Final: 13.00-17.15 Masters Snooker

Final: 13.00-17.15

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It's a great win by John Spencer. He becomes the first Benson and hedges


Masters. Terry Griffiths, shot to the top of World Snooker. The first


man to have his name twice on the Masters trophy. Alex "Hurricane"


Higgins. And extraordinary young snooker player. 24-year-old Steve


Davis finally has the one he wanted. And just look at that board.


LAUGHTER words escape me. It was Canadian Cliff Thorburn who


became the master of 86. Still the Masters champion.


CHEERING A tremendous cheer for young Mark


Williams from Wales. Congratulations to Paul Hunter. He wins his third


Masters title. It's Ronnie Sullivan or Joe Perry


for the Paul Hunter trophy. Good afternoon Alexandra Palace has been


pulling in the crowds for over 140 years. Have another full house here


for one of the great occasions in snooker. Masters Sunday. The final


of the Dafabet Masters. Last week has absolutely flown after a quite


brilliant tournament so far. Ronnie O'Sullivan defending champion got


the party last Sunday. Stillbirth. The Rocket still on a trajectory


that could give him the outright record seven Masters titles.


Ronnie O Sullivan, playing his best of the week to take the Masters


title, 1995. Amazing, being in London, being a Londoner. Looking


forward to the future. This has been awesome. No other


word. It looks like his fourth Masters


title now... I love it! Well O'Sullivan was the pre-event


favourite and is now odds-on to be the least fancied player this week,


Joe Perry. But the 42-year-old from Cambridgeshire, gentle man Joe, has


defied all expectation to reach this, one of the finals of snooker's


three majors. But the first time in his 26 year career and for Murphy


showed to come back against good friend Barry Hawkins to win a


decider as we rolled towards midnight. Their previous results


don't make pretty reading for Joe, he's won only two of the matches in


the previous 15 against Ronnie and none for nine years but he will


remember a World Championship classic if you seasons ago when he


took O'Sullivan very close indeed. Perry seems determined not to settle


for second place today. We all take up snooker from watching these


events today, it's going to be an unbelievably difficult task. Just


the fact that I'm Ibe are playing Ronnie in the final of the Masters


is a dream come true. I like to play Joe, he plays the game the right


way, tapping the ball is in, play a bit of safety. He is not a jot


trump, taking about five minutes. He's not a Selby that is going to


tie you up and keep you under wraps, he wants to get amongst the balls


but play safety. You can get involved in the match. Everyone that


plays Ronnie at the Masters is the underdog, nothing new, not going to


be a surprise. I've always spoke highly of Ronnie, I think every


snooker player has the utmost respect for his ability, the


greatest ever in my opinion. But he is beatable. You know. That's what


you have to take into the match, believe you can win, otherwise I


might just call it a day now. Some great matches with Joe, Plato in the


World Championship, 13-11, in the semis of the Welsh last year, 6-3,


one of the best I've played, played so well against him. Played almost


to the very best of my ability, producing something special to beat


him 13-11 on his way to winning the world title. I need to play close to


that again. I just bring my game to the table. I let them worry about me


and if they can play well enough to beat me I shake hands and say you


know what, well done. Otherwise I go there and then, you know what, I am


going to be tough to beat today. I started playing snooker at ten years


old, all I wanted to do was placed in a living. To achieve that would


be the absolute icing on the cake. One day, all my cue up and say, I


had a great career as a snooker player. This afternoon six time


Masters champion Stephen Hendry is facing up to the possibility that


the joint record may be overtaken, how do you feel? Not great, I must


admit. It was inevitable. This tournament has become Ronnie's home.


Ronnie against Joe, tell me what there's been to admire about Joe's


amazing run. Two incredible victories against Bingham and Ding


Junhui, coming back from the dead, 5-2, needing a snooker to clear up


and potting what was the part of the tournament. The favourite against


the man who was the joint outsider, 80-1, we remember the victory did


Ronnie made over Barry Hawkins, what percentage of the snooker world


thinks Joe Perry will win today? Zero, to be blunt. Possibly even Joe


himself, he has got to trust his ability today. Perhaps his family


will believe, obviously. But the snooker world, 0%, will think. Going


to trust his ability and believe in his ability and come out and try and


enjoy this occasion and play his best snooker, if he does that, he


has a chance. With so much expectation on Ronnie does that ring


its own pressure? He has expectation on himself, he wants to win,


tremendous desire to do it, but he will want to do it with style and


that brings its own pressure. A 41-year-old against a 42-year-old,


who said it was a young man's game? It's getting like that. Maybe Steve


Davis will even win. You are getting your QR at for the world stage, but


it might be slightly late for John Parrott and Steve Davis. You know


the stick we get from that woman. Doesn't she know who we used to be?


Once upon a time we were marvellous. After tip gate, how well did he


play? Ronnie O'Sullivan realised he had control of the Kubot and he


upped the play, positional play perfect, he outclassed Marco Fu who


up until then had been the classiest player in the tournament. His focus


for me, you could see the determination, he relished that. I


haven't seen his adrenaline pumping as much as that. The only thing,


might be an anti-climax, if it's possible. You have a theory about


this match today, expand. It's only a theory, Stephen said about 0%,


there was a match in the 80s, it might have been 85, someone was


given no chance and it was a bad outcome! Let it go, Steve. You like


this. We have found interesting -- someone interesting for Ken to talk


to. I am down in the queues, Peter


Terry, the father of Joe, your nerves must been jangling. Really.


When he made that snooker, got that clearance to win the frame, I


thought, he has a chance, he said to me afterwards, if he could do that


and make a big break to go through 5-4, he thought he was back in the


match. But what about that clearance in the last frame? The brown along


the baulk cushion, would you have gone for that? No. I spoke to him


afterwards, he said he had no choice, if he tried to play safe, or


the other balls was, trying to get that safe, go for it, when, or go


home. He saw his chance and he took it. What was he like when he came


off? Must have been buzzing. Electric, couldn't believe it. I


think he had a tweet from Barry this morning, saying... I ain't going to


go into that one. I could only imagine. They are still mates. What


about today. A big occasion. The biggest of his life. How is he


feeling and how are you? I am feeling great, he's had some great


matches with Ronnie over the years, Ronnie come out on top most of them,


but Joe has beaten him. In the USA some years ago, he can do it. He


starts producing what he'd done in the first and second match, the end


of the match, he can win. I hope the nerves hold-up, best of luck.


Cheers, thank you. Peter Perry certainly believe that history is in


the making, Ronnie going for a record seventh Masters title and Joe


hoping to become the oldest first-time winner of this event


since Ray Reardon in 1976. Fascinating. Settle down, here we


go. Rob Walker, it is all yours. Good afternoon, ladies and


gentlemen. This is it, the big one. We started with 16, only two remain.


Welcome to the 20 17th Dafabet Masters final, this could be epic.


They are ready, we are ready. Let's get the boys on the baize.


Please welcome a player who after 26 years as a professional finds


himself in a Triple Crown final but the very worst time. What a way to


do it. From 5-2 down and needing a snooker he climbed back from the


brink with that emotional victory last night and he said in a press


Conference after, standing on this tour is today and hearing his name


being called as a finalist would be the best moment of his career by


far. Ali Talley, let's remind him this is more than a dream, for the


gentle man Joe Perry! And his opponent, a player who has


been snooker's box office draw for more than two decades. His


celebration at the end of the match against Marco Fu yesterday proves he


cares as much about the Sport Today as he did when he first won the


title in 95. Will it be magnificent seven for the Rocket, Ronnie


O'Sullivan? This is one of snooker's three major


titles, the final, the best of 19 frames, eight of them this


afternoon, 11 tonight, Ken Doherty and John Fergal already. One of the


great occasions Good afternoon, Hazel, and good


afternoon everyone. You can tell from the reception both players got,


there is a tremendous atmosphere at Alexandra Palace. It gets you


jangling. Absolutely. The heroes at the back of the neck of both players


must be standing up. Coming down those stairs, what a fantastic


reception. Joel mentioned the biggest match of


his life. How will he hold himself together? That is the big question.


First frame, Ronnie O'Sullivan to break.


But the cameras away, please. Playing for the Paul Hand Trophy, in


memory of the greater champion himself. His mum and dad are here.


-- Paul Hunter. Ronnie has lived about six times. Going for the


magnificent seven. Yes, when Stephen Hendry won it six times, you wonder


whether that could be bettered. -- lifted it. Joe will have something


to say about that. I feel he's got nothing to lose, he may be able to


relax and produce his best snooker. Ronnie will get the first


opportunity. He's just refusing. Didn't think he


would be able to get on a colour. You would have to field, it's an


important start, more so for Joe, to get off to a good start, settle his


nerves. His first major final. One of these big BBC tournaments.


Ronnie was hampered by the yellow, did well to get Kubot bad for back.


I think Stephen Hendry alluded to it, he has got to try and enjoy the


occasion and if he can, then it can bring out the best in you.


Pots like that will certainly settle him down quickly.


Purposely getting on the red below the black, that will free up the


black into the bottom left pocket. Just concentrating a little bit on


the cannon from the red. Unforgivable. Playing the cannon


don't take your eyes off, it was a natural cannon. Cannot afford to


miss. That is for sure. Just played a little cannon, into


the cue ball too much. This is not the red he wanted to be on. A little


work to do with the cue ball. Stunning around the back of the


black. As to find the gap between the red at the top cushion and the


black. The red immediately above the black


is available. Slight angle on the black, can play for that.


Deciding to play for the red along the top cushion.


He has to judge this well. Got to be careful with the split. Played it


superbly. Just had a word with the referee. I


don't know what that was about. Tried to pinch a bit of the pocket.


Joel was trying to avoid the case on the second red. A little bit of a


balance. Whenever he missed it Joe has to take full advantage. When he


missed his red in the corner, he may have thought it cost him the frame


but it hasn't. Just thought I heard Ronnie


mentioned something to Paul Collier about the practice table. Maybe just


the sound of the bolts on the practice table may be to kiss


concentration of slightly. -- may be took his.


That little cannon on the red makes this black more awkward.


Excellent part! As long as he got bad, it was always the red, close to


the yellow pocket, top left-hand corner pocket, was always there.


Under the circumstances, very, very good. Just got to be careful here.


Control the cue ball off the baulk cushion. May have to use a little


bit of left-hand side. But that camera away, please. There is a


light on the front of it. Probably more difficult than this red.


The flick on the brown hasn't hindered him too much.


Concentrate on the pot. He's done, but not perfect on the pink. Can't


play yet to the far right corner or right middle, the right middle is


the easier. Good opportunity. To take the first


frame. Nice angle on the black if he wishes


to disturb the two reds. Get the points on the board.


Leading by 27. He is going to need three more reds with colours.


Another opportunity to play this little cannon. Just looking at the


scoreboard, this will put him 35 points in front. Played the cannon.


Worked out. APPLAUSE


You wouldn't expect a mistake now. Actually looks a bit more relaxed


than he did last night in parts of the match. Started off a bit


nervously, rallied a very, very well.


Looks very, very good this afternoon, relaxed walking around


the table, confident stride. Would be a real confidence boost if he


could make a century. Ronnie now needs two snookers. This


would really be eight secular if he could make a century. -- a secular.


Still a possibility. Ronnie O Sullivan missed an easy


read. Joe Perry gets a frame-winning 72.


Studio-macro Ronnie just having a chat with the referee about


something, fantastic start from Joe and he said last night my plan is to


get in front and stay in front. Go positively and believe I can this.


Mission accomplished. Great theory. It's great. Good to get your hands


on the table and it is nice to see your opponent miss. His contribution


will have settled him right down and let's face it, we're not talking


about someone who has just come off the streets. He is world number


nine, Ronnie is 13. He might be an 80-1 outsider and he's been around


the block a long time. Talking about her special occasion this is but


this is an adept and comparable player, when he's in a positive


frame of mind. Steve... The bookies made Ronnie a strong favourite and


everyone is thinking it will be a one-sided match but you're talking


about this, a player who has quality, class, experience, been on


the road and the ropes plenty of times, played at the World


Championships. Done everything to withstand what is going to be thrown


at him. Interestingly, I don't know... I was putting my head


around, trying to work for the conversation about, rather than


might Ronnie wasn't upset, but he was concerned, Paul Collier has had


a word with one of the organisers, it's something backstage. It appears


to be the noise on the practice table. Ronnie is properly a little


bit worried, who is knocking balls around on tables that are supposed


to be for professionals? I am sure we will get to the bottom of it.


Contrast and start from Joe, he lived ten to did against Barry


Hawkins. For more is a dearth from him.


Absolutely, he needs to get in front. All the players know when you


play Ronnie, if you get behind him, he just runs away from you. You


don't get a foothold in the match so that's why it's so important, the


opening session. In terms of its comfort levels, even the memory of


that brown Joe Perry sank last night to beat Barry Hawkins will give him


confidence because was a very late finish for him. He's not had a huge


amount of time to turn this around. This is a different day and Joe


Perry, chance to get in the final and he may have frozen a bit. He got


over the line in the end. This is different, he is the underdog. It's


a lot easier playing as the underdog. Frame two.


Decent length. Ronnie will take on that red.


At least he stopped short of the baulk line. A fraction too far.


That the idea where he wanted to play that shot. Get it really tight


to the snooker ball. Cut out the easy one-cushion escape and when


he's done that... A delicate touch particularly on these superfine


clots. -- cloths. . Foul and miss. That was a bad misjudgement from


Joe. May elect to take the green here,


screw off the left-hand side cushion if you can. Just two reds above the


pot. Still not going into the pack. Playing the loose one. That is inch


perfect. Couldn't place that much better with his hand. Fantastic


shot. Bringing a couple more reds into play here.


Just hampered slightly with the red. Made it more tricky, particularly


when they are playing with a new tip.


The first round would have irritated Ronnie, missing that straightforward


red. Now Joe is just going to come around


and look at the red above the black spot. Will pot into the bottom


right-hand pocket. I'm sure it will. Now he will pot this and leave a


nice angle on the black. Into the pack here. Good pace.


That's pretty good. It was always going to be on that


red. If you can avoid the blue when he's


plotting this, he could go for the baulk colours, he's OK.


He knew he would always have a chance at the black. Straightforward


pot. A bit of work to do with the cue ball.


Settled for that. That's worked out perfectly. Obviously the priority


was to pot the black. Look at that, inch perfect on this red.


Wiped its feet, that. Into the middle of the pocket.


That could've been a bit better. He's got the red on the left centre


but has been hampered slightly. He can only drop it in. He's got the


blue and black afterwards. No. Just hampered slightly. Made it a bit


more difficult than it could have been. I still fancy him to pot it. I


don't think he has left anything. No attempt at the pot. A very good


cue ball. On the baulk crush on. Although Joe Perry has a 22 point


lead, he's got to be very careful here. He may play the pot here if


you can find a path back to the ball. I don't think he played the


pot in the end. Just concentrating getting the cue ball back to the


baulk and. -- end.


APPLAUSE You've got to be careful if you play


safe down the right-hand side of the table.


There's one or two obstacles in there. But it's natural to play safe


down the right-hand side rather than the left-hand side as we look.


Played it well, but there's a red going towards the corner. And it's


not covered. Now will try to get the red out into


the right That was a nearly one. The red


didn't go into the heart of the pocket. The green is not on the


spot. Makes this a little bit easier.


The problem is, with this red, the left corner Ronnie is looking at, I


don't think the black goes into that same pocket. The black in the


opposite corner, it's not an easy task.


Yeah, didn't have the greatest angle on the blue. Tried to power it


through the baulk area and the kiss on the greenhouse cup is


chance. Ronnie has to show a bit of patience as well. He doesn't want to


force the issue much and give Joe too many easy chances to get


settled. A bit thick with that one. That's why he's not gone past the


baulk line. Slightly awkward cueing for Ronnie here. There is another


red, but his playing this one. Can eat you pass the yellow? If he


can't, he will have to put some side on their yellow. That's why the


straight one... There's a bit more pressure on this one. He would like


to play the one in the middle of the table but the yellow is helping him


slightly. He's playing this one. Good cueing.


So things not working out quite as planned for Ronnie at the moment.


Just a couple of reds, a couple of colours away from winning the second


frame, Joe Perry. If he parts of this red now, he will


go 44 ahead with just 43 remaining. -- if he pots this red now, he will


go 44 ahead with just 43 remaining. That should mean that Ronnie should


not bother coming back to the table. You have to say, this is just the


start that Joe needed. Yes, absolutely. Settling in nicely.


Looks to be enjoying himself at there. It's very important for him


to get off to a good start. This final, of course, two sessions,


best of 19, first to 10. He's not bothered about the black.


43 from Joe Perry there. He now takes a 2-0 lead over defending


champion Ronnie O'Sullivan. Last year we were remembering that Barry


Hawkins won the first frame last year and an winner frame afterwards.


Already has great friend Joe Perry has made great strides against


Ronnie than he did at this early stage and this is good stuff from


him so far. With hindsight, this many certainties in sport but before


the start, there's not many at all and the history of sports betting I


would imagine is littered with people who've put all their eggs in


one Ascot, lumbered on a very short priced and lived to tell the tale a


lot poorer. You mention that betting for this. 10-3 for Ronnie was the


most popular punt outside. Absolutely it was. Most people seem


to think it was going to be a cakewalk but it's not prove to be at


the moment but the funny thing is, I'm always into these things, how


people get to the final. Last Sunday, Ronnie O'Sullivan should not


be here. Remember this one? I hope Liang is not watching because this


was to knock him out last week. Frame ten and Ronnie came back and


made a century to knock him out but the margin is terribly small. Joe


Perry last night with probably the sort of the tournament. He makes a


clearance after being 50 behind and potted a brown which was superb.


Back we go. Ronnie, 2-0 behind. Break up shop. Leaving that


obligatory red in the right corner. It's a nice angle to get round the


back of the black. Courted to fix. If you are going to miss them, don't


catch them thick. This is a chance now for Ronnie.


First frame, he missed the black, that frame he was hampered.


A little bit too far. Two straight on the blue. He will have two stun


it in. He found an angle. To get closer to the red. This is what he


was always going to play for. That pink is not available. Back-up for


blue. He did have a look. He's always looking to get the black into


play. I'm wondering whether that read to the left of the black and he


can get on it? If, of course, he gets that red, it could go both


corners. Just a cannon, though here. Without moving the black.


Purposely staying low on this red now. He's going for the top this


time. Bringing two reds into play. He struck that absolutely


beautifully. When you consider he had a new tip on yesterday, there


didn't seem to be anything wrong to me. A bit of left-hand side now.


Lovely angle. Getting through the cue ball beautifully. No problems


getting through the black here. OK, he's not entered up in the left-hand


corner pocket, but he was knocking one or two reds towards the right


centre. They both pot. He will be very eager to try to win


this frame from this visit, just to settle his own nerves he may be


feeling. It would have been a shock to the system to miss in the first


round. The Blackie missed the second frame. -- black he missed in the


second I think he played for a choice of


two reds there. Just to the left of the pink. If you can kiss on the


black, it shouldn't be a problem. Full stretch, though. Yes, stop


himself. . The extension. -- yes, stopped himself. Got the extension.


Played the soft screw. Could be the pink goes in. Definitely the red to


the left as you can see. So he will play for that red. He needs to get


into this, though. Offer side cushion. -- off the side cushion.


He would like the cue ball to travel into the middle of the table six or


eight inches, but he is still OK. Now he needs an angle. Doesn't have


it on the green. Doesn't have it on the brown. And looks like he doesn't


have it on the yellow. It's not great. They're still 75 points


remaining. He will have to disturb something to keep this break going.


He's got a slight angle on the green but to put top spin, come off the


side cushion into the reds, that's a big ask. Don't get me wrong, he's


got the cue power to play it. Is there any value in potting one of


these baulk colours and playing a safety shot? I'm not sure here. He


has got the rest out which tells me is going to play the brown. Is not


going to play the pot. Yes, clever shot. No real value


potting the green there. Wasn't going to get any more points so have


a bit of insurance, put the brown say. He knows if Joe Perry is going


to win this frame commies going to need that brown, so made it more


difficult. What has he spotted here, a


three-ball plant? I think it might push to the left as


we look. Oh no it didn't. Into the pocket.


He might not have got tight, as we watch that plan to gain. Well


spotted. It will be difficult for Joe Perry to get this say. There's


always a gap. Between the yellow and blue. He can't get the cue ball back


to the baulk and. Is got to somehow that it say. And he needs to get it


say. Ronnie is only looking for one more red.


There is a read up into the green pocket here. He only needs one red.


He decided against it. Nice shot. And beautiful. Lovely control. Yes,


I think you alluded to it before, he's got to play at right.


Obviously, is never going to panic. He's got to treat Joe with respect


here. That is a good escape. Well played. Good shot.


Yes, he was a bit disappointed with that.


He was up straightaway. This is a chance for Joe. Close.


But he's not left an easy chance for Ronnie to close the frame.


Is Ronnie thinking of a possible plant? The only needs a red. Only 59


remaining. No plant. Just a safety and a pretty


good one. When you look at the table now.


A couple of interesting spectators. The keyboard players of the Kaiser


Chiefs. -- player. And of course Paul Martin from flog it, kept his


tickets, obviously didn't flog it. Ronnie's attempt didn't go in. Now


the chance for the counterattack, not an easy one, he made the save


shot a few ago, got red leather side cushion, particularly by the right


hands so a lot of work to do for Joe here. He's just about on this


thread, 53 points behind, 59 available, he has points to spare


but doesn't want to be playing too many low value colours. Just about


on the green. Play that nicely. 49 behind, 51


remaining. Off these last three reds he can afford one pink.


Now he has a slight angle on the black, you try to disturb the red


will try to dropping behind it? His choice. Disturbed it and it couldn't


have worked out much better than that.


A little bit low on the black, if it was a bit slower it'd be easier than


this but if you swing sets roundabout to conditions then he's


not certain to finish that good on the yellow. Forgot the black.


Didn't see that one coming. I think that will secure this first frame


for him and reduce the deficit. That was a golden opportunity for Joe


Perry. Because that is what joker played had he had that opportunity.


-- Joe could have played. I think he over contemplated that black. Just


confuse himself a little. Was thinking about how he can get


perfect on the yellow but you never take your eyes off the pot which is


what he did. He played it very well but Joe Perry


will be very disappointed that he had the chance to take a 3-0


advantage. STUDIO: O'Sullivan off the mark in


his fourth Masters final which is an extraordinary record in itself. Joe


Mr black and seem to second-guess himself? And nightmare shots for


Joe, he had a few ways to get on the yellow but this is the classic


example of somebody who as a coach you would say right OK before you


get down to play the shot, make sure you know what shots you're going to


play. They teach every golfer in the book, before you go to the routine,


you know exactly what you're going to do. Snooker is not like golf


stopping and starting, it is more fluid so sometimes you think on the


hoof so to speak. On a shot like that you have to stand up again,


make your mind up and then get down. Impression so far, it's not gone the


way many people anticipated and as a spectacle it is all about it for


that? It is intriguing. You couldn't really expect him to play to the


standard of yesterday. It's interesting, that was a very big


mess on the black, a bit of indecision and Steve said it. Your


routine is your routine, you have to stick to it and if it's not right


get back and start again. Mentioned rawness performance yesterday and


the Peak performance and how much it takes out of you, could that be a


factor? The only thing I would say is Joe had the same thing us last


night. He knows the situation, I don't think in that one today, if it


had come after two or three performances like Neil Robertson a


few years ago where he played unbelievable snooker but not after


one performance. Almost got to the final and had nothing left and was


beaten 10-2 by Shaun Murphy. In terms of Joe's performance so far, I


know Stephen Hendrie along with many people had much of a chance, it's a


positive thing for him and he appears to be in a positive frame of


mind as he attacks this. That's the first thing that went wrong all day


long so I suppose of somebody said three frames you would be 2-1 in


front, he would've bitten the handoff because you don't know what


will happen at start of a match. Joe has done that and now we are in the


second phase of the match really, we passed the part of the manoeuvring


part in getting down to seeing who has the bigger guns. You made a


point about a certain 1985 and final but being in a World Championship


final in 2015, Stuart Bingham had a fairy tale together and many people


thought Murphy would have the better of him but fairy tales definitely


happen in the sport. The mid-session interval will come


after this frame. It's an important one. Joe would love to have a two


frame advantage going into that mid-session interval.


For someone who has had a few bets over the years, the only uncertainty


I know is after the one. He was 80-1 before the beginning of the week Joe


Perry. Try to hold for the black but at


that distance playing below centre, it gets off-line. Ronnie had a look


to see what he's got left, he hasn't left an individual pots but is there


a plant? A bit of distance between the two reds but one he could


certainly make. There is a gap to go off the pack as well to get the cue


ball back up in the middle as well. Very well played.


That's a poor shot. He really wanted to be up higher on the cue ball.


Just dropping it in for the black. The previous shot was a very poor


positional shot and he had so much room for error here.


You don't get many opportunities against the likes of O'Sullivan but


he is in top form, when you do get the easy chances you have to make


more of them. And as you said no excuse for coming up short. Plenty


of margin for error. I don't think he can miss going back to the ball


unless he decides he has seen enough of the red to pass the pot. Decides


to play the containing safety. Safe enough.


That was a magnificent shot. He has had a bit of trouble there. The


judge has perfectly missed the black on the way down. Back up towards the


ball cushion behind the green. Always a possibility when you hit


the pack that hard that something will go over a corner pockets, has


he covered it? This looks like a certain plant into this pocket.


You think it's a plan to put if it was a straightforward plant I would


play the one near the middle pocket on to it. Because then he would be


guaranteed position on the blue. If he comes off the side cushion and


makes the plant then he's not certain to be on a collar. It's


something like that the angle, that's what he'll try to achieve, a


cushion first -- colour. Let's see how this looks. It's not bad.


CROWD CLAPPING I wondered how he would get off the


colour on that. He will be pleased with the outcome. Looks like one of


your trick shots that John. He will be very pleased with that.


Absolutely. Now the position at the moment, the black is not available


to either corner pocket you would've thought. See you would think the red


over the right corner, gets rid of that but it's one of those when it's


close to the cushion like that, you can't inject a lot of place so he


may just settle for a few blues here.


I think now he would play for the red over the right corner.


Definitely play for it now. It's one of these, because he's so close, you


don't have to hit it hard, you can hit it harder than half and the way


to play it is to play below centre, just strike it below centre. Play


with top and you can banana the shot. He will settle for that. He's


on the green. The pink I'm sure is available into


the bottom right-hand corner pocket, he has to be pretty precise with his


position. He is held at nicely. The little kiss on the road, trying


to get the red in the same pocket as the pink. I suppose he'll is new he


had the left corner but surprised it is not still in play for the red in


the middle. Andrew with the blue not being on its spots, wasn't that easy


to get a good position. A good shot here on the green. He


can cut the blue, a lot of work to do with the cue ball. Does he flick


it off on the red? Not quite. Because of the fin contact he needed


the pace. Just came a little bit narrow. Got the flick on the pink.


He will be disappointed with that safety. This thread just below the


pink does pot. -- Reid. The chance now for Joe


Perry. A big frame this now. Both players have chances.


This black will take Joe Perry four points in front. Leave this for


remaining reds with high values, it doesn't look too difficult. Just has


to keep the cue ball under close


control here. Ronnie will be kicking himself that he didn't make that


opportunity. A good performance so far with Joe


Perry in this first session. He has held himself together very well.


This frame would be a great steel. The great confidence booster.


This black will put 28 points ahead so we just need the red after this


black. Wonderful. Good stuff. You get the feeling he


would always get a chance or two, that's the nature of the game but if


he would take them. Honestly I didn't see him getting this many


chances. Fair play and he will go into the interval on a high you


would think. Not many people gave him a chance in this match.


74 break from Joe Perry. And now leads the defending champion 3-1.


Fascinating story and not the one many predicted. 3-1 to the underdog.


In terms of the break, 74, 72 and this is much better than what we saw


from Joe in the final. I agree with commentary, I didn't think you'd be


getting this many chances. Ronnie is not there, but difficult two days on


the spin. Joe will be sitting there are very happy with a 3-1 lead. How


big a task is this for people just coming into this match, objectively


speaking, for Joe Perry to beat Ronnie O'Sullivan in the final


today? The task gets greater as he gets closer to the finishing line.


These are the early exchanges so he has done as well as he could ask for


and I think from Ronnie O'Sullivan's perspective and Joe's, its levels of


expectation, where does he go after this performance after Marco Fu, Joe


can't do any worse than the last, he scraped over the line, he can't play


any worse than that really. Therefore perhaps the writing was on


the wall that Joe would play with more freedom and perhaps that Ronnie


Wood possibly have too much expectation on himself and there is


the possibility that this is Ronnie's 12 final at the Masters and


he has won six, if he would lose this, his strike rate of finals is


50% which is not as good as normal champions so it's a strange


situation. It is and even stranger when you think about the levels of


belief that Joe Perry will have to summon today. As we said at the


start, he has only beaten him twice in 15 attempts and not since 2008 so


we are going back an awful long time to summon that feeling again. The


last seven matches have all been Ronnie. I don't understand where it


has come from. This is why as a snooker player just punch and hang


on in. He turned up and I think he lost his last five matches turning


up, he won a 6-1, got against Barry Hawkins and a couple of weeks ago he


was thinking about packing in, you have to keep playing and practising


and sometimes when you least expect it it goes your way. Funnily enough


he said it had stopped his thoughts of quitting the game after beating


Bingham, he said he fell out of love with the game and suddenly as John


said this comes out, and incredible patch. If you think about what


happened to Mark King recently. You get somebody bashing against a brick


wall for seems like a long time having some success but failure as


well. Then down the line it all clicks into place. As long as you


are optimistic enough then you have a chance and that is what has


happened today. It doesn't sound like Joe Perry has tweaked anything


in his game, he has just plucked away. He sure is and has produced a


trickle to this week. Speaking of tricks, you probably remember last


Sunday when we showed you one of the most incredible trick shots we have


scenes. We've edited this upper bits because it does run over two


minutes. It was at the all stars club in Bristol. This took four


hours to set up. It was set up at closing time in the club and they


kept tinkering until about dawn when the cleaners were about to come in.


It involved stairs and snooker tables and two American pool tables


and 60 notable tables and it's definitely worth seeing again


because it's an extraordinary thing. It is nice to know there's a level


beakers that cue ball could have rolled off early and we would have


to get the fitters in and all sorts. Great use of all of these. And it's


obviously not the same ball that goes into the hole at the end that


started out but is nonetheless a feat of engineering and here it


comes. The ball has travelled over 500 feet. I believe they are already


planning on topping that the man responsible for that, Shane O'Hara


from Bristol is with Dennis trying to pass on some tips. That is one of


the finest trick shots I have ever seen, how long did it take you to


set that up? I will never get tired watching it that's for sure. It took


me nine hours start to finish. I used to manage a snooker club, you


close at 11 and open at half mindset how did you manage it? That was


pretty much it, you can see the clean air in the background waiting


to claim and I to shove out the way and get finished. Where was the


club? All-stars in Bristol. To be fair the lot of reason why it works


is because it is a spectacular venue. If it was a bit rougher it


might not work. Are you a snooker player or a bit of pull? I'm a bad


pool player and it even worse snooker player. How did you even


think about the shot? Just a bit of marketing and it was a slow news


week so it has taken off because there wasn't a lot of going on in


the world. To get over 100 million people watching it is something


special. I'm going to put you under real pressure here because I've


trick shot setup and its live so you can't not, you have one go at it.


You can borrow my cute. No pressure here. Live is not my friend but I


will have a lash at it. I'm shaking, is that normal.


What about the 80 cakes do I get them? You only get the one it take


for that. You show me how to do it. Have we got the white ball? Here we


go. There will be 100 million people


happy to see me niss that up. Well done guys. We've had 23 centuries,


five final frame deciders, two near misses in maximums and in other


words, plenty of opportunities and indeed contenders for the shot of


the tournament 2017. What is he going to attempt here on


the green? Something special? He is. Look at the action on that cue ball.


What a positional shot that is, by the way. Oh my goodness. What a


shock but is. To get the work on that around the angles, what a shot.


He has got it this time and he has got away with it.


Easy safety, but the pot wins you the frame.


What a pot that was! Listen to the raw.


A little bit strange. He's got the wrong angle on the yellow. One thing


he has got is an abundance of cue power, Stuart Bingham. Watch the


white spin. Well played. Unbelievable amount of side on that.


Come on Ding. There is the cue ball. Flicked on the brown. It looks


really good. What a shot! He couldn't have put it better than


that. A big smile. Look at this for a shot. Absolutely


delightful. He knew he could not force that one in because of the red


on the cushion, but we have seen him knock a few of those in but that


cannon was exquisite. I tell you what, what an effort to


that is. I mean, that is as good a positional shot as you will ever


see. Loads of top spin there. That was a bit special.


Not often Ronnie thinks about a shot this length of time, but it very


understandable here. It was worth waiting for. I said he


would do well to find a path down the table, and he found a pot and


he's on a brown to get back up to the reds.


Even if he got to the right-hand side he has got the blue to miss,


the green, to miss, good luck. Good luck. Good luck with this one! Great


shot! What a shot! To vote for your favourite, go to


the website. We will announce the winner


receiving. That escape was part of the high drama last night in the


semifinal win over Barry Hawkins and it's the underdog who holds a 3-1


advantage and let's get the view from the Kerry camp at the moment.


Great excitement, I'm sure. I'm here with Joe's father Peter, and his


good friend Barry. What a fantastic start from Joe Perry. Brilliant,


yet. To be quite honest, he was pretty nervous, but he's not firing


as well as he did in his first two matches but he's getting there. He


looks a lot more calm and confidence and more sure of himself, even


walking around the table. The semifinal in his eyes is the match


to the final, win it, brilliant, come second, brilliant. You know


what I mean? That's why he is a lot,. Is that what you would have


said to them, he's got nothing to lose? Everyone is expecting Ronnie


to win but he is the underdog and he's got nothing to lose. No, he's


made a great achievement to get this far. He's got to go out there, enjoy


it, try and relax, and played the best he can. And hopefully that will


be good enough. Peter, tell me about Joe's mother. She can't watch it.


She won't even be watching at home? She works at Barnardos, she works


there during the day and recorded obviously live. She won't watch it.


If I ring up and give her a good result, she might watch it because


she knows the result, but she said give Hazel ring because anybody will


know I gave birth to him. His younger brother is coming down


tonight. OK, the nerves will be jangling but a great start for Joe


Perry. Lots to look forward to in the second half of the match. And


there's lots of work forlornly to do at this stage. The best of 19, the


first 210 and this evening's session to come. He's got some work to do to


change the order in terms of snooker 's majors. We've been showing you


this graphic over the last couple of days which indicates the state of


play in snooker's three major titles, and O Sullivan has a chance


to get the most number of wins in the Masters, he currently shares


with Stephen Hendry, but for the first time in 18 years, there could


be a revision of the record books in snooker's record books because not


since Stephen Hendry overtook Steve Davis and Ray Reardon has somebody


set a new benchmark in these events, and you have been in this situation,


Steve, and I wonder how significant it could be in terms of snooker? I'm


not too sure the players, when they're competing in the tournament


at that moment, think about it, but when you look back over your career,


it's something to be proud of so it matters. As we know full well, from


the amount of disappointment Stephen Hendry has felt when some of his


records have been broken, it does hurt. It shows they are far too


greedy. You wanted all of those tournaments, let someone else when.


We have got another four frames this afternoon in the final of this


Masters. Lets remind you of what the story has been in the first four so


far. At the start of the 2017 final, odds-on favourite against 8-1


outsider, Ronnie missed this in frame one and Perry grabbed the


lead, 72. A foul from Ronnie gave Joe another chance and he stepped in


for a second frame. 53. A 2-0 lead for the outsider. In frame three,


Ronnie made a 58 break that Joe was on the chase with a chance of a


steel before missing that black and Ronnie wins his first frame and his


12th final. And then, in frame for, another clearance of 72 for Perry


with this long red has given Job and unexpected very, very unexpectedly


-- Joel. Four more to play this afternoon and


we will enjoy them in the company of Dennis Taylor and Stephen Hendry now


in the commentary box. Good afternoon, Hazel. Great reception


for both players. A lot of this Alexandra Palace crowd went


expecting to see 3-1 to Joe Perry, but Joel and his fans will be quite


pleased forth I spoke to his dad before the interview, and he was


very optimistic. He's hoping for great things from his son. Ronnie


O'Sullivan to break. As we always know, things can be changed around.


Yes, Joe has got to be expecting an onslaught at some stage. He's got to


keep believing. I think, if he can keep unforced errors to an extreme


minimum, when he's got the lead in a match, it could happen.


Four more frames in this afternoon's session. He could have a lead going


into tonight 's session. If he keeps saying good safety shots like that,


he will get chances. We know Ronnie is a terrific tactical player as


well, but he needs a good return here.


That's not the return he was after. The cannon on the yellow has left a


straight red for him. A slight angle. It looks to be dead straight.


Now you see it. It's been interesting in the first


four frames, his body language, complaining about things, getting


agitated. Is almost trying too hard. That's a very good point, Stephen.


He would take a record away from you, second Masters title, looking


forward, but sometimes if you do try that little bit too hard, it makes


things much more difficult. Just lost the cue ball. Depends on


the angle he has got on the Akrotiri.


He will have to come in and out of baulk.


Enough left-hand side to avoid coming back and catching the green.


Played that very nicely. Something very, very relaxing about Joe out


there this afternoon. Beautiful touch player, Joe Perry. Very rarely


see him hit the ball too hard. Carrying on from where he left off


before the mid-session interval. He had a break of 74 to go into a 3-1


lead. Every chance now of clinching this fifth frame with this visit.


Got enough angle on the blue, not a problem. For the next red. I say no


problem, he could've played that better. He's hampered this one to


the left corner. A slight lapse therein concentration. He's got to


be careful with this one. Doesn't matter how good you are. If


you are sitting in the seat, you can't do much about it.


Not going to be easy to make a century break, the way the balls


have situated. Disturb the two every chance of doing that. This will be


the 24th century, 28 if he can get one. This is tricky. If it's tight


on the question, a better chance of rolling it into the pocket.


Just about. He hit the cushion halfway.


This is a fantastic performance in this frame. And never looked in any


danger from the first pot. Absolutely fantastic. Joe Perry.


Terratec reception in this packed audience here. # terrific reception.


That was Joe's fourth century in this year's Masters. Good timing.


141 is still the highest. Marco Fu have that. Doesn't matter about the


cannon on the brown. Can clear the lot. He has done more than enough.


Surely he couldn't cut this in? Not quite. A good start after the


mid-session interval. Joe Perry got one chance. He made a century break


and he now leads Ronnie O'Sullivan by 4-1. If it hadn't been for that


on the brown, you might have had a better angle on the yellow because


he was on for 142 and the highest break of the championship so far. It


is the 24th of the week, and in this current format of the Masters, a


wild card round, 28, so will it be beaten? We shall see. I'm sure Joe


was absolutely delighted with his fourth century of the week. This is


great stuff from Joe. Yes, it is. I'm not going to disagree with what


Stephen Hendry said at the top of the show because a lot of people


felt there was only one winner today. But I would be interested,


I'm not having a laugh, but what Stephen thinks. What percentage of


people now think Joe has a chance? It has gone up a bit. A fair bit I


would imagine. We were discussing the fact that Ronnie has, by his own


admission, being in a losing habit in the final. Since October, is lost


three finals. The cell B1 was an unbelievable match. You don't want


that to become habit -- Selby one. It wouldn't be the seismic shock of


Leicester win the Premier League. But it would be a shock if he won


because one is the favourite. Joe Perry is a very accomplished player


full of confidence at the moment. Steve made a very good point.


Sometimes being the underdog takes the pressure off. More cliches


coming out as well. Everyone has got a marathon in them. A good book in


them, whatever, and maybe this is Joe's moment. Expected nothing of


himself this week when he came to Ally Pally. He beat Stuart Bingham,


6-1 and struggled to get past John Higgins, 6-5, but he is flying here


in this final. Just picking up from what Steve


Davis was saying, I don't think the snooker world expect him to win.


Some of those people will certainly be having doubts. Even at 4-1 down.


If Joe can just believe in his ability, he can win this match.


This will really open up the frame, this next shot. Careful on the cue


ball. He has hit it far too hard. If it goes to the middle, that would be


a bonus, but a little bit of adrenaline there. He misjudged that


one completely. If it goes to the middle, it will get him out of


trouble here. Is it there? It is not. A little bit of frustration


that there. The shot from the black to the red


he was disgusted with, a very loose shot. That screw shot, he's


brilliant at, Ronnie O'Sullivan. I mean, this was clumsy, really.


The black is their easy enough. That was a wee bit careless.


You can't let up for a minute in this competition. Unforced errors,


you can't afford any. If he's going to win this match. The only


consolation for Joe there is that the black one is safe and he did not


get on the red as he intended. Having a 4-1 advantage, he's knows


he's going into this evening 's play, you can't be behind. Anything


else now would be a nice bonus for Joe. And keep the pressure on his


opponent. A little bit of an awkward frame


with the pink tied up and the black certainly tied up on the side


question. Joe would love to bring the black


into play here but if you place off that red and he's got to be careful


he doesn't get the double-kiss on the way back down, change of plan. A


change of plan. But wasn't the plan that he had in mind. He planned to


screw their white back into the baulk area. Just wobbling in the


jaws is what he was after. He's doing remarkably well, Joe, a


player after 25 years going for his first major title. His one ranking


event, 2015. But this would be some win for gentleman Joe.


An awful long way to go. You can see Ronnie's plan there. Get the black


back up on its own spot. Never looked like missing anything


like that in the semifinal against Marco Fu. There's a little bit of


pressure on the six time champion here.


You play the cue ball into the area, he could play for one of the two


ripples the right side corner or the left. He played for the one read to


the left corner. -- Reid. That one John to Little but it's OK.


Just giving the black a clean there. It's not a straightforward run to


the winning line in this frame, they are not completely out of position


these last two reds. That's pretty good. Just drop on the


pink here. Joe Perry 33. As soon as it hits the


cushion you know it's not going to drop. You can see it's just going to


the right slightly. The little head movement there, not the smoothest


stroke in the world. In the best of 19 there is going to


be little twists and turns in turning points. And this could be a


big one. Joe had a chance there to go 5-1 in front.


Just needs the blue to make absolutely sure but that's unnatural


angle to come back out for the pink anyway.


This might just relax Ronnie O'Sullivan this. He looked a little


on edge. And he looked as though he could lose the frame. I opened the


door for Ronnie O'Sullivan and he walked right through it. That was a


frame he badly needed but is still two behind. 4-2 to Joe Perry. A


couple of loose shots and that when you are saying perversely the


realisation of the scoreline kicks in at this point. It's a funny


thing, he would just think give me a good start, he goes for - one ahead


and he has that red. You have to hit the file draw with those, if you


don't hit the near one they don't go in and I hate to be pernickety about


it but when you get the best players, they know a part of the


match that is so important that they jump over the chance that is given.


There is weakness being shown by Ronnie today, he's not playing his


best and you can bet your bottom dollar that Stephen would be all


over that knowing it was the chance drive home. In agreement with that


because it difficult part of the match, you have a healthy lead and


feel good and then suddenly you know who is behind you. Going back to the


levels of expectation, it's easy to play as the underdog and 4-1 looks


like 5-1 and you think you are the favourite and clinching it is a


different matter. The finishing line for Joe Perry has come a lot earlier


than we would have expected that that is the sign of what can happen


when you see the potential for a massive lead. The other thing is you


know you will be in front for the evening session, that's why it is


more important, you go five and you know you are into the night with a


lead. How vulnerable is O Sullivan today? Not so vulnerable now he won


the frame but that can change because a player in the ascendancy


doesn't take much before one relaxes and the other freezes or stalls.


They bit of panic sets in and so many things happen when you sit in


that chair. All of the twists and turns.


People like Steve Davis, Stephen Hendrie, they are used to winning,


this is the biggest day of his professional career Joe. If he could


lift the Masters. It is putting that in the back of your mind and getting


on with the game. He's caught that all wrong. An early


chance for Ronnie. Although saying an early chance, as we showed you


the safety shot, the black is available into the left corner and


of the White was a little bit of a left it would be easy to hold for


the black. He had to go all the way around the back there because he


didn't have the angle to hold for the black to the left corner so it


wasn't straightforward. In fact it might only be a safety shot now.


Good shape the shots from both players. -- safety.


That is coming up a bit short but looking at the red to the left


corner, he could cannon into the black so not a lot of value in that,


can find another way back down the table again.


The excellent length of the safety shot from Solomon. -- O'Sullivan.


He could drop this dead weight and finish on the black, this is a tough


shot. Brilliant pot. It didn't look as though that was on but the pace


he played attacks, he made the angle, just a little trace of the


right-hand side helped. What superb cueing that was. It's not going to


be easy to get in here with the awkward pink, the black fairly


awkward. If you can find a way to get on the


black then you can play the black and play for the red closest to the


black now and then you don't have too played black at any pace. So


possibly has been thinking about that for two or three shots time,


this red isn't a gimmick. Wide. Disappointing visits to the table


for Joe Perry. As some boys were saying in the studio this is such an


important time in the match for Joe Perry. He doesn't want to get in the


mindset that it can be 4-4, he has to keep lead. I think you mentioned


Ronnie was trying a bit too hard, I think it's a case that Joe is trying


a bit too hard at the moment. And Ronnie is looking much more relaxed.


One could split her. He could be in business. If this red comes past the


green it might block the path up into the right corner, he was


looking at that, the one between the pink and the blue would pot up into


the corner but that red has come off the cushion and block the path for


that. So the cannon didn't work at this time.


Just a little screw on it that brought it backwards. That been that


horrific shot had he picked it off but it was a bit of a free shot,


this red cuts into the right middle but that was very difficult.


Should be easy enough not to leave anything here.


The first four frames set the target, possibly winning 3-1 and if


you can get that advantage you would look at the second mini-session at


3-1 but if you share that and you know you're still in the driving


seat. Joe knows if he can get to five NES lead going into this


evening and that adds a little bit of pressure. Certainly to the


players who are not used to winning the majors.


Wants to avoid the double case, the red has turned out as a pretty


decent safety shot. He is looking at the possibility of


cutting this into the middle pocket and finishing on the black believe


it or not, he has to be careful who doesn't leave that one almost near


the middle but this would be some shot if he could put this and get on


the black. Without the cannon of the blue he


would have finished on the black, he thought he would slide past the blue


puts what a great opening pot there, is he going to be taking on the


pressure green? Now he has a chance. Just making absolute certainty what


he wants to do, no point playing the shots when you have a little bit of


indecision. Struck that well. Best break so far for Ronnie


O'Sullivan 58, not many finals he has played six frames and that is


his highest break. This could be a frame when the next


shot. Already 40 in France. -- front. A couple of the reds are


available so no need to play a cannon there. Just be careful you


don't screw back to the middle pocket.


Has he got enough angle? He's pretty straight on this.


That might be tight. Just enough room. A bit of distance between the


reds but I think he could make it. That was a nice little bonus to have


that available to him once he got straight on the blue. One more frame


to be played in the session. Doesn't matter about that.


That would have made absolutely sure of the frame but Joe is still in


with a glimmer of hope. A couple of snooker is needed


though. Not often you get a snooker with


three reds on the table spread out like that but he is snooker on them


all. -- snookered. I didn't see the match last evening


but neither did Barry Hawkins otherwise he would have gone out


6-2, he got the snooker and went on to win the match, what a win that


was for Joe. I was in studio for that match and


had never seen such a change in body language in a player, it was


phenomenal once he pinched the frame to go 5-3.


Still needs to snooker so he's OK taking the pink there.


Joe needs to four point snooker is, to reds, to blacks, a tall order


when the black is out of commission. He needs to get up to the pink here


from this red. Only 35 remaining as you can see, 44


behind. That's one way of getting four


points. Very unlucky there. You could stand there all day and


not get that shot again. He has miss it this one completely,


should have been tight in behind the brand. -- brown. But he did bring


the black interplay which may help his cause. But still two snooker is


needed. This is a good one. That's a little


beauty that is. He would have loved that red to come a bit further away


from the cushion though. This is still a very tough snooker to hurt.


At least three cushions he would think. Might be able to achieve it


off to. If he goes all the way around its three cushions, has to go


around the back of the green then. It might even hit... What an escape


that is. He would do well to find another


snooker as good as that one. He has to be a bit careful coming


off the side cushion, it's so easy just to clip the green. Well judged.


That seemed to jump a little bit otherwise, about halfway through the


next frame. He knew Ronnie Wood pot the red.


Ronnie O'Sullivan on his way back. 4-1 down and now just 4-3 and one


left to play. STUDIO: Two on the bounce for Ronnie O'Sullivan and


great tactical stuff. Enjoyable when you have clever snookers and


fantastic escapes. Ronnie O'Sullivan had more adrenaline in the early


part of the frame and smelt a bit of blood. A little nick from Joe Perry


and pounced more. He will be feeling happier and the favourite to win the


last frame, not a massive favourite, but the favourite. A very important


frame. If you are Joe Perry and you come out of this 4-4 after leading


4-1 and your opponent is off his game you will be kicking yourself


because the opening session has been a chance to stamp his authority. If


you come with it, great, if he doesn't, he will be disappointed.


The heavy scoring from Joe Perry making a century and a couple of 70


plus breaks. 58 the high break from Ronnie. Is he just warming up? What


is your take? He had a tough start to the match and he has played catch


up, which is not easy when you are. He is doing his job well. He has not


shown frustration, he has waited for chances and they have started to


come and if he comes out for - for he will be philosophical. He has


passed the point of trying to win looking pretty only more, he enjoys


different challenges in the game. He has talked about being a fierce


competitor and he has worked on mental skills with Dr Steve Peters


and seems to enjoy the fight. Against Marco Fu, perhaps this


trying to come back from a position of adversity, particularly with the


tip against Marco Fu and this situation, 4-1, seems to be grist to


his mill. Sometimes you need to challenge. He has been around a long


time. Sometimes you need something different, a challenge, and he has


not been great today but his matchplay has been fine, he has


played the right shots. You cannot have your best form every session


you play. He is hanging in. Will it be 5-3 to Joe, or will it be for-


four? Let's find out. DENNIS TAYLOR: Once again, a very good length of


the break-off shot. I agree with John Parrott. Joe Perry


has missed an opportunity this afternoon. He may still win the


frame and have a lead. But maybe his lack of experience in big finals,


not recognising that you can win long matches in the afternoon


session, or go a long way towards winning them.


When you have your opponent down, Dennis, you stamp on them.


Yes, I could not agree more. Joe needs a thin contact here. Well,


that is a thin contact. The days are long gone when Ronnie


O'Sullivan loses his cool, he has not done that for a number of years


and as Hazel said, he works with heaters, a sports psychiatrist, who


keeps him in quite a happy place mentally.


I have never seen Ronnie... Well, he was buzzing after the semifinal. You


have a highlys and come-down after the match, and you have to get


yourself up for the next match. It is a tough old game. It looks like


his will to win has overtaken the need to entertain. Winning has


become the most important thing. Even over playing well, just get the


result. This is a gem of a shot he has


played here. Almost got in behind the green, but


that was a tough shot. He hit it thin, and also finding the gap.


There is a gap for Joe. He has hit this a bit too thin. He might be OK


and might have covered the one to the left corner. Maybe he has not. I


think Ronnie has the angle to swing it around the table and get onto the


blue. Pink might be available but that is the gap for this one.


Again, not pinpoint position. The positional play we have come to


expect. But still on the red. That is a terrific recovery shot. It


is worth another look. I think the pink might also now be available.


He's on the red to the left of the pink.


Not available to the left corner, the pink. Might be available into


the right corner. Clearly enough room.


If he does not have a good angle to stay on the pink, no problem getting


back for the blue. Looks almost the natural angle to


follow through to the black and red, but you are not guaranteed a red


after that shot, so... Not 100% guaranteed where the cue


ball is going. He would settle for that.


Have a look at the reds, where they finished.


What a chance now to knock a sizeable contribution. It always


looked inevitable, as soon as he got in in this frame, what was going to


happen. You get a sense, when a player is upping his game, finding


another gear. The players will have about three


hours to get themselves ready for this evening's session at 7pm. Joe,


well, he will be a bit disappointed if it is four each, that is an


understatement, after leading 4-1. Ronnie is not safe in this frame


yet. All it takes is one little lapse in concentration.


That is a little further than he intended. He will have to cannon the


pink. If he had not been straight on the red, it would have been


straightforward. He is all over the table with this


effort. Keep getting position. Has he got the right side of the


blue? I think he is straight again. Absolutely dead straight! This has


been hard work, but a very important visit to the table. It is a frame


that will get them all square at four frames each after being 4-1


down. That helps. The cannon on the yellow


has left him perfectly on the brown. He would have been on the green


without the kiss on the yellow but that was better, easier to get these


two reds. I suppose you would have to say it


is an all-round good break that will take him level because he has been


all over the table with this effort. Oh. Why did he hit it so slowly? I


know he was near the cushion, but that is the first real bit of


frustration we have seen this afternoon. After working so hard. He


is still a strong favour at the way the reds are, but...


If you have the angle to you risk going into the pink and still hoping


to be on the black? He has done. Good shot.


Ronnie was odds-on to level at 4-4 and now there is a glimmer of hope


for Joe Perry. To take a 5-3 lead, but an awful lot to do. The angle is


there and he can move the difficult last red. He does not want to hit it


too hard, does not want to send it past the middle pocket if he gets


the cannon, but keep your eye on the black. He didn't. He put everything


into the cannon. He hit the red perfectly but forgot to keep his eye


on the black. Amazing the number of times that happens. He concentrated


solely on the cannon. What a chance he has let slip. As I mentioned he


has three hours to recover, and if someone said you will be 4-4 with


Ronnie O'Sullivan at the mid-session, he would have taken


that, but to show you the black again, he missed it by a long way.


He has to take the positive out of this session. For- four with the six


times Masters champion. For - one up, he had a golden chance to extend


his lead. Not bothering with the black. Not


the best session Ronnie O'Sullivan has ever played with his highest


break 58, but he will go to the interval delighted, from 4-1, he has


got him back to all square. STUDIO: There will be positives to take out


of the first session from Joe's perspective, but will he be ruling


the miss in frame six which might have given him a 5-1 lead? The red


down the rail was the first sign of Joe seeing the winning line and not


pulling the trigger as he would have liked. We have all been in that


situation. He let a big fish off the hook. He will never see him again,


is sometimes how it pans out. Stephen Hendry said if your opponent


is down you had to stamp on him. You know as a player, you know when your


opponent is struggling, you think it is time to press home the advantage


and a chance comes up and you don't take it. We had a black off the spot


in the last frame, which he would never miss in practice, but he


looked at the cannon, took his eye off the black. The expectation of


being in front and doing damage to Ronnie in that session. For- four,


two or three hours to wait and walk out again as the underdog. He is


back to square one. It is not terrible because he will probably


play with more freedom at the start of the next session. He has to take


heart in the way he has played. The people around him, they have to say


that is a great start, you are for- four with Ronnie O'Sullivan. They


have to forget he was 4-1 up. They have to say, it is a good start in


the final, you are in there. It is a good final. It has been interesting.


I am not sure Ronnie will see it in those terms because he has not got


into his scoring group. But he will have been mentally stimulated by the


session, because it is not always about breezing through the frame is,


different mental challenges the players get. He was alerted the end


of that. Sometimes we see him in his chair and he looks bored, not


engaging, that was not the case. If he comes in after and says it is not


the best game he played, he will have enjoyed it in his own way. We


spoke about Ronnie's losing habit and he spoke about going deep into


tournaments and the satisfaction but he says that nothing brings you the


satisfaction of lifting silverware, and he will be hungry after three


big losses in three finals. The last final, he lost to Mark Selby, but


there is a weight of expectation. Everybody expects him to win. There


was merit in his performance, he was nowhere near his best but he has got


out level. Before we go off air, because we will come back at 7pm,


there is a second chance to mull over options in our shot of the


tournament you cast your vote. What was he attempt on the green? Is


he going to try something special? Look at the action on that cue ball!


What a positional shot. Oh, my goodness, oh my goodness, what a


shot Batty is. To get the work on that with the side around the


angles, what a shot. He has got it this time and he has


got away with it. Easy safety, but the pot wins you


the frame. The pot wins you the frame, what a


pot that was! He has the wrong angle on the


yellow. Too far for the brown into the same pocket. But he has an


abundance of Duke Power, Stuart Bingham.


-- cue power. Unbelievable amount of side on that.


One good shot. Come on, how is the cue ball? It looks very good. What


they shot! Look at this for a shot. Absolutely


delightful. He knew he could not force that one in because of the red


on the cushion. We have seen him knock a few of those in but not so


much the pot. The cannon was exquisite.


The reason he played for the black to the left corner.


I'll tell you what, what an effort that is. That is as good a


positional shot you will ever see. Loads of top spin. That was a bit


special. Not often Ronnie thinks about a shot


this length of time but it is understandable here.


It was worth waiting on. I said he would do well to find a path down


the table. He found the pot and the way back down the table and he is on


the brown to get back up to the reds.


Even if he got the right hand side cushion he has the blue to miss, the


yellow to miss, the green. Good luck. Good luck. Good luck with this


one! Great shot. What a shot! LAUGHTER.


STUDIO: That may be your favourite but which ever what it is, go to the


website and click on the shot of your choice. The voting closes at


7pm just in time to go back on air and we will announce the winning


shot in the evening session programme this evening. Interesting


to see what you choose. There is a ?200,000 first prize on offer for


either Ronnie or Joe. The side issue is the high break prize of ?10,000


and that moment Marco Fu is on tenterhooks because he owns it after


a superlatives effort in the semifinal against a certain Ronnie


O'Sullivan. If you did not see it, it is worth watching in the closing


stages and we join now. DENNIS TAYLOR: He is in line for the


high break prize in The Masters. He has had five centuries so far this


week. STEPHEN HENDRY: I think he made 11, 12 in winning the Scottish


open just before Christmas. He is turning into a scoring machine. It


is the biggest attribute you can have as a top player to win frames


in one visit like this on a regular basis.


From a psychological point, after watching Ronnie win the last frame


with a 95 break and a new tip, this is what the doctor ordered for Marco


Fu. Also, how quickly is he playing? It helps when you are in perfect


position every shot. Brilliant. Absolutely superb from Marco Fu. The


22nd century so far this week. Look at that. It is not often


somebody has a quicker shot time on Ronnie O'Sullivan, but down to the


fact he has the cue ball on a string. It is not down to his coach!


His coaches Wayne Griffiths, but originally he was with Terry


Griffiths, so he did not get the 16 seconds shot selection from Terry.


He could beat his own high break by one point. What an effort.


He made absolutely sure of the black. What a response from Marco


Fu. He quietly gets the ball is out of the pocket but he has just


cleared the table with a magnificent break of 141. STUDIO: That is the


target. Marco Fu was one of the success stories of the week, a


pleasure to watch him play. Not just this week, but the past few weeks,


24, 25 centuries in the past few weeks but was not there when Ronnie


turned up the afterburners in the semifinal. That is what it took to


beat him. 60-1 for the World Championship and backing him for 28.


And the Mark Selby slammed that was not to be, he would have been only


the fifth man to hold all major titles in snooker at the same time.


He hit a brick wall and did not get going in the tournament. For a few


players, with the build-up to the World Championship, they have


questions to ask. They are not necessarily in the best of form.


Lots to come, but the only issue to sort out is who will be the 2017


Masters champion? At 5:15pm we have highlights of the Australian Open


tennis. Andy Murray and Dan Evans inaction. And we will see you for


the final session in this Masters final at 7pm. Goodbye for now.


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