bit premature but I feel that


perhaps Joe's race has been run? He does not seem to have that error of


confidence, that he believes he can get into the final tomorrow. Barry


looks like the player who thinks that he should be there -- that air


of confidence. He does not have that air of freedom in the last couple of


matches? So far, but in those matches, maybe he was an underdog


and suddenly there is a chance? I do not think that Joe has ever looked


aggressive when he has walked around the table, like he will kill


someone. He does not play that way. He can be underestimated but I think


that it is a tough match for both of them. It is a great opportunity for


the final but I think Barry Hawkins is best placed. What I worry about


with Joe, normally he is one of the best safety players in the game. But


his safety play has let him down tonight, which is a surprise. Last


night against Ding, he had Ding in trouble a lot of the time. 71% for


Joe so far, and 69% for Barry Hawkins. But Barry Hawkins is


scoring more heavily out of the two. Barry Hawkins has the 3-2 lead as we


go back out... COMMENTATOR: Close to the baulk


cushion. Possibilities here for Joe. Long pot


success for Joe, at 46%, 67% for Barry Hawkins.


Just lost it for the moment. Joe Perry... The boys were saying in the


studio that he has been knocking those particular long pots in in


those two matches, against Stuart Bingham.


I suppose from Joe Perry's point of view, the fact that he came with the


laissez-faire type of attitude and just wasn't expecting too much. The


first couple of matches he played so well. Now there's a chance of being


in the final, maybe the nerves are beginning to creep in a little bit.


Yeah that could well be. But I still feel, there'll come a time where


he'll think if he drops a couple behind that he might just break off


the shackles. I just feel tonight that he looks a little bit tight.


Some of these long pots he's played, I've sensed a little bit of


movement. That's usually a sign of tension. In these matches you never


know what can happen. Because sometimes you feel as though right,


well, he's playing better than me. I'm not playing too well. That can


just take a bit of pressure off you. He's got the game, Joe. It's just


producing it consistently. That's been the difference with these two


players over the last two or three seasons. Barry's now getting that


consistency at the highest level. He didn't get a consistent shot


there. A terrible kick on the red. Just look where the cue ball has


finished up. Stopped the cue ball in its tracks. It should have been the


other side of the pink. He would have been on the pink nicely. Now,


well, unless he takes this green on, which is a very difficult, the fact


that you're bridging over balls. It may be end of break. So frustrating


for snooker players get kicks and stop you, when you look like you're


going to make a sizeable break. Premature end to that visit. Now


Joe, you've got to play a good safety. You've got to start getting


that cue ball near the baulk cushion.


Good length. He has left a pot on for Barry.


Always when you play that type of shot, you err on the side of hitting


it too thin. But catching the brown. Now let's see if Joe can stay down


and push the cue through straight on this one.


Right in the heart of the pocket. That's 32 minutes he's waited to get


that pot in. This time no movement. Pushed the


cue through straight. A little bit straighter on the blue


would have been better. I think he's got the angle to avoid the kiss on


the red on the left-hand side of the table and play for the one just


above to the right of the black. Got to make the most of these


opportunities. For his own self-confidence, if nothing else.


The red on the pink spot will pot as well.


It's funny how certain players have different ways of playing. It he's


played a little stun there. I'd have run off the side cushion. You feel


as if you have more control. Not certain where the pink will go


when it's potted. A couple of reds around that pink


area that would be available, well, they're blocked. So the pink is on


the highest available, which is the brown.


For this opportunity, he's looking better and better. He doesn't have


to go into the pack here. Decided to go in. Didn't think you


could hold. It's gone slightly awry. He didn't catch the first red


properly and that's why he's lost the cue ball. This red pots but


very, very difficult. Played it well. It's a good pot,


though. A little bit to do now. Although there is a red that will go


to the right middle. So not a lot of work to do with the cue ball. I'm


surprised he played it as pacy as that. Yeah. You would have felt that


the last red he played would have, he would have been a bit more


confident. He could have dropped that in dead weight and still been


on the red. Would have loved to have taken the


pink there. But it's a bit more tricky to pot the why yellow, back


up for the red. He'd love to get the pink back on its spot. Again, it's


not ideal. If he can get the pink off one of


these reds, it will come back up this end of the table and go on the


black spot. Not the best positional shot he's


ever played. Makes the pot difficult. And the


positional side of the shot. You would think he would play the


pink. But being close to the cushion made


it missable. So a let off for Joe Perry that time.


It's going to be tough to finish the frame at this visit. He's going to


need the three remaining reds, you would have thought.


Stop shouting out now, please, thank you.


Such a good potter normally. But once again, just seems to be a bit


of movement, a bit of anxiety when he's pushing the cue through.


He wants to come off that baulk cushion. He wants plenty of


left-hand side, trying to avoid the yellow, try and miss the brown on


that baulk cushion. Back up to the red, left on the blue. Just playing


the deep screw, I know he'd have to avoid the yellow and maybe the


possibility of moving off into the left middle. If he plays it with


topspin he could do it and not get on the red.


He's just about on it, in a fashion. 14 points behind.


That red closest to the right-hand side cushion will be awkward for a


left-hander, which Barry is. Can he pot this and distort the red?


Oh, great effort. Excellent effort. He couldn't have played that any


better. Of course, we all know, Ken, with the miss rule as it is... Well,


this is, if you can't see the left-hand side of the table, this is


almost so difficult, well it's almost impossible to hit. He may try


and play this hard into the jaws of the green pocket. Try to use the


knuckle and bring the cue ball down towards this red. But this is a one


in 20 shot to hit the red from here. We could be here all night playing


this type of shot. It will be called a miss until we get to the snookers


required stage. If you're going to play this one


into the jaws, as played there, I don't think you can hit it that


hard. Obviously you've got to hit it with enough pace to come down here


and make contact with the red. I wouldn't be hitting it that hard. I


think if he gets even close to it, it's going to be a very, very


difficult decision for the referee. If it's a decent enough attempt and


the referee feels it's an almost impossible nooker to hit, he may not


keep calling the miss here. This is one of those anomalies with the miss


rule. Looks like he thinks he might be


able to swerve. Even if he got to the right-hand side cushion, he's


got the blue to miss. The yellow to miss, the green. Good luck.


Good luck with this one. Yes! What a shot!


Excellent shot. That's a ten out of ten right there.


Absolutely. I tell you what... CHEERING


You wouldn't get this much applause for 147.


OK, that will do, thank you. Such a spoil sport!


Caught the green, well I don't think Joe will be tempted. This was a


superb hit. Just had to miss the blue and just flick the red,


sensational. I'm so pleased he hit it. Because I hate that miss rule


when it gets to the end of a frame like that. You could lose it with


just one snooker. It doesn't seem right.


I think the referee was just as happy that Joe Perry hit the red as


Joe Perry was. He didn't have to make that decision. He's a strong


referee. Any way, he'd have no problem if he had to call a decision


like that. Hawkins haub seven points behind,


you feel whoever gets this red should win the frame.


Dangerous sending towards the pocket. I think it's run far enough


for the blue to get the cover. It has. Easy to hit. But can he get it


safe? It's just run far enough so it's not


cuttable into the middle. You still have to think that Joe has


just got the edge in this tactical battle, very important tactical


battle. Oh, this is a good line. This is a good line!


I don't think he'll be taking the pot on here. Straightforward, must


get the cue ball as tight as possible to this blue, just knock


the red down towards the baulk line. It's not the best. OK it's a


snooker, but could have been a bit better.


It's a simple escape off one cushion. You never know where the


red's going to go here. It looked for all the money that he


was going to leave that red on with the double kiss that the red got off


the groan has knock today safe. -- green.


He can just roll off the red and put the cue ball behind the green.


It was a delicate little shot, the one you suggested. It certainly


would have been my choice. Joe had the upper hand in this


safety exchange. He might have lost it now.


Yes, I think Barry may just have the snooker there. He has.


You've got to get right in behind this red and hit it full in the


face. Caught it half ball. It's Barry Hawkins now who has the slight


edge. Whoever pots this red you'd think would be certain to take the


frame. Nice opportunity maybe the red up behind the brown, cue ball


behind the black. Obviously it's not straightforward


otherwise Barry wouldn't be thinking about it.


Must get the red safe. He's looking to not only get the red safe, get


that snooker. That could tilt the frame in his favour.


Not quite. So this frame still very much in the balance.


Good safety. No snooker. But safe enough.


I think he can just get to the edge of it. But even then he may decide


to play baulk cushion first here. As long as you get in behind them,


they're all right. He's going to leave it, unless it


goes up close to it. Again, he was trusting a little bit of luck there.


So Barry's good snooker has forced the opportunity here.


Nicely on the black. Yellow will pass the green into that top right


hand corner pocket. One point lead. Yellow, green, brown


and blue required. Brown and blue to go 15 points in


front with only 13 remaining. So no way back now for Joe Perry. He


had a chance. Didn't make the most of it.


He's opened a two-frame advantage now.


STUDIO: First time that he's had the two-frame advantage. There was a


funny moment in that frame. I don't think I've seen an ovation quite


like the one Joe Perry received for escaping that snooker. It was


fantastic. After a speculative try into the jaws, which can sometimes


work. He picked out a route and I think it would have been hard for


the referee not to have called a miss there, even if he had miss


today by a fraction. He had a shot later on that, we haven't got it on


film, if you remember one red left and Joe chose to roll up behind the


blue. We were in the studio thinking that possibly he could have played a


bit more positively and gone for the pot because it went into the green


pocket. Perhaps if he's going to get back into this game, somewhere


down-the-line, he's got to put his foot to the floor a bit more. You


said earlier on, you felt that Joe's race might be run, even the frame


before that. Yeah, John said in commentary, he doesn't look


comfortable tonight. He doesn't look like he believes. He's not playing


the way like he believes. He's been potting so well all week, why not


take on the red? It's a negative shot. I know there's every chance


that your opponent could hit the red and leave you on with a gimme red.


Sometimes you have to create your own opportunities and moment in


matches. If he had got that red, cleared up, that would have give him


such a boost of confidence. Now he's under it. Two frames behind. But I


tell you one thing that strikes me from that exchange we saw, the


warmth between the two players. There was great cam radery that you


could see. You -- camaraderie. Fantastic turnout as well. I don't


know what matches could have been involved for this semifinal, the


crowd buy the tickets, they don't know which match they'll watch, they


celebrate snooker here at the Masters. These guys have beaten


Murphy, Selby, Bingham and Ding. Probably not the semifinal line-up


that many people would have picked. That's the standard of snooker, it's


a very level playing field now. A lot of players are playing a good,


high standard of snooker. A lot of people are playing the same


standard. Come the start of the tournament, you couldn't pick who it


would be. You could pick your favourites, O'Sullivan, Selby.


Sometimes it's second favourites, you know, you'd bet them to whip the


matches. Joe Perry was 80-1 when this


started. They have defied the odds to get this far.


COMMENTATOR: That is a fair point from Stephen. I know when that red


was by the blue and it was a certain snooker, but yeah, sometimes you've


got to just go for your shots. Push the boat out a little bit more.


That's the way Stephen used to play. Yeah, I suppose it depends on how


you feel as well. Irdon't think he played that snooker


very well, though. It was one of those where you had to be touching


the blue. And stop the one cushion escape.


Ooh! Well. What has he left? Has he left an easy starter for Joe? Can he


get this rage to the right middle? -- can he get this red? I think that


he can... Cutting it a fraction too flick. -- too flick. It


is not looking good at the moment for Joe Perry. A trace of right-hand


side because he could not get to the middle of the cue ball but a player


of his experience should have been able to allow for that.


If ever Joe needed a time to make it... A really good break? That is


now. It's got to the stage in the match where he needs to get going. A


nice frame and a break would do that for him. But...


It is OK, he has the red to the left middle. He has two raise his game if


years to have any chance of reaching the final tomorrow... -- if he is.


Overscrewing it a little, he might to play a cannon. He missed the


cannon but here's on the red, into the green pocket.


The area is a red on the right-hand side which is a available. It is not


easy to play the cannon, the pink is locking. Play for the loose red.


Playing it nicely... Nudging another red into the open through that pot.


The end red on the right-hand side catches the join between the two. He


has nudged one on. I would have been inclined to play with more pace but


I do not blame him for the position that he is in at the moment and


those shots that he has missed. That shake of his head shows that he is a


little too straight on it. I'm not quite sure, he might be able


to screw it and get back for the black. He is looking at the


possibility. If he cannot get on the black, run through and leave


yourself a half ball, albeit on the wrong side... Do not miss the pot.


You cannot afford to miss it. Joe Perry, 42. CLAPPING


The last time that Joe Perry missed it, Barry Hawkins did not take the


full advantage of it. Joe will be hoping that that is the case here.


He is not perfect but he has a slight angle, as you can see.


Just about got the right angle on the blue, for this red which is just


separating from that cluster of four. Now is the time to be potting


itch to open up those four reds -- potting it. He will try to hit the


right-hand one of the four... That was not the intended contact, he


wanted to hit it and push the cue ball to the right-hand side of the


four reds. Into the right centre, it was a cute angle.


He has played it very well. Very confident.


He can play those two reds together in the middle of the table, one goes


to the left-hand middle. If he plays a run through he is more likely to


kiss from the top cushion, he plays the pink... I was going to suggest


that angle on the black committee could possibly play along the top


cushion but I think at the moment he is more concerned with getting back


into the frame. -- that angle on the black, he could possibly play along


the top cushion. Points wise... Joe Perry will be feeling that maybe the


red on the right-hand side cushion is his only hope of getting back


into this frame. He has some work to do before he gets into that


position. Barry Hawkins. But how he has been playing this couple, he is


having a luck. If he pots it, he could bring that red off the


right-hand side cushion. It looks perfect to me... It looks good, can


drop in the pink. Get it off the cushion. If he is not on the red


close to the cushion, he can always be on the red below the pink. Does


he have the angle? It might not be the natural angle. It looks like it


but the fact he is taking so long to play it makes me think, perhaps not.


If it was a natural channel, he would have got it. They have the


problem of these two awkward reds. Only ten points behind now. Now, the


hard work begins... Just dropping this red in, leave the


cue ball with that angle on the black. You can get the cue ball


somewhere there, or just below it. That would be perfect. Ooh Acta


-- ooh! I did not expect for him to miss that red. If he had a better


angle he would not have had to play it with as much pace. So, with Joe


Perry, there is a two point advantage but he has a problem with


the red near the right-hand side cushion. Can he leaves a nice angle


on the black? Well, he has the angle, can hear just that cannon? He


has the perfect angle -- can he adjust the cannon? Ooh, well he will


be disappointed in that. Joe Perry, eight. Ten points is the


lead. The way that the colours are... It is like the last frame.


Whoever popped the red wins the frame for me.


That bump... But it runs safe. The fact that Joe is close to this red,


he should play a good safety shot from snooker here. Missing an


opportunity there. If that is a full ball snooker, then


it is certainly an advantage to Barry Hawkins. You may say that this


is not difficult to hit, just roll it did wait. -- dead weight. It did


not look a difficult one to hit, but the thing is, if you role is to it,


dead weight, he will move that cue ball closer to the red. Barry will


still have control with this very important tactical battle,


especially for Joe Perry. If he loses the frame, going 5-2 behind,


it would be too much of a mountain to climb for him. Missing it again.


Foul, miss. Barry Hawkins four. Just seems to be sliding off this


baulk cushion. He has a couple of attempts, readjusting here. Does not


want to go by the red, of course. Anywhere alongside and he will be


OK... Split that up. Could be in a bit of trouble again. Keep all of


them behind the black, and the red tip on the ball ocean. -- on the


baulk cushion. Did not get that snooker this time. You can play this


cushion on the left-hand side. Trying to play the same shot that


Barry played a couple ago. It looks OK.


Barry is looking to come off this top cushion. This must be a lot more


difficult to hit than it first appears... He is swerving around the


green to try and find the baulk cushion where he can nestle on the


red. Not enough now... It is funny. It looked like a simple escape but


the green is blocking the path where he would like to hit the baulk


cushion. Barry said that he would play a


different shot anyway. Playing it with more pace. He will be happy


with that outcome. There is a gap. There is always a gap! But, the


problem is... I don't think he can avoid the kiss on the pink when he


plays it. It could be worth going for the pot. That is why he is


playing that swerved but when you strike down the right-hand side, you


push the cue ball to the right, as we look. So that the green comes


into play. But he does not want to play what he can hit of it. Bouncing


into the pink. The cue ball going back up the table. -- bouncing into


the pink would stop the cue ball going back up the table. But, it is


dangerous. Well, it looks like it was going to be OK. But once the red


kissed the pink... It is a gift wrapped chance. If it just missed


the pink, it would have just run to the cushion, probably. What a chance


for Barry Hawkins, three frames ahead and more importantly one frame


away from a place in the semifinal. It has to be said, Barry has been


very fortunate. Getting a snooker in this frame and the previous too.


That has been the difference. These two have been... Absolutely massive.


In the context of the entire match. Yes, two frames were practically the


same. Potting the last red, it could have gone either way. It looks like


they will go towards Barry. CLAPPING Brown and blue, 14 points in front


with 13 remaining. Barry Hawkins only needs one more


frame to be in tomorrow's final. A repeat of last year's final. Barry


Hawkins leading Joe Perry now 5-2. STUDIO: Once again, Joe was in. A


tense safety exchange one in the end by Barry Hawkins. Is there any way


back for Joe? Not with how years playing. If there was one chance


snooker, and they are boxers exchanging blows? Then I would say


yes. But it does not look like... He is not scoring heavily enough. He


has not been able to convert. At this level, that would be the most


disappointing thing. If he does lose, he will look back on this


match and say, he has not performed the way that he would have liked.


But with how he has performed in the last couple of matches, he has been


so emphatic? Yes, and when you get a chance among the balls and don't


take it, then the frame can unfold in a variety of ways. And luck with


the colours can come into the equation. Barry Hawkins play and


escape, he left Joe with a big problem. You can look at it and go,


that is a little unlucky for Joe. But, whoever goes in first has the


chance to make a big blow and all is said and done, Barry Hawkins has


shown some more killer instinct tonight and looks like he is more


prepared to win compared to Joe. As Ken was saying, one away from a


rematch with Ronnie O'Sullivan. Think about that match, he was


beaten 10-1 last year, to bounce back and beat Ronnie at the Crucible


in the last 16? He has shown real... I guess that he has learned so much.


He has shown some real grit to recover from that dumping?


Definitely, maybe he has one eye on tomorrow, it is dangerous to look


ahead. But, it will be at the back of his mind, being 5-2 up. But look


forward to this match tomorrow once you've got this subway. Mark Selby,


who was the player in form. He won the World Championship and the UK


championship committee was going for the slam here. He would have been


the fifth man to hold all three of snooker's major titles. He said


afterwards, that he felt quietly confident in that match. He was very


strong in that performance? Yes, that is a pretty good yardstick.


Beating Mark Selby in style. The kinds of things that he can produce,


Barry Hawkins, we are not necessarily sure of. It is good to


see but I would like to see Joe use this as a springboard. And say, OK,


what do I do to get to the next level? I'm ignorant of who coaches


him and whether he has a coach. He needs a kick start. Perhaps on


double team you have another manager, but see if he can generate


some are meant. Great performances over the last couple of seasons. He


won his first major ranking title in 2015. The players championship, the


PTC finals, and in the July World Open... This is another step for


him. The semifinals of the Masters committee has never been here


before. What does he have left? We will find out. -- the semifinals of


the Masters. He has never been here before.


COMMENTATOR: I alluded to the fact that there would be a time when


perhaps you can break off those shackles, but again, the safety shot


catching the bother-macro in the face? Not good. -- the baulk. It's


been a big part of his game but tonight he has not been on it. The


chance to play Ronnie O'Sullivan perhaps in the final tomorrow, maybe


that is adding some pressure? This man appears to be getting a bit


stronger. It is another excellent long pot. A bit unfortunate with his


flick on the red. Those shots have been a big part of Barry's game all


week. Yes. Justified applause. Closing the


cushion, he has two cue Which? Very well, and he did. I do not think


this is a straightforward role, he has two avoid that red near the


cushion. It's a good position for him to get into, on the black. If


that red was not near the left side committee could drop it in but I


think that he's going to dig down to avoid that kiss on the second red.


That is what could happen. Striking down. Decelerating on the shot.


Hitting it too thin. We see it a lot on the superfine class. Joe Perry,


let's see what you've got... -- superfine cloth.


He is already faced with 8/2 red on the cushion. Especially as there is


pressure on this. Easing the pressure slightly. But


what a good pot it was at that pace! A fantastic pot. Clicking the red on


the way up, meaning that was left open. Needing the cue ball to run


through. Not too bad. Just one of those situations where you don't


really have too worry about where the cue ball has gone, but make sure


if you hit this pot with pace, you would be unlucky to be on one of


those reds. APPLAUSE As usual, these kinds of matches get


a lot of encouragement from this packed house at the Alexander


Palace. But he is not stringing them together...


It seems that Joe was saying to the referee about getting the pink


first. It did not look that way to me. Let's have another look... No, I


do not think it did. I think that he hit the red first. What has he left


for Barry here? Just on the right... I am wondering


whether he has the angle and enough of the cue ball to swing it and pot


it around the back of the black. Does he try and drop it in for the


gap, into the right-hand corner pocket? Looking at how the reds are


spread, he tries to get it in and he has to get it in, you feel.


A long way off. A long, long way off. He would have gone back to his


seat there, thinking, could that have been my last shot in this year


's Masters? It could well be... Wiped its feet. Always looked a bit


high. Just slow enough to let gravity take over.


Didn't intend to kiss that red on the way up to the blue. He's been


fortunate he's on this blue nicely. There's enough reds in the open to


make you think it's certainly a possibility it could be frame and


match at this visit. Played that well. Good shot. Nice


control. Those two reds near the left middle


pocket, I think the one nearest the pocket he can get on to.


If you were really desperate you could make them into a plants. Just


concentrate on the open reds at the moment. As you said, at the end of


the last frame, if he wins, it's the repeat of last year's final, where


he lost 10-1 to Ronnie O'Sullivan. But as we know, three months later,


he played him in the World Championship and beat Ronnie 13-12.


So they're long matches. He has done it against Ronnie.


That will certainly give him a lot of confidence going into tomorrow's


final. It will always be difficult against Ronnie O'Sullivan. The fact


this he did beat him in the World Championship will have helped his


confidence no end. Just looking whether that red


closest to the pocket, well he couldn't be better on it than this.


If he's not going to play it now, then maybe it's not available.


Did right there. Undecided. Get up, walk round the table. Then refocus.


Having another look at the red closest to the left middle. Does he


feel he can get on it. Play this with a bit of a flick of


right-hand side. That will be a big hurdle that he's


got over there. Two reds, two blues would see him in


the snookers required stage. Joe Perry will be fearing the worst.


Just looking at the scoreboard now, 40 points the lead, red and green


would do it. Barry Hawkins will be delighted. He


will look forward to tomorrow with great relish. It will be a great


occasion to play Ronnie O'Sullivan at the Masters. As it was last year.


He'll be hoping to do and perform a lot better. As far as Joe Perry is


concerned, Ken, disappointment. Yeah, he'll be very disappointed.


Very disappointed Joe, particularly the way he's played in his previous


two matches. Right from the very first ball in this match, it just


wasn't the same player. Sometimes you just get days like that. Maybe


as Steve said in the studio, it's something that he can look upon and


use it as a spring board from here for the rest of the season. Yeah,


you wouldn't like to think it was just the occasion got the better of


him. He's not produced anything like the form he did against Stuart


Bingham. He couldn't get the red to make it two snookers required. But


44 points the lead, 43 remaining. Big ask for Joe Perry.


Decent safety shot. Could have done with a few like that earlier on in


this match. I think he's got to be a bit careful


here. He can just get to the edge of the red below the pink, but he'd be


frightened of playing that in case he just hit the pink, but he doesn't


want to leave another red on, because remember, only one snooker


needed at the moment. That's why he's reluctant to take


this red on. It's a difficult red. He may have no choice. If he misses


it, he's sure to leave the red he's going for or the red below the pink.


If he had hit it a bit harder that was in the pocket.


Red is in a perfect place. He just pots the black and knocks the red up


into the baulk area. Gets a good snooker behind that pink.


Looks operaty good. And as tight to the pink as he can get, and put this


between cue ball and object ball. He didn't want to do that. He can


stop a professional at this level having the one cushion escape, you


feel as though it's missable. It may still be missable, but one cushion


escape is a lot easier than the two or three cushion escape.


He has missed it, would be a free ball that, for certain. Joe, you're


still in this match. He's going to need one more good pot


here. Cued that very nicely indeed.


Couldn't have cued that better. Could this be a turning point in


this match? A lit underhit, though. Barry hawkins looked, well, over the


line. A chance here for Joe. He needs the


six remaining colours. Should have been better on the yellow than this.


Not out of the woods just yet. Not perfect on this green. OK you


wouldn't expect him to miss it under normal circumstances. But these


aren't normal circumstances. What a steal this would be. Zblun


believable, wouldn't? -- Unbelievable, wouldn't it? We've


seen turning points in matches before, could this be one? You think


you're out of the tournament and then you can be right back in it.


Has he come too straight on this blue? He's playing with top. No, the


perfect anning toll run through, bounce off the cushion, on the pink.


Pink and black. There's his father, Peter. He must


have thought it was over a few minutes ago. Not if this black goes


in it isn't. And in it goes! APPLAUSE


Now, to me, he's back in this match. Still two behind, but could that be


a big, big turning point? STUDIO: That's the question, but it


looked for all the world that Barry Hawkins had this one sewn up. There


was a moment on 44 points, where what was your reading this


situation? He's perfect on the green here. He's looked at the red next to


the right middle pocket. It's not as easy as it looks there. He's perfect


on the green. He can get right behind that red and just drop the


red in dead weight. I think he's outthought himself and tried to get


the easier red, trying to play the exact positional shot. It would have


been match over. Agreed? Yeah, we're here in the studio, assuming that


he's going to be through in that frame and considering whether it


would be fair to say that Joe Perry has bottled his chance. All of a


sudden, out of the blue, he's shown great character to get back in this


match. That was a tough clearance. It was his last chance, a dog's


chance so to speak. A good snooker on Barry Hawkins. Now, we know how


easily matches can turn. You look at Joe's body language in the chair.


It's completely different. It's incredible. He's alert, ready for


it. Exactly. He was a beaten man before. Yet you look at his scoring


tonight, his top break is 48, it's way, way down on the levels he's


produced earlier in the week. He's had three centuries. He's had two


breaks of 50 plus as well against Ding. He had a 77 Eric 74 against --


77 and a 74 against Bingham. It's a complete contrast. . The other guy's


got to get to six. He's still in the match. Here we go.


COMMENTATOR: Six is the magic number for a place in tomorrow's final.


All the talk for a moment Joe was out and Barry had one foot in the


final. This match is back on now. How will that last frame affect


Barry Hawkins? That's the question. He's going to need, well he can play


this two ways. Try and screw off the side cushion or just drop it in and


take the difficult red. He's got for the one left of the


black spot. Could have given it a bit more pace.


If the last frame was going to be a turning point, he had to make the


most of that opportunity. No easy starter for Joe here. Good


pot needed. When you take this long, a sharp


intake of breath, I think he's considering taking the pot on here.


It's fraught with danger, as every shot now. Heal be thinking that my


-- he'll be thinking my next mistake could be my last. The black will


only go in this pocket. He's got it. He's on the pot into the same pocket


as the red. Super shot. What a tremendous pot that was.


That's more like it. Needed to travel with the cue ball


five or six inches there, just trying to get on that red.


May just have a red to the far left corner. It's not ideal by any means.


But it's a chance. What a chance this is. This will get


him within one of Barry Hawkins and really keep the pressure firmly on


Barry. He must have thought he was in the final about 20 minutes ago.


Might play a cannon on the red directly up from the black.


He's played it very, very well. That's brought another couple of


reds into play. Little bit straighter on the blue


would have been ideal. He can play a cannon on the pink and red together.


Would be lucky if he's not on one. He wanted to hit the join of the red


and the pink. Still got this one to the right middle Got to be accurate


though. He's looking a bit smoother now.


Yeah. He's certainly picked up the pace. A spring in his step at the


moment. He's looking an awful lot better than he did the previous few


frames. Stephen said he looked like a beaten man, but all a sudden, how


quick things can change. This red he's looking at, if the red


wasn't near the left-hand side cushion, he could run through for


the black. Stunned it over. That's OK. Just got to avoid a kiss on one


of those reds near the top cushion. Just got to avoid this kiss.


Well that was so careless. When you consider he was only


looking for one more red and a colour. That was the only thing that


could go wrong if he kissed that red.


Well, what does he do here? Does he take this into the bottom right hand


corner pocket? 65 ahead. Still 75 left on the table.


Sits down, 65 points in front. But there's still 75 remaining. Another


twist. Needs reds, colours and the


remaining colours to win frame and match.


Forced him out of position. He would have got another frame on the board.


No. No. Well... He hasn't missed many with the rest.


I have a feeling that he can cut this red into the corner... Does not


really want to leave it there. It is a thin one, but I think it cuts OK.


Not much idea where the cue ball is going, but concentrate on the pot.


In the end, playing it half-heartedly. I would not have


played that has a shot for nothing. It does not look like he has left


anything easy. He is going to get another chance.


That's better. He is on the baulk. 54 ahead with just 51 remaining.


Ooh. How did he find a gap there? That is a clever shot. You might


think, why didn't you play the double? You would have a single red


at that end and a choice of a snooker behind the black. The wants


to keep those two reds together for this time. And that's nice kiss on


the black in a safe position as well. No harm in that, for John...


That's not bad. He's left Barry that red to the far left corner. Barry


needed at the moment, one more snooker. If he potted that red and


then the green, he'd need two snookers. He needs a red with the


high value colours. He's played this nicely, though, a


good length to the cue ball, excellent length to the cue ball.


Joe may be tempted to play the pot this time.


When your opponent needs the snooker and three reds remaining on the


table, you always feel that it's going to be very difficult for him


to get a snooker and snooker on all those three reds.


Of course, if Barry could pot two of the reds, with high value colours,


all of a sudden, the frame takes on a different complexion.


He's got to play the pink. If he plays the blue...


Playing the pink in actual fact, needs the black really here. At the


moment he wants one nooker to tie. Can't afford another pink. He was


trying to get on the black. Well that's one time he didn't need


the red to go in. Look at the snooker he'd have had.


He's got the snooker, but there's no miss will be called in the snookers


required stage. The difference now is 46 with 35 remaining.


One snooker and free ball would be enough. What a fantastic effort this


was but for that red going in the pocket. That would have been a great


snooker. Joe's got to be careful here, he doesn't leave a free ball.


He got out of an amazing snooker a couple of frames ago.


He's going to need that again. As long as it's over the right-hand


side of the table, it's not going to be a free ball.


Barry will have a chance of getting this cue ball behind the pink and


red will be going back up into baulk. Two snookers required.


May have got one, but is there a gap between the blue and pink?


I'm not quite sure whether he can see the red direct.


Well, he doesn't like it. Maybe it's too close to the blue, so two


cushions here. Two four-point snookers. Probably


won't pot the red here. There's no point.


That's a very good effort. Excellent shot.


Good snooker. But if that had run closer to the brown and yellow, this


left cushion would have been taken out of the equation.


No. Foul. Well, is there another twist in this? Hit the pink, but


it's still not enough. He's 36 points behind. Now 35 remaining.


If he were to pot the red and the blue, and then play a snooker off


the yellow behind the brown, that seems an alternative way to go about


this. He can pot the red, he could stun the cue ball in behind the blue


here. I think the best probably to pot the red and get on the blue.


Or pink, of course. Because of the proximity of the yellow to the


brown, if he can get really close to the yellow, he can lay a


straightforward snooker. He's just looking now, scratch of


the head, maybe he didn't realise that the blue would have been


enough. If he had played for the blue, he'd


have been easier to get where he wanted to to lay the snooker behind


the brown. It's not really close enough, is it?


No. The problem is he's going to get a snooker that's going to be


difficult to hit. That's end of frame. He's not even


got the snooker. So, Barry Hawkins is still going to


be one frame away from victory. But Joe Perry is only one frame away


from being level. He'll be disappointed to have missed that


green. Two snookers required once again.


Just be wary here that in playing it thin cut it doesn't send the cue


ball near a pocket. That will be end of frame.


Can't see any way Barry Hawkins is going to come back to the table. I


think he's preparing to leave the arena.


Yeah, another session. He goes from the arena. Whether he will have a


word to Terry Griffiths or not just to calm him down. Joe Perry is right


back in this. 5-4, Hawkins. STUDIO: He sure is. Two on the


bounce. The scheduled film Looper will follow the conclusion of the


snooker. Steve Davis says it might be the Test card. It's a bit late.


Joe rubbing his eyes. You wonder what must be going through Barry


Hawkins' head. This should have been done some time ago. Barry's race is


run, definitely. It's a horrible situation. I mean it happens every


now and again, you're over the line. Your opponent needs one snooker, you


mentally ease up or perhaps you think well OK, I'm going to be able


to get out of the snookers left me. But all a sudden it's turned round.


Then it's a case of not pressing the panic button. A good thing to go out


there. He needs to regroup. What's your reading in the turn around in


the last couple of frames? Yes, Barry's got previous of losing


matches from - you know snatching defeat from the jaws of victory from


having big leads. Quite recently actually. When that happens, all


these things - it's amazing what you can think about in the chair when


you should have won the match. It's all negative. That's why he's


probably gone out to try and just do anything to try and clear your mind


and come back and try to remember you're still 5-4 in front. That's


it. You make a good point. The last couple of tournaments, Mark King was


5-1 down in the Northern Ireland Open final and went on to beat Barry


in that. The great Fergal O'Brien made five centuries in six frames to


beat him at the UK championships. He's been the victim of some


interesting heroics from other people. Yeah, I suppose you could


say the best champions are players that can play the same snooker from


all different departments of the game, from different situations.


That's probably something that Terry Griffiths has been working with


Barry on, trying to improve his outlook. Need some good resolve to


really, and fortitude, to regroup. It's back to basics now, one shot at


a time. That's all you concentrate on. Hawkins still just one frame


away from consecutive Masters finals in consecutive years.


COMMENTATOR: One frame away, as we all know, always the hardest one to


win. ( all know, always the hardest one to


win. Doesn't get any easier when you've lost the frame when your


opponent needs the snooker, pressure.


Match time, just over three hours now. Perry is in the ascendency.


We've seen it time and again how matches can change, just from one


particular incident or one shot. But we didn't see this coming, because


Joe hadn't been playing too well and wasn't winning frames on one visit.


That's the one worry I'd have for him for the rest of the match. He's


got himself back in it through grit and determination. Absolutely. Like


you've said, we've been saying during the match and Stephen in the


studio, the fact he's not been winning frames in one visit. Now


it's the nitty gritty of this match, I don't think that really counts


now. It's just getting what you can. It's whoever wins the next frame or


the next two frames in Joe's case. Winning frames in one visit now,


early on in the match, you think it makes a difference, but not now


we've got to the end of the match. He's got here playing like that. So


why can't he go and win it in that style?


Touching ball. Touching ball, that's handy. Nice, easy path back to the


baulk end. Caught the brown. OK, may not have


left a pot that will tempt Barry. But hand on the table and that


target of yellow and brown to try and hide the cue ball behind. It's


very tempting. He's having a look at something


there. Sometimes you think are they looking at a plant, may be looking


to make certain he doesn't knock a red over the right corner pocket.


He needed to hit that just right. Catching the blue. That's dangerous.


Black doesn't pot, so maybe screwing off the red and the pink. He's


played a delicate cannon into that red. That was an excellent shot.


Just nudged a red out of the way. He's got the pink now into the left


centre. If he's on this red, he's very


straight. He's going to need a good shot to get back up for the pink.


Good effort. He's got the pink to the far left corner. It's not


obvious where the next red comes from.


He'll have to play another very precise positional shot here.


Stop moving please, thank you. No. This game is getting harder for


Barry Hawkins now. Would love to get that pink back up


to this end of the table. May not go on its own spot.


Certainly would go on the blue spot. As we saw that red go in there,


accidents want to finish tight on the baulk cushion. I think he just


about cut the pink in. He want aid half ball pot. Not a thin one like


this. There's definitely now two reds on the right-hand side of the


main cluster that go to the left corner.


Just a bit thin on the pink to play for, that I feel.


What's the alternative? Got to be careful playing it with


pace for the pink on the blue spot. Got to be accurate.


And was. There's our blue line. He's the


wrong side of. It The red left of the bunch may be


potable into this bottom right hand corner pocket. There you see it.


The red is available to the left corner. There's a chance, not saying


it's a frame-winning chance, but certainly a chance to get another 30


or so points at this visit. I don't know why he didn't play for


the pink. Maybe he did and got into the cue ball too much. Bit of


adrenaline there. He's looked at this a couple of


times, this red to the left of the black, does pass the black? It does.


APPLAUSE It's a terrific shot!


Heavy contact. Wanted to be straighter on this red.


The black jumping up. But that previous shot, John, to bring the


black into play, just more evidence of how he's feeling. Cueing superbly


well. Watch this. Wonderful. That used all the pocket. He'd liked


to have been straighter on this pink. I don't think he wants to risk


the cannon because of the couple of reds that will pot. Can he avoid the


cannon? In the end, he decided to play a tentative one. It's OK, I


suppose. He's got a pot on. You either go into them full blooded or


you don't go into them, for me. He could still win the frame at this


visit. He's pulling out some crackers to


keep this break going. Excellent pot again.


Played it nicely. I don't think the black goes to the right corner, if


it was, it would be a case of rolling this in. He might have to be


for the pink. He has to. It needs to run a little bit. Perfect!


Absolutely inch perfect. This pink will put him 43 points in front,


another couple of reds needed and we're going to have a decider.


From nowhere. Must seem a long time ago now, when Barry potted that


green and looked as though he was in the final.


We certainly did. I'm sure most of the crowd did as well. One man who


didn't, which is most importantly, is that man out there.


You can see now, Ken, he's so disappointed, because he needs the


pink and he needs one more red. Wrong side of the blue line. But


he's looking at the possibility, is there a plant appeared?


Can he make the plant? It can be made. If you hit the first red on


the left-hand side, it will push the second red to the right. This can be


made. The red is all that's required.


No way back to the table now for Barry so he will be preparing for


that decider. What a turnaround this has been.


Shaking his head, I don't think you can believe it, but it's a reality


now. His good friend who is a former professional is here as well. We are


into a decider! Joe Perry has come from 5-2 down, it's now 5-5, one


frame for both players for a place in tomorrow's final.


We spoke to both members of these men's family, what will they be


going through now? What a comeback and from absolutely nothing. Joe


Perry's dad has had the meter running in the taxi for ages now. I


think that sum that up, he has watched Joe play his whole life, he


must have thought he was down and out and out of no where he got a


spark of inspiration from perhaps Barry Hawkins giving him a lifeline,


he gets the snooker and how it turns around. After the eighth frame there


was a complete change, a complete turnaround in his body language and


he's pushed on. Meanwhile the opposite is true of Barry, he has


visibly shrunk before our eyes. It's psychological sport this level. At


5-2, he had given nothing. I said his race had run, I thought he had


nothing together, did not look like he was up for the challenge. But


once barked as a snooker player, to get that spark and get that snooker,


clear up and all of a sudden you think I can win the match now. It's


an amazing turnaround. That is why the sport is compelling. If you look


at the body language there is only one winner but in a decider you


never know. Sometimes what happens and we have seen it before, how many


times our players come back from a deficit but failed to clinch the


last one? I think the one who will be looking over their shoulder


panicking about the guy coming back at him suddenly has a release and


can just concentrate on playing again. I don't know what the stats


are, but sometimes that player then goes I now have nothing to lose and


plays better. We don't know the stats but both of you have been in


the situation in the past so what does it feel like when you have


basically been pegged back from a winning position, how do you feel


going into a decider? It's horrible. But you have to go OK, it's just one


frame. It is! 26 years in the game, Joe Perry never made it to one of


the majors, the finals of one of the top three tournaments in snooker.


Barry Hawkins has been to two before, the great friends shake


hands, it's all on this one frame. COMMENTATOR: Time for everybody to


calm down. Can the players? The prize for winning this frame is a


place in the Masters final. Settle down please! What an occasion


it will be for either player. Who can take the opportunity?


Well, Joe is going to get the first chance, this will without doubt be


one of the most important frames in Joe Perry's career. A long way away


from that, long way away. He's got away with it.


I think he may have got away with that. Or does this red cut back to


the left middle? It's thin as it does. Eyeing up the potting angle.




Just dropped. Thought it was going to stay there for a second and he's


just about on the yellow. Who can take their opportunity? Who can hold


the mirror? -- the nerve? The fact that it went into the


left-hand side of the pocket, the wrong side of the pink now to have a


nice angle just to drop it in and come down for the red left of the


black. Gentlemen, stop shouting out. He's


at the table, let him concentrate. The potting angle on the pink, was


never going to be perfect on the red, using the rest.


Quite a long way away. Has to be careful with this safety.


Having a look at what he has left, he has left a red. But not certain


if he can avoid the kiss on the black. Is playing the pot, is


playing safe. Not the best safety. You would


expect a better one, or should get a better one from Joe Perry here.


Another chance for Barry Hawkins. There is a gap around the back of


the reds, around the black spot. Has to be very accurate when potting


this red, try to get back up for the pink or the blue.


APPLAUSE Decided to hold for the black and


could not have played it any better, that's a fantastic shot.


That was a wonderful short, it's given him a great opportunity. That


is what is called grasping the nettle isn't it? You realise if you


can get the can get the black on its spot into play and get the possible


frame and match-winning chants. -- match-winning chants. Still a lot of


balls to be potted before that happens.


The red of a slave to the left of the black is available but I think


there is also a red at the bottom just sticking out from the main


bunch, that is available into this corner as well. But he will have to


go into the cluster sooner rather than later. You cannot win the frame


with just these 2-macro loose reds. He will have to play for the loose


reds because he's not got the angle to try to disturb things.


You would have thought maybe he would have wanted to come a little


bit low on this red but he will have to get a good angle on the black


now. Needs to hit this black with a


better place because the pack is very tightly packed, going to need a


bit power here. Very tightly packed and did not really get into the cue


ball like he normally does. I always feel with that type of shot, you can


see the way the cue ball moved back, a little bit of back spin, I always


feel you are better stunning through them. He has a 50 point lead but


still 91 points remaining. Gone for the double. A tentative


double. APPLAUSE Well, the reds are now in the open.


Ken Joe Perry play a good safety -- can Joe Perry play a good safety and


force a mistake from Barry? I mean, in an ideal world, you would


like to flick off one of the reds and maybe use the brown as a target.


That would be a good safety. Is it too thick, though, to catch the


middle pocket? The loser in this semifinal will get


?50,000. The winner, ?90,000. So hanging on this frame is ?40,000.


More importantly, that date with Ronnie O'Sullivan, on a tremendous


occasion tomorrow, the final of the Dafabet masters. He's giving this


plenty of thought. I should think those three reds in the middle of


the table, he can get to the left-hand one but he's going to try


to play thin of this and get to the brown. He's played that one with a


double-kiss! He's left a pot on but he could have left something easier


than this. Maybe there is a gap between the blue and pink. Put this


red into the bottom left-hand corner pocket. It is very tight but it


might be a good guide, actually. It is definitely on.


GASPS FROM CROWD Wow. Well, if it wasn't the deciding


frame, you get the feeling, Ken, that he would have spotted that.


There was a lot on it. There certainly was and what a chance now


for Joe Perry at the right centre. Anything is unmissable, though, at


this stage. Oh, absolutely. -- anything can be missed. The fact it


has got to this stage means that both players have made mistakes.


That was a nice cannon to get. It has opened up those two reds.


Just a case now of holding yourself together.


And looking at Joe's father, there, Ken, he will be playing every shot,


won't he? Absolutely. Not easy watching.


Just want to measure that, Joe. Getting into adrenaline, now, isn't


it, screwed that a little bit. Does not really want it on the pink spot,


to be honest, he would prefer it to be on the blue spot. He will have to


play for the black now off this red, could have played for the pink or


the blue had he been straight on it. But he's OK. Could have done with a


number inch or two to be perfect. -- another inch. But right in the heart


of the pocket. Reducing the arrears to 19, now. He's going to need the


awkward brown. But he won't be looking that far ahead just yet.


Nothing he can do now. The loneliest seat in the world.


He cued that nicely. Got through it well. He's taking these quite well


at the moment, Ken. His positional play has been superb. He looks a


completely different player to a few frames ago. It will have given him a


lot of confidence but still a lot of work to do, as you have said, John,


that brown may be the pivotal ball in the final frame. Again, a bit of


adrenaline, overscrewed that by a couple of feet.


Just when you needed pinpoint position, he's not got it. Two


points ahead, now. Oh, just about OK. A little bit


short. You can see by the way he breathed in, there, a path of the


cheeks. Should have been straighter on the yellow. Yes, he needs a good


angle when he popped this yellow on the green to try to get close to the


brown. -- when he pots this yellow. Does not want to be straight on this


green. APPLAUSE Looks OK. It is a little bit


straight. It must be. I'm looking at his body language, Ken. He must be


very straight. Well, you couldn't be straighter, so he can't get close to


the brown. You can see the annoyance and frustration. He needs green,


brown and blue for a place in the final.


And this brown, no need to tell you, is tough. Do you risk it all? I


think because of the way he is playing, he's confident, he's going


to go for it. This is so tough. APPLAUSE


A what's to keep on going, to the blue, that's where. -- he's going to


keep on going. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE What a result! A kiss to his father,


Peter, who is on his feet, and why wouldn't he be? What a turnaround


this is! But he has missed the pink. But two


snooker is needed. 20 points, the lead. 13 remaining.


Well, I've seen a lot of things in this game, Ken, but I've not seen a


match that has turned on its head like this one for a long time.


Incredible. What a comeback from Joe Perry. One of the biggest frames of


his 26 year career. Incredible. This pink looks close. It looks close. It


is there! Well, would you believe it? Barry Hawkins will be absolutely


gutted. He was 5-2 in front and Joe Perry needed a snooker. He got it,


won the frame. His dad is coming down to give him a big hug, I'm


sure. And he's through to the final come to play Ronnie O'Sullivan. What


a turnaround. What a victory! 6-5, Joe Perry. I'm getting carried away!


STUDIO:, we are all getting carried away. So extraordinary, you had


stayed up with us, half past 11 but it was worth it because that was an


extraordinary turnaround. Needed a snooker in the eighth frame. He was


down on his uppers. But how has he turned it around? It's not that, his


body language did not look good on other occasions, perhaps you get a


snooker and you are back in it but he did not look capable at one


stage. It just proves, you don't stay in the top 16 forest long as


Joe Perry without having to fight in you. Great performance. What a


brown. Along the cushion. One of the shots of the tournament.


Congratulations! Where did you get the brown and the reaction to that


in the final frame decider. What went through your mind when you knew


you were there? We would have forgiven you for playing a safety on


the brown. I wasn't going to do it. It was my chance. I should never


have had a chance but I thought, right, if I get one chance, I'm


going to go for it. I don't know how I held myself together. I didn't. It


just went in. Just one of them. You do know we had with the new off in


the match. Your body language in the first half of the match, you never


looked like doing it. From the very first break off, I hit the white and


it moved about an inch and a half from where I was aiming. They have


changed the cloth and I don't hit the centre of the white and it is


quite low and I was pushing a ripping off, so reactive, so nice


but I couldn't get it at all. My confidence with a bit and I didn't


fancy putting anything more than six foot away but I dug in. It was


weird, I was in my chair when Barry did not get on the red and I needed


a snooker and I played a safety and I thought if I can just get behind


the pink, funny things happen and it did. A kiss for your dad who has


been your greatest support doubles the as soon as I done it, I thought,


why did you do that? I had not won the match and shouldn't have but I


couldn't help myself. Two snooker is on the thing, though. Fair enough,


it was not going away but suddenly in the eighth frame, you needed a


snooker and you got it. At what point did you start to believe it


was on? I sat there and thought, if I could get tight behind the pink,


get a snooker, I was thinking, win the next one and it is going to be


worrying him because he should have won the match. Pretty much what


happened. I went out opposition at 60 in front. It got a bit of doubt


in Barry's mind. I did not put any doubt in his mind at all tonight. I


did not play well and really, he was much better than me for seven or


eight frames. Once he gave you a chance when he missed the long red


through the gap, the first few balls of that were very positive, you


played to get the break going. I didn't want to start messing about,


going for easy colours, pinks and blues because that can make the end


of the red quite. I got the pink early to tie a couple up, get them


open and it was a matter of not missing anything easy and doing my


stuff. Where has this come from, for a start? It's extraordinary, your


build-up was not great but can you tell us, 26 years of trying to get


into a major final and you've done it. I know! It's good to have good


people around you. I've got my mum and dad, my brothers and my partner


now. You do doubt yourself as a snooker player, every time you hit


bad form and you lose matches, you doubt yourself but you need people


around you to keep on picking you up and keep you striving. I've been in


the top 16 for nine or ten years so I'm obviously good enough to do all


right. But this is my year, maybe. Perhaps tomorrow is your day and we


will be back to share it with you. Get some sleep because you are back


on the table at 1pm, as are we! You have got to see this final, and it


all starts at 1pm. Be there. See you soon. Goodbye.


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