05/02/2017 Match of the Day 2


Gabby Logan presents highlights of Manchester City v Swansea City and Leicester City v Manchester United, as well as all the goals from Saturday's eight games.

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The hard-done-by one goes to Leicester and can the Clement


Two clubs from the same city battling to make the top four.


With us, Jermaine Jenas and Phil Neville.


We begin this evening at the King Power Stadium,


where Premier League champions Leicester are much closer


And despite only one defeat in 20, Jose Mourinho's mood has ranged


Jose Mourinho is apoplectic on the touchline. This season, people is


just unhappy with the result. They know the direction we're going.


Ibrahimovic, 3-0, so easy. Yellow card for Pogba and Jon Moss has sent


of Jose Mourinho. What were your thoughts on the penalty award? No


thoughts. He's levelled it. No thoughts, no comment. Never finished


lower than third in the Premier League. Manchester United win it and


keep themselves just about in touch with the top four. Late drama at Old


Trafford, just like the old days. Seven wins in a row. What a way to


rescue a point. I'm not happy. Manchester United held again. If you


don't know football, you should not be here with a microphone.


Jose Mourinho will be hoping for more positive emotions on his last


defeat the Cape the stadium because it ended in defeat and it proved to


be his last game in charge of Chelsea. He is aware what is


Manchester United site required to maintain their Champions League


charge. Claudio Ranieri is feeling the pressure at the other end of the


table, making two changes to the team that lost their third


consecutive match at Burnley. Marc Albrighton and Andre Gray go out and


Ahmed Musa and kabaddi both start. Three changes to the Manchester


United side that drew for the third game in a role against -- in a row


against Hull, Daley Blind and Ashley Young on the bench. Incomes mauling,


Bailly and Mata, and Wayne Rooney has not troubled because real mess.


If this was lame -- if ever there was a match that both needed to win,


Leicester for very different reasons. Manchester United know they


have a chance to go a point behind Liverpool and two behind Arsenal.


That was a little loose from Ander Herrera and it has gone straight to


Vardy, who is all alone, waiting for support and here it is from Ahmed


Musa, for Leicester. Bailly made the challenge. Leicester corner. No one


is more relieved than Ander Herrera. He did not have a look, there. From


that moment on, Manchester United were scampering back. Ahmed Musa


took a touch and Bailly defended that really well. Got the ball


first. The corner has gone short. Deep


cross, looking for Morgan. Cut out by Bailly. Kept in by Simpson.


Neatly done by Mkhitarayan. Chased by Ndidi, who has got it back, the


Armenian. Bit of space for Mata. Promising break for Manchester


United. Mkhitarayan again. In towards Rashford! Well, Marcus


Rashford, this time last season, was converting those. Really promising


move from Manchester United. Always underneath that, Marcus Rashford. He


has gone 14 Premier League games without a goal. That is the clearest


sighting of goal so far today. Mata. Ahmed Musa got the better of him.


Vardy. Oh, and Mata when sliding in, there. That was a nasty one. It is


yellow for the Spaniard. He was trying to make amends, having lost


possession, here, Juan Mata. And that was late. Studs up. And he is a


little fortunate. Sir Alex Ferguson watching on. Leicester remaining


organised out of possession. Pogba. Now they might have a bit of space,


United, but he went the other way. Ibrahimovic. Pogba. Rashford. Good


save. Schmeichel must have seen it late. Got down quickly. It went


through a crowd of players, didn't it? Good, strong arm from cast Bush


Michael. Jose Mourinho has asked for more goals from his team. -- Kasper


Schmeichel. Marini awards some of his players to move out of their


comfort zone because it is the top four zone that it is all about for


Manchester United. Mkhitarayan did brilliantly to get away from Robert


Huth on the Armenian is in. Morgan is trying to get back but


Mkhitarayan! Fabulous goal. Manchester United in front. Henrik


Mkhitarayan with his third Premier League goal for Manchester United.


And it was all about him, Smalling's flick, Robert Huth was never getting


there, and from that moment on he kept his cool, kept his composure,


and managed to beat Kasper Schmeichel. They weren't catching


him. And three minutes before half-time,


the reigning champions have been undone, off Schmeichel's leg and


into the back of the net. Important moments now before the


half-time whistle for Leicester. Valencia up against Fuchs. He has


pulled it back. Ibrahimovic! 2-0. Trouble mounting an Claudio Ranieri


and Leicester. Undone twice in the blink of an eye. Valencia's Ross and


Ibrahimovic did the rest. -- cross. His 11th Premier League goal in his


last 13 league games. Swept it past Schmeichel and the demeanour of this


game has changed dramatically. Two goals in one minute and 27 seconds


have changed his mood and his half-time team talk completely.


Okazaki, trying to twist and turn. He might still have the opportunity


to shoot. Back to Ndidi. Held by de Gea. Straight at the Manchester


United goalkeeper. He is looking for a comeback to grab


the headlines. Manchester United unbeaten in their last 32 Premier


League games when they have scored first. Mkhitarayan. Mata, free to


his right. Here is the Spaniard up against Fuchs. Back to Mkhitarayan.


Mata wanted it back, got it back and that is quite brilliant! That is


3-0, Manchester United, less than three and a half minutes into the


second half. Mata, who scored against Leicester at Old Trafford


earlier in the season, does so again and it is a long, long way back for


Leicester now. What about this for an interchange? Mkhitarayan at the


heart of it, and from the moment Mata played that pass, he was on the


move, Fuchs lost him, Mkhitarayan had the vision to find him, and Mata


did the rest. It is an eighth goal of the season for him. Beautifully


worked. Calmly finished. And it is Leicester 0- three Manchester


United. Just the start to the second half that Leicester did not want. --


0- three. Jose Mourinho has demanded more goals and has Godfrey already.


-- got three already. Extremely difficult situation for Leicester


now, Manchester United purring. Rashford went alone, kept out by


Schmeichel. Mata was waiting for any kind of spill, there. Totally


unmarked as he made the run. Schmeichel, able to deal with it in


the end. Today's changes took it to 52 team alterations this season. He


made only 33 all of last season when they won the title. Nine of his


starting XI today were Premier League winners. It is a stark


contrast to 12 months ago. Blind pushed up looking for offside and


the flag has not gone up. It is Mata. -- Leicester pushed up.


Leicester stopped, expecting the flag from the linesman to be raised


and Mata was not off but Rashford was. He almost had too much time. It


was a weak finish in the end from Juan Mata. Last year, they were his


fearless Foxes. This year, they are most certainly fearful Foxes. One


point above the drop zone. Ibrahimovic. Super pass. Valencia's


pull-back. Mkhitarayan, disappointed he did not get over that and hit the


target. Like flicking a switch, here, for Manchester United. The


game that Mkhitarayan has had, he would have expected that, certainly,


by his reaction, to have found the target.


More misery for the champions. It is a fourth consecutive league defeat


without scoring a goal for Claudio Ranieri's team. The pressure mounts


on them. It is a needed return to winning ways for Manchester United,


after three consecutive draws. And it was comfortable.


Until conceding the goal, we was good, strong, we tried to do our


match, tried to close all the space and going counterattack quickly but


after, after the two goals in two minutes, we lost our strength, our


shape, and also, we wanted to do something that at the beginning of


the second half but we conceded the goal again. This was so hard for us.


Three consecutive Premier League matches with drawers. We needed the


point. The performance was more of the same, we are playing well,


controlling matches. The performance was more of the same with goals. You


had a yellow card in the first half, was your heart in your mouth? Yes, I


think I was a bit lucky. I was late, I tried to reach the ball but I was


late. I did not know what was going to happen but I never meant to hurt


Jamie Foster one point behind Liverpool and two behind Arsenal,


have you asked a few questions this weekend? Mako Vunipola, we are


there, we are not far, we are alive for the fight but the way we are


playing is something we don't want to lose, it does not matter what


happens this season, Nick season, we will start for a different point


because of the way we play football, it is something we cannot lose. It


is important now to get the confidence. Last season, everything


was right and the players have got a lot of confidence. Now, they are a


little very anxious and they want to win, and when the first thing is


wrong, they go down and that is not right. We have to react every time.


How much of a fight UN as a squad? We are in 100%, together as a team.


Everybody knows, the whole stop, players, coaches, manager, everyone


is in the same situation and we need to find our way back. We're not


going to stick our heads in the sand and just give up. No, we want fight


back and come back. More of the same from Leicester on


the pitch but what seems to have cranked up a bit the quote of it and


let be reading this from Kasper Schmeichel, "It is not a situation


that is comfortable, we are the reigning champions, quite rightly,


it's terrible and embarrassing. Time for everyone to stand up and be


counted or we will end up getting relegated". Will they end up getting


relegated? Reds for me because they are showing this item even though


there's 14 games to go and you say they will get relegated, they are


showing the signs of a team in a relegation battle. They're not


playing well, not scoring goals, conceding too many goals. The


barometer is not last season when they won the league, that was a


one-off, the barometer was two seasons ago when at this stage they


had 21 points and were bottom and then they won seven of the last nine


games. They will have to go on something similar to that now


because I look at the teams from yesterday, Hull, Sunderland, Crystal


Palace. Even though Crystal Palace last, these are teams that on paper


are better equipped to deal with a relegation battle than Leicester.


Even though almost the same group of players not only won the league last


year but Ford relegation two years ago. Have you seen any signs of the


fight needed? Not yet, no, but if we are talking about barometers and


stuff, I feel that is something they can go back to. They can look around


the dressing room and say, "We have been here before, forget we have won


the league, we have been in this situation and we got out of it".


Watching the game today, it was not a great performance, granted but


what I did not see was players downing tools. I didn't see players


completely giving up on their manager. I saw a lot of players low


on confidence and almost with, not much direction in terms of knowing


where to go or how to play any more. And also, even in the stadium, there


seems to be no atmosphere. The longer that continues, the more they


are going to be trouble. Kasper Schmeichel goes on, "We are a group


of players low on confidence but not quite. We will fight to the end. I


can't guarantee what will happen but every player in there is hurting".


Claudio Ranieri, I know you don't want to go back to the team that won


the league but is Claudio Ranieri in the league but is Claudio Ranieri in


an unusual position that he can't be sacked because of that and other


clubs might have thought they want a new manager to take them through the


sack but he should not be immune from criticism either. He spent ?80


million. He's the person that has changed the tactics from what made


them successful last season. He's not got settled formation and


fixtures they have got coming up, I can't see where the next three


points are coming from. You look at Swansea, Liverpool, Hull may be at


home but they are playing fantastic at the moment. The next eight games,


if they can pick up one victory, they will be lucky which is why I


think they are in serious trouble. It was interesting to hear the


courts, next year they will start from a different point and I would


agree, lovely nutmeg from Mkhitaryan, on the front football


the time. Everything good came from him. Anticipation, just over him.


And when he gets the ball, he is picking people up in good areas,


Rashford having to stick that the way, these balls into midfield with


Juan Mata, into these tight spots. Making the midfield work harder.


Anything that was good about Man United came from him, look at this


pace. That was poor defending but I did not feel at any point he was


going to miss that. You can tell about how confident they feel.


Lovely. Nobody is getting near him. He finds that perfect pocket and


space. He could have had the shot but he is very calm and he finds the


pass. And Juan Mata is ice cold in front of the goal. Maybe this was


the reason he was not playing earlier in the season, not doing


enough of this and Mourinho wants to see him doing this. This clinical


edge, he wants to break the lines, get in front, get behind the defence


and make things happen and that is what he did. Very impressive.


Unusually there was a coming together from Juan Mata and Jamie


Vardy. Perhaps the situation, if it was not one matter it might have


been a red card with a different referee? The fact that this is one


matter save some, this is a late challenge and it is very high, Jamie


Vardy making this tackle. The referee going instinctively for the


red card but he does pull out of that tackle, and that is the right


decision for the yellow card but I think the fact it was one matter and


he is not known for his vicious tackles is what made the referee go


for the yellow. Jose Mourinho declared them out of the title race


ahead of this and on points it does look insurmountable but as a squad


they appear to be one of the strongest to challenge Chelsea. They


are out of the title race, there is no question, but in terms of all the


teams chasing Chelsea, United on paper have the best squad, in terms


of having the best equipment to challenge Chelsea in depth but those


seven draws, only one defeat in 20, seven draws is not good enough. The


best 11? I think so, they are going in the right direction but they have


drawn too many games and missed too many chances. Are they the best 11?


Not better than Spurs, as a team, Spurs, the starting 11 play better


than Man United right now. Man United are going in the right


direction and have a better squad, the depth is better than Spurs. But


when Spurs are just out there against Man United, I think Spurs


have a better team. Thank you. Next we go to the Etihad,


where Manchester City have never lost a Premier League fixture


against visitors Swansea - but under Paul Clement,


a Welsh revolution is taking shape. Three wins out of four in January.


This was flying high with belief, following the arrival of Paul


Clement. Desperation turning to optimism. The game can be simple. We


need to defend. Score more goals. Things will not be as black and


white against Man City, Swansea not winning here since 1951. But in the


words of the new manager... Anything is possible. Who would have


predicted this in the last away game? Paul Clement has led Swansea


to their first ever league win at Anfield. The commentator is Steve


Wilson. The first ever Premier League game for Swansea was a 4-0


defeat here six years ago. Last Paul Clement has galvanised them, you


will find out just how much. Spot in the City line-up, John Stones is


nearest to getting the yard and out stop and even on side, still no


place for Sergio Aguero. Filled by Jesus, who leads the Famous five


forwards. Half of the league wins respond to the season coming in the


months since Paul Clement was appointed so an unchanged 11 is no


surprise. Gylfi Sigurdsson has scored in each successive win over


Liverpool and Southampton. Almost from David Silva. Ten minutes


played and the white shirts look penned in. David Silva wriggling


through Fernandes. Sterling! Gabriel Jesus is in! Probably the first of


many on this ground. That was a great reaction from the Brazilian.


Not great defending from Swansea, it must be said. Fernandez well beaten


by Raheem Sterling, who could not put that away but Jesus could. Man


City leading after ten minutes. That was good play from David Silva and a


smart finish from close range. It is tough to see how Paul Clement's


Swansea can wrestle something from Man City. Certainly the balance of


play is in the favour of Man City. That is a foul. By Yaya Toure. It


was never going to be anything else other than a free kick. Given away


by Tom Carroll to Jesus, Capoue, taken out by Fernandes. Free kick


for Man City. I think he is going to leave it at that. Swansea in


trouble. Fernandes taking out Silva. Free kick. Kevin de Bruyne and David


Silva are looking interested. Yaya Toure is the possibility. Fabianski


is not sure. Yaya Toure... That was a good safe! Lay-up Toure is looking


at that Mikey cannot believe it did not go in. That was it really well,


really good save from Fabianski. This spring is top drawer. Not used


to being a spectator, Sergio Aguero. The last two minutes of the first


half. Raheem Sterling! The deflection from David Silva was


cleared. The flag is up on an aside, the yellow card comes out for Raheem


Sterling. He looks aghast. It was not that I've? He obviously thought


Raheem Sterling had died. Still hard to say, to be honest. They could get


anything from swat -- from this game, Swansea, it would be a massive


bonus. It does not look likely but you never know. Here is Mawson.


Carroll. Martin Olsson. Positive run from Olsson. Fernandinho made the


challenge. Free kick to Swansea in a decent position. This is a positive


run. As soon as he came in with his arm raised, that was a free kick.


What does Sigurdsson have obviously? Going for the goal and he hits the


post. Great effort! Really well hit. Very good save from Caballero. The


stats say it was very nearly 1-1. Here comes Fernandinho for Man City.


Kevin de Bruyne. That was a good cross. He was trying to catch


Fabianski. That was audacious and he nearly pulled it off. Jack Cork.


Into Routledge. Behind Kolorov, Swansea have the corner and they are


making a game of this. Gylfi Sigurdsson taking the corner kick.


Wired by Mawson, he very easily could have equalised. Clear chance.


If Man City are not careful, unbelievable after their dominance


in the first-half, they might lose their lead in this. Here is Gylfi


Sigurdsson. Leroy Fer. He did really well. Gylfi Sigurdsson! 1-1. He has


done it again. It is Sigurdsson, scoring against Liverpool and


Southampton and now, against Man City. They might well say that if


you of Dyche was impeded by the offside position but there was no


attempt to play the ball and Man City have been pegged back. Man City


winning each of their last ten home games against Swansea. That is a run


which stretches back some 65 years. Jesus. Sergio Aguero. Away from


Mawson. Brilliant run, superb block. Leroy Fer. That was a powerful run


and a foul on Kolorov. Can Man City find a winner at the end of added


time? Yaya Toure, Zabeleta. David Silva. David Silva! Free header!


Gabriel Jesus wins the game for Man City! There is the headline! That is


the story! Gabriel Jesus with the winning goal. Swansea and Fabianski


have been undone, the new star for Man City winning the game. That was


a great ball. Nobody picked him up. Fabianski saved the first and could


not get near the rebound. The keeper will be bitterly disappointed. That


is the moment. Man City celebrate the win. Yaya Toure, Leroy Sane,


Jesus on the hat trick. Running at Mawson. Here is Yaya Toure. Aguero!


His face tells you that he knows he should have scored. Lovely ball in


from Yaya Toure. Aguero just unable to get over that. You have


immediately made a big impression. TRANSLATION: But I am not 100. I


have come to the country and this was my first time outside of Brazil


and I thought it would be more difficult because not only the


football but the weather and the culture and the City but thanks to


my family, my team-mates and the club for the welcoming, it has been


easy for me and that is by I got here very quickly. He is strong and


fast. Really good movement, he is a fighter, yes, he arrived very well.


He is so young. So much potential. Do you have to perhaps take him out


of the team at some point to protect him or do you just let implied?


Scoring two goals? Why taken out? Put him on the field! Sometimes with


younger players you want to protect them. He would show us. At some


point you will play him with Sergio Aguero? Yes. But. They both can


play, definitely. I am disappointed about the second goal, he got out of


the way of the challenge from Kolorov and fell across, it was not


a foul. The free kick from Clichy, 15 yards deeper than whether free


kick took place and the ball was rolling. The amount of times you see


games with a referee restarts again because was a rolling ball. From


that situation, they score, very difficult to take. You can


understand in the position that Swansea are in, an incident like


this will make you angry. Did he have a point? Bank on the money. It


is not a foul. For starters. Kolorov gets one, there. Running that into


the corner and holding Matlab. And from that, they score and if you


look at the reaction from Gylfi Sigurdsson and Jack Cork, they are


fuming. In terms of whether free kick was given. It was poor but at


the same time, they still had a lot of shade and time to sort that out.


A strange game. The first-half was eerily quiet, it felt like training


ground exercise sometimes for Man City. With so much possession. Eddie


3% in the first-half. But Jesus, clearly enjoying life in the Premier


League and England at the moment, it's looking like a bright spark? I


always think centre forward is the hardest position for a younger


player. He never stops running. On the left wing, he ends up finishing


in the middle of goal, this is his strength, his energy, David Silva


does well but he ends up in the middle of the goal, great finish.


Following up after West Ham in with week. Ringing in David Silva, he was


not sensational today but he shows great quality. Brazilian skill, step


over, enter the box, live wire all game. Not playing centre forward but


always winning the cross when the important moment comes into the


cross, always when it matters, between both posts. This is his


strength. Brazilian, robust, likes physical contact, he is not weak and


this was the goal. Poor defending from Kyle Naughton on the far post


but great intelligent running. Seeing that pass from David Silva


and a brilliant finish. From the boy. He doesn't speak in Russia,


only new, different type of football, he looks unbelievable.


So where does this leave Aguero? Some interesting stats that may help


you decide where it leads him or not. It is quite startling,


actually. Here, if you believe those stats, and Jermaine already has a


Skrtel Faison, that Manchester City are better without him because their


win rate is 68% without him, 49% with him, goals per game, more


without him than with. You are right, I've got that look on my face


because it is impossible committee is one of the best strikers the


Premier League has ever seen. Those percentages are not with and without


him. The games without him were in games against lesser teams are teams


that were fighting relegation in those games. Games that Manchester


City were expected to win. There's no way you can tell me Manchester


City are better without Sergio Aguero. I'm delighted for Jesus and


the start he has had his Manchester City took career. Is he better than


Aguero as a striker? Right now, now with the author. Aguero has said in


the three months he has left to help the club, they will decide if I've


got a place or not. It does not sound like he's too confident of


staying. You confident we will see him in a City shirt neck season?


Know but if any club will come for him, it will be Real Madrid,


Barcelona, Bayern Munich, a top club in world football will want Sergio


Aguero but I don't think you fit in with what Guardiola wants a


Zandvoort. Are you seeing cycles Swansea progress and the Paul


Clement? Huge progress. You will see these lines from Swansea a lot this


season, the shape he is getting the team into already, the banks four,


Jack Cork sitting a bit deeper in the midfield. The beauty is, when


they win the ball back, he's got footballers, good footballers, they


are not just dogs in their who have got their shape and try to win the


ball and survive. When they win it, they are trying to break into


attacking areas. I listen to one of Paul Clement's interviews and he


mentioned the reason why he went and bought people like Tom Carroll if


he's trying to get back to the Swansea Way, the way they play


football. At the Etihad in Anfield, they're going to have a structured


to them. What they can also do with that is have the ability to get


themselves out of tight situations, out of tight spots. Olsson is always


willing runner. They did that well but in the first half, they were a


bit too deep to often. In the second half, they do this a lot higher up


the pitch, they were a lot more progressive with it as well. When


they won the ball, the runners were trying to break the line of the back


four, so Sigurdsson, brilliant all season but Wayne Routledge is now


trying to break the defensive line of Manchester City. They were much


better in the second half and caused Manchester City far more problems.


This pass from Tom Carroll, I had the highlight because it highlights


the whole situation. It is OK getting into this defensive shape


but you need players that can do this, threaded the ball through the


eye of a needle on the edge of your own box under pressure and now you


are on the attack. That is where you want Sigurdsson picking up the ball,


you want him to be trying passes like this. It did not come off but


that is where they started to get going. Do they feel like they are in


the event if Leicester are descending? Yes, he's gone in there


and made an impact, like markers were at Hull, and the Swansea


supporters, they are outside the top three, they will be looking, the


next game against Leicester is massive. Is huge game.


Keen-eyed viewers will have noticed I'm not Mark Chapman.


Tom Brady is going for his fifth Texas, for Super Bowl LI.


Tom Brady is going for his fifth title with the New England Patriot


and against him, the Atlanta Falcons, with the best defence in


the NFL this season, and their quarterback Matt Ryan was last night


voted the most valuable player in the league. It should be a


mouthwatering game and we will have it in full with Jason and Osi


straight after Match of the Day 2. And sartorially elegant.


January's Goal Of The Month will be next week's programme because we


have a slightly truncated show today. Let's start our round-up at


the top of the table. Koscielny has been drawn out of the


middle for Arsenal. That could be a worry. Costa hit the woodwork! And


in for the rebound! Reacting quickest was Alonso and Chelsea, the


league leaders are ahead and are Arsenal heading out the title race?


Diego Costa to hazard. Chased by Coquelin, but too strong


for him, the Chelsea fans rise to Eden Hazard, into the box,


brilliant! A brilliant goal by Eden Hazard. Strength, purpose,


technique, a goal to savour, from the minute he picked it up, he meant


business. He bewitched the Arsenal defenders and tucked it home. It


looks as if Chelsea are clearing another hurdle on the way to the


title. Petr Cech misplaces it. Fabregas!


That complete Arsenal 's misery. He does not celebrate. Cesc Fabregas,


the old Arsenal hero, puts his team to the sword. Three minutes of


stoppage time being played. Monreal with the cross. Giroud has scored a


consolation for Arsenal! Just a consolation. In terms of the game,


it won't mean much now. In terms of the title race, I'm afraid it's all


over for the Gunners. Cause the tech -- Mignolet has lost


it and Alfred N'Diaye has tapped it in! A debut goal. It seemed as


though the threat had gone when that bounced up to Simon Mignolet. Hull


City 1-0 Liverpool. Ranocchia. Scooped up towards Oumar Niasse. In


an goal, and to seal it, surely, for Hull City! 2-0 to the Tigers. The


striker who can't get a game for Everton, can barely get a training


session with the first-team, there, he now seems to have wrapped up the


points for his new club against Liverpool. Problems, problems,


problems. Dele Alli sliding it through. Son,


down he goes under pressure and Tottenham have a penalty. It was


Bernardo, just catching the Korean with his leg. It is Kane against


Victor Valdes and it is 1-0, Tottenham! And Middlesbrough's


defence is finally breached and he has now scored against 23 of the 25


teams he has faced in the Premier League.


Lukaku into McCarthy, back to Lukaku. Space and goal! Romelu


Lukaku, what a start for Everton! Romelu Lukaku's goal, timed


efficiently at 30 seconds, the joint fastest scored in the Premier League


this season. Romelu Lukaku, here confronted by Tyrone Mings and he


has beaten him. Great stuff from Lukaku. McCarthy, blocked by Cook


and in the second time! There was a big slice of luck about the way it


has ended up in the back of the Bournemouth net. But it is 2-0,


Everton. And it is James McCarthy's first goal of the season.


Bournemouth are in bother, here. Oh, that is dreadful. Lukaku! 3-0. What


on earth will as Simon Francis done, here? 29 minutes played, and it is


the 12th time this season they have conceded three or more. Wilshere,


clipped up to Kane, nicely done, Josh King has got one back for


Bournemouth! -- Josh King. It is a quality ball from Wilshere and the


first touch was lovely from King, and then just glancing it past the


keeper, into the net. Surman. Fraser. Dangerous and in! It is 3-2,


Josh King has got another one! Extraordinary stuff. There are still


21 minutes to play. At half-time, they were absolutely nowhere and now


they are just one goal behind. Lukaku. Nice disguise. Coleman.


Lukaku! Hat-trick. He has been brilliant today. With eight minutes


to go, that should do it. 4-2 Everton, and another good finish.


Lukaku, Barkley, Lukaku. He's in again! He has scored again! Everton


have five! Four goals for Everton's formidable Romelu Lukaku. Benik


Afobe. Harry Arter. Benik Afobe wriggling through and goes down and


a double deflection, it's off the post and Harry Arter has put it in


the back of the net. It is 5-3. This is the goal line camera. That


suggests the whole of the ball had gone behind. I don't think that goal


should have stood. Cleared away. Barkley. Tyrone Mings is trying to


get back and Artur Boruc has come out but Ross Barkley celebrates and


scores! In an unusual order, the celebration normally follows the


goal. Well, very, very enjoyable from a neutral and for Everton.


Unless I've lost count, I think it is Everton 6-3 Bournemouth.


Don't forget, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons go


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All the reaction to this weekend's football will be


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The FA Cup football continues with Leicester against Derby


That's on Wednesday night here on BBC One.


And the Premier League Show is back after a two-week break.


Gary Lineker has been to meet Antonio Conte and that's


2 Good, 2 Bad to come after the rest of yesterday's goals.


Larson takes, looking for Lamine Kone, who gets the header in and


Hennessey can't deal with it and Kone puts it in! Sunderland have the


early lead! Kone reacted quickest. Ledley. Pocket picked by an dong.


Danger here. Oh, brilliant! Didier Ndong with a wonderful strike and a


huge goal for Sunderland. The exam's side are in big trouble now. -- big


Sam's side. Larson, clever pass, releasing Januzaj. Januzaj waiting


for support and gets it in the shape of Jermain Defoe! 3-0, Sunderland!


Staggering stuff from the visitors and the boos ring out around


Selhurst Park. Didier Ndong. This is Januzaj. Threaded through for Defoe.


Danger here. Jermain Defoe! 4-0 Sunderland! Incredible! Devastating


from Jermain Defoe. Three goals in the space of five minutes have


Sunderland in dreamland. It is the stuff of nightmares for Crystal


Palace. And he has scored on his debut! What


a wonderful start for the man from Naples! He only needed one chance.


Something that into the roof of the net. That is a nice ball for Carroll


at West Ham equalise. And it had to be Andy Carroll. With the experience


of a good striker, sliding the ball past Fraser Forster. Well, Fonte was


coming in on that. All the way through. From Obiang. Southampton


were not expecting that, his first ever goal for West Ham. The free


kick from Mark Noble. That went in from Steven Davis, there is no


doubt, that might have fooled Forster but Mark Noble hoping to


make this his fifth goal of the season, courtesy of the dubious


goals committee. The follow-through from Hendrix. --


Hendrick. Just six minutes at vicarage Road. Niang. Driving that


very high. Perfect delivery. Deeney Next Troy Deeney did the rest.


Holebas. Towards Niang. 2-0. Wonderful header. Terrific header,


2-1. Just cleared away. Ashley Barnes was so close to pulling one


goal back on that almost went in, appeals for the handball, Burnley


penalty. As the shot is delivered, it strikes his arm and the pressure


from Burnley might will pay dividends. Ashley Barnes against


Gomez. He drives that in! Only their fifth goal away from home in the


Premier League this season, off the post and in it goes.


Chadli. Morrison making the Rhonda Head, he got in! Morrison! James


Morrison, who scored in the week against his former club,


Middlesbrough, has scored again against Stoke to give West Brom the


lead. Manchester City climb


two places to third, Manchester United stay sixth,


but are now just two points above the relegation zone.


mean both remain a point The weekend's results


leave the bottom six Stand up if you love Arsenal! Decent


header. Another decent header. Even better goal celebration. But, if you


tie up the left but players, and imagine how good that could have


been? They do sell Velcro! That was pre-match. Ross Barkley, here,


committing what could have been an absolute schoolboy error, premature


celebration but it paid off in the end. Ever prematurely celebrated? A


few times! And on that bombshell!


Gabby Logan presents highlights of the day's two Premier League games, with Manchester City hosting Swansea City and Leicester City at home to Manchester United. There is also a chance to see all the goals and major incidents from Saturday's eight games.